Sister in law peed a little

I'm a longtime lurker but after today decided to finally share.

Today for Easter my wife and I spent the afternoon with her parents and her sister and her fiance. At one point we were out walking and talking and joking around as any family does. Someone said something particularly funny and we were all laughing and my sister in law said something about needing to pee between laughs. That didn't stop us, of course, and we kept joking and laughing and she stayed bent over for a good half minute laughing with her legs together. We started walking again and I noticed she was kind of hanging back a little. She's early 20s, former gymnast/cheerleader, very toned, and was wearing tight tan/kahki shorts with maybe a 2-3 inch inseam. Very form fitting and would not at all hide any wetness. I did my best to sneak a peak at her crotch to check for signs of wetness without being obvious, which wasn't easy. At one point I "accidentally" dropped my phone and bent down quickly to pick it up and was able to get a low angle and see her crotch. There was clearly a dark tan spot in the middle! It was about the size of an egg (appropriate for Easter!) and very clearly a wet spot from pee. It wasn't visible from the front or down either leg and when she passed me it wasn't visible straight on from the back, either. We kept going and kept joking and I saw her grab herself once or twice and squeeze her legs tight. When we got back to the house I caught one more glimpse and the wet spot was a little bigger and barely visible without squatting if you looked close enough. She excused herself to her room (she still lives at home) as the rest of us settled in for coffee and dessert and when she came out a few minutes later she had changed into some sweatpants and a t-shirt.

A while later I found myself next to her in the kitchen with nobody else nearby. I said something about her laughing too hard when needing to pee being dangerous. She said, "Yeah, it was close." I said it looked like it was a little too close and winked. She turned beet red and said, "What? Could you see anything? Oh my God..." I smiled and told her it was ok and I only saw a little when I dropped my phone and didn't think anyone else noticed. She said, "Thank God. I was just laughing and all of the sudden it started to come out before I could stop it." I said it was no bog deal, it happens, and asked if it had happened before. She said, "Not often." I said, "Well, it must run in the family since your sister (my wife) has done it more than once, too." She laughed at that. I said, "At least you didn't have a big accident." She chuckled and said, "No. Not this time!" and walked back to the living room, leaving me very curious if there was another time...



What's so bad about skid-marks?

I am a 31-year-old female, and although I try to wipe well most of the time, I occasionally see smudges in my white panties. I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with this, either, and am not sure why two other versions of this response have not been posted. I believe that baby wipes are for BABIES, and will NOT waste my money on them because when I did, I found them drying-out, getting moldy, or otherwise "going bad" before I used the last of them, and I am on a tight budget.

I would also never date or marry a guy who wasn't "man enough" to 1.) admit that he has sharted as an adult, and 2.) show me his skid-marked underwear to prove that they are always worse than mine even on his "best" day! I would also teach my sons (not that I want kids) that wiping clean is NOT important for boys like it is for girls, since they can never get a Urinary Tract Infection from not doing so! I would much rather be alone for the rest of my life than to spend it with a man who is a "neat freak" or wipes better than I do! What's the matter with this, and how can I get this point across without seeming angry?

Easter Meals Turning to Poop

I am thinking of all of the Easter dinners that are currently getting turned into poop for tomorrow morning and some of the Easter brunches that were pooped out tonight.

All the chocolate bunnies and candy that just don't have to change color they can stay brown and just change from ???? chocolate to smelly poop flavor.

Monday, April 06, 2015


Odd question

Hi there! I've been looking at this site for years actually and it's really interesting stuff; it's a wonder that no one talks about any of this in person. Anywho, I'm rather curious about what you all think about wiping? Sometimes when I go, I don't feel it necessary to wipe. Of course I'd wipe after something terribly explosive, but besides that, it can be nice not wiping after a poo or pee. I mean it could get on your undies a bit, but one could just throw it in the wash? At any rate, I'd love to hear back on this, thanks!


Answers to survey

In answering the current public toilet survey I'm including my friend Lorenz since he's staying with my family this week. This will give both a male and female point of view.

1. When the flush cycle doesn't shut off and water is swirling around you and splashing in the bowl. T--I hate it. Because I'm short (3'8") I can't easily just raise my butt a bit off the toilet because when I'm seated my feet don't touch the floor. N--Once last year at school I had light blue slacks on and used a urinal that was running wild before my mom picked me up. I ended up with 3 large blotches on my crotch from the urinal and when my mom picked me up she told me I had "to take my time" when using the urinal (LOL)and then asked me if I washed my hands. I lied. Most of the sinks were spilling over too from abuse.

