My Old Babysitter

First,2 shout-outs going back to page 2451.

Christina, I enjoyed the story about your nephew watching you take a shit. You asked what he liked, seeing you naked, seeing you poop or seeing your mess. I would bet he liked all 3.

Lizzie, I really liked your story about smelling Kathleen's BM. It is nice to see another poster on here who enjoys the smell of a woman's poop. I look forward to more stories.

When I was 11 years old my Mom went back to work and hired a high school girl to keep an eye on me after school. Her name was Stephanie and she was s senior which meant she was 17 or 18. Arrangements were made for her to ride my bus after school. I had a huge crush on her. As far as I was concerned, she was the most beautiful and elegant girl in the world. She was blond and this being the 80's, her hair was very large. She always wore very tight jeans, jean jacket, t-shirt and white heels with kind of like rhinestones on them. She was very slim with not much in the boob department. She used to shit everyday after school. I caught on by accident. One day I just happened to use the bathroom and it stank like hell. I realized that Stephanie must have just taken a shit since we were the only 2 in the house. It was the strongest poop smell I had ever smelled to that point. I stood there just taking in the stink and realizing that Stephanie had produced it. This was the 1st time I realized that I liked the smell in a bathroom after a girl had just taken a dump. She would do this every day and every day I would wait until she was done and go in to smell the aftermath. It was always very strong. Much stronger than anything produced by me or my mom. It had a definite rotten egg odor to it. She was also very noisy. After a while, I would lay down on the ground outside the bathroom and look under the door. She would start out with a gust of noisy farting that lasted anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds. I now realize she was getting rid of all the gas she had been holding in all day. Then a quick pee followed by some serious grunting. When I laid on the floor, the only thing I could see were her shoes. As she grunted, she would rock back on the heels of her shoes. Kind of like she was digging in. I could hear the snap crackle and pop as her turds left her ass and then she would give a contented grunt. She liked to take her time, usually spending about 15 minutes in the bathroom. All she did all afternoon was talk on the phone to her friends. One day I was laying on the floor watching her when the phone rang. She bolted off the toilet and headed for the door. I quick rolled away to avoid being trampled as she ran out of the bathroom to get the phone. Once she was in the kitchen I snuck into the bathroom. The rotten egg odor was especially bad that day and I peered over the lip of the toilet. Jackpot! Stephanie didn't flush and floating in the toilet were 3 or 4 very large dark logs. I was blown away by them. First of all they were huge. Very long and very very thick with a crumpled appearance with lots of surface cracks. I stood there for God knows how long staring at her creations. Suddenly, her fingernails were digging into my shoulder. I didn't even hear her come back in. She slammed the lid down and hit the flush while shoving me out of the bathroom and slamming the door. I then saw her sit on the toilet and wipe herself a few times. I really have to wonder what she thought when came back in and caught me looking at her shit :)


Post Title (optional) Fitted Boxers versus Classic Briefs

Yesterday i was out walking the dog.I was a long way from home and i really needed a poo.Well you guessed it i had an accident and filled my pants.I was wearing Marks & Spencer boxers not boxer briefs but white trunk type thar fit pretty tightly to the legs.Well they do when you first put them on but as the day wears on they get a bit more loose.This was my problem because as i walked the poo, even though it was quite cloddy started to make its way down the left leg.It stopped at the opening for a while but when i got home and inspected the damage it had come out and was on my jeans.The clean up was not too bad as i simply lifted the toilet seat,tipped the undies inside out and dropped the big dollop in the pan.I then puuled my underpants up again removed my socks and jeans and jumped in the shower using the hand shower i flushed out my underwear so they were just left with a stain then cleaned up and put the soiled cloths on hot wash with some oxygon stain remover.I washed my jeans separately to make sure there as no colour run and everything came out fine.
I will wear briefs in future because i cannot be sure that boxers will contain it if i have another mishap.I was lucky it didn't go down my leg and all over my trainers or everone would have known i'd shit myself.The last time i had an accident was when i was coming home from playing soccer after school.I was wearing my soccer shorts and i was dying to go all through the game.There was no toilet just a hut at the edge of the field for people to change cloths.So i set off home but halfway i just couldn't hold on any longer.I stopped stood with my legs apart and just filled my briefs.Now my point is that the briefs contained it.I admit it was not diareah or extremely soft poo but it was the same consistancy as my last accident.The briefs were far better than the fitted boxers.I don't know what would happen in boxer briefs if they would keep the accident secret or whether they would allow seepage to creep out of the legs.Has anyone any experience of what underwear is safe to wear in the event of a none diareah accident.


