Yesterday's poop

I haven't posted on here for ages, but I still come by and read all the latest "doings" from all the poopers here. My favorites are Catherine and Karen C. Love reading all your posts.

I've always been really regular, usually once a day, between 6:30 and 6:45 each morning. But I've been on vacation the last 2 weeks, and when I'm off work, my eating habits change, don't drink as much water, and I have a tendency to get a bit constipated. And this 2 weeks, sure enough, I'm a bit constipated.

Yesterday, about 11 AM, after having a couple cups of coffee, I felt the urge to poop a little more urgently than I had in over a week. I went to the bathroom, pulled down my shorts and underwear, sat on the toilet, and took out my phone and began web surfing.

While I was on Facebook, I leaned forward and began pushing out my load. It slid out slowly, and by the time in exited my anus, it was so long that the end of it brushed up against my left butt cheek before it fell over toward the front of the bowl. I wiped several times before I was finally clean and could stand up to see what I had created.

It was huge. It looked like a big brown snake, about an inch and a half around, coming up out of the hole straight toward the front of the bowl, with the end sticking about 3 inches out of the water. I'm guessing the total length between 20 to 25 inches. The funny thing is, after that, I still felt like I had more inside me.

I go back to work next week, so hopefully I'll get back to my normal BM schedule then. Until then, keep the good poop stories coming.


4th of July at the Beach

Although I'm a year out of college and work in the corporate world, I'm always looking for money to pay my loans down. So when a lady in my apartment building with whom I've become friends with, told me at the laundry that she was desparate for a babysitter for her two girls ages 3 & 4 when her mother at the last minute refused to do it, the $250 for three days work seemed pretty good so I took the assignment. The mom had earlier promised them a day at the beach, and I could see no reason why that couldn't be done on the 4th. They cooperated well with me during Satuday and Sunday when we were out because I used the Monday beach trip as something that had to be "earned".

It was the first time I had been to the beach in my new city and I was somewhat surprised by not only the big crowds, but also how much energy these two girls had. First, there was no wading pool area which I expected so I had to acclimate them to carefully use what was available to the older kids and adults. Second, the bathhouses looked like they were put in about 75 years ago. The showers and toilets were in the same cubicles and there were no doors or shower curtains for users like in my former city. Luckily, both of them had a swimsuit that fit so that made it easier, but both of them needed immediate attention. The fact that I had drank a complete pot of coffee at their apartment didn't help because the coffee was working as a laxative for me as usual. While we were stacking our street clothing to put in a locker, I told both of the girls to remain in the cubicle (which was bigger and had a drain in front of the stool) that I had to crap before we went to the lockers. The hadn't listened, of course, and both asked as I was pulling my bottom down and sat myself on the seat, if I was "weeing" or "pooing." Each was standing on the opposite sides of the toilet I was seated on, and asking what was coming out, etc. The youngest looked at my pubic hair and said her mom has a lot more. I found that embarrassing and told her it wasn't nice to stare like that. Then her sister asked to see my poo, which I was in the process of pushing out. I made the mistake of getting off the toilet just as the last portion was falling, and both of them oooed and said it was "gross." Then I reseated myself and grabbed for the toilet paper which was those pre-cut squares that I hate, because I had just found them useless at my high school. On the third one, I felt something moist up against my forefinger, but I didn't want to make an issue of it because I knew they would act up. So I quickly slid back on my seat and pulled off three squares that I partially hide between my legs and wiped with while directing their attention to the larger number of people in the aisle who were waiting for stalls to open. Then I made a good decision when I got off the toilet and reached back and pushed the flush lever. I wanted to get rid of my crap before they could draw any attention to it.

Then it came to me what grandma had done with me and one of my cousins like 20 years ago when I was their ages. I assigned each of the girls to a side seat on the toilet, and although the youngest needed a lift to get on, they both at the same time were expected to take a wee before we went outside. Both went, although the youngest only contributed about 15 seconds worth and between her legs she held the seat with both hands somewhat frightened that if she leaned back she would fall in.

All three of us enjoyed the most shallow part of the water, but unfortunately a storm was coming in pretty fast and we had to wait it out along with a few hundred others in the bathouse.

Wader Girl

Another accident in waders - stuck in mud

Hi everyone, Wader Girl again. I went fishing again on this fine (in weather terms) July 11, and after the incident at the river, I decided to visit a mountain lake to fish. I packed my gray rubber chest waders (thoroughly cleaned after the river ordeal) and also a spare pair of panties and blue jeans, and of course a fishing rod. In the car, I had 3 1-liter bottles of water, and a small pepperoni pizza.
Once I got to the lake, I ate the whole pizza, drank all of the water bottles, put my waders on, grabbed the fishing rod, and headed down to the lake. There was a muddy peninsula that I decided to head out on. About halfway across the peninsula, I sank in the mud to my knees, and luckily that was the bottom of the mud. I fished for about half an hour, before I felt the urge to go to the bathroom. I wanted to avoid an accident like last time, so I started back towards solid ground... at least I tried to. But when I turned around, my legs were thoroughly stuck in the mud... you can see where this is going. The urge slowly got stronger as I tried to get out of the mud. Ten minutes of struggling later, I couldn't hold it anymore, and I felt a poop slide into my panties. This was quickly followed by three more, and they all felt pretty big. I turned around to see a poo bulge in the back of my waders, and despite the fact I had eaten less, the poo bulge seemed bigger than the one from the river accident. So, I tried harder to get out of the mud, and the movement caused too much pressure on my bladder, and I started peeing in my waders, and it came out fast. By the time it finally stopped, I was unsure of how much was in my waders, but it was a lot. And then, the smell started coming out of my waders, and it was not good. Finally, I decided to dig myself out of the mud. And right after I got my left leg free, guess what happens? I poop some more, and I figured that the new poop must've been my breakfast. As I felt it coming, I looked at my back, and saw the poo bulge get bigger as it came out. This made me go faster to dig my right leg out, which took another minute. And, seeing as the peninsula was close to the parking lot, there was a few people on the beach fishing that were not on the peninsula, and so I couldn't clean up my mess. So I just ran to my car as fast as I could in the hopes that no one would correctly guess what had happened. When I reached my car, there was another car pulling up two spaces from me, so I couldn't clean up there either. So, I had to get in my car while the mess in my chest waders was still in there. At least the waders kept it contained. It felt weird as I sat down in the car, the poo bulge flattening. I was driving home for another miserable half an hour before I saw a place where I could pull off to the side of the road to clean up. Getting out of my car, I rolled down my waders. It turned out the pee had filled them to my lower thighs. Emptying them out, I laid them on the ground. I then got the spare panties and pants out of my car's trunk. After I put the new clothes on, I put my waders in the trunk (they had dried externally by now). After that, I drove home. Lesson learned: don't go on a muddy peninsula to fish, it can end horribly if you can't get out in time to not have an accident.