2. Noise, movement and activity from other stalls. T--At school, I have to get done pretty fast so I kind of block it out. In other places I may be bored so I will watch the legs, listen to the noises, and try to understand what's happening. One of the strangest things to figure out was one day at my mom's office building where someone lifted the seat, and there was a huge splash as they poured the remainder of coffee out of a large pot. N--Sometimes you have to pay attention. Last year at a carnival a little boy came into the stall next to mine, lowered his shorts to the floor and started to pee without any aim. My left leg got splashed as I sat.

3. Conversations and things being done at the sinks. T--Lots of time is wasted there. More hand washing would be happening if more of us could get in there before the bell rings for our next class. N--Since many of our stalls are doorless, I personally don't like to see and hear others talk about and compare their dumps while I'm frustrated in trying to push mine out.

4. Eyes on the cubicle door and through the cracks. T--Do I owe them a progress report? At school, when a doorless stall is the last one to be used, I will take it to save time and prevent a detention. Strange as it may seem, I don't lose any more privacy than I would with the peekers at the door. N--Can't they see the embarrassment on my face, my arms holding my head up as I stare at the floor? Even then all I see is puddles of pee, chew and some pubic hair.

5. Growing number of people walking into bathroom and waiting. T--This just happened yesterday before homeroom. I had just seated myself for my first wee of the day. The lock was broken and dangling from my door. This girl threw the door open on me twice, hitting my knee and told me her anus was exploding. She cursed me when I told her it was going to be a minute or two. That confusion kept me from fully emptying my bladder, though. N--I try to avoid such situations, even if I have to go to another floor of my school. Also when crapping, I try not to use a toilet with its seat badly splashed. I've had teachers ask me why it takes me so long, but I'm too shy to tell them, especially if its a lady.

6. Autoflushes. T--Because of my small size its been a problem. N--in the guys rooms they often are broken because of vandalism.

7. Unisex bathrooms. T--They are great for privacy if they are single stall and with a latchable entry way door. They also work well with some of the boys I babysit who would otherwise be too young to go in on their own. N--I've only used them in stores a couple of times. Both times, it didn't have a urinal. If the guys don't remember to lift the seat, I can see women complaining.

Brandont T

comments & stuff

To: Cristina first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like your nephew was a really big help to you and it also sounds like you had a pretty good poop to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Erin great story it sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun I look forward to reading more of your stories.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Thank you guys for the warm welcome!:)

To answer Siford's question:
No one has specifically came up to me and said anything. I just feel like that's what they think. It's strange, I know. In regards to the seat cover thingy, my daddy put the fear of God into me about those and keeping clean. So, I can never see myself not using them:p

Sonya Sues questions(Cause I'm super bored:p)

1. When the flush cycle etc...

The noise doesn't bother me as much.

2. noise movement etc...

This makes me extremely uncomfortable to the point where I have to hold it until they are finished going o.o

3. Conversations etc...

This doesn't bother me as much as someone in the stall next to me, but sometimes it gets to me. I mean unless they are being really noisy. Then I try to finish quickly:p

4. Those with eyes etc...

I had a terrible experience with this!!!:( this drunk girl kept stalking me at work, and while the band was on break, I really had to go cause my ???? was killing me. So I went into the stall, and while I was sitting there, already having a super hard time with things, she kept peeking through the cracks in the stall door! She kept saying, "what are you doing in there?" And "you are taking so long." And "let me come in and see what's going on babe"...horrible.

So ya. Not a big fan of this. Completely paranoid when people walk by the stall door.

5. A growing number etc...

Doesn't bother me as much, but could always be a problem.

6. Auto flushes etc...

I can't stand this! I live in a place that has so many automatic flush toilets, and I'll be sitting there doing my business, and it will flush while I am pushing:(

7. Unisex etc.

I have never been to one of these...

Yay! I love surveys!!!

Anatomy student

To Christina

I don't think your nephew is attracted to you. He was probably just concerned for your well being. I'm an over-caring male. I can't tell you how many times I've held people's hair while they were sick, helped up, or massaged strictly platoniclly. There is a certain curiosity that I have to other people's (especially female) bowel movements. Perhaps it was a combination of care and curiosity. People naturally seek the unknown. If women walked around shirtless but had to wear gloves, hands would be the new privates whilst the chest just a chest. Since everyone is usually very private about thief bowel habits it sparks a quiet interest and is brought into conversation on some casual occasions with close friends.


