Erin (Riley's Mom)


Hi evryone! I noticed I'm not the only Erin on here so from now on I'll be Erin (Riley's Mom). Just wanted to let you all know that Riley has peed in the car again twice since my last post and one of those times she also pooped. She had asked me if she could pee in the car one day when I picked her up from school and I told her she could. So the other day when I picked her up she said she had to pee and I told her she could go ahead and go. I told her she could leave everything on since we were going right home and she could just pee right in her pants. And so she did. It worked really well too. Of course some of it soaked into her jeans and her panties but most of it did go into the seat. And so thats what she did that day. Then a few days later she wanted to do it again and so I let her do it. She did it the same way as the time before. But then this time after she was done peeing she said that she had to poop too. I decided to let her since she was wearing her jeans. And so she pooped. It went wonderfully actually. Her pee was still able to come out into the seat but her poop stayed in her pants. And so it worked really nicely. Bye for now!


Re: Amy and Lisa

I think its really neat that you guys are close enough to use the toilet together. I wish I had a sibling I was that close too.
I'm curious about your pooping you generally have the same type of poops or different? Like when one of you is constipated is the other also? Have you ever had to help each other poop?

Sonya Sue

Card to Crap

A couple of months ago I had a really stressful day at school. A couple of tough tests and I knew by 3rd hour I would need to use the bathroom because I could feel my crap. At the beginning of 3rd hour, I asked my teacher permission to go to the bathroom before the test, but she gave me a rather sarcastic answer, so I could see she was having a bad day too. At lunch the lines are so long for the bathroom, your chances aren't that good of actually getting onto a toilet. So for me that was right after school and I was pumped when I went in, pretty much had my choice of cubicles. So I seated myself quickly and was expecting a satisfying crap. Not to be! I sat for about 15 minutes with friends texting me "Where are you...." and I repositioned myself on the seat. Then I stood and sat back down a couple of times, because that's worked in the past. Still nothing. So I gave up. It might have been the three flights of stairs I had to walk down to the parking lot and my car. But once I got on the radial highway, I could feel my crap coming. The only problem was the traffic was bumper-to-bumper and I was farting and I knew I needed to get to a bathroom. So I got off the highway and took a service road for about three blocks to a gas station/c-store place I had never been to before. I pulled up to the side of the building where I saw the womens room sign, and made a run for the door. Unfortunately, I made a run into it because it was locked. So I had to walk around the building and enter the store and go to the cashier. Then the surprise: they asked for my drivers license and would hold it while I was using the facilities. I fumbled through my purse and wallet to find it, all the time hoping not to fart because I knew there would be a mess in my underwear. Finally, I found it and gave it to the guy, and he seemed to laugh a little as I dropped it twice as I started my run outside to the door. Luckily, there was no problem with the lock, I flung the door open, and slammed it shut with one arm while I flicked the light on with the other. I didn't even look at the seat before my butt was on it and blasting away. It was so satisfying because within a half minute I was empty. I also peed a little. I wiped to the best of my ability despite the soft crap and the need for about 10 strips of toilet paper. Luckily, I flushed once midway through the process so the toilet wouldn't jam and I didn't want to be denied by license back. I got to thinking about whether the cashier guy would come out and inspect the bathroom first. He didn't and gave me my license back without saying a word. About two hours later after dinner at home, I went in for a pee and noticed I had skidmarks in my underwear. I guess I didn't clean myself as well as I originally thought.


dump at the library

hey i'm raymond from oregon, i'm 23. i love using the mens room especially busy ones. my favorite mens room lately has been the new library in my town. there are 5 stalls an 6 urinals in the mens room and its quite clean. today i walked to the library at around 3pm and when i got there it was busy with kids that were out of school. the kids seemed to be around 10-12 yrs old so i figured they were from the local upper-elementary school down the street 2 blocks. i was reading a car magazine by the window enjoying the sun when i felt the urge to move my bowels. i put the magazine back on the rack and walked to the mens room. there was 1 kid takin a leak at the urinals and the first and third stall were occupied. i took the stall in the middle of them and hung my sweatshirt on the door. i sat on the toilet and let a little squeaker fart slip out. both the kids in the stalls giggled. the kid to the right of my dropped a big log that made a plooooop sound and sighed. he started to roll off some toilet paper when the kid to the right of me made 4 splashes in a row.i couldn't help myself and said "wow both you boys been holdin that in all day??" they both said yeah because the bathrooms at their school sucked. while they both started wiping i let out a crackling log that made a faaaalooooomp sound when it fell in the bowl. i wiped my ass and flushed and started washing my hands when they both flushed and came out of their stalls. while we washed our hands i asked them where's other good bathrooms at around town? one kid said that target had a good bathroom and so was fred meyers. the other kid said he liked pooping at home depot. i told them i'd try them all out and told them to do good in school and left the mens room feeling relieved.


