Me & Mia and our toilet time

Several years ago when me and my friend Mia had a day off school, we often didn't have anything to do so we would take long walks because sometimes we didn't have any money to spend and we were too young to get jobs. We were walking this train track for like three miles and nearing a gas station, I had a crap coming on because I had eaten so much for Sunday dinner at Mia's house, and she'd been holding in a piss. These bathrooms were located outside and in back of the gas station and with both the mens and ladies available, I told her we could just divide up. She refused to use the mens room so we both went into the ladies together. I was ready to blast, but she believed her pee which was starting to hurt her, meant she should go first. So she immediately pulled her jeans down and took the seat. I farted again right close to her and said I was going to have an accident as I dropped my shorts and underwear and squatted down just a half inch off her thighs. Mia had no choice but to slide back and spread her legs as she was peeing, and I seated myself right between her legs. I let go of one fart blast which scared her into saying "F###" and push at my back at little. Right at that point, I dropped my heavy footlong that came out so fast that it made a splash that surprised both of us, especially Mia, who was still peeing. I don't think I had been seated for 5 seconds when I was done and stood up to find there was no toilet paper left on either of the two dispensers. She said I was on my own as she sat smuggly and peed. I pulled up my shorts but didn't button them and was thinking of just opening the door and going next door to the mens room to wipe. And that's what I did, but I "forgot" to close the door so I inadvertently exposed her sitting there on the toilet to anyone walking or driving through the bumpy, rocky alley. Luckily, I guess, there was no one so Mia wasn't too mad at me. I opened the mens room, shut the door, dropped the seat, sat, and needed about five wipes, flushed them and waited for Mia. Finally, she came out, still adjusting her jeans. I teased her that must have been a silencer device on that toilet because I hadn't heard her flush. She used a bunch of expletives on me that she must have learned from her older brother who had just gotten out of the military. Mia said it was my responsibility because my "contributon" was taking up more space in the toilet than hers. I told her I wasn't so sure since she had peed so hard and for so long. Finally, there was a boy on a bicycle riding around in the alley and doing jumps. We called him over and told him we couldn't get the toilet to flush and asked him to try. I told him he might have to use his foot on the flusher to get it to flush. He looked into the bowl, said there should be no problem, placed is left hand on the flusher, and it all went down in one turn. We feigned surprise and started our walk back to our neighborhood.


to Ariene: examination of poop

At some point in our lives, it is likely that we will be asked for a stool sample. I've had to supply one on at least two occasions, and likely more (hard to remember so far back). I think the most common reason for submitting stool samples is for lab work, to determine if there is occult [hidden] blood in the poop, which could indicate internal bleeding. If found, that blood could lead to further lab work--X-rays, biopsies, etc.--or even surgery. If you've been having diarrhea for several days and can't seem to stop it, your stool may have to be examined for specific bacteria, such as clostridium difficile or giardia strains, both of which are serious diseases and--at least c. difficile--very hard to treat (you may have to have feces from a healthy person injected into your gut to replace the c. diff.; insertion is often accomplished by taking a pill that includes the needed beneficial bacteria). The lab folks can also test for excess lipids (fats) or certain chemicals or hormones, so that they can verify (or rule out) specific diseases or conditions. I don't really know a lot about it, but I do know that if your doctor asks for a stool sample, there is a reason. The doctor won't ask just for lack of other amusement, believe me.

There are several ways to collect stool samples. The one I am familiar with is to have a small bottle with a sealable lid or top. You don't poop into it; you poop into the toilet, being sure not to have any urine in the water. A small stick like a popsicle stick is supplied along with the bottle. When I supplied my sample, the directions were to use the little stick to dig out a small portion of the middle of the bowel movement, and also a small portion of either the beginning or the end of the movement (i.e., the end of the turd that came out first, or last). Once you have those little portions of poop in the bottle, with as little water as possible (and nothing else!), you put on the lid and use a tape (supplied with the kit) to seal it. Then you write your name, the date (and time, perhaps) of the movement, and possibly other information, all on the sealing tape. Then you deliver the bottle with the poop in it to where the instructions indicate--your doctor's office or the hospital or lab that will do the actual testing or analysis. I always kept the bottle in a plastic bag, both for concealment (I didn't want to announce to the general public, "Hey! This is my poop in here!") and to avoid leakage (though the bottles are quite secure, once closed and sealed). Then you wait for the results, and hope for the best.


My poop stories continued

I'm back! So I left off talking about the beach barbecue I went to with the family I nanny for. I got stuck in heavy beach traffic on the way home and I really had to go poopies. I was sitting in my car in my wet American flag bikini just trying to hold it in so I wouldn't wind up defacing the banner of our nation lol. As traffic crept along my urge to go got stronger and stronger until I reached the point of extreme desperation and I kept debating pulling over and getting out to poop on the side of the road. Unfortunately though there was no cover, one side was the cement highway median and the other side was just shoulder, guardrail then tidal marsh. So I was left to sit there struggling not to go in my bikini, and eventually just couldn't hold it anymore. My adomen tensed up just before a big blob of mushy poop burst into my bikini bottoms with a bubbly wet fart. It probably sounded so wet in part because my bikini was still wet. The load felt really hot and spread out from being squished between my butt and the car seat. I looked down and could see that it had squished out of my bikini a little and there was yellowish brown poop smeared on the insides of my thighs. Luckily I was sitting on a towel.... it smelled so bad and was a really big mess already,but I wasn't done going yet and wound up pooping myself even more before I made it home. I felt really relieved and didn't mind the feeling of the mess at all, and no one witnessed it, so I wasn't upset at all. I just had a natural feeling of shame like I did something I wasn't supposed to. Which I guess makes sense because adults aren't "supposed" to have accidents. Anyway, when I finally made it home I stood up from the car and wrapped my towel around me to hide my accident from any neighbors that might be outside and I went into the house to clean up. I had an embarassing encounter with my mom who happened to step out of the bathroom just as I was walking towards it, and i don't know if I just stunk or what but it was like she automatically knew what happened. She took one look at me and was like "oh honey what happened???" I just turned bright red and told her that I was stuck in traffic so long that I couldn't hold it in. She gave me a bunch of mom advice for how to keep my bikini from staining and then left me alone. It was sweet that she was understanding and helpful. I never told her about how I pooped my pants in geometry in 10th grade so as far as she knew it was my first accident. On that note, even though it was only my 2nd accident in the past 7 years, there is also the near accident I had in the locker room in college, which I guess was still technically an accident because even though I didn't go in my pants I still didn't make it to the toilet in time, and this fact got me wondering if I qualify as "accident prone". I have already read some stories here from people who have them pretty frequently so I know it isn't much, but still...2-3 poop accidents in my adult life and I'm only 23... I guess I need to be a bit more careful.



