sharing the toilet with my daughter

After my husband passed away some years back my daughter Kay and I moved into an apartment complex, We have a 2 bedroom one bathroom unit that usually suits us fine. This morning however this was again not the case. I had my morning coffee and headed to the bathroom for my morning bunny pebble poo. I hitched up my nightie, dropped my panties, sat on the toilet and adjusted my position. I closed my eyes and relaxed. The first pebble opened my bum and dropped with a plink into the water below.
It was then Kay spoke and asked if I was done, I didn't even hear her come in. She looked disappointed when I said I had only just started as my second pebble plinked in to the water. She muttered something under her breath and said "mom I am about to poo". I thought about trying to hold my poo in and remembered last time. I then thought the trash bin or the tub for her. I quickly got up, flicked up the seat and sat on the back edge of the toilet. Kay had dropped her panties soon as she saw me move and was now looking at me puzzled. I opened my legs wide and said "I am far from done if you need to poo that bad sit on the front between my legs or on the trash bin". Another pebble popped out and Kay saw it come out of me and quickly turned around and sat down between my legs.
I put my arms around her belly and she wiggled back to me so her wee would go in the front. Another pebble popped out of me as Kay did a wee. I normally wee after my poo. Another pebble popped out and plinked below as Kay's wee died off. I felt her belly tense up as she let a little puff fart out. I could feel a bigger pebble at my bum hole and pushed a little to get it to come out. Kay tensed up again and another puff escaped her. I could feel my next pebble and must have tensed up a little as I give it a push. That was all Kay needed to feel, she tensed up, grunted and her poo started with a crackle. She Caught her breath and grunted again making her poo crackle out more. I felt another pebble and pushed, it opened my bum hole and dropped into the water. Kay was crackling away as her poo slipped out every so often I could feel her belly tense up as she pushed. I pushed too as the next pebble positioned its self at my bum hole and it plopped into the water. Kay pushed hard like her poo was getting hard and started to crackle again. I pushed and my hole opened wider and wider three pebbles popped out one after the other plink plink plink. Kay did a couple of pushes close together and announced she was done.
I let her out of my arms and she reached for some toilet paper. She wiped her pussy twice then reached between us and wiped her bum 6 times. I pushed another pebble as she wiped. She got up pulled up her panties and washed her hands. She then said "thanks for letting me do that with you, I could never do it in that little bin" and watched another pebble drop from me. I smiled at her and said you better go get dressed for school. Kay scampered off leaving me alone again. I stayed sitting at the back and pushed out more pebbles. I looked down at what Kay had done and was a little shocked.
She wasn't joking about needing to go, her poo was one piece 1inch thick solid and about 14 inches long. It was leaning to the front of the toilet with the end about an inch out of the water. I pushed 10 more times dropping pebbles each time over the next 15 min. Each opened my bum hole popping out and dropping into the water below. Then I did a wee and was done, I wiped pussy twice and my bum 3 times to be sure. My pile of chocolate brown pebbles filled the toilet hole with Kay's light brown poo sticking up from them. I pressed the flush the toilet gurgled and swirled and the poos and paper disappeared down the hole.
I am in my 40's and Kay's 15 going on 30 were both brunette and fairly slim. Kay's like me in once I feel my poo at my bum I can't hold on for long. Trying to stop mid poo is near impossible. The last time this happened I got up and let Kay have the toilet. I stood in front of her trying to hold the poo in and ended up putting my finger on my bum hole to stop the poo coming out, while she slowly did hers. I ended up with poo on my fingers and over my bum before she was done.

I was out for lunch with some friends and we were then going back for a sleepover. We finished our lunch and we went to the bathroom before walking back to the house.

The 6 of us all crammed into the girls toilets that consisted of 2 stalls and 2 sinks. I went in first to the second stall and left the door open. I pulled my leggings and thong down and started my pee. Emily then said she was really desperate and asked if she could share with me so she didn't have an accident. I said sure and she came and joined me in the stall and shut the door. I slipped my shoe off and took my leggings and thong off of one foot and spread my legs so she could sit in between them.
As my pee finished I told her I had to have a poo and she said she would do hers now too so she sat between my legs and started a pee. I gave a push to start my poo and then let it slowly come out so I didn't hurry her. I was a little constipated so I had to push harder and my last 2 hard logs splashed into the bowl. She had let out 3 long firm logs so far and had another half out when she reached and took some toilet paper to clean up. She stood up and we both wiped at least 5 times and then redressed and eft the stall. We never flushed and the others all had a look at it before having their pee before we left.

I have another story for later from the sleepover too. Baii

Question for he other girls on here. Does your period muck around with your poo and your schedule at all or is it just me?


First post : Diarrhea of my best friend

Hi, I am new in here, and my name for this site is Elisa. I'm a korean girl, who is in fifth grade. I guess that I'm the youngest in here. My best friend, Dorothy has a little bit of ibs, so I will usally write about her.

This story is when I was in first grade. With my best friend Dorothy, and other friends Grace and Cindy planned to go to a coffee shop with our parents.

After school, we met together infront of the coffee shop. We were happy to play today. Also, Dorothy and I even planned to have a sleepover, since her parents were busy today night.