To Amy from Scotland

This question Is for Amy that posted a story of her 15 year old sister...have you heard any big splashes when your sisters poop hits the toilet water? Does yours make a big splash?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Amy first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to reading more of them thanks.

To: Adam you handled that situation with that girl well by comforting her.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Amy;

Welcome to the club.
I enjoyed reading your post just as much as I enjoy reading Meagan's. I suppose I like reading about pooping companionship.
So, please, post more of your pooping with your sister Lisa and try to get her posting about you as well.


Teachers Poo (and have accidents) Too

Ok, so at school yesterday I witnessed 2 teachers pooping. Just so you know the teachers and students use the same bathroom ay my school. So anyway, I walked into the bathroom for my routine daily poo and plopped myself in the middle stallon one side there was a teacher who had just sat down on the toilet and to my other side there was another girl having a pee. I sit down and a log just shoots out of me. Then I start to pee. The teacher beside me stopped peeing so I assumed that she was done but then she farts, grunts, and I hear a log crackling out. She sighs and does that about four more times. While the techer is doing that, I poo two more logs in a similar way to my first one and wipe. The teacher also wipes and exits before me. The teacher washes her hands and leaves. Then I exit the stall and am the only one in the bathroom now. I wash my hands and as I am drying them my teacher Ms. Melanie comes click, click, click, clicking in the bathroom quickly on her heels. I say ''Hi Ms. Melanie" but she doesn't reply. She keeps on running. All of a sudden she stops and I hear a loud wet fart. Her expression was priceless as I see her white capri pants turn brown and develop a large brown bump on the back. She keeps fartiing and pooping until she gets to a stall. I exit the bathroom kinda embarrsed and kinda suprised.

Anyway thats all,


Chloe B.

Met a friend in the bathroom

Hey guys! So this week at my school we had UIL orchestra competition. On Tuesday I arrived at school in regular clothes but had to change into these long black dresses. I changed into a thong because you can really see panty lines in these dresses. After I changed I heard a girl named Amanda say she was gonna go to the bathroom. Amanda is about 5'4, Mexican, and about 130 pounds with C cup boobs and black hair. I had met been able to do my usual morning dump so I decided to follow her. The bathroom was a small 4 stall bathroom with the stalls on the left and the sinks in front. When I entered Amanda had entered the very last handicapped stall and it was just us in the bathroom. I took the second stall and pulled up my dress and pulled down my thong. When my butt hit the seat it was really cold! I heard a crackle followed by 2 plops and a sigh. I started to pee and a long log slid out with a loud plop. For about a minute it was salience between us...but then Amanda ripped a wet fart and let out some mushy poo. I then had a buzzy fart and also let out some mushy poop. I let out 4 mushy turds and felt done. I had to pull up my dress really high so I could wipe my butt. It took 6 wiped to get my butt clean. I heard Amanda start wiping at the same time and we met each other at the sinks. She smiled at me and seemed embarrased at what she had done. She suddenly said "sorry about the smell!" I replied "oh don't worry about it! I'm pretty sure I'm at fault too!" She told me that her stomach was really upset and she hoped that she didn't have to go during competition. We started talking on the way out and hung out the rest of the competition. She didn't have to go during competition thankfully but I'm glad that I made a new friend!

More stories to come soon! Hope you all liked my story!


