Well they say everyone poops, and some more pessimistic folks like to even say everyone poops their pants at some point. After reading through a lot of the posts here and after what me and my sister experienced, I'd have to say I agree with the pessimistic folks lol...sorry to anyone it hasn't yet happened to, because it will.

my sister anna is 2 years younger than me. When I was in 11th grade and she was in 9th we were on the bus going home from school. Anna was in the seat behind me sitting by herself. She was being quiet and keeping to herself even though she was usually talkative on the way home. I could hear her breathing funny at one point and I glanced over the seat at her and she had a worrisome look on her face and was holding her stomach. I asked her what her problem was, and without saying anything she just covered her mouth with her hand and started crying. I was like "hey! What's wrong with you?" And she just shook her head no and waved at me to look away. That's when I noticed the could tell it wasn't a fart, the smell had this weight and this presence to it that you knee it was fresh poop. I could hear a muffled crackling noise coming from between her butt and the bus seat. My 15 year old sister was pooping her pants on the bus. It only took a minute or two for people nearby to notice. The smell combined with the fact that she was crying pretty much clued everyone in to the fact that she pooped in her pants. People kept staring or stealing glances at her here and there, giving looks of disgust or pity, and some of amusement. People mumbled and whispered to each other. I felt bad for her, but at the same time like a mean older sister I also thought it was a little funny. When we got off the bus she made me cover for her and walk behind her. She was a mess, she had navy blue leggings on and they just had a dark, lumpy and partially squished bulge across the seat and a stain going up along her crack, it was a really obvious accident and she had no shirt or jacket to cover it with.

When. We got off the bus I proceeded to tease her and make fun of her the whole walk home, and she cried more and was very mad at me for the next few days. I continued to bring it up occasionally and tease her about it and remind her of it, and even made fun of her with other kids on the bus, who brought a bucket on the bus with a cardboard toilet seat and put it in the seat where anna usually sits. She was obviously upset about it but I didn't defend her.

Well, fast forward to today, now I'm 23. That incident was years ago but I still have referenced it and reminded her of it from time to time. On at least a fee occasions she said "it'll happen to you some day" and I just ignored her while secretly having a moment of dread imagining what I would do if I ever found myself in that situation.

Well, unfortunately I found out last work. It was awful... I work in customer service at a dept store. I'm usually alone the two nights I close. Last night when I got there I was feeling a bit uneasy, and I knew my stomach was a bit off. I had a few cramps throughout my shift where I felt like I needed to poop, but I ignored it because I can't leave the desk uncovered, and I just planned to poop when my manager came up to cover my break. So the whole time I just have this constant, dull feeling of needing to poop that I'm trying to ignore, that every once in a while gets really intense and hard to hold in when I get a cramp. I had 45 minutes until break and while I was starting to feel a little anxious from the discomfort, I wasn't worried at all about not making it until break.

I started helping a customer who had a complicated issue with a receipt that I was having to research in the computer. As I was standing there at the computer, another cramp hit me, and I had to clench really tight to keep from losing it. I held on, but there was something different about this wasn't just fading like the persisted, causing it to become painful to keep clenching. My cheeks quivered under the pressure and this wave of terror washed over me as I realized that I was going to poop my pants. My clench released abruptly as soft, warm poop gushed out into my panties and my jeans with one big push. I just felt the warmth of it spread right up the back of my pants... after the initial release, I then proceeded to load my jeans even more as I stood there pretending to still be researching the customer issue. I started shaking as I couldn't believe I'd just had an accident in my pants ar work. I apologized to my customer and told her I needed to get my manager, so I had to page him overhead. My voice sounded shaky on the page, it was embarrassing... he finally got to service a few mins later and I at first just told him the customers receipt issue, all the while he was just staring at me wondering why it smelled like shit in the cs area. After I explained that to him I also sheepishly asked to be excused because I had an accident. He gave me this look like "are you kidding?" And he looked at the back of my pants. He was quiet a second then just said "yeah. Go." And shook his head. so embarrassing!!!

As fate would have it...I get home (still at my parents house) still in my loaded jeans and who is home from college today? Waiting to greet me at the door? Yep, my sister anna.... so, yeah. she had fun with that...I had it coming.


