Peeing and pooping after studying

Hi, my name is James and I am eleven years old. Since my school ends next week, I just finished studying for my math test at the public library (my parents work until midnight) until I felt the urge to go. I stood up and walked down the rows of shelves to the Boys washroom. There was no one there, which relieved me since I don't like it when the stalls are taken. I enter the first stall on the left, which I saw was the cleanest and locked the door. My backpack was weighing down on me, so I had to put it on the floor. I unbuckled the belt of my dress pants (I go to a private school), pulled them down, and pulled my army Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs that had army camo on it down to my thighs and sad on the toilet. It took some time for my poo and pee to come out, so I decided to read the graffiti on the wall and stare down and inspect my dress shoes, which were as good as new. Just then, the door opened and a boy about the same age as me ran to the urinals, I heard the sound of a hard stream and a sigh of relief as the stream died down. I peeped under my stall and saw that the boy was wearing soccer cleats and socks. The door opened and through the crack of the door I could see a man (guessed it was his father) saying, " Matthew, we are going to be late for practice ". The boy the flushed the urinal and ran out of the door. I felt the urge to start my own stream, so I prepared myself and began peeing into the toilet bowl. I aimed my penis to the white part of the bowl, since I was afraid someone might hear me trying to pee sitting down, which was what girl did. When my stream came to an end, I saw that I was sitting on the toilet for five minutes. Suddenly, a rush of gas came to my butt, and it rumbled through the washroom like thunder. I giggled to myself, since there was no one there. Then came the deposit. My poo was in my rectum and I had to do one job, push it out of my butt. I pushed a little, and I could feel my butthole getting bigger and bigger. I moaned a little as it splashed into the waters below. I had a smile on my face, as my pain had gone away. I wiped my butt and my penis, flushed the toilet, then pulled up my boxers and pants.

I have some questions to ask you:

1. When you poop, do you lean forward or sit straight up?

2. Do you like to read or do homework while pooping?

3. Do you wipe your butt between the legs or behind the back?

4. Did you accidentally walked in one someone using the washroom?

5. What comes to your mind when you poop or pee?

6. Do you use gravity to move the poo out of your butt or do you just push it out?


just another girl
Due to personal reasons I won't be posting here any more, so I just want to wish everyone everything of the best - thank you for welcoming me to the site and reading and enjoying all my stories. I really appreciate it.
Best wishes
Just Another Girl

Elevator Diarrhea

Hi~ Today I will like to tell you about my story since I've read all the other member's story.
I was in second grade, and i went to school. It was just like a normal day. I was the mail helper for the day, so I went to the teacher's room, to get the mail. When I was coming back, I felt a little cramp in my stomach, but it was just little, and I didn't want to concern my teacher, so I just went to class. First period was okay. There was a little pain, but it wasn't so bad. In second period, I had a quite stronger pain. After second period, it was recess. I heavily stood up, and followed my friends, but I had to stop a few time to relax my stomach. My friends asked me if I was okay, but I was shy then, so I said I was fine. I just sat on the bench all recess. And when the bell rang, I went back to class. Next was art class. I couldn't draw my best drawings because of the pain. I held my grumbling stomach with one hand, and drew with the another hand. In the fourth period, sweat came out of my head very much, and I was having an almost unbearable pain. My face got white as milk, and I was even breathing heavily. My stomach was grumbling without sound, and I thought that there was a thunder in my stomach. It was horrid. Finally, it was lunchtime. I quietly went out of the class where everyone was eating lunch. I didn't feel like eating, o course. I went to the bathroom, but the line was so long. I had to wait like 7 minutes. While I was waiting I hold my grumbling stomach, and tried y best to not have a accident in my pants. I was wearing a pink blouse and a white skirt that day. When my turn finally came, I rushed into the bathroom, and let out my diarrhea. Oh, it smelled so bad. I was so sorry for the next person. I wasn't finished, but the bell rang. I stopped, and went to class again with a more grumbling stomach. ToT. When school ended, I went home. I kept on stopping, because of the cramp. Then BOOM! A sudden sharp cramp hit me. I just freezed there. It was a unbearable pain! Worse than the pain I had in school. I went to my apartment very slowly, hardly not having diarrhea in my pants. But when I came inside the elevator, I saw my friend in next class. I lived in 18th floor, and my friend lived in 13th floor. The time was so slowly passing. 1st floor...................................................................................................................................................................2nd floor....................................................................................................................................................................3rd floor....................................................................................................................................................................after about 30 seconds, which I felt like 30 years to me, it was 12th floor.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ToT.......................................................................................................................nononononononono!BOOM! I dumped in my pants. I had a massive diarrhea all over my pants, adn my white skirt started to be browm. We were still in 12th floo sos!!!!!!!......................................................................................................................................................................FINALLY! It was 13th floor. my friend left. But my diarrhea didn't finish. I was still having a massive diarrhea all over y pants. It didn't stop. Now, it was starting to filling all up, and some drops of it dropped. It was totally water, so it wasn't like chunks, and stuff. I was dropping brown liquid in my clothes, shoes, and floor! I really felt sorry for the next person to use the elevator. Finally it was 18th floor. My diarrhea hadn't stopped yet it was still coming out. Like a volcano. I went inside my house, and my mother went to a department store, and dad went to work. I had to clean all the mess, and diarrhea was still coming out. First, I went to the bathroom. I pulled of my pants, and did some more diarrhea in the toilet for 6 minutes. Oh, what did I eat? This was the end. Mom came out and cleaned the mess. LoL. And guess what? my friend who I met in the elevator didn't say anything to the friends in the next day. Maybe she didn't know. I hope you all enjoyed it! Thank you for reading~~


