Pooped in a urinal

Hey guys I wanted to share a quick story about something I did today at work. I've always wondered what it would be like to take a dump in a urinal. I was the only one at work today since it was the weekend so I knew it would be safe to do this. Also the urinals don't have any type of screen and the opening looked large enough to handle a solid load. About 11 or so when I finally got a break, my gut was really start to hurt so I decided it was time. I walked down the hallway and made my way to the men's room. The men's room has two stalls and two urinals. One urinal doesn't flush very well so I decided to take the other one. I pulled my jeans down to my knees and sat directly on the urinal. These urinals are shaped as such that the bottom is almost like a small bowl. This worked perfectly and I was actually pretty comfortable. The sinks are directly across from the urinals so I could clearly see myself. Honestly I looked pretty ridiculous but I knew no one would be walking in on me. My first push produced a fart and then my turd began to make its exit. It came out rather quickly and I pretty much exploded into that urinal. I really needed to go. Within a couple of minutes I got most of my poo out. I had to be careful not to pee since the opening wasn't big enough to point my stream into the urinal. I stood up and turned around. Several turds piled up above the water. I flushed and amazingly it all went down. I flushed a couple more times just to be sure. Everything went down just fine. I still had to pee and felt a bit more work its way down so I finished the job in a regular toilet. Let out a couple of small turds. Wiping was quite a job. Took several passes to get clean.

Hope you all enjoyed this.

Steve A

Survey, Question For Everyone

Just Another Girl's Survey:

1. What is your best bathroom-related experience to date? I have a couple. They were all the times when I pooped out a big log or more than 1 log. They happened at home, school, and my relatives home. I actually posted 2 of the experiences that I had. The story pages are below this question if you want to read them:

Page 2452 & Page 2381 - Labeled under Steven/Steve A.

2. What is your worst bathroom-related experience to date? I really don't have one recently and I hope that I don't ever experience one in my life.

3. What was your earliest memory of a bathroom experience? I think once when I was about 7 and my parents had a party with my relatives and I was downstairs alone and everyone else was upstairs. I had a bathroom downstairs and I was just standing there holding myself because I had to pee. I don't know why I was just standing there but I ended up peeing my pants. This memory is kinda unclear to me now, but I do vaguely remember it.

4. Are you shy about using public bathrooms, and if so why/why not? I'm not because holding it in can cause problems and is uncomfortable and I when I gotta go, I gotta go.

5. What is your opinion on doorless public bathrooms? It may be harder for me to go in the beginning since they're doorless, but I might eventually just get over it and deal with them when I go out in public.

6. What is the worst bathroom-related accident you have ever had, and what caused it? When I had diarrhea in the morning when I woke up and had it throughout the morning until it stopped in the afternoon. During a break, I got an urge to fart. I pushed softly and a little came out. I then went to the restroom to finish.

7. What is the worst bathroom-related accident you have ever witnessed? I've never witnessed any accidents before and I'll post about it on here if I ever do witness one.

8. If you had to have an accident and be taken short in some way, would you rather have diarrhoea or vomit or both - or neither? Neither, both are uncomfortable/disgusting to deal with and I don't like going through those 2 bad symptoms.

9. What is your opinion on passing wind/farting in public - do you think that it's disgusting or do you just accept it as something natural ("better out than in")? I think it's just a natural thing that we all do and it's not disgusting to me, unless if someone is farting on you or in your face, it's just something that we all do and I think everyone should think it's funny or natural. I don't like people who make a big deal about it. If you think farting is the worst thing to deal with, go ask other people about it or watch the news on TV or read the newspaper. Is farting really that bad?

10. Have any of you ever eaten or drank something that came out as a certain colour (for example beetroot, which can make pink or red wee, or blue food colouring or dye in things like cake icing, which can turn poo from brown to green)? I had dark green poop one time, but I forgot what I ate to achieve that color. I also had clear liquid poop, which was weird.

Question To Everyone

In a relationship, girls seem to be afraid of farting around their boyfriends or their "guy friends". If I ever date a girl and that "farting moment" comes along, I'll just say to her something like: "I don't think your disgusting when you fart and you can do it around me and I wouldn't even get mad." - How would you respond to that situation to your BF/GF or friends?

Old Fart

crackling poop

Both are normal, it depends on what you eat and how efficient you digestive system is. Poop that doesn't crackle is at least near completely digested. That which does crackle is still digesting, the crackle sound comes from gas bubbles still being generated in the poop, call it a micro fart.


Suppository users

Hey Brent,
Great to see you again. Matt here. I have been on for while too. I still use Fleet glycerin suppositories here a 2-3 times a month for constipation. The dulcolax are too strong for me, but I understand why you might need the extra help.
I find if I use the glycerin one the same day I become constipated instead of waiting, than it works better and is more effective.
It's great to see you here again and I look forward to us all exchanging stories.
Glad you are feeling better. the only thing I can say though is that I use the suppository instead of the metamucial because it works faster and it also doesn't have to pass through your entire body to work. Plus you may consider it instead of just straining it out as that can cause hemmriods. Even if you just insert and let it melt 5 min or so, it helps

I'm 41 male here, just wondered how old Brent, Thom, and Tristan are?
Also, any other suppository users that would like to discuss or support each other.

Keep in touch, I look forward to hearing from you all!

Mr P

New poster

Hi All

I'm a male in a wheelchair. I have been a reader of this site for years and really enjoy the posts. I have spina bifida (where your spine isn't formed correctly during birth). This means I have no bladder or bowel control and this can lead to some interesting situations/stories especially given I have a full time job!. Anyway maybe one day I'll post a story. Keep up the good stories.

All the best.


Response to David

Dear David,

Hope that you are well!

First, it was touching how you helped Rachel after her accident. It must have meant a lot to her that you were not grossed out or embarrassed to be with her. Instead, you walked with her and helped her talk it out. If this were me, I would not have been taken aback by your interest or arousal at her accident but would have felt comfortable by your concern and care.

