College poops

Hi I'm alyssa and I'm a freshmen at college and the other day i had a great experience while pooping. So last Thursday my morning class was cancelled so i had 2 hours to spare before my last class. I decided to drink some coffee and about 30 minutes later i had a serious urge to poop so i decided to find the closes bathroom. When i got there, there were only 3 stalls so i decided to take the middle one so i can have neighbors to my both sides (hehe). One thing I noticed was that the stall diveder was higher than usual and you could almost see another persons thighs. So i then lowered my hot pink thong and yoga pants to my knees and relaxed a little as I knew i had lots of time to kill. As i sat there i took out my phone and started to surf the web as i let out a little fart. About a minute later i heard the door open and the sounds of heels walking in a hurry. The lady then took the stall to my right as i saw her white jeans and her nude panties around her knees. No later than a second she was pooping away. I heard a couple splashes and then she reached for toilet paper. She was on the toilet no longer than a minute and i was astonished on how fast she went. As she stood at the sinks through my stall crack i saw her reflection in the mirror. She was a petite girl with blond hair but she then quickly left. As i was alone i decided to push out a little and i heard of couple of plops as i just sat there and thought about life (lol) I still felt more in me but then two girls came in talking as I listened in i heard girl #1 say "hey Tory i hope you don't mind but i really have to poop before class" then her friend Tory said "okay Megan i just have to pee but I'll wait for you at the sinks". I thought to myself oh great I'm gonna have an Audience. Megan the girl who had to poop took the stall to my right and i then saw her Blue thong and blAck shorts at her ankles. Tory took the stall to my left and lowered her Pink shorts and white with pink heart panties to her knees. Both girls started to pee and then Megan let a fart out and tory started laughing while megan told her to hush. Tory then pulled her clothes back up and proceed to the sinks. Megan then started to poop as you could hear he plops. Her friend tory the said "Ew Megan why do your lower your panties so low" while megan said "hush we can still see them no matter how high we put them". I then blushed as i knew they could see my thong. I then proceed to poop some more while Megan started to fart again. Then the door opened again and someone else took the stall to my left. The girl then lowered her jeans and purple panties and quickly peed and left. Megan then proceeded to wipe and left her stall without flushing. Tory then said "Meg why didn't you flush" and megan said "hush it's too big it won't go down " Tory then laughed and she walked into the stall and said "dang girl you can poop" while Megan said "hey shut up someone else is in here". tory then said "gosh megan seeing that made me want to poop now" she then proceed to close the stall door and lowered her clothes and proceed to add to Megan's pile. Megan then slammed on her door saying "Hurry up Tory were gonna be late" mid grunting tory replied "okay it's almost out" -plop- then She started to wipe. A minute later i was by myself and i proceed to finish my poop. As i was coming to finishing my poop another girl came in. She was cursing quietly as she walked into the right stall. Then yelled a curse word as i assume saw the mess Megan and Tory had left. She then rushed to the left stall and lowered her pink lacey thong to her ankles and started to furiously pee. I assumed she was wearing a dress as i could not see anything else. The girl then wiped and left. As i was alone again i started to wipe and pulled up my close and admired my master piece. There was two logs about 7 inches long and i then flushed and out of curiosity i went to check on the stall Megan had used. What i was was unbelievable there was a log about a foot long and super thick and a couple of logs about 4 inches long. Then a little darker was a log about 6 inches long which I assumed was Tory's. As i was cleaning up and adjusting my make up a pretty Mexican girl with a nice rear end came in looking nervous. She then walked to the end stall on the left and lowered her yoga pants and her black thong to her shins. I heard her pee but after that she just stayed quiet. I assumed she had to poop as well but was shy about me hearing her. My curiosity wanted to hear her so I opened the door so it could seem like i had left. As soon as the door closed she let out a huge splash and a even bigger sigh. She then let out a couple more plops and proceed to wipe and she did a petie asian girl walked in and i took advantage to sneak out. (Hehe) i then realized i had been in there for 45 minutes but it was well worth it.

girls do you have any good pooping at school/college stories?


A few good recent poops & some comments

@Slice - The left hand used to be regulated to wiping after relieving yourself. I think my dad told me that once lol.

@Zach - Sorry to hear about your daughter's accident. You guys sound really open with each other though which is really great! Having something to relate to like that allows you to help her later in life with whatever problems related to IBS she may have and, as Slice said, the empowerment of allowing her to make her own choices while you still provide guidance will go a long way with her self esteem and such! Standing by for new posts from you!

@LittlepoopGirl - What a crazy story! Sounds like your sister got some much needed relief though; shame the cost was getting you dirty in the process.

@Melane - Awesome first story! I don't have IBS but I can definitely relate in that I've used my pants as a toilet because I wanted relief so bad. I've never had great bowel control, even though I don't have any allergies that affect my pooping habits. The times when I did need to poop were places where I really couldn't go in many occasions. The most common setting would be when I would be driving home from school when I was in the 16-17 range. I wouldn't poop at school so I would be desperate when I'm in the car. It would get to the point sometimes where I began to worry that being so desperate would make it harder for me to drive well and might cause an accident, so I would raise my butt off of the seats a little and try to relax while at a red light or something similar. I distinctly remember feeling so relieved, along with the sensation of my poop coming out and sort of coiling up against my butt after meeting the resistance of my jeans or tights. Sitting down is also a very unique sensation. The way that the solid poop kind of squishes against your butt and goes back into your crack a little is very weird and warm, but not necessarily unpleasant. I guess I was okay with the idea of pooping myself instead of holding it because the feeling of it isn't all that bad; as long as I was alone, I could just get relief and clean up later.

