Pooping Together In The Woods

Years ago before I moved, my best friend Alice and I would go camping together every year. We were super close and never hid anything from each other, we were very open with each other and we had no problem pooping or peeing in front of each other.

When I was around ten, we did our usual camping trip in the summer. For some reason we were afraid to use the outhouses there so what we did is we took an old bbq grill and set it up in the woods. We put an old potty seat on top of the grill and we would pee on that. We took turns that entire trip. But than pooping became a problem. We could not poop on our makeshift toilet because the poop wouldn't fit through the spaces on the grill. So my dad drove us up the hill to the flushing toilets where we took turns pooping in front of each other.

The following year, when I was 11, we went on our annual camping trip again, Alice and I still didn't like outhouses but we could pee on them which was improvement. But we still didn't want to poop on them. So every time we needed to take a shit we would tell the other person then we would walk a mile together to the nearest flushing toilet. There were two stalls out in the open, they had small thin doors. You could see under them easily, and you could hear everything! There were two stalls for girls and two feet over there were two stalls for guys. So I remember Alice desperately needing to take a huge shit since she hasn't gone in like three days. She struggled and grunted to get the monster out of her while I waited for her.

The next day, I woke up with a strong urge for a poo myself. I hadn't gone the day before either, I usually go less while camping. Is that just me or does anyone else do the same? Anyway, I told Alice I had to go and we started walking. The 20 minute walk felt so long, I had to stop a few times to hold it in. Finally we made it to the bathrooms, and I used into a stall. I farted a few times. I was pretty constipated and it took some straining to push out, it all came out in this huge monster Log. I wiped up and then flushed and washed my hands. It was a good poop though, very relieving.

Another time that trip, after using the washroom. I was with Alice and her younger brother Mike. This middle aged man went in the bathroom and stayed in there for like twenty mins so we all knew what he was up to! I dint know why we were hanging around the bathroom but we were haha. I heard the guy fart a few times, and he used so much toilet paper. Mike laughed and Said "he is using so much toilet paper!" really loud! The guy heard, he looked embarrased when he came out. Make said howdy to the man and got a howdy back much to his surprise and he laughed. The guy seemed nice.

Looking back, I still don't know why Alice and I were afraid of using outhouses but we were I guess. If I see Alice this summer, I would love to go camping again. I haven't gone in three years. I would really like to try pooping outside with Alice. :D

I am seeing a lot of new people on this site now, a lot of guys my age. I know listening to your pooping stories. So any guys around my age feel free to share some great stories, I would love to hear them! For the new people out there, I am Angela, I am 14 years old, 5"3, 104 pounds. I am skinny and I have wavy brown hair and green eyes.


Response to Siford

Response to Siford:

Thanks for the compliment. I haven't thought about it too much but being much smaller than most of my classmates at 3'10" may have something to do with my being more confident about using bathrooms away from home. Then it may not. I just know that when I gotta go, I gotta go and I don't waste time doing it. I just get to a bathroom, get up on the first stool I find available, and I do my pee or poo--sometimes both. I'm a butt-down person; I just don't see any need to squat or hover or whatever. Yes, I poo at school every day. It usually happens in the morning when I first arrive or a little later. Some friends seem surprised but I don't go into the bathroom until I'm ready to dump. That has led me to choose a stall with no door on several occasions because I don't like to wait. After I lower my undees and jeans, I can usually unload in 30 seconds, sometimes 45. Then I wipe and get down off the toilet. However, sometimes it takes me a little longer to get my pee stream going, but I just don't like to waste time or hang out in the bathroom. Some users, I've seen, seem to waste a lot of time waiting for a particular stall at the theatre or mall, when they could use an available stall with less privacy or perhaps some sprinkles on the seat.

You ask what advice I would give others who don't have the confidence or attitude. Don't try to avoid using public bathrooms. For example, me and a friend were at the arena for a concert. I went in and peed immediately when we arrived, but she held out until intermission. Then she had to wait in a huge line that extended beyond the concession window. At the end of the concert, I went in and peed. She held out and thought she could make it until we got back. Problem was traffic was bad and by the time her mom got to the pick up street, her bladder was starting to hurt pretty bad. So we ended up having to stop at a gas station and she almost didn't get on the toilet in time because there were three in line ahead of her for the one-staller.

Not everyone agrees with me. First, my grandma who I dearly love, when she comes to visit us, has been critical of finding skidmarks in my underwear. When I explain the situation at school, and me having to wipe fast between classes because my school is tough on tardies, she's not buying it. Grams said that when she was my age back in the '50s, she never needed to use a bathroom at school, because she got up early and got her needs met before she left home. And she thinks my attitude is wrong about just sitting down bare-butt on the public toilet seats. She thinks every seat should be covered before a person seats himself/herself. I written about my large number of babysitting jobs and the few of those kids who have had trouble in meeting their body's needs when they are away from home. Some are afraid of the size of the toilets and bathrooms and the loss of privacy compared to what they have at home. What I try to work with them on is being able to go in a public bathroom and to do it with confidence.

No one should be controlled by what others say or they fear what might be said about them. Reality is that we all have to use public bathrooms and that it shouldn't be a holding game or terrifying experience. So, Siford, if you won't want to use the urinals, that's fine. Continue to take a stall, seat yourself on the toilet, and gain confidence that way.

Anonymous College Guy

Hey everyone!

Well it's been a while (actually months), so I figured I'd check in with everyone on here real quick. I have to say, I'm pleased and appreciate all the posts from all the male posters lately! I'd say the male output is now 25% compared to the 75% of women which is a big improvement from how it used to be... I always enjoy reading stories of similar guys I can relate to.

I'll try to share some new stories soon about taking dumps on the campus this past semester, as I've had quite a few interesting experiences. Just the last week I heard the most shameless vocal guy to ever sit on a toilet. He didn't mind at all that his groans echoed loudly to the outside of the bathrooms, which was pretty amusing.

