Close Call and Fart at the Gym

Ok so I have 1 story that happened to me yesterday. Anyway I'll start it for you guys.

So, I was riding the bus home from school and all of the sudden I get severe cramping.mI double over doing all I can to keep from pooping in my pants. The bus ride was only about half way over (30 minutes left) and there was no bathroom on the bus so I had to though it out till I got to my stop. I kept letting little farts rip to ease the pressure and when I had about 10 minutes left to get to my house I thought about just getting off at another stop, finding a bathroom, and walking home, but I decided against it. When I finally got to my house, I ran up the driveway and ran to my bathroom. As soon as I sat down I farted and a mushy but formed piece of poo just flew out of my butt. I was pretty gassy letting out farts with pieces of poo in it and I finished in about 8 minutes. I had to wipe a TON and then I washed my hands real good.

Ok, now fast forward a few hours to where I was at gymnastics practice. I was working on my Ariel and my coach was spotting me. I was in the middle of my Ariel and I let out a fart. My face turned red and my coach was trying to stifle a giggle but I just continued practicing my Ariel.

Anyway, that's all



What's the Difference?

The Random Old Post Page search feature has led me to several interesting posts, discussions and debates--some of them from more than 10 years ago.
I've read many stories of females not wanting to sit directly on toilet seats when they are away from home. Although I'm a guy, I can somewhat relate to that. However, I would like to know the difference (if any) between the terms "squat" and "hover" which are often used.

A) What are the problems in going to the bathroom without sitting directly on the seat?

B) To pee away from home, do you cover the seat with toilet paper? Why or why not?

C)To crap away from home, do you cover the seat with toilet paper? Why or why not?

D)To pee away from home, do you squat? Why or why not?

E)To crap away from home, do you squat? Why or why not?

F)To pee away from home, do you hover? Why or why not?

G)To crap away from home, do you hover? Why or why not?

H)Were you taught by your parents, influenced by your friends or is there another reason why you do it this way.

Now my answers

A) It makes me stand out from the rest of the guys, especially at school where few of the stalls have doors.
B) I gave up on using the urinals early in this my 9th grade year. Much of the time I sit at school, but at the mall and theatre I stand in a doored stall and piss into the toilet. And yes, I lift the seat first.
C) Yes, at school, but I'm getting away from it because it singles me out for ridicule and hassle. And often there's little tp on the roll anyway.
D) I'm not sure I know what that means and how its done.
E) Same as D
F) Same as E
G) Same as above.
H) When I was really young (like before starting school), mom would put tp down before she allowed me to sit; dad didn't care if I did. Most of my friends just sat right down on the toilet some even if there was piss splashed on it. But I just don't think its bad to be cautious.


poos in sainsburys yesterday

So Friday was my 28th birthday & saturday night (last night) we had a party at mine, saturday morning we went to sainsburys to get buffet food soft drink & alcohol drinks.
when we arrived i felt gassy suddenly letting out a few gassy poppy farts and realised i need to poo, urgently. Telling hubs i dashed to the loo.

entering cubicle i pulled down my white mini skirt and white knickers, & plopped my butt on the seat.
with a loud gassy fart i crackled out my first plop loose and slimy followed by another 8 exactly the same. The stench was awful, pure gas!!
I wiped 5 times flushed sprayed and washed my hands going back to hubs.

back with hubs we completed our shopping when i was in urgent need of a loo again. Hubs waited in the car this time & i popped back to the loos

this time i had an explosion of multiple plops i couldn't tell you how many but there were loads.
poo splattered all over the porcelain & a load of little rabbit dropping sized plops filling the water up completely with the little plops at the bottom sunk filling completely to the top of the water.
done. Wiped 4 times and completed my routine.

Back at home about an hour later i had another huge gassy explosion so took 2 imodium just to bulk me up - didn't want my evening ruined by plopping!! Had a very fun & drunken evening with vodka, food and shots aplenty!! :)

Well that's it for now,

Victoria B.

The Big D.

I've mentioned my desire to be able to have a BM more often than my customary once every two or three days and have somehow managed to have that wish granted, albeit at a price. I have had two days' worth of mostly liquid diarrhea in 3-4 hour intervals, one minor accident that lightly skidmarked my pink- and white-striped panties, and several more close calls. About an hour ago, I had the first solid poop of the day after five sits that ended with me wiping my butt raw after releasing several spurts of diarrhea of about the consistency of broth. It was a small, thin (much thinner than my normal logs) turd that came to its aquatic resting place in the form of a capital letter C. These gushers (and the one solid piece) have had an unfortunate accompaniment of loud farts of the bowl-rattling variety.