Reply to Victoria B

Hi Victoria. I was sorry to hear about your diarrhea episode and I hope you're now feeling better - and that things have returned to normal. My guess is that either you'd got an infection of some sort or else unwittingly eaten something that disagreed with you. As someone occasionally prone to episodes with unpredictable bowels, partly due to IBS, I find Imodium a good standby. As regards your normal bowel habit of once overy two to three days, if that's what your body does and it's normal for you, I'd run with it and not try to change it. To take two polar extremes, some people need several bowel movements a day whilst others only poo once a week or so. Most of fall somewhere in between those two extremes and a 2-3 day habit is well within the range of normality. If it's normal for you and you're otherwise healthy, don't worry about it. I recall some years ago we had a discussion on here in which it was noted that those who grew up in the early part of the 20th Century, in fact up to the 1960s and 70s, will remember a widespread preoccupation with 'regularity' and castor oil or syrrup of figs if the bowels weren't emptied daily. Thankfully those days have long since passed and I think we can be grateful for it.

optional person

tiny poop.

I have ate a lot of fast food recently, and my nice poops are gone. I went in and sat down and sputtered out very tiny shrunken turds. if you can even call them turds. they were all under water by the hole, and even though they were tiny and all the way under water it smelled like a sewage treatment plant by the toilet.



Me and a friend were desperate to pee and she needed to poop also
So I said instead of going into a house to ask I dared us to find some really thick bushes and use them so I counted to three and then I said go and I tried to pee but I wouldn't come although I needed to desperately , my friend had to go more desperately than me and started to pee and poop while I was trying nothing was happening except I was falling over so looked up for something to hold onto and noticed my friend had peed and pooped all over her brand new shorts we had just spent hours choosing , let's say my friend was super upset her 55 dollar shorts ended up in the bin and I never got to peeing in that Bush

All's well ends well


Victoria B.

Great story! I hate mysterious bouts of diarrhea, but sometimes they're a nice change of pace from a regular load. Sometimes I get it for about a week but then I'm fine. You just have to ride it out sometimes. Is this a case of you regretting your initial wish to have a break from your regular dumps or are you happy to have things changed up once in awhile?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Poopy-Olivia great pooping story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop when you got home it sounds like it was a pretty desperate one to and great story about your fart in the gym and I bet your coach has had that happen to other people so was probably use to it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great pooping story it sounds like you had 3 good desperate poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Victoria it sounds like you were having a good cleanout and its god that you made it to the toilet each time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great poop story.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and that other woman both had really good poops and I bet you both felt good afterward and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Starting to poop normally again

Hey all. Haven't posted here in a while since I've been constipated and trying desperately to make my poop come out. I was having basically nothing but rabbit pellets for days despite eating healthy, cutting out starches (ie. white rice), etc. Still am not eating rice but instead loading my plate with cooked green vegetables, including a large sweet potato each night with our chicken dinner. I've also been eating whole grain bread and trying to increase my water and exercise. Well, it finally worked! Yesterday (Monday) I had a massive stomach ache while I was folding the laundry and at first I thought it was my period starting earlier than usual (though it's usually a week early as is and really heavy).

But I decided I'd better sit on the toilet and try to poop since the pain in my stomach was pretty bad. I sat on the toilet with something to read and relaxed, giving a gentle push. Well, it worked! Splutsplutsplutsplut! A bunch of crap started coming out. It wasn't diarrhea even though it sounded like it. About 5 minutes of this and I was finished. I got up to wipe and inspect what I did. A pretty large amount of crap came out of me. 3-4 small to medium logs all splattered in the bowl. The bottom of the bowl was completely filled. And surprisingly the toilet didn't clog! It wasn't everything in my system, but at least it was a start and my stomach felt a lot softer. Bathroom really stunk like wet soil though (yuck).

Then today after lunch and coffee, I felt the urge to go again. Went to the bathroom, pulled down my clothes, grabbed something to read and sat. Gave a gentle push and a bunch of soft crap came out within a minute, the same way it did the day before. A noisy explosion. I was finished within a minute. Got up to wipe (messy), pull up my pants and undies and check out what I did. About 4 medium to large soft logs again all splattered in the bowl and absolutely filled the toilet. Stunk like eggs too. Blech! Flushed, washed my hands and my husband and I went out to grab groceries. Half an hour later when we came back, my husband said it still stunk from my BM. Phew! It took a while for it to go away and after I did I cleaned the bathroom...and right after I cleaned the bathroom my husband went to poop. Go figure lol.