I've just come off of a string of good poops recently, which started back on Monday. I work at a grocery store, and was working the register on Monday night, just doing what I usually do. The store kind of went into a lull around 7pm and I wasn't really doing anything. I started to feel a little heavy in my abdomen so I went to the store toilets. The bathrooms in the store are single stall, one for men and one for women. Luckily, no one was in the women's stall so I walked in and locked the door. I hung my apron up on the hook and pulled down my black pants and nude panties, parking myself on the pot. I began to pee first, as I always do, and before I even finished a good sized log started to poke out and slide into the water. I sighed audibly (I remember because I recall it echoing a bit lol) as the log slid out for a long time, never losing consistency or thickness. It finished with a floomp type noise and gave way to a few smaller logs. When I felt finished I stood up to wipe and saw the load I made. The first log was huge! It was easily a foot long, sitting oblong in the bowl so it touched one edge of the bowl and nearly touched the other. The two little logs were still a decent size, probably around 5 inches. I wiped once, then twice to confirm I was clean and flushed it down.

Thanks for reading! Happy Pooping!

John H

questions on using the bathroom out side of home

Hi all,
I havent posted here in a very long time so a big shout out to all the posters old and new.
I was having a conversation with a friend recently about using the bathroom at other peoples houses and she said that she hardly never poos at other peoples houses.
I know from reading here that this is very common.
She said the main reason that she doesnt like to poo at other peoples houses is because she is afraid of leaving a smell of poo in the bathroom.
This got me thinking and I have some questions that I hope some of you will answer.

1. If you dont like to use the bathroom to poo at other peoples home why is this?
A, Are you afraid of blocking the toilet?
B. Are you afraid of leaving a smell behind? If yes would you poo if there was air freshener in the bathroom?
C. are you afraid of beeing walked in on?
D. Do you find it hard to relax in other peoples bathrooms?
E. Do you not wish others to know that you are pooing?
F. Any other reasons besides those already mentioned?

2. If you dont like to use other bathrooms does this apply to both friends bathrooms and public bathrooms, or will you use public bathrooms? What are your reasons for this?

3. How desperate would you have to be to use a bathroom besides your own?

4. When was the last time you used a bathroom besides your own? Include a story about this if you want.

5. Do you wish that you could use other peoples bathrooms without worrying or are you happy just to be ok with using your own bathroom?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to answer these questions.
Take care all,
John H


Answers to Steve A's survey

1. If you have to go to the bathroom but your break is an hour or more away, will I still go?

Well, I don't work a regular job, but I do a lot of babysitting and when we're away from home this is an issue. For example, I've had to wee bad at carnivals, street fairs, and at an outdoor playground at our city's downtown mall. I've tried to hold it as long as I can, however, because if my child is a boy I don't like taking like a 5-year-old into the ladies bathroom, but I don't have any alternatives in many cases. At the county fair last week, I finally had to wee so bad that I had to take a 6-year-old into a portable potty with me. It was as hot as hell, and I had him stand face-to-the-door as I seated myself and did my thing, but he complained the whole time, and actually laughed as my wee started to hit the bottom of the metal pan, but in a big city like ours there aren't a lot of other ways to handle it.

2. Do you have any stories you'll never forget?

Yes, my parents almost always use our family car for vacations, even though it would be faster and cheaper to fly. But they like seeing the "lay of the land" and things like that, but I have to admit I do too sometimes, and that's if I'm not having a bathroom emergency. Sometimes, Dad will try to get an hour in before he finds it a logical time and palce to stop at a rest area or truck stop after I've announced I have to use the bathroom. One of the worst was in 2010 when I was 11 and we were out in the middle of nowhere in Iowa on the Interstate. I was 3 days constipated and Mom was threatening to give me an enema that night if I wasn't able to go. I hate the enemas and know that usually with time I will be able to produce. So when we got to the rest stop I ran in ahead of Mom, found one of the six stools that hadn't been flushed and with a good amount of crap in the bowl, and I quickly claimed the seat. When Mom saw my shorts at the floor level, she took the stall next to mine and did her pee (she's so efficient at it, I admire how she does it). She was quickly done and I added some pee to the crap and I asked her to come in and see my success! I slid back on the seat and faked like that I was still contributing to it, and what she saw between my legs she liked and she congratulated me. "Good job, Miranda". I felt bad about the deception, but saved me from an enema that night at our motel.

3. Do you ever have a road trip bathroom story?

Yes, we were at an Interstate rest stop in Illinois, I think, because I was asleep when Dad parked. He told Mom he had to crap and he went in for like 30 seconds. When he came back he told her all the seats had pee on them and he had a mitt of toilet paper wrapped around one of his hands. He told her he was going for a walk. He walked a couple of blocks to a grove of trees and did a squat crap.

4. Does anything distract you from going to the bathroom?
Yes, at home when I'm on my computer or my phone. In public, cold toilet seats sometimes upset me, especially at school the first thing in the morning before anyone has lowered them and used them.

5. If you were contipated, and you could take only one things, would it be food, drink or a laxative?
I would drink an extra large amount of Dr. Pepper first. Hot Coffee would be my second choice, especially when we stop at the coffee shop across from my school in the morning.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


To Zach

A few thoughts for you and your daughter. Sounds like you have a great rapport with your daughter and that the lines of communication are wide open. Good job for both of you. So far as diet goes, one of the things that professionals have become more aware of is that setting strict diets doesn't work, especially for kids and teens. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with diabetes. What they have realized is that kids do much better with compliance if you set guidelines and give them to tools to deal with alterations in their diet. It's great that you didn't say anything about "if you had only stayed on your diet......". So far as wearing "protection", there are ways to dress that will make it very difficult for others to know that she has it on. There is one thing that you can point out to her, and that's the question of which is worse, wearing protection and maybe people seeing it, or not wearing it and having an accident in front of others? The biggest help you can be to her now is one, be there to guide her, and two, to put her in charge of this. That empowerment goes a long way. You will need to be there to guide and remind her, but the more you do to put this in her hands, the better she will do in terms of self esteem. Sometimes, you may worry about upsetting her with reminders, but that kind of help without strings attached, and let her make her own choices really does wonders. (No "I told you so"). Talk it over with her and help her plan out guidelines as to when she might want to wear protection, and the best ways to be prepared for it where ever she is.