My period ended five days ago, so I don't think that it's a factor, but one thing is for sure: I'm getting tired of worrying about having another accident after every three hours. Does anyone have any advice, or would anyone care to share their own stories of the same predicament?

30 something male

To Veronica..

Please, get yourself checked by a doctor.
It't probably the only way to get your diarrhea problems back to manageable proportions, or even to get rid of it.

It might be IBS, crohns disease, or some congenital problems with your intestines..

One thing you shouldn't do, is striving to keep it secret for the rest of your days.

You would deny yourself an awful lot by doing just that, as you recognized yourself by saying that it makes it pretty hard for you to have a normal life.

Please, get a medical check..
I think you deserve to know what's wrong.

And family members who don't understand your problem, aren't worth your time.
You HAVE a bowel problem.
But it's not that you ARE your bowel problem.


Easter Dinner + Steve A + Anonymous

Steve A, that sounds like a really good big poop. I hate when I get off schedule, but it happens sometimes, especially if I eat at weird times. When I go on trips with my friends, we always eat irregularly and it throws things way off.

I never posted about my post-Easter dinner poop, but I'll do it now.

We had a big Easter dinner at my house with many family members coming over and after I had eaten (that included candy from earlier in the day!), I had to poop right away--went straight from the dinner table to the bathroom and pushed out a log that was a perfect foot-long semi-soft one. It was so perfect I almost wanted to take a picture of it lol. I always look in the toilet afterwards lol. The only problem was the whole family was over and I knew someone else would use the bathroom soon and I left the bathroom smelling not so great lol. The bathroom fan can only do so much -_-

Otherwise I've been going pretty regularly and nothing too interesting happening.

@Anon - you asked about anus color. Mine is reddish colored. Not pink really and not brown, but it looks red. It's not inflamed, that's just how it looks. I'm 18 and I'm of Lebanese and Italian descent (I have olive skin, but it's not that tan).

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bianca it sounds like your body was able to flush out the bad stuff pretty quickly then went back to normal and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Beth it sounds like you had a really good poop and I bet you felt really good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Veronica it sounds like you had a pretty rough time.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Matt G- Welcome to the site! That must have been really embarrassing, being caught on the loo by your crush! I know how it feels to be walked in on and it's never nice. I enjoyed the detail of your story though, and I hope you can post more!

Erin- It sounds like you enjoyed your mall bathroom visit! I agree with you and I really enjoy hearing and seeing others going as well and don't really know why. I suppose it's just nice to be able to relax a bit and know that we all need to do the same things!

I was at a coffee shop today having some lunch, and after I needed to do a wee and a poo. I went to the single unisex loo at the back, which was down a short corridor. I noticed that the lock showed half red and half green, so I didn't know if anyone was inside. As I considered either trying the door or knocking I heard the toilet flush, so I stood nearby and waited a few seconds until a man came out. I went in and locked it, lowering the seat along with my skirt and blue knickers as I sat down.

I did a wee first, and then a fart as I settled in for my poo. I pushed out a log with a plop. A few seconds later I saw the handle move as someone tried the door. It stayed locked and I wondered if they were seeing the same half red, half green symbol I had seen. I released another couple of turds into the bowl over the next few minutes. After my third turd came out I heard a knock on the door. I called out, 'Sorry, it's occupied!'

I heard a woman say, 'Oh sorry, just making sure.' I didn't want to keep her waiting because assuming she was the one who had tried the door she had already been holding in whatever she needed for five minutes. I pushed out two more pieces of poo, and then wiped and flushed. After washing my hands I walked out. A woman in her late 30s was outside and we smiled at each other for a second as she went in to take her turn on the loo. I hope she didn't mind the smell!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


