Hi! I'm Jenny, I'm a 27 year old woman currently living in New York and working as a bank secretary. I'd say I'm the average height and quite slim. I've got blue eyes with shoulder length brown hair and I'm considered really pale. This one time after work I was strolling down a typical road of very little worth and spotted a taco salesman on the corner. It was raining and I felt bad just walking past him and into a McDonalds or something. Perhaps it was just the need for something new but I should of known better. Not that I didn't want to support a (presumably) down on his luck street salesman, I did, it's just I've had a weak stomach since I was a teenager. One time in college I ate a store brought egg sandwich and it messed up my insides. I was running to and from the bathroom with the trots for three days! Plus my butt is super hostile and diarrhea is anything but easy with me. I shouldn't of chanced it but I was hungry and a mundane city life of conglomerate restaurants was worse then an ass eruption, I thought (stupidly). I purchased a taco, he thanked me and I ate it on the way home. All I can say is thank God I ate it going home and not at the park like I was going to, otherwise the inevitable violent diarrhea would of struck me on the Subway. I've never been so glad of a rainy day in hindsight. The Subway was packed too. I got to my apartment building and as I pressed the up button on the elevator I could already feel slight pressure in my stomach. I was aware that I had eaten something that my system would usually expel, but I assumed it was just a placebo effect, my body feeling something it thought it was about to experience. I was right, for the moment.

I got to my apartment and it was already seven in the afternoon. I had nothing planned for the night as I'd swore of dating for a while and my friends were on a camping trip I chose not to attend. So I was alone. I stripped down to my underwear and slipped on my white night vest and stayed in my pink tinted panties. I crawled up on the sofa and watched some M*A*S*H reruns. I was about to doze off when I felt it. There was a small rumbling in my mid stomach. It was a slight pain and loud enough to be heard. I thought maybe it was just bad gas and I opted to let out a fart. The fart that came out was really loud and almost cartoonish. I was farting for the next few minutes with my hand on my belly. I knew an upset ???? was brewing but I had no Imodium in the apartment. While wonder if I should risk getting some, it all of a sudden just dropped like a ton of bricks in my gut. My ???? churned and a sick noise filled to room. There was a instant unrelenting urge in my bowls for the toilet and I knew I needed to get there fast. I was farting uncontrollably and moaning with both pain and a strong tint of hast. I practically leaped from my blankets as diarrhea forced it's way out my butt in a way I didn't know it could. My hand was on my butt just desperately trying to hold it in, but I couldn't. It was the most uncontrollable case of the runs I've ever had and it was so sudden! With one hand on my butt and one on my stomach I sprinted to the toilet with liquid diarrhea pouring down my legs. I made a mess on the floor but I didn't care! I was in the bathroom in a flash and instantly my panties were around my feet (the weight of them now made them drop with a squelch)! My toilet was facing the door and I was fast walking backwards ass first onto it with diarrhea still leaking out. My butt hit the seat and the second I let it explosive diarrhea shot out of me with overwhelming force! I had my hands grip the shit covered seat and I was sweating profusely. Pure liquid shit was pouring out of me without a stop for two minutes. I was moaning loudly and fidgeting on the bowl as I shit my brains out. I kept repeating phrases like "Oh my God!" and "Holy ????!" or just "Ooooo!". The farting was loud too, as well as constant. It was so painful I thought I was going to pass out.

I didn't and my wave subsided for now. I was heavy breathing and I was dabbing my forehead with a tissue. My legs were covered in diarrhea and my panties were beyond ruined! It was like the nuclear meltdown of ???? trouble inducing accidents. My stomach churned and I knew I was going to have diarrhea again. A short stream of runny poop shot out of me with a few noisy farts. I sat there and wiped my legs clean with some tissue, plus I kicked my undies away into the disaster area at the bathroom door. I kept on farting and farting as I sat there. Some were quiet, some loud, some just a fart or some with diarrhea. Nevertheless it was horrible! An immediate cramps hit and I arched over in pain with my chin at my knees. I hugged my legs as another wave hit. It was like a fountain coming out from behind me with cramps, farting, the usual. I felt like crying so I shifted my butt to the back of the seat and brought my legs up off the ground and to the front of the throne. I hugged/gripped my legs in pain for the next hour and the diarrhea was merciless!

I wish it just ended there but, believe it or not, this isn't why this is my worst diarrhea story. Not yet. Two hours in and I was worn out. Just then I realized in my torment I hadn't flushed. So like an idiot I did and then felt a watery presence greet my butt cheeks and then chunky liquid accumulated in a pool around my feet. I then jumped up bottomless in my still clean vest (or so I thought, it was likely diarrhea stained the back of it brown pretty early on). So what happened? The toilet had overflown and was spewing light brown fecal matter under and over the seat, almost staining the porcelain chair. I gave my moans of annoyance and even questioned what I had done to deserve this. A tantrum wasn't going to solve this, though. I tipped toed to my kitchen over the mess I had made and grabbed a plunger from the under the sink. Still bottomless, mind you. I limped back to the bathroom and on the way the feeling arose again. I was farting and I think some followed through. The toilet was disgusting! It was dripping my own poison and the smell was only rivaled by a sewer. I kept plunging away but the blockage wouldn't budge. I was squirming as well as my stomach was now really acting up and I couldn't hold it! I needed the toilet now! So, in my lowest moment, almost without thinking, I shot myself back and forced my butt into the sink! There was a sigh of relief as I exploded into the sink and my legs straightened in the air, shaking with the force of the diarrhea. I farted violently and each time a shotgun round of crap blew out of me!