@Sitford, I'm really sorry to hear about your troubles in the high school bathrooms. And I can totally relate to your situation with the janitor and how his rude comment made you cry, I'm a very sensitive guy as well so you aren't alone. Just know that pooping in a college bathroom is a completely different experience! Guys couldn't care less if you're dropping a turd, or what others would think about them doing so too. College guys are just very shameless as I mentioned earlier, which takes off a LOT of pressure of pooping in the public restrooms. I look forward to reading more posts by you, keep your head up man. :)

@Jry, Nice story about your friend clogging the toilet, even if it caused you embarrassment. I have to admit I was half-expecting you to poop in the clogged toilet on top of your friend's, but that would probably make everything more messy and complicated (especially for the plumber). I'm looking forward to hearing about the other stories you have coming.

Sadly I never had a guy friend growing up (if at all) that would be somewhat open about his movements. The closest thing now is a college friend who always notifies me (while we hang out) that he really really needs to use the bathroom. It's always a bit humorous to watch him sprint off in such a panicky fashion, I usually tell him to lay off the dairy and coffee haha. Oddly enough, I'm very private about sharing info about my bowel movements with him or anyone else.

Anyways hope to hear back from you guys soon, and hopefully I'll have plenty of time over the summer to share more stories of my own. For now take care, and keep up the good work dudes. Also I used to be the shyest guy ever in public bathrooms, so if any of you would like some advice or have questions about overcoming that fear just let me know. See ya!

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My Sister

Hi I'm Kayla I'm 14, I saw a couple other girls around my age post so I thought I might as well posts too.

I thought I'd post about my sister her name's Emily and she's a few years younger than me.

the other day we was out side our house having fun when Emily said she had to go pee, but then we found the house locked, Emily freaked out a little bit trying to open the door, I told her I had to pee a little too and I was going to squat behind the shed, and told her we should both go and when we got behind the shed, I reached under my skirt an pull down my panties and squatted and started peeing, Emily was just standing there, I asked her if anything was wrong, and she said "umm.. I uh sorta have to do something else a little too" I giggled and said "you have to poop?" and she said "only a little tiny bit" I told her to "Just squat down and go, we can get something to wipe with out of the shed if we need to", so she pulled her panties down and squatted and began to pee, by that time I had finished my and was pulling up my panties, I told Emily I'd be right back that I get her something to wipe with and left her, I found some old torn up clothing we use as a rags in the shed, I grabbed a few pieces and went back to Emily I saw her with her back to me squatting there she wasn't peeing anymore but had a small poo hanging out of her bottom then it fell to the ground it was maybe 3 or 4 inches, then she started peeing again I heard her sigh and I told her I was back and got some rags and she told me thanks she peed for awhile then I heard her going "ehhhhhh" and noticed she was grunting under her breathe and her hands balled up into fists, she going "uhhhhhhh... emhhhh..." then her peeing stopped and she told me "it feels like there a tiny bit more but it wont come out" then she said "wait here it comes", then a poo pushes out it getting thicker the more it came out until it reached the ground and kept getting longer and longer until finally the end dropped out it had to be over a foot in lenght, then she farted and a small poo falls out quickly and she sighs and I hand her the rags and she wipes herself and stuff. I was going to joke with her about how 'tiny' she had to go but I could tell how embarrassed she was about it so I decided not to bring it up.


Replies and Clogged Toilets Pt. 1

Hello everyone!

Siford: I understand your self-consciousness and I believe that your strategy is a good one considering the circumstances. The good thing, if you can believe me, is that by your last year of high school there will be less harassment towards you. Also, after the high school period, people stop caring much about that kind of thing. They become more mature. So just hang in there, it will get better.

Jake: I wanted to ask you about two things. The first is that in one of your posts you mentioned that when you were pushing out your poop, you went up on your toes as it came out. Do you normally do this? I hadn't noticed it but sometimes I also do this, mostly when it's a big one. And from my memories, I recall some other users in public toilets going up on their toes followed by a splash. The second is: you mentioned you have a roommate. Try practicing with that, as in, try pooping a little more often while he's there. You say you normally wait until he is out, but trust me, if you try going while he's in there, it'll get you more comfortable. I assume you have at least once had to crap while he's there, so I was wondering how you felt in that moment.

To Natalie and K: Also welcome! Your posts are particularly interesting because I am mostly aware of some of the experiences us guys have/had in our teens with our pooping habits. So it's nice to contrast it with the bathroom habits of the opposite sex. So, please keep posting!

Abbie: Hello! Glad to see another post of yours. I really enjoy them. You are closer to my age (I believe… I'm in university) than Natalie and K, and I had never really thought about the possible struggles that young-adult women might experience with big fat poops. From the current male posters, I think Tristan is the one who might best understand what you go through. Again, eager to see you post more often.

Tristan: The length of this post is for you. I say it's part 1 because here I intend to share the experiences of when I was in middle school and I clogged a toilet at my best friend's home, and he also clogged mine! On another occasion, I'll share more recent ones. But first, to answer your questions: it depends on what kind of big ones I have, if they're very hard (constipated) or just solid (normal big poop). I have not had the constipated version in a while, but first I sit on the toilet, go up on my toes, lean forward as much as I can, and apply as much pressure as I can. If after three or so attempts it still is not coming out, I also squat and try to push not as hard but keep the pressure constant, in order for it to get moving. If it's a normal big poop, I also sit on the toilet, lean forward (but not as much), and apply constant pressure. I don't push that hard, but the constant pressure makes sure the big poop keeps moving until the head is out. When I feel the head is out, I then do a big push and it comes out relatively easy. The exception is when it becomes fat in the middle section, but fortunately that does not happen often. And, I don't have big ones by default. I usually release three or four middle sized ones (around 6 to 8 inches), but I do have big ones four times a month or so.

