Hot & Cold Toilets

Last weekend me and Miranda were together most of the time because there was a lot going on. We got permission for her to sleep over at my house. Early on Sunday we were at a carnival downtown on the mall and it was followed by a battle of the bands. We overate, especially at noon, and with all the soda we had to drink, we both needed to do a poo at pretty much the same time. There must have been 50 or more unisex portables, but the line was 10-deep for some of them. Because the lines were so long, I noticed some in front of us were eating/drinking while in the line and when their time came, they handed off their food to their friend when their turn came to go in. Then when they came out they took their food/drink back while their friend took the seat. Miranda went in first and I took the opportunity to eat a few of her fries, and with the hot mid-day sun, I was sweating pretty bad. She was on the toilet about five minutes and when she came out she whispered to me that her shit went down some trap before she could see it and she was so hot without a fan in there that she almost passed out. I gave her my drink and opened the door to enter what felt like a furnace. I dropped my shorts and undees all the way and it seemed like my butt could fry on the hot plastic seat. As I placed my elbows into my thighs as I usually do to get my poo started, I noticed the seat was so moist (I assume it was from sweat) that I was slowly sliding forward on the seat. Within a second, my feet were on the floor. I had to throw myself back onto the hot seat. Luckily, I could hear a couple of puffs over the band's music from outside, and I knew that would lead to the exit of my soft poo. There was a couple of pushes and I could hear my soft poo hitting something far below. I quickly wiped while still seated and jumped down and pulled my clothing up just before I opened the door to the bright sunshine. As we walked back to the bandstand, Miranda and I both agreed that the portable sucked not just because of the long line and the heat and because there was no way to wash our hands, but because we didn't get to see what we deposited.

That night we had to go to the movies because what we wanted to see was up for its final showing. We got to the super megaplex with about 10 minutes to spare and immediately went to the bathroom to pee so that we wouldn't need to go during the show. While we were hesitating in front of a couple stalls because there weren't two available next to one another, an employee quickly opened the door, came out and held it for me. Miranda took the empty one next to me. Once her butt hit the seat her stream started and it ran quite heavily. The bathroom--and theatre too--was overly air conditioned and Miranda said the cold seat felt really nice compared to what we had sat on a few hours earlier. I told her my seat was warm for obvious reasons and actually a little loose. This scared me for a moment once I got up on it, but while it took a couple of minutes, my pee stream started shortly after Miranda asked me what was holding me up. I told her I think overall comfort has something to do with it too.
But we both agreed that normal toilets and having toilet paper available is better than what we experienced earlier. We enjoyed the movie, but right after it both of us had full bladders again. We went in and peed while we were waiting for my dad to pick us up.

To: Natalie
1: What foods make you gassy? Or give you diarrhea?
2:when was the last time you had diarrhea and what did you eat?
3: ???? XD

Anyways love you stories!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Natalie great story about Mariah pooping together it sounds like you both had really great poops and I bet you both felt pretty great yourselves and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Minnesota Girl great story about you and your sister in law pooping outside it sounds like you both were pretty desperate and had to go a lot to and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Catherine great pooping story.

To: Chloe B great story about your desperate poop while golfing it sounds like you just made it to the toilet in time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Still Having ???? Troubles

Yesterday I posted about having really loose bowels and diarrhea that was uncontrollable. Up until a few hours ago I was still struggling to control my bowels. I'm still having cramps and loose stools, but I don't feel as sick. Here's what happened between then and now.

I had gone to sleep yesterday afternoon at about 1:30pm after I felt like my diarrhea was finally subsiding. It didn't end though, because I woke up at 4PM from my nap with the feeling that I was going to be sick. My diarrhea came back with a vengeance, and I released torrent after torrent of butt gravy into the pot. In three hours alone I had to rush to the toilet over 20 times. My butt hole was burning from shitting so much, but I couldn't help but run to the toilet every 10 minutes and let watery diarrhea bubble out of me. In between trips I was really crampy and gassy, and I followed through into my sweatpants five times--one of those times I almost completely messed my pants. I used Preparation H and ice to soothe my poor butt, and I drank a LOT of Powerade and water to help me from feeling weak--but it all ran right through me. The same thing happened with food. I still couldn't keep anything down--even foods that are supposed to bind your colon. I tried Parmesan cheese, rice, toast, bananas, and I would see them again in the pot a few trips after I'd eaten them. The only thing I could do was run to the toilet and shit.

