Chloe B

Another poo at church

Hey guys sorry I haven't been posting a lot. Today I'm gonna tell about how I had a good poo at church on Wednesday. So on Wednesday I had to help out in the fourth grade wing. I had to poo ever since I got there and was planning on makin a trip to the bathroom later. As I was getting ready to go one girl named Claire told me she also had to go. So I took her with me. As we walked to the bathroom she complained how her stomach was upset so I guessed that she also needed a poop. As we walked in to the bathroom there was one girl in the far stall and by the smell I could tell she was pooping. She had on sandals and had her athletic shorts at her knees. I chose the 1st stall and Claire chose the second. I pulled down my Nike shorts and pink thong to my knees. Claire pulled down her jeans and underwear to her knees as well. I started to pee and felt a long log slither it's way out while I heard Claire fart and let out loose chunks. The person in the far stall was grunting and was having trouble pushing. I felt the long turd drop while Claire was letting out more loose poop. I let out 2 turds then decided I was done. I wiped 3 times and pulled up my thong and shorts. Claire was still in her stall while I flushed and washed my hands. She let out one big fart and said she was sorry for the smell. I told her it was ok and asked if she was ok. She said yes and finally started to wipe. The girl in the far stall was still there and just sat there. Claire washed her hands and we returned to class. It was a good poo and I hope you guys enjoyed!



To Just Another Girl: I hope that you are not leaving the forum because someone offended you! I'm glad that you have been on the forum and have felt comfortable sharing on this site. Too, I hope that you have not felt awkward or guilty writing. This site has helped me deal with some things regarding my obsession about bowel movements. I hope you change your mind, but if you don't I wish you well! Love, Catherine!

Mr. S: What an adventure with your boss! However, it sounds like you were the perfect gentleman. You went out of your way to protect her from undue humiliation! Good for you! Welcome!

K: I am sorry I have not commented but I enjoy your posts. Welcome!

And to Anna and Annie, welcome!

Love to all!


Jasmin K

Catch up and Constipation

Hi Its been quite a while since I posted on this forum although I have occasionaly been reading the posts. Any one who has read any of my posts will know I am always constipated, its just a way of life for me so thought I would comment on VeeTwo's post re what is constipation to each person.

The meaning of constipation for me has changed over the last few years. As a child say 10 years old I had always been told I was Constipated if I didnt poo, or at least do more than a few pebbles for 3 days To avoid getting constipated I had to sit on the toilet and try to poo every day in the morning before schoolfor around 1/2 and hour,trying so hard it made my bum bleed and if I didnt do anthing then again in the evening, this time untill I actually did something, even just a couple of pebbles or chunks, on good days it would be a knobbly log.

Now I think I am constipated if I cant poo each morning - this is because when I dont poo i know that over the day it will get worse and by evening even if feel the need to poo it just wont come out.

I get really fat poos, probably because I used to get really backed up for long periods and my insides are stretched.
This mornings poo was a knobbly log about 8 inches and quite thick, and about 2 inches across at the start end dow to about 1 inch at the thinest, comprised of chunks of poo and then a smaller log. Altogether took me 25 minutes of hard straining to push out, I wiped which used only a couple of bits of paper and eased the bits of my arse that should be up inside back up inside.

Anyway i cant think of anything else to put at this time.

Jasmin K


To Anna - reply and comment on post

Hey Anna

Thanks for responding to my post. I completely agree that it is infinitely better to pull your underwear down and poop outside rather than have an accident in your panties. Personally I have always pooped outside if the urge to poop came on and there were no toilets nearby or they were not usable. I think it is particularly important to avoid having accidents if you are female owing to the possibility of faecal matter being transferred to the urethra/bladder thereby causing bladder infections; much better for a person to find an object to squat behind and empty their bowels. Even if you thought you could hold on it's probably better to poo outside anyway rather than for the urge to go away and risk hard stools/constipation.

I always enjoy reading your posts and decided to comment on your post about the woman in sandals at the farmers market.

