Code Brown

This is my first time posting (and my first time with an accident) so bear with me.
I am a nursing student, and as part of our program, I have to do placements at a hospital in a semester based time frame. That being said, I work almost the same shifts as most nurses minus the pay (which kind of sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do). So about a month ago I arrived at my placement at 8, and I felt a minor cramp which I thought were due to my monthly female functions. As my day went on, I realized it wasn't. Unfortunately a couple other students were unable to make it due to being sick, meaning I had to work a few more rotations that I use to.
The hospital was a bit busier too than normal, so I felt like I couldn't excuse myself. After about a couple hours, I had a 5 minute interval, so I was went into the washroom, but the stalls were both taken. After waiting a couple minutes, I gave up since I wouldn't have enough time.
So about three and a half hours into my shift, I was dealing with a bedridden patient and the cramps were really bad at this point. I had to do the routine, clean up a wound, get the bedpan under the patient, and so forth. That bedpan looked super tempting at this point, but I had half an hour until I get a break. After I finished up, I turned around to put things away, and as I was reaching the door my supervisor walked in to ask a few routine questions.
I answered them just fine while trying to be discreet about my needs. There was one big urge near the end, but I managed to hold it in. I turned to pick up the things I need to put away, when the cramp came back stronger than ever and a log slipped out. I felt it cradle in my striped bikini panties under my scrubs. I thought I heard a crackle but no one in the room noticed. I tried to get out as soon as possible but another cramp struck and this time some mushier poo came out. I froze and I think my reaction caught their attention and I couldn't hold back anything else at all. I pooped myself in front of my supervisor and patient.
They couldn't quite tell what was going on, but the smell soon gave it away. I tried to excuse myself, but the supervisor stopped me before I could go out. She knew exactly what I just did, and let me tell you that there is no fooling anyone about what I just did, let alone a seasoned nurse. She apologized to the patient, and asked me to go clean myself up in the patients personal washroom, and to come out after.
When I stepped in I was relieved that none of it had gotten on my scrubs. So there was no telling what had happened. My panties were another story. I dumped out the load, and tried to clean it best as I can, but mushy poo doesn't really come off easy. And leaves a pretty bad stain. I couldn't go commando either due to my period. I peeked outside and my supervisor was still there, and I explained to her my problem.
Her solution was to use "alternative protection". I didn't get it at first, but this being a hospital meant that they had some diapers rolling around... I wanted to say no, but I was in no situation to say anything.
Fortunately for me they had some that were a bit more discreet for someone my size (not very big since I'm your typical Asian), and were unnoticeable underneath the scrubs. My supervisor apologized again to the patient, and I did too, luckily she was a total sweetheart. And made a light joke about it. My supervisor asked that this accident be kept silent for my sake, and that next time I should prioritize anything that might lead to "unhygienic conditions".
So all in all... It sucked that I had my first poop accident at 20. But I was lucky that my supervisor and patient were both really supportive about what happened. The patient even gave me a little joking smirk when I saw her. I was also lucky that my scrubs were clean, since I would've had to buy another pair (student budget). And really lucky that I had the protection I did for my way home. But that is a story for another time. ;)


Parents scaring kids about using public toilets

Of interest to Nathan and Siford: Last summer at our all-state carnival or fair, I heard a mother in the stall next to me require her daughter to spend like 5 or 6 minutes papering the toilet seat before sitting on it. Finally, the girl got it right and her mom let her sit down. Then the mom started criticizing the girl for moving off the toilet paper. The girl both poo-ed and weed and while she did her mom was lecturing her to think ahead or always making sure she went before they left their house. The mom took the stall once the daughter finished and when the mom caught up with the girl while we were at the sinks washing our hands, there was more nagging and statements about being smart and avoiding public bathrooms whenever possible. The girl was starting 1st grade the next week.

Embarassed Mom

Gas Station Incident

I am a married 29 year old woman with a 7 year old son and I had a mortifying incident the other day.