I was there all night and even had to get the old stationary bucket that came with the apartment to empty the toilet waste into the kitchen sink. In utter depraved desperation I used the kitchen sink as a toilet when I knew I couldn't make it back to bathroom in time. I definitely used the bucket as a toilet more then once. I just sat on it in the hall and howled at the moon. I think I've gone into enough gruesome detail about the events of that night. Needless to say I called in sick at work and spent the next week violently emptying out my bowels into a bowl and staying in with a ???? bug. This is my first post and sorry for any spelling errors. I rarely do this as my job usually requires me to just forward emails and arrange meetings. I'm not usually this crude but what the heck, it's the Internet! I'd like to post again if I find the time. I couldn't go into detail about my regular trot sessions and I have a lot! If it wasn't for the toilet overflowing and the multiple trips and substitute toilets, this could of just been another bad case of the runs. Which is saying a lot, I suppose!

Speak to ya' soon!


Mina asked in her last post if anyone else had ever seen a sign that said "Don't poop" or something similar. I have, and there's a story I remember well about it too.

A friend from junior high and high school named Rachel lived in a house with a finished basement, complete with a bathroom. Unfortunately, this bathroom had a toilet with an infamously weak flush. It caused so many problems that my friend's mom printed a sign warning visitors to the bathroom to not use too much toilet paper. It was eventually joined by another sign above the toilet that put things a bit more plainly. It said, "If you are anticipating 'really having to go,' please do so upstairs." I obeyed the sign and only used the toilet to pee until one day over at her house when I did in fact "really have to go."

I remember sitting down and being so desperate that I didn't notice that the roll of toilet paper on the holder was perilously thin-not enough, it turned out, for me to be able to wipe properly. Then, to top it off, I ended up doing a huge poop, a load that would have been a challenge for any toilet. Ten minutes and multiple flushes later, Rachel came to the door and asked if I was okay. Fine, I said, breaking up a couple more logs with the lifesaving plunger. "But could you please get me some toilet paper? You're out in here." She said yes and returned shortly with a new roll in tow. I gratefully accepted it, replaced the empty roll on the holder, wiped, and flushed for the last time.

Rachel congratulated me and then we sat down to watch a movie. I thought I'd heard the last of it, but her mom, noticing me on my way out, gave me a warm smile and asked "Feeling better?" "Much," was my satisfied reply.

To Anna from Canada: I really enjoy your stories.
Zur Anna aus Österreich: I fart during both a pee and a number two as well. It's great to have you here!


RE: FARTING SURVEY (Anna from Austria)

Hello Anna,

great survey, i must admit i do both to, do you fart a lot while peeing? because i do :D sometimes i wonder how can i be so much gasy.

Bella Jean

Diarrhea with a Friend

kmd-I really liked your analysis of my bookstore poop. Thank you for the information.

Mina-I am the same Bella Jean. Thanks for the support.

Anyhow, I was having lunch with a friend yesterday when I started to feel an urge to poop. By the time the bill came, I realized that I desperately needed a toilet and would not make it home. While we were waiting for the check, I let my friend know that I would use the rest room and meet her at the car in a few minutes but she insisted on accompanying me. I decided that it would be less embarrassing to just tell her my situation ahead of time so I said "I'm very sorry, but I'm needing to poop pretty urgently" but she told me not to worry because she had to do the same thing.

Since it was a smaller café, it was not a long walk to the ladies room but the whole time I was clenching every muscle I could so that I didn't fart and squirt loose poop in my underwear. In the ladies room, there was a handicap stall and a regular size stall. I normally avoid using the handicap stall but she took the regular one and I knew that I couldn't hold my poop any longer, so I decided to use it. We both threw our pants and underwear to our ankles and before I even had a chance to unclench my muscles I heard her erupting into her toilet. Turns out that she did have to poop pretty badly. Just a few seconds later, my butt instantly exploded into the toilet with a mixture of gas and diarrhea so it almost sounded like my butt was gurgling.

As I was finishing with that, I heard my friend let out a groan and then some very smelly wet farts before she had a round of diarrhea. When she had finished, she told me that she was very glad that no one else was in the bathroom to listen to us and that she felt like she was still going to poop. But, before I could respond, my stomach cramped really badly and I involuntarily let out a fart and another wave of chunky diarrhea. When that had finished, I told her that obviously I was still pooping so she should sit there until she felt better and feel no need to rush and then get diarrhea in the car (that sounded like it would smell and feel awful and I did not want that to happen).

My stomach was still feeling not well and when I pushed out my next fart, I also let out a wave of almost pure liquid poop. I heard my friend have more loose poop and begin to pull toilet paper but my stomach was still cramping. While she was washing her hands, I kept having farts, but they weren't alleviating my very bad stomachache. After she finished washing her hands, she told me that she was going to give me some privacy and wait for me outside.

At that point, I was getting kind of desperate for some relief from the stomach cramps, so I wasn't disappointed when my butt started squirting diarrhea with every fart. After 4-5 squirts I finally exploded into the toilet with a super long wet fart and chunky diarrhea. About 30 seconds later, I had another explosive round of gassy diarrhea.

Fortunately I finally felt better, so I began the huge process of getting all of the sloppy poop off of my butt. When I was finally clean, I stood and looked in the toilet. Not surprisingly there was a huge pile of dirty toilet paper surrounded by brown poopy water and some floating mush. Somehow I had also managed to spray poop on the sides of the toilet bowl.

At first I was concerned about my friend hearing me have diarrhea, but it was actually kind of encouraging hearing her having diarrhea as well. I think it is a little bit weird that we both got diarrhea on the same day, but I guess we at least had a different type of bonding experience.


Responses and Stories

BD: Thank you for your kind words! I plan to keep pooping - I love it! Please share some of your experiences!

Anna from Austria: I may fart while peeing once a week at most. Maybe it's because you are holding your gas for the restroom. I always find ways to pass gas discreetly throughout the day so that I don't get uncomfortable.