Why didn't I use a suppository or laxative? The suppositories don't work for me and laxatives make me sick (as in seizure sick) so I'd rather avoid that and try more natural methods first before I go that route. I want a laxative to be my very last resort if nothing else works. And the healthy eating and water is helping, so I'll stick with that. I'm glad I'm going poop properly again without having to strain. I'd take a nice healthy soft poop or even diarrhea any day over being constipated. I hate that sluggish, headachy feeling of being constipated.

Happy pooping!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Replies to Jemma and Megan

Hi its John B.

Ages since I've posted but health issues alas but fine now thank goodness!

Jemma first of all a belated 28th birthday 🎂 and here we go, mwah mwah!

Great story as always hun and you never fail to disappoint, long may your stories continues to adorn this forum!

Likewise Megan, your stories are equally entertaining also! Both of you keep up the good work!

Take care all

John B x


Pull up accident

One time when I was in 1st grade I was taking a test and I started to have stomach cramps which made me have to poop I held my stomach and rushed to finish my test. I put my hand in my pull up and held my butt to try not to poop but after a few minutes I let loose and fully loaded the pull up I was wearing. I also peed really hard and was sitting in my messed wet pull up hoping not to leak. The smell started to get bad and I just sat in my seat red faced. My teacher came over to me and could smell what I did and gave me a pass to the office so I got up and everyone looked at me and saw that my pants were sagging and pee was leaking down my legs I ran out crying and got to the office.

One time in kindergarten I was playing with my friend on the playground when our teacher said there was a problem in the classroom so we had an extra 30 mins of recess. We kept playing but after about 6 mins my bladder was really full. I had already wet my pull up and pooped a little and knew that my pull up couldn't hold a full bladder of pee. I held for about 10 mins then the urge to poop came on. I told my friend that I was going to sit down so I sat down at the benches outside the class and waited for my teacher to come outside. 5 mins passed when my teacher finally came out she noticed me holding my crotch and butt and took me to a different bathroom. I was half way to the bathroom when my bowels gave out and I pooped in my pull up. I farted loudly and my teacher stopped me and looked in my pull up and saw the mess and she walked me slowly to the bathroom to get me changed. We got to the bathroom and I still had to pee and the poop had started to come out the side of the pull up. She pulled my pants down and started to take the pull up off when I said uuuhhhhHHHH IM PEEING!!. I unleashed a torrent of pee into the pull up which all leaked down my leg onto the floor. I also farted and pooped more too. I started crying and my teacher calmed me down and wiped me up and put a new pull up on me. She gave me some new pants and told me everybody has accidents and don't be ashamed. She ended up having to change my poopy and wet pull ups multiple times.

Sleeping accident girl

One time on a bus ride to a school field trip both us(4th graders) and 1st graders. Both our classes were small so we shared a bus. I sat in the back so I wouldn't have to sit with too many 1st graders. As they all got on the teachers sat them down and got to the vary last row which was mine. They sat a girl down next to me who was very small white and had a blonde pony tail. Luckily she was the only person to sit next to me. We started talking and she eventually fell asleep, I put my music in and dozed off. I woke up about 40 mins later and noticed my hand was wet as I moved my hand I noticed the seat was flooded and I was covered in liquid. I look over to the girl to find a still peeing 1st grader who is fast asleep. I tried to think what to do or say. After about a minute I leaned over and woke her up and said " uh I think you had an accident" she looked down in horror to see her soaked panties and pants. She started to sob but I have her a hug and said she'll be ok. I got a towl from the the back of the bus and she sat in that. Then the teacher showed up and cleaned her up.


Victoria B.

Great story! I hate mysterious bouts of diarrhea, but sometimes they're a nice change of pace from a regular load. Sometimes I get it for about a week but then I'm fine. You just have to ride it out sometimes. Is this a case of you regretting your initial wish to have a break from your regular dumps or are you happy to have things changed up once in awhile?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Poopy-Olivia great pooping story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop when you got home it sounds like it was a pretty desperate one to and great story about your fart in the gym and I bet your coach has had that happen to other people so was probably use to it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great pooping story it sounds like you had 3 good desperate poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Victoria it sounds like you were having a good cleanout and its god that you made it to the toilet each time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great poop story.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and that other woman both had really good poops and I bet you both felt good afterward and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Squat and hover--to Siford

