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Small Mall Toilets for Little Kids


I enjoyed your story about taking Simmee swimming very much. Its nice that you're willing to do some things with her. I'm particularly impressed by your relationship with her which must be good because she told you about her camel crap, forgetting to check for toilet paper first, etc. problem. Did you have to use the bathrooms that day and if so, how did that go?

Last week at the mall:

Last week at the mall we were extremely busy. There was a program or special display each day in the arena area and of course several Welcome Summer-type sales. Because our mall is so big, I occasionally have to leave my kiosk and become courier for the mall authority. It makes my job less boring and helps me to become acquainted with some wings of the mall I haven't seen yet. I drink soda pretty heavily and that causes me--someone who has a smaller bladder anyway--to need to get on a toilet pretty fast, despite the fact that many of the bathroom lines are long. Being down by the entrance, I decided to use the bathroom I remember I last used on the day I came for my job interview. I wrote about it last month. I was surprised that one of the end stalls which I had selected for use had a toilet that was a little smaller and a lot less high. It seemed so different for me to use it and I was stressed over my interviews that day, but as I got to think about it later, I wondered why the door wasn't marked so the parents would know about it. And I haven't seen a kiddie toilet in any of the other bathrooms.

The bathroom was pretty jammed when I walked in. There were several mothers with children, including one with four young girls who I think might have been on some kind of a day care field trip. She said they had been in the crowd for about five minutes and when she saw my name tag and uniform, she started complaining. I told her the secret about the end stall and how it might be more comfortable for her kids of perhaps age 4 or 5 to use and she seemed very interested and I pointed across the room to where it was. So she had her kids chain their hands and she started to move them through the crowd. Then a lady with a daughter about 5 or 6 behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked if the toilets (especially this "magic" toilet as she called it) meaning the kid-friendly one I was referring to had what she called "seat papers." That term caught me off guard, then I got what she meant, and told her No. She seemed really disgusted with my answer. I told her the toilets were reasonably clean considering the heavy usage and that I have no reservations about using them. She raised her voice a bit and said her daughter will NOT sit on one of the uncovered seats. The little girl gave me one of those "OMG please ignore my mom!" looks as she was being pulled away.

I still think there's a need for more of the child-size toilets. The seat sheets or seat papers I feel are extreme.


Dating and Bowel Functions

Optional Person: Thank you for your kind words. It may surprise you that someone like me can be so obsessive about defecating that in real life, I am pretty discreet about my bathroom habits.

When others bring up the topic, I won't chip in my experiences. I really am a little shy to talk about it in a humorous or crude way. As a pharmacist, sometimes I have to talk to my customers about laxatives, antacids, fiber supplements and such, and then I might share some of my own experiences with diets and resulting gas and bowel movements. There are people

In high school and college, I would never talk to someone while they were pooping, or if I was pooping. I never would comment that someone's bowel movement smelled. That's why I love this forum - I can talk about it!

So, I have never farted in front of Alan or anyone I was dating. When I pass gas, they are always loud and bubbly sounding. I rarely have the silent but deadly kind. In fact, I accidently farted around my mom a few times and she has said that it's unreal how loud they are.

If Alan and I stay together and spend more time, I can guarantee the day will come that we accidently fart. However, I don't think that I could ever casually do it or even crudely, but we'll see how that goes.

Now, our relationship did move to another level last night. He asked me to have dinner with he and his two daughters. And, it happened. About 7 PM I had to take a dump. There was going to be no holding it or waiting until I got home. So, I used the hall bathroom. The poop was normal for me. It was thick but soft and came out in 4 ker-plunks. I imagine if the chunks fit together it would have been about 15 inches long and almost 2 inches thick. The aroma was strong, but a healthy poop scent.

It took a little while to wipe. So I had to flush, wipe some more and flush again. And then, I noticed some heavy skid marks, so I had to flush a third time.

Well, if that doesn't give it away that I just pooped at Alan's house, then I don't know what would. He did not comment but was not any different - aroused or grossed out - when I returned.

So, we'll see where this goes! He's yet to poop when I've been around :)



Steve A

Scenario Survey Plus A Question

Hey everyone, I have survey for all of you again. These are certain scenarios and how you react/respond to them.

1. If you helped/supported someone if they had a accident in public, how would you react/respond if they started to get "feelings" for you? Do you think that's possible to ever happen between 2 people in that situation?

2. How would you react/respond if someone from the opposite gender used a bathroom in public? It could be a unisex bathroom and you didn't know it was, the other bathroom is taken and they couldn't wait, or he/she just went in and used it.

3. How would you feel/respond if someone pranked you by putting laxatives in your drink/food?

4. What if you were the passenger in a car and the driver won't pull over to let you use the bathroom when you really have to go?

