Dump on a dump

Have you ever "buddy dumped" on top of your mate's pile? I recently remembered an incident from about 15 years ago that was kind of hot for me.

When I was about 14, I was playing some game with a friend of mine outside and he said he had to go home to use the toilet. As it was closer to my place, I offered we could go and use mine as I also needed to unload and he agreed. While we were on our way, he told me he was quite desperate becuase I hadn't taken a dump for a few days and this made me quite interested. When we got to my place, there was nobody else home and I let him go first. He closed the door and I was waiting outside the toilet feeling quite desperate by then too and a bit turned on as I heard "Uhhh..." and a crackling sound from him. At this stage I shouted to him not flush as there had been some problems flushing the provious day and it would be better to flush after I was done (which of course wasn't true but I wanted to see his product). He said "Fine" and a few minutes later he left the toilet and I entered. I knew it would be a problem to see see load clearly as the toilet was this "washaway" type with a kind of shelf for the deposit. But when I opened the lid, I couldn't belieive my eyes... He must have been really desperate as it was absolutely enourmous... A giant log which curled around itself at least for times or more. I just said, "Wow!" and he shouted to me from the hall, "This is just my usual load. Nothing impressive" and I was like, "if this is not impressive I can't just imagine what your impressive deposit looks like". I had never taken or seen such a big load. I sat on the toilet and unloaded my turd on top on my mate's huge deposit and I found it kind of hot to buddy dump in this way. My load was obviously smaller but still when I hit the flush, the water lever went dangerously high and I was afraid he'd clogged the thing. At the last moment, though, the two jammed logs went down and there were just several skid marks. Although I've had no similar experience ever since, this incident made me interested in the size of other guys' loads.

End Stall Em

Vincene's survey answers and a story

These are my answers to Vincene's questions:

1) What did your parents teach you about using public toilets?

Because of my mom's work schedule, I remember as a young child being with my dad the most when I had to use public bathrooms. It was kind of tough on him because when I was like 4 or 5 he would take me into the men's room in stores or at the sports arena and quickly wisk me into an open toilet stall. I know he couldn't have enjoyed the embarrassment with all the guys standing around waiting for stalls--and in some cases crapping in doorless cubicles--but I remember asking him while we were waiting when I would be able to go into the girls room on my own and he always answers with something like "Soon, I hope." Then when a doored stall opened, he would shove me in, drop the seat if it was up, wipe it down with toilet paper if there was pee on it (frequently there was), then he would pull of strips of toilet paper to place over the seat before I sat down. When I was really young he would pull my underwear down, and pick me up and place me on the seat. He insisted that I sit still. Then when I was done he would give me toilet paper to wipe with or if he felt I wasn't aggressive enough, he would have me get down, turn around and he would wipe me. I remember him saying one should "wipe aggressively" and he would demonstate on me after I did a No. 2 to show how much I missed. Then he would have me pull my clothing up and then he would have me flush. At first, I wasn't strong enough and he took me to the side of the toilet and showed me how to put the weight of both hands and arms on it. That and the flush scared me at first, but it didn't get better when we used the more modern bathrooms with the auto-flushes. I remember when he pointed to the flashing red sensor and explained it to me. Even that was scary. Everything got sucked down so fast and it was noisy and I would be sitting on the toilet and it would just happen out of the blue. Then I would get frustrated at the sinks because sometimes I would burn myself a bit with really hot water, and dad always asked me to push a little harder on the soap dispenser.

2. Did you ever follow it and for how long?

I was in 1st grade when my dad allowed me to go in on my own in public places, and of course, I was on my own at school. I had a male teacher for first grade so there wasn't a lot of supervision, as long as we behaved. I just started sitting right down on the seat, as did my friends. I remember a couple of them would wipe the seat down before using it, but my idea was to get on the toilet just as fast as I could and get it over with. Lines waiting on me have always troubled me as have inconsistencies between what adults say and what they actually do.
For example, one of the last times my dad took me into the mens room (I think it was a pro game) and after he went through the seat covering routine, he saw the cubicle next to ours had opened so he had me latch the door when he left me alone and he took the toilet on the other side of me. As I was waiting for my No. 1 to start, I heard him quickly latch his door, drop the seat and within a second I saw his jeans and boxers fall to the floor and he was seated and blasting out his crap. I wiped, flushed, and then looked in on him and could see that his hairy butt was sitting directly on the seat. He was a little abrupt with me, telling me to get back into my stall, close the door and wait for him, (which made sense there were guys standing around waiting for their chance on the toilet) and when he flushed and then came to get me, it was the usual routine at the sinks. While we were there, I asked him why he hadn't covered the seat like he had made me do, and he denied that he had forgotten to. He said the toilet paper was under his butt and I just hadn't seen it. I just smiled and decided not to push it anymore. He did wash his hands--he kinda had to because I was right there. So that's why I didn't follow what I had been "taught" after that.

