Biggest poop ever story

To Jake: You had a question about the biggest poop I had, well I've had quite a few, but this particular poop, I don't think I mentioned on this forum.

Steven A: Yep, I've done that myself.

It was last summer and I was attending a week-long leadership retreat. Beforehand, I hadn't pooped in a couple days, and the long bus-ride there (approx. 16 hours) didn't help much. I sat in the back of the bus, and heard only one guy take a shit. He went to the back, (It was a charter bus.) slammed the toilet seat down, then a few minutes later came out.
At that moment I decided to give it a try so I went to the back of the bus, and went to the toilet. I saw a medium sized turd, with very dirty, stained toilet paper next to the floating turd in the blue water. I sat down, and bore down for a few minutes, but nothing else came out but a few farts. Oddly enough it didn't smell in there at all, even after the boy had pooped.

Once we got to the place and situated, we got assigned to rooms. I went to mine, met my roomates and unpacked. Nobody special, except another boy named Michael. Tall, brown hair, and quite catty. Matthew, a smaller blonde boy, and Ivan, shorter black guy.

After I unpacked, I noticed other Michael going to the bathroom. He went in shut the door, I heard him sit on the toilet. There was a round of farts, a pause for a minute or two, a sigh of relief, and then he began wiping. There was a pause or two before he flushed the toilet and exited. By that time I needed to pee, but not poop, which was odd, how I didn't feel the urge, but I didn't worry too much, it comes with time. I went into the bathroom, only to be greeted by a slight smell of poop, and a big skid in the toilet.

Over the few days, the rigourous schedule, and events we did took a toll on people's bodies, we had little time to eat, so we had to eat fast, and I did eat quite a bit.

One day, we were in a room with tables, a circular room, and I had been assigned to a group. There was no one really of interest, except a larger Mexican guy named Jose. We had to work on a project, for our community, and we had to keep working the whole time. We were allowed a break in the middle, and in that something minutes quite a lot happened. Over 15 guys went to the bathroom in that alotted time, most taking several minutes, so I knew they all pooped. It became less weird to me, and just a fact of life that everyone does it, no matter if we are conciously choosing to be less or more aware of it.

During the middle of the break whilist I was relaxing. Suddenly I smelled an awful smell. If I could describe it, it hit me if a bug flew up my nose. It smelled awful, to say the least. I looked to my right at Jose, and he was sitting, laughing muffled, with his shirt on his nose. He changed positions, and that time in the midst I heard a noise, and I knew he was the one that did it. The whole area around us smelled bad, and there was a good bit of commotion

Well, later in the day, when were allowed another bathroom break, after I finally got into the bathroom (There was 30 some boys per group, only 3 stalls and 2 urinals), it smelled pretty bad in there, and it reminded me of earlier with Jose. Then I saw his feet under the stall. I only had to pee, but I actually wanted to see if I could poop since this would be the 3rd day without a bowel movement.

It was minutes until he got up and flushed, but the smell remained. When I walked into his stall there was green skidmarks all over the toilet bowl, and looks like he had a pretty big bowel movement. But he was a pretty big guy. I sat on the toilet had a few farts, and whilist I was sitting, I heard another boy, take a seat next to me and immediately, explode. There was a loud crackling sound and the smell followed. Obviously the dorm food was getting to him.

Nothing came out of me, so I got up and left, the boy was still in there, so I went and washed my hands. The door opened, and it was just a small, red-headed guy. I never saw him after that.

The next night, I was becoming desperate to poop, I had the urge since the morning, but wanted to poop in the public washroom, so I wouldn't mess up mine. But I didn't get that luck. It was pizza night, so we got pizza delivered to each of our rooms, but by the time it came, it was cold, and disgusting. I put mine in the fridge, to reheat later, since we just had dinner an hour before. (Bad timing..)

We were all in the center, table area of the dorm eating pizza, tired, when Matthew, announced he needed to poop, he let out a fart at the table then got up and went to the bathroom. You could really hear everything, he sat down on the toilet, farted, then wiped and flushed. It was the joke for a few minutes afterwards. After, everyone went outside of the dorm to do something, and I stayed inside, feeling uncomfortable.

I began to pass gas, and by the time, since this was the fourth day of no poop, it was quite odourous, and smelly. I felt a strong sensation in my lower belly, so I headed to the toilet. I went, and immediately pulled down my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. I began to push, and with ease, a very fat turd began crackling out. I had to push a little bit, but not much. It made quite a crackling sound and there were 2 plops. The smell in the bathroom, was astronomically bad, to say the least. The combination of what I ate, and how long that was in me, was to blame.

