Going in naughty places

Hey there, all. I've been a long-time lurker on this site, since the days back in the early 2000s. (This site is older than some might think - it's an artifact of the internet.) When I was younger, I used to enjoy peeing and pooping in places I wasn't supposed to; I've gone in countless strange places over the years. Perhaps I'll share some of my stories at some point. I hadn't done anything like that in a long while, though, until recently - and I figured I'd share.

After a night out with some friends, I decided after closing time that I was going to catch a movie instead of going home. I ended up going to one of our local theaters to catch the last showing of the night of the new Avengers movie, around 2am. I settled in for the experience and I wish I could say that I enjoyed it, but since it was late (and I wasn't sober) I ended up dozing through most of the film. I guess I'll have to wait for it to come out on a certain streaming service. At any rate, I'd been holding it for a while, and I was actually glad when the movie finished (I'd missed most of it anyway). There weren't many patrons there in the first place, but since it was the last showing, the theater cleared out pretty quickly when the movie ended - and I had to piss pretty badly. Perhaps it was the influence of the alcohol, but I decided not to use the theater bathrooms. As the credits were rolling, I descended the stairs and slipped into the shadows of the corridor, whipped it out, and let loose. The "SPLAAPLPLP" of the carpet soaking it all up was pretty satisfying - I'm enjoying just thinking about it now. (At 29, I suppose I shouldn't enjoy this anymore, but I suppose we all have our guilty pleasures.)

I'm much more interested, though, in women peeing or pooping in places they shouldn't. Some of my favorite stories on this site are the stories in which women are intentionally doing something like this - like Goldgirl, who peed in a hotel and some other places; Kayla, who decided to poop in her mother's new coffee pot; Spice, a somewhat recent story of someone exploding all over the walls of a London outdoor bathroom (come back, Spice, you were great); two girls on an older page, who decided to shit in a hotel pool…. From phone boxes to movie theaters to car interiors, from dressing rooms to store aisles to bathroom sinks, you name it, it's here - and it's awesome. In fact, there's an excellent, if brief, story I found online that I found pretty exciting (not mine, but I wish I'd been there to see it), posted below:

"One time at the mall I saw a lady standing close to a clothes rack, leaning into it. She was in the back corner of a store. Her and I were the only ones around. At first it looked like she was just looking at clothes, but then I saw that the front of her pants was pulled down a tiny bit and she was peeing into the rack. All the pee was going into a large fuzzy sweater so it made no sound. She finished and calmly walked away. As soon as I saw that much I walked away so I would not get blamed."

I guess the main reason I decided to post was because I want to see if any people share these interests, even if it may be somewhat controversial. As such, I've gotta ask - have any of you women out there done anything like this, or even thought about it? (I guess I have to open the floor to stories from guys as well, even if it's not my thing - after all, I shared my story, so I guess I can't discriminate.) Please, go ahead and share your stories! I hope you enjoyed mine, and I hope to enjoy yours.

Happy toileting (or anywhere-ing)!


Pooped my pants on a run

Hi, this is my first post here. Before I was running at a local park when my stomach started hurting. I needed to poop and before I knew it I became desperate. I stopped to take a breather when a massive log of poop flew into my shorts. I turned around and headed for the bathroom with a blob of poop in my underwear. It was a porta potty and when I got back it was occupied and the team was stretching. It didn't have much smell so I stretched with them standing up. I slowly made my way toward the porta potty. When I got inside it was disgusting with a mound of poop in the hole. I pulled my shorts down and the poop was smeared everywhere. I dumped it out and quickly cleaned myself before anyone noticed what I was doing. I got home and ate dinner, and soon after I felt the need to poop again and I didnt make it to the bathroom. A thick, slimy log came out and as soon as I finished with that one, anither log pushed its way out of my butthole, forming a huge bulge in my shorts. I felt it squish as I hobbled to the bathroom. I got cleaned up and that was that. Hope you enjoyed, more posts to come.




Your question about girls/women peeing and pooping in one sitting is a good one. Yes, I've become more masterful of it for a couple of reasons that largely relate to when I'm away from home. As I've written about for several years on this board, switching schools was difficult for me and when I got to my new school for 9th grade mom suggested that trying to do more than one at one sitting would help me. Passing periods of 4 minutes (with time-on-toilet 1/4th of that, at best) meant that while I was peeing, if I could push a piece of crap out too, that was even better because I wouldn't have to use the bathroom during class or worse yet endure the line or stenchy smell again next passing period. Now at my insurance company headquarters, I still try to do it as much as possible because it just makes sense. We might have a long meeting going, but our department head will give us a 5-minute break, but during the time when the others are out, I'm on my computer reviewing my notes, answering emails, etc.


