Me and Miranda and our latest bike ride

Sunday morning my best friend Miranda and I took about a 12 mile bike ride. We do it on Sunday mornings because there's less traffic to encounter and we feel its safer, although Miranda almost wiped out trying to avoid hitting one of several dead squirrels at the last minute and I can't believe my front wheel didn't get bent where I hit raised concrete where a sink hole was starting. That scare, however, did cause me to almost poo my undees so we stopped at a donut joint which luckily had a bathroom available. I don't think I was seated for 10 seconds my banana-size poo came out. Miranda, who constantly reminds me that she is more unlucky at getting her poos to come under such circumstances, took the toilet after me. But nothing happened. We each got a coffee and she was hopeful that would help her go. I remember that she was with me when she crapped during lunch hour at school on Wednesday (and complained when she found there wasn't any toilet paper in her stall).

So when we finished our coffee, we resumed our ride. We went another hour and a half or so and decided that a park there would be a good place for us to use the trails. After making three rounds, we decided to stop at a picnic area with a restroom hut. There were several picnic tables and we like to lay ourselves out on them and just talk as we rest our legs before our return trip. It was only 9 a.m. and Miranda saw an extremely old man slowly walking towards us. He had a large straw hat on his head and was using his cane with every step. As he got closer to us, I could see his left hand was in his jeans right below his belly button. I remember my grandpa did that too and that meant that he was constipated. So the guy eventually greeted us and he said that his walk gets longer every day. Miranda's much better at conversation than me and she asked if he lived nearby. I pretty much figured he was too old to drive safely. He pointed out his house way at the other side of the park about two blocks away. Then he said he was ready for his "daily constitutional"; another term that I remember my grandpa using.

So he walked around the side of the building and went into the mens room. We could hear his cane being dropped to the floor, the toilet seat being dropped and we heard the toilet paper roll being turned. About a minute or two later there were splashes into the water and Miranda held up three fingers. Then we heard some wiping, although the sound was faint. Next we heard the cane hitting the floor and the old man came around the side and stopped to talk to us. He said he knew we were from the other side of the city and he asked about our bikes. He said he earned his first bike in 1925 and now his daily walk is to take his poo so that he won't stink up the bathroom and house for his wife. Both Miranda and I said that was very interesting, but he said he had to get back home for some church show on TV. He wished us well. I noticed that I hadn't heard a flush so as he walked away Miranda and I decided to go into the bathroom and see what his toilet looked like. It was obvious, though, as we rounded the corner that he had forgotten his hat on the floor against the wall. Miranda got on her bike and took it to him while I looked into his toilet. He had toilet paper spread over the back and one side of the seat. There were three logs of about equal size floating on top of the bowl.

Miranda and I went to the ladies room on the other side and just like the mens, there were two toilets right on the side of each other without any privacy stall or door. Me and Miranda had a good long wee and I was happy to hear a few splashes into her bowl too. So I knew she was fighting off her constipation. Then we made our trip back home. We had to ride faster and take a couple of shortcuts because there was a storm coming in.

Sarah from CA
Hello. This is my first post here and I feel kind of awkward talking about something so personal and taboo but here it goes anyway. So anyway, a little about myself, I just turned 19 last week, I'm blonde with blue eyes, kind of tall at 5 feet 9. People tell me all the time that I have a shapely butt and an overall nice figure and that i look like the typical "all American girl next door" or the "California beach babe", so anyway, here's my first story. I had been constipated for the past week, occasionally i would get cramping and a slight urge to empty my bowels but after sitting on the toilet those "urges" each time turned out to be little more than a big stinky fart followed by one or 2 hard pebbles that plopped into the bowl and i never got any real relief, so i decided to "take extreme measures" to end this problem!, so 2 days ago i decided to take some Ex Lax that afternoon then an hour later i had a can of Bush's pinto beans with jalapenos for dinner (Being so backed up i didn't feel like eating much more than that, even for dinner). So the next morning i woke up feeling gassy and bloated, with that familiar crampy feeling of something getting ready to happen in my colon! So anyway, being Sunday morning i decided to just take it easy and lay in bed all morning. I was wearing a white T shirt and a blue thong and i decided to go on my laptop so as soon as i laid on my stomach i felt a HUGE fart coming on and the fact that it burned my hole as i held it in indicated that it was going to be a major stinker too! but i decided to let it rip anyway and it was one of the longest, most satisfying farts of my life! it felt like my rectum was a balloon being suddenly and forcefully deflated! it was loud too (I hope the neighbors didn't hear it)! and man did it stink! my whole room filled with that familiar stench of rotten eggs mixed with a heavy poop smell, but i didn't care, as i was alone and i wasn't expecting company that day. About 20 minutes later i felt another huge one coming but this time i also felt a log on its way but it was unable to pass through the huge gas bubbles filling my intestine, so i decided to grab a magazine and head for the toilet (I never use my laptop while seated on the toilet)so anyway i pulled down my thong, sat, and proceeded to open my magazine to a random page then immediately an 8 second long booming fart blasted into the bowl followed by an equally long sigh from me, then as soon as the fart ended and its evil stench began to reach my nose (LOL I always thought that farts are demons leaving the body, hence their "evil" sulfuric stench) i felt the pebbly tip of a big log begin to emerge, with some pebbles breaking off and dropping into the bowl ahead of time with loud splashing. I could tell this was going to be a really satisfying dump and i decided to savor the feeling and let it come out slowly and as it eased out another huge fart squeezed its way around it, i guess the pressure of all that gas caused the log to break in two inside my rectum and the first portion of it, about 8 inches was blasted into the bowl by the fart which now uninterrupted by poo boomed loudly into the bowl! After that i let out another long sigh and continued with the rest of the log. (Which was smooth now that the first hard and pebbly portion of it was expelled from me). It came out easily in spite of its thickness but it kept coming and it began to coil around the bottom of the bowl. This was going to be a big "clogger" as i call all my dumps that are too big to go down. It was still sliding out of me, occasionally interrupted by hissing gas, and it coiled around the bowl once again before another big fart signaled the end of this monster! Anyway i just sat there enjoying the sweet, almost orgasmic relief of a week's worth of poop having just left me while i reached for the can of febreeze i keep next to the toilet and sprayed copiously! Then i grabbed some toilet paper and began wiping, pulled up my thong as i stood up, and then looked at my work of art in the bowl. A HUGE smooth log, (Smooth with the exception of all the bean "skins" in the last portion of the log) almost 3 feet long lay coiled in the bowl like a sleeping Boa Constrictor while in the middle floated the first part of the poop i mentioned earlier, it was about 8 inches or so and a conglomeration of various sized hard nuggets in a softer matrix, and one thing i noticed was it was so "super charged" with fart gas that tiny bubbles were constantly escaping this turd and that was actually giving the turd jet propulsion of sorts, as it slowly spun around in the water, picking up a little speed in its spinning every time a bigger fart bubble escaped the spaces between the hard nuggets. Anyway, I won't go into details about how i got this thing to go down but I'll be posting more of my pooping experiences now that i "broke the ice" with this one and i feel less awkward. Bye!