So, now for the toilet clogging story. I don't remember exactly the order of events, but I believe it may have been like this: My friend first clogged my toilet and shortly after I clogged his. When he clogged mine, we had been to a Star Wars convention and had eaten a lot there. We were 13 years old I believe. I believe the changes around that time in a boy's body make them experience significantly bigger poops, at least from what I remember happening to me. Anyway, after it had ended, I got a call from my parents and told me that they were busy and that my friend and I should walk back home instead of waiting for them to pick us up, so we did. I was really shy back then about my bathroom habits, and after walking for a short while, I began feeling that fullness in my rectum that told me that I would have to release a big poop soon. What had not crossed my mind was that my friend had also gotten the urge, and before that occasion, I don't really recall many times when he had made known to me his need for a poop. So when we arrived home and the first thing he said was, "Do you mind if I use your bathroom?", I thought nothing of it. But when he went inside the guest bathroom and he said there was no toilet paper in there, I realized what he actually needed to do. So I told him to come with me to my room and use my en-suite bathroom. So we went, he took off his jacket, and as he walked into my bathroom and was about to close the door, I said "just don't take too long, I also need to go". He hesitated for a moment, said "erhm… ok" and closed the door. Being the little devil I was, and because I also had wanted for some time to listen to him on the toilet, I purposefully started a conversation just as I heard him sit down. We began talking about the convention and I heard him start peeing into the bowl. We continued talking for a while until I asked a question and I got no answer from him. So I asked again and again, until I heard him answer in a strained voice "wait ugh… a second…". Then he went quiet and some seconds later I heard a small plop, followed by a crackling noise from a big poop coming out and then a much heavier plop, and then a sigh. It was amazing. It was the first time I had listened to my best friend poop. We continued talking but he went quiet a few more times, and sure enough, plops soon followed. Finally I heard him begin to wipe and attempt to flush the toilet.

And then, it happened. I heard from outside the door the familiar sound of a toilet getting clogged. And from the other side, I heard him say: "Ehrm… Got a problem". I knew what he meant. So I asked him to unlock the door and let me take a look. After trying to argue with me that he would manage to flush it down, he reluctantly opened the door. I could look at his poops in the toilet because of this habit he has/had of wiping and then placing the soiled paper in the trashcan. When I saw his poops, I understood how he could clog the toilet. There were two or three balls of poop floating there about the size of an egg. Then there was also a medium one. But the cause of the clog was this monster poop, large and wide, that obstructed the drain. I don't remember exactly what I said next but I mentioned how big it was, and he said something about skipping a day and having had to go for a while but he had held it because he did not want to use the public restrooms at the convention center. When I tried to flush again, the monster poop just swirled there without actually going through. Before doing anything else, first I had to answer to my own call of nature, so I told him to wait for me there while I went to get something to unclog it. He was obviously very embarrassed, but what else could he do? I, of course, also needed to poop and the excuse of going to look for something gave me enough time to release my poop in the guest bathroom. There, I found a toilet brush and after finishing my own poop session, I went back to my bathroom and tried pushing my friend's poop down the toilet drain with it. Big mistake. I should have broken it into smaller pieces. I don't know what happened, but after flushing, the poop disappeared and some water seemed to go through the drain, and we both thought that was it. Next time I used it, though, when I flushed the toilet it was evident it was still clogged. This time, however, because the poop was much farther down the drain, I could not get it to move. We had to clog a professional to help us unclog it. And, of course, everyone at home had assumed it was my poop, which made me real embarrassed.

I feel this post is getting a little too long, so I guess I'll leave it here. And then post parts 2 (when I clogged his toilet) and 3 (more recent ones). Just one last question for you, Tristan: How long and/or hard do you normally push when you are releasing a big one? You said a decent amount, but I was wondering if they were many short bursts of pressure applied or if it was a constant pressure like me. I have several pushing techniques according to the kind of poop, so we can discuss them later if you're interested, haha.

Best wishes to all!


Post Title Story Night Poop

My name is Owen and this is my first post here. I want to share a very embarrassing story that happened last summer. I had participated in a MMA tournament in Georgia. I had driven down with my mother (Michelle) who is my biggest fan. I was 16 years old and my mother was 37. She is blond and about 5 ft 3 inches tall. We were driving back from the tournament and it was a hot sweltering night and there had been tornado warnings in the area. We decided to find a motel and finish trip in the morning and had stopped at a Mexican Buffet restaurant earlier in the night, which would prove to be a big mistake. It was raining and lightening out and we were having trouble seeing the road and finding a hotel. We found a flea bag hotel that was gross and we had to share a twin size bed. There was no air conditioning and room was unbelievably hot. I was laying in just my underwear and mom had her underwear and a bra on. We fell asleep back to back on the hard bed and we were both farting loudly in bed. I woke up in middle of night and was in the process of taking a massive dump, when bathroom door opened and mom said that she had to go really bad! She was very desperate and I was in middle of pushing out a huge log. I stood up and pushed the toilet seat up and sat on back of toilet. Mom sat between my legs and her bowels exploded sending several large logs into the toilet. We stayed on toilet close to 30 minutes and we both emptied numerous large logs filling up the toilet. We flushed several times during our buddy dump and then cleaned our asses. We both had poop all over our legs and had to clean off in the shower. We had diarrhea most of the next day and made multiple stops during our drive home. We have always been very close but we were both very embarrassed during our buddy dump and have never spoken about it.


Curly turd

Yesterday morning I sat on the toilet for a daily bm. I felt the turd was firmer than normal, so I struggled more as usual to let it out. When it came out I suddenly felt the tip touching my right butt cheek. Then I heard a splash when it felt in the water. In the bowl, there was a firm curly piece of poop. Does this ever happen to anyone else? Is it normal that a turd touches your butt cheek?

