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Hi to everyone!
Riley is still enjoying peeing in the car and has done it a few more times since my last post (pg 2459). Last time I mentioned that she wanted to let a friend come over and also pee in the car. I'm still deciding on whether or not to do this. One of the things I wanted to make sure was that I knew the friend's mom. I asked her who she had in mind. She told me 5 different people that she thought of. I knew 3 of them but only 2 I knew the moms so it was down to those 2. Both girls are named Taylor which is kind of funny. But I'm still deciding whether to do it for sure. I mean, how do you ask about something like that? Hey is it ok if your daughter pees in my car with my daughter? It's not exactly a common question. So we'll see what happens.
I also saw that peeing in the console was suggested so I think I'm going to mention it to Riley. Maybe she will want to try something different next time she decides she wants to do her business in the car.
Bye for now!

Truck driver
I am driving a truck in international cargo transport in North and East Europe. I am sleeping in my driver's cabin. Often I stay during night at resting areas in the countryside where there are no toilets. Then I have to go to toilet in the bushes. Just have to try to hide somewhere in nature. Even to poop just pull down squat and do what is needed. Many truck drivers do so even female. No other option. In summer also many tourists do so I have seen. I have also seen taxi drivers and post officers do so. I guess most do not like it but often there is no other possibility. Everybody understands I hope. Usually nobody sees it but sometimes others have come by. That is embarrassing.

Sorry everyone, I didn't post long time. Busy and tired! But not depressed, so please don't to worry. From now I have a bit more time, I think.

Monday morning I did really lovely motion. But I was alone, my friends not there, how pity it was!

I got up early on Monday as I knew I need to do big motion and I hate hurry, I didn't go Sunday or Saturday, usually I go about 5 times in a week so this was long gap.

I made my breakfast and ate it and cleared table and went into loo and sat down. I took all clothes off because very hot in Japan now. I have air-condition, but not in loo, so I keep door open. Then air-condition from other room come to loo.

I did wee first and then waited, I don't like hurry. I texted friends and tell them, I am in loo and wish you were here. After maybe 3 minutes my bottom started send signal, I shifted on loo little bit, then suddenly bottom opened wide and big motion came out and many plops because it broke up. I felt good but next motion already coming, I could feel signal.

It came, maybe medium size. And it broke up. I looked in loo and it was full so I flushed, I thought maybe only little pieces now for shi-age, that means conclusion, pronounce like she which is female form of he, then age like agai in again. But after little while, my bottom gave real motion again, not only little piece. And I didn't feel empty, so I thought, maybe more? Really big big motion, I was glad to got up early.

After few minutes I felt strong feeling in bottom and I leaned forward and bottom opened and long long soft motion came out medium speed! But so long, maybe 10 seconds!! Just came out more and more and more and more and more. Where so much motion come from? And big smell, maybe good thing my friends not there, but they don't care my smell. Kazuko gives much bigger smell, I never complain. I love everything about Kazuko, include her big smell.

After that motion I looked in loo and big pile everywhere and go all directions. Wow, I thought. I took picture. Then sat down on loo again for shi-age. Now only little pieces, I was going to be empty. I got text from Maho, she said, I want to see you do so big motion, Love, Maho. Sweet sweet Maho! I love her!!

I used washlet well and was clean. I had time for quick shower too. Then I went to work. From time I get up to time I leave my flat to go work, maybe one hour and half. Include 15 minutes for motions and 20 for shower and 5 or 10 for dry hair.

In office, colleagues tell me I look like Haruko Obokata. You know her? She wrote in science magazine that she found STAP cells, then it was not true and she got into trouble and lost job. I think my cheekbones a bit higher than Ms Obokata's. And eyes more pointed at outside end. But little bit same, it's true. So now you have little idea of what I look like. I hope you like what you imagine. My friends much more prettier and cuter than me. But Kazuko always say, Mina you are beautiful, don't say bad things about your face and body. And Maho say same thing. Hisae say, Mina your bottom so beautiful, I want to massage for ever and ever. But I think Hisae has really beautiful bottom. Two perfect round melons! Why she is so cute? Even when she is on loo, she has melon shape. I want to be cute like her. But she say…. well I already said what she say many time, so I won't say again. I think you yawn more and more….. Sorry I make you yawn with my chatter box.