3. As you've gotten older, has your attitude changed at all?

No. After discovering the scare tactics of my parents and knowing that my friends and others weren't going to be overly concerned about the creepy and insidious germs of public bathrooms, I'm now in college and getting along just fine. There's one exception: the auto-flush toilets and sink faucets still haunt me. And almost all of the restrooms at my college have them in the classroom buildings as well as in the dorms.

Now my story:

Last year on the 4th of July, about 10 friends and I got together to grill. It was nice out so we decided to meet at a public park that had a large area for grilling and picnics. Each of us brought some grilling supplies and food. We got there about 11 a.m. before many of the large families and other crowds came. We moved two picnic tables together and had a nice time playing some volleyball while one of my friends who is working her way through college as a restaurant cook did the grilling. As usual, we all ate too much and drank a whole dispenser of ice tea, so when we started some afternoon volleyball, Trev--a guy I've known since high school and who I have dated occasionally--called for a break and said he needed to shit. I pointed out the bathroom building which was about a half block away and I told him I had used it before he arrived so I knew the toilets were unlocked. He walked over there and came back almost immediately with his car keys out and said he was not about to dump there because it was unisex and had two toilets, each without a door. Trev drove about six blocks to a Shell station and came back in about 10 minutes relieved and apologetic. Some of our group seemed a bit insensitive about Trev's attitude, but I wonder if there's others who have reservations about crapping in a more open and unisex setting.



To Annie

If you are having trouble with diarrhea, you need to get it checked out. The fact that both you and your husband both had it at the same time suggests something that you've eaten or drank, and it could be something other than food. The fact that you are keeping yourself hydrated is great, but I would check with your doctor to make sure that the Ph levels in your blood are good. The other thing is to seriously consider wearing diapers, especially when away from immediate access to a toilet. This is far more of a public health issue than wetting your pants. On another note, be glad you're not the woman news person on some European TV program who had a diarrhea accident on camera with a white skirt on. LOL. It's on Youtube.

to Jasmin K
Hi Jasmin K,

glad to see you here after such a long time! I know you mentioned that your friends also suffer from constipation. Did you have any pooping sessions with them trying to help each other?
Also, you wrote about school stalls having a ledge that girls use when they're constipated so they can push harder. Any stories about those stalls? Thanks

Today I had a meal out with a friend of mine. It was self-serve, and I loaded up my plate and had a big meal, and then we ordered dessert. I was full, and so were my bowels, and I had poo I wanted to release. At a nearby table was a girl of about 20 with her boyfriend. Apart from being blonde and a little bit heavier-set than me, she looked a bit similar to me! They were eating dessert too, and as soon as she finished hers, I saw her stand up and make her way to the ladies loos. I figured that, like me, her dinner had made her need to have a number two, and that since she immediately went the moment she finished, that it was quite urgent. I gave my friend my half of the money for our meals and excused myself since she didn't need to go.

In the loos, one of the two cubicles was occupied. I went into the other one, and saw the girls' pink knickers and black skirt around her feet. Already there was a whiff of poo in the air, suggesting she had already begun to relieve herself. I took a seat and let out a log of my own. I heard her do the same a moment later. I pushed out another one as she farted, more poo sliding out of her bum. I released two more turds and I heard her push out two as well. I was done with my poo, so I wiped, hearing her drop another piece. I returned to my friend, who was still waiting to pay. After a couple of minutes I saw the girl come out of the loos and go back to her boyfriend. She was rubbing her stomach and gave him a slightly embarrassed look, but she must have felt better than before!

A few days ago I was out at the park. I was walking around and I really needed to visit a loo- I had to do a big poo, and my bladder felt like it had a lot of wee in it. I made my way to the toilet block in the park. I walked in to see that there were four cubicles, two on each side of the room facing each other, and that none of them had doors. At this stage I didn't mind because I needed to sit down and release both things urgently! I walked over to them and saw a slightly chubby woman of about 30 sitting on the first loo on the right, with her trousers around her feet and her black knickers down just below her knees. I could see her shapely thighs and hips, her hands were in her lap hiding her privates. She gave me a glance as she had been looking at her phone.