Just Another Girl: Thank you! Everything is moving forward in our relationship. I feel that he loves me for me and I like who he is. We are not trying to hide who we are but we are not crude or gross with each other either - except, maybe the story I have to tell sounds a little crude :) Glad to hear from you and I appreciate your posts!

Shelbi: Thank you!!! I appreciate your kind words and enjoy your posts as well!

Postman: I am glad you had such a good poop! Thank you for your kind words and I hope that you had a great holiday!

Mina: I love hearing from you and your friends! Hope you are well! Yes, Kaitlyn seems to be very sweet and we have a lot in common. We are hoping to get together soon!

Soccer Player: Great to hear from you! I eat a high fiber diet that includes cereals in the morning, vegetarian recipes mostly. I eat a lot of fish but will eat meat. I'm 6'1" and weigh 185-190 lbs. It fluctuates! But you sound like Kaitlyn! It was great to meet her. Thank you for writing and I hope to hear from you!

Now, for my story. I can tell Alan is interested in my bodily functions. There are times that I can tell that he wants me to talk about them. I've grown more comfortable going to the bathroom at his house when I am there in the evening. It's just something that I've come to expect. Neither of us intentionally fart around each other, which I would find a little crude.

Sunday night, I was with Alan and got the girls to bed. We decided to watch a little TV, but mostly were flipping channels. We kissed a little, but we mostly snuggled. We also enjoyed a glass of wine together. So, we were both relaxed and I was planning to leave within the next half-hour. Then, he farted. I laughed and said, "You are so gross!" It was a loud one, and had a little smell. It was the first time he audibly pooted. I could not tell if he did it on purpose or if it was an accident.

He said, "Sorry, that just would not wait! Too, I have been wanting to break the ice with you but just could not bring myself to do it."

Now, I had to fart something incredible. I had been holding it. He looked at me and grinned, "I bet you can't beat that!" "What?" I replied. "I bet you can't fart louder than that."

"Are you challenging me?" Now, I can be competitive. "Come with me." I took him by the hand and walked him to the kitchen and said, "Just shut up and do what I say." He looked a little taken aback, but said OK. He stood in front of me as I sat on one of the wooden kitchen table chairs. I was wearing jeans, but an inexpensive, looser fitting pair. But I knew that between the jeans and a wooden chair, I could put on a show that he would never forget.

I pulled him toward me and began to kiss his neck. I then kissed him on the mouth, and then said, "I love you," and pulled him toward me and began to kiss him again. Then, I pressed down with my stomach as hard as I could and blasted a bubbly fart that sounded like firecrackers. He backed up, and looked a little shocked, and as he did I pressed again and this one was longer.

"Catherine! You are so gross!" he said. However, I could see that he was aroused. "I have never heard anyone fart like that!" I laughed and pressed again and farted another shorter, but loud blast.

"Don't drop a challenge for me and expect me to back down," I said, grinning.

"I love you. You are amazing. You are brilliant. You are beautiful. And you can fart and poop like an elephant!"

"Well, I think you covered the bases," I said. "I am glad that you appreciate me and love ALL of me!"

"Of course," he replied. We kissed a little more and then called it a night. We enjoyed a great Labor day together yesterday, and I enjoyed a couple of really good poops yesterday, and then another good one this morning!

Am I being gross or crude? Should I have not gone that far? It did not seem to turn him off. Still, I do want to be a lady, even for him!

Would love to hear your thoughts!




Just a Few Random Thoughts

Every now and then, I have a few thoughts that are not connected to a story:

What do you think?

1. Defecate and Diarrhea are beautiful words. Think of all the words and expressions that we use for doing number two - they sound crude, childish or vulgar. But when you say diarrhea and defecate, they just role off your tongue. I love it when I hear people say those words. If they didn't mean what they mean, they just sound elegant when you say them.

2. A bowel movement is an event. Peeing does not, at least for me, cause the healthy feelings of shame, the need to be discreet, the smell, the sounds. If you think about it, we live our lives around pooping. Peeing, we just do because it doesn't take the time. Everybody pees but we are not convinced that everyone poops.

3. I fantasize sometimes about living on an island and having a bathroom in an open gazebo, where you could see the ocean and lush vegetation all around. In the center is a toilet, and I would love to sit and take a huge - I mean massive - dump surrounded by nature and the warm tropical breeze.

Where would be your ideal place to poop?

Just some thoughts...

I hope everyone has a great bowel movement today!




To Soccer Player

Soccer Player,

You mentioned that it would be neat to share a pic of that poop, I wonder if I would feel so inclined to, if this forum was not as anonymous.

I've really needed to talk about my obsession for bowel movements for a long time, and thought that people would think I'm weird. We all poop, yes, but I don't think we all poop the same. We share something in common - healthy bowels and that our bowel movements are actually a very pleasurable experience!

Would love to hear more from you! Thanks for writing!

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

pregnant pooper
Hi all. Still pooping well. Nothing exciting though. Normal dumps. Dont have a story and im not feeling like i want to post a story at the min as my best friend lost her baby yeserday and im feelimg it for her and im feeling a bit worried myself. Hopefully be back in a few days with some stories.