Love to all you. Every post make me happy except bully post. My friends say same thing.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Robyn first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day but atleast your supervisor and that other woman handled it well and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Just Another Girl it sounds like you had a pretty rough night but at least you made it to the bathroom each time and it was good that it didnt last to long either and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natalie great story it sounds like you and Megan both had really god poops and I bet you both felt good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Brittany A it sounds like you had a rough time but at least your boyfriend handled it well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bill F it sounds like that girl was beyond desperate and barely made it on to the toilet without having a full blown accident and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jackie it sounds like you had a rough day but them handled it in a good way.

To: Vicky first welcome to the site and great story please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Hayley C as always another great story it sounds like you a really great poop and I bet you felt amazing afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great desperate poop story it sounds like you had 2 good ones at that resteraunt and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and Ellie both had really great poops at the gym and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Karen C.

Sick from Azo tablets, diarrhea and the works

First of all, hi Brandon! Glad you liked my posts! Take care, son!

Okay, so day before yesterday when I woke up I had a UTI and so i took two Azo maximum strength tablets with two glasses of water, then sat out on the patio while having my coffee. Then had breakfast of a couple pieces of cheese with a few ritz crackers while fixing my oatmeal--wonderful oatmeal recipe by the way; I soak the oats in canned condensed milk before cooking them, then add walnuts, brown sugar and a pinch of cocoa powder, mmmm, scrumptious and healthy you should try it!

I showered and got dressed for work and by then I wasn't feeling so hot; Azo often upsets my stomach and makes me feel sickish and sometimes have diarrhea but I ignore it--the tradeoff is no urinary discomfort so I've learned to just deal with it, it's worth it. I knew it would pass as it always does. Was stopped at a red light and the Azo was really making me feel nauseous and gassy; my stomach was revolting so I did what I had to do and opened my pickup truck door and threw up a long nasty stream of oatmeal all over the pavement, I threw up about three times and due to the Azo it was bright orange colored, eww! I had to close my eyes because looking at it made me more sick to my stomach, it looked so gross! People were watching but I didn't care-- maybe they just thought I was pregnant. I guess when you get to be my age modesty goes out the window and you just don't care what people think of you; i wasn't embarrassed in the least, just something that happens to all of us. I did what I had to do without shame and without apology. Wiped my mouth with a kleenex just as the light turned green and proceeded to finish driving to work.

When I arrived at work that's when the diarrhea kicked in and I made it to the toilet just in time for a messy blowout--lots of recognizable lettuce from last night's dinner of caesar salad and iced tea. It's a unisex bathroom basically since it's a mostly male workplace, just a stall that I can lock. Guys came in and out to use the bathroom, most said nothing, a few said hi, and a couple asked me if i was okay. I know, kinda odd to have conversations with the opposite sex from behind a toilet cubicle door but we're like family here. After my gassy blowout I felt a lot better. Still felt a little pukey so I thought I'd better try to gag myself to throw up now so I wouldn't have to while out on a job so I stuck my two fingers down my throat until I threw up the rest of my breakfast; a young guy walked in, popped me on my arse while I was bent over the toilet, complimented my snug khaki pants, and made bulimic jokes (he knows I'm really not bulimic), then I went in the office and sat around with a cup of coffee while waiting for my first run. Went fine but at lunchtime I had a huge wet blowout with orange colored diarrhea in a local burger joint. Got a double cheeseburger and a diet pepsi and had no further incidents.

Word to the wise: If you take AZO just be prepared for possible diarrhea and nausea.

1. Did you ever encounter a stall/stalls or a urinal that was l prank by someone locking the stall door(s)

2. Did you ever get locked out of your house and you had to

Yep, many times

3. Did you ever have an accident in a car? Nope

4. Describe your school bathrooms and do you use them?

The walls were painted this ugly pink color and fake flowers on the back of the toilet seats. They smelled like old lady perfume. This was High school. I actually spent a lot of. time in there. When I would get constipated I was embarrassed and didn't want my parents to find out. So immediately after school I would go sit on the school toilets and try to work on my poops while I read my textbooks.
5. What time(s) of the day do you normally go poop?
I'm odd...if I go I always either go at 7AM after waking up or 6PM after eating dinner.

