Hayley C
Hey all. I had a pretty good dump tonight I want to share with you all. I was just doing a bit of homework when I felt the urge. I went to the bathroom, took off my pants and undies, and sat down. I peed for at least a minute then grabbed my magazine. I read for a while and farted a few times. I could feel a pressure in my stomach and I knew my body was ready to poop, just not right this second. I kept reading and let my body take its time.

Eventually, the turd crowned. It was very thick and stretched my butthole wide. It wasn't very long though and it break off, falling into the toilet and making a fairly loud splash. Once I had started pooping, it all came out very quickly. I let out four more turds about that same length, but not nearly as thick.

I blasted a long loud fart as a very long but thin turd wormed its way out. When it ended, I farted again. That one was long too, but silent. What followed was a medium-length kind of thick turd. About thirty seconds later, a turd that could have been its twin came out.

After sitting for another few minutes, I felt like I had a bit more poop in me, so I bore down and pushed and a turd emerged. It felt somewhat thick and it grew pretty long too. I finished up with three more short turds.

I stood up to look at my productions before wiping. I saw one really long turd shaped like a U, and a shorter one which looked mostly like a straight line. It curved a small bit at one end though. Throughout the bowl was another ten or so small, short turds. A few of them were floating, but most were sinkers. I sat back down, wiped my butt thoroughly and then flushed. When I examined again, I saw most of my poop had gone down. A second flush cleared the leftovers.

Well, that's my story. Hope you enjoyed it. Bye.

Hello to everyone. It was good to see Brent C. posting and it motivated me to saying hello also. I discovered this site when it had about 50 pages and used to post frequently. I still read it every week. I still have constipation issues and use suppositories and enemas for relief. This has always been a guy thing with me. Not modest and have never minded sharing the bathroom with a buddy. Miss posts from Carlos, Drew,Fernando, Aaron, Harry, Keith, Daniel (UK),Jacob G. I like the new posts from Dominic, Charlie, Tyler, Gary (& Luke),PR, Dude in Distress, Zip. Enjoy all of your stories. Keep Posting! PS waiting for a couple of glycerin suppositories to work right now!)


Reply & Experience

Jry: Yeah, I have always really gone up on my toes. I never really thought about it that much. I kind of lean forward a lot or sit with my legs closer together though, where I know a lot of guys kind of spread their legs wide and stuff. I think the reason for the louder noises is that it positions your bum closer over the toilet water, so that's why it makes the plops louder.

As for the roommate thing, yeah, of course there's been times i've needed a poo while he's there, but my body locks up normally and even if I went in and sat on the toilet, very little would even come out. I've never once been so desperate while he's there that I was close to an accident.

Had my first public experience since my last post yesterday. I had been at work all day since 8am and hadn't had the urge to go in the morning, so by the time it hit 5 I was beginning to feel a dull cramping. As I was heading home, a friend of mine called me, so I went to the nearby pub to meet him. While we were sitting there catching up I could feel it getting worse, and it was hard not to let farts out.

When he left, I stayed sitting for a bit for.. obvious reasons. Hesitantly, I made my way towards the toilets and walked in. There were three cubicles, one occupied, and a guy peeing. Instinctively I walked quickly without looking at him and went into the middle cubicle. Normally i would take the first, but it had pee all over it and I wanted to get in a cubicle quickly.

He started the hand dryer as I wiped the seat and sat down, sighing a bit. He left, and the bathroom was dead silent. I began peeing first, which lasted for about a full minute and echoed FAR too loudly. Then all was quiet for a little bit. I listened for a sound from my neighbour, but there was nothing. I shifted a bit and started trying to push to help me relax.

Eventually, a bit started to come out, and a tiny chunk tapered off and fell into the toilet with, again, a really loud echoing plop. The rest of it stopped when I heard how loud it was. I stayed there pushing a bit for another minute or so, before the door opened. A fairly young voice called out "hurry up and finish, we're going!" and I heard an even younger voice call back "go away!" The voice laughed and shut the door again.

