Pooping at School

Hey guys! I pooped at school today with my friend Ellie. She's slightly taller than me, with shoulder length brown hair that she wears in a ponytail. I was in my first lesson when I had to poop. I hadn't gone for a day and I could feel pressure in my bowels, so I knew I couldn't hold it for too long. When we were let out, I told Ellie that I had to go and she said 'Me too, let's go together.' By now, the need to go was pretty bad, so I was lucky that the toilets weren't full. There are 5 stalls, two of them were taken, one of the girls was pooping. I took the stall on the end and Ellie sat next to me.
I sat down, relaxed and immediately felt my butt opening up with the tip of a big turd. Next to me, Ellie was farting up a storm, so I knew she had to poop as well. I pushed a bit and the turd slid out of me - it was about 6 inches long. I started doing a few smaller, softer turds afterwards. Ellie grunted, then I heard a big splash from her stall and a sigh of relief. I peed, then wiped my butt while Ellie kept pooping away; it sounded like it was pretty big. I heard a giant fart from her stall and then a few plops in quick succession, then she started ripping off toilet paper. Ellie had to flush twice because her first turd plugged up the toilet.

I've pooped with a few of my other friends, so I might post about them next time.


Comments for Chloe B.

Hey, just wanted to say I love your stories. It seems like in most of your stories you have at least one long log. Are they thick ones or skinny ones? and do you ever have dumps that don't smell?

Toilet car, I would strongly suggest to you that you stop these activities with these girls. Your age doesn't matter as much, but the fact that they are minors can lead to serious legal trouble for you. The fact that they are consenting is irrelevant because they ARE minors. Of course I'm assuming from your name that you are a guy. If any of their parents found out, you could concievably (sp?) end up in a situation where you will end up being a registered sex offender which could follow you for years and be a serious complication in college and career. If you won't stop, you at least need to NOT do the following:

Any physical contact with them while any of you are in any state of being undressed.

Exposing your privates to them or being present while their privates are exposed.

The fact that you are doing this in secluded spots makes it even more dangerous for you. If something did happen, it would be their word against yours, and the odds are that they would do what they needed to stay out of trouble. I hope you will give this some serious thought and not just brush it off.


Some responses and questions


Congratulations on just sitting without putting all the toilet paper over the seat first. Its unfortunate about the fire alarm going off and your poop being interrupted. You made the right decision about throwing your soiled briefs out at school. Any smell would have drawn more attention to you and brought you more hassle. It would have been nice if that vice principal had given you a minute or two to finish up. Too bad his stress was thrown onto you. Have you considered going to your parents and asking them to question that totally unfair detention time you've received?

Just Another Girl--

I agree with what you say. The hassling of those using public bathrooms, especially at school, is so wrong especially since all of us, or is it most all of us, have to the use the bathrooms pretty frequently. I know my grandma says she never used the bathrooms in the four years she was in high school back in the 1950s, but how practical is that today? I even wonder if she has forgotten about some of her experiences.

Chloe B.--

The story about the mom and boy in the stall at the store was great. By keeping him with her in her stall she made sure he didn't wander off, get lost, or potentially cause problems for others who expect and deserve their privacy. I have a question: at what age is a child of the opposite sex too old to be taken into the bathroom with the parent?

End Stall Em--

It sounds like your professor was trying to show you about how much information is being collected on people and to get you to think about it. Urination and defecation in public bathrooms is something we can relate to better than some of the other political questions.
My answer:
Urination is my least favorite of the two choices. I'm relatively small for my age but I wee 3, 4 or sometimes 5 times a day at school or another public place. My poo comes every morning, usually within the first hour or two of school. Its almost always soft and comes out within a few seconds of when I seat myself on the toilet. Peeing, though, is tougher because the bathrooms are usually jammed when I have to go and I've gotten pretty use to taking the lesser-used stalls with no doors at school, the mall and city arena because I'm in pain and need to get onto a toilet and relieve myself ASAP. Womens bathrooms need to be expanded and more toilets need to be made available. The obstacle with using the doorless toilets for me has been the little boys of the mothers who are using the facilities but not properly managing them. At the city arena once last year I had a boy about 7 or 8 who wandered up to my stall. He stopped in front of me, held his nose and snickered while his mom was in a closed stall at the other end of the room. I suspect he might have been doing this to others, also. He's too old to be wandering around in the bathroom. I babysit frequently and when I have a young boy with me, I hurry him into the first open stall with me. I close the door and make him stand against it as I seat myself and do my thing on the toilet.