Examiation of poo by Doctor

Has anyone ever had to watch a doctor/other health person examine their poop? Or had a friend or other person examine it?

Sonya Sue

Another use for soap

I've been working extra hours at my truck stop/travel center clerking and stocking job this past month because I need all the money I can get for band camp later this summer. So me and TJ, this college student who works the car wash, were on break the same time, just sitting on the curb outside our store talking and sharing a 16 ounce bottle of soda. I didn't tell him but I was hoping to drink as much as I could in order to get my crap out because it was like the 3rd day. That's kind of long for me to go and I was starting to feel that packed-on feeling in my gut. So as we were commenting on the vehicles and people coming in this guy in a red pickup with a girl who looked to be junior high-age, parked just to the side of us and his rear wheel jumped the curb as he parked. He was comforting this girl, who we assumed to be his daughter who was crying, but at the same time, raising his voice about "getting it done this time," that constipation isn't fun and this was the 4th and final stop he was going to make in the last part of their trip to camp. Then as they walked toward us he was telling her he was going to buy her some soap, that she should put it under the water and then with a lot of lava on her hands, stick her finger up her you know what for as far as she could get it. Then she was to start pushing the crap out and progressively use more pushing force.

I was finishing off the soda that TJ left me while he went in to see our cashier and how this soap thing was going down. As she and him were talking and I walked in we could see the man coming out of the left-side unisex bathroom and looking for a text from his daughter who was in the second bathroom next to him. Violet, our manager, said she felt so bad for the girl when we figured out what was going on and told her. TJ told her he knows his grandfather had "soaped his shit" a few times over the years, but TJ said it was a little more than he wanted to do and that he would rather take a double dose of a laxative to get the results and I told both of them they were grossing me out. The guy was pacing the aisle for about 5 minutes punching and reading his phone, and I could see his anger was building a bit. He took out a cigarette and stood where we had sat and smoked it when we saw the door open and the girl hurry out of the bathroom with enough bounce in her step that we knew she had been successful. She went to the machine, poured herself a large soda, then came up and paid me before going out to her father.

So as soon as she went outside, TJ & I went back to the bathroom she used. The smell told the story, but she had flushed without any clogging, and she even wrapped the wet soap bar in a brown paper hand towel, and then tossed it in the waste basket. I told TJ that it was good that she wasn't riding a bicycle because she would be pretty sore. We get a number of riders in groups that stop at our store. TJ then pushed me from the door and said it was time for his shit, but that nothing spectacular was going to happen. I spent the next few hours at the cashier counter and saw dozens of customers walk down the aisle to the bathroom. Everything seemed pretty routine, though. And on my second break about two hours later, I went back, sat down, and my crap came out with very little effort. However, what was different, was for like the next half hour I was blasting gas that we pretty wicked.

Dude in distress

To Linda, Jasmin, Bloated Butt- how is your constipation??

I still occasionally have those days where I am desperate to poop, but unable to pass anything. Most recently- the other day I was terribly constipated, I was pushing and straining and the tip poked out several times but I couldn't get it out. I actually had to make it through the day with the tip of a rock hard turd stuck in my anus. When I got home I took my pants off and tried again while squatting over the toilet. 30 minutes later and nothing, I laid I bed on my side with a towel under me and strained as hard as possible. I reached down and felt it and it was huge and rock hard, I had to stop and catch my breath but luckily it didn't go back in- it was so stuck! I pressed against my anus below the tail bone and pushed again. It was stuck at the widest part. I had to strain and use my fingers to press down around my anus. Finally the widest part popped out and I was able to pass the rest. It was about 6in long and over 2inches wide.



Hello, first time poster. Never thought I'd be posting on here. I'm a woman in her late 30's, 5'5, slim, and dirty blonde. After reading a few stories on here, I feel relieved I'm not the only one that has a similar story to tell.

I normally have a pretty regular bowel movement, whenever I go do my business, I could normally make a relatively large load when I have my BM but last week, I was constipated for almost 3 full days. During my last half hour of working at the office on Friday evening, a urge to poop started to hit me. The urge had gotten pretty bad by the time I ended up shift. I never liked using the washroom at work, or anywhere really, because I prefer my privacy while I do my business and only use the washrooms outside of my place as a last resort. I drove as fast as I could back to my place and after getting there, I immediately parked my car in the garage before heading towards the garage door with my hands in my purse desperately trying to get my house key in the process. Due to my urgency, I accidentally dropped my keys. I went to pick it up, but then this sudden discomfort starts to arise in my abdomen and forced a very loud fart out and I could feel the poop just about to force its way out. I got up with my keys and just stood there, forcing my poop to not come out. I managed to hold it in, just then, I quickly unlocked the door and tried to carefully walk to the bathroom. Each step I took was difficult as I was at the point of possibly losing control. When I was nearly halfway to the bathroom, suddenly I stood there, this strong discomfort emerged in my abdomen to the point where my urge became too intolerable. This thick hard turd started to emerge its way out of my butt hole and I couldn't stop it. At this point, I just couldn't care anymore. I knew my family wouldn't be home for a while because they have their own priorities they wanna deal with, so I decided to pull my pantyhose and panties down, lifted my skirt up, then bent my knees slightly and leaned forward. I started relaxing my bowels, the turd came out at a little bit more faster. After a few minutes, I finally finished and at this point, I had dropped a pretty huge pile. I then walked to get some plastic bag and cleaning supplies and spent the next 10 minutes cleaning the mess up.