The three of us had stopped at a gas station last weekend and I excused myself to the bathroom as soon as we walked in because I'd needed to go for a while.

This gas station didn't have a men and women's room, instead it just had two single bathrooms at the back of the store. I went into the open one, closed and locked the door behind me, and went to sit on the toilet.

Apparently the door was broken and hadn't closed properly despite how hard I pushed it, so the lock hadn't actually locked it. I found this out a minute later when my son opened the door and took one step before freezing. He must've thought I'd been in the occupied one and that this one was still empty.

Luckily for me the toilet was sideways from the door, so he didn't see anything. But he was so embarrassed he ran away and left the door wide open. Fortunately, my husband was nearby and heard me yell in surprise and closed the door, but he had to lean in to grab the door so he saw me too.

I was so embarrassed! I've never gone in front of my husband and I stopped taking my son with me when he was five, so you can imagine how horrified I was when they both saw me on the toilet. They must've felt the same cause none of us talked for the rest of the drive. I'm not mad at my son for it, but I'm definitely making sure the door is locked from now on!

just another girl
I posted this as "anonymous" a few pages back, but thought that I'd tell it again and add a bit more detail and make it more interesting! Here goes...

It all started the day after Easter, when I started to feel a little sick after eating some of the leftover food for lunch. I didn't think much of it at the time, but as the time went on it became steadily worse until I knew that I was going to vomit. I don't enjoy that, because it feels uncomfortable and leaves a bad taste in the mouth, and because it often smells horrible, so I tried to swallow it and hoped that my stomach would eventually settle. It didn't; a few minutes later everything came back up...and it was absolutely awful.

By that evening, much to my delight, the nausea had dissipated, and I thought that it was over, but as I was sitting in bed reading, I got a horrible full and crampy feeling lower down, and then I suddenly felt as though I had to go to the toilet quite urgently. I got up, went into the bathroom, and sat, and immediately let out a big squirt of diarrhoea. It was such a relief to get rid of it, but at the same time it was very nasty. Not long afterwards, once I'd gone back to bed, I felt another cramp starting and had to dash to the bathroom again. This time it was much worse because it came and kept on coming for about five minutes. When it finished, I felt shaky and sick and slightly lightheaded; I wasn't well at all. I couldn't sleep properly because my stomach was very painful, and I ended up having to go to the bathroom about six more times during the night.

The next morning it had subsided, but it took a while for me to feel completely better. I don't know what caused it - whether it was something that I'd eaten or whether I'd picked up a virus without knowing it - but it was one of the worst things that have happened to me this year. Being sick isn't much fun at all...


Just another poop in the park

Today I was driving past the park near my house and I knew I really had to take a crap. I could feel the rumbling in my gut. I parked near the public restroom with the doorless stalls and went in. I walked past the row of toilets, and saw there was an older guy, probably in his 50's, seated on the 3rd toilet, with his shorts at his ankles and his white briefs down around his calves. I could read that his underwear said Polo around the waistband. He looked like he was texting or reading on his phone. I backed up and went into the stall next to his because the first one was clogged.

I saw the seat was clean and dry so I just undid my belt and dropped my pants down to my ankles as well. I pulled down my briefs to my calves and sat down. Usually I wear colored briefs, so it was unusual for both of us to be wearing tighty whities in there. Mine were old school JC Penney Stafford low rise briefs.

I really had to go and I dumped a lot of crap into the bowl. It was one of those that you can actually feel it moving out of your lower intestine and burst out into the toilet. It was a fantastic feeling, being emptied out. The guy in the neighboring stall had already started cleaning up.

I grabbed paper and lifted my cock and balls out of the way and started wiping from between my legs. Not too much left on the paper. The guy in the next stall had flushed and was washing up. I stood up and grabbed more paper and wiped from behind, turning slightly towards the paper dispenser. I wiped a few times. On the last wipe, the guy at the sink turned around and walked by my stall. He got a good view of me cleaning the last bit of poop off of my butt. Not much of an experience, but I enjoyed it.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Megan it sounds like that woman had a good poop and I wouldnt be surprised if she didnt get splashed while hovering and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Jry: How many people poop at once?