Squatting and hovering are somewhat different positions and can have somewhat different results. To hover, raise the seat, stand flat on the floor, and position your bottom above the bowl so that your droppings will go straight down in. You may have to place your hands on your buttocks and pull them apart to have the least possible poop stick to the inner sides of your buttocks. From the hover position it is perfectly possible to push your turds out. If they are hard and solid--or even soft but sort of solid--they may make the water in the bowl splash high enough to hit your bottom or splash out on the floor, which your neighbor in the next stall can see. The biggest disadvantage of the hover is this: If your poop is quite soft, or diarrhea, it can shoot out straight behind you and make a real mess on the wall or the back of the toilet. Sitting down on the seat would prevent such a mess. After a bowel movement from hovering position, you can wipe from that position or standing up.

A true squat is much deeper than a hover, and somewhat more reliably (though by no means completely!) directs your poop straight down and into the bowl. To achieve a squat, remove pants and underpants and climb up onto the rim of the bowl. Drop into a squat position, as far down as you can, and your buttocks will part by themselves. Unless you have a phenomenal sense of balance, you will want to hold onto something to maintain your squat position. I find that holding onto something firm with my left hand allows me to hold a mirror in my right hand and watch my poop come out. Your feet must be forward enough on the rim that your anus is positioned over the water; otherwise your turds will land on the back of the rim. Since your bottom is low over the bowl, the splash factor from a squat position is much less than in a hover; but diarrhea or really soft poop that comes out in a spurt can still go straight behind you and mess up the toilet. If you feel the possibility of diarrhea, sit on the seat before letting go; that way it should at least get into the bowl instead of behind it. After squatting for a bowel movement, I lower the seat and sit down to wipe.

I squat from time to time in my home bathroom (where I have a windowsill to hold onto), but nowhere else, since I don't undress in public places. I never hover unless it is an absolute emergency and the toilet is far too dirty to sit upon. If I am out in the woods and feel the need to poop, I merely lower my pants and underpants to knee level--no lower!--and squat (not hover). Don't lower your clothes to your ankles, or your poop will go onto and into your clothes.

I hope this explanation is clear, and that you now know the differences between squatting and hovering.


I'm a 17 year old girl from Scotland. I'm average height, slim with blue eyes and brown hair. My sister Lisa is 15 and looks really similar to me, only a little taller.

Lisa and I are really close as sisters. We are best friends and share everything with each other. Included in this is our bathroom habits. We tell each other all about it, we go together, we keep each other company when one of us has to go etc.

We have spoken to other girls with close sisters before and most of them are all really secretive about their toilet habits and don't even tell each other that they're going to the toilet. They all think it's a little weird that Lisa and I are so open about it.

Our parents say it developed because of our marginal age difference. Because I was beginning to sit on the toilet while Lisa was using a potty, she always wanted to be able to do the toilet the same way as I did. Our parents solved this by sitting the potty in the bathroom next to the loo so that it looked like we did the toilet the same way. Obviously, latterly Lisa began to sit on the toilet too and by this time we were used to being taken to the toilet by our parents at the same time. So, rather than us sitting on the potty and the toilet next to each other, we began to just take turns on the big toilet. This just developed over the years and meant we were really comfortable with it and eventually, we weren't being taken to the toilet by mum and dad and were just choosing to go ourselves.

I have so many stories I can tell about our toilet exploits. We go to the loo together every day but nothing interesting really happens on a day to day basis. I'll give you a typical example of our toilet routine in the morning, this exact one happened a week ago roughly.

It was a school day and we both got out of bed. We met each other in the hall and went into the bathroom. The first thing we always do is go for a pee. I happened to be first through the door so I walked over to the toilet, pulled my pyjamas to my ankles before sitting down to do a pee while still half asleep. I peed fairly quickly and pulled off one piece of toilet roll to wipe myself before standing up and pulling up my pj's to let lisa use the loo. While I was peeing, lisa was brushing her teeth.

Lisa took off her pj's fully and did her pee. As I was brushing my teeth I heard her farting constantly throughout her pee so I guessed that she would probably stay sitting for a poo. I was proved correct as she tutted and uttered in a tired voice "I need to do a poo Amy." I said "okay, i'll keep you company and take a shower".

I got stripped and went into the shower. As I was washing Lisa and I continued to talk about stuff. She was sitting forward with her hands clasped between her knees. Obviously since I was in the shower, I couldn't hear her poo but don't really listen anyway as I've witnessed her having one a million times.