This is the first time since I could ever remembered that I had any trouble making it to the toilet since I was a toddler.

Thumper Dumper

Short stalls

I (6ft 3, 20year old male) was visiting seattle recently and I made use of the public facilities many times. I noticed that the stall length is exceedingly low! When I was visiting pike place market I needed a dump so headed to the men's room to almost be able to see every guy seated in every stall! Being a shameless shitter this was ok for me so I dropped trousers and briefs and got down to business. Just as I was about to drop the bomb I see my dad walking over waving at me and taking the stall next to me haha! It was an odd experience but you're never too old for your old man to see you on the toilet in seattle!

Anatomy Student

Lady pooped in the men's room

So today I was at a local pet store with single seater bathrooms. My friend went into the women's room to pee and I found the men's room to be locked. I waited outside and could hear my friend peeing, so I gathered whomever was in the men's room was pooping. Just before my friend came out, the men's room opened an a female employee came out quickly and apologized. I tried not to make eye contact and replied "no problem." Upon entering I was greeted by a strong but tolerable smell. The bowl had some serious skid marks too. Since it was adoption day, I imagine they were too busy for her to wait in line.


Pooped my pants........again

Today I woke up and ate a lot of cereal. I had to do yard work but it was very early and I didn't want to annoy my neighbors with the leaf blower and other tools so I played video games for a while. As soon as I started I felt the tip of a turd pushing against my underwear. I sucked it back in and repeated this process about 10 times. By this point I was absolutely desperate and was fidgeting. I stood up, and as soon as I did, my bowels automatically relaxed, and a mushy log quickly shot out of my butt. The size of this was amazing. I felt it tenting out my underwear and then squished into a bulge the size of an orange. However, I was far from done. The load kept coming out all in one piece, and I didn't even have to push. The mushy log continued its way out, slowly filling my pants. I felt like a huge baby, but as you guys know I don't have the best record for keeping my underwear clean. I was stunned that the log was STILL coming out after more than thirty seconds. I couldn't control it. The poop forced its way out but was starting to push its way out of the leg holes of my tight underwear. Unfortunately, this log kept coming. I was wearing compression running underwear, and it was keeping everything pressed up against my butt. I shit a little bit more in my shorts, and finally I was done. I went to my bathroom to clean myself up, but to my dismay, there was no toilet paper. I dumped the poop out, and to my amazement, there were no stains on my underwear and my butthole was relatively clean, no more than if I pooped in the toilet. I flushed and ran to my parents room, where I wiped about 6 times and was finally clean. I felt so relieved.

I hope everyone likes my story. I have read this site for months and had never posted anything until about a week ago. I love this site and I enjoy reading everyone's posts :)

End Stall Em

Children Alone in Bathrooms Away From Home

What happened to Siford in the beach bathroom almost happened to me about seven years ago when I was in junior high school. I had just stayed for an after school detention hall for something dumb like tardies (I had a hard time getting stool time during lunch hour because of the crowds so I would try to pee during the passing period before 6th hour--even then the lines were long)and since my mother hadn't arrived yet to pick me up and wasn't answering her cell phone, I decided to go in and crap. It had been one of those days where I was so busy in each of my classes that I didn't want to ask for a pass from a teacher, but now I was looking forward to sitting down for my crap. I walked into the bathroom, all 15 or so stalls were available and the far end one was where I was headed for. I opened the door, which creaked quite a bit, found that the latch was both loose and had been bent, but I pulled up my dress, and had my underwear partially down when I looked behind me to find one large crap in the bowl, plus pee from several users (because it was like darker than normal yellow). I decided not to try and flush it because I had two similar experiences a couple of days before hand and when I reached down and flushed, the stool stopped up and I had to move out fast before getting my shoes wet.

My decision was to move down to the first stall of the row that I had passed when I had come in. This one too had imperfections. There was no latch just two holes in the grey door. I was surprised that the bowl was clean because it was like nine hours since it had first been used that day, but despite the smell of some smoke (what bathroom doesn't have that?) and the carving and coloring of a male sex organ on the inside of the door (which was quite good--somebody must have been really constipated), I lowered my underwear again, pulled up my dress and seated myself. I was seated and texting my mom when I heard feet kind of like running and suddenly a little boy of probably 4 or so threw the door open onto me. It caught my right knee first, I remember swearing at him and then feeling sorry for over-reacting as I shoved the door shut. Then I heard him throw the door open in the stall to my right. His sweats went all the way down to the floor and within seconds his urine was being splashed several ways like a lawn sprinkler. I don't even think he used his hands to guide it. And of course, I hadn't heard him raising the seat. Then there was a fart and I saw his feet turn around and then a thud when he put himself up on the toilet. I could see some of the urine starting to drip off the panel and onto the floor, but his feet were swinging away as he sat. There were a couple of plops into the bowl, and immediately afterwards he jumped down, banged the door open. I didn't hear him wipe. I decided to concentrate on releasing my crap which was a piece about 15 inches long that was pretty soft. Then I pulled off some toilet paper and wiped, accidentially dropping the toilet paper as I remainded seated. Then I reached down to pick it up the boy's urine was already overtaking it and I saw the splashes had come close to my flip-flops and my dress.

I flushed, went out and washed my hands, and my curiosity got the best of me, so I went to the boy's stall and saw what a mess he had made. Of course, I expected to see the pee splashed around, but what grossed me out more than anything was that while he was crapping, he got off the seat and so two or three inches of his crap was dangling from the bowl at where the opening to the toilet seat is and there was one splotch of crap in the urine on the floor in front of the toilet. As I walked toward the parking lot, I saw a janitor coming out of another bathroom with his cart and I told him what had happened. He swore a couple of times about teachers and others being in the building and failing to supervise their children when they had to go to the bathroom.