Your paragraph about thousands or millions of people pooping at once struck a chord with me; I had thought about that many times while sitting on the toilet. Here is the way I have done the math: Let's say that, on average, human beings poop once a day (we both know that it varies from day to day and from person to person, but once a day is a credible estimate). If there are 7.2 billion of us, then, dividing by 24, we get 300,000,000 poops per hour. Let's say it takes the average person about 3 minutes to get the poop out, which is 1/20 of an hour; so while you or I am pooping, 15,000,000 other people are also in process, either starting to poop, in the middle of getting it out, or just finishing up (again, some people are quicker, while others take longer, but 3 minutes is a credible average). If we go minute by minute, we find that, every minute, 5,000,000 people are starting to poop. Thinking of weight: If the average output is 8 ounces of poop per person per day (again, it varies considerably), then 7.2 billion times half a pound makes 3.6 billion pounds of poop, or 1.8 million tons of human poop per day. Dividing that out by time, it works out to 1,250 tons per minute. Where does it all go? Some into toilets, with either septic tanks or sewage systems to handle it; some into outhouses; some just directly into the environment, with disease as a consequence. There are millions, even billions, of people in this world with no clean toilet facilities, one of the great needs of our time.

Hi, sorry I haven't written for a long time, but now that school is over I'll have more time. Today I have two stories, one about my poop yesterday and one about my bff and softball teammate Megan.

First, a reminder about me..I'm 14, just finished 8th grade. I'm 5'5 and 145 with brown hair and eyes. I play softball and volleyball. I eat alot most of the time so therefore my poops are usually really big, often clogging the toilet, much to my mom's dismay..haha.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon it was gloomy and cool outside so I spent it in the house. I was playing games on my phone when I started farting alot. After several minutes I got the familiar pressure and urge to poop. So I take my phone with me in to the bathroom (which I always do). I lower my shorts and panties to the floor and sit my big butt on the seat. Immediately I let a couple silent farts then a loud booming one...haha. I knew my poop was coming and it felt like alot. I pushed and my first turd felt thick and it was long...touching the bottom of the bowl before breaking off. It dropped with a plop. I waited for a minute then farted again. The rest of my poop came out one after another,plop plop plop plip plop. I sat for a couple minutes making sure I was done.I got up and looked at my work.... A long thick turd around 8-10 inches circling the bowl, then 3 medium sized turds probably 5 inches or so laying across the middle and a small piece that probably broke off one of the other turds. I flushed first, then wiped. Didn't need to unclog the toilet

my second story is about my friend Megan. I've known here since we were 8. We play softball and go to school together. She's got dark blond hair and is 5'4 and around the same weight and build as me. Btw, to the person who asked awhile ago about my sports friends..of the ones I know of we all have big poops and sometimes will go before a game or practice.

So anyway I was sleeping over at Megan's last weekend and when we got up the next morning she said she had to poop really bad. She is lucky and has her own bathroom attached to her room. I was playing on my phone on her bed when she went in there. She left the door open so we could talk as she pooped. Eventually she told me to come in and sit on the bathtub since we've seen each other several times before. She farted only a couple times but I could hear several plops, she looked down a few times as she pooped commenting on her turds...haha. Finally she was done and said "wanna see" she got up and I looked in the bowl...She had 6-7 medium sized turds..some floating and a couple sinking to the bottom. I'd say the longest was 6-7 inches the rest 4-5 inches...sandy brown in color like mine. Like me she flushed and wiped to prevent a clog.