Hello everyone! I have another story for y'all!
Yesterday at my college I had to poop. I went to the ladies room and saw that the first stall was taken by a girl who had her khaki shorts and flowery undies around her ankles. as i went into the stall next to her, i heard her fart and sigh. i dropped my jean shorts and purple undies to my ankles and sat on the toilet. the girl next to me farted again, then she started making crackling noises. i heard her crap out two turds and sigh again. her poop was very smelly, but i didn't mind. I started pushing and my crap started plopping into the toilet. the girl next to me grunted softly and i heard her poop out three more turds. I farted a loud quick one and felt a little embarrassed, but the girl farted softly in response as if to make me feel better. i heard her start unrolling toilet paper and wipe her butt. after she wiped clean, she flushed and left her stall. I did the same and met her at the sinks. She was a cute brunette girl who was very tall. I said hi to her and she said hello back and smiled at me. Then she turned and left. I couldn't help but notice that she had a red ring on the back of her thighs from the toilet seat. Whoops!


Jogging accident

Hi my names Mandy i just turned 21 on april 28th, A really embarrassing thing happened to me today and I was searching all over at where I can share something like this and I found this site, i hope its not to gross lol.

So today I ate at a chinese buffet, and when i got home i had to poop really bad so I did, and I showered, then took a nap. When I woke up, I changed into these skin tight nike exercise shorts (thank god they were tight, and a sports bra, and I went for a jog in the park close to my house, its a two mile jog once around the park, it circles a few apartment buildings. So I start jogging and immediately I feel a sharp cramp in my stomach like I could feel my stomach churning and I felt like i had to go poop, I knew it was going to be mushy or like diarrhea , you know how it like feels like its going to be wet, anyway I thought to myself that I could hold it, and plus there was no bathrooms in the park and I wanted to finish my run, so i keep running around this circle. As I was running like I could feel the poop wanting to come out, but like I felt like i totally had it under control, I felt like I had to fart but i knew if i farted it would all come out. The sun was setting , but it was still kind of light out so I would be spotted if i just went behind trees. I had made it about three quarters of the way and my stomach churned again, and I almost lost control I stopped jogging, and just started walking slowly to hold it in, about 2 or 3 mins later the urge went away and I started running as quick as i could to my house. I passed a gas station, and thought I should use their bathroom, but there bathrooms are so nasty, and i was afraid of guys looking at me so I tried to make it home. I made it to my development, and got through the front gate, and the feeling came back again and I almost let go right there, but i forced myself to hold it until I got to my house. My room has a bathroom in it so I wanted to make it to my room. I made it to my front door, and i felt a squirt of mush escape, i opened the door and locked it behind me, my dad called out to me i said hi dad in a rushed, and started running up the stairs, the shit was oozing out as i moved up the stairs i couldnt stop it, it kept coming out i made it to my toilet, and rushed my shorts down, i didnt even get my butt to sit down and pushed and my butt exploded and it got all over the toilet and floor and some on the walls, and my shorts and thong were ruined, it was so smelly and disgusting i almost puked. luckily i was in the process of cleaning my room, so i had a trash bag in there and i threw my shorts and underwear away. i took a towel and some cleaning liquid and wiped up the floor and wall, and cleaned my toilet, i threw the towel out, then i got in the shower, the poop was all down my thighs and in my private area, i sat down in the shower and just scrubbed, i began crying because i felt so embarrassed, dont think its over yet. when i get done the shower i noticed my brand new nike shoes got poop inside them and on the outsides i just threw them out, and then when i went to put the trash outside i noticed drops of poop had slid out my shorts and went onto the floor i had to clean that up before my dad saw, while i was just about to clean it my brother comes out of his room and yells ewwwwwwww Mandy pooped on the floor and my dad saw and i told him i had an accident, and he yelled like youre to grown for that blah blah blah. what and awful day i never thought it would happen to me.


My pee accidents which i remember

I'm 21 year old male from Finland. I have many pee accidents which i remember.

I was very shy as child.

I was first in a kindergarten and then at other and from the first one i remember my first accidents. One time one person told us a story and i had to pee really bad. I walked around in the room in my grey college pants which i remember very well. At the end i couldn't hold anymore and stopped walking and peed my pants. I don't remember the pee scene but after it i remember that someone had given me new pants and i had to change myself and i couldn't do it that time because i was so little. I remember that my socks were wet.

Second time i remember that i sat in peed pants in the bathroom floor at that kindergarten but i doesn't remember how it happened.

Third time is at home when i sat at floor in my room and my brother were at the toilet and i had to pee bad and i knocked the door many times and said that i need to go. Then when i went back to my room and sat to the floor and wait my brother coming from the toilet i loosed control and peed my pants at the floor.

Fourth time is when i was at a camp with my family. I were 3 years old at that time. I stood there with my brother when he was dressing. I had to pee but i didn't say anything to no one. I danced my full pee pee dance. My mom noticed it and asked me that "do you have to pee" and i said "no". At the end i peed my green shorts.

Fifth time is at the same trip when we went to our cousins summer house after we left ours. I don't remember the need to go but it is on a film. My brother filmed there and he filmed long time me and our cousins kid and then i told to my brother to "come with me". It took long time because the other kid wanted to be filmed. But at least my brother come with me. I climb up the houses stairs and at the terrace i say to my brother "Film this". Then i look down at my legs and to the floor and i say that "Pee comes". My brother says "Pee is coming"? I say "Yes". Then the camera stops and in the other scene i have peed my pants and I'm sniffing to my mom that "It doesn't matter"? My mum answer that "Yes it doesn't matter". "I thought you had diapers". And my brother says at the background "Pee came". I have watched this many times again and again. Then it is years that i doesn't remember any happenings.

