Mr. Clogs

Today's morning dump

This post is from today 5/14/2015, I got up around 7:10 in the morning and needed to use the bathroom. I could feel it as I was getting myself together to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and handle my business. I wanted to squat to poop this morning, I was going to do it in a cup but changed my mind. I quickly undid my pajama pants off, put some toilet paper on the floor and got into a squatting position. Without any effort, I starting pooping nice soft turds on the toilet paper. While I pooping I was greeted with that morning butt funk. Since I haven't peed yet, I reached for the cup that I was going to poop in and peed my morning pee into it while squatting over the poop pile. I was done pooping, I scooped up the poop and dumped it in the toilet, wiped several times to clean up the mess and wet the toilet paper to clean up the butt funk. I flushed put back my undies and pajama pants back on and washed my hands and rinsed out the cup and put it back in my room, went back to the bathroom to brush my teeth and to write this post.


Sonya Sue: Great post, sorry about the other parts but I guess that lady that was pooping next to your stall was having one of those crappy days. It happens to the best of us. Have a good one.

toilet car: Great posts of you and your friends using the car as a toilet. Seems like you all had a lot of fun doing it and the mess to clean up. I have a question, even after the cleanup, does your car still reek (smell) of urine or poop? Have you go in a container or cup in the car to pee and poop in?

Catherine: That could explain some things for me.

Jenny: Great post about the lady with the flowery undies pooping next to you.

Mandy: Yeah that sucks, especially cleaning up the mess made. Nice post though.

That's all for now, great posts everyone. Take care happy peeing and pooping.

--Mr. Clogs

Chloe B

Huge poop at the mall

Hey guys so today I'm gonna tell about the poop I took at the mall last week!
So my sister and I were at the mall shopping together and we were in American eagle. As I was trying on some things and my stomach was making weird noises. I let out some farts to which my sis noticed he smell! As I tried on these shorts I felt the tip of a log and farted! It almost came out! I told my sis I had to poo so bad so we left and icwebt straight to the bathroom! As I entered the bathroom there were 4 stalls on the righ side with the toilets connected to the wall. 2 stalls were taken both peeing. My sis took the stall next to me as I pulled my pink bikini panties to my knees. I had on skinny jeans and these nice sandals. I let out a airy fart with the drop of a long log. I farted pretty loud again and it was kinda Embarassing because it was silent except for my sis peeing. The two women were at the sinks leaving as a women and a little boy came in. My sis had peed and was wiping as I still sat and dropped more turds. My stall stuck really bad. The mom and the boy took the end stall and she was telling the boy to be quiet "while mommy goes potty". I let out a fart with some 3 turds and the boy giggled. The mom sat down and started peeing. There was a pause and I heard some crackling as her turd fell. I was about done and reached for toilet paper. I realized I was out and asked my sis to get me some. I wiped 7 times and flushed. The mom let out some rapid loose turds and farted as I wahed my hands and left. My sis joked with me "you really had to go didn't you!" I replied "when ya gotta go ya gotta go!".


Steve A's Survey

Steve, Here is my response :)

I'm female, age 34, pharmacist in a small town in the southern United States! My vitals are 6'1", 190lbs (I've gained a little!) and my ethnicity is Greek/Mediterranean, athletic build with a healthy but hearty appetite!

1. Did you ever encounter a stall/stalls or a urinal that was locked/out of order? It could also be a prank by someone locking the stall door(s). Fortunately no.

2. Did you ever get locked out of your house and you had to go #1 or #2? What did you do? No, thank goodness!

3. Did you ever have an accident in a car? (Yours' or someone else's car)? Yes - wrote about it on pg 1917

4. Describe your school bathrooms and do you use them? When I was in school our restrooms were not the nicest but they were fairly clean. The stalls had doors. I used them to pee. I wrote that I never pooped at school as teenager, but that's not entirely accurate. If I had to go before practice I would use the girls locker-room, but never during the school day. Yes, I did use them to pee and take care of feminine needs.

5. What time(s) of the day do you normally go poop? Morning, around 7 AM and evening near 7 PM usually. Traveling, vacation or an otherwise out of the ordinary daily schedule can change that.

6. Do you eat foods or do other activities that help you stay "regular"? Yes, I work out and run regularly. I also eat a high-fiber diet. I am not a vegetarian, but I eat lots of vegetarian recipes. I eat Honey Nut Cheerios mixed with Fiber One cereal every morning, and Greek Yogurt for probiotics. Been doing this since Middle School - well, I've recently changed from regular yogurt to Greek.