Answer to Tlana


I did tell my dad about me getting the 4 hour Saturday detention for taking too long in the boys room with my crap which was interrupted by the vice principal when the fire alarm went off. Since my dad works in government, he took the school's side and said that schools or even businesses can be shut down if people don't take the fire alarms seriously. He said the vice principal probably had several bathrooms to check in a short period of time and that's why he was so mean to me. And with stuff exploding upstairs, OK I kind of understand where he's coming from. With lots of firecrackers and other pranks happening the last month of school, I doubt there's going to be any doors put back on the guys stalls or more toilet paper put out. Dad says the best thing to do is to avoid using the bathrooms, but we know how that goes. My mom also received an email from the administration, too. She says nothing has changed since the class of '88 (hers) graduated.


Grandads Embarrasing Question

It was nice weather here in the uk last week and i had been sitting with my friend all day in her garden just lying in the sun.
When it got to around 6pm i decided to make my way home and call in my local pub for a drink(you can drink alchohol at 18 in the UK).The pub is up at the top of the hill just near where i live.I entered the pub and was met by my grandad who was just turning round from the bar with a pint of his favourite beer.
When he saw me his first words were"eeh hellow Nathan,your lookin a bit red in the face have you done yer bob bo or something.Typical of my Grandad he just says what he wants,everyone standing around was listening and they all sniggered.Made me feel a right fool at the bar.But i thought if you'd have asked me that last week Grandad you may have been right, see my post on page 2459.
He must still think i'm about 5 in my diapers when he my gran and my parents used to check me to see if i needed changing.
Has anyone else had that where one of the members of your family has said something to others that you don't want them to hear,like telling the family that you had a accident.
I remember vividly my great aunt telling my mother that my cousin
Stephen had pooped his pants very bad in the playground at school and because he lived close to the school had been made to walk home to get cleaned up.All this was in earshot of me.Stephens mum(my auntie)had told my great aunt and she had told all the family along with all the other gossip she used to prattle on about whe she visited.

Angela B

To Adam

Yes, most of the girls at my work go poop and are very open about their bathroom habits. Usually at the end of work everyday, every girl that works with me is in evry stall farting, pooping, having diaheria, and peeing.

Karen C.

Crapped on my Sofa

Hi gang, thought you readers might find this amusing. I sharted on my sofa yesterday after I got home from work.

You see, when I first get home from work the first thing I do is get undressed and sit in front of the t.v. with a cold drink to cool off and relax before fixing supper. I just thought I had to pass some gas, but this gas brought company. It wasn't too bad, just a thin line of poop that made a stain on my blue sofa. Wouldn't have been a problem had I been wearing granny panties, but I was wearing a lacy thong when it happened.

Went to the bathroom, sat on the throne and pushed out the rest (liquidy--I guess the Subway I'd eaten for lunch didn't agree with my stomach--had a six inch turkey on whole wheat with swiss and jalapenos with extra lettuce and tomato, and a diet soda), then went back to clean up the sofa. First I wiped the stain with paper towels then sprayed it with a product called Tuff Stuff, followed that with a nylon bristle brush, then a damp towel, then a concoction I make myself consisting of one part Clorox to nine parts water in an old spray bottle, to kill germs. Followed that with a dry paper towel and sprayed Lysol over the area for good measure.


Inca toilet

One year ago. Hiked the Inca trail. One morning, after constipation for a couple of days, I got a strong urge to open my bowels. No toilet. Went behind a small hill. Lowered my shorts squatted and let go. Just finished and about to wipe when one of the woman of my group came! Gosh how I felt bad. Still flushing when remembering.

Sonya Sue

Responses to posters & a new survey

End Stall Em's survey: urination or defecation in public bathrooms? Your least favorite and why? Biggest obstacle you've had to overcome?

Pooping is my least favorite. I might be on the toilet longer, and am I lucky when its softer and I have more of a mess to clean up on my backside and sometimes I've forgotten to check to make sure there's toilet paper on the roll. That happened just Saturday night when a friend and I went to a concert. Unfortunately, she had taken her stall in the row of toilets across the aisle from where I was so I couldn't ask her to slip me any. I wasn't sure what I was going to do. But the person on my right lined or maybe even doubled lined her seat, and a couple of the liners fell off when she left. So I quickly reached over and pulled two of the pieces in. In doing so though I left a bit of a smear over the front of my seat as I strained to reach or the paper. And then it got on my inner thigh before I saw what had happend. The biggest obstacle I've had to overcome: not sitting long enough to let all my crap fall. Women in lines have sometimes gotten testy and given me dirty looks when they peek in while I'm sitting and trying to drop one more. And on occasion, when I'm using a doorless stall out of desperation, ....well that's another story.