Clogged Toilet Story! And a question.

First, I want to ask a question. Do people flush more often then they used to, or is it just me? And it seems like people poop in lesser amounts then they used to. I remember being in grade school, and seeing some killer poops. Now all I see is rabbit poops, and if I'm lucky I see a 1 inch thick log in a toilet if it's unflushed.

My bowel movements always tended to be large, and numerous places and times I have clogged the toilet. I actually helped (not on purpose.) partake in clogging a toilet in about the second grade. Let me tell you the story.

So I was in second grade, it was sometime in October. We weren't learning anything new in class, and I had to pee. So I asked the teacher and went down the hallway to the bathroom. I remember, a very strong stench as the handicapped bathroom stall was locked. I looked underneath (I always do this.) and there was this kid, older, and bigger sitting on the toilet seat with his khakis and tennis shoes. He didn't flush and just walked out of the stall, and didn't wash his hands. He was a year older than me, tall and blonde I believe.

I apparently had to poop because I went back to the stall where he was, and discovered the horrid smell. Inside the toilet was a big thick corny log. I don't remember the exact details but it was fairly large to come out of a kid like him. The urge was getting much stronger inside of me, so I remember sitting down and being there for a while pushing it all out.

When I got up there was his big turd, then I passed one, it was much, much smaller, but then a very large pile of soft crap. He didn't wipe, which I thought was gross. I wiped a lot, and then flushed the toilet. His turd was large, but soft enough to break, but not without causing my large pile of crap to cause detrimental health to the toilet. The water began to rose and soon enough it was to the brim. I unlocked the door, washed my hands and got out of there.

The next day we got a lecture from the teacher about not flushing the toilets, and how the boys' loo smelled bad the whole day because "one guy" didn't flush.

Anonymous College Guy

A couple stories from this semester

@Jry: Woah, you seriously remember me from all of those pages back? I figured I had been long forgotten by everyone, so that's good to hear. ;) Really nice story about clogging your friends toilet, although I can't recall peeing while having a turd head poking out my hole as you did. I think its happened very few times but I typically pee onto the toilet bowl before I begin pushing my poop out so they're separate activities.

Regarding your friend breaking up your poop, did he offer to do that for you, or was it sort of an automatic natural reaction? I would think most people (except maybe our moms) would feel embarrassed about messing with someone else's feces. That's cool though that he was so shameless about doing it, and I like that contrast with your self-consciousness and shyness going on. :P I have a feeling if you were my friend I'd offer you similar help, and would say everything I could to make you not feel shameful about it. After all, it's not like you can choose the size of your poop before it comes out right?

(As far as requests, just share whatever feels right for you. I really enjoy your writing style so I'll take anything I can get lol, although I wouldn't mind hearing more clogged stories.)

Okay well moving on to my stories/experiences from this semester... I think I've pooped more in the campus bathrooms this semester than any of my school years combined. I pooped at least 2 times each day, I go on campus 3 times a week, and the semester is around 5 months long. So when doing the math, the school drains are taking quite a lot of my turds!

*As a quick side note that I just remembered: does anyone else ever realize the fact that thousands, even millions, of human beings are defecating at this very moment. I've been finding that to be more and more interesting, especially with the data I've gathered from my small town. At Walmart, a guy comes in to poop every 10 or so minutes. At my school, someone poops every 30 minutes or so. So just factoring in those two places in my SMALL town, that's some frequent local pooping! I recently took a trip to Los Angeles and couldn't even fathom the statistics for such a populated city! Just judging from the movie theater bathrooms there, every single stall was occupied.*

Sorry for that rant, it's just those weird little things that I'm intrigued by. So I've found a strange psychological element when walking around campus, especially towards a school bathroom. Typically it goes like this: I go to one of my classes after eating a fairly large breakfast (usually oatmeal), head straight to the bathrooms when we're dismissed (I typically sit in the bathroom to pass time since I don't like being in crowds), and on the way there my gut gets the biggest urge to go poop! It really is amazing, I could feel just fine but as soon as I open that bathroom door and lock that stall, it's as if my visual stimuli of the toilet is telling me to let loose.