Second, it is a little weird to think that you have never wondered about other people's bowel habits. While I don't really find it arousing, I do see men and women and wonder what kind of bowel movements they have. Have they ever had an accident? What do they do when they have diarrhea? Those thoughts are with me pretty often. I guess, even at 34, that I am still trying to cope with my obsession with my own bowel movements and with past accidents by constantly reminding myself that "everyone poops"!

Would love to hear more from you!



Sonya Sue
End Stall Em:

I vote for black public toilet seats. We have both black and white at my school and I've sat on gray and brown wooden seats a few times in parks and once at an outdoor mall. Come to think of it, one gas station seat was a very strange purple. Our toilets at home are blue.


Your "after school surprise" was not all that uncommon, although I'm sure it interrupted your already stressful activity of using a public toilet. As I've written about, I'm involved in drama at my school and right across the hall from the back of our stage where we do lots of late night and weekend set building and practice work is a boys bathroom. The nearest girls' one is a considerable distance away so when we're working late at night (8, 9, 10 p.m. or on weekends) several of us because we're in a hurry will simply use the toilets in the boys room. It's no big deal, and after the first couple of times, sitting down on a toilet with no stall door isn't that much of a big deal because we're the only people around. Our coach, when she's working above the stage or has power tools out, will quickly run into that bathroom too in order to pee. Its no big deal except for the two freshman girls who had a bet about being able to use the urinals. One actually sat on the urinal bowl with her full weight, loosened up the piping, and her friend thought she was aiming her pee stream into the bowl, but she missed big-time and we had to get a mop to clean it up. Outside of our drama, in other places in the building and once at the mall I've seen situations with boyfriend/girlfriends together in a stall. Sometimes its just to keep the other company while they use the facilities and sometimes its because of a conflict/argument going on. Our school's student rules handbook says we can be written up for being in the opposite sex's bathroom, but I don't know if teachers or administration actually catches any.


Huge hard poop

Hey all. Haven't written here in a while since there wasn't really anything going on in the bowel department lately. Until today. I ate a ton of popcorn yesterday, was drinking a lot of water the last couple of days (catching a cold so trying to stay hydrated) and been trying to eat as healthy as possible. Lots of green leafy vegetables, lean meat like chicken, fruits and vegetables etc. Then I had lunch earlier and a coffee and bottle of water and that seemed to trigger a need for a BM. I could feel it turtle heading and it felt hard. So I immediately made my way to the bathroom, started undressing from the waist down, grabbed the book that we keep in the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I gave a good push and this giant turd came out. It was stretching my hole and really hurt but it only took about a minute to finish pushing the monster turd out.

Stood up to wipe and check out the creation. It felt as thick as a tree trunk (and looked like one). It was about 2 1/2 feet long, really thick and dark brown in places. My hole really hurt for a while after that. I wiped about 6 times to get clean. I haven't gone properly for several days, to no avail (tried many many things to get it out). My stomach was so bloated. Well it sure felt better after that! It's not fully empty but a lot of it is out so I'm happy with that. Flushing that beast didn't work out though. My husband had to plunge the toilet. When I described the size to him he said holy shit. He doesn't know how someone like me can produce such giant turds. And I've done so since I was really little, about 4 years old. And I'm turning 29 this month. I feel much more comfortable now. And I will keep up the healthy habits to regulate my bowels. Lately we've been stressed and busy trying to find an apartment etc so we've been eating kinda crappy. Well that came back to bite both of us!

Happy pooping hopefully! Too bad there aren't any woods nearby so that I could do my monster craps there instead.


Allie, it's great to hear from you again! I've always loved your stories and how your boyfriend is always so wonderful about your situation. How did you first tell him, and what did he say/do the first time you had an accident (or emergency that was particularly disruptive to whatever you were doing at the time?)


Comments & Replies

@Tlana: Thanks for your reply and I have to admit i haven't thought about potential situations where it may be difficult to go as quickly as another person i.e. some possible disability, or just a larger difference in height that could make going to the toilet more of an endeavor than for a girl who is, say, 5'6". I find it interesting to hear that there are people who don't notice you in the stall immediately by looking under the stall for feet; i would have to admit that I would probably do the same thing inadvertently. I really like your idea of using doorless stalls because they receive less traffic and using that to your advantage if you happen to take a long time, I'm not sure I would be able to do the same unless I was very desperate, even with my previous comments on not being ashamed to use the bathroom for various reasons. The philosophy of waiting until you need to go is interesting as well, and could definitely work if you want to shorten on time and make it less of a hassle for others. Great story, by the way, the way the mother acted was certainly not the way I would imagine she would have initially!

@Silford: Thanks for the reply! As a response to your question on appropriate time to wait to get things moving before hopping off the pot, I would say it depends on the queue. If the situation were, say, three full stalls and a queue of two other people, I would give it a little longer than a full three stalls and a queue of five or six. It's really just up to your judgement: if you feel like you can get it out in a few minutes, go for it, but if you're feeling too gun shy or constipated, I would probably just skip out to be courteous. From my experience, I remember a few times where I have had trouble passing a load with a line of people waiting and I decided to grin and bear it by cleaning up and exiting because I felt like I would take too long, but I feel like the timing is variable.

As for being "bothered" by waiting ladies outside the stall, I've definitely had my share. It happens less at school but it still happens. Most people just inadvertently try to pull the door open despite it being locked, realize it's locked, then either quickly apologize and stand back or say nothing and retreat to the queue. I remember a situation at one of my brother's concerts (he plays violin in a student orchestra). It was the intermissions and I needed to poop (it was around 8pm, an hour or so into the show i would guess, so my biological clock is knocking for me to drop my load off). There were one or two WCs in the concert hall for women, but it was a large crowd so the toilet I went to was still reasonably stacked. My urge wasn't intense so I wasn't freaking out or anything, I had to wait behind a woman or two before I could get a stall. While I waited I noticed a woman, I would guess in her mid-twenties, very attractive in a purple dress and jacket, tapping her feet and just generally looking anxious. I pondered letting her go first, but I figured that I would be quick anyway and there were two other stalls that could open up by the time I went into the stall.

