How do I tolerate beach bathrooms?

On page 2469 last month I wrote about taking my kid sister Simmee,10, to the beach as part of my babysitting responsibilities. She was able to crap in the big bathroom there, but when she finished on the toilet she found there was no toilet paper so she had to kind of hop-skip to two other stalls and use the remaining toilet paper they had in order to completely wipe herself of her soft crap. At least she was successful in not leaving any skidmarks in her new pink bathing suit.

So last week I took her back to the beach and this time she took her friend Kamdyn. While Kamdyn has only lived in our area of the country for a year, she enjoyed herself over the five hours we were there and she tried once early in the day to go into the toilets and pee, but for some reason, and it may have been how crowded it was, Simmee said Kamdyn wasn't able to follow through and when her bladder started to hurt her when she was in the water about a half hour later, she just peed there. Simmee took notice when Kamdyn stopped in her tracks and drew attention to the pee. Simmee told her if she got caught it could mean getting kicked out by the lifeguards and beach authority police, but Kamdyn didn't seem to care. Then at about 11 a.m. I needed to go into the toilets for my daily crap. I hated the idea, held it for a while, but knew I didn't have too many alternatives because I would be totally scared to pull my trunks down and crap in the water. Since I've had a hard time this year sitting on the toilet at school and going to the bathroom, squatting over in water with so many others around frightens me. So I had Simmee and Kamdyn come out of the water and walk with me through the hot sand (something that Simmee hates because she says it screws up her feet) and sit right outside the bathroom building while I went in. Out of about 10 or 11 toilets, there was only one that was vacant. None had doors, something I've come to respect. The seat was up and I dropped it. It was pretty wet, so I took a couple of strips of toilet paper and wiped it down and I pulled my green trunks down to my knees and seated myself. It might have been because I was wet and sweating too, but I felt really uncomfortable on the seat. My organ was scraping against the front of the bowl, so I spread my legs wider and pushed it in as I moved myself farther back on the seat. It still wasn't that comfortable, but I could feel my crap, long, hard and formed emerging. There was some pain as the head came out and I widened my legs again to like v-shape.

Then the strangest thing happened. In the stall on my immediate right, I saw the legs of a little boy waddle in. He was obviously young and very inexperienced because he had his blue trunks all the way down to his feet and they were dragging on the wat floor. As I sat, I expected to see him turn himself around and throw himself up onto the seat. However, to my surprise, he started his pee stream and without directing it into the bowl it at first was spraying the floor around him, and then I don't know if he tried to guide it or not, but some of the pee was running onto my side of the stall and my left foot got a pretty good spray, before I moved it in, and thereby, almost took my butt partially off the seat because I was still dumping. I don't know if this type of thing happens often, but he had no adult supervision and, of course, he turned around and left with his trunks at foot level while I was beginning my wiping. There was so muh noise with the others using the toilets, flushing them and in some cases screwing around like slapping one another with bath towels and then running off, that I couldn't hear if anyone got the boy to pull up his swimsuit or not.

Simmee and Kamdyn were playing in the sand right outside the entrance to bathroom building when I came out. I asked them and they said the little boy hadn't come out and then Simmee reminded me there was a back entrance too. They thought it was funny when I told them about the surprise shower the boy had given me. But they became a bit more serious when they saw I was really angry at what the boy had done.

Taylor (Shelbi's Sister)

A response to End Stall Em

I think in a way I'm a little similar to the girls you describe in your previous post. At college I'll often nip to the bathrooms for a quick wee like yourself but I find myself sitting there playing with my phone for a minute or two because I usually have a poo mid afternoon. If the bathrooms are busy or there is someone waiting to use my stall I'll wipe after my wee and leave but if it's quiet I'll wait and usually end up having a bowel movement too.


Saturday Night Poop

Hey everyone. Irma the single blonde here. I had an interesting pooping experience this past weekend. I had been slightly constipated since it was the end of my "time of the month". I always get stopped up during my period so I took a laxative Saturday afternoon so I could try and go later that evening. Since my friends were all busy, I planned to stay home that night anyways. I went out and ate at this new place that just opened up near my apartment, then grabbed a movie from the Red Box at Ralphs and went home. It was about 9:00 when I got home when I started getting cramps. I went to the bathroom, pulled my pants and thong down and sat on the toilet. I peed a little then farted twice. The cramp in my stomach disappeared, but nothing came out of my butt. So I took a shower, put on a bra and another thong and popped in one of the movies I rented. I sipped on a glass of cheap red wine to help move things along. About midway through the movie, I felt like I really needed to poop. I went to the bathroom and a long piece slid out. It must have been at least 9 inches. I cleaned myself and flushed it down and continued the movie. At about 11:30 when the movie was over, I needed to go again. I went back to the toilet and pulled my thong to my knees. This time, liquid poop just exploded out. I flushed again and I literally started peeing out of my butt. I squeezed again and more mushy, liquid poop came out. Thinking I was done, I grabbed some toilet paper, but I farted and brown water started pouring out of my ass. After about 20 minutes I was finally cleaned out. I rinsed off in the shower, brushed my teeth and went to bed. Ladies, do any of you have bowel problems like I do during your period? Anyways, hope you enjoyed my poop story. :)


sorry I've not posted too often after my first post about Lisa and I but I've been quite busy with school. Thanks to everyone for their nice comments after my first story x.

