Sarah from CA
Hi everyone! Now that I'm starting to feel more comfortable about sharing my experiences on the toilet with all of you i thought i would share another story that involves a dirty public restroom, as I'm sure many of you have found yourselves in a situation where you had no other choice, and this story might make you feel like you're not the only one unlucky enough to be forced to use unsuitable public restroom facilities. Anyway, on to my story. Last summer i worked as a lifeguard at the local beach, and on my first day on my break i decided to stroll along the pier and check out all the hot guys on the beach below. I was wearing a simple faded blue bikini top and bottom and nothing else but flip-flops on my feet, and i had just started noticing this very attractive, well built young guy jogging on the sand below the pier and i was actually getting somewhat turned on, but just then i started getting that familiar crampy feeling in my guts telling me a big poop was iminent,and i kind of had to pee also, so i headed towards the restrooms at the front of the pier. As i was walking i felt a fart coming on, so i looked around and noticed that no one was close enough to hear it (Or smell it), so i went ahead and let it fly. It was one of those gassy but not totally silent farts, it came out sounding like "ppfffttsssss". Now i admit that I'm one of those people who enjoys the smell of my own farts (As long as they are not too rank at the time)! so i stopped walking and backed up a little in order to catch the smell i left behind (That particular day it was hot and there was no breeze to take the smell away). It had that familiar "farty" smell which is like a combination of steamed broccoli and egg salad, with poop mixed in. I then continued on towards the the restrooms. As soon as i entered i noticed how filthy they were, there was all kinds of trash on the floor, everything from cigarette butts to dirty diapers and even used condoms! And to top it off the stalls had no doors! I considered holding it in until i got home later that day, but because i was already holding in this dump i was starting to get gassy and needing to fart all the time (My dad says that is because when a person holds in a bowel movement it allows intestinal bacteria to quickly multiply and as they go to town feeding on the stool in the colon they produce gas as a by product)And i needed to pee also, so i found the one toilet that the previous user actually flushed! (There were surprisingly no other people in the restroom at the time i was in there thank god)! I lowered my bikini bottom and sat on the cold stainless steel toilet seat and started off with my much needed pee. After my pee ended i began my poop with a long and low trumpet sounding fart that echoed through the whole bathroom followed by a long sigh of relief, then i started to grunt and immediately dropped a hard nugget about the size of a golf ball, which hit the water with a loud splash. Then the tip of my log began to emerge and i noticed how hard, wide, and difficult to pass this log is going to be. Anyway, as the tip of this thing came out more it was a very "pebbly" turd, at least in its beginning, and it started to break apart as soon as it came out of me, the pebbles all hitting the water with a "plunk", "ploop" sound and splashing my bottom with water. After that part the main log started its way out, and thankfully it was much smoother and easier to pass than i originally anticipated. It finally hit the water with a subdued splash and i then felt empty and relieved! I quickly wiped, pulled up my bikini, and turned to look at my poop. The log itself was about 10 inches long and nearly (But not quite) as wide around as a can of soda, at least half of the log was already in the drain at the bottom of the bowl. The "golf ball" i passed at the beginning was very hard but smooth and shaped somewhat like a fat teardrop, it was about 4 inches long and nearly equally as wide around and it floated very buoyantly at the surface of the water. Anyway, i flushed the toilet with my foot and left that horrible bathroom behind for someone else to "enjoy" (Hint of sarcasm there)!

Hayley C
To all - Thanks for the welcomes. This seems like a nice forum.

To kmd - Yeah, you're probably right. If my dump had been all one piece it likely would have been around three feet long. I know what you mean about me hardly being the only one who poops big. A lot of my friends, especially the ones one the swim team with me do big loads. I think I probably do the biggest loads of anyone I know, but that's only because the other girls I know go multiple times each day. One girl on the team says she poops four or five times in a day.

To Catherine - Some days I do feel a bit bloated or full before having my nightly dump, but for the most part, it doesn't bother me. I've been pooping once a day for as long as I can remember. I think it's just my body's routine.

To Chloe B - No, I usually don't poop in public. I'm almost always at home around 8:00 when I get the urge, but some times I'm away from home when my body says it's time to go, and in those cases I just go wherever I happen to be.

Okay, that's all for the comments. Now on to my story. I haven't pooped yet today, but I suspect my need will hit soon. Instead, I'll tell a story about Saturday's dump. I was working on a bit of my math homework and farting up a storm. I knew I needed to poop, but I wanted to finish the problem I was on. My body said otherwise though, and I had to stop working and go to the bathroom right then. I took off my pants and underwear and sat down on the toilet just in time to push out a long log into the toilet. I felt it hit the bottom of the toilet and keep coming out.

I peed for a long while while pushing out that turd and the next one. That turd was fairly short but thick. I let out a bit of sloppy mush as I finished peeing. After that I pushed out two medium length turds, and I decided I'd better flush. I peeked between my legs and it looked like everything went down okay.

The turd turned out to be the last one, but it was really long. It fell as four separate chunks, but I consider it all one turd, as it came out with no delay. I felt emptied after that and I got up to look in the toilet. I saw that I was right and all my previous turds had flushed down. All that was left was my last turd. I saw it made the shape of an upside down question mark, and I could see the short gaps in between the four segments of the turd. It was a very bright brown, kind of like the color of sand, though it darkened as the turd went on. I sat back down to wipe and flushed the toilet. I worked at the skidmarks with my toilet brush and then washed my hands and returned to my math homework.