Steve A's large craps question

Steve A's question about people not flushing their large craps in public toilets is a good one. Yes, it's nice to keep it on display. In the case he's talking about, he dumped before swim class and others were looking at it after class was over. But, as a student council member at my school, and because of school-sponsored visits to other schools, we've found that the conditions of the bathrooms is overall pretty bad--and getting worse. In some situations, such a decision to not flush can cause within like an hour to become a toilet with a gross number of craps on top of the original, or worse yet, overflowing, because the longer the wait, the better chance of the stool jamming and running over. What about the guy who comes in fast between classes to crap, but he finds the water level almost at the top of the bowl? Is he going to sit and take his chances or hold it? Every bit of TP used also adds to the jam. The problem isn't often one person deciding to leave their monster shit on display, but rather what others will contribute to the bowl and the fact that even the largest commercial toilets today don't hold the amount of water or have the flushing capacity that toilets once had. A principal at another school in our city explained this to our visiting group last fall and said it was the result of regulations that came from the federal government like 40 years ago. At that school, they have a teacher assigned each hour to walk through the bathrooms and flush each toilet needing it. Where there's a jam, the teacher electronically sends a message to the custodians at once. And as I wrote about last fall, the school I go to moved all the toilet paper out of the individual stalls and instead has larger rolls on the outside of the first cubicle one sees when walking into the bathroom and while many of us hate it, and some forget to pull of their toilet paper before selecting their stall and taking their seat, there's been less use of toilet paper, and especially with globs of TP being stuffed into the toilet bowls to jam them.


Just Catching Up

Hey all! So the site posted the parts to my last post out of order--the second and third parts should be switched.

Barrett ended up with norovirus, but thankfully he didn't get as sick as I did. I had watery, explosive diarrhea with stomach cramps and pain for four days, and a fever for two of those days. Barrett had a fever the first day and in all only had diarrhea for two days. He had two accidents, and I was there for him much like he was for me.

My stomach has just been really weak lately. I had mild diarrhea yesterday, and I have been nauseated this entire week. It's stress related--this only happens to me when work is stressful--so hopefully I'll be back to normal soon. Other than yesterday, my bowels have been back to normal after having norovirus. I was constipated the first day after obviously, but then I was okay.

Anyway, I'm seeing some great posts on here, so keep sharing. And to Brandon, I'm glad you enjoy my posts!

Bye for now!


Dear Mina, thank you for your kind answer.
In my toilet (white, and i personally like them that way) the water level stays always the same if it doesn't get clogged (very rarely, i would clog my toilet on a daily basis if i were American or Japanese).
In other terms it's called a wash down toilet, as opposed to a siphonic toilet.

It looks about the same way an old American siphonic toilet would look except for a much smaller water pool inside a deep and narrow pit and no coiled pipe on the lower back of the toilet. The bowl shape is the same but the water fills it only when i manage to clog it and only for some seconds, as it just unclogs itself having much wider pipes, as opposed to American toilets which are always filled with this large water pool i, for a lot of reasons, would love to have in my toilet. By the way i'm European. Maybe Japanese toilet designers opted to conceal the coiled pipe someway as i'm yet to see it on Japanese toilets pictures.

Sonya Sue

Cross-Stall Conversation Survey

I can think of at least three times in recent months when I've been in public bathrooms, on the toilet, and there's been conversations going past me, from people I don't know.

So here's a short survey for those of you who are interested.

1. Have you heard a cross-stall conversation, and if you did, did you get involved in it? Why or why not?

2. Have you started a cross-stall conversation with someone else in a public restroom? How did it go?

3. Is such a conversation in a public bathroom a polite thing to do?

I'll start:

1. Yes, just last month at a college graduation ceremony I was at. I didn't participate while I was on the toilet but I got involved when we were at the sinks washing our hands. I was in the middle stall taking a crap when a mom and her daughter, probably about 5, came in and had to take the toilets on the opposite sides of me. The girl was getting upset because the mom wanted her privacy and took the first stall, quickly latched her door and with a thud placed her butt on the seat and waited for her pee to start. She ordered her daughter to go the stall just to the right of me and show that she was a big enough girl by pulling up her dress, sliding down her underwear and doing her Number 1 quietly. Even before opening the stall door, the girl started complaining to her mom, who tried to pretend she didn't hear her. At first, the girl complained the seat was too high, but finally mom reminded her to stand on her toes and slide herself onto it. Then the girl called out that her dress wouldn't say up, and the mom got a bit angry in telling her to use both hands to pull it up and to hold it up until she was seated. I didn't say anything because under the cubicle I could see the girl had gotten up on the stool and that her legs were swinging.

2. I noticed the girl took a good amount of time on the toilet and her pee stream would start and stop. She called out to her mother to ask if she could hear the "tinkles" and her mom told her to concentrate on what she was doing and finally, when the girl asked again, the mom said No pretty abruptly. I knew I was guilty of a moderately loud crap and with these old-style toilets, a number of splashes as each piece hit the water. At that point, I dropped my largest and final piece and I know both of them heard it fall. The girl laughed and asked her mom if she heard it. Again, the mom told her to concentrate on what she was doing and that it wasn't polite to comment on what others were doing. I almost told the mom I wasn't offended by it, but I didn't want her to think I was undermining what she was trying to teach her daughter. And I liked the independence the mom was trying to teach her.

3. Such conversation in a public bathroom isn't probably the most polite thing to do, but the mom came out of her stall just as I flushed and left mine (the mom didn't flush)and while we were washing our hands, with the girl still on the stool and calling for her mom to come over, the mom thanked me for my patience with the situation. She said this was the first time there were not two stalls available side-by-side, and that this was the opportunity she had been hoping for in giving her girl more confidence and teaching her self-sufficiency. The mom looked over, saw the girl's feet on the floor, told her to use two hands on the flusher and really put her weight on it, and I saw the feet go to the side and after a couple of tries, the toilet flushed. The girl came out and the mom hugged and praised her. Then the mom stood and watched as the little girl washed her hands.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Urinal blowout

A few years back, I was out with some friends to eat some dinner and watch a movie. We ate at this burger place that had some amazing food and great beer on tap. After we finished dinner, we cashed out and headed towards the movie theater. It was when I left the restaurant that a strong urge to take a nasty diarrhea dump hit me. I didn't feel any need to go back into the restaurant, but this was still too urgent to wait for when we'd go into the movie theater, so I went towards the public bathrooms that were in the town center that housed the movie theater and the burger joint.