While waiting for mom at the entrance (she had gotten tied up in traffic)I went into another bathroom and peed. That was totally uneventful, although as I sat on the toilet I noticed that my knee was red and sore from the other incident.


Bad day

Some days just weren't meant to be. Yesterday I crapped my pants trying to get to the bathroom. Guess I put it off too long, and nature has a way of showing you your mistakes. It was an awful cleanup. Later I thought I peed myself but my period started unexpectedly and I had a hard time hiding myself till I could get home. Maybe today will be better.

To J

Hey J are you a guy or gal? Also how old are you, you seem to have a lot of accidents :)


Surveys + quick update

I'm back from abroad! I didn't tell anyone but I had spent 10 days in Europe, 8 in Italy and 2 in Switzerland, for a school trip that ended in a conference with tons of schools around the US! It was really fun and I'll be back soon with some topical stories!

Steve A's Survey:

1. Why do you think people leave toilets unflushed in schools and in public?

My best guess is that they are reluctant to touch the lever to flush the toilet due to it probably being covered in germs. If it were a sensor flush toilet, they probably thought that the sensor would catch them leaving. When it didn't, they weren't bothered enough to turn around and cause it to flush.

2. Do you think janitors have it easy or hard depending on where they work?

Obviously some places are worse than others (sports stadium vs. say, an office building/professional establishment), but I think the job of cleaning up after other people is difficult in any circumstance.

3. What are the thing(s) you think about when you're in a situation when you want to forget about having to go to the bathroom until you can?

I focus on whatever task I may be doing in that moment, say homework or when I'm at work I would focus on whatever task I was doing at the time. I have focused on the likes of hobbies I was interested or dates I was looking forward to as well.

4. In school, did they ever have a lockdown (or something similar) in which you couldn't use the bathroom? What would you do if you had to go during that time when you couldn't use it?

The schools I've attended have had regular lockdowns and the like such as fire drills, tornado drills, etc. If I couldn't use the bathroom I would probably just wait it out if I really needed to go. If the pressure was unbearable I would notify a teacher or something, but I can't say what I would do afterwards since I'm not sure.

5. How do you think people used the bathroom before toilets and running water was invented?

Well, from what I remember of history class, they would use pots or buckets and dump them into the street, which is kind of a crazy thought lol. I remember reading that castle toilets would be jutted out of the castle so the waste would fall directly into the moat.

6. Does it make you jealous when you know that people poop more than you?

Not really lol. I love pooping and would like to do it more often but that would require a large shift in diet and other things like that that I probably wouldn't be willing to make.

7. From Catherine's story: Anyone in a relationship, how long did it take you to fart and poop around each other? Who did it first? Did you ever fart or poop around someone the opposite sex?

My first boyfriend and I is one of the better examples I have. It took us around 5 months to do any of that around each other. I accidentally farted in front of him and, to my surprise, he just laughed it off even though I was embarrassed. In reality it's not a huge deal and while we didn't go out of our way to do it around each other, but when it happened it wasn't a big deal.

8. Would you go 1 week without pooping just as an experiment to see how big your poop is without going 1 week?

If I had confidence that I could actually manage such a feat, then I probably would. But I'm not sure that I would be able to pull it off for that long without having an embarrassing incident in my pants.

James's Survey

1. When you poop, do you lean forward or sit straight up?

Sitting straight up usually, it just feels like the most comfortable position.

2. Do you like to read or do homework while pooping?

I've done homework while I poop, but in most cases I don't poop long enough to get any real reading or work done.

3. Do you wipe your butt between the legs or behind the back?

I wipe from front to back between my legs.

4. Did you accidentally walked in one someone using the washroom?

I have before, just short instances with my brothers or mom, all just various silly circumstances.

5. What comes to your mind when you poop or pee?

Usually whatever's on my mind in the first place or the act of actually going depending on how bad I needed to go lol.

6. Do you use gravity to move the poo out of your butt or do you just push it out?

I usually push lightly to get it going, but as the log progresses I stop pushing and let it slide out.


Reply to Jemma

Hello it's John B.

It's so good to see you posting again and I'm glad to say that you certainly haven't lost your sense of fun! My goodness you've certainly had a torrid time this past year or so and the way you have dealt with it all speaks volumes for you as a person and I'm really proud to be considered to be one your cyber mates!

I've had a condition too which potentially could have put my job on the line but I am pleased to say that the treatment worked and all's well now. My wife however has been having some bowel trouble this past five or six months and at first was put down as a side effect of her diabetic medication. The problem is that she has urgent need of the loo four or five times a day and she works for the same company as me as a supervisor on a school bus and company policy won't allow partners to work together.

Anyway Jemma she went to the GP on Monday, 13th July, and saw a locum which initially fazed her but apparently he soon put her at her ease. He called for the female receptionist whilst he did an examination. Upshot is that she's booked in for a colorectal exam and colonoscopy on 23rd July, yes as quick as that!

I wish you well Jemma and if you wish I'll keep you up to speed regarding my wife. You go from strength to strength my young cyber mate and hopefully hear from you anon!

All of you on this forum take care and keep up the good stories!

Much love

John B x

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie it sounds like you had a major and beyond desperate diarrhea your stomach must of had something it wanted to get rid of fast and luckily you made it to the toilet in time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Irma it sounds like you had a really good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amy great story Paige sounds like an interesting person.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Optional Person

Steve A survey responce

1. Why do you think people leave toilets unflushed in schools and in public?

They are probably proud of their butt's artwork and get a kick out of knowing someone will be "surprised" by it and the smell.

2. Do you think janitors have it easy or hard depending on where they work?
No job is as easy as it sounds, it would suck to deal with someone else's crap literally.