When we were playing at the coffee shop, while our parents were drinking coffee, we decided to eat some sandwiches and drinks.

I ordered a ham-cheese sandwich, and a lemonade. Dorothy ordered a tuna sandwich, and a cherry ade. Grace ordered a egg sandwixh, and a orange juice. Lastly, Cindy ordered a chili sandwich, and a lemonade.

We were eating it, and talking about stuff at school. Then, I saw Dorothy's face becoming dark. I guess her sandwich ore ade didn't get on with her well.

Dorothy was a kind of a shy person, so I was concerned that she had to have a hard time infront of Grace and Cindy.

Dorothy was holding her stomache, and letting out hard breathes.

Then, our parents told us that it was time to go, but we wanted to play more, so we went to the plyground. Cindy had to go somewhere, so only Dorothy, Grace and I went to the playground.

Dorothy whisered to me,"Elisa, I really have pain in my stomache. It hurts so much. I think that the tuna in the sandwich didn't go well with me"

I felt sorry for her, but I couldn't think of a way to help her.

After a few minutes, I had an urge to pee. Then, I got an idea. I told my mom that I will go to the bathroom, and Dorothy would help me find my way.

So, we headed to th bathroom. As we went one third of our way, Dorothy suddenly stopped, and groaned painfully, as she holded her stomache hardly.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"A sharp pain had hit me" she replied, breathing hardly.

Now, she became even hard to walk, so I help her. Now, I had a pretty strong urge to pee, but I understood that dorothy had a much harder time than me.

Finally, we arrived to the bathroom, and Dorothy was whimpering, because of the pain. After I had finished, Dorothy and I went to the same stall.

She sat down on the toilet, with a pale face, and had diarrhea. A brown waterfall was falling for 30 seconds. She must've had a hard time. Then, thing that was like a slush came out for 30 seonds. After that, she did a seris of wet farts, and groanded. She kept on having watery diarrhea, and I felt bad for her.

However, she told me that she wasn't even close to done yet. She had a sris of more wet farts, and an explosion of diarrhea came out of her. She was a slim kid, and it was hard to belive that she had make this all diarrhea.

After that, she had a watery diarrhea and a slush diarrhea again for 1minutes, and she told me that she still had a strong pain in her stomache. For another minutes, she had water diarrhea and wet farts.

Finally, she had finished, and I found out that we stayed 20 minutes here!

We washed our hands, ad headed back to the playground.

She said she still didn't feel perfect, but she felt much better.

Grace, Dorothy and I played some more, and Dorothy and I went to our house and did a sleepover.

Since she didn't feel well, she went on top of the bed and half lied dowm. We played card games, until Dorothy's stomache gurgled again.

She told me that she was having diarrhea again.

Since our parents went somewhere else, it was only us, so she could use the bathroom without concerning.

She had alot of diarrhea, and she told me that she felt like throwing up, too. I told her, if he needed to throw up, she can, in the sink.

After her diarrhea, we played again. She gagged sometimes, but didn't throw up.

At night, we sleeped at 9:00. She seemed tired after having a tough day.

The next morning, she had an another diarrhea, and she played utill 10:00 am. Then, her parents came, and we said goodbye.

I hop you all like my story. I would be hppy to have comments from you. Sorry about the typos too. Thank you.

Have a nice day!

From Elisa.


my Cousin Bob

Hey everybody, my cousin Bobby told me about this site. I just turned 20.I saw his post and i can say it was true unfortunately for me. He always messes around nastily like that. He was on the toilet for 45 minutes at my parent's house the other day. I was in the living room downstairs. He uses the bathroom upstairs (he always stinks it up so bad he's banned from the downstairs toilet lol). I walked upstairs quietly and I could hear him grunting. I then heard a big fart rumble from the toilet. I pushed open the door a bit seeing that it was opened a little. I saw him with his pants down hunched forward. His butt is so big it evens hangs of the toilet a little. I quickly shut it and said "Sorry Bob". I was happy to shut it. I was taken back by the smell from the bathroom. "hey I'm pooping in here"! I giggled and said "I know, It's stinky !" He farted loudly again i heard a nasty blast of diarrhea. I walked away before the smell killed me.


Answer to an Old Question

Sorry I don't post a whole lot I just kind of forget lol! I do though remember someone asking me how my bf (well now fiancÚ :) ) first found out about my bladder issues and some of our first experiences together. Well I think he kind of knew before he asked me out because we play volleyball together and I need a lot of potty breaks. On our first date he got exposed to it lol. He picked me up to go to the movies and of course we got stuck in traffic, like it was a parking lot because there was a terrible accident. About 20 min had passed and it hit me, I had to go. I pressed my thighs together but I knew I couldn't hold it. So I had to say something. I told him "this is horrible timing but I have to pee, like now!" He said "well I can't really pull over, traffic isn't moving, but you can go in this empty fast food cup of you'd like and there are napkins in the glove compartment. You can even go to the back seat for some privacy." I said " perfect idea that's a big a cup so I shouldn't make a mess, actually the front is better because there is more room." He has an SUV so lots of room up front. I was wearing a dress because I wanted to look nice. I pulled my panties down and then just decided to take them off because it would be easier. "I can't believe you are getting me to take my panties off on the first date!" I joked. He laughed and said " I won't look I promise." I said "I honestly don't care it's coming out no matter what" I scooted my seat back as far as it would go got to the edge of the seat and situated my dress so i could get the cup next to me but still have some modesty. I got the cup in place and instantly started to pee. I let out a sigh of relief it just felt so good. My pee was kind of loud too because it was a big plastic cup, he turned up the radio I guess to make me feel more comfortable but honestly I didn't care, yeah it was a little awkward but not as awkward as having an accident in his seat. I finished peeing and used a napkin to wipe. I opened the door since traffic was still at a stand still and poured my pee on the ground. I stuffed the napkin in the cup and put the lid on it, I figured I could throw it away when we got to the movies