I took a turn for the worse at around 7PM when those sharp pains near my belly button got really intense, and I literally didn't leave my bed for an hour because I was in so much pain I couldn't move. During that time I had the worst accident yet, completely messing my pants since I just couldn't get to the bathroom. After I cleaned up that mess, I realized I couldn't take care of myself like this and needed help. I decided to call my ex-boyfriend, Barrett. We'd been talking again lately but hadn't made it official, but he was the only person I knew who I trusted to help me.

"Hey, Shay. What's up?"
"Barrett, I don't feel so good. Will you please come over? I feel really sick, and I can't take care of myself."
"What's wrong?"
"I don't know...I think I caught a stomach bug...but it's so bad. I've had...a few accidents...and even after all my shits...I still feel so full. I've just...never been so sick in my life." As I said that I was on the toilet having diarrhea and moaning softly in pain as my stomach churned and Niagara falls fell into the pot below me. My words broke occasionally as more shit came out.
"Are you sick from both ends? And do you have a fever?"
"No. I've been having diarrhea...but I'm not throwing up...and I don't have a fever." I groaned and said "I constantly feel like I'm losing control. I'm in the bathroom right now...and it I've got brown water...pouring out of me."
"I should probably take you to a doctor, Shay." I hate going to the doctor's office and avoid it at all costs. Despite how sick I was, I thought I would get better on my own with rest and hydration.
"No, I'll be fine. Just please come help me, Barrett."
"Fine. I'll be over in ten." He was there in five, and when I opened the door he just looked at me and said, "Oh baby, you look sick."
"Thanks for the compliment."
"No, it's just...this isn't you. You're tired and dehydrated. You're sure you don't want me to take you to a doctor?"
"No. I'll be okay. I just need food and sleep." Barrett nodded, picked me up, and carried me to my room because I was nearly to weak to walk myself. He put me in bed and left to make me some broth to drink since broth usually helps with an upset stomach and diarrhea. He had just finished cooking when I darted out of bed to have another diarrhea attack. He came after me, and when I saw him at the bathroom door I tried to wave him off. "Barrett, you don't need to see or smell this. Please go." He gave me an annoyed look.
"How do you expect me to help you then?"
"This is so gross, sweetie."
"You act like I've never had diarrhea, Shay. It's gross, but it happens to everyone. I'd rather help you and put up with the smell and the noises than save face and see you in pain." He held me in his arms while I moaned in pain and let my bowels run. He even massaged my belly to make me feel better--and it did help a little bit. The pain wasn't as intense, and after that wave of diarrhea my stomach didn't have that "still full" feeling that I had after my other episodes. I went back to bed, and he came in my room and fed me while rubbing my stomach.
"Do you feel any better?"
"A little bit. Oh, thank you so much baby."
"It's no problem. Now, try to get some sleep okay. I'll see if I can find something to help you with the cramps and pain okay?" I nodded, and he kissed my forehead and let me sleep.

I woke up an hour and a half later, and I felt like hell. I was so hot I was sweating, and my stomach pain had come back. I had a very intense urge to shit, so I ran to the bathroom. The broth had run through me, and I was bursting for a shit. I got on the pot and had explosive diarrhea again, and was also crying. Barrett heard, and he came in,
"Honey, are you okay?"
"Barrett, I just can't stop shitting."
"I hate to see you like this. I thought that broth would help."
"It did. I just...can't keep any food down." I was in tears from exhaustion and soreness from cramps. Barrett held me again and massaged my belly as I had diarrhea. When it was over he said, "Shay, I really think I should take you to the doctor."
"No, Barrett. Baby, I'll be okay."
"Are you serious? You're so stubborn. You can't keep any food down, you can barely sleep, you're in so much pain you're crying, and now you're burning up. You keep getting worse. We're going."
"Okay," I said while I was still in tears. He helped me put on some different clothes, got water and Powerade for the trip and the waiting room, picked me up and put me in the backseat of the car (so that I could lay down), and drove me to the doctor.