7. Do you have trouble pooping when your somewhere else instead of home? Yes - I may not get the urge to go.

8. Did you ever take a laxative, suppository, enema, etc. to help you if you were ever constipated? No.

9. Do your parents or friends know that you post on here? Do you feel comfortable sharing this site to them? I have never shared with anyone that I know that I visit this forum! Apologies to all!

10. What is your most embarrassing "bathroom related" story? (You can post it if you feel comfortable doing so) I've written several since I began posting. Do a search for my name and I believe that there has only been one other "Catherine" since I started posting on pg. 1817.





Just Another Girl's Comment and Using the Bathroom in Public

I agree with Just Another Girl about using the bathroom.

I think the number one reason that we have such a problem and stigma with using the bathroom in public is the smell. Anything bowel related - defecating or flatulence - smells. We are embarrassed to produce the smell and call attention to ourselves. And, frankly, a mild smell from someone else usually is more repulsing than the strongest odors from ourselves.

Yes, we need to get over it. We should be modest, not crude, but we should feel comfortable enough to use the restroom without feeling embarrassed. We will probably always be self-conscious about it, but we should not feel any worse than we already do.

That said, I cannot believe that doorless stalls are allowed anywhere for any reason. To me, that almost crosses the line as harassment.

Well, that's all!




Huge log at school!

So at school I just went to the bathroom to take a piss, but I always check the stalls to see any influshed loads. So as I was working my way dawn the line, I saw the biggest piece of crap of ever seen in my entire life. It was poking out of the water, and the messy toilet paper was on the floor, so I got a clear view! It was about 3 inches wide, and had to be over a foot long. It was dark brown, with light streaks and pieces of corn mixed in. It was curled like a banana, one end in the hole, the other sticking up. I wish I could show you the pic I took!



In regards to the suppository. I don't have a particular technique, and I know this will sounds gross, but if you use the suppository when it's should pinch off the turd first. Than just push the suppository up along side the stool. Than let it melt. That should help a lot. let me know how you much out!


Steve's Survey

1. Did you ever encounter a stall/stalls or a urinal that was locked/out of order? It could also be a prank by someone locking the stall door(s).
Yeah, the pranksters at my school always though it would be fun to lock the stall door and then go under.

2. Did you ever get locked out of your house and you had to go #1 or #2? What did you do? I've been locked out of my house, when I've had to pee, so I just peed outside in a bush, haha.

3. Did you ever have an accident in a car? (Yours' or someone else's car)? I almost did when I was 5. I hated using public bathrooms because I was deathly scared of the sounds that the toilet made. I peed in a diaper on the way home from a hospital. My mom wasn't pleased.

4. Describe your school bathrooms and do you use them? There's about 4-5 halls, each with the bathroom at the end. The third to last from the entrance of the school is usually the worst. It smells pretty awful, mainly because people choose to poop in this one all day long. They flush, but most of the people who poop in my school seem to have large soft dumps or diarrhea. I think I'm one of the few that has large, big, solid movements.

5. What time(s) of the day do you normally go poop? I go to the bathroom usually from 3 in the afternoon to 7 at night. I tried to go to the bathroom in the morning, and it worked for a few days like at 10am. But my body likes the afternoon better.

6. Do you eat foods or do other activities that help you stay "regular"? I eat a lot of fiber bars, as well as yogurt for the "petting zoo" in my gut.

7. Do you have trouble pooping when your somewhere else instead of home? It really depends where. If it's a public place, since my crap is usually large by default, I'll usually convince myself to go. It's sometimes a little hard to get hard started though.

8. Did you ever take a laxative, suppository, enema, etc. to help you if you were ever constipated? When I was little I took all 3 of those sometimes, because I would get so backed up.

9. Do your parents or friends know that you post on here? Do you feel comfortable sharing this site to them? Nope they don't know. My friends and parents know I'm interesting to say the least, but I probably would NOT share this site, unless they found out by themselves.