5. During Halloween, if a kid(s) with their parent(s) had to go the bathroom really bad and the parent(s) asked you (the house owner), to let their kid(s) use your bathroom, would you let them?

6. How would you feel/respond if someone farted near you?

7. In school, if the teacher didn't allow you to go to bathroom at all no matter what, what would you do?

8. Would you let someone go in front of you in a bathroom line if they had to go really bad?

9. Would you feel embarrassed if you had to buy laxatives/things to help you go poop at a store and you don't know what the cashier thinks of you buying the stuff or the cashier makes a comment about it?

10. How would you react/respond if someone had an accident in public? Would you help them if they get ignored?

Question: Is it wrong if teachers limit their students bathroom time usage? I can understand punishing students if they ask to go and then they skip class, but some people have trouble pooping or it's one of those poops that takes forever to finish. Some people, not just teachers, have to understand and respect other peoples' bowel habits.


toilet colour

Dear Victoria B,
You ask about people they use toilet with unusual colour. In Japan we have many many colour, especially we have in private house or flat or in tea room. The loo in my flat is light green. Not bright, but green which goes to grey little bit. Seat is same colour and washlet too. And in next room, bathtub, and washbasin, all this colour.

I feel comfortable on my loo. Nice colour. My friends say same thing.

In my family house, both loos are cream colour. I like.

Soon I post story again. Busy now, sorry. But in loo, not busy, I stay long time and do lot and lot of motions every time! Here there is no change!

Catherine, you don't need say sorry or be sorry. I hope you always have happy happy time. And all other people in this site too.



My parents took me and my sister camping and hiking in the Adirondacks the first week after school ended. I'm 15 my sister is 14, only 11 months apart so there will be a time when we're both 15, Irish twins as they say. When we travel my parents still make us share rooms a lot to save money which we both hate, but it is what it is. We fought for and got separate bedrooms at home when we were still pretty little, like 8 or 9. So you can imagine our feelings when my dad busted out a portable bunk bed for the two of us....he and my mom have these camp cots that fold up and are really just a sheet of canvas on a steel frame that you lay on, and we were under the impression that we each got one too, not a hunk bed version. My dad said it was to save space in the tent otherwise there'd be no room to move, and told us not to complain because it was barely any different from having to sleep in the same tent together anyway. Well once we got started with hiking and activities we had such a good time the we didn't really care by the time we went to sleep at night, we were too exhausted anyway. My sister slept on the top "bunk". It was crazy, whenever she moved I could see where he feet and hands and stuff were from pressing down on the canvas. That's how thin it was. If I was in a bratty brother mood I would have been periodically kicking it or lifting her with my feet, it was tempting. But in the spirit of family vacation I didn't

I should have though...because we probably would have been made to switch bunks or my sister would have given up and slept on the ground, and THIS wouldn't have happened...

I woke up in the morning. First thing I see upon opening my eyes is a gigantic dark round stain on the fabric right above my stomach area. It only took like a half a second to realize what it was, because the first breath i took was full of pee odor. I was out of that tent freaking out so fast that I didn't even realize until I was up and out that my t shirt was all wet on my stomach too because IT HAD BEEN DRIPPING ON ME! My sister, who as far as I know doesn't have a bedwetting problem, just HAPPENS to pee herself in bed when she's sleeping on a layer of fabric directly above me. Awesome.

Needless to say, it was a tumultuous morning for the family. My sister just seems embarassed and sort of remorseful but is defensive about it and hasn't apologized to me. I'm like 90% convinced that she did it on purpose both to upset me and to rebel against the bunk beds. My dad just chucked the top half and I used the bottom half the rest of the time while she used a sleeping bag on the ground.

This is easily the most interesting bathroom related experience I've had. Man I was pissed....literally. and it's the second time in my life that she had an accident that wound up causing me a lot of grief! A few years ago when we were in 4th and 5th grade she once pooped her pants while we were walking home from school, and she just kept crying and was walking really slow. I got annoyed and just kept going without her and got home way before her. So I got in a ton of trouble for both leaving her behind and not helping her. Not sure what my parents expected me to do to help her...wave my hands and say a spell and maybe she would un-poop herself? Maybe I could have hung back and blocked her view from behind to save her some extra embarassment, but honestly it was kind of a tough one to hide anyway, she had khaki shorts on and it was like borderline yeah. It was pretty obvious.

