Thank you to everyone again for the kind words and great stories. Silford and Anna both posted experiences I can either relate to personally or have heard stories about. I can relate to Silford's sister, who had to use the toilet at a beach. My family had spent a few days out of the summer in Traverse City a few weeks ago, right on the water. We stayed at a nice assortment of cabins that were a little ways out from the shore of a lake, complete with dock and fishing house. It was really a picture, and my brothers and I thuroughly enjoyed our time swimming in the shallows of the lake.

One of the days I was swimming as usual, but my dad had taken my brothers out onto the lake to go fishing. I was wading in the shallows by my lonesome when I felt a poo coming on. It was enough pressure to take note, but not quite enough to become desperate, so I put it in the back of my mind. A few minutes of wading and relaxing later, and the urge returned in full swing. At this point I knew that I needed to go to the toilet, but the closest bathroom happened to be in the cabins, which were a good distance away. As the intensity of my need grew, I was forced more quickly into taking a far less desirable route to relief.

Quickly, I waded through the shallows and into some higher water, to where my feet didn't touch the sandy floor. I then pulled my blue bottoms away from my butt and attempted to relax. The feeling of trying to poop in water is far more different than peeing. Regardless of the confused feeling, I eventually felt the tip of my much needed poo emerge. With a quick push I expelled the entire load, which felt like the kind to coil around itself a few times like custard. I remember feeling a really intense relief and being overcome with bliss; it must have been the cocktail of beautiful weather, relaxing water around me, and the euphoria of letting out a load which previously knocked desperately at your back door.

Anna's story reminds me of a story told to me by my friend Bri, who was mentioned in a previous post when I had witnessed her pooing herself at soccer practice in middle school. She and her older sister had been out riding bikes when they were young, her sister is a few years older than her, attending uni currently. At the time of the story Bri was probably 9 or 10. They were riding through one of the trails of a local city park when Bri's sister began to slow down on her bike. Bri noticed the change in body language and slowed to meet her, noticing a very pained expression on her face.

"Everything okay?" Bri asked, as her sister pulled to an eventual stop. She shook her head and said, "No, we're gonna have to go into the woods for a second, I'm about to shit my pants." She put out the kick brake on her bike, hopped off, and fast walked into the nearby wooded area with her thumbs wriggling into the sides of her elastic shorts. Bri put the brake out in her bike and followed close behind.

They went out a ways into the woods before Bri's sister turned around and said, "can you see the trail from here?". Bri looked behind her and noticed that the foliage had obstructed the pair decently. She turned her head to say so but her sister was already squatting with her shorts around one ankle. She moaned as a barrage of mushy poop poured out of her. Bri noticed her face looked really sweaty and that her sister was clutching her gut tightly. After about 10 seconds of pooping her sister let out a fart and looked up to Bri.

"If you needed to take a dump or something," she said in between painful grunts, "then now would be a great time." Bri did feel a need to pee, so she figured 'why not?' and pulled down her jogging shorts and panties. As she squatted beside her sister she immediately peed full force. She told me that it lasted a minute, but I feel like a little bit of hyperbole was used lol. As she peed, she felt a pressure at her hole. When Bri uses the toilet, she usually goes both pee and poo, from my experience. So she gratefully pushed out a few sausage shaped poos which landed on the leafy floor with quiet thuds. She looked to her left to see that her sister was still pooping. After a few minutes she was finished, only to realize that they had nothing to wipe with. With no other options, the two used leaves from the ground to wipe. Bri says that her wiping was minimal, but her sister went through multiple handfuls of leaves.


Steve A's Scenario Questions

For End Stall Em:

Yes, me and my sister Simmee have a pretty good brother-sister relationship, although sometimes when our parents are round she tries to stir some things up. Yes, I too had to use the bathroom that day at the beach. The guys' room was really gross. Like 15 stalls, no doors on any, seats dripping; from pee or swimming or shower water its anyone's guess. Several of the guys were sitting on the toilet trunks below knee level and a few were putting on sunscreen. I sat and peed once and about an hour later I needed to take my crap. There was less privacy than at school but there wasn't the second and third stares, that might have been because I kept my trunks pretty much at stool level. They only had those pre-cut squares of toilet paper in any of the dispensers which might have accounted for why all the other guys were sitting bare butt-down on the seat. My crap was about a foot long and its head was about a half inch long but the rest became bigger and tore at my arse as I pushed. I forgot to hold my junk into the bowl so in the end I found some more pee splashing at my feet, but I grabbed my organ and pointed it into the bowl. I turned my toilet over to a boy about 7 whose dad had just taken the toilet to my left. When I walked away the dad was giving his son some direction about untying his swim trunks before he got on the toilet.

