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Brandon- glad you liked the story

Slice- Haha. When I say I've been prone to accidents and if someone has pooped themself in my family they know its me, I don't mean I'm pooping myself on a daily basis or badly enough to need diapers (although, I am familiar with them for a bedwetting issue that went on till I was 17!). I would say 5-6 accidents a year is average for me. So, once every couple of months maybe? Although it comes and goes. I've had months where its like once a week and I've had stretches 4 and 5 months long without a hiccup.

So, here's another story...

Like I said, I love all things dorky, especially clothes. And while everyone come winter has their boring black snowpants, I still break out my awesome purple and white snowpants with rainbow suspenders!

This was last winter during finals week. It was cold and snowy which was the perfect reason to wear my snowpants. So, I got dressed (just jeans and a tee under the snowpants) and tossed on my snowpants and a winter coat. I love walking (and jumping) in the snow, so, i decided to walk to class instead.

So, I get to campus, final exam, lunch, and another exam. Then I'm done for the day and start walking home (about a mile and a half) about halfway through I can tell I'm going to need a poop when I get home. At first I didn't think anything of it, but steadily with each step my need grew worse. I was about 5 blocks from home when I could feel it was starting to push hard and it was taking everything in me to keep from filling my pants.

Close to our house is a Walgreens. I decided I'd stop there since it was closer than home. By the time its within sight I'm beginning to lose it. A few farts escaped that had a bit more than just gas to them. But, we weren't full on loaded pants yet. Just stained panties.

I'm pretty much hobbling into the Walgreens. The moment I walk in a sales associate asks me if she can help me find anything... except she was also a classmate! I don't know if I gave myself away then and there, but, I muttered, "bathroom"...

She said they were closes for cleaning at the moment. And literally the moment she finished talking I let out a bit of a whimper and lost it and completely pooped my pants. It was mushy, like cream of wheat or something.

I don't know if it made any noise or smell, but she asked, "are you okay?"

I must have been five shades of red with embarassment. In college and I just pooped my pants in front of a classmate. I just turned around and walked out and finished my walk home. Luckily no one could see because of the snowpants.

I had class with her the next day (last final, yes!)

I kept watching her trying to make sure i didn't hand mine in when she did. I had already finished and after 10 minutes I gave up and walked up to hand mine in. I think she was doing the same thing as me because she was two steps behind me when I turned mine in and followed me out of class. It was quiet, no one else was in the hallway.

She was pretty direct, "You pooped your pants, didn't you?"

As embarassing as it was for her to ask me, she was actually really sweet about it.

Her and I started talking more after that and now we're friends and she is full on aware of my pants pooping (she's brought me a change of panties more than once).

We're thinking of rooming together this coming school year. I have to say, it would be really nice to have a roommate who is nice about my occasional accidents (she is totally motherly about it. Lol)


to oldpoop

When you were younger how did the big logs feel coming out? Did you fart often before the big movements?


Reply to Sarah

The video is not online, sorry. I looked it over with a friend and we decided it was too embarrassing to put online.


whatever happened?Post Title (optional)

I'm a big fan and even bigger lurker. whatever happened to Kirsty and Wendy, Fat Chick and also Fat Woman? We miss you guys!


My wife's defecation in the car

My wife and I are currently in our mid 20's and had known each other since we were little kids. At this point of our lives, we're relatively comfortable with using the toilet in full view of each other.

We recently went on a road trip across the states and we essentially slept in our camper van the entire time instead of always trying to cough up the money for a hotel room. About the 4th night into our road trip, she looked somewhat uncomfortable, which when I asked, she admitted that she felt bloated due to the fact that she hasn't been able to pass much stools since the first day we left, so she was pretty backed up. While we were chitchatting about it, we ended up decided to give her an enema. Now, like many camper vans, our didn't have a washroom installed, so we had to improvise a little. We came across a 24hr Walmart so we decided to go in and we bought a enema kit, a large capacity bedpan, wet wipes and air freshener. When we got back in, we prepared the kit and administered as much enema she felt she could handle, which was almost 3 quarts of water. She had done enema before when she was younger, so she was somewhat used to the larger capacity.