- the big fart and gassy poop suggest that she probably had been holding on to her poo for some time. She probably wanted to avoid farting in front of her boyfriend and in public, so she held onto the gas in her rectum until she could release it in the toilet. This would have intensified her urge to poo.

- the fact that there was no splash suggests that she did indeed pass a very long and large poo that made its way into the bowl without breaking off. It probably started to curl in and around the bowl. If it did break into pieces they probably landed on top of one another causing little if any noise. Although obviuosly soft (as suggested by the crackling) it was firm enough to hold itself together.

- the fact that she pooped first and then peed suggests that her rectum was extremely full. For women in particlar it sometimes happens that they have to empty their rectums first (especially if very full) before their bladders can begin to empty. It's just how the plumbing works. In her case it sounds as though she had a full bladder too judging by the hissing sound.

- the two little plops you heard from her stall were probably the result of her squeezing a little residual poo after releasing the contents of her bladder. It's likely that they made a noise because her pee had probably created a "hole" in the mound of poo that she had initially released - either that or her pile of poo had began to slide below the water in the bowl.

Anyway these are my thoughts. It sounds as though you had a very large and relieving poop too. I'm sure no one else minded about the noises/smells that you made. Good story Anna and I hope you post more about your experiences - I always enjoy reading them.



Replies to Charlie and Anatomy Student

to Charlie

Wow, that's awful. Although kinda funny lol. I've stuck a finger up there a couple times when I was very constipated and had nothing else. But luckily I didn't get it on any shower curtains lol.

to Anatomy Student

Yeah, when I get constipated, I always squat. I can usually just squat over the toilet, but sometimes I feel like I'm going to ruin the seat by basically standing on it. A footstool is a good idea; I've never used one but it could come in handy. I also eat a lot of meat and don't often get enough fiber, so it's not a wonder that I get constipated somewhat often.

I also think some men don't mind taking their time (in certain places), whereas women probably want to get out of there ASAP. I noticed my friend taking a long time to poop at home, but when we were on vacation together and using public bathrooms, he was in and out in a few minutes.


To Mina

Dear Mina,
your post about the goddess made me think of a little something i read a long time ago.

Apparently the concept of someone becoming able to turn what is reeking (hell, devil, crime, anything bad which could be symbolized with bodily waste) into something useful, valuable or otherwise apparently good (for example gold) is featured in many cultures around the world. I used to read some books about organized crime and its fighting by law enforcement and i often read a foul expression that roughly, literally and graphically translates into English as "This guy can turn shit into chocolate". I'll let you guess its meaning and the context, but it's not so literal and graphic as it seems.

On a more literal side, i also, in my early days, a long while ago, got to read an Italian novel about a very poor girl who, one day, was given a magic ring which, if turned clockwise around the finger, could turn everything the girl was looking at into excrement, and if turned counterclockwise, the excrement back into the very everything it was before the spell acted on it. The girl then rose to fame and became rich due to various exploits allowed by this. After some adventures, which included a brief clash with some criminals who tried to exploit her newly acquired power to pursue their criminal purposes, the same power, if i remember correctly, was reverted to only being able to turn excrements into gold. She kept using it, but secretly (the book doesn't mention how...), having had some trouble due to its abuse. Again if i remember correctly, the book ends mentioning a plumbing service employee who, some years after the facts, made some kind of valuable discovery in the local sewers, therefore abruptly quitting his menial job and becoming a rich man. Guess why did that happen.


Story and comments/responses

Hi all. Just getting settled in our new place. It's a nice little place though the air is really dry so I've been drinking tons of water. As a result, I'm still having very mushy crap. After my lunch and coffee I needed the toilet urgently, so I went to the bathroom, shut the door, pulled my pants and underwear down and sat on the toilet. I relaxed and let out the poop which splattered out into the toilet. I was done within a minute. It was a very messy wiping job just like yesterday and the other days. Thing is, I can't put a lot of toilet paper in the toilet since the water level is lower in the toilet (guess it's an older house) and the toilet itself is smaller so that's a stretch for my husband and I. He's a big guy and I'm chubby too in the stomach and hips but my butt is rather flat. So we both have to be careful how much toilet paper we put in the toilet. This place we're living in is temporary until everything is cleared in Taiwan where we're moving in about a year. And in Taiwan, you cannot flush toilet paper at all because of the plumbing. You have to put it in a wastebasket instead. Anyway. Even after I cleaned myself up and flushed the toilet, the bathroom stunk for a good 20-30 minutes afterwards (like rotten eggs, ewww). So I had to leave the fan/light on that whole time to air out the bathroom (when you turn on the light, the fan automatically turns on too, very loudly).

