Me and my Sister

Hi, I'm Alicia and I have a sister named Kate. We are twins who do everything together: We sleep in the same room, like the same boy, and tell each other EVERYTHING. The only thing we don't do together is: we don't have the same classes. But we walk to and from school together. We both also go to the bathroom together. We live in a small apartment with our parents, and it has only one bathroom. This is a sample of Kate and my usual weekday morning:

6:00 am: The alarm clock in our room goes off. Kate and I wake up. Jumping out of bed, I grab two smoothies that we made last night out of the fridge. I kiss my mom and dad good-bye, as my dad is a lawyer and my mom is a nurse and they go to work now. I then go back to our room. We drink our morning smoothies. I pack our backpacks while Kate makes our beds. We will have selected our clothing the day before, and me leave them on our bed.

6:30 am: we go to the bathroom. We place our clothes on a shelf above the toilet. We both remove our pajamas. If it is Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, then we will fold our pajamas and put them on our beds. If it is Tuesday or Thursday, we will put in in the hamper. Then, one of us will sit on the toilet and begin to poo. While one of us poos, the other will brush their teeth and wash their face. Then, they will do their hair (we both have brown hair almost to our waists). We will chat while this is going on. Then, when the one on the toilet is finished, the relieved one of us will wipe and wash off our @$$ in the bathtub while the other begins to poop. When we are both ready, we will get dressed and go to school.

On this particular day, Kate defecated first. When she was done, I had my hair in a cute braid down my back. When it was my turn, I sat on the toilet and began to push. A thick log fell onto Kate's pre made mess and I sighed. Then, I pushed lightly again and runnier poop came out. Before long, I was attacked with a case of diarrhea. Liquid poo was trickling out of my butt. Kate came over and rubbed my stomach. When I was finally done, I wiped, cleaned off, and we walked to school.

Chloe B.

Day full of pooping

Hey guys it's Chloe and today I'm gonna tell about about my interesting day full of pooping experiences. Also a big thanks to Sophia W! I like your stories too!

So yesterday I woke up and immediately went to the bathroom and got dressed. After breakfast everyday I always poop but today my sister had beaten me to it ( she's 13, about 5'5 and has blonde hair and a good figure) I knocked and told her to hurry up but she said she was having diarreaha so I had to hold my poop in.

When I got to school I went to the girls bathroom and found it full. A lot of girls choose to poop in the morning. I waited a good 10 minutes and then I ran out of time and had to get to class! I could hold it in but it was pretty uncomfortable. I got to class and asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom and he said yes. I went down to the bathroom and there were only 4 people in there and all were peeing. I took a stall and pulled down my jeans and Victoria's Secret navy panties to my knees. A long snake curled out of my butt and landed in the bowl. I noticed I had a small skidmark in my panties but that's normal when I hold in big poops. I farted and heard a girl at the sink giggle. I didn't really find it offensive because I mean hey I had to poo. I let out another fart with a turd and heard the girl go "EW gross!" But I didn't care. She left and I was the only one in the bathroom by this point. I wiped 3 times and left the toilet unflushed. I returned to class and didn't have to go until soccer last period. After workouts I had to pee and went in to the locker room bathrooms. There were 5 stalls and took the 2nd. I pulled down my shorts and peed while a girl that is from France who moved here was taking a dump in the first stall. She kept on grunting followed by plops. I stayed on the toilet just to see her exit. As we exited I saw her buttcrack as didn't pull her shorts all the way up and I was tempted to say something.
Later that day I was at dinner with my family and my sis went to the bathroom. She apparently had had diarreaha 3 times at school and had to again. I went to check on her and found her in a stall. She had purple panties at her ankles. I heard mushy poop squirt out of her. She was slinking up the bathroom! I asked if she was ok and she said her stomach really hurts. I heard her fart and heard some water splatter the toilet. The people walking in and out gave us looks of either sympathy or awkwardness. After another round of diarreaha she rolled of the toilet paper and wiped about 7 times. She flushed and washed her hands we went home and gave her some medicine to help her stomach. At home I was getting ready for bed and I felt the urge for one final poop of the day. I was in a tee shirt and had on these pink VS panties with zig zag pink stripes. I pulled them down to my ankles and let out a long poop snake. I then let out 3 turds. I pooped out a final mini log and wiped 5 times and went to bed. Hope you guys enjoyed my story! Bye!