I moved on, looking to take one of the two end cubicles out of her view and unload myself. Unfortunately, there was no paper in either cubicle, and one of them didn't have a seat anyway! The other was full of paper and who knows what else, and it was clogged. I moved back to the one opposite the woman, but that one had no paper either. I stood looking around at the other cubicles, trying to decide what to do. The woman obviously noticed, because she asked, 'Are you alright?'

I said, 'Yes, it's just none of these loos have any paper!' She said, 'Oh, this one does,' which I had noticed when I looked in before, and was presumably why she had picked that one to sit on. 'You can use it after me.' Now I had another dilemma- try and wait for her to finish her business, or ask if she minded me using the one opposite her and passing me some paper. I was desperate, so I blushed and said, 'Sorry...would it be ok if I used this loo? Only it's a bit desperate!'

She obviously knew the state of the other toilets, because she said, 'Oh, of course, if you're desperate for it. It's better than the others, isn't it? I'll give you some paper.' I said thanks and pulled down my skirt and pink knickers to my feet, taking a seat opposite her. She looked at me and then back at her phone. I knew she could see my thighs and my bush, since I could see hers too! I hadn't heard any sounds from her yet to indicate what she was doing on the loo, but I quickly made it obvious what i had been holding because two soft logs quickly crackled out of me and plopped into the loo! I felt very embarrassed as my wee started to flow as well, but relieved too! She glanced up from her phone as I released. I was going to apologise for my noisy bowel movement, but I heard a crackle and plop from her too, so maybe I broke the ice! I pushed out another turd after I finished my wee. She didn't make any comment about my urgent start! I got my phone out as well for something to look at so it didn't seem like I was watching her.

I heard her drop off two more turds while I did another one, and then she began to wipe herself, staying seated to do so but accidentally giving me a clear view of her vagina and pubic hair. She pulled up her trousers and stood up, asking me, 'Do you want a lot of paper?' I said yes, and she tore off plenty for me after flushing her loo. I kept one hand in my lap as she stepped across and gave it to me. I thanked her, and she left me to finish, going to wash her hands. After she left I pushed out two more turds before using the paper she gave me to wipe front and back, leaving feeling much relieved!


Work accident story for Mr S

I liked Mr S's and Kara's work accident stories and since Mr S asked for others, here's one.

In college I had a part time job at a movie theater in the box office, which was detached out front of the theater in its own little building (well, two little buildings). I mostly worked weekends. On Friday and Saturday nights we would get really busy, of course. A lot of the other box office workers were high school and college kids, mostly female because the manager trusted the girls more with money, I guess, so I was one of the few guys in the box.

Anyway, one Saturday night I was in the box with two girls, both in high school, like 17 or 18 years old. I had worked with both before and we had all known each other for months from work and got along. This night I was in the middle of them. The girl on my right, I'll call her Sarah, was fairly attractive, well built, brown hair, and friendly. I noticed she was fidgeting after a while but didn't say anything. After about thirty minutes of her shifting in place and crossing her legs behind the counter - no customers could see below our counter level - she muted her microphone and said, "God, I have got to go to the bathroom so bad!" We could only leave the box during our assigned breaks unless we called for someone to come take our place by asking a manager first over an intercom system. I told her to ask for a cover. She said she'd wait for her break in an hour or so.

So time ticked by and we stayed really busy (it was opening night for some big blockbuster movie). She kept fidgeting and kept her legs crossed a lot and sometimes stuck her free left hand down to hold her crotch. I could tell from the way she was asking her need was getting worse. I guess I should mention our uniform was black pants (no jeans allowed), white button up dress shirt, and a company vest over the top.

It was about 15 minutes before Sarah's break when she suddenly half squatted and grabbed herself and stayed there for a second and her face turned red. I muted my mic and asked if she was ok. She nodded her head but stayed down for a second, then looked up and whispered, "I've got to go NOW. Like, I just peed a little." I said, "Oh, I'm sorry. Call the manager." So she stepped awkwardly - still holding herself - over to the intercom and called for a manager, who took a minute to come on, while she stood there legs crossed tightly, and finally they answered and she asked to go on break early. At first they said no, it was only 15 more minutes, then she said she really needed the bathroom so they said give someone a few minutes to find a cover and get there.