Now some replies:

Cley: First off, welcome to Toiletstool! Ever since I lost weight in 2006 at age 20 (I'm getting old :( ) by going on a vegetarian diet, something screwed up my intestines or something. I don't know what or why, but ever since that summer, every year when it gets warm I start getting bad diarrhea. I have had to run suddenly to the nearest coffee shop or even a drug store to use their toilet. Every year, 9 years in a row. From about May to October my stomach has done this to me. I did eventually go back to a regular diet about a week after the vegetarian trial, but that didn't help. The rest of the year my bowels alternate from constipation to soft-ish poop. I rarely get diarrhea during the rest of the year unless I'm sick. Thank you for the reply and birthday wishes!

Old Poop and unnamed poster: I do try and eat enough green leafy vegetables and fruit (otherwise I will get constipated without them) and I've been drinking a lot of water and trying to avoid white starchy foods and crap food. I'm not taking any special medications (only for my seizures and depression), so I'm not sure. And my husband isn't affected by the food that we eat, so I really don't know. Thank you for your reply :)

Mina: Hi Mina! <3 I love your stories :D Thank you for your reply! Yes I have been to the doctor a long time ago, but all the tests came back with normal results. So there's not much they can do unfortunately. I just have to deal with it.

Happy pooping everybody!


James' question

Nice story, James. Reminds me of pooping at school. I often waited until the bathroom was empty, but other times I didn't mind if someone else was in there haha.

1. When you poop, do you lean forward or sit straight up? - I always lean forward a bit, no matter where I'm pooping. It seems to be easier to poop that way, and since I get constipated sometimes, leaning forward is the only thing that works.

2. Do you like to read or do homework while pooping? - Sometimes I'll get my phone out, but often I'm just in there to poop lol.

3. Do you wipe your butt between the legs or behind the back? - I usually wipe from the back, though I used to wipe between my legs when I was little. I also wipe standing up a lot as I find it cleans better that way.

4. Did you accidentally walked in one someone using the washroom? - Well I've never walked into a stall with someone in it lol

5. What comes to your mind when you poop or pee? - I think about all kinds of things--when going to the bathroom and taking a shower, I have some of my best thoughts. They can be about anything. But sometimes if I'm constipated, I just think about wanting the poop out of my butt lol

6. Do you use gravity to move the poo out of your butt or do you just push it out? - I use gravity when I can, but I often have to push a lot because my poop tends to be pretty big and firm. I find if I squat, I don't have to push as much of course, usually just a push at first then it'll come out, even when it's firm.

Kevin L
Great story Anna, those are my favorite type of stories about women in public restrooms and what their neighbors are doing.. I guess all those vegetables worked on you neighbor with the white sandals.

I was out for a run Sunday, was pretty far from home and the urge to go #2 kept getting worse, I needed to release the beast. I was just coming out of a development into a small park and found a secluded area. I quickly ran over and dropped my running shorts and a lumpy hard turd pushed itself out followed by a good sized regular turd, followed by a small pee. Only took about 40 seconds, had to get back out on the trail, because my wife was coming and didn't want her to know I dropped a log in the park. But I sure did feel better and the rest of the run was much better. Minus the stick butt checks.


For germaphones in public restrooms

I really don't like using public restrooms to shit, or even sharing a toilet where in live with others, but obviously this can't be avoided much of the time. I was wondering if anyone else with similar feelings ever does the following:

Whenever I enter a public restroom I see if a cleaning cart is nearby or if there are cleaning materials stored within the restroom, and if there is, I help myself and wash the toilet seat before sitting lol. I've only ever once been "caught." The guy who caught me just looked at me funny and I just said "sorry, germaphobe." He just snickered and we both went on with ournlives.