Monday, May 04, 2015

Hayley C
Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I see there's another poster named Hailey. Even though my name's spelled differently, I'll put my last initial, to prevent confusion. Anyway, I'm 14 years old, turning 15 in a few weeks. I'm a brunette with blue eyes. 5 foot 7 and about 155 pounds. I'm on the swim team at school, and I eat like a horse in order to have the energy. I estimate that I take in about 3500 calories every day.

And as you all know, what goes in must come out. I take a dump once every day, usually in the evenings about 8:00. And it's always very big loads. I've blocked the toilet a bunch of times, so it's good that I have my own bathroom and toilet brush

Today, I'll share the story of today's dump. It just happened a little over half an hour ago so it's fresh in my mind. I was on my computer chatting with my friend Emily when I felt the familiar urge. I told Emily I'd be back shortly and headed to my bathroom. I completely removed my shorts and panties and sat down, shifting a bit to get comfortable. I peed for a while before setting to the major task at hand.

I farted kind of loudly and then felt a turd begin to emerge. It felt kind of thick and it came out a bit before breaking off. At that point, I began reading my magazine while I continued pooping. I let out a thinner turd but it was a really long one. I had to partially stand up to let it keep coming out. After that was a turd very similar to my first one, about the same length and thickness. About then I had a lot of gas. I farted a bunch of times, each one seeming louder and than before.

After my gas attack, I let out another turd. It was medium length. I finished with another long turd and a long silent fart. I felt much better, and I got up to look at my creations. I saw three sandy brown turds in the center of the bowl, two curved almost like parentheses ( ) each about six inches long. Nestled in between them was a slightly longer turd, maybe eight inches. Laying across those three turds, diagonally, was a dark brown turd which doubled back on itself making almost a J shape. Altogether, I'd say that turd was about a foot long. And finally, curling around the outer edge of the toilet was my really long but skinny turd. It was the brightest color of brown of all my turds.

I was pretty sure I had blocked the toilet, but I tried flushing anyway. I normally flush during my load at least once, sometimes twice, but I forgot to today. Sure enough, my load wasn't going anywhere. The water turned brown and started to rise. I thought it was going to overflow, but it stopped just short of spilling on to the floor, thankfully. The water got sucked down the drain and a small amount of clean water came back in, but all my turds were still there.

And by then, it was really stinking in the bathroom, since there was very little water and my turds weren't in it. I got the toilet brush and started working at breaking up my turds. I flushed and got most of them to go down, and some more breaking up and a second flush took the rest away. Then I sat back down to wipe and flushed away the paper.

So, there you have it. The story of my most recent poop. I hope you enjoyed reading the story.


2 dumps today

Hi all. I posted yesterday about my giant shit that clogged the toilet. Well now my body is doing the polar opposite: soft crap. Not quite diarrhea but not really formed and firm either. I guess my body got rid of the hard, built up crap in there so now it's trying to get rid of whatever is left. I pooped twice so far today.

The first time I had stomach cramps and felt like I needed to fart but I didn't just in case of a mess it could have made. Which was a smart decision. When I sat down on the toilet a loud wet fart came out and a load of noisy, mushy crap came out with it. Phew. So glad that I decided to make that decision instead of leaning sideways and letting go of the "fart". That's a mess I would NOT have wanted to clean up.