We originally debated on how she's going to use the bedpan, as she said she kinda wanted to do it squatting, I then offered that she just squat on the seating area in the dinette area with her facing the back part of the seat while I hold the bedpan for her. She hesitated and asked if I was sure, which I was. She didn't need much convincing because her bowels was making gurgling noises and she seemed quite desperate. She prepared to get into position and as soon as I had held the bedpan onto her butt, she quickly adjusted her legs slightly as she held her stomach. After only a couple seconds had passed, a forceful fart came out, which was followed by a few small squirts of watery poop came shooting out of her. It didn't take long before it started stinking up the entire vehicle as it was somewhat small in there. She got red in the face and apologized. I reassured her it was okay and that I jokingly told her I'm just gonna shoot her with the air freshener later. She briefly laughed a little before she started moaning a little, then suddenly she started putting some of her weight onto the bedpan and said she could feel it coming. Sure enough, it did and a big wave of watery brown water with a lot of chunks of poop started shooting out of her. As it did, some more waves started coming out, followed by a bunch of wet farts. She started to sigh of relief, then she said: "I really appreciate you doing this, this relief of being able to push all of this out feels so good."

After several minutes, she was finally finished and asked me to pass her some toilet paper, then as soon as she wiped, we got out of the camper van and dumped the mess in the nearby bushes and started cleaning it out with the leftover water we had to clean it out. We never did get much sleep that night due to the stench.

Hope you guys enjoyed the story, happy reading.


Reply to End Stall Em

What was that bathroom like when you had the frustrating experience of your pee stream only getting a "dribble" when expected a more faster and substantial pee stream? What was the toilet like? Were you as comfortable sitting on the seat as you usually are accustomed to? Did you have the privacy you usually have? Was there a line for the toilet that caused you to get flustered? You were smart to use the "convenience" available to go, but how long had it been since you last took a pee?

The bathroom wasn't too bad really, certainly clean enough. It was a little busy but I've gone in busier bathrooms easily. The toilet was clean and had plenty of toilet paper, just what I'm used to using really.I had my usual amount of privacy in the stall. I'd like more but I'm not nearly as shy as I used to be. There was no line for the toilet and I had noticed several free stalls when I walked in. It had been 1.5 - 2 hours since my last pee.

Thank you.

Old Fart

to: Ashley Q

I also have a history of poop accidents. Like you, I've some serious allergy issues also. During the times my allergies are working against me I'm also more likely to have poop problems. For me at least what I inhale and inflames my sinuses and as they drain also goes down my throat and irritates my intestines, making my poop much softer and harder to hold. I've had sneezes turn it loose but more often it will be a serious coughing spell trying to clear mucus that wants to go down the wrong tube. If there is poop at the back door it usually in in my pants by the time the coughing fit is over.
As for the diapers. If your allergies/poop give you warnings that you my have hold it issues that day you might try a diaper. If what your mom bought is the old style bulky ones, maybe ask her to exchange them for some of the new "looks like panties" kind. They won't stop the accidents or the smell but they may contain it better and let you get away without anyone knowing what happened.

Sonya Sue

2nd Grade Field Trip

Back in 2nd grade my class of 25-some kids got out of school one afternoon to attend a professional baseball game. You see our school had a canned goods drive and our class brought the most stuff for the food bank. It wasn't just the canned food, though, because there was a lot of toilet paper and kleenex stacked in our classroom because a speaker had told us that what was really needed by the poor. I do remember there were a lot of jokes said about the packages of toilet paper stacked 2/3 of the way to the ceiling, before our principal moved it out to a semitrailer.