Sarah went back to her station and continued to take customers while bouncing and wiggling, with her legs crossed, while she waited for a manager to show up. A few minutes later I heard her gasp, "Oh, God!" and I heard a crackling noise and smelled a strong poop smell and looked over and Sarah was standing partially bent forward, knees bent slightly, and I could see a large bulge forming under her butt and then splattering as pee cascaded down her legs and onto the floor around her feet. My customer had to tap on my window to get my attention. I apologized and finished their transaction and looked back over. Sarah was trying not to cry, standing there in her wet and soiled pants. An assistant manager finally showed up maybe two minutes later. Of course she couldn't hide the puddle at her feet or the smell. The manager told her she could go home and she stayed to cover the box until a drop in customers allowed another person to come fill in later.

I never brought it up again any other time I worked with or saw Sarah to try not to embarrass her.


Answers to Vincene's questions

What did your parents teach you about using public toilets?

At first, they taught me that if I plan ahead, like requiring me to try to go before leaving home, and then I wouldn't have to use them that much. Once my mom and I were traveling to a funeral and I was about 9 or 10 and she tried to talk me out of using a highway rest stop bathroom. Only when I started to smell and got a painful look on my face did she stop. Then she gave me this lecture about putting paper towels over the seat before sitting on it. But there weren't any hand towels, just electric driers, so I had to use strips of toilet paper. They fell off easily, so it took extra time from releasing my crap. When I was about 6 and we had a church picnic at a large park, mom forced me to go in with her and she only stopped doing this like a year later when my friends were making fun of it.

Did you follow it and for how long?

Yes my parents were really stict about me picking up germs and of course undesireables being in the bathrooms. One might think it would be better at school, but it wasn't because, since I'm a year younger than the others in my class and have a small organ and I'm shy, I got hassled in using the urinals. So I switched to peeing sitting down on the toilet and now at almost 14 I'm trying to do it more normally by getting away from the seat papers and sitting right down because our stalls are doorless and I get made fun of.

As you've gotten older, have you changed your attitude at all?

Yes. School and other public bathrooms suck unless I want to buy several new packages of briefs each week.

Question to Annie

Hey Annie, it sounds like you narrowly escape disaster pretty often! When is the last time you pooped your pants in public?

Optional Person


Hey guys, I am a picky eater, and so my poops aren't very good. I want to have those asshole spreaders that stink up the place that so many people talk about. what do I have to eat to make one of those?


Embarrassing Bedwetting Accidents

A few years ago there was a time where I feel like I was wetting the bed every night. And it wasn't on purpose. Some was drinking related and others were just pure adult bedwetting accidents. As a twenty something, I lived in an apartment on the East Side of Providence with one roommate. (I'll tell you about her after). We didn't have laundry in the building so I needed to go to the laundry mat. We lived near Wayland Square and I think the mat was named after it. Anyway, I awoke one morning with the all to familiar feeling of wetness and was like, "shoot". not only was it a weekday, but that was my last set of clean sheets. So I put everything in my laundry basket, cleaned up and went to work. After work, I needed to do laundry so I went to Wayland Laundry Mat. It was packed and I wasn't nervous since I've done dirty laundry there a dozen times including my accident clothes. I was carelessly loading my soiled laundry into the washer. My sheets from that morning were still wet, smelly and stained. The girl next to me was looking at me and I didn't think twice about it. All of a sudden my underwear of all things fell out of the basket as I was putting sheets in the washer. And yup they were clearly stained from an accident. The girl just said, "Well I think someone needs some diapers." I looked up and was mortified realizing what just happened. There really wasn't anything to say. I kept to myself and finished up. Thankfully no one was there that I knew. So I was more careful from then on and it never happened again.

Monday, July 06, 2015


To Jemma

Hello Jemma it's John B.

I'm so sorry to hear that you have been unwell and may I wish you a speedy recovery. Take care my cyber friend and don't rush back too soon, your health is most important!

My best wishes to you as always.

John B xx


using the bathroom at my friend's place

To Mr. S.: Thank you for sharing the story about your boss' accident. She must have felt so bad and I know I would be totally humiliated if I had pooped my pants at work. But you were a real gentleman about it. I've never had an accident, but if I do, I'd hope someone as nice as you might be around to help.

To ChloeB: I liked your story about pooping with Claire at church.

To kmd: Thanks so much for your answer to my post. Like I said, I also suspect that my neighbour's poo at the market was a really urgent one. I'm glad you like my stories.