to Megan and story from the mall last night

Last night after school I was out shopping at the mall with my friend Danielle. While we were browsing and trying on things, I felt a bit of need for a number two, but I figured I'd just hold it until I got home. Later when we were having some hot dogs at the foodcourt, suddenly the urge got much stronger and I really needed it. I decided I had to go there, told Danielle I'd be right back and headed to the washrooms. A blonde woman of about maybe 35 entered right in front of me. Even though there are 10 cubicles, all of them were taken. A few woman were busy at the sinks and at least one person was peeing very loudly. As I was waiting I noticed that the blond woman was wearing really neat dark denim jeans with white contrast stitching. She had a bigger bum, but the jeans showed it off real nice. I was playing with my phone and she just kind of bobbed up and down a bit. At one point she turned around and we smiled at each other briefly. I wasn't totally sure cause it was pretty noisy in the bathroom, but I think after a minute or so she let a little fart slip out. My load was really knocking on my backdoor as well by now and I was glad that two cubicles right next to each other opened quickly after that. The woman took the left one and I the right one. I locked the door behind me, put my purse on the hook and pulled down my jeans and string. I plopped my bum on the seat and immediately started to pee. I noticed that my neighbour had pulled her jeans and white string down to her ankles while sitting on her toilet. I leaned forward a bit and my bumhole opened with my first turd slowly sliding out. The blonde woman let out a short but fairly loud fart and then what sounded like a really long turd started to crackle out. There was no splash, but she sighed very audibly as she was letting out her poop. My poop splashed into the bowl were followed it up right away with two more turds that plopped loudly into the water as well. Meanwhile my neighbour farted again and then released a couple more poops into her toilet. There was a strong smell from her cubicle and my poop kind of smelled bad as well. We both had another small fart and then I felt I was done. The blonde woman now started to pee and I pulled off some paper. I wiped my front and back a couple of times, pulled up my pants, unlocked the door and went out to the sinks. While I was washing my hands, another fart and more plops came from my neighbour's cubicle, so she wasn't quite done yet. I rejoined my friend in the foodcourt and we finished our meal. Later on we were in the Lego store and I ran into the blonde woman again. We shared another brief smile, but I was a bit embarrassed, since she had just witnessed me having a big poo at the foodcourt toilets. But then again, she had had one too, so I didn't feel too bad after all. I hope you enjoyed my story.

I just want to say that I really like reading your stories, Megan. They remind me so much of my own experiences and I find that you write them really well.

To "Tara" Thank you.



Hi guys! I had 3 normal bowel movements yesterday, but what felt like diarrhea this morning. Before I went to bed last night, I felt normal with no sign of a virus. I did however, feel a little gassy before the need to poop came. The pressure in my rectum felt a bit like a fart coming on (the urge wasn't too bad). I ran into Mom by accident when I walked into the bathroom. When I wiped after I was done, the TP felt slippery. I don't know why that one time diarrhea episode happened. The thing I do know for sure is whatever overnight bug I had, it left in one poop episode as swiftly as it came. I guess minor intestinal bugs are like this sometimes.


Toilet Stall Phobia

Me and a friend were at a battle of the bands at our city arena. I held my poo through one band's set because I really wanted to see my friends perform. Immediately, I left for the closest bathroom and I entered to find a mom standing outside a stall and increasingly getting upset as she was trying to get her child to close the door and latch it. The other 20 or some stalls were in use with the exception of a doorless cubicle between them and me. I tore my jeans down, actually ripping my undees at the seam with my fingernail as I pushed myself onto the seat. There were 4 blasts, one right after another that were long, formed and loose, but as I started to get off the stool, another gassy blast came and a heavier piece dropped that actually splashed my bottom. I had only been on the toilet for like 30 seconds at most, when I started a little wee, and continued to hear the child who seemed terrorized by being told to close the door and latch it.

I got down off the toilet, it took me like 7 wipes to clean myself and I flushed. It was unusual that I was 3 days constipated, and my jeans were a lot more free on my waist as I adjusted my belt. When I started washing my hands, I saw the mother take the child, who was a little boy about 5 or 6, by the hand and into the stall I had used. She wiped the seat for him and placed him up on it. She stood in the doorway right in front of him facing the mirrors to give him his privacy and when I looked over there she apologized for the commotion he was causing. She said he has fears of doors closing and being latched in public bathrooms. I mentioned to her that I do a lot of babysitting and that I've seen fears that are very real in some of my kids. I could see the boy was not crying and moving his legs, but I didn't stay because the next set was about to start.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Little Mandi great story.

To: Chloe B great set of pooping stories it sounds like in your first one you and that other girl had good poops and in your 2nd it sounds like you and it sounds like you had another good poop later on and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Veronica I look forward to reading your stories.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

You may remember me from a few weeks back when I wasn't so well.

I'm back to my good old self now.

Late last night I took an absolutely huge poo. I could feel pressure down there and was letting out so many farts, and thought I probably should go to the toilet.