Great dump-on-dump story. Thinking back 8 or 9 years ago when I was in high school, there was a lot of multiple dumps being taken on top of one another. Think about it this way: I wait in line for a stall to open, I go in, see 2 or 3 dumps on top of one another in the bowl plush a lot of yellow's best, I'm not about to try and flush it and have the embarrassment or notoriety of causing a flood. I'd just sit, empty my bladder on it and sometimes contribute a log or two, and then wipe quickly and make the run to class! Sometimes the pile was as high as the seat and once during the final month of school, the administration tried to make it out as a senior class prank.


What would have happened if you had selected the seatless toilet? Would you have been able to produce by sitting your butt right on the bowl? Do you know of anyone who has done that because maybe the seat was too soiled?


I'm sorry to hear your mom laid so many negatives on you. I too was the "victim" of such thinking, but shook it off when I was in high school. I hope you are able to do that too. At least you seem to be on the right track now.


The clogging problem is possible in both home and public toilets. My craps are sometimes messy and it may take me five or six bunches of toilet paper to completely clean myself. I flush right after my crap, while I'm still seated. I sometimes flush at two intervals during the wiping. It works and prevents clogging.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Karen c it sounds like you had a rough day but at least you had someone there to help you out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great pooping story it sounds like you and that other lady both had great poops and great story about your poop while at that resteraunt it sounds like you and that other woman both had great poops and it sounds like she was kind of desperate and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: James it sounds like Sarah had a rough day but at least you were there to try and help.

To: Anna as always another great story it sounds like you and Claire both had really good poops at her house and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jeremy it sounds like your mom had a pretty rough day.

To: Annie as always another great story at least you made it to the toilet in time and avoided a major accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina great story as always it sounds like you and your friends had good poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kara great story it sounds like you had a rough day.

To: Victoria B great poop story it sounds like you really had to go alot that day and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Chloe B as always another great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Sebb: Loved your post about dumping on top of the log your friend produced. When I was about age 12 to 15 I had a mate called Paul I sometimes did the same thing with, except he'd let me be in his presence when he took a shit. We did a few buddy dumps in woods near our houses (usually with our asses backed up against a tree, or hanging on to a tree and stick our asses out), and also shared the bathroom a few times when we were on our own, taking our time on the toilet. Will never forget it; eventually he became more modest about doing this with me, maybe because he thought it was "gay". I really miss those times.


the pushing

Hi everyone im new. im male 15 6 foot and love pooping. but tonight was hard. so i was getting ready for bed and i sleep naked. so i got nude and then felt the urge to poo. i went into the bathroom and sat down. i thought it was going to be easy, i was wrong. i peed for about 30 sec then started pushing. i pushed and pushed nothing came out. then i relaxed and farted once of twice and started pushing again. this time i felt my hole opening but nothing came out. so i relaxed for a little and pushed again this time i came out.i heard the crackling but it really hurt. it hurt so bad but the log just kept comin out. i finally pinched it. i felt empty and also didnt want to push again because of all the pain i had. so i got up and look in the pot and saw an 10 inche log in there, i was proud of my work and didnt throw the dirty tp in the bowl and left it there for my family.


To Optional Person - Secrets to a Satisfying Bowel Movement

Optional Person,

To have healthy, large, satisfying, voluminous and regular bowel movements, the "picky" has to go. There really is no way around it.

1. Increase fiber in your diet - cereals, vegetables, beans, nuts and most fruits will do this. You can also try some fiber supplements. Benefiber may be one of the better ones, along with Metamucil. I eat Fiber One cereal every morning, usually with Cheerios and a good breakfast along with it. Then I have their brownies as an occasional snack. I eat a light lunch and snack in the mid-afternoon. Then supper is a good sized meal.