Semi-constipated poop

Well, I haven't had diarrhea in almost a week (yay!) but my body has gone to the other extreme. I've been sort of constipated, despite drinking tons of water and trying to eat green vegetables, etc. It's not really hard (it's soft), but I have to struggle to get everything out. I think I accidentally ate a bad muffin the other night so I had stomach cramps and a need to poop, so I sat on the toilet with the Garfield comic and relaxed. It took about 10 minutes to make sure all (or most) of it got out. I felt like I was going to have diarrhea but no matter how much I pushed, it didn't happen. Soft crap came out, but no diarrhea. And I actually would have preferred that. Finally, I was finished and could wipe myself (soooo much toilet paper) and stand up.

There were several small to medium logs in the toilet, about 4 or 5 of them. That isn't bad considering I hadn't been to the toilet since Monday or Tuesday. Our diet hasn't been the best this week (unstable due to schedule) so as a result my bowels have taken the fall for it. I had to flush twice. Once for the poop (it left a skidmark on the toilet) and then another time for all the toilet paper.

I felt considerably empty but not completely considering my new underwear is too tight :( Hopefully this coming week will be better, poop wise. I want a happy medium. Not runny, urgent "oh my god, I'm going to shit myself" poop and not constipation. A nice soft log would be good.

Happy pooping (hopefully)

End Stall Em

Lingering in bathrooms

Tlana's story about the 10-year-old girl being required to sit on the toilet at 10 and 2 each day when she doesn't automatically have her bowel movement brings up a good issue: I think its counterproductive, but her parents may not realize that. I think some children could get into a negative mindset about using a bathroom, especially a public one when they are with family and friends, if they are ordered to sit for 10 or 15 minutes, or until they can produce. At school, its also something that their classmates (especially inmature boys)could hassle them about. It could also lower their self-esteem regarding their bodily functions. I personally feel sitting and pushing for 10 to 15 minutes to get a bowel movement going is just a step above futile. It also ties up toilets in public places, makes the lines longer, and potentially results in others having to run late to class or appointments, or to quickly seek out an alternative bathroom.

At both my college and the large mall I'm working at, I know there are those who take more time in the bathrooms than they need to. One example is when I want to take a quick pee before the dinner line opens in the dining hall, sometimes all 8 stalls are taken with girls sitting, going through their phones, or reading without any noise going into the bowl. Instead of peeing and then getting off the toilet to let others have a chance, they just linger for the 10 minutes or so killing time until the serving line opens. And just the other day at my mall, after not hearing any noise or seeing any movement of legs, I knocked on the stall door (something I don't like to do) and asked an older lady on the toilet if she was about done. She said sure but that she had been shopping for four hours and it felt good to take the opportunity to get off her feet. She was pretty nice about it when she saw I was in uniform and I told her about how I had needed to get coverage in order to leave my customer service kiosk.

She had bags on both sides of the toilet though so I know our mall made money off her.


my accidents

Just found this place and figure why not? I'll go by Jessica but it isn't my real name. I'm mid-30s, female, mother of one, wife, etc. Normal person, but I have long had bladder control issues, especially when laughing.

Once in middle school I was hanging out with friends outside after school waiting for our parents to pick us up and one of my friends was goofing around and got her shirt caught on a fence corner and it ripped her shirt so she was flashing everyone her bra and we all started laughing hysterically and I lost it and flooded my shorts and left a big puddle in front of everyone and had to wait there until my mom showed up to get me. That was embarrassing!

In high school I was on a band trip to Disney World and a group of my friends and I were going around the park and I had to pee but the group wanted to ride one more ride so we're finally through the line on the Haunted Mansion and riding and my bff is sitting with me and all of us are joking back and forth and goofing around and I'm laughing and started to lose a little pee and try to stop but we keep laughing and I kept peeing until my shorts were soaked and when we got off my friend and I ran to the closest bathroom and she washed my shorts in a sink and got them all wet so the color would match all around and I had to wear wet shorts for a while until they dried off but at least they were all wet instead of just were I peed them!

In college my roommate and I found an orange construction barrel abandoned and decided we wanted it in our room and had to each carry it was so heavy and snuck it in the front door of our dorm and past the RA and to the elevator but then saw the RA coming asking what we had and were worried she'd not let us keep the barrel so we're pushing the buttons really fast and sniggering and the door finally closes just before she gets to us and we laughed all the way up and carried it as fast as we could to our room. We got it inside and drop it and are both laughing hysterically and I feel like I'm about to pee and I said "I'm gonna pee!" and my roomie said "me too!" and that set me over the edge and I lost it and completely flooded my jeans all down my legs and left a dinner plate sized wet spot on the carpet and that set her off and she wet herself too but not all the way but still very obvious. And then there's knock on our door and its the RA from downstairs and she opens the door and there we are with a giant orange barrel and both in peed jeans and she just laughs and we explain what happened and she decided our wetting ourselves was punishment enough so she let us keep the barrel. We always laughed about that.