I think this must have broke the ice for him, because after that, I started hearing him occasionally letting out the odd panting breath or strained grunt. This went on for a few minutes, and then I suddenly heard a few really quiet "ah, ah, ah" sounds and a MASSIVE splash. He sighed in relief. Upon hearing that, I started to relax a bit, and before I knew it, I had dropped several loud plops myself. I heard him wiping and then he hurriedly flushed and exited. I saw him walking past my cubicle through the crack and he was about 16 in a school uniform.

It must be embarrassing to have to excuse yourself to the toilet when you're around your friends, especially to have them make comments on it making it obvious what you're doing. It was nice to know that i'm not the only person that tries not to make noises when someone else is in the bathroom.

So I had a bit of holding contest with myself yesterday. I drank a full 20-ounce bottle of water every hour and just timed how long I could hold it. The first hour I had no urges at all. At about 90 minutes, I was feeling a small urge. By 2 hours, 15 minutes, having drank 3 bottles of water (almost 1800 mL), I was beginning to have to go quite badly. Another fifteen minutes later, and I was holding my crotch a lot. At the three hour mark, my need was incredibly intense. Drinking that bottle was like torture.

My previous best hold under these rules was 3 hours, 23 minutes. I really really wanted to beat that, so I continued squirming and holding. And there was a lot of literal holding. My hands were pretty much permanently in my crotch. Watching the clock turned out to be a huge mistake, as every minute seemed to take an eternity.

At 3 hours 19 minutes, I felt a tiny spurt but I was able to clamp down and not go anymore than that. I don't consider that losing the challenge. Finally, I had made it to 3 hours, 25 minutes. I knew I'd never make it to the bathroom, so I just went there on my hardwood floor, then I mopped up afterwards.

If I keep improving my hold, maybe someday I'll make it to four hours. Although at that point, I doubt I could manage to drink the water. The bottle at 3 hours is terrible enough.


Hi Ya'll

Something diferent happened to me concerning pooing that never happened before. My bum felt a bit sore after the movement, even during sitting! That has since wore off, and I'm doing well btw. Fyi, I wasn't straining, and I don't have hemeroids. I guess sitting a lot can cause a sore bum. Today I listened to Goodbye To a River by Don Henley. I think he's so cute, that I'd want to kiss him if I met him lol! I sometimes dream Don Henley is singing me to sleep in person. Earlier this week, a big poo clogged the toilet. Mom had to use the plunger to force it down. Once after eating onions with a meal the day before, the next day's poop smelled of rotten onions. My farts smelled like it too.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


my 2 poos at the pub ..

So on Friday my hubs, my best mate Alana and her partner Mick all went out for an afternoon down our local pub.
The plan was to have a meal and drinks after.
now, i am on my period at the mo and it always plays havoc with my bowels,
We arrived and i needed a poo so the lads got us our table and Alana and I went to the loos.
i told her i needed a poo and she needed a wee so in we went and we took our cubicles.
pulling down my tight black trousers & black knockers, i sat down and immediately let out my plops, 8 of them in quick succession very loud and very smelly. I changed my maxi pad whilst plopping,
i wiped 9 times and flushed leaving skidmarks as per usual. Alana meanwhile had had her wee and washed her hands and was waiting for me.
i sprayed my perfume, fixed my long brunette hair that i had styled in curls, & washed my hands & back we went to the guys.
Ordering our food, getting our food and eating it, laughing and gossiping, after desert, I was desperate for another poo.
Fidgeting in my chair, i tried to ignore it but hubby knew and told me to go and have another poo.
as i got up hubs massaged my huge butt and maxi pad and off i went this time on my own.

This time i had a bit of trouble!
I plopped out 2 initially but that obviously wasn't it, i had to strain a bit to get the others out but they took their time, so i pushed and 3 more came out then suddenly a loud wet fart and then 5 more fell out again this time in quick succession.
I wiped 6 times and flushed and after doing the usual routine, went back to the others,
A great time was had!



poo at the gym

Today I was at the gym in the morning and I needed a number two after my workout, which turned out to be a really big poo. When I was done exercising, I went straight through the locker room into the washrooms. A girl named Ellie entered just before me. I have seen her work out many times and we have chatted a few times as well. She is very nice and like me a fairly curvy blonde, just a bit taller.