very close to an accident....

sorry i haven't posted in a while i actually have been in hospital.
anyway i am fine now & i have a new story for you guys that involves a very desperate poo & the cinema with my boy mate Jason.
we'd gone for a catch up dinner first & then we went to see unfriended at the flicks.
i'd needed a poo not long after dinner but held it in.
during the film i was getting more desperate & my ???? started to hurt. THEN...UH OH i tried to push out a little fart but felt a bit of warm wet poo try to make it's way to my white knickers.
i told Jase i was off to the loo & boy did i clench my butt to get there. In the loo a bunch of teens were in there. Desperate, i didn't care. And hell they heard me when i desperately thru my black mini skirt down and white knickers & plonked my butt on the seat and immediately without any hesitation or effort it was FERRRLUMP-FERLUMP-FERLUMP-FERLUMP... my initial pieces were out followed by a wet fart & then a final lot of plops that i had to push out with a tiny effort to get them going that sounded like ... ferrrrrrlump-flump-plop-plop-plip-plop-plip.
i wiped 7 times and before dropping my pooey paper in the loo i looked at my creation & it was light brown sunken coiled thick long plops all curled aroubd each other skidmarking the porcelain at the back front and sides too. A mahoosive poo!!
I flushed and it didn't all go down so as i waited i pulled my gear back up over my curvy Kim Kardashian like arse & sprayed a load of perfume because man this poo stank!! I flushed again & though it all went down i left a bunch of skids everywhere under the water, everywhere! I exitted & these teens all gawped at me! "What? Do neither of you poo or sonething?" I asked they all smiled red faced and left the loos.
i washed up fixed my long brunette hair and went back to Jase.
"You ok hon? You've been about 15 mins?!!" He asked
"Just had a clear out" i replied smiling.
he smiled at me and laughed.


To Photographer

Liked your story about the bridesmaid at the wedding. Had you witnessed such an event before? I have been in similar situations myself. I think it is natural for some to be curious about what others leave behind and to go and have a look at their "production". I have done so myself so I don't think there was anything impolite about what you did. I believe it is a good thing for people - including young women - to feel liberated enough to have their bowels open outdoors when they get an urge to do so and there is no toilet available - or the toilets are inadequate. If you have other stories perhaps you could share them. Out of curiosity how big were her logs in terms of thickness and length? From my own experience I have noticed that young women can pass a number of very big logs in "one sitting".


The Contest

Hi, my name is Sarah, im new here. Im also 15 years old, this is a story about me and my friend Sean. Recently, we were at mine, playing video games. And we made this bet, that whoever won the game got to choose a dare. I won, obviously. And Dared him to rip the loudest fart he could, well after he did. I was impressed.. But I knew i could do better, I ripped a fart so loud that it must have created a soundwave. But seriously, it was pretty good. Anyway, this escalated into a full on pooping contest! Like we're good friends, so we've always done things like this and honestly not gave a damn whilst we did it. But we we're squatting on the bathroom floor. And we both started to grow our poop tails! Normally he wins this, but i was feeling pretty lucky today. He managed to produce a small 5" turd and a few nuggets. But I managed to drop a a 13" turd. One of my best in a while, It was solid, and snaked out of my ass really slowly. To explain more deeply, I was squatting but then my ass started to open up, my turds are usually long , hard and lightish brown, as well as being textured. As it landed, I was sure that i was done, but just then. I dropped another 9" turd on top, making a coiling pile, that looked like a brown poopy snake tail. I was pretty proud to be honest, despite how "Un-Lady-like" That was. Who cares? I can poop better than all the boys I know, so who gives a damn. Anyway guys and gals, enjoy your week and enjoy your poops :)

Erin (Riley's Mom)

Car with a Friend

Hey everybody!

Thanks to all who liked my posts, including Brandon, Hailey, and Dan! As for cleaning up Riley's pants, I just simply rinsed tem out and threw them in the laundry. And as for how long it took her to poop, I'd say it took an average amount of time, maybe 10-15 mins? Anyway enjoy my posts!

Riley has peed in the car a few more times since the last post. The seat is getting harder to clean without being able to tell that someone peed in it, but at this point I dont mind. I still encourage Riley to pee in the car whenever she wants. And so she does. I would like some advice on something though. The other day Riley asked me if it would be ok if a friend of hers came over and peed in the car too. I wasn't sure what to say. I told her I would let her know. I'm still deciding whether or not to let her do this. I certainly dont mind the idea of someone else peeing in my car but I want to make sure everythings cool first. Anyway I know some others on this site have done things like this so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much! Bye for now!