Hope you enjoyed my story. Bye guys.

Sophia W.

Comments and a update from me

Cloe B again a great story. Also from me welcom Hayley C. and I'm also your age and I liked your story very much. It's great to hear from you Megan and Abbie again. How are the toilets at university Abbie?
I liked your story Tlana too.

On Friday night my sister and me had a fight who could use the toilet first. She did won and because I had also an urgent need I waited in the bathroom. After my sister sat down I could hear a loud hissing. I was standing and had my hands in my croatch. After her pee she went very far in the front of the seat and bend a bit down. I asked if she would need long, which she negated. I heard her farts and dropping of the log. She did not even pooped for half a minute. She grab some toilet paper and let me use the toilet. I did not bother to flush and when I put my pants down I saw her poop in the very front of the toilet bowl. I sat down with open legs and without pushing I peed for more than a minute. I needed to strain way more for my poop and the first log only moved slowly. It felt very thick and heavy. After it dropped two small logs followed. I stud up to whip and to look in the bowle. Both the front back had very big skidmarks. My sister looked too and we both must laught. We needed two flushs for everything to disapear.

I think we had something bad for lunch at school on monday. Because I never saw the bathroom so crowded after school. I was in line after six other girls from various classes and grades. My stomache was loud and I think every girl did a poop. After 15 minutes I got a stall near the end of the bathroom. I switched places with a 12 year old. It smelled horrible. The seat was warm and I started with loud farting, what I found less embaressing, because the others around me did the same. I had very soft poop and it smelled bad too. I was lucky to have some kleenex in my bag because the toilet paper was quick empty. My bowel was full of paper and poop, but it did flush. When I went out still girls waited for a stall and a older girl went in mine. I gave her the rest of my kleenex.

I missed today my bus after school and took the next one, but I needed to walk the rest of the way from the station to my home. I took a short cut through some fields and wooded area, so I had just one km to walk. It was very warm and I did wear a skirt. On the way I felt my pee I would normaly have that time at home. I searched for a good spot and found it behinde a tree. I pulled my puple plaid panties down and pulled the skirt up begore I squated down. I did a very relaxing pee and farted one time. I took off some leafs to whipe. I liked it very much to pee outside and maybe I will walk more often home this summer.
I hope you liked it.


Survey questions

Hey guys! I've just found this site and I'm interested in pooping so I plan to become a regular poster. I'm a 14 year old girl with a slim build (maybe because I take some pretty big dumps.)

Q1. Have you ever been so desperate for a poop that you pooped in your pants?
Yep, quite a few times. Mostly when I get diarrhea. The last time it happened, I was 13 and had a really bad stomach bug. It felt like I was running to the toilet every few minutes. It started when I woke up in the morning with terrible stomach cramps. I stayed in bed for a while, hoping the cramps would go away. I finally had to get up because I was about to poop myself and when I was speed walking to the toilet, it just came out and I filled my panties with horrible sticky diarrhea. I spent the next few days pooping rivers of sludge basically all the time.

Q2. Do you like wiping stood up, sat down or crouching?
I usually wipe stood up, but I don't really care and I can do it any way.

Q3. Do you hate constipation or diarrhoea more?
I hate both, but it's worse for me to have diarrhea. I've had diarrhea in front of my friends a few times now, but constipation never gives me those kinds of problems.

Q4. Do you look into the toilet after pooping and peeing?
Yes, for both. I'm especially careful to look after pooping, because that interests me more.

I'll try to post some of my stories soon.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Chloe B great story it sounds like you and that other both had desperate poops and it sounds like you both just made it in time to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Soccer Mom first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a rough day but remember accidents can happen to anyone at any time thats just how our bodies are a times when they need to do something they do it whether we are ready to do it or not and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Poppy-Olivia great story.

To: Ryan great catch it sounds like Annie had a really good poop.

To: Karen C im good and its good your feeling better now and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story about you and your friends it sounds like you and Beth both had really good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sarah From CA first welcome to the site and great story about you major poop it sounds like it was a really good one and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Tristan and All

I just wanted to answer your questions.

How often do you guys normally go?
I normally go every other day to every 2 days, it depends on what Iīve been eating and doing. My diet has been better then it has, so Iīve been going a lot more in quality (and quantity).

Do you ever hold it on purpose?
I used to hold it in all the time during school, because I'd get the urge right as the last bell would ring, and I didn't have time to poop, as I had 5 minutes to get out to the bus, and it took me 3 minutes to walk from my class to the bus. Luckily, the bus ride was only 10 agonizing minutes long.

What's the biggest one you've ever had?
My turds tend to be very thick. I'm not sure, if it's because the way my colon is shaped, as it always presses down on my bladder (I can't hold my pee for a long time). I have numerous times I've had a big turd or a big load of BM.
One thing for sure, Taco Bell does make me crap.
Back in the day when I had a job, I'd constantly get 12 packs of Taco Bell, because I'd get home late, and I wouldn't have time to make myself anything so it'd last me a couple of days, or at least it was supposed to. To be honest my job stressed me out, so Taco Bell became my safehaven.

Welp, this had consequences, I usually had a massive crap a day or a couple days after, because I ate it, along with the rest of the food for the day, yet I wouldn't gain a pound, because I was on various school teams for something, that and I would walk to work and back, about every other day.