6 weeks and 2 days pregnant now.

about how desperate I was and then she pulled her jeans down revealing her white panties. We both squatted down and had a wee then I heard Lucy grunting and saw her face go red as she pushed out 3 long solid logs. She told me she was desperate and trying to hold it in until we got home. She had another couple dribbles of wee. We both had to drip dry and she had to go without wiping cause neither of us had any tissues.
After our walk when we got back to my house we went to my room and Lucy went into the bathroom and called me through. She was red with embarrassment and showed me the mess of her panties after walking with a messy bum so while she had another little poo I got her some of my clean underwear.
Next time I will keep some spare tissues in my pockets haha


In the woods

I was out walking with my friend Lucy and we were taking a trail through some woods. The trail takes a good couple of hours to walk the whole thing.
We had been out for coffee and lunch and I had no had a wee since I left the house. I could slowly feel pressure building up in my bladder and knew I would need to wee soon but didn't say anything and enjoyed the nice quiet walk. We were chatting away when I saw Lucy rub her stomach and asked if she was alright. She said she was fine but had a sore stomach. I was bursting on a wee and had a few drops in my boyshorts already but knew there would be no marks on my jeans. We walked for about another 10 minutes and I asked if she wanted to take a break and have a sit down and a chat. She agreed and I told her that I needed a wee and that I was gonna find somewhere to relieve myself. Lucy told me she would come too as she had business to take care of. I found a nice spot that had waist high grass with a small clear area around a tree in the middle. We both made our way up to the tree and then checked for anyone around. I pulled down my jeans to reveal my damp underwear which Lucy noticed and joked

On my way home from vacation in the wilderness of northern Europe I am now at the airport. I have taken my first indoor dump for almost three weeks. Quite a renewed experience after lots of visits to the bushes. Just find a secluded spot, pull down, squat and get it done. Everyone had to do it that way, males and females, young and mature. A new experience to me, but after the first few days quite ok.

Anna from Austria

Farting survey for ladies only

I have got a survey or question would be the better word for the ladies.

How often do you fart when you just peeing?

It happens to me quite often, to to the contrary of my friends and the other ladies I have heard in Public restrooms. They only pass gas when they are going number 2. I do it on both occasions quite often.

Now I wonder if I am the only one doing that, or are there other ladies to, who are noisy while doing a pee?

Greetings from Austria


Old posts and shout outs

Hello all!

Just want to say I've lurked on here for many years, seen many brilliant stories and never get tired of reading them! I especially enjoy Catherine's, Anna, Little Mandi's! You guys are great story tellers.

Just wondered if anyone knew what ever happened to Punk Rock Girl, Mishy, and Bloated Butt? Their stories were always awesome too!

Keep on popping people, you keep this lady very entertained!


just another girl
I have a question that I was wondering whether anybody could answer, but first, let me do a few replies and comments!
To Mina - I'm so glad you noticed that I came back! I love reading your stories; they are such fun and so well-written! Keep it up!
To Catherine - I'm really happy to hear that you and Alan are doing so well in your relationship. From what you've described in your posts, it seems as though the two of you are made for each other, and I'm pleased that he accepts you for who you are and isn't all stuck up and nasty as some men out there can be! I hope that you and him have many more happy years together.

Now onto my question. Has anybody ever noticed that the very worst farts are the smallest ones - the ones that come out as a barely audible "pop" type of sound but then smell absolutely disgusting? The loud ones and the "silent but deadly" ones can also stink, but for some reason the small and seemingly insignificant ones are really bad? My theory for this is (and this is just an opinion and it could be wrong) is that it has to do with the composition of it.

What I mean by "composition" is how much air it has in it - most of us know that a small proportion or percentage of gas is produced in the intestines as a result of the digestion of food and other processes, and that the remainder is air that has been swallowed, as well as other compounds such as hydrogen and methane. The gas that is produced contains compounds such as hydrogen sulphide (which smells like rotten eggs) and dimethyl sulphides and methyl mercaptans (which smell like rotten cabbage) amongst other things. If there is a lot of air present at the same time, it "dilutes" the gas so that when it is got rid of it still smells but not quite as much as it would if there was no air. If there was no air, the person would be letting out undiluted gas only, which would explain why it smells so much worse, as well as why it isn't as noticeable (a smaller amount to let out and so less sound).

I don't know whether that theory is right at all, but that is what I think and I'd really like to hear other opinions on it. I'm sure we've all experienced it - I know I have quite a few times. I've also done it myself (whoops!) but all I can say is that it's really nasty - phew!!

Sorry if this was a bit long!

J.A.G. ~


Thank you Catherine

Hi Catherine, I just wanted to say thank you for yet another wonderful story. I love how you write and your experiences are always interesting. Looking forward to your next post!



Sometimes it's worth the relief...

Hey everyone, finally decided to start sharing here. I'm 28, about 5'3" 110 lbs, long brown hair, fair skin, brown eyes and some freckles. I have IBS and sometimes having an emergency isn't bad just because of the prospect of having an accident, but just because it's uncomfortable and sometimes painful. I perfected my diet in my early 20s the really helps me stay regular and avoid IBS situations but even so, sometimes things happen or I get careless and stray from the diet. But what I wanted to ask about is...does anyone ever like...just let go in their pants? Just to end the discomfort? I'm not talking about pooping yourself on purpose for fun. I'm talking like, your intestines feel so twisted up and the cramps are so bad that you just can't bear trying to find the bathroom any longer to get relief.

