Bella Jean

Massive Desperate Poop in Bookstore

I stopped by a bookstore on my way home after work to enjoy a nice coffee and book for awhile. A few minutes after I finished my coffee though I started to feel an urge to poop. I tried to ignore it because I was enjoying my book but the problem was that I had not been able to poop for the last three days so my urge was getting very strong at a very rapid rate. After about 20 minutes it was getting very hard to hold back the farts, and I realized that I needed to get to a toilet immediately because I had a massive amount of poop that suddenly needed out very badly, and it didn't feel like it was going to be solid poop either.

I admitted defeat and headed towards the restrooms. Unfortunately the ladies room had two stalls and both were full. By this point I really had to go, and I couldn't hold back some very smelly farts. Of course, another woman then walked into the ladies room and I tried to hold in the gas because she was standing right next to me, but it felt like torture to hold in a massive gassy poop and I was getting more desperate for a toilet every second. Finally the first stall opened up (I probably only waited for 3-4 minutes but that felt like an eternity) and I immediately rushed in. But I still felt a little self-conscious about releasing the full fury of my load in a quiet bathroom with that woman standing in front of my door so I tried to wait for a bit longer. Luckily the other stall opened up rather quickly(maybe 30 seconds later) and while that woman was washing her hands I let out some very wet farts. After she left, I could hear the woman peeing in the other stall, and I realized that I could not hold my massive poop any longer so I just let go and dropped a bunch of pretty soft logs in rapid succession. After that I had a few more loud wet farts until my stomach started cramping and I gave a slight push and a huge pile of mushy poop escaped quite loudly. Then I heard the woman next to me drop a few logs and the bathroom door open as another woman entered.

As soon as she walked in, I tried to hold back my poop but I had to go so badly that I could not hold my poop for another second. Instead, I had another wet fart and let loose a cascade of small and very soft pieces of poop. I could hear the lady shuffling around outside my stall but I still felt like I needed to poop very badly and my stomach was still feeling gassy, so I gave a push and let out a lot of very loose diarrhea.

After another big round of gassy diarrhea my stomach finally felt a bit better, but the bathroom sure did smell horrendous. It sounded like the lady next to me had switched from solid poop to mushy poop, and I felt bad that the woman who was waiting had to wait so long, but I was still not finished. I released another wet fart and more mushy poop before I got a sudden stomach cramp and exploded into the toilet with a lot more wet farts and diarrhea.

Afterwards, I heard the lady pulling toilet paper. She left and the other lady finally got to sit down. While she was peeing, I started wiping. I had wiped about 5 times before I suddenly got a strong urge to poop again. I let out a few farts before another round of sloppy poop (it was either very loose mushy poop or slightly formed diarrhea but whatever it was, it needed out right away and it felt great to get it out). Surprisingly, I still wasn't feeling quite right so after I took a 30 second break I pushed out a very wet fart (I think I also squirted some diarrhea with that fart) and let loose with a wave of chunky loose poop.

When I had finished with that loose poop, I felt relieved that I had finally gotten three days worth of poop out (I normally poop at least twice a day). I had to wipe several times again and when I finished and looked in the toilet, I could not believe how much I had pooped. There was a very large pile of mushy poop that rose above the water and I could see at least 4 logs and a lot of floating pieces in the diarrhea that covered the entire toilet (there was even some sprayed on the sides of the bowl). There was also a ton of messy toilet paper.

I felt kind of bad for the women who had to listen to all of that poop coming out of me (and smell it) but I felt so much better after it was out. I still don't know why I wasn't able to poop for 3 days and then was suddenly desperate to release a massive load of mainly sloppy poop and diarrhea…I thought it was more normal to have a pretty hard time pooping after so long. But regardless, I felt so much better after it was out.


Re: Gordonzola's

You bring up an interesting point. I've never understood "doing" anything on the loo except concentrating and WORKING on what needs to be done. With the exception of times when I have REALLY BAD diarrhea, I work hard at moving my bowels. I have to push and strain really hard to get anything to happen. If I sit and read, or do anything for that matter, it would simply never happen and whatever I have in my rectum would just sit there and make me uncomfortable-- JW


What bothers you the most about a bathroom? (Choose one from below)

1. Doorless stalls
2. No stall seperators
3. Trash on the floor
4. No soap
5. No toilet paper
6. Out of order
7. Toilets/Urinals covered with poo

To J

What happened while dirt biking?


J.W. & everyone else

I understand what you're saying about a child not being allowed to use a public bathroom. I agree that holding a poo or wee in until you get back home is not a good idea.