I really enjoy reading stories from girls my age, especially Hayley C. and Chloe B. That's all for now. Hope you liked my stories


Brittany a.

bad accident at boyfriends place

ugh, the title says it all. I had a horrible accident yesterday at my boyfriends place, so mortifying... I went to a bridal shower early, then around 2:30 my bf picked me up. We were on our way to his apartment when I started getting horrible cramps and I needed to poop really really bad after a few minutes. It must have been because I ate so much at the brunch and I never really eat a lot so early in the day. But I legit had to poop so bad that I was almost panicking in my head about not making it. I took a deep breath and held on tight, and I convinced myself I was gonna make it no problem. We continued driving as I held on for dear life and we finally got to his apartment. when I got out of the car it was the worst feeling was like everything just "dropped" inside of me to the point where it was ready to come out, and I got a really intense cramp. I stood there frozen still, ass clenched tight and I had a pained expression on my face and I might have groaned out loud. I stood there just waiting for the cramp to pass and praying that it wasn't the end of the line. Then something happened. A wet, bubbly fart squeaked out from between my clenched cheeks, followed quickly by two smaller farts. It was enough to release enough pressure so I could move again, but also all the evidence my bf needed to know I had a major shit storm brewing and was in danger of it making landfall in my undies.

As I waddled toward the apartment, a few more wet, rapid fire farts bubbled out, causing my face to burn red with embarassment. To make matters worse, my bf giggled and said it sounded like a duck was quacking. I made it all the way up the steps and to his front door and waited for him to unlock it, I rushed inside and to the bathroom, and as I was just reaching the bathroom door, another wet fart bubbled out...except this one didn't stop with just a fart...squishy poop started filling my panties. I barely got all the way into the bathroom, when with one big burst, a monstrous blob of poop then just exploded into my panties. They filled up immediately and as I continued to poop it started coming out of the leg holes of my panties and running down my legs...I completely shit myself right inside his bathroom. My panties were these light purple lacy ones that did absolutely nothing to contain the mess so it was all over my butt and all down my legs. I was so shocked and overwhelmed that I just started crying. I heard my bf outside the bathroom ask me what was wrong, and I just told him quickly between sobs that I "didn't make it". He asked if I needed anything and I just asked if I could use his shower and he said it was ok. it was so embarrassing to have that happen at my boyfriend's place, but I'm thankful i at least got into the bathroom. It would have been 100x more embarrassing if we were still in the car when I had an accident, or right in front of him just when I got out of the car and almost lost it. Then he would have had to see the mess and it would have been awful. But was pretty bad!

Anyway that's my latest and probably most embarrassing accident. It's not the first time I've pooped my pants either. More to come later :)



Hi, everyone! I'm back! School is coming to a close, and I never thought that this would happen to me. So, I woke up, about a week ago, and we dove into our daily routine. The only class Kate and I share is PE, which was extremely lucky. I didn't know what I'd do if Kate wasn't there. So, we met in the changing room (like always), and I pulled on my shorts and shirt. We were shooting baskets when a pain hit me. Uh-oh. I was on my period. I gestured to Kate, who came over. By now, The period came. Kate hustled me to the locker rooms, and She gave me a pad. Thank God! Also, I recommended this site to my friend. Expect to see a Kitty Cammie around.

Bill F

Two stories

Hey guys, I'm back! I believe the last post I made was in January, so it's been quite a while. I have a bunch of new stories to share, but I can't do them all at once. I'll share my two most recent, though.
Anyways, I don't have much time to write, so let's get right down to my shorter story.

I was at a Boston Pizza for dinner with a few friends from university. I was the only one under the drinking age, so naturally I ordered a Pepsi while everyone else started their round of beers. By the time we ordered our pizza, I was already done my first glass of Pepsi, and asked for another one.

By the time our Pizza got here, I was halfway through my third glass, and the need to pee came on really strong. So I excused myself and found the washroom. It only had two urinals, and there was already a guy at one of them. So I took the other one, but couldn't get started. I seem to have a problem getting my pee started when there are other people around that I don't know, and when it's really quiet. I'm sure a lot of other guys have the same problem. Anyways, I ended up just standing there awkwardly, pretending to pee, waiting until the other guy finished up.