2. Avoid processed foods, fast foods and other forms of junk food. Get caffeine from coffee and avoid soda.

3. Drink plenty of water.

4. Give yourself time for a good poop. One of my theories behind constipation is that psychologically we are uncomfortable to poop around others, in public, or we are too busy. I make sure that I have sufficient alone time, keep a regular daily schedule, and my bowels seem to follow suit. If you've read my posts, you'll notice the times that I get off my regular schedule are the times when I am out of town.

5. I eat many vegetarian recipes because they are high in fiber and nutrients are derived from things grown - like beans! Give your digestive system a couple of months to get used to them. Also, I eat lots of fish, some chicken and pork, but avoid beef except on special occasions. I love to eat! But, I like to stick closely to this plan.

If you eat like this consistently, you'll not only have large, regular, voluminous bowel movements, but you'll also feel better and have lots of energy!





Cley: Tons! There are numerous occasions where I've had to run out of grocery stores, walk as quickly as I can from one coffee shop to another (right across the street, literally 5 minutes after using the other shop's toilet), etc to make it to the toilet while having diarrhea. Fortunately I've never messed my pants while having to do this. It would have been a disaster if I crapped my pants, especially since during my skinnier days (I'm about 60 lbs heavier than I used to be) when I used to wear a thong. Now I wear full-coverage underwear (bikini or briefs) just in case. I agree with you that the toilet is a much better place for waste than one's pants (much better feeling as well and less mess) and thank you for letting me know that I'm not old. Any stories you have, please share!

To the unnamed poster: Yes I do, but fortunately I make it. Last time I pooped my pants in public? Oh man. Last year I did it a few times out in public (unfortunately) because of a laxative I was taking on a regular basis (Lax a Day) and I couldn't feel that I was going so I'd end up going home and finding a disgusting surprise in my underwear. Not pretty or fun to clean up. I had several of these accidents, both out in public and at home and went through a lot of underwear resulting in laundry twice a week. This only happened for a week (fortunately) until I stopped the laxative. It was quite disturbing and disgusting to be 27 turning 28 and unable to control your bowels or feel that you were going. Fortunately I haven't had any more accidents or had any need to use a laxative. Then again, my bowels are cleaning themselves out more than enough.

oldpoop: Thank you for the idea. Bathroom trips (diarrhea) often require me to flush multiple times unfortunately to get myself clean enough after that mess.

Brandon T: Indeed I did feel better after my diarrhea explosions. Just narrowly made it! I was just happy I made it to the toilet!

Old Fart: Thank you, I'll check it out!

Slice: I will consider it. I've been tested for it before including being made to cut out dairy, but everything came back normal so it was dismissed. I will consider going to the doctor again though. As for the diapers, no offense but I find that insulting. I haven't messed myself in public (or at home) in a year so I don't think I need diapers. They also would be highly visible (and expensive and noisy) under the clothes that I wear. I understand your logic, but I prefer underwear and there are porta potties and restaurants etc everywhere in my area so I am OK toilet wise. But thank you. I also know that it is a public health issue so I do everything I can to make sure I don't mess my pants. I tried the diaper idea 10 years ago (under baggy, equally noisy pants) when I started having this problem just in case but I didn't like it. Sometimes I think it is because of the green vegetables, but I also think it may be seasonal. I don't know.

Mina: Awww you are so sweet! Thank you <3

Mr S: Very cool helping out your boss after her accident :)

Fortunately today (July 7) I have not had diarrhea (yay!) so today is a good day.

Hope everyone is having good luck pooping.



Fourth of July Fireworks

No, not the kind of fireworks that you would imagine in a relationship on the 4th. I would have hoped it would have been watching the local fireworks, or that we would have made some fireworks of our own...but it was bound to happen.

I farted in front of Alan. It was loud. It was long. And it smelled...not horrible, but it smelled.

We had eaten ribs, potato salad, corn, baked beans and watermelon - just good typical southern 4th of July food. We were in the kitchen and I was helping him clean while his parents were outside, along with his daughters. I was rinsing dishes and putting them into the dishwasher. I felt my evening bowel movement coming on and I wanted to go before we left with the girls to go watch the fireworks. I was holding back when I bent over to place the dish when firecrackers ignited. I farted. There was no denying it. He heard it. He smelled it. And we paused in awkward silence. Then he laughed.

"Oh my gosh, Catherine! That was awesome!"

I did not know how to respond. Then he said, "I've always been curious what comes out of that canon of yours!" Yes, I've said it on this forum before. I have a big butt. It's fit and firm, with a tad of softness. But it's big for even a 6'1" tall woman.