6. Do you eat foods or do other activities that help you stay regularly.
I'm so bad about that! I always PLAN on eating healthy, but then I don't think of the consequences. I do jog a lot though
7. Do you have trouble pooping when your somewhere else the urge to go.
The only place I can go away from home now is the library. Dunno why

8. Did you ever take a laxative, suppository, enema, etc. to help you go?
I take a stool softener every day. Suppositories yes both when I was a child and adult. I never had an enema.
9. Do your parents or friends know that you post on here? NO.
10. What is your most embarrassing bathroom related" story?
Going to the doctor for my constipation recently and having to poop in a container so lab could test it for blood. I had a pretty big BM in the container, covered it with tp, and took it to my room and set it on the counter. The nurse was supposed to come and deliver it to the lab but the dumb doctor came in before. He prodded my stomach and then saw the sample and asked to take a peek. He removed the tp and muttered , "oh my" ..and then scans it himself for blood. With my luck the nurse finally comes in and then SHE looks at my poo and starts commenting on how dry it looks, asking me about my fiber intake, etc. Tests negative for blood but then puts on a glove and pokes at it. After they sent the sample away I just left without being treated because I was so embarrassed! Bought an over the counter laxative and that worked just fine!

Optional person

pee story.

I have a good one for you today. this is a pee story. I was out train watching ( yes that is a thing) and I needed to pee. normally it was a gravel road out by a farm field. Something many of us have seen plenty of, they are all over. I was doing this with toilet stool in mind. I had a sonic cup that was thrown in my back seat of the car from the last time I had gone to sonic. it was a cup that had a chocolate milkshake in it. it even still had the plastic down with the little hole in it. I inserted my spout into the hole of the plastic and allowed my golden liquid to spill into the container. after I was finished, I stuck my nose in the hole. I enjoyed smelling my urin mixed with the smell of chocolate milk shake leftovers. it was a disgusting smell honestly, but because it was my urin and chocolate I didn't mind and did enjoy it. I listened to the radio and eventually through my pee into the grass along the road. hope you enjoyed this story.

Robyn - I loved your line " but the smell soon gave it away." cool story for sure.

Natalie - sounds like you and your friends fill the bowl more then most men do. Very impressive. great story.

have a good one.

End Stall Em

Comments on Tlana's post


You indeed overheard a very interesting situation and one that could mark that little girl for life. Keeping a 6-year-old (I assume, since she was about the start 1st grade)from using a toilet at a huge and possibly intimidating event such as a state fair while mom watches as the girl papers the toiilet seat (and making a lot of mistakes in doing so) does the child a disservice. The girl is possibly going to want to avoid using public bathrooms when out with mom and that can lead to bladder and other problems, not to mention the scrutiny and embarrassment that would come from having an accident. If--more likely when--the girl has a friend along with her sets for a situation that could also cause additional conflit and scrutiny.

As I've posted about before, when my dad took me out alone, he too would pull off the toilet paper and line the seat before I was allowed to get up and sit on the toilet. One of the earliest things I had to process about this, was why it was required of me, when it was ok for dad just to plop his butt down on the seat in the next stall without covering it first. And when I asked him once about it, with me having seen him sitting directly on the seat, his explanation was that his thighs were so big and that they covered the toilet paper he was sitting on. LOL.

Did anyone else out there have experiences like this with their parents when they were really young?

Hi again everyone. Yesterday I said, posts make me happy except bully posts. But it is inaccurate. I'm not happy when I read about person was very sick, I only feel, hope you get better soon. Also I'm not happy about post where someone is embarrassed after accident. I want to say, don't be embarrassed, it's OK, but I know it doesn't help. But to such person, I say, please post. Even you are embarrassed, to us posters on toilet stool site, you are not bad person. Accident is human. We never make you more embarrassed because we love you.