Later in college with same roommate but out having dinner with a few other friends and joking around and laughing in a big circular booth and we got to laughing really hard and I started leaking and my roomie noticed and she knew and so she "accidentally" knocked her water over so that it fell towards me and spilled all over my lap to hide the fact I had just peed my panties and dress in the restaurant. That's a good friend haha

But it runs in the family, too. My sister is a year younger than me and a couple years ago our families were together in a grocery store looking at greeting cards and laughing at them and my sister turned to who she thought was her husband and grabbed him to say something and then realized it was just a stranger and we burst out laughing harder and she lost it and flooded her kahki capris and then ran to hide in the store bathroom until I could get her a pair of shorts out of her car but she had to go commando. We all still get a kick out of that one!

I think that's enough! Hope everyone gets a good laugh out of them. :)


Car mom fan

Car mom?

Hey does Car mom post around here anymore? If you do, do you still pee in your car or around the house? Also, do you still keep in contact with Lori Katelyn and Emma? Or Laura? Finally, what do you think of toilet car's adventures?


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Pooperlady great story.

To: WaderGirl it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

To: Tlana great story as always

To: Anna great story it sounds like the 3 of ypou all had great poops and I bet you all felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

Ps. I love this site

Hi to my mate John B,
I am getting there slowly, not going to be a quick recovery. :)

My latest story after my long break thanks to my health - is from my much needed desperate poo whilst at the bank this morning, as a customer having a meeting with a member of staff!!, then
then going for my much needed poo in a cafe loos

Sunday, July 12, 2015


2 desperate poo stories

Hi to my mate John B,
I am getting there slowly, not going to be a quick recovery. :)

My latest story after my long break thanks to my health - is from my much needed desperate poos, 1 needed whilst waiting at the bank this morning, as a customer having a meeting with a member of staff!!, then
then going for my much needed poo in a cafe loos, & my second desperate on the bus home & then going once back in my house.

My first story all started when i got off the bus as i cant drive at the mo, & felt the urge.
then walking to the bank i was dropping little farts here and there.
Waiting to see the bank staff, i sat and tried to forget about needing a poo but the urge was getting worse and i was getting quite a ???? ache now.
15 mins had gone by & finally i was called to be seen, he was late!
My chat with the staff member lasted an annoying half hour and the whole time i was fidgeting in the chair lifting my huge peachy butt off the chair to clench, more and more as the pressure got worse.

Eventually it was over, & I quickly marched out the bank sooooo desperate to unleash my plops!
& i knew i'd be a while with this!!
Desperate, i thought about going to the BHS loos but a cafe was nearer and i went in to their free single cubicle - was nice in their smelt very fresh! Not for much longer i thought.
I pulled down my White Jeans over my huge clenched butt, & white knickers with a little stain in them- Oh no!!
& plopped my bum on the seat and before i could get comfy on the seat my first big plop was on it's way out... peerrrrlop-plop-plop-plop-plip-plop-plop-plip-plop-plop... 10 initial plops and i relaxed letting out a sigh of relief.
but i was not done yet. I had a wet fart.
and then ... perrrrlop-plop-plop...plop...plop
i was done. 15 light brown loose wet banana shaped plops all curling around each other in the bowl, no water could be seen but skid marks on the porcelain aplenty, i grabbed a load of loo roll & i stood up to wipe. Wiped 7 times, then flushed pulling up my underwear and jeans.
i looked in the loo and yes the loo was covered in my poo under the water too so i got rid of that with the supplied loo brush. Sprayed their air wick, & washed my hands. Though i still had a ???? ache i had more shopping to do so off i went and a man waiting went in after me.

Hour and half later i was done and headed back to the bus. An urge for my next poo became apparent.
waiting 15 mins for bus i was becoming more desperate and my ???? was aching soooo much.
clenching in my white jeans again, the bus finally arrived, i was so desperate yet again i sat with my hand near my bum to help lift up to clench which was every few seconds.
this time i was sweating with desperation.
then my mate Sonia got on the bus and sat next to me, still room for my hand thankfully but she noticed what i was doing and asked if i was ok, "i'm fine love just really bursting for a poo!" I said 'ah bless you, i know u suffer with your bowels!!" She replied. Her stop arrived and off she went, meanwhile i was almost pooing my knickers!, my stop came & off i walked home. Arriving home my hubby was waiting arms open ready to greet me, i walked up with my arms open to hug him, he kissed me and grabbed my butt, which he had felt me clench.
"Alright baby?"
"Yeah just about to poo myself gotta go babe" i said as i dropped my bags & legged it to the loo, in i went did my usual routine & immediately it was again light brown loose banana shaped plops that curled around each other... i had an initial 10 followed by a wet fart and a further 8 on top of that. Again, no water was seen and my plops then fell on top of each other looked like sludgy mud.
i wiped 9 times and had to flush 3 times to get rid of my load.
hubby had made me a bacon sarnie for lunch but i just didn't have an appetite.

more soon hope u all enjoyed my stories!!
J xx


To Sebb

So sorry, I wrote your name as "Sepp" by a mistake. I am bad Mina, please angry. I say again in case you don't read, you wanted story of buddy dump where do motion on top of friend's motion, I wrote story about me and my friend few days ago, it is still in current posts but will soon be page 2476 I think. I hope you like story. Please enjoy after you angry.

Love from bad Mina


pooing at my cousins wedding ...

Back with more stories.

Back in April was my cousin Lisa's wedding.
i was on my period badly and i was doubling up the maxi pads.
My hubby and I stayed at a hotel and i was wearing a black & red mini dress that was very mini my knickers and pads were only just covered.
I had 2 small poos before we left for the venue at 1am, & when we arrived i felt the urge for a proper poo like i normally have.
hubby loves my big peachy butt and is always caressing it, as we walked in, we stood chatting to friends for about 20 mins whilst hubs was rubbing my butt & maxi pads and when he felt me clench really hard to control my poo from escaping, he started caressing my butt crack & pad.
'Just going to the loo' i said
My hubby slapping arse as i turned to walk away