Before I wiped, I got up and looked. In the toilet was one big turd. the top part and bottom part had broken apart and landed on the side. The top part was also in the whole, and with the giant log on top, obstructing the toilet whole. The bottom part was about 4 inches was on the other side. The whole turd intact, was about a foot long, and was about 3 inches thick. It was very thick, and I don't know how it didn't hurt too bad to pass it. Instead of flushing it, (Steve A.), I left it to simmer down in the toilet.

I went outside to see people coming in, so I just went to my room. We went and chilled out. It was nice, till my roommate, Matthew went into the bathroom, he didn't say anything but gave me a thumbs up. It was about 20 minutes later till everyone else started coming in, and when I left my room that time, the whole area smelled bad, you could even smell it downstairs. I didn't think it was going to stink that bad. Other Michael threw a giant fit, about how the toilet was messed up, and how bad it smelt. I felt bad, but I began not to care, I went into the bathroom flushed it, and as expected, it clogged, nothing went down, and there was a very large turd in the toilet, floating with the rising water.

I went down to get a counselor, and one commented about a courtesy flush. I just rolled my eyes, and went with him to the room advisor, that came back and gave me a plunger. It was a woman. She followed me into the bathroom, and seemed quite catty as well. I plunged my shit, and everything went back to normal. It still smelled really bad though for the rest of the night.

From that night until we left, nothing else major happened.

We finally got on the bus back home and the group of kids in front of me were talking about it. I also noticed quite a few kids were sent home.

When we got back to the station, I went to the bathroom, I had to poop some more. I noticed once I got into the bathroom, a smell. Some kid was with his pants down, in the bathroom and everyone was gone. I went into the stall next to him, sat down, and let out a medium sized turd. He left while I was wiping, so I wiped and flushed. And looked into his toilet. There was just a thick, but short turd and some skidmarks into the bowl. I know he didn't shit much because of how weak the toilets were. I washed my hands and left.


Sonya Sue's survey and story from today

I thought I'd try and answer Sonya Sue's survey.

1. Have you heard a cross-stall conversation, and if you did, did you get involved in it? Why or why not?

At my high school and now at university, girls chat across stalls all the time. Whenever there is more than a few people in the bathroom, it's usually pretty noisy. I've done it with my girlfriends many times and I have gotten involved in their conversations as well. Oh, and girls also pass phones under partitions and whatnot. I have never gotten involved in a conversation between strangers, though and I tend not to start conversations with my friends when I am doing a number two.

2. Have you started a cross-stall conversation with someone else in a public restroom? How did it go?

I have only ever done this to ask for toilet paper when there was none in my stall or I ran out of it. It has happened to me a couple of times and I recall the other women always being very friendly and helping me out. I have also helped out other girls in the same way.

However, I have started conversations at the sinks with strangers. One of my friends from university, I actually chatted with first in a bathroom, I recall.

3. Is such a conversation in a public bathroom a polite thing to do?

Between friends, sure. But I would be creeped out a bit if a stranger started a conversation with me while I am on the toilet doing my business. Except for when there is a good reason, like the paper thing.

Also, this morning I went to the farmers market with my friend Danielle to buy some groceries for a party we are having at our house. I had some coffee on the way there and after shopping for a while I needed a poo quite urgently. I went into the washroom where there is a long row of stalls, maybe between 8 and 10. Most of them seemed to be in use, except two at the end. I took the very last one, locked the door and hung my bag on the hook inside the door. I took out my phone, pulled my panties down and my dress up and sat on the toilet. Unusually for me, I didn't really need to pee, so I just sat there for a bit browsing my phone and kinda waiting for things to get going at my backdoor.

It was pretty noisy in the bathroom, with women talking at the sinks, fans going off and whatnot. I could also hear that many women were peeing in their stalls and even a small fart from a couple of cubicles down. Then the door of the empty cubicle next to mine opened, slammed shut and I could hear paper being pulled off. I'm pretty sure that she was wiping down the seat. After the woman sat down on her toilet, I peaked under the stall a bit and noticed that she was wearing gorgeous gold sandals and a little ankle bracelet that looked super cute. She had also painted her nails in a really nice red, sort of like candy apple. The woman shuffled around a bit and then pushed a white string down to her feet. At the same moment, she blasted a fart into the bowl of her toilet, quite a loud one. Over the noise in the bathroom, I could just barely hear the sound of poo crackling out of her bum. It went on forever and there was never any splash, so I think she must have let out a really long turd maybe, but I don't know. Perhaps she hadn't gone in a while but I think it was probably pretty urgent. While my neighbour was pooping I also finally started to drop some turds from my backdoor. I had a couple of pretty sloppy poos, each plopping into the bow under my bum quite noisily. I heard the woman in the other stall let out a sigh and then she started to pee with a hissing stream. I was pooing for maybe just a minute until I felt pretty empty. There was a strong poop smell in my stall by now. I noticed no smell from my neighbour, but I am pretty sure I stank up her cubicle as well, doing my business next door. That's always kinda embarrassing. I managed to have a little tinkle and I also heard two more small plops from my neighbour after she finished peeing. Then I started to pull off some paper and so did the other woman. I used about 10 sheets or so, as I had quite a messy bumhole.