Chloe B

Diareaha while playing golf

Hey guys! For me school is out so I have so much more time! So today I'm gonna tell what happened to me yesterday while I was out playing golf with my friends. I don't usually play golf but i have some friends that do. So we went out in the afternoon and I was wearing a pink nike golf shirt with a black golf skirt and pink golf shoes. As we teed off I could kinda feel my stomach hurt but I didn't think about it too much. After a couple holes my stomach really hurt. At the end of the ninth one of we stopped to take a break and I told my friends I really needed a bathroom! One of my friends Sydney came with me because she had to pee. We got in the bathroom and took stalls right next to each other. No one else was in the bathroom so it was just us. I told Sydney that my stomach really hurts and that Im gonna have diareaha and she said not to worry and that she might poop too. I sat on the toilet and pulled my pink panties down. I sorted the toilet with diarreaha and let out a big fart. It really smelled. I said sorry about the smell and syd said its fine. I heard her peeing the let out a turd. I farted one more time and let out liquid poop. Syd wiped and flushed and said they'd wait for me to finish. I continued to have let out more farts. I looked it the toilet and it was all brown! It took 7 wipes for me to get clean! I wiped and man did it stink! As I washed my hands another womam came in about 30. I could tell the smell bothered her but when you have to go ya gotta go! Well thats all for now! Bye guys!


To MikeyPee

Thank you for your kind words about my posts!

I was not a cheerleader - there have been more than one Catherine on the forum.

My first post was pg. 1817.

I hope that you are doing well!



Thursday, June 11, 2015


Hello, End Stall Em and Abbey!

For years, I was a faithful lurker and occasional poster on this forum. Like everyone else, I had my favorite posters, who came and went. Two favorites I never forgot throughout the years, however, were End Stall Em and Abbey. When you guys disappeared, I did likewise shortly thereafter. Recently, for no particular reason, I visited this site for the first time in what felt like eons. Imagine my shock and delight, Em Stall and Abbey! Welcome back, you guys! I've had lots of good times on this site and my best times have come from you. Hope you'll stick around.


A long trip

My Boyfriend and I decided to go on a trip to Dubai , it was really inspiring ! The hotel room was truely amazing and comfortable. The first day I went on a tour with Daniel (boyfriend) my stomach was not really agreeing with the food that I ate in the morning. I had massive cramps and worst diarrhea. I didn't tell Daniel I wasn't feeling to good because it was our 1 year anniversary and I really wanted it to be special. As the tour went on my cramps got severe! so severe I had had to cry Infront of Daniel and pretend it was happy tears. When we went back to our hotel I couldn't even walk so I had to tell the truth.. As soon as I told him that he freaked out and rushed me into the room so that I could use the bathroom. I got really constipated because I kept it all inside of my intestines for too long so it took me a good 25 mins to push. My boyfriend was by my side no matter how horrible he felt about me. His the sweetest man in the universe, after I got out of the washroom **embarasing** he got me soup and water to get me relaxed and feel better.
I love this man so much❤️❤️😍


funny story

Hey I'm louis. Ive been a fan of this site this is my first time. I'm 21 and a little it chubby. I take some big dumps. I've clogged some toilets in my day by accident. I feel bad but I cant help it. The other day I was over my friend Lindsay's house. We were in her basement waiting for other people to come hang out, suddenly I told her i needed to go take a dump. She said "Okay but don't make it stinky like last couple times". I said "Okay" and ran up stairs holding my ass. She was laughing at me. I got to her bathroom and ran in and sat on the toilet immediately farting loudly a few times. I sat there on her toilet holding my stomach and still farting. I heard her come up to the door and she said "HEYY! I CAN SMELL THAT FROM HERE STINKYBUTT"!! I said "I'm SORRY" I ate taco bell before I came." "Gross!" she said and walked a way. I finished and wiped, then came out. I felt so embarrassed that I left abruptly. she knew why too. as i was leaving she was spraying air freshener and holding her saying "STINKYBUTT Strikes again Peee-eeww!!!! I hope she's not mad hahha.


My Brother

,hi guys! The night before last, my brother caught the stomach bug, and got diarrhea. I didn't know about this til yesterday (he's fine btw). Yesterday I seemed to get some of the bug, but didn't have much diarrhea. I mostly spent yesterday evening lounging around, and layed on my bed while playing my Don Henley CD. The bug lasted a short while with me, but I think my brother had more diarrhea than me. The other night when it first began to effect him, I was waiting outside the bathroom for a while when I had the urge to pee. Luckily, Mom hasn't said anything about getting diarrhea yet. I'm also doing fine now, too.Bye!

Optional Person.

To Catherine, mystery poster.

Catherine, I was the mystery responder. I forgot to put my " name" up there. I have always loved your stories. I bet you have, if I had made that I would be proud too. the picture I paint in my mind when I read your stories is always an amazing one. hope your day is going well.

Now I am talking to all posters. I think we can all tell a lot about each other in our posts. we are some pretty cool people I tell you what.