"You are so mean!!!" I responded. And we took a few playful shots at one another before kissing. So, he wasn't grossed out at all. I was relieved. But I was not expecting to fart around him this early in our relationship!

And, a little while later...I was relieved again, having my second bowel movement ever at his house before we left for the fireworks. It was a very comfortable one and came out in two thick pieces with a few smaller pieces that I had to push out. I had to flush twice, but I had to go. Alan did not make any comments about that, but at least I can be a human being when with him.

I will keep you updated! If you have any advice about anything bowel or bathroom related in new relationships, I would appreciate it!



Wednesday, July 08, 2015


Bursting on car trip

Hello everyone, tell me what you think of this story, have not been on this site for a while. When I was 7 years-old, my mother, little brother, aunt and myself where on a three hour car trip. My mother never let up use public bathrooms and also never let us use it on the side of the road. We where on the way to a hotel when I announced I have to go pee. My mother told me to wait until we got to the hotel which was at this point on the trip was roughly an hour and a hafe to an hour and forty-five minuets away. About an hour alter I had to go pretty badly, opining and closing my legs, rocking back and fourth and grabbing my little 7 year-old penis. I ask my mother if I could pee on the side of the road and she laughed sarcastically and refused or in her words "You young man are not going to whip it out in front of the whole world" I wind and just keep grabbing my sore little penis. about 15 minuets later we arrived at the hotel. "Please don't come, please don't come, please don't come out pee, please don't come out", I side to my pee. We parked, I thought to my self yay, I pee now. But my aunt for some reason had to remind my mom to call my other aunt to let her know we where at the hotel. So she did and I started to cry. "STOP THAT CRY BABY!" My mother yelled, but I just could help it. About two minuets later the call ended, "Okay cry baby lets get the stuff and go inside", my mother side, we went in side and checked-in at the main desk with little me scrunching my legs up and down, crossing my legs, clenching my little toes, bouncing up and down, pacing back and fourth, grabbing my little penis and everything in-between. We check in and went to the elevator and waited for it to go up to the room was unfortunately was at the top of this 12 story hotel. By this time my little bladder was absolutely bursting at the seems, and my aunt saying things like," This kid gots' to go!", wasn't helping. We got into the elevator, the doors closed and I crossed my legs and grabbed my little peter and just stood there scrunching up and down, "You better not pee your self", my mother side angry at me. We had just reached the seventh floor and all of a sudden, squirt squirt, some pee came out, I reached down into my underwear and grabbed my little pee-pee, my mom pulled still angry at me roughly pulled my hand out of my pants, squirt squirt, some more pee-pee came out. We had finally reach the 12th floor and the room, my mother opend the door and I ran into the pottyroom pulled down my pants lifted up the potty seat and pee came rushing out of me

Ysuddenly felt a poo coming on. It was quite unexpected but I knew I couldn't wait for much longer - the urge was too strong. I turned the water off and was just about to step out and dry myself so that I could go and sit on the toilet, but before I could do that I felt it start to happen on its own. I couldn't stop it, so I just bent my knees slightly and pushed. It was a long and fat one and it felt good as it came out slowly before falling with a very soft "splat". I was relieved but couldn't believe what I'd just done - I have peed in the shower before (as most of us have I'm sure) but I haven't ever done anything else there, on purpose or not.

I had to clean up after myself but that wasn't too bad, thankfully. Next time I'm going to make sure that I go to the toilet before getting in the shower so that if I need to make a poo I can do it there, because I don't want that to happen again. I must admit, though, that it was interesting doing it somewhere different...I'm so used to only ever doing it on the toilet, and that can become a bit boring!


Two Close Calls and One Slight Accident Within a Few Hours

A few days ago I almost had two accidents within a matter of hours. Even one accident would be very much out of character for me.

I'm on a diuretic for my blood pressure so, needless to say, I pee a lot. On a typical day, I wake
up a few times overnight to use the toilet and I always pee first thing in the morning when I get up for the day, usually around seven o'clock. In addition to peeing when I get up, I always have a
very slight BM by which I mean a very small, spherical stool. By mid morning I have a more
substantial BM (usually a larger log) and probably four or five other trips to the bathroom before dinner time to urinate. Because I'm now retired, I'm usually home all day with my wife and these trips to bathroom don't interfere with anything. Before I retired, my toilet routine was similar, but I think I was more disciplined with my bladder and so made fewer visits to the mens' room throughout the work day.