The kind of craps I have honestly range from day to day, just because it feels urgent it doesn't mean I consistently have diarrhea. Sometimes it'll be thick pleasurable logs that I'm proud of and hate to flush, while other times its a big pile of noisy mush that sinks to the bottom of the toilet. It's really unpredictable, especially when it comes to passing farts haha.

Anyways that's been my typical routine this semester. The bathroom I go to though is a bit different from the others... On one hand, it has two adjacent stalls compared to all of the single stalled bathrooms around campus. And, this bathroom is physically secluded (not even signs pointing to it) so the guys who go in it either are familiar with the bathroom or they simply want to poop in a less busy one. It may sound strange but it makes it kind of a personal experience for me and the guy that goes in there, pooping together in such a small secluded restroom.

Well I was sitting in there one day, just wiping up as always after pooping, when I hear those familiar typical stomping footsteps and creasing jeans approaching the bathroom door. It's funny how easy it is to tell a man from a woman just by how they walk. Anyways, he opened the creaky bathroom door, paused outside of my stall for a split-second, and turned to occupy the stall across for me. I typically take the handicapped stall so guys always check the one I'm in first before resorting to the smaller one. So he shut the rattling stall door, snapped the stall lock close and immediately sat down with no toilet paper. I judge a guy's urgency by the pace of his footsteps outside, the harshness of how he opens the door, and the franticness of how he closes the stall and plops down on the toilet seat... So with all of those things in mind, this dude definitely had to go bad. Almost instantly as he sat down he let a big fart rip, but to my surprise something happened: he answered his phone. From observing the conversation he was having I could tell it was with his dad, and boy was he shameless! He had no issue explicitly telling his dad that he was crapping and didn't seem to rush the old man off the phone either. He just went about his business, crackling and plopping his turds into the water while chatting away. This amazed me considering I could never do that with anyone, let alone a parent. Well they wrapped things up and he hung up. He began relaxing a bit more and let out a few groans as his turds crackled out, only to be bombarded with yet ANOTHER call. It was his girlfriend judging by the language he was using. At this point he was wiping up while talking to her as usual, not thinking twice that she may be able to hear. What a shameless multi-tasker! He finished up, washed his hands, and left. I share this because I've come across very few people that have such pride in their pooping habits (especially in today's conservative society) so I think it may be inspiring for some of the guys here. Pooping is only private/taboo if we choose to view it that way.

This second story will be much shorter (I've ranted long enough lol) but it's almost just as shameless nonetheless. I was sitting in my usual stall just another day, with my poop resting in the toilet bowl waiting to be flushed down. I hear moderate paced footsteps walking towards the bathroom so I could tell that while it wasn't ultra-urgent, this guy would feel restless if he kept it in any longer. He took the stall across from mine after briefly peeking in, and sat down with no TP. I don't know if it's how they were raised, but some guys naturally lay toilet paper down while others find its a waste of time. I typically do half and half depending on my mood. Anyways, this guy was LOUD. And I don't mean his poop was loud, but his voice! He literally did a 'UHHHH' 'MMMMM' and 'AHHHH' for each and every push he made. I find this more common in older men, but this guy was clearly 30 or under which made it shocking to me. I was taken aback by the intensity of some of his groans, if not for the fact that they were loud but that they sounded so sensual. I tried making sense of what was going on, and the only conclusion I could come up with was that pooping was extremely pleasurable for him. Either that or being vocal was embedded in his DNA. One interesting thing to note was when we heard girls chatting outside the bathroom door, his moans quieted a bit as if he was being courteous. But as soon as their voices faded, his volume went right back up. I admit I got a bit frightened the more he did it since his voice echoed, I didn't want students/professors thinking we were doing something bad.

What makes this experience so shameless was the fact that I was present the entire time, and he paid absolutely no mind. I mean, he likely has a pair of working ears and knew how loud he was, but simply didn't care since he figured I was just taking a poop as well.

Anyways that's all for today, my fingers are ready to fall off haha... But I hope you guys enjoyed my post and feel free to comment. Jry, looking forward to hearing from you. :) Bye for now guys!