After I had washed my hair, I looked round at her and noticed that she had swivelled round slightly so she was facing me to talk. When Lisa is doing a poo, she often looks up at the ceiling and swallows when she is pushing a piece out. Seeing as she was now facing me, I could now see when she was releasing a piece by looking at her head.

I was almost ready to get out the shower and noticed Lisa was still sitting on the toilet. I asked "everything going okay babe?" she looked at me and said "bit of a sore ???? but I'm finishing up now."

I got out of the shower just as Lisa was beginning to wipe. Lisa always stands up slightly to wipe her bum and I made it out to be 9 times she wiped herself. I jokingly told her that she was smelly as she had stunk the place out! She stood up fully, flushed and went straight into the shower.

After we were both dressed and heading out for school, I needed a quick pee. I told Lisa this just as we were walking past the loo. She stood at the door as I used the toilet quickly. I pulled up my skirt and quickly pulled my tights and pants down to just below my crotch as I was in a rush. I sat down on the loo with my hands still on my tights ready to pull them back up again. I consciously pushed out my pee so I wouldn't be long. I pulled off a piece of toilet roll and wiped myself as I stood up and then pulled up my pants and tights and brought my skirt down. As I was washing my hands I popped out a fart. This was the fart that I would normally have done on the toilet after my pee but seeing as I was rushing it emerged as I had finished with the toilet.
I've got lots of stories about myself and Lisa that I'll share. If you've got any questions about our openness in the toilet, just ask x

Home Pooper

Learning to Poop in Public Restrooms, Part 4

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've last posted here; my last post was over on page 2437. If you haven't read my previous posts, the short summary is that my body never gives me an urge or feeling that I need to (or even can) have a bowel movement if I'm away from home, and when I'm away from home I can go many days without pooping, which probably isn't good. My goal is to train myself to be comfortable using public restrooms to keep myself more regular and avoid health issues in the future.

Anyway, I wanted to share my bathroom experience today! Today, after only being at work for about an hour, I was working at my desk when I got a feeling "down there" like I might need to poop. At work, these feelings have mostly been a false alarm that just amounts to passing gas when I get to the restroom. But today, I could tell from my desk that even though this wasn't an emergency or anything and I could have comfortably held off for hours (probably until I got home, knowing my bowel habits), I would be able to go! Besides, I'm training my body to know it's okay to need to go to number 2 at any time so I wouldn't want to avoid going if it's giving me a suggestion.

I got up and walked through the building over to the men's restroom. I walked in and did my usual check where I open both stall doors to check if the stalls are clean and make a decision which to choose. The regular stall's toilet seat was up, which most likely means no one used that stall after the cleaning crew last cleaned it (since hardly anyone works in the same building I do on the weekend). However, today I was in the mood for the handicapped stall for some reason. The handicapped stall's seat was already down but the stall was clean and had plenty of toilet paper, so I walked in, locked the door, lowered my pants and sat down.

Like I said, I had no real urgency to go, but my body was definitely ready if I was. Within no time at all after sitting and getting comfy, I started pushing and my poop was coming out. I don't even think I peed beforehand, which is very unusual because I always pee before I poop. My first piece came out and plopped loudly in the bowl. After a few seconds, this was followed by a second and third piece splashing in the water, totaling three distinct plops. That came as a surprise because when I poop at home, it's almost always one long piece, and once I poop that one log I'm finished, so I was not expecting three separate plops here.

After I dropped my three pieces, I knew I was done. I sat for just a little while longer relaxing, feeling proud of my body. I then bent forward to start grabbing some toilet paper from the dispenser, and I hovered a bit above the seat to turn and see my production (if I stand all the way, the automatic flusher might engage). Not a bad load! Its total size was equal to about my average home load, just separated into three smaller pieces instead of one longer log. I cleaned myself and then proceeded to pull my pants back up and tuck my shirt in as the toilet flushed. I then washed my hands really good, and walked back to my desk to get back to work.

Thank you for reading about my experience. Surely my body just having this feeling of needing to poop coming from nowhere is a sign that it's getting comfortable doing this; I'm just hoping this starts to translate to places outside of work (like stores, gas stations, airports, etc.).

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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