Optional Person.


Taking my sister Simmee swimming

Since I'm not old enough to get a full-time summer job, I have the family responsibility of looking out for and taking care of my kid sister, Simone. We call her Simmee. She's 10. So on days she doesn't have something to do with one of her friends, it's my responsibility to do something with her. So at least one day a week we go to the beach. It can be absolutely pretty enjoyable and its free except for the bus fare to get over there. So Friday, our first day of summer vacation, that's what we did. Simmee was up before me and actually in the bathroom using the toilet, already in her pink bathing suit and I told her we'd leave in like 30 minutes. Then I got the bathroom, and took the seat for a really enjoyable crap. Unlike the problems I had in my first year in high school using those bathrooms. So we walked to the two blocks to the bus stop and arrived at the beach about 11:30 a.m. Simmee and I enjoyed the water relatively close to the shore, until she checked in with me and said she had to go to the bathroom.

So I walked her down the beach about a block to where the closest bathroom building was. I waited for her about 10 feet away from the doorway as I sat in the sand and watched for her. I waited 10 minutes and got to thinking about how I should have asked her if she would be peeing or pooping so I would know approximately how long she would be gone. Then I got to thinking about how she could be embarrassed by such a question and answer it with something meaningless like "Cuz I did..." or "Cuz I want to..." So I watched for a older women going in, I described Simmee, and the lady said she'd look for her. She did and was back in a couple of minutes saying she had checked each of about 10 stalls plus the sinks which are in the adjacent room and no one even close to Simmee's description. I scanned the beach and didn't see Simmee and I started to panic. I quickly went to the entrance, saw two rows of toilets and bare feet planted on the floor under several of the panels, but noticed there was sunlight coming out of the other side of the buiilding. So I ran around the side and sure enough there was Simmee sitting against the wall giving me the "Where have you been?" look. I told her I didn't know about the back entrance and she said something sarcastic that I decided to let go by this time. Then as we continued to talk, she told me she had a camel crap which she said means several pieces that were soft and would have left skidmarks in her swimsuit. After crapping, she found she had forgotten to look for toilet paper on the roll. There was none. Then she waddled into another stall, used what was remaining, but needed more. So she found a third toilet and she seated herself and finished the job. I told her I was sorry, but it looked like it worked out OK for her. She turned around so I could see and she was right her swimsuit was clean.

Once a couple of months ago she walked in on my dad and I when we were in the garage talking about the problems I was having in using the bathrooms at school. She kind of laughed like it was my strange problem or something. Now I've found that she's not perfect either.


poo while out biking

Yesterday I had to do a poo outside. I was out mountainbiking with my friend Amber. We had each picked up a coffee before we drove out to the mountains and when we got to the parking lot, we both had a pee in the outhouse. My bum felt kinda full too, but I only managed to let out a little fart.

We did this really long climb through a sparsely treed meadow. It was a sunny day and there were wildflowers everywhere. It was really beautiful. About half way up I got a strong urge for a number two and soon it got worse every minute. I decided I couldn't wait until we got back. So when we took a break to catch our breaths, I told Amber I needed the bathroom again. I walked off the trail a bit, but there weren't any good spots, as all the trees were really skinny. I didn't want to walk away too far, since I was worried that would tell Amber I needed to poo. So, I found some bushes that I figured would at least give me some good privacy from the waist down. I put down my backpack and pulled down my bikeshorts and undies. I stepped out of them with one leg and squatted down in the grass. The bushes didn't really cover me all that well, so I just hope that Amber wasn't looking. I started to pee and then pushed a bit and my first log slid out quickly. It dropped on the ground while I was still peeing. I started to push again and a second much bigger turd came out of my backdoor slowly. I had to push quite a bit and it took me maybe two or three minutes to get it out, all the while it was hanging from my bumhole. Finally it broke off and landed on the ground with a thud.

I didn't really feel totally empty but also didn't want to make Amber wait for too long as I was doing my business in the bushes. I took a bag of tissues from my backpack and ripped them up a bit to make smaller pieces. I wiped my pee off my front and bumcheeks and then my poopy backdoor. I used about four tissues in total. Then I stepped back into my undies and shorts and pulled them back up. I put some dirt and twigs on my turds and the tissues and walked back to the trail. Amber didn't comment on the time it took me, but it was obvious I hadn't just done a pee.

When I got home from the ride, I had another poo and then a nice shower after which I felt much better and all nice and clean. I hope you all liked my story.

Brittany a.