It's embarassing to admit but I've done this a number of times as an adult. I somehow have never had an "accident" due to IBS. Just lots of emergency dashes to the toilet. But I remember the first time I "gave up". In college I had an IBS attack on my way to class once. It was at the worst possible spot too. There is a 3 block stretch between the area of campus where the building i was living in was and the main academic quad where it's nothing but private housing. Well of course I was in the middle of that stretch when the "gotta go NOW" cramps struck. I had to decide which was quicker, rushing to the quad to get a bathroom or double back to the dorms. I certainly wasn't gonna knock on someone's door and say "hey I have a diarrhea emergency can I use your bathroom?" I decided to power ahead to campus. I tried rushing but it caused sharp pain to shoot through my abdomen through to my rectum. So I could only move sort of quickly while taking deep, deliberate breaths to cope with the cramping. I knew exactly which bathroom in which building I was closest to, and I knew I would make it, it was just gonna be hell getting there. It was hurting so much that, for the first time, the thought crossed my mind..."screw this.." I analyzed the situation. It was winter and I had a wool peacoat on that when down to my knees, and I had black leggings on with knee high boots. I figured everything would "be contained" and no mess would show. I also really didn't need to be in the class I was heading to that day since it was just a free session to go in and work on our research paper with the professor available for questions, which would have been good, but not necessary. So, I couldn't believe it, but in that moment I decided to just crap my pants instead of be in pain. I turned around and calmly begun my walk back towards my building as I tried to slowly let the poop just gently flow out into my pants. It started a bit slow and I felt the soft, hot mush press against my cheeks as it spread into my panties, then my body must have sensed relief was happening and gave a big involuntary push and all the poop just exploded into my panties. It made a big loud squelch that alarmed me and I quickly looked around to make sure no other people walking down the road heard it. No one was staring at me so I was in the clear. I felt sort of outside myself and somehow invigorated. My stomach felt soooo much better and I was so relieved, despite the hot squishy mess all over my ass and going up the back. I didn't consider that my tight leggings would cause the poop to spread yeah, that was kind of the one bad part. I could feel it on my lower back above the waistband of my leggings and panties, so I knew my shirt was stained. But other than that it didn't feel as horrible as I expected to have a mushy load in my pants. Definitely felt a lot better than the pain and discomfort I was experiencing seconds prior to letting go. I imagine I probably wouldn't have been as ok with it if it came out on accident beyond my control though.

Eitherway, once I got back to my room I grabbed a change of underwear and headed to the bathroom, got washed up and rinsed my soiled clothes, then got dressed and gathered the rest of my laundry and used my now free time to hit the laundromat. Wasn't a bad day at all despite shitting myself in public.

I'll return with more tales of times Ive elected to cope with messy undies over an upset stomach.


Monika B.

Hi! Thank you for the welcome! I honestly don't really know why I don't poop in public restrooms (for the most part). No one in my family is like that. I suppose it's a form of "poop shyness." I definitely need privacy. I am germ phobic as well, and I guess in my mind it takes longer to poop than it does to pee, so there's a higher chance of getting sick (even if this isn't true, it makes sense in my mind). It is something I want to get over eventually.

While traveling, I tend to go at the hotel or wherever I am staying. If the only bathroom available is a shared one, it'd probably take a couple days to get over it (haven't been in this situation for awhile).


What come in will come out

Long time on no story to share been very hard for me to post, but now I can once again, first I hope Brandon T still around and Mina I love your stories great friendship bonding, well unto the story not to long ago I treated my co workers out to lunch after eating three medium size plates I knew I had to poop so I excuse my workers back to work knowing I wasn't going make it , so after everyone left after I gave them instructions what to do next, I made my way to the bathroom open up the door three of four stalls taken I took the first stall open , locked the door hiked up my skirt and pull my panties to ankles sat on the warm bowl leaned back with my heels planted on the ground , hearing my stomach rumble start rubbing it then my hole opens up loose poop start falling feeling great than it start mushy few more drop and my hole open up bit wider last piece slid out solid and splash me I hate that, so I flushed it all down and stayed seated and wiped a good ten minutes or so afterwards feeling relieved but dirty still got up , pulled my panties back up adjusted everything came out washed my hands I guess everyone cleared out , so I left paid and tipped our waitress , got picked back up went on with the work day waited for Marcus come in from out of town from work , while I waited took a nice bubble bath unfortunately I had to pee so it cut it short , but that's all for now


Response and Labor Day poop

Catherine - Great story about the high school football game poop. It sounds like you took care of an urgent need. It's always nice to find clean, well maintained restrooms in times like that. Glad things are going great for you!

So this morning I took care of my own urgent need. After my second cup of coffee I was feeling really full and crampy down there, so I headed off to the bathroom with my phone. Once I got my shorts down and got seated, I barely got logged on to Facebook when I relaxed and my anus opened up. A long, smooth log slid out easily while I browsed my newsfeed. It was over in about 5 seconds. I sat for a couple more minutes reading stuff on my phone, then I wiped and got up to look at my work.

It was a cardboard brown, about 18 inch long snake, curving to the right. It was shaped like an upside down question mark. I also took a picture, then flushed. I washed up and left the bathroom, feeling much lighter.

Today we are grilling out for Labor Day, spareribs and corn on the cob on the menu, so I'm sure I'll have some pretty corny poops over the next couple days.

Happy Labor Day, all!

Steve A

Another Desperate Poop At Work, First Game, Survey

Hey, I have 2 stories to share and a survey as well.

Story 1: At work today, I developed an urge to poop around a few minutes after the power went out. We did have generators, though. I then continued working for a awhile and waited to be called to go on break, but then I checked when my break time actually was and it was 6:30 and it was around 5:30 when I checked it. I knew that I couldn't hold it for that long since the urge has gotten stronger. I eventually went to the bathrooms for the customers and when I got there, the bathrooms had no light. I then had to go to the break room bathrooms upstairs and thankfully, they had light. I went into the end stall and it was only me in there. When I was on the toilet, I gave a small push and it all came out easily since I really had to go. I looked and it was just like my last poop at work, around 8-12 inches long except there were 2 logs instead of 1. I pushed to make sure that I was empty, and I was. I wiped, washed my hands, and went back to work. No one made a comment on me going to the bathroom since everyone was too occupied about the power being out.