Unfortunately, it was getting late in the evening, around 9 PM, so they locked up the public restrooms for the night. I had to find another solution, and fast because the urge was getting more difficult to hold back. I ran into a seafood restaurant nearby and walked as discreet as I could to get to the bathrooms in the back. I went in the men's room and it was just my luck that the only stall was in use. It was then that I got desperate, yanked my pants down, hovered my ass over the urinal, and just let loose with a nasty blast of diarrhea. This felt so wrong but it was a much better solution than messing my clothes before the film. I wiped my ass with some paper towels nearby and threw them into the destroyed urinal bowl. I then pulled my pants up, washed my hands real quick, and walked out of the restaurant without anybody questioning what I did. Nobody caught me or cared to notice, yet I still felt bad for whoever had the task to clean up my nasty mess.


Pit toilets

I've been a long time lurker but this is my first post. My job for the summer is working at a campground and one of my main jobs at the campground is cleaning pit toilets. I've notice that sometimes it looks like somebody took the biggest dump in the world. I'm just curious what anyone's experience is with pit toilets and if anyone has had one of these massive dumps I've encountered.

Anatomy Student

To VeeTwo

Men and women have different functioning bowels. Women go through hormonal changes once a month and that can cause a change in bowel habits. Some ladies get constipated and some get diarrhea. Anyone passing a 3 inch wide poop is going to have a hard time. Women have more elasticity in their skin and wider pelvic girdles, so they have an advantage in the poop department. I dated a girl that could pass a 12 inch long, 2 inch thick, impacted turd in the same time it takes me to pee. She would often get constipated due to holding it in. She had CPABH (can't poop anywhere but home).

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Brittany A another good accident story.

To: Just Another Girl great story about your big poop I bet you felt great after that.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Minnesota Girl

Good story about you and your sister-in-law pooping in the woods during the outing. Sounds like you were both passing lots of gassy softserve (i.e. similar to softserve icecream) poop - especially your sister-in-law.

It's great you both saw the funny side of matters; there's certainly no harm in farting or shitting a lot when you poop (including outdoors). I wouldn't let the experience put either you or your sister-in-law off those beach nachos if you enjoy them..

Hopefully you'll have more outdoor pooping experiences like these with your sister-in-law - better than waiting in a queue or using unsanitary toilets such as portapotties etc.

Hope to hear more stories from you.


Steve A

To Jake: My Biggest Poop Plus A Question

This is probably my best story on here about my biggest poop so far in my life.

I had to go poop at school, so I went before swimming for gym class. It was a single log that was a little over 1 ft long, and maybe 2-4 inches in diameter. Well, I decided to leave it in there for someone to notice after swimming. So, when we all went to the locker room to change, someone went into my stall and they were like, "Someone SH*TED in here and its huge!" And people went to see it and they asked if it was me and I tried to deny it, but they found out it was me because I was late for attendance and they were all sitting and waiting to swim while the teacher was talking to them when I came up from the locker room. Some people said that it was funny and awesome what I did and some people were surprised and asked, "Did that come out of you?!?" One person took a picture of it and said, "I'm instagramming this SH*T!" (Pun Intended) I also got a few high fives.

Did anyone on this site ever experience something like this? If not, what would be your reaction if you seen something like that in a toilet?


Post-birthday dump

Hey all. Haven't posted here in a while since I haven't had much going on in the bowel department. With the stress of preparing to move, my husband and I have been eating kinda crappy foods and I haven't been drinking enough water so that's resulted in me being constipated (I know, bad).

Anyway a couple of days ago (June 21) was my 29th birthday (eek!)so to celebrate we went to our favourite Chinese-Indian restaurant for dinner where we ordered our usual dishes: chili chicken, chicken pakora (???? but spicy), chicken fried rice and beef fried rice. And a Coke for me. The waitress came around every so often to refill our glasses of water since the food was so spicy. We went shopping at Walmart afterwards since I wanted to spend my gift card (bought new undies and Brita filters). Then we came home and made coffee and I drank a couple of bottles of water after changing the filter. Been drinking plenty of water over the last day or so, and of course coffee.

Well after lunch, the food, coffee, all the water and probably dinner from the night before stimulated my bowels (finally!) but my husband was in the bathroom. And I had to go pretty badly! I thought about asking him to hurry up but I didn't want to hassle him...but I also didn't want to mess my WHITE underwear! So I clenched, and hoped that he would be done soon. Because I knew this would be a big load and messy. I did NOT want to trash a pair of panties and also didn't want to clean up a big mess out of them.

Finally he came out of the bathroom and I went in. Pulled down my pants and undies and sat on the toilet, reaching for the book we keep on the counter. I gave a gentle push and a massive load came out easily. I knew it had to have been a lot since I hadn't pooped in about 5 days and my stomach was bloated big time. I gave one last gentle push and a small piece came out. Then I was done. I saw the size of it and I was like holy shit. It was about the size of my forearm! I opened the door with my pants still down and I told my husband to come in. He asked if I was OK and I said yes. Then I showed him my massive poo and he looked at it and looked at me and shook his head in disbelief. lol.

The wiping job was really messy. It took a TON of toilet paper to get my bum as clean as possible. Insane. I'm still not 100% empty but it's a start and I feel better. I guess I pooped the rest of age 28 out ;) lol.

Happy pooping!

To kmd: Thanks for your analysis of my post and for liking it. As I have mentioned before, I have to go outside every once in a while and it is less about courage and more about it being my only option. I have been in many situations where I am sure I would have had an accident, had I not gone. I am sometimes embarrassed doing it, but it way beats having an accident.

To Chloe B: I like all your stories and especially your last one about pooing with your sister on the roadtrip. I've been in similar situations many times.

Ok, I also have a small story. This morning, I got up early, had my coffee and then headed straight to the gym to do a cardio workout. I ran on the treadmill for about 45 minutes. When I was done I was totally out of breath, super sweaty and also needed a pee and and number two. I decided to quickly go to the bathroom before having a shower. When I entered the locker room, Kelly a blonde girl who works at the reception desk went in right in front of me. Like me she walked straight through the locker room into the bathroom. I held the door open for a third girl, a brunette who I have now seen a couple of times working out with her boyfriend. It looked like she had just changed, as she was only wearing underwear and flipflops. There are three stalls in the bathroom and all were empty.

