Chloe B

Dumps at school and dinner

Hey guys yesterday I had two good poops in public! One was at school the other at dinner. I was wearing a pink shirt with skinny jeans and sandals. So at school during 2nd period I felt my stomach hurt and knew I needed to get to a bathroom quick, so I asked the teacher if I could go and he said yes. I went to the bathroom and saw there were 4 out of 10 stalls full. 3 were peeing 1 was pooping. I sat down in a stall next to the girl pooping. The girl next to me was wearing jeans and converse. As I pulled down my pants and panties to my knees she let out 2 plops as I began to pee. I let out a flop fart with a long log and sighed with relief! The girl next to me let out a silent airy fart then let out a plop. I continued to let out little turds. About 3 minutes later the girl began to wipe and wiped 6 times. She flushed. I was alone in the bathroom after she left and I was really stinking up the bathroom. I let out one more big log then wiped my front and back then flushed. I left big brown skid marks after it went down! I didn't need to poop again until I went to dinner with my friend Danielle (who I'v written about) and her family.

After school I went to Danielle's house. I didn't use the bathroom at her house but as we were leaving to go to dinner I felt the urge to poo again! We ate at Olive Garden and as we were seated Danielle and I excused ourselves to the ladies room. As we went in there were 5 stalls all on the right side of the wall. 3 were taken all peeing. Me and Danielle took the last two right next to each other. She was wearing black tight pants and white converse. I saw her lower her pants and place her butt on the seat. I sat down and pulled my pink Hanes panties to my knees and let out a LONG turd that broke off with a plop. I heard Danielle just pee because she is actually shy in public and she waited out side the stall for me. I let out 2 more turds and the some girl at the sink said "it really stinks in here!" (Courtesy of yours truly;) ) I wiped 4 times then flushed and returned to dinner. I hope to have more later! By for now!


for Marie

Hi, Marie, Obviously only you can decide when and how much to tell your BF about your interests. It depends on a lot of things like how important it is to you and what kind of trust you have. All I can say is that in my particular case it was a mistake to keep it a secret for too long in my most recent relationship that ended last year. How it works for you I'm sure might be different. In the meantime, enjoy!

Steve A

Relieving Easter Dump And 30 Hour Famine

I don't often have any memorable stories, but I finally did have a story worth sharing that happened on Easter.

So, my last poop was on Thursday and it wasn't very much for my standards. Just a some pieces that were kinda hard for me to get out. So on Sunday, I hoped to go poop that day or I was going to take some Milk Of Magnesia. We went to my grandparents house for Easter lunch. A little while after lunch, I started to feel the need to poop. I waited until the urge was like: "I NEED TO POOP NOW!". So, I went to the bathroom and started going. I needed very little effort to push and the relief felt great. There were about 3 logs and one of them was really long. It was like a mushy pile of my logs. I decided to wipe a little and flush to avoid clogging the toilet. After I flushed, I pushed out some more little pieces and then I was done. After I finished wiping, I flushed again, washed my hands, and then I was done. The next day, (Monday), I was back to my normal pooping schedule.

Also, my 30 Hour Famine for my church is this Friday/Saturday. I hope to have a story for that as well.

rObey poley

id like feed back being new and all...

Just pooped out easter dinner.???? time for leftovers! It looks like a big chocolaty cucumber snake hahaha


Re: Marie

Hi Marie, if you like the sounds of grunting and pushing for a bowel movement (as do I) you surely picked the right profession. As a nurse I can imagine we'll see many a poop over your career.
You would have loved being my nurse last time I was in Hospital for an operation. After several days of no bowel movement because of the anesthesia it finally came time to go. I was so weak that the nurse would let me sit on the toilet by myself and insisted that she stay with me. The bowel movement was one of the more difficult I have ever had. I pushed an grunted on that for almost half an hour while the nurse stayed right beside me so I would fall. I wonder how often you will get to do that?

Wednesday, April 08, 2015



Marie: I think you should tell him, but don't directly, out of the blue tell him. From what I've seen on this site, people and their spouses are accepting of their bathroom habits and fetishes, and your boyfriend sounds little different. Wait for the right time, but you do need to tell him, it's a good way to establish trust.