On a side note, we both have big boobs and sometimes I am uncomfortable at the gym when I feel people stare at them. The worst part is that sometimes my nipples stand out through my sports bra and shirt and I feel it just advertises them a hundred times more. This morning this was happening to Ellie and I felt bad for her... Anyway, back to my story.

Ellie had been on the treadmill and her pink shirt had a huge sweat stain on the back. There were only two cubicles open, She took the right and I the left one. I locked the door and pulled my yoga pants and black string down. Then, I plopped my sweaty bum on the seat. I relaxed and my pee started to splatter loudly into my toilet. It was all quiet in Ellie's stall and I noticed that she had pulled her blue yoga pants all the way down. I figured that she probably needed to poo as well. When I was done peeing, I placed my elbows on my thighs, leaned forward and released a soft and quiet fart. Then I felt my bumhole open and my first turd started to slide out slowly. It was very long and it really stretched my backdoor. My log was still coming out when I heard a short fart blast into Ellie's toilet, the sound of soft poo dropping from her bottom and a very audible sigh. My poop broke off and then was immediately followed by another big turd. It dropped into the water below and splashed my bum, yuck! Meanwhile more wet farts and plops where coming from Ellie's cubicle. I did not feel empty yet and pushed out another turd while Ellie started to pee. I had another smallish fart and then remaining sitting to make sure I was all done. There was a strong poop smell in my cubicle by now. I heard some more farts and two more plops from my neighbour, then she started to work the toilet roll. When she pulled up her pants and left her stall, I pushed out one more poop and then felt really empty and done. I wiped my font and back, needing about ten wipes for my messy bum.

My turds were so big that for a moment it seemed they wouldn't flush. Luckily everything went down eventually and I left to wash my hands. I grabbed my towel and soap from my locker and headed to the showers where I met Ellie again. We smiled at each other and then I had a really long and nice shower to start off my day.

Clogged Toilets Pt. 3

Hello everyone! This is the conclusion on clogged toilets. But first, some replies.

To K: Liked your story! It's nice that you went poop at school with your friend next to you. I've done that more than a couple of times, sometimes intentionally, as a kind of practice to get over my shyness. When I was your age, I would never have done that. Fortunately, if it's a friend I trust, I have no problem these days.

To Angela: Cool story about you clogging the toilet at your grandmother's! Must have been embarrassing indeed! Fortunately I don't recall someone having that experience because of one of my poops! Looking forward to more posts of yours.

To Anonymous College Guy: Yes! I do remember you. I'm not sure when you first started posting, but I believe it was during the second half of 2012 (or at least that's when I think I first identified you… you could have posted sooner or later, but I think it's around that period). I first discovered this sight I believe 8 or so years ago, then would read it occasionally, and then I decided to start posting in 2008. You can find some of my posts in pages 1713 up to the mid 1800's. After that I only posted 2 or 3 times, but I've always kept reading. I usually only post when there is a post I can really identify with, or because someone asks questions that I can answer with my own experience. But the important thing is that I do keep reading, and I really like when older posters who have not posted in a long time come back and say hi. So yes, glad to see you back. Answering your questions: I think my friend kind of did it as a natural reaction, kind of like I had done it with his before at my place. You also asked about if we realize thousands or millions of people poop at the same time. I've had that realization a couple of times, but what I often wonder about is if one of my best friends is crapping at the moment, haha. So if I have the time, I wonder about how many other people are possibly doing it too. And specific comments on your experiences: cool that the first guy was able to poop while on the phone. I've never been able to do that, although I don't try it either. I either push my load out or talk, but I can't do both at the same time. And the second guy… lol, hahaha. I've never heard someone that loud before. Looking forward to more posts of yours =)

To Tristan: Great story =) I would imagine that yes, even if it's your home, one more time of clogging the toilet can be embarrassing, especially if it's somewhat common. After all, I also would not want to be known as the person in the family who keeps clogging it! As you'll see from this post, I believe these experiences of a toilet that cannot handle big poops and the big poops themselves contribute to the problem.