Kelly took the one to the right, I took the middle one and the brunette girl the one on the left. I closed the door, locked it and quickly pulled down my sweaty yoga pants and black string. Then I plopped my bum on the seat, let a small fart slip out into the bowl and immediately started to pee with a really strong stream. It was very relieving. While I was peeing I quickly peeked under the partitions. Both girls were sitting on their toilets. Kelly had pulled her black work pants and pink string down to her feet. The brunette also had her white panties all the way down to her feet, so I suspected that she was maybe going to do a poo, too. Of course I was totally right about that. I was still peeing when a series of three or four farts came from her cubicle, followed by the sound of a turd crackling out of her backdoor and some trickling pee. My own pee died down and then I leaned forward and pushed. I could feel my bumhole open and my first turd started to slide out slowly. It broke off and splashed into the toilet. I pushed some more and quickly dropped a second poo. Meanwhile, the brunette had more farts and I heard some more poop plopping into her toilet. I also heard some quiet grunting from Kelly's stall, but no other sounds. I had a little fart and then let out three more small poops quickly. There was a strong smell in my cubicle by now, both from me doing my business and, I think, the girl pooping in her underwear. The girl in her underwear was now pulling off toilet paper and wiping herself. I felt all done as well and started to rip off some paper. I wiped my front and then my backside about five or six times. I pulled up my sweaty pants, which was really uncomfortable, flushed the toilet and left my cubicle.

The brunette had already left when I washed my hands. Just as I was drying my hands, a big plop followed by a fart came from Kelly's stall and she whispered 'ohmygod' under her breath. I couldn't help but grinning but then immediately felt bad about it, since she was obviously having a hard time with her poo. I got out of my yucky clothes as fast as I could and had a great shower. When I left the gym, Kelly was back at reception and she looked a bit flushed but also kinda relieved and more happy.

Dear Vee Two,
I think you are right, our loos are siphonic, I didn't know that word but I know siphon, is it same thing? But in my loo, water doesn't go up so high before suck down. Only little bit. In my office loo, water goes higher.
After I flush, water cistern fill up very quickly, maybe two minutes. So I can flush again soon after do more motions. In Wales, water cistern was very slow. (But I also very slow.)

Dear Victoria B,

When I was little I read book in loo, because I was impatient, and book help me to stay in loo until my bottom empty. But now I am adult, I don't need book. Loo time is thinking time and empty time, just like you maybe. It's good feeling to sit on loo with bare bottom and wait for motion to come out, without push. My friends Maho and Kazuko say same thing. They don't read on loo. But sometimes text. Me too, but only little one and only to Kazuko or Maho or Hisae.

I hope washlet price come down in USA. Then you can have relax time and fell very clean. I love washlet!

Dear everybody,
Thank you for saying nice things about my posts. I am not confident my English but you say, nice writing style, and fun to read, and other kind thing, I cry happy crying when read such thing. English is hard for me, but I love to write story, and you are sweet you don't angry when I pepper with mistake my post. I am very happy Mina because of you. And my friends say thank you too, they love when I translate post. Soon I tell you story about Kazuko, and Maho too.

I hope you all have happy time.

Love from Mina and friends

End Stall Em

Riding with the sod buster

I've known this boy from back in high school. His name is Spencer and his friends call him Sod Buster Spencer because his large family owns a landscaping and mowing company that he's worked for since he was 14, maybe younger. I remember my dad really liked Spencer when they first met. There were several times when Spencer was cutting lawns in our subdivision when he would come over and use our bathroom. Spencer's a year younger than me and just graduated from high school. Since he drives now and his company services the landscaping at the mall I work at, he switched with another employee and now is able to drive me to and from my mall kiosk job and there's enough projects for him there while I'm on the job. My car's in the shop for a few days and I can't afford a rental.

I wrote about Spencer several years ago on pages 2068 & 2083. I was really surprised when he would come to our house in the middle of the afternoon all sweaty and need to use the bathroom for his daily crap. He doesn't like to use portable toilets, park bathrooms or those in gas stations, schools, among others. However, what surprised me most about Spencer was one afternoon when he invited me to keep him company by sitting on the side of the bathtub while he took his crap: he carefully tore off toilet paper strips and placed them across all four side our toilet before sitting his butt down on it. I remember asking him a teasingly thoughful question about what he feared getting from our toilet seat or even the ones in public places. He just said he doesn't like to sit on any toilet anywhere away from home and left it at that. Since I had been tutoring him in two subjects, I knew him to be a guy of very few words.

So Sunday morning we were about halfway through our drive to the mall, when I spotted a parks and recreation area, and told Spencer I needed to use the toilet. He had been seriously 15 minutes early and I didn't get to do my morning pee. He seemed surprised but said OK. Remembering that he had allowed me to watch him crap once about four years ago, I decided to invite him in to keep me company, even though this was going to be a fast pee. He looked at his phone to check the time and said OK. There was this simulated log building that he pulled up to and in getting out of the truck, we noticed dozens and dozens of empty beer cans that were strown about. While walking through tall grass, I tripped on one but Spencer caught me before I fell which was good because I probably would have leaked onto my thong, and with light tan slacks, what would have shown to customers would not have been good. As he held me up, I was surpised by what he said. He said it would have been cleaner than the bathroom and the toilet seat I was about to use.

When we got to the bathroom building which was built with simulated logs, we could see our footprints behind us on the concrete floor as I walked to my usual end stall on the right side. The seat was up and I flicked it down as I quickly pulled down my slacks and thong to mid-thigh level as I seated myself. My stream started almost immediatly and with an urgent presence. Although Spencer didn't stare, I could tell that his eyes were scanning me as I slowly sat and hit the minute and two minute levels. He seemed surprised that my bladder had that much to unload. What he also didn't expect was when I crunched up my face, and with about a 30 percent push, there were two, and then quickly a third splash into the water. I told him I've always figured it was best to get it done now because I have to have a substitute come to the kiosk if I'm going to leave. I stood and made three quick wipes, each of which I inspected. The final one I displayed for him, something that he hadn't expected. I teased him that he could be next on the toilet, but he quoted his grandfather I think about time wasted being profits wasted and that the sun had already been up 30 minutes and that valuable time was being lost. I all could think of as we got back into the truck was that I had tried to get him to open up a little more.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brittany a.