Steve A's Scenario Questions:

1. If you helped/supported someone if they had an accident in public, how would you react/respond if they started to get "feelings" for you. Do you think that's possible to happen between 2 people in that situation? I don't know.

2. How would you react/respond if someone from the opposite gender used a bathroom in public? It's happened to me twice. Little kids brought into mens bathrooms and who wander around while their dad's in a stall and on the toilet. One girl was really curious watching me for about 10 seconds go at the urinal until I yelled and called her out. Then her dad angrily called for her using both her first and middle names so I could see he was mad. As I was leaving the sinks he was apologetic to me and gave her a stare-down in front of me.

3.How would you feel/respond if someone pranked you by putting laxatives in your food/drink? I would be pissed but this has never happened to me. However, the mother of one of my friends did that to him when we were like in 6th grade. She felt he was too busy hanging out with us at school and activities after school to take the time to sit and go. Well she put it in his cereal that morning and he made three trips to the can that afternoon at school. Later he agreed with her that it beat the enema he would otherwise have been scheduled for.

4. What if you were a passenger in a car and the driver won't pull oer and let you use the bathroom when you have to go? It sucks. Its happened a few times on the school buses I've been on. The driver says something about a company policy and liability insurance not allowing it.

5. During Halloween, if a kid with their parent had to go to the bathroom real bad and the parent asked to have the kid use the bathroom would you let them in? Probably, but it hasn't happened.

6. How would you feel/respond if someone farted near you? If there are girls present I like most of the guys have learned to exaggerate it because the thinking is if we can't smell it, it's probably ours and we don't want the attention drawn to us.

7. In school, if the teacher didn't allow you to go to the bathroom at all, no matter what, what would you do? I don't like to cause trouble and draw attention to myself, so I would just hold it in. I've been taught at home that when an authority figure says No, it means No and there's NO debating it.

8. Would you let someone go in front of you in a bathroom line if they had to go really bad? Yes, I have allowed this a few times at school, but once this year I feel I was taken advantage of. The boy, who I think was a year younger than me, peed recklessly over the seat and I had to wipe it off and then cover it before I could sit on the toilet. And then I got in trouble for being late in getting to 4th hour class.

9. Would you be embarrassed if you had to buy laxatives/things to help you poop at a store and you don't know what the cashier thinks of you buying the stuff or the cashier makes a comment about it? Definitely, although my experience was a bit different. When Simmee was 9 last year she had three accidents in her underwear at school and she just threw each of them out when it happened. So mom wouldn't find out, she had me buy her a three-pack of undees at Wal-Mart using her birthday money. After I got to the cashier, she told me I had gone to the wrong counter and picked up ladies. This was a college-age person and she winked at me and said she wouldn't tell. Because she had to spend some of her birthday money, Simmee did much better this year in raising her hand to go to the bathroom at school instead of trying to hold it in until she got home.

10. How would you react/respond if someone had an accident in public? Would you help them if they get ignored? Back in about 3rd grade I volunteered to walk a classmate to the office when he crapped his pants. I explained to the office lady why he would stand and not sit as she told him but I don't think she fully comprehended. I stayed with him until the principal came out and then he called the nurse on his cell phone and she took over. When I got back in the room, a really obnoxious girl leaned over and asked loudly if I "cleaned him up real good." Everyone laughed. Our teacher had to yell to calm things down and made that girl stay after school.

Is it wrong for teachers to limit a student's bathroom time usage? I think its OK for them to set some guidelines, but they need to be flexible and there's always exceptions that need to be made. I for one could have benefited from this because I'm very shy about using the bathrooms at school, and especially sitting butt-down directly on the toilet seats. Teacher sarcasm doesn't help either.

Brittany a.