The second time happened less than ten minutes ago. I had stomach cramps again so I repeated the process of pulling down my clothes, sitting and grabbing the magazine. All I had to do was give a gentle push and I was done. It stunk like wet soil and required a lot of wiping to clean up. There was a turd about 6 inches and a pile of mush in the toilet.

Guess my body's cleaning itself out (finally)

It happened a couple of times that as I was snooping on my friend's phone, I witnessed her conversations about pooping with her boyfriend. I found it rather hilarious, since talking of pooping is still a bit of a taboo! The conversations went like this:

Her: My ???? hurts! 💩
Him: Oh :( Didn't you poo yesterday?
Her: Yes, but it wasn't all :(

or this:

Her: I'm pooping 💩
Him: I dropped a few logs today 💩💩 and by the way I'm flushing more times now
Her: Yay, my ????'s empty now!

or even this, my personal favourite:

Her: Gotta go pondering
Her: It's super urgent!
<a few minutes later>
Him: Emptied your ????, honey? &#128169;&#128169;&#128169;&#128169;
Her: Yup, did it &#128169;

Does anyone else have similar experiences - snooping on a friend's phone and accidentally reading their conversations about poop?

Also, I find it awkward to imagine friends pooping. I mean, that's not something you usually witness (although this website seems to prove me wrong!), that's not a thought you usually entertain. It's just... weird, don't you think?


To: Alicia

Your post was most interesting...would love to hear more about the two of you. Do you happen to know if you are "identical" and/or "mirror image" twins? In the case of "mirror image" one of you has your organs reversed from the other. In the case of your colons, I believe that would mean that one of you has a descending colon on the right side of your body and the other on the left. I've always wondered what effect, if any, that had on bowel movements? For example does on of you have more problems going than the other?-- JW

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Angela B first welcome to the site it sounds like you and Christina both had really good poops and it sounds like you both really had to alot to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and I bet you will pretty good once the rest of it is ready to come out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Some Questions

For Jake:

I'm very self-conscious. I would have been freaked out by that guy with the phone too. Because most of the school toilets have no doors here in the U.S., we lose even more privacy as we sit and try to cover up as much of our privates as we can. It's demeaning when guys are standing in line waiting for a stall and just staring you down as you sit. My dad's suggested (and it works) me pulling my underwear and slacks or jeans up to mid-thigh level so that I expose less of myself when I'm seated and crapping. It also helped this past winter when the seats were cold because the top windows of the bathroom are opened by the janitors to let the smoke out. Because I'm one of the few guys who put toilet paper as a liner on the seat before seating myself, that has also caused me to be verbally abused by the others. But I'm trying to break myself of that habit that my parents taught me and when the bathroom is busy, like most of the time during class breaks, I'm sitting butt-down on the seat, but I remain very self-conscious about that. Something tells me I should at least wipe the seat down like you do. How long do you take doing that? Do you look at the toilet paper to see if there's any crud on it?

Victoria B:

From what you wrote, it sounds like you had a tough time too in your high school bathrooms. What were the toilets like? What helped you become more confortable about your body and going in public when needed?
Since I assume you have more privacy like stall doors than the guys do, does it creep you out to see eyeballs staring at you in the space between the door and cubicle sides? I've avoided a couple of park bathrooms and walked the 4 or 5 blocks home to crap because the cubicle sides in each stall had a hole drilled in them. My kid sister who is 8 thought I overreacted and didn't like having to follow me home while I crapped in my own toilet.


Unusually big with a schedule change.

So today is the 30th of April, and before today, I last went to the bathroom on the 28th. I normally poop at 15h00 or 3pm, but today I got up at 6h00 (6 am, I'm going to use military time, sorry, it's easier for me), and at 9h00, I felt the urge to poop. I wanted to hold it until 3 pm, but I decided since I hadn't pooped yesterday and I held it another day, I might cause some issues. So in the midst of thinking, I casually walked to the bathroom and sat down. It felt normal starting out, with gas, and I started pushing, and it took a while to push out and it felt thick. In the middle of the turd, several farts begin to slip out, as the first half dropped in the toilet, then the second half shot in the toilet following.

I was hit with a very strong, odd smelling stench. It wasn't bad, it was a normal poop smell. But I didn't expect it to be that strong, I had only skipped over one day.

When I got up to see my work, it was unusually big for something that someone would poop out every other day. When I was smaller, it looked like something I would maybe poop out if I was constipated for a whole week or more. But no, I was pooping similar to this every other day.. I looked at the turds. There were 2. The one on the right was very fat (at least 3 inches accross, but it was smooth, so no wonder it didn't hurt), it was smooth, and was coloured like peanut butter. It was curved upwards onto the back end of the bowl and was 7-8 inches. The other turd, on the left, was much much darker, and was about the same in length, but it was a half of an inch skinnier. I was worried since how fat they were they'd get stuck sideways, or even lengthwise against the drain, so I used the plunger to pull the turd on the left behind the last one.

I flushed the toilet, and they both went down. But not without leaving a ton of skidmarks. .__.


End Stall Em

Help's question: getting stuck poop out in public bathroom

Help's question struck a chord with me: they were on a toilet at Target and their poop was half in and half out and wasn't about to budge.