Eleven cont'd

Hi, finally have a chance to write again! So anyway, the next accident was like maybe a year ago. I was training for a new position at work and I hadn't slept well the night before due to my nerves and I tried to compensate by having a big breakfast and a lot more coffee than normal. So, yeah. I am always not too far from a bathroom at work so I wasn't worried when I had to poop. The meal really got things going as I went to the ladies room at work from a really big dump in the afternoon. It was a little embarassing because I was in there long enough that people knew I was pooping, and it left a pretty strong smell behind in the bathroom... so because of that, toward the end of the day when I had to poop AGAIN, I was scared to go at work because I didn't want people to think I had a problem. So I tried to hold it. On the way home I was maybe 5 minutes into my drive when the pressure was getting unbearable and I stared ripping wet farts in to the car seat. Usually once I get to that point where I can't stop myself from farting I know it's only a matter of minutes before I mess myself. I still had nearly a half hour drive left and I was on a stretch of service road with no where to pull over. I squeezed the steering wheel and bit my lip and crossed my legs and clenched for dear life trying to keep this beast in, because I could tell it was gonna be a big mess... I just wanted to make it another couple minutes until there was a gas station. Despite how hard I was clenching another wet bubbly fart squeezed out and it felt like I might have accidentally pooped a little when it came out. I started panicking about how much of a mess it was gonna make, I was wearing these thin cotton white panties with light colored designs on them and a long gray skirt. I could tell it was gonna be similar to the load from thr afternoon dump, which was thick and creamy. I kept clenching hard anyway as I felt the sticky warm spot cause my panties to ride up and give me a really uncomfortable I made the mistake of trying to lift my butt up a little and pull my wedgie out... when I did, a lot more than my underwear came out from between my cheeks... a torrent a wet, thick poop burst into my panties, I just felt this hot sensation spread over my entire butt really quickly. I hovered slightly over the seat, stunned, afraid to sit down and not knowing what to do. The load was heavy and I could feel it causing my panties to sag. My stomach rumbled and soon more poop came pouring out into my panties. By then it was running down the insides of my legs and getting all over my skirt, so in my defeat, i slowly sat down in the mess so I could drive more carefully. The car stunk so bad from my accident that even with all 4 windows down I would gag every now and then... when I finally made it home I got out of the car. My ass just felt wet and squishy. The reflection on the side of the car showed that it looked like I slipped and fell in mud, and the car seat had a wet dirty stain too. Luckily there were no witnesses to that messy underwear explosion, and it's exactly what I was afraid was gonna happen with my most recent accident
when I at least made it into my boyfriend's bathroom before pooping my panties.



wrong restroom in hurry

about ten years ago I used the gents in a pub or cafe in a German city. I was not alone - some other guys using the urinals. Suddenly a woman rushed in to the restroom, ran in one of the cubicles and released a strong and loud pee. When she came out and happy over her pee she realized that she was in the gents. Well, it was embarrassing for her but none of the guys said anything or had a problem with that.

So when your desperate check the sign first ;-)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Chloe B great story it sounds like you and your sister had good poops and it sounds like that woman had a good quick poop as well and I bet you all felt great after and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To:Irma first welcome to the site and great story about you and your mom pooping together it sounds like you both had great morning poops and I bet you both felt great afterwards and it sounds like you have other great stories to tell I look forward to reading them thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

More stories

So I posted a little bit ago about laughing so hard I peed myself in front of my family while hiking on vacation and Brandon T asked if I had more stories. Well, I do, unfortunately! haha

I have a tendency to leak a little when I laugh too hard, so more than a few times I've been left with damp panties or maybe a small wet spot on the outside of pants or shorts, but those are usually small and I get away with it and nobody notices.

One time that did get noticed was at cheer practice one afternoon my junior year of high school. We were joking and laughing and I started to pee and couldn't stop it right away and wound up with a noticeable wet spot on my tight grey practice shorts that everyone noticed, of course. They made fun of me, but in a nice way. I had to run inside to change before we could continue.

Last semester I was working on a paper late one afternoon that was due at 5pm and was really close to finishing and had to pee sooooooo bad but didn't have time to waste and I couldn't just take my laptop to the bathroom because i had books all around me I also needed so I held it and held it. Finally at like 4:30 I felt a spurt come out and my panties felt wet. A few minutes later another spurt came out and I could feel a wet spot on my shorts. I tried to keep holding but soon I just lost it and totally wet myself sitting at the kitchen table (my parents were at work) and I just sat there for about ten minutes until I finished and emailed the paper to the professor and then cleaned up the floor and went and took a shower haha

And one about a friend: In 10th grade my best friend really had to pee in the middle of English class but we were taking a test and the teacher wouldn't let anyone leave. She was wiggling and shaking and had one hand in her crotch. I whispered to her to just go. She shook her head. A few minutes later she gasped a little and looked down but kept writing her test. I whispered again to just go. She shook her head again and whispered, "A little just came out." I was about to just go tell the teacher to let her go when I heard her sigh and then heard splattering on the floor and looked over and she was completely peeing her pants (tan Capri pants) right there in her chair. The teacher noticed and made her go to the bathroom after she finished. She let me go with her and I had to get her spare gym clothes and then took her to the nurse so she could get her mom to take her home she was so embarrassed.


Question about different kinds of movements

Hello everyone. Is it true that women have somewhat weaker muscles than men so that if they've got to displace a wider than normal stool (for ex. 3 inches wide) that won't come out on its own then they often need to bear down for a long time (often 5 minutes, even more in cases of borderline impaction)? I often notice this on old posts. Men appear to do this only with very hard stools and serious constipation and not so often. Truth is that women can hold and build up movements for longer times without a lot of effort, so this could be why stories of time consuming and long movements often come up. Personally i managed to build up a movement for 5 days straight in the past but it still rushed out of me without noticeable effort and noises when i went. It seems to me that women put more effort in while they're going, while men who don't suffer constipation need to put more effort on the holding back part.