Not long ago I had this procedure and the Doc said I was fine. However there was one little problem that I want to tell you. The prep the day before and the morning of had really cleaned me out. At the end my pee and poop were about the same in terms of liquidity. Now I was on the table with my gown on waiting for my turn. It turned out to be a fairly long wait as the Dr. had some sort of a problem with the person in front of me. They gave me a small TV to watch while I waited. Then I started to feel a little unconfortable feeling around my anus like maybe I needed to make another trip to the restroom. I was in this small waiting room with no one around and the feeling was growing. I sat up and called to a nurse who was passing by that I needed to go to restroom. She helped me up from the table and told me hold the back of the gown together and pointed to rest room across the room. I gathered my gown up as best I could and started across the room. The presure was really great now and I was not at all sure that I could hold all the way across the room but I some how made it. I went in and closed the door but before I could turn around and sit on toilet the very watery liquid poo exploded out onto my gown and on to the floor. I was amazed how much flowed out and in just a moment I was done. There was a small sink that I was able to clean my self up at but the gown was a problem. I stuck my head out the door and got the attention of another nurse. I explained about my accident, it was very embarrassing but the nurse said it happened every so often. She got me a clean gown and said not worry about the mess and got me back on the table. Shortly after that I was wheeled into procedure room and given drugs that quickly knocked me out. No problems were found in my colon and I went home a couple hours later.


Some News

Hi everyone,
I wrote some stuff awhile ago, but it didn't get posted. Once when I was little, someone gave me some diapers to wear for my bowel issues. I think it was a mother of a child that also had fecal incontinence issues. When I went to the bathroom to change when I felt I needed to, I did it myself. I'm sure some kids wet the bed when having bad dreams, but I don't think I did. I no for sure I didn't wet the bed when a song I listened to at night startled me. It was the song Ugly by this rapper Bubba Sparx. I guess the electronic thumping beat in one of the verses made me think someone was coming for me. Also, the fire I mentioned in one post was minor due to the fact it didn't burn a large area of the house. It did however, burn the wall behind the stove, the cabinets above it, and even melted a clock on the wall to the right. The burnt cabinet wood smelled nice. It was the paint, sooty sheetrock, and melted clock that smelled awful. I'd have to say it smelled worse than poop! Speaking of poop, sometimes I have what feels like extra mucus in mine. I feel it when I wipe. The poops that I sometimes have that sound a little extra soft also might have extra mucus.


response to Oldpoop

Thanks for responding to me, oldpoop :)

I think I probably did wipe imperfectly this time. I almost always look at the toilet paper after I wipe, but I guess I probably saw a small streak and thought it was okay when there was more than what appeared to be there. I usually try and wipe pretty thoroughly and definitely make sure it contacts my anus, but other times I do it more quickly and that might've caused the problem.

I also did feel a little bit of itching at one point, so I'm sure that's exactly what happened.

I really hope there's no leak and I don't think there is because this doesn't happen too often. It's really pretty rare, but it happens sometimes and I always insist that I do my own laundry when it does haha. Thanks for your thorough answer--I appreciate it :D

I am curious everyones anus color, please say your ethnicity and age.

The Most Embarassing Time

It was Christmas, and I was 15 years old. We always do this church thing where the kids put on a play. This particular year, the play was one that one of the adults who worked there wrote. Basically, it was about a girl who was very good so she got to go up to heaven before she died. She met an angel who was really one of The Devil's henchmen, and basically she saves heaven from this evil Devil person. I had stopped acting in these plays when I was 12, but they needed me to play the girl, so i thought what the hell, why not? Right before, we had dinner. I got a really spicy roast beef thing, which I flushed down with milk. Then, I had a buttery dessert with another glass of milk. Now, we went to the church. At the church, had a roll before I changed into my costume. Now, you will want to know that the costume was a flawy skirt and a shirt. Just saying. So, we went up, I sang the first part, then I went backstage to wait for my next scene. Then, I began to sweat. I think it was all the food I had eaten, because everything I ate was bad for diarrhea. Anyway, I was sweating, people were singing, and I was thinking about whether I could hold. I was going to go up in three minutes, which I knew wasn't enough time to discreetly leave the church, cross the street to the Starbuck's (the church lacked a bathroom), find a stall, and empty the contents of my stomach. I would have to hold. Luckily, I was only up for two minutes before intermission. I had only ten minutes to defecate, actually, even less because I had to change into my angel costume as well, and that was no easy task. I gave myself five minutes to release the Hershey's sauce. Well, I went over to the exit, but I was spotted by my mom.
"Hey, honey! Try these cupcakes." She said. I declined, but then she hustled me over to a group of her friends to introduce me. My time was running out. Before I new it, Emma, my friend, told me that we had to change. I waddled over, to avoid relaxing, and I changed into a looser, flowier dress. Great. 0 containment. I went back on stage and began to sing. Then, I lost it. I released a loud fart and then Liquid poo with pockets of grease flowed down my anus. I squatted on the floor and continued to crap, and when I was done, I was sitting in a puddle of poop.
I never forgot that day.