This has happened to me three times, twice in recent years. If I'm sluggish and I haven't been able to poop in three or four days then it can become a problem for me. Simply said, my crap is too solid, hard and sometimes painful to release. In December I was stressing over exams and about 10 minutes into my two hour Biology final, I could feel my crap readying itself. I could also smell it a little bit. I had another 145 multiple choice questions to answer and I knew my TA would not let anyone in our section of the auditorium leave the room. So I focused on the test and when I finally got done, with perhaps two minutes to spare, I turned my bubble sheet in and immediately got myself to the nearest bathroom and onto the toilet. I stayed seated for 15 minutes, but I could not get any momentum back. I couldn't even fart. My car was already packed for my six hour drive home. I stopped and filled my tank, got the largest superdrink (I think it was 60 ounces) and I downed it as I drove. After it got dark and I was getting drowsy, I stopped at another station and got my coffee jug filled. I went in and peed a really fierce stream, so strong that the lady seated next to me referred to it as a Southern "cloudburst".

After my drive resumed, within a half hour, I started farting and I could feel my crap coming down. I saw the next rest stop was 23 miles and I thought about pulling over and squat crapping between my car and the road, but the cars whizzing by in the dark on the interstate scared me and I was afraid I could get hit because I had seen some really scary DVDs in drivers ed class. So I sped up because I wanted to get my butt onto a toilet ASAP or sooner. Finally, I turned off onto the rest stop drive, turned my engine off and trotted to the bathroom entrance. I took the end stall, quickly dropping my blue jeans and black thong, and putting myself onto the cold seat. I didn't even worry about latching the privacy door because there was nobody else around. My pee stream started slowly and picked up while I could mentally follow my monster as it slowly slid through me. It slowed a couple of times while I sat, but additional farts helped the head emerge, and as I stuck my elbows into the top of my thighs, the slid resumed. Even though I was comfortable on the average size black seated toilet, I again tried what worked for me once when I was in a similar situation in high school, I threw weight onto my knees, spread my legs as wide as I could even though it hurt me, and continued to push with all my strength. After about a minute I was out of breath and my butt hole was being expanded beyond my pain, but my 30-something incher along with some blood finally was in the bowl. My pain was as bad as I've ever experienced, as I looked into the bowl one more time, then pulling my clothing halfway up, I waddled to the stall to the right, where I dropped the seat, seated myself and let the pain subside for a few minutes. Then I used about a third of the almost full toilet paper roll to clean myself. My first three or four papers included some blood, although in diminishing amounts. I knew when I got back to my car I was going to get a pillow out of the trunk to sit on because I was really sore.

I flushed my toilet paper, which cleared the bowl very sluggishly. Then I went into the other stall, leaned over and despite putting a lot of weight onto my arm, was unable to get the flush to activate with the exception of a few burps and some swirling of the water. So in answer to Help's question, I feel the best technique is to take the pain and to do everything you can to keep the crap from stalling. It takes longer, and the pain is worth it, especially if you're away from home as I have been on three occasions when this has happened.

Hi, I'm 13 and and new to this site. My daily poop usually happens after lunch after all the weight was added.
So this happened today when I was in 3rd period. I haven't gone since Monday, and I've been feeling so backed up since then, so when the urge hit me and pressure started to build, I was excited to finally get it out of me. I asked my teacher to go, and rushed out the door. When I got there, an eighth grader was being at a urinal, and I was forced to take the middle stall out of the 3. One had piss all over the seat and toilet, and the other someone had broke the latch from kcking it in. So I went inside and someone had not flushed, and all I could see was messy toilet paper and brown water, i flushed and sat down. Right when I started straining to get the log out, someone rushed in and took the first stall. They closed the door and sat on the pee covered toilet. Immediately after that he released a giant blast of mushy poo i peeked through and saw it was a fifth grader. then it was my turn. the turd was so huge, it wouldn't come through. It was rock solid and i started squeezing so hard i let out a moan. It started to poke out, so i took a break. I then started again and pushed little by little. I took out my phone ans saw that it had Benn 10 minutes and class would end soon. i thought i was almost done. I just squeezed a bit more and the monster came out. It looked 2 and a half wide, and at least 10 inched long. By then the other kid was gone and dint flush. I didn't need to wipe since it was so dry, and I knew if i flushed it would clog, so i left it. When i came out another seventh grader was waiting for my stall, and I said 'its all yours' I washed up and left feeling so much lighter

Today I was in a lecture and by the end of it I really needed a poo. Everybody seemed to be heading to the washrooms after class and when I got there all cubicles were taken. One girl was waiting, a girl named Liz that I have talked to before. She's a brunette and bit of a hippy chick. Even though it was a pretty chilly day, she was wearing a poncho and flip flops. We smiled and chatted briefly and then the middle cubicle became free and she went in. Right after, the door of the cubicle on the right opened as well. Out came a skinny blonde girl from my class who I know can be really snotty. She looked right through me as I went in. I locked the door, put my bag on the door and pulled down my jeans and blue panties. Then I noticed that there was pee all over the seat. Yikes. I bet the blonde is one of those girls that thinks her bum is too precious to sit on a public toilet, hover and sometimes shower the whole seat with pee. I pulled off a bunch of toilet paper and carefully wiped the seat. When I sat down I still felt like I was sitting in pee, but by this time I needed to go real bad and couldn't wait. I leaned forward, pushed a bit and then a big turd stared to crackle loudly out of my bum. It was really long and when it finally plopped into the toilet I let out a big sigh, which embarrassed me a bit. Thankfully, Liz was also pooping and I heard some plops and small farts from her cubicle while I was pushing out my next turd. Then I started to pee and I could hear Liz strain a bit and then the sound of a larger poop splashing into her toilet and a louder fart. I pushed out two more small poos and a small fart. I felt done and by now the cubicle really smelled like poo with a strong poo smell coming from Liz's cubicle as well. I pulled of some toilet paper and wiped my front and then my bum several times. I flushed the toilet and couldn't help but leaving a big skidmark, as there was no brush. When I was washing my hands, Liz had started to pull of some paper as well. Later on my way home, I saw the blonde girl on the train. I tried to glare at her as much as I could for making me sit in her pee, but I don't think she noticed.