I pulled up my panties, flushed the toilet and then left the stall. As I was washing my hands, the other woman came out too and she was a gorgeous blonde, tanned girl around my age wearing a white summer dress. I smiled at her and she smiled back but also blushed very noticeable. I was also a bit embarrassed, but felt that she really had not much of reason, since she had just taken quite a ladylike poo, whereas mine had been kinda messy and I had created a bad stink. But anyway, I finished drying my hands and then joined Danielle again who was waiting for me outside the washrooms. I later saw the girl buying some vegetables with her boyfriend and he was also super cute and I was a little bit jealous. Hope you all liked my story.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie great story about your desperate poop it sounds like you really had to go pretty bad and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just Another Girl I will miss reading your stories and I hope you think about coming one day in the future.

To: Elevator Diarrhea it sounds like you had a really rough day.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

To: Annie Re: Summer Diarrhea

If it's been consistent enough that you know it only tends to happen in the summer then it seems most likely to me that it's diet related. Think of what you take in during the summer that you don't take in, or take in a lot less of, during the winter. Not just foods but drinks, allergy medicines etc

Mr S

That awkward moment when....

Your boss asks you to go buy her a new pair of undies after she has an accident at work. Yep. I work in retail, a well known US dept store, and one of the assistant store managers there is my direct boss and I'm basically her right hand man. I do my work well and I'm versatile and have training and experience in multiple departments, and therefore she pretty much trusts me with anything. But I never expected it to get quite so personal haha

It was a pretty chaotic and stressful day- we were busy and short staffed which tend to be the days where district personnel decide it's important to keep calling and emailing the SM and ASMs to nit pick about certain things and demand they be addressed immediately. So my boss and the other managers were super stressed and on edge. I was in my current dept which is RTVs, basically just getting rid of any damaged returns whether it be by sending them back the vendor (Return to Vendor- Rtv for those of you who avoided retail work throughout life) donating them, marking them down and reselling them or just throwing them out. Obviously the person doing that job has a big responsibility because you're costing the company money if you mess up or make poor decisions. Because of that my work requires that my boss or the SM come by to approve/sign off on certain things. So I was at the point where the FedEx driver was there to collect what I had ready to ship out so I called my boss to come sign off on my outbound manifest. She or another manager also then needs to be present while the bay doors are open and stuff is leaving the building. She came to sign off an I could tell immediately she was in a horrible mood and overwhelmed. She ranted and raved as she got to me about how bad of a day she was having and complained about what she was busy with what she still had to get done. She also mentioned that she also still hadn't had a chance to eat lunch, and most importantly, that she hadn't even had a chance to use the bathroom all day. In my head I casually thought to myself "maybe she'll go in her pants." Because that's what I ALWAYS think when a girl tells me she has to go to the bathroom. But I never really think about it seriously or expect it to happen, because I know that in all likelihood it won't. But the unlikely thing was about to happen, and I totally wasn't even ready for it.

I have read here long enough to know that we value descriptions of the subjects of our stories so I'll let you know that she is a white woman, mid 30s, light brown hair straight and shoulder length. She normally wears it in a pony tail but it was down today. She is short, maybe 5'4", and a tad on the chubby side, very nice breasts, decent butt in my opinion. She was wearing a light pink Polo shirt and tight light blue jeans.