Finally, he finished and went to wash his hands, letting me get started. However, immediately after he left, the door opened again. Once I get started peeing I'm fine, so I wasn't too worried about having to stop or whatever. But I was surprised to see that it was a little girl that opened the door. She looked to be about 4 years old. She ran into the middle of the washroom, holding her stomach. She cut a fairly bubbly fart, and said "Daddy, my ???? hurts..." At which point her dad came in and led her into a stall.

I was about halfway through my pee at this point. I could faintly hear the pulling down of pants, and her plonking herself on the toilet seat. I could soon hear the tinkling of her pee in the water over mine against the urinal. We both finished peeing at about the same time (I could tell her main need wasn't pee) and then she cut a few short, but loud farts, followed by giggling. Then I heard the sound of toilet paper from the stall. Her dad asked her "Just gas?" She said "I think so." I heard the toilet flush, and they both came out of the stall. I was done as well, so I zipped up and washed my hands with them.

Her dad said to me "Sorry you had to hear all of that." I told him "No worries, better safe than sorry, right?" He nodded in agreement, and I left the washroom to find that our pizza was here. I ended up scarfing down about five slices. I would have had more, but by that point the pizza was gone. I decided to use the washroom again before we left, to be on the safe side. When I got in, however, both stalls and urinals were already occupied. I awkwardly waited until a stall finally opened.

I decided I would try for a poop as well, since I had a stall. I sat down, and started my pee. Much easier this time, since there was a lot of noise. Over all the noise, I heard the door creak open and a familiar voice yelling "Hurry, daddy!" It was the little girl from before. Her dad came in again and sighed after finding out everything was occupied. He told her "You'll just have to wait a while honey, everything's taken." The girl whimpered, and said "But I hafta poop..." At this point, I was almost done peeing, and I could see that both urinals were empty.

Just as I was finishing my pee, I heard the girl burp, and it was a pretty sizable one for someone her age. She said "Excuse me" and started laughing, seemingly forgetting that she had to poop. However, in the middle of laughing, she cut a short, but very loud fart that quickly made her tense back up again, and she went back to whimpering. "Daddy, I can't hold it much longer..." Her dad said "Well, there's nothing I can do until one of the stalls opens up."

By this point, I had started trying to poop, when I heard the girl's whimpering get even worse. "Daddy, my ???? hurts so much..." Her dad said "I know, honey, just keep trying your best..." "I can't hold it!" And then I heard the girl cut another fart, just as loud, but this time much longer, and she started to cry. Meanwhile, from the other stall, I could hear toilet paper being rolled, but I don't think the girl or her dad heard it over her farting and crying. She said "It's coming daddy... I can't stop it!" At which point her long fart finally died down. Then we all heard the toilet flush.

The girl rushed in to the stall as soon as the door opened. After the man coming out apologized for taking so long, the girl's dad went in with her. I could see under the partition that her pants were already at her ankles. She turned around, and her panties dropped as well. I noticed that they had a design from Frozen on them (I never understood themed underwear, but whatever). I also noticed that they had a very large skidmark on them and a medium sized turd in them as well. She finally sat down and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

I quickly heard a barrage of farts, crackling and plops coming from the other stall, while I was still struggling with my poop, which was much harder to get out. The girl's dad told her "There's no way we can save your underwear honey, we have to throw them out." She started sobbing, probably both from stomach pains and losing her favourite pair, but quickly stopped and just said "Ok." Her dad then said "Are you ok to stay in here for a minute while daddy goes pee?" She said yes, and he left the stall to use the urinal. Between her poop and mine, (mostly her's) the washroom was really starting to smell.

The farting and plops from the other stall stopped, and I heard her start to pee. Meanwhile, I was almost finished my poop and her dad was finished peeing as well. He went back to her stall to throw the girl's panties out. While he was tossing them out, I heard the girl burp again, this time even louder than before, than she said "I don't feel so good... I think I'm going to throw up..." Her dad rushed back to the stall, and said "Try to throw up between your legs, into the toilet." But then the girl said "False alarm, just a burp".