Well yesterday Amee's mom called me again to say that her father was not able to take her. He backed out at the last minute and I got dressed and arrsived at their apartment just as her mom was panicking about getting to her work shift on time. Amee got up about 15 minutes later. The plans left said she could be treated to McDonalds for breakfast and then an afternoon cartoon festival at a theater. However, the sheet said we were to wait at home for Amee to have her BM. So we waited about an hour this time by playing a dumb game on the computer. I could tell by the smell that she was letting off that it was about to come, so I gently encouraged Amee to go in and take care of matters. It only took her about 5 minutes this time and she did remember her phone to take the photo with and then to send it to her mom.

McDonalds as you can imagine was very busy. It was a 5 block walk and when we got there, I told Amee it was now my turn to have my poo. She asked why I hadn't gone at home before leaving. I told her I only felt like I had to go for about the last 10 minutes and that I don't mind using other bathrooms. She had that look on her face like she thought I was kind of strange. So once we got to McDonalds, I took her into the bathroom. I got up on the toilet and as usual, got my soft BM completed in like 2 minutes. Then I got off the toilet, flushed, and washed my hands. Then we went out and ordered. After we ate we walked the 3 blocks to the movies, and when we got there, got our tickets and found our way through the crowd, I needed to wee. So I took a stall, got it done fast, and as I was washing my hands, encouraged Amee to go if she needed to. She said no. But about 3 hours into the cartoons Amee started figiting and I asked her if she needed to go. She said Yes, but that she could wait. It didn't seem very good to me but I went along with it because of her mother's rule. About an hour later when the show got over and I could feel the giant drink having gone through me, we stopped back in the bathroom because I wanted Amee to again see my going into a cubicle and taking a pee. While she was waiting at the sinks, she saw alot of others her age (she's starting 3rd grade) coming and going from the stalls. This was something I was hoping would make an impression on her. Still she was not going to go. Our last stop was about a 2 block walk through parking lots to Wal-Mart where I had to buy her a brick of specialized color pens for art class. At that point I could see she was in even more pain. So without giving her a choice, I led her into the bathroom and opened a stall door. I noticed they had one of those plastic holders of seat gaskets so I pulled one off, placed it on the seat, and ordered Amee to sit down on it. She started to wee immediately and strongly for about a minute. I made sure I complimented her and as we talked on our walk back home I found out what is causing her being afraid of public toilets is that her mom has taught her that she should never sit directly on a public seat

Not many public bathrooms have those seat gaskets. She's making progress but I don't know how to handle the situation in the future. And her school starts up again next week.


Pooped my pants when I was 12

Hello everyone, Tessa here. I'm going to share the story of an accident I had when I was 12.

I was in my backyard with my friend, playing tennis. I hadn't gone to the bathroom for the whole week. Then I felt the need to go to the bathroom. I ignored it because it wasn't very strong. Ten minutes later, I get the urge again, this time much stronger, even unstoppable. A poop forced its way out. A big one. It made a fairly sized bulge in my jeans. Then, six more came out, all of them the same size as the first. Now there was a huge bulge in my jeans, and there was no hiding what I'd done. My friend was just staring at me in shock, and she asked me the inevitable question: "Did you just poop your pants?" she asked. My face turned bright red with embarrassment and I said yes. I turned around for a second and showed her the massive bulge in the back of my jeans. Then we walked back inside (I say walked... She walked, I waddled). You can imagine what happened next... Two years later, the accident is still fresh in my mind, but hopefully I don't end up having another accident anytime soon.


To Catherine - blocked toilets

Hey Catherine

I enjoy reading your posts and comments. I noted your recent one about the blocked toilets and decided to respond.

I think it likely that your fears are unfounded. I can only speak from my own experience but I have sometimes comes across toiletsin various locations where all or most of the stalls contained blocked/non-working toilets.

I volunteer at a local charity that has a cafe/restaurant and toilets. I help out with the cleaning including toilet duties. The toilets frequently clog or fail to flush properly - and not just singly. Factors causing this are multiple and include the following to name a few: low water pressure, old toilet cisterns with a weak flush, old and narrow soil i.e. outlet pipes etc. Probably the most common reason is big bowel movements.


Sunday, August 16, 2015


To Steve A and Gordonzola's questions.

If you saw unflushed poop in a public toilet, what would you do about it?
I'd normally if it was pee, go to another stall, or flush it. But if it was poop, I'd go over on top of it. Sometimes I might flush it if it's diarrhea. Because I often had sport afterschool throughout highschool, I often had to have my once every-other-day poop while we were changing. Most of the time it was a large log, or a big amount of poop if it wasn't completely solid, so I usually left them unflushed. Usually nobody tried to flush them, and they stunk up the bathroom area.

Also, are your habits different at work? When I worked I tended to go less, I don't know if it was because of stress, or if because I spent all my break eating.

Hi all. I'm new here. I like to keep a poop diary, where I write down what I ate and include a picture of the poop it became the next day. Today's entry is one of the best ones I've had in a while. Yesterday, I ate normally at breakfast and lunch, but I really pigged out at dinner. I had a very big steak, plenty of mashed potatoes and also a good sized serving of three bean salad. I left the table feeling very full and went to bed a little earlier than usual.