Now I didn't really mention the bed wetting and having to wear diapers until the first night he wanted me to stay over. But when I told him he acted like it was no big deal, he also even told me about when he first moved in he wet his bed because he had one of those dreams where he was peeing. After that he bought a waterproof mattress cover to protect his new mattress. That made me feel so much better. I was a little embarrassed about putting on a diaper before bed but I got over it. I like those depends silhouettes because they look and feel a little more like undies. They are more like adult pull-ups. I woke up about 3 am and realized I wasn't wet but I had to go! As soon as I was getting out of bed he grabbed me and asked me where I was going, well that startled me and of course I started wetting my diaper. I was like well I was going to go pee but see as I'm going now nowhere lol. He apologized and offered to help change and clean me up, I declined and told him it would only take a minute. So I changed and got back again. When we woke up for the morning I was wet and had to pee. He told me to let him change me and we could stay in bed longer and I told him I couldn't because I had to go and I was already wet. He said he'd put me in a dry one and I could just go while we were in bed and he'd change me in bed. I can't lie I wanted to stay next to him, I don't usually use diapers out of laziness just necessity, but I gave in plus I was about to pop so I told him to hurry. He pulled off my wet diaper and slipped on a new one. It took a minute to go, I told him it was a little hard to go but it was going to come out soon anyway. He told me to relax and he stroked my hair, I took a deep breath and started to pee I could feel it getting warm and let out a little sigh. He asked if I was going and I nodded. I told him when I was done he took it off and cleaned me up so gently. I told him I'd just put on panties because I knew I wasn't going back to sleep.


Bowel cleanout part 3

Hi all. I posted about how the warm lemon water the last two nights has caused me to poop tons the past two days. Well I drank a cup of it on Friday night and sometime during the day on Saturday I had a huge soft BM. There was a huge pile of mushy crap, all over the inside of the toilet. Not diarrhea, just a giant pile of crap the consistency of mud. It was a really messy wiping job and it didn't help that my period started yesterday (Saturday) too so that was heavy as well. Been peeing a ton as a result of that and all the water (warm and cold too) as well. My body is getting a good cleanout. I definitely needed it, especially with how much I had in me. I'm feeling a lot better and going daily (sometimes multiple times a day) as a result of the warm water with lemon each night.

Happy pooping, hopefully!

Steve A

Comments And Questions For Zach R, Kylie, And Everyone

To Zach R: Those were some interesting experiences. I have a few questions for you:

Does your daughter know that you post on here? If not, would you ever tell her?

Would she not care, be upset with you, or even start posting here herself if you told her about Toilet Stool?

To Kylie: I couldn't imagine what it would be like if you and your sisters had a sleepover at your house with friends. It would be hard since you only have 2 bathrooms in your house and if you had a sleepover, you, your sisters, and all your friends would wait for the bathroom if they all had to go the same time as everyone else.

Do your parents have their own private bathroom? Did you ever use it for an emergency?

We have 4 bathrooms in my house; 1 downstairs in our finished basement/game-room, 1 on the main floor, and 2 upstairs.

To Everyone: How many bathrooms do you have in your house? Does it get hectic if you have more people living with you than you have bathrooms?

Hi. I'm new here. But I have a pretty good story from the other day. I was in fourth period (my last period) when I started feeling the urge to have a rather big poo. Normally when this happens I also start feeling kind of gassy too. So in an effort to keep other people from knowing, I squeezed my bum hole closed. Finally my last period ended. I had to say I after though to make up a test that I had missed. At this point my ???? was rumbling letting me know it was time to realease a big poo. After I finished the test, I went straight to the bathroom. Thankfully, I though nobody was there. I let out some pee for about 20 seconds. I began to relax my bum and the tip of my poo began to stretch my hole. But just as I began to let it out, a teacher walked in and I quickly squeezed it back in. (I'm really shy about pooing around anyone. So I left the stall, washed my hands and left the bathroom. But my ???? was saying otherwise. So I went in search of another bathroom (that's how desperate I was). I found the bathroom in the back of school. Finally with nobody in it. I began to push my poo out. There were a few farts and a quiet squirting sound. I revisited the urge to moan. I had not pooed in 2 days so I knew if was going to be hard. I sat there for about 10 minutes with no success. So finally I decided to pull my bum apart. I strained and could tell my poo was almost the size of a Coke can. I proceeded to run my ???? which sometimes helps me get things going. Finally after about 20 minutes of straining, I felt me poo begin to slide out I moaned, "MMMMMMMM UGHHHH" as the giant poo slowly came out of me. I had to extend my legs fully in front of my (which is something I do sometimes. At this point my poo was halfway out of me s I looked between my legs. A girl walks in and I freeze in horror. My poo was stuck. The girl came into the stall and began to pee. Her stream stopped and she stayed on the seat. I figured she needed to have a poo as well. Just then, she began to release about 20 plops. The smell began to waft into my stall. I figured I had nothing to be ashamed of and I pushed with all my might and moaned loudly. Just then my poo popped out with a cascade of wet poo at the end. I was breathing heavily as I turned to wipe and see what I had made. The poo was about 3 inches wide and over a foot long with mushy poo floating on the top. The girl left and I attempted to flush. With no luck I left the bathroom with my heart still beating hard.