It turned out that I have norovirus. I've never had such an awful case of the stomach bug, and the doctor said it was most likely as bad as it was because I've been under a lot of stress at work lately. The doctor gave me some special fluid to drink to help keep me hydrated, and Barrett stayed with me all night. On the drive back from the doctor, I told him that I want to make things work between us. He said,
"You don't have to say that just because I'm taking care of you, Shay."
"No, it's not just this. This helps, but I miss you. Let's try to make this work." Barrett kissed me, and for the first time in two days, I actually felt some joy--and a sensation other than stomach cramps. Once my stomach is back to normal, I can't wait to make love to him. I'm glad he helped me, and I'm glad we're together again.

I took plenty of trips to the bathroom last night, and each time Barrett held me and massaged my stomach which really helped me feel better. He also helped me eat and drink. I slowly regained my appetite and my ability to keep food down, so now I can eat light foods like bananas or rice. I told Barrett that I'm really sorry if he catches what I've got, and he said,
"Whatever. I'd put up with much worse for you, Shay. I just want you to feel better." We kissed and curled up in the bed together, and went to bed around midnight.

I woke up again around 3AM, but my bowel movement then was more solid than the ones I'd been having, and from there on out my movements became more solid and less frequent--occurring every hour rather than every ten or fifteen minutes and being mushy rather than watery. I had a final movement at 5AM and went to bed again.

That's the story. It's nearly 9AM now as I write this. I woke up only because I felt the urge to have a watery shit, but nothing came out of me when I went to the pot. I thought I might as well post since I'm up for now. The gas is still here, but the cramps are lessening, and the pain is gone. I feel a soft rumbling in my stomach right now, so I may have to go back to the restroom soon, but I feel so much better now. I'm done with this post, so I'm going to lay down next to my sweetheart and get some more sleep. Hopefully he doesn't get sick, but if he does, I'm sure I'll have great stories to post later. Bye for now!



Survey answers

1. If you helped/supported someone if they had a accident in public, how would you react/respond if they started to get "feelings" for you? Do you think that's possible to ever happen between 2 people in that situation?
Well, I guess it shows that you care about someone if you're willing to help them after an accident. It's pretty normal to be attracted to someone who cares about you, so I don't see anything weird about it.

2. How would you react/respond if someone from the opposite gender used a bathroom in public? It could be a unisex bathroom and you didn't know it was, the other bathroom is taken and they couldn't wait, or he/she just went in and used it.

If somebody of the opposite gender used a bathroom next to me, I wouldn't really care either way. I mean, if you have to go, then go. I've pooped next to guys before and they were surprised, but they didn't really care. The last time it happened, I was at one of my friends' houses (there were 5 of us, 3 guys and 2 girls) and I had to take a crap. Unfortunately, the bathroom was right next to the bedroom and you could hear really clearly what was going on. So when I took a giant dump, I left to all the others looking at me. One of the guys said 'Jesus K, what do you eat?' but we just laughed it off.

3. How would you feel/respond if someone pranked you by putting laxatives in your drink/food?

I'd be a bit pissed off, but it would depend on when it takes effect. If I ended up having diarrhea in school or pooping myself, I'd be mad. If it started working when I was at home though, it wouldn't be so bad. I get diarrhea kind of often anyway, so I'd probably just think it's some kind of bad food.

4. What if you were the passenger in a car and the driver won't pull over to let you use the bathroom when you really have to go?