This morning I woke up and I was still feeling full, but now for a different reason. I felt a good crap brewing. I went to the bathroom and peed, but my poop wasn't quite ready, so I headed downstairs to have some coffee. After that, I knew I'd best go back to the bathroom.

I again sat on the toilet and let nature take its course. My butthole opened wide to let the head of a turd emerge. It felt good stretching me wide. It was quite thick and working out slowly. Eventually, it broke off and made a small flump sound as it hit the water. Another, thinner turd was soon to follow. It came out a lot faster and was very long. When that turd ended, I farted a bunch, probably eight to ten times, and long loud ones every time too. Then I felt my butthole stretch again to pass yet another turd. It was similar to my second one - only moderately thick and long, likely the longest of the three turds.

Then I blasted one last fart and felt done. I stood up to examine my creations. I had produced a whopper of a turd, I'd say nearly two inches thick, and maybe six inches long. Then two other turds, each about an inch thick but they were long. One of them was a foot long and curved like the letter C. The other was closer to a foot and a half long and curled around the outside of the toilet bowl.

I knew immediately that this load earned a spot in my hall of fame. I took a picture of my turds before sitting down to wipe. Then I flushed the toilet. At first, it looked like I might need a second flush to get all my turds down, but it turned out I didn't. Every thing went down just fine on the first flush.


To kmd

A little of both. There wasn't any area where I could take cover and i took it has an oppurtunity to have a little fun :)! It felt good!

Abbie- I enjoyed your recent stories and I'm looking forward to your next one!

At the weekend I went shopping. I went to a big mall out of town and by the time I got there I was in need of a poo quite badly! I needed to head straight to the loos, which I did. Unfortunately there was a bit of a queue! It was extending out of the door, so I joined the back of the line, hoping it would move quickly. My stomach hurt quite a bit which made me think I needed to pass some gas. I tried a little, but nothing came out, and I didn't want to push too much in case something more solid ended up in my knickers. After a couple of minutes I could see inside the room.

There were three cubicles, occupied, and quite a few people in front of me. At the front was a middle-aged woman, then a girl of about my age, then a mother with a daughter aged about 7, a teenaged girl, and a woman of about 30. I was surprised when all three cubicles opened up within a couple of minutes, leaving just the two people in front of me. I hoped things would move quickly because my poo was eager to come out. I figured the two women waiting in front of me also needed to do a number two, judging by how they were acting. I could hear a few plops from one of the cubicles, I think from the girl of about my age. After a couple of minutes the middle-aged woman came out, and the teenage girl went in. I heard her start to do a poo. Another minute passed and the other girl who had been pooing came out. The woman in front of me went in. I heard her sit and start to have a poo as well, farting before releasing a turd. I needed to do the same badly, but I had to keep waiting, because the woman and the girl were both doing a poo, and the mother and daughter who were in the middle cubicle were still in there. From what I could hear, the mother was going to the loo for a wee while the daughter waited her turn.

After another couple of minutes and a few plops, the woman flushed and came out, letting me enter. I locked it and pulled down my skirt, tights and red knickers to my feet, sitting on the warm seat. I could smell her poo in the air, and there were a couple of small brown marks in the bowl. I quickly added to them by pushing out a fairly long turd, making a splash. In the cubicle next to me the mother had finished and the daughter was getting seated on the toilet. She had been waiting to do a poo, as I heard a couple of small plops from her. I farted quietly and released another log of my own. All three cubicles were still occupied by pooers! There were still half a dozen women behind me in the queue and I was glad to have gotten a seat because I had been quite desperate to do mine. I pushed out another one as I heard the mother talking to her daughter about making sure she wiped her bum properly after her poo. I heard the other toilet flush and the girl exit, being quickly replaced. I released another two turds before I wiped, making sure to follow the mother's advice! I headed out after flushing, another girl of about 15 going into my cubicle. I felt much better, of course!


Response to Gordonzola

You asked what people on this forum do when they're on the pot. Well, for me personally, I'm a reader. I'm pretty much old school, though, as I will usually take part of the newspaper with me each morning. I'll usually read the section that has entertainment news and comics, something that will get me through about a 10 minute poop session.

If I'm in a hurry, sometimes I just look at email or Facebook on my phone, but that's about as high tech as I get.