So I took the stall, pulled up my pink dress, down by blue panties, and sat, immediately beginning to pee. I peed for about 10 seconds or so before my poop began to crown. I pushed tentatively, but to my surprise my usually easy and moderately sized load has decided to harden up and become more obstinate. I mustn't have drunken enough water or something. I sensed that I may be a little longer than usual by the feeling at my opening, but I was already crowned out so I didn't think about pulling my panties up and returning to my seat. So, I started pushing. It came out slowly; it was pretty thick and painful compared to my usual logs. It was kinda knobbly and caused me to grunt a little bit. Somewhere between my pushes there was a jiggle at my stall door handle; I looked at the gap between my door and the floor and recognized the shoes that the woman in purple was wearing. I was probably only three inches into my dump, so I just continued pushing, unsure how to respond to the person behind the door. As I pushed I took notice to the women on my left and right: the girl on the left wore black flats that were barely visible under a bundle of black slacks. I could hear an array of plops coming from her stall. The girl on the right had a pair of red heels and a pair of red lace panties at her ankles. A sound like running water with chunks came from her every few seconds, punctuated with a sigh or a groan. It seemed like no one was moving for a few minutes, except for the woman in purple. I heard rattling from the two handles on my left and right; she was apparently frantic. Finally she backpedaled towards the sinks opposite the stalls and groaned, almost a sort of whine. I could hear her heels clicking anxiously against the tiled floor as my poo finally slithered out. It must have been about ten inches long and thick, with painful and annoying knobs all throughout it. I released a smaller log, more akin to my usual dumps, gave a cautionary push, and decided I was empty. I pulled some paper off and from the outside I heard the woman step towards my stall. It was like she was waiting for that sound as a green light. I wiped my front once and my behind twice, pulled my panties up, and flushed. Before I could exit the stall myself the older woman opened the door. I looked at her wide eyed as she shuffled towards me. She apologized profusely as I quickly got out of her way. I went over to the sinks to wash my hands, and as I did I noticed something on the floor in the mirror. I looked behind my shoulder and noticed a small puddle of liquid in front of my stall. She must have been exactly as desperate as she appeared! The two women in the end stalls were still going, apparently, and the smell in there was certainly a surprise! The combination of my dump and theirs certainly made for an unsavory perfume!



I am so behind! Thank you all who responded to my last post! That's what makes this site fun!

To the anonymous responder: Thank you...I've looked back at that picture several times in the past ten days since that bowel movement! I am still amazed. Why can't they all be like that!

Brandon: You are always so kind to respond to so many people! Thank you! I hope that you are well!

Adrian: Thank you! I do eat hearty but healthy all the time. Everyone knows that I love to eat, but only those on this forum know how much I love to poop!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Brittany A great set of accident stories and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just Another Girl great story it sounds like you friend had a really great poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan great story it sounds like Lis had a pretty good poop and it sounds like you had a good pee outside to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Red: I really like your stories!

To Hayley, Natalie and some of the other female athletes, your posts remind me when I played sports. Thank you for sharing!




nasty joke

hey whatsup, i got a good story. My cousin and I always joke around. shes 2 years younger, I'm 20. she burped in my face one time. I let it slide and didn't retaliate. the next weekend, I found out she was coming over my house in a few hours. i ate 3 cans of beans and 3 burritos and 2 hot dogs all day long. later she came over for dinner. after dinner she was relaxing on the couch. I had major gas and snuck up to her. she was on her phone sitting indian syle. I pulled down my sweatpants and put my big white bare fat ass in her face and let 3 huge loud stinkers rip in a row. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT! PLRRRRRRRRRRRRRFFFFFFFFFT! PLFFFFFFFFFT!. I pulled my ass away a little, just so she could see it. She screamed EWWWWWWW!!!! she held her nose fanned the air for a while dramatically. she moved back and said "YOUR GROSS AND YOUR BUTT IS BIG AND SMELLY. we always joke around. afterwards she fanned my bare ass with a fashion magazine still pinching her nose.


Response to VeeTwo : Poo-phoria

I wanted to post this separately...VeeTwo, here's a definition of poo-phoria:

VeeTwo: Here is a definition of poo-phoria - It can be "like a religious experience or an orgasm". While passing the large stool, it can stimulate nerves in the body more usually associated with having an orgasm. "The stool high is relatively safe, but can become an addiction for some," he said. As co-author of the book What's Your Poo Telling You?, Dr Sheth said the key was passing a stool large enough to distend the rectum so it literally touches a nerve. "The distension of the rectum that comes with the passing of a large mass of stool causes the vagus nerve to fire," he added. Previous research has shown that women having had complete spinal cord injury can experience orgasms through the vagus nerve, which can go from the uterus, cervix, and, it is presumed, the vagina to the brain. "To some it may feel like a religious experience, to others like an orgasm, and to a lucky few like both," Dr Sheth said in his book. Dr Sheth said the high one has, dubbed "poo-phoria", is caused by a drop in blood flow. "The net effect of this is a drop in your heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn decreases blood flow to the brain," he said. "When mild, the light-headedness can lead to a sense of sublime relation - the high. "However, a more significant drop in brain perfusion can cause 'defecation syncope', a dangerous syndrome that results in a loss of consciousness."




to Tristan

I have maybe 20 or 30 normal poops a year!! it actually kinda scares me when it comes out easy because being constipated seems to have become my norm. I've had it for most of my life since my teenage years. I was probably the only kid in my high school that had to carry suppositories in his backpack


To Mina and Follow-Up from the Moving Movement


I am so sorry I have not responded to your very kind post! Thank you!

Yes, it was a very pleasurable bowel-movement and the perfect ending to a perfect weekend! The weekend had gone so well, and, really, to think about it, sitting on the toilet was the first time I really had to process how well things had been going.

I did call Alan later that night and told him that I was sorry I had to abruptly end our departure, but that I HAD to go to the bathroom. I did not elaborate, but I think he understood. After all, he coaches girls basketball and has two daughters, so he's been there.