First story, vacation gone bad

Hello, i am LittlepoopGirl. My name is Jenna, i am 17, with brown hair and an average body. Earlier this summer, my family took a vacation across the country. It was me, my parents, and my sister Ashley who is 15. Ashley has black hair and is kinda short, but has a big butt lol. So our trip took around 13 hours of driving time. The first 5-6 hours were great, but then disaster struck, courtesy of my sister. There was a pretty bad accident, and traffic was backed up really bad. We were stuck for about 20 minutes when Ashley said she had to use the bathroom. Its worth nothing that she hadn't used the bathroom the entire trip. So my parents said she would have to hold it. 15 minutes passed, she asked to go again. She was getting pretty desperate and fidgetting alot. Another 20 minutes passed, i could tell she was going to have to go very soon. Traffic had barely moved at all. Ashley was begging to go. She said she could pee into something. She was holding herself and bouncing up and down. My mom said that would be better than going in her pants and in the seat. So i grabbed my empty cup from a fast food resturant we stopped at and handed it to her. She pulled down her black yoga pants and got into a squatting position in the seat. She didnt want to hold the cup, because she thought it would be hard to balance herself and try to make it all into the cup. So i was pretty much put into position to hold it for her. She faced me and handed me the cup. I gripped it with both hands, and she pulled her pink panties off. I placed the cup underneath her vagina, and told her to go. Then the real disater hit. Her pee came out of her like a firehouse, in a big spray that totally missed the cup! It shot forward all over the seat and me! It was so gross, but i was able to quickly move the cup into a better position. It made a loud sound hitting the cup, and also there was a loud hissing sound as she peed. I was really mad at her, so were my parents, but we knew it was an accident. Pee was on my shirt and pants, and some ran down my arms. Ashley didnt care though, she let out a huge sigh of relief and closed her eyes. She farted, letting out a burst of air, that i had to smell as it was so close to me. The cup filled up very quick, and i announced this to everyone. My mom told her to stop, but she said she couldnt! After about 5 more seconds, the cup began to overflow. It leaked onto the seat beneath her. And still she peed. She farted again, louder, and much smellier. She apologized for it. Finally, after about 10 more seconds of steady peeing, she was done. The cup had overflowed a lot, leaving a huge wet spot in the seat. The car smelled of urine and faintly of Ashley's farts. Not a great smell. I carefully set the pee filled cup in my cupholder. It was warm. The seat was soaked under my sister, and the middle section had some wet spots on it. But then it got worse. My sister had to poop too. She farted twice after saying this. The car was filling up with her fart smells. She asked what to do. She said she had to go now, she hadn't gone in over 30 hours and it was coming out NOW. We frantically looked around the car for a solution. Ashley kept farting, the smell getting worse as her load approached. Finally my dad said just go in the seat, we could clean it at the next gas station. Ashley had no complaints. Still squatting, she faced forward. A dark brown turd emerged from her butt. She grunted, and started panting with effort. The smell hit us, and it was very intense. The poop coiled out of her onto the seat. After around 6 inches, it broke of off her. Then she farted and liquid poop shot out of her ass. It splattered all over the seat. We all shouted in suprise as we weren't expecting diarrhea. She farted and more blasted out. It was getting in the middle part of the backrow now, and she let out a violent fart that splashed some onto the door. She kept farting and pooping, empyting her bowels all over the back of the car. Finally, after some time she was done. There was a huge mess. Poop ran all down her legs and was all over butt from the splashback. Some droplets were on the window and my arms and shirt. But she was done. Thankfully traffic moved, and we were only stuck in the car with her huge amount of shit for a few minutes. But we had to go back home as the mess was too great, and if we continued on the car seats would have been ruined. In the end, Ashley learned an important lesson: always use the bathroom before hitting the road.


Challenge for the mind

Before I ask the question, no cheating (looking it up). LOL Well, most people know that the custom when greeting another person is to shake hands. Why is it almost always done with the right hand?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Zach R it sounds like your daughter Riley had a rough day but at least the diaper contained it for the most part.

To: Vincene it sounds like you had an interesting day in the bathroom at school.

To: Claire great story about your big poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenny it sounds like you had a rough day and got hit hard by diarrhea.

To: Bella Jean great story it sounds like you and your friend both had major desperate poops and just made it to bathroom in time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Becky great story about you and your friend pooping outside.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Optional Person

To catherine on crude or not.

That isn't crude at all. In my opinion that is incredibly sexy. what a lucky man.

To Anna from Austria: Me and my friends sometimes fart when we have wee. Hisae not so much, but other three more often. Usually little ones. And usually no smell, but perhaps that is because our bottom cover loo 100%.

To Catherine: I don't think you are crude. Because Alan gave you challenge. And I think normal he is interested in your body function. Because it is part of you. Of course it is good to be lady, but even lady do motion, so if you make it nice motion, you are still lady, I think. PLease to look at my most about so graceful motion style of Maho. Perhaps it will cheer up you and give you a confidence.

I am not so interested in body function of people at my office, or people who are only acquaintance, but I am interested very much in body function of my friends and body function of people on this toiletstool site. I like smell of my friends' motion very much. And they say same thing about my smell, but they say bad thing about their own smell. I am same.

When my friends watch me do motion, I feel very warm feeling. I can feel their wonderful love. When I do motion alone in my flat, I usually think about my friends. I mean, my three best friends.

Wee and motion are part of our life! I feel so wonderful when I do motion, when it is wee I feel quite good but not wonderful, I agree motion is better.