In the loo i hitched up my dress sat down & immediately without any effort my plops fell in to the loo 1 by 1 very loudly... PERRRRRRLOP!PLOP!PLOP!PLOP!PLOP!PLOP!PLOP!PLOP!PLOP.....PLOP!.....PLOP!! 11 plops, that's more like it i thought.
In the meantime i noticed i was very heavy and decided i would triple up. I had plenty of pads with me so that was ok.
I wiped 5 times and hitched my dress over my bulging pads which my dress only just covered, my hubby loved the fact he could feel my pads over my butt so easily.
My mum on the other hand was not impressed with how short my dress was and when she realised u could see my knickers (don't think she saw my pads which i hid well), she let me know she wasn't impressed with that either.
Anyway i flushed and sprayed and washed my hands. Heading back to hubs, who then as usual enjoyed massaging my butt and pads whilst talking to our friends.
When i am on i tend to poo more that is normal for a lot of women and during the ceremony at 3pm, hour and half after my first poo at the venue, i was desperate for my next poo.
Trying to hide it from guests and my hubby - i couldn't.
lifting my butt to clench once was enough for my husband to know i needed another poo, & then i used my hand as a lever to lift me off the seat when needed. The ceremony had only just started so i had no choice but to clench and hold it in until the ceremony finished. My friends behind me noticed me clenching as they told me later in the day.
after the ceremony i legged it to the loos & had my next poo. 9 plops in quick succession, my maxi pads also needed changing and tripling up again. Wiped 6 times and flushed. Washed hands and went back to hubs.
I was ok then until the evening, about 10pm i had my last poo at the venue. I'd needed it for about half hour but hubs was drunk and too busy snogging my face off then he feeled my butt and felt me clench hard & knew i needed a poo.
so off i went, loo roll was low at this point so i was hoping i wouldn't have to wipe much.
this poo consisted of 10 long banana shaped light brown plops all curled around each other.
i wiped 3 times as that was all the loo roll there was, & changed one last time.
we left at 1045.

More soon J x


Fun with a portapotty

I recently went to a festival where there were portapotties. I entered one of them. Someone had thrown a drink cup into the toilet. After peeing, I thought it would be fun to try to crap on the cup. I managed to get a small bit of shit on the cup. I didn't have to crap very much, because I'd already gone earlier in the day.

Wader Girl

Accident in waders

So I was fishing the other day and felt the urge to go to the bathroom. I had eaten a whole middle-sized pepperoni pizza before going into the water, as it was basically my breakfast and lunch. But the bad thing was, it was open plains, a road bridge, and the river out there, so there really wasn't a good place to go. But it didn't feel that strong of an urge, so I continued fishing. About ten minutes later, I started releasing farts, and I took it as nothing. Then, after a minute, I felt a poop start to exit my butt into my panties, and so I start running for the bank. But the running only made it come out faster, and so I stop, helpless to do anything now that it had begun. After another minute, I felt thoroughly releived. I turn around to see anything near the surface in the other direction, and then I saw it. A poo bulge in the back of my gray rubber chest waders, and it was massive, like three inches in diameter. It looked like I had sprouted a stubby tail. So then, I start running towards the bank again, and then the liter of water I drank before getting in the water backfired on me. About three steps into running to the bank, I start to pee in my waders, and it started coming out fast. Must've filled my waders to the knees before the flow stopped. And then the smell starts coming out, and it was nasty! I ran to the bank as fast as I could. Then, once on solid ground, I took off my waders. I saw a massive dark spot on the front of my panties, as well as a massive bulge in the back of them. I emptied my waders into the river, put them on the ground, and contemplated how to clean up more. Annoyingly, I hadn't brought backup underwear, so I took my underwear off, emptied it under the bridge, and put my clothes back on. It still felt dirty, but better than the previous situation, that was for sure. After the ordeal, I put my waders in a bag and put them in the trunk of my car, and drove home, keeping my head out the window to avoid the absolutely atrocious smell as much as possible.

Any of you ever been fishing and had this happen to you?


Forced Sitting To Poo

Last week me and my friend Lorenz went on an early morning bike ride. We're training for a big fund-raising event next month and we want to be in good shape so we can complete the course. As I've written about before, we usually take our breaks at a park or highway rest stop bathrooms because they are almost always open and we can take our bikes inside so they won't get stolen.

We had ridden about two hours when we came to a park we had not visited before. My morning poo had been ramming me for about a half hour and Lorenz needed to piss. So we stopped at this bathroom shelter. Lorenz didn't even put the kick stand down on this bike as he walked it into the guys bathroom and I was moving mine fast too through the entrance. Once I parked it against the security wall I looked up to find a less-than-private bathroom about half the size of my bedroom. Two toilets extending from the wall and two sinks directly in front of them. No cubicles--even doorless would have been welcome! On the far toilet there was a girl about 10, shorts and underwear on top of her flip-flops on the floor, and her head was being cradled by her arms with elbows on her knees. I immediately apologized if she saw me violating her space and offered to wait in the entrance. She said it was no problem and that I could use the stool next to her.

So I quickly walked over, pulled my cutoffs and underwear down and threw myself onto the toilet. Almost immediately there were two or three farts and I expelled my bowels in one drop with a little bit of a splash. The girl looked over at me and said I was lucky. I think I knew where she was going with the conversation, but I played dumb. She said she suffers from chronic constipation and her mom and pediatrician have her sit down for 10 minutes at 10 and 2 each day and remain on the toilet for like 15 minutes. I told her I felt sorry for her and she says by walking a couple blocks from her house to the park, she is also hoping to activate her bowels. She's been doing it for three weeks and its not working she said. When she's finally able to go once a week or so, its so big that it hurts her to release. I told her that sometimes my riding friend Miranda has had a similar problem. So I reached behind me, took some toilet paper, wiped, flushed and wished her well.

When I walked my bike back outside, Lorenz was waiting for me and asked about the conversation he heard part of. He thinks the sit-to-shit idea is dumb. I know that Miranda too has tried it sometimes, but without much success.

Sitting down and trying to force a poo when you don't feel one coming on would be a hassle, I would think. Am I right?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Patrick it sounds like your sister in law had a pretty rough day.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Today I pooped at the library. I had gotten up early, went to the gym and then had a big breakfast and a large cup of coffee before settling in for some studying at the back of the second floor of the library. After about an hour I felt a bit of a need for a pee. I ignored it at first, but another half hour or so later I was kinda bursting for a pee and also had a load knocking on my backdoor pretty urgently. I gathered my stuff and made my way to the washroom. Another student went in in front of me, a tall, tanned blonde with curly hair who was wearing a stripy black and white summer dress. Through the dress I could totally see that she was wearing red panties! She held the door open for me and we smiled at each other.