Mystery Poster

Unisex Bathrooms

This is an interesting topic to talk about. My opinion is that even though people want their privacy while using the bathroom, it really shouldn't matter which bathroom you use because we are all human and a stall door should be enough for privacy for everyone. But, then comes along the discussion of the guys' behaviors in the mixed bathrooms. I feel that we should teach the next generations about how to behave properly in mixed bathrooms. If it ever happens that the government makes a law stating that the only type of bathroom in the future is mixed with guys and girls, then we should teach them right from wrong. The only downfall is, it makes our generation look bad since in the future, they would look at us as inappropriate and a bad influence. But overall, we are all human and the only big separation is our gender. We should not judge by gender at all. But right now, we just have to live through life.


Shit My Pants

Hey all! I haven't posted in a while, but I'm up with the runs and just thought I'd share something that happened to me just now.

Lately I've been REALLY backed up. I was constipated for a week and a half with gas and bloating, so I decided to drink some prune juice to cleanse my system. I drank too much--like half a gallon two and a half hours ago--but didn't feel anything at all. About half an hour ago I felt a little gas so I farted, but it was entirely dry. Every few minutes I was having dry farts until about ten minutes ago when I let go what I thought was another dry fart. Without warning I let loose diarrhea into my boxers. I'm not talking about an "Oops, I sharted," moment either. I full blown shit my pants. I jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom and sat on the pot. I let the rest of my diarrhea out in the pot, cleaned my shorts, put on some clean sweatpants, and climbed right back into bed until I had to go again

I have learned that even when you think you are safe, if you have diarrhea or are expecting diarrhea, just try not to fart. I've been to the bathroom twice since then--yes, three times in ten minutes--and feel another shit coming. I must have been more full of shit than I thought because my insides are really gurgly, and I feel so full! I have to leave now to dash to the toilet, but I'll be sure to post again if anything else interesting happens. Goodbye for now!


Sunday, June 07, 2015


To Jessica

Hey Jessica

Thanks for posting about your flatmate Lena. It seems from your post as though you are both good friends and enjoy winding each other up but in a playful way. However, I can understand that the smell of her farts could put you off your breakfast. You mentioned that Lena flushed the toilet after she used it but despite this there was a lot of big soft turds and mush lying in the bowl just beneath the water. That suggests to me that the initial part of her load flushed but then some of the big soft turds that she passed caused a "logjam" (pun intended) and therefore stopped the rest of her load going down. From your description of her load it sounds as though she has a good digestive system and gets plenty of fibre and fluid. Anyway I'm glad you both got relief. I reckon Lena probably won't have minded unclogging the toilet - it seems she's (justifiably) pround of her creations! Hope to hear more stories about you and Lena.


Embarassed Mom
Robert: Now that I think about it, my son may have run off in fear instead of embarrassment. After I stopped taking him with me, I made it clear he'd get in trouble if he came into the bathroom while I was using it. I carried through on that once when he was six and came into the bathroom at our house to get a towel, insisting he was allowed because he needed the towel.

It never happened again after that, but I didn't think it would come back to haunt me like that!


Re: Cristina

Your post leaves me curious as to how you were able to carry on a conversation while pushing out your poo. Especially since you said "I was backed up for a few days and had a slight pain in my stomach.". When I'm working on a poo I'm usually too busy to carry on talking.-- JW

Just wondering if Christa is still around? I haven't seen any posts lately. Hope all is well! :)

After reading some posts i thought i would add a follow-up: is it normal to not experience any crackling at all? That's the case for me. I've never ever heard crackling sounds while letting out stools. Neither loud nor silent.


to Charlie

Wow, that sounds pretty bad, man :( Sorry you have to use so many. I guess you have chronic constipation, then? How often do you poop?

I definitely get constipated sometimes, but it's not that often. I'm glad I don't seem to need suppositories too often.

Comment, and one answer to Red.

Jessica - a lot of people would love to smell and see what you saw and smelled. like me for instance. sorry your breakfast was ruined, I agree that isn't right.

9. What is your opinion on passing wind/farting in public - do you think that it's disgusting or do you just accept it as something natural ("better out than in")?

Normally it is fine, but I hate when someone does it at a concert..

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Cristina great story about your big poop outside it sounds like it was a really good one and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: End Stall Em great story and that didnt need to act like that even after you let her and her daughter go first and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Erin (Rileys Mom) great story.

To: Jessica great story it sounds like Lena and you both really had great poops and I bet you both fel amazing afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Little Girl Falls into Rest Stop Toilet

to Red:

I enjoy your posts. I agree with you for the most part that everyone is in a public bathroom to pee or poo and that its best to get it over with and then to get out. However, as a high school student that's only 3'10" you can stand out. I have to throw myself up onto the stool and if there's a door and with my small size, I get more people trying to open the locked door and then peeking in because depending on where they are standing, they can't see my feet. When I'm using the doorless stalls, often the best choice at school because they receive less use and there's no lines so I don't have to be late to class, I sometimes do receive some second looks. The best advice I've ever received is to wait until the absolute time when I have to poo or pee. That way I'm only seated for 30 or 45 seconds before wiping and then getting down off the toilet.

Now my account of what happened on Memorial Day:

Me and my friend Miranda left at 7 a.m. for one of our usual long bike rides. We ride in a largely rural area on roads where there's little traffic but after about two hours we know a trail to the highway and we use the backway in to a rest stop that's very popular with travelers. We use the bathroom there, often to do our morning craps, and there are concessions machines available for our break in a large picnic area.

While Miranda and I usually go to the restroom at the same time and use adjacent stalls, this time I stayed back to work with by bike's chain which was slipping a little bit so I turned the bike over and was trying to examine it when a beat up truck pulled up close to the sidewalk where I was working. A little girl that was so cute with blond hair and in a pony-tail got out. She was in blue pajamas and carrying a teddy bear in her left arm as she ran for the restroom building. I was suprised the mom didn't get out. Instead she rolled down her window and lit a cigarette which she largely smoked with her hand outside the window. Miranda was on the second of the two stools available taking her crap. She heard the girl go into the first stall, lay her bear down in front of the door she didn't close, and then she dropped her bottoms and threw herself up onto the toilet. The problem was that she had forgotten to drop the seat, so there was a splash and immediately she started crying. She cried out for her mom several times, but I think the mom had music playing and didn't hear. Then Miranda called for me, and I ran in immediately.