Kazuko and Maho and Hisae say same things as me.

I hope people around you learn to stop to say Ewww, Yeesh, Yuck, such kind of bad words. Why smell of motion is bad smell even we all do motion?

But I don't know best way to persuade people to not say Ewww or Yeesh…. Does anybody know good way? I think, maybe I say to disgusted person, please don't say yeesh to me, because I never say such thing to you…. But I don't know it is good way or not. Sad Mina….

Love from Mina


Question for Natalie

Hi this question is for Natalie the 14 year old girl who plays softball. My question is...who on your softball team normally take a pregame poop before every game? Who commited the most errors? And what do you do if you have to go poop while in the middle of playing?

JacobG in Fl
Hi Thom and BrentC! It's great to know you two still visit this site. I'm still here too, although I don't think I've posted in years. When I discovered this site in 1998 or 1999, it was a liberating experience to realize that other people had an interest in discussing and reading about toilet experiences. I'll never forget it. The guys Thom mentioned had some really interesting experiences to share. Now and then I go back and re-read their posts - yours too Thom. I have a good friend who suffers from constipation and likes to tell me about it. He often uses my bathroom when he visits me. I've listened outside the bathroom door to some his loud grunting and plopping sessions. A few times, I've stood in the doorway or just inside the bathroom talking to him while he tries to go. He doesn't seem to mind. Last year we went camping together. Twice, he sat on the toilet in front of me. The first time was a grunting session only - he couldn't go. The second time was more grunting but he managed to go.


Question about American toilets

Hi everyone. I'm curious about a thing or two. After examining some pics and vids i noticed that the water level of American toilets is pretty high, being the bowl pretty shallow and wide. I mean that, especially when you have an elongated bowl, there's often a mere 8 inch space between the seat and the upper part of the trapway hole, which looks like about 3 inches deep. So my question is, how would longer stools make audible noises in these toilets when dropping in the water? Would American toilets be quieter than European ones too? In European toilets it's due to the height between the water level and the seat, about 16 inches with higher and older toilets.

Truck driver
My most embarrassing experience as a truck driver occurred some years back somewhere north in Europe. I had stopped at a resting area to go to toilet on the bushes. Nobody else was there and I felt very safe. I went well away from the road because I had to poop. But when I was squatting with throusers at my knees and the roll of paper in my hands suddenly several women came from both sides. I pulled up immediately. At first I did not understand anything. But obviously they were also trying to find places to relieve themselves. When returning to the parking area I saw a bus there and I understood that they were Russian tourists. When they had left I went back to finish my duty and then I saw that some of them also had pooped there.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


A Moving Movement

I have not had really much to share regarding my own bowel movements - my apologies to all!

To re-introduce myself, I am a 34 year old, single female, ethnically Greek/Mediterranean who lives in a small town in the "South" of the USA. I am 6'1" tall, weigh 190 lbs, big-boned and athletically built for a woman. I am obsessed with defecating and have been posting on this site for 5 years now. I usually have two bowel movements a day. Oh, and I work as a pharmacist.

Have you ever had a bowel movement so perfect it moved you to tears?

I know that this is weird, but please let me share with you. I figure that if anyone might understand, it's all of you!

I moved back home a few years ago after working as a pharmacist in a large city. I live on the second level of my parents' house to save money and to begin my own business. I moved back after a failed relationship and resulting emotional problems. Being single, 34 and living with your parents seems like a failure, but it has been what I needed to rebound.

I've started my own pharmacy, complete with gift shop, coffee shop and restaurant that serves "Panera Bread" type dishes for breakfast and lunch. It has been a hit! I've gotten involved in the United Methodist church where my parents have attended for a long time now. Things have been looking up!

Recently, I started dating a high school classmate of mine. His name is Alan. We were friends in high school, but not close. He's divorced (wife had an affair) and has two daughters in elementary school that he has custody of. He teaches science and coaches football (an assistant) and girls basketball (which I played) at the local high school. He is adorable! We did not date in high school because, as he said, he was afraid to ask me out because he was shorter than me. He's only 5'10"! But, we're both OK with that now!