To: Sonya Sue and a story from school

Hi, it's Anna again. It was me who posted the story about the blonde girl who peed all over the seat. I forgot to put my name in, I'm so embarrassed about it.

I thought she was really rude, but it actually happens quite often at school. Girls hover all the time and I wish they would not. I think they mostly wipe it off after, but it's still kinda gross. I always sit down, both for a pee and poo and I have never gotten anything on the seat. I don't use seat covers or put paper on the seat, but I will often wipe it down. Sometimes I will not go if the toilet seat seems to dirty, but then again I have needed to go so badly that I have sat on a less then perfectly clean toilet.

Now on to a happier story. Yesterday morning I bought a coffee at one of the shops at school. I was served by cute and really friendly redhead who looked around my age. After sitting down, sipping my coffee and chatting with my friends for a bit, I went to the washroom for a pee. The girl from the coffee shop went in right in front of me. There are three stalls and she took the one in the middle. I entered the left stall, put down my bag, pulled down my jeans and panties and sat on the toilet. I could hear her pull down her pants and sit down as well. Under the partition wall, I saw that she was wearing flowery panties under her brown uniform slacks. She peed for a bit and so did I. After her pee died down, the tiniest sigh came from her stall followed by quick, small fart and the sound of poo crackling out of her bum. It wasn't very loud and there was no splash or anything. She let out another small sigh and then pulled off some paper. I heard her wipe twice, I guess front and back, and then pull up her pants. There was a faint poop smell in the air, but not much and it wasn't very bad at all. She was already washing her hands at the sink when I wiped and pulled up my pants. She had such a perfect poo. I really wish I could go this ladylike all the time. Hope you like my story!

toilet car

New people in the car

Hello my name is toilet car. I posted awhile back about my girlfriend Amanda who pees and poops in my car. I tried posting a few weeks back and it didnt post so i will try again.

So Amanda has a sister (Gracie, 16, Ginger) who rode home with us one day and discovered Amanda's habit. Amanda peed in the car and Gracie wanted to try. So a few days later Gracie and her friend Lindsey (15, blonde) were ready to go in my car. They both had to pee and poop. So Amanda and I picked them up and drove to an empty parking lot to start.

Gracie sat in the backseat and pulled down her pants and spread her legs. She began peeing, and her stream arced onto and over the console and into the cupholder. Her pee splashed a lot and a fine mist got on alot of stuff. Then she farted and she was done pissing. Next she turned around and began to poop. She pushed out a few light brown turds onto the floor of the back of my car. The smell engulfed us.

After Gracie was done, Lindsey was up. I could that she had to go bad. So lindsey stripped off her pants and panties and climbed up onto the console and began to pee. She peed very forcefully, soaking everything in sight. After some time she was done.

Lindsey starting farting. She turned and rested her ass on the dashboard and began pooping. She pooped all over the dash, and her poop turned to diarrhea (apparantly when she gets her period its like this) and got all over the seats and stuff. Then she was done.

It took a long to clean the poop and for the pee to dry. We spent the whole evening cleaning and had to change clothes becuase of the mess. We are getting together today (thats why i posted) so that way they can go in my car gain. Ill post that next time.

I work as an assistant for a professional photographer. We often take wedding pictures. Last weekend we were arranging an outdoor photo session for a couple. The whole session took quite a time as they should serve champagne etc. Weather was fine and it seemed like everyone really enjoyed the party. When we were about to finish I went into the bushes to pee. There I spotted one of the bridesmaids squatting. She did not observe me and when she had finished I was rude, impolite and curious and went over where she had been and saw that she had left three quite huge logs on the ground and wiped with napkins from the catering company. When at home I told the story to my girl friend. She just laughed and said that just some weeks ago, when attending a bachelorette party in the great outdoors, she got a terrible urge to open her bowels. Then she just took some napkins and went into the bushes to find some shelter and got it done. I was quite surprised because I did not know that she was so relaxed about it. She has been a girl scout for several years and is still a scouts' leader. She said that very often when hiking they have to go in the bushes not only to pee but even to poop and that every scout knows how to deal with the challenge. We concluded that probably the bridesmaid was a former scout! I asked her how it was when boys and girls are hiking together. She said that she did not feel that as a problem. They seldom discussed the issue, she said. Everyone tried to find proper shelter and nobody really liked to walk in on one of the friends sitting there with bare bum. So usually it was no problems answering the call of nature when hiking. She has invited me for a hike this summer. Then I probably must face the challenge myself.