Chloe B and Sophia W, I really like your stories!


Cane-shaped crap

Hey all. Had to pee earlier before getting ready to go out for a few things with my husband. When I wiped I noticed dark brown poop on the toilet paper so I sat back down and pushed slightly. A fairly big log came out easily with a loud squelching noise. It only took me about a minute to get it out. I stood up to wipe and to check out what I did. There was a dark brown (but soft) cane-shaped shit! And it smelled horrible too, like wet soil. Blech! I guess it is my body's way of getting rid of everything that's been built up. My stomach has been feeling a lot softer (and better) now that I'm pooping basically every day.

Happy pooping!

To Angela B

Great story! Well written. Are the other girls who work with you open about their bathroom habits and comfortable pooping at work?


To Catherine

It may also depend from how's the weather like for someone. Actually, next week the first strong and long summer-like heatwave of the year is inbound where i live. I often tend to have firmer stools after the first heatwave. That's an interesting point to discuss for sure, anyways i'll see what happens.

Friday, May 01, 2015



All of you with poops getting stuck and those of you that are afraid to take a laxative due to unpredictability, should try Glycerin suppositories. they are awesome, it works in about 15-30 min., no diarrhea and no after effects. Plus you know when it's going to work and you never have to deal with a stuck turd or not going for a day. You simply pop one in, wait and you. Jack, they have the in the UK too. here in the USA they Fleet brand ones work better than the off brand. Let me know how you all make out. I think they will really help and you'll like them.

Today I was in town and visited my favourite cafe again, the one with the open loos. After I was done eating I needed a wee, but not a poo yet, although I knew I would fairly soon. I went into the loos. There was a brunette woman of about 30 on the loo nearest the door, with her trousers and knickers halfway down her thighs, and another washing her hands. I went to the loo to the right of the woman, on the same side as the door, and lowered my skirt and red knickers and sat. I could hear her weeing, and I started to do the same. As we emptied our bladders another woman entered and sat opposite my neighbour. She was a brunette too and about 35, and positioned her trousers and black knickers below her knees and halfway down her legs, resting her hands on her bare thighs.

I finished my wee as my neighbour wiped herself and flushed, being replaced by a redhead of about 30 who sat next to me, her skirt and blue knickers at her knees. I didn't need to have a poo, but I decided to sit for a while in case the urge came or I wanted a fart, and in any case I wanted to observe for a bit longer! I heard both other women weeing after I finished. I was quiet, and made myself look as though I was waiting for something else to come out. After a minute they both finished weeing, and sat quietly. I wondered if they both wanted a poo. The woman next to me got up after a minute and flushed after wiping. Under cover of the flush I'm sure I heard a fart from the other woman! After drying her hands she left, and I started to smell a faint aroma of poo. Evidently the other woman was having a poo and had waited for some sound to cover her noises. I heard another quiet plop from her as I waited to see if I would need to do a number two as well. Another woman came in, about my age, and sat opposite me, her jeans and black knickers at her knees. She started to wee as I heard another splash from the other woman. I pushed a bit, but the poo inside me wasn't ready to come out yet. After a minute we all started wiping at the same time. I got a good view of their legs and pubic hair as they did, and I washed my hands and left.

Later on, I felt the urge to release my poo, and popped into a shop to do it in their loos. I went into one of the three cubicles and was able to drop off my half a dozen pieces in privacy since nobody else came in while I was going. When I was sat making sure I was done, though, I heard the door open and two girls come in talking. One of them giggled a bit and said, 'it smells as bad here as at school anyway!' Since it was just after the end of the school day, I figured they were two schoolgirls from a nearby school. Judging by their comments, I guessed they didn't fancy using their school loos to do their business during the day, and that now they needed to use the ones in the shop to take care of whatever they had to do. They went into the other cubicles and I heard them sit. The one next to me had let her skirt drop to around her ankles. I heard wee from them both, and then a fart and two plops as one of them began to release the poo she had been holding in while in class. Her friend giggled and then I heard her let out a turd as well. I wondered if it was something they did regularly- stopping into the shop on their way home every day to make their poo because they didn't want to do it at school and held in their urge. I wiped and left them to it, hearing another couple of plops as I did so.