I remember our principal, assistant principal and Miss S, our teacher, getting us to line up for the bus for the ballpark at like 11 a.m. Since the stadium was on the far side of our city, they made each of us go to the bathroom before we left school. The bus was hot and packed and when we finally got to the stadium which I think took about 45 minutes, we made another stop at the bathroom because Miss S said it was our last chance because we wouldn't be able to go on our own during the game. Most of us easily understood that rule because the size of the stadium and the number of people there really spooked us. I had crapped at school, so this time I went in and did a little bit of a wee, but the height of the toilets, the strange way the seats were contoured at least for small butts, and the auto-flushes that activated almost automatically if we moved too much while on the toilet, scared me and my friends. Some of my friends had ideas on how not to activate the flushes. Things like sliding themselves onto and off of the seat. A couple I know thought sitting on the side of the seat was a better way than getting spooked or splashed.

All of us enjoyed the game and getting out of school. The mayor was there and they announced our class on the PA system and we got to stand for recognition. Then about an hour and a half later Miss S took us girls downstairs to the bathroom again and when we came back, a father of one of the boys who was a chaparone took the boys down. I still have pretty clear memories of our last trip to the toilet. I was a slow walker and didn't want to get yelled at for running down there so I was the last in line for a stall. I had drank a pretty large soda and could feel some wee in me. So I was last in line for a stall and Miss S pointed out when the end one opened. Actually it didn't "open" because the door was bent so badly that it was partially off its hinge. Miss S pointed me there and the door looked so mean I wasn't about to touch it. I dropped my shorts, got up on the seat and weed for about 10 or 15 seconds. The girls were told to line up by the sinks after washing their hands, and while I was washing mine I looked to my right and one of my classmates had gotten crap on her forefinger when she wiped. One of her friends pointed it out and a couple of others wanted to see how gross it was. Then another looked forward into the mirror and pointed our attention to Miss S using the stall that I had just used. You see Miss S was standing and leaning over the toilet as her crap came out, and then she seated herself on the toilet and we heard her wee start. Shortly thereafter, she shouted out to us that it was taking her longer than usual and that we should remain by the sinks and not leave the bathroom.
We just looked at one another and snickered.

Karen C. (the California one)

Anyone else get this?

Anyone else get nausea with diarrhea?

When I get diarrhea, it more often than not comes with nausea and I usually wind up vomiting. Or sometimes when I throw up I get the diarrhea later. I rarely get one without the other.
Any thoughts?

By the way, here are my:
Answers to Ashley's survey
1. Physical description of yourself: Female caucasian of Anglo descent and a bit of German (been asked if I'm native american or part Italian or half latina many times due to my dark hair and eyes and my long angular facial features, I like to tan in the sun, too), 5'5", 127 lbs., look young for my age, brown eyes, dark brown wavy hair with straight bangs in front and just above my collar in back, pear or hourglass shaped--you know huge hips and thighs, tiny waist and boobs, flabby--not looking to lose weight just firm up what I've got to work with and add a bit of muscle in the right places maybe even gain a few right kind of lean pounds, middle aged to approaching senior I guess. I try to keep a young mind and spending time with younger people helps. NOT GIVING YOU MY AGE.

2. How long does it take you to pee? About a half a minute to a minute, depends on how much I've had to drink and how long it's been since I last went to the bathroom. On car trips I can hold it three hours tops but no more or I'd be peeing in my pants!

3. How long does it take you to poo? Couple of minutes. I try to be discreet.

4. What things make you poo? Basically anything that tastes great! Fresh corn, fried foods, too much greasy food, Italian food, egg rolls, fried chicken, Mexican food, pizza, lasagna, taco bell, thai food, tacos and burritos, anything hot and spicy especially if it's greasy. I love hot and spicy foods. I always know there's a chance of my stomach paying the price for having eaten these foods, but that's never stopped me from enjoying them. I find that having a lot of cheese along with diarrhea-prone foods helps to prevent or alleviate the diarrhea after-effect. Cheese is constipating which is a good thing in my case. I love all types of cheese.

5. What things make you pee? Alcohol drinks, water, coffee, tea--my favorite drink is iced tea, and anything with caffeine which is a diuretic, milk makes me pee more than plain water.

6. Do you wash your hands after you pee? ALWAYS in public restrooms and I'm never without my personal size hand sanitizer; and always at home when I'm about to handle food or drinks, no exception.