So this experience was several years later, when I was 17 or 18. I might have posted about it already, but I don't remember. I had come home from school after going to the gym as well, and nobody else was home except for my younger brother. Because there was no food already prepared, we ordered some hamburgers. I was already beginning to feel a certain fullness in my intestines, but it had not yet translated into an urge to use the bathroom. I ordered 2 big hamburgers because, despite that fullness, I was really hungry, maybe going to the gym had something to do with it. After they had arrived and we had eaten them, I was expecting to get the need to go to the bathroom, but nothing happened then. My brother went upstairs and I stayed downstairs working on a project. I would have normally have gone upstairs to do my homework, but this time it was something which I had to do on cardboard, so the table in the dining room gave me enough space to work. While I was working on my project, I remember being quite aware of the fullness in my intestines, and how that fullness feeling began disappearing from my lower abdomen on the left side and a strong need to poop was starting to develop instead. But it was a slow transition. It must have taken around half an hour before the urge was strong enough, and by then I had already been working for about an hour or so. Well, I decided to take a break and go to the bathroom. I went upstairs and went inside my bathroom, closed the door behind me and as I was about to pull my pants and underwear down, I noticed there was no toilet paper. I went out again and asked my brother, and he said mom and dad said they would go to the supermarket to buy some stuff in the evening, among them toilet paper. But he said that there was still toilet paper in our parents' bathroom and also in the guest bathroom downstairs. And, in any case, he said I could use napkins. Now, my plan was to go to the downstairs bathroom and grab some toilet paper and get back to my bathroom, but once down there, I decided that I did not want to go upstairs again. So instead of grabbing some toilet paper, I just closed that bathroom's door behind me and proceeded to do my thing.

I pulled down my pants and underwear down, and sat down on the toilet. I relaxed and began peeing, and at the same time the head of the turd started to come out. I kind of let it stretch my hole for a bit while I finished peeing, and then began pushing it out. This one was also big. As it was coming out I instinctively let out some groans because it felt so good while coming out. As this was my own house and nobody else was nearby, I didn't feel the need to be as quiet as usual. After 15 or so seconds of it coming out the first fat piece dropped, but I still needed to go. The second one was not as thick as the first one, and it came out easily, and with that, I was done. I began wiping and after I had finished I looked at what I had produced. The first piece was 10 or so inches, and it was smooth, but it was also fatter than usual. The second one was about half of its size. And with that, I decided to flush. What I had not realized yet was that this bathroom apparently was not able to handle poops as fat as those. I don't really know how to describe the toilet design, but it was "flatter" than the toilet in the bathroom I normally use, and the flush was not as powerful as in my toilet. Because this bathroom I usually used it to pee, and very rarely to poop, it is possible that on the previous instances when I did poop the turds were not as fat as this one. When I flushed, the water pressure was very slow and the poop and toilet paper kind of swirled and the paper went down first, then my smaller poop but the big one stopped the process. It kind of just stuck there in the drain and refused to move. Fortunately for this one, I had the plunger right there, and also had more experience to know how to handle the situation. I think I struggled for like 10 minutes or so with several maneuvers with the plunger to unclog the toilet, but finally it went through. I stayed there for a while and the flushed a second time just to make sure it had actually worked, and it had! From this experience, I learned that I should not use that toilet except in the case of an emergency when I need to poop, and to try to flush my waste first just in case. I have stilled pooped there a couple of times, but I try to avoid it now to avoid a clogging problem.

Fortunately, now that I live on campus most of the year, I do not have to worry that much about clogging. The dorms' and campus' toilets have good flushing mechanisms =) These are not all the occasions I have clogged the toilet, but I would say they are representative instances of that issue.

This post is getting long, so I'll leave the pushing techniques for another occasion, Tristan. They might actually help you when you're constipated. Hope you liked it and to everyone, keep posting!

End Stall Em

Answers to Sonya Sue's questions

1. What do I take into consideration when I go into a stall and have to make a decision as to whether I will cover or not cover the seat?

I really don't cover the seat when I'm in public places. I take an end stall, seat myself, and go about my business. Rarely, if the seat is white and I see something like pubic hair over the front, I will flick it off before seating myself. Once last month at a pro baseball game, a hover pisser immediately before me had splashed the seat pretty bad. I noticed there was no toilet paper to wipe it off with and since I was taking a crap, I gave the stall up and moved one stall over. Interestingly, three others hurried in and sat in the pee as I crapped next door. One blasted a good poo, but didn't ask me to pass her any toilet paper. I know she couldn't have wiped.