Angela B
Hello everybody, I'm angela. I am 26 years old, I weigh about 200 pounds, I have brown hair, and I am a loud and big pooper. So I work at the Cheesecake Factory and today I was serving people and my stomach growled asking for a poop. I went to my boss and asked if I could leave to go to the bathroom for a poop. He said I could go so I walked to the ladies room. There was only one girl who looked my age in the bathroom but it clearly looked like she was pooping. So I took the stall next to her. I pulled my jeans and pink underwear to my ankles and sat down. The seat was so cold. The girl next to me grunted very loudly and farted and I heard a big ploppy splash in her toilet. I started to push and grunted very loudly and farted and poops started coming out of my bumhole which sounded like plip plop plip plop plip plop and then stopped I was farting the whole time during that. The woman next to me asked if i was okay. I said I was, just a big poop. She said yeh me to. And then I noticed it was Christina who works with me. We did a little chit chat, then she started grunting and farting. She said she couldnt get the poop out of her bum. For another 20 minutes me and Christina were dropping big pieces of poop grunting and farting. We both wiped. I pulled my jeans and pink underwear back to my waist from my ankles. When Christina came out her pants were still at her ankles because she needed paper towels to wipe her bum since there was no toilet paper. I could see her vagina in full sight. While Christina pulled her bum cheeks apart to wipe I saw her bum crack and hole and looked like she had diaheria. Thank you for reading and listening to my story. There'll be more stories on the way. Bye bye, love Angela B


Steve A's questions

These are my answers to Steve A's latest questions which are very good. This is a very real situation because we can hear the two-way radio on our school bus and pretty regularly in our city me and Nathan hear a beep on the radio and drivers are told of a bus accident, stalling, fight on the bus and police being called, a sick student, and what we thought was kind of funny--a driver misjudging a turn and the bus being stuck up against a traffic light pole. We both hope those kind of things never happen to our bus.

Question l: Stuck bus, no bathrooms, but water bottles available. I say use the water bottles for weeing, but there's another thing that might be overlooked: every bus I ride on this large black trashcan up by the driver. We could crap into it, but since its rubber, we wouldn't be able to sit on it so we would have to hover over it. I have seen one guy hurl into it. The driver let him sit on the steps by the door so he would have some privacy.

Question 2: Do I think girls/women are more open about bathroom habits today? Why not. Everyone has to go to the bathroom so why be so secretive about it. Not wanting to use or be seen using a public toilet is like sooo 19th century. In some of the back pages of this forum I've read older posters talking about parents forcing them to sit on the toilet for a half hour or so before they left for school. Then there were other threats used to get them to not use bathrooms away from home. I'm thinking like what????

Question 3: What's the worst traffic jam I've been in and did I have an accident? Its happened a few times during the severe snow and ice storms that start during the school day. However, I've been good about going just after school before I get on the bus. My friend Nathan has had a couple of close calls because he doesn't like to crap at school unless the seats are clean and he isn't going to be hassled by others because most of the guys stalls have no doors. The worst situation one afternoon in January was the 2 1/2 hours we spent on the bus during an ice/sleet storm.

Question 4: Do your bowel habits change while you are on vacation/trip?
Not really. But my family doesn't travel that much. However, when our Student Council visits other schools each month and I have to use different type bathrooms, sometimes it takes a little longer for me to get things going. An example was in February when we visited another school and each toilet cubicle had a large plastic holder with seat papers on the wall behind the toilet. I don't regularly cover the seat, but I decided to try. I must have fumbled with it for three minutes or so before I got in on the seat right. I accidentally got the cut-out tab part wet in the bowl so I had to throw it in and then pull off another. My poo, although soft as usual, was slower in sliding out. As I sat, I noted that two or three users on each side of me didn't even bother with the paper and sat themselves right down. Why they have them I don't know.

Question 5: Do I fear of having an accident in public when I have to go in public? Sometimes, but most of the time I find a bathroom and get myself on the toilet as soon a possible. At movies, I usually try to go some before the film starts. At the mall, after we're at the food court, I'll go in because I know where the bathroom is and I might as well get my wee out of the way.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Alicia first welcome to the site and great about you and your sister Kate it sounds like you have some good stories to tell and it sounds like you had a really good poop and luckily your sister was there to rub your stomach and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Chloe B as always another great story it sounds like you had some pretty good poops that day and it sounds like your sister was having a pretty rough day hopefully she felt better quickly and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sophia W as always another great pooping story it sounds like you had a really good poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen C that sucks at least you made it to the toilet each time and didnt have any accidents and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Cristina great story and I bet that woman understood and problay just flushed and did her thing or did here thing then flushed.

To: Abby great story about your big poop at work I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Poppy-Olivia great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Extreme Diarrhea During my Periods!

In response to the question as to whether or not other girls/women get extreme diarrhea during their periods, I would have to say, absolutely, YES!!! Some of my worst cases have been around that time, and so have some of my worst pooping accidents in my adult life!!! But those would all be several long stories, in and of themselves!

I find it ironic, too, since a lot of men have some idea that we women either 1.) don't poop at all, being the mythical creatures they think we are, or 2.) stop pooping at menarche, then resume after menopause. I find it very maddening that, at age 31, rather than enjoy the rest of my finite number of days left on Earth, I must constantly deal with not 2, but 3 potentially painful bodily functions that require me to sit on a toilet and use lots of paper!

Hey guys! I'm back!

Grad school had me crazy busy but at last I'm free! No story for now. I'm just catching up on everything! Just a quick drop in. I have a few really good stories to tell.