She signed off on my manifest and we started bringing my stuff to the receiving bay to offload onto the FedEx truck. As we were heading over she was calling over the radio to see if one of the other managers could come to supervise because she had so much to do (such as get to the toilet ASAP!) Much to her dismay she was rebuffed by all the other managers who were also busy and overwhelmed with stuff. I just told her "it's not much and I'll go quick" trying to reassure her. She just nodded anxiously. At first she started to pass stuff to me as I passed it to the driver. She was picking one box up and I just hear "bllrrrt". A quick, wet sounding noisy little fart shot out when she tried to lift the box. She instantly turned bright red and chuckled awkwardly and said "sorry..." and trying to be nice I said "huh?" like I didn't know what happened, And she goes "nevermind." Not too long after her accidental fart that I pretended not to notice she stopped handing me boxes and was just standing. So I finished helping the fed ex guy load the stuff up and we shot the shit for a second. After I'm done he and my boss have to sign off again on his copy of the manifest confirming the pick
Up. So I turned with the packet to my boss, only to see that she was clear on the other side of the receiving area. I couldnt tell what she was doing, she was just kind of awkwardly moving boxes around near the baler like she was looking for something. I called out "sign off" to her. She didn't look over, she just very quickly yelled back "go ahead and sign it." It was weird to me because she's never told me to do that before and I'm technically not supposed to, but I just shrugged and did it thinking she's just too caught up with other stuff. So the fed ex guy goes to leave and now I'm waiting on my boss to come over and lock up and set the door alarm. I was just standing there and she continued to awkwardly do NOTHING near the baler. I was like WTF and just said "soooo you wanna lock up and we can head back down?" She said "yeah hold on I just" with a shakiness to her voice and she just kind of trailed off. I watched her face just kind of start to scrunch up and turn red as she began to cry softly. I was alarmed and walked toward her saying "hey are you ok?" I got within a couple feet when she anxiously told me to stop and she backed up a little. I looked at her with bewilderment and just stared, and after a minute she goes "I'm sorry, but I'm going to the bathroom in my pants and I can't stop!"

I felt like I couldn't speak for like 20 minutes but it was only a couple of seconds. It took time for my brain to comprehend that for the first time in my life I was witnessing a girl have a bathroom accident, and it was at work, and it was my boss. I looked down at her lap and the front of her jeans expecting to see dark wetness spreading over the light blue denim. But there was nothing.... until then something flicked me on the nose. A pungent, ripe aroma quickly polluted the air in the entire receiving bay. The smell confirmed that what I was actually seeing was my boss standing there pooping in her pants. After another eternity of silent awkward staring as she stood there humiliated and obviously at a loss for what to do with herself, I just said "oh man, I'm sorry..." I didn't know if it would be weird to ask if she needed me to do anything since we are opposite sex. She calmed herself and regained her composure and just said "well it makes sense this would happen to me, it has been the shittiest day ever..." I chuckled at her joke trying to make light of it. She was clearly mortified though, as her face was still so red and streaked with tears and she was literally trembling. She started to slowly waddle toward the bay door to lock up and set the alarm as I just tried to stay out of her way. She seemed like she was TRYING to walk normally so it didn't look like she had a load in her pants...but she DID have a load in her pants. So yeah, when she walked it looked like she had a load in her pants. When she passed me and the air wafted by i got a really strong whiff of her accident...the smell is so different when it occurs in someone's pants rather than in a toilet it seems. It was a poop smell like no other I can remember except for when you're around a toddler or baby with a dirty diaper, which are the only other people I've been around with loads in their pants so that's how I came to this conclusion of the unique aroma. I guess maybe it has something to do with the poop not immediately being submerged in water. Anyway, obviously I discretely looked at her butt after she passed me. She had tried sliding her shirt down further to conceal evidence of her accident and was obviously trying to keep her butt turned away from me, but it wasn't working out for her. I could clearly see a bulge and a small wet mark in the back of her pants. It was shaped kind of like an upside down letter T. There was a horizontal part of the bulge that seemed to go right across the seat of her pants under her butt cheeks, and a vertical part going up along her crack from the middle of the other part and tapering off just above her back pockets. The small wet stain was shaped like a potato chip or something and was right on the "intersection" of the two parts of the bulge. It must have been because that was the epicenter of the disaster in her panties. Where the poop first made "landfall" and was putting the most strain on her panties, enough for whatever moisture to soak completely through the fabric and then through her jeans. After setting the door alarm she turned back around and waddled toward me a bit then stopped. I could tell she was feeling totally vulnerable and helpless. I felt kind of bad for her despite how fascinated I was and how big of a moment it also was for me. She finally brought herself to speak again and all she could really say was "I'm sorry". I told her not to apologize and that I was sorry she was in that situation, then I actually asked her if I could do anything to help. my head was jumping to wild scenarios of her letting me help her clean herself up haha, but alas, it wouldn't go that way. She just mumbled "I don't know. I don't know. Im so embarassed I cant even think straight like what do I even do now" I told her not to be so embarassed because it was just me and I understood she couldn't help it because she hadn't had a chance to go all day and then she wasn't allowed to leave the receiving area to get to the bathroom in time. She smirked a little like she was trying to smile and feel better. She said "yeah...I was actually just leaving to go to the bathroom, I had to go so bad that I didn't even care that I might get fired if they found out I left, but before I even got to the door it know...started coming out. So I just hid by the baler because I was afraid a customer would stop me if I kept going towards the bathrooms and then I'd have to stand there crapping my pants in front of a customer." I just nodded and said "well I think you made the right choice" trying not to sound TOO suggestive and give away my enjoyment of the fact that she opted for shitting herself in front of me instead of potentially shitting herself in front of a stranger. She then said "well be bad is it? Is it super obvious? are people definitely gonna know?" I hesitated not wanting to make her more embarassed, and she took my hesitation as a yes. She started going "oh my god oh my god. I CAN'T let everyone find out I did this, it's way too embarassing....oh my god." Again I stood awkwardly and silently as my mind swirled around relentlessly in my head. Then I reiterated "well whatever I can do to help." That's when she hatched the plan. She goes "ok well...first can you lead me to my office and if you see anyone on the way distract them." So that I did. I went ahead of her and took a circuitous route through the stockroom to the back offices so we'd avoid passing anyone. When we got to the offices there were a couple people in the main open part of the office but I went in ahead of my boss and started talking to them so she could just slip into her office, which was a closed off individual one off the main office. After a minute i went back and stepped into her office and said "ya good?" She just stared at me like "NO I'm not GOOD" and she motioned for me to shut the door and come closer. The smell of her messy pants was pretty strong once closed in her office. I couldnt help but cover my nose for a second out of reflex, then I quickly pulled away trying not to make her more embarassed. She still went off into another round of apologies though until I calmed her again. Then she continued with "the plan". She pulled her purse out and grabbed her wallet and said "would you mind terribly running next door and like...getting me a change of underwear...." I replied "no problem" trying not to seem too eager. I said "any preferences...?" And she said "it doesnt matter just regular underwear, whatevers cheap. As long as they aren't filled with shit they'll be better than what I'm wearing." I nodded and then said "pants?" She hesitated nervously then tried looking back over her shoulder at her butt. She sighed and turned toward me so I could see her butt again and she said "is there a stain on the outside?" I said "not really but they look a little wet." She quickly turned around and revealed that her cheeks were bruning bright red with embarassment again. She thought a second then said "just underwear...I think these will be fine...I think it would be worse if someone happened to notice I changed my pants. Like...why else would I change my pants at work besides if I had an accident?..." I said "good point" and set out on Operation Clean Undies for the Boss. Not before she laid out a few more details of the plan. I was to inform the MOD (manager on duty, the one over seeing the days business operations) that she was getting on a conference call so no one would call her for anything or forward phone calls to her, so I did that after she locked herself in her office pretending to be on the phone so no one else would find out she had pooped her pants. I headed to the Old Navy adjacent to us in the shopping center and quickly found a plain old pair of cotton white panties for her. In fact it was a 2 pack and cheaper than all the fancier single pairs for sale. I got it and mischievously planned to tell her I got her two pairs in case she has another accident maybe she should stash one pair in her office. As I left Old Navy I got a text, and it was her. She asked if I could also get her some kind of wipes to clean up with from CVS, which was at the end of the same shopping center. Again I said no problem and I went to cvs and got some plain baby wipes.