Sixth is from preschool. I had a corner at the yard because i didn't want to play with no one because of my shyness. Always when we were outside i stood there and on time when i stood there i had to pee really bad. I squirmed and stepped and crossed my legs
and hold my crotch and then i started walking because it helped. I walked in to the toy garage and came back and then i heard that it was time to go inside. One of the teachers walked by and i finally said that "I need to pee". Teacher said that "Come inside if you have to pee". But it was late at that time and my pee started to pour in my pants and shoes. The teacher noticed it. Then i can't remember what happened, but i remember that i had grey outdoor pants on me.

Seventh time is in the same preschool. I walked back and forth at the corridor where the bathroom's was, but i just couldn't go in there because of my shyness. I squirmed and stepped and crossed my legs and hold my crotch and pinched my penis. I pasted the bathrooms many times. There was also pillars at the corridor and finally when it hurt so much and i couldn't hold and walk anymore i stopped behind one of the pillars and pee came out to my pants and socks. Then i stayed in my peed pants long time because i didn't want to tell no one that i had peed my pants. But then someone noticed it and i got changed.

Eight time is when i was at school at first grade and at brake. I was still very shy but I had got my first friends. I had to pee bad and i played with my friends (two girls) and didn't not want to stop to go to the toilet inside. The class begins and i sit at my desk holding my penis and squeezing it with both hands and finally i raise other hand, but because i'm shy i didn't raise it very much. So i held the pee, but then my teacher noticed my hand and i asked "may i go to the boys room?" she said "yes" and i started to
walk to the door holding my legs tight and hand at my crotch and when i were in front of the class, pee started to pour in my pants and everyone started to laugh. I started to cry and walked to the toilet. My teacher called my mother and she come with another pants. We lived next to the school.

Ninth time is when i were at second grade. It was last class of day and i had to pee, and just when the class was over and i was walking to the toilets i started to pee my pants in the corridor, but i continued walking and could stop the pee. But when i got to the toilet i just couldn't undo my pants so i just stood in front of the toilet stool and peed. Then i was shy to leave the bathroom so i lowered my pants and sat to the toilet stool as i was shitting. I haven't locked the door and some other boys wanted to come in there before leaving, and said sorry when they noticed that i was sitting there. Then i was finally alone and cried and sat there. That time i hadn't own telephone so i couldn't call to my mom. But finally she come to look after me because i hadn't come home and found me sitting at the toilet stool. No one of my classmates who had opened the door hadn't noticed that i had peed my pants, but my mother noticed it and was angry because i hadn't used the toilets at school when i first had to pee at the day. Then i doesn't remember what happened.

After that accident i didn't use the toilets at school neither because it was embarrassing to let anyone know that i have to pee and it was embarrassing to go to bathroom if someone saw me walking to the bathrooms.

Tenth time is when i were also in second grade and i wanted to stay with my friends which waited bus at school and i had to pee, but didn't want to go to toilet, because my friends could leave home at the time. And it was embarrassing to let them konow that i had to pee. So i held my self and then i just couldn't wait so i wanted to tell some of my friends that i need the loo. I danced my pee dance and tried to ask someone, that do you know what i want to. Someone said that you want to dance, but then i said finally to someone that "i need the bathroom". Then he said "go then". Finally i leaved home and just when i was taking my shoes off i started to leak and ran to the bathroom.

Eleventh time is when i had a dentist and my mom were with me. I had to pee when we leaved from my school to the dentist and because of cold weather when we got to the dentist wait room i just ran to the bathroom and some of the pee came to my pants before i undid my pants.

Then i started to use the toilet at school if it was very urgent. Usually it didn't and i held whole day and used the toilet when i came home from school.

But then i hadn't any accidents. But at sixth grade i started to play with peeing. It were many days i wanted to skip morning pee and go to school bursting and go whole day without peeing. But i was scared to do that. Then i just one time did it and it were really good. I did it many times and never happened nothing. I always watched other students moves and thought that does anyone of them have to pee just now. I watched their pants and think that it would be nice to see when some of them pee in their pants or held himself or i think that it would be great to pee in those pants but not in those. When we were at camp school i saw my classmates peeing in the nature and in the toilet. If i heard someone talk about pee i wrote it down at home to my computer.

At home i held myself and sometimes before going to shower i started to pee my pants. No one knew it in my family. No one knows it nowadays. I have to do all secret. I live at home now also. But now i have peed also outside. I have started to video myself at seventh grade. Whole high-school time i have done something with my pee sometimes. I am still at school. Nowadays in vocational school and i continue videoing.

Then i have also one real accident at eight grade. I was 14 years old and i used a toilet at brake which i hadn't used before and because the cold weather outside the need was worse when i came to toilet. The door lock was broken and the door didn't lock. So i tried to get the door locked and pee started to pour. First i couldn't stop it but then i could and undid my pants and peed then in toilet. Then when i get to class no one couldn't notice what happened because of my dark pants and because i went to sit alone to the first bench. But i could smell it whole class. It was good that it was my last class of the day.

Then some of my pee holdings which i did on purpose.

One day i had a School disco i wanted to know how it would be if i was holding my pee there and dancing. I thought that i hold also whole school day and till the disco beginning at evening but when i came home from school i didn't remember it and went pee what i did all times when i came home from school. But then i started to drink water and my need of pee was bad when i went to the disco. Then i drank there sodas and juices and then i had not to pee but when it came back it was nice and i went behind the Coat rack and sit to a bench. I sit there and tried to pee a little bit in my pants but even i had to pee so bad it doesn't start to come so easily. The pain was bad and came worse when i tried and i nearly started to cry. My eyes were wet. Then i relaxed and tried again. I did it couple of times and then couple drops came and then i didn't continue because i didn't want to pee my pants. I went finally in the toilet and peed. It was really relaxing.