Untitled with the wife's accidents: I hope your wife gets better soon! I unfortunately don't know what the situation is, but the doctor's visit should shed some light on the issue at hand. :)

barefootergirl: I feel you on the warm weather. Around here, it's getting to be 40-50 degrees F, it's so pleasant.

Jason the Shaymin (Sky Form), if I got your name wrong, I apologize in advance. I admire you for plucking up the courage to come visit this site. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, we definitely don't bite :)

Now, down to business (no pun intended). I've been spending the last 2 years at an away college at upstate NY. It's actually pretty nice, although the bathrooms are rather crummy (it's 2 bathrooms for a floor, should've expected that). My BM's have been very regular as of late, nothing too difficult, nothing too sloppy either, thank goodness. Must be the carbs I'm eating; I should dial back on those a bit.

Now, how are all of you? Did you have a good Easter/Passover/whatever holiday you celebrate? :)

Brandon T

tales from the bookstore

About an hour ago while I was at the bookstore a woman went in to the bathroom while on her cell phone I heard her sit down and continue to talk she said something about being in between meetings and having a pee then her pee began and she stopped talking and then I heard nothing not even a flush just the lid being put down then she resumed talking and then exited the bathroom im guesing she was in a hurry and to into her phone call that she forgot to flush and then I went in and looked in the toilet and saw 2 good sized logs of poop with what looked like bits of corn in it and a small nugget I then peed and flushed the toilet and came out and the woman was kinda tall and slim and with brunette hair and I think she had glasses she was in a hurry so a really good catch today I may get more soon who knows.

Phoebe masseuse

To Marie

You're so lucky you heard your bf dropping his load! Please do tell when you hear any more x


Why my poop stories will only be from my adult years!

As stated before, I am 31 years old, brunet, light-skinned, and shorter than average, even for a woman. I reached my final height by my freshman year of high school, but would rather not post exactly what it is because that could help get me found (and humiliated) in real life. Just know that, if you're 6 feet tall, you're almost a foot taller than "poor little Veronica."

Anyway, so what I'd like to say is this. I have had lots of accidental, on-purpose, and in-between panty-pooping incidents, both in childhood and adulthood, not counting the fact that I sometimes leave skid marks from not spending enough time to wipe myself clean.
It's almost like I purposely skid my panties, though not every day or even most of the time, because subconsciously, I know that if I NEVER did, I wouldn't have that "benefit of the doubt" or "ambiguity" or "gray area" between not wiping clean and a small sharting accident.

So because I occasionally need an excuse for washing-out my panties and hanging them to dry in my bathroom when my period is NOT on me, in case Mom wants to know what happened, I am NOT interested in learning how to wipe myself clean 100% of the time! No one in my life knows I've peed and pooped on myself many times as an adult, not even my parents or my doctors (all men), and certainly not my little sister (my only sibling), aunts, uncles, or cousins, because I'm afraid I would no longer be the same human being to them if they learned about these little, brown "accidents."

But before I spend the time to post stories of these "accidents," I'd like to say this. I refuse to post any from before I turned 18, and here's why. You see, because I have Lesbian tendencies, I know how such stories can be "exciting," particularly those about women. (And to a lesser degree, so can stories about men.) But when I read stories from this site, I tend to skip over the ones that tell of little kids having accidents, usually many years in the past of the author's life, because they didn't know where the restroom was.

So although I had many accidents in my first 18 years that shaped who I am today, I'd rather not post those here. I will, however, try to post what I can remember about the pooping incidents in my adult life, mostly in my 20's, that are currently known only to me. Whether or not they get posted is another story, and I'm not sure why that is.

It's finally getting warm where I live so being the barefooter and occasional nudie that I am, I've been taking plenty of barefoot and sometimes bottomless walks in the woods, feeling the cool mud between my toes.
I fart freely and very often when I'm alone so my butt's pumping out gas nonstop.

Peeing on the clumps of Spring snow and leaving yellow slush is super fun and I have a nice spot where I've pooped every afternoon for the past week.