Huge dump/sore anus

This past weekend, I went to several parties with my friends in a local college town. It was pretty crazy and of course I wasn't exactly eating very well or very regularly. That kinda screwed up what is usually pretty regular pooping for me. The first day I took Pepto Bismol (because I was feeling sick from drinking a lot) and it caused me to have almost black poop--it was really weird looking. Either way, after that I didn't go for a couple days.

When I finally went, I had such a big poop. It was one of those ones where I just sat on the toilet pushing for a while and nothing was actually coming up. I kept feeling my anus starting to open, but then the turd wouldn't come out lol. Finally I got it to poke out and after that it wasn't so bad, but it felt huge and it took a while to fully get out. When I looked in the toilet (because I always look), it was like a foot long and a couple inches wide (it smelled terrible). After my anus was so sore, it hurt when I was just walking -_-

Took a little while for that to go back to normal lol. That's what happens when I don't go very often, but I keep eating a lot.


Response to Sonya Sue's questions (guys in public toilets)

1. When you see a teacher or another adult on the toilet and they see you, do they start up a conversation?

At my school, most of the stalls are doorless. I've only seen one teacher pants down on the toilet. It was in one of the largest bathrooms, about 15 stalls, and during passing period lot of guys had to walk past him. A couple waved and gave him shout outs. He had his slacks and boxers all the way down to the floor and he looked pretty relaxed. Once at the mall, I saw 2 construction workers crapping away and talking to another in two adjacent stalls. At the urinal, with my backs to them, I could hear them joking around. There was some cussing and one told the other he had eaten too much and that's why he was having trouble getting it out. And at the park when I was riding my bike and I stop to pee, I've seen it several times. Some are joggers and in a 1:1 situation in a small bathroom most just say Hi or comment on the weather. One guy was in a business suit, and had thrown his tie over his shoulder so it wouldn't get wet from the front of the toilet bowl. When I walked into the 1-staller, he immediately apologized as he was blasting out his diarrhea. He said something about drinking too much the previous day and not wanting to chance it by holding it until he got to his next appointment. I had to hold back my laughter as I directed my stream into the urinal.

2) Are they embarrassed by having to crap without the privacy?
At my school, I know I am. But it is much more than that. Those of us who are younger and physically smaller are hassled by the older guys whether we're at a urinal or on the toilet. Some guys hold their craps until after school and then they go at one of the fast food places as they walk home. Some hold it until they get home. Three of my friends are on the science team with me and they go across the street and crap before coming back to school and our science team work sessions. They've told our teacher who is a woman and she is very sympathetic. I've also seen a type of buddy system used between classes at my school. One guy's on the stool and a friend stands in the doorway to give him privacy. The problem is that when the friend finally gets on the toilet, the tardy bell rings and he has to hold it.

3) What do the guys say, if anything, when they are in line and see a guy spraying over the seat?

This is a big problem at my school, but I've seen it at arenas and elsewhere too. It is not just really young kids fumbling with their organ as they start their stream. I've seen some guys deliberately blast away on the seat like they are spraying it down to kill insects. (My uncle's an exterminator and I've gone with him on a few calls). If I say anything at school, I'll get hassled even worse by the older guys so I just stay quiet. At the mall, there was this boy who was so young that it was probably the first time he was allowed to go in on his own. I walked in just as he dropped his drawers and underwear all the way to the floor, and I could see that he aim probably wasn't going to be good. I walked in around him and quickly threw the seat up. A guy standing behind me thanked me and made a comment about him not wanting to get his butt waterlogged.

4) Then, when its their turn, do they wipe the seat off, hover, or place paper over the seat?