Sunday, April 05, 2015


To Jemma

Hey Jemma

I enjoyed your story about your poo at the Tesco store. Good to hear you had a decent bowel movement after 3 days of constipation; it's best to go when the urge comes rather than waiting 'til you get home. Loved your description of how your second log broke off into 5 pieces "plop after plop" as it came out - that second log must have been huge but also very relieving. The fact that it broke apart as it came out suggests it was fairly soft (despite your constipation) so that's a good sign. Anyway I hope your belly doesn't get sore and I look forward to your next post :-)



Post Title (optional)Exciting Women's Restroom Experience

So I was at mall yesterday feeling a little constipated, so I was sitting on the toilet for a while in the ladies room just waiting for my poop to come out. A girl walked in and took the stall right next to me. She was wearing flip flops with red toenails, and jeans. She pulled her pants down and peed a little and let out a quick buzzer sounding fart. I could tell exactly what she was doing on the toilet - after 30 seconds had passed she rose up on her toes and started plopping. Her feet quivered as she let out some soft, feminine grunts. I heard the poop sliding out of her butt, and at least 3 distinct plops. The bathroom had initially smelled very clean but there was soon a strong odor of healthy poop. Then she wiggled her toes a little as she softly sighed with relief, and wiped more than 10 times before leaving. Each time she wiped, she rose onto the toes of her right foot because she was sitting as she wiped from the right side. It's experiences like these that are the most exciting times of my life!! I don't know why I feel this way, and I certainly don't tell any of my friends about it. But I do figure that plenty of people on this site would understand - any theories as to why this is such a fascination?

desperate female
I Dont want to say my name because i am shy aboit the things, but i never poop in public restrooms but i was traveling to see family on easter. I made it half way when i knew i was in trouble my ???? hurt so bad i tried to make it but i couldnt so i find a place ,it is a small gas station i walk the bathroom is in back, a unisex i go get seated and try to be as quick as i can, i am really letting loose when the door flys open and a wiman holding her stomach says sorry, i say sorry thought i locked it well 5 more minutes i hear a knock and womans voice says please hurry i dont feel good i daid ok i wipe open the door she runs past me very fast sits down and explodes i gaged she shut the door i could hear her having violent diarrhea. Glad i was done and out of there

It's finally getting warm where I live so being the barefooter and occasional nudie that I am, I've been taking plenty of barefoot and sometimes bottomless walks in the woods, feeling the cool mud between my toes.
I fart freely and very often when I'm alone so my butt's pumping out gas nonstop.

Peeing on the clumps of Spring snow and leaving yellow slush is super fun and I have a nice spot where I've pooped every afternoon for the past week.

It feels good to be so free. :D

Cool Dumper

Stains on Underwear

Hi! Haven't posted for ages, but wanted to pass along some hopefully useful information. From time to time on this site there are discussions relating to "skid marks", or fecal matter stains on underwear. The discussions usually revolve around careless wiping or some other supposed fault of the sufferer. However, I would like to offer two other possibilities. 1: Hemorroids or other inflammations of the anal area, perhaps a small cut caused by a sharp piece of undigested material passing, can cause leakage due to poor sealing. This is often accompanied by pain and/or itching in the area. Upon healing, the leakage will cease. 2: Often flatulence will contain small particles of fecal matter which, when passed, get "filtered" by the fabric of the undergarment, resulting in staining. I guess the point I am trying to make is that such stains are not always someone's "fault", and there should not be a sense of shame, either by the victim or others, for their happening. This is why underwear exists.



Long time reader, rare poster. two things I wanted to ask that are on my mind. 1- for those of you who find others having accidents appealing, how do you feel about the idea of yourself having one? It's funny...been interested in females having accidents pretty much forever. I've been open about that with people in my life. I've had girlfriends who think it's hilarious that even though I like that, I HATE the idea of it ever happening to me in front of someone else. I think I would be really pissed off if it happened Hahaha. Does that make me a hypocrite or does it seem unusual that I'd feel that way?