Story 2: My First Football Game For Marching Band Of My Senior Year

Nothing interesting happened bathroom related before, during, or after the game. Despite me going before the halftime performance, I wouldn't want to march when I really have to pee/poop, certain people were chosen in groups to go during the game, and only about 2 people had to go after the game when we got back to the high school, (it was a home game). Next week's game is on Friday and I have a band festival on Saturday. They're both at the same place, and it's an away game further away depending on traffic. I hope there's a story or 2 from both of these events, stay tuned if anything happens.


1. If you had to go to the bathroom really bad at work, but your break time is 1 hour or more than 1 hour away, would you go or wait? Hopefully if you go before your break time, the bosses/leaders won't give you a hard time about it, even if you tell them.

2. Do you have any stories that you'll never forget?

3. Did you ever have a road-trip bathroom story?

4. Does anything distract you from going to the bathroom? You normally see this in young kids.

5. If you were constipated and you could only take a food or drink as a laxative, what would it be?

Sorry everybody, I am very careless with computer. In last post, "enter to saw" should be "enter to sea".

Catherine, I'm glad you get better! And best best wishes from us four, for your engagement! I'm happy you made good friend connect to Alan. And loo is good place to make a friend, if you can poo together with happy then you will be good friends. Like us four.

Love from your very own bad careless Mina

Monday, September 07, 2015

Soccer Player

To Catherine

Great to see an update from you on here Catherine, you always have the best stories and by the sounds of it the most satisfying poops!

Like you I am very athletic (about 5'8, big butt, strong thighs) and feel this is reflected in my bowel movements, I am extremely regular and they are always huge. Like a blimp!!

I have a question though, do your poops reflect on how much you eat? mine tend to be their biggest when I've eaten lots of chicken! although this could be me assuming.

Much love, oh and if there was only a way for you to share a picture of your perfect poop!!I like a bit of competition... :3

Peace and Love x

Sonya Sue

End of Summer Party

Me and five of my friends, including Derek who works at the truck stop I work at, used our day off in the holiday weekend to have a day-long party at an area lake. Derek's in college and has a pickup truck that was perfect for making the trip in. He and his best friend rode in the cab and the rest of us rode in back with all our supplies. It was a ride that taught us how bad the condition of our city's streets and the highway and country roads are, including one point in the park where the road has so many deep dips that my friend Amanda got thrown into the air and against one of the coolers of food we were packing. She actually peed and you could see it on her tan shorts. As for me, I told Amanda that once we got unloaded at our site, I had to crap. We both agreed that the rowdy ride was the reason and it was probably a miracle that I had not crapped myself.

While Derek and Mitch were setting up the volleyball net and getting ready to grill, me and Amanda and her sister, Jillian, who's just starting college, carried our swimsuits over to the restroom building. We were surpised at the number of people using the park and also the number of dogs running around. As we got to the building, we were surprised at what we found. Half the room was a locked warehouse of supplies, so when we walked around the corner we saw, a dimly lit room, lots of flies, a couple of waterbugs go into a drain, a bench that would allow a couple of people to change clothes on, a shattered mirror above a sink where the water was running, and a toilet that looked to be about a hundred years old that a 30-something woman was sitting on with her underwear and sweats all the way to the floor. She grabbed for them just as we started to apologize for our intrusion. So Amanda, Jillian and I turned around and went outside because we knew the lady had to be feel offended sitting there with us watching while she crapped. We stood against the side of the building for a couple of minutes. It was in the bright sunlight and quite hot. Jillian noticed the mens toilet building just a few feet in back and said she had not seen anyone go in there. We told her to walk over and make sure because I, for one, wanted to crap, change into my bathing suit, and get back to the guys. Jillian came right back and said that if one of us did door-duty, she wanted to do her pee, change into her swimming suit, and then get back to the guys.

When Jillian and I got over there, we found the bathroom was an exact copy of the ladies, with the exception of one urinal, that was leaking from the flusher. Although I expected the toilet to be filthy, and it was, I begged Jillian to let me get on it first. I tried not to look too closely at how dirty the seat was as I gingerly planted myself over the smallest amount of area on the front. It wasn't comfortable and I started pushing right away and Jillian could hear what I think was two days worth and 9 to 10 pieces hit the water. I quickly wiped, flushed and walked over the the changing bench, moving as fast as I could. As I sat, between my legs, on the wooden bench I quickly tried to figure out some of the graffiti. But other than the UK anarchy symbol, which I have seen before in public bathrooms, it was beyond me. Jillian and I traded places. She did something I don't. She wiped the seat with toilet paper, and her pee took just over a minute, before I heard her get up and flush. Then as I had done, she used the change bench. As she was doing that I saw Amanda coming out of the other bathroom and I called her over. Amanda said she had waited like 10 minutes for that woman, who complained after all of her time on the toilet, that her laxative was not working and it had been a week since she crapped. Amanda then took the stool, did her pee fast, and then changed.

When we got back to our camp, the guys thought we had gotten lost. Amanda, Jillian and I told our stories. Derek and Mitch both said they try and crap most every morning before leaving home. And if they do, I guess, more power to them. But Amanda, Jillian and I refuse to believe it.