This wasn't technically my "biggest", but it was very large at the time it seemed like. At the beginning of this year I had gone to a trip to Taco Bell on top of all the other food. So that day at school, I had to stay after something. There was this very full feeling in my stomach, and I just knew it was going to be huge. I can tell how much is in me by how badly my stomach is hurting and how puffy my abdomen feels. The teacher eventually let me go during the middle, so I went. The bathroom was relatively clean, the second stall had unflushed diarrhea, but I went straight to the handicapped stall, pulled down my pants, and sat down. I pushed, and it didn't take much. I heard the crackling and sputtering of my poop and gas. It was about 15 seconds and I was done.

I usually stand up to wipe, so I can see my work and wipe, to waste less time. In the bowl I was shocked, for it's thickness there was a lot of it. It was in the shape of an upside down R. One big log, all connected, except one piece was floating, just as thick by the side. On the beginning of the turd for the first couple of inches it was 1 and a half to 2 inches thick, then the rest was 2.5-3 inches at least. It was about a foot and a half to two feet, which seems to be insane, but when you looked at it, and looked at how big most commercial toilet bowls are, it really wasn't that far-fetched. It had an abudance of corn, and it changed colours frequently, because of all I ate. More than 3/4ths of it was out of the water making the area in the stall smell quite putrid. Then the janitor knocked on the door, I said I was in there, and he said OK and left.

I never understood why the janitor didn't just come in and clean, since he's a guy, we have the same.. ermm.. plumbing. I don't even care about privacy. I just want a clean bathroom. Maybe.

I wiped, quite a bit, and I placed it in front of the turd ontop of the toilet drain hole, so it wouldn't obstruct view. Mainly because I wanted the janitor to see that I was well-fed. I left the stall, washed my hands and left.

I stuck around the door to see what had happened. The janitor went in, checked all of the stall, and then stopped into the stall I had crapped in. He didn't say a word. And then he flushed..

He flushed again..

And then he flushed again.. The sound of the water not draining from the toilet begun to sound and it was official it was clogged, but then just as I was leaving I heard the toilet gurgle, meaning it was working. I walked away fully, being happy and relieved.

On a side note, most of poops that I did at school, were often afterschool, and I'd leave them for the janitor. Mainly for a mark of appreciation. It amazed me how badly they had to clean the bowl after some of my bowel movements. It also amazed me how it was never brought up, but I was just unlucky. Another note would be is just I'm very thankful my home toilet is just about as strong as a commercial toilet with a powerful siphon. Without it I'd be doomed. I haven't had to use a plunger since I've lived here which is 2 years, because the drain hole for the toilet is very large, as well as an elevated, but even bowl, as well as very powerful water jets. I still have to be careful visiting other people's houses though. Luckily I haven't done that in a while.



To Matt:
I agree with you that suppositories work great to help when your poop is stuck.
I experience this once in while myself. Only problem I have is getting the suppository in when the poop is right there. Even taking an enema can be difficult. How do you get the suppository in when your poop is stuck? Do you have a particular technique?

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

just another girl
Today I had an interesting experience on my way to one of my classes. I was going to the hall and in front of me were two guys, dressed in their rugby or soccer uniforms. One of them evidently had a bit of wind - I suddenly caught a whiff of a horrible farty rotten cabbage smell (phew!) and I could smell it the whole way down the passage. He probably thought he was alone with his friend and decided to just let it all out quietly as he walked...but as it turns out he wasn't alone at all! I wonder if it was just a bad case of gas or whether he actually needed to go to the toilet - I have a feeling it may have been the latter because the worst and most evil-smelling farts are often the ones that come out just before doing a poo (disgusting, I know, but it happens). I still feel quite shocked by it because it was so unexpected...and so nasty. I only hope it doesn't happen to me again any time soon.




That must be horrible. I would simply never go if there weren't doors. I would literally have to be about to poo myself. When I was in school, even WITH doors you could never go without getting made fun of relentlessly. Anyone that got caught on the toilet at school was talk of the school for a few days. There used to be a handicapped toilet in the gym area that people started using as their emergency one, because it was far out of the way and was for a single person, but the door lock actually didn't work so well as it could be turned from the outside. To be honest I never really think about the fact that my privates are visible, i'm more embarrassed about what i'm doing. I am less ashamed of my junk than my crap. I don't take long to wipe the seat now, normally just one quick go around gets rid of anything, but it depends. If one has a lot of pee on it, I wont bother wiping it and will find another. The worst are people who must have big bums I suppose and leave little brown stains on the back of the seat. I will never sit on those ones either. I used to put layers of paper down first after wiping, but it took way too long.


I remember once when I was about 15 I had walked out of a cubicle after waiting all day, and had bumped straight into a guy from school. He never said anything, but I was really embarrassed. So yeah, I get that. I don't think I can do that, though, I still won't use my girlfriend's toilet even though we've been dating for 4 months. Sometimes I leave there absolutely dying but I just can't relax enough to go there. Even at home I normally wait until my roommate is out before I go.

Chloe B

My poop in the morning

Hey guys! Before I get started off on my story I'd like to welcome Hayley C to the site! I'm 15 and I really liked your story! My question for you is do you poop in public? And if so how often?
So onto my story! Today when I woke up I felt pressure in my stomach. I didn't have to poop at that moment so I ignored it. After I ate breakfast I left for school. In first period my stomach was really hurting. I tried to hold it but knew I'd need to get to the bathroom quick I asked to go and ran to girls room! As I entered no one was in there! All 10 stalls were empty! I took a stall and pulled down my jeans and panties to my knees. I peed for about 10 seconds then let out some monster farts and splattered poop all inside the bowl! I let out some diareaha and continued to fart. I was really stinking up the bathroom. As I let out some loose/mushy turds I heard the door open and saw a girl take a stall 3 stalls down from me. She pulled down Her jeans to her knees and started peeing. As she peed I let out a big fart and grunted. I heard a crackle with some a plop and heard her sigh. She let out 3 loose plops then let out a mini squeal of a fart. I let out another then wiped 6 times. I flushed and waged my hands. I could see the girl through the crack in the stall and she had on these cute tan converse looking shoes with jeans. As I washed my hands she let out a log started to wipe. I dried off my hands and exited when she flushed.
That's all for now! Hope you guys liked it!