10. What is your most embarrassing "bathroom related" story? (You can post it if you feel comfortable doing so)

I'm going to share one of my buddy dumping experiences. I had a friend named Timmy and I was around 10 years old. We'd constantly go to each other house.
Well one time we felt like venturing around the woods, we did that frequently. But this certain day, I had to crap. I told him I needed to poop, and he said he had to, too. I went behind a tree, pulled my pants down, and I remember pooped quite a big turd, at least that's what he though, although it was probably around my regular. When I stood up, he came behind me and started commenting on the size and the smell of it. I remember it was a thick, but long turd that was pine tree brown and had corn in it. He then said, that he had to use the bathroom. He went behind the same tree, squatted down, and out came 3 medium sized orange turds. My behemoth dwarfed his creation by at least twice. I said good job, and he laughed. We didn't have toilet paper so we couldn't wipe, so we just walked home, then wiped in the bathroom.


To Jry

I saw your post to Tristan about your friend clogging your toilet, I liked it. I have on,h ever had one friend open about popping. We used to take turns pooping together. I don't get to see her often anymore but I hope I find a friend that is open about bathroom stuff again. I majorly clogged my friends toilet before while staying at her house. I can't wait to hear your future stories and the second part where you plugged your friends toilet. :)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sonya Sue great story it sounds like that lady was really desperate.

To: Toilet Car great story it sounds like all of them had really good poops and you got another great show in the process and has there been anytimes where more then one had diarrhea or a really messy soft poop at the same time in your car? I look forward to reading your next story.

To: Angela as always another great set of pooping stories it sounds like you had some good ones and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

End Stall Em

New survey idea

In my freshman college intro to political science class, our professor showed us numerous surveys about political attitudes and when it looked overwhelming about how much data is collected on people, she threw this question in to kind of shake us (and for some wake us up because this was an 8 a.m. large lecture hall class)up:

Urination or Defecation in public bathrooms--What is your least favorite and why? What is the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome?

What was strange is that she clicked off the question pretty fast and got back to political parties and our attitudes toward them. However, I think it would be a good topic for a survey on this board. I guess I'll start.

Defecation. Since age 13 or so, I've crapped in most every type of public toilet and situation. When I have to go, I go. I've never really been into holding it in until I get home. I get myself onto a toilet and go. But there's the time-on-toilet and difficulty in passing it, sometimes the pain that I've written about, and the mess that there's not always been toilet paper or enough toilet paper for me to clean with. And some of the TP or substitutes I've used for TP have been of dubious quality. And the time and rules have also been frustrating for me. High school was the worst. I got detention time for walking to a bathroom in the new wing of the school to crap because it was better lit and cleaner. Plus when we were between classes, I would be lucky to get one or two swipes of the toilet paper in before the warning bell rang and I had to make a run to class. By the time I sat down to pee during the next passing period, my underwear was already skidmarked and often there was not TP left.

What is the biggest obstacle I've had to overcome?

Dealing with some immature, rude and insensitive students. It is much better now in college, but twice this year campus security has looked into threats left in bathroom cubicles. And in two of the largest bathrooms there are signs on the inside door of the cubicle with a phone number that should be called to report clogged, vandalized or otherwise malfunctioning toilets. A couple of the signs have been messed with by those sitting and probably bored while waiting for their crap to come.


Seeing turds left in public places

To JJ: As a former teacher in a small school with no separate faculty bathrooms, from time to time I got to see some very healthy turds left in the toilets by unidentified students. Obviously sometimes the student had flushed, but the log hadn't gone down; surely at other times the student just left his monster for the next user to see. Either way, I got to see some whoppers, which of course I flushed; most of the time they went down just fine, having had time to soften up in the water, though a few times they just sat there.

Recently I took a long plane flight to a city out west. It was a nice trip, and a few days later I was dropped off at the airport so I could fly back. I visited a men's room and saw a huge turd in one of the toilets. Shaped rather like a C, it was probably an inch and a half or even an inch and three quarters thick, and I would guess close to a foot long, nice medium brown, slightly lumpy at the big end and smoothing as it tapered. I took a picture of it and left it where it was.

Do you know there are people who still think it is possible to reach in the toilet and grasp a turd by the clean end?


To Sitford, Tristan, Matthew, VeeTwo, Jenny, and Erwin

To Sitford:
I have your full sympathy with school bathrooms man! I got lucky, wherever I went, there were stall doors. I'm a little shameless, so I naturally didn't mind using the loo. What I did do though, and not on purpose, is use them afterschool during sport, because nobody seemed to care, because by then, everyone had to poop. I also had some very interesting sightings.
It's amazing how you say most of the bowls are clogged before lunchtime. I remember here, toilet paper was a pain in the ass to get out of the dispenser, so nobody used too much, plus everyone seemed to poop rabbit pellets. The only time someone would poop something resembling a turd would be either when I went to the bathroom or once in a blue moon.
My advice to you would be to keep your head up and to know, coming from an 18 year old that they're probably just insecure you have the guts to take a crap without a stall door.