As far as work pooping, I don't poop at work. I'm a mail carrier and I'm on the street most of the day, so that's not an option. I'm on such a regular schedule that I always take care of my dumps before I leave home each day anyway, so I don't use work or public restrooms unless it's an emergency. Hope we'll see more responses to your question.


to Shannon

Hello, Shannon--you really flatter my memory of what happened decades ago! As I remember it, though, most days I would have just one large bowel movement, fairly early in the morning. I would have some gas beforehand, but nothing unusual. I'm remembering a typical morning at college, probably 1962 or so; I would have breakfast at 6:30 or 7 a.m. at a little mom-and-pop restaurant on the way to class. It would be a fairly big breakfast; I was hungry and would have nothing else to eat until noon or later. As I left the restaurant, I would feel the urge to poop coming on, but I still had about a 10-minute walk. As I walked, the fullness in my rectum grew until pooping was my number-one (and number-two!) mission. I walked past several buildings that must have had toilets in them, but I didn't know where, and I didn't want to waste time looking. Urgent as my need was, I had no fear of pooping my pants; my bm was very solid and fairly thick, so I would have to push in order to get it out. I used toilets in one of two buildings: a high-rise classroom building about 5 minutes from the restaurant, and the music building, about 5 minutes further on. I would use the high-rise only in cases of absolute need, which were rare; I vastly preferred the music building. On the ground floor of the music building was a small single-toilet restroom in which another student used to poop, and then leave the toilet unflushed, with his large turd or turds still there for me or someone else to find. On occasion I got there first and would do the same for him; no idea who he was. At any rate, on this morning I got to that toilet, and my urge was strong enough that I could feel the rough surface of my turd against the inside of my anus. Going inside the little room, I locked the door behind me and lifted the lid of the toilet. Sure enough, the other student had already been there and had left a single long, thick turd, with a single pad of toilet paper, slightly stained. Since I did not want to precipitate a cleanup if the toilet failed to flush with two big bm's in the bowl, I went ahead and flushed his poop, which went down without much trouble, though sometimes it would leave a skidmark on the bowl.

Then I sat on the toilet; even with my strong urge, I still had to push to get my poop started. In most cases, the thickness of the turd would open my anus wide, but it did not hurt or feel bad in any way; it just felt right, especially as on the morning I'm remembering, when I could feel the roughness and lumpiness of the turd its whole way out. Finally it fell, without much noise because it was long enough to have started entering the water while still hanging out of me; that one turd completed that bowel movement, so I wiped (not much stain usually; hard solid turd, close to a foot long, perhaps longer, and maybe an inch and a quarter or even an inch and a half thick, slightly tapering at the end). Then I would decide whether to leave that log for the next person to find. I don't remember what I chose to do that time. Anyway, a nice big solid bowel movement; felt great; on to class.

How about you? Farts before b.m.'s? How do your poops feel coming out?


Using a porta-potty three times

This past Sunday my dad took me to a family festival which was held in a large citywide park and there were several thousand people, a presidential candidate and other politicians and bands and face-painting,games, etc. I was there for like 10 hours because of the political work he needed to do. I didn't mind being there because I have friends there and find a lot of the stuff is pretty interesting. I just find the porta-potty toilets gross and tough to use and I guess I just hate them. The fact that they are often unisex also troubles me because if I follow a guy in line, there's a good chance the seat is going to be dripping with pee. And I find that the ultimate gross out, especially when many of these toilets don't have toilet paper to wipe the seat before I sit down. And since I'm only 10 (for another week) and kind of small for my age, pushing myself up onto a seat dripping with some elses or many peoples pee sucks.

So after drinking 2 waterbottles and helping a friend finish off hers, I needed to get in line. I was about 10 back in the line for the toilet I selected and it was all girls in front of me so I felt good about not having to sit on a splashed seat. I was surprised the line moved pretty fast, actually faster than some of the other lines were, so I figured they were peeing and by the time I got in, the smell wouldn't be that bad. I was surprised the lady in front of me was so talkative. Like she turned around several times to make fun of standing in the line. I kind of liked her humor, especially about her 71-year-old bladder bursting at a presidential rally because he candidate was late in getting there to speak. She was in and out and she wished me well as she held the door open to me. The first thing I noticed was no toilet paper. And there was no light. I latched the plastic door handle because my worst nightmare has always been having the door yanked on me. And last year when I forgot to do that and here I was sitting in front of 50 or more people all looking at me.