Alex B.
As summer approaches, I would like to dive into the story of my first swimming lesson. We were at the local high school pool and I was about in the first grade. The female teacher was teaching us how to float when I begun to feel my bladder full. At first it was a little discomfort but I could hold it.
However, by the time that she started to teach us some strokes, I really had to go bad. I bobbed my tightly closed legs up and down and stuck a hand down there a few times. My eyes glanced away from the teacher and over to the boys locker room door where the bathroom was. I debated in my head whether or not I should use it.
On one hand, I did not want to get caught leaving the lesson and end up getting kicked out of the program permanently. On the other hand, I did not want to suffer the embarrassment of peeing in the pool and being a laughing stock. So I decided to run into the locker room as fast as I could and go pee. I relieved myself, but I did get caught and got kicked out forever. I still ended up being a good swimmer anyways so all's well that ends well.

End Stall Em

Job Interview

With my first year of college winding down, I decided to take a special program this summer that will fast-track me in my studies while giving me some service learning and internship experience. I also decided that I should get a part-time job so that I'm not going too far into debt, but in order to get to the regional mall for interviews, I had to get rid of the bald tires on my car before I made the drive. So I was one of the first customers in line at a large tire store. I knew I needed to crap and pee as soon as I got up at 6 a.m. but I just wanted to get my newest dress and heels on and get to the car place. So it sounded logical and I guess I was focused. I got to the shop just as they were turning on the lights at 7 a.m., checked in, gave them my keys, took a large cup of their coffee (it tasted like mud) and seated myself in the lounge room. At least the TV was nice and there were a couple of things on the news that interested me. Then a growing pain between my legs reminded me that I needed to use the bathroom. I saw the unisex sign, the door was ajar, and I went in. I clicked the one switch, a fan went on, but there was no other switch for me to use to turn the light on. So I hiked my dress, lowered my thong to my knees, and placed myself down (I had to use my hands to fully place myself on it). Immediately I could feel something moist under both my thighs. I hoped it was splashes from a flush and not..... Then I remembered it was unisex and I accepted the unhygienic conclusion. I peed with a strong stream for probably about a minute while I was fumbling with my hands to find which side of me the sink was on. I heard two women near the door talking loudly so I grabbed the latch on the door and locked it. I thought to myself that I must have been tired to have been so negligent! In doing that, my right hand stumbled onto the switch that flicked on the light. I washed my hands, then remembered to flush, (don't ask about the logic!), and I went out for my wait.

Once I got my car, I had a 30 minute drive to the mall. As I drove I got to thinking about not staying on that toilet long enough to get my crap in. I was regretting it, because it was just another thing I had to get in while staying on schedule for my interviews. I decided it was early enough in the morning to use the main entrance with parking nearby and main restrooms right inside the mall. I got to thinking back as to where I crapped the previous day (baseball stadium--my boyfriend treated me to a major league game on my 19th birthday) so I didn't feel this one was going to be anything special. I parked, walked as fast as my heels would take me, and headed into the mall. I walked directly to the ladies room, walked past 20-some stalls (only about half were in use) and bolted into the final one. I closed the door (more like a partial door because it was only half high), checked for the toilet paper roll, and I lowered my thong to my knees and placed my butt on the less-than-shiny black seat.
Immediately, I could feel that something was wrong. I wasn't comfortable. My knees were signficantly higher than usual and the middle of my thighs weren't even on the seat. In looking around, I found the seat was largely hidden under my butt (and I'm not that large of a person!) and that I was sitting about a half or third closer to the floor than usual and the sides of my dress were touching the floor. It took a couple of pushes on my part, but I was seated so uncomfortably, I only was able to drop two sausage-like pieces. I got to thinking ahout when I had last used a child-sized toilet like this (I was about 4 and with my parents at an amusement park). I felt my intestines were not fully relieved, but I quicky wiped, made myself presentable, and ran to the first interview. I had about 15 minutes after that, so I went to the nearest bathroom, opened the door to the first stall, and finished my crap and did a little pee, too. It sure felt great sitting on a normal person's toilet.


To Soccer Mom

Soccer Mom,

Welcome to the forum! As you have read by now, you are not the only one that has had an accident with a "normal" bowel movement.