I was at swimming hall one day with my school group. We will swim the whole day. It wasn't very long day. So at morning i didn't go to morning pee as usually. We get to the swimming hall and the urge to pee weren't so bad at that point. I went to swim. Then after a while it came back, but it was not bad. Then i didn't wheel it, but after a while it came back and it was really bad. I couldn't swim. I was embarrassed to go before we would stop swimming and all will go to shower. It weren't very long time to it and the time came and it was really hard to walk because i was really in pain. But i get to the toilet and it was so big pain that it blurred my mind to a moment and i couldn't take mt swimming trunks off and i was grabbing my crotch and jumping and a pee drop came to my trunks and then i took them off and went to the urinal and peed. It was very long stream, but it was relaxing. Then i had a hour before my bus left and i walked at the town. And realized that i had to pee again and really bad. So i went to near super market and went to the bathroom and peed another long stream.

One day i tried to not pee the whole day. I woke up every morning and go pee, but one day i din't go to pee. I just went to my vocational school holding my pee. I drank one large and one small glass of water at morning before i left. I woke up at 7.00 at morning and my school day started at 9.00. We had lunch at 11.30 and when i had eaten at 12.00 i had to stand and wait the next class and the door was locked so i couldn't go to sit in a chair and there was toilets opposite me and i was squirming. The one glass of water at lunch has made the urge badder. If i could sit i could go through the day without peeing, but i must stand, so i just went to the toilet and peed. I didn't want to wait. But when I've been holding so long so the urge comes again shortly. It came back and then i could hold my pee to the end of school day. It ended at 16.00. Then i went to gas station next to the school. I went to toilet there and i teased my self by drinking water which i had just bought. I stood there at the toilet and drank. I also sit at the toilet seat and drank. I was really squirming. I could hold the pee so long that i were at home at 17.00. Then when i came home i just left my backpack and ran to the toilet and to the bathtub and the pee started coming out. All the pee come to my pants.

I have never liked pooping my pants, but i remember one time when i pooped my pants. I was 3 years old and I Was at a amusement park with my dad and brother and when we were at the bus leaving home. My dad was a bus driver and it was my dads bus company trip. My brother was at toilet and me and dad were in the bus. My dad went to see if my brother is coming and i obviously had to poop and pooped my pants at the bus seat. I had dungarees at that time on. I came out of bus and my dad took a picture of me when i was on bus stairs. Then i started to cry that i pooped my pants. I don't remember what happened then.


Successfully managed a four/five days hold

Last time i went on Monday morning with a mushy stool. Then i held everything in until Saturday morning, to the point that i slept the night away with, as some poster used to say, a huge brown egg (or maybe more than one...) inside me (and it made sleeping a little uncomfortable). Then i went to the toilet and it started out with a hard, wide and long stool that broke halfway and splashed quietly under its own weight because i didn't exert force to get it out. The rest quietly coiled away. Then the unusual happened: i started pushing out a large number of large and soft logs one after the other. They didn't make a sound due to the previous movement that filled the trapway (European British style toilet, so i'm sorry but not much visual width, lenght and amount sampling of what you let out can be done as all Americans or some Germans with older toilets are able to do).
All of this without farting and grunting and without laxative or drugs use (except perhaps a iron supplement i was put on that turned the stool to a darker colour), just a little iron man-ish discipline because men apparently can't hold movements as easy as women can do. I got up, wiped and flushed without clogging the toilet, even if some of the softer stools reached outside of the water a little. I had two more movements some time after, and the first was some wet farts followed by three hard and small floaters one after the other that splashed loudly, while the second were smaller sinkers. I weighed myself before and after and, amazingly, another time, i didn't lose a pound.

To Catherine: i think climate changes throughout the year could also negatively affect how much of everything we drink is sufficient to keep our body hydrated. Maybe we forget to drink more than the usual once the weather starts to get warmer.

Bye everyone.


Multiple problems in school bathrooms

To Catherine:

I found it interesting that you said back when you were in high school you got up early so as not to have to use the bathrooms at school. What caused you to feel this way? Did you pee frequently at school and did you have any problems doing that? How did that compare with the others in your class and how they dealt with it?

To Tlana:

You seem to be the least stresssed about having to crap at school. Your experiences seem to lead us to believe that you poop most every day at school and when you are away from home and at other places. I think its amazing that you can do this while being the physically most smallest girl in school. What advice can you give the others that don't have the confidence and attitude that you do?

To Sonya Sue:

You seem to have had multiple situations where you have had to use public toilets. What has caused you to be successful with them?

To Natalie:

Have you pooped or peed at school or during softball or volleyball games? If so, do you find that your teammates bond around such common experiences?