Hey I'm Louis, I posted here a week or so ago. This weekend I was hanging out with my one friend Lindsay and I took a big poop behind her shed. We were both in her backyard.I had a five beers and I was acting like an idiot. I was holding my butt and dancing around like an idiot. I kept saying I had to take a big dookie. I had eaten burger king before I came there, so I felt the dump brewing. Lindsay rolled her eyes, and said "I knew you would you big stinky butt". I pulled down my shorts and underwear down and started to walk away shaking my butt from side to side. She put her hand over her mouth and busted out laughing. she slapped my butt cheek, "Get that nasty ass out of here and go take that dump. I pulled my underwear and shorts up and ran behind her shed. I pulled them down instantly when I got behind there and squatted. I pushed out a giant log that immediately stunk up the area around me. Just when I thought I was alone, I heard Lindsay say "Pheeeewwww"!!!! I turned my head around. I saw her holding her nose and moving her hand side to side fastly. right at this moment I farted loudly and dropped a a big steamer from my butt. Lindsay came over and said "I'll go get you some TP, I know you're gonna need a lot, that hiney is big and quite poopy. she walked away giggling. I sat there on the ground and waited for her to come back with the toilet paper.


Almost pooped my pants in the grocery store

Hi all. Still having diarrhea soon after waking up. Doesn't help either that we just moved on Saturday. Have had messy explosions each morning this week, but that's all that's been happening in the bowel department. No long soft logs unfortunately. Just disgusting huge piles of crap that looks like mud. Yuck.

This morning I woke up feeling fine and was okay until we were in the Chinese supermarket (going grocery shopping in our new area). My stomach started hurting but I tried ignoring it so that I could help my husband look for some chow mein. While he was talking to me I kind of stopped paying attention and shifted from foot to foot, feeling very uncomfortable and anxious that I was going to poop my pants in the store. Mind you, my pants were black yoga pants. It wouldn't have been a big deal that much, but my underwear was WHITE and I knew it was going to stink very badly and make a mess so I told my husband I needed a toilet, pronto! We walked around the store (while I clenched) and my husband found somebody who worked in the fruit and vegetable section and asked him if there was a washroom. He pointed us in the direction of it and I found my way in.

There were only 2 stalls, and one of them was occupied so I had to take the gross stall. The toilet was filled with toilet paper and poopy water (yuck). But I knew now wasn't the time to be picky because it was either here or in my pants, so I chose the toilet. I pulled my clothes down and sat and relaxed. My stomach cramped as my bowels let go of the mess I had been holding. It took about 5 minutes for me to finish. There was a giant pile of crap on top of all that toilet paper and it was a messy wiping job since it had gotten everywhere-on my bum and up my front. I had to flush twice to get all that stuff down. The bathroom reeked of rotten eggs. I didn't feel completely empty but I'm thankful I made it to a toilet and didn't have an accident in my pants. Last thing I wanted or needed was to walk home (for 3 blocks)with a disgusting, stinky mess in my pants. My husband assured me that if I had he wouldn't have made fun of me. He's witnessed me messing my pants many times (unfortunately), so it's not something new to him.

My stomach is still very bloated and I'm drinking tons of water to help get the rest of the crap out. Happy pooping all!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Post Title (optional)Shoutout to Jemma

Hey Jemma

Just posting to say "hello" if you still visit this site. Hope you are well. I miss your posts; hopefully we'll hear from you again.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna as always another great pooping story it sounds like you and that other lady both had pretty good poops and it sounds like you were kind of desperate and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mr S great story.

To: Mary first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Question about constipation vs healthy bowels and anxiety

Hi everyone.

I've been thinking about this question for a while...

What do you personally mean with constipation? Are you constipated if you basically won't get any kind of urge to go for days or even weeks only to have it strike you out of nowhere? Or do you consider yourself constipated if you get the urge but the stool simply can't be passed (due to width or hardness) until something else falls into place (for ex. gas buildup, stool building up behind the blockage and exerting force et cetera)?