I started rolling some toilet paper when the girl said "I think I'm done now." Her dad said "Are you sure? We don't want you having an accident in the car." The girl said "Wait," while grunting. I heard a couple more farts, and then another plop, and she said "I'm done now. My ???? still hurts a little bit, but I know that it's just farts." They wiped, and then left the stall. The girl said "Aren't we going to flush?" Her dad said "That would never go down."

They washed their hands while I flushed the toilet. The girl farted one more time and said "See? Just farts. I feel much better now!" Her dad said "Maybe you should cut back on the pizza next time. It's too greasy and gives you stomach problems every time." The girl replied "Good idea. We'll try Mexican next time!" The girl laughed, while her dad sighed. (I could only imagine what Mexican would do) And they left. I exited the stall to an empty washroom. Out of curiosity, I went into the other stall to see what the girl left behind, and found an even mix of about five medium turds, one large one, and a large amount of poop nuggets, as well as a little bit of poop on the floor. Despite all my experiences from when I was young, I was still baffled that such a tiny girl could poop this much. I also checked the trash can and found the soiled panties, with even more poop in them. I washed my hands and left.

I went back to my table, and saw that everyone was pretty much ready to go. I thought I was gone for half an hour, but was actually only about ten minutes. Weird things always seem to slow time down... We all left, with me as the designated driver of course, and my only thought was wondering how much pizza that girl could have possibly eaten? Who knows...

Well, looks like the time got the better of me again, and this "short" story dragged on way longer than I expected... How typical of me. I don't have enough time (or probably even space) to write the other story, so it will have to wait for another time... So sorry!

See ya next time!


memorable memorial moment

For memorial day weekend me and one of my girlfriends took my kids, her kid and her sisters two kids to the beach. We're both single mom's and our apartments are nextdoor so we basically unofficially parent our kids together lol. Anyway so we're all very close, and it's a good thing we are because I did something super gross and embarassing in front of all of them....

On the way home from the beach my stomach really hurt. It was only a 2 hour ride home and we were already a good ways in, so I really just wanted to hold it in and wait til I got home (bathroom stops aren't easy with groups of young kids!) but i had to go so bad that it was starting to become an emergency. I quietly suffered with my dilemma and concentrated on holding it in, while also keeping an eye on the signs for a place to pull over... my stomach rumbled and I felt a bubble of pressure build in my butt, and I moaned and had to put my hands on my stomach. My friend who was driving goes "smatter jack?" I just ignored her and stared straight forward and focused on holding my poop. I felt like any movement would make me lose control, even talking. It was far and away the worst I ever needed to poop in my whole entire life...

That's why I had to get real with the fam... I had to at least be honest and give everyone a heads up to the stinky misery that was about to mar our road trip. after I felt like I had "the grip" under control enough so that I could speak, I finally answered my friend while also speaking loud enough to address the kids... "OK GUYS, well, I'm really sorry, but mommy Jackie has a bad ???? ache...and well I know I'm not gonna make it and it really I'm really sorry.." my friend just goes "what?" And looks at me like she has no idea what I'm saying, but it didn't matter because it was at that moment that I had to let go, I just couldn't hold it anymore. A thick, soft turd slowly forced it's way between my cheeks, pressing the fabric of my damp bathing suit out and against the car seat and flattening under my butt. After that more soft poop piled on but it came out a lot quicker and made some noise, and that's when it hit everyone that I was sitting there crapping my bathing suit in the car.
The relief I felt was amazing, and for the first few seconds it was all that mattered. It was a euphoric feeling to finally relieve myself because I had needed to go so bad, I didn't even think about that I was having an accident and I'm a 29 year old mom with kids in the car. by the time I was done messing my pants I snapped back into reality. the euphoric feelings of relief were replaced by the hot, sticky feeling of a heavy load smooshed all over my butt and my thighs, an overpoweringly strong smell of poop, the sound of children freaking out with shock and amusement, and that's when the trauma sets in. I just felt this like cloud of shame overcome me and I felt like super vulnerable or something lol I don't know how to describe it. If you pooped your pants in front of someone then you know lol. I didn't even know what to do so I just cried out "oh I'm sorry!" And sat there wishing I could wake up from a nightmare. Even if that meant I would wake up to find I'd really pooped my panties in bed lol that wouldn't be as bad. But unfortunately it was all too real so I decided it wasnt worth being upset about...they were all little kids and my best friend, I figured if anyone was gonna laugh with me about it it would be them. So I welcomed the hilarious and very direct comments the kids had to make about my accident and we just laughed about it made it less horrible, but I was still dying to get home.