To Tristan:
About the toilet clogging. I'm very thankful everyday that I moved into a house with a large drain and powerful syphon in the toilet. I try not to poop in other places than my house, although it is a little rush for me to poop in public and have it clog the toilet/not flush. Although I feel bad for the person that has to clean up afterwards, I don't make too much of a mess.
I've clogged my friends toilet, I used to clog my old house's toilet at least once a week, and my bowel movements are even larger now then they were back then! I've also clogged a school toilet multiple times, not because of the toilet paper, but because of the sheer amount of poop I'd expel into the toilet. I wouldn't say I'm constipated, but it sure seems like it sometimes after I use the bathroom and leave the toilet.
Like for example, my poop today would have clogged the toilet badly had it not been for both of the factors above. I went to the bathroom and crapped. The turd was beached on the back end of the toilet bowl and on the front part. It was as thick as the drain, but luckily it was soft and broke apart, although the part at the end was knobbly.

To Matthew:
I've pooped outside when desperate. A few years ago I was on a camping trip, and it was that familiar time, so I chose a secluded place, behind trees, and near a river so I could clean myself (I know you shouldn't poop near rivers, but I had no TP.) I squatted down and let down 2 medium sized turds and a decent sized pile of soft crap. I then turned and went to the lake where I washed myself off. The next day I returned to the same pile, it was black and had flies on it. I went near it and pooped a bigger pile of soft poop, and repeated the process.
All in all, it was neat.

To VeeTwo:
Grats on your load. I find I can't hold it anymore than my urge will let me. Well, it's not that I can't, I just don't want to. I have a tendency to have large movements by default, so I keep a diet rich in fiber, both soluble and insoluble. Like beans, rice, cereal and yogurt. If I tried to hold it in for 4-5 days, it'd be a panbuster for sure! And a very smelly one at that too.

To Jenny:
Hey, I liked your story about you and the girl in the adjacent stall. I find that guys take a long time to crap, which I find odd, why just sit there, and not get your business done, and yes I'm talking about just crapping and wiping. Is it just me, or girls seem to be fairly quick at this process?

To Erwin:
Yes that happens to me too, and it happened to me today. I pooped and the turd slided across my cheek. It felt kind of weird. The smell was also weird, it was much stronger than usual, but then again it was out of the water.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