To Anna from Canada

Hey Anna

Thanks for your second story in relation to your 4 day hike - seems like you and Chloe had a good time. I'm guessing you'll be planning more hikes next spring/summer.

I found your story about the young lady taking the stinky poop interesting. It's a pity people behave like that to others. Experiencing situations like that can cause people (especially young women) to become "poop shy" in public bathrooms resulting in them "holding on" causing constipation, anal fissues, hemorrhoids etc.

Looking forward to more of your stories


Siford- Given that choice, I would probably take toilet B as well. As you said it's more likely to have plenty of paper, for one thing! I don't mind using a toilet that someone else has just used, though, as long as they didn't make any mess and made sure to flush whatever they did. I have heard mothers talking to their kids a few times, there are some examples in some of my previous stories. They say all kinds of things depending on what sort of parenting style they have, I suppose. I have heard them encourage their kids and tell them to do something differently, to stop being so nosy about other toilet users, etc. I really don't remember much about what my parents used to say to me when I was young, though.

Today I did a bit of shopping looking for something to get a friend of mine for her birthday. Since she is an avid reader I thought of getting her a couple of books, so I was in the book shop, and I needed to have both a wee and a poo. It was quite a big store so it had a separate gents and ladies toilet. I went into the ladies. There were two cubicles, but one of them had an out of order sign on. The lock on the other one wasn't entirely red, so I wasn't sure if it was occupied or not. I took a look under the door and saw feet with a pair of jeans and blue knickers. so I stood around waiting for my turn to use the only working loo. I didn't have to wait long as after a minute I heard the rustling of paper, the woman evidently having been nearly finished with whatever she was doing. She came out and I went in, locking it and sitting down, pulling my skirt and pink knickers to my feet. She left after washing her hands and I was alone as I started to wee.

That lasted about 30 seconds, and then I did a soft fart, my poo being ready to emerge. I relaxed a bit and pushed out one turd, then I heard the door open and someone walked in. I saw her move to the other cubicle and obviously read the notice, as she then moved in front of my door and knocked, saying, 'is someone in here?' I replied with, 'yes, it's taken!' She said, 'oh, sorry.' I could sense that she was not pleased with this development, and I suspected that she needed to be sitting down where I was quite soon! I had another log on the way out and I wondered if she also needed some solid relief, or if she just needed to do a wee. My poo was quite quiet, and I did my best to hurry up the next log so that she could go. It came out after a minute with a plop, and I felt another one coming. I could see her shadow moving as she walked to the sinks and back. It came out slowly and I tore off some paper and began to wipe between my cheeks.

I cleaned up and flushed and walked out. The woman was in her mid 30s and was shapely and quite pretty. She headed into the cubicle and locked it, and as I washed my hands I could hear her pull down her trousers and underwear, which I saw were also pink when I took a peek under the door. I heard her quickly start to do a wee, and that was joined within a few seconds by a crackling as the urgent part of her poo came out with two quick splashes, so clearly like me she had been needing to do both things. If she was embarrassed at all about having to do a plop, then her need to release it obviously overcame it! Her wee continued to flow as I left the ladies. I saw her come out a few minutes later- no doubt she felt relieved like I did!


Lemon & warm water clean-out, day 2

Hi all. After the massive shitstorm my bowels produced yesterday (Thursday) after Wednesday night's cup of warm water with lemon, I had another cup last night and pooped twice today.

The first time was a giant, soft bowel movement. It didn't feel like a lot, but it turned out to be a lot more than I thought I did. A big pile of mud-like shit and a couple of soft logs. Oh my gosh, so much crap. Then the second time I went, there was a small to medium curly log lol. My husband doesn't know how I've managed to shit so much (shit as much as a cow as he put it lol). I told him that the lemon water has been doing a good job ridding my body of all that crap that's been sitting in there.

I've been eating normally (lots of green vegetables and an extra helping of vegetables at dinner, some kind of protein like chicken and minimum starches to prevent constipation). So it's not one of those "drink x amount of this liquid and eat nothing" things. Don't do that. That's not healthy. But drinking a cup of warm water before bed has done wonders for my constipation. Holy moly. My stomach is SO much smaller and I feel a LOT better. It's the cheapest and one of the healthiest and most natural laxatives and SO effective. Damn. It helps too if you drink it as soon as you wake up (before you eat) because it stimulates your digestive system and bowels. Just stay near a toilet! You'll need to go in no time! I've been drinking a ton of water too to stay hydrated.