The bathroom was all empty and there are three cubicles. The blonde girl took the left one and I went into the right stall only to realize that the toilet was full of pee and paper and not flushed. I tried to flush it but it wouldn't, so I went to the middle cubicle instead. I hung up my bag, took out my phone and locked the door. Then I pulled down my shorts and blue panties and plopped my bum on the seat. Meanwhile, the blonde girl was peeing loudly. I joined her and felt a big relief to let my pee go into the bowl. My neighbour had pushed her red panties all the way down and she was wearing flip-flops, I noticed. While we were peeing, another girl who was wearing red sandals entered the room and took the last cubicle, the one with the unflushed toilet. She pushed her white shorts down to her feet, sat down and also started to pee. I was going to see if the other girls needed a pee only so I could have some more privacy for my number two, but then the blonde girl let out a fart and I could her her strain, so clearly she was on the toilet for more. I decided I might as well go too then. I leaned forward and started to push. My bumhole opened and my first turd started to slide out very slowly. The girl in the white shorts was done with her pee and had also let out a pretty loud fart, so I figured she was also here for a poo, too. After about half a minute I could hear poops from both my neighbours plopping into their toilets. I was browsing my phone and still pushing out my first, big log. Finally it broke off and dropped into the bowl with a loud plop. I let out a little sigh and immediately my next poop started to come out. Then for a bit, all of us were pooing and dropping more turds. With three girls doing their business at the same time, there was a very strong poop smell in the room by now. Finally the blonde girl pulled off some paper and started to wipe. I didn't feel quite done yet and there were no more sounds from my other neighbour. After the girl in the summer dress had left, I pushed out another small turd and finally felt all empty. I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and then my bum about five or six times. Then I flushed the toilet and left the cubicle to wash my hands. When I was drying them, another fart came from the right cubicle.

About five minutes after I had gotten back to my table out in the library, the girl in the red sandals came over. It was Mili a black haired Persian girl from one of my classes. She is really nice and we chatted a bit about our homework. I was kinda glad that we didn't meet at the sinks after we had both done big poos and stunk up the bathroom, I think that would have been a little awkward.

To Wpunk: I guess it takes me anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes to poo. It can be longer when I have diarrhea, but luckily I very rarely get it. In the story I just wrote, I think I might have been on the toilet for about 5 minutes or so.

About your other question, yes that sometimes happens to me. But then it's mostly just one small poop. If I have more to take care of, I'd know before I go to the bathroom.


Huge dump

The other day I was texting my friend when out of nowhere an extreme urge to poop came over me. If I didn't get to the bathroom now, I would have pooped my pants. I quickly ran to the bathroom, pulled my pants down, and sat down. Almost immediately a huge log made its way out of my butthole. As soon as that one hit the water, another one began shooting out. I relaxed for a breif moment when a massive log, nearly 14 inches long slowly stretched out of my butt. The relief felt so good, but then another turd forced its way out. I felt empty, so I stood up to look at my creation. There were three 10-inch long turds and the huge one - probably about 14 inches - on top of them. I felt so relieved. I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands. Hope you enjoyed my story


James questionnes

1. When you poop, do you lean forward or sit straight up?
I lean forward, by habit. It's kind of hard for me to sit straight up. Although when I sit up, the turd lays on top of the hole so I can see it better.

2. Do you like to read or do homework while pooping? I don't have time, usually I can click the home button of my phone and that's all I can do before I;m done pooping.

3. Do you wipe your butt between the legs or behind the back? Usually both. Just to get it clean.

4. Did you accidentally walked in one someone using the washroom? Plenty of times, my mom, several girls, even a few guys. Not on purpose, I just didn't know they were in there. And it helps to lock the door.

5. What comes to your mind when you poop or pee? Peeing, mainly is how it feels. Sometimes it feels like grit is coming out of my urethra in the morning. Doesn't feel too good. Often after I do "another" activity, then go to bed and wake up, then it feels this way.
Pooping, I focus on getting the turd out, and curious to see what my load looks like.

6. Do you use gravity to move the poo out of your butt or do you just push it out? I have to push, my poop is quite thick, but I like to push to keep it in one piece, I hate multiple piece poops, if possible I want it in one piece.

I was introduced to this site by one of my friends, who used to post here, so I decided to give it a go and write a story of my own.

I have been interested in bodily functions ever since I was very young (I hope that doesn't sound creepy because that is definitely not how I meant it to be - by "interested" I mean that I enjoy them in a reasonable way and appreciate them as a sign of my being healthy and well). My first memory of them was of wearing nappies as a small child; it is a vague memory but one that stands out for me nevertheless. I was toilet trained fairly early - by the time I was about three I no longer needed to wear nappies - and I hardly ever had accidents, which is a good thing.

There were a few incidents that stand out for me from that time: one day I needed a wee but decided not to use the toilet and instead did it in my blue plastic potty; another time, also when I was quite young, I was playing in the house by myself and needed to go to the bathroom. There was a large plastic bucket in the corner and for some very strange reason I decided to use that, but I have absolutely no idea why. Fortunately, once again, it was only a wee - I don't think it would have been much fun if it wasn't because one of my parents had to clean up after me!

I think that the main reason that I enjoy these things is because I like the feeling of relief that accompanies them - emptying a full bladder or bowels (or both) can be very satisfying, particularly if you have had to wait a long time before doing it. I don't believe that anybody should ever be ashamed about their bodily functions, because they are something that everybody shares in common, and they are also perfectly natural and acceptable.

I am, however, quite shy about using the bathroom when other people are around - I would never let anybody (even a close friend) watch me, and I always keep the door closed. I don't think I'm comfortable with letting others see something so private. In addition to this, I am also sensitive about farting in public, or at least near other people, because I wouldn't want anybody knowing that it was me and then having to feel embarrassed about it. Sometimes it's unavoidable because it happens too quickly to stop it, but generally I try my best not to.