It appears to me that some people mean constipation as a lack of urge for a longer than usual time, while others refer constipation as being unable to fulfill urges immediately.

Someone else (like me) simply appear to be missing the words "constipation", "laxative" and "enema" in their own dictionary and need to fight a constant urge if they want to experience a sense of fullness and substantial bowel movements, and in my opinion this is not necessarily good because, aside from healthy bowels, it could also underline some kind of anxiety disorder (i personally experience some kind of anxiety often during test-like situations and i wonder if someone who is able to go after five days or more of deliberate withholding by feeling the urge at the right time and not fighting it constantly would still experience it and test well if they were in my shoes, and that's why i'm always looking for these kind of stories here in the old posts).

I don't know whether it's possible to be subconsciously (i.e. being not able to quench urges by withholding movements) anxious or not about not going to the bathroom.

I am just now walking a popular pilgrim trail. Most days we walk through the country side without any easy access to toilets. I think that most of us have had to go in the bushes, not only to pee but even to poop. Not only the young people also the older persons. This morning I went to pee inthe bushes when I saw a quite old woman (over 60) with grey hair squatting behind some blackberry bush with her shorts at her knees. Funny to see an adult woman exposing her white bum to the ground. Some days ago I saw a couple (man and woman) squat side by side both with their bums bare and both pooping I think. Before this trip I have never pooped outside before, but now I have become quite used to it.


Cross-Stall Conversation questions

My answers:

1) Have you heard a cross-stall conversation and if you did, did you get involved in it? Why or why not?

Yes I've heard them several times and have been in a middle of a few. They included a couple at rest stops off the highway when Miranda and I have taken a break when riding our bikes on Sunday mornings. One involved two women police officers who were crapping in adjacent stalls to ours. Another was in December just before final exam week at school. Three girls (two on my side of the line of stalls and one in the line directly across from ours) were complaining about failing science 9 and having to retake it. They had a teacher who had been absent a lot and I listened to them for like two minutes while I took my poo in a doorless stall (that was all that was open) and finally when I got done I walked out to the middle of the aisle and told them about a tutoring program our student council has. Two of the three signed up and passed the class. Why I do it? I've been told that I'm an outgoing person and I like to help others if I can.

2. Have you started a cross-stall conversation with someone else in a public restroom? How did that go?

I don't know if this counts, but I was peeing at a big concert at the Civic and this little girl about 7 I think started jiggling on my stall door and the latch lever opened the door and she stood in the doorway asking me if I was about done and whether I was doing a pee or poo and stuff like that and I finally had to kind of yell at her to go outside and let me be. But what sucked was when I went to wipe, I found there was no toilet paper left on the roll so I had to ask her to get us both some from one of the vacant stalls. She never came back.

3. Is such a conversation in a public bathroom the polite thing to do?
I can see both sides of the question on this one. I don't know if there's a clear answer, but if you know the person I think its better.


to Tristan

I had something embarrassing happen at a friends house once. She had a party, and several of us were all there, and most of us, myself included, got very drunk that night, and ended up staying over at her house.

The next morning, I woke up, went to the bathroom, sat down on the toilet, but I was extremely constipated! I didn't have any enemas or anything to improvise one with so I wrapped one of my fingers in toilet paper and stuck it up myself to try to get some of the poop out..... when I did some got on her shower curtain which was right next to her toilet.

I wasn't aware of it until a few minutes later when she called me into the bathroom and showed me. I was SO embarrassed!!!!


Dieting (and other ramblings)

Hello everyone. Long time lurker, sporadic poster, starting fresh.