Disneyland pee

My name is Danni (female Danni, not like male Danny, whatever). Anyway, I'm 20 and from California and some friends from college and I decided to go spend a few days at Disneyland before the new semester started. We spent the day having a lot of fun and riding rides. In the afternoon we went to ride Splash Mountain. I had to pee but we had fastpasses so I decided to hold it. Even so the line was still a pretty decent wait and I kept having to pee worse. I couldn't just grab myself but I stood with my legs crossed squeezing hard every time we stopped moving. Finally we got on the ride. I was fine and distracted until right before the big drop at the end when I realized I had to pee so bad and the big drop might not be a good mix. I was sitting next to my best friend and when we went over the edge I squeezed my thighs together and screamed and tried to hold on but the thrill was too much and I started to pee my jean shorts on the way down the big slide drop. We hit the bottom and water splashed everywhere and some got into our seat since we were near the front and I felt some of the cold water hit the back and sides of my shorts but I also had a big warm wet spot in the crotch, thighs, and butt where I had peed. I had managed to stop before I completely wet myself, but I had peed a good bit for a few seconds on the way down. I was afraid to stand up. We were all laughing from the drop (I was mostly faking) and my friend looked down and said, "It looks like we peed our pants!" My heart skipped and I said "What do you mean?" She pointed at both of our laps and said, "The splash made it look like we peed ourselves!" She laughed. I looked and she had a splash on her crotch and thigh that was clearly a splash. My front was only wet from my own pee and the wet spot on my crotch and thighs looked obvious to me that I had peed myself. We got up off the ride at the end and my friends butt was also soaked and so was mine. Nobody suspected a thing! We went to the closest bathroom to try to dry off (I peed first). So that is how at the age of 20 I pissed myself in Disneyland and got away with it! Haha.



West Coast hike first story

I just returned from an awesome four day hike that I did with my best friend Chloe on the west coast of Canada. I've known Chloe for ages and she is the sweetest, smartest person I know. She is also very beautiful and lots of fun to be around. She is an engineering student at a university in eastern Canada so I don't see her much anymore, which sucks.

On the drive to the trailhead we stopped at a gas station. Chloe had a quick pee and I did a pee and also a pretty big poo, so I started the hike feeling really light. On the first day of the hike we both had a couple of quick pees in the woods and at the end we stayed at a bigger campsite which had an outhouse. The next morning I used the outhouse for another poo and so did Chloe I think, since she spend about 10 minutes in there. At the end of the second day, we camped at a much smaller site where there were no bathrooms or anything. There was only one other tent with a really nice young couple from Utah who we had fun with at the fire at night.

The next morning I had some coffee and shortly after I needed a poo. I had what felt like a pretty big load knocking at my backdoor urgently, so I grabbed the little shovel that Chloe had brough and some toilet paper and headed into the woods. After a few steps I noticed the couple from the other tent about a hundred feet or so off and they were both squatting next to each other. I thought it was really awesome that they felt comfortable enough to do their business together in the woods. I don't know about the girl, but I guess he definitely must have been pooping. Anyway, I went a little bit further until I was out of their sight. Then I used the shovel to dig a small hole, put the paper to the side, pulled down my hiking pants and green panties and squatted with my arms on my thighs. I also had a pretty full bladder from the night so it felt very relieving to let my pee go. I peed a strong stream and let out a little fart while I did. After about half a minute I was done and there was quite a big puddle between my hiking boots. Then I pushed and felt my backdoor open. I farted a couple of times, this time louder and kinda wet sounding, and then my first turd started to slide out. It wasn't too big and quickly dropped from my bottom with a thud. Immediatley after, a second log started to crackle out, this one bigger and pretty long, it took about a minute until it dropped off, too. I knew that I had some more to come out so I started to push again and over the next two minutes or so let out another long turd. After that I had one more fart and then felt totally empty. I wiped my front and then used about five pieces to do my bum. It wasn't too messy. I pulled up up my panties and shorts and had a look at my pile. It totally filled the hole I made, the two longer turds coiled up on top and of course there was some messy tp on it, too. I put some dirt on it until it was covered and then walked back.

When I got back to the tent, Chloe was grinning and asked, 'feeling better?'. It was obvious that I had pooed, since I was carrying her little shovel. So I just said 'much' and made a funny face at her. Later, just before we left the site, she also went into the woods with the shovel and it took her about ten minutes. I teased her when she came back and also asked if she felt better. She said 'much better' and then we both laughed.

I will write another story about the hike next time that involves Chloe. I hope you liked this one.

to Evelyn: Thanks so much for liking my stories. I don't get diarreah much, which I am really glad about. And I also don't remember noticing anybody having it in a public bathroom in the last little while, sorry. I'll be sure to post a story if I do.

to Anna from Austria: I really liked your story. I'm always glad when I need to do a number two urgently in a public toilet and then find it emtpy. It's great to have the extra privacy. When someone else is using it I often feel embarrassed, especially if it's a noisy poo that stinks up the bathroom, kinda like the one you were describing. Oh, and Minions is super funny, we went to see it and couldn't stop laughing.


Friday Night Lights - Major Poops at High School Football

I have not had really much to share lately, nor the time to do so. After being sick in July, my bowel movements returned to their normal routine of two poops voluminous poops per day within about three days. Alan and I are moving closer to engagement and marriage! I am so excited about this. I will be 35 in October and never married and few serious relationships. So, I am ready and feel like I have met the ONE to spend the rest of my life with.

Football season started a few weeks ago, and I have been attending the games faithfully now that Alan and I are in love. He does a great job coaching. The players love him and he is not one who is rough and abusive toward his players. He is quite compassionate, a good teacher, and great communicator.

The only thing about going to football games is that they happen during the time that I normally have my evening bowel movement. The first two weeks we played at home so I was able to go before the game. However, last night was their first road game. It was about an hour away and it was supposed to be a big game and Alan advised me to get there as early as I could. I brought my change of clothes to work - some blue jeans that accented my big butt perfectly and a high school T-shirt for the football team. I brushed my hair into a pony-tail (my favorite hair style!) and put on a school-colored ribbon. Alan loves my butt and even though I prefer not to show it off, I am OK with it for him. I mean, I played volleyball and softball so I had to get used to the fact that my butt was just going to be out there - haha! Plus, I love these jeans!