There will be plenty more about Lisa and I's toilet exploits but I'm going to tell you about a girl I know who does the toilet in such a unique and shameless way!

Her name is Paige. She is a little taller than me and slim/toned body with long blonde hair. This story happened when Lisa and I were invited to an 18th birthday party of a girl in our school. I have met Paige only a couple of times beforehand but had spoke to her a good bit that night.

Anyway it was very late at night and Lisa and I were walking home with Paige as it turns out she lives close to us. We were kinda walking in two groups, Paige and I walked faster than Lisa who was walking with two of her friends, who also live near us!

As we were walking through a public park, Paige and I sat down on a bench and waited on Lisa and her mates to catch up. As we sat next to each other, Paige said "I'm bursting for a piss!". I sorta needed one but wasn't desperate and just agreed with her. She was wearing a red puffy skirt and suddenly I noticed her rustling around at her waist.

The next thing was, I looked round and her black pants were at her knees and her skirt was moved up from her crotch a bit. There were little gaps between the wooden slats in the bench and she simply adjusted herself and just sat and did a pee.

She was so un-awkward and natural about doing this and didn't act like it would even be a topic of conversation. She sat in the same way exactly she was 5 minutes before but just happened to be urinating. It was such a big powerful pee that she was obviously desperate for. She sort of exhaled deeply once it was done and did a little windy fart to which she said "Ew I'm sorry!". She then proceeded to pull up her pants while still completely sitting down and pull her skirt back down, I was amazed!

Lisa and her friends caught up with us and we set off walking again. The other girls were absolutely none the wiser that Paige had had a pee obviously.

Around another half mile up the road, Lisa's best friend Chloe suggested that we take a pee break as we were walking alongside a high wall which we could obviously squat and lean on to relieve ourselves. As we were just walking leisurely and still had a while to go I thought I would join Chloe and Lisa in squatting to have a pee. Paige added to me "Yeah I'm bursting for another one haha!"

She then went on to amaze me again. Chloe was wearing a white skater skirt that Lisa lifted while she did the toilet to avoid it getting soiled. She also shuffled her underwear down to just past her bum. Chloe crouched fully down and had a big long pee while using her hand to support herself. She didn't seem like she had done too much squat peeing before so I was glad that Lisa was helping her.

I was wearing a short, straight dress to my mid thigh which I could easily pull up to pee. I had black tights on too though which I pulled to my knees along with my pants. However, just as I had got ready, I noticed Paige had her pants at her knees and was just standing in the middle of the pavement as if she was sitting on a high toilet if you get me. So her knees were bent and her bum was in a sitting position. I was baffled at how she had the thigh power and bladder/bowel control to do this. I glanced at her bum and thigh muscles though and for a slim girl, she did look quite muscly down there.

She saw me ready to pop a squat and said to me jokingly "Aw Amy [my second name] I thought you were a woman like me, don't kneel down like a little girl, join me." Against my better judgement, I joined her! I mimicked her position completely and watched as she effortlessly let her pee trickle out on to the pavement and not soil her underwear at all.

I just couldn't! My thighs got so tired and my bum felt like really spread and I just felt like I was going to do a poo! I mustered one little trickle of pee but it was so much effort to make sure that it didn't fall into my tights. It could be seen that Paige was very practised at this! She gave me advice like "just push all your energy into your bum like you're havin' a poo." I told her that if I did that i'd probably end up just doing a poo to which she said "Nah, you won't if you're not trying to babe, you'll just fart."

I ended up just taking the 'girly' option and kneeled down like both chloe and Lisa did against the wall. My pee was over fairly quickly and I obviously couldn't wipe with anything and pulled up my tights and pants back up. Paige finished just before me and farted very noticeably before pulling up her pants and standing up straight, I was so interested in the way she did the loo. I was also really satisfied because it became apparent to me that all 4 of us were girls who farted after a pee. Paige did 2 noisy ones after both pees. I did one after mine like always, I didn't hear or smell Lisa do one but i've seen her on the loo enough times to know that she definitely will have. Chloe was bent down right next to me as she had her pee and I didn't want to say anything because i think she may get embarassed about that sort of thing, but she definitely inadvertantly released some gas while pushing because a little farty aroma tickled my nostrils haha.