I made it back to my store and down to the offices, and I peeked into her office. She was huddled by her computer sitting awkwardly on her chair, like just kind of hovering over the side with her one thigh on the seat, and still pretending to be on a call. I gently knocked and she got up and waddled over to let me in. She opened the door and I stepped into a now overpowering combination of air freshener and poop smell filling the air. She said "thank you!" Dozens of times and then I made the comment about getting her two pairs of underwear. She actually laughed a bit about it and said "I mean my instinct was to be offended but clearly I am fully capable of crapping my pants at work so spare undies in the office isn't a bad idea." I just smiled at her and surprisingly she managed to crack a smile too. I left her with the wipes and new underwear, and she told me she was gonna clean up in her office and asked me to wait outside and "stand guard." Obviously she also asked me not to look in while she was cleaning up. I didn't want to get CAUGHT looking but I also really wanted to know what color underwear she had soiled. I discretely peeked quickly a couple times, first nothing, but the second time i got what I was looking for. No rear view to see the poop damage unfortunately, but I briefly saw her with her jeans down around her shins and she was still wiping herself around the outside of her undies, and I got a frontal view of them, which were light gray cotton with lacey fringe. That was good enough for me so I stopped looking before I got caught. No one walked by in the time it took her to clean up and change her panties which was probably about 10 or 15 minutes. She was lucky. She managed to shit her pants at work on a busy day and some how avoid anyone but me finding out. She was clearly relieved and feeling much better. She just reiterated to me to please not tell anyone, and I said of course (anonymous Internet folk not included). Then she said "and lunch is on me...for like the next 4 months haha" and I just laughed at her and went back to work. Though admittedly i had a very tough time focusing. I saw her again a little while later, she seemed comfortable around me. Not awkward. She still had a little bit of a wet spot on her butt but only I knew where it came from.