Soccer Mom
Surprised this is even a site when I first came on here a couple days ago. Anyways, I haven't had a problem making it to the washroom since I was a little girl myself. I'm now 31 and recently something happened that I want to share.

Last week on Wednesday, I was driving back to my house from work with a very huge urge to poop. I usually poop about once a day and my bowel movement are usually a pretty large sized, but I haven't been able to go since Monday night, so it's been almost 2 full days since I've went, so I knew a lot was probably going to come out. I drove home as fast as I could and by the time I made it, the urge was already very bad. After parking the car in the garage, I hastily went to try and unlock the door, but as I was trying to unlock the door, a sharp discomfort came shooting out of my bowels which forced me to let out a very loud fart. As soon as that happened, I could feel this very thick turd started to poke out slightly. I stood there, trying to clinch my buttcheeks as hard as I could to prevent it from coming out any further. I succeeded but at this point, I was close to my wit's end. I hurried with unlocking my door, then carefully made my way to the bathroom. After shutting the door behind me, I barely walked a few steps before my bowels started to get a very bad discomfort before the poop attempted to come out again. I stopped walking and just stood there while I tried to control my bowels again but it was starting to become a losing battle as the turd started to poke out again.

My husband and son was away on a trip and I was suppose to meet them on Friday, so since I knew I was home alone, I decided to give into my urge. I quickly undid my pants, pulled my pants and panties down to my knees, squatted, spread my butt cheeks a little, then relaxed. I took a deep breath, then my bowel started to take over and as this crackling sound came out, then this turd started to come out slowly. After a couple of minutes, this turd dropped out and I felt my bowels moving and I could feel another one about to come out. I continued to relax and after several minutes of pooping, I was finally finished and in the end, I had pooped out a couple large pieces and a few much smaller pieces.

I then went to the toilet to relief my bladder before coming back to start cleaning up my mess.


to Michael and Catherine

Cool to see there are other "big poopers" out there. I am one of them. Now, I do get constipated sometimes and that's part of it, but even when I'm not constipated and everything's coming out normally, they're still always pretty big.

I'm always concerned about clogging the toilet. I'm not tall or anything either. I'm only 5'9" and I'm not big and muscular. I'm pretty average, though a little on the doughy side. Not sure why mine end up being so big but that's just how it is.

How often do you guys normally go? Do you ever hold it on purpose? What's the biggest one you've ever had?


Constipated for a day.

So I had last pooped on the 30th. And Today is the 3rd of May. I normally poop every other day, for example I should have on the 2nd, but I didnīt want to because I missed my normal time. I became very desperate Saturday night, but I managed to hold it all in.
By Sunday morning, or this morning I was very desperate, but I didnīt have an urge. I did some jogging and pushed on my stomach, masssaging it. After a while I got the urge slightly, so I decided to go, although it didnīt feel like much even if my belly was bloated.
I sat on the toilet and it began to crackle out of me. It took longer than usual, and I could tell there was a lot more poop since I held it another 12 hours. I felt the end of a turd near my butt, as I felt the heat.

There was a fat 2 inch turd that bent under itself and into the drain, as well as 1 medium turd right next to it that, and 2 smaller ones on the front. They were all around the same width, and since it was so much, I didnīt know if it was all going to go down. I stupidly wiped and then flushed the toilet. Only half of it went down and all the water was out of the bowl. The inital huge turd was still in the bowl, so I had to wait until the tank filled again. I flushed once more, and of course it went down, but not without leaving skidmarks.

I had to wash my hands and run out of there because the stink had made it to outside into the hallway..

Bonnes merdes! Michael.

Me!! 💨

Some questions

Hi everyone I have a survey for you today. Be sure to post your answers!

Q1. Have you ever been so desperate for a poop that you pooped in your pants?

Q2. Do you like wiping stood up, sat down or crouching?

Q3. Do you hate constipation or diarrhoea more?

Q4. Do you look into the toilet after pooping and peeing?

Thanks xx


Q1. Yes I have. I was 15 and in my boyfriend's car at the time! 😳😁😆😕

Q2. Always a mix of stood up and sat down, depending on what kind of turd it was and the time of day.

Q3. I probably hate constipation more, as I have a strict routine when my body wants to poop, and if I can't it's really uncomfy.

Q4. Yes I do. I do to check if its healthy, and also if its a turd, to see how big it was!

That's all for now, see you next time I post.