3. What are the thing(s) you think about when you're in a situation when you want to forget about having to go to the bathroom until you can?
I just tell myself if I forget my brain will realize it isn't the time.

4. In school, did they ever have a lockdown (or something similar) in which you couldn't use the bathroom? What would you do if you had to go during that time when you couldn't use it?


5. How do you think people used the bathroom before toilets and running water was invented?

behind bushes, that's all they had.

6. Does it make you jealous when you know that people poop more than you?


8. Would you go 1 week without pooping just as an experiment to see how big your poop is without going 1 week?

never that would be dangerous.


Wildpoepen with risk

Husband and I am on vacation in Scandinavia. We often camp with tent in the wilderness. When needing we often go to toilet in nature. I think we are not the only ones, many campers and hikers must do so. Not only to pee but also to poep. I most poep in the morning and my man most at lunchtime. Today he went poeping as usual after lunch. He is very private about it and he always ties to find very hidden places before taking the chance to do it. But when he came back today he was upset. Because when squatting, trousers down, bare bottom and the paper roll in hands, a group of three or four hikers came by. (All women!!) He said that they just smiled but as I know him that was a very bad experience for him. He pulled up and finished before necessary things were done. (Now when I am writing he has gone away again to get it really done!!) He does not even like to talk about such issues. I am not so shy about it, but I certainly try to hide. This year I think I have got it done in private cercumstances every time, but another year it has happened that someone has come by. When weather is nice I think it is quite comfortable to hide in the bushes to do it in close contact with nature.

To Siford

You mention about kids in public toilets who could do with some more training.

Well, a few years ago, I saw something like this. I was entering the toilets at a local restaurant when a kid who was about 6 ran past me, clutching his crotch. I presumed he was desperate so I didn't complain when he took the cubicle before I got there.

He went into the cubicle and pulled his trousers and pants down, then stood in front of the toilet and did a long piss. Bearing mind he's standing in front of the toilet pissing into it at this point, there's then a massive fart and a huge turd erupts and lands on the floor behind him, followed by a puddle of runny shit. He finishes his piss, pulls up his pants and trousers and leaves, leaving a massive pile on the floor.

Taylor (Shelbi's Sister)

Toilet visit with Shelbi

Hi everyone, I thought I'd share an experience from this weekend. Me and Shelbi were out doing some shopping when we both needed to use the toilet.

The bathrooms were really busy and we were both quite desperate so we went into a stall together. Since Shelbi said she only needed a wee I let her go first and stood facing her with my back leaning against the door. She pulled down her jeans to her knees, sat on the toilet and started weeing. I was bursting for a wee already and hearing her was making things so much worse! She went for about 15 seconds, quickly wiped and we swapped places.

I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles with my knickers as I sat. I gave a little push to get things going and started weeing immediately. After a few seconds the tinkle was joined with a quiet crackling as I opened up and my poo started making its way out. Sweet relief. It quickly fell into the toilet with a little "flumph" and I pushed again. Another piece slowly slid out, falling into the toilet shortly after and my wee finally ended. I think I went for about a minute. I gathered some toilet roll and wiped my front then focussed on cleaning up my behind. Luckily it only took a few wipes. I flushed, thankful it all went down and redressed. We both washed our hands and left the bathroom feeling much better.



Postman: Thank you for your kind words about my posts! Welcome back! Also I'm really glad you had a great bowel movement! Aren't those like that the best kind?

Cley: I guess I post here because of the solid accidents that I've had. I don't try to have "on purpose" accidents, but when the accidents happened, they had an incredible feeling. I's weird, but reading the forum helped me to know that I'm not the only one. Glad you are attracted to "down-to-earth" women and not grossed out by our bodily functions!

Optional Person: I wish you the best. When I agreed with my parents to do the diet change it was one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. I really was in a mess before.

I really have nothing new to report! Life, dating, and my bowel movements are all going well! This morning's was rather mushy, but the one I had about thirty minutes ago - another 12 inch log! Loved it!

Love to all!


Steve A

Answering My Own Survey

1. Why do you think people leave toilets unflushed in schools and in public? They want people to see what they did, they were afraid that it would clog, they were just lazy and didn't want to flush, they might be a germaphobe and didn't want to touch the handle, or they wanted to save water by not flushing.

2. Do you think janitors have it easy or hard depending on where they work? It all depends on where they work and if they think it's easy or hard on them.

3. What are the thing(s) you think about when you're in a situation when you want to forget about having to go to the bathroom until you can? I just focus on holding it in. My thoughts can be random at this time.

4. In school, did they ever have a lockdown (or something similar) in which you couldn't use the bathroom? What would you do if you had to go during that time when you couldn't use it? The lockdown/drills we had only lasted for about a short time. I never had to go during those times. If I ever had to go, I'd ask a teacher if they would escort me to the bathroom for my safety during the lockdown/drill.

5. How do you think people used the bathroom before toilets and running water was invented? Just as people would go outside. Trees, bushes, etc. I also heard during the Oregon Trail that the males and females would go off by themselves in groups in the mornings for bathroom privacy.

6. Does it make you jealous when you know that people poop more than you? A little, but I really can't do nothing about it. All people poop differently and that's just how their body works.

7. From Catherine's story: Anyone in a relationship, how long did it take you to fart and poop around each other? Who did it first? Did you ever fart or poop around someone the opposite sex? I never been in a relationship, yet. But, I did fart and poop around girls before.

8. Would you go 1 week without pooping just as an experiment to see how big your poop is without going 1 week? Maybe, but probably not. This experiment does sound interesting, though. But, I don't know how me and my body would handle it. The longest I went without pooping was only 4 days.

Steve A

2 Experiences From My Workplace

Hey everyone, I have 2 experiences that happened at my new workplace. I started last week.

1st Experience: This happened when I was younger, but still at the place where I'm working at now. I was at the store when I noticed this young, attractive girl in her 20's jogging to the restroom out of desperation. I went to the restroom since I think I had had to go too. She didn't take too long and it was probably a pee break that she was desperately waiting for.