Back when I was pre-school age and my parents took me into public bathrooms, they would place toilet paper strips over the sides, back and front of the toilet when I had to use it. I somewhat remember mom getting mad when I moved around too much and got off the paper. Now that I've started high school, I'm trying to get away from covering the seats because it causes me to be hassled by others and there's usually not that much toilet paper left anyway. Also the toilets in G wing of my school have those pre-cut squares to wipe with and there's no way they are going to stay on the seat. Some guys wipe the seat off first, but most don't take the time. A couple of times at the mall, I've walked into a stall, seen a wet seat and gotten another stall to crap in. Then some guy, comes in and plops himself onto the seat and in to someone else's pee. I just don't understand that, but its none of my business, I guess.

Sophia W.

Another story of today

Three minutes before I left the house, I felt a slighte urge to poop. I quick went to the bathroom and pushed a small piece out. In school I did a pee in both breakes. They were quick. The second time I peed, the girl left of me farted the whole time very noisy. After school I went with some friends in the town and we looked for clothes, some other stuff. We went to a Burger King because we wanted to visit the toilet. But before wet ate a bit and drank a coffee. The toilets there were clean but they have just a metal bowle, so I did not sit on it. I was in squatting position over it and I think my two other friends did it too. I put some paper in the loo because of splashes and I did not need to push and my poop went out of me. My very segnificant and soft sweet pepper poop fel with loud thuds on the paper. I was in the stall far left. To my right my friend F. peed very urgently. Beside her was A. and she did also a poop but with a soft moaning and straining. I needed very much of the thin paper to whipe. When I flushed I feared the toilet will flood, but it did not.
Now before sleeping I needed to pee and poop again and so did my sister combine shower and peeing before going to sleep. I closed the lid after I was done with one log. I hope she does not forget to flush.
Does someone of you pee or poop often outside?
Do you use unisex toilets and if, do you only pee or also poop?


Answers to Survey

These are my answers to the survey:

1) Would you rather be constipated or have diarrhea?
Constipated, definitely. Though it is easily the more unpleasant of the two, it is easier to contain.

2. Do you poo in public?
Sometimes. Though I prefer not to, Sometimes it can't be helped.

3. Do you get constipated or have diarrhea more?
I would probably have to say diarrhea.

4. Do I like the auto-flush toilets?
Um, No! What is the satisfaction of pooping without looking at your work? auto-flush gets rid of that.

5. Do you like unisex bathrooms?
They are what they are. Except for that time when I had diarrhea and a man walked in on me.\

6. Have you ever laughed so hard that you've tinkled in your pants?
Yes. Many times.

End Stall Em

Steve A's Survey/My Answers

I haven't posted in more than 3 years, but I've maintained my interest in the matters discussed and have been a regular reader of the board. By the way I'm 19 now and a freshman in college.

Steve A's Survey:

What would I do if I was stuck on a bus with no bathrooms on board? I'm allowed a bottle or 2. Actually this has happened to me. I'm a bowler and our high school's team did combine with five other schools to charter a bus to take us to state, regionals and nationals. It was nothing but a cheap school bus which was all we could afford. The driver would stop at a rest stop about every two hours or so but in the rural areas that was not always possible. So we agreed not to draw much attention to it and use our water bottles. I was amused by some of the guys who were comparing how warm their urine was in the really cheap water bottles. What did they expect. Our coaches son who was 8 and traveled with us was especially inquisitive and told me not to grip my bottle too hard because it might leak.

Do I think girls/women today are more open about their bathroom habits?
Yes. I especially think its true among those of us who are younger. Perhaps it can be called an element of bonding, because unless we try to cover it up or hide it, its something we all do and have in common. My attitude has also been shaped by my grandma who surprised me years ago when she was so open about her bodily functions, occasional use of laxatives and her suspicion that one's bladder contracts as bit as they age. We've traveled a lot each summer and she has few inhibitions.

