Lena clogged the toilet


It's Jessica again, I've posted in the past on pages 2424-2428, but I was very busy as usual, so I didn't post at all. Nothing very special happened neither.

Last week, I was eating a big breakfast with Lena, who just had come home after one week holidays. We had orange juice, oatmeal, coffee, toast, cheese, ... I love breakfast; it's the most important meal of the day. She was telling me about the great time she had and all the shopping she did (I don't want to tell to which city she went because I want to stay anonymous)

Halfway through breakfast though, she started looking uncomfortable and fidgeting a bit. I thought nothing of it first. But quickly, she started making awkward breaks while talking and I knew something was not ok. She then shifted a little on her chair, lifted her right asscheck and farted "Pfffffffffffff" during what seemed forever, like 5 seconds. While farting, she closed her eyes and let her mouth slightly ajar; emphasizing her freckles (she's really cute, I'm jealous of her sometimes). It was a terrific sight! I was amazed, but also a little disgusted. I like when people keep a little modesty at least, especially at the table! And the smell was noticeable.

I asked her "What's wrong with you?", to which she replied "Nothing, I just had to fart sooo badly! Such a relief!". I just rolled my eyes. I tried to forget about it, but a few instants later, she let out another "Pffffffffffrrttt" monster fart, sighing loudly afterwards. "Lena, are you sick? Please don't do this at table!" She said, "No, it's just I have to take a shit badly! I think I haven't been in several days." "Pfft". Laughter. So I told her "Then please go to the toilet and stop grossing me out!" She smiled viciously, "But it's impolite to leave the table! I can hold it and I am going afterwards. It's gonna be a big baby!".

I was kinda pissed off, and resumed eating silently. She would fart more and more, the smell in the kitchen getting very bad. After a particularly loud fart, she told "Lena, I can't hold it anymore; I am going to take a massive shit!" She stood up and headed to the washroom, massaging my shoulders for a few seconds on the way before saying "Gotta go!" and disappeared in the bathroom, which is just next to the kitchen. I could hear her getting seated even though I tried to focus only on my bowl.

Almost immediately, I could hear her moan and or grunt. I think she was especially loud just to gross me out. There was the sound of pee hitting the water, some splashing from the turds and the sighs she made. I really had the impression I was in the bathroom and couldn't eat anymore, she had spoiled my breakfast. But the moaning went on while I was drinking coffee and looking at my messages. I then started tiding everything up and doing the dishes. As usual, it's when my own urge to relieve myself hits me. I finished and almost simultaneously, finally, the toilet flushed. And then laughter from the bathroom.

Lena washed her hands, came out of the bathroom with a big smile. "This feels soo good, I just took the biggest dump of my life! Check it out!" Before I had the chance to react, she kissed me on the check and fled to her room, laughing. I knew she surely had clogged the toilet, she's such a pig sometimes!

Reluctantly, I made my way to the toilet, because normally can't hold my number two for a long time, my urges are strong. I almost fainted when I entered the bathroom, the stench was awful! The toilet bowl was totally destroyed: through the brown tainted water, I could see many huge, soft, smooth turds and lots of mushy poop. A fair amount of stained toilet paper was also floating. It was just gross.

I locked the door, and seated my butt on the throne. I wanted to get out as soon as possible, so a pushed hard, peeing and opening my anus at the same time, grunting embarassingly loudly. I passed many of my soft turds, farting in between. I was done in one minute wiped and tossed the paper in the bowl. At least I didn't get splashed this would have been incredibly disgusting. As usual, it was a very good feeling after all.

I washed my hands and left, without flushing. As I was leaving for a couple of days anyways, it would be Lena which would have to deal with our mess. I packed my stuff and was about to leave without saying goodbye, but she just caught me. I stretched out my tongue at her, and she just laughed again. I left.

So, that was my story of this week, tell me if you liked it and you want me to keep telling about Lena.

Special greetings to Jry, Anna and Haley C, you've been writing very good posts lately! And all others too.
I especially would like to read some more stories from you, Truck driver!

Love, Jess


Survey Answers

Hey guys! I might not be able to post so much for a while because I'm really busy with school. So, I decided to answer a survey instead.

1. What is your best bathroom-related experience to date?
I'd probably say any of my post-Christmas poops. After all that we eat over the holidays, the next dump is always really massive, but also really satisfying. I prefer big solid dumps anyway, because I feel a lot lighter afterwards.

2. What is your worst bathroom-related experience to date?
The time I had diarrhea at school. I was in my first lesson and I felt really sick, so I asked to go to the toilet. Some other girl had already gone, but I told the teacher I was feeling really sick, so she let me go anyway. By the time I got to the bathroom, my stomach had started making weird noises and I was getting seriously desperate. I ended up having to do a kind of waddling run until I got to the toilet, where I exploded with diarrhea. The girl in the stall next to me wasn't sounding much better, so it was probably some kind of stomach bug. It was my worst experience because the diarrhea just kept coming and coming. It was in really sticky, smelly waves that splattered the toilet.

3. What was your earliest memory of a bathroom experience?
Probably when I was 4. In my school, I asked to go to the toilet because I was getting really desperate and it was hard to hold. I remember that time because the toilet was clogged with toilet paper. I didn't know it though, because I was only 4. So, I sat down on the toilet and took a seriously big dump. When I was done, I tried to flush, but the toilet was stopped up and I couldn't flush. It was really embarrassing because one of my friends went in the afternoon and when she came back, she told everyone about the 'giant stinky poop' in the toilets.