We had only been walking for a few minutes again when Paige announced "Who needs a poo? Because I do man!" Nobody else including myself did and we thought she was maybe just announcing her intentions for when she got home. However, a minute or so later, she noticed a horrible looking portaloo in the park which she rushed towards. She said "I'll not be two seconds girls!" Despite rarely caring how any other lady does the loo, I for one was fascinated to see what unique way she would take a poo and I felt that the others were too.

We went over to the door which she didn't bother closing. She heaved her pants to her ankles and much to our surprise just plonked her legs down on the little narrow seat with her legs quite wide apart, but still sitting on the toilet in a fairly ordinary way. Her back was straight and her face became stressed whenever she was pushing a bit out.

What followed was the most systematic poo i've ever heard. As soon as she sat down she took a deep breath in, made a face and forced a big dry piece out before breathing out. She took around 5 seconds and then did this exactly again, and then a third time. The smell whafted up from under her and hit us all. We all stood there in astonishment at how efficently she had just had a bowel movement. She didn't sit on and push more or have a pee or anything. As soon as she was finished, she stood up straight and wiped herself like a boy. She wiped her bum twice and didn't bother with her front because she didn't pee before pulling her pants up yet again that night. She flushed the loo and washed her hands, meanwhile Chloe went in and pulled her pants down to her knees but simply reached up the front of her skirt with a wad of loo roll and dabbed her front. She said "Just thought i'd wipe after my pee back there seeing as we couldn't." She then pulled her pants back up and we left the portaloo. That was the last of all our toilet activities and we all went to our respective homes.

I found Paige's way of doing the toilet really interesting and funny. Seeing as she lives closer to us than i thought, hopefully Lisa and I will see more of her and may witness her doing the toilet again lol. As always, any questions about Lisa and I's toilet habits or anything to do with Paige or Chloe or whatever, just ask x


To Jemma

Hey Jemma

Thanks for your reply to my "shoutout". I'm glad to hear you're getting better even if it's going to take time.*cyberhug* I hope you had a chance to get some decent rest after being in hospital. It sounds as though your husband is very caring and attentive.

Loved your stories - especially your detailed descriptions - including the appearnace of your "plops" in the bowl and sounds. The relief must have been huge when you were finally able to release your plops on each occasion. These large loads you pass are a good sign - especially if you can't see any water in the bowl and/or they take 2 or 3 flushes to go down completely. They suggest you've had a good clearout of your rectum and lower bowel.

When you visited the cafe toilet you mentioned your first big plop started coming out before you got comfy on the seat; it sounds as though you were very desperate and didn't have much choice in the matter. However, it's probably helpful to allow your bottom to start opening up when you're in the process of sitting down on the seat if you are really desperate - it helps to begin to release the pressure slightly sooner. Creating lots of skid marks above and below the water line suggests that your bowels are well lubricated thereby allowing their contents to move along easily (that's not to say that absence of skidmarks is a cause for concern).

(On a slightly different topic although heavy periods can be irksome and can cause anaemia in some women they are also believed to lower the risk of cancer and be beneficial to your liver and overall health - so there is an upside.)

Anyway, it's great to hear from you again and read your recent stories.


Brandon T

comments & Stuff

To: Wader Girl great story.

To: Annie as always another great pooping story I look forward to your next one as always thanks.

To: Jessica first welcome to the site and great set of accident stories please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great set of desperate poop stories it sounds like in your first one you just made in on to the toilet with out a second to spare from the sound of it and it sounds like it was the same way with your second poop and great story about your desperate poop at the wedding and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Steve A


Here's another survey for all of you:

1. Why do you think people leave toilets unflushed in schools and in public?

2. Do you think janitors have it easy or hard depending on where they work?

3. What are the thing(s) you think about when you're in a situation when you want to forget about having to go to the bathroom until you can?

4. In school, did they ever have a lockdown (or something similar) in which you couldn't use the bathroom? What would you do if you had to go during that time when you couldn't use it?

5. How do you think people used the bathroom before toilets and running water was invented?

6. Does it make you jealous when you know that people poop more than you?

7. From Catherine's story: Anyone in a relationship, how long did it take you to fart and poop around each other? Who did it first? Did you ever fart or poop around someone the opposite sex?

8. Would you go 1 week without pooping just as an experiment to see how big your poop is without going 1 week?


Spoke too soon

So the other day I said I had nothing interesting to post, then I almost didn't make it home, which would have been disastrous for my khaki pants. Luckily I managed to make it. I was just barely able to make it though, and my aim from behind is a lot better than I thought it was. For a while I thought I'd have to bring out the old mop, but thankfully that wasn't necessary. A quick hop in the shower and I was good as new. Not sure where that came from; I'd been having a short walk when suddenly I had a bad stomachache and had to get home immediately.