Then I pulled my shorts and undwear down to the floor and I looked at the seat before sitting on it. It was so strange. It was controlled by a spring of some sort and was hanging like 1/3 up off the bowl. I took my right hand, pushed it down and was preparing to sit on it, but it quickly sprung back up. So I held it down with one hand while I hurried up and threw my butt onto it. The black u-shaped seat seemed so light I was hoping my butt and 70 pound frame wasn't going to crush it. My pee started ever so slowly and after about a minute on the toilet, I was afraid more sweat was rolling off me than was leaving my bladder. There was no flusher so it just went into a container or pit below me that I could hear it tapping into. So I got up, pulled up my clothing, and opened the door. However, the line was larger and somewhat blocking the wood stairs that I need to use. The lines for the small (about 10 toilets) got longer as the day went on. About 3 hours later I went back with a hurting and really full bladder, and when a toilet came open, I took it. A mom came out with a little boy too young to go down the stairs, and I grabbed the door, latched it despite the gag-me smell, and this time I looked at the seat before pulling my clothing down. It was an old style black seat and it was not on a spring. I assumed that the mom didn't raise it for her son, because it was splashed, especially on the left side. He must have had bad aim. But I had no choice but to seat myself, and with the high humidity, I was hoping for a miracle. My stream started at once and I was so happy, because again I was melting with almost no air available. It was a continuous 1 1/2 minute pee that almost made me cry because I felt so much better. I didn't stay seated 1 second longer than necessary. My 3rd trip into the toilet came about 3 hours later when I had to crap. Probably too many hotdogs and potato salad, but it wasn't as messy as I feared because it was harder than usual, and the log fell fast into the pit with a thud. Since I couldn't wipe, I was interested when I got home what my underwear looked like. I was surpised that it wasn't that bad The 1 inch skidmark didn't seem that bad and I knew it would wash out.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ashley Q (The Dork) great story it sounds like your accident lead to a new friendship for you and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Christopher great story about you helping your wife with her major desperate poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Steve A

Post Kennywood Story Plus A Question

I got an interesting story to share with you that happened last night after our band went to Kennywood.

After we got back to the high school from Kennywood, I had to use the bathroom. So, I went to the regular bathrooms, but they were dark and I couldn't see anything, plus there was no light switch and the lights were off. We came back around 11:00 PM, so maybe that's the reason why. I then decided to use the 2 single bathrooms at the other end of the hallway, in which if anyone read my last story, there is usually only one open and they aren't used very much. As I was going to the band room to set my stuff down there since I brought it with me to the regular bathrooms, I noticed one of the staff members for the band, which was an attractive, young woman in her 20's, was heading to the single bathrooms. I came back since I heard that she had to key to those bathrooms, but she brought them into the bathroom with her. I decided to wait for her to finish and then I could go. I waited near the single bathrooms and I overheard her and she peed shortly and then there was silence for most of the part except for some farts coming from her bathroom. I assume she was pooping since she took a little longer than to only have to pee. I then decided to hide because I didn't want to get in trouble for waiting outside the bathrooms since someone might've came to my direction and that she might have thought that I was just there listening. I heard her lock the only single bathroom that was open. I then came out after I knew that the coast was clear. I then decided to just deal with the darkness of the regular bathrooms and just feel my way around to pee. Maybe if I would've explained to her why I was waiting, then she might have understood.

Tell me your thoughts on this story, What would you do if you were in this situation as me or the woman?

End Stall Em

Response to Gordonzola's questions

Great questions! What do we do when we are on the toilet?


This summer at the mall, where I'm working maximum hours, I take my phone out. I'll check messages only if its a short pee. I take nearly all of my daily craps there, especially over the past couple of weeks, and I usually find news or something to read on my phone. However, I have to remember the time I'm taking away from my kiosk and the number of shoppers waiting for the stalls.


At my dorm the bathrooms are huge and I don't have to worry as much about lines. If I'm having my morning crap, I usually take my laptop. If I've stayed up late at night writing a paper, I'll proof and edit it before sending it off to my professor while I'm finishing up on the toilet. A project like that might add a couple of minutes to my time on toilet, but I don't care. I've sent a couple of messages in just a normal pee.


In the classroom buildings or student union, there's much more demand for the toilets, so if its just a fast pee, many times I don't take my phone out. I've also noted that since most of the stalls have doors, having a computer of your lap while you are sitting will garner more peeks, stares or looks from the next user. I've always thought of that as a type of intimidation, but I've seen it from the other side too.

An additional musing:

I've always been an avid reader of sorts going back to grade school. My first year, first hour of middle school I had a study hall, and because I had all my assignments caught up, I was reading a novel for my own entertainment. So at about 8:30 every morning I signed out for the bathroom for my morning crap. I would take the far end stall and easily finish a chapter as I doing my "activity." One morning, I had been a little sleepy, and was at a very compelling scene when I went to my favorite far end stall and dropped my jeans and undees. Uncharacteristically, the seat was up, and I ended up sitting on the edge of the toilet bowl for what I think was about 30 seconds or so before I started to notice the discomfort. I was so lucky that I hadn't sat back farther or distributed my weight differently because I would have fallen in. I told my mom about it and she laughed her head off. I told my friend Spencer about it and he still sometimes teases me about it to this day. He says he can guarantee it will never happen to him because he always lines the seat with toilet paper or paper hand towels before he sits on it. I've never found an argument to rebutt that one.


Response to Jemma and others

Hi its John B.

Jemma so glad that your recovery continues, it has certainly been a nasty few months but light at the end of the tunnel it would seem now. Hope your hubby's been spoiling you rotten and I'm sure he has. Whatever you do please take care and I'm sure I speak for the rest of the forum!

Abbie and Megan glad to see you two are still posting and Abbie you're going back into your second of uni aren't you? How time flies!