4. Are you shy about using public bathrooms, and if so why/why not?
I used to be shy, but going at school with my friends has helped me come out of my shell a bit. Lots of my friends just don't care, they go whenever they have to go. My bowels don't usually give me a lot of warning, so most of the time if I gotta go, I gotta go. I remember my cousin was really surprised when I told her 'I need to take a dump'

5. What is your opinion on doorless public bathrooms?
I only used a no-door stall once, and that was at school. It did affect my pooping, because I knew that the toilets were like that, so I waited until lessons started and asked my teacher to go. She lets most of us go because we're usually a pretty quiet class and do all the work. I knew that people wouldn't be there once lessons had started and I had to take a dump, so it would have been really embarrassing if anyone saw me. Luckily, nobody came in - I let some seriously smelly farts go while I was pooping.

6. What is the worst bathroom-related accident you have ever had, and what caused it?
I was out in the park with my friend Ellie and I had to poop really bad. I said I had to go and she told me that the toilets were out of order. I told her that I had to go find a bathroom soon, so we walked to her house (it was closer than my house.) While we were walking, I felt a load of pressure building up in my bowels and I told Ellie how bad it was getting. She said that her house was only a few minutes away and tried to comfort me.
We were a couple of minutes from her house when I got a really bad stomach cramp. I stopped walking and grabbed my stomach. Ellie asked what was wrong and I said I was about to have an accident. While I was talking to her, I completely lost control and flooded my panties with diarrhea. I was wearing jeans and the accident was really obvious. All the way to Ellie's house, I was pooping despite how much I tried to clench my butt. When we got inside, I trudged to Ellie's bathroom and released the rest of my diarrhea in the toilet for a few more minutes. Ellie said she'd wash my jeans and get back to me and she lent me her clothes to walk home in.

7. What is the worst bathroom-related accident you have ever witnessed?
Remember when I said earlier that I once had a stomach bug in school that made me have really bad diarrhea? Well, that day I was pretty lucky, because I stopped having diarrhea after my monster dump in the school toilets. My teacher asked if I was alright when I came back because I had been gone for so long, but she didn't ask anything more when I said I had an upset ????. Later on, one of the other girls on my table put her hand up, but the teacher didn't notice. I asked what was wrong and she told me she was desperate for the toilet. The teacher had stopped to help one of the boys across the class, so my classmate wasn't noticed. She proceeded to crap herself, with liquid crap everywhere. She was wearing a skirt, so when the mess soaked through her panties, it started going into the chair and stunk out the classroom. I felt sorry for her - if it was me, I'd have just got up and gone, possibly telling the teacher where I was going. She ended up having to go home because it was so bad. I know some other girls ended up messing themselves over the next few days, but none were like that girl. Actually, one of my friends said later on that she had a really bad accident and just decided to leave her panties in her schoolbag because they were so dirty.

8. If you had to have an accident and be taken short in some way, would you rather have diarrhoea or vomit or both - or neither?
Well, obviously I'd rather not. But I'd probably take having diarrhea because after I go, I usually feel a bit better and get a lot of relief. If I'm vomiting, it doesn't feel relieving at all. So, based on which one doesn't feel AS terrible, I'll take diarrhea.

9. What is your opinion on passing wind/farting in public - do you think that it's disgusting or do you just accept it as something natural ("better out than in")?
I'm ok with it, unless it smells really bad. I've had a few situations myself when I had to pass gas, but I held it in to avoid embarrassment.

10. Have any of you ever eaten or drank something that came out as a certain colour (for example beetroot, which can make pink or red wee, or blue food colouring or dye in things like cake icing, which can turn poo from brown to green)?
I haven't, but I remember one time when, staying at my friend's house, her little sister came out of the bathroom and said 'Mom, Mom, I just did a green poop!'

Hope my answers are useful, I'll try to post more when I get the time.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Allie great story.

To: Chloe B great story it sounds like you and Kenzie both had pretty good poop and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sonya Sue great story about your big poop at school it sounds like it was a pretty good one and I bet you felt alot better afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: New David great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Oldpoop

First of all, thank you for answering my curiosity!

You experienced the use of a washout or shelf style toilet, depending in the presence or not or water in the "shelf" (the first has it while the other, the stinkiest, not). They're absolutely splash/plop/whatever dropping noise-free and they're pretty common in old German or Austrian homes, and i don't know whether you could find them elsewhere or not (i've heard they're also found in Eastern Europe). Almost all toilets in Europe are instead washdown, i.e. they lack the siphoning effect and come with much larger waterways and a much smaller pool of water, albeit deeper inside the bowl (mine is like that but ut doesn't give way to much water splashing back because the pool itself is positioned inside a small well-like guard, which also allows the washdown effect to work). They easily get skid marked especially if you've got someone around and you try to dump your load quietly (aiming around the splash guard) and that's why a plunger like thing is always found beside the toilet in European houses. Some of them have oblique guards that completely eliminate splashing water and noises at the price of more skidmarking and smell but they're still washdown.

They never get clogged though. I only remember that one time i managed to clog it with a 4 days load and it became an American style toilet for some secs, however the blockage cleared almost instantly and all the water drained down. Doubt it would happen with an American toilet and its 2 inch at most wide waterway.

However, they won't allow you to deeply examine (lenght, amount, aspect) your load like a siphoning (American) or washout/shelf would. That's the biggest drawback for me.