Yesterday i had a huge bowel movement after missing a day, practicing hard physical training and eating a large serving of vegetable covered buckwheat pizza during last dinner. I had just ate lunch and was at the computer when the urge struck me. It looked like a 3 inch wide log, somewhat lumpy on its head (while it was still partly inside some lumps fell out and splashed), unaware of its lenght. It even managed to clog the toilet, very unusually. It all started with a long and dry hissing fart (must be usual with wide and long movements) then it began to stretch me wide, without any pain. I was letting it out on its own weight, then it got stuck so i pushed a little for about one second and it rushed out of me without a sound due to its lenght (it surely must have been longer than 16 inches because this is the height between the seat and the water level, so it would have plopped if it were shorter). I didn't spend minutes grunting to push it out, it just nearly rocketed out after i pushed. So that led to my question.


To Minnesota Girl

Good story about you and your sister-in-law pooping in the woods during the outing. Sounds like you were both passing lots of gassy softserve (i.e. similar to softserve icecream) poop - especially your sister-in-law.

It's great you both saw the funny side of matters; there's certainly no harm in farting or shitting a lot when you poop (including outdoors). I wouldn't let the experience put either you or your sister-in-law off those beach nachos if you enjoy them..

Hopefully you'll have more outdoor pooping experiences like these with your sister-in-law - better than waiting in a queue or using unsanitary toilets such as portapotties etc.

Hope to hear more stories from you.



for Tristan


Your story sounds like my "regular" bowel movements--the few that I have that I don't have to use enemas or suppositories to have.

Sometimes I will have movements where the first part comes out easy and the more that needs to come out the more constipated it seems. I am glad you weren't completely constipated though.. Did you bring your suppositories with you on the trip?

Do your friends know that you get constipated sometimes?

just another girl
For some reason my name was left off my answers to Optional Person's survey - it's the first post above the one by "Kyle" if anyone is wondering. Sorry about that!

Victoria B.


Mina, you weren't kidding about those prices-well out of my means, I'm afraid. Your mention of Toto rang a bell. I've actually used one before, but only to pee. I liked the way the seat fit my butt and thighs, it was sloped downward towards the water and very comfortable! I've never heard of Inax, though. Which do you prefer?

You asked about my bathroom and how it's decorated. It isn't right now, but only because it's being remodeled. New floors, sink, shower, and toilet! Well, a new old toilet. It's in very good condition and flushes everything but it has to be at least 30 years old. The walls are being tiled and I'll hopefully have a towel rack and paper holder once that's done. I've actually grown to like the bare look and I might even keep it that way once all the remodeling has been done. I like to spend my time on the toilet by relaxing and thinking about nothing, emptying my mind and butt at the same time. I don't normally bring a book or take my phone out, just an occasional light snap of my panties against my ankles or calves. Having a minimalist bathroom helps me space out and restore myself so I'm ready to go once I've done my business! What do you like to do in your loo?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

just another girl

Response to Jake

Let's hope that my name doesn't get left off this time *fingers crossed*
This is my response to Jake's question - "How big was the biggest poop you've ever taken?" and I hope it's descriptive enough!
I was a prefect in high school and at the beginning of my final year I went on a leadership camp with the other prefects and some of the teachers. We (the students) slept in a large dormitory-style room with metal bunk beds, and at the far end there was a door which led into a communal bathroom with showers along the one wall and toilet cubicles along the opposite wall. The camp lasted for three days and two nights (it was before term started) and during that time we did quite a few outdoor activities and exercises. The food there was absolutely delicious and served up in nice large helpings; I ate quite a bit, as did everyone else.

Before bed on the first night I went to brush my teeth and afterwards went to the toilet to have a wee. As I did so, I felt something else wanting out, but I didn't want to do that because there were other people in the bathroom and I couldn't face the thought of them knowing what I was doing - either by hearing it or, even worse, by going in after me and smelling it. I flushed, stood up, adjusted my pyjama shorts and walked out, feeling slightly uncomfortable but knowing that I'd just have to grit my teeth and bear it. When I woke up the next morning I felt better, so I purposely pushed it to the back of my mind and carried on with my day. I ate two platefuls of spaghetti bolognese and salad for lunch and a plate of battered fish and chips for dinner, followed by a bowl of jelly and custard. It all tasted good, but I knew that it would add to the already big load that I was holding in and make it just a little bit harder to maintain control. Oh well - there was no way that I was going to do anything other than a wee in that bathroom; I was too self-conscious and didn't want to embarrass myself.

Sunday morning we had bacon, eggs, toast, sausages and baked beans for breakfast, and this time I only ate a small amount because I knew that such greasy food will inevitably have a stimulating effect on the bowels and produce a strong need to do the very thing I was trying to prevent! Fortunately, after breakfast it was time to pack up and leave, and I knew that in a few hours I'd be back at home, where I didn't have to feel shy and inhibited. My friend's parents were giving me a lift back (my friend and I lived in the same area) and because the journey was about 2 1/2 hours long, they stopped to buy us lunch on the way. I didn't want to seem impolite so I ordered a chicken roll, which I ate as we were driving. I felt more and more full with every bite I took, and eventually I wondered if I was going to pop (which isn't theoretically possible, but sometimes it can certainly feel that way). I tried to relieve the pressure by passing wind quietly, and thank goodness the window was already open because it stank! Nobody noticed, so I did it again quite a few more times along the way - with each subsequent one being a bit more poisonous and violent than the last (phew, yuck!). I didn't mind at that point because it helped to ease the discomfort - and since nobody else was aware of it, it wasn't a problem.

Finally home was in sight, and I was overjoyed! When we arrived at my front gate, I took my bags out of the car and rang the bell, hoping that someone answered quickly. As soon as the gate opened, I dashed inside, shouted a greeting to my parents, and ran upstairs to the bathroom as fast as my legs could go. I shut the door behind me, pulled my jeans down and sat. My heart was pounding in anticipation of what was about to happen. I relaxed and all it took was one slight push for everything to start moving. I could feel that it was very thick and solid, but it slid out quickly and seemed to go on for an eternity before falling with a quiet "flop" sound. The relief was indescribable. After such a long time of holding it in, I had finally gotten it out of my system, and it was long overdue. I sat still for a minute or two before standing up to see exactly what I had done. This was, without any doubt, the largest poo I had ever done; it was almost as thick around as my wrist and looked to be at least a foot long (or somewhere thereabouts). It was a sort of dark brown colour, slightly darker than usual, and it smelled dreadful because I'd been holding it in for so long - it was like rotten eggs and another nasty smell that I can only describe as being like rotten cabbage or something like that. I sat back down again because I suddenly became aware of having a full bladder, so I took care of that and was completely and utterly relieved. I flushed and went to wash my hands...but before I left the bathroom I made sure to open a window first!!