A few days ago I was in our basement family room connecting up a new computer that we just purchased. It was around mid morning and suddenly I had this overwhelming urge to poop. This
is very unusual for me in that my urge usually comes on rather slowly and I'm usually able to hold it for some time, if necessary. I try not to unnecessarily delay my bowel movements but I usually have plenty of time to get on the toilet. Not so the other day. Without warning, I could feel my doo-doo pushing its way into the space between my buttocks and I was mortified. We have a powder room on our first floor and I quickly scurried upstairs and just as I was about to get situated on the toilet I discovered that there was no toilet paper. Now I had to race to our second floor bathroom as having an accident seemed more and more imminent. Probably without a second to spare, I got on the toilet and pooped a very large load. When I do a lot. I usually flush it right away before I begin wiping myself. It took a little time to get wiped and I thought I had gotten myself clean.

Afterwards, I returned to our basement and resumed working on the computer. Within an hour
or so, I had a strong urge to pee and I'm sure I went to the bathroom right away. Because, I
only I had to deal with my zipper, I had no reason to see my undershorts. But another hour or
so later, for some reason I had to take my outer shorts off (not bathroom related) and discovered
that I had a big, dark wet spot on the front of my undershorts. I had no idea how this had happened as I didn't think that I had leaked urine before my last trip to the bathroom, but apparently I did.

Finally, later that day I discovered that I hadn't gotten myself completely clean after my earlier BM. I had a big brown stain in my undershorts

I normally don't have these close calls so I was surprised that I almost had two accidents within just a few hours.


Happy 4th, plus some fiction talk

Hope my fellow star-spangled friends had a great Independence Day. Of course, the 4th of July means cookouts and sometimes overdoing it on the second helpings, so that should make for some interesting 5th of July stories. Or perhaps even earlier, depending on how surprising the fireworks are. :D

Haven't had anything too memorable in my own department, though the girlfriend's been a bit constipated lately. For anyone who's a fan of the Game of Thrones TV series, I recently got caught up on the books and one thing the TV show left out was a female character getting horribly painful food poisoning, followed by an almost deadly bout of diarrhea. I won't name the character in question, but it was a pretty shocking scene. At the same time, it's not the only time I've read a series where a character, even a female character, has to deal with relieving herself in that manner (incidentally, the other one who I can remember also gets a minor bout of food poisoning, but hers is by far the least significant/dwelt upon of the characters who get sick). It's not exactly something you see all that often in fantasy stories, even grittier ones, and of course the show took that out. There is a plot-relevant scene of a female character urinating, however.

In contrast, I can remember a higher amount of male characters who are "shown" defecating in fantasy novels, including in the books that got adapted into Game of Thrones. One such scene did make it into the TV show, but it was absolutely necessary to include it. As a hopeful future fantasy author I plan to correct this imbalance--all in the interest of equality, of course ;) One show I watched last year, Orphan Black, has already taken steps in that direction. I remember two urination scenes, both involving females, and one scene where a female character eats an old can of beans and farts loudly later on.

As for responses:

Annie: Thank you for the warm welcome! I'll disagree with your assertion that you're getting old, since I'm right on your heels :P I have only once considered going vegetarian, and one of the reasons I didn't was that I wasn't sure how that decision would play out at the other end. Any memorable stories of close calls involving running into a drugstore or cafe? The friend I mentioned didn't give me too many details for her experience, and I didn't really press her, because as I said she's usually pretty reluctant in that arena. I agree that the toilet is always a better place for waste than one's pants.

Catherine!: That's funny that you use the term "obsession," because I feel like maybe I have a bit of that too. I downplay it a bunch in life, obviously, but I've always been pretty fascinated by defecation and flatulence specifically, especially when performed by a woman. One of my babysitters growing up was incredibly loud when gassy (and open about it) so maybe that's part of it.

Again I find myself writing at length, so here's a good stopping point.


Karen C.

new asian recipe diarrhea fiasco

Hope everyone had a nice fourth. Tried a new asian style pork crock pot recipe this weekend. Put pork roast in crock pot for eight hours then added a can of pineapple, soy sauce, ginger and onion flakes and red pepper and cooked for another two hours on low. Served over buttered rice. Had some black bread and a fresh cucumber salad with vinegar dressing with it.