toilet car

The mom

So not long after our last session (posted a few days ago), something new and big has happened in regards to my 'car toilet'. Someone new has used my car as a toilet, and it is not another teenager. Its Lindsey's mom! So first I need to explain.
Apparantly, Lindsey told her mom (Alice) about her going in to the bathroom in my car. Lindsey is into peeing in different places, and she goes in different places around her house (with her moms permission). Lindsey has tried persuading her mom to start going in their car, but her mom is hesitant. That is, until Lindsey suggested Alice see what it is like. So Lindsey asked me if Alice could come with us one day to see what going in the car is like. At first I said no, but Amanda persuaded me, saying that bringing Gracie and Lindsey along was cool, so could bringing Alice. So I said ok.
When the day came around, neither Gracie or Amanda could come, as they had a family event. But Lindsey really wanted to do it still, so I drove over there and picked them up. I've met Alice before, but let me briefly describe her. She is blonde (like her daughter) and she is 34 years old. Lindsey is her only daughter, and Alice is a single mom. Alice is very fit and in shape, and she looks a little younger than 34, maybe late twenties. Anyway, Alice sat in the passenger seat and Lindsey rode in the back. Alice noticed the smell, but she said it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be after several people peed in it. I explained that as long as you thoroughly clean the car, then it doesn't leave a lasting smell. Alice explained to me how Lindsey always pees in different places around their house (sink, bathtub, tile floors ect.) and that she does it too, as it's a hobby they enjoy. This surprised me, as I never imagined Alice would be into that. But then I thought about car mom and the people she met, and I realized that there isnt an age limit to being fascinated by your bodily functions. As I drove to the usual spot, Alice told me that if she was able to use my car as a toilet, then I was welcome to do the same to her car. She said I could even bring Amanda along too. So I knew amanda would love going in a new car, so I allowed Alice to go in my car.
Lindsey wanted to go first to demonstrate how to do it. "Ok mom, watch how I go. She dropped her shorts and panties and climbed up onto the console. "What are you doing up here?" asked Alice. "Just watch." I said. So Lindsey spread her legs and began to pee. Her pee hit the radio, then her stream picked up and she was hitting the windshield. Alice was in shock, watching her daughter peeing directly onto the windshield. "That's so cool!" she said. Lindsey farted and Alice giggled. Then Lindsey was done. Urine dripped and ran all over the dashboard and windshield. "Ok, this is the coolest pee thing Ive ever seen" said Alice. Lindsey farted again, a long airy fart that smelled bad. "gee wiz girl, you gotta poop or something?" asked Alice. "Yep" said Lindsey as she farted again. "Wait…you poop in here to?" said Alice. I explained how I let people poop in my car too. "just watch mom" said Lindsey. "Fair warning: its about to stink pretty bad"
As Alice prepared for the oncoming smell, Lindsey turned around and faced the back. She had a foot in each seat. After some more farts, Lindsey began to push. I heard cackling as a turd emerged. "oh wow that's strong" said Alice. "you'll get used to it" I said. Lindsey grunted and pushed. The turd coiled out onto the cupholders. Lindsey pinched it off after it was about 6 inches long. Then she backed up some and put her ass on the dashboard. Alice leaned forward and watched as Lindsey pushed out another 5 inches onto the dashboard. Then Lindsey turned, facing me, and let out about 9 or so inches of loose, wetter poop onto the dash and glovebox. The poop slide down the glovebox and landed on the floor close to Alices shoes. Then Lindsey was done pooping.
Lindsey then climbed back into the backseat. Alice was impressed by the amount of poop that came out of her daughter. I told Alice it was her turn. She decided she would sit in the back and pee. So she climbed into the back, and Lindsey climbed back up front. Lindsey told her mom to try to pee onto the cupholders and console. Alice unzipped her shorts and dropped them. Then she pulled off her panties and got ready to pee. She spread her legs. We waited for her to start. She said she was a little shy. Then a small spurt of pee came out of her into the seat. Another spurt of pee, this time it got onto the floor. Then a massive squirt of pee came out of her. It managed to hit the cupholders this time! Alice unleashed another giant squirt of pee. Then the floodgates opened. A massive stream of pee came out of Alice. She peed like this for about 10 seconds straight, and then she was done.
Alice farted. "Ok im going to poop" she said. I was in shock. I couldn't believe she was going to poop too! But I didn't say anything. She climbed back up front, and faced forward. Me and Lindsey helped her get into position to poop. She had a knee in each seat, leaning forward with her butt over the console, putting her hands on the dash next to Lindseys poop as a support. Alice blasted out some farts, which smelled worse than Lindsey's poop. She pushed and grunted. A thin, long turd snaked out onto the console, about 5 inches. I thought she was done. Alice farted and it blasted some poop out her butt onto the backseat. Then soft poop began snaking out of her rapidly. Her shit coiled and piled onto the console. It came out like softserve and just kept coming. It began sliding down the sides as she ran out of room. Finally she stopped, with a small mountain of poop in the console.
We ended up heading back to Lindsey's house, where we cleaned up the mess. Alice's poop was the hardest to clean, because it was so soft. The smell of her poop is still in my car. Alice enjoyed it so much that she wants to do it again. She also invited Amanda and me to go in her van, which we already did. I'll post that next time.


Response to Siford


When I was a pre-teen and going into my teenage years my parents made a radical diet change for me. I am an adopted, only child to parents who really loved kids. So, I was spoiled at first. My parents gave me anything I wanted, including food.

So, before I began puberty, I was chunky! I would also have bouts of constipation and diarrhea as a kid. I remember having diarrhea at school a couple of times. But I don't think that being bullied or being made fun of ever contributed to my bowel habits. I just never had to poop at school when I was a teenager.

I am sorry for what you are going through.




Huge log at school!

So at school I just went to the bathroom to take a piss, but I always check the stalls to see any influshed loads. So as I was working my way dawn the line, I saw the biggest piece of crap of ever seen in my entire life. It was poking out of the water, and the messy toilet paper was on the floor, so I got a clear view! It was about 3 inches wide, and had to be over a foot long. It was dark brown, with light streaks and pieces of corn mixed in. It was curled like a banana, one end in the hole, the other sticking up. I wish I could show you the pic I took!

Steve A

Intro To New Members And Survey For Everyone

Hey everyone, I noticed that some guys and girls around my age started posting on here and I wanted to re-introduce myself to the new members.