What is the worst traffic jam I've been in and did I have an accident?
I was in 5th grade and our bus had stalled because the engine just gave out. We were in a rural area which is the route the driver took to avoid a lot of traffic jams that were caused by road construction. It was in the fall and the afternoon of open house for parents that evening.They want to clean and then keep the bathrooms clean for parents on such days. Our designated bathroom was locked early right after school and I hadn't wanted to do my crap on class time because we lost 1/2 merit points if we signed out for the bathroom more than once a day. So I had been holding my crap. I was desperate and luckily that day I had worn a dress, so at the last possible time I grabbed my lunch bag which had some crackers and an extra apple in it left over from lunch. I lowered my underwear just as much as necessary, and with just my tailbone on the seat, I let go of about a 6 inch turd. Then I quickly pulled my underwear up. Luckily the immature boys sat toward the front of the bus (forced to by the driver). I used my foot to slide the bag under the seat in front of me. I did it slowly and pushed it against the side of the bus so that there was less chance of it tipping over. I had to lie twice to my mom about it. She believed my story about the school running out of toilet paper (due to my skidmarked underwear) and that I had lost my lunch bag.

Do my bowel habits change when I'm on a vacation/trip? Yes, and that's why me and my grandma have had so many discussions about it when we're traveling together. I get "clogged up" (her words) and she takes laxatives to prevent it from happening to her. We were at movie once when I was like 6 or 7 and I remembered how she chuckled when two guys were joking about the size and smell of their "dumps."

Do you fear having an accident in public when you have to go? Only when the lines are long and there's not movement. Grandma's a retired professional woman and very well educated. In situations that are avoidable, she encourages me to try to go when restrooms are open and available. She says that helps "mitigate" problems that might arise later.

P.S. It's great to be back on the forum!!!

Karen C.

Huge blowout, probably mild food poisoning

Hey guys, sorry it's been so long since I've posted but that's really a good thing, right?

I believe I had a mild form of food poisoning that probably took some time to incubate. Last friday after work a little boy from next door (we'll call him "Justin" to protect his identity, he also takes drum lessons from me once a week and he's my brightest pupil, I think of him as almost a nephew) came over just as I was parking my car after I came home from work and invited me over to his house as his family was having a big bbq dinner to celebrate the end of the cool weather. How could I resist the great southern cooking? (They're from Alabama and really know how to eat, I just LOVE southern food!). I was famished and too tired to cook so how could I resist?

Okay, so I told the kid I'd be over as soon as I showered, washed my hair, and got into some comfy clothes, and he told me to just throw on some jeans and a t-shirt so I did just that. When I got there the kid and I threw the frisbee around with some of his siblings and cousins, and during the course of it all I drank a few beers from an ancient coleman ice chest.

The meal was a small beef steak along with slow BBQ/smoked spare ribs with the most delicious hot/spicy/savory homemade sauce, creamy-sweet coleslaw, loaded baked potato, blackeyed peas with hunks of bacon, crispy corn bread, and best of all the collard greans with hamhocks. The mom knew I'm a big fan of onion rings so she made a large "loaf" of beer battered onion rings and set that dish right in front of me with a big bottle of Hunt's ketchup which is my favorite. And for a double dessert there was a slice of hot peach pie with a big slice of melted cheese on top and after that a creamy homemade banana pudding made the old fashioned way with vanilla wafers and real bananas and a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a tall glass of ice cold milk. I couldn't resist--I had to have seconds!

After dinner we sat around a while and talked, I was feeling more than a bit stuffed. I was offered a glass of homemade blackberry wine and after that at around 10:30 I felt really "weird" and sleepy so I excused myself to go back home. I then changed into my nightgown to get ready for bed and tuned into an old episode of Perry Mason on DVD. Stomach felt funny so I fixed myself an alka seltzer, drank it, then went outside for some fresh air. Soon I felt like I could vomit so I went back inside and wound up dozing off on the sofa while watching Six Million Dollar Man also on DVD. It was the Venus Death Probe part 1 episode.