We've been dating a while, and recently it has gotten serious. This past weekend, we went with other single friends to the beach, had a great time, played volleyball, swam, ate tons of sea food and everything! We even had a great romantic picnic on the beach Sunday night and watched the sunset. We laughed about everything. Too, he mentioned he was amazed by the amount of food I could put away.

Now, I had been regular all weekend until Sunday evening. Monday morning, when it was time to go home, I still did not have to poop. That's two bowel movements I had missed. I was bloated, but not worried. I wore some comfortable clothes for the ride home. We had some BBQ for lunch, being Memorial Day, and then drove the rest of the way.

On the ride back, about an hour from home, I knew that I had to have a doodie very bad. I knew that it would be large and firm, so I knew that I could hold it. However, I have had three solid accidents in my life, and this felt exactly like those times when I pooped the load in my panties. I did not want that to happen while I was with Alan.

I was not cramping, but I had a very strong urge to move my bowels. When we finally arrived at my parents, he helped me with my bags and we kissed and said goodbye. I made it kind of quick, because I had to go so bad.

I ran passed my parents, who asked how things went and I blurted out, "Great time! Gotta poop! Will tell you when I get finished." I jogged up the stairs, slammed the door and made my way to the bathroom. I told myself that I would not doodie in my pants again and dashed for the bathroom. I hated to be crude with my parents, but I had to go!

I got my pants and panties down, sat down on the toilet and situated myself just as the poop started to crown. My body shivered and everything happened involuntarily. When I finished defecating, I was high.

Maybe you have heard of poo-phoria. It's a real feeling of euphoria caused by a drop in blood pressure caused by a bowel movement. I was experiencing it. It felt so good! Not sexual, but just a good feeling. My heart was racing.

When the feeling, which may have lasted a minute, subsided, I looked in the toilet and saw a cucmber-shaped poop nearly 20 inches long and it had to be over two inches wide. It was chocolate brown in color and had a healthy, but not too strong, smell.

When I wiped, the paper was clear. I new it would be before I did. Somewhere during this time I must have urinated some, but did not even realize it, because the water had a yellow-ish color.

I wiped my vagina and through both wads of TP in the trash can, because I had to get a picture before I flushed this!

Before I got up, all these feelings of being blessed came over me. My life was turning around. I had a successful business, personal life, and now a wonderful relationship! The weekend was the best I had had in years! And, to end it, I had this incredible bowel movement.

Tears came to my eyes while on the toilet. I began crying. It lasted less than a minute and I regained composure.

Well, anyway, that's my story. Well, not all. The poop did not flush, so I had to take care of it with the plunger, but that was OK!

Would love to hear what you think! I wish that all bowel movements could be like that and that all of you could experience at least one like that in your lifetime!




1970s hotels

My dad told me a story about a hotel he stayed in during the 1970s when alot of budget hotels in the uk did not have ensuite rooms. It was after his evening meal he went upstairs to desperately have a poop. As he quicky sat on the toilet he could hear a group of business people walking past the toilet door talking. At that moment he released what he thought was going to be a poop but was infact a huge long loud fart. The people instantly stopped talking (probably in shock) and went back to their rooms. My dad found it very hard not to laugh and continued with what he had to do.
Anyone else have a similar story to share?