7. Do you wash your hands after you poo? Yes, ALWAYS without fail.

9. What kind of underwear do you prefer (thongs or briefs)? Personally I favor bikini cut briefs or "little bit more coverage" type lacy thongs, made of synthetic silky material; they just feel better against my skin and dry much faster than cotton; I sweat a lot at my job so this is important. Ever tried wearing sweat-soaked cotton panties ten hours a day when you have a swamp ass problem? Try it sometime it's no fun;; talk about major butt rash! I can wash synthetic undies then they drip dry hours later ready to wear again! Synthetic undies rule!

Last but not least, a shout out to my new friend Catherine! Hey girl, thanks for writing! Hope we can stay in touch here. Keep in touch!

Oh, and Brandon, no matter how bad I feel when I'm sick I really do always think of you, haha! Didn't mean that in a bad way.

Karen C.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tlana great story.

To: Brianna great peeing story.

To: Wader Girl (Tirah) great accident story.

To: Amber first welcome to the site and great story about your friends accident it sounds like she had a pretty rough day and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Katie And Jenn first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you both had a bonding moment in a way even though it happened while you both were having a nasty poop and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Mrs Grey Panther
My husband introduced me to this site and showed me what he sent yesterday. I also find it amusing and interesting that someone has had the creative idea of establishing an arena like this so that it is possible to write about and discuss anonymously an issue that mostly is left untouched in our daily conversations and even scarcely is brought up even in the doctor's office. Certainly much could be said, but now I will also as my husband comment on the posting by Martin on Grey Panthers. It was new to me to hear that young persons could be surprised about senior citizens going to toilet outdoor. For sure we do! I do not think that healthy and active seniors suffer more from constipation than young persons. That means that most of us have to open the bowels once or twice a day. I usually do it about one hour after breakfast and some two hours after lunch. I am quite regular and the urge appears quite like when at home, or (previously) at work, or when traveling, hiking etc. When I was younger (!) I sometimes tried to put it off when I was away from a toilet. Certainly I succeeded, but especially during vacation it sometimes ended up with constipation. Not a good feeling! During my adult life I have always tried to remember to pack some toilet paper in my back pack or bag, and we also always have a roll of toilet paper in our car. When hiking in the wilderness it is almost never a problem to get it done in a decent way. But certainly you have to face the risk that someone comes by as there is no door to lock. With some experience you learn to pick spots where others are unlikely to come (if they are not out there for the same purpose!!) In towns it is almost always possible to find a toilet (but you can still need paper in your bag). Long distance driving can be a challenge. But mostly there are petrol stations around in populated areas, and in remote areas it should be possible to find a bush or a stone to hide behind. This was perhaps somewhat general information and as this is an anonymous site I take the chance to give some more details telling about some of my last toilet visits outside. Last time was on Sunday. I spent the whole day in the woods picking berries with my sister and her husband. We went out so early that I had not had the opportunity to take my morning dump at home. Just after we had spread around the area to start picking and were a bit away from each others I took the opportunity to duck into some dense bushes, squat and relieve myself. Luckily there was a creek where I could wash my hands properly before starting picking berries. I do not know if my sister and her husband also pooped but at least they both went away alone to pee. From previous experience I know that they both are used to go to toilet outdoor. Thirty years back when our children were young we used to go camping together. I remember once that I had to talk seriously with my daughter because she had been spying on her uncle when he was relieving himself in the woods and she came back to the camp and eagerly announced what she had seen! Earlier this summer my husband and I went around Italy by car. Sometimes it was convenient to go to toilet when stopping for a break at a restaurant but many times both I and my husband had to seek solitude in the roadside bushes. We were not the only ones because many places we could see used toilet paper and even fresh poops. This year I cannot remember that I actually saw anyone else squatting. But last summer we stayed for some days with a caravan car in an unofficial camping site in the woods in Sweden. There were no toilets and at most I think there