Miranda, who had her crap interrupted, and me pulled the girl out of the water bowl, we think she had bruised her right arm and back, and Miranda, with her own shorts to her knees, was holding the girl up while trying to calm her while I went out to get her mom. At first the woman was a little surprised, but she did come in and instead of first comforting the girl, she stared verbally blasting her for being "dumb" and not checking the seat. She told us the girl had been sleeping most of the night on their cross country trip and that she has ADD. I pulled the teddy bear away from the splashed water on the sides and front of the toilet, put the seat down for her, then had her sit and calm down with her mother. The mother was complaining that there was no dryer to use to dry her clothing. but she want out to the truck to get a towel and some change of clothing from a large garbage bag in the back. While she was doing that, Miranda got back onto ther stool and finished her crap. I remember hearing one giant splash into the bowl and then Miranda saying "I think that's it." I told her it was about time for me to do my first morning wee or that there would be a second accident in that bathroom. So Miranda got down off the toilet, did about four wipes, and then flushed.

I replaced her on the toilet. Although I was a little rattled by what happened next door and the rotten way the mom handled it, I seated myself and was surprised that I emptied my bladder in like a minute. The mom came back in, told the girl to stand over by the sinks, and then took the stall, undid her jeans and dropped them, and seated herself on the splashed up toilet. She had a loud wee stream that meant she must have been sitting farther back on the seat and her wee was hitting directly into the bowl water. Then her daughter came back to the stall, they changed her into dry clothes, and the mom lifted the little girl up and seated her on the toilet. The girl weed for about 30 seconds. Then the mom started complaining again about the time they were wasting and the wet clothing they had. Once they left, Miranda and I looked at one another and are thankful that we have the parents we do.

Brittany a.


I'm back everyone...I recently posted about having an accident in my boyfriend's apartment just after he picked me up from a bridal shower in case you missed it. Anyway I mentioned it wasn't my first accident...far from it actually...I laid up in bed one night recently thinking about how many times it's happened since around when I was a preteen and I came to the humbling realization that it's happened to me 11 times now...yeah...I'm accident prone I suppose. I'll try and recount as many as possible now and finish up with more later.

1. I remember when it all began, when I first experienced the trauma of pooping my pants. Little did I know at the time it would become a reoccurring nightmare... it was a defining moment of my adolesence as it would begin a pattern of grossing out friends by awkwardly having accidents in front of them and was a big part of why I had a hard time keeping friends. Anyway, it was the summer between 4th and 5th grade. I was 11. A classmate had a birthday party and I rode to and from in my best friend Jess's mom's car with a few other girls and I was gonna stay at Jess's after the party. At the end of the party we all got in the car to go home and I quickly realized that all the candy and snacks I had at the party were coming back to haunt me immediately as my stomach rumbled and a powerful urge to poop struck me. I got goosebumps from how bad I had to go so suddenly and I was scared to bring it up. I just bit my lip, clenched my cheeks and held on tight. I managed to hold it in until we dropped our other friends off...but once it was just me jess and her mom in the car to go back to their house, I just couldn't hold it anymore. I let out a desperate cry as my cheeks unclenched against my will and, thick creamy poop squeezed out into my shorts. I felt the hot mush spread underneath me and despite the relief, I instantly started to cry. Jess and her mom figured out pretty quick what happened from the smell in the car... that made things a little awkward with jess and her mom. Especially since her mom just drove me straight to my house and dropped me off, as if me pooping my pants meant no sleepover.

2. Another accident that same difficult summer...again a party was involved. Again I embarassed myself in front of friends. It was a sleepover party, and upon waking in the morning all the snack and junk were causing a major stomach ache. I sat up in my sleeping bag and some of the other girls were up. Someone was already in the bathroom and other girls were waiting, and I just sat tight in my sleeping bag trying to hold it in. But after a few minutes there was too much pressure and I farted loudly enough to draw the attention of a couple other girls, just before filling my undies with soft crap in my sleeping bag. I sat there stunned, afraid to move and I felt like time was frozen, as I watched my friends giggling at me because they think I just farted.... I thought of the horrible situation i was in and wondered how I could get out of it, but I couldn't think of anything. Then as soon as the smell hit me and I knew the sleeping bag wasn't containing it, I just started crying. I tried to fight it back but just like when I pooped myself i couldn't stop it. Obviously that drew the attention to me and soon the whole party knew about my situation.... my mom was there in minutes to pick me up... I didn't go to many sleepover parties after that.

3. When I was 12 it was my first year in middle school, and my cousins who went to the same school and were older than me helped me pick out "cool" clothes to wear. This one skirt they got me I really liked but it had a weird flap that wrapped halfway around and buttoned to the side of the skirt and it was really tight and hard to get on and off. I kept it and promised myself I'd lose a little weight and I would be able to wear it. Well a few weeks later i impatient and wore it to school anyway. I wore plain bikini panties under them that were white with light purple stripes, and nothing else though I had considered leggings or panty hose... anyway, it would turn out to be a bad decision not too because they probably would've helped with what happened.... you guessed it, I went to the bathroom at school, and I was standing in the stall struggling to get my skirt undone, and the snaps were too tight and it was hurting my fingers tryingn to undo them. I tried sliding my skirt down but it was too tight around my waist...I tried hiking it up, and it was tight but i was managing to roll it up little by little, but before I had it up enough to pull my panties down, I couldn't hold it anymore and shit in my panties. I went into a panic and I just turned and lowered my panties and dumped them in the toilet, but not before some had slid down my legs (which hose or leggings would have contained) and gotten on the floor. then i wiped a lot including in my panties and went back to class hoping I didn't smell like poop...

More to come later :)


Comments & Questions

End Stall Em:

I enjoyed your post. OK, the mom rejected the condition of the seat for her daughter to use. The faded white seat with a few stains would be utopia in some of the guys' bathrooms at some of the schools! But you've asked a good question about whether users would prefer a white seat or a black seat. For me, it is a tough choice. Sitting on a white seat, even with long-term stains, might appear better than black. But, for us guys who frequently try to avoid white seats because its harder to see urine splashed on them. The problem in lots of bathrooms is with the dim lights. There's also drawbacks to the black seats too. An example is a friend of mine who sat down and immediately felt a squish under one of his thighs. It was gross but he found a poo-smear because he sat in a hershey kiss type of dropping when someone was wiping after a very soft crap.