If we are all honest, I am sure that every human being has had at least one in their post-potty training years. I wrote about mine on page 1817 of the forum, which was several years ago.





to Jry & Me!!

Hey Jry--thanks for responding to me!

I would definitely like to hear your clogged toilet story if you'd like to share it. I hate clogging the toilet, but I don't mind hearing stories about it lol, nice to know I'm not alone. If I'm not really constipated but it's still a big poop, I usually have to push a decent amount at first, but once it starts coming out, it's easier. It's nothing compared to when I'm constipated, though--sometimes they don't want to move at all in that case and the only way I can get anything out is to squat and go. How much do you have to push when you have a big one? Do you have big ones by default? It seems like I almost always have kind of big ones lol.

Me!!'s Survey

Here are my answers:

Q1 - I've never completely pooped my pants like that, but one time I was so desperate that I partially pooped my pants and when I finally got to the bathroom, there was a definitely mark on my underwear.
Q2 - I wipe standing up most often, but I also wipe sitting. I grew up wiping sitting, but then when I was about 13 or so, I switched to standing and that's what I do most often.
Q3 - I think I hate diarrhea more because it causes bad cramps and it burns. Neither are good though.
Q4 - I always look into the toilet, see what the turd looks like, the color, the size lol. I think it's a good idea just to see if everything's healthy :)

New Teen Guy

Movie dump

Hi, i'm fairly new to the site, although i've been reading alot on here since i found it. Im 16, boy, and i have a story from when me and my gf Abby went on a date to go see the avengers movie over the weekend. By the way, shes acts like a boy which i like
So I picked her up and we went out to this small mexican place my parents take me alot. We got there and ordered our food, and we waited. I ordered a burrito with rice, and Abby ordered a three taco meal. I have a large appetite, so I finished it all, and Abby ate most of hers. We paid and left to the theater. On the way Abby farted a couple times without shame and as did I. When we got there we got large sodas and a large popcorn to share. At that time i started to feel pressure on my bowels.
So in the theater, abby kept burping in her mouth really loud, and she then said, i gotta take a dump, you wanna come? I said i had to too, so we left to the lobby, and headed to the retrooms. we went our seperate ways, and since i dont go to this theatre often, i dont remeber their bathrooms. I walked in and it was huge! there was probably 20 stalls and 15 urinals. Everything was checkered black and white. Abot 12 of the stalls where taken, and you could sure smell the results from them. these two 13 year olds went into stalls, leaving one between them, so i took it. I pulled down my shorts and boxers and started to push. One of the 13 year olds was blasting runny diharea with loud farts. I didnt hear anything from the other. My log started to slide out, and I knew it would be huge since i havent pooped in 4 days, and espicially since i just ate a whole burrito, it was wanting to come out. The first lumpy log broke off, and it kept coming. I heard the quiet boy grunt and then a splash came from his stall. My constant log kept coming slowly, with smelly airy farts between. I was surprised how much i was releasing! I checked my phone, and it had been about 10 minutes, and my poo was finaly holding off. the quiet boy had alreday left without flushing, and I could still here small blasts of runny poop from next door every once in a while. I dint feel fully emptied, so i sat there and a terd or two would slip out occasionally. I then checked my phone, and it had been 30 minutes! both me and the boy had been smelling up the place for a long time! the herad the kid start wiping, so i started to. I looked down, and the logs where about 1 and a half wide, and each 8 inches long, there where 4 of them, and like 3 turd balls on top of that! i hadnt pooped like that in my life! constipaton done! I didnt need to wipe since it was dry. I flushed once and it didnt all go down, so i left a little for another visitor. The 13 year came out after flushng and wiping over and over, and we washed hands together. He had blond hair, styled up and to the side and was whearing an aamerican eagle shirt. I said i havent pooped like that ever, and he said neither had he, and complemented me on my farts, and since his echoed through the whole room, and siad his where better. When he left, i checked the his stall, and the water still had a brown tinto to it, and it was loaded with toilet paper. I Went to the one to the other side and opened the stall door and saw one huge log, propbably 3 wide, and 10 long! I Was amazed that could come out of a middle schooler! I went back to the theater and Abby was there a.
She asked me where i'd been, and i said i've taken the biggest shit of my life. She laughed and said she had he squirts. I laughed too. That was only the beggining to a fun filled night.


Trying to go in the morning.

So I have been trying something new. Trying to poop in the morning. I felt no urge to poop on the fifth, so I thought I'd try and poop on the morning on the sixth.