2nd Experience: This happened yesterday. I was working outside, but went inside often to cool off and to hydrate since it was hot outside. When I came in to take a break, I noticed this fairly attractive girl in maybe her late 20's or early to mid 30's go into the restroom. I went outside again for about 10-15 minutes. When I took a break inside, she came out of the restroom. So, she was probably pooping.

I hope to have more experiences/stories at work.


First large, semi-solid dump in a while

Hi all. Been kind of unstable when it comes to my BMs. I have had diarrhea some days and other days I don't go at all, despite a lot of water and a healthy diet. I had diarrhea a couple times this week (big, messy explosions like look like a mud puddle) and then the rest of the week I haven't had anything happen.

Finally today I felt a pretty strong urge after drinking a large bottle of water after my walk (quite a long walk) so I headed to the bathroom. It felt like it might be hard. Pulled down my clothes, grabbed the Garfield comic and sat. Gave a gentle push and a massive turd came out within a couple of minutes. Surprisingly it didn't hurt or feel hard after all. The bathroom really stunk though. I was just happy for once that I wasn't having the runs. Haven't had a solid or semi-solid log in a long time. Most of the poop I have is liquidy or really mushy, like diarrhea.

I stood up to wipe and to look at what I did. There was a huge S shaped poop, kind of like a brown snake. I was amazed and relieved. It's nice when you finally have a semi-normal BM that you don't have to strain or run to the bathroom for. The wiping job was really, really messy and required almost an entire roll of TP since it was all over my bum and all over the seat. Needed 2 flushes to get everything down and the bathroom needed cleaning afterwards to get the poop off the seat. Yuck. I'm just grateful that I had a poop where I didn't have to worry about making it without pooping my pants on the way to the bathroom.

Happy pooping!


to Amy and a story from the gym

To Amy: I really liked your story about going outside with your girlfriends on your way home. I love how confident your friend Paige is about going to the bathroom not only to pee but also to do a number two. I am a little bit envious. I want to say too, that I have been in similar situations often and I also found that most of my girlfriends fart when they pee. I almost always do, especially when I squat. How come you have seen Lisa on the toilet so many times?

This morning I was at the gym to run on the treadmill. I ran for about 45 minutes and by the end I was super sweaty and also had to go to the bathroom. I went to the change room and quickly got my phone from my locker. Since I needed to do both, I wanted something to look at while sitting on the toilet. In the bathroom only one cubicle was taken with a woman having a pee. I took an empty one, locked the door and then pulled my yoga pants and my black string over my sweaty bum. The toilet looked all clean and there was plenty of paper, so I sat down and immediately started a relieving pee.

I peed for about a minute or so and while I did, two women came in and took the stalls to my left and my right. I recognized the girl on the right, she has a large and really beautiful tattoo of colourful leaves and birds on her lower leg. I have seen her at the gym many times and I love tattoos by the way. She sat down and started to pee right away. The woman on my left sounded like she was lining the seat with paper and then she sat on the seat of her toilet as well. She was wearing pink sneakers, like myself and had pulled her black shorts and rainbow coloured panties all the way down to her feat. When I was done peeing I put my arms on my thighs, leaned forward and started to push. I let out a long soft fart and then my first turd started to slide out. While it was still crackling out of my bumhole, I could hear the woman in the rainbow panties start to poo as well. She quickly dropped three poops and then started to pee. Meanwhile, there was a short fart from the girl with the tattoo and then she started to pull of paper and to wipe. I'm pretty sure she only peed. I was browsing my phone now and after about a minute or so my turd splashed into the bowl spraying my bum with water. Yuck. In the next couple of minutes, I pushed out three more poos and my neighbour did two more and a small fart. Then she started to wipe. There was a strong poop smell in the bathroom now and this time I think it was mostly my neighbour who had caused it. There was a real stink coming over from her cubicle. When she flushed her toilet, I dropped one more small turd from backdoor and then felt like I was done. I was also starting to feel pretty uncomfortable in my sweaty clothes. I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and my backside. I only needed two wipes back there! Then I pulled up my string and pants flushed the toilet and went to wash my hands.

I recognized my neighbour's sneakers in the locker room when she was changing for a shower. It was a woman named Jen, a brunette who is maybe in her early 30s. We chatted for a bit and then both went to have a shower. I felt much better afterwards, all clean and quite relieved from my visit to the bathroom. I hope you all liked my small story, it's all I have for now.


The Dam Breaks

Well, Emma finally got rid of her constipation in a big way. Didn't take a laxative, but I guess she had something that didn't agree with her. She actually called me to come with her because she knew it was going to be radioactive, and it was. I was a little awestruck by it; she had to flush a few times too. Lots of fluid, with some splatter, chunks and a whole lot of gas. There was this one point where she was just doing nonstop wet farts. Like I said...a little awestruck.

Jessica: Wow, it's really good that you can laugh at that. I bet it was not quite as funny when it happened (I can remember a few things that fit that particular bill) but it's always nice to be able to look back and laugh at something.

Irma: Emma's pretty much the opposite, she'll usually be really loose during her periods.

Steve: I'll try to keep this brief:
1. Laziness, broken flushers, an odd sense of pride/exhibitionism

2. Probably. I imagine that some places tend to have a higher level of automated systems (auto-flush, hot air dryers, motion sensor faucets) so they probably come with a lower amount of investment on the part of a janitor

3. I'll sometimes hum a song so that I'm concentrating more on the song

4. Nothing like that, although I do remember going on a long-distance class trip where the only available bathroom was in the back of the bus. I had a friend who rolled the dice in terms of waiting and ended up...kind of losing. She didn't crap her pants, but she really stunk out the bathroom, to the point where people were complaining loudly about the smell and making her feel really bad. Her sister and I had to run interference.