Anonymous College Guy:

In your description of your second experience, you say that your decision to paper the seat depends on your mood and that you do it about half the time.

New questions for everyone:

1. What do you take into consideration when you go into a public stall and whether you will cover the seat or not?

2. From many of the posts (and back posts) I've been reading, is it fair to say that the guys may worry about the question more than the ladies who sit down several times each day?

3. Does what your parents taught you back when you were being trained to use a public toilet influence you today? How about the habits of your friends?

4. Does having a ready-made seat protector/ass gasket ready in a dispenser in a cubicle influence your decision?

Now my answers,

1. I treat the situation just like when I need to use the toilet at home. I sit myself right down and try and start my business ASAP. Sometimes, however, if I move a little on the seat there's a little stickiness under my butt but that's why I shower daily.

2. I agree. Taking the time and wasting toilet paper at my school is shunned and even teachers don't worry about sitting on the toilets. Because of athletics and activities, I use the toilets sometimes 5 or 6 times a day at school and there's no way I want to go through the papering ritual each time.

3. Almost all my friends sit butt-down each time. A few I've seen wipe the seat first before seating themselves. Even that though wastes paper and assures that the roller is going to be emptied even earleir in the hour/day. When I was like 4 or 5, my mom and dad were inconsistent when they took me into a public bathroom. Sometimes they just wiped the seat, a couple of times they covered it, but most of the time they just encouraged me to get up on the stool and do my thing. Wiping and flushing was required.

4. No. They are too much trouble. Once at the airport, however, the woman next to me did her crap, then found there was no toilet paper, so she pulled one off and I could hear her tear it up. As she did that, she took a call from her husband/boyfriend who apparently was teasing her for taking too long. She ended the conversation by calling him some name for holding his crap in public places and then later complaining about constipation.

toilet car

Response to anon

Thanks for the concerns anon.

I am 17 years old, a minor as well. All the girl's parents know about our escapades. One of the girls is my girlfriend, and another is my girlfriends sister. Their parents know. The other girl's mom not only knows but has used my car as a toilet as well. Thanks for the concerns, however.


to Angela & Michael


Great to see you posting again! I love your stories about clogging toilets--you must often do pretty big poop, which is awesome to me lol. Can't believe she had to scoop it out of the toilet. I can't think of a time when that happened to me; plungers seem to be able to fix my clogs. I've never clogged the one at my grandmother's house, but I've done plenty of big poops in the toilet there. She has a pink toilet with a carpeted lid--it's really ugly haha, but it's cool to poop in. She also has a really old-fashioned '60s bathroom fan that's way more powerful than anything today, so at least I don't have to worry much about stinking up the place -_-


Nice! I mean, not nice in that clogging is no fun, but I still think it's cool that you have large bowel movements. I do too. It can be tough sometimes when you're always worrying that you might clog someone's toilet, but you just need good plumbing lol.


For Tristan

Tristan, I love your stories about dumps in school. I usually held mine back which contributed to constipation problems when I was younger. What kind of suppository did you use last month? How long did it take to work? How often do you have to take something?

I started using Dulcolax suppositories in college when I would get constipated. They are particularly convenient when you are forced to poop in a communal situation. I lived in a dorm without any private bathrooms. The Dulcolax suppositories were almost as effective as an enema, but would give no clue that I had taken a laxative while sitting in a stall with other people around. I still use them when I get constipated.


Quick replies and Steve A's survey

Hi everyone, just some quick replies and questions.

To Angela: Glad you liked my story! I also enjoy yours. I went back and read one of your earliest ones. Yes, clogging the toilet at others' houses is embarrassing. More so if they know you just had a big poop or were able to see it! Please keep posting.