I haven't done anything quite so big since, but perhaps I might someday, who knows!

Chloe B.

Restaurant dump

Hey guys this week my family and I took a trip to go to my cousins wedding for a day. I had some really good poops so that's what today's story is about. So on the morning we left it was about 8 and we had breakfast at McDonald's. So about an hour into the 6 hour drive I felt the urge to poo. I decided to wait until lunch. As we turned into this chicken place I heard my sis say that she needed the bathroom pretty bad as well. I told her that I had to poo and that I would go with her. We walked into the bathroom together; it had 3 stalls with black seats and sinks on the opposite wall. We took stalls right next to each other. No one else was in there so we had the bathroom to ourselves! I pulled down my Nike shorts and "PINK" bikini panties to my knees and started to pee. My sis pulled her Jean shorts down to her knees and let out a buzzy fart. We laughed at how we were both gonna poo and shortly after I let out a fart with two turds that fell with a "plop". I pushed hard as a log made its way out. As I was grunting trying to get that out my sis lets out a couple mushy plops and says she's done. She wiped 5 times and then flushed. She said she would be at the table with our mom and brother. I sat in the bathroom alone letting out farts and plops as a woman came in and hurried a stall 2 down from me. I heard her sit down and let out a hard stream of pee. After the pee ended she let out 4 turds all at once with a fart. I listened as she wiped and left without washing. By this time I felt like I was done and looked down and saw all my poo at the bottom coiled up. I wiped 6 times and flushed. It smelled pretty bad near my stall as I washed my hands. It was a good poo and I hope you guys enjoyed it!:)


To Mina

Dear Mina,
Am i right if i say that Japanese toilets are like American toilets if not for just some more techno-things in a lot of them?

I mean, basically: do they come with a large pool of water that just rises up when you flush, then disappears down the drain only to come up again clean?
If i'm right then they're siphonic.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna great story it sounds like you, Danielle and Kim all had really good poops right after each other and I bet you all felt good afterwards and I bet that bathroom was avoided for awhile afterwards lol and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends it sounds like you both had good poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen C it sounds like you had a major cleanout and I bet you pretty good once everything was out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



How big was the biggest poop you've ever taken, be descriptive? And how did you get it to flush?


Like mother, like daughter

Hi everyone! I'm Irma. I like talking about my BM habits ant I thought I'd share a funny story. A little about me first. I'm 38, single, have blonde hair and I have quite a buxom build. Last week my mom flew down to visit and stayed at my apartment, which meant I had to share my bathroom (I live alone). One morning I woke up at around 7 to get ready. Carefully, I tip-toed to my bathroom, hoping not to wake up my mom who was sleeping on my couch. I went into my bathroom and sat on the toilet to start my "morning movement" All I wear to sleep is a bra and panties, which I pulled down to my knees. I started to pee and then I let out a fart. After wards I pushed and let out a sigh of relief. A few minutes later a soft piece came out of my butt and I sighed again. Next I spread out my legs and pushed out another piece that plopped with a splash. At this point I hear a knock on my bathroom door.
It was my mom asking if I was going to be much longer. "Almost done" I said pushing out another piece. I opened the door and asked her to come in. "Sorry for the stink mom, I always poop when I wake up" I said grabbing toilet paper. "It's going to get a lot worse when I go" my mom said. I whipped and flushed and told my mom to go ahead and sit. I took off my bra and undies and got into the shower. A second later I heard a loud Brrrraaaapppppphhh.
"What was that?"I asked while showering. "Three days worth of shit" my mom said straining. After I was done showering, I heard a plop and my mom let out a sigh of relief. "Damn mom" I said drying off. "You're one to talk" she said. Afterwards I saw mom squeeze and another piece fell into the toilet. She unrolled toilet paper and said that we really prove that girls in fact poop. She got up and the toilet was full of three logs."I thought MY poop smelled bad" I said. Mom laughed and flushed. It was literally a mother-daughter moment of bowel movements. Hope you all enjoyed!


to Charlie/story

Hey Charlie :)

Wow, you did an improvised enema? Glad that worked for you; luckily I haven't found myself having to do that yet haha. But yeah, sometimes I'm concerned I might follow your pattern: I'll get constipated more often when I get older, but eh...I don't worry about it too much. Either way, I'm glad I don't get constipated too much right now.

Although speaking of which, I was on a little trip with a few friends this past weekend and being on vacation almost always makes me somewhat constipated. So I was naturally expecting to be constipated, and with all that I was eating, I knew I was going to have a big one most likely. Well, it was almost two days with no movement down there (just no urges at all), until finally when we were out by the beach walking and I got a bad cramp. I knew it meant I had to poop--so I kinda led my friend over to where the shops were, without telling him why, found a place with a bathroom and said I'd be out in a minute.

When I got in there, I could already feel it starting to come out--and it felt like it was going to be big and kinda hard, but at least it was coming out and wasn't totally stuck up in there lol. I sat on the toilet (just one toilet in the small bathroom--I had locked the door). I sat down and immediately started pushing. Before the poop could come out, though, a flood of pee came out, it was hitting the toilet so forcefully someone could definitely have heard that. Anyway, the turd started emerging. It was definitely big and thick and it was stretching me a bit. But as soon as the first hard part was out, the rest was softer and just kinda shot out after I did a big push. It looked like a huge long log in the toilet, one part clearly darker and harder and one part lighter and softer.

It was the most relieving thing ever. So much pressure was gone. I felt like I was skinnier lol. And I was glad that I wasn't as constipated as I thought. Of course it was a small bathroom, so I made it smell pretty bad lol

Anyway, that's my story. :D

I had been holding it all day, despite how painful it was. I got home and was running up the stairs as I was wetting my panties. I didn't make it. I pissed myself and was never more embarassed

Optional Person

Story and three responces.