Optional person

Story time.

As far as I go, this morning I went into the bathroom and a log dropped into the hole standing up and bending. it really wasn't that big. wiped and flushed. my poops aren't very spectacular, and I don't experience those pleasurable feelings many others speak of. I wish I did.

You I am sure remember my stories of my experiences With Julia. This has to do with her mother. One day all of us neighborhood kids were playing, I ran through Julia's yard. facing their back yard was a bathroom with a window. ( it occurs to me I may have already spoke of this) Her mom was sitting on the toilet. I think I was a bit uncomfortable but she sure wasn't. in her normal voice she calmly asked me how I was. I asked her what she was doing. she may actually of said pooping, I cant quite remember. the side of her butt was clearly visible. I didn't stay long.

looking back I wish I had stayed longer. the window was open, I had a great view of her and she seemed comfortable. I can only imagine however that with the window open she would try to keep it quiet. I wish I had stayed to hear a plop or two. but my young brain didn't think that way. but who knows what the future holds.


Questions for Red

Great post!

Some questions:

1) How would you rank your school's bathrooms with those that are at the mall, sports arena, etc.?

2) How many times a day do you usually pee at school?

3) How many times have you crapped at your school this year?

4) Have you always been that observant of those in the cubicles next to you? (I think its very interesting).

5) Is there enough toilet paper to go around at your school? What's the TP like

6) When you're waiting in line for a cubicle, are you as observant of what's happening behin the door as you are once you're on the toilet?

7) What percentage of the users take time to wash their hands?


just another girl


I want to ask a question - and this one is for women only. Has anybody else on here noticed that when they reach a certain time of month, that they get particularly bad wind (i.e. which smells much worse than it usually does) or that they have diarrhoea or similar problems? This sometimes happens to me and I know that it must have something to do with changing chemical balances in the body - I know that it's also not uncommon to feel sick and have a bit of heartburn or indigestion because the hormones affect the stomach and the way that it digests food - so I was wondering if there is any correlation. Any advice would be much appreciated.



Matt, I have come close to what you described but have always managed to get the suppository in where it could melt, even though it would take a lot longer before sitting on the toilet. Have you ever tried the Magic Bullet or Ceo two suppositories , they appear to be stronger and have better results in this situation. Thanks for the advice.

Me!! 💨

Latest pee

So a couple days ago, I was at the local cricket pitch, watching a game. It was a good match, and I didn't want to leave to go home and go to the toilet. I really needed a pee and kinda needed a poop.

You know you get those benches where the seat is made from wooden planks an there's holes in between the planks? Well I was sat on one of those benches, and, as the holes were quite wide, an idea formulated in my mind.

I waited until the person sat next to me left (halfway through the match), an surreptitiously stood up slightly and pulled down my legging and panties just enough so that my ants and pee hole were uncovered. I sat back down (now you could hardly tell my leggings weren't fully pulled up) and shifted my body slightly so that my pee hole was just over the hole in the bench. I then began to let my pee trickle out, and it went straight through the hole in the bench and hit the floor without a sound. I carried on preying like this for another 25 - 30 seconds. I then got to the more serious business at hand. My ever-increasing urge to poop. I couldn't do it right then as someone else had come to sit next to me.

They didn't move for ages, and soon my urge was so bad I couldn't hold it in much longer, but I also couldn't go right there, as the man sat right next to me would surely notice. I stood up (pulling up my leggings and panties as I did so) and ran to my car. I didn't have enough time to make it home, so I just squatted on the back seat.

I began to pee again, and it arched out of me and hit the front passenger seat, and splashed everywhere. As soon as I had finished peeing, my urge to poop came back at full force.

Sorry I clicked the post button too early this is the rest

I began to feel a thick hard log begin to push its way out of my butt. I began pushing, and a 7 or 8 inch log dropped and curled it's way on to my seat. I decided I didn't care anymore if anyone saw me, so I crawled up front, squatted with my butt over the dashboard, and began to poop again. Another 6 inch turd snaked its way onto my dashboard. I emptied the rest of my load into the footwell, pulled m pants up and drive home. I may consider doing this again sometime!