Went in and locked the door, sat down and farted loudly. The first log crackled out, very long and soft it seemed never ending, it was touching the toilet bowl and still going. When it eventually landed it was sticking up out of the water.

Next log came crackling out, thick and very long, landed with a big "KASPLOOSH" . I then farted three times as another smaller, but still very long poo was on it's way made a PLOOOOP".

Couldn't believe I still had more in me at this point! a thin but very long poo came out and hit the water with a splash, had a few banana like pieces and finally felt done.

Got up to look and saw a load of turds in the bowl, two of them sticking up above the waterline. Wiped 5 times and hit the flush twice.


Excruciating Migraines and Serious Pooping Problems!

As stated before, I am 31, female, and brunet, having never been intimate with a man in my life, and would be devastated if the people who know me in real life knew I'd messed myself with diarrhea, on a few isolated occasions, as a grown woman!

So while my mom is sleeping, I shall try to describe the serious intestinal problems I'm having right now that make me want to call-in "sick" with no care as to whether or not it gets me fired. It has me unable to sleep through the night and possibly unable to eat breakfast tomorrow.

You see, while I've never been diagnosed with IBS or anything like that, I've always had serious problems with constipation and diarrhea that come and go. I try not to discuss these issues with anyone besides Mom, but they do, to a certain extent, interfere with my ability to live a normal life.

Right now, I'm having the problem of severe, burning diarrhea that actually began as a constipated bowel movement from not going all day. But the next time I sat on the toilet, it was painful, burning liquid and actually made me glad I'm on my period because my long, overnight maxi-pad could catch a small accident, and I ride to work with a towel on the seat of my car during that time. There's also a protective sheet for bedwetters on my bed right now, so I guess it could be worse if I were not on my period.

So that's what's going on right now -- severe, dark green diarrhea that has kept me up all night and wanting to call in sick tomorrow. I have missed WAAAAAY more days of school and work for diarrhea than I have for the common cold, which I now get, on average, once every 18 months since I've been over 25 and usually don't miss a day for them, since I need those absences for my digestive-system issues. So I'm not sure how much longer I can keep these pooping problems a secret from almost everyone (especially the boys/men in my family) who knows me, and that scares me to death!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Brandon M


olivia poppy - great story, I often have sccidents like you do

Sonya Sue

Poppy-Olivia's survey

These are my answers to the survey:
1) Would you rather be constipated or have diarrhea?

Neither are good when I'm in a public place. However, I have diarrhea once or twice a month at school or the truck stop I work at. I've come up with a procedure to deal with it. First, I sit down at the first opportunity. There's no use in holding it. I let it blast out and I immediately flush the toilet while I'm still seated. Sometimes I might do that another time or two if I have a lot to unload and it comes in spurts. This kills much of the smell. Any those waiting, this is especially important at school, are going to be less impatient if they see or hear action. The bad part is that I could wipe a dozen or two times and never completely clean myself. And at a certain point, the TP gets so coarse and sometimes I'm coming up with blood on the TP. Although I just don't feel like I'm fully cleaned, if I'm going to be at school for 4 or 5 hours after school, I wait until after school and I go to the locker room and shower. It makes me feel a lot better to give myself a good cleaning. However, the last time I did it before I got dressed, I had to use a non-doored stall in the locker room for a round 3.

2. Do you poo in public. Yes, and quite frequently at school because I'm in lots of clubs and actiivities, but also at the mall and at work. I've witten about some of these experiences. I know of a couple of friends who hold it in until after school. Then they go home and use the bathroom there and then come back for practice and activities.

3. Do you get constipated or have diarrhea more. I guess it depends on how you define "constipation." If I sit down before homeroom and have two minutes or less to unload and I can't before the bell rings I might hold it until 4th hour and then get a pass during class to try again. I usually have much better results then and I also get a little more time and always get a stall with a door. When I stay up late frequently doing homework and drink too much coffee, I will frequently have a soft crap or diarrhea at school the next morning.

4. Do I like the auto-flush toilets? They are OK if I pay attention and don't move while I'm sitting on them. Just reaching into my purse on the floor for a tampon has set it off. But I'm not going to be peeing or crapping into a bowl which many others have contributed to, so the auto-flushes have a role--until they break or are vandalized, but that's another story....