Woke up with the most horrible stomach pains ever. Couldn't go number two at first so watched metv and cozitv until I dozed off on the sofa. Had heartburn so took some baking soda with water, it helped my stomach feel a little better, or at least less acidic. Had to go to work saturday morning still feeling rotten. Still couldn't poop. Felt like the stuff was still sitting in my stomach and not moving. Felt like if I could just throw up I might feel better. Finished one delivery run and felt absolutely terrible. Sat outside in the break area just waiting for my shift to end. One of the younger guys came out and sat with me and I told him how I felt; if I could just throw up I'd feel better. He left and came back with the solution about fifteen minutes later, a gallon of whole fat milk. I reimbursed him for it. He said if I would just drink as much as I could then it would soon make me throw up and maybe have diarrhea too--to me the way I was feeling, anything that helped me get rid of that damn pork dish was welcome. I was in no position to argue, at this point I was willing to try anything, so I did. It was basically a down-day as there aren't too many calls for cement delivery on a Saturday of a three day weekend.

I drank about three fourths of the milk until my stomach began to protest. Stomach felt sour, then soon I felt like I could throw up. The guy, young enough to be my son, went to the unisex shop bathroom with me. He was so nice to stay with me (I didn't even ask him to). He stayed with me while I threw up the milk and everything else still in my stomach uncontrollably. I knelt on the bathroom floor and I kindly asked him to hold my stomach and hair back for me which he did. Such a kind young man. If I didn't have vomity breath I would have kissed him. It must have been gross for him but he stayed with me like a real trooper and I was thankful for that. It was warm when it came up and I brought up lots of chunks of pork and pineapple and it was really hot and burned my throat due to the red pepper. It came up in huge gushes like tidal waves. Got some on the floor and a lot of it all over the toilet seat and everywhere. I guess I threw up for five to ten minutes or so. BUT after it was over my stomach felt a lot better; empty and unburdened; relaxed. I handed him a couple of dollars to go and bring me back a sprite and we sat on the bathroom counter making small talk for a while. Using almost all the paper towels in the bathroom he even helped me wipe up all the puke that didn't make it into the toilet. He's definitely on my christmas list this year. Such a nice young man. If I were twenty years younger ....

Soon the diarrhea started so I asked the dear boy to leave me alone in private so he left. My poor butt burned from the red pepper and the poop came out with terrific almost tornadic force. After twenty minutes of sitting on the toilet with noisy farty explosive diarrhea I felt like a new woman. MUCH better! I'm ashamed to admit that the brown dots of poop I left would have to be left for the cleaning guy until he came in monday morning. I tried to wipe them away but paper towels just won't cut it. so my apoligies to all the guys who had to work the weekend and had to use that toilet. Sorry. Didn't do it on purpose but I was sick. Hope you guys understand.

Went home after my shift and ate some yogurt and my old standby remedy, good old solid block parmesan cheese on crackers, to put back the good bacteria in my gut. If you haven't tried this, you really should. Works wonders for me when I have a stomach virus or food poisoning, or if I've just eaten something bad. Makes ya' feel better in a matter of hours. Try it, you'll be glad you did!


Karen c.

Shayla Asparagus

quick question

Ever poop so much u feel urself getting hungry?


Question for any female users.

Hello. I'm a 22 year old male college student from the southeastern United States. I have a question for any female on here who cares to answer it. Have any of you ever sat down on the toilet to pee and ended up pooping as well? Does this happen often?

On another note, Anna, I really enjoy reading your posts. How long do your poops usually take? I've been wondering.

That is all.



To kmd- priority of #2 vs #1

Hi. What you mentioned about going #2 first when having a strong urge to go #1 apparently also happens to men. It happens to me sometime when i hold it on purpose to get a bigger urge and relief and i come back from work, otherwise i would care to keep my bladder empty. The only difference is that women seem to hold back movements and urges easier, so they can apparently easily go #1 after having successfully quenched the #2, IIRC they don't experience that interference men get due to more distance between the bladder and the rectum.

On a side note, some days ago in our family after some work gone bad we were briefly discussing the fact that women can do more than one thing at a time. It was also said that women can do #2 and #1 at the same time and men can't, aside other things. Effectively i never managed to do both at the same time. Definitely worth discussing.

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