5. Holes in the ground. There are still a lot of places worldwide that have problems with sanitation, especially when people DON'T dig holes. There are also problems with assault for women in various areas without good bathrooms.

6. Well, maybe not jealous, but...there was this one time a while back (I don't know if this sort of thing happens to me more or if I just take more notice of it) where I was in class, and I happened to be paying less attention than I should have been. I noticed a girl on her laptop a row in front of me, also paying less attention than she should have been, filling out a survey. The question she was on was "how often do you poop" and the options were a) once a week b) a few times a week c) once a day d) many times a day. I happened to recognize from her body language that she was glancing up and down her row to see if anyone was looking at her computer screen, and then she selected d). I viewed her a bit differently after that.

7. Maybe a month? It certainly didn't take very long in the grand scheme. I suspect that even if I hadn't said something it would have occurred out of necessity. Emma's bowel issues are completely bananas sometimes.

8. Pretty sure I wouldn't make it. I'm a once-a-day-er myself, and on occasion (traveling etc) I've gone a few days without going, only to be hit with a huge urge once I get to a familiar toilet. I was on a camping trip once where I only peed the three nights we were there. A girl in our group had to take a crazy dump on the second or third night (her words) but of course I didn't get to see that.

So much for keeping it brief.

As far as the fiction front goes, there was a funny anime I watched recently where a girl (A) is new to a team of people. Shortly after joining the team A quickly becomes the best member, which causes a lot of resentment in the group; one particular member of her group (B) gets especially upset by this and tries various schemes to throw her off her game. One such scheme is spiking A's drink with laxative, but A manages to turn the tables on her, and it's implied that a long time passes before B manages to drag herself out of the bathroom. Of course in real life trying that sort of thing is asking for prison time. Poisoning is no joke.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

I posted before but the post never appeared so Ive re worded it and hopefully it will now pass moderation

Firstly replies and comments

To the anonymous poster who asked about my friends who get constipated and the ledge in the cubicles at school.

Yes I know several girls who get constipated quite often and of those at least 2 of them, my best friend being one of them, get it really bad and are severely constipated most of the time and like me, strain really hard to get it out. We arrive early at school and take a cubical and literally sit there straining to make ourselves poo. My best friend and a couple of the others, like me, don't use laxatives etc because of unpredictability and because it maybe fixes one poo and we don't want to be taking meds each day.

My Best friend and I help each other sometimes, - I have talked about this in previous posts and I've helped a couple of the other girls at school.

The ledge in the cubical that I put my feet on, is part of the divider, My best friend also does this as do many other girls. There have been a couple of girls that Ive 'helped' with going at school- ive written about this before but in 1 case this younger girl accidentally came into the cubical I was in and sort of stood there transfixed - i don't think she had seen anyone straining like that before, a conversation started and the gist was she was constipated and didnt like using school toilets but her ???? ache was so bad she needed to try to poo. I was plipping little pellets of poo as we chatted. I wiped then stuck a wad of TP between my cheeks and got up and sort of changed places with her. She seemed hesitant to sit down so I asked if she needed help, She said she hadn't taken her knickers down in front of anyone else so I said Oh its ok. When her white full cut Knickers were down it was obvious they were pee stained and heavily poo marked. She pushed a little and commented that it hurt, so I said don't be a baby and offered her some of my cream for her bum. I then suggested she put her feet on the ledge and told her she would need to remove her knickers. She put her feet up and pushed again - I said push really hard, push down into your bum, basically I had to teach her how to strain hard. She eventually did it and wiped and got off and I re sat to finish off a few last pebbles. She watched as I strained,- when I strain I strain really hard, years of constipation and making myself go I can do it really hard with out much effort. She asked if I was constipated I said no I am just having my usual morning poo adding that I go every day to try to avoid getting too constipated and that I make myself go even when I don't feel the need. How do you do that she asked, I replied I just sit there and strain as hard as I can until something comes out. She became one of the morning habitual toilet users.
On the ledges you can see the wear marks where the paint had been rubbed off where you put your feet. I asked one of my BFs if he remembered the ledges from school and he told me that its the way the divider is constructed from 2 pieces of back to back angle iron with a wooden laminated panel in-between. This was some 6 inches off the floor and you could put your feet on it at either side, (except if you were in the end cubical which had a tiled wall to one side), and this raised your legs up and it really makes it so you can strain harder - like wearing high shoes etc.

Your story regarding the 10 year old girl on the stool with chronic Constipation - yes the sit and try method does work - I am a constipation sufferer and have been as far back as I can remember - I too was badly constipated at that age so I know what its like. - If Linda was still on the forum she would support what I am saying.
The routine toilet sits help to get a movement at certain times although I don't see that at 10 and 2 would fit into a school day - Ours were always morning before school and in the evening with a similar routine maintained in the holidays.
Sitting down and trying to force a poo when you don't feel one coming gets it out before it has time to become constipated - my mum used to call it making yourself go. My best friend was made to go until she was 13, her younger sister still is as is my younger sister and I know other girls at school and friends who were/are made to go.
Anyway when she gets used to it it will help her to manage her constipation.

And Now My Post

Ive managed a decent poo this morning which surprised me after the problems I had on saturday and Sunday. Friday was a real late night at a party with friends and when we woke on Saturday I had a bad stomach ache. We made some food and coffee and I said as I had ???? ache I was going on the toilet. My friend asked If he could watch/help i said Ok. We got in the bathroom and I turned with my back to the toilet ready to sit and undid my black skin-tight short shorts I kicked them off and sat down and pushed and did a forceful pee, I strained hard and broke wind - quite a toot which sprayed bum jelly into the bowl. I apologised to him saying that's what you get coming in the bathroom with me, he said oh that's ok I strained really hard again and went a bit dizzy - but dropped a couple of pebbles which splashed into the water. I could feel a substantial log coming that was pressing on my anus hole which as I strained bulged down between my cheeks. The tip was protruding between the bulging bits of my arse when he asked if I could sit the other way so he could see it coming out. I turned around and sat the wrong way round. After I re sat I strained with all that I could and a big solid poo that was getting thicker pushed out about 4 inches, I strained again and another 2 inches of hard log stretched my bum hole open making my eyes water. I strained again and it all came out. I stood looked to see this huge knobbly, covered in blood, hard log in the toilet. He said he was amazed that I could do them that sise. I wiped and flushed.