I'm 17 years old and I have a survey for everyone.

1. Did you ever encounter a stall/stalls or a urinal that was locked/out of order? It could also be a prank by someone locking the stall door(s).

2. Did you ever get locked out of your house and you had to go #1 or #2? What did you do?

3. Did you ever have an accident in a car? (Yours' or someone else's car)?

4. Describe your school bathrooms and do you use them?

5. What time(s) of the day do you normally go poop?

6. Do you eat foods or do other activities that help you stay "regular"?

7. Do you have trouble pooping when your somewhere else instead of home?

8. Did you ever take a laxative, suppository, enema, etc. to help you if you were ever constipated?

9. Do your parents or friends know that you post on here? Do you feel comfortable sharing this site to them?

10. What is your most embarrassing "bathroom related" story? (You can post it if you feel comfortable doing so)

I hope you enjoy my survey.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kayla first welcome to the site and great story about your sister Emilys big poop outside it sounds like she really had to go and I bet she good afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Owen great story it sounds like your mom really had to go bad.

To: Jenny great story it sounds like you and that other girl both had really good poops and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mandy first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day but accidents happen and they can happen to anyone at anytime your dad shouldve realized that and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Soccer Mom it sounds like you were pretty desperate at least it wasnt that bad of accident since the poop was solid fro the sound of it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: JaLe first welcome to the site and great story about you and that other girls big poop it sounds like you both really had to go and I bet you both felt good afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Gary great story.

To: Jemma great desperate poop story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Sonya Sue

Observations on a hover shitter

Last Friday afternoon after school I had to rush downtown to our Court House because I was on deadline day to pay off a parking ticket. I admit I wasn't in the best of moods because I was going to lose $100 for parking in a handicapped space, although I don't recall seeing the sign because it was covered with snow and the mall was just too crowded the day before Christmas. I should have peed after my last hour class, but I didn't so it was a case of painful bladder as I cruised the streets for a parking space and then made the run through the large crowds some trials had in order to get to the payment window before it closed at 4 p.m. How I endured the 10 minute-long line I don't know but I knew I couldn't miss the deadline. Finally, I got to the window, handed over the bills, and before grabbing my receipt (which I had to give back because the lady needed to run it through a stamping machine) I asked the lady directions to the bathroom. She said something under her breath about me being brave or something like that, but I took her directions and had to angle my way through the crowd and cameras on some guy who was being interviewed.

Again I admit I had a bad attitude as I pushed open the hugely-high door to the bathroom. Then there was another set of doors--to my right was the entrance and to my left was the exit. I prayed there wasn't going to be a crowd in there because because I knew I couldn't wait and while I don't necessarily like the doorless stalls, I would have taken one. I was that desperate! Luckily to my right there were three vacant stalls, I took the middle. I seated myself as soon as I lowered by jeans and underwear to my knees. A few trickles started and the pain between my legs was as intense as I can ever remember. I spread my legs a little and was a little alarmed when the seat started to move to my right. So I stood up a few inches and used my hand to push the seat back to the middle of the bowl. When I did I noticed some sticking of my butt to the seat, and I knew I could/should have wiped it down first, but then I had a larger frustration to deal with.

After three or four minutes I was getting almost no stream. I heard the door to my right latch, I saw two legs firmly planted in front of the toilet and then some grey sweats dropping to the ankles. Then I started hearing splashes that seemed to get faster and louder between each. There was no movement of the feet and legs and then a moan followed by a huge splash and then the F-bomb. The phone rang, the lady answered immediately with no movement of her feet and with anger in her voice I heard her tell the caller "I just shit my brains out" and something about telling someone to wait. I couldn't believe it but the distraction worked and I noticed that I had a strong pee flow going and my pain was relieved to the point where I could almost cry.

I stayed on the toilet for a couple more minutes and noticed the lady next to me had left. I was so curious as to what she had left and I knew she hadn't flushed. When I left my stall, and opened hers, I saw a white seat completely splashed, a sausage-like turd right on the front of the seat and about a dozen pieces of crap of various sizes in the bowl. It was about as gross as some of the worst stuff I've seen at school.