To: Veronica, and Poo With My 2 of My Sisters

Veronica, I would love to hear some of your stories that you mentioned in your response to my question

Anyway, me, 4year old sister Daisy-Mae, and my 11year old sister Rosie-Amelia (yes, my parents names me and all of my siblings after flowers and plants) were at the playground at the park that I have mentioned before. We had eaten some ice cream and all of a sudden Daisy-Mae says "I need to go potty sissy" I also need to go so I ask Rosie-Amelia if she needs to go. She said that she will try. (Some of my siblings have IBS too) We start walking over to the park bathrooms and Rosie-Amelia starts fidgeting. We are getting closer and all of a sudden Rosie-Amelia stops and I see her Jean shorts turn brown and liquid poo starts leaking out of the bottom. I tell her that we are really close to the bathrooms and that I can help her clean up. We get there and Rosie-Amelia, Daisy-Mae, and I head into the handicapped stall. I set Daisy-Mae, on the toilet and she just dangles her legs and watches me clean up Rosie-Amelia. When I finish cleaning up Rosie-Amelia,I hear Daisy-Mae push. A small log comes out of her and she says that she is done. I help her wipe and and tell her to stand next to Rosie-Amelia. Then I sit down on the toilet and push. I fart and soft mushy poo comes out of me. I feel empty so I wipe. When I finish I take my sisters out of the stall with me and we all wash our hands. Then we go back out to the park.

Oh, and just to save confusion in the future, I will tell you all of my siblings names and ages. I only have sisters by the way.

1. (Me) Poppy-Olivia, 15
2. Pansy-Rue, 13
3. Daisy-Mae, 11
4. Lily-Anne, 7
5. Rosie-Amelia, 4

woman wets pants in public and makes a scene about it

Most of us here are familiar on some level with the shock that can come with having an accident,and known that desperate scramble to take care of it before anyone notices. Sometimes you just wanna disappear.

Well I saw a lady have an accident yesterday, and her response was quite different. I was in a very busy department store. It's one of the first really nice weekends of the year so the place was busy on a Saturday afternoon with people buying yard care stuff, lawn furniture, grill stuff etc. I was waiting in a long customer service line to make a return when an anxious young mom came to the line from within the store. She was clearly agitated and was doing a very animated pee-pee dance, crossing and twisting her legs and bouncing and wiggling her hips, and you could see she had a tight white knuckle grip on the handlebar to her baby's stroller. She was short, maybe 5'2", fair clear complexion, thin, long dark hair, wearing a navy v neck t shirt and tight light blue jeans with these pointy brown boots, like shorter boots that only went like halfway up her shins not those knee high ones. When she got to the line she addressed everyone already waiting by saying "I'm not gonna cut the line in just have to ask a question" then proceeded to wait near the front of the line and stare anxiously at the two people in service, who were both pretty deeply involved with their current customers and weren't really looking up at all. It was pretty obvious to me and I suppose the rest of the people in line that she was gonna ask where the bathroom was. She stood there squirming and bouncing and biting her lip and whimpering like she might cry, and after waiting a minute or two she sheepishly whined "excuse me!" towards the desk, but before anyone even acknowledged her she was standing with her head down and her hands pressed against her crotch, and I could see a dark blue wet patch growing between her legs and quickly racing down her legs and across her butt. Within seconds her jeans were completely soaked and she stood with a puddle at her feet. She loudly went "oof!" as she began peeing her pants so a lot of us had looked over at her just in time to see it happen. so obviously she is well aware that all these people know what she did, I mean there was absolutely no hiding her wccident. People started to back away from the service area because of the puddle and employees started to notice the pee soaked lady standing at service. I'm expecting this lady to just avoid eye contact and make a mad dash out of the store. But instead she just started yelling at the employees! She went on a public tirade about how it's ridiculous that the bathrooms aren't right up front and clearly marked and how she had lapped the whole store and couldn't find a bathroom then the employees "ignored her" when she wanted to ask where it is. she completely blamed the store for her embarassing mishap and stood there berating a manager for so long that a custodial worker was just awkwardly waiting behind her with a mop waiting for her to move so he could mop up her pee puddle. Anyway, it was definitely a scene to behold. she had one of the most epic pants wetting accidents ive ever seen but instead of hide in shame from her witnessee she chose to blame someone else and let everyone who saw know that it wasn't her fault and that she was a victim. Bold choice I say...eitherway, sucked to be her. She was either gonna be the lady who peed her pants at customer service or the lady who peed her pants at customer service then yelled at everyone about it. Unfortunately she just made herself more memorable by making a scene. I would be surprised if she ever shops in there again.


Post Title (optional)Stink Control

I am wondering if anyone that visits this site has tried the product POO-POURRI. Does it actually work? If spritzed in the toilet before a smelly dump will it eliminate the smelly odor that follows? comments would be welcomed.


My sister and her friends


This is my first time on this sight but I'm not a big fan of talking about bathroom habits either. But here goes!

I just got home from work and I saw that my sister Stepanie was hope from school and brought a few of her friends over as well. They all are seniors in high school and are on the drill team.

I was watching tv when they all came down stairs, Stephanie said hey what's up? I said not much and Her friends Janice, Taylee,arlee and annie came to and I told them to relax and have a seat. They were dressed in there drill team shirts and baggy warm up pants. They all decided to watch the game I was watching and eventually since I had plans I let them watch what they wanted.

We have to bathrooms 1 up and 1 down, They said they were going up stairs and to hand out and I said ok and continued getting ready. They were outside as I was putting some things in my truck and Annie asked if she could use the toilet. I said she could use either level and she said she was just going to be in the upstairs toilet. A about 5 minutes pasted and I'd already forgot that she was gone, I went down stairs to grab a few things and I decided to stop in and grab my gym bag and it was in the bathroom. I approached the door and right as I opened the door in plain sight was Annie on the toilet. I omg and turned around and apologized. She said she decided to go down stairs since it was more private. She had her warm ups slid down past her knees and her white womens Hanes her way briefs bunched over her knees.