Megan how's work in the library going and anymore stories of your colleague Lis?

My wife has undergone two investigive procedures, the first one being inconclusive. The second colonoscopy they took four samples for biopsy so it's a waiting game now for the results!

Take care one and all, especially you Jemma and hear from you al soon.

Best wishes

John B. x

it's a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigg one…

today i had a for me what was an extremely large dump. i'd post a photo if that was allowed. it wasn't a world record or anything. i'd guess it to be about four courics, but as i'm sure you could imagine it felt much larger coming out. i t made a little split in my sphincter and drew some blood. but really i feel much better having it out than in.


Sleepover accident

Back when I was still at school - I think I was about 14 - a group of us would have sleepovers every couple of weeks at different houses.

We would stay up late and watch movies and eat loads of junk food and chat (you guys get the idea haha)....

Well we would always take turns or share the toilet before bed and I remember us turning the movie off and getting our pyjamas on and starting the toilet runs. I got changed and felt the small need to use the toilet (for a poo) and decided it would be best to wait until the morning so I had more privacy or even until most of the others went home after showers.
I tucked into my sleeping bag and we all went to sleep.
I woke early and had a real pain in my stomach and was kinda desperate to go for a poo. As I started to move to get up I cramped really bad and could feel the tip starting to push out. I clenched as tight as I could and tried to reposition myself to get out of the bag easier. I moved onto my side and started to unzip the sleeping bag and it caught on the fabric. I panicked...alot.
I couldn't get the zip open and couldn't squeeze out.

I could't clench my bum any harder and all of a sudden I cramped again and my muscles relaxed... I tried to gain control but the poo had started to move and was now touching onto my pyjama bottoms.

I don't think I had gone for a poo in about 2 or 3 days so there was alot there and it felt like it came out forever. I started to cry which woke one of the others up and she came over to see what was wrong - she sat on my bag where my legs were which pushed me from my side onto my back pushing the hard poo down and squishing the softer stuff. I told her what had happened and she comforted me and helped me out of the bag and then showed me she had peed herself. We both cleaned up and as far as I know nobody else there knew what happened to us both.


To Steve A and Gordonzola

Steve A: If I see unflushed loo, maybe I do nothing, because soon someone find who is responsible for keep loo clean. She or he has instruments to solve problem.

But once I found such loo in my office. I went into loo and there was big smell. First stall I enter, loo was full of motions, really a lots, with lots paper. I used different loo for wee.

Actually I had met Suzuna on way to loo and she looked embarrassed so I wonder, did she do that?

I said to my boss, one of women's loos is break down. She said, I will contact janitor. I didn't look at Suzuna. Because I didn't want embarrass her.

Gordonzola: When I was girl, I read on loo. Now I do nothing, it is reflection time. Even one of my friends is with me, we talk only little bit. I like your name. Because I love cheese!



Ashley's survey..

Answers to Ashley's survey

1. Physical description of yourself:
Female, white, blonde.. About 1.65 metres long.
Blonde, slim. Aged 15.

2. How long does it take you to pee?:
About half a minute up to a minute.

3. How long does it take you to poo?:
Somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes.
I take a while to get started, after sitting down.

4. What things make you poo?: Especially spicy foods give me a bad urge.

5. What things make you pee?: Lol.. About everything drinkable.

6. Do you wash your hands after you pee?: Yes.

7. Do you wash your hands after you poo?: Ofcourse!

9. What kind of underwear do you prefer (thongs or briefs)?: briefs, to me, are more comfortable, since I don't feel them between my cheeks all the time.



Hey everyone

I had no cell service or internet while I was camping, so here are some more replies

To the unnamed poster: no, I was pretty constipated actually haha so no close calls, but the other day I almost lost it while dirt biking
Wader Girl/Tirah: I really liked your story about the beach
Danielle: Liked your story about the fort

Thursday, August 13, 2015


A school days memory.

Hello Again.