It's going to take strong arguments to defend what that person left behind.

toilet car

Super poop and pee in car

I've tried to edit out some of the details of this post, and will try to keep future posts less graphic.
To Erin (Riley's Mom): Great post! Glad Riley is getting to pee in the car! You should have her try peeing into/onto the console! If you have any car peeing/pooping questions, just ask me! Regarding your question on Riley's friend: You should totally do it! As long as Riley's friend is comfortable doing it, and you are, then by all means go ahead! I think its really awesome having multiple people pee or poop in a car, it adds character to it lol. Also, you should have Riley try pooping directly onto the seats or console or floormats! That is, if you are up to the cleaning. But she may have fun doing it, so it could be worth a shot.

Since I've last posted, Gracie, Amanda, and Lindsey have all used my car as a toilet again. This happened yesterday, and it marked the first time all three have went in my car (only Gracie and Lindsey went last time). So after the first experience with Gracie and Lindsey, we planned another day to do it again. It took a couple weeks to get a day lined up, but we figured one out. During that time no one pooped in my car, and only Amanda peed I think a couple times. I got the poop scrubbed out of the seats, so there was only pee stains left. I really don't mind the cleaning part, I know that Lindsey and Gracie enjoyed it (Lindsey really liked it lol), and also Amanda likes doing it, so whatever makes her happy. Plus its awesome to be a part of.
So after we all got out of school we met up at my car and threw our backpacks in the trunk. Then we got in and started driving. All three girls had been holding pee in for a few hours now, and no one had pooped for at least two days. So they all had to go pretty badly. Amanda was in the passanger seat, with Lindsey behind her and Gracie behind me. I quickly drove to our now usual location so they could get down to business. So I parked the car. Lindsey wanted to sit in the driver's seat this time, so I climbed into the back next to Gracie, and Lindsey got up front. I had to pee pretty badly too, so I was going to pee with them. They told me to go first. So I pulled my shorts and boxers down, aimed onto the back of the driver's seat and peed as they all watched. I went for about 15 seconds, leaving a big wet spot on the seat. Then I was done. Amanda decided to go next. I suggested they all go at once, but Amanda said that it is more fun if they took turns. So Amanda pulled down her pants and panties and tossed them in the back so they wouldn't get wet. Amanda began to pee. Her pee went into the seat, hissing as it came out. Then she spread her legs and started to aim her stream. Her pee sprinkled onto the glove box and floor. This went on for about 15 or so seconds until it died down. Then she farted. She let out 3 or 4 farts that filled up the car with stench. But she said she didn't want to be the first one to poop, so now it was Gracie's turn. Gracie pulled down her pants and panties. I climbed between her and the seat in front of her. Gracie began to pee facing the seat I was in and the door. Her pee came out like a spray. Her pee was hitting all over the door, running down the plastic door handle and cup holder. Finally she stopped after about 20 seconds. She then let off some farts. "I'm gonna poop now" she said.
Gracie got into position to poop. She moved over to the seat she had just peed on, and faced forward, squatting. We all looked at her and waited. Silence. A few more seconds passed, still nothing. Gracie said she had to go, but it wasn't coming out. She hadn't went in over two days, and she usually goes daily. "Try a different position. Maybe it'll move things along." Said Amanda. So Gracie now moved over so that each knee was in a seat. She faced forward and leaned forward, putting her hands on the center console. So Gracie tried pooping again, this time breathing harder and grunting a little from the effort. I could see her pink anus open a little, and I saw a turd inside. I offered to massage her, and she accepted, so put one hand on her back and another on her stomach and rubbed. "I think its working" she said. She started pushing even harder. But after about two minutes of this, only very little was progress was made. She told me to massage the muscles around her anus. So she moved forward a little as I got behind her. I could see the turd more now that her anus was more opened. I rubbed two fingers on either side of her anus. This got things moving, and the turd started emerging. It was about 2 inches in diameters. I moved out of the way as the strong smell of it filled the car. The turd fell out of her, and landed in between the seats. It was about 7 inches long. Then Gracie moved over to the seat she pissed on and dropped another 6 inch turd. Finally, a small little turd fell out and she was done. Gracie ended up having to awkwardly sit between her two turds so she didn't get any on her.