2. Covering the seats--is it fair to say the guys may worry about that more than the girls who sit down several times a day?

Yes, I believe that to be true. I remember in middle school and high school, too, that some of the guys I knew tried to hold their craps until they got home from school, the mall, etc. I just found it to be so amusing that they would spend so much anxiety over a non-issue. Like they're not going to get Ebola, an STD, lice or leprosy from 2 or 3 minutes of contact on a toilet seat.

3. Does what your parents taught you back when influence your attitudes toward public toilets today? How much of an influence are friends?

Back when I was about 4 or 5 and my dad would take me out a lot to movies, shopping, baseball games, etc., he would take me into the mens room, spread paper over the seat, and then have me sit on it. More than once, he left the stall for the one next door and I would hear him plop his butt down on the seat and start blasting away. A couple of times he didn't even look for toilet paper before sitting, and I had to pass toilet paper under the stall to him. Once, when doing that, since my arms were so short, I had to get down from the toilet in order to pull the paper off and pass it to him. Then I got frustrated because half my seat papers fell off and the other side was stuck to me. I went next door to see dad and there he was crapping away (very smellingly, by the way)and he tried to tell me that he was sitting on toilet paper. Like I wasn't stupid! I don't know of any friends that cover the seat or hover. A couple will wipe the seat off before sitting on it.

4.Does having a ready-made seat protector/ass gasket in a dispenser influence my decision?

No. And as I sit doing my thing, I don't know that I've ever heard more than one or two of the others in stalls near me pull the lever down and tear their paper off.


To Red and Tara

Red,That's very resourceful! Thankful you did not have an accident!

Tara, Welcome! I am so sorry about your accident and hope you are OK!




to BrentC

Hey Brent, thanks for responding to me! For some reason, I've always been comfortable pooping at school--my earliest memory of doing it is in 1st grade. I guess I've never cared that much haha.

The last time I had to use a suppository, I used a regular old glycerin suppository from Walgreens. That's really the only kind I have now. There are some in the bathroom at home, but no one uses them except for me lol. I seem to be the only one in my family who gets constipated. Or at least, constipated badly enough to want to use a suppository. It only took a few minutes to work and I found it pretty effective. I've heard of Dulcolax, but I heard they're a bit more harsh--maybe if I didn't go for several days I'd consider using one like that.

Right now I don't use a suppository more than a few times a year. Other bad bouts of constipation I can fix with metamucil--they don't seem to be quite bad enough to use a suppository. I get constipated a few times a month. But usually I don't have to take anything...I just end up pushing out a pretty big hard poop every now and then lol



A long time ago,I had let a roommate move into my apartment. It was a studio apartment with one living room,one kitchen,and one bathroom. The kitchen table was right next to the bathroom.About 2 feet away. One morning I was eating breakfast at the table,and my roommate,and I were talking. We were getting along,having a nice conversation,and laughing too. At that moment he went into the bathroom.I thought he was going to pee,but then I heard him fart once in the toilet. I was shocked. I wasn't grossed out even hearing this while eating,but only shocked because I thought he was going to pee.It was all I could think about for awhile. He would always shit in the morning.

One late morning,I came home after leaving earlier that same moring. I had to use the bathroom to pee. When I went to use the toilet,I was shocked,grossed out,and even mad. I found out that my roommate had explosive diarrhea,and completely splattered the inside of the toilet bowl with shit!EEWWW! I said damn it out loud! I didn't say anything to him about it even though I should have. I just cleaned the toilet later even though I should of made him do it! You think he would have the curiosity to clean it after doing that. Yes,he was a guest in my apartment,and was sick with diarrhea,but he still should have cleaned it!

There was another time when he really stinked up the bathroom,and I walked into the bathroom right when he was walking out!WHEW! The smell was terrible! I wanted to say PHEW,but I still didn't say anything because I didn't want to be rude to my guest. If you have to go,you have to go. At least he was curtious enough this time to leave the fan on even though it didn't help.

I got tired of him shitting on the toilet seat all the time,and I got tired of cleaning it too. I told him after a couple of times,but he kept doing it.Finally,I took the seat off the toilet. I think he got the picture after that. Later on,I threw him out!