"defecate" is nice word. I like, but I didn't use before. I try to use. I don't like so much "crap" or "shit". But if people on this site like, it's OK. Everyone have each style. So I don't want criticise style of other writer. In Wales my host mother said, do motions, so I used to this words. But when I go to loo tomorrow, if I go, I will think about word, defecate, when motion comes out from my bottom. I like sound "plop". Do you like my word "burururururu" for puree motion Kazuko often do?

Japanese word for fart is "o-nara", it is nice word. Old capital of Japan is city called Nara, but no connection.

I like "diarrhoea" better than "runs" but again, if you want to use runs, it's OK! Each person each style! I want you be yourself, natural self. So Brandon T, I like "poo" better than "poop", but for you, and from you, "poop" is better so please write "poop"!! It is your style, and I love.

Catherine, I hope you don't mind, I like to spell British style. Because I remember my wonderful time in Wales, long time ago, ancient history now. (But I am still 20s.)

In Wales one of my good school friends was French, and one day she had a huge diarrhoea at school. She was in loo long long time in break and many noises, we ask outside door, "are you OK?" and she answer "No, I have terrible colique!" (I have French dictionary near me now.) After she finish diarrhoea, she explain us, French word is "diarrhee" but some people say "colique". One of Welsh friend said, in English "colic" is disease of horse, and we laughed, French girl laughed very much. She is so nice girl! Nobody laughed her when she did so big diarrhoea. I hate to laugh at person. But to laugh with person is nice, especially it is Hisae when she sit down on loo with big bump and her bottom explode only few seconds later.

I like French word "colique".

Interesting story about "if you want motion, please do upstairs, this loo don't like motions". Sorry I don't know your name, but thank you for story.

I stop now because post is long. But I will back soon. I want to answer question about favourite place to defecate. But next time.

My friends send their love to all you. They agree with me, to do motion is very necessary and great pleasure, especially now we discover pleasure of go together. Many people feel only shame, and we understand, but depend on T.P.O., not always shame. Claire your story about huge motion behind rock is lovely and so heart warming!! If I am with you that day I kiss you.

Love to all you from your very own Mina (Mima to Shelbi!!), and 3 friends.



For those in school, do those that spend more time in the toilets doing things like laying paper over the seat, checking out each of the available toilets for condition before deciding on one to use, get extra attention from the others or get hassled? Thanks for your replies.

Big Jake

Big guy giant poops

So I'm a really big guy 21 6'7" and 435lbs. I'm constipated 100% of the time so I'll tell you about my last poop. Last Tuesday I was at work when I started to feel an urge, this made me think about how long it's been since I pooped last, it had been at least 12 day so I knew it would be big. Later in the day at about 6pm I was off work and just downed a rotisserie chicken and a bunch of sides (loaf of bread and 2 2lb salads) when I had to poop badly so I headed to the bathroom, sat down and began to relax. This shit wouldn't move it was far too big so I began to push and push harder when it finally started to inch its way out stretching my hole to new lengths it felt like this went on forever when finally it stopped, it hit the bottom, I had to stand up to release I stand up and it keeps moving breaks in half and more continues to come out all the same thickness. After 15 minutes of pain and pushing I was finally done, this log was the biggest I had ever seen almost an inch wider than a Arizona can and combined between the two turds a full 2 feet needless to say it wouldn't flush, or move,

Will submit another tale when my next poop arrives.
Big Jake

Anna from Austria
Nicole Yes, when I have to fa rt while I pee I also fart a lot. I also wonder why I am sometimes so gassy while just doing a pee.

@to the other Anna My pee farts are sometimes small and some tines rather loud. But they are never as load and stinky as my farts while I poo.

And no I never get teased for it.

Looking forward to the rest of your hiking story.


West Coast hike second story

I just wanted to finish my story from the hike I did on the West Coast. It was me and my best friend Chloe. Chloe is half Indian and very pretty. She is my height but not as curvy and just like me she wears glasses most of the time. On the hike she kept her hair in a blue bandana. She has longer hair than me, mine is quite short now. Anyway, on our last night we camped all by ourselves and we had plenty of 'wine' and a big meal at the fire at night. We actually made our drinks from vodka and syrup because real wine is much too heavy to carry. In the end it started to rain and we had to put up a huge tarp over the tent and the fire even though we were kinda drunk a bit.

The next morning I felt pretty hungover when I woke up in the tent and I also had to go to the bathroom. I really needed to do both. But it was still pouring outside, so I didn't really want to go out of the tent. Chloe was up as well and we chattet a bit when all of sudden she farted quite loudly. She said 'ups, I'm sorry' and we both found it funny and laughed about it. Then after a while she said 'I have to go outside and use the bathroom', and I said I needed to do the same. She then told me that she needed to poo and I said 'me too'. I was a little bit nervous cause I thought she might find it weird to go out for a poo together, but I don't think she did after all. We both left the tent and stood under the tarp. Since it was raining so much, we decided that we had to go somewhere under it. I got Chloe's shovel and dug a small hole as far away from the tent as possible and Chloe did the same, right next to it. Then she said 'ok, here goes nothing' and laughed and now she seemed a bit embarrassed, too. She pulled down her pajama pants, squatted over the hole and immediately started to pee a strong stream that came out hissing. I also pulled down my pants and squatted as well. I just looked at the ground in front of me, relaxed and let my pee go. It felt really good, a relief for my full bladder. I also let a little fart slip out. While Chloe was still peeing, she farted loudly and then I could hear poo crackling out of her bum and dropping to the ground. She sighed and told me that she had a bit of an upset stomach. I was done with my pee and only needed to push a bit for some sloppy poo to slide out of my bumhole quickly and plopping on the ground. Chloe dropped more wet sounding poops and had plenty of farts in between. I had another turd coming out and this one was much longer and felt pretty big. It took a while until it broke off. Then I had another one just like this and Chloe dropped a few more turds as well. With two girls doing their business at the same time and a lot of poop on the ground there was now a really bad smell. I looked over at Chloe and she was like 'sorry Ann, it really stinks'. Then she started to pull off some paper from the roll we had brought. She wiped her front and then her bum, needing a whole lot of pieces of paper. I was done but had to wait until she had cleaned up. Luckily there was plenty of paper left, I used about ten pieces as well. I told Chloe that I felt so much better and she agreed she did as well. We both pulled our pants up and then looked at our piles of poop. Chloe really blushed and put her hand on her mouth and then said 'wow'. Then we both laughed really hard. There were two long logs on my pile, but her's was much bigger with a lot of smaller turds and used paper. We put some dirt back over our poop until it was well covered. Then we went back to sleep in the tent.