Oh, how ironic... I've just farted right now as I'm writing this - I had baked beans as part of supper tonight and now they're obviously starting to take effect! Ha! Thankfully it wasn't very smelly because that would have been terrible. Sorry about that...pardon me!

Somebody asked about going to the toilet in unusual places - I can say that I have definitely done that. I don't know if occasionally having a wee whilst showering or swimming counts since I've heard it's quite a common thing to do; maybe it does, or doesn't it? Once, a few years ago, I decided to watch myself doing a poo - I put toilet paper on the floor in front of the full length bathroom mirror and did it. I'd been holding it for a day or two so it was quite a nice one, but the experience of actually seeing it happen as it came out and slid onto the paper was strange to say the least. I also pretended to have an accident at home once; I needed a poo and did it in my black track suit pants just to see how it would feel. It was warm and very firm and solid, but it was definitely noticeable; it was also much stronger smelling than normal. Not something that I will be trying again soon! I would never purposely do anything toilet related in a public place, though, because I don't want to disgust anybody.

Oh well...I've probably written enough...but anyways, that was my story for now :)

Some Guy


Hey, everyone!

I haven't posted in a while, but I do enjoy reading the stories here. Car Mom, if you're still around, I know I'm not the only one who would enjoy hearing from you!

Last evening, I was out and about running some errands. I started off by getting a bite to eat, and then proceeded to make a stop at Walmart for a couple things. Seeing has how this meal was my most substantial one of the guessed it...I needed to poop. As I approached the Walmart parking lot, my need grew more intense...and continued as I parked my car. I'm glad I didn't get to Walmart any later than I did!

This Walmart finished remodeling and expanding into a Supercenter within the last year. (This is a different Walmart than the one I wrote about on Page 2079. I've yet to return to that one since that experience.) I went to the restroom at the front of the store. This was actually one of the nicest Walmart restrooms I've been to. If you've been to a Walmart restroom in a newly constructed or remodeled store, then you have an idea of what I'm talking about. There was a lot of room, and it seemed more open. There were only two stalls...the regular one, and the handicapped one. I made my way to the handicapped stall.

As I closed the door, I noticed that there was a gap of at least half an inch between the stall wall and the door. Not only that, but the gap was directly in front of the toilet! If anyone walked by the stall, he would be able to see me sitting on the toilet. This stall was at the very end of the bathroom, so if anyone came that far, he would be checking to see if the stall were occupied. Even if it was a kid, he's got the same plumbing as I do, so if he saw me, I would be able to handle it...just as long as he didn't stand there watching me! (He'd probably need to do just as I was doing! We all do it!) Luckily, I have outgrown being "poop shy" and can go whenever I need to.

I pulled down my pants and undies and had a seat. Not only is there a gap directly in front of the toilet, but the toilet paper dispenser is right next to the toilet (to the left). There wasn't a whole lot of room between the dispenser and the toilet...either the dispenser could have been mounted a little higher, or the toilet could have been installed a little farther to the right (perspective as you're sitting on the toilet). For a young kid, this wouldn't be an issue...he would be able to sit perfectly fine. But I'm 29 and have meaty thighs. I spread my thighs when I'm on the toilet, and with this set-up, that was a little tricky. So, I had to turn a little to the right in order to sit like I normally do. I continued to sit there and poop, and it was very relaxing! And nobody saw me while I was sitting there. I didn't feel rushed and was able to empty myself completely.

This was an interesting experience and I plan to return to this restroom when I'm in the area and need to go. Like I said, it was a nice restroom, as far as Walmart restrooms go. Plenty of room...and it didn't feel cramped! Maybe this environment contributed to this being a relaxing poop session! Thanks for reading this, and I plan to post again fairly soon!

Here's to relaxing bathroom sessions!

Some Guy

To Jemma: I was sorry to hear you were ill in hospital. I hope you are getting better now!

To Sepp: You asked about story of buddy dump with motion on top of motion, I gave such the story in my last post, I hope you like.

To Annie: You are sweet too. I am happy you didn't have a diarrhea on Tuesday, it was Kazuko's birthday and also day of Tanabata, that is festival where we write wish on bright colour paper and tie to tree, then gods in sky, Vega and Altair, meet on milky way and have warm time and give us our wish, they can do that only once a year because chief god got angry they bill and coo too much instead of work.

To Catherine: You have nice way to talk to Alan about important thing, which is to sit on loo and open body in two places. His first wife a bit like Kazuko's mother. I know it is good to have level head. I hope you get more and more happier together, and have warm time, not only in loo but in everywhere.

Tomorrow we go to izakaya, that is Japanese pub, and celebrate Kazuko's birthday. After that come my flat. Maybe Sunday morning, we have wonderful time on loo all at same time….

Love to all you on toiletstool site. I hope you never have any illness. Kazuko said same thing on Tanabata day. She love all people on this site. Me too. Kazuko said, she did very huge motion on her birthday, but in office, not her home. She scared her mother hit her on her birthday, but of course her mother didn't hit her because she did long motion in office. Actually Kazuko 's mother made cake for her, she ate very big piece, so next day she also did huge motion in office. Office loo welcome Kazuko's bottom very much.


Friday, July 10, 2015



Cley: Thank you for your response! If there is anything that I've noticed about the forum, those who visit have a had some kind of formative experience with bowel movements that brings them here:

1. A really large poop
2. An accident or series of accidents
3. Someone they are attracted to was open about their bowel habits, intentionally or unintentionally
4. Or some other experience that generated an interest.

And, I think an anonymous forum is a great way to get our thoughts out about a subject we can all relate to, but are embarrassed to talk about!

MikeyPee: Sorry about your accidents! Hope you are well!

Wpunk: I've had a few times in life when I thought that I only had to pee and have pooped a little. It has not happened often!


James' Survey and "The Talk" with Alan

1. When you poop, do you lean forward or sit straight up? - It's kind of a combination. I do hunch forward to poop, my legs are together and I am pretty much covering the opening of the toilet seat.