Eleven cont'd

Ok i am back with the other two accidents finally! Here we go with number 10. This was the only time it was a really solid poop when I had an accident, every other time has been soft. Happened a couple years ago, I had to go to the eye doctor and get new contacts and I was at a place in the mall. The appointment and then shopping took a while and I was feeling the dull ache in my butt telling me I was going to have a BM soon, and I was very nervous about it obviously because of my accident history. I was in the same exact mall with the BBW I had an accident in the last time too just for the record lol. Anyway I was walking deeper into the mall towards the food court where the bathrooms were and I was kind of psyching myself out thinking about my accidents, and the nerves were making me need to go worse. That's when I made a really dumb decision. I was passing the opening to macy's and decided I should run in there to find a bathroom because it was closer than the food court. I immediately find the "directory" but the stupid thing doesn't have a "you are here" dot or anything so I had no reference! I basically had to guess anyway which way to the bathroom.. so I'm wandering around in macy's and searching for the bathrooms and I'm getting so nervous that I begin prairie dogging. I gasped in panic and hid behind a rack of clothes grab my butt and fight my poop back. My heart was pounding, I couldn't believe I was having another accident in public in my 20s... I felt a tiny bit break off in my panties and then I regained control. I only pooped my pants a little. It just felt like I didn't wipe at all after pooping. I kept holding on and again continued my fateful search for the bathroom, and finally saw an employee. She directed me and I was of course on the wrong floor, but the good news was it was by the elevator. She lead me to this little hallway off the back of the women's underwear section (which would be super convenient in a little while...) that lead to an elevator, she said just take it to the ground floor the bathrooms are right off the elevator. I thanked her and pressed the elevator button and immediately started prairie dogging again. I squeezed my cheeks as hard as I could and held my butt with my hand and it just kept pushing. I started to cry as the elevator opened and I stepped in. Before the doors even closed I stood crying with my face to the corner of the elevator as a thick, solid load forced it's way slowly into my panties with a series of loud crackling and popping noises. By the time it stopped churning out and broke off in my panties, there was a bulge in the back of my dark gray leggings the size of a fist. It was even kind of bumpy looking like knuckles on a fist. I could see it perfectly clear in the reflective walls of the elevator, which now had an overpowering smell of poop filling it obviously. It felt like I was in that elevator crapping my pants forever, but the ordeal only lasted for the ride from one floor to the next, maybe 30 seconds at the most. I just prayed no one would be nearby when the doors opened, but no such luck. There were two moms with baby strollers waiting to get on, and there was no hiding what happened obviously. I'm standing there in a stinky elevator in tears with a big bulge on my butt. So I just tried to slip by without making eye contact and I awkwardly said "I'm sorry I couldn't make it" because I felt bad they had to deal with the smell in the elevator (smellevator lol). One of them said "oh you poor thing!" But I didn't stop to talk I just continued into the bathroom. I headed into the stall and stood there with my back to the toilet preparing to carefully lower my leggings and panties to dump the load in the bowl when I heard someone come in. The person came ans lightly tapped my stall door and I said "occupied...!!" And I was really nervous and alarmed why someone did that when there were other stalls. Then I hear the same voice of the mom who said "oH you poor thing" saying "I know, sorry to bother you I just thought I'd give you something to help.." I looked down and she was holding a small package of baby wipes that she took from her baby's diaper bag for me to take. I was embarassed and just didn't want anyone to be around me or acknowledge what I had just done in my pants so I ALMOST just said no thanks go away, but then her kindess made me emotional and I just started to cry again as I thanked her and took the wipes. It was really nice because they made it a million times easier to clean up. Even though
it was a solid load it was messy, left major streaks in my light yellow panties and was caked on my cheeks pretty bad. The wipes were an absolute god send. As if the woman wasn't so sweet and helpful enough already, a few minutes later right as I was finishing up in the stall and pulling my leggings up to go commando (dirty panties balled up in tp and buried in my purse) when I heard someone enter again. It was the same woman! She hands me a pair of white Hanes panties under the stall with the tag on them! I said "you didn't have to do that!" And she said "it was nothing. I got off the elevator upstairs and immediately saw all the underwear so I figured it would be quick and easy enough to grab you some!" Being the sensitive person I am I YET AGAIN started crying lol. I came out of the stall and wanted to hug her but I told her I was hugging her in spirit but didn't feel clean enough to do so for real, and she said "nonsense" and hugged me anyway. I tried to pay her for the underwear and she refused, telling me we'd be nowhere in this world if we didn't help people in need and just told me to pay it forward. Sweetest woman ever... but I was still utterly humiliated and hoped I'd never ever see her again.

I didn't realize how long it would take me to write that one up, I'll be back again :)

Optional Person

To Catherine.