So yeah, thats the story of helping out my boss after she pooped her pants at work. Pretty sure that's the most epic poop story I'll ever experience but who knows. I'm gonna try and chalk up the nerve to casually reference her accident sometime soon to see if she talks about it anymore, and from there I'll ask if it's something that's happened to her before. Maybe she's accident prone and there remains the possibility of me having to come to her rescue again in the future...we shall see.

Does anyone else have any stories about themselves or a coworker having an accident at work?

End Stall Em

These are my responses to James' questions

1.When you poop, do you lean forward or straight up? I start sraight up, but I may lean if its takes longer for my poop to clear.

2. Do you like to read or do homework while pooping? Most of the time I poop at school I'm out of study hall so I will take my lap top or paperback in with me. I usually take my phone or a magazine in at home.

3. Do you wipe between your legs or from behind your back? When I've pooped, will wipe from behind my back; when I've peed I wipe between my legs. But often if I'm in a hurry, I don't always feel there's a need to wipe.

4. Have I accidentially walked in a someone using the restroom? Yes, several times unfortunately. This has happened at school, at the bowling alley, and at our events auditorium. Each time the user has forgotten or been unable to latch the door. A couple of them have really startled with the interruption. All I can say is "I'm sorry..." but if the door's open and I'm in a hurry ....

5. What comes to mind when you pee or poop? Relief if I'm fully successful with it.

6. Do I use gravity to move my poo out of my butt or do I push it? That's a great question that I don't remember having seen posted before on this site. If my poos soft, gravity works, otherwise, pushing is necessary. Spreading my legs wider is something I may have to do as a last resort.

Just a Guy
This question is mainly for the men on here. I was wondering how long after a big meal (like thanksgiving) or any meal do you take a poop? Also how long it takes you to poop? And what is your age?

Just thought I'd say
My longest time to pee is 20 seconds even when I held it in for 12 hours.
Is that normal????

Hey everyone my name is Mary and I am 16 years old. I had my first public accident yesterday morning and that is how I stumbled upon this page.
I go to high school in nyc so I have to take the subway into school every morning, but this particular morning I was running late and my stomach was bothering me but I didn't think much about it because I knew I needed to get to school. I finally get on the subway and start to relax when the subway breaks down. It was not my day. I thought it will be a fast fix, but it wasn't. A half hour passed and u was late for school and my stomach got worse. Since I was already late for school being able to use the bathroom was the only thing on my mind. Another half hour passes and I start squirming around and squeezing myself as hard as I can so I wouldn't let anything out. An an hour and half past and u was in trouble. I was about to cry. My face was red and I was sweating. People started to stare at me, but I didn't care anymore. I lost control and pee started to drip through my panties past my skirt down my leg. Then my panties quickly filled. My butt was smothered with poop. It was a mess. I just sat there stunned and didn't know what do. People around me moved away from me once they realized what happened and I just there in my dirty panties for another half hour before the train started working again.

It was quite a first experience and glad I found this page to comfort me. Thanks for reading!


to James: three of your questions

Hello, James, I'm going to answer three of your questions. Do I lean forward or sit up? I squat, so I do lean a bit forward to balance my weight on my feet. How do I wipe? After I'm finished pooping, I sit down on the seat, get the paper (four squares folded into one) and wipe from the back. Do I let gravity work, or do I push? I push; our systems are not built to let the poop just come out when it will; you are supposed to push, at least to some extent. You aren't supposed to have to strain really hard, but you do let your muscles around your anus and rectum know that you are in an appropriate place to do this, and it's time, and [push!] here it comes. You really don't want to let things go until the poop comes out by itself. The push should be easy and comfortable, but it is supposed to happen.


answers to James' survey

I am bored this weekend, so I'd also like to answer James' survey because it reminds me of another story.

1. When you poop, do you lean forward or sit straight up?

I almost always lean forward. I often rest my elbows on my thighs when pooping.

2. Do you like to read or do homework while pooping?

Homework no, but most of the time I read a magazine when I am going at home. When I am pooping somewhere else, like at school, I look at my phone and sometimes text my friends.

3. Do you wipe your butt between the legs or behind the back?

I wipe my bum from the back always and I do it sitting on the toilet.

4. Did you accidentally walked in one someone using the washroom?

I have a few times, yes. One incident which I still recall quite well even though it happened a few years ago involved a girl at a party when I was in senior high.