I woke up the next day and headed straight to the loo. I sat down and managed to push out a few very healthy smelling chunks. It was odd, my poop smelled very strong, but it didn't smell bad, it just smelled like poop should. I was intrigued. Is it because I was just waking up?


poop this morning

Hi my name is Natalie. I'm 14 years old and in the 8th grade. I found this website on my mom's computer a couple months ago and I occasionally read it, but I thought I'd post after seeing Hayley C's post. We sound pretty similar. I'm 5'5 and 145 brown hair and eyes. I play softball and volleyball and I also eat A lot, so consequently I almost always have really big poops. I'm going to share what I did this morning.

Usually I do my poops in the morning before school unless I'm running late then it's after school. So today I woke up ate a couple pop tarts and a glass of milk. Within minutes after eating I felt the familiar feeling of a poop coming on so I headed to the bathroom with my phone. I took down my panties to the floor and sat on the bowl. A couple loudish farts echoed in the bowl. I pushed and a thick turd started to ease out of my broke off and fell. I farted again and the rest of the turd came out. I knew I still had a lot more in me so I waited and played on my phone. I let a few more farts and another turd started coming almost as thick and really long. I spreaded my legs and leaned plopped out followed quickly by 3 splashes which got my butt wet :(. Finally I felt empty and stood up to look at my load before I wiped. I had 3 floating turds in the water about 6 inches each. A long bending turd around those 3..probably 10 inches long. Then 2 small sinkers probably 4 inches each. I flushed my poop..which took 2 flushes then wiped my butt then flushed again

Hope you liked my story...bye for now


Sarah from CA
Hello everyone! As you know I posted earlier about my epic poop session after about a week of being constipated and i thought I'd mention what happened later that same day (Sunday). Anyway, my friend Jennifer called me and invited me to go to her place and work out in the gym in her condo complex, and i couldn't decline her offer, as i felt great after that last poop and i thought a good, strenuous workout would be a great finish to the day, so she arranged to pick me up in her car and take me over there. I decided to wear the pair of really short gym shorts i have (The weather's been rather warm here lately), and i was still wearing the blue thong i mentioned in my last post, so anyway, she picked me up and as we were headed over there i felt some slight cramping and i then felt a big fart in my colon bumbling down towards my rectum, you know,that feeling a a big bubble of gas makes where you can feel it moving quickly "down the passage". Anyway, I hadn't farted since i pooped last and I could tell by the uneasy feeling in my digestive system that something will be happening soon (Must be the remnant effects of the Ex Lax and beans from the day before), so i decided to relieve the pressure from this fart and see if that would help, so i leaned slightly onto one butt cheek in the passenger seat and let a very long, but silent gassy butt burning fart ease out. As most people know laxative induced farts STINK! and immediately the car was filled with a powerful eggy, raw sewage-like stench as i struggled to open the window. Jennifer looked over at me with a kind of disgusted look on her face and blurted out "Eew, Sarah! did you shit yourself"? We fart around each other quite frequently, but i never in my life remember smelling one that bad! Anyway, i told her no, but I'm probably going to need to shit soon and she said that i could use the nice and well maintained restrooms in the recreation room in her complex, so we got there just as i felt that queasy feeling of a loose poop brewing inside my system, so I rushed off towards the women's room. Once there i admired how clean and good smelling it was then i entered a stall, closed the door, and pulled down my shorts and thong as i was lowering my butt towards the seat. immediately after i sat down i blasted a loud long fart into the bowl that echoed through the whole bathroom! the fart then got wet towards its end and a sudden rush of small, very soft, sausage-like turds shot out of me making loud plopping noises as they hit the water below, the flow of poop being interrupted by a loud explosion of gas every few seconds and the bathroom quickly began to reek. The wave of poop then stopped with a loud blast of gas and after a long, almost orgasmic sigh of relief from me i just sat there for a minute or so, feeling so relieved and cleaned out, in spite of the burning sensation still in my butthole, before wiping, pulling up my shorts, and looking at what was inside of me just a minute or two before. The bowl was full of sausage-like poops about 2 or 3 inches long that floated, and the water in the bowl was murky (From the wet component of this wave of poop) with those bean "skins" i mentioned in my previous post all in the water and even some splattered on the side of the bowl (It was a very explosive dump). I then flushed and said "goodbye" to it all as it swirled on its way down. I then washed my hands and left the bathroom feeling like a million bucks, with the only traces of me having been there being a very offensive odor and maybe some skidmarks in the bowl. Bye for now!!