Multiple problems in school bathrooms

My bathroom problems seemed to start the first week of school. I had just turned 13 and had been allowed to skip a grade and begin high school. First, the school is one of the biggest in the state and the bathrooms are huge. Also, the urinals are dirty and the older guys abuse and hassle the new and younger students who look scared while they stand and try and get their pee stream going. So I switched to sitting down in the stalls but with no doors on most of them, I was also drawing attention to myself. And that has made me more self-conscious. After a couple of bad experiences before school, I started holding my needs to the passing periods, but there's even more boys and more hassles in each of the bathrooms then. So I started to get passes from some of my mid-morning teachers, but even then I had more surprises. For example, during 3rd hour study hall, I went in for a crap I had been holding for an hour or so. Only one of the 20-some stalls was in use and that one was the only one with the door. Its larger and has a door for the reason that its for the physically challenged. Obviously, since we only had about five minutes on a hall pass, and there are students in some classes that watch you sign out and hassle you when you come back, I just took a stall which happened to be the first one on my left and already had its seat down but not drenched in urine. I pulled off three strips of toilet paper--one for each side of the seat and another for the very back. Then as I was preparing to seat myself a female teacher who I think had a substitute tag on walked in and walked all the way down the line of toilets, stopping to flush a few, and then back by all the urinals. She flushed a few that needed it then she went to the other side of the wall and I heard her turn off a couple of the faucets. I asked a couple of my older friends about a female patrolling the bathroom of the opposite sex and they said it happens from time to time in our school. However, I was so startled by her seeing me on the toilet that I knew I wouldn't be able to stay seated so got up, pulled the papers off my thighs, fake flushed as a cover up and then washed my hands before going back to class. My need to crap became more urgent after lunch and I went in during the last ten minutes of the hour. There was a guy on each toilet and another two or three waiting for him to get done. Some of the buys were clowning around with their seated friend about the smell or the size of his organ (something I'm very self-conscious about) and in one case they told a guy he should flush while remaining seated because they were hoping the toilet would back up on him. I felt sorry for him because I didn't think he needed any more hassle. So I held my crap until 3:15. I waited for the bathrooms to clear out and I went right across the hall from my last class. Problem, with the exception of two stalls, each of the toilets had piss splashed on the seats and at least three of them had bowls backed up with crap right to the top of the bowl. I rejected one stall because there was no toilet paper left--even the roller had been stolen. Three stalls down was the one I selected and it had about half the toilet paper roll left.
It took me a couple of times to do my paper spreading over the seat, and as I pulled my jeans down and my briefs, two boys came in and slowed down to look over my situation. Then I seated myself. As I started to push, I looked down in front of me to make sure my organ was staying on the paper and not resting on the dirty bowl front, I looked up and there was a janitor in my doorway. He had a bad attitude when he saw the condition of the bathroom and told me that if all the guys would waste the toilet paper like I did (on the seat), it would all be gone by the end of first hour. I took this personally and had to hold back my my tears. I was able to do about half my crap. Then I wiped, but didn't feel good enough to flush the toilet. I didn't even wash my hands on my way out.

Nickel Plate


I am curious with girls, I have notice that young kids when they pee, a lot of them don't use paper after they pee, where the older and teens do. The question is at what age do girls start to use paper after they pee? This is a general question I know it varies and how they were taught. There is other factors as well.

Blind Guy

Odd Question for Erin

Greetings. I've noticed your posts lately about your daughter peeing in the car, and have seen some other posts by other people from way back. But I just thought of something. You mentioned that the seat is getting harder to clean, so why not save the seat and switch to diapers? It's kind of weird yes, but It would save your seats and still allow anyone to do either #1 or #2 right on the seat, while not ruining it or making it smell. It's just an idea for you to consider. I've heard of people using them for long car trips and overnight camping when they didn't want to leave the sleeping bag, so it wouldn't be all that unusual. Anyway, it's an idea you could consider.


Nice morning poop.

So I held back the urge again, and got up in the morning ready to burst. I sleep naked, so I just headed right to the toilet. I went into the bathroom, sat down and proceeded to have a lot of gas before I started. It took a minute or two to get started, and then it slowly crackled out, and slightly painfully. I had a ton of gas while it was coming out, and after. It landed with a loud splash in the bowl, and then three or four chunks of poop landed directly on the turd below resulting in four loud thuds. It didn't smell bad, but again it was very strong.

I stood up to see my work. I got a ruler from bedroom (No it did not make direct contact, Ew, and don't even go there.) and put it next to the turd. It measured a little over 2 inches in width, and for length it was about 9 inches. Pretty good considering I hadn't pooped that much the day before, and none the day before that.

I went to put the ruler back, and when I went into the bathroom the smell was very strong. It didn't take long for it to dissapate. I wiped and then hit the flusher, which got the turd down, and it left a skidmark at the top ridge above the drain.

Happy poops.

Soccer Mom

Another story

Hello. Recently I had posted a story about what happened last week and now, I'm going to share a story about what just happened.

Anyways, I got a story to tell. As I had stated in my first post, I was meeting up my family on a trip for vacation. We were together until a couple days ago on Wednesday (6th).

Truthfully, during most of my trip, I wasn't able to poop much, only once but that was on Friday night. So I had been constipated for almost 3 days by the time I got back Monday. I felt bloated and uncomfortable when I got back.

Then on Tuesday (4th day of being constipated), when I was on my way home from work, I was again in the mercy of the desperate urge to poop. Sadly it couldn't come at the worst time because I was in the middle of traffic when it started. While I was sitting there, trying to keep my mind off of it, but as more time had passed, the more urgent I was. After being stuck in traffic for what felt like forever, it started to lighten and I started to drive as fast as I could. After a few more minutes of driving, this discomfort in my abdomen started to arise and this forceful fart came shooting out of me that I couldn't control. As soon as that happened, this thick's head came popping out a little. I tried my best to pay attention to the road while trying not to let it out, but it was a failing battle. I decided to park the car in the parking lot near the mall. I luckily found a little corner that I could park in that I'll likely have the most privacy.

At this point, after parking the car, I sat there with that turd still poking it's head out, I knew I won't make it to the toilet in time, I decided to give into the urge. As I was trying to undo my pants, my bowels had something else in mind, my stomach gurgled and the urge had gotten intolerable, then the poop started to force it's way out. As I sat there, still trying to undo my pants, couldn't hold it in anymore. I quickly adjusted my seat as far back as it could go, lifted my butt up while holding onto the steering wheel for balance, then relaxed my butt cheeks and bowels. Then that's when it happened, this really thick poop started to slowly make it's way out and when it started happening, I held my stomach and thought: "Oh god here it comes..... oh no, I'm about to crap myself....", and this poop didn't take too long until it finally started landing onto my panties. After several minutes had passed, this thick and long poop was finished and at that point, my panties were so full that it was starting to poke onto the sides.

Since I'm finished, I carefully took my pants off and slid my panties off and placing them on the passenger seat without spilling everything. I took out some tissue paper and wiped my ass. After looking at my load, I couldn't believe how much came out of me. I then decided to pull my pants up and tossed the load with my ruined panties into this small plastic bag before tossing it into the garbage can and head on home.