I like your response to question 4 on Just Another Girl's questions. I wish I had the confidence that you have in using public toilets overall.
In addition to being shy about sitting butt-down on the toilet, I'm also concerned about those in line waiting for my toilet. But sometimes it takes time for my bowels to get going. How long is too long to tie up a toilet if a person is not able to immediately go? I like your "everybody's there for the same reason" philosophy. Have you ever been peeked in on by those checking up on you, or is there pounding on the door or shout-outs from those waiting to get users to hurry up? At what point could they embarrass you?

For everyone:

In my most recent post called "After School Surprise", I described a fellow student daring a girl to come into the guys bathroom and then pee in front of him. I'm curious. How much does this happen? Where have you guys witnessed it?

Optional Person

Another nice dump for you all.

9:14 AM on June 4th 2015 I had another enjoyable dump. I felt the need to take a poo. so I went into my bathroom and sat backwards on the toilet. I just love sitting on it backwards and I love the way poo feels when it comes out that way. I pushed and one turd quietly crackled out of my butthole and landed with a quiet thud. then I pushed a bit more and some mushier logs landed. When I got up and looked I was again impressed. The turd was a banana shape, laying across the bowl mostly in the water. the mushier poo was all outside of the water. I enjoyed it for a few seconds and then put my face in the bowl and sucked up some of the smell, I enjoy it. sometimes I wish I stunk up the room. but to get my smell I have to get in the bowl. lol. I wiped my butt twice and sniffed the paper. before flushing I realized the mushy poo wouldn't flush. so I got another piece of toilet paper and pushed it into the water. after it flushed, it left quiet a poo patch on the bowl, so I took another piece of toilet paper and swapped it up, tossed it into the hole of the bowl, and left it till the next time I flush the toilet. I hope you enjoyed this one. As I type this at 9:19 this dump had just happened.

Jessica I would have considered myself lucky to smell your friends scent.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

just another girl

~Birthday Party Memory~

Apologies for posting this story twice - I wanted to add more detail and edit it but sent it by mistake before I could do so. Sorry about that!

In high school, I held a big glitter-themed party at my house to celebrate my birthday. Most of my friends were there, and it was a night filled with merriment, laughter and fun. All of us, myself included, forgot ourselves and ate a bit too much; there was dinner and pudding, followed by birthday cake and ice cream, as well as a chocolate fountain. By the time we went to bed (it was an over night party as well) we were all full and happily satisfied. I was completely oblivious to the fact that something very unexpected was going to happen - something that would change my whole perspective.

The next morning, after breakfast, we decided to go outside for a swim. Whilst the others were changing into their costumes, my best friend M. mentioned that she needed to use the bathroom, and asked me to come in with her. This caught me off guard because I had never done that with her, or with anybody for that matter, but I agreed because I thought that she probably just wanted a bit of company. We went upstairs to the bathroom and I shut the door behind me.

She pulled down her long turquoise-blue skirt and seated herself on the toilet, whilst I hopped up onto the counter. We started talking about various things, and during this time I could clearly hear that she was having a wee. It went on for about 15 seconds, and at the end of it she said, "I really need to do a poo as well. I hope you don't mind." I was slightly astonished but replied, "That's all right, I'm not going to say anything." We continued with our conversation, and I couldn't help but feel stunned that I was witnessing something so intensely private. I don't have a problem with bodily functions because I know that they are natural and that everyone does them, but I will admit that I was just a tad uncomfortable seeing it happening to somebody else, close-up, for the first time in my life.

She started off by passing wind quietly a few times and then began to push ever so slightly. There was a faint crackling sound followed by a surprisingly loud "PLOP"; then, after a pause during which she got her breath back, she let out another large "PLUNK". Because she was sitting with her legs a little apart, I caught a whiff of a rather nasty smell, which she obviously noticed too, as she said, "Oh dear, it really stinks - I'm so sorry!" I told her not to apologise because it happens to everyone.

She gave a sigh of relief and pulled a bit of paper off the roll. I turned away to give her some privacy in case she needed it. She stood up, pulled her skirt back up, flushed and walked over to the sink to wash her hands, after which we left the bathroom and went downstairs again; nobody was any the wiser because we'd only been gone about ten minutes, although to me it felt like much longer. I couldn't believe that she had actually done all of that in front of me - I would never be able to use the bathroom with someone else watching me because I'd be too embarrassed. She obviously didn't feel the same way; she seemed comfortable enough not to mind me being there.

The next year I had another experience with her, but that's another story for another time.


To End Stall Em - Toilet seat colour

I personally prefer a black toilet seat because that's what I'm used to and almost every toilet I've sat on had a black seat, but I wouldn't really be bothered if I had to use a white seat either. I don't expect the toilets to be spotless and as long as they don't have pee splashes or other "stains" I'll happily place my butt down on them.


To Cristina

Hey Cristina

Liked your story about your urgent poop at the beach during the field trip; you handled the awkward situation really well. I thought your decision to sit on the rock with your bottom hanging over the edge was a good idea. It reduced your "frontal" exposure which was fortunate given what happened and also meant that when your big long log fell to the ground there was no chance of it falling the "wrong way" and dirtying your clothes. It sounds from your description as though the first part of your log was quite wide hence it took some time to "crown". Out of interest how long would you say it was?

I have a theoretical question for you. Imagine you had got that intense urge to poo while travelling on the bus on the way back on a country road. If there was an opportunity to get relief by stopping the bus and squatting behind a bush, tree or hedge some way off the road (to gain privacy) would you have taken this - rather than have an accident? (Let's assume a conventional toilet was too far away and there was no toilet on the bus.)

Anyway, I hope the rather awkward experience you had will not put you off from pooping outside in future if you experience a sudden intense urge to poo and there is no bathroom available. Hope to hear more stories from you.