Finally to Jemma: I always enjoy reading your stories. I am so sorry you have been sick and in the hospital. I really hope you will be much better very soon.

Thursday night Danielle, myself, my friend Claire and a couple more girls went out clubbing. It turned out to be a pretty late night. In the end, the other girls went home and Danielle went to stay at her boyfriend's place. I asked Claire if I could crash at her place. Claire is South African, a skinny redhead with tons of freckles and goes to university with me.

The next morning, I woke up in my dress on her couch around ten in morning with a bit of a hangover. I had a headache, but also needed a pee and a number two. Her bathroom door was closed, I knocked and she called out 'I'll be out in a minute, Ann'. I made us some coffee in her tiny kitchen which is right next to the bathroom. While I needed to do both quite a bit, I could hold it in for a couple of minutes, no problem. I was mucking around in the kitchen when Claire let out two loud, wet farts in the bathroom and I had to laugh. Then she called out 'sorry Ann, I'm taking a big s****'. Finally she flushed the toilet and came out, wearing only a tshirt and panties. She looked pretty tired. When I went into the bathroom, I was hit by a really bad poop smell. I decided to tease Claire, turned around and told her 'you stink!'. She just stuck her tongue out at me and then we both laughed. From the smell in there, Claire must have really bombed the toilet.

I closed the door, pushed up my dress, pulled down my white string and sat on the warm seat. I immediately started to pee with a hissing stream and let out a small, soft fart. I leaned forward and while I was peeing, my poo started to come out. Quickly I dropped three sloppy poops which splashed into the toilet bowl. When I finished my pee I had to sit and wait for maybe a minute or so. Things got going again and a soft log came crackling out of my backdoor, ending up in a loud, wet fart. I felt much better by now, but hung around on the toilet for a couple more minutes, just in case. The little bathroom now really stunk after both Claire and I had done big poos. So, after sitting there for a bit and trying to breath through my teeth, I decided I was done and pulled off some paper. I wiped my front and then my back a couple of times. It took almost ten wipes to get my bumhole clean, it was messy. Then, I pulled up my panties and flushed the toilet. It all went down ok, but left some skidmarks and I had to used Claire's brush and flush once more until everything was clean. Both Claire and I took showers shortly after and had some coffee. We agreed that we felt much better and then we went out to see some of our friends for the day. I hope you all liked my story about pooping at my friend's place.


My mom pooped her pants

It was pretty funny. We all like to make fun of each other (in a fun way not mean) in my family over any little thing so she knows she's in for it now. My mom's name is pattyann. She's almost 40. My older brother is away at college still but he comes home this weekend and I'm excited to tell him. Anyway so me and my little sister were with my mom today shopping and stuff and we were in the car on our way to a store when my mom started acting super weird. She was like leaning far forward and kept like wringing her hands on the steering wheel and was breathing funny. I was just ignoring it at first until she just blurts out "oh my god guys. I think I'm gonna shit my pants!" My sister goes "um what!!!??" And she says "my stomach hurts really bad. Oh no. Im sorry guys" then PLRRRRRPPLLLLTPPLPTLpT. it was the loudest wet diarrhea fart I ever heard. Instantly the car smelled so bad I pulled my shirt up over my face and tried leaning out the window. My sister was just in the back laughing and saying "MOM ARE YOU KIDDING ME" over and over. My mom just kept driving in silence and staring straight forward. I could tell she was mortified so I was trying to be cool about it first but once the shock wore off i just looked right at her and said " know you're never gonna hear the end of this right?" She just looked right at me and said "yeah...yeah I know." My sister asked her why she didn't just pull over, and my mom said it came on really fast and really strong, by the time she realized she had to stop it was too late, she knew it was seconds from coming out when she said "I think I'm gonna shit my pants." It took a little while to get home because we were heading in the opposite direction and a few minutes after the first explosion she goes "oh damnit" and then I could just hear a muffled bubbling sound like she was going more. It was so nasty.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna as always another great pooping story it sounds like you and that other lady both had pretty good poops and it sounds like you were kind of desperate and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mr S great story.