It feels good to be so free. :D


Fart Smells, Poop Stories, A Survey, Oh My!

Hello everybody. My name is Poppy-Olivia and my friend who has been a long time lurker showed me this site. I am 15 years old and am 5'3''. I have fair skin, red curly hair, frreckles, and aqua colored eyes. I also suffer from IBS and get diarrhea alot. First of all I have a question for everyone. Do you have different fart smells. I do, when I have to go poo my farts have a specefic, but when I just fart they smell different. If anyone else notices this please let me know. Now I have a story for you guys.

Okay, so it starts out at my school when I was buying lunch. I am the last one in line so the food has been sitting out for a little while. When I take a bite of the food it tastes kinda funny but it is school lunch food so it is bound to taste kinda weird anyway. I eat all of the food because I was starving and then head to my next class which is chorus practice. Today in practice we were having a mimi show because the elementary school students came to watch us. Anyways at practice my stomach starts gurgling and since I have IBS I knew that I would need a bathroom soon. I try to hold it though because we were in he middle of performing. When it is my turn to perform a trio with two of my friends I come down to the microphone and accidently let a wet fart slip. I was mortified but thet was nothing compared to what was about to happen. We start singing and all of a sudden I fart again and feel liquid fill my pants. I knew it was too late so I just hitched up my skirt and and squatted right there in the middle of the stage. I pooed liquidey diarrhed for about 2 minutes straight and when I finished I ran off the stage crying. Luckily though I've had plenty of accidents through out my life so it is not as big of a deal anymore. Turns out that I did have food poising from that food though. I spent about a day on the toilet which was not fun!

Nou here is my survey.

1. Would you rather be constipated or have diarrhea. I'd rather have diarrhea because when you are constipatd and take lactives you can end up with diarrhea anyway. Plus I get diarrhea more ofted so I am more eaisly prepared for it.

2. Do you poo in public. Yes I do. First of all I have IBS so it is a nesscity. And second, when you gotta go, go!

3. Follow up to number 1, do you get constipated or have diarrhea more. I get both quite alot due to IBS, but I more often get diarrhea.

4. Do you like autoflush toilets. No. I hate them. Whenever I bend over or move they flush and spray me which is not fun when you are having a difficult poop.

5.Do you ike unisex bathrooms. To be honest with you, I dont really care. I mean we all tinkle and poo so I don't see why we should be seperated.