I apologized again and grabbed my bag. She chuckled and said she didn't mind, she farted and poop dropped in the toilet, then right then she said ugh oh and said this is gonna be ugly and right there a big pffft plonk plonk plonk and a big pffffffffffftttttttt she then said ahhh so much better. She grabbed the toilet paper and then as she wad up the toilet paper she stopped and did one last pffft pfft pffffffffffftttttttt then stood up and wiped her front which she has a dark patch of hair then she dropped her pants and underwear to her ankles and wiped about 4 times then she pulled up her underwear and adjust it to her comfort and pulled up her pants. I got my bag and was still embarrassed and was on my way.

Karen C.

Food poisoning sickness afterthoughts

Hi Brandon, how're you hon? Yeah, you're right, I made it to the toilet each time so no poopy pants that needed a Clorox jacccuzi which is alright by me! When I first woke up sick I made the split second decision to go to the kitchen to throw up because it was closer as I had been asleep on the living room sofa, still had a mess to clean up in the kitchen sink though, yuck! Probably should have just gone out the door and done it outside on the grass, huh? Actually felt pretty good after I threw up everything in my stomach, until the diarrhea started which felt like a ???? twisting marathon. Maybe I should have taken some Immodium before I drank that ginger ale.

I don't think it was really food poisoning now in retrospect. I think it was just too much greasy stuff in my stomach which I'm not used to, along with too large a quantity of food which I'm also not used to; I guess it was just more than my stomach could digest so it had to come out. Felt so much better after I puked. Cold fizzy gingerale settled my stomach and made me feel lots better too so I stopped feeling like yelling YURK! every fifteen minutes. The immodium I took next morning stopped the diarrhea around lunchtime but I still didn't feel like eating lunch so I just spent my lunch hour sipping sprite and reading the paper on a picnic bench under a big shade tree we have at work. Got a sub and a salad on the way home for supper, unwrapped it and started feeling a little pukey so I just went to bed and felt fine when I woke up at around 9pm and ate a little bit of the sandwich and a bowl of cream of mushroom soup, and some iced tea, watched a little t.v. then went back to bed and I was okay next morning.



VeeToo - I had never thought of the climate contributing to the consistency of one's bowel movement. Could it be that we eat differently at different times of the year? I had never thought of that...thanks!

Hayley C - Welcome to the forum! You sound like you are an amazing athlete with a bright future. I never swam, but played multiple sports in Middle School and High School, and college volleyball! Just a thought, some extra fiber from oatmeal, cereal or larger servings of fruits and vegetables might cause you to have a second bowel movement during the day. Sounds like you might be pretty full by the time you have your evening bowel movement! When I was your age, I got up early enough so that I could go before school and not have to worry about defecating at school.




Quick comments

Hi all! I don't post much but like End Stall Em, I still read and I like very much many of the stories I see here. End Stall Em's return gave me a reason to reply to some posters, and perhaps I'll a true story soon.

End Stall Em: Welcome back! Glad to hear from you. I don't know if you're planning to keep posting, but it was a nice surprise. Please post once in a while if you keep reading, like once a year (or plenty more, if you find the time). I still wait for some of the even older posters like Kendal, Lawn Dogs Kid, Billy & Kevin, and others. And, commenting on your latest story... that must have hurt! I'm glad it was a relieving poop. Just a suggestion: please do not try driving if you're drowsy... I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you. Same with the poop/pee issues in an emergency. In the worst cases, it would be better to pee/poop yourself than experiencing a car crash. But hopefully, neither!

Tristan: I really enjoy your posts. Your last posts were particularly interesting. I haven't had a particularly big poop with a sore anus in years (although still very big poops every once in a while). And to answer your question: Yes! I have clogged a friend's toilet and he has clogged mine. It was when we were in middle school. I'll post that story when I have more time, if you're interested. But believe me... both times it was very embarrassing! Question: How much do you usually push to get a big poop out if you're not really constipated? I am about your age (perhaps a couple of years older), but I find that my poops have become somewhat easier to push out this past year even though they are more or less the same size and consistency. So I'm curious what you experience.

Siford: I also always enjoy your posts. The situation in your school bathrooms is horrible! I'm glad that, even though you are ashamed, you still go when you need to. That is admirable (I would hold it in, even more when I was your age than I am now). Just a couple of questions: I have tried pooping that way (pants and underwear at mid-thigh level) but I always find it more of a struggle in terms of pushing my poop out than pants down at ankles. Does this also happen to you? I have used that position many times in the past (I think I mentioned them in a couple of posts from a long time ago if you want to look), and I also find it somewhat difficult to have a simultaneous pee while pooping if the pants and underwear are at mid-thigh level, because I have to concentrate on pointing down my penis. What's your experience with both of these issues?

To Michael (before Ricky and Tym): Hi again! Just to answer your question. My poops now are two logs most of the time, one about 8 inches and another shorter one, like 6 or so. Most of the time they're not particularly wide, but I've had occasions when they are 2 inches and solid, which makes it harder to push them out. In terms of "shape", I would consider a larger than 10 inches poop and wider than 2 inches "big". So yours would qualify. But in terms of quantity, I think we poop about the same. It's just that yours come out in a larger piece, and perhaps have a more solid consistency than mine. But who knows? As long as you don't struggle to push it out, I don't believe there are many problems. Even then, the effort one does while pushing may seem normal unless s/he compares it to the effort the others are making.