Now it was finally Lindsey's turn. She pulled down her pants and panties, leaned back, spread her legs and began to pee. Her pee came out as a strong stream, hitting the steering wheel directly in front of her. Pee splashed back, getting all over things around her. Then she turned and directed her pee onto the radio and ac controls (it got ruined a long time ago by Amanda). She pissed on the dash and the glove box. She continued peeing onto the dash and then the windshield. Then she directed her stream up until it hit the rearview mirror and then the roof! Her pee was splashing on a lot. Finally her stream died down. The cup holders had some pee in them, and the seats were wet. Some ran down Lindseys arms and legs, and her shirt was pretty wet. Now Lindsey was all set to poop. "Hey Logan, I just want to say thanks for letting me do this, and that I haven't pooped in 4 days because I've been waiting to go again in your car" said Lindsey. I said I was glad she enjoyed it. So now she climbed over the cup holders and faced forward. She had one knee in each seat and was straddling the console and cup holders. She farted, and it smelled very strong. Me and Gracie leaned forward so that we could get a better view. Lindsey farted over and over. Her tight brown anus began to widen as a turd approached. She was grunting and breathing hard. The turd came out, and it was firm. It stuck out of her ass by about 4 inches. Then another 6 inches of poop came out as the turd snaked onto the console and broke off. It was dark brown, and the smell mixed with Gracie's poop. Lindsey then turned around so she faced us. Her butt was up against the radio. "It doesn't work anyway" she said. We all laughed. Lindsey's face turned red and she started pushing. Poop came out onto the radio and fell into a cup holder, leaving poop trails down the radio and the a c buttons. She let out two small turds this way. Then she lifted her butt up and rested it on the dash again, like last time. She pushed another 6 inches out onto the dash. Then she climbed over into the drivers seat and hovered her butt over the door and its handles. This time she barely pushed as around 8 more inches slid out. The poop snaked onto the window and the plastic. She leaned forward a bit as the poop slid down the door and handle, onto the floor between the seat and door. Finally, squatting in the drivers seat, she let out a couple small turds. Then she was finally done.
Lindsey's butt was pretty messy, so she rubbed her butt down the drivers seat to clean it off. Most of it came off her and smeared into the fabric. She picked up her small turds from the seat (using her panties) and set them in a cupholder so she could sit down. Amanda and Gracie was impressed by the amount of poop from Lindsey. But then it was Amanda's turn to poop. Amanda got on her knees and faced the passanger door. Her butt was over the console and Lindsey's poop. Amanda pushed out an 8 inch turd onto the console and cupholder. Then she pooped on the dash like Lindsey did, producing another 7 inch turd. Then Amanda was done. The smell of all three girls poop made my head spin.
Lindsey wiped her hands on the seats and pulled up her panties and pants. She got out and I did too and we switched spots. Closing the door was hard due to the poop all over the handle. I had to lean forward so poop didn't get on the back of my shirt. The steering wheel was still wet from Lindsey's piss, but I didn't mind. I started the car. Gracie still had poop in her seat, and she didn't want to touch it, so Lindsey picked it up out of her seat and set it on the floor. We drove to my house (to clean. Parent's weren't home) with poop still on the dashboard lol. I wonder if anyone noticed that on the street. While driving, some of the poop on the dash rolled forward and left marks on the windshield. It landed in the pee that had pooled up there. Once we got home, Gracie and Amanda pulled up their pants and panties and we got out. I grabbed a trash bag, and started cleaning up the poop. I picked up the poop that fell by the door. Then I picked up Lindsey's giant turd that was on the console. It was really firm. Me and Amanda wiped the pee down off the windows while Lindsey and Gracie scrubbed out poop stains. After an hour we had it mostly clean. I took them home and then I came home and cleaned my car some more. There are still a lot of stains (mostly from Lindsey rubbed poop off her hands and butt into the seat) but my cars is ready for more! I'll keep you all updated on the next outing.


To Jry

Hey Jry :)

Great story:)

Sounds like you and I poop pretty similarly. I always lean forward on the toilet when I poop (I kind of always assume mine's going to be big, or at least not small and that's often the case). When it's a normal one, I usually do the constant pressure thing like you do (until it starts come out and then I push more), but other times I notice I do the smaller bursts of pressure, which doesn't seem to be as effective. It's just a habit I guess. I would definitely like to hear about other pushing techniques you have hehe, I'm perfectly open to the idea that I might not be pooping the best way ;)

When I'm constipated of course, I do what you do. I try leaning forward on the toilet, pushing several times, if that doesn't work then I squat instead.

Regarding your story, it's very cool that you got to see your friend's poop like that and that you knew he clogged. I've never gotten to see a friend in that situation before, although I heard a friend tell me afterward that he clogged a toilet (and that it took forever for him to unclog it). Too bad he didn't call me in for help lol. I would definitely like to hear the other stories you have too, because I've clogged the toilet a number of times so it's something I'm used to -_- Makes me feel less embarrassed about it to hear other's experiences with it lol

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