We stayed in the tent until about noon when it stopped raining. Then we packed up our stuff, being very careful not to step in the poop. When we walked out the weather was much nicer and in the end we agreed that it was a really awesome hike. I was also pretty happy that I had not been too shy to do a buddy dump with Chloe. I was a bit embarrassed, but because we are so close it wasn't bad at all in the end. That's all and I hope you liked my story.


To Melanie


Pertaining to your question: Yes, I have gone in my pants for relief. I had pretty bad IBS for a good many years but about 15 years ago it seemed to relent somewhat. I don't get the explosive diarrhea like I did. It may be a change in medication, change in diet, getting older, or a combination of the above.

I haven't posted in years but still look at the forum occasionally. I don't look it regularly like I used to. The nature of the majority of the posts has changed and I don't find many of them to be interesting to me.

If you go back to page 1551 and go down to the fifth post, you will find a post from me that you may be interested in.

Friday, September 11, 2015

just another girl
Hello everyone! I've just had an experience that I thought might be worth sharing, especially since it only happened about 5 minutes ago.

Shortly after eating dinner, which was chicken and an assortment of vegetables (carrots, green beans, and butternut) I started feeling as though I had to go to the bathroom. I was surprised because it was almost as though everything had gone straight through me (I know that isn't really possible but that's how I felt). I went upstairs, shut the door, pulled my beige trousers to my knees, and sat. I proceeded to let out a lot of small plops that smelled rather nasty, and it was all over in about a minute. Little did I know what was coming next...

I went to my desk to finish writing my notes for an upcoming test, and as I wrote I became aware of a slightly uncomfortable feeling in the lower part of my stomach. I dismissed it, since I had just been to the bathroom, but it gradually grew stronger, so I went back upstairs to let out more of the same. I sat until I knew that I didn't have anything else inside me, and before I left I made sure to spray a fair amount of air freshener!

This morning I had an interesting experience at the library. I was there to take out a book that I needed, and I spent a bit of time browsing around. About half an hour went by and I had to go and have a wee, so I went into the women's bathroom on the fourth floor, which has two cubicles adjacent to one another. No sooner had I sat than somebody else came in, and I heard the door close next to me. Whoever this person was obviously had to relieve themselves quite badly, because immediately there was a loud rushing sound that lasted for a good fifteen seconds before dwindling down to a softer dripping, followed by a muffled "plop" and then crackling that ended in a "splat". I then heard the metal toilet roll holder rattling as toilet paper was torn off; after this, the sound of flushing and the door being unbolted and opening. I had finished my own business by this time, so I followed suit by flushing and going over to the sink to wash my hands. I saw a pretty girl in a blue shirt and jeans next to me, but I didn't attempt to make eye contact with her in case she suddenly felt embarrassed that I (being the only other person in the bathroom) had heard her.

I would have perfectly understood had she felt that way, but I know that it wouldn't have been anything to be ashamed of. We all do the same things, every day, and I wouldn't ever laugh at or shame anybody for it. I have heard stories on here where someone goes to the toilet and is mocked or ridiculed by others who say things like "ewwww" or "yuck" or make nasty comments, and I think that such behaviour shouldn't be allowed ever. To me, acceptance of other people and their bodily functions is very important, because I was taught that starting at a young age.

Over the years, I have been exposed to these things in various ways; I have often accompanied friends to the bathroom, and on one of these occasions it was with one of my best friends who had asked me to come in with her because she wasn't feeling very well. I don't normally enjoy hearing, or smelling, other people having diarrhoea, but in this case I knew I had to be with her and help her through it because she'd wanted me to. Another time, I helped my cousin, who was six at the time, when she said that she had a stomach ache and then suddenly vomited. I made sure that she quickly got to the toilet in case she had to do it again (which she did) and comforted her because, understandably, she was very upset and crying. I think that being able to do such things for others is good, and it can also help to bring friends closer together.

Oh dear...I'm sorry if I was rambling a bit! Have a beautiful evening all!