Eleven cntd

I believe I left off at number 4... so the accident I has in 6th grade when I couldn't get my skirt undone was a close call, would have been mortifying to get caught right? Well it wouldn't have mattered because the next year I had an incident where after lunch I had gym which frequently got things moving for me. I pooped in the locker room after gym probably 2 or 3 times a week. Well one day it was really bad. We were playing volleyball and standing out on the gym floor I was really scared at one point that I was gonna crap my shorts. There was only a couple minutes left though so once i thought it was ok I held it. Gym class ended and I had to subtly waddle to the locker room I had to go so bad. Everyone got there ahead of me and when I went in all the stalls were taken... so yeah... I practically started crying right away because I only lasted seconds waiting there before soft crap came pouring out into my panties and gym shorts. It came out quietly but I couldn't help crying over my accident so I gave myself away... crying and waiting by the toilets usually doesn't indicate much else other than desperation or just had an accident... it didn't help that my gym shorts weren't exactly made for protection for such situations so they had a great big sagging bulge... so yeah. That was super humiliating..even more so for me on a personal level because I knew it was actually the second year in a row I pooped my pants at school. Luckily there were showers, and I had a change of clothes...but still...a bunch of girls from my class saw me poop myself.

5. Around 15 or 16 something weird happened to me. I went to bed one night and I was dreaming about really needing to poop. In the dream I was putting together a swingset or something in a yard and I was struggling to hold my poop in. I finally rushed off to find a bathroom but crapped my pants in the dream. I actually felt the hot squishiness pressing against my butt. That's when I woke up to realize I had also crapped my underwear in bed.... it was a large and messy load and I had to change the entire bed. It was so annoying. But the weird part is I did the exact same thing the next night. Dreamt I had to poop, pooped my pants in my dream, then woke up with messed panties. Then that was it. Never figure out what caused it.

6. Also around 16...had to go after school but my mom picked me up and we were running errands. We went a few places and by the time we were almost home I started to realize I might not make it home in time... I fought to hold it in and somehow I did. We got back to the house and I had to rush inside, but it was too late, as I lost it in my pants just as I got inside. I had tight jeans on and I remember it was a real squeeze. I didn't want my mom to know I pooped my pants so I ran to my room and hid in there. I was waiting for her to go to her room or go outside to the garden so I could run to the bathroom and clean up. Instead I accidentally fell asleep and took a nap in my messy jeans. That wasn't pleasant to wake up to...

7. This is the one where I got away with murder....this could have potentially been my most embarassing accident but somehow I managed to stay mostly unnoticed. Sophomore year English class, we were doing these practice exams for some state standardized tests, basically just reading short stories then answering questions about the readings. I don't know why I didn't ask to be excused, but despite a pretty urgent need to poop halfway through class I was too afraid to ask to go. It seems stupid thinking back on it but at the time I really thought I'd get in trouble for asking to go even though it was only a practice exam. So I just kinda sat there indecisive about it while my stomach gurgled and rumbled. I tried to ignored it and focus on my practice test, but eventually I realized I couldn't hold it anymore. I was about to get up and ask to go when a really sharp cramp made me freeze. I just sat there in seat clenching with all my might to hold it in, but I could just feel my load pushing and pushing. It felt like I was sitting there frozen fighting it back for a long time, before finally I felt that all too familiar sensation of warm, sticky crap squishing between my cheeks and spreading out in my underwear. It just squeezed right out no matter how tight I clenched. I had jeans on and I was sitting on a hard seat, and it was a very soft load, so it just completely flattened and spread. My heart was pounding with fear and I just sat there still and glanced around the room. Everyone was still working so no one noticed what happened. I could smell the mess in my pants, but it didn't seem like THAT strong of an odor and plus I was much closer to it than anyone else. I sat there still terrified and silently freaking out about my accident trying to decide how to deal with it. And after what felt like another several minutes of no one seeming to notice, I decided to just sit tight and pray no one noticed! Soooo...yeeeahh...I sat through the rest of English class and my entire following class with a load in my 10th grade. I got some looks and heard some whispers so I think eventually some people were starting to suspect I pooped in my pants, but it never turned into anything else. At least I never heard about it...

8. I managed to get through the rest of high school accident free, but i continued my accident prone ways around when i was 20 and i had an incident while christmas shopping. Just awkward and embarassing... I pooped my pants in Bath and Body Works lol. I don't even know what happened. I was Christmas shopping, I had to go, but I kept shopping, and not going...and eventually while I was standing in line at BBW, my body decided "ok I'm going now" and, so, I went. I don't know how but it caught me off guard. Like it felt like it went from "ok, gotta poop, better get to a bathroom soon" to "oh my god I'm going in my pants" in a matter of seconds, but I guess it's possible I blacked out the in between stage in a shopping frenzy. So yeah, there I was standing around a group of now grossed out and confused Christmas shoppers with a hot load in my leggings. In the chaos of the moment I had this awkward indecision about if I should put my things away before I leave or just ditch them near the line so I was kind of changing direction and bumping into people and it was just horrible...because let me tell you, it was no secret this time. No, this wasn't the quiet, soft load that just slipped right out in some jeans and flattened out like last time. No, when I went, it made noise... and the stretchiness of my leggings wasn't quite as effective at flattening out the bulge as my jeans were... so yeah, these people were all well aware of the shameful act I had just committed in a place people go to enjoy PLEASANT aromas. So the fact that it felt like I was trapped in this sea of people and couldn't get out of there fast enough was pretty overwhelming. That was my first experience with pooping my pants in a public place besides school.