I mentioned ages ago that our old Victorian junior school over here in England didn't get indoor toilets until about 1970, and that the girls facility was built in to an old classroom with a high vaulted ceiling, and looked like a modern shiny version of Moaning Myrtles bathroom in the Harry Potter films, complete with high level 'pull the chain' type flushes. I only found out in later years that this place was quite terrifying for many girls, who didn't like to hang about in there for long.
This applied to a girl I sat next to in my final junior school year, we must have both been 11. Carolyn was a very sociable, chatty, sporty girl, and I was lucky to spend about half of that year as her class partner.
One day, I think it was in an art or craft lesson, it was quite a noisy, chatty session, the teacher, just in front of us marking exercise books while we worked. Carolyn had got a bit fidgety, and anxious looking. I asked her if she was ok. She replied that she wanted to go to the toilet quite badly. I asked her why she hadn't just asked to go, as it was always permissible to be excused. She replied that she wanted to go plop-plop (lots of girls used that expression in those days), and didn't like going at school, and wanted to wait for the not far away lunch break when those of us who lived near the school, went home for lunch, so she could go home and do it.
Being curious about toilet habits, I asked her why she didn't want to go at school. She told me that firstly, she didn't like the paper...I could understand that...little pink squares of shiny paper that didn't work too well...I never once did a poo at that school for that reason. She went on to say that she was frightened of the noise of the flushing toilet, and the hissing and gurgling of the cistern filling back up, and when she did a wee at school, she never flushed. I was a little surprised, as I found plumbing matters interesting rather than frightening...something to do with the fact my dad worked for the water works I suppose. She went very quiet, then without saying anything more to me, went up to the teacher. I didn't hear what she said, but she headed for the door quite quickly.
She was gone for ages, a fact noticed by the teacher who kept looking up and seeing her empty seat. He was just asking the girl behind us to go and see if she was ok, when Carolyn appeared through the door.
She looked a little pale, and I asked her how she felt. She said she felt a bit sick, and that she only just got to the toilet in time, and had to do two big plop-plops. She went on to tell me that she went to wash her hands, and realised she needed to go some more, but had an accident before she could sit down on the toilet again. Being curious, I asked her what happened. She went a bit red, but told me that as she pulled her pants down and went to sit down, her plop-plop just squirted out of her, and went on the seat, and the floor. She knew she needed to go again, so crept in to the next cubicle to sit down, and kept getting little cramp pains and doing little squirts of runny poo. She was wondering whether to tell the teacher about the mess, and I asked her if anyone else was in there and had seen her. She said no one else was in there...not unusual in lesson time, so I said I thought she should keep quiet, she might just get in to trouble. I remember asking if she had flushed….she hadn't so had left 3 toilets with some of her poo in. I think there was about 12 cubicles for the girls.
She was rather quiet for the next few minutes, and I noticed that she quietly 'burped' a couple of times with her hand over her mouth. She suddenly got up and ran towards the door. She paused, and the next thing seemed to happen almost in slow motion. She leaned forward, and with a loud EEEUUURRRPPP!!!, vomited a large pool all over the wooden classroom floor. I had never seen the teacher move so quick. He picked up a bucket from the nearby sink, and guided Carolyn back to her seat. She sat there retching in to the bucket. I don't mind the smell of poo, but the sound and smell of someone vomiting makes me feel sick as well, and I was having a job not to need the bucket myself, as Carolyn's vomit was slimy, frothy and smelly in the bucket.
It was close on time to go home. I often walked part of the way with Carolyn, and today was no different. She had to stop and vomit on the footpath on the way home, and also burst in to tears. I asked her what was wrong, and she said she'd had an accident in her pants as well. She must have felt dreadful, and I guess she had got a stomach bug.
She didn't return to school that afternoon, or the next day. Fortunate, as the headmaster commented in assembly, that the cleaners were complaining that some boys and girls were not flushing the toilets, and leaving them dirty. He looked very angry when he told everyone that one girl had emptied her bowels on to the floor, and said that there would be trouble if this happened again.This resulted in a few gasps and quiet sniggers, which made the head very cross. I thing Carolyn would have given the game away if she'd been there, as she would have gone bright red.
Carolyn returned after the next day. She told me that she had spent the rest of the first afternoon being sick, and having runny plop-plops, but was better the next day, and had the day off to rest, and was fine now.
I haven't seen Carolyn since leaving school, although she still lives and works nearby, so I am told. I sometimes wonder if she remembers this day, but I wouldn't want to embarrass her by reminding her if we meet again 

Today I was shopping at Family Dollar. There was only 1 person working and no other customers in the store besides me. An older lady, probably 45-50, short with a nice butt. I had just walked up there to check out and she started tapping her feet and shaking and said "Could you please hold on a minute?" I said sure and she started walking towards the back of the store and said "I gotta go potty!" She must've really had to GO because she was gone for almost 5 minutes. She came back and started ringing my items up and said "You know how our old bladders are. Can't hold pee forever." We continued chatting and i jokingly asked if she drank a lot and she said "No, not at all. But you'd think I did if you saw what i did. As soon as my butt hit that seat, it just kept gushing out!" It was wild how she was telling me the story. Poor woman was probably holding it in all morning. Has anyone else had a similar situation?


Re: Tlana (Babysitting & using public toilets)

Man the rules for Amee seem overly strict and unreasonable to me. I think there is merit to having a "try" for a BM in the morning so that you establish some type of regularity, but keeping her home 'till she goes seems like opening up the kid to more trouble. If she strains really hard to go when she doesn't have to, that can lead to hemorrhoids. Also as for teaching her not to go anywhere but you know the statistics on colon cancer in women? I've read that 50% of it can be traced to holding in bowel movements until its convenient to go!!!-- JW

Sophia W.
Hey there, it's me Sophia again, I hope there are some who can remember me. Well i did not have time in the last months because of school, but now in my holidays I have time and some storys I like to tell.