Sonya Sue's survey questions

To K: When you and Ellie pooped together did each of you wipe or line the seat with paper before you sat on it? Why or why not?

To Nathan: That was so bad that Grandad said what he did. Sometimes people talk without thinking. When I was in 4th grade, a family with a daughter in my class took care of me after school was out and until my parents got off work. She and I walked into the living room after school one afternoon and her mother in front of five or six adults, plus me told her to go to the bathroom and do her "10". (That meant sit on the toilet for 10 minutes before we went out to play!). She started to cry and shot back at them right away that she had pood after recess and for them to leave her alone saying something about showing them her underwear which was soiled because the bathroom ran out of toilet paper.

Sonya Sue's questions--

1--What do you take into consideration when you go into a public stall and whether you will cover the seat or not? When you see so many seats dripping with pee for most of the day, I feel the decision is easy. Although I'm trying to be a little more accepting of sitting directly on the toilet seat, I'm having problems adapting.

2--Is it fair to say that the guys may worry about the question more than the ladies who sit down several times each day? From what I'm reading on this board, females may be cleaner because they sit. For us guys, we see a large number of pee-ers who won't lift the seat before peeing. But also, some don't even try to aim and some even spray the side panels. You can tell because the paint is rusting off.

3--Does what your parents taught you back when you were trained to use a public toilet influence you today? What about the habits of your friends? Yes. As for the other guys' attention of those who do it differently like sitting to piss and covering the seat with a toilet paper liner, well that's the problem. If you're different you stand out and you regret it.

4--Does having a ready-made seat protector/ass gasket ready in a dispenser in a cubicle influence your decision? We don't have them at school, but I've used them at the airport and a couple of times at gas stations. Most of the guys, however, don't take the time to use them.

John (not Jihad)
On Monday of this week, I needed to go into the supermarket as I was near to running out of coffee, on my way to work. Shower, shave, pee, when I got up, but I needed another 15 minutes before my 'Number 2' was ripe. I knew that when I got to the supermarket, I would have the urge. I was ready to 'go', and went into the male facilities, There are 2 cubicles, one was occupied, because the door was definitely locked. The other one looked as if it wasn't lock, so I opened the door, only to see a guy sitting with his trousers round his ankles. Another guy came out of the other cubicle, so I went in there, and in no time I was sitting on the toilet, having a wee first.

I didn't speak to the guy in the other cubicle. By this time he was swiping his bottom, from the rustle of paper. Then I could tell he was pulling his trousers up, and doing up his belt. Then he flushed.

When he opened the door, I opened mine, and apologised for bursting in on him. He said 'It's OK, mate - I hadn't locked the door properly.'

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Red great story about your big poop in that pot it sounds like you were pretty desperate at least you didnt have an accident and it was good that your manager was so understanding and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hayley C grest about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go and it sounds like your friend did as well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tara great story and yep karma will getcha at some point but im betting that will be something you and your sister can look back on those events later in life and maybe get a laugh from it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen C great story and as the saying goes you took a gamble an lost but at least you didnt have a full blown accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Jry

I meant in my post that in public, my urges tend to be nonexistent, unless I'm in a familiar setting such as school.

This one is of particular interest for Sonya Sue I would think!

I was in a shop the other day and needed to have a wee, so I popped into their ladies loos. One of the two cubicles was taken so I went into the other. As I pulled my skirt and knickers down I heard a loud plop from my neighbour, so I knew she was making a poo. I sat down and saw her feet under the cubicle. I couldn't see her knickers and she seemed to be standing up, presumably squatting, not wanting her bum to contact the seat but still needing to release her poo. I did my wee and I heard another plop, that sounded very loud again. She wiped and left after flushing. I finished my wee a minute later and left, but I didn't see who it was who had been hovering. I peeked into her cubicle, but unlike in Sonya's story, there were no marks or bits of poo on the seat or anything, and she had flushed her load after she finished. It just seems that some people are really inconsiderate I guess!



Tara. Thanks for sharing your experience and that of Anna, your sister. I think your experience in particular is proof - if proof were needed - that you're never too old to have an accident. I'm 52 and the last time I filled my pants five years ago when I was 47. It wasn't intentional or, for thar matter, expected. In the event I farted and got rather more than I bargained for - and not for the first time either!