Evie xx


to Jry

Hey Jry! Good to hear from you :)

Yeah lol I agree, I do the same thing as you for the most part. When I poop and it's like a group of smaller pieces rather than the big thick turd, I do shorter bursts of pressure by default, and usually longer when it's a big one. I think I often do push for like 15 seconds or so at a time when it's a bigger one (not constipated, but just big). And of course if it's harder, then I'll have to do a really big push lol. Luckily I haven't been getting constipated lately :)

That's a great story, man. That must've been so embarrassing to clog the toilet at your friend's house. I've done what you did--try and hold it in because I was embarrassed to poop at my friend's house, but sometimes you have to go. It's good that he was understanding and he actually saw your poop haha. Very cool friend to help unclog it!

I think with me, our toilet is kind of crappy...pun intended, and that I wouldn't clog a better one, but at the same time, no one else in my family seems to clog it except for me so I know it has to be because I have big poops a lot of the time. I mean, one time I hadn't gone in a couple days and finally I got a strong urge to poop. I could tell from the get-go that it was going to be a big one. Like you, I always pee at the same time or right before I poop lol. So that was happening as the turd was starting to come out. I was pushing but it was slow coming out, so I had to keep pushing. And it felt like it was coming out didn't end up being as long as it felt, but it felt like it just kept coming, and it was wide too, I could feel that. When I looked in the toilet (I always look at what I produce lol), it was one big foot-long turd in the toilet. It felt so good to get all that out. I thought maybe this time I would flush before wiping to prevent it from getting clogged, but that didn't work! I flushed the toilet and it went down part way but then got stuck and broke apart a bit. I was starting to feel panicky, I didn't want my parents to find out that I had done it YET AGAIN. So I grabbed the plunger and tried for a while to unclog it. Finally it went the end I had been in the bathroom for a pretty long time and the plunger made noise when I used it, so I'm sure if someone heard they knew exactly what happened lol

I would definitely like to hear more details about pushing techniques and am looking forward to part 3!

Sunday, May 17, 2015


To Jemma

Hey Jemma

Sorry to hear you've been in hospital - I'm pleased to hear you're better now. I have to say I was missing your posts.

Great story about your desperate poo at the cinema especially your description of the sound effects and the appearance of your creation and the skidmarks left behind. It sounds as though you had a good healthy dump. Glad the presence of the teenage girls didn't put you off your stride; as you rightly pointed out to them we all have to poo.

Anyway, I'm pleased you're better and hope to read more posts from you.


just another girl

a little bit about me...

I've never actually described myself on here, so now is as good a time as any. I am 20 years old (going on 21), 5'4 tall, and I weigh 50 kg's. I have dark eyes and shoulder-length dark brown hair with a fringe, and I'm nicely tanned because I spend a lot of time outside.

I have a fairly accepting attitude towards bodily functions; I understand that everyone has to use the bathroom for eliminating the finished end products of digestion, and that such things as burping/belching and passing wind (and, for women, having your monthly's) are completely natural as well. The only problem I have with them is that often they don't smell very good and because they can sound nasty, but other than that I see absolutely no reason to be ashamed of them at all.

I've also heard of parents who scold and punish their children for having accidents (eg. wetting or dirtying in their clothes because they weren't able to go to the bathroom on time or because they had no other option but to do so) and I know that I won't ever be that way when I'm a mother one day. I fortunately never had any accidents during my childhood years (except for a few times when I was feeling nauseous and ended up having a "whoops" on the floor or all over my bedclothes because it just happened too quickly for me to stop it) but if my children ever do, I will treat them gently and with love, and not make them feel embarrassed or upset for making a mistake and being human. Even if they are "too old" for having accidents, I won't be unkind about it, because I know that it can happen to any of us at any time.

I have a few stories that I'd like to share one day, so if anybody wants me to, be sure to let me know and then I will!


School Dump

I hate school bathrooms. It's not that I can't do my business around people, or that they're overly dirty or anything, it's just that im not used to the small amount of space and i flat out prefer my own bathroom. However, when push comes to shove and nature knocks on my back door, I will consider taking myself to the girls room and unburdening myself.