Karen C.

Old one from WAY back

This diarrhea story is from a long time ago, senior year in high school, 1968 to be exact. I had an after-school job delivering pizzas from 6-9pm. One day I wasn't feeling so hot, probably a flu virus, it was in mid November. All day at school I felt diarrhea-ish but didn't want to do it in any of the restrooms because the other girls would make fun of me so I just controlled myself until I got home. My brother, however, DID make fun of me after hearing the explosive noises and bronx cheers coming from the bathroom. At dinner I remember just sipping my milk and iced tea and nibbling on a roll and a little bit of dessert because I wasn't hungry. Our mom tried to get me to call in sick but I insisted on going in to work because I wanted the money so I could buy a ticket to go to a concert with my friends. I hid my sickness from the manager at work because he didn't want us to work when we're sick lest we infect our customers, but I figured that as long as I didn't breathe on the food it would be okay.

As I was returning from my second delivery of the night I couldn't control it any longer, my guts were twisted into knots and I just HAD to let it out, so I pulled my car behind a grocery store near the loading dock, got out, lifted my skirt and and dropped my panties and let the poop fly. It sprayed out with force and hit the side of the concrete brick wall of the loading dock several times as if from a water hose. Soon a boy wearing a green apron opened the back door of the store to take out a bag of trash, he didn't see me at first, I didn't have any tissues or anything to wipe myself with so I got his attention and explained that I was sick and asked if he could bring me some paper towels or something to clean myself up with. (He couldn't see my nakedness from the position I was in, plus it was nighttime), He asked what was wrong so I told him I was sick with a stomach virus and I'd just had diarrhea over here next to the loading dock and that I really needed something to wipe my bum so I could get back to work ASAP. He told me to wait right there and soon came back with some toilet paper and a bottle of Pepto and a soda all of which he got off the shelves of the store. He set them on the edge of the dock like a perfect gentleman and couldn't see my nakedness. I told him to wait a few minutes and I'll get my purse and pay him for the stuff but he said don't worry about it. I thanked him, we traded names and I asked if he was working the next day and cleaned myself up and went on my merry way. The next day I delivered a large pizza to him at the store to repay the favor.


Responses to questions

to Jry:
Understand that I'm very self-conscious. I'm a year ahead in school and started high school this past fall when I was only 13. I got hassled at the urinals because I made a couple of dumb mistakes like putting my briefs on backwards so I had to drop my drawers at the urinal and still get my piss done in a minute or two between classes. So I switched to the toilets and sat down to pee after a couple of times when older guys walked by the doorless stall while I was peeing and shoved me forward over and onto the stool. Then I just started to sit down and piss. Then they started to call me "girly girl" and some other things you can't repeat because I was sitting with toilet paper under me and I had my hand on my organ so it would direct my piss into the bowl. So now my Dad's suggesting that I keep my jeans and briefs up at half-thigh level. I'm showing less because there's no doors on the stalls and there's less of my thighs touching the seat and sometimes someone else's piss. What I'm learning to do as to sit and start my stream is to use my left hand and especially my thumb to pull the elastic of my underwear forward so that I can allow my organ to be directed to the bowl. It's difficult when I'm crapping at the same time. I can't move easily and often I'm getting splashed on my butt from not only my crap, but the previous users' contributions to the bowl. Many of the bowls are totally clogged by the beginning of lunch hour. Obviously, I wipe from the seated position because otherwise I would be hassled even more if I stood and exposed my crotch even more.

to Sonya Sue:
Your post is very interesting because I was raised just like that mother with the young daughter who said sitting on public toilet seats was not normal without using some kind of cover. But I'm trying to learn to be less conscious about sitting butt-down and directly on the seat like most of the other guys do. I've seen some posts, though, where students sit right down in someone else's pee. I don't know about that!

to Tlana:
I always find your stories about you and Miranda to be interesting. The old man apparently laid toilet paper over the seat, but you and Miranda don't. Do you think that's a generational thing with a lot of people? I know it has caused me to be hassled, which is why I'm working on just sitting directly down on the seat like most of the others do. Also, I like the idea of the two toilets right next to one another. I would think that would be nice for a parent with a very young child with them. Too bad there's no stalls, but I guess public toilets take a lot of abuse.