6. Have you ever laughed so hard that you tinkeled in your pants. Yes I have.

Well thats all,


my wife's two recent accidents

Been married for almost 2 years, my wife and I dated for 4 years before that. In 6 years there has never really been any bathroom related incidents I can think of, until now in just the past month she has randomly had an accident in her pants two separate times. Obviously being an adult woman she is quite embarrassed about it and now she's been having some anxiety about it happening again. The first time, while mortifying for her, we kind of just laughed off as a random incident. I didn't have my car for a couple of days last month so she had been dropping me off at work on her way to work and then picking me up on her way home. After she picked me up one evening we decided to just hit a drive thru for fast food on the way home because we were both too tired to cook. While she was placing the order she seemed to get really confused and distracted while saying our order. After it was placed she just had this look on her face like she had just realized something terrible...I said "you ok?" And she said "uhh, I think so?" I said what do you mean? She said "I got a really bad cramp while I was ordering and I thought I was gonna shit lol" I laughed and said "ya good now?" She said "yeah I mean I do have to go but the cramp went away so I'm ok." We rolled up and paid at the first window and were waiting third in line for the pick up window. All the sudden she shifted kind of violently in her seat and grabbed the door handle and groaned, and then she was like "oh f*** me I think I'm gonna shit my pants!" And just like that I heard the explosion. It was right after she said it, just this crazy loud squelch followed by really wet sounding poop filling her pants. The odor filled the car instantly even with both Windows down. She was just sitting there with her butt slightly off the seat saying "oh god what do I do? what do I do?" I tried to calm her down and just said "nothing you can do about it now except grab our stuff and go home." We got up to the window and I could hear more wet poop filling her pants as we were sitting there. once they handed us the bag she instantly drove away without our drinks. The whole ride home she just kept saying "I can't believe this this is so gross" and stuff like that. I just kept telling her it wasn't a big deal. She said "you're not the one sitting in shit filled pants right now so of course it's not a big deal to you." Fair enough I guess. We got home and I expected her to jump out of the car and rush inside. Instead she just sat there still carefully planning her move. She said "can you go get me a towel or something?" So I did. I got back out and she was still sitting but had her door open. She very carefully gingerly eased out of the car, and kept gasping and stopping like someone trying to ease into a cold swimming pool. She said "oh my god why is it so wet" and I just said "diarrhea usually is" to which I received a very sarcastic thank you. She was out of the car and I handed her the towel to wrap around her waist. She was afraid neighbors might see the stain on her pants. She waddled her way into the house and towards the bathroom to begin the clean up, and when she removed the towel I got my first look at the damage. It was pretty bad. She had dark gray dress pants on, and there was just this enormous pumpkin shaped wet stain across her lower butt with a visible brown hue to it, and another smaller stain shaped like an egg near the top of her butt like in the middle. It was a big mess for sure. I waited a few minutes then knocked at the bathroom door and asked if she wanted me to put her dirty stuff in the wash. She hesitated then said "yeah I have to hand wash them first....these will just get the washing machine filthy as they are..." and I asked her if she wanted me to do it so she could clean up. She opened the door and said "do you think they're worth saving?" And timidly glanced at her soiled panties on the floor. They were light pink, or kind of a salmon color with lacy stuff around the edges...they were pretty much just covered in shit. the front of her panties were the only clean part still. The gusset and the entire seat were covered up to the waist band. I said it's up to you and I handed her a plastic bag to put the stuff in. She did it and thanked me so she could shower and I left her some clean underwear. I wound up taking the bag out to the backyard and using the hose to rinse off her panties in the lawn lol. Figured it was better than using the kitchen sink. I didn't tell her though because some reason I think she'd get mad. Eitherway I threw the stuff in the wash, went and cleaned the car seat as best I could and left the car windows down to air it out, and by the time all that was done she was out of the shower. We finally went to eat our now cold fast food with no drinks and she just goes "usually you get diarrhea AFTER fast food..." and we had a good laugh. that was quite an experience.

We didn't really talk about it again once it was over, no big deal. But this weekend she had another accident and now she's all stressed freaking out thinking there is something wrong. I wasn't there for the event but I was her emergency call to help deal with the damage. On Saturday she went to the grocery store and was getting things to bring to her mom's for Easter dinner. she'd been gone for about 45 mins when my phone rang and it was her. I answered and she said "...hi" and immediately I got really freaked out and worried from the sound in her voice, like she had terrible news. But for some reason, after a second, I just knew. Before she even said anything else the thought crossed my mind that she mightve done it, I don't know why. I said "hey everything ok?" She mumbled "no" and I could tell she was crying or had been crying. I said "you're making me worried babe tell me what's wrong" and she was quiet for a second, then after a deep, slow sigh she goes "...I just pooped my pants in the grocery store."

I was speechless for a second then I said "you pooped your pants again?" And she said "yes I need you to bring me clean clothes I can't leave this bathroom like this!!!" I said ok, gathered up some panties and a pair of jeans and headed to the store to meet her. I made my way back to the rest rooms and knocked lightly on the ladies room door. I heard her say "occupied!" And I told her it was me. She opened the door and it was a single bathroom so I just stepped in. She had already cleaned herself up and rinsed her pants and underwear in the sink and they were laid out flat on the floor. She thanked me and put the clean clothes on and put the wet stuff in the bag and we went out to finish shopping. I asked what happened and she said "I don't know what's wrong with me it's like I can't hold it in very long anymore or something. I just needed to go, I thought I could wait, then I got bad so I started to head to the bathroom and didn't make it across the store in time." I asked her if it was diarrhea again and she said "I don't know, well no not like last time. It was soft but not watery you know? That's why I think somethings wrong it was like a normal BM and I couldnt hold it in for very long at all." I just rubbed her back and told her not to be worried yet it was just an accident and a coincidence that it happened just a month after the other one. She nodded slightly but I could tell she was still worried. When we got home she was on the Internet for a long time doing all this paranoid research and getting herself all worked up and convinced something horrible was wrong with her like bowel cancer. So we wound up making her a doctor appointment for this week. I hope there isnt a serious issue and that maybe she's just getting a little accident prone as she gets closer to being over the hill. Anyway, so that's new. Not much of a sample size to draw any conclusions from but anyone have a thought as to a possible cause?