Ugh talking about it so much makes me feel like I have to go. Isn't that weird? Anyway, I'll be back with the last couple stories later. Otherwise I'm gonna have my 12th accident!


Intestinal virus?

I left work early last Tuesday with intestinal cramps and what felt like a low grade fever. Over the next day this turned into spasms of diarrhea and a high fever. By Friday the fever abated but still was getting periodic cramps followed by the squirts. I was consuming no solid food at all during this, only drinking gatorade and pedialyte.
I have now gotten back a little appetite and am slowly ramping up my food intake. I have also been taking some probiotic and digestive enzymes but still not forming solid stool. Has anyone else run into this? I have never experienced anything close to it.


to Charlie, Matt, et al.


Wow, I see what you mean. I guess you've accepted your constipation though and don't let it get you down, which is cool. I probably have the inverse of you--20-30 constipated poops a year. So it happens sometimes, but not so often that it's a big problem.


Yeah, I use Metamucil mainly as a preventive, but if I find myself constipated and unable to get anything out, the suppository is what I turn to first (as opposed to oral laxative or enema or something). I probably do strain too much sometimes though because if something's coming out even if it's really hard and constipated, I usually just push it out. I only use suppositories when nothing's moving at all lol. But good advice--I may use a suppository in that situation next time. I'm 18 years old, by the way :)

Steve A--

Your question about farting in a relationship...I've actually farted in front of my gf a few times, but she's never done it in front of me. I think she knows that I wouldn't mind, but she's too girly-girly to do that haha. Oh well. At least she doesn't get mad when I do it front of her. lol


To Catherine and Old Fart

Well, i definitely feel something related to this kind of euphoria then, but not in the way of an euphoria. If i miss one day or more, especially if i eat a lot, i would start feeling a fullness sensation around my pelvic area, to the point that peeing becomes basically harder (still don't know if it this would also happen to women, but judging from many stories here i think it doesn't). Then i get the urge to go, especially if i start moving around while all of this happens. When on the toilet, i would then start feeling an intense pressure when the stool starts to get out, to the point that it would literally rush out of me with absolutely no pushing if i stop holding it (it won't happen with my smaller loads though). That's when i would start feeling a long-lasting sense of relief and lightness, but not much else. On hot days i would also get somewhat light-headed for some secs, but it would never act in an emotional kind of way, i.e. i personally feel like i would never cry for it and i would just stay cold as usual. I think the ones who refer to feeling much lighter (ex. 10 or 12 pounds lighter) after substantial (ex. post-constipation) movements are affected by "poo-phoria" and therefore feel themselves lighter due to a blood pressure drop. Actually, nominal human stools are much lighter. Most of their weight is due to water, so constipated or impacted and deliberately held-back stools should actually be lighter than normal ones. I didn't go for 5 days one time and i didn't lose a couple pounds after measuring myself on the scale before and after.

What i described above also happened yesterday evening. I had missed a day and eaten a lot so i was starting to feel full down below. I was in my room and i suddenly smelt something burning outside. I went up to the roof to try and spot any fires or smoke on the streets below. Having not spotted anything i came back. Moving around gave me the urge and i decided to go. It was a fairly big load and definitely left me relieved.

Anyways, thank you for the excerpt, it looks like something definitely worth looking into.

To Old Fart: well, thanks. It seems like i fully digest everything i eat while the ones who crackle don't. I either have slower digestion or slow transit times or chew stuff thoroughly, anyways I knew i had iron guts. Yes, i left the relevant post but i just forgot to add my name to it.


Another long poop on Saturday but no poop on Sunday

Hi all. I posted about my huge poop on Friday that clogged the toilet. Well I went again on Saturday after my lunch and coffee and water bottle. I undressed from the waist down like usual and grabbed the magazine/book we keep in the bathroom. This time it didn't really take much effort to get the poop out. All I did was give a gentle push and a soft but big poop came out. It didn't stretch my hole or hurt me the way Friday's turd did. I was done within a minute. I wiped my front and stood up to wipe my bum. Was a bit of a messy wiping job but that's OK. I saw a pretty big poo in the toilet. It was light ish brown and about 2 to 2 1/2 feet long, like the one on Friday only not as dark and not as thick. When I flushed it went down no problem so it must have crumbled or bent going down. I'm just glad it didn't clog the toilet again.