I'd say in that case, I'd try to hold it until I can go. However if the driver wouldn't let me go when I made it clear that I was desperate, I wouldn't feel any shame for going right there in the car. It's their fault for not letting me go. Luckily, my parents always pull over when I need to go. The only time they didn't, we were in a traffic jam and I had to pee. They let me go in an empty bottle, so I was fine, but it was still kind of embarrassing peeing right in front of my parents like that.

5. During Halloween, if a kid(s) with their parent(s) had to go the bathroom really bad and the parent(s) asked you (the house owner), to let their kid(s) use your bathroom, would you let them?

Yes because when you gotta go, you gotta go. I've gone at my friend's house on Halloween before when I had to go poop really bad. My group was going through her neighborhood, so I asked to use her bathroom. I was about to poop myself, so her parents let me go and I took a giant poop in their bathroom. I was embarrassed about it, but her parents said it didn't matter, we all have to do it.

6. How would you feel/respond if someone farted near you?

I usually don't respond because mine can be a whole lot worse, but if it's one of my friends and I know she's ok with it, I might say something to the effect of 'Ugh, that stinks'

7. In school, if the teacher didn't allow you to go to bathroom at all no matter what, what would you do?

Most of the time, I'll try to hold it and tell the teacher how desperate the situation is. If I couldn't hold it, I'd just leave, telling the teacher where I was going. The teacher should let students go to the toilet if they ask, because it's unfair to make a student risk having an accident.

8. Would you let someone go in front of you in a bathroom line if they had to go really bad?

Yes, and I have done multiple times. Lots of times in school, especially just after lessons, I've let my friends go in front if they need to go badly. Sometimes girls have accidents in the line while they're holding it, and it must suck to be that close to making it, then messing yourself.

9. Would you feel embarrassed if you had to buy laxatives/things to help you go poop at a store and you don't know what the cashier thinks of you buying the stuff or the cashier makes a comment about it?

Probably not because we all have trouble going sometimes. The cashier has probably got constipated and had diarrhea before, so they're not in any position to make comments about me.

10. How would you react/respond if someone had an accident in public? Would you help them if they get ignored?

I've helped some of my friends after they had accidents before. I usually just get them to a bathroom that's less used (especially at school) so they can clean up and get new clothes if necessary. If it was somebody I knew, I'd go ask if they were alright and if they wanted, I'd walk with them to the bathroom.

Question: Is it wrong if teachers limit their students bathroom time usage? I can understand punishing students if they ask to go and then they skip class, but some people have trouble pooping or it's one of those poops that takes forever to finish. Some people, not just teachers, have to understand and respect other peoples' bowel habits.

I think it's wrong in most cases. If a student has a record for skipping class, then maybe punish them, but that doesn't me you can punish the students who just need to go. I've had diarrhea at school before and it sucks when you get into trouble for staying too long. Luckily, most teachers are sympathetic enough to let me off if I tell them I'm feeling sick or have stomach trouble.




Thanks for all your kind messages! I am glad to hear it was at least entertaining for you to read.

To KMD: Yes, I like Lena a lot, she's a good friend. We like teasing each other, even though she sometimes doesn't realize I'm not in the mood for it. Lena eats normally, not too much, and she's rather slim. She unclogged the toilet afterwards obviously, as it was clean when I came home.

To Optional Person: great story, please keep posting! I also always have to poop just after having eaten a good breakfast with a cup of coffee.

To Anna, K and Megan: I loved your recent stories, please keep posing!

Love, Jess


Sick in Bed With Diarrhea

Hey all. So a few nights ago I had diarrhea brought on by drinking too much prune juice. That was a relatively pleasant experience that subsided after a night, and after a day my bowel movements were back to normal.