2. Do you like to read or do homework while pooping? No. I rarely am on the toilet for a long period of time, unless I am sick with diarrhea. Normally my trips to the bathroom are over in five minutes.

3. Do you wipe your butt between the legs or behind the back? - Behind the back.

4. Did you accidentally walked in one someone using the washroom? - No. I have never been walked in on either, thankfully! The only person who has actually been with me when using the bathroom is my mom when I was little.

5. What comes to your mind when you poop or pee? I am usually in the moment when going to the bathroom. My mind rarely wanders, and am more focused on what is taking place. Like the Charmin slogan, I like to "enjoy the go!"

6. Do you use gravity to move the poo out of your butt or do you just push it out? The way I describe it, I like to let my body take over and do its thing, which I guess is letting gravity do it's thing. Sometimes I have to push out that last little bit of poop.

OK, so yesterday I wrote that on the 4th I accidently farted in front of Alan. I was embarrassed but it led to a little playful affection. Then I had to use the bathroom at his house for the second time since we have been dating. We've been getting close, and we've even told each other that we loved each other and that we feel that we are falling in love. So, I had dinner last night (after I wrote that post) and just asked him directly if I had grossed him out by using the bathroom at his house and by having the accidental fart. See, he has not done either in my presence!

And he began to say that it did not gross him out but aroused him a little. I was relieved! But I pressed him a little further to ask what he meant. And he said that he found it arousing that I would make myself vulnerable enough to use the bathroom at his house, that he could picture me in there doing my business and it just gave him this warm feeling that we were getting close. He said that he had not yet come to that point, that he goes to the bathroom for #2 in the morning, and had just been thankful that he had not been the one to break the ice.

He said that we are in our 30's, that he had been married, has two daughters and coached girls basketball for several years, so he had long gotten past girls' bodily functions.

He also said that his ex-wife was very prudish about her bathroom habits. She was very private when it came to using the toilet and would get angry if he mentioned it. Then he said that she really was very stinky when she went, which I thought was funny! I laughed! But he said that was one reason he did not feel close to her and that she could not let him get close. We talked about that for a while.

Then I told him the details of my diet - the same things I've shared here - that when I have to go I "have to go." He asked a few details and I just shared that I realized that my bowel movements were large but healthy and that I really worked hard for good physical health. Of course, I did not share anything about being obsessed.

He said that he liked the fact that I was comfortable enough with him to do what I needed to do and that it did not bother him at all. He said that he did not ever want me to feel uncomfortable. He's just so sensitive and caring, which you don't normally see in a man, especially a coach!

Well, that's all for now!




To Jessica

Aww that must have been really embarassing. Have you seen a doctor about your bedwetting problem? It can be caused by so many things including stress. I had the same problem in my 20s. I was a chronic bedwetter growing up, nightly accidents up until around when I was 13 or 14. Then it just kind of stopped. Didn't wet the bed for years, then my second year away at college when I was 19 or 20 I woke up one morning to that familiar feeling, where as soon as I sit up I just feel that rush of cold air against my soaking wet undies. It was a small dorm with two beds and the whole room smelled like pee so my roommate was definitely gonna know when she woke up. I wrapped a towel around myself and grabbed a change of clothes and my shower caddy and had to go down the hall to the communal bathrooms on my floor...of course there were like 6 girls in there, I hid in a stall and pretended to be pooping until it sounded like the other girls left so I could slip into the shower without anyone seeing me take off my pee-panties. While I was showering I remember realizing that I didn't even strip the wet sheets off my bed and my roommate was gonna wake up to see the huge wet spot on my bed... I rushed to finish showering ans getting dressed and rushed back to my dorm, and thankfully my roommate was still sleeping. So I stripped the bed, flipped my mattress over, sprayed some air freshener and got the hell out of there before she woke up. So I thought I was home free, managed to pee my bed and not get caught...wrong...I lived on the 7th floor. The laundry room was in the basement... I got in the elevator with my laundry bag containing my pee sheets, the towel i wrapped around my waist, my pee panties and the tank top I wore to bed. Even though my laundry bag was tied shut it didn't contain the other people got in the elevator on the way down people started saying to each other "it smells like piss in here." My face turned bright red. I tried to be casual but people kept glancing at me. Finally we got to the ground floor and most of them got off, except two other girls from the floor below me that also had their laundry bags. They both kept trying to sneak glances at me. We all got off and I went to the furthest washing machine as far away from them as possible and quickly dumped my stuff in and threw my bag in on top, then walked back toward the sitting area. I avoided eye contact with the two girls from the elevator, but as I walked by one of them said "too much to drink last night?" As the other one gasped and told her to shut up, then they both started giggling. I was so embarassed! Your story reminded me SO MUCH of that incident. I can't even imagine if my wet panties had fallen on the floor for them to see, you poor thing...

I thought it was just a random incident. Maybe I drank water too late, I thought... but I wet the bed again the next night. Then I continued bedwetting at least twice a week. Obviously my roommate figured it out sooner rather than later and she tried to be nice about it. I got on a waiting list to switch to a single room, but apparently my roommate did so before me, because one day she told me she got her own room and was leaving. I was embarassed because I knew it was because the room always smelled a little bit like pee because of me. I guess because I was on the list for a single room they didn't replace her anyway, so I wound up having the room to myself which made it easier.

That pattern of wetting went on throughout college. Not consistently, just every now and then there would be a period of a few weeks where I'd wet a few times a week. That's how I figured out it was stress induced because my mom and my therapist helped me realize it was happening around the busiest times of the semester. Once I figured that out it became easier to manage. It didn't help me to stop bedwetting when stressed, but it did help me know when I needed to take precautions...such as cutting off when I drink anything at night, or wearing protective underwear to bed. I pretty much wore protection to bed whenever it was around midterms or finals which was good. Reduced the occurrences of panty wetting, and saved my sheets and mattress. I know it's embarassing to have to wear protection to bed as an adult but I HIGHLY recommend it for you. It is a million times easier to deal with a bedwetting accident and a million times easier to keep it a secret.