School day

It was a long day at school, and my stomach had been groaning for the last two hours of the day, I refuse to poop in the toilets there. Finally home time came and by that stage my ass felt like it was gonna explode, the walk home requires crossing a big field. Together with my stomach cramping and my butthole on the verge of releasing the backed up load, I decided to cut my losses and go behind the bushes. I unbuckled my pants and went for it an immense load of turd started pouring out of me I even moaned with pleasure as it was coming out. As I looked at my turd baby and saw how much came out of me I felt so sorry for my poor ass for holding that in for so long.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


To Sarah from CA

I think that what happened to you is very strange. Ex Lax (and, for that sake, everything that isn't a bulk forming laxative such as Metamucil, which seemed to manage being sold outside of the US although i'm yet to find Ex Lax in my country's drugstores, not that i would take irritant kind of laxatives though and anyways i've never experienced constipation, except for one time when i was a kid due to a waaaaay poor diet and near no PT) is known for giving strong runny stool attacks even as a breaker of long constipation times. You're the first one i've heard taking Ex Lax and still not mentioning watery stools, even after the first movement. Maybe the formula got changed some time ago because of this fact and the laxative became gentler.

Anyways, welcome here!

just another girl
Even though I've only posted once in this forum, I've read quite a few of the previous stories, and I was shocked to see how many times people talk about being made fun of, mocked, or embarrassed in some way when they use the bathroom in public.

Fortunately I've never experienced such a thing before, but I will say in all honesty that such behaviour is not only highly insensitive but also very small-minded and immature. Every single person has bodily functions and they are nothing to be ashamed of; there is absolutely no reason to humiliate others when they do something that's natural and normal, and even if it's a bit nasty it isn't their fault, and those people should shut their mouths because it has nothing at all to do with them!

I use the public bathrooms at university quite often, and because the walls that separate the cubicles are fairly thin, it's possible to hear and smell everything that goes on when someone is inside - most times it's only tinkling or hissing or dripping if they are just doing a wee, but occasionally they will do a poo as well, which can sound like anything - plopping, squishing, crackling, or squirting, depending on whether it was a normal healthy motion or a loose or liquid one caused by an upset stomach - and sometimes they may have a bit of gas and wind before it happens. After someone has done a poo there is always a nasty smell, but sometimes it is worse than others.
However, regardless of what anyone did, what it smells like, and how it sounded, I'd never say anything to cause them to feel embarrassed or shamed, because it's not my place to laugh at them or say horrible things.

To be very honest, I think that there are some people out there who need to stop having such a big problem about others doing what comes naturally. They do it too, and there's not much point in pretending that they don't and that they are better than those who do.. They need to grow up, get a life, and start treating others with a bit of respect!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sarah first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Anna great story.

To: Toilet Car great story it sounds like Gracie and Lindsey both had really good pees and poops in the car and I look forward to your next post about them thanks.

To: Photgrapher great catch.

To: End Stall Em as always another great story.

To: Natalie first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop it sounds like it was a really good one and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Sarah From CA great desperate poop story it sounds like you really had to go bad and a lot as well and great story about your big poop in that nasty bathroom and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen C as always another great story at least you didnt have an accident and also you made a new friend as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hayley C great pooping story it sounds like you a pretty good poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sophia W great set of pooping stories it sounds like you and your sister both had great poops and then it sounds like that bathroom at your school got a good workout I wonder if any of the girls had to for go wiping cause of that lack of toilet paper or was someone able to get more to them in time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Toilets in Mexico?

I was wondering what the public toilet situation is in Mexico. I read that there are often no toilet seats in the restrooms there. Are people used to hovering? Also, one of my friends is from Mexico, and when I went over to his house, there was no seat on his toilet. I asked him about it and he said that they were replacing it. One week later, there was still no seat. I guess his family is comfortable with the traditional setup.

I have followed this site regularly for many years, but I haven't posted for a long time. I am 53 year old woman, quite small and petite and many people has said that I look at least 10 years younger than I really am. Anyway, here is my story. A few weeks ago I went shopping. After about two hours I decided go to cafeteria to have a coffee and something to snack. I felt a need to wee and when I was enjoying my coffee I realized that I needed to poop as well. Right after I finished my coffee I headed for cafeteria's ladies room. It was a small, just two stalls and sinks with mirror. Three young ladies, maybe around 20, were in front of mirrors fixing their hair and make-up. Both stalls were free and I entered stall which was nearest from door (and farthest from sinks). I locked the door and pulled down my trousers and panties and then sat on the seat. I started peeing right away as I sat down. My presence didn't seem to bother girls any because they continued their conversation. After I finished peeing I spread my legs a bit and leaned forward. My butthole opened up and log began to emerge. I peeked between my legs and saw brown log sticking out 4-5 inches. It broke off and splashed into the water. Just then one of the girls entered next stall. She rolled some toilet paper off, I think she papered the seat. While she was doing that I let out another turd with pretty loud plop. I could hear girl undo her belt and unzip her jeans. Girl sat down but nothing happened for a minute or two, she was just sitting there and taking part of conversation. As third log slid out of me and splashed in water it started happening also in my neighbouring stall. Girl let out a puffy fart. I looked under the wall and noticed that she was on her tip-toes. There was a bit of strain in her voice as she was chatting with her friends. When she wasn't talking she made quiet "nnnnh" grunts and every time she was pushing a light crackling sound was heard. Finally log fell with loud "flooomp" sound. It sounded really big one. I pushed two smaller turds and I was done. In that point girl's friends were leaving and they told her that they will wait for her in the cafeteria. As I was wiping girl passed a couple of smaller turds with soft grunts. She wiped and got off the bowl as I flushed and went washing my hands. Girl came out of stall and came to wash her hands too. She looked me quickly and we both blushed a bit.

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