Awkward Moment & Survey

Hey, I posted a couple of months back about an awkward experience I had when I was younger. Haven't posted for a while because not much has happened until the other day. I'm 21 from the UK.

So, as I said before, I really don't like having to use public toilets for anything except peeing. I find it embarrassing. The other day I had stayed over at a friend's house and was pretty hungry, so we went out to eat. As soon as I was finished eating, I began to feel an urge (I hadn't been for a few days) and knew what was coming. This is the point most people would excuse themselves and go use the toilets, but he'd obviously know what I was doing if I was gone for a while. So I held it in.

Walking around was hard, but I managed to act like I didn't need the toilet until I said goodbye to my friend. The second he was gone far away enough, I let out a long fart and hurried off to the supermarket nearby. I went in and walked around the aisles for a few minutes, farting a bit more; I didn't want any of the staff to think I was just there to use their toilets. Eventually, I came to the toilets and as soon as I was out of sight hurried in.

There were two cubicles, nobody in either of them, thankfully, and I went into the last one and locked the door. As I was pulling off toilet paper, though, the door opened and somebody came in. I groaned and crossed my legs while I wiped the seat, as I heard them start peeing. While they were washing their hands, I sat down and waited to hear the door open and close. I heard them pull off some towels and dry their hands, and then heard the door close.

Immediately I farted a few times and it started coming out. I bore down a bit as it stretched me; it was fairly big, obviously for the time I had waited. I went up on my toes as it finally curled out and landed in the toilet with a splash. Another splash followed straight after and then a couple smaller ones. I leaned back on the toilet and sighed, quickly flushing as I could already smell the odour rising up between my legs. Then I wiped a few times, flushed again and left the cubicle.

To my surprise, there was a guy stood at the sinks on his phone, not really doing anything, just looking at his phone. I felt myself go red. How long had he been there? He kind of glanced up at me then back at his phone and made no move to leave or go anywhere. I awkwardly walked over and washed my hands without looking at him and then left the bathroom, but he was still in there.

I think he had opened the door and pretended to leave. I'm so embarrassed at the thought that someone just stood there and listened to me having a poo. Maybe it was his fetish or something, maybe he was going to go smell the toilet seat or something when I left. Ugh. I mean I guess I don't mind if someone got their jollies from me doing that, but I was just ashamed. Another reason to not want to use public toilets I guess.

1. When you see a teacher or another adult on the toilet and they see you, do they start up a conversation?

When I was in school here in the UK, teachers always had seperate toilets. I only know this because there were a few times in high school where I couldn't hold it and had to sneak into them to use them, but thankfully, nobody ever caught me.

There was a time in college where a science teacher was in the cubicle next to me while I was having a bad one. While I was gripping the front of the seat and quietly straining, they out of nowhere asked if I was "okay" - in other words, asking if I was constipated. Pretty embarrassing.

2) Are they embarrassed by having to crap without the privacy?

I never heard of a teacher ever getting caught doing that at school.

3) What do the guys say, if anything, when they are in line and see a guy spraying over the seat?

There have been a few times i've heard guys come into cubicles and moan a bit before wiping the seat when they see the pee everywhere, but i've never heard anyone confront someone on it.

4) Then, when its their turn, do they wipe the seat off, hover, or place paper over the seat?

Again, here in the UK we don't really "do" doorless toilets (thank god or I would never be able to go anywhere but home), but you can tell sometimes still from the next door. Like I once heard this kid run into a cubicle next to me and pull his pants down, and after a few moments there was this absolutely massive plop - obviously he was hovering. And the guys who paper the seat you can normally tell because it'll take them a few minutes before they sit down.

Question for the guys who post here: how reluctant are you to poo in a public toilet? Do you hold it in until you're desperate or do you just sit there and go without caring at all? I'm curious because sometimes I feel like the only guy I know who feels awkward about it.


Clogged toilet with massive poop

Hi all. I went poop a few days ago and managed to clog the toilet then. That was Sunday. Then earlier today, after a few days of being able to pass nothing, I had a really strong urge after my lunch and coffee. My husband was taking a long time in the bathroom though and I was turtleheading, almost pooping my underwear and PJ pants. I was doing everything possible to keep it in. Finally he came out of the bathroom and on the way into the bathroom I said to him "Have to poop really badly. I hope I don't clog the toilet again." Easier said than done! I got all my clothes down, sat on the toilet and got the book/magazine we keep in the bathroom. Then I relaxed and gave a gentle push. It didn't take much to get it out. A huge turd stretched my hole and went into the toilet with no splash. I knew it had to be giant, considering my bowels haven't been co-operating with me lately. I was considering taking a laxative (Sennokot) that I had in the house but I didn't want the unpredictability of when it would start working, especially since we had to go out today. Didn't want the "uh-oh!" feeling or to risk shitting myself. I wanted to take care of my bowel needs at home, on my nice clean toilet, on my own time.

Anyway, I pushed a bit more and nothing else came out so I was done. I stood up to wipe and it was messy, requiring about 4 wipes. I was right. The turd was absolutely MASSIVE! It was dark brown and about 2-2 1/2 feet long. I knew this one wasn't going to go down without a fight. I tried flushing and YUP. Just my luck; the toilet clogged...AGAIN! And this was after drinking lots of water, strong coffee and eating tons of grapes. I had to get my husband to take care of it since we have a stupid, complicated plunger instead of a normal one.