Running Boy

Public Toilet Usage

Hi,I am replying to the post about public toilet usage.

Like many people on this site,I have become more open about my toilet habits ,partly as a result of reading the blogs here.I still am cautious about using the loos on the floor of the building where I work-there are not many of us and it is a fairly traditional work environment.So I am nervous about producing too many noises and smells which my mainly male colleagues might associate with me.However I am happy to shit in other parts of the office and i dont mind who hears me.I am also intrigued by the noises and smells coming from other cubicles and often wonder who might be the person responsible.

Outside my workplace,i now really like pooing in public.Partly this is as a result of my experiences in China where pooing in full view of other people seemed as natural as eating or drinking in front of them.My best experience was at a trough toilet in Beijing.Here,people squatted in a line over a trough.There was a partition between each stall but no door.Also,the partition's height meant that when I was squatting down i could not avoid seeing the bum of the guy in front of me.I saw everything as his bum opened up and a rapid shower of turds fell out into the trough below.These sat there along with his pee for a time until a jet of water carried everything away and I also saw other people's stools being washed away.Obviously what I could see happening from the guy in front,anybody in the stall behind me could witness from my behind.I had no problem with this.As I say it felt completely natural.The only times I felt embarrassed about such open behaviour was when the poo wouldnt come out and I had to squat seemingly doing nothing when everyone else seemed to have no trouble.Also,because I found it difficult to wipe whilst squatting,i sometimes had to stand up.If i needed to wipe a lot,i found this slightly difficult, Finally,i should just say that I have occassionally visited naturist beaches abroad.If the toilets were a long way away and the tide was out,people would sometimes just pee where they were.I did it a couple of times by just moving to the end of my towel and peeing into a small hole in the sand I had made whilst sitting down with my legs slightly open.Others,particularly girls,would squat quite openly and relieve themselves.I did not feel completely comfortable with this although I am not sure why.Perhaps it was the fact that other people were not doing the same? Anyway ,those are my observations about going to the toilet in public.I hope people find them interesting.

Alex B.


Today, I was walking to Walgreen's to get cat treats and marshmallow peeps. When I got inside the store, I noticed that I had to pee really bad. I was struggling to choose which color of peeps I wanted, but I finally chose yellow. All this time I was starting to get more and more nervous. I paced around the store trying to find where the bathrooms were. I found that the bathroom was way in the back, but I had forgot to go get the cat treats, so I found the pet supply aisle. The treats that my cat likes are fancy feast turkey in a can, so I picked up five of those. Then I took my basket and went into the back left where the bathrooms are. I get in there and I discover that the bathrooms are locked and only a numbered code would open them.
So I had to hold it because I did not have the courage to ask. Anyway I walked over towards the cash register, picking up 2 bottles of coke and checking out magazines along the way. At the register, I was behind this senior citizen. She was having a hard time figureing out the exact change to give and I am standing behind her, having to go worse and worse. She finally finished with the cashier, who was beautiful by the way, and I paid for my stuff. I swipped my debit card and was on my way. When I was outside checking to see if I had everything, I thought that I could not make it until home and was about to wet my jeans, so I made the conscious decision to use the bathroom at the nearby Subway. I walked into Subway at full speed and rushed into the open men's room. I peed and instantly felt much better.

Anatomy Student

To Erin

Hello Erin. I have a few theories about fecal fascination. I too am very interested in the whole process of relieving one's self. When I was growing up I had parents with high expectations. Now I'm borderline OCD and have an Anal Fixation. Look up Freud's Anal Stage of childhood development and start there. My opposite gendered cousin was allowed to be in the bathroom with me while I was being potty trained at a younger than average age (I saw a picture of me on a potty in a family album. I have no memory of any of this BTW).