To Siford: My sympathies for your experience. When I was your age or even younger, I would often think of possible scenarios in which, in the middle of my crap, something would happen that would be extremely embarrassing, uncomfortable, or both. Fortunately, I never experiences such as yours, but what you wrote in "Aborted Crap" was perhaps one of my nightmare scenarios. Besides what you've already been told, another advice I could give you would be to try to crap as fast as you can. I don't know how easy/hard it is for you to crap under normal circumstances, but if you can train yourself to go in less than 5 minutes, it is less likely that such nightmare scenarios happen to you in the future.

To Michael: You mentioned you sometimes have trouble getting your crap to drop when you're outside home. Is it because the urge dies off? Or because you have problems relaxing yourself enough so that the poop starts coming out?

Now for Steve A's survey:

1. Did you ever encounter a stall/stalls or a urinal that was locked/out of order? It could also be a prank by someone locking the stall door(s).
Yes, I have. Fortunately there were others open.

2. Did you ever get locked out of your house and you had to go #1 or #2? What did you do? Yes. I climbed over the wooden fence that leads to the backyard and then found a corner to relieve myself.

3. Did you ever have an accident in a car? (Yours' or someone else's car)? Not that I remember. Although there certainly were close calls.

4. Describe your school bathrooms and do you use them?
There's one on each floor in each building. Depending on the building, they have two to four stalls and 3 to 5 urinals. I do use them. I've gotten over my shyness when using them at my campus (but only if I have not told anyone about my need to use them).

5. What time(s) of the day do you normally go poop?
It varies. What usually happens is that I have a range, let's say, 4 to 6 pm, but if I skip a day or two without pooping, and when I finally go it is at 11 am or something, the next days I start pooping at around that same time, until the next time happens when my pooping cycle is interrupted. Right now it's early evening.

6. Do you eat foods or do other activities that help you stay "regular"?
Not right now, but I do walk long distances, and I eat bananas and try to drink enough amounts of water.

7. Do you have trouble pooping when you're somewhere else instead of home? If at somebody else's home, I have a problem. I will hold it until nobody notices. Unless it's one of my closest friends' homes, in which case I usually try to avoid letting the family know but I have no problem with my friend knowing.

8. Did you ever take a laxative, suppository, enema, etc. to help you if you were ever constipated?
None of those. I did eat a lot of fruits and fiber, though.

9. Do your parents or friends know that you post on here? Do you feel comfortable sharing this site to them?
No, they do not know.

10. What is your most embarrassing "bathroom related" story? (You can post it if you feel comfortable doing so).
Probably one of my toilet clogging stories. Although I could perhaps think of others. Like once I had diarrhea at a friend's house and a member of his family was passing by and I'm sure what I was doing must have been heard by that person.

I'll later post about my recent clogging experiences.

Best to all!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Angela great story about your giant poop I bet you felt amazing after you were done.

To: Anna it sounds like you and that other woman both had really good poop and it sounds like you were both kinda desperate to and I bet you both felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: K great story it sounds like had a really great poop and it sounds like Ellie had a really great and noisy poop as well and I bet you both felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Evie great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Clogged Toilet At Grandmothers

Every summer I visit my grandmother for two and a half weeks. Last summer I of course visited. Eating the different food messed up my bowels. I wouldn't poop as often and skip days. I usually go every morning but on my visit I wasn't going as often. On the last day of my trip, my dad, sister and I were leaving and my mother was going to be staying for an extra week to help her mother.

So on the last day, we usually leave really early in the morning. So I got up and immediately needed to poop, I hadn't been the day before so the urge was quite intense. I sat down and released some gas before peeing and then I began to push. It took a lot of time but finally this monster turd splashed loudly in the bowl. I groaned in relief. Then I wiped up a few times and attempted to flush. The huge log got stuck in the hole part of the toilet and wouldn't go any further. It was just stuck, I tried flushing a couple more times but it wasn't going anywhere. So I thought it was such a good idea to close the toilet lid and leave it for the next person to take care of. I thought it would be an easy fix, just a quick plunge and that was it. Nope, it wasn't that easy.