Honestly it doesn't surprise me. no one, not my parents or other family knows I like poop or farts (only a few girls know and that was a mistake) they would say the opposite because when ever a joke like that is made on TV or someone talks about it or it is brought up I get embarrassed and shy. I totally understand. what actually surprises me is how many women actually enjoy pooping and farting.

I guess we no one job I wont have. I wouldn't even be able to talk about it that way. so that is actually impressive that you can.

Lol loud and bubbly are the best kind. but can also be the most embarrassing. I'll be honest I am jealous of your mom. a women that can let them rip is a keeper. do they hurt coming out that loud?

that must have took a lot of courage to dump at his house. there are millions of women literally who would never drop their poos at a mans house. This alan sounds lucky to me. 15 inches wow!

well maybe since you broke the ice with the whole pooping at the house thing you will get surprised. to me I would take it as a sign of being comfortable so I would start trying to move the relationship to the next level. if your lucky, he may think that way as well. I am just hoping I can find a women like that.

even this response I am responding to made me smile.

have a great one Catherine and thanks for the response. :) :) and good luck with alan!

this redneck
Ladies what is the worst diarrhea attack you've ever had??


Still Sick

Just as I predicted in my last post, I've had diarrhea all morning and haven't been able to sleep a lot because I've spent my time instead either laying down trying to get my achy stomach and bowels to settle or on the pot bursting with diarrhea. When I went to the bathroom around 5AM, it was the same as the first four episodes--watery and urgent, but not a lot of shit at all. My stomach was still really crampy and in a lot of pain. I laid down to get some rest and try to get my stomach to stop hurting. I was really gassy and crampy, but despite the pain I managed to drift off to sleep. I woke up around 6:30 with a wet feeling around my hole, and realized I had shit my pants while I was napping. I rushed to the bathroom to release the rest of my diarrhea. Not a lot of poo was in my boxers, so I was able to clean them up again, but I was feeling really uneasy. I was losing control of my bowels. I had never shit myself in my sleep before, but I had today. My shit was really watery, and there was more shit in the toilet than the last few times. I cleaned up and went back to sleep, praying I wouldn't have another accident.

Thankfully I didn't mess my pants in my sleep again when I had to wake up again at 7:30AM. I awoke with an urge to shit NOW, rushed to my restroom, pulled my pants down, sat on the pot, and exploded with diarrhea. This time, a lot of shit poured out of me while my stomach felt like it was being twisted. This diarrhea episode lasted five minutes until I finally felt empty enough to clean my ass, wash my hands and go back to bed. I didn't sleep though because about 15 minutes later the intense urge to have diarrhea returned, so I darted out of bed to relieve my bowels. This time my shit was really thick, creamy, and mud-like, and my poor butt was really messy. As I sat releasing this diarrhea my intestines rolled and made me quake in pain. This literally felt like diarrhea from hell because the pain was so intense. My butt also began to quiver, and even though this wave only lasted five minutes, it felt like forever. This was another episode that ended only because I felt empty enough to get up. I felt so full; there was still a ton of shit inside me, and my intestines were turning all of it into muddy, thick, diarrhea. I laid down again, but 15 minutes later my diarrhea was back. This time I got up to scurry to the pot, but the moment I stood up I felt some poo run out into my boxers. I clutched my belly, tightened my butt cheeks, and shuffled into the bathroom. I released the rest of my diarrhea into the pot, and luckily I didn't lose a lot in my pants.

The last three times I went to the bathroom I had shit a LOT--as in a lot of shit was in the bowl--and I started to feel weak. I decided to get some Powerade to replenish my fluids. I thought I'd be fine to go to the store--which is literally an eight to ten minute drive from my house--as long as I relieved my bowels first. I drank a glass of water for temporary hydration and changed into a shirt, skirt, and new pair of underwear before my trip to the store. Sick with diarrhea or not, I didn't want to look like death in public because it seems that you always run into people you know when you don't want to be seen, and I DIDN'T want to be seen, so I decided not to be a bum. It's also a lot easier to have diarrhea with a skirt or dress on because you don't have to fumble to unbutton it, unzip it or pull it off to take a poo, and if I was going out I didn't need to risk having an accident simply because I couldn't get my pants off. A few minutes after I changed my clothes I was on the pot again. This time, my diarrhea was really watery. I let as much out as I could and cleaned up, and then I drove to the store. On the way there, I felt my intestines twist into knots and I got the urge to go about a minute from the store. Now usually, I can control my bowels for up to 20 minutes, but this was diarrhea from hell, and I was losing my bowels without any warning sometimes. I clenched my butt and prayed that I made it. I got to the bathroom and discovered that a janitor was about to close it for cleaning.