At the time, I was in 12th grade and there was this French girl in 11th called Valerie. She had recently moved from France and her English wasn't that great and she had a really strong accent which sometimes made it hard to understand what she was saying. She was cute, but always dressed kinda frumpy and wore weird t-shirts to school. She was also a bit chubby and already in 11th grade really busty. Because of all of this, the other kids used to make fun of her and often were outright mean. The worst were a few girls in her grade who made up and spread cruel french nicknames for her breasts. She had no friends and seemed really unhappy, not surprisingly. Once I noticed poor Valerie crying real bad in a stall in the bathroom and it really upset me. Anyway, somehow she got herself invited to a pool party at someone's parents' house one day. So, I really needed to pee and I went to one of the bathrooms upstairs. I dashed in when Valerie was using it, I don't know why she didn't lock the door. Maybe she thought she did. She was sitting on the toilet in her red bikini with her bottoms at her ankles. She was pooing too and had already stank up the bathroom pretty badly. The moment I bolted in she let go of a wet fart, of all things. We were both totally shocked and her and I turned bright red. I stared at her for like a second and then started to apologize and quickly left. It must have been so embarrassing for her. I went to another bathroom after that, since I didn't want to use that one and possibly be blamed for the stink. I absolutely have no idea why she decided to have a poo at the party. I really hope nobody else realized she did because of course the kids would have been cruel to her about it again.

Valerie was in my sister's grade and I think she became a much happier person after high school, so there is kind of a good ending to her story. But I still remember walking in on her on the toilet really well even now.

5. What comes to your mind when you poop or pee?

Nothing special really, most of the time I am distracted by what I am reading. When I'm in a public bathroom, I often peak under the partitions and try to guess who is using the neighbouring stalls. When I poo in a public bathroom I sometimes worry about my noises and smell and how much other women in the room might notice me.

6. Do you use gravity to move the poo out of your butt or do you just push it out?

Both, depending. I often have poos that just slide out after an initial push, but occasionally I have to push a bit more. I am very rarely constipated.


Outdoor poop

Just wanted to share an outdoor poop story--I love pooping outside and I don't get to do it very often lol

So this week I'm up at my family's vacation home in the mountains and that means a lot of mountain biking. It's one of my favorite things to do.

And I always like any chance to pee or poop out in the woods if I can. Well today I was out on some trails for a few hours and toward the end I really had to poop. I could feel it while on my bike--it was already starting to poke out lol. I could tell it was going to be soft.

I went into this really nice meadow, off the trail. I could hear someone not far, but I couldn't see anyone. I squatted, pulled back my nylon shorts, and pushed and a huge amount of poop came out. It felt like a lot, but I didn't realize how much it was until I saw it--it was a pretty massive pile on the ground. My defilement of this pretty natural place lol. But I felt SO relieved.

Either way, I got out of there before anyone could see me lol. And I didn't have any TP, but it didn't matter--when I wiped after coming home, there was barely anything on it. haha

Dear Vee Two,

Thank you for the information. I remember in Wales, when I flush, loo water got excited, but didn't go up or down, just jumped around and then the water was clean. Or maybe cleaner, because in early days after I flushed one or two poos were still in loo because I did too many. So I had to wait until next flush. Later, I flushed after doing only a part of motions, my host mother said OK, she was very generous. End result was same, from point of water consume.


A little time ago know, I found interesting article on internet. There was goddess in Indonesia, her name was Hainuwele. When she did motions, her bottom produced valuable things like treasure chest or diamonds or leather gloves or such kinds of things instead of brown motions smell bad like I do. There was picture of her squat, many valuable things behind her bottom, and she still squatting so maybe do more. Article said, people around her felt strange see her do such motions, so they killed her, then she was goddess.