Michael you make some interesting observations about both flushing and pooing. For what it's worth I think there's more flushing of toilets nowadays because modern toilets are designed to flush using relatively small amounts of water and consequently two or three attempts at flushing are sometimes necessary where one sufficed in the old days. With the real old fashioned toilets there was usually a good strong flush, the effectiveness of which was enhanced by it being delivered at height, the cistern generally being on a high bracket. It was quite literally a case of pulling the chain. Those sorts of toilets are quite rare now. A few years ago a local church decided to have a toilet installed in the vestry, having somehow managed without one for 700 plus years. Needing a pee whilst there, I chanced to use it, and had to press the button on the cistern three times in order to shift the evidence of my visit. It would have been quicker and easier to nip behind one of the sturdy yew trees in the churchyard. Needless to say I was highly thankful I'd not done a #2! As regards pooing and the variations in quantities our output varies due to a range of different factors. However I think as we get older we tend on the whole to eat less and we naturally enough poo less.

BRENTC!!!!!!! Welcome back!!! I loved your stories, how have you been feeling?!?! Are you still constipated a lot???

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Response to Siford's Questions & Embarrassing Story

I'm glad you enjoyed my post!

1) if I could rate them between 1-10, I would probably go with 8. The stalls and floors are generally clean but the stalls are rather small and have pretty large gaps at the hinges of the doors, which make it sort of uncomfortable to go in. They also lack seat covers, which I would normally used when provided, but won't bother with if it's just TP as an option. They also only have ahand dryers and no paper towels. I'd rate it on level or above other school toilets I've used and above sports arena toilets.

2) I'll pee at school once a day or so. There are times where I actually won't pee at school and times where I will pee twice; it sorta just fluctuates.

3) im not sure on the exact number but I would say less than 20, realistically like 13-15 times since August.

4) when I go to the bathroom in a public toilet my eye will wander to the next stall by default. I'm not sure if it explicitely interests me but it is fun to get an idea for what the person next to me is wearing when she goes for a pee or poo.

5) I've never been in a situation at school in my years there where there's a lack of paper, so that's nice. The TP, however, is relatively cheap and thin, making it more wipes than what one may be accustomed to. It gets especially annoying after a pee, when you get some urine on your fingers after a wipe with a single sheet or two.

6) as mentioned before my eyes wander naturally in the bathrooms for some reason. I will definitely notice the girls next to me in the queue as they go in, remembering their look as i inadvertently hear their expulsions. I pay less attention to sounds of girls in the stalls as I wait, but definitely notice them comin out. It's also hard not to notice the smells they make. Matching a face with an odor emanating from a stall they walked out of brings my mind to thinking what they ate that day!

7) i would say about 60%. Sure, it's a majority, but still a little unsettling for my tastes lol.

As promised, I return with a rather embarassing story involving my summer job.

Every summer for the last two years I have taken up a job at a flower shop in the less urban part of my area. I tend to flowers, help customers with questions, ring them up at the desk, all that stuff. My brother worked theirs before I did and, subsequently, got me a part-time job in my freshman year of high school.

Most of the time my work went relatively smoothly, no hiccups or business (the shop is rather small and doesn't get a ton of traffic. One July afternoon I felt a slight urge to poop. During my freshman year I had a weird, short-lived phase of holding my poop. The phase was short lived due to this moment. I had been holding for around a day and a half and it was the first time I had felt the urge to go in that span. The store was small and, thus, had a single unisex toilet. I was watering the flower displays inside about two hours into my shift when my second urge hit. This urge was much greater than the last one, and it brought with it a small bout of gas. Without being able to catch it I let out what I would call an offensive smelling SBD. Even though there was no one in the store, I was mortified. From this moment on I was especially vigilant of any urges I would feel and was ready to clench and hold them back.