To Jake: I used to have the same problem. Back then, I would have been greatly embarrassed about it. But now I don't think I care much. In fact, when it bothers me now is if the person who knows I'm pooping (or is listening to me) is an acquaintance but not a friend or family, nor a complete stranger (which means s/he is likely to see me again and associate one of his memories to the moment when I was pooping... or maybe I'm exaggerating). A suggestion: Try at least using a friend's bathroom or poop alongside one... Once the first experiences are over, you will become more comfortable using public toilets.

Hayley C: Welcome! And I love your story. Hope to see you post more!

That's all for now, but please keep all the good posts, everyone! =D (And for former posters who are still reading, please post once every so years, just to see how you're doing =) ).

Sonya Sue

Expectations of cleanliness with public toilet seats

I find it amusing that several recent posters and readers have raised questions about things like pee on public toilet seats.

JJ: That was a good story about your troublesome crap during class time and how you rejected the toilet with the wet seat and how this other kid
comes in a parks himself right into the pee. I'm surprised he didn't even try to wipe the seat off at first before sitting on it.

Anonymous poster: That blonde girl must really have had an attitude. Standing over the seat, peeing and not aiming it into the bowl, show attitude and I think you handled it right staring at her later on the train. You made a good point about wiping the seat but still feeling you were sitting in her body fluids. I know because I've been exactly in that situation and when I get up to wipe myself I see an impression of my butt on the black seat. You are so right that some people have attitude that "their bum is too precious to sit on a public seat." That attitude is going to cost them big time if their bladder is full or its been multiple days since their last crap.

Megan: I liked your story about the girls that should have gone at school holding it until they get off campus and then finding a cafe toilet to use. Yes, these girls are taking advantage of the situation by stopping into a shop in order to avoid doing what they should have been doing earlier that day at school.

My question for everyone is what expectations of cleanliness should a person have when sitting on a public toilet seat? I've dealt with this a few times at the convenience store/gas station I work at. Its located right off the interstate and we have 3D billboards and other media to bring visitors in. Our advertising continues to guarantee "cleanest restrooms in the state." And there are pictures of three kids on our billboards with big smiles on their faces as they each hold onto a large toilet seat paper protector. The condition of our restrooms is heavily advertised. Well twice in the six months I've worked at this job I've had complaints from customers who enter the bathroom and immediately come out to where I'm stocking a counter or cashiering and tell me we are out of the toilet seat papers. One mom called them ass-gaskets, which was term I had not heard before. I told her (I think it was on a Sunday) that a new supply of the seat papers would arrive with a truckload of other merchandise on Wedneaday.

I started to say I was sorry but the mom cut me off and in a much louder than necessary voice said "You don't seem to understand--my daughter and I DON'T sit on PUBLIC toilet seats!" It was said in a much more hostile way than I expected. My manager Violet, whose a real veteran of this type of work, told me not to take it personally. She's probably right, but its hard.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Hayley C first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go and a lot from the sound of it to and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Annie great story about your 2 major poops it sounds like you really had to go and made the right choice cause sometimes you dont want to gamble on a fart espicialy if it dosent feel right and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: End Stall Em wow it mustve been a major relief to get monster of a poop out hopefully the pain didnt las to long afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story it sounds like and Liz had good poops.

To: Megan as always another great pooping story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Latest story