Next question, and it's kind of related. Ever had a shart that didn't feel like a shart? I just legit sharted...but it felt like just a total normal, run of the mill innocent quick fart. Nothing special about, didn't feel wet. Then a few mins later I can feel the wetness on my pants and I thought I spilled something on my chair and it rolled back or whatever...but when I got up I noticed it was all the way through from the inside! So it was wet enough to soak through two layers but didn't feel wet when it came out. Bizarre. Anyone ever experience that?


Smallest toilets ever?!

Hi everybody, I have a story I want to share. I was out shopping last weekend and really needed the toilet, I had such a bad stomach ache. Some of the public toilets where I live have just been renovated so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to check them out.

The first thing I noticed was just how shallow the toilets were. Everything was a normal height so they were clearly designed for somebody my age but they were so shallow! I actually began to worry a little. I hadn't had a poo in about a week so I knew there was going to be a lot, but I was worried about it blocking. My stomach gurgled loudly and I knew I had no choice.

I pulled down my jeans and underwear and sat on the toilet, fearing the worst. Almost immediately my poo started coming out of me and it felt amazing! After a few seconds it reached the bottom of the bowl and I had to gently push to keep it moving. It broke off and I farted then stood up. Sitting there was a piece about 12 inches long and 1 inch thick, coiled nicely around the toilet. I flushed and amazingly it went down, although leaving some skid marks. I sat again and began pushing out some more. Once again it touched the bottom of the bowl and I needed to push a little harder but it broke off very soon after. I pushed out another two smaller pieces before I was finally done. I stood up again to look at what I produced and saw a piece about 5-6 inches long and an inch thick, and two pieces about an inch long and much thinner. I sat for a final time and emptied my bladder while getting some toilet roll. It took 3 wipes for my behind and one for my front. I flushed again, happy that it all went down before redressing and washing my hands.

Yesterday I went down to London to see the sights. I anticipated wanting the loo a few times to tinkle, and at least once for a poo. Not long after I got there I had to have a wee. I found some public loos in one of the parks, and I sat in one of the cubicles and emptied my bladder. I was ok after that for a few hours, but later on I was in Hyde Park and my bladder had filled up again. I found some loos but had to pay 20p so I could have a wee!

Later on after I got some Chinese food for dinner, I felt the familiar pressure in my bum and started to want a poo. I took a look around as I walked for somewhere to go, but I didn't see any public loos. After a bit I made my way to Leicester Square. By now my poo was pressing on my anus! I knew there were some public loos there, so I made my way there and walked down the steps to the entrance. I found I would have to pay 50p to have somewhere to release my number two! I thought it was rather steep, although I did pay 50p last year to use the 'Jubiloos' which were lovely and clean. I considered looking elsewhere, but I really needed to have a poo badly by now and didn't relish the idea of holding it in for much longer.

I paid and went in. I was surprised to see that the cubicle doors were tiny- the bottom was at knee height or maybe a bit above, and the top of the door was at perhaps shoulder height at most. I walked along the row of cubicles looking for a free one, meaning I could see most of whoever was inside them. I saw several in use; in one, a girl of about my age was sitting on the loo. In the next, a woman of about 30 was standing and facing to the side, where the paper holder was, as she wiped her bum, having obviously finished a poo. The next one held a woman of about 35 sitting on the loo, looking embarrassed and straining a bit, doing her number two. I took the cubicle next to her and pulled down my skirt and blue knickers as I sat down.

I did a wee first as I heard a fart from my neighbour. I passed a bit of gas too as I started working on my first big log. It came out with a loud plop. I released another one and I heard a plop from next door. She wiped, flushed, and left, as I pushed out another turd. After one more I was done, and I wiped myself, pulled up my skirt, and flushed, leaving feeling much better!

Michael W.

To Shay.

My fellow poopers, I'm back again and I would like to share another story. But first, I have a message...

For Shay: First of all I enjoyed reading your story of Milk of Magnesia, which I like to call "Momag" for short. My question to you is, are sure you consumed 12 teaspoons or tablespoons? I ask bcz the cup at the top of the bottle reads in tablespoons, instead of teaspoons.
I have not used Milk of Magnesia before and I am planning for a spring clean out. I eat a lot but I don't poop as much. And when I do poop most of the time its just rabbit pellets. Its good to be clean on the inside but this is not really my thing. Gastrointestinal problems runs in my family. My mom, my Grandma, my brother, and my cousin all have different kinds, like Colon Cancer and Crohn's. Plus I believe that problems like these can run in the family. Anyways, your story was great and I'm glad you had a good one.