Happy pooping (I hope!) I am a happy camper and feeling much better.


Response to JW & survey answers


Mom has always used the fleet enema with mineral oil for me. I've gotten better at avoiding them but my problems come from when I'm traveling, at a camp or retreat, etc., because I'm eating different food and on a different schedule. For example, my most recent enema came in June when I was on a school leadership preparation retreat. I was a little constipated on our family vacation but I was able to go at least some once a day. Several years ago when I would spend a couple of weeks at my grandmothers on the other side of the country, I got constipated because we spent much of our time away from home. She's in her 80s and believes her daily BM should be regular and that it should be done at home before you go out. She's critical of me if I want to use the bathroom at a gas station or rest stop. On that point, she's even critical of my parents, too. But I had a doctor to advise me not to try to hold my BMs in. And now that I'm 16 I have to say that it makes a great deal of sense. That's why I had my constipation trouble.

Tlana's questions:

1) At the end of the day at school or work, what will I do?

I have gotten into the habit of peeing and crapping after my last class before we start on our way home. My pediatrician was right in recommending that I get onto the toilet when the first urge comes. That's why public places are required to have bathrooms, she says. And she's right!


my library poo today

This morning I was studying in the library with my friend Danielle. After working for about an hour or so and sipping a large coffee, I needed a number two. I tried to ignore it, but after another half hour I got really uncomfortable and decided to use the bathroom in the back of the library. I told Danielle that I needed to go and would be right back.

While I was heading towards the bathroom, I let a little fart slip out. It was silent but I think pretty smelly and I hope nobody noticed it. Another girl entered the room just in front of me, a very pretty, tall and skinny Chinese girl. She took the middle stall and I took the one on the right. I locked the door, put my bag on the floor, pulled down my jeans and white thong and plopped my bum on the seat. I heard the other girl getting seated as well and she immediately had a little fart and then started to pee noisily. I peed as well with my stream coming out hissing and hitting the front of the bowl. I had a look under the partition and I could see my neighbour's black sneakers and jeans, but she had not pulled down her pants very far. When I was done peeing, I leaned forward, put my arms on my thighs and started to push a little. My bumhole opened and my first poo started to slide out slowly. Meanwhile, there were two more farts from the other stall, a small sigh and then a loud splash. It took about half a minute and then my first turd plopped into the bowl of my toilet. I knew I had more to come out and started to browse my phone. A minute or two later, I dropped another turd from my bottom and I could also hear a couple of loud plops from the Chinese girl.

Then the door opened and another girl rushed in, took the last remaining stall, sat down on the seat and started to pee quickly. While she was peeing, I had two more poops and so did the other girl. Between her and me, there was a strong poop smell in the room, but it wasn't too bad a stink really. Finally, I felt all empty and I started to pull off some paper. I wiped my front and then my bum, needing almost ten pieces or so to clean up my poopy hole. Both of the other girls were wiping now as well. When I was done, I pulled up my thong and pants, flushed the toilet and left. We all got to the sinks to wash our hands at the same time. The third girl who had only peed was a short blonde who I have seen in class before, but I don't know her name. All of a sudden the Chinese girl said, kinda looking at both of us, 'guys, I had to sh** sooo bad'. Then she smiled and turned and left. I was looking at the blond girl and it was really funny, she just stood there for a second with her mouth open, then she covered it with her hand and started to laugh. I think we both thought this to be pretty funny. I went back to our table and it had been about five minutes or so in total that I spent in the bathroom. I felt much lighter and we continued studying for another hour or so until I had to go to the bathroom again for a pee. That's my story for today, I hope you liked it.

to Brandon T: I don't like to wish ill on other people, but I really hope that'll happen to them soon!

to Anna from Austria: It's good that the incident at school didn't bother you. This happened to me quite a few times when I was in high school, but most of the time I don't think the girls complaining about the smell knew who I was. It was a very big school with lots of students.
I also really liked your story from work. I have never seen toilets like that here, unless they are unisex and then they do have a sink and everything in the little separate room. Hopefully your coworker didn't use the same stall, but then it is a bathroom after all and maybe she had to poo, too.

Steve A

Weird Dreams: What Do These Dreams Mean? Plus Questions

I had another weird bathroom related dream that I'm willing to share.

I was in a classroom that had the big tables instead of the single desks that we have at our school. I think I was helping out with teaching. The woman teacher, the one I had for science class last year, told the head teacher that she really had to go to the bathroom. When she went, I left the classroom to bring some paperwork to the office that the head teacher gave me and told me to do. So, on my way to the office, I overheard the woman teacher going to the bathroom. She peed first and then farted a little during and when she was finished, she continued farting, but didn't have to poop. After she flushed, I then went to the office and then came back to the classroom.

I ask for your opinion on what do these types of dreams mean? I've had dreams like this stuff before about hearing people go and other bathroom related stuff. I think these dreams could be past, current, or future experiences or these types of dreams could be a part of your mind/personality.

Has anyone ever had any bathroom related dreams before?


1. If you ever have/had these types of dreams before, would you share them with your friends/people that your close with?