"Sorry miss, I'm about to clean this restroom. There's another one in the back of the store you can use."

"Sir, please let me in. I've got the runs, and I might mess in my underwear if I can't go now." Right as I said that, I released a wet fart--not one that messed my underwear, but it was enough to convince the janitor that I really was sick to my stomach.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! Here go ahead. Hope you feel better."

"Thanks," I said hurriedly, and ran into the restroom. I bolted into the first stall available, and the moment I sat on the pot I exploded. This diarrhea was also like water, and I moaned in pain as it squirted out of me. The glass of water I had before leaving for the store was running right through me; before my shits were muddy and thick, but the last two shits were wet and explosive. This wave lasted for ten minutes before I felt empty enough to get up and shop. After that wave of diarrhea I headed into the store, grabbed an eight pack of Powerade, paid for it, and hurried out of the store all within three minutes so that I could get home before my next attack hit. I was about half way home when I felt my next episode coming, and it was VERY urgent. I knew that I couldn't hold it in for the five to seven minutes it would take me to get home, park my car, unlock my door, and bolt to the toilet, so I pulled over on the side of the road near a slightly forested area and had diarrhea in the bushes. I was wearing a skirt, so it was very easy to pull it up and not get diarrhea on my clothes. I stayed squatted for about ten minutes, cleaned up with some Kleenex I had in my purse, and drove home.

I was starting to feel weak again, so once I got home I drank some Powerade and went to bed to lay down (I had given up hope of sleeping). I was actually starting to feel better, so I did get a little sleep, but at 9:15 I woke up, and I was back on the pot with diarrhea. Brown sludge oozed out of me for ten minutes, and my poor stomach at this point was still in pain. Those sharp pains near my belly buttons returned around halfway through this episode, and my shit started turning to water again. I cleaned up after and laid down, but I realized that I hadn't eaten yet. I didn't want to chance it with my stomach feeling so bad, but I was actually really hungry. I tried some toast and a cup of yogurt. Fifteen minutes later, I was back in the bathroom. My breakfast was running through me. I was still having watery diarrhea, and that sharp pain near my belly button hadn't left. I moaned in pain on the pot for ten minutes or so before I had the strength to get up and get back to bed. I felt terrible. After this episode I STILL felt full like I had more shit inside me. I just wanted it to end, but I was going a lot. I went every fifteen minutes until around 10:30AM when I went back to sleep.

I woke up at 11:30 and shit twice more. The second time I had another accident but after that it finally tapered off--not for good, just enough so I could rest. The second wave was thick--not watery--and even though I didn't lose a lot in my pants I had even less left inside of me to release afterwards, and just before noon it was feeling like the beginning of the end. I was still gassy and crampy, but the constant full feeling was starting to subside. I had some more diarrhea unexpectedly five minutes ago while in the middle of writing this story (That was around 1PM), but there wasn't a ton of shit in the bowl, and it was mushy, not watery, so hopefully this is almost over. I'm finally starting to feel better, though my stomach is still churning, but I've basically been sick for over ten hours now. The weird thing is though that as sick as I am have only had diarrhea, cramps, gas, and stomach pain--no fever, nausea, or vomiting. I honestly don't know what is making me so sick with diarrhea yet isn't making me throw up. Has this ever happened to you all before?

Anyway, my stomach is still crampy and in pain, so I've gotta take it easy. I'm signing off to rest--hopefully sleep--so I'll be back later if anything interesting happens. Bye for now!


Optional Person

responce to Scenario Survey Plus A Question

6. How would you feel/respond if someone farted near you?

If it were a guy, I would hold my breath and try to forget the moment.

If it were a girl, I would enjoy the smell and ask her on a date.


Response to Steve A.

1. If you helped/supported someone if they had a accident in public, how would you react/respond if they started to get "feelings" for you? Do you think that's possible to ever happen between 2 people in that situation?

I'm a little unsure of the meaning of this question, but I guess it could happen? If the help came in form of something like cleaning up, that is a very intimate process where you can basically see everything. Being exposed to another person in such a vulnerable way could aid to develop some sort of feelings maybe? I guess anything is possible.