Girlfriend (we'll call her Emma) refuses to take any laxatives or anything of that sort. She figures that with her weird bowel issues it'll tip things too far in the other direction. Well, that might be true, but it probably also won't result in her popping a vein in her forehead. On the other hand I don't want her to be sick or anything.

Speaking of, a few friends of mine decided to have a party for the weekend. I declined, being a non-drinker and knowing that a lot of that would be going on. Of course, I learned later on that, while heading between bars, one of the more attractive young women ended up getting a close call similar to my own. Except that, since they were pretty buzzed at this point, she decided to just step a bit off to the side and drop trou right there. According to my (other female) friend--who may or may not know about my interest, given how many of her own stories I've heard--it was "a huge dump" in her own words. Ah, the choices we make. If only I'd just sucked it up and come along...

Still, I consider myself lucky in that regard too. In addition to being on the same page as me for many other things, Emma's pretty understanding of my quirk as we have an open door policy at home. Before I had dated one other similar woman, and had a sort of short-lived fling with another, but generally speaking what goes on in the ladies' room is supposed to remain a mystery.

Responses -

Putz: I have to agree with you. The idea of women going outside is really exciting and funny at the same time. I've witnessed a few situations like that in person; one happened with Emma, peeing only (alcohol was involved, but not heavily) and some with another woman I was seeing a long while back (the one I mentioned earlier), both peeing and pooping. I've also witnessed various strangers after hanging out at bars with friends (part of the reason I don't drink now). And there are a surprising amount of women being caught on surveillance cameras in supermarkets and malls where they just go into an empty aisle and poop. It's odd.

Catherine: I'm a number 3 for sure, and it seems to happen more than one would imagine with me. Part of that is probably because I tend to be attracted to more down-to-earth women. This was true even when I was young. I also have a vague memory of sitting beside someone on a two-seater when I was very young, like maybe 5, at some day camp thing. I can't remember too much of that though.

Another funny anecdote, just a short one: on the bus I saw some graffiti that said "POOP AT LEAST ONCE A DAY, I <3 YOU" along with what I assume was a picture of poop. I found it strange but humorous.


Optional Person

To Catherine 3

Catherine your stories about your progression with Alan are very exciting to read and follow.

I also saw your post. I have been thinking I need to make that life change. i thank you for the response on that. i have been picky since birth, so it will be hard to break. but if/when that happens, i will let you all know.

have a great day Catherine and thank you.


to Charlie

Well, I've never actually had a friend help me with an enema or suppository, but that sounds like an interesting experience to me. No, I'm terribly secretive about having to use suppositories. However, to answer your other question, one time I did ask a friend to get an suppository for me, because I had left it in my room and not brought it into the bathroom lol. He of course did know about my constipation issue so it wasn't too surprising to him, but it was kind of embarrassing. I had been straining a lot beforehand and been unsuccessful so I had to ask him to bring something to me.

I've had an enema before, but not in a while; in general I just use suppositories. They seem to get the job done, but I suppose my constipation isn't as bad as it could be.

As for a friend being in the bathroom, briefly. I've had a friend see me on the toilet when I was straining out a big one, on vacation. He and I were staying in the same hotel room and it had a very un-private bathroom and I just kinda left the door open and he was doing his own thing, but then came over and saw me on the toilet pushing and working on a big turd lol. He thought it was kinda funny and so did I--I wasn't really embarrassed. And there was one time when a friend came in the bathroom briefly to get something while I was pooping--but I think he was put off by the smell pretty quickly. lol

Thanks for the questions, sorry it took so long to answer.


Crapped my pants

Hey everyone,

Before I went swimming, and after I was really hungry so I ate some mozzarella sticks. About an hour later I was just sitting around when I felt some pressure in my butt. I definitely had to poop, but I ignored the urge until a few minutes later when I almost lost it in my pants. I inched my way to the bathroom and sat down. I pushed lightly, and before I realized that I still had my underwear on, a soft, slimy log very slowly started crackling out of my tired butthole. It tented out my underwear about six inches, but this was a huge turd. It squished up against my butt and formed a bulge. I continued pushing and sped the expulsion of my poop. The turd finally finished coming out, and I immediately felt my hole open back up. A mushy log forced its way out, but was resistant against the huge ball of feces in my underwear. I could tell this was going to be a huge one. I held my breath and pushed. The log easily came out, and rapidly expanded the bulge in my underwear. I felt finished, but then a few small chunks of poop came out. The relief was insane. I slowly pulled my underwear down. I was amazed that the poop didn't come out of the leg holes. It covered my entire butt. I tipped the mound of feces into the toilet. My underwear was clean, thankfully, but there was an immense amount of poop caked on my butt. I wet paper towels and gingerly wiped myself clean, trying not to get any on my hands. I eventually finished wiping, flushed, and washed my hands. I felt twenty times better after just letting it all out. I'm an odd one.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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