I've been trying to get in shape this summer, and one outcome of this is that it seems like my schedules for using the bathroom have changed, which doesn't particularly surprise me. But it does get a bit annoying here and there. Annoyances include generally having to go a bit more urgently, especially when I'm jogging home. Glancing over old posts this seems pretty normal, though I've only gotten to the point where I needed to make use of natural tree cover once thus far. Crossing my fingers that no one saw me :P

My girlfriend has super erratic bowels in comparison with mine. I tend to be pretty up front about my interest in matters like this just because it's better than being dishonest, I think. In addition to this, the hinge on her bathroom door is, let's say, iffy. So as a result, I'm pretty aware of her (many!) near-misses with disaster. A couple of days ago she actually was in the bathroom for about a half hour total, flushing multiple times. After the first time (where she practically erupted as soon as she got to the toilet) she came out and seemed fine, but while we were watching a movie, probably less than ten minutes later, she had to go back. She ran the range of kind-of-sort-of-loose to pure muddy water, but after she was done she was fine the rest of the night. Probably something she needed to get out of her system.

Anatomy Student: I had an ex who was just like that; in, pants down, nose scrunch, flooomp, standing, foot-long in the toilet, all in under twenty seconds. Funnily enough, in addition to her lightning speed in the bathroom, she was frequently like thunder outside of it. She loved onions on stuff like pizza or sandwiches. The onions did not love her in return. It was a hoot just how gassy she got on occasion.

Mina: Your English is a whole lot better than my Japanese for sure. I haven't been disciplined enough about learning it, even though I've wanted to learn for years, so it's very cool when you throw in a word and its definition every so often. I was and am still an avid reader on the toilet, when I don't have anyone in there with me. I once had a roommate who said that the purpose of smartphones was to have something else to do in the bathroom, which I thought was hilarious. It's always a pleasure to read about you and your friends.

Shay: Norovirus can be a real pain. I was a bit sick this winter, but thankfully it was not too serious in that respect. Since I'm still relatively new at my job, I think it would be a nightmare to deal with illness and work simultaneously. Glad to hear you both are back to normal and that you were able to help each other out, stay healthy and safe.

Annie: On the subject of seasonal issues, maybe there's something you're doing that you wouldn't otherwise do that's related somehow? It seems odd that the warmth itself would cause intestinal distress, but maybe something that accompanies warm months (certain germs, bugs or corn dogs) could be the culprit. Also, happy birthday! That story sounded fabulous. I had a similar situation after traveling down South for about four days, not going #2 for the entire time, then getting home and nearly breaking the toilet, haha.

Anna: Yep, exercise does it for me too. A friend of mine told me she once had to stop in at a random store on her jogging route. She just slapped down some money on the counter and told them she'd buy whatever, AFTER she was done in the bathroom. Being wise about the fact that Aisle 4 isn't as good at being a toilet as an actual toilet, the people working there simply directed her to the bathroom in the back. I was actually surprised she told me that story, since she's usually very very reserved about those habits, and there was someone else with us at the time.

There are many other responses I want to make, but this seems to be running a bit long. Glad to be here, hopefully regular (multiple meanings to that, of course).


Anatomy Student

To Tristan

I think that has something to do with men taking longer. Women typically eat healthier and stick to a schedule. Personally, I have a meat heavy diet and lack the fiber I need. The healthier you eat, the faster you poo. Squatting to poop is a way to speed things up though. Bring a footstool or a stack of books to put your feet on. This position is how we were meant to poop anyway. It straightens the rectum and promotes blood flow.


to Annie: diarrhea in summer

Hello, Annie--I'm sorry not to be able to answer your question directly, but I do have an idea. Diet can change according to the season, and you may be getting (for example) more fresh fruits and vegetables, or different ones, than you would in colder seasons. I certainly notice a shift in what's available in stores, and what I purchase. In spring, I get a lot of strawberries (a favorite of mine), but I can't easily eat a whole pound of strawberries before they go bad, so I have several portions of them, every day until they are gone. I then notice looser bowel movements, some even tending towards diarrhea, until I get those delicious berries out of my system. Fresh artichokes are also cheaper and easier to find in summer, and they help stimulate my bowels, though not to diarrhea. Corn on the cob also (I get to see it twice: before I eat it, and then in my bowel movements). Cause and effect? Not sure, but plausible.

Another factor is outdoor exercise, of which I often get more in warmer seasons, thus perhaps speeding up my metabolism, though I'm not sure of that.

Medications can also have an effect: I'm taking Melatonin now to help me sleep, and have noticed that my bowel movements, while still fairly normal, are not as firm (on average) as I'm used to. If you are taking a new medicine, it can certainly affect your bowels.