Take for example this afternoon. Final bell was in 90 minutes and I was sitting in study hall. I slept through my alarm this morning and thus didn't get to partake in my morning poop ritual, which is usually just pull down panties, one quick push, dribble of pee, a max of two soft 3-5 inchers, wipe, pull up panties, and done. My urge is rarely intense, I just like the feeling of being empty in the morning. Because of this, I could go through my day without any serious urge or discomfort and I honestly forgot that I didn't poop this morning in the first place!

About halfway through study hall I felt a heavy weight at my bottom. It wasn't intense at all and figured that I would just save it for when I get home. My body had other plans it seemed, as 10 minutes later I was rudely reminded of my load as it put some more pressure on my back end. Reluctantly I excused myself and made my way to the toilets. When I arrived, I noticed that one of the three stalls were open, right between two other girls. I took it quickly, hoping to get this over with. I closed the stall door, pulled up my skirt and slid my red panties down to my knees and finally sat. As I did so i began to pee full force. I looked to my left and right: on the left I saw a pair of tan loafers buried under tan slacks and a pair of blue panties on top. Her feet were planted firmly on the floor. To my right I saw a pair of black shoes and long white socks, she must have been wearing a skirt and kept her panties at her knees.

As my urine abated I immediately felt my hole open to accommodate the head of my poop. It was soft, not too wide as I had expected. It slithered out a good deal and landed into pot with a soft plop. Almost on cue the girl in the high socks let out a terse grunt, and I heard a loud pop and two or three plops in rapid succession. Her expulsion was followed by a comparatively feminine sigh. The girl on my left was getting to business as well; I could hear her softly grunting, starting and stopping: she must have been having a hard time. My poop continued as i released a log of similar length, followed by a small puff of gas. I gave a cautionary push and decided that I felt empty, so I started tearing paper off of the roll and began to wipe. I heard another few plops from my right, but only a few breathy grunts from the blue panties girl.

As I flushed I heard high socks girl sigh again and begin tearing off paper as well. I exited the stall and washed my hands, catching a peek of the girl to my right as she exited. I recognized her; tall, african american girl with cute hair and a fashionable black skirt and blue top. She towered over my 5'2" red headed figure. As i dried off my hands I heard a gigantic "bloop" from the leftmost stall, and a huge sigh. I'm glad she got that one out, she sounded like she was really struggling.

Steve A's survey looks fun, so I'll give it a shot:

1. I have a few times: one special occasion was in middle school, where the girls room on the first of two floors was out of order for two days, leaving every middle school girl to be regulated to the same three stalls. I'm lucky to have not been in dire need for a toilet at that time, but I had been in there with up to 8 girls waiting on a set of full stalls, fidgeting as they desperately waited their turn. One 8th grader had had enough and urinated in a sink, which was quite a sight.

2. I was locked out of my house by my brothers when I was 12. They were only being clowns and didn't know that I needed to poop. I told them to let me in so I could use the bathroom but, being 11 and 13, didn't care much for what they considered an attempt to bypass their barricade. I ended up having to powerwalk to my next door neighbor's house and ask to use the restroom there; luckily I'm good friends with the girl who lived there, so it wasn't quite as awkward as it could have been.

3. I peed myself in the family car when I was 8. We were going to Cedar Point and just couldn't hold it. A few months ago I was driving home from school and had to fart. I was at a red light and Rose my butt of the seat and pushed. Unfortunately it wasn't as gaseous as I had hoped and I ended up pooping my jeans a little. It was very embarrassing even though no one found out!

4. I kind of answered the second part, but to describe them, they're white and blue in scheme and carry three stalls and three sinks, with one large mirror above them. The doors open inwardly because the rooms are rather small, but the stall walls reach to nearly the ceiling and sit about a foot above the ground.

5. I normally poop in the mornings and at night. My morning poop is usually small, 1-2 logs of 3-5 inches or so and a little pee. Nights depend on my lunch and dinner, but OM average consist of one larger log that is notably harder than in the morning, as well as more pungent. It often has more gas as well.

6. I drink a lot of water, mostly. I try to watch my diet but my metabolism is pretty standard. I've always been rather regular sans a few hiccups.