I peed before leaving, and ate a salad that I bought from my pharmacy's lunch counter. When I arrived, though, the hotdogs smelled so good that I bought two, along with a Sprite. I sat with some of our friends and the other coach's wives and girlfriends, and we enjoyed a great first half by our team. Yet, by the end of the first quarter, I knew I had to go to the bathroom. I mean - HAD TOO!!!

There would be no holding this one until getting home. I wasn't cramping, but I felt pressure in my abdomen and especially in my lower back and rectum. By the way that it felt, I knew it was going to be large, thick and soft. I decided to wait until half-time because I didn't want to miss anything - I love football and am genuinely interested. But I also thought it would be bad to miss the game because it would appear that I was not interested. Then it hit me, because it was a road game, our band would play first, and I didn't want to miss the band. Being the town pharmacist, you have to be aware of subtle messages you communicate.

By the time the band finished, my urge was intense and I excused myself to the bathroom. It was as intense as those times I had the solid accidents in my pants and as intense as the "moving movement" I wrote about around Memorial Day. Kaitlyn, one of the coach's wives, asked if she could come with me. We had to walk from the visitor's side to the end to the home side where the bathrooms were. They were clean and new, as this high school was wealthy and had recently remodeled its stadium. It was a hard walk, but I held the urge to poop.

When we got in the restrooms, they were crowded. All the stalls were taken and a few others were waiting. I whispered to Kaitlyn, "I hope that they hurry, I really have to go!" She said, "Me too. I've had to poop since we got in the car to come up here. I kept thinking I could wait until I got home." I replied, "Me too. I just could not hold it any longer!"

Two stalls, side by side, came open. Kaitlyn, who is rather tall herself, she looks about 5'8", and, like me is both big chested and has a big butt, and is athletic too. I found out later that she played volleyball and soccer, and is 27 years old. She has shoulder-length brown hair, fair skin and grayish-blue eyes. She's very pretty.

Kaitlyn went into the on the farthest end and I took the one next to her. Most everyone was peeing. I didn't hear any poop noises, though a few ladies farted while peeing. When she sat down her poop cascaded noisily into the toilet like a mushy stool. When I sat down, immediately the poop crowned and my abdomen forced the contents out all at once. It felt so good! Then, I peed quite a bit too! When I glanced into the toilet it was as I expected, a peanut-butter colored soft, but thick stool. Some had gone down the hole, but a good portion, at least a foot long, was coming out of the hole. I always have my cell on silent, so I took a picture!

Meanwhile, as I began to clean up, I could hear Kaitlyn still plopping and farting. And, I heard the crowd cheer as the teams came back on the field. The bathroom was ripe with the smell of poop. Kaitlyn said, "Catherine, will you wait on me? I am almost finished." I said, "Sure, take your time," as I pulled my jeans back up. Regrettably, I flushed the toilet. That's one of the things I have hated since being a little girl is flushing the toilet after a perfect poop, but I didn't want to be gross around people I knew.

I washed my hands as a I heard Kaitlyn beginning to wipe. I fixed my hair bow, and freshened my lipstick as I waited on her. She came out of the stall, "That feels much better. I almost thought I would not make it." I looked at her and smiled a little, "It's too!" We continued our conversation as we headed to the concession stand, and got to know one another pretty well in that time. She is an elementary school teacher at one of the local schools that feeds into the high school. They have no children but are trying in hopes that if she were to get pregnant, it would be in the summer. I shared a little about my crazy life, and we have a lot in common!

After the game - we won by three touchdowns! - Alan and I talked and I told him about having to poop with Kaitlyn, among other things. He said that Kaitlyn's husband, who is nearly 29, are new to the team and the community, and that we should get to know them. His name is Rob and they have a lot in common. So I hope that we get to spend some time together.

Well, that's all I guess. I hope everyone is well!

Love to all!


Little Mandi
Hey hey guys,
Its been forever since I been on here.
Get this, I think I'm over my fear of pooping in public.
It started after this one day a few months ago. I was at the diner with my friend and I had just eaten a crap ton of food. My stomach felt really bloated and crampy. I knew without a doubt I needed to go poop. I also knew I wasnt going right home after the diner. I sat and thought for a little bit. I knew for sure I wasnt going to be able to wait. My stomach really hurt and felt so umcomfortable. I must have looked uncomfortable too cause my friend asked me what was wrong. I admitted that my stomach hurt but I didn't admit I had to poop. I never tell people when I have to poop cause I always get embarrassed. Finally I couldnt take it anymore. The waitress bought the check and I lied and told my friend I had to go pee. I went to the bathroom which had two single stalls. I sat down and prayed no one would come in. I gave my usual first push and felt it starting to move it took me a while to get it started but finally I got out and my stomach felt so much better.
Ever since that day I've had no problems pooping in public. when I feel the need to go I just go with no problem. I mean of course its emabarrassing to me but yeah I just suck it up and flush the toilet a lot to cover the smell and sounds.



My answers to butt gaskets:

1) Why do you feel a person would use a butt gasket and leave it on the seat and not throw it away?
They might be in such a hurry and not want to take the time to crush it up and throw it away. If it sticks to their butt, they would be forced to deal with it.

2) When you come across such a situation, do you leave the butt gasket on the seat or do you flush it?
I only recall this happening to me once. I to wee real bad so I quickly flicked it into the toilet and seated myself for my wee.

3) Do you find butt gaskets useful or more of a hassle?
A hassle. I would never use one.

4) Are the butt gaskets more popular with the guys or ladies?
I don't know any of my female friends that use one, but I know two guys that do--that's if you count them pulling off toilet paper and lining the seat with it.

5) If so, why are the butt gaskets more popular with the guys than the girls?
Unless they have diarrhea or don't use the urinals, most guys are not going to be sitting on as many school or public toilets each day as us girls. Its no big thing to us, because we do it every day many times.

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