Later that night when I returned home after many hours of driving. My dad called my mom to let her know we got home safely and I talked to her after. She proceeded to tell me (with my grandmother beside her) that I have clogged the toilet and she had to fix it. She said the plunger wouldn't work so she had to take a bag and scoop it out then throw it out in the garbage! My grandmother had laughed but I was so embarrassed! Keep in mind at the time I was 13, soon to be 14.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Red great pooping story it sounds like you and those other 2 girls all had good poops to and from the sound of it you broke that stand off between them of who would poop first and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Chloe B great pooping story it sounds like you had a really good poop and it sounds like that woman was kinda desperate and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Toilet Car as always another great story it sounds like they all had good poops and gave you a great show as well and I cant wait to hear about the next story you will have once its happened.

about 2 hours ago while I was at the bookstore a middle aged woman with kinda short blonde hair walked quickly into the bathroom and sat down and I heard a soft almost liquid sounding poop pour out of her for a few seconds without any farts and it sounded like it turned more liquid near the end that or she was peeing so a good catch.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hi all, it's Anna from Canada here. Today I was at the indoors farmers market with my friend Danielle and after having some breakfast I needed a poo. I told her I'd be right back and headed for one of the washrooms. Outside, there was a couple who looked like they were in their early thirties with a stroller. The woman was a tall and a fairly chubby brunette with a big bum. She had obviously asked her husband or boyfriend to wait outside and then went in right in front of me. The bathroom was very clean with four cubicles and two of them in use. The lady who just went in and I took the two remaining, adjacent stalls. I locked the door, hung up my bag, pulled down my jeans and black string and plopped my bum on the seat. I started to pee and peaked under the partition into my neighbour's stall. The woman was wearing sandals and had pulled her jeans and white panties down to her feet. I could hear her shuffling around a bit and the seat creaking under her and then she started to pee as well. While we peed, the toilets in the other two stalls got flushed and the women left to wash their hands. I was almost done peeing when I let out a small fart and then my first log started to slide out of my bumhole. While it was crackling out, my neighbour blasted a series of loud farts into her toilet. Then I heard a very audible sigh from her stall and a big plop. I started to push out another poo and the brunette had some more loud farts and a couple more loud plops that splashed into her toilet rapidly. It sounded like she was having a really big and urgent poo. My own poop was not too bad, but her's smelled bad. She was really stinking up the bathroom. I pushed out one more final poo and a small fart and then I felt I was done. Meanwhile my neighbour did another big splash as she let out more poop. I pulled of some paper and wiped my front and back. I needed about five or six pieces to get my bum clean. When I pulled up my pants, my neighbour had also started to wipe. I was washing my hands as she came out of her stall. We smiled at each other, but she looked quite embarrassed and was blushing. There was such a bad stink in the room now. When I left, I realized it was also quite noticeable outside where her family was waiting. It must haven been really embarrassing for her, I know it would have been for me. I felt much better though and went back to join my friend and do some more shopping.


To Sarah from CA and Abbie


Sarah from CA - you posted some good stories. I particularly liked your story about the "pebbly" turd you passed and how you described it breaking into pieces as it emerged, the sound effects and the water splashing your bottom. I'm pleased you are able to describe your experiences on this forum. Feel free to post more stories..

Abbie - good story about the big buddy dump you had with your friend. It's quite common for teenage girls and young women to have big bowel movements and pass thick i.e. wide turds especially when they start to open their bowels. You did the right thing by allowing the turd to emerge gradually; this allows your anus to stretch around the "head" of the turd slowly thereby minimising the risk of any tears or "fissures" as they are known medically. Hope to hear more stories from you..


Steve A's Survey

Wanted to do this in a separate post from my responses, because I have a lot to post this time!

1. Did you ever encounter a stall/stalls or a urinal that was locked/out of order? -Yep, at school a few times I've seen a urinal out of order or a stall out of order. In high school a couple times the only stall in this one bathroom would be out of order and that would suck if I had to poop -_-

2. Did you ever get locked out of your house and you had to go #1 or #2? What did you do? - One time I got home early from a bike ride and I forgot my house key. Everyone else was gone, so I ended up peeing in the backyard. I've done that before; I don't think my parents would care if they found out, but I didn't tell them about it either way lol.

3. Did you ever have an accident in a car? (Yours' or someone else's car)? - I had a pee accident in the family car a couple years ago; I had to go REALLY badly and we were in traffic, and I just couldn't hold it anymore. My parents were kind of annoyed and I was super embarrassed, but I think they understood. My sister wouldn't stop making fun of me for it, though.