To: Me!!&#128168:
Q1--Have you ever been so desperate to poop that you've pooped in your pants? Yes. I was in about 2nd grade and my dad and I were at a professional hockey game. The score was close and he was really into the game and I didn't want him to miss it by having to take me downstairs. I farted and had an accident.
Q2--Do you like to wipe sitting down, standing or crouching?
I wipe standing at home. I don't dare do that at school or many other public places because it attracts attention and can lead to more hassling, especially since so many of the mens stalls are doorless.
Q3--Do you hate constipation or diarreah more?
Constipation means more time on the toilet and for me that's usually away from home. When I have occasional diarreah I can empty myself often in less than 30 seconds on the toilet. Better than sitting 15 or 20 minutes or longer much more vulnerable on a doorless toilet at school or a place like a stadium.
Q4--Do you look into the stool after pooping or peeing?
In public, there's really no time and there's no privacy. When I look up and there's five guys in line for the next crap I've gotta move fast. And when I'm pissing and use a urinal, its worthless because how much of what's in a bowl is mine?


Survey from old post

This is a survey from Lorraine on page 2201

Sex: M
Age: 13
1. Do you usually fart when you pee and do a number two. Is it rare, average, or frequent
-I rarely fart when peeing, unless I've eaten something that's not sitting well. I always fart while taking a dump, usually 3 to 8 times before and during the session, because i hold in my gas during my classes

2. Do you have an explosive fart at least once a week or month? Is the soft, medium, or loud
-I don't really have huge farts on a daily basis, but when i have stomach aches and runny crap, i tend to have long, stinky, and loud far ts on the toilet

3. Have anybody ever head you fart while in the restroom or have you heard anyone else. any reaction
-Yes. People hear me fart almost everyday when i crap at school. And i hear other people blasting them too, since there is always at least one other guy taking a crap in the bathroom, since i take my daily poop during the lunch rotations.

4. Have you ever been in crowded stall and heard more than one person farting loud at one time? what did they sound like
-Yes. When football season is around, and when I'm at track practice, and I'm peeing before we start, most of the guys tend to crap after school, and so i always hear loud blasts. The locker room always stinks up during that time too.

5. Have you ever responded after hearing someone fart in the restroom or someone responded to you
-I never respond to anyone else farting on the toilet unless it's someone close to me like one of my best friends because were open about shitting in front of each other, and we always joke around about how smelly our poops are and how loud we can let em rip.

6. Have you ever been on the phone or heard someone else on the phone when when in the restroom and a fart occurred and the person heard it. what did they say.
-I have not known this to happen with anyone else, but this happened with me many times. The friend on the phone with me would usually laugh and say, "Did you just fart? Nasty!"

7. Have you ever had a continuous streak of farts while using the restroom
-Yes. Sometimes I sound like an machine gun just constantly releasing them because i hold in my farts and burps while in class.

8. Have there been a situation where you were in a stall and a person was in the very next stall and you heard them fart or they heard you. what did it sounded like
-Yes. I hear people fart in stalls next to me quite frequently and people hear me as well. My farts usually sound like a big watery rip, and I've heard others while at school. They range from loud and wet, to quiet and airy

9. Have there ever been a salutation where you fart in the restroom you did was so stink you had to spray
-Yes. Like I said before, especially when i have diarrhea and runny poop, it smells like a stink bomb went off, so whenever I'm at home, I spray febreeze

10. Has there been a situation where someone laughed after hearing farting in the stall?
-Yes. People, 99.9% of the time, laugh whenever I fart at school or in public. I honestly don't care though. I find people's reactions amusing.

11. Has there been a situation where you walked in or was in there when someone else walked in and as soon as they hit the stall, a super loud fart occurred.

12.Has there ever been a situation where you farted or heard someone else fart while washing their hands
-I don't recall farting while washing my hands. If I did, it was likely silent like a majority of my farts, but I have heard other people do it on occasion.

13. Has there ever been a situation where you were wiping your butt or heard some else wiping theirs and farted during the process
-Yes, when i'm wiping i spread my cheeks which usually makes some slip out.

14. Has there ever been a situation where you had a sudden and unexpected fart
-Yes when i was running during track, i was feeling normal, when all of the sudden a giant loud wet fart slipped out. My running buddy said "where'ed that come from!"

15.Have you ever had an explosive fart that left a scum in the toilet or did not flush all the way down with just 1 flush
Yes, all the time when i have watery farts, some always sits at the bottom of the bowl. Or when I walk into a stall at school, i sometimes see some remains of someones diarrhea, aside from all the whole unflushed loads.

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