To: Mary first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Annie: too much paper

Hello again, Annie--I sympathize with your problem of the delicate toilet. I found the same problem with one of mine, and I decided to try something I have seen mentioned elsewhere: Not putting the used toilet paper in the toilet, but in a separate paper bag. When the bag (a small one, like a lunch bag) gets moderately full, I take it outside, empty it into the burn barrel (which has easily burnable yard waste such as fallen branches in it), and light it up. The toilet paper is nice and dry, even with dried poop on it, and it burns quickly and completely; no odor, either. I never do enough poop to clog the toilet, so I have not had any trouble with that since I started collecting the used paper. I realize that, if you live in town, you may not be permitted to burn anything, so you might try using a plastic garbage bag and putting it out with the trash. I don't know if this "solution" would work for you; I just know that, for now at least, it works for me.


Diarrhea twice on June 30 and near accident in park

Hi all. Still having the usual runs 1-2 times a day. The other day before we went out to the Chinese grocery store I had some pretty loud (and luckily dry) gas. The fart sounded like a duck quacking lol. Then I needed the toilet badly at the grocery store.

Yesterday morning (Monday) I woke up and went to the bathroom and discovered crap in my underwear. Maybe it was a poor wiping job the night before from my BM (despite using a soapy cloth and water to clean my bum) or if I had started pooping my pants in my sleep. Was kind of disturbing (and gross) because I didn't feel anything. Anyway, soon after I got up I needed to poop rather badly and had mushy, GREEN diarrhea. My husband also had complained of runny green diarrhea as well. We didn't eat or drink anything purple, so it must have been from the green leafy vegetables. I don't know. It was a really messy wiping job and I did my best to get as clean as possible.

Then the second time I got the urge to go (badly!) while we were walking home from the mall. And this time I knew it was going to be more liquidy. So I clenched as hard as I could considering we had a long walk through a huge park then about another block to go before we went home. And I did NOT want to have an accident considering I was wearing light coloured clothes and it would likely go everywhere. Then as soon as we were home, I quickly put things away and bolted for the toilet where I tore down my grey capris and pink underwear and sat down. I pushed and I literally peed out of my butt for about a minute. When I was done I stood up to wipe, which again was very messy and there was nothing but liquid and chunks in the toilet. Yuck. Been trying to stay as hydrated as possible and twice yesterday I had to scrub out the disgusting skidmarks out of my underwear. Hopefully I won't wake up again with a nasty surprise in my undies.

Happy pooping, hopefully


to Tristan

LOL lucky for you you've never gotten anything on the shower curtain....sometimes I have to use a finger with vaseline or baby oil on it when I am constipated before I can even get a suppository or the tip of an enema in there. Do you ever use enemas or just suppositories?

Have you ever been over at a friend's house, on the toilet and constipated and had to send them to the store to get you suppositries or enemas?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie great set stories about your desperate poops it sounds like you had a good one at home and it sounds like you just made to the toilet in the store and I bet you felt good after both poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Response to Brian's posting

I haven't posted for a few years. I'm 23 now and work in the corporate world, but some of the issues Brian brings up about being a "germophobe" resonate with me and what initially caused me to come across this board about 8 years ago. In specific terms my concern was my parents move to a new city and school when I was 15 and the "adjustment" I had the hardest time making was at my middle school the toilets had those toilet seat protectors which I used religiously. Then at my new high school, with more than 2,500 students, they didn't have them and I was having a hard time lining the seat with toilet paper (often there was none or the strips would fall off before I could seat myself). Most of my friends just sat right down, although some squatted over the toilet and since their aim wasn't that good, what they splashed on the seat was just another level of concern for me. What my mom did when I was very young (like 4 orr 5) was cover the seat for me and as I got older, she expected me to put the paper down. A few of my friends had parents who sprayed Lysol on the seat before they sat on it, but as Brian said, it can be embarrassing to take some supplies off a cleaning cart and use them on the toilet you are about to sit on. Especially if the bathroom is busy. Eventually, about my sophomore year I forced myself into the routine of just sitting on the school and public toilets as if I were at home. Obviously, I wiped off large splashes from the hover pissers and a couple of times, a turd or two they left on the seat, but in college and now in the corporate world my bare-butt-on-the-toilet routine has served me well.

Now, three survey questions for everyone:

What did you parents teach you about using public toilets?

Did you ever follow it and for how long?

As you've gotten older, have you changed your attitude at all?

Thanks. Nice to be back!