Optional Person

Amazing dump! :)

I just had an enjoyable impressive dump at 7:45 - 7:47 PM on Monday 6 1 2015. we had just got back from a Mexican place to eat. I got home. I felt a little pressure in my behind. I decided to sit backwards on the toilet, because that is fun. I slowly sat, and felt the turd crown and it felt thick. as soon as the turd came out it started to smell. thankfully mine don't stink up the whole room. it slowly left my butthole the bottom of the turd curved up in the hole of the toilet bowl as the rest came out. The turd quietly crackled as it departed my butt. I wish the crackling had been louder. I love the sound of a crackling turd, whether it is coming out of my butt or out of the butt of a beautiful women. after it quietly dropped in the bowl, a sputtering fart came out, the fart felt a little uncomfortable, but in a good way. I pushed a bit after that but nothing happened. when I got up I was very impressed, the turd was a foot long and about a pinky finger wide. the last part of the turd to exit my hole was double chocolate cake brown and smooth. while the older part of it further back under the water was light brown with cracks in the surface. some corn was hidden in it as well. I quietly sneaked out of the room to get a picture while everyone else was down stairs. I was proud of this dump and I really enjoyed this one. I wish we could share pictures, because I would be proud to show off this turd to you all and happy to know others could see it.

I really hope you enjoyed it. I would love to hear comments and questions.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015


Car Accident

I haven't posted on here in a long time but I have a story from today I thought I would share. I have some bladder problems so even though I'm 26 I wet the bed several nights a week and I have day accidents too, I have trouble holding it for more than 5-10 min. I wear diapers at night and sometimes during the day I wear pads or diapers if I know that it won't be easy to get to the bathroom. I also usually keep spare pants and undies around just in case.

So anyway today my boyfriend and I were driving around running errands and I had fallen asleep in the car when we got to our next stop he woke me up and I realized I had wet myself and the seat. I was probably only asleep for 10 min so I was really surprised! When I realized what had happened I told him because he didn't notice. He wasn't upset, we live together so he knows about my issues, I was really embarrassed though. I moved to the back seat and changed out of my wet shorts and undies. I had some clean ones and some wipes in the back of the car so I cleaned up and put on dry clothes. Before we left the store I went and tried to use the bathroom so it wouldn't happen again, I did go a little. I rode in the back seat and we drove to car wash to clean the seat. Well that's my story


to VeeTwo--American toilets

American toilets vary somewhat, but for many of them, you are right--the seat is a bit low and the water fairly close. In fact, some of them have the water so close that when I sit down, my scrotum can get wet--most annoying! The 8-inch distance is [interruption here for large urgent bowel movement--my second of the morning already] about average, I guess. Most turds are less than 8 inches long, so they will make a plunk or plop upon entering the water; but you are right--longer turds can often slip in without a sound. However, since the bowl is often wide and shallow, a long turd can make a sound also if it goes through the shallow water and stops at the porcelain, while still proceeding out of you; in that case, it can flop over and make a plop sound. Here at home, I most often raise the seat and squat on the rim to poop, so my turds have a lot farther to go than eight inches and most often hit the water quite audibly, even sometimes splashing me from below; needless to say, if I have to poop away from home, I sit down like everyone else.

We went to Europe for our 40th anniversary and experienced some Euro-style toilets; for some of them, there was a sort of shelf that received my poop, which was nice for inspecting it afterwards and made no sound, but which allowed the odor to project throughout the room, as the poop was not under water; I didn't like that. I prefer having the plops and minimizing the smell. But of course, having a toilet that works is the most important thing, by far.


Embarassed Mom re: gas station

Well, it sounds like your son now knows that girls poop. Your Husband's belief to the contrary may otherwise carry on.

Chloe B.

Poop at a tournament

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been REALLY busy with school abs haven't had much time to post. But last week my summer volleyball team had a tournament and I had a really good poo. So onto my story.
So I woke up that morning and got ready got ready but forgot to pee before I left! So we get to the tournament after breakfast and we play our first match. During the first match I could feel my poo making its way down. After the match ended my friend Kenzie and I made our way to the bathroom. Kenzie is a redhead and about 5'6 and had a lot of freckles. I told Kenzie I needed to poo and she also said she had to as well! We got into the bathroom and there were 10 stalls on the right. 6 were full and 2 were pooping. Kenzie and I took stalls right next to each other. We were in our spandex so I pulled my spandex down and I wasn't wearing underwear and sat down on the toilet. I peed for a about 15 seconds while I heard Kenzie grunt followed by a plop. I felt the turd coming out and it fell with a nice splash. I grunted and got out 2 more long logs and then let out a puffy fart. I looked down and saw that all my logs settled down in the hole of the bowl. Kenzie was still pushing hard and was really stinking it up. She let out 2 logs and then farted loud. I let out one more log then started to wipe. I wiped 6 times then pulled up my spandex and flushed. It left some pretty bad skidmarks but I didn't care. I asked Kenzie if she was ok and she said she was about done. She wiped and washed her hands after. She told me she had been holding that all morning and needed to go pretty bad! The rest of the day went well as we won our bracket and I didn't have to go the rest of the day.


to Jry

Hey Jry, nice clogging story! At least no one found out about that one and you were able to unclog it yourself. Sometimes it takes me that long with the plunger to unclog it too--it's always so embarrassing when I worry that it might not work. But so far I've been successful lol. I also haven't really clogged any toilets in my dorm, only at home--these are more powerful which is good because it's not like my poops have been any smaller lol.

Speaking of which, I went home this weekend and did a pretty big poop, but not at home--I actually did it at Target lol. I had been eating kind of a lot before then, and it wasn't all such great food. I was expecting a big poop. While I was shopping with my parents I got a pretty strong urge to go. I probably had that look on my face that said a big turd was about to poke out. I hope my parents couldn't tell I had to poop, but they probably did. It didn't matter because I went to the bathroom soon after that and was in there for a while. Even though it was a strong urge, the poop was kind of hard and big so took a while to get going. Once it finally did, though, it felt great coming out. It stretched me a bit. It had to have been about 10 inches long too. I felt lighter after getting it out.

I was kind of worried about flushing it, but it was a public bathroom, so not surprised that it went down, but like you, I always flush the poop down first before wiping! I don't trust it not to clog.