2 Ways- Welcome to the site! Sorry you got an embarrassing nickname from that experience. It is horrible when you need to go but the teacher won't let you, especially if you need to go both ways, as you said.

Claire N- You and Tlana are definitely right that views with regard to the toilet are certainly different now. I am very much glad they are! While I do come across women who are still reluctant and very much embarrassed about pooing, in general people are more open than they used to be. It may not be ladylike to do a poo, but everyone has to move their bowels, ladies included, and it shouldn't matter which toilet we have to do it in. I am glad that I personally am happy to poo in a public toilet, and also that attitudes have changed and that you and I are no longer 'supposed' to hold our number twos in for hours until we get home. Like you I enjoy having a nice, relaxing poo, and the sight of a public poo is a great relief when you have been searching for one for some time so you can release an urgent bowel movement, as I'm sure everyone on here can attest to!


Comment to Christy, plus Sonya Sue's survey


I carefully read your first post. I, too, am very shy and up to this year (I'm a freshman in high school) I also used what you call "the process" in order to use a bathroom away from home. I've been hassled at the urinals as well as when I'm sitting on the toilet. (It doesn't help that the guys' rooms have very few toilets with doors on them). I agree with you about holding the need as long a possible and yes my hands on my crotch have helped me endure some long lines. Because I've been put down so much for taking time to lay toilet paper over the seat before I sit on it, I believe "the process" you describe is pretty much in my past. I'm trying to do the butt-on-seat routine at the very last moment so that I'm not sitting any longer than necessary in front of dozens of others who can hassle me. An example is that they will say "their" toilet paper is being used and wasted. Has anyone said that to you about using the three "seat protectors" each time you use them to shield your butt from the toilet?
I think its great you are making great progress with your toilet shyness. Keep it up and I'm going to keep working on my situation too.

Answers to Sonya Sue's questions:

1. When the flush cycle starts and you seat yourself and the water and noise of the flush is swirling in the bowl under you, what happens?
This has happened to me three or four times at the urinals. Its so weird to be standing at the urinal, with your organ out and trying to get your piss started with the noise and splashing going on. I wear darker jeans most of the time and that has helped not showing the splashes from the flusher that's busted.

2. Noise, movement and activity from adjacent stalls? The worst situation I've been in is where the guy next to me at school was seated crapping, then he spreads his legs, and hurls into the toilet between them. I got out of there immediately and only had to hear two of his hurls. It was 2nd hour and I held my crap until I got home from school.

3.Conversations and things being done by those at the sinks? As long as their backs are to me, I'm just my normal shy and can endure being on the toilet, although I might pull my underwear and jeans up as far as I can (something my dad has taught me). At urinals in public places, I avoid using the one closest to the sinks because I want my privacy.

4. Those with eyes on the cubicle door and between the cracks as you sit. At my school, many of the stalls have no doors. Standing and staring at me is not going to make me pinch 'em out any faster. A few times in larger public places with doors I've been upset to see the eyeballs looking in on me. I just get frustrated and think to myself that I'm not asleep and pushing as hard as I can. Sometimes I just get up, pull up my pants, flush my fake crap and fastly walk out.

5. A growing number of people walking into a bathroom and waiting? Most of the time it happens when the class dismissal or one-minute warning bell ring at school. That's when I usually give up unless I'm at the urinal and already have my piss going. Then I'm just staring ahead at the wall and not trying to draw any attention to myself.

6. Autoflushes? I've been victimized by them when I'm both standing and sitting. When I'm not too shy to use a urinal, I will stand/lean right up against it (my insecurity, I guess), but sometimes I have to move back a bit because of splashback from the sanitary rubber pad at the bottom of the bowl. Then you can figure out what happens next!

7. Unisex toilets? Like them for privacy reasons if they are the only toilet in the room and there's a locking door that opens the room. A couple of times in department stores the seat is splashed because the parent doesn't go in with the child and hasn't shown the kid how to lift the seat first.


Share an experience

Hi, this is my first post here and i'm not sure if it belongs but here it goes.