A couple of days ago I went out to a hilltop park near where I live, to get a few photos of the countryside and enjoy the sun. Before I went there, I went to a supermarket to grab some lunch. When I was there I had to wee, so I went into the ladies room and used one of the two cubicles to release my wee. When I arrived at the park after driving for a bit, I had an urge for another wee. I ate my lunch and went for a bit of a walk, taking a few pictures. My bladder was getting really full now and I knew I needed to do a wee before leaving. Unfortunately there were no toilets in the park! I quickly decided to find a spot in the trees where I could do a squat and wee.

I looked around and found a big clump of trees. I made sure nobody was around and nipped in, finding a spot in the shade. I lifted up my skirt and lowered my knickers and squatted down. I started to wee strongly, making a big puddle on the ground in front of me that quickly soaked into the soil. It was a relief and I hoped nobody could see me. My tinkle didn't last long and soon my bladder was empty. I had nothing to dry my vagina with so I just stood for a few seconds hoping it would dry off before pulling up my knickers. Naturally I felt a lot better!

At work today I was at the front desk with Lis after lunch, when I heard her do a moderately loud fart. She said, 'Whoops! Excuse me.' I told her not to worry about it slipping out. I wondered if she was holding in a poo, or if she was just a bit gassy. I found out a little later when she excused herself to go to the loo. I had to get something from the printer, which was near the loo, so I took a detour to see if I could hear her going. She was already seated on the loo and I heard her weeing. After a few seconds I heard two plops, and then she did another fart. I counted another two plops before I headed back to the front desk. She came back after another three minutes after finishing her bowel movement. I'm sure she felt better for it!


Awkward embarrassing situation

As you may or may not know I am a middle aged teacher from England.

About a year ago we went on a field trip to a beach to see sea stacks, caves and coastal erosion. All was good until about an hour in I got a very urgent need for the bathroom. The nearest toilet was the local village only a 15 min walk but I really couldn't make it. There was a pile of boulders about 5 mins away down at the end of the beach so I left the kids with the other teacher and made my way to cover hoping nobody would follow. It was so bad I almost waddled there.

I was backed up for a few days and had a slight pain in my stomach. I squatted down and peed a little, I never really do this so I splashed my trousers by accident. For my number 2 I decided to sit on a rock about chair height with my bum right back so I could poo without dirtying my clothes because I didn't want to stink up the bus on the way back. I really had to go badly but I was so bloated and hadn't drank much water so it was talking quite a while.

Right as it started to peak out. I heard voices and then two women approached me. Keep in mind It was a very cold day so I only had my bottoms pulled down a little to reveal my backside which was half the rock. It turns out it was a local mother and daughter. The mother was around 70 and the daughter the same age as me. Turns out they were having a walk and wondered if I need help with directions. After a few seconds the daughter took a step to the side and clearly seen me with my long brown tail. I was passing a long log slowly and talking to them at the same time. The problem was the Mother didn't realise what was going on and we continued to chat for a good 5 mins about the beach and the area. I was talking mid poo for about a minute. Then continued on for another four because I didn't want to pull my pants up. The daughter was clearly trying to get away but I don't think the mother was aware of the hints.

When they were about to leave the mother went to shake my hand after the good conversation we had. She got close and was standing over me then she finally knew what happened she just said "ohhhh sorry", very embarrassed and then they left. It was quite awkward. I pulled up my pants and headed back to the group. I looked down and seen a very long poo. Probably one of my longest ever. I was lucky because it didn't need any wiping. Kind of a weird situation, thought I would share.


End Stall Em

My new job at the mall

About ten days ago I started my summer job at our regional mall. It's a huge place, people drive in from several different counties, and with all the eating places and theatres, some make a vacation day out of it. We even promote a "trip on a tank" experience. My job is at the welcome kiosk. I'm right in the middle of the mall where customers come in from three entrances and they come to me for information, check out a stroller, wheel chair, to buy gift cards and probably about a dozen other functions I haven't had to deal with yet.

Since I'm on the daytime shift right now, I'm the only employee at the kiosk so when I have to go the bathroom, I have to log out on the computer and the security person who takes over for me has to log in with his code. I don't like to be gone for more than 5 minutes at a time (the person I replaced was fired for being gone for too many minutes a week and also going outside of a loading dock and having a smoke) but most of the guards that momentarily cover for me are really nice, although this one guy whose at least 70 and is a retired policeman likes to joke with me about if I don't drink so much soda, I won't have to pee so much, and things like that. I made a mistake my first day when he made such a remark of throwing the joke back that why he assumes I'm always peeing. Then he comes back with something about "disciplined" people being able to "contain their craps to home."

I grabbed my purse, told him it wouldn't be long, and went to the closest restroom which is a huge place right adjacent to the food court. Of course, it was pretty much jammed, but as I do at my college, I like to work my way through the crowd to see what's available. Of oourse, my eye was on the very end stall. A middle age lady came out and luckily the girl standing in front of it was her daughter who was just waiting. So I went in and just as I was closing the door behind me, a mother with a young girl about 5 or 6 threw the door open and pleaded for giving her daughter cuts because her bladder was about the burst. I wonder if she expected me to be more favorable to her because I had my mall top on and badge. I was annoyed, but I smiled and said OK. I stepped out and the girl went in for a couple of seconds, but instead of getting up on the stool and peeing, she opened the door and pulled her mother in. Then both she and her mother came out and mom gave me an an angry look and said the seat didn't meet the "conditions that normal people need in order to be used." Then they went storming back into the crowd.

I closed the door, hung my purse on the hook, and sat down for about a minute and a half pee. When I got done, and was quickly wiping, I turned and looked over both the seat and entire stall. The seat was a faded white, and yes while there was some long-time stains on it, and a few burn marks from cigarette butts I couldn't see anything else that would cause women not to want to sit on it. Although it would be nice, every toilet seat cannot be shiny and new. I was wondering whether it is better to have a black seat which probably won't show as many imperfections.

What do you guys think? Do you prefer white or black public toilet seats?