The only thing bad about that one was the smell I left in the bathroom as a dad with his little kids came in. Ugh. Oh well, I was gone before I could embarrass myself any further lol


Suppositories (for Tristan)


You are one of the lucky few on this site who uses suppositories and only needs to use a few a year. While I don't have to use the Dulcolax ones that often, I do have to use them about 5 times a year--and thats usually when there's not time for an enema.

Last year I went through almost two and a half jars of glycerin suppositories that each had 100 suppositories in them and had to use 30 or so enemas--sometimes doing a suppository and an enema in the same day a few hours apart. Several times lately, I've done an enema, and while it made me go, I still had to push like I was semi-constipated. I'm sorta constipated now, but by no means at my worst, so I may try an oral laxative today or tomorrow and see how that goes...if it doesn't work (which it probably won't), I may have to do another same day suppository-enema dump.

Questions and Comments.

Mina you have some of the most vivid and unique stories on the site. I like your style of writing as well. I also think it is cool to see I am not the only person that appreciates the scent of others.

Erin can you explain why you guys pee in the car? I think it is amazing, so I am curious.

Catherine, I only wish pictures could be posted on the site. that sounds incredible. very awesome post. I want to comment more about the rest of it, but I am not sure what else to say, except that was obviously an amazing experience, and glad things worked out for you.


To Catherine

I've passed even bigger movements, even weeks ago, and never felt an euphoria sensation. Only a vague loss of bearings that went away after some secs and only during heatwaves. Maybe i'm just a cold person, maybe i just end having some of my bigger movements due to an ironman like discipline, but, again, it may depend on everyone's body. Perhaps, being a semi-athletic guy, i'm fairly accustomed to blood pressure drops. I'm of Mediterranean descent too, by the way.

Anyway, thank you for your story!

Sonya Sue

My Straight-Up Crap

My school's out so I'm volunteering for a two-week all-city day camp that offers crafts and arts activities for those who are in 1st, 2nd or 3rd grades and who come from disadvantaged families. It's a hands-on type thing so there's drawing, painting, singing, and theater (the area I'm responsible for). The big problem is that the parks dept. accepted too many kids so that's why they brought volunteers in to help out. One thing that doesn't help though is the toilets; they are horrible. There's a small building about the size of my bedroom. Its like a 100 years old. There's a brick wall down the middle to divide the boys and girls sides and there's only one toilet and sink on each side. No stall partition or anything so when a person walks through the doorway they see a person shorts-down sitting on one very large and uncomfortable toilet. If the toilet is uncomfortable for me, a high school student, just imagine what its like for a 6 or 7 year old because they are going to be sitting with their feet off the floor and a seat that's encouraging for buddy dumps because there's so much space available. The first day, I took the toilet paper off the wall-mounted roller and placed it on the floor so that we could cut down on the seat being messed as girls would slide over and almost fall off in order to reach it. And on the guys' side, since there's no urinal available, we've had to constantly remind the boys to lift the seat before they piss. Its not working that well.

So yesterday which was our 4th day of the camp was my 6th day without a crap. I remember stopping at a gas station on Saturday and filling the bowl with a very soft and snake-like crap, but despite all the water and gaterade I've been drinking at the camp (staff have water jugs so that we don't get dehydrated) and the need to unload my bladder like once an hour) I had become constipated. Bigtime! I felt bloated real bad! Occasional farts, but nothing of substance. Finding time to get on the toilet just to pee with lines getting pretty long was and remains a challenge. We served tacos for lunch and I drank an extra amount of pop because I was convinced I could get my bowels moving. By 2 p.m. I knew I had made the right decision and while the group had their 15-minute quiet time rest period, I was hoping for privacy as I went in, pulled down my underwear and cutoffs, and placed my butt on the seat. My strategy in such situations is to start with my legs together and as I accelerate my pushing, spread them while I put more weight on pushing toward the front as I push. The slide began as I looked at perhaps 100 minor cracks on the front of the bowl where the seat cutout is and I got to thinking about the logic as to why the boys' toilet doesn't have the cutout and how its really needed over there. As I pushed and heard a creak under my left thigh and then increased my push through the pain that almost brought me to tears, I could feel my efforts bringing the huge monster out, but ever so slowly. If I slowed the push for a couple of seconds, I made sure to increase it and put more weight toward my knees as I rocked my body to get it out. Since I didn't hear a splash, I knew it was brick-hard and that it was all or nothing. Nothing to break off and accept now and then more to drop later. I continued to push and hoped that I wasn't tearing up my insides too much as I gingerly unseated myself for a moment when I finally felt the log clear. Then I reseated myself to get the pain to stop. I was somewhat suspicious because there had been to splash noise or an indication that I had dumped it. So I stood and turned around and looked into the bowl and was surprised to see a first: my log was about 2.5 inches wide and it was spearlike at the bottom of the bowl and standing straight up at about 11 inches long, protruding well above the water level. It reminded me of the steel pilings that are drilled into the ground for the foundation a building.

I would normally reseat myself and start wiping, but this time my hand would obviously collide with it. So I pulled out my phone and took three pictures of it. Because it was hard I knew I wouldn't have much mess to wipe off my butt. I only needed two wipes and I put the used paper on the floor while I was thinking about how I was going to break the log off and up. I knew I had to move fast because some of the 55 girls would be coming in after break. So I quietly walked out the door and in the opposite direction from where the group was. I heard the toilet flush on the boys's side so I knew my time was limited. I found a branch that had
broken off a dead tree, broke off its stongest section and I lifted the seat and while on my knees, I broke my log down into about 12 or 13 pieces, a process that caused the water to turn dark brown. I made a couple more cuts, placed the grossly wet and crap-caked branch aside, and put all my weight on the flusher lever. For obvious reasons, the flush was slower, but it was successful and just as I was picking up the branch pieces to throw away, a 6-year-old, Tiffany, came around the corner. I quickly dropped the seat for her just as she was pulling down her shorts, and she pushed herself up off her feet and onto the seat.