Hi everyone, I'm back home again for a visit and have managed to get time to do a post, I'm usually back every couple of weeks so I will do my best to post a bit more regularly.
So yesterday afternoon I met up with Katie, we went shopping and then we went back to hers, Lucy and Olivia were due to come over and we were planning to have a girly evening, this is the first weekend in ages we've all been able to catch up so I was really looking forward to it!! As we arrived at Katie's house I could feel a slight urge for a poo developing, I realised I probably ought to take care of it later that evening as I hadn't been since Wednesday and I didn't want my constipation to get any worse. Up in Katie's room we decided to try on the clothes we'd just bought while we were waiting for Lucy and Olivia to arrive from the station. I took off my tee-shirt so I was just in my bra and then Katie took her top off too, she was wearing a plain white bra similar to mine. As Katie unzipped her jeans I took off my skirt, I was wearing white pants which for a change weren't too tight, and then Katie pulled her jeans down to reveal her pink and blue flowery pants. Typically just at that moment the doorbell rang! I looked out of the window and said "Its Lucy and Olivia," Katie said, "I can't be bothered to get dressed, I'll just nip downstairs and let them in," and went out of the room just wearing her bra and pants. A few seconds later I heard the door open and close and then some loud giggling, shortly after Katie came back with Lucy and Olivia who were saying that they couldn't believe Katie had answered the door in her undies! I noticed Olivia was jiggling about, she said "I'm bursting for a wee, I held it in on the train but now I'm just about to wet my knickers!" She ran into Katie's ensuite, pulling down her black leggings and white pants and sat on the loo, and moaned loudly as a loud stream started up. Lucy said "Your not the only one whos desperate, hearing you go is making it even worse!!" Olivia was still weeing furiously, she said "Sorry, I'll be as fast as I can," and Lucy nodded, biting her lip. A few seconds later Olivia was done, she did a couple of farts and then wiped and pulled up her leggings and pants. As she was washing her hands Lucy quickly lifted her skirt, she was wearing some really tight yellow flowery pants which were stuck up her bum, and as she eased them down to her thighs I could see a damp patch where she must have let a spurt of wee go. It was now her turn to sit and moan as she started to wee a heavy stream which went on for ages! Back in Katie's room Olivia was joining in with trying on the clothes we'd bought, she's about the same size as us so everything fitted her. As Lucy's stream dribbled to a stop she took some paper and wiped her front before pulling up her pants and letting down her skirt. After a few minutes we got dressed again and went downstairs for something to eat, and then went back up to Katie's room with crisps and chocolate to watch a film. Katie said "I'm going to get ready for bed, I've eaten too much and these jeans are digging in me!" Katie started to take off her jeans so she could change into her nightie. By now I was starting to want a poo pretty urgently, I had to start clenching my bum to stop a log from poking out. I quickly undressed to my pants and then pulled on my nightie, I said "Sorry everyone, I'm gonna have to go for a poo before the film, I'm really desperate!" Lucy said "I think I'm gonna have to go before too long as well!" I went into Katie's ensuite, lifted my nightie, pulled down my pants and sat on the loo, I weed for a bit and relaxed my tightly clenched bum and felt the tip of my poo slowly emerging, I couldn't help moaning slightly as it felt so good! Back in the room Lucy was struggling with the zip on her skirt, she could only undo it half way meaning when she pulled it down the inevitable happened and her pants came down too, she had her back to me so I got an unexpected view of her bum!! She quickly pulled them back up and put her nightie on, and then came into the bathroom and sat on the floor. By now I could feel my poo was getting fatter so I was starting to push, I didn't hold back as I know Lucy and the others often have to strain when they're having a poo, so I wasn't worried about needing to grunt. To be honest I pretty much always end up grunting at least a bit every time I go for a poo, its just if I'm using the loo in public I do my best not to as its embarasing!! I was having one of those annoying poos that keeps going back up your bum when you stop bearing down, again from talking to my friends I know that they sometimes have the same problem. I told Lucy what was going on and she said her last couple of poos were like that too and not to worry if I needed to push really hard to get my poo to come as she would probably have to do the same when it was her turn. I took her advice and bore down hard, I went up on my toes and took a deep breath so I could do a really long and hard push and I kept it going for as long as I could, and when I couldn't keep it up any longer I did a loud grunt, took a deep breath and started to push again as soon as I could so that there was no way the log could get sucked back up my bum. Luckily after several massive pushes like that I could feel that the fattest part of my poo was out and I could relax a bit, I kept on pushing but with less force and soon I felt a huge fat log drop and make a massive plop as it hit the water, Lucy said "I bet that feels better!" and I nodded. She said, "Are you nearly done only I'm bursting for a poo now, I need to get on the loo!!" I said, "I'm almost done, I've just got a bit more to come," as I felt another log starting to poke out. Luckily this one only took a few gentle pushes for it to come out, as it plopped down into the bowl I felt empty. I said to Lucy "I'll wipe my bum standing up so you can get on the loo straight away," and she thanked me as she lifted her nightie and dropped her pants, I noticed she had a skidmark from where her poo must have been poking out, to be honest I get marks in my pants quite often too so I had every sympathy. I moved over as Lucy sat down and took some toilet paper, as I heard her having a wee I reached round behind myself and started to wipe my bottom, my poo was quite hard and dry so I only needed a couple of wipes and then I pulled up my pants and let down my nightie. By now Lucy had finished weeing and shortly after I realised she was starting to push, she said "I've got exactly the same problem as you, its a really fat poo and it keeps going back up my bum when I stop pushing, its really annoying!!" I said "Don't worry just grunt it out, you'll feel loads better when you've done it!" Lucy nodded as she did a really hard push, she went red in the face which again is not unusual for us so it didn't really bother me, I knew I must have gone really red when I was going too! After a few more minutes of straining she said "Its almost out," and sure enough a few seconds later there was a splash as her log dropped into the bowl, and she moaned with relief. "Right, I'm almost there, I just need to do a bit more," she panted as her belly tensed and she started to push again. Luckily she didn't have to strain for too long, shortly after I heard another log plopping into the bowl. "Right, I'm done now," she said, as she took some toilet paper and stood up to wipe her bottom. When she'd finished wiping she pulled up her pants and let down her nightie, she flushed and washed her hands and we went back into the bedroom to watch the film. I hope you enjoyed this story, will post again when I can, bye for now!!