I told my friends and of course we all laughed together. We like laugh! Next morning after breakfast Hisae was sitting on loo and we heard some plops and she said in big voice, "there is treasure chest in loo! Now I am going to drop gold watch! You want to buy? I need lots money."
"You can find money in treasure chest, so open it," Kazuko said. Of course Hisae didn't open, she washed and wiped and flushed and came off loo and gave punch to Kazuko in stomach, Kazuko said "Ow" and went into loo and sat down. She was there long time, we three others talked about her treasure a bit. Maho went into loo after little while and talked to Kazuko in gentle voice because Kazuko was having hard time. Finally there was big long bururururururu noise and Maho said to us, "she's OK, treasure came out." Then there was another long burururururu, and big Kazuko smell, and Hisae said, "I can smell treasure." Then Maho took Kazuko's place on loo. Surprising, she had easier time than Kazuko. But very big treasure! After about 5 minutes I went into loo to be with Maho and she said, treasure coming out. Already a lot of treasure in loo so I flushed for Maho and then she produce more treasure very slowly, about 10 plops, I lost count. I began to feel bit bad because my bottom full of gold watches, but I waited until Maho finish. Then my turn, Maho stayed with me. After wee my bottom opened slowly, I felt relief, because treasure knocked my back door very hard and insist strongly. I pushed more and heard plop sound, and another and another, I never stop! Maho said, "sorry Mina, I kept you waiting long time." I said nothing because busy pushing treasure out from my bottom, but I took Maho's hand and squeezed hard. I don't mind waiting long time for Maho to finish. I'm happy if she take long time, and Kazuko too, and even Hisae, but Hisae usually finish quickly and go again later. I thought, they did really satisfied motions, I'm happy, they like my light green loo and feel good. But in the end, I took most longest time and produced biggest treasure. Always more! Maho was very patient, she stayed with me from beginning to end, and never complain. When I was on loo, joke became stale, so we didn't say "treasure" any more.

Then I finish, and we were all together around kitchen table and looked each other. We said nothing but our eyes said everything. Joke was over, but love never over. This was maybe best buddy dump we had. And treasure of my friends is better than treasure from goddess's bottom, I think. Then Hisae said in little voice, "I don't need lots money. I need Maho and Kazuko and Mina." So we all stretched hand and squeezed her.

But after, we thought, goddess story is interesting! And picture of Hainuwele on internet is very nice picture. We all like. We thank to Hainuwele, she made us have really nice time on loo all together! I am so happy woman now.

Annie, did you go to doctor? Kazuko says mushy is maybe normal, but running to loo is not good thing. I hope you can have more peaceful time on loo without run to it from your bed.

Love to all you.


Sunday, June 28, 2015


Diarrhea during warmer months?

Hi all. I had diarrhea yesterday morning (Tuesday). I woke up with a stomach ache and I knew there was no holding this. I let off a couple of small farts to relieve some pressure first. I went to the bathroom and pulled down my clothes and sat. It wasn't exactly diarrhea but it was very mushy, messy crap. A huge pile of it. I call anything that is a loose BM diarrhea. Only lasted about a minute and wasn't gassy.

Then this afternoon (Wednesday) I had another urgent messy BM. I had a stomach ache before I went when I was having lunch but I didn't want to fart in case I messed myself. Turned out to be a smart idea. I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and undies and sat. My BM started with a really loud booming fart then mushy crap poured into the toilet. The whole thing lasted about 30 seconds.

What I want to know though is: why do I keep having diarrhea during the warmer months? May or June to about October I have runny crap! It's not fun to wake up and run to the toilet or have to be careful about farting to avoid messing my pants. Is there an explanation for this? I eat relatively healthy, I drink enough water and I'm a healthy 29 year old woman. So I don't get it. Can someone shed some light on this, please?


to Steve A

That's an awesome story--what was it like having other people see and comment on your big poop? Were you embarrassed or was it more flattering?

I had something like that happen to me once; I did a huge poop at my friend's place during a party and I didn't want to flush because I was afraid it would clog and there was no plunger in the bathroom! So I went to ask my friend if he had one and he then seemed curious about what I had done int he toilet. So he went to go see it and was like "whoa, that's massive, Tristan!" and even let another friend of his see it. I was red in the face with embarrassment but at the same time, it was kind of cool that they found it impressive lol.

Also, Jry, if you're here, I hope to see you post again!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Brittany A another good accident story.

To: Just Another Girl great story about your big poop I bet you felt great after that.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


to Charlie / Anatomy Student


I don't know if I've ever had one that got harder or wider as it came out, that would be pretty annoying if that happened lol. It's usually a good relief when it gets softer after being constipated at first lol.

And yes, I brought suppositories just in case. My friends and I are going on a trip for July 4th, so I'll be bringing some then. I always do on vacation, even if I often don't end up needing them, but sometimes I've been badly constipated on vacation, so I like to take precautions :)

And yes, my closest friends know I get constipated sometimes; I've mentioned it to them before, told them that I hadn't gone in a few days. I didn't go into like a ton of detail, but they know. My best friend has even asked a couple times if I had gone on vacation--it was nice that he was concerned about me lol.

@Anatomy Student

If that's true about women vs. men, do you think that's maybe why men often take longer to poop? I've often found that to be true, but I think there are a lot of factors to it. lol

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To:Annie as always another great pooping story it sounds like you had a great post birthday poop and I bet you felt amazing afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna as always another great story it sounds like you, Kelly and that other woman all had good poops and I bet you all felt better afterwards to mainly Kelly from the sound of it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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