Luckily, there wasn't much of a smell as her pee stream started.

new david

the cutest accident ever

Hey everyone, first time poster. Man this place has been around forever I can't believe how many posts there are! Anyway, I found this site because I discovered my interest in bathroom stuff about a year ago...not sure why nothing ever piqued the interest before as I am now in my late 20s, but something happened and the feelings I had about it opened the door to this new interest for me.

I never really wondered about other people, especially women going to the bathroom. In any capacity. Not because I thought it was gross, just because I acceped it as a normal, mundane daily function. Didn't give it any thought or care. Last year I went on a trip to visit my brother and some friends who had all moved out to that big city out west where people go to chase their dreams. One of the friends I visited out there was a girl named Rachel who I was pretty close with for a couple years before she moved out there. I actually had feelings for her for a little bit before she moved, but at the time I was in a relationship with someone else and I knew she was moving so I never acted on it. During the visit we fell back into our old rhythm no problem, and were having a total blast. I felt my feelings returning. I was nervous, because the distance issue was still there, and I didn't know if I should ever address the feelings with her despite the fact that at this poit we're both single.

One of the nights I was with her we had been out pretty much all day. We were eating at a nice outdoor restaurant for dinner and planned that after dinner we'd go back to her neighborhood and get ice cream before going back to her apartment. On the way back to her neighborhood she timidly said "let's swing past my place before we go to get ice cream is that cool?" I jokingly said "gotta poop?" And much to my surprise she just laughed and said "yes!...I think our friendship just reached a new level. Yes, I think it would be a good idea if I stopped home before ice cream." I simply said "yeah no problem" and we continued going. When we got to her neighborhood it was a difficult time finding a parking spot, and in addition to it taking a while we had to park a fair distance from her building and would need to walk by the ice cream place anyway, so she decided she was gonna be a big girl and tough it out. She felt confident in her ability to hold it in long enough to get ice cream. So, into the place we went. We were standing in line, which wasn't too long, and after about 5 minutes I was able to order what I wanted, then she ordered hers. As we were standing there while they got our stuff she was staring off into space for a minute with an awkward look on her face, totally frozen, and then she says "you cool if we walk back with it once we get it?" I was like "haha yeah" and she blushed pretty hard and said "sorry, it just got kinda bad again." I said "are you ok? If you wanna head back now I'll be a little bit behind with the ice cream." She thought for a second and then just abruptly turned away. She was looking around the ice cream parlor presumably for a bathroom. it was a fairly small hole-in-the-wall place with limited seating and it didn't appear they had a public bathroom. After looking around real quick she walked back over to me, this time with a goofy grin on her face and she had this quiet, nervous giggle thing she was doing. she goes "it doesn't matter, I think I'm about to like, go in my's that bad" And she just covered her face while still doing her awkward embarassed laugh, and she rushed out to the sidewalk. I saw her resist putting her hand on her butt as she was on her way out, like she reached back toward her butt with on arm but pulled it back forward before touching it. My mind was in a whirlwind watching her flee the ice cream place like that, and I didn't even realize the girl at the counter was calling me over for our stuff. I said thanks and grabbed it and ran outside. I looked up the street and Rachel was maybe half a block away but she was standing with her back to the wall and her head down. I hustled to catch up to her. As I was almost to her she glanced up and saw me coming then hung her head with her face in her hands again. Once I got to her, it was obvious that she had just pooped in her pants. the unmistakable odor of fresh poop in the air surrounded her like a cloud. I didn't even know what to say. I just awkwardly handed her her ice cream, which she slowly accepted. when she uncovered her face she wasn't crying, just blushing pretty bad and had an obvious expression of embarassment on her face. She awkwardly laughed again and said "sorry...didn't mean to ruin dessert." I said "no way, haha I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were that uncomfortable we coulda gone home first." She just said "yeah...I don't know...I really thought I'd be ok...oh my god this is super embarassing, haha". I laughed with her and said "don't feel bad, you're with a good friend. It's just funny." She smiled and said "now our friendship is at yet another new level" and we both laughed.

We decided to keep heading to her apartment and she slowly and gingerly turned and started to walk carefully down the sidewalk. She obviously was walking funny from her accident but was trying to make it seem normal. It looked really funny. She had a bulge the size of a potato protruding from the seat of her black pants And there was no hiding it whatsoever. It was in that moment that something struck a chord in me...watching Rachel, this petite, adorable young woman waddle down the road carrying ice cream with a big poop bulge on her butt giggling and sounds weird to say but it was so endearing to me for some reason, just her vulnerability in that moment and just the...realness of it. and how she was handLing it..I don't know, it just made me even more drawn to her. I just had this desire to make her feel better and be with her and make sure she knew not to feel ashamed.