2. Does a change in a new lifestyle like moving to a new town, getting a new job, trying a new diet, etc. change your bowel habits? I know the new diet would change something with your bowels, but what about a new town/job?

3. How 'regular' are you?


Amazing bowel cleanout (finally)

Hi all. Sorry I've been AWOL lately, just haven't really had anything to post. Been suffering constipation despite a good diet and enough water so IDK. Frustrating. My stomach has been bloated a lot, making me look pregnant (which sucks, since I'm already overweight) and I've been farting like crazy but passing next to nothing or passing really hard chunks that clog the toilet. Sigh. So yesterday I asked my husband to pick up some lemons at the grocery store and I made a big cup of warm water with lemon before bed because I heard it's good for cleaning out your bowels. Is it ever! Was unable to pass much more than a couple of hard chunks before bed (and wiping was messy. Dark brown sludge. Yuck). But yesterday (Thursday) I had a hell of a cleanout! I went a total of 6 times! I thought at first that it was a pre-period cleanout since my period is due this week and sometimes my bowels clean themselves out before and during it.

The first time I went was semi-solid and only took a couple of minutes to finish. I pushed out 2 large logs (dark brown-I guess old poop) and a few pieces near them.

The second time was softer, with more logs, skinnier this time and some mush too.

Third, fourth and fifth times were basically more logs and a giant pile of soft shit.

Sixth time though! Oh my gosh! I was in the middle of typing to people on this website when my bowels wouldn't wait anymore. I was SECONDS from shitting my pants and WHITE underwear! So I ran out of my bedroom with my hand on my ass and quickly got to the bathroom, door closed, clothes down and on the toilet as quickly as possible. Think Harry Dunne from Dumb & Dumber. It was THAT urgent. And my bowels absolutely EXPLODED. It wasn't diarrhea really, but it was a bunch of mushy crap that came out. And my butthole was literally quivering. It felt weird but it felt good to FINALLY have all this shit that had been stuck in there, making me uncomfortable finally coming out. Took me about 5 minutes to finish. And what I saw in the toilet-wow! A bunch of logs and a giant pile of mush absolutely FILLED the bowl! I don't think I've ever shit that much, ever. Especially not in one go. I was astounded. I flushed the huge mess down first then went to work on wiping and flushing the messy toilet paper.

My husband and I were both amazed at how much smaller my stomach was after that monster shit...and the other shits. I'm not 100% empty (surprisingly) but I sure feel a hell of a lot better. Had a huge, satisfying dump that didn't give me a stomach ache and I found a CHEAP, natural laxative that is gentle on your stomach. One cup and it produces many, MANY bowel movements. If you want to shit (and shit, and shit), try this if you're constipated. Very effective. Of course, drink plenty of water too and eat enough to keep your energy up. Works best at night or if you have it first thing when you get up, before you eat.

I had another cup tonight so I'm hoping it produces another monster dump today. I'd prefer many toilet trips over being sluggish, bloated and uncomfortable. I hadn't been for a proper bowel movement in god knows how long so I NEEDED that cleanout. I think I'll be drinking lemon and warm water on a regular basis, from now on. At least it's safe to drink each day and doesn't make your bowel lazy (or give you cramps, diarrhea, etc) like laxatives.

Happy pooping everyone, hopefully! I'll be going to bed a lot more comfortable tonight, for sure.

Anna from Austria

Tlana survey

At the end of your school/work day, if you need to use the bathroom what do you do?

1. Go in to pee before leaving?
2. Go in to crap before leaving?
3. Hold your pee in until you get home?
4. Hold your crap in until you get home?
5. Why do you do what you do?

1) yes
2) yes
3) no
4) no

5) I would not do that because I have no issues using public restrooms if I have to go. Besides I find it very uncomfortable to hold me pee and especially my poo unless I have to. I would never do that, if there is a toilet available.

Greetings Anna

Anatomy Student

To Anna from Austria

Coffee makes people need to poop for two reasons. It is served hot and hot beverages (especially on an empty stomach) tend to stimulate the bowels. It also has caffeine, which is another bowel stimulant. Some people can drink a glass of hot water before bed and be ready to poop in the morning. Energy drinks make my bowels extra active in the morning due to the caffeine.

i go camping often (backcountry canoe camping), and when i do the facilities tend to consist of a wooden box with a hole in the top, affectionately called a thunderbox. Needless to say i'm not the biggest fan of using them (imagine spiders everywhere and you'll understand), so whenever i can i piss in the woods on a tree or something. it's actually quite a lot of fun, particularly if you can find a cliff to piss off of and just let fly a golden arc of piss. my other particular favorite is that when kayaking it's common procedure to just piss overboard when you've gotta go. Little bit harder for the ladies, but I've seen some very skillful attempts and the majority of them very successful ones too.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Zach R.

Update and a story.

Hi everyone. Thanks for the kind comments. Sorry for any typos. I'm typing on my phone today. Riley is feeling better and I am too. I have talked to her doctor about alternative medication for her. She is taking immodium and another prescription drug that I forget the name of, but they are laughably innefective. Her doctor told me about a suppository that his other patients have had very good results with, but the problem is Riley refuses.