5. Do you like unisex bathrooms? They are OK if they are single stall and are protected with a locked entry door. Too many people view large public bathrooms as unisex and bring children of the opposite sex (sometimes as old as 8 or 9) in with them and they don't supervise the kid. For those who use the doorless stalls, they shouldn't have to look up and have some grinning kid of the opposite sex just standing there and watching them while their parent or babysitter is at the opposite end of the room. That is NOT what unisex facilities were intended to be.

6. Have you ever laughed so hard that you've tinkled in your pants?

Yes, 3 or 4 times. Not in class but in activities and once at the truck stop I work at. In that situation, I watched an older man walk into the bathroom, but he immediately came out with an empty cigarette pack he had me throw out for him. He bought a new pack and explained he smokes one with each crap when he's traveling with his "old lady" but she thinks he quit years ago when like Reagan was president. He swore a little and said it with so much humor and bite that he could have been doing a comedy routine on TV. That was my last tinkle.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bearefootergirl it sounds like you have some good stories I look forward to reading them thanks.

To: Poppy-Olivia first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a really rough day hopefully that food poisoning didn't last to long and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mystery Poster it sounds like your wife had a couple nasty times at least you were there to help her out and hopefully things turn out ok with the doctor.

To: Tarah-Jane first welcome to the site it sounds like you had a pretty rough day but at least your nana was there to help you out and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Erin great story it sounds like that woa=man had a good poop.

To: Desperate Female it sounds like you and the other both had a nasty time but at least you both made in time.

To: Shelbi great story about your big poop in that small toilet it sounds like you really had to go a lot and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great pooping story it sounds like and those other women had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


to Poppy-Olivia and Newby

Poppy-Olivia (what an interesting name lol):

Hey, welcome to the site! Glad you decided to post.

Sorry you have IBS--I don't have IBS but I do get constipated every now and then so I know how that goes. I know what you mean about the different fart smells--I can definitely tell if I have to poop soon by the fart lol. Your story sounds really really embarrassing, but at least you're more used to it. I don't know how I'd react if that happened to me.

1. Would you rather be constipated or have diarrhea. - I think I'd rather be constipated. Diarrhea gives me cramps, it smells terrible, and burns when it comes out. Constipation isn't great, but I'm more used to it.

2. Do you poo in public. - Yep. I use the bathroom at school pretty often to poo.

3. Follow up to number 1, do you get constipated or have diarrhea more. - I get constipated more. I don't remember the last time I had diarrhea.

4. Do you like autoflush toilets. - Nope. I'd rather just flush it myself.

5.Do you like unisex bathrooms. - Answered this in the other survey, but I find them a little awkward. I've used them before though.

6. Have you ever laughed so hard that you tinkeled in your pants. - Yep lol. Just a little bit, but enough to cause a wet spot on the front of my jeans -_-


I always wipe, but I admit I don't really care about skidmarks too much. Now that I do my own laundry, I don't mind seeing a mark in there if it happens. But I can't imagine not wiping even if it's one of those hard solid poops that doesn't leave much behind.

Little Mandi
Hello all,
So yeah,last week I went poop in a public bathroom for the first time in years.
Everyone that knows me knows I won't go poop in public unless I truly can't hold it or I'm sick because of my shyness so I was really surprised I did this.
So, my friend and I were at a local diner that we always go to. I ate a shit ton of food and my stomach felt bloated then along came that all familiar feeling. I been having a hard time going lately so I figured instead of holding it and risk getting constipated I might as well just suck it up and made my way over to the bathrooms. The bathrooms had two stalls and were empty when I got there which I was happy about. I took one and sat down. I stared nervously a few minutes then I started to push a little and press on my stomach. I find that pressing on my lower stomach help get the poop out better. I was done in like 5 minutes. I flushed the toilet right away to try and mask the smell. It didn't smell too bad or really leave an after smell tho. I wiped two times and went on my way.
It took a lot for me to to that.

Heres some surveys I found laying around cause I'm really bored right now. haha

1. Would you rather be constipated or have diarrhea.
I'd take diarrhea over constipation anyday as long as I'm home with nothing to do tho. haha

2. Do you poo in public.
I never go poop in public unless i truly have to.

3. Follow up to number 1, do you get constipated or have diarrhea more.
I get constipated quite a lot,. I can count on my 10 fingers the times ive had diarrhea. I never ever get it.

4. Do you like autoflush toilets
Not at all theyre annoying

5.Do you like unisex bathrooms.
I;ve never used one before.

6. Have you ever laughed so hard that you tinkeled in your pants.
Many times. I never did a full on pee tho.

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