were over 20 caravan cars and tents around. That means around 50 persons I think. In the wood there were a couple of smaller areas with quite dense bushes where people sought when in need of a toilet. When I went there to take my morning pee or relieve myself after breakfast I was almost sure to spot others on their way in or out of the area or on distance even squatting. Not only young people and children, even mature and older adults. It reminded me about a situation about 40 years back when hiking a popular trail in South America long before there were any facilities along the route. Every morning there were lots of people walking around in the terrain to find some sheltered spot where they could lower the shorts and squat to get away with the bodily waste. My friend and I then used to joke with how comic it was to see handsome tough men squatting there like small boys. Ever after we have had a private saying that goes - let's just put him in the bushes - which we have applied on men who we find rude or not so nice! It really helps normalizing arrogant men. Perhaps this was too much on the challenges and problems. But at the end I have to say that going to toilet outside mostly is a very simple, uncomplicated and pleasant event, even for seniors. Just take care when finding the right spot, then relax and enjoy it. If the feeling of anxiety or embarrassment shows up, I have learnt to tell myself that going to toilet outdoor is an unavoidable part of many exiting outdoor activities and that we all do it. We only play the game that nobody should know about it, and we succeed in that game. Some years back we were four couples going for a canoe hike for three nights. For sure we all knew that we all went to pee in the bushes. But the last morning one of the men came laughing and shouting out of the woods, saying I am not the only one. Smiling and in a joking way he said that he now knew that he was not the only one from the group to take a dump in the woods because he had spotted fresh poop in there. It was a really releasing comment because I think that we all in one or another way had thought about it but not talked about it. When taking it up it showed that we all had opened our bowels several times (from two till five or six times as far as I remember). We were all 60+, so Martin, be sure, Grey Panthers do it out there too, just the same way as young people, we also have to pull down and expose the bum, we also wipe and we also make the same sort of poo. If you have not seen them going before it may be because mature persons know how to hide or it may be because lack of experience hiking together with seniors. (If you ask my grandchildren, who has been hiking a lot with me, I guess I know their answer. Children at certain ages often have a particular interest in this issue and they make their own observations but in addition we have talked about it and how to do it.) I think most of us like it to be a private issue, when we do it and how we do it. But this communicative privacy should not lead us to think that we are the only ones doing it. Even if it is no crisis to be seen, I prefer to be alone when lowering my shorts, making those sounds, the smell etc, and I do not like anyone to know if I am sitting or standing when wiping. And the other way I do not like to see or imagine any of my close friends in that situation either, perhaps because it is in some way violating an unspoken contract of mutuality and trust? Once as a junior scouting leader (about 17 years old) I remember that I once accidentally saw one of the senior leaders (man 50+) squatting to relieve himself. Nothing to wonder about because it was such a hike where we all had to do it that way. But he did not see me, and I was quite young and perhaps a bit too curious so I followed the whole process from pulling down to pulling up. From one point of view it was ok to get a confirmation of that also the seniors did it that way. (I had been constipated for some days by then and after seeing him I got the courage to find a place to do it myself.) But on the other hand I ever since felt shameful when working with him. I am quite sure that ho should have laughed if I told him, but it did something with our relationship.


Pooping at my friend's house

Hey everyone

Last week I was at my friend Kyle's house. We were playing video games and then were gonna go ride go karts, but before we went out I felt a load pushing to come out. I told him I was going to the bathroom real quick and walked in. His bathroom is pretty big, so I basically ran across it to the toilet. I practically jumped on the seat and pushed lightly. A huge turd inched its way out with a lot of crackling. I felt my hole open back up and another log snaked out. I felt like I was done, and looked down. There were 2 logs, each about a foot long. I wiped, flushed and washed my hands. Surprisingly I was only in there for about 2 minutes.

So that's my story. I like reading everyone's posts.
Until next time

Steve A

Desperate Work Poop Plus A Question

I have another work story to share with all of you.