I do feel better though there's still more in there. This morning I kept ripping really loud farts as I was waking up. I usually have bad gas in the morning anyway. lol. My poops have always been giant, even as a little girl. I remember pooping my underwear in my grandpa's truck when I was about 4 (couldn't hold it anymore) and they were sagging. It was like I had a brown tail lol. It was about 2 feet long. For a tiny 4 year old that's huge. And there was no way I could hide that from my mom, grandma and grandpa. Not fun to have to scrub the underwear in the sink.

Mr Clogs glad you liked the story :) I was pretty amused by that interview too. I'm sure if he actually did it he would look a lot more embarrassed and uncomfortable rather than laid back and walking funny. Like in my dream. In the real-life interview though I didn't hear any farting or gross squishing noises, he didn't have a weird look on his face and I didn't see any bulges (though they didn't really show his bum) so I know he didn't actually crap his pants. Meh. *shrugs* Shit happens haha.

Hopefully if I keep up with the healthy eating, water and trying to avoid junk food I can avoid clogging the toilet and poop more often. Though at times it feels good to pass a big solid motion. Still prefer doing a soft one though (though you have to be careful of wet farts. Had way too many of those shart accidents).

Happy pooping, hopefully!


To Michael - How big is big?

Hi Michael. Those were large bowel movements for sure. I've posted on and off about my OCD with pooping. I'm 34, Mediterranean ethnicity, and 6' 1" tall and weigh 185 lbs. I am pretty sure that I have large bowel movements on a consistent basis, as my diet is high in fiber and I stay active and fit.

I have two bowel movements daily, one in the morning and one in the evening. They average 12-18 inches of poop, but are usually soft stools, but not mushy. When I miss one of my regular times, I can produce some large poops.

I've written about those on the forum, on pg. 1817 for sure, and others in April and September of 2010, and then one from October of this year. Those were some of the biggest...

I guess what's large depends on our diet, our body size, our appetite and metabolism, and the health of our digestive system.



Victoria B.

Alicia's survey


I thought I'd do a survey. Without further ado, my responses.

Would you rather be constipated or have diarrhea?

After my recent episode of diarrhea, the former more than ever. Having my first accident of adulthood was an experience I'd rather forget!

Do you poo in public?

Yep. My parents taught me to use any available toilet for whatever I needed to do from the time I began sitting on them. High school was rough, but I eventually became more comfortable with my body and going in public when needed.

Do you get constipated or have diarrhea more often?

I tend more towards constipation, though it's hardly ever serious enough to warrant any intervention.

Do you like the auto-flush toilets?

I'm not really a fan of the auto-flushers at all to be honest. Between the awkwardness of potentially wet cheeks if the flush goes off while the user is still seated and their tendency to do no favors to people who prefer to wipe standing up (like me) I'll pass.

Do you like unisex bathrooms?

Yeah, they help overcome the constructed repression of gender binaries. We all have to go, after all.

Have you ever laughed so hard that you've tinkled in your pants?

On a couple of wine-fueled instances, yes.


Clogged a friend's toilet--yikes!

Anyone ever clog a toilet at a friend's house?

I've done it at my house a few times, but never at a friend's house. This was a first for me.

I often have pretty big poop, I just always have since I started puberty basically. At home my parents never caused any clogs, but I would clog it a few times a year. Never had anything overflow, the plunger was enough.

But today at a friend's house I did another one of my patented big logs in the toilet (it was worse than usual because it was 2 days' worth of poop lol). I should've flushed first before wiping, but I didn't. And it was too much. The toilet filled almost to the top--clogged. I was so mortified. I got out the plunger, but it just wasn't working and I was afraid to move the plunger too much lest the water splash. Anyway, after like 10 minutes of that, and a little bit of panic, I finally got it to go down. I wiped up the smallest amount of splash and there was no overflow thankfully.

I was in the bathroom for so long...and I'm sure the noise of the plunging could be heard. Luckily my friend and his parents didn't say anything, but wow -_- I'm so embarrassed to go back there now lol.

Anyone else experience something like that?


To Pat

I experience the exact opposite. I need to hold it back in order to have bigger and relieving movements, otherwise it's a small movement. Forgotten movements never happen to me. If you're a man and you eat a lot of different food it really gets challenging doing this over time, so my biggest hold time as for now is 3 days. Lately, i tried to break this limit, but on the fourth day's early morning i started suffering a bad bout of flu (which however only gave me a really bad sinusitis) so i felt too much miserable to keep holding it in and went. Even then, i felt a major urge, even if i've never experienced turtleheading (must be due to my PT level).

I've never felt it get stuck, however, even after holding it in so long. It would literally rush out of me and it's still hard but it won't hurt. And i don't experience farting when having that kind of movement, unlike a lot of posters here with similar experiences (mostly women though, and mostly due to forgotten movements or lack of urge, although a few have held it in).

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Forgot to poop yesterday

I suffer from occasional bouts of colitis. Also, living off of bar food tends to lead to some interesting poops. I usually go in the morning.

Every once in a while, I forget to go in the morning. This only happens when my colon is in tip top shape so I don't feel major urgency. The next day, however, when I wake up, it's a memorable motion. It's quite hard to start, and often gets stuck.

Anyone else have this problem?

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