I hope this helps--happy pooping!


Post Title (optional) My aim is to answer the James'question

I have some questions to ask you:

1. When you poop, do you lean forward or sit straight up?

Generally , when I poop, I sit stright up, to avoid constipation.

2. Do you like to read or do homework while pooping?

Yes, I like to read during I Wait my poop is going down through my bowels, or I make crosswords or Sudokus.

3. Do you wipe your butt between the legs or behind the back?

I wipe my butt behind the back.

4. Did you accidentally walked in one someone using the washroom?

I did, but it was not "accidentally" ... Lol !

5. What comes to your mind when you poop or pee?

"Ooooh... It feels good now !"

6. Do you use gravity to move the poo out of your butt or do you just push it out?

I prefer use gravity to move my poo out of my butt. But when my poo ishhard, of course, I push it out with strains.


Questions Answered

These are my answers to James' questions:
1. When you poop, do you lean forward or straight up.
At home, I sit straight up. In public toilets, I lean forward.
2. Do you like to read or do homework during pooping?
At home, I just sit. Sometimes at school if my craps not coming out as fast as I would like, and its between classes, I may pull a book out of my bookbag so that I've got something on my lap covering my private area. Since most of the stalls are doorless, that also helps cover up the toilet paper I've put over the seat as a liner because some of the guys have give me a hard time for not sitting butt-down on the seat like they do. I'm trying to change, though.
3. Do you wipe your butt from between your legs or behind your back?
Between my legs. But I have to be careful when I have a soft crap not to get the toilet paper to close to my organ.
4. Have you accidentially walked in on someone using the restroom? Yes, unfortunately a couple of times I have walked in on Simmee using the toilet at home. That's because if music is going on in my room I can't hear her in the bathroom right between our rooms, and she doesn't always push the door fully shut. Even her cat has pushed its way in a few times.
5. What is on your mind as you poop or pee?
At home, not a lot because I'm much more relaxed. At school, without the stall doors, I get hassled so I just try to get it over ASAP. When I'm at places like the mall and I get a doored stall (I sit to both poop and pee) I tend to look at how much space there is between the door and stall panels and whether others are looking in on me.
6. Do you use gravity to move the poo out of your butt or do you push it out? At home, its mostly gravity; in public places and especially school its pushing and sometimes so hard that I'm working up a sweat.

These are my answers to Sonya Sue's questions:

1. Have you heard a cross-stall conversation and if so, did you get involved? Why or why not?
Yes, I've heard them and some of them are kind of profane. With one exception, I haven't otherwise gotten involved. I don't want hassles and attention drawn to myself, especially when I'm on a toilet and have so little privacy anyway.
2. Have you ever started a conversation with someone in a public restroom and, if so, how did it go? Yes, just once. I was in 5th grade and had just started middle school. The bathroom was crowded right after lunch and there were two older boys standing right in front of me (doorless stall of course) and I apologized for taking so long and told them it might be a few minutes because I hadn't crapped for 4 days and it was a large one and the largest part was coming out ever so slowly. They didn't sympathize with me and both called me unprintable names. I ended up breaking it off with toilet paper and then after minimal wiping, running out. When I got a pass from my teacher an hour later and came back, I was on the only one in the bathroom, but each of the seats was dripping from pee and my white briefs were so badly messed up that I just took them off and threw them away. Luckily, I got back to class within the 5 minutes we were given or I would have lost my bathroom privileges.
3. Is such a conversation in a public bathroom a polite thing to do?
I thought so and I was obviously wrong.

Steve A's large craps question:

What do you do when you see a large crap in the toilet?

I try to avoid using the toilet because I don't like taking the time to flush it. Sometimes it won't go down and sometimes it clogs the bowl and the runover makes a mess. I hate to admit it, but at school I rarely flush if there's others standing right in front of me after I've sat and just peed. Even if I've used my foot on the flusher, I've been made fun of sometimes. I can't see anything changing unless there's privacy doors put on our stalls and even then there will still be bullying and abuse.

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