For some reason tonight though, I'm up with diarrhea again. I acually think I actually caught the stomach flu or something, because I've had a really bad stomach ache all day--mainly sharp pains around the middle of my abdomen--and about 2 hours ago (around 3AM) I started having watery diarrhea. I'm not nauseous at all, nor do I have a fever, but I've got really bad diarrhea, as well as stomach cramps and gas. I haven't shit that many times--I've only been four times in the past two hours--nor have I shit a lot, but what is coming out of me tells me that my bowels are VERY loose. My diarrhea is nothing more than water with a few flecks of undigested food. Right before I started writing this post I sneezed and shit myself bad and had to run to the toilet to relieve my bowels from the rest of my diarrhea and clean my pants. Luckily the sweatpants and boxers I'm wearing are brown, and my sweatpants weren't hit. Between trips I feel really full--almost bursting with diarrhea--and can feel water pulsing through my intestines, and I feel like I'm vomiting out of my ass. This is the first time in years that I've had diarrhea from actually being sick, and it's not fun. I almost can't control my bowels, and my diarrhea just started. I really just want to sleep, but from the looks of it I'm instead going to be doing a lot of laying down in bed clutching my belly in pain and jumping up last minute to run to the pot with watery diarrhea. I'm going to let it run its course, and I will post again if anything particularly interesting happens, but I have to go for now because I feel more diarrhea coming. Bye!


Kid Size Toilets

My local shopping centre (mall?) has kid size toilets along with full size toilets which caught me off guard a little at first. There are about ten stalls, they all have white doors except for four at the end which are a pastel pink. The ones at the end are smaller in height and diameter.

Optional Person.

To Catherine 2.

Catherine I just read your first post on 1817, my lord that is a huge dump. I thought I was the only one that made "cow pies." pretty cool that a chick can make em' too. I haven't made a pie in a while. that is pretty cool that your friends were more impressed then disgusted at your dump. clearly your butt is very good at its craft. other then the not flushing part. It would be cool if this forum kept a catalogue of each persons stories for us all to access, I would literally read all your posts.
awesome post, happy pooping and farting,

optional person.


Oatmeal Did It

Hi guys. I've had lots of oat meal this week, and it got a lot of poo moving out my back door! I'd estimate I've gone maybe 7 times this week. Sometimes I had mild gas before I had to go, but nothing too urgent. Some of the poop felt chunky coming out. The way to describe it is that some of my poo came out fast like diarrhea, but didn't sound entirely watery. One of my bowel movements today felt slimy when I wiped. Although this major cleansing happened naturally by chance, I'd have to say the fibre in the oatmeal made me feel great! This has been one of the best bowel cleanses I've ever had! This particular cerial had rasens in it, so I chock the pooing this week up to the makeup of the oatmeal, and it having just the right amount of nutrients to keep the cleanout going for a week. bye.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


To Megan

Great story and description about the woman in her 30's who had a big urgent poop in the shopping centre. It seems as though her rectum was absolutely full of poop and gas. You're probably right that she let a soft fart escape from her bum while she was waiting. This was probably accidental and caused by the head of the poo (which was probably quite thick and firm) splaying apart the upper part of her anal sphincters making escape of gas (but not poop) more likely.

The crackling was caused by gas escaping from her poo as it emerged from her anus. It sounds as though she may have passed one very large stool (probably over two feet) which broke apart under its own weight and caused the three plops you witnessed; each one likely representing a turd of several inches.

The fact that she only started to pee after the three plops also lends weight to her rectum being full. Once her rectum emptied this would have relieved the pressure on her urethra (urine pipe) so it would have been easier for her bladder to empty. Sounds as though her bladder was very full also so the relief must have been huge.

The further plops and farts that you heard in the next several minutes were probably caused by her poo and gas moving down from her sigmoid and descending colon into her rectum and on to the toilet bowl. I'm glad that she remained seated on the toilet for several minutes and released more poop; sometimes women rush off after getting initial relief. It certainly seemed she was releasing a huge load and she probably had another turd or two to pass after you left the toilet. Thanks for sharing.


poop with my friend Mariah

Hi! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. To those who liked my stories, thank you for the kind words. To the person who wanted to know if my team members bonded over pooping well today you are in luck because I'm going to tell you about what happened on Tuesday after practice with my friend, Mariah.