Hearing my BF for the first time

Hi there! I've been away from this site from quite time ago. I must say I am a (now) girl in her freshly turned 20s(?) from Mexico (VIVA MEXICO ), as long as I can rembember I have always been interested in people pooping, and in more recent years (like when I was 13) it became in a really strange arousment. So yeah, that's it so you could get the story. I love hearing people pooping, specially if they're quite noisy (grunting, breathing, farting but I LOVE grunting and pushing). Also, I'm in nursing school so I'm OK with odors, but...that's the thing I don't like a lot.
Anyways, to the point in this. I've been with my boyfriend for three years now, and I have NEVER EVER EVER tell him about my....secret fetish, and I haven't broke that fart/poop barrieer (sorry bad english :v) I haven't farted in front of him or and neither I have tell him I had to poop or something like that, and neither he did (well, I'm pretty sure I heard him fart once, but he denies it!)
So today was Easter, we went to Mass and to a picnic with his family. I am from the North, and here we love doing carne asada (BBQ) and he tends to eat a lot, so there he was eating a lot and after a while I noticed him uncomfortable and kept going away with his dog to play (we were in some kind of farm field). After a while I had to go back to my family so we said goodbye and left that place. We had to take his dog back to his place and so we stopped there for a while.
I had drank too much coke for my sake so I was bursting to go to pee, so I told him to hurry up 'cause I needed the toilet so bad and he told me he did it too, but at that time I only tought it was for a number one. So I go in the toilet while he was getting out the dog and changing his shirt, I peed quickly and lay down on the couch while he went in there. The walls of his house, or at least, his bathroom walls are quite thin, so basically you can hear EVERYTHING from outside, so I heard his long stream of pee after the clanking of the toilet seat, thinking he was over I asked for his wifi password as I have changed my cellphone, he got out as nothing and gave it to me, but I found weird I didn't heard the flush of the toilet, so I tought I may just have missed it, but OH SURPRISE, he goes back in there muttering "I haven't started yet" and so my arouse and excitment began.
I came back to the couch (the living room is next to the bathroom) and played with my cellphone for a while so it could make some noise, and said at him that I was tired and was going to take a nap for while while he came out. So there I was, completly silent trying to catch everything I could hear, feeling the color fill up my cheeks and a certain wetness in some area.
At first it was nothing, just him coughing ocasionally, it went like that for about five-ten minutes (I was really falling asleep now tho) and at least I heard him grunt a bit and the toilet seat screeching a little from him moving, he gave a big sigh and changed position again, then another grunt and a fart followed by another big sigh and another grunt, God,I loved that sound so much I wished I could be in there. He gave another grunt and then I heard something big splash in the toilet, he sighed in relief and went silent for two minutes, then he have another grunt and another sigh of relief so I guess he dropped another log, and I coulnd't have loved more to be in there. He wiped about two or three times and then he flushed the toilet and washed his hands, so I quickly grabbed my phone and started looking something random on fb and pretended like nothing had happened, but the truth is that my heart was pounding and I was quite needy. After that, I had to calm down that need know and we left the house.
Is it so wrong it's so exciting for me?
I'm wondering if I can tell him about this...little thing, I'm afraid he would think I'm crazy, so for the moment I'm keeping it quiet. And that's my story, thanks for reading and sorry for any error, you know, not native speaker.
See you! If something happens I'm sure to let you know.


To Newby: On wiping--or not

I think you should wipe after every bowel movement, whether you think you need it or not. Obviously, you will check the toilet paper after each pass, and if there is no visible brown, you don't wipe any more. If there is even a little brown, though, and you don't wipe it off, it can sit there on your anus and start to dry out, and it may very well irritate your tender skin. That can itch, and it is embarrassing to have a sudden itch and have to scratch between your butt cheeks while out in public. Not only that, but such scratching can lead to anal fissures, tiny cracks in the skin of the anus that can eventually bleed and cause pain. Fissures can also form without scratching. Believe me, they are no fun, and can last for days or weeks.