We continued walking and I had about a million questions to ask her. I waited until after we got back and she had an opportunity to change her pants and clean up. I wanted to know how it got to the point she needed to go so bad...she said "well I sorta had to go all day...I wanted to go this morning before we even went but I was nervous you'd hear something or smell something coming from the bathroom and I was too nervous so I just waited...turns out that would have been a lot less embarassing than uhh..pooping my pants in front of you..." I asked her if it's happened to her before, and she said not since she was really little, although she admitted to having a couple "bladder control mishaps", as she phrased it, over the years, particularly she mentioned not being able to hold it while stuck in afternoon traffic and wetting herself in the car. As we talked about it I just felt my interest growing and growing. I never have really had any major desperation moments I can think of let alone an accident,so it was hard for me to imagine that feeling of not being able to hold it. I then asked her what it felt like. She just laughed and said "uhh. Gross? I mean honestly it doesn't feel that bad, it's warm and soft. But knowing what it is makes it a bad feeling..." then I asked what it felt like needing to go that bad and what it felt like when she knew she wasn't gonna make it. She said "just...desperate. I had this like "alone, isolated" feeling too because I had this growing problem with increasing urgency and I felt like I had to just deal on my own and keep a straight face for the world and tough it out." I asked again about the moment she knew she couldn't make it. She said it was right after she asked me if I wanted to walk back with it. She told me as she was asking me that this really uneasy pressure formed in the pit of her stomach that gave her goosebumps. She said "and I just knew right then, ok, it's coming out within the next 30 seconds and theres nothing I can do about it. It just became survival mode. That's why I just started looking around the place without saying anything..then that's why I told you I was about to go in my pants, because...I was already going in my pants haha! It was coming out as I left the ice cream place. I was terrified people would smell it." I am sure I asked other stuff but those were the main answers I remember. Eventually we changed the subject and had a great rest of the evening without mentioning it, until at one point I went into her bathroom to pee. As I was going in she goes "UM" and I stopped and said "yeah?" She goes "...are you just peeing or are you gonna take a shower?" I said I was just peeing. She said "ok...don't look in the tub please...let me know before you shower." She covered her face with amused embarassment again. I just laughed and said no problem. Obviously I then peeked in the tub when I went in. There was a soaking wet pair of pink and white bikini panties hanging from the faucet and her pair of black pants draped over the back. Guess she didn't want me to see the panties she messed in, even though she had cleaned them out.

The rest of my visit was fairly uneventful...I think we mutually feel closer...I might have to just go for broke and tell her how I feel and see if she's interested in trying to make something work and maybe one of us relocating to the other eventually. But all that is another tale...

Since that happened I noticed that I have a greater interest in women going to the bathroom, particularly when they need to go and are desperate, are trying to be secretive about going, have an accident eTc. it was just never a "world" I had exposure to before that happened. when I found this site and read a lot of posts I couldn't believe how much stuff like that happens to people.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mina as always another great story it sounds like you a really great poop and it sounds like you had a lot come out as well and I bet you felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen C it sounds like you a really rough day it seems like AZO isnt very well liked by your body what are you going to do its helping with your uti thats the annoying thing about some medicines they cure one thing but cause trouble somewhere else in the process and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Catherine great story about your big desperate poop it sounds like you just made it to the toilet in time and I bet you felt amazing afterward as well.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story about you and your friends it sounds like you all had really great poops and I bet you felt great after especialy after big poops like that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan gret pooping story it sounds like you and all those other women and girls all had good poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


After-School Surprise

Last week we were preparing for final exams and I stayed over an hour after school getting tutoring for my math test. There were three girls in the room for help too and since I'm so self-conscious I wasn't about to ask my teacher (who's female and very demanding) permission to go the bathroom. She continually tells our classes that we don't work hard enough, are not focused, etc., so I just supressed my need to crap by another hour. (It had been wanting out since the end of lunch, but I have my afternoon classes in G-wing where the toilets are most heavily used, usually drenched in piss, the toilet paper holders have only those pre-cut squares that I really hate, and with the bathroom full of guys, I just didn't want to be hassled by the others. So I worked the sample problems, and while my teacher was checking them, I was counting the few minutes it would take me to get down the hall and onto the toilet. Although I dread sitting on the toilets at school, I didn't see my hour-long walk home offering any better options for me.

Finally, I got permission to leave and I quickly headed to the toilets. I walked past each of about 19 or 20 toilets without looking in at the condtion of any of them. At the last toilet, I tossed my book bag against the wall so hard, that it bounced against the toilet. I undid my jeans and pulled them and my briefs down to middle-thigh level, placed my butt on the seat, and three pieces of soft crap came out and hit the water. I then moved back on the seat a few inches and moved my penis off the rim and into the toilet where I released about 20 seconds worth of pee. Just as I was pulling off the first few squares of toilet paper from the container, I heard a boy coaxing and I think also shoving a girl, whose voice I recognized from the math review, into the room and they were joking around about him daring her to use the boys' bathroom. I think they were about 10 stalls away from me, and she seemed to want to check for a stall with a door (good luck, there aren't any!), and he pointed her into one and told her to pull up her dress, drop her undees and get seated. They were both teasing one another, but she seated herself and he gave her a count (I think he got to 7 or 8 before she got her pee started). In my mind, I got to thinking that I could flush, wash my hands and walk out in a surprise scene. But I decided to just wait them out. Often after I crap, I have farts to release and I did now, but I held them in. He teased her about not wiping; she said she usually didn't after just peeing and then she tried to reach over an flush before he could see her pee in the bowl. They talked about how it was so yellow and that she had been holding it for a while. She asked him if he expected it to be green, red or blue? Then they talked about how they had to get out of there or they would miss their last bus.


toilet bowl design and questions

Hi, I've been reading this forum for a long time now. So I think it is time for my first post. I am in the middle of my thirties, male and live in europe.

A while ago I noticed that allmost every toilet bowl looks a bit different. One could think that such a basic facility has a kind of common design and no one would spend creating such different types. I have seen quite simple ones with just a big water hole and others with a kind of platform to pee on which makes relieving much quiter. So what are your experiences with strange, unusual or just cool toilets?

In the gents there are different types of urinals to make go pee a quick and easy experience. Are there also special facilities fo such experiences in the ladies room? I have heard of some having urinals but what do they look like and are there different types etc.?