I have done a lot more responding then posting lately other then the survey. I plan to respond to a few people at the end of this post. but I also have a normal post.

mom was upstairs in a room down the hall from the bathroom. normally I would never go to the bathroom for anything pee or poop if one of them is visible. I am not pee shy, I am poop shy, but I prefer to have no one visible when I enter. Something that if I had a girlfriend I think would be different, because you should be comfortable around them. anyway, I have decided in my head recently that at least if the person isn't looking towards the hallway I can get in and quietly do what I need quick and get out.

so I simply "snuck" in and closed the door, pulled everything down and I sat the normal way (no out of the ordinary when in sneak mode.) everything crackled out quickly. it appeared as though I was able to get them to crackle out quietly. I cant say for sure because my hearing seems to be a little off since I went to see Billy Joel. when I looked at what I had left it was odd it looked like it was and wasn't floating at the same time.

it had a small sewage smell and I wiped and flushed.

responses beyond this point.

Catherine - that is awesome. oh if the bar stool could talk lol. I have considered Athletic girls for a lot of reasons, so I will keep that in mind. well your different then me, if I can I try to hold it.

Red- that is interesting that you felt like you could spend more time on the toilet since the others had used it. do you normally feel rushed? or are you like me and don't want people to know what your doing in there?

Mina - I am not exactly sure how to describe it. but something about your stories is just wonderful a lot of fun to read.

I am very glad to finally be a part of this site. it is something special.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Just Another Girl's Survey

1. What is your best bathroom-related experience to date? Any-time that I have a thick, long, solid bowel movement after having to hold it for a long time, maybe after having missed 1-2 of my regular bowel movements, always makes for a great defecation experience! Several of my experiences are posted on the forum, including my "solid" accident stories. Check out my posts on p. 1811, 1817 and following!

2. What is your worst bathroom-related experience to date? The day my parents and I realized, as a pre-teen, that I would have to change my diet and get help for what is now known as IBS alternating constipation and diarrhea. I was 11 and by this time already 5'6'' or 5'7'', and we were in the driveway on a Sunday morning about to get in the car to go to church. I had on an expensive dress that I had just gotten for my spring clothes. I knew my stomach did not feel good, as I was passing a lot of gas. I can't remember, but I probably had not doodied in a couple of days. All I remember is that I felt a huge surge of pressure in my rectum and bowels. It came from no where. I just stopped. My parents asked what's wrong and I said that my stomach hurt really bad and I think that I needed to go to the bathroom. Of course they understood and they were always very patient with me. They said that I could go inside and they would wait. Just as I began to turn to go, I stopped suddenly again. The pressure in my rectum intensified, my stomach cramped and I had sharp stabbing pains all at once. I felt my face go hot and with a squelchy fart, an enormous amount of soft stool forced it's way into my panties. It was sooooo loud coming out. When that finished, I was stopped in my tracks, flushed and mortified. Some fell onto the pavement and covered my legs. My stomach was still cramping and then this was the clincher: I heard and felt that loud rush of diarrhea moving in my colon. If you ever remember Dumb and Dumber, well that was happening, and when it hit, it just gushed everywhere.

I never saw my parents look so horrified. My clothes were ruined, shoes and everything. What was worse was that my parents decided to use the hose pipe to clean me off before going in the house. They had no choice. No one saw, as we have privacy between our house and the neighbors. But it was humiliating. Since that day, I have made some major changes in my eating and such.

3. What was your earliest memory of a bathroom experience? Having to "poo poo" in a child's potty maybe before I was three. It's a foggy memory.

4. Are you shy about using public bathrooms, and if so why/why not? I would prefer not to, but I won't avoid them if I have to go.

5. What is your opinion on doorless public bathrooms? Never been in this situation as a female. They should be outlawed though.

6. What is the worst bathroom-related accident you have ever had, and what caused it? I just shared it - it doesn't get worse than that.

7. What is the worst bathroom-related accident you have ever witnessed? One of my teammates after a volleyball game rushed to the bathroom after the game was over. Later she said that she had diarrhea and messed herself. I never saw it though.

8. If you had to have an accident and be taken short in some way, would you rather have diarrhoea or vomit or both - or neither? Neither. I hate vomiting period, but people are more sympathetic to vomiting. Diarrhea is the one symptom that no one wants a part of.

9. What is your opinion on passing wind/farting in public - do you think that it's disgusting or do you just accept it as something natural ("better out than in")? If I fart in public, I try to be discreet. I may do it when I pee, or if I can step away. But I won't hold it to the point of discomfort.

10. Have any of you ever eaten or drank something that came out as a certain colour (for example beetroot, which can make pink or red wee, or blue food colouring or dye in things like cake icing, which can turn poo from brown to green)? Blueberries always make the stool darker with a hint of blue if you eat enough of them, and I have!



1. Normally mine are fairly quiet, although sometimes they can be loud (which is thankfully a rare occurrence)
2. This is very much dependent on what I've eaten - things such as cabbage, broccoli, onions, spinach, kale and beans can make them smell really nasty, as can meat, eggs and fish. They also smell much worse if I have to go to the bathroom; ordinarily I would say that they are about a 2 or a 3 but when I'm needing to do a poo they would probably be about an 8 or 9 (very close to terrible!)
3. I wouldn't say that I enjoy it, but I tolerate it because it's my body and I'm used to it
4. I think I'd be a bit startled if someone said that to me and I don't think I'd like it very much (there are better ways to attract someone!)
5. In answer to the first question, yes, but normally only about three or four times at most (unless I have an upset stomach in which case it happens a lot more). In answer to the second question, no, only very seldom.
6. No, because some people find it disgusting and also it's bad manners - socially unacceptable - to do it on purpose. However, if it just slips out before you can stop it, I don't mind that because it happens to all of us from time to time
7. I don't like them because most of the time they smell horrible, and sometimes they can downright STINK - I have come across some absolutely vile and evil ones in my lifetime. I know that there's not much that can be done to control that, because it's bodily processes and digestion which are responsible for the smell, but nonetheless, some of them are disgusting, manky, and nasty! Another thing: if one has an upset stomach and then happens to fart without meaning to they can end up having a bad accident; it happened to someone at school once when they were feeling unwell and what they thought was gas or wind turned out to be something far worse and they had to be sent home.
I know that farting is natural and that everyone does it, but I honestly can't say that I enjoy it or like it...who does?

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