I wipe in this way: Fold 4 sheets of tp, wipe, look at the paper; if any brown is on it, fold the tp again, re-wipe, and look at the paper; if any brown is still there, go to next set of tp. (Usually I have to use 3 sets of tp, so I'm describing a typical wipe session.) Usually the first set of tp has gotten enough poop off that my second set needs only 3 sheets; I fold them and wipe, look at the result, and if another wipe still looks necessary, I refold the tp, spit on it, and wipe with the slightly wet tp. Again I look at the result; if I see nothing, I quit; but more likely, there is still a brown stain, so I go to the third set of tp. By this time, usually not much is left to appear on the refolded second set, so the third set can be just two sheets of tp. I wipe, and check the result. Usually by this time there is just a faint hint of brown; but I have learned from experience not simply to leave it like that. I refold the third set of tp, put a dab of Noxzema or similar cleansing cream on it, and wipe with that. Not only does the Nox feel good and cool on my anus, but it really does cleanse the area; further, it is the right consistency that I can stick my finger (with the paper on it) up into my anal canal, thus cleansing that also. Usually that set of tp comes out pretty clean; but if not, I just repeat with a new set of two sheets of tp.

I do remember when I was young, often having large long thick solid turds that left very little residue; but even then, it always felt better to me to wipe at least once. As a young man I hardly ever had fissures or any other anal problem, so it must have worked.


Yesterday Afternoon

Hi, all! I'm new to the site in terms of posting, but I've been a lurked for about a year now. I'm 13, blonde with ultra-curly long hair, kinda short in stature. I live in the South (don't want to specify) in a big remodeled plantation house with my nana.
Anyway, yesterday was difficult. During brunch, I got the worst stomach ache. After passing gas a couple of times at the table, Nana asked me if I was alright. I didnt really think I was, but I didn't want to worry her. One time in particular, I remember saying "uh oh" and farted very loudly. It was very smelly, so Nana asked me if i needed to move my bowels. It was very wet and I felt something in my panties. I put my hand down there to see if it was a bowel movement. It wasn't, but I excused myself. Walking upstairs to the bathroom, my cramps got worse. When I got to the bathroom, I locked the door, dry heaving in the sink. Nothing came up. After I while, I vomited. Soon after, Nana knocked on the door.
"Baby," she called,
"You need Nana's help?"
I called back to her that I was fine. I didn't want her to know what was going on. I ran the water, hoping to wash my vomit out the sink, and suddenly another cramp hit. I knew I wouldn't be able to push it out with enough force if I sat on the toilet, so I got on my hands and knees in front of it. I groaned for a while before I screamed for Nana, who had brought her key just in case she needed in. She walked in just as I was having a pee. The puddle spread underneath me, soaking through my panties, which were still on.
"I'm sorry," I started.
"I just really needed to mess."
She told me that it was alright and that she was here to help she went to the linen closet and brought back some Vaseline for me to rub on my little hole. After I did that, it was a little easier to get started. She knelt with me, rubbin my back and whispering softly to me as I whined. Eventually, I decided to give up.
"It's too big. My poopoo's too big for my butt."
"It's okay, honey. Just relax. You'll move your bowels when you're ready."
After half an hour on the floor, I told her that I was ready to make a poopoo. She sat there coaching me through it again. In one motion, I passed a bowel movement about four inches wide and ten inches long. It smelled awful. It was very firm with a layer of mucus on the top. It sort of reminded me of hard peanut butter. Nana helped me wipe (six times) and we left it to soften before flushing.

Matt G.


Hi, I'm Matt! I discovered this site the other day and have been reading through many of the posts, finding them quite entertaining. I am a sophomore in high school and am generally pretty shy. But I thought I'd post something here finally.

This story takes place near the end of my eighth grade year. We had a final project in my literature class, that involved us making a children's book. I was in a group of four, the other three being girls. Their names being Emily, Lily, and Kaelynn, one of which, Emily, I had a crush on. When it came to finally finish the book, we all went to Emily's house around 9:00 that Saturday. Back then my pooping schedule usually had me going in the mornings, but having slept in more than I had planned, I had only enough time for a quick shower and change into my clothes before heading over. The crap could wait.