4. Describe your school bathrooms and do you use them? - In high school there was one bathroom with like 6 stalls that I would often use. It would be crowded and no one really noticed who used it or who was I wouldn't care if I pooped in that one. The other one only had one stall and was more intimate. That was the one where someone actually commented on the stink I was producing, so I was kind of embarrassed to poop in that one ever again.

5. What time(s) of the day do you normally go poop? - I'm a late afternoon/evening pooper. Because of that, I rarely go at school, but I go when I have to.

6. Do you eat foods or do other activities that help you stay "regular"? - I have a tendency to get constipated easily, so yes. I eat high fiber cereal pretty regularly and I try to stay active. I play lacrosse and I love biking so I get a decent amount of exercise :)

7. Do you have trouble pooping when your somewhere else instead of home? - In general I'm pretty good at using a non-home bathroom, but sometimes I have to sit a little while before anything wants to come out. I just feel more comfortable at home.

8. Did you ever take a laxative, suppository, enema, etc. to help you if you were ever constipated? - Yep. I've had laxatives and suppositories before when I've been constipated. I had a suppository last month, actually.

9. Do your parents or friends know that you post on here? - No one knows yet and I don't really plan on sharing it yet -_-

10. What is your most embarrassing "bathroom related" story? - Well it was probably the time I was pooping at school and a group of guys came in to do something at the sinks and they KEPT commenting on how bad it smelled and everything. I just sat there in stunned silence waiting for them to leave -_- Pretty much scarred me.

Sophia W.

My Answers

1. Did you ever encounter a stall/stalls or a urinal that was locked/out of order? It could also be a prank by someone locking the stall door(s). Yes once when I was 9. It was in my elemetary school and a stalol that normaly was locked was open, so I did use it after school. I needed a poop and after I was done, I could not flush it because the flush was broken. I went very shameful away.

2. Did you ever get locked out of your house and you had to go #1 or #2? What did you do? Yes, more than once. I could use our garden

3. Did you ever have an accident in a car? (Yours' or someone else's car)? Yes when I was 5 or 6, but I felt ill

4. Describe your school bathrooms and do you use them? They are clean in the morning and dirty at the end of the day. If more girls would flush the toilet it would be better. In my elemetary school we had in one part of the building very modern toilets and in the other part old ones, that I did not use often.
5. What time(s) of the day do you normally go poop? Very differently, but often around 11 am till 1 pm or in the night

6. Do you eat foods or do other activities that help you stay "regular"? No, it is regular by normal, but coffee gets my bowls very active

7. Do you have trouble pooping when your somewhere else instead of home? Sometimes
8. Did you ever take a laxative, suppository, enema, etc. to help you if you were ever constipated? No.

9. Do your parents or friends know that you post on here? Do you feel comfortable sharing this site to them? No and I don't know what they would say, so I better do not tell them

10. What is your most embarrassing "bathroom related" story? (You can post it if you feel comfortable doing so)

On Wednesday I needed to pee very badly in the middle of my third lesson. I asked my teacher and I was alloud to go. When I was in the bathroom I noticed I was not alone, I heard giggling in a other stall. I pulled my pants and red panties down and peed very noisy. After I was done, I waited a bit for the giggling girl but she was to long in the stall and I wanted to go back in my lesson. I ask myself why she needed to giggle. Well, she could not destroy the toilet or bring it to glog or so, because the stall was regular in use over the day.

Yesterday my sis and me needed both to poop after the breakfast and I was first in the bathroom. I pulled my pyjama pants down and sat on the loo. I pushed and whyle I did this, she entered with a loud and stinking fart. I let out one long and dry log. She bounced up and down so I let her to sit on the toilet an I wiped standing up. She first peed and then she let out some very soft poop.


To Michael

Thank you for your answer.

I, instead, feel like i could make it for even longer times but it would require locking myself home and stop working, going to gym and doing errands altogether if i were to go on and hold a movement for, let's say, a whole week (7 days). I simply couldn't make it and i would risk losing it anytime if i didn't focus on it because the urge gets really hard on you after some days. Yes, i feel like i can't forget it and go on my way. Perhaps i'm just one anxious guy. On the last night i got one strong urge coming every hour, and it would wake me up. Honestly, i can't believe how someone, wether a woman, could simply forget movements for 8 days or longer, go on working, driving or studying and not feel anything knocking on the door until "call of nature" and huge and time consuming movements happen.

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