Even after college my stress bedwetting went on throughout my 20s. My therapist attributed it to the stresses of becoming an adult and entering the "real world" and said she helped a lot of people around my age with major stress issues. Even so, I felt like I was just going to be a bedwetter for the rest of my life. It was harder to plan for it after college because there weren't those set times where I knew I'd be under a lot of stress, so the night time panty wettings picked up again. I'd go weeks at a time accident free, then wet my bed 3 out of 4 nights. It was so frustrating. It was such a problem in my life that anytime I dated a guy there had to be that awkward conversation at some point where I needed to tell him that there is a decent chance I'm gonna wet the bed if he wants to spend the night with me. I got mixed responses...a couple guys didn't care and never reacted much if it happened, but i was still always mortified when it happened while they were next to me. One guy conveniently reconnected with his ex just a few days after I told him about my problem, and one guy..well...his response when I told him I wet the bed sometimes was "you're perfect." LOL. he was nice and fun, but we wound up not being so compatible even though he thought I was perfect. Too bad.

I'm 36 now. I haven't wet the bed in over 7 years. So, there is that to reassure you. Just like when I was a teenager it just kind of stopped happening. It's definitely a lot easier, but it is certainly still in the back of my mind that it could start happening again.

I hope you found some of this reassuring, and keep your chin up, hun. It is super embarassing but in my experience most people are pretty understanding. Good luck!


Sister in law's accident

I was just over at my brother Matt's house. Him and his wife are expecting their second child soon and I was helping him move furniture out of their guest room for it to be the second kid's room. His wife Sarah was just lounging in the den with the AC going because it's really hot and she's really pregnant. She was just sitting on the couch in a light blue tank top and short little black shorts, I thought she was just wearing panties at first they were so short. Anyway, we did our thing and then we were both standing in the den cooling off in the AC having a drink. Sarah was still just sitting on the couch. All of the sudden, she rips this super wet, bubbling fart. Immediately she gasps and says "OMG MATTHEW GET ME A TOWEL!" She keeps sitting there and I can just hear the bubbling and squelching as diarrhea erupts in her shorts on the couch. We were staring at her speechless and again she anxiously shouts "GET ME A TOWEL!" as her face turns tomato red and the room starts to stink. My brother shouts back "GET OFF THE COUCH GET TO THE BATHROOM!" she just says "I NEED A TOWEL IT'S GONNA GO EVERYWHERE!" I stood there frozen on disbelief and didn't know what to do, as my brother rushed off to get a towel. She continued to just sit the breathing heavily and the shitting sounds stopped. She was visibly shaking and just said "I'm so sorry..just be glad you can never be pregnant because sometimes it just comes out of nowhere and it's not easy to get up off the couch and get to the bathroom quickly." I just shrugged and said sorry that sucks." I started walking away and she groaned again as more diarrhea audibly flooded into her shorts. I guess she decided she couldn't wait for a towel any more and just stood up. She was grabbing onto the front of her shorts and like pulling them forward i guess try and contain the poop from running down the backs of her legs. She waddled toward the bathroom like that and I could see that her butt was visibly soaked, even though her shorts were black. It was smeared on the backs of her thighs right below her shorts and other than that it appeared to have shot straight up the back as the bottom of her tank top had a yellowish brown stain going up a few inches from the top of her butt. Needless to say the couch cushion was a brother came down with a towel just as she was getting to the bathroom. He sighed and looked at me and sarcastically said "well that was awesome." I legitimately thought it was hahaha. I went and sat in the next room to get away from the smell, and waited for my brother because we still had to load the old furniture in our trucks and haul it away. He went down to see what she needed and I overheard her say "this is the worst I've ever shit myself." So now I know she has an accident history and I need to figure out how to get my brother to share any others he knows of. Once I do I will surely report back.

Sonya Sue

4th of July Experience

On the 4th of July me and two friends went to an all-day music festival in a nearby city. There were several thousand people there at one very large city park and me and my friends found places to sit and hang out near an outdoor building unlike I have ever seen. It was of medium size, one floor, in the middle of which there were concessions windows, which were very busy throughout the day, and on each end of the building there were a set of restrooms. What was strange was that there was no roof on any part of the building. So the sunlight beat down on us, there were a number of bugs, and going to the bathroom was definitely an experience I would not want to have again. I'm use to using bathrooms with cubicles often made of metal, most with doors, etc. Well, this bathroom had partial cubicles made of foundation blocks that would be used on a house basement. Like three of these blocks would separate one toilet from another so you could see your neighbors from the chest on up. Of course there were no doors and the strangest thing was the birds and bugs flying over us as we sat using the facilities in the hot sun.

Me and my friends each brought large water jugs with us and we filled each several times there with water and other drinks from concessions. However, unlike my friends, I was almost totally potty shy each of the first four times I went in, waited in line for my stall, seated myself, but was unable to go. I would be in pain to pee, wait in a line sometimes for about 20 minutes, then when I got on the toilet, at best all I could do was a few trickles. The agitation from those in line watching me didn't help, the heat of the sun burning down on me, and a water bug or two running over my toes as I sat, didn't help. A couple of birds flew over me fighting and I felt lucky that they didn't drop anything on me as I sat. When I broke down and started to cry after my final seating, one of my friends encouraged me to walk about four blocks into another part of the crowd where they had like a hundred portable toilets in a long line. At the far end, there was no line so I went in as fast as I could. Once I closed the door, I realized I was going to boil in there, the stench from the toilet caused me to cough petty strongly, but once I placed my butt on the seat, a small stream started followed by a much stronger one that grew so satisfying that I lowered my head again and started to cry. It was so satisfying. My friend hugged me when I explained what happened and she said I must have filled a river. I sure felt like it was we made the walk back to our spot.

Later,I made two trips back there to the portables. The last was just before the program's ending time about midnight. While I was sitting in filth and in great heat with almost no air, it felt great to be able to relieve my bladder. And when traveling back home, I thought I could hold it, be we had to stop at a rest facility so I could take a crap. That, too, felt so good, although it caused me to miss my curfew by a few minutes, but my parents were understanding.

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