We finally got to the house and I went straight to the master bathroom. the squishiness of it when I walked felt really funny. Just an interesting sensation to experience at this age lol... I got into the bathroom and now had the dilemma of figuring out how to go about the cleanup. I was wearing a 1 piece bathing suit..all black with like a lacy black outer layer around the bottom. The load was big so I could feel it had filled the entire seat up and was going up my back. Some had even come out of my bathing suit between my legs and on my right butt cheek, luckily I was sitting on a towel in the car because I had a damp bathing suit on... I wound up getting into the tub with it still on and carefully peeling it off in the shower, and just rinsed it off in there as I rinsed my self off. Poop everywhere.... my god its a good thing Ive been raising kids the past 7 years so I've dealt with a couple giant poop disaster cleanups by now, but it was humbling seeing such a big mess that I made. Anyway, that's my poop accident story. So you are totally right, Tara. We'll all get there!


Hiking with family

This is embarassing but here goes. I'm 22 and am on vacation with my mom and dad and my boyfriend visiting family in the mountains. We went out yesterday to hike to this waterfall and cave thing, along with my 21 yr old cousin Melissa and my aunt/her mom. It's a long hike to get out there and we'd been drinking water all day and stuff and we hung out for a while once we got there before we started hiking back to the cars. I had to pee pretty bad but with everyone around I couldn't just drop trow and pee behind a bush and I figured I could wait until we got back to their house.

Our family likes to joke a lot and we were joking around about things and laughing and that made it worse. Then my dad said something funny and my aunt said something and everyone was joking and laughing and I had to stop and grab myself and cross my legs and bend over and that made everyone laugh harder and my cousin did the same and I laughed more and then felt some pee come out and yelled, "I'm gonna pee my pants!" and that made everyone laugh more and suddenly I knew I couldn't hold it and I just uncrossed my legs and stood there and looked down and watched as I completely and totally peed my jeans in front of everyone, laughing the whole time and yelling, "I'm peeing! I'm peeing!". My cousin shrieked as I peed and squatted down cross legged and said, "Me too!"

It was all hilarious to everyone but I felt beet red with embarassment also, soaking my jeans like a little girl in front my my family and boyfriend. After everyone calmed down a little my cousin stood up and while you could barely see any wetness on the front of her jeans, her butt and upper thighs had a big round wet spot like a dinner plate and she had also peed on the bottom of her jeans and shoes where she was squatting over them. My mom then admitted that she had peed a little, too, and showed a small wet spot like a tennis ball on the crotch of her jeans. To help me and my cousin feel better everyone talked about various other accidents they had had in life. At least my mom has given birth a few times so she has a little bit of an excuse!

So that's how three of us peed ourselves laughing at one time in front of our whole family. We had to walk back the rest of the trail in very obviously peed jeans even past some other hikers who gave me looks and I could hear them whispering. Then we had to find plastic grocery bags in my aunts car and a towel so we could sit on them without ruining the seats. At least everyone was really nice about it and not mean and my boyfriend just thought it was funny and wasn't repulsed by me.

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