I was the last one to get there, and already found them working on the project, so I promptly joined them. We worked for at least four hours. We were talking, laughing, just having a good time together. The whole time, only Kaelynn ever went off to the bathroom, and that was a short one. But the last hour of that time, I started to feel the urge. It felt like a big but stable one. I would've said I was gonna go, but I just couldn't leave the wonderful conversation I was having with all these nice, cute girls, especially since my crush was one of them. So I resisted until I couldn't bear it.

Luckily, we accomplished out goals for that day and I was ready. Of course, Lily interrupted before I could go off. She said bluntly, "Well, I gotta take a shit right now, so...". Emily replied, "Okay, you go do that hun." I should mention now that the house only had one small bathroom with no locked door (great design...) and lacked a fan as well as the door having a half inch gap from the floor, ensuring all sounds were heard outside.

So then I waited patiently downstairs and made some small talk with Emily for a few minutes, while trying really hard not to fart. She then interrupted me to get some stuff from her Dad's office. I thought by then that Lily would be done. I walked up the stairs to find Kaelynn giggling a bit as she stood outside the bathroom door. I heard a flush and a quick hand wash before Lily came walking out. "All yours amigo. Have fun," she told me. Kaelynn exclaimed to Lily, "Nice one!" as they walked back downstairs.

I entered the bathroom then, closing the door behind me. There was only a slight odor present and some skid marks left in the bowl. I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped off the seat, throwing it away in the bin just to make sure that if I had to use a lot of TP, the toilet wouldn't clog. I then pulled my pants down and proceeded to sit on what was a very warm seat from the previous user. I proceeded to pee freely, not caring about volume since everyone else was downstairs. I then let out a large fart, followed by a few deep, low odor ones. This one was large and felt good coming out and luckily didn't cause much of any residue. However the sheer size of them made it take a few minutes per one. I successfully got the first one out and started pushing out the second. At about the halfway point of pushing the second log out, I heard steps going up.

I thought, "Oh great just when it's the most pressure." Luckily whoever it was walked passed the door and didn't think a thing. I guessed then that it must have been Emily, since whoever it was went to one of the bedrooms. Well I tried to hold it midway so that no sound would be made, but this bit back. I heard the steps walk back, and within seconds a brief knock and "Hello?" was said as the door came open. (just saying why not knock and ask, then open?, and not all at the same time) Some say in car accidents, everything runs in slow motion, and it was just like this here. In shock, my mouth begins to utter something as the door opens and realizing that it is Emily I release the pressure and the second turd makes a loud plop in the toilet, followed by another loud fart. "Umm, yeh." I said as the door finished opening. (I had no clue what to say) "Oh, hi. I'm sorry I see you're busy right now," Emily says awkwardly smiling as she's just staring at me sitting there. "Well just continue on. It's fine. I'll wait." This whole moment seemed like an eternity of her staring at me for like 15 seconds, even continuing to stare for a little after she finished talking. She then walked back out closing the door behind her. I couldn't believe my crush just saw me pooping, so much for dating I guessed.

I breathed a sigh of relief and pushed to take the remaining amount out. It was just a few smaller, but wide ones, and a few farts to finish it off. I still ponder to this day how she couldn't have realized I was upstairs in the bathroom because she had to have noticed only Lily and Kaelynn were down there. Or maybe she did know, but I'm not sure how that would make any sense. Well no matter, I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands and left the bathroom heading downstairs.

There I found all three of them talking to my sister Beth (who was picking me up) giggling about something. "Come on let's go," my sister said. They all said goodbye to me, though I saw Emily walking upstairs past me, probably going to the bathroom. Beth continued as we walked to the car, "Sounded like you all enjoyed yourselves." "Yep, it was really fun." "Emily said she was so glad to have you in the group, and couldn't have imagined today without you." "I'm sure she couldn't." That day reinforced to me why I should try to poop at home, rather than at others houses. But this wouldn't be the last time...till next time.

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