I am a 45 year old woman teacher from England and one sports day I broke my leg in a 3-legged teachers race after an awkward fall. Fast forward a few weeks, with my leg in a cast and on crutches. Getting on to the toilet can be tricky at the best of times. Usually I have my mother who stays with me help me on and off. I can get on and off myself if I really struggle. However one day I was alone with my 20 year old male nephew who I am very close with. I was very hesitant to let him see my bottom half as I often felt he was attracted to me. I would catch him staring down my top or just felt it in different situations over the years.

Anyway here is the incident. I felt a poo coming on for a while as me and him were watching TV. I was trying to think about the best course of action to take. I told him I was going to the bathroom and I will call him if I need any help. I was in my bare feet and the floor was slippy. I put my crutches against the wall, and sat on the edge of the bath as I dropped my pants and knickers to my ankles and eventually removed them. I figured this would allow me to reach the toilet easier as the floor was wet. I just reached the toilet and was lowering my self onto the pan when my good foot slipped and I found my self on the floor, bottom half naked, one leg in a cast and unable to get up. I was almost about to poo myself on the floor

so I called out for my nephew and he came in. He was very apologetic and felt bad for letting me get like this even though it was my fault. He is very strong and lifted me by the armpits onto the throne. He knelt down by my side and supported me on one side. I was still shaking from the fall and it took a while to get going. We talked a little. I felt so vulnerable looking into his eyes with my bare bum on the cold seat. Finally I went quiet and starting pooing as we were talking. He could probably see the top of my backside. When I was done I edged off to the side to wipe my ass. I seen him take a good look in. There were probably 2 or 3 good sized logs in there. I just wiped one and got up. He helped me stand up and supported me as I put back on my knickers and sweat pants. I got my crutches and made my way back to the sitting room, he said he needed to use the bathroom so I left him there. When I was back watching TV I realized I never flushed. I felt a little humiliated by the whole experience and I know he enjoyed himself but i'm not sure which part, seeing me half naked, taking a poo or looking at my mess in the toilet bowel. Still not sure what to make of the experience but at least I could share this story.

Interested to hear any reply's on this.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lizzie great story it sounds like both you and Kathleen had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenny it sounds like Lindsay had a major and desperate cleanout and I bet she felt pretty good once she was done finally and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: 2 Ways your teacher should have been more understanding.

To: Christy first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty desperate poop but at least you made it in time as you said and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: PJ great catch.

To: Megan as always another great pooping story it sounds like you and those other women all had good poop and it sounds like that desperate woman was lucky that other woman finished when she did so that she was able to finally poop and I bet you all felt good afterwards to.

To: Claire N first welcome back and great story I look forward to reading more of them thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Tristan: wiping well enough

There are several possibilities for finding poop traces in your underpants. First, you might have wiped imperfectly, leaving a bit, or a thin layer, of soft poop on your anus, which transfers itself to your clothes when you next sit down. Your best way to avoid this problem is to check the toilet paper after you wipe. If you usually wipe thoroughly and make sure the paper really makes contact with your anus, you should be OK.

If you don't wipe well, the poop that you didn't remove may start to dry out on your anus and may cause it to itch, leading you to scratch between your butt cheeks, again transferring some of that poop to your underclothes.

Another possible cause is a slight leak from your anus. Either your bowel movement didn't empty your rectum completely, and the rest of your b.m. tried to come out; or a little bit of peristalsis in your lower colon sent a bit of new, soft fecal matter down to your anus and forced a little bit out.

Whichever turns out to be the reason for still having poop on your anus after wiping, it would be good to try some wet wipes as your last wipe (use regular toilet paper first, getting as much off with that as you can, since wet wipes are expensive by comparison, and also since they can irritate the tender skin of your anus). If you don't have, or don't wish to use, wet wipes, you can dab a little Noxzema or a similar preparation on the last set of toilet paper that you use; that should clean your anus quite adequately.


Sonya Sue's Survey

Great public toilet survey; I'll answer the questions :)

1. When the flush cycle sticks and you seat yourself and water and the noise of the flush is swirling in the bowl under you? -- I hate when that happens! Don't like the feeling of water on my butt at all, and those public toilets flush violently and if it gets stuck like that, water always gets on my butt -_-

2. Noise, movement and activity in adjacent stalls? -- I don't really notice it much or care, but I do sometimes listen in a bit. I'm always curious about that kinda thing. I don't care if I hear other guys pooping or if they hear me.