Woke up at 3 in the morning, promptly burped or "vurped" next thing I know my mouth is full of puke then I hustled to the kitchen to spit it out in the garbage disposal. Seconds later I felt another rush up my esophagus and heaved most of my dinner into the garbage disposal several more times, it was uncontrollable; tasted really greasy and awful and I don't think I can eat fries or onion rings for a long time now which I actually see as an advantage, rigtht?. When I stopped throwing up I didn't really feel better but ... . Went to the bathroom to wash my hands and face and get cleaned up, slipped into a pair of slacks and a clean t-shirt and sneakers to go out and throw away the kitchen trash bag I'd also thrown up in plus the pukey rags I'd used to clean up the sink and surrounding counter. Didn't know what caused me to get sick, maybe too much rich dessert, maybe it was the fried food which I'm not used to, too much greasy food in general, food that's different from my normal diet, I don't know.

Needed some gingerale to settle my stomach so I drove to a local 24 hour convenience store, the clerk asked me if I was alright, he said I looked kind of sick and pale so I told him I just ate something bad for dinner which was true and left it at that. Got home and started sipping the gingerale and soon after that's when the diarrhea started. The gingerale stopped the nausea but at the same time pulled the trigger for the diarrhea! I blew massive loads of my dinner out the other end and the funny part is that when I looked in the bowl I saw whole large collard leaves (when I was eating them they were small and stringy and looked cooked, but when they came out my other end they appeared not much different than they would have looked when they were growing in the garden!!! How weird is that!). I blew the stuff out my other end and there were these huge collard green leaves that had expanded out and looking at them in the bowl they were in perfect form!!

I was freaked out. Had explosive diarrhea about every half hour until around 8 in the morning, thankfully by then all the collard greens had for the most part passed through my system. Had to call in to work to let them know I would be late coming in because I was sick and I'd be a few hours late. On the way to work stopped in at Wally World and got some Immodium, didn't help at first but fixed me right up by around noon and I was able to finish my shift witout incident, but my stomach still felt upset until Sunday afternoon. A co-worker who knew I was sick "invited" me to a burger for lunch just to get a reaction from me so I told him okay I accept as long as he doesn't mind if I crap all over his new truck! So yeah, the guys got a good laugh out of my misery. Still wish I knew exactly what got my stomach sick though. I'm thinking it was probably just too much greasy food at once. What do you think?

Mr. Clogs

Laest bathroom experience this morning

This morning I got up about 7:15AM and needed to use the bathroom. I had to pee so I grabbed a cup that I keep in my room to pee in at night. So I peed my morning urine into it filling it about half way, the cup holds 32 oz. by the way. I could feel a bowel movement coming, so I had to make a trip to the bathroom. I was going to poop in the cup but decided to poop on the floor. I put some toilet paper down the floor and got into position. Since I just got up, it's hard for me to poop on cue, so I had to give a bit of a push to get things going. I made some turds averaging about 5 inches in length on the toilet paper while squatting down. I had to control the flow because some got on the tile floor, luckily it was hard and dry. I remained squatted on the floor for the next few minutes squeezing the rest of the poop out. My knees were getting tired so I scooped up the poop and dumped it in the toilet and squeeze one more log out. I wiped up, poured the piss filled cup in the toilet, washed my hands and brushed my teeth and brewed me a cup of tea. Squatting has helped out a lot, along with healthy eating, drinking tea, water and no heavy soft drinks like sodas and stuff. I have to wait to use the bathroom, my folks is using it now and I have to pee again.


How big is big? A question for all

My name's Michael. I'm 18 years old, and I have posted under here before, but not in a few months. Before that I went as Ricky and posted my story about pooping in my last house after I moved, and that was quite a shit. And then before that, I posted as Tym, I only however, posted once or twice on that name.

I'm a runner, I was. I still run time to time, but not as often, as school is almost out now. I'm tall and lanky, have some muscle, but barely, if any body fat. Sometimes I think I have too much control over my body, haha.

Anyways, for the past couple of months, I wanted to ask you guys a question. How big do you consider "big" or "large" for you?