At the weekend I was one of a couple of people representing local libraries at an event at our local community centre, which involved manning the stall we had set up and handing out leaflets etc. At one point after lunch I was alone as the other person (not Lis, but a woman from another library nearby) had gone off to attend a couple of the events that were being put on. I had eaten, and I started to want a poo as time passed. I couldn't leave the stall unattended though, so I needed to wait until she returned and freed me up to spend a bit of necessary time in the ladies loos.

After about 20 minutes I was starting to get uncomfortable- my poo was well on its way to the exit and making its presence known, and I also had to release a couple of farts when nobody was around! I wasn't desperate just yet, but I had a strong need for a poo and I was hoping my partner would return before things got urgent. Some more time passed and I was getting more and more uncomfortable, and more and more in need of relief. Luckily after almost an hour, my partner returned from the event she had been helping at. I asked her to take over for a bit because I needed the loo, and went to find them.

I found the loos and joined the short queue that was sadly forming- there were three cubicles, occupied, and three waiting, two middle aged women and a girl of about 12, who I stood behind. One of the loos opened up right away and one of the women went in and started to have a wee. I hoped the others would become available as quickly because I needed to sit down myself! After a minute the woman who had gone in finished and came out, being replaced by the other woman, leaving just the girl in front of me. All of the occupants of the cubicles seemed to be having poos- I heard a few plops from the new entrant, and nothing much from the others. The 12-year old girl in front of me seemed like she also wanted to make a poo from how she was acting.

A few minutes passed as we both waited for our turns to take a seat and release our poos. I was trying not to show my urgency now, but with my poo pressing on my anus that was easier said than done! After a little longer one of the other women came out, and the girl went in. I heard her sit down and she started to let out a string of half a dozen plops. Luckily, it wasn't long before the other woman came out, and I was able to replace her, pulling down my skirt and pink knickers and sitting. Very quickly a soft turd came crackling out of me and made a plop in the water as I started to feel some relief. I released another log as the girl did the same. I saw she had her jeans and blue knickers at her feet. I farted too, and started to do a wee as I worked on another turd. The other woman finished and flushed then, as I dropped my third log. Another one came out over the next minute or so. The girl released one final piece and then she too finished and left. I released one more, and then I was done. I wiped front and back, pulled up my skirt, and flushed, walking out feeling much better!

Hi Nicole! Glad you liked my stories in the past. I think I first started posting here in 1997 or 1998. I AM still constipated more often than not. I almost always have to take something to have a bowel movement of any kind. Usually, that means a Dulcolax suppository or Dulcolax tablets. At times, that has also meant an enema. None of this is fun, but you have to do what you have to do to get the poop out.

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