On Sunday at work, I developed an urge to poop about 30-40 minutes before my break time. The urge got stronger while I continued working. By the time they called me for my break, I had to go really bad. I went upstairs to the restrooms near the break room area. Once I was on the toilet, I pushed lightly and out came a single turd that was near to or about 1 foot long and about 2-3 inches in diameter. I felt so much better after that. I then wiped, washed my hands, and went back to work. I decided not to flush it to see what people would say/think about it. I came back upstairs to check on it during my meal break, my last break time, and before I went home. It was left unflushed since noon each time I checked on it. It was kinda surprising that no one flushed it. Maybe they just left it alone or they might've thought that it would clog the toilet. It was interesting that no one did anything about it.

Question: If you saw unflushed poop in a public toilet, what would you do about it?

Steve A

Desperate Work Poop Plus A Question

I have another work story to share with all of you.

On Sunday at work, I developed an urge to poop about 30-40 minutes before my break time. The urge got stronger while I continued working. By the time they called me for my break, I had to go really bad. I went upstairs to the restrooms near the break room area. Once I was on the toilet, I pushed lightly and out came a single turd that was near to or about 1 foot long and about 2-3 inches in diameter. I felt so much better after that. I then wiped, washed my hands, and went back to work. I decided not to flush it to see what people would say/think about it. I came back upstairs to check on it during my meal break, my last break time, and before I went home. It was left unflushed since noon each time I checked on it. It was kinda surprising that no one flushed it. Maybe they just left it alone or they might've thought that it would clog the toilet. It was interesting that no one did anything about it.

Question: If you saw unflushed poop in a public toilet, what would you do about it?

"Grey Panther"

Comment to Martin

Searching on Google for "Grey Panthers" I stumbled into this site. Interesting and amusing! I read the comment from Martin on Grey Panthers (aka senior citicens) with great interest as I am one of those persons! (67 years and a retired "old" man). I have been an outdoor enthusiast ever since I was a scout 50 years back. Almost every summer my wife and I spend a week or two hiking in the wilderness. And for sure we have to answer the call of nature when out there, not only to pee but also for number 2. I do not think that it ever has been an issue for any of us. We pack toilet paper in our back packs and do not consider it a problem at all when the urge appears. Sometimes we hike with friends. This summer we were three couples, all 65+, hiking for two weeks. Going to toilet was not an issue at all, but for sure we all did it. Just taking the roll of paper and go away into the woods, nobody asks, everyone understand, and all let you be there alone. And for sure, when there is no door to lock one may be caught short. But I think that among hikers that will not be an issue at all. So yes, grey haired hikers also poop, and they do it the same way as young people - trying to find a private spot, pulling down shorts, squatting and so on. And yes, during the years I have seen quite a lot of people, young and grey, male and female, taking care of business in the wilderness, and we all do it more or less the same way.


recovering ...

Sorry it has been a while -
Just want you to know i am now almost recovered from my illness that landed me in hosp, on strong medication & slowly but surely i am on the mend.

Hi to kmd, john b, brandon t.
Mina, megan & annie - love reading your posts
More soon - J xx


Smartphone or Magazine

Well, its a long time since i last posted anything. I do though regularly read the posts on here.

I have been thinking recently about what people do when on the loo.
Do you just sit and go, or are you a reader?

Traditionally readers take with them a newspaper or magazine. I think new technology may have taken hold , and many of us look at our phones or play games on them while pooping.

So, please let me know your preferences.
Traditional reader, and is it a mag , book or paper?
Modern tech reader, your phone e reader or laptop?

Also, are your habits different at work?
It may be embarrassing to trot off to the loo with a magazine, knowing that everyone must know what you are about to do. On the other hand a mobile phone is more discreet and can be taken without sending a message to your co workers that you are off for a poo session.



I have day off today, I decide to do surveys. I never did before, if I write stupid things, I am sorry.

Here is key. Mi = Mina. Ma = Maho. K = Kazuko. H = Hisae.

First Lewis.

What is the usual texture of your poop?
Soft,later mushy (Mi,K) But Mina's first motion a bit hard. Kazuko's too, sometimes. Hard, later soft (Ma) Much variety (H)

Are your poops very stinky?
K: Yes. Others: usually stinky, but not "very".