Erin (Riley's Mom)


Last time if you'll remember I had mentioned that I was going to suggest to Riley that she could use the center console in the car to pee in if she wanted. Well just to let you know, Riley did indeed use it. It worked pretty well. It was like a little mini toilet. The only thing was she said it wasnt as comfortable to sit on so she had to do more of a squat over it. I told her about it on friday so she did it first thing saturday morning. I had it all ready for her. I took out whatever was important but whatever wasnt important I just left in there for her to pee on. Stuff like napkins and old candy and wrappers and hair ties and old coupons. I just let her pee on all that stuff. It actually did a good job absorbing the pee anyway. And so thats what she did. She had a pee right into the console of my car. Take care!


just another girl's survey

Thanks for all the kind replies!

1. What is your best bathroom-related experience to date?

I'm not sure if it's the "best" experience I've ever had but I remembered it almost immediately so it's gotta be up there! I was 14 and went to Cedar Point with my family. It was during the fall (Halloweekends for anyone who may go to Cedar Point), and many people at the park, patrons and staff, were wearing fun costumes in excitement for the haunted houses at the park which open up after dark. I wasn't really into costumes, but I dressed up like a cat to appease my mother :P. I hadn't gone for poop since the night before and around 2pm I felt really full. I told my parents that I was heading over to the bathrooms. The toilets are nothing special at Cedar Point, rather dark but the stalls are fairly spacious and the stall walls reach down to the floor. I went into an empty stall (no wait either, that was unusual!), pulled down my black pants and sat down. I had a really quick pee and pushed ever so lightly. Almost instantaneously a huge load of poop dropped right out of me and plopped into the bowl. It felt amazing coming out! It was the perfect, clay-like consistency and came out in a single, smooth piece that looked to be about a foot long! I wiped twice and flushed. I remember exiting the bathroom feeling more relieved than I can remember.

2. What is your worst bathroom-related experience to date?

Probably the time where I was sick just last year. I had a test so I couldn't miss school, but could go home after lunch since the test was in my second period. The period before my lunch my gut was rumbling like mad, so I asked to be excused and quickly hurried to the school bathrooms (the same bathrooms from my first post). When I arrived the stalls were full, so I had to bear it and wait while my insides did backflips. I didn't wait long, thankfully, as it seems that they only had to pee. I quickly took the rightmost stall, ripped my jeans and underwear down and sat, and I immediately started letting out a wave of mushy, burning poop. I cramped and farted like crazy for what seemed like forever until I was done. By the time I was finished I was in more pain than relief and both my face and butt were sweaty. The cheap toilet paper at my school didn't help with cleanup much, so I had to wash my hands a few times just to make sure.

3. What was your earliest memory of a bathroom experience?

I remember being potty trained somewhat. Not any specific experience, but that my brothers tried to scare me into not using my training potty by saying it was haunted and stuff like that. Luckily my mom and dad convinced me that the potty was, in fact, not haunted, so I learned how to pee and poo in the toilet fairly easily.

4. Are you shy about using public bathrooms, and if so why/why not?

I've never really had any issues. I really just feel like I need to get in and out. My mentality is that everyone in the toilet, everyone sitting at the stall next to you and waiting outside of the stall for you to finish are in there for the same reason, so what's the use of being embarrassed about taking a dump?

5. What is your opinion on doorless public bathrooms?

I think the concept of it is just silly. While I did mention that I'm not shy in public bathrooms, there should be a certain level of privacy in a public restroom. No one needs to see me take a crap anyway, nor do I need to see some woman drop some logs while I wait.

6. What is the worst bathroom-related accident you have ever had, and what caused it?

My worst accident occurred in grade 4. I went on a field trip and pooped my pants on the bus on the way back. It was a big, solid dump and caused my shorts to bulge out like crazy. I had been holding it for a few days at that point and I was too nervous to ask one of the chaperon's to take me to the toilets while we were at the trip (it was a nature walk-type thing), so I tried to hold it until I got back to school. Unfortunately I didn't make it. I ended up wetting myself too, which almost never happens to me compared to how often I end up having solid accidents.

7. What is the worst bathroom-related accident you have ever witnessed?

My best friend Bri and I played soccer in elementary through 8th grade. We were at practice one day in 7th when she told me that she had to use the bathroom. Our middle school team practiced on a field behind our school, so the nearest toilets would be in the school and therefore very far away. We were in the middle of a 5 on 5 team scrimmage (to practice handling, passing, etc.) when I noticed how bad she was fidgeting. When our team of five won the scrimmage (we had three teams of five) we went over to the sideline, where I first noticed that Bri was no longer fidgeting, and that I could smell something that I recognized as poop. I looked at her face and it was beet red, but she looked more relieved than embarrassed. I leaned over and whispered "Bri, did you... poop your pants?" Her face flashed in embarrassment and she gave me a surprised look. "Is it that obvious?" she asked, and I told her that I could smell it from a few feet away. She looked worried and continued "well, I could pass that off as a fart until I got a chance to get cleaned up, can you see it in my shorts?" she turned to me and I was astounded. Her green short shorts were otherwise clean save for a large, brown lump in the seat. It wasn't necessarily a horrid accident, it looked fairly solid from my view, but it's the only accident I remember seeing that isn't one of my own.

8. If you had to have an accident and be taken short in some way, would you rather have diarrhea or vomit or both - or neither?

I would rather vomit because it's easier to clean and to excuse than pooping yourself. When you're in public and someone sees you vomit, they assume you're ill and are more likely to be accepting of it. In my experience, with a poop accident, people look at you with this sort of disgust that is more apparent than with vomit and act as if you should have been to the toilet before you messed yourself, and that the accident as a fault of your own.

9. What is your opinion on passing wind/farting in public - do you think that it's disgusting or do you just accept it as something natural ("better out than in")?

I'm okay with it. Everyone does it and not farting can hurt you, so I don't complain when people fart around me in public. I can understand why people would prefer someone holding it in and doing it in private instead; I know that my farts can be pretty bad sometimes lol.

10. Have any of you ever eaten or drank something that came out as a certain colour (for example beetroot, which can make pink or red wee, or blue food colouring or dye in things like cake icing, which can turn poo from brown to green)?

Milk and stuff will make my poop look green because it messes with my stomach something crazy. Other than that, my poop comes out light brown to a darker shade almost every time.

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