Mariah is the same age as me,14, and dark blond 5'3 and I'd say 135. So while we were at practice at the softball fields I started to feel the need to take a dump. The urge would come and go as it always does when I have to hold it...finally we were done and I told Mariah that I needed to go to the bathroom and ask her mom to wait since she was giving me a ride. Mariah says "wait up I need to go too". We got to the restrooms, which were pretty clean since the softball complex is almost new. I tell her that I have to take a dump and have been holding it so I'm going to be a few minutes, she said she did too and she always takes a while to go.

So we take stalls next to each other..I drop my blue shorts and red undies..Mariah had green shorts on but I'm not sure what panties. Anyway I sit down and so does she..and there is a few moments of silence. I let out a loud fart.."sorry"...Mariah giggles "I'm glad you did that first" she says...and proceeds to let a couple farts of her own. I begin to push and feel my turd stretch my butthole. It was long and dropped with a loud plop..Mariah said "that sounded healthy". "Yes I do big ones always". "So do I" she says...Over the next 5 minutes or so we pretty much take turns dropping our turds as we made small talk..Mariah finished a little bit ahead of me and I heard her wiping. As she was finishing up I began wiping. Took me 3 wipes. I looked at my work...2 turds about 8 inches curving around the bowl like twin 7's..then 4 turds at the bottom. .fat but one about 4 inches each. We both flushed and left the bathroom.


for Tristan--constipation


you remind me of me when I was your age. You're 18 and get constipated a few times a year.....that's how it started out for me! When I was a teenager, I would get constipated a few times a year....usually I would drink an apple juice with my lunch at school and that would be enough to bring me relief, but occasionally I would need an enema or suppository. One time in middle school, I had a really bad bout of constipation that affected me on field day. we were outside having field day, and I was really constipated. I needed an enema but I didn't have one with me. We had bottles of water on ice the kind with the pop up caps on them. I was really miserable with my constipation that day, but still did my best at field day. later that afternoon I had about an hour with events that I wasn't in, and I was getting really miserable just sitting there, getting bloated, more constipated, so I went and got a water bottle from the cooler, let it warm up in the hot sun for a while then went to the porta potties we had outside on the field and improvised myself an enema! I stunk up the porta potty really well LOL

As I've gotten older though, My constipation has become more chronic and severe at times.

I hated--and to an extent still hate--dating and having to explain my constipation to my dates and things like that!

Minnesota Girl

Family Outtings

Hey everyone! Not sure who remembers me if anyone but I posted back in November about my soon to be sister in law having some massive diarrhea in the woods during our family hunt. I ended up sharing the downed log with her and we've been great friends ever since. Just recently our FAM was at the beach for the day. Our guys were out in the water after lunch and we were laying out. She asked if I needed to go saying she had to poo. The line for the bathroom was terrible and both of our lunches were ready to make a Rapid Exit! So we ventured into the surrounding woods...

My sis in law farted and immediately squatted down, swimsuit to the side and a torrent of soft poo and farts followed. I squatted next to her and had about 3 5-10 second wet farts and soft poo. We laughed nearly the whole time because to no fault of our own we just couldn't stop farting...We'd think we'd be done and a few more farts and poo would exit...It was another successful bonding experience ha ha...No more of the beach nachos! Evidently other women were tired of the line too...we walked up on 3 women sitting over a down tree...2 peeing 1 was passing a nice log....

I love stories like this :-) Any similar ones out there ladies?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Julie it sounds like you had a pretty rough day but at least your boyfriend was by your side to help you out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great story about your big poop outside it sounds like it was a good one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Brittany A another great set of accident stories I look forward to reading the rest of them thanks.

To: Annie it sounds like you had another good poop on saturday and it sounds like you made it to the toilet with just seconds to spare diarrhea dont wait for no one and luckily you didnt let fart out in bed and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan it sound like you and that other woman both had really good poop and it sounds like you both had to go a good amount to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: K great story it sounds like you and Rose both had to poop pretty desperately and I bet you both felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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