Well first from home, my sister an me still share the bathroom, But there is a diffrence, at least with my sister. In the last few weeks it happend very often when I was not at home but her. If I went then in our bathroom for a pee or poop, I did often found a unsflushed toilet with the pee and poop of my sister in it. I don't know why she does this and her logs made always skidmarks in the front of the bowle.

The other thing happend last week of school. It was a thursday and my best friend and me went home after school, be both were in the last meeting of our drama group at school were we helped to clean the stage in our school befor the holidays. Well this meeting lasted longer than normal and we missed our last bus. So my best friend called her dad that he could take her with him after work at my house. Both of us needed to pee because we drank a lot of water because of the heat, but the janitor already locked the bathroom, we also tried the one for the boys, but it was also closed. So we went out of the school with a noticebale urge and we tried to reach my home in time. I suggested the short cut through the fields an wooded area. We talked a lot about how we would miss our drama group in the holidays and how awful it is that the toilets aren't open. My need was very big and I was not sure if I could reach my own toilet, so I predigted I would use the nature for a pee. Suddenly my friend stood there in argony and she told me if I would mind a short break. i was happy about it and mentioned I would short disapear behinde the nearest oak.She laughed a bit and said this was her idea too, so we both went behind the tree put our bags on the ground and pulled our trousers and panties down. I could see a little wet patch in her lime green panties. We both squated and imedetly strated the pee of us. She moaned a bit and I breathed also with alleviation. Her and my stream were powerful and lasted for around a minuted. We both had a tissue to whipe from my bag and we could go on the way back. After ten minutes we reached my home. We had fun and watched some videos on YouTube and we both went for a pee again.

Bye and it is great to write again, but I do have a lot of posts to read


To Brian

Brian, thank you for your kind words and I apologize for not responding sooner. I think that it was a positive experience for us!




To Brianna

Brianna: Thank you for your feedback! Alan has really been good about the whole thing. I don't think he was grossed out. Too, I really was concerned that he might be upset that I gave the stomach virus to him and his girls. However, he did not blame me and was very appreciative that I helped with his girls.

The only thing - I never saw him vomit or have diarrhea. He always made it to the bathroom in time and closed the door! I would have liked to have witnessed it visually, if only to say we were even!

I am sorry about your accident but at least no one knew about it. I think that there is something about the relief of going when the amount that you go is substantial and so urgent that you don't have a choice.

It's always good to hear from you!



Soiled Pants

Unexpected and Amusing.

Had a lazy morning today and got up late. Enjoyed a mid morning fry up and started to get dressed. I got to the point of being in polo shirt and briefs when it dawned on me if I didn't get to the bathroom very quickly I was going to wet myself. I got there as fast as I could but had already begun to wet myself before I managed to get peeing in the toilet. At last I was putting my pee where it ought to be and really enjoying it when, it seemed like from nowhere, came a poo that slipped into my briefs and coiled itself into my partially wet briefs. I was stunned. When my pee had stopped I let the second coil of poo drop onto the first.

I am not going to try to say I have never messed my pants before but this experience was a first for me. I had no prior indication I was in any danger. Anyhow, my pants were full and, slightly shell shocked I moved over to the sink and shaved. I saw the funny side of what had happened and after shaving I felt the damp brown bulge and looked at my stained briefs in the mirror. I got clean shirt and briefs from my bedroom and began the clean up which was reasonably easy.

Recently I have been having wetting accidents where the need to pee has crept up on me quickly. I have sometimes found myself caught out in public places and only been saved by my usual wearing of dark corduroy trousers or jeans that have helped conceal my accidents.

Once cleaned up I went off to meet friends to watch our local cricket team play. When we were in our late teens one of the friends had, to my certain knowledge, pooped himself twice so I felt quite at ease in his company!


To Brianna

Brianna: Thank you for your feedback! Alan has really been good about the whole thing. I don't think he was grossed out. Too, I really was concerned that he might be upset that I gave the stomach virus to him and his girls. However, he did not blame me and was very appreciative that I helped with his girls.

The only thing - I never saw him vomit or have diarrhea. He always made it to the bathroom in time and closed the door! I would have liked to have witnessed it visually, if only to say we were even!

I am sorry about your accident but at least no one knew about it. I think that there is something about the relief of going when the amount that you go is substantial and so urgent that you don't have a choice.

It's always good to hear from you!




To Hayley

Hey Hayley

Thanks for your post about pooping into your bikini during your walk back from the beach. Sounds like you really had to poo.. I wondered why you pooped in your bikini rather than pull it down and release your turds on the ground. Was it because you were in an area without any decent cover e.g. bushes or trees etc? Or did you just like the feeling of the poop filling your bikini?

Anyway, hope to hear more stories from you when you have the time.


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