J.A.G ~


An odd toilet suitation

Some Friends an I attended a fun fair fate at a grade school last week end and after wandering about for about and hour I started to feel the need for a poo. So I excused myself and went off to find the loo. A brick building off the end of the main student rooms. But the weirdest arrangement I have ever seen, as you walked in to the ladies around the privacy screen the room had two rows, one on the left, one on the right three sinks per side then six stalls per side. The stalls were somewhat shallow and as i would find out, the toilets were parallel with the wall not back up to it as normal the plumbing bent around into the wall and the flush was on the wall beside the toilet. I joined the line of 6 and waited hoping the line would move fairly fast as my poo was inching ever closer to coming out on it own. The 5 stalls on the right opened up almost at the same time and the ladies move in to replace the previous occupants leaving me and the 20 ish woman in front of me. stall 6 on the left opened up and the woman entered did a bit of a double take turned to me and motioned for me to come up to her. I though odd but walked up to her looked inside the stall there was no stall divider between stall 5 and 6 and the woman asked if i would like to use the other toilet. I said I sure would as my poo is just about to come out she replied mine too so we both went in she took the toilet in stall 5 and i sat behind her on the toilet in stall 6 stainless steel toilets no seats cold as ice. I quickly lifted my dress, pulled my panties down and sat as did the other lady her younger round bum made me feel old. I relaxed and started to pee, I could feel my poo at my bum hole. The lady in front of me had also done a pee as i did and was now leaning forward I don't think she realized I could clearly see her bum hole. I am not really into watching other women but I was transfixed. The tip of my poo was poking out and I wasn't deliberately holding it back nor was i pushing. The other lady let out a small fart and i could see the tip of her poo a yellowish, orange color. She made a little grunt and i did the same my poo felt wide and my bum hole started stretching. I could see the other lady's bum hole doing the same as if we were in sync her poo slowly moved, it was lumpy like pebbles all joined together. mine felt smooth and was also moving slowly, her poo was thick not quite coke can thickness but pretty close, I have never done any thing near as thick as what she was doing. mine was about 1 inch thick and broke off with a splash. She looked back at me and smiled still with her poo inching out I wondered where all this poo was coming from as she was not very big. her poo never broke it just kept coming out mine was also moving but every so often it broke off. after about 5 min of my poo slowly easing out I was done but i stayed seated and waited. the other lady's poo kept coming and she had to lift her bum higher to let it out as it looked like it hit the bottom of the toilet, she was in a half standing position when her poo tapered off clean. I started to wipe, 4 wipes did it. the other lady stood up wiped her bum hole twice i could see it was clean even after that huge poo, she pulled up her panties up as i did the same, as i stood up i got a complete view of her poo it was in the hole and sticking up above the bowl about 3 inches in a point. I must have had a weird look on my face because she said I do them like that every day she never tried to flush I doubt her poo would have gone down any way I flushed and my poo all disappeared we both exited the stall to an empty room washed out hands and left. I went back about 2 hours later for a wee but the toilets were empty the toilet on the left were all similar 1&2 3&4 5&6 paired with no dividers the toilets on the right were all singles with dividers i looked in stall 5 and the lady's poo was still there but it was bent over like some one had sat on it and there was more poo around it i did my wee in toilet 2 but was alone the entire time.

gas inspector

Gladly responding

Cool story! I'm impressed how you and Alan broke the ice with farting. Just like some old sentence says - Those who fart together, stay forever! And that's what I wish for you :)

just another girl:
I've got another theory for tiny farts that smell the worst :) The total energy of the fart is proportional to the sound and inversely proportional to the smell :P lol So if they're loud and explosive, they can't be as smelly as these silent, barely audible ones... Unless the total energy of the fart is higher! :D
Ok but being serious, I also think that it depends on the concentration of the smell-creating ingredients per one fart. If it's mixed with huge amount of the air, the smell is not that strong and when it's a big amount of gas, it has higher pressure and comes out as loud, long and proud one ;)
Another story when it's just a tiny puff, but it contains a lot of stench-creating gas, then it comes out slowly and stinks ohh so lovely :D

BTW have you also noticed that these farts, even being tiny puffs are always hot like hell and kinda burn your butt when they come out? :)

Zach R.

Introduction and a story.

Hi guys. My name is Zach. I'm in my mid-thirties, 6 feet tall, I', not fat, but could lose some weight. I have read this site before, but I never posted before. I am a single father of a 13 year old girl. Her name is Riley. I have raised her by myself since I was 22 years old. Both Riley and I have IBS, it tends to run in my family. If I eat a healthy diet I don't experience any symptoms. The same goes for Riley, but she can be pretty stubborn sometimes and eats foods that she shouldn't. It is mostly greasy, spicy, and dairy foods that upset her stomach. She mostly eats healthy because she takes gymnastics, but sometimes she'll eat ice cream or pizza, or hot wings and will end up regretting it later in the day.

When she is experiencing an IBS attack, she gets explosive diarrhea and bad gas. When her diarrhea is exceptionally bad, she can not hold her bowels for very long, so I encourage her to wear diapers just in case she cannot make it to the bathroom in time. She doesn't have a lot of accidents, but they do happen time to time. She is embarrassed about the diapers and is always hesitant to wear one, even if she knows it is for the best. She never wears them to school, and only two of her best friends knows about them. We don't call them diapers, but "protection" just to keep some of her dignity. I sometimes have to wear diapers too if my IBS is very bad. I had to wear them a lot when I was her age. It makes her feel a little bit better about it nowing that her dad has the same problems she does.

Last Monday on September 7 was Labor day in the United States, and every year my family gets together and has a large cookout. We always go to my Aunt's because she has the largest house. We spend all day eating and catching up with family members. I know that she didn't stick to her diet, and I didn't expect her to. I ate food I wasn't supposed to either, but it didn't affect me as bad as it affected her. After a day full of eating and having fun, we left around 11:00 PM. My aunt lives 2 hours away in a rural part of the state. I knew that Riley ate a lot and that wouldn't be any businesses open this late on a holiday for her to stop at when she has to use the bathroom. As we were getting ready to leave, I asked her how she was feeling, and she replied that her stomach hurt. I asked her if she had to use the bathroom and she said no. I whispered to her that I have "protection" in the car and I think that she should put it on. She gave me an embarrassed look, and I reminded her that it was 3 hours home and not many places would be open for us to stop at. She said okay and I handed her the bag and she went back inside. A few minutes later she came out and got into my car.