Saturday evening I got ready to go out, wore tight wetlook pvc short shorts - the sort that show the bottom of your arse cheeks and heels, tight white top and make up - me and my best mate were going to the fun fair for 'fun' and then onto a party. She was coming round at 6 pm so at 5 I went to the bathroom, pulled my shorts down and sat on the toilet. I just wanted to make sure that there was nothing more after this mornings poo. I sat there straining and straining and dropped a couple of pebbles. I started to feel really full in my arse like whatever was inside was too big to come out but no matter how hard I strained nothing more was coming out so I lent round and pulled my arse open with 2 fingers from each hand and as i pulled strained against me pulling. I dropped a couple of small knobbly logs into the water.
I wanted to get empty up inside and strained again and again like a bitch bearing down into my arse. I pushed the inside of it out and then produced several more little hard logs and them some softer sausages and chunks. I strained again and more softer poo came out. I worked my inside bit back up inside me, wiped and pulled up my shorts - they are really tight and pull up between my arse cheeks. I could feel my arse bulging against them. My best friend arrived and said she needed to get rid of and leftovers form her last poo so went to the bathroom shuffling up her tight skirt and pulling a pair of tight blue bikini knickers down. After straining and grunting hard for several minutes did a log about 4 inches long made of like stuck together pebbles. She wiped and pulled up her knickers and commented that her arse was really sore My friend and I went to the fair had lots of rides and fun. As we got off one of the rides my friend told me her knickers were wet, that she had dribbled whilst on the ride. We went to find the toilets and both had a pee in adjoining cubicles. By the sound of it she had quite a forcefull stream so must have been quite desparate. We left the fair and went onto a party.

My best Friend stayed at my house, She wore tena pants in bed in case she has accidents.
Sunday Morning I woke with ???? ache and got up ate breakfast, my best friend was still sleeping so I then went to get rid of my ???? ache - well I strained and strained and all I could do was break wind - parp - toot and spray bum mucous and blood around the bowl. I tried for about 1/2 an hour until my friend came into the bathroom. She was eating her breakfast - remainder of a bag of haribo that was in her bag as she sat on the side of the bath and remarked her belly was really sore.I remarked she was probably constipated and she said yea that aswell and laughed. I Wiped and got up - didn't flush, she pulled her tena lady down and off and sat. She asked if she could shower and then proceeded to strain and in between straining asked me to get her bag for her, she fished out some more haribo and a tube of prescription cream which she opened and applied onto her bum. We shared her haribo mix whilst she carried on straining , I offered to help and she said could i press on her ???? hard which i did as she strained - she did a couple of Farts and strained again making a couple of pebbles to splash into the water followed by a log which she really had to strain hard on to get it to move further out than just the tip. She strained on that for a good ten minutes before It dropped into the water. She stood up to check what she had done, It appeared to be all little bits stuck together. She strained really hard again breaking wind and remarking that there was more and asked me to press on her belly again as she strained. After a couple of minutes a whole load of pebbles plipped into the water.
She wiped and put on a pair of pvc boyshort style knickers because of her very sore bum saying that they would stop any tel tale marks.

Anyway this morning - Monday, I went on the toilet for my usual morning poo and after about 10 minutes of straining felt something pushing against my bum hole. First few chunks and then a solid log that stretched me open. Another hard push and it splashed into the water. I strained again and did some more chunks. I was surprised that it came so easy a decent poo in 20 minutes. Usually on Mondays it takes me more than an hour to do a few pebbles.

Jas K


To VeeTwo - #1 and #2

Hey VeeTwo

Hey VeeTwo

Thanks for your post. Yes, I'm sure both sexes can pee and poop at the same time in certain circumstances. Indeed some women unintentionally poop when urinating on some occasions. Perhaps this also happens to men.

However, in women the urethra is much shorter and more easily compressed and/or distorted if their rectum is distended with poop - I learned this during anatomy and physiology lectures. A woman with a very full rectum (especially if the poo is hard) can experience difficulty with emptying her bladder until she at least partly empties her rectum. This phenomenon means that the emptying of the rectum prior to emptying the bladder is not a choice i.e. these women are not intentionally holding back their pee - indeed it would probably be difficult to do so in the circumstances. This phenomenon may also occur in men but is probably much less common due to anatomical differences.



Explosive diarrhea this morning

Hey all. My stomach has been pretty bloated and uncomfortable and this morning after a week of not much happening bowel-wise, I went. I was rather rudely awakened at about 10:15 with a major urge to go diarrhea and I almost lost it on the way out of bed. That would have been a disaster area since I'm wearing blue Stewie "Damn you!" pj pants and was wearing pink underwear this morning. And with the BM I had my undies and pants would have been wrecked beyond wearing again. So I did my best to clench and walk as fast as I could to the bathroom, taking my phone with me. Went in the bathroom, turned on the light (which also activates the fan), pulled down my pants and undies and sat where I absolutely exploded. I had the noisiest, nastiest diarrhea for 15 minutes! Crazy. My stomach was hurting pretty badly but once I was done I felt a lot better. Though I've been careful not to fart anywhere but the toilet.


First post

Hello everyone! I've been a long time lurker but this is my first post. I am a 13 year old girl and have brown hair and eyes.

Recently, I haven't had any abnormal trips to the toilet, although I wws woken up at around 1:00 am by a strong urge to pee.
I quietly walked to the bathroom and sat down, pulling down my pyjamas and underwear. I peed for about 30 seconds then wiped,flushed and sent back to bed

It wasn't that abnormal for a story but hopefully it'll do for my first post! ^_^

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