And now a small story (I will write others later):

A few days ago we were visited from my mother in law. She runs to the bath room quite often - in many cases for poop since her body seems to react on stress and parts of her food quite sensible. Well one afternoon we did some shopping in a local supermarket and she took a long time checking different types of groceries etc. Suddenly she asked wether they have a toilet - I said yes and she ran to make it intime. But she lost and pooped her pants. I think it is no big deal and I only fealt soory for her, but it feels strange that this happens to people elder than sixty. The toilet really wasn't very far away - not more than two minutes but it didn't help.

So I am looking forward to your answers and experiences.


Tim (and Sally)

Poolside Urinal

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in a long while, just been really busy. Anyway, today's story is from when Sally and I were 15. Here goes:
So one summer's day, Sally and I were swimming in the pool together, it was a lovely hot sunny day and we were both drinking heaps of water. Our parents and family had all gone out for the day, so it was just the two of us. Anyway, about midday Sally said "I really need a pee Tim" and I said I needed one too, so we got out of the pool and walked around the corner to where there was a wooden fence. We decided to have a pissing contest. Sally went first, she stepped forward, pulled her light green bikini bottom to one side, spread her lips with the other and pissed a powerful stream up into the air that went on for about 2 minutes before she sighed loudly with relief and finished off by shaking her vagina slightly. Smiling widely, she said "your turn". Not to be outdone, I stepped forward, undid my shorts, whipped out my willy and began my piss. Mine was slightly longer than hers, lasting about 2 and a half minutes and beating hers narrowly in height. "Good job Tim!" she said, smiling at me and I kissed her passionately. We finished off the afternoon by stripping naked and skinny-dipping, sharing a passionate kiss in the water. More stories to come soon, until next time!


Various replies

Catherine. I really enjoyed your 'moving movement' story. It sounds as though you must have eaten a ton of food over the weekend in order to produce that 20 inch turd after only missing your Sunday night/Monday morning poos. Getting it all out must have felt amazing.

JacobG in Fl. Good to see you back. I'm one of the 'old timers' here from the early days and I remember you well. Unfortunately I don't get to post here often nowadays as 'life' has a habit of getting in the way.

Robyn. Thanks for your 'code brown' accident story. I know nurses, like teachers, don't get too many loo breaks and desperate situations are bound to happen. One nurse with whom I used to correspond could work a 12 hour shift without peeing although I expect it's not something to be recommended on health grounds. I think the moral of your story is to go for a poo when nature calls and if you end up over-running a five minute break in the process, so be it. You can always explain the situation to your supervisor or matron if it's questioned. Many years ago I think one of the posters on here said that "code brown" in UK hospitals referred to a precautionary enema they used to give to women in labour but I think he understood the practice had long been abandoned.

Megan - it sounds as though you had the closest of close calls. You could have done without the queue and most of the people in it needing to do #2s.

Steve. To date all the hotels - apart from retreat houses etc - that I've stayed in have fortyunately been en suite. I can well imagine the comic incident you described though.

Embarassed Mom & John (not Jihadi) prove the point that toilet door locks cannot be replied upon.

Abbie. I enjoyed your wetting story but it sounds as though your family is a very loving one with a great sense of fun. Clearly they saw the comical side of side of things. Hope you get to live it down!

Sunday, May 31, 2015


To Catherine

How nice word it is, "poo-phoria". I wrote on paper because impossible to remember spell! I told Kazuko and Hisae and Maho, they all say "wow, so lovely word!" But off course I looked for euphoria in dictionary first because I forgot this word, now I remember I used this word in Wales in class at school.

Often I feel poo-phoria, and Maho and Kazuko say they feel too. Hisae not so sure, she is very matter of fact about motion. But she say, when she watch us in loo and massage our lower back, she can sense our poo-phoria, and actually she cried sometimes, so she feels empathy poo-phoria (?) Especially when motion is Maho's motion, because Maho often have hard time in loo at first.

So Hisae understand that you cry, Catherine. And I understand too. It is good to cry after motion! If you have wonderful day with nice job and lovely boyfriend and nice parents, and then you have poo-phoria, I hope you cry lots, off course happy crying! Now I write this, I want to cry too….

I hope, really hope, everyone have such feeling, nice people and good time and nice motion at end or next day. And maybe happy crying, but perhaps men don't cry, only smile. I am woman so I can't be sure about man. One day Catherine, you will be able to tell your nice boyfriend Alan about how you said good-bye quickly because your bottom gave urgent signal. When it is the past, it's not scary so much! And maybe he had such kind of experience too, I think everyone has.

And now I am crying too. I wish to you and all people happy time in loo and all other place. I will go to loo from now, but maybe only wee because I did motion an hour before, it was normal my usual style, ten minutes and my bottom opened three times, first hard second softer third really soft, and loo was full but I am empty. I think my loo is very happy because I give her many nice presents! Maybe she think only about eating and drinking, like dog or cow.

Love from Mina and friends


Pre-Revision Enema

Hi guys, it's been a while since I've posted so I'll remind you. I'm a 6ft British make with cropped, dark hair and glasses.

Anyway, with exam seasons coming up I decided I had to go into school for the next week or so to revise but I was really backed up. I hadn't shit for 2 days which is a long time for me. So I decided I should take a warm water enema to get rid of the blockage. So when the shower was running warm I took the head off and lubricated the shower as well as my anus and slowly pushed it in. The water hit my gut like a bomb and I could instantly see my stomach bulge and the pressure build. Involuntarily, my anus puckered and the first few pints came out in one go, along with a few brown chunks. I reinserted the shower and shot another lot in. Turning off the shower I just about made it to the toilet before and waterfall came out of my ass. Looking between my legs it looked like a sprinkler! Now I'm still here with chunks and water spraying from my butt. I hope I finish up soon!