Old Fart

for Annie

There used to be and "IBS fact sheet" out in the web. I believe it can still be found. It was written by doctors and nurses that have the problem and what you describe sounds like IBS. I found the sheet to be rather helpful. Part of it has to do with keeping track of what you eat for comparison to what comes out, giving indicators of what foods may be a problem. As for the seasonal issues, my IBS is greatly affected by what pollen's are in the air. That which inflames my sinuses goes down my throat when I sniff and irritates my bowels. As for myself none the meds doctor's gave me for the IBS did much of anything. Watching what I eat allows me to keep my stools on the soft side and fairly regular, it sometimes fluctuates to one extreme or another but not often. I do my best to not get constipated because that has caused far worse issues that soiled pants in the past. With IBS shit still happens but you can at least keep better under control with the right information


for Tristan


Have you ever had a friend keep you company when you were on the toilet and constipated or had a friend help you with a suppository or enema? I have had a few times when a friend needed to use the bathroom but I was in there and constipated, and ended up coming in and keeping me company or taking care of other things like doing their hair or brushing their teeth while I was over on the toilet straining. sometimes it led to them helping me with my enema.

Dear Vee Two:

Thank you for the information. Difficult for me a little bit, so I printed out and when I have some time I will use dictionary and understand it. About Italian novel looks interesting.

Dear Annie: I'm sorry, I don't have more advice. I want to cure you….

Maho is so so sweet. She stayed my flat some nights ago and went to loo in morning, I was with her, and suddenly she said, "Mina why your face changes red to white and back to red?" Reason of that was , I wanted to do motion so much, Maho was taking long time and doing motions so much, I thought, when she finish? because so much pain in my bottom, maybe Louis Vuitton handbag wanted to come out like goddess. But I said nothing because I wanted Maho to feel good.

However finally so much pain, I began to make little noise, Uh uh uh. Maho said, "Mina you have stomach ache?" I nodded head, then Maho flew off loo and crashed into wall opposite! "Mina sit down NOW!" How sweet Maho is!! But the loo was full of Maho's production, so my motions on top of hers. But she flushed soon. I did more motions and pain go away little bit.

"How about you Maho, you not finished?" Maho said, not finished, but it's OK, stay on loo. I said, I feel better now, so you go back on loo Maho. So she said OK and I stood up and she sat down and start doing motions at once on top of my motions, but very slowly, Maho never hurry.
"Mina, if you pain again, I get off loo." So I said, if there is knock on back door, I say about it. And very soon, I said to Maho, "Can I go on loo?" So Maho jumped up again, not so violent this time. And I sat down and did huge one so Maho said, wow Mina, I so sorry, I make you pain.

I stayed on loo many minutes until I finish, I was crying little bit because I love Maho so much. She jumped up off loo so quickly, I couldn't believe! When I finish, Maho went back on loo and finish too. Then we washed hands, and then big long hug.

How lovely Maho is…. I am so lucky woman to be a friend to her.

Love, Mina


Mr. S reply

I don't post very often at all, mostly just read. Mr. S, I tried looking for a story I posted years ago about a work accident but I can't remember around when I posted it and it was too hard to find the post, but I'll just tell it again. But first a quick story that's new about a coworker that I've been meaning to post for a while now.

I currently work at a bottling plant. Nothing glamorous just steady hours decent benefits. I had a coworker named Katie a few months ago who was fresh out of college and just trying to pay the bills. She's cute and nice but she really didnt belong. As if she didn't feel enough like she didn't fit in, it probably didn't get any better when she had an accident at work. One of my coworkers went into the ladies room and said she could hear Katie crying in the stall. She went to see what was wrong and it turned out Katie's zipper was stuck on her utility jumpsuit that we wear, and as a result she had both wet and pooped in her panties whole trying to get it off. I never saw her, just got the story from a coworker. Katie never came back after that. I kind of don't blame her. There was a rumor that she was trying to sue the company due to the zipper malfunction causing her the humiliation of her accident, but I don't think it was true.