We headed home and she fell asleep fairly quickly. As she slept, she was letting out some pretty bad smelling farts. I rolled down the windows to air out my car, but the smell still lingered in the air. I knew that she would have to use the bathroom soon. About an hour later, she woke up. She groaned in pain, "Dad I need to use the bathroom." I told her that we were on the interstate in the middle of nowhere and asked how bad did she have to go. She replied, "Really bad. Its an emergency." I told her to check my phone for places I could stop to let her use the bathroom and according to Google Maps, everything was closed. I felt really bad for her. I could tell that she was so desperate to go that it was hurting her. She was moaning in pain as she held her stomach. By now my stomach was a little upset too. I asked her if she wanted me to pull over so she can go on the side of the road, but she adamantly refused because there was still traffic on the roads and she did not want anyone to see her. I continued driving and after 10 minutes, she cried, "I can't hold it any longer. I'm really sorry." She started crying as I heard and smelled her have a very big explosive diarrhea accident. I knew that she wouldn't be able to hold it for 2 hours. I told her that she didn't have to apologize and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I told her that I was proud of her for being able to hold it for so long. That seemed to calm her down. I continued driving until we got home. I pulled into the garage and she gingerly stepped out of the car and went upstairs. I noticed a small wet spot on her seat, so I cleaned the seat before I went inside to prevent a stain. She was already in the shower by the time I went inside. After she got cleaned up, she went right to bed.

She is still not feeling good today. I let her stay home from school today. She normally doesn't miss much.

I plan on writing a lot more. I'll talk to you later.


Monika B.
To just another girl: I've noticed the more audible farts aren't as smelly. I haven't noticed that "pop" farts are stinkier; might keep notice of that. I think it has more to do with diet, personally. And pre-poop farts are generally the worst.

I actually have a story to share this time. It's from a couple years ago. It embarrassed me at the time, even though nobody could possibly know what was going on (unless they were VERY observant). I went to a small anime meet-up in town; I didn't have a ride, so I biked there. Not a bad bike ride; about an hour. I knew it was in a park, and park restrooms are...questionable, to say the least. So I tried to do what I could to avoid needing to use them. I tried pooping before I left and could only get out a couple of little rabbit dits, which was disappointing. At least it was something. I thought about taking an anti-diarrheal just in case, but decided against it. Not because I had diarrhea, but because it would prevent mild irritation (I have I.B.S.-D, but very mildly, and taking probiotics has greatly reduced my symptoms. If I do get problems it's generally mild diarrhea) and lessen the chance I'd need to go.

I biked there, and felt fine. I made it to the meet-up around eleven or noon (I don't really remember specific times). I felt fine for about forty minutes to an hour, and all the sudden I had to poop really, REALLY badly. The restrooms were actually in my view; about a hundred feet away. But I held it in during the entire meet-up. It was extremely uncomfortable. I ate very little (even though on a normal day I eat like a starving person) and drank minimally as well (mostly water and one soda to prevent caffeine headache). I thought about just giving up and going, but overheard someone say the restrooms didn't have doors. That totally freaked me out and I knew there was no way I was going in there.

Around 3 I told someone I wasn't feeling well (definitely true, since I had a stomachache from having to poop so bad), and was wanting to head home. He convinced me to stay, and I stayed (I really don't know why). I stayed until 5, dying to poop and eventually needing to pee pretty badly as well. From time to time I'd go off somewhere and let out little farts to relieve the pressure, which helped a little. I alternated between standing up and sitting down, whichever felt more comfortable. I finally left around 5, biking back and getting lost (it was in an unfamiliar part of town). When I finally got home, I peed a lot, but the urge to poop had gone away a bit. I guess after holding it for so long I made myself mildly constipated. I was finally able to poop later that night, and I wish I could remember how big it was.

Anna from Austria

To the other Anna

@Anna Glad you liked my story. I totally agree, that it is great to have an bathroom only for one self while doing a noisy poo. Would have been very embarrassing if someone else had been in the bathroom. Especially when it is such a loud poop. Having Mexican Food before going the movies was not a very great idea. By the way it was sheer luck that that bathroom was empty. Normally this is not the case. After the flick was over Sarah and I went to same bathroom again for a pee. And this time, all the stalls were taken and we had to wait to get a stall. Not for a long time, all the ladies only had pee.

Your story about your outdoor poop was also great.


survey and question answers

I'd like to answer some surveys today. First, Steve A's.

1. If you had to go to the bathroom really bad at work, but your break time is 1 hour or more than 1 hour away, would you go or wait? Hopefully if you go before your break time, the bosses/leaders won't give you a hard time about it, even if you tell them.

I am not really very comfortable with asking for extra breaks at work. So, I think I'd try to hold it, unless it was a real emergency. Then I'd ask if I could go to the bathroom, of course. But I have seen people being yelled at for asking, so I'd rather not.

2. Do you have any stories that you'll never forget?

Not really, I don't think. That would have to be something really mortifying like an accident in public perhaps. Luckily, something like this has never happened to me.

3. Did you ever have a road-trip bathroom story?

When I was 18, I was on a road trip with some friends, including a bunch of guys. At some point I needed to pee real bad, but I was too shy to ask for a break. It got really bad and I was in agony for an hour and a half. I usually find holding my pee not too bad, but this time it really hurt. In the end I just barely made it. I now think I was really stupid for not asking.

4. Does anything distract you from going to the bathroom? You normally see this in young kids.

Yes, many things. Usually work or when I need to study. I will kinda forget that I have to go until it is pretty urgent. Then I will just drop everything, if I can, and run to the bathroom.

5. If you were constipated and you could only take a food or drink as a laxative, what would it be?

I would drink coffee. I've tried it before and it worked pretty good. But I don't really get constipated much. One of my roommates eats prunes when she cannot go. I don't know if this does much at all, though.

And about Anna from Austria's question, I very often fart when I pee. Almost all of the time actually. Usually they are small farts, and not too loud. Every once in a while I also have a loud fart while doing a pee. When I am using the bathroom with a friend in the next stall, I will usually say 'excuse me' then. It's funny, I fart much more when I have a poo, but I never say anything, only with peeing.

Anna, what kind of farts do you have when you pee? Do you get teased for it? I hope not.