Unfortunately on Sunday I didn't go at all. We've been looking at apartments lately (we have to move by the end of the month) so between that, eating out and stress I haven't had the best pooping routine. Oh well. As long as we can go back to healthy eating soon (green vegetables are a MUST for me to poop!) then it will be fine.

Happy pooping!


Morning explosive diarrhea

Hi all. Yesterday morning I was given a rude awakening. My bowels needed to be emptied, pronto! There was no ignoring it or going back to sleep. Not unless I wanted to wake up with a huge mess in my pants and the bed! So I quickly hurried downstairs to the toilet, got the door shut and my pants down and sat just in time to EXPLODE in the toilet. Loud, gassy explosive diarrhea that splattered the poor toilet. I was just thankful I did this on the toilet and not in my poor (WHITE) underwear and pj pants. That would have been a huge disgusting mess I did NOT want to clean up. I pooped for about 2 minutes straight, farting, exploding and just destroying the poor toilet. Finally I was done and I gave a tentative peek between my legs into the toilet. I saw a ton of brown water but not much else. Wiping was a giant mess and a huge hassle because it was EVERYWHERE. All over my butt, up my front, etc. Yuck. And the bathroom smelled horrible, like wet soil (*gag*). I used a lot of toilet paper to get clean. When I stood up I saw the poor toilet bowl was just splattered with wet shit everywhere. Yuck. Finally just flushed the mess down, washed my hands and went back to bed for another hour. Not a nice way to be woken up.


Responses to Catherine and Mr P

@Catherine - I know I'm late in responding, but I want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. I remember your first post on cheerleading in high school (I think) and I could
tell by your writing that you, like me, are into pooping. I'm much older than you, but I've had
a life long obsession with bathroom related stuff. I know it's related to my disability (cerebral
palsy), my childhood and my experiences at a school exclusively for disabled children where kids' bathroom issues were always out in the open. I liked your description of "poo-phoria" as
I've experienced it many times although not recently. For me, if I delay going to the toilet
for a bowel movement, the more likely I am to have that "shiver" and euphoric feeling once I
finally have my BM. The downside is that the longer I wait the more messy I am afterwards and
so I have a harder time wiping myself and sometimes I don't get as clean as I should.

@Mr P - Welcome to the group. I'm a long-time poster here and as I mentioned above I have
cerebral palsy and as a child I spent 12 years at a public school for physically handicapped
children. In grade school, my best friend had spina bifida (SB) and he needed to wear diapers.
Our school had about 400 kids and about 10% of them had SB. This was in the 50s and 60s
(so you can guess how old I am), they all wore diapers and got changed throughout the school
day in the same boys' and girls' rooms that everyone else used. In spite of your bowel and bladder issues, I'm really glad to know that you're working. I just retired a few years ago
after 39 years and I'm very grateful for having had that opportunity. I know it might be difficult,
but maybe you could write a little more about your bathroom issues and some of the challenges
you face. In any case, all the best.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie great story I bet you felt amazing after getting that beast of a poop out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Red great story it sounds like you and those other women had to really poop and it sounds like the other 2 were pretty desperate and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shay it sounds like you had a rough day but at least you were able make it to the toilet before round 2 and 3 of your diarrhea came.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS, I love this site

Optional Person

quick poll.

Just as a quick poll, how many of you ( 15- 34 year old women) fart on the first date?

I am bored, and thought this would be an interesting question. very interested in what replies I may get.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

I went into town to do some shopping this afternoon and needed to drop off a poo while I was there! I went to the loos in the shopping centre, which were rather busy. There were four cubicles, and one was out of order. The others were all taken, and there were three women waiting- one was about my age, one was in her 30s and one was a girl of about 15 in school uniform. The woman in her 30s, who was in front of me, seemed a bit impatient for a loo, and I wondered if she was desperate to use it or if she just had somewhere else to be. Luckily I wasn't in too much of a hurry for my poo yet.

After a few minutes one of the loos opened up and the schoolgirl went in. I heard her start to do a wee. The other occupants were fairly quiet, although there was quite loud music being played in the room. The schoolgirl came out after a minute and the other woman went in. I heard her start with a wee as well. By now I had quite a strong urge to do a poo, and so did the woman in front of me, judging by how she was tapping her foot and how I'm sure I heard a soft fart escape from her bum while we waited. After a minute both other cubicles became free. I went into one while the other woman went into the other one to my left. I pulled down my skirt and blue knickers and sat on the warm seat. I saw the woman's trousers and red knickers appear around her feet as she sat on the other loo.