As for my story, I used to work in a bakery in a supermarket. It was a really busy time of the year, late spring, where there are lots of graduations, mothers day, etc. It was a Saturday and it was totally swamped. I didn' get to sit down, take a drink, have a break, let alone go to the bathroom for like my whole entire shift. So anyways I started feeling like I had to go poop. I was 4 hours into my 9 hour shift and I started planning on taking my lunch break. Right when it happened this lady came in and wanted to place an order for 4 different cakes, and I got stuck helping her. It was taking forever and she kept changing her mind on things and was very picky about what she wanted. I remember just feeling this dull rumble in my guts and then this huge cramp hit me. I stopped paying attention to the lady as my head went into a fog, and I was just thinking "holy crap, I have GOT to go to the bathroom." I couldn't just walk away from her so I squeezed my cheeks together as firmly as I could and tried my best to concentrate on finishing the order. We were finally done so I shuffled over to the computer and clocked off for break, threw my apron down, and shouted to my manager that I was heading to lunch. He shouts back "hey wait!" I turned and looked at him and he starts saying "before you go could yo-" and I just started shaking my head no and said "I cant I'm sorry I have to the bathroom like Right now!" He looked stunned and quickly said "ok that's fine go ahead." Relieved, I turned and continued rushing back to the restrooms, but it was too late...I probably wouldn't have made it even if he didn't stop me, but stopping me for a second just guaranteed that I was about to bake a fresh batch of brownies right there in my pants. I started farting uncontrollaby as I rushed down the frozen food aisle toward the back of the store, and soon I knew the battle was lost. I stopped and bent slightly at the knees and braced myself against the door to one of thr freezer cases with my hand, and a thick, solid log pushed it's way into my panties with a crackle. Once it broke off it felt like I had put a baseball down the back of my pants. And it wasn't even over. After that first turd, more softer poop squeezed into my pants piling onto the bulge I already made. It was such a HUGE feeling of relief. It almost felt better just stopping and letting go in my pants than continuing to scramble to the bathroom while in that much discomfort, but I tried not to let that feeling sink in TOO much so I wouldn't start a dirty habit lol. Anyway, when it was all over, I waddled the rest of the way to the bathroom and cleaned myself up as best as I could then I told my manager I got sick during break so I had to go home. He was obviously upset because we were busy but he knew there wasn't much he could do. It was better than having to admit that I pooped my pants though.

Victoria B.

Back for seconds

Good to see everyone again! My day started with a bit of a blast-two poops within the space of half an hour. My first one came shortly after I got out of bed. In fact, it was the main reason why I got up. I shuffled into the bathroom, pulled my Popsicle-patterned boyshorts down to my ankles, and sat down. My number two came shortly after a minute of pee and consisted of two thick 5-6 inch pieces that came out one right after the other, giving my bum a nice splash. I was done after that so I stood up to wipe and check out the results. It was an easy wiping job; everything went down as planned when I flushed and I went to my kitchen to have breakfast (half of a banana, granola bar, and bowl of cereal).

This was washed down with a cup of coffee and between it, the fruit, and the grains I soon found myself in need of a second visit to the bathroom. Down came my boyshorts again as I placed my butt on the seat and got ready for my second number two of the day. This one was completely different from the first: no pee and seven or eight semisolid snakelike turds that came flooding out at once. Wiping would have been a real chore and so I just decided to take my dirty bottom (and the rest of me) into the shower and get clean there. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Friday, July 03, 2015



Hi kmd
Unfortunately i have been very unwell indeed and in hospital. I came out last friday and am recovering.
Thanks for asking after me, i am ok just besn ordered to rest.
Best wishes to you,


Optional Person's Fart Survey

I am so sorry that I have not posted in a while. My bowel movements have been normal - 7 AM and 7 PM daily, like clock work :)

I've replied to another fart survey but I would not know what page to direct you, so here goes!

1. what sounds do you farts make? ( squeaky,zipper, duck quack, gurgle, loud, soft etc.)

They are loud and bubbly. I've heard some people call them "machine gun" farts, but I don't like to think of my flatulence as violent! It's more comical to me!

2. How would you rate the level of your smell? ( 1 as not terrible, 10 as terrible, 100 as my god my nose is burning.)

I would say that my average farts are between 1-4. I have expelled the rotten egg kind, but for the most part they are more loud and noisy than they are smelly!

3. do you enjoy your smell and sound? why or why not?

I do like to fart but am not the kind of person who likes to do it around others. However, I like to push them out, let them rip or whatever when I am alone. I don't enjoy the smell!

4. for any sex ( male or female.) How would you react if the opposite sex or same I guess even, heard you fart and said " hey nice fart." as a pick up line?

I'm not sure. I guess I would be a little embarrassed, but I am the kind of person who does not get too embarrassed. However, I hope that a fetish about farting and pooping would be more "icing on the cake" instead of what actually attracts someone to me.

this is where it gets a bit more generic.

5. do you fart a lot when you poop? when you pee? No, I really don't. I mean, yes I have but it's more out of the ordinary than ordinary. Sometimes, when I pee, I might have to poot.

6. do you like to fart around others? No.

7. What is your favorite or least favorite or both, thing(s) about farting or farts.

The noise, how they feel, how loud they can be, and the relief!



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