Bye for now!

just another girl

Answers to Survey

Here are the answers to my survey which I accidentally forgot to add in my previous post:

I thought I'd post a survey today - here are the questions:

1. What is your best bathroom-related experience to date?
My best experience was probably the one I had about 2 1/2 years ago whilst I was still in school. I had been on a leadership camp (for prefects and senior students) where we all slept in a single dormitory onto which the ablution facilities were attached. I don't like other people hearing me using the bathroom if I'm not just having a wee (if you know what I mean) so I held everything in for the entire weekend. Initially I felt fine, but by the end of the camp I'd started to become very uncomfortable. The minute I arrived home I ran into the bathroom and did the biggest poo I've ever done (most likely because of all the food that I'd eaten) and what a tremendous relief it was to finally get it out!

2. What is your worst bathroom-related experience to date?
In one of my old posts I described how I fell sick with an upset stomach shortly after Easter - that is the most horrible thing that's happened to me (bathroom-wise at least) this year

3. What was your earliest memory of a bathroom experience?
I have a vague memory of wearing nappies as a young toddler (I was obviously no older than two because I stopped wearing them around that age).

4. Are you shy about using public bathrooms, and if so why/why not?
No, because my schedule at university is quite busy and my classes can be spread over an entire morning/afternoon and sometimes over a whole day, which means that I will inevitably have to go to the bathroom at some point. In the beginning I was apprehensive about it, but now it isn't an issue for me. Because I've become accustomed to using the university bathrooms, I can use public bathrooms without a problem. I would, however, be a bit hesitant to use a public bathroom if it was very dirty or unhygienic.

5. What is your opinion on doorless public bathrooms?
I don't approve of them because in a way they are a violation of people's privacy. People need space to do what they need to do without the possibility of being watched by others and the embarrassment of knowing that they can be clearly seen and perhaps heard whilst they relieve themselves.

6. What is the worst bathroom-related accident you have ever had, and what caused it?
I have an "iron constitution" as one of the posters on here used to say, so I have never had any accidents apart from wetting the bed once by mistake shortly after I was taken out of nappies. I honestly don't know how I've managed to go my whole life without a proper accident - maybe I'm just very fortunate...or just very strange!

7. What is the worst bathroom-related accident you have ever witnessed?
Once I was looking after a baby and she suddenly started to cry. When I picked her up I immediately smelled something nasty, so I handed her to her mother so that she could be changed. She must have had a slight stomach upset or something like that because her nappy was absolutely filthy - and it had gone all over her legs and dirtied her baby grow as well. It smelled awful and was enough to turn my stomach, which is unusual for me as generally I'm not the squeamish type.

8. If you had to have an accident and be taken short in some way, would you rather have diarrhoea or vomit or both - or neither?
Ideally I'd choose neither, but knowing that accidents are an inevitable part of life, I'd have to say that I would rather vomit than have the squirts and dirty or perhaps even ruin my clothes. As I mentioned in the last question, I don't like diarrhoea because it looks and smells disgusting, but I don't have a problem with vomit (yes, it does taste and smell dreadful, but not nearly as bad as if it were to come out of the other end). Most times it is possible to tell when you are going to throw up - the closer it gets the more sick and bilious you feel - but with diarrhoea it's often much harder to know because it can feel deceptively like wind...and I'm quite sure that a lot of people have had accidents by thinking that they only had to fart but when they did something much worse came out! I'd rather not go through that, yuck!!

9. What is your opinion on passing wind/farting in public - do you think that it's disgusting or do you just accept it as something natural ("better out than in")?
This depends strongly on why the person is doing it. If they did it just to be uncouth or impolite, I have a problem with it because there is such a thing as good etiquette and plain old-fashioned manners. Sometimes, however, a person might have a bad case of wind - which can cause a feeling of being uncomfortably full or bloated or even a bit of pain or cramping - and the only way to relieve it is to pass it out of the back end. This can happen to anyone for various reasons - one of them being eating certain things eg. cabbage, Brussels sprouts or broccoli (which are amongst a variety of foods that are known for causing indigestion and flatulence) - and there are other reason as well. I would say rather let it out than hold it in and suffer (but be careful because it might be smelly!). If it slips out by mistake, that's also not a problem in my opinion - and if someone notices just say "sorry" or "pardon me" to excuse yourself.

10. Have any of you ever eaten or drank something that came out as a certain colour (for example beetroot, which can make pink or red wee, or blue food colouring or dye in things like cake icing, which can turn poo from brown to green)?
I have had pink wee after eating beetroot, although admittedly I have to eat large quantities of it to achieve a faint but noticable tinge (a bit disappointing). When I was much younger I drank a grape flavoured slush and ate two slices of birthday cake which was frosted with light green and blue sugar icing; this combined in such a way that when I went to the toilet later on it came out as a nice dark green plop! I didn't enjoy it though because I was a bit unnerved and disgusted by the way that it looked.

Looking forward to seeing other people's responses! ;)

just another girl


I thought I'd post a survey today - here are the questions:

1. What is your best bathroom-related experience to date?

2. What is your worst bathroom-related experience to date?

3. What was your earliest memory of a bathroom experience?

4. Are you shy about using public bathrooms, and if so why/why not?

5. What is your opinion on doorless public bathrooms?

6. What is the worst bathroom-related accident you have ever had, and what caused it?

7. What is the worst bathroom-related accident you have ever witnessed?

8. If you had to have an accident and be taken short in some way, would you rather have diarrhoea or vomit or both - or neither?

9. What is your opinion on passing wind/farting in public - do you think that it's disgusting or do you just accept it as something natural ("better out than in")?

10. Have any of you ever eaten or drank something that came out as a certain colour (for example beetroot, which can make pink or red wee, or blue food colouring or dye in things like cake icing, which can turn poo from brown to green)?

Have fun answering this - and feel free to leave out any questions should you not feel comfortable to answer them!

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