After you do motion, do you use anything wet?
We all have shower toilet, we call washlet, so we use. In office too, all us.

Do you use perfume or powder on bottom?
Ma: I used to. Others: usually no. But sometimes before special occasions.

Do you wash your bottom or bathe right after a motion? (Sorry, I don't want say "crap")
We always use washlet.

How many times do you wipe your bottom after a motion?
At home only once, because washlet has a drying function. But office loo doesn't have. so we all wipe until dry. Maho never does motion in office.

Do you ever get "stinky butt"?
All of us sometimes, but not often, I think, and smell is very weak so we don't notice.


Physical description of us
Ma: Korean, medium height, a bit slim, look like princess Kako, left-handed, low voice
K: Slightly taller than Maho, bit ????er, very long straight hair, uneven teeth, high cheekbones, Japanese, right-handed
H: Short, bit ????, very rounded, bob hair, Japanese, left-handed
Mi: Medium height, not slim not very fat, high cheekbones, pointed eyes, Korean, look like Haruko Obokata, use both hands

All of us dye hair brown except Maho, her hair is black.

How long take to pee: all of us less than one minute usually

How long take to poo: 10 minutes or bit more (Ma,Mi) 2 minutes at home and 10 minutes or bit more in office or Mina's flat (K) 2 to 5 minutes (H)

What things make you pee/poo?
We never noticed. Eating make us poo, drinking make us pee.

Do you wash your hands after pee or poo?
Always! All four of us. Always always. Hisae wash long time with hot water after her poo.

What kind of underwear?
We all like cotton brief, various colours.

Kazuko says, surveys are very funny! What you do with them? Publish book? We hope our answers useful.

Maho says, OK to know a lots about us, because this site is anonymous, and we want you to like us.

Love, Mina and friends

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


question to everyone

Hi everyone, I hope you are well. In Japan very very hot, 37 degrees. I put electric fan at entrance to loo! Then I don't get heat stroke while do motion.

By the way I am having little problem. One of men in my office sometimes text me. He is older and senior, I have to obey him, but his text always arrive when I am in loo doing motions. On weekday, he sends about 0700 hrs, at weekends about 0900 hrs. So far it is four times, and three of those times I was in loo, other time I was at washbasin because Maho doing motions in my loo.

His text contents not important. Why he has to send text in morning? When I was teenage girl, one of my classmates, boy, telephoned me in morning to my house. I was in loo to do motions and my mother answered phone. She was bit angry and said "don't call this time of morning, Mina washing her hair. Call after 10 o'clock." Later he said sorry, but his call bit urgent, other classmate had accident. I won't tell story as it is off subject and this post go in can.

But my mother think that is it not good for boy to telephone girl in morning because of motion time after breakfast. And she doesn't like that I talk on phone in loo. It's a bad manner, she says.

I talk about this with my friends and also with another girl in office, younger than me, her name Suzuna, I don't give other name. Suzuna is very sexy girl, slim but has nice bottom. She wears clingy dress, so can see shape of bottom well. And Suzuna said. . . . "he does same thing to me! Always in morning! I don't like!" She also said, "maybe he is in loo himself and doing motion when he text." Maho said same thing when I talked it with her.

He has bad manner. When I did a long diarrhoea in office loo once, after that he looked at me many times. And when Suzuna walks past him, he always looks at her bottom. I think it's normal that person has interest in other person's bottom, but we keep interest secret is better! unless we are close friend, or on this site where we anonymous.

I feel creepy!! What do you think? I am happy to hear opinion from you, man or woman it's OK. And I don't mind if you have different feeling from me, because we are all different and meat for one man is poison for other man.

By the way, if man is my boyfriend, I don't mind he call or text any time. But this man not boyfriend, he is married man.

Sorry garbled post.

Thanks and love, Mina


To Karen C

Karen C,

You are more than welcome! I do not wish a stomach virus or food poisoning on anyone! It's miserable! Take care! - Catherine :)

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