2. How would you react/respond if someone from the opposite gender used a bathroom in public? It could be a unisex bathroom and you didn't know it was, the other bathroom is taken and they couldn't wait, or he/she just went in and used it.

I would probably be as surprised as anyone initially. How I would react after the fact would probably depend on where the bathroom was. If I were in school I would probably be more inclined to freak out a little than, say, a movie theatre. I'm not sure why, though, probsbly so,etching to do with the "sneaking into the girls room" stereotypes of teen comedies. I would probably react different if I were actually using, too. If I wasn't, I would probably inform the person that they were in the wrong room. If on the toilet, I would most likely just keep quiet and silently freak out lol.

3. How would you feel/respond if someone pranked you by putting laxatives in your drink/food?

Messing with food is a pretty cruel prank, in my opinion. I would feel pretty betrayed and almost violated if someone out a laxative in my food. I would respond in anger most likely and then be more conscious of my body and be prepared to take myself to the toilet when necessary.

4. What if you were the passenger in a car and the driver won't pull over to let you use the bathroom when you really have to go?

I guess I would have no choice but to give them an ultimatum: either you stop, or I'm forced to pee and/or poop on your seats, and I'm not cleaning it.

5. During Halloween, if a kid(s) with their parent(s) had to go the bathroom really bad and the parent(s) asked you (the house owner), to let their kid(s) use your bathroom, would you let them?

I guess I probably would. Kids can be pretty unpredictable and not so up front about their bathroom needs, especially when something fun such as trick-or-treating is afoot. I am not usually very eager to let people into my home, but it really boils down to how much harm a kid can really do, you know?

6. How would you feel/respond if someone farted near you?

People fart around me often, and I do as well. It is mostly just good family and friends, but you know how high school boys (and even girls) can be. Even if I wasn't as exposed to it as I am, I would probsbly be fine with it as long as the person isn't doing it simply for humorous reasons.

7. In school, if the teacher didn't allow you to go to bathroom at all no matter what, what would you do?

I would walk out and go. There's no reason to so adamantly prevent a person from answering to a biological necessity. Sure, in most situations like tests and exams you should prepare accordingly by using the toilet before, but sometimes that preparation cannot occur, and there's no reason to prevent someone from going. I've been in a class where we could not use the bathroom. A girl pleaded incessantly to use but the teacher wouldn't allow it, so she looked him right in the eyes and unclenched, wetting her pants and the seat, and eventually the floor.

8. Would you let someone go in front of you in a bathroom line if they had to go really bad?

Sure. Bri and I go to the bathroom at my house or hers sometimes, and we have no real issues. If someone had to go really bad at my house and I'm like, in the shower, I'll let them in.

9. Would you feel embarrassed if you had to buy laxatives/things to help you go poop at a store and you don't know what the cashier thinks of you buying the stuff or the cashier makes a comment about it?

Nah, I carry the philosophy of everybody poops. People buy medications for their various problems all the time, a bowel obstruction is no different from buying cream for itchy skin or a pill for stomach pains. If they make a comment on it, I would probably just laugh it off and give them the old "you know how it is" deal.

10. How would you react/respond if someone had an accident in public? Would you help them if they get ignored?

I would be initially surprised if I saw a perfect stranger have an accident. I guess it would honestly depend on gender if I were to be inclined to help. If it were a woman, we could use the same bathroom and clean up. With a man, it would be a different story.

Question: Is it wrong if teachers limit their students bathroom time usage? I can understand punishing students if they ask to go and then they skip class, but some people have trouble pooping or it's one of those poops that takes forever to finish. Some people, not just teachers, have to understand and respect other peoples' bowel habits.

It's wrong to restrict people from using the bathroom for reasons mentioned before in my post. I do understand the restriction on the amount of students leaving at a time for the bathroom as an attempt to make sure that as few people as possible miss out on a lesson.

Victoria B.

Response to Mina

Thank you for filling me in! I had no idea that colored toilets were so common in Japan. They're unusual in the US; I can only remember using two in the course of my life: the black one in my original post and the yellowish beige toilet in my old apartment that clogged once or twice per week in addition to being unpleasant to the eye. The shade of light green you mentioned would look neat on plumbing fixtures-you and your friends must have good taste. I have to admit that I'm a little envious of the washlet and definitely looking forward to taking my jeans and panties down to try one! Could you tell me some brand names of Japanese toilets/washlets? This way I'll know what to look for.

Enjoy your time on the light green loo!

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