With an hour left in my shift I felt the most powerful urge to crap that I had ever remembered feeling. I instantly tensed up and crossed my legs in an attempt to quell it, but it refused to subside. There was a single customer in the store, and my manager, I assumed, was in the back doing inventory of pots and soil. I called out to the customer that I was stepping away for a moment and that if she had any questions to just ring the bell at the front desk, where someone will reach her as soon as possible. She nodded in agreement as i waddled as gracefully as I could to the bathroom in back. I grabbed the knob only to find it locked. I heard the sound of my manager's voice from behind the door.

"Sorry, Red. I'll be out as soon as i can." she sounded pained and afterwards I heard her let out a breathy grunt. I figured in her state that I wouldn't make it in time for her to finish without a log in my jeans so I had to think fast. I turned and entered the inventory closet, where we kept our non-plant merchandise. I looked around desperately for something to defecate in. I was reluctant to use merchandise but I knew I was on a timer that was quickly dwindling down. So, regretfully, I snagged a larger pot from the inventory shelf and set it in front of me. I quickly pulled down my jeans and white panties and sat, my back facing the door to the closet.

Instantaneously I let out a thunderous fart followed by the crowning of a huge turd. I sighed in relief as the log nearly fell out of me and into the clay pot. It was immediately followed by another burst of flatulence and another log. The two of them were probably around 8 inches apiece and thicker than my usual logs. After the second poo finished I pushed out a small load of soft poop which covered up my first two abominations. I gave a cautionary push and felt I was empty. I went to wipe with a tissue from my pocket when I heard the door creak open. It was my manager! I immediately went red in the face as her eyes widened at the sight of the titanic load I left in the flower pot. I teared up and started fervently apologizing, pleading that she not tell anyone and bartering with deeds and pay cuts and favors, anything to keep this scene away from anyone and everyone.

To my surprise, it was my manager who apologized. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry. I didn't know you needed to go this badly. I figured you only had to pee or something like that." From there she told me that she wouldnt tell anyone and that she would replace the pot. She saw my still red and tear-ridden face and giggled, "Good thing there's a ton orn fowers out there," she said, "because if there weren't I'd guess anyone past this door could smell this! What did you eat?" Her words managed to get a legitimate laugh out of me, but this is still by far the most embarrassing poop-related moment of my life. Luckily the manager was so understanding, because anywhere else I would have probably been out on my butt lol.

Hayley C
Hi all. Sorry it's been a while since I posted. I've been very busy with school lately. Anyway, I have a story from this weekend. I stayed over at my friend's house on Friday night, and I have a story about that.

We had a late dinner and afterwards, my friend said she had to poop. I was a bit worried because she only has one bathroom and it was getting close to my usual time to poop too. She went off to the bathroom and after about 15 minutes she still wasn't out. I was starting to need to go then, but I figured she'd be out soon. Well, I was wrong. 10 more minutes went by and I had to go very badly at that point. I went to the bathroom and knocked on the door, asking my friend if she was about done. She replied, "Yes... nnnhh... almost done."

I could hear her wiping shortly after that and then a flush. Another flush shortly after and she opened the door. She apologized, saying she'd clogged the toilet, and she'd try to unclog it. I told her I had to go too badly to wait, and I laughed as I said I'd take care of it when I was done clogging it more.

My friend had pooped a ton of small turds making a big pile, and I could see why it wouldn't flush. My friend left the bathroom and I sat down and took off my pants and underwear. I started pooping right away. A big, thick turd stretched my butthole wide. It was really long too. It felt really good coming out. Because I was pooping into an already quite full bowl, I had to push more than usual to get the turd to keep coming.

The turd grew to be incredibly long before finally coming to an end. I almost never have just one turd, so I stayed sitting for a bit to see if there was more, but that was all. I stood up to examine my poop. I could see my fresh turd, a much lighter brown than my friend's poop. It was shaped like the letter S, stretching from the top of the bowl to the bottom, but then at the end it curved around about half of the outside of the bowl. It was a really impressive turd. I guess that's what my typical poop looks like if it comes out as all one turd. Hehe.

I wiped my butt and then set to unclogging the toilet. Between my friend's poop and my huge turd, the toilet was thoroughly destroyed. I won't describe the process, but I will say that it took a long time and a lot of work with the plunger and the toilet brush, but I got all of our poop to go down.

Well, that's my story. Hope you all enjoyed it.

toilet car

to evie

Great story about going in your car. Please share any future car experiences!

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