Hi everyone, I'm back home from uni at the moment so thought I would share a story, sorry I haven't got around to posting in ages!
Megan- great story about you going to the loo at your favourite cafe, its just a shame you didn't need a poo while you were there! I feel sorry for the two girls you heard having a poo at the shop, holding it in until your on the way home is pretty hard, I can only assume they chose to do so because the loos at their school are really disgusting. As I've said in previous posts I was lucky on that score, the girls toilets at the school I went to for the last couple of years were really pleasant and clean, I noticed as soon as I started there that most girls were fine about using them when they needed a poo. Whenever I went to the toilet with a load to release, especially before lessons and at lunchtimes, I was far from being the only one having a poo judging by the grunting, farting and plopping sounds I could hear coming from other girls cubicles. Sometimes I did end up holding it though, some days although I felt the urge during the school day I just didn't get enough time to use the loo and then it was a real struggle to stop my poo from poking out on the way back home, quite often it did end up coming out a bit and then I got bad skidmarks in my knickers.
Friday night I slept over round Beths house, I got there about 4 o'clock after Beth had got back from school and we watched telly downstairs for a bit. As we were sitting on the sofa I could feel I was starting to want the loo, I needed to have a wee and I had a heavy feeling in my belly so I knew I'd want a poo before too long as well, I hadn't been for three days so I was feeling a bit constipated. After tea we went up to Beths room, by now I was absolutely bursting for a wee and knew I'd have to go soon if I wanted my pants to stay dry, sometimes when I'm really desperate I can't help letting some wee squirt out, especially if I end up coughing, sneezing or laughing!! I was wearing a skirt and no tights, so I was worried I would end up with some drops of wee running down my thighs if I let a big spurt go, especially as the pants I was wearing were really old and too small for me!! When we got upstairs I saw some of Beths pants drying on the radiator in her bedroom, there were a couple of plain white pairs and the rest were pale pastel spotty or flowery knickers. To be honest we both rate comfort way above fashion when it comes to underwear, just like Beth I wear cotton pants which are white or in pastel colours. Beth sat on her bed and said, "I really need a poo, do you mind if I go?" I'd noticed her squirming around a bit and holding her belly so it wasn't a total surprise. I said "I'm dying for a wee so can I go first quickly?" Beth replied, "Yeah just be really quick, I'm having to clench my bum to keep this one in!" I went into the ensuite, lifting my skirt and dropping my pink and yellow spotty pants to my knees as I did so, and sat down on the toilet. Straight away I unleashed a loud stream which went on for ages, Beth said "Wow, you really were desperate!" She was sitting on the bathroom floor with her knees up under her chin, I could see her orange flowery pants as she was still wearing her school skirt, and I hoped they would stay free from skidmarks. As my stream was slowing I farted a couple of times and Beth giggled. When I was done I took some loo paper and wiped before pulling up my pants and letting down my skirt. I went to sit on the floor while Beth hitched up her skirt and eased her pants down, she sat on the toilet with her pants round her thighs and I saw an instant look of relief on her face as she relaxed her clenched bum and I heard her starting to wee. I always think thats the best part of having a poo, that feeling of relaxing your bumhole and then the log starting to slowly poke out, of course its best when that happens on the toilet rather than in your pants!! A couple of minutes passed during which time I heard some crackling as the log continued on its way out, Beth was having to strain a bit but we were managing to have a conversation so she wasn't having to push too hard. Just then she said "Its getting really fat now so sorry I'm gonna have to push harder!" and I said "No worries, do what you have to do!" Beth nodded as she took a deep breath and did a hard push, I heard some more wee dribble out and then a grunt as Beth released her breath. She did a few more pushes like that and then panted "Its nearly out now," shortly after I heard a splash and a moan of relief from Beth. By now my need was getting worse and worse, I was keeping what felt like a gigantic poo at bay by clenching all the muscles of my bottom. I was aware that Beth still had more to do, I saw her bearing down again and making some more grunts. I shifted position and sat on my heel, which made it a bit easier to stop my poo from poking out. Beth must have noticed as she said "Are you OK Abs?" to which I replied "Yeah, I just really really want a poo now as well, to be honest I'm struggling a bit to hold it in!!"
"Oh God, I'll try to hurry up, I'm really sorry!"said Beth as she dropped her second log with a loud plop. She said "I think this is the last piece and then I'll be done" and I saw her straining again. After a couple of minutes she panted "Its almost out, I'll wipe my bum standing up so you can get on the loo straight away." I nodded gratefully, as I stood up I lost control for a second and felt the log poke out into my pants, luckily Beths pants had a big skidmark which made it less embarasing. As I dropped my skirt and pants I heard a final plop from Beth and she stood up and flushed straight away. I went over and sat on the loo, I couldn't help moaning with relief as I relaxed my clenched bum and felt the monster log starting to creep out, it was really stretching my bumhole even though it was only the tip. I looked down at my pants and saw there was a bit of a skidmark, but it wasn't as bad as I'd thought. Next to me Beth was wiping her bottom, when she was done I shuffled forward on the loo so she could throw the paper away. She said "I just need to change these pants a sec," and took them off, leaving them on the floor. She pulled her skirt back down over her bare bottom and went back into her bedroom, and then took some green spotty pants off her radiator and put them on. By now I was really having to push, its quite normal for me to pass wide logs but this one was fat even by my standards, and whenever I released the pressure I could feel it getting sucked back up my bum, again something which I get quite alot, especially when I'm a bit constipated. I could feel I was going red as I was having to bear down really hard and I couldn't help grunting, although the same had happened to Beth so at least it wasn't too embarasing. I kept straining hard for another few minutes, this time when I relaxed I had pushed the log out far enough so that it didn't get sucked back up so I paused to catch my breath. Beth was looking concerned so I said "Sorry about this, I think I'm a bit constipated, I haven't had a poo for a few days so its hard work!!" I started pushing again as Beth said "I was constipated the last week before the holidays too, I didn't feel like I needed a poo for days and then suddenly I got a massive urge during second lesson on the Wednesday of the last week, I had to sit there clenching my bum to stop it from poking out in my pants. Luckily I managed to get on the loo right at the start of lunchtime, it was really embarasing as I had to push really hard to get it to come and I couldn't help panting and grunting which I try not to do at school if I can possibly help it!" I was listening as I continued to push, the log was moving faster now as the widest part was through and shortly after it dropped with a splash and I couldn't help moaning with relief. "God, what a relief I've got that out!" I said, as I felt another poo starting to poke out of my bum. As I started to push again I said "Theres more to come yet, sorry!" I paused to give a harder push, fortunately that did the trick and I felt the fattest part of the log pass through, stretching my bumhole once again as it did so. After another minute or so I felt it drop and it made a loud plop as it fell into the loo. I finished with some looser pieces and then felt empty so I ripped off some toilet paper and started to wipe my bottom, when I was done I flushed before pulling up my pants and skirt. I hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!!


To Hayley C and Shelly


Hayley C - liked your story about your recent dump especially the detailed description of the turds that you passed. It sounds as though you passed over 3 feet of poop in total length and it was a very healthy dump i.e. indicative of good bowel health. It's actually fairly common and normal for young women (including teenagers) to have big bowel movements so you are by no means alone. Please post more stories if you wish.

Shelly - liked your story about the couple that you saw having a dump especially the description of the turds. Personally I think it's better for people to poop outside rather than use unhygienic toilet facilities whilst camping and at festivals etc. Seems as though the woman you observed had held on to her poop hence the firm and uncomfortable poop followed by a load of softer turds.

Take care all


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