I shit usually everyday, to every other day, and it's usually one large log that sits in the toilet. Very rarely do I poop out more than one turd. However, my poop to me is normal, and healthy. However to many people in my past it's "huge" and "large". People ask how long it's been since I gone, and I just say a day, or two. My BM's are usually anywhere from 8-12 inches long (Thank you ruler/toilet paper), and about 2-3 inches thick. I try to keep low off of junk food, and exercise at least 3-4 times a week. (Bah, yeah right.)

Today was no different. I had pooped yesterday, but it was long and skinny. It was about 1 inch thin, but a 12 inches tall. I had been farting and cramping all day, and I wanted to poop at home, at my normal time, 3pm. I'm not afraid of using public bathrooms, I just don't want to feel rushed, and to be honest, I feel weird if I leave class, then come back, and people know I pooped. Heh.
I stopped by the bathroom during my last period, and it was locked so I had to go to the next hall over. I opened the door and I smelled the usual shit smell. This hall in particular, always has someone shitting. And there were 2 stalls occupied out of the 3. I went to the first one and blowed my nose, and threw the tissue in the toilet. Right then the boy from the next stall over just stood up and left, without flushing. I stood there till he left, then went into the adjacent stall. I was dissapointed, it was just a small rabbit turd.

Back to today, I had jogged earlier today, so I hoped that would move things alone. At my usual time, which is 3pm or 15h00, I headed to the bathroom. I felt some cramps, but not too many as I sat myself on the toilet. I began to push and felt a very sharp pain on my hole, but I leaned forward and pushed. I heard a "ttttttttttthtttttt" sound as it slid out, as well as a couple of farts. When I farted the third time I heard a big splash, and then another one right after. I pushed after that, but there was nothing left. I sat back up, only to notice a very strong poop smell. I stood up and turned around to see my work.

The turd was a darker, cocoa brown. It was 2-3 inches thick. (I put the toilet paper next to it, and that's what it measured.) and one piece was 8-9 inches long, and there was a big piece sitting next to it about 4-5 inches long. All in all it was a good poop. I wiped my ass, and had no qualms about flushing, since my toilet can handle very large loads apparently, it isn't the strongest, but the hole is so big nothing gets clogged. I reached down and pushed the handle, and it all went down the drain, although the second piece had a bit of trouble, leaving a few skidmarks.

A great shit indeed! Now I'm sitting here farting.

Steve B

To Amy (and Lisa)

Very interesting story! Would love to hear more from you about your daily habits, particularly about the times when you and your sister are together when one (or both) of you is taking a dump.

Does Lisa always have a crap first thing in the morning? What about you, Amy - what time of day do you normally have one?

I live in Europe. I have a story not about myself but about my sister. Together with two of her best friends she went for a long biking trip last summer. She told that they often had to go to toilet somewhere in nature, behind a bush or like, not only to pee but also to poop.

So here's a story it's not too crazy but a bit embarrassing.

I was waiting in the waiting room of my hospital for a routine blood test and check up. There were a good 20 people waiting for this test as they hold it only on a Wednesday. And if you miss your call you could be waiting for a good hour or so to be called again.

Anyway I needed to use the bathroom and wanted to be quick as I knew I would probably be called soon. I went to the toilet and lucky enough had a nice poo, it was one perfect log. As I was wiping I heard my name being called so I wiped quickly and luckily it was quite clean. I flushed and pulled up my pants. As I was getting up to leave I saw my poo come floating back up. I tried to flush again but the toilet was slowly refilling so I just left and hoped nobody was waiting.

Unfortunately the worst possible person was standing right there waiting to go. It was the woman I was sitting beside and was talking to for a little while in the waiting room. I left anyway and had my blood test. When I returned I had to sit beside her again as my scarf was on the chair. We talked a bit more but I new I was probably going red, I was so embarrassed because I knew she seen my poo. I don't know why but it's just embarrassing knowing she seen exactly what I produced, smell and everything. The fact that she can put a face on the poo I done.

Bridget: I enjoyed your last post about you and your friend getting back at your old boss and your latest one about your friend taking an enema and pooping into the plastic container. Keep the posts coming.