When she was 8, she was severely constipated and I had to take her to the emergency room. She was unable to go for 6 days and was in a lot of pain. Laxatives and prune juice did not work at all. They ordered an xray and found a large impaction about the size of a baseball. The doctor ordered a special suppository and if it didn't work, she would have to go in and dig it out with her fingers, a process called digital disimpaction. Riley had never had to do anything like this before and when I explained it to her she freaked out. Anyways, we had to end up holding her down while her doctor inserted the suppository. It didn't work and she had to digitally disimpact her. They didn't administer an enema because we knew that she wouldnt hold it in. I still feel bad that she had to experience that, but it was for her own good. Of course now she is older now and I can't force her to shove something up her bum. Her doctor and I tried talking to her, but she remembers her experience in the ER and she adamantly refuses. Maybe there is another medication.

Anyways, I have a story i want to share with you. I was at the store yesterday and I had to pee. I walked to the bathrooms at the rear of the store and unzipped my pants and started peeing in a urinal. I heard the door open behind me and I saw a boy walk in. He looked to be 12 or 13, had short brown spikey hair, and was wearing a black and yellow sweatshirt and loose fitting jeans. He looked at me and had a very embarrassed look on his face. I heard him pull down his pants and sit down. He released a loud gassy explosion followed by a faint sigh. He continued letting out wet farts and diarrhea as he groaned. I flushed, zipped my pants, and motioned towards the sinks when a man in his early 40s walked in and said, "Brady, I'm buying you clean underwear. Did your pants get dirty too?" The boy exclaimed, "Dad! Come on," in an embarrassed tone. The man heard the sink turn on and looked behind to see me standing there. He didn't notice me before. He apologized to his son and I dried my hands and left the store. As I was walking to my car, there was a new black Range Rover parked in front of the store with the windows rolled down and the right rear door open. A teenage girl was on her phone, sitting on the edge of the seat with her legs out the door. I heard her say, "I want to go home. We've been out all day. It stinks so bad in here." An older woman who was probably her mom said, "You know brother isn't feeling well." The girl replied with a snarky attitude, "It's not my problem that he shit himself." The woman said in a stern tone, "Watch your language, Ashley. And don't act like you've never had an accident before."

I walked out of hearing distance and got in my car and drove home. If the boy's father had saw me before he spoke, he would have never embarrassed his son. I felt bad for him. He was having a rough day. My experience at the store proves that every has accidents. They are a part of life and you shouldn't be embarrassed. We're not perfect. We're only human.

I hope you've all enjoyed. Talk to you soon.

Steve A

Marching Band Story Part 2: Band Festival

Here's the 2nd part of my story, this happened on Saturday.

Before we got onto the buses, we were given a talk about bathroom use for the game/festival trips. From after the game on Friday, 1 bus had to pull over because someone couldn't make it back to the high school to use the bathroom. So on Saturday, band festival day, we did our thing and then after the festival, we went back to the high school. Before we went back to the high school, people used the bathrooms so we wouldn't have any problems like we did on Friday. We didn't take the long route back home like we did on Friday since we made it before they closed that part of the highway that was getting worked on. When we got back, there were not as many people that had to go.

This one weekend was the most memorable for me from my high school band career. I hope to have a some more experiences before it ends since I'm a senior in high school. I hope you enjoyed this mini 2 part story series. And as always, stay tuned for future stories.

Anna from Austria

Mean girls in the bathroom

@Anna thanks for sharing your Story about the mean Girls in the school bathroom.

Some similar happened to me during my school days with me as the "victim".

I was having a stinky poo at school and some Girls came in and complained ab out the smell.

Fortunately I was already 18 at the time and quite self confident so only I thought "I'm sure it does not smell better when you have to poo"

If that happened to me 2 years earlier during my insecure Phase it would have been really bad.

But I have to admit It was not just my self confidence that such mean comments didn't bother me.

As I have all ready motioned the toilets in Austria have only small gaps if at all. So it is impossible to see the Person using the toilet.

If this had happened to me on an American or Canadian Toilet type with big gaps where it is possible to see the shoes it would have been a lot more embarrassing.

I knew the Girls which have complained about me smell. They were from my class and it is possible that they could have identified me via my shoes.. So I was quite lucky.

Hi again. I have a story from this morning. I woke up and had to pee pretty bad so I went to the bathroom. My older sister was standing at the mirror applying her makeup and someone else was in the shower, but the toilet was free. So I sat down, peed for a good while, wiped, and closed the lid without flushing. Then I went downstairs to have some breakfast.

Out of necessity, we've made up a morning schedule for when our scheduled shower times are. Well, after I finished breakfast, it was just at the start of my cousin's shower time, so I went to my room and waited for it to be my turn. But once I got upstairs, my cousin was about to enter the bathroom. She saw me and said she said to poop and it would be "a long while." I thought that was a good idea, so I got together my clean clothes. Then I went across the hall to the bathroom. My cousin was sitting on the toilet and reading a magazine as I hopped in the shower.