7. Only at social settings like parties at another person's home. Public toilets are no problem, though.

8. I use laxatives now whenever I need to move a troublesome load, but when I was younger (stopped at about 11), my mother would give me suppositories and fit me in a pair of plastic pants just in case my urge came suddenly and I didn't make it. I did most of the time, but there were instances where I ended up pushing a huge log into the plastic pants so the urge wouldn't leave me.

9. This is my first post but I don't think that I will tell them unless they'd ask me. I don't feel uncomfortable with it exactly, but it is kind of a weird topic of conversation.

10. My most embarrassing story is a long one, so I'll post it in another submission because this is getting pretty long.


Diarrhea during warmer months. Why?

Hi all. I notice during winter and cooler weather I have mostly stiff to semi-soft BMs but in warmer months and summer time my bowels do a radical change and I get frequent diarrhea instead! I've woken up many mornings each and every summer or have had to run for the nearest toilet because I get hit by the runs! I've had this happen to me every year since I turned 20. Why is this? I'm not particularly complaining (though I don't like the sudden "OMG! MOVE OUT OF MY WAY! I GOTTA GO!" feeling), but I'd like to know. Ever since I changed my diet and became thin at age 20 my body has done this to me every year, causing many rushed trips to the toilet. I'm turning 29 this year (next month in fact) and I have gained about 50 lbs since my brain surgery in July 2013. Still trying to eat healthy and drink enough water of course.


Clogged toilets Pt. 2

Hi again everyone! Great to see so much activity. I think I might use the summer break to post semi-regularly before I disappear again for much of next semester. Although I still hope I can post every once in a while after that.

To Anonymous College Guy: I remember you as well, I'm happy you're back! Glad you liked my story. Reading it again, I can understand that my story kind of set up what you expected would happen. But yes, from a logical standpoint, it was not the best idea to poop in that toilet (besides, I did not tell him explicitly what I needed to do, only that I needed to "go" as well). But being honest, I am still kind of shy in letting others know about my need to use the toilet, except for my friends. This is now, even after mostly getting over my shyness to use public restrooms. Back then, at the time of the story, I would have needed to go real bad to tell them about my need and what I needed to do. I'm looking forward to your stories, and if you want me to post about anything in particular, let me know ;)

Tristan: I'm happy that you liked my story. Haha, about the pushing techniques, I did not mean to imply that you were pooping the wrong way, because everybody's different. It's just something I've discussed with a friend of mine to compare what we do. And yes, by the way you describe it, we actually poop pretty similarly, at least when it comes to big poops. The different pushing techniques we use vary according to the situation. When it's my normal 3 or 4 poops, I usually apply short bursts of pressure, because they're not that big and not that thick. They are pretty much like bananas, haha. In any case, I don't push more than 5 or so seconds per log dropped in normal circumstances, although this has been something that's happened in the last year. I used to do the constant pressure thing in my normal poops up until July or so last year, but that was because my poop was comparatively bigger. I would push, not that hard but applying constant pressure, for like 15 seconds and then it would drop. I would catch my breath and if I still had to go, I did the same thing for the second piece. But the cool thing was that I did not have to do the big push you do (maybe because yours are longer or thicker than mine). I still do the same thing you do when it's a big one, though, haha.

Now for the time when I clogged my friend's toilet. I believe it happened a couple of months after he had clogged mine. I don't remember the specifics, I think I had gone to his place to work on a project. It was shortly dinner when I started feeling the urge. Normally, I would have held it until I went home, as I really did not like anyone knowing when I needed to use the toilet to poop. Even if it was my best friend, and I had used the bathroom for that purpose a couple of times at my house or at his, it was still something very embarrassing for me to do. As luck would have it, I had not been to the bathroom the day before, and with my hypothesis that a middle-schooler starts pooping more in quantity than when he was a child, the pressure in my rectum was increasing considerably fast. We had begun working on the project again after dinner, but after about 45 minutes, I could not concentrate on it because I had my mind focused on trying to hold my poop in. Unfortunately, I was the one who really understood the instructions, and when my friend noticed that I was more serious than usual and had stopped giving long answers to the questions he asked me and was just giving him very short, concrete answers. I was probably fidgeting or something, or maybe my face made obvious that I was holding in a huge poop, but my friend asked if I needed to use the bathroom. I reluctantly said yes, so he told me to go and he would wait for me.