Annie: I enjoyed your post about clogging the toilet and the Paul Hester interview.

Monica: I enjoyed your post about pooping on the balcony.

Shelly: You're right about that title. I enjoyed your details of that encounter. All I can say that's love and dedication.

Well that's all for now, keep the posts coming. If I have something to post, I will share.

Take care!

--Mr. Clogs

I had take a dump a at work today I got there first thing this morning I just drunk my monster energy drink then a hour later I lean to the side and let a silent but deadly fart then my belly started rolling then I runned to the bathroom I sat down and dropped a 12"long 4"wide and then drop a second turd then I let another big fart then I wipe


Regarding the teachers using student toilets discussion, I don't remember ever seeing any of my teachers using our loos, but some of them probably did because the staff toilets were at one end of the building, and quite a long way from some of the classrooms. I saw the female teachers going into the staff loos quite often, though, and once or twice when walking past the door as someone went in or out I could see the three cubicles inside, which were sometimes occupied with knickers and skirts down around feet! Once I saw my chemistry teacher hurrying from the science building, which was separate and had no loos, to the main building, seemingly in a rush and looking like she was searching for somewhere to do an urgent wee or poo! A couple of times my English teacher told us to carry on working by ourselves for a bit because she was desperate to go to the loo, to do a poo I suspect, but I never saw a teacher in the students toilets myself.


To Tlana, a Question, and A story Similar To Bridget's One

ok, first Tlana, in my opinion, I think that the student should get to us the stall first because the teacher doesn't have a specific time that he or she has to get to class. Teachers can be a couple minutes late whereas students at my school get detention if they are late for class. At my school there is no staff loung and bathroom. Everyone uses the same bathroom and the teachers eat in the lunch room or in their classroom. Using the same bathroom as a teacher can be quite embarrassing sometimes, especially when you are the school nerd and teacher's pet like I am.

Now for my story, So I read Bridget's story and wanted to try something similar. On Saturday I filled myself with 2L of the laxatives and started to play POTTERMORE which I am obsessed with at the moment. I was aiming to hold it for 30 min and actually reached 37 min. At that point I had to go and ran to my bathroom. As soon as I sat down I exploded with brown water. It was extremely relieving. I didn't even bother wiping. I just got into the shower and cleaned up. Any way, that was my little experiment.

(Girls Only Anwser Please)
Lastly I was wondering if anyone else got extreme diarrhea while on their periods?

That is pretty much it,

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bridget as always another great story it sounds like she had a really good and desperate cleanout and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


A few comments

Hi, my name is Hailey. I've been reading this site for a while now and I'm amazed with all the interesting stories this site has to offer!

A few quick comments:

Bridget: I really enjoyed your story about leaving such a present for your boss with your friend Selena. Sounds like you both had fun doing it! Please tell me more about that interesting message you got on Monday. What was your bosses' reaction to your new additions to his office? Also, nice story about using the enema with your friend. Must have been Really hard for her to hold in nearly 3L of water for over 20 minutes. How was she like while holding it? And I love your posts! Please post more stories of this kind. Thanks.

Erin (Riley's Mom): Great story about your daughter peeing in the car. You're so supportive of her! Since she peed in her pants and panties, did your daughter have to clean up afterwards? Do you plan to have her do this again soon?
And please post any more stories you have!



How to get stuck poop back in

What do you do if youre having trouble going poop in public and gets stuck?
I've been sitting on the toilet at target for 2 hours and there's a huge poop stuck halfway in halfway out and won't buldge.
I'm sweating and getting nervous because I don't know what to do. I'm going to call my doctor but how do I get it back in so I can get out of here?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sonya Sue

Questions for Siford & guys on the forum

You give us some interesting information, Siford. When you see a teacher or another adult on the toilet and they see you do they start up a conversation? Are they embarrassed by having to crap without privacy? What do the guys say, if anything, when they are in line and see a guy spraying over the seat? Then when it is their turn, do they wipe it off, hover, or place paper liner over the seat? There could be a lot of story possibilities here. Who wants to start?

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