I couldn't hear anything over the shower, but I could definitely smell it as my cousin started to poop. One of the few things I did hear was the toilet paper being rolled off. And that didn't happen until I was nearly finished. She was right, her poop did take a long time. I finished washing my hair and got out of the shower. I began to dry off as my cousin took my place in the shower. I saw that she hadn't closed the toilet lid and my curiosity got the better of me. I had to peek at her poop. I saw a huge pile of poop, made up of I think three or four very long snaking turds. There was also not very much paper. I wonder if she purposely wiped only a little knowing she'd be showering immediately after, or if it really was that clean a poop.

In any case, I finished drying off and got dressed, then went to get ready for school. As I was getting ready, my cousin finished in the shower and I heard her flush the toilet, then very soon after flush again. I'm not very surprised that her load took two flushes to clear. It really was a huge load.

Anyway, that's my story for today. Hope you liked it. Bye for now.


Short Survey

Here's a short survey. At the end of your school/work day, if you need to use the bathroom what do you do?
1. Go in to pee before leaving?
2. Go in to crap before leaving?
3. Hold your pee in until you get home?
4. Hold your crap in until you get home?
5. Why do you do what you do?

My answers:
1. yes
2. yes
3. no
4. no
5. I guess I don't have any inhibitions about using a bathroom when I need to.


Re: Kylie, Privacy

I found your post extremely interesting as I am fascinated by the play between "We've all seen each other peeing and pooping, so there's no shyness or anything" and "but I still prefer privacy if it's possible to have it.". Are there parts or types of pooping that you'd rather not be seen doing? When do you most crave privacy as opposed to not being shy? What about your sisters cousin, are there times/types of pooping they don't wish to share/be seen doing?-- JW


John H

You and Secret Pooper, both have it right, however, I think you have a more accurate answer. I wonder the same thing about people being forced to write with their right hand. My sister (older) was on the tail end of that practice, at least in the public schools. Consequently, she is (or was) ambidextrous when it came to writing.


Miranda, enemas

I'm curious about your Mom's use of enemas. I thought they pretty much went out of date in the 60's early 70's. Of course my generation (baby boomer) late 40's 50's grew up with them and were my Mom's go to method for dealing with constipation. Is your Mom a nurse and have you had a lot of enemas? Does she use the old bag type with soapy water or do you get the new "fleet" type enema. I'm surprised to here the enema even mentioned, last time I had one was in hospital about 3 years ago and the nurse apologized all over herself like it was the worst thing she had to do to someone. Personally, I think they are a great way to relieve constipation without the straining and struggling that laxatives usually cause me.-- JW

just another girl

Answers to John H's questions

1. If you dont like to use the bathroom to poo at other peoples home why is this?

A, Are you afraid of blocking the toilet? No. Even though I can do rather large number two's when I need to, they are never so massive that they would interfere with the plumbing in any way - that has never happened to me at any point and I don't anticipate that it ever will.

B. Are you afraid of leaving a smell behind? If yes would you poo if there was air freshener in the bathroom? I don't like leaving a smell behind because I know from experience that after I've done a poo it can really stink (especially if it's one of those not-quite-solid ones or if it is the end result of eating/drinking certain things) and even though I am used to my own smells I know that other people aren't, and I wouldn't want to upset them or have them say anything about it to me. I don't know if I'd do it if there was air freshener, because even after a few sprays one can still catch a whiff of a distinctly poopy smell and that mixed with floral or fruity air freshener is quite bad!

C. are you afraid of beeing walked in on? Not really, no.

D. Do you find it hard to relax in other peoples bathrooms? No, because I'll just close my eyes and let everything happen. I try not to pay a lot of attention to my surroundings

E. Do you not wish others to know that you are pooing? I'd rather they didn't, because I don't need to embarrass myself

F. Any other reasons besides those already mentioned? No

2. If you dont like to use other bathrooms does this apply to both friends bathrooms and public bathrooms, or will you use public bathrooms? What are your reasons for this? I use both friends and public bathrooms quite happily. I used to be a lot more shy about it than I am now - now I can use them without a problem

3. How desperate would you have to be to use a bathroom besides your own? If I am somewhere away from home and I feel as though I need to go to the bathroom, I'll go because I don't want to leave it until it gets uncomfortable or until I risk having an accident. I wouldn't only do it if I'm desperate.

4. When was the last time you used a bathroom besides your own? Include a story about this if you want. Today: I needed to have a wee after one of my classes so I went to the bathroom in the library and did it. I like using the library bathrooms because they are clean and fresh.

5. Do you wish that you could use other peoples bathrooms without worrying or are you happy just to be ok with using your own bathroom? I don't think that this applies to me because I've already mentioned that I don't have a problem with using other people's bathrooms.

I hope my answers were okay!

J.A.G. ~


To Kmd

No problem. Now that my hand has been healed i can write easier too. As i've said to a lot of posters i'm in the 20, i'm male and have a major dripping nose and coughing allergy in the spring and a minor one in the fall. The symptoms i describe also happened in the summer however, when a major thunderstorm suddenly broke over a month's worth of 100 F days. So i'm not sure if it's due to allergy or not, but i don't recall passing large and hard stools while having sinusitis and a closed nose. On the other hand i never experience liquid diarrhea, just the mushy stools that i describe from time to time. One more thing however, i've found that anti foaming anti gas medications reliably make me pass perfectly formed (tubular shaped) and completely solid stools. Thank you for your interest too, and, above all, for your knowledge.

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