3. Conversations and things being done by those at the sinks? -- Don't mind it. I don't need it to be quiet or anything.

4. Those with their eyes against the cubicle door and where it opens as you sit and do your thing? -- Okay, that bugs me. Don't want someone watching me like that--they can wait without starting at the stall or seeing through the crack at me sitting there. Sometimes it's hard to tell if they can actually see me, though.

5. A growing number of people who are entering the bathroom and waiting for a stall to open? -- I don't like that either. Makes me feel rushed to finish going, but I don't like to rush!

6. An auto-flush? -- Those are convenient, but I don't mind flushing by hand either. I'm going to wash my hands, and if it seems dirty, I flush it with my foot.

7. A unisex toilet? -- I've used one before and it didn't bother me. I felt awkward at first, but I just got used to it. There was one girl in another stall. We just did our own thing. I think I would probably prefer individual-sex toilets, though.



To all who are interested in my posts, including Nicky and Brandon:
Thank you so much for appreciating! As I said I'm not a good storyteller but I am happy to let you know that this Saturday (yesterday) it happened again. Riley got up in the morning and she asked me if she could pee in the car again. Then she said that she hadnt peed yet when she got up out of bed. Of course I said she could and so she did. She went out to the car and sat down on the backseat and then she did her thing. She went a lot too. And it all went right into the seat which was wonderful for me because as I've said I like the idea of her peeing into the seat. And so now she has done it twice. I'm not sure how many more times she will want to do it or how many more times I should let her do it since its going right into the seat, but for now we're both enjoying it. Thanks for your interest!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Poop at my friend's house

Hi all. I'm excited because it's Spring Break now. But anyway, yesterday after school I went over to my friend Sarah's house. She doesn't live too far from school, so we walked. I started to have to pee when we were about halfway there, and I was wishing I had just gone at school. I told Sarah I needed the bathroom, and she said that she needed to poop too. I said that I just needed to pee.

We kept walking and when we got to her house, we went to the bathroom together. Sarah let me go first because I only had to pee. I sat down and peed a long forceful stream for close to a minute, then I farted loudly at the end. I wiped my front and washed my hands. Sarah sat down on the toilet and began reading a magazine. I said I'd wait for her in her room, and she said okay.

Sarah finally came out of the bathroom close to half an hour later. I asked her if she felt better after pooping. She told me yeah, and then said it was a really huge and difficult one because she hadn't been since Monday (yesterday was Friday, so that was four days of her not pooping).

Nothing else of interest to this site happened until after dinner. I felt an urge to poop about an hour after eating and so I went to the bathroom. The door was closed, and I knocked. My friend's sister, Kathleen, answered and said she was almost done, it would be just a minute. I leaned against the wall across the hall from the door and waited.

Soon, Kathleen came out and so did her smell. She apologized for the stink and said I might want to use to other bathroom. I said I was okay and went in. She doesn't know this, but I actually like the smell of poop, especially that of other girls. I locked the door behind me and opened the toilet lid to take in the full effect of the smell.

I didn't have to go too badly right then and I wanted to experience she wonderful smell fully, so I decided to keep holding my poop for a bit longer. Kathleen had really stunk it up, but it was kind of an earthy smell, if that makes any sense. I sat on the edge of the bathtub and enjoyed the aroma for several minutes before my own urge was getting too strong. Being inches away from a toilet was making me have to go much worse than I would have otherwise, I guess.

I pulled down my pants and panties and sat on the toilet. I peed a little and began pushing out a long log that curled up in the bowl. It was really really long. It finally broke off and was followed closely by another thin log that was maybe half as long. A few nuggets ended my dump.

I wiped my butt and my front and closed the lid before flushing the toilet. I washed my hands and left the bathroom. When I got back to her room, Sarah asked me what took me so long, as I'm usually a fairly quick pooper. I told her truth (well, mostly the truth), that Kathleen was in the bathroom but said she was nearly done, and so I waited for her rather than go to the other bathroom.



Please describe it :) it sounds great :-)


Not wiping good enough

Has anyone else had a problem with not wiping well enough? Do you use wet wipes?

Kinda embarrassing, but yesterday I pooped after lunch and I thought I wiped fine, but I went biking afterwards and of course when I come back from that I'm all sweaty. I went to go take a shower and when I pulled down my underwear I could notice a definite poopy smell and I saw a faint brown stain on my boxers. So I went to wipe and there was definitely a little more poop on the toilet paper. So annoying because if I was at home, I'd just use wet wipes but if I poop anywhere else I don't have access to them and I know that dry toilet paper alone doesn't always get the job done fully.

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