I will tell the rest of my hiking story next time.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Melanie first welcome to the site and great story and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Crystal as always another great story it sounds like you were pretty desperate and it sounds like you had to go alot to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Danni first welcome to the site and great peeing story and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Anna great poop story about you and Chloe it sounds like you both had some great poops and felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Catherine great story it sounds like you and Kaitlyn and a few other women all had really good poops and I bet you all felt pretty great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Little Mandi great desperate poop story.

To: Mina great story as always.

To: Anna From Austria great pooping story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Simmee great story.

To: Max great story.

To: Pregnant Pooper great set of stories it sounds like you had some good poops.

To: Josh great story about hearing your girlfriend poop.

To: DDD great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Illness & Death in Bathrooms

For Monika B:

I understand why you fear shitting in public bathrooms. The privacy and germ phobia issues you bring up are very real for many persons. You don't say how old you are, but at my first high school they had the toilet seat covers you could put over the seat. Then my parents moved across the country and my new school's bathrooms were larger and dirtier and they didn't have the covers. However, by age 17 I was able to sit directly on the toilet seats without worrying about the contact. I'm now 7 years "reformed" (my boyfriend's word) and my bowels and bladder are in much better shape since I'm no longer holding it in.

For Anna in Austria:

I fart sometimes when I pee. I feel that's because of the comfort I feel with being seated, and especially if I earlier in the day had a large crap, I have gas that I'm happy to pass.

For Doug:

That lady's question to you about her husband has some humor in it but its also very real. Up to a few years ago, my dad worked as a volunteer fireman/paramedic and he dealt with a number of calls to homes and public bathrooms where people were seated. Some had heart attacks, others just got sick and passed out. Also, see my story below that happened back my junior year in high school.

Sick Girl in the Bathroom

Back during my junior year in high school, I walked into the largest bathroom in the school about 10 minutes before the end of lunch hour. There were about 25 toilets, all taken, and at least that many of us waiting in the crowd for a stall door to open. I dodged around several of them and got toward the middle of the room and two girls were pointing and laughing toward one stall. All we could see was red underwear, blue jeans and tennis shoes at the floor level. They peeked in on her and said she had not moved in like 15 minutes and had her head between her legs, and her long hair was thrown forward. Some were saying she had fallen asleep and as they started knocking on the door, the stall next to her opened, and I quickly took it. Of course, the girl who used it before me hadn't flushed, so I did that as I pulled my undees down to my knees, lifted my dress, and seated myself on the toilet. My crap started dropping slowly as I continued to look at the shoe not moving next to me.

Suddenly the room became less noisy and a teacher or it might have been two teachers shouted out that the bathroom was closing and everyone had to leave at once. I had only one perhaps a third of my crap and I also had to pee. Then I heard a loud 2-way radio, heard thuds as firemen in full uniform walked in, placing several large first aid cases in front of my door, and with a little banging, they used some kind of tool to pry open the girl's door latch. One of the firemen almost knocked the steel partition between our two stalls off because I think what he did was to climb over the back of the stall, and prop the girl up against the back of the stool while they worked on her.

There was a lot of police/fire codes used among them and on their radios. The rescue squad arrived and I saw the stretcher being prepared in front of my door. I think our school nurse was helping them go through the girl's purse to get her ID and I heard them call the hospital that the girl was "down and unresponsive". I knew I was going to be late to my class, but I slowly started wiping and for 10 minutes they were working on her. I used the extra time to get some pee going and after the firemen lifted the girl, put her on the stretcher, and left I flushed and opened the door and walked across to the sinks. The nurse was still in there filling out a report on her clipboard. She asked if I had seen how long the girl was in there and if I knew her. Then the nurse wrote me a late pass to my class.

Several kids in my class started to ask about it when I walked in, but there wasn't much I could tell them. Later there was talk that the girl had smoked some marijuana earlier that day and because of a slow-beating heart condition, she passed out. Both mom and dad were very interested that night when I told them. It was interesting to find out that my mom bought her first car when she was my age from the widow across the street. That lady's husband was having a difficult time crapping one Sunday morning before church and he pushed too hard, dying of a heart attack. My dad said he knew of other cases, too.

When I was a student I was always particularly embarrassed about going to the toilet. This led to an awkward situation where, when playing 'truth or dare' with my friends, I got asked how often I pooped. I explained that I often went about every two to three days. I was surprised when it turned out that this wasn't normal and somebody commented that I must have a really poor diet. To cut a long story short everyone remembered this and it became a running joke that I was Constipated Claire!

Fast forward a year and I agree to go hiking in the hills with my friends. Beforehand it gets mentioned that there won't be any toilets and somebody immediately jokes "it'll be o.k for Claire, she never poops anyway." I secretly feel embarrassed and don't want everyone spending the weekend joking that I haven't pooped.

This made me start thinking of ways to make myself poop like a normal person. I didn't want to have diarrhoea so ruled out using laxatives. I therefore decided to use the Internet to find other ways to make myself poo. Eventually I come up with a solution; I decided to buy a product called 'Fybogel' that basically adds extra fibre to your diet. I started taking it a few days before we went and increased the dosage beyond the recommended amount the day before the hike.

We set off hiking and my stomach felt slightly bloated. After the day hiking we started to setup camp. I needed the toilet really badly so I asked where the toilet area was. I felt proud that I would be able to prove that I do poop sometimes so announced that I was off for a poo. This got a laugh from everyone. We decided that the toilet area would be behind a rock near our camp and so off I went. I squatted and the biggest poo I've ever done came out. My bowl felt stretched and weird after pushing it out. I looked down and there was the biggest mound of poo I've ever seen. I stared to wipe however felt the need for more to come out. I wasn't diarrhoea, it was just vast in quantity and slightly fluffy. I went back to join the others feeling empty.

Soon one of my other friends needs a wee. They come back shouting "wow, Claire's done the biggest poo ever!" Everybody went to look and now my pooping habits are an even bigger joke amongst my friendship group.

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