Within a few seconds I heard her let out a quiet sigh and I heard a crackling followed by three rapid plops, as she released a bunch of turds into the toilet, followed by a fart. It sounded like she had been quite desperately needing to release her poo, as I suspected! I joined in with a fart of my own and then I released a soft turd with a splash. The other woman left, leaving us alone for the time being. I heard my neighbour start to wee quite strongly, and she made another plop in her bowl. I pushed out a second turd, and also started to do a short wee. Through a small gap in the back of the wall I could just about see her bum and back as she sat on the loo with her trousers down.

Her wee died away and after a minute she made another plop in the loo. I let out another turd and felt like I was done, but I waited to see if she needed to release more, as someone entered the other cubicle to my right and began to wee. After a minute she continued to move her bowels, produced another sputtering fart and another plop. After a couple more minutes all I had heard was another fart, so I wiped myself and left. She was still on the loo, but I assume she was almost done with her big and urgent-sounding poo!

Hey guys!

So a few days ago at school, I had to take a dump, but I was in the middle of my lesson. I asked to go, but my teacher said no and that I should have gone before. I spent the rest of the lesson fidgeting around and hoping I was able to hold out. Unfortunately, I had to go to another lesson and my teacher for that lesson was being really harsh on late kids. She says that if we're late to her lesson, she'll keep us back after class.

I almost lost control in her lesson, but I clenched my butt really hard and it went away. My stomach was starting to cramp up and I would have done anything to get relief, but I knew I wouldn't get permission to go. When the bell went and we could go to lunch, I immediately went to the toilets. I noticed this blonde girl from my class was going too and I remember her asking to go in class, so she was probably holding it like me.

The blonde girl (her name is Rose) went in before me and said 'Umm, sorry K, but I kind of have to take a dump.' I told her 'Don't worry, we all do it - actually, I do right now.' We took stalls next to each other and underneath the partition, I could see Rose's blue panties at her ankles. I sat down on the toilet and made myself comfortable. My poop started coming out immediately - it was soft and there was a lot of it. It was starting to smell pretty bad already, but it wasn't all from me. In the stall next to me, Rose farted twice and then some rapid fire plops came from her stall. I let some more soft poop out and the cramps were getting better already. When I started peeing, I realized that the bottom of the toilet was almost full of soft poop.

Next to me, Rose wasn't showing any signs of stopping. For such a slim girl, she can take some giant dumps. Her poop had gone almost all liquid, because it sounded like she was peeing from my stall. My poop had slowed down, but I still had some more pieces to come out. As they did, I heard Rose keep going with liquid. By now, the smell was seriously awful. Rose flushed the toilet, but she was still pooping just as quickly as ever. She told me it was so she wouldn't clog the toilets. While I was wiping, I heard Rose flushing the toilet. We still got out at the same time because she had to flush three times before all her poop went down. We left the toilets at the same time and went our separate ways. I'm still amazed at how much she was able to poop!

Hope I'll have more stories for you guys soon!

Victoria B.

Colored Toilets

Hey! Sonya Sue's response to End Stall Em's question about the color of public toilet seats (I tend to favor the black ones myself) mentioned that her toilets at home were blue instead of the standard white or shades thereof. Who here has used a colored toilet and what did you think? I once did my business on a jet-black toilet in a restaurant and I'd share the story but I have to work shortly. There's always next time though!

Optional Person

Hot dump.

at 9:30 AM June 5th 2015 I had another usual nice morning dump. as I got up from the table from breakfast I felt a huge warm pressure right up against my backdoor. I knew if I wanted it to come out today, I needed to go right now. I walked in, and sat backwards again. As soon as I was sitting down a puffy fart came out, and the turd pushed out of my butthole. the feeling of pressure was great. I felt the head come out and it crackled slightly as it hit the water. then a little more squished out. I got up and a turd ran from the hole to the front of the toilet. and on top of it was a nice coil of mushy poop. I had smelled it as it came out. only I can know what this smell actually is, but it reminded me of the smell the boys rooms in elementary school smelled. I wiped my butt three times, and then after I flushed, wiped the left overs on the front part of the bowl with a piece of toilet paper and some of the skidmarks around the hole and left it in the toilet bowl hole. This was another fun dump. As I did that I thought ( I wish a beautiful women could have been in there with me. I desperately hope I will one day smell the scent of a womens gas and poo.) As bad as some gas and poo scents can smell, if they came out of a beautiful women's soft butt , I would enjoy the smell or learn to enjoy it.:) )

I hope you enjoy this post, and as always I would love to hear what you think.

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