I went into his bathroom, closed the door behind me, walked over to the toilet and pulled my pants and underwear down and relaxed. Almost immediately, I felt this massive piece moving down my rectum and poke its head out of my hole. It felt so good that I let out a slight groan. Now, I also almost always pee when I poop (always have), so I started peeing at that moment. Because my poop had stopped with its head out, I began pushing it out, which made my pee stream hit the bowl harder. I had finished peeing but this monster poop was still coming out, and I'm pretty sure I also grunted a little because my friend asked me if I was ok. I gave no answer as I concentrated on pushing and when it finally came out and dropped with a very noticeable plop in the water below, I let out a sigh and answered that I was ok. And I sure was after that! I started wiping, but because it was his home, I decided to copy his habit and put the soiled paper in the trashcan next to the toilet. I got up, and saw the thing. It was a very big poop, at least 12 inches long, and very wide. It probably was as big as my big ones right now, but I'm 9 years older than I was then. It was solid with cracks on its surface for the part that had come out first, and then it had a more smooth texture for the rest. I flushed the toilet and, to my horror, the same thing that had happened back at my house was happening to me right there. That is, the monster poop had become stuck in the drain hole and just kind of swirled there. I quickly looked around for something to break it up or something, but this not being my house, I was not able to find anything. I tried flushing several times and though some water did go through, the poop was stuck in there, and the water level was beginning to rise. Quite reluctantly, I did almost the same as my friend had done before and said "Hey, ehm… I've got a problem here". He laughed from outside the bathroom door and asked if I had clogged it, so I believe he must have heard the failed flushing cycles. I said yes and he told me to open the door, which again, I did reluctantly and he saw my poop in there, much as I had seen his when we were at my house. Luckily, this time he brought something (I don't remember what it was, but it was white plastic), and he used it to break my poop. I don't know if I could have been more embarrassed at that point. First, he had noticed me holding my poop in and asked if I needed to use the bathroom. Next, he had heard me straining while pushing my load out. Then, he noticed I had clogged the toilet and now he was there breaking my poop up. Fortunately, he did a good job and when he flushed it, it all went through the drain. There were many skid marks, though. I apologized for the situation but he remembered the time at my place and he said that we were even, haha.

If you can, Tristan, post about another occasion you clogged up the toilet =). Do you clog it because of the size of the poop? Or do you think the design of the toilet has something to do with it? I'll post part 3 next time along with some more details about pushing techniques I've discussed haha. Hope you liked this story.

Best wishes to all and keep posting! =)


Crap Aborted

So yesterday I got up the nerve to quit holding my crap and at the beginning of 6th hour I got teacher permission to go to the bathroom. When I got there most of the stalls were available, although most of the seats had a lot of pee on them and the usual number of toilets were jammed. So I selected the best toilet. As I stood over it unbuckling my jeans and pulling my briefs down, I got the nerve to seat myself without my usual toilet papering of the seat first. I reasoned that there was just enough on the roll to wipe with. Two small blasts within 2 seconds of me seating myself made me hopeful and the first piece, while wide, was soft enough and dropped easily. At that point, the lights started flickering and the beeps sounded on the PA for a fire alarm. Just as the siren started, a vice principal walked in, signaled me up and practically shoved me through the doorway before he checked the other stalls. I was still working on my belt while the crowd in the hall tried to move outside. I could feel there was a mess in my underwear and I just didn't feel clean. We had to wait in our parking lot for about 30 minutes while we heard stories about several M-80s that were shot off in the bathroom two floors above me. So I headed back to the bathroom once we could go back in. Five guys were on the crapper already, including the one I had been using. I found another one at the end of the room, there was no toilet paper on the roll but I didn't care. There already was a mess in my briefs. After I seated myself, I started to look at the mess in my briefs. I sat for about 5 minutes but was unable to get any more crap out, although I could feel plenty in me. So I stood up, pulled off my jeans, so I could throw my briefs out. I laid the briefs on the side of the toilet while I put my jeans back on. I threw my briefs in the trash can, but I didn't want to waste time washing my hands because the class periods had changed and I was worried about being counted absent in my 7th hour. I was right. My teacher counted it unexcused and I have a 4-hour Saturday School this week.

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