Hi everyone. I feel like I haven't posted in a while. So here's a recent story I wanted to tell you all.
The other day at my college me and my friend Lindsey were leaving our math class we had together. Lindsey rubbed her stomach and turned to me and said "ugh, I think I have diarrhea again." Lindsey is a very open person so it didn't surprise me that she would tell me that. I had to go too, so we both went to the women's restroom. We were the only two people there which was rare even though our class is in the late afternoon. Lindsey took a stall quickly and I went in the one next to her. I pulled my yoga pants and pink undies down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I looked under the partition to see Lindsey's flowery shorts and blue undies piled up at her sneakers. She immediately started squirting out loose poo and farting. She told me that yesterday she had a big dinner with lots of Indian food and she knew she would have the squirts the next day. I crapped a few turds as Lindsey continued squirting and farting. I started wiping my ass while Lindsey let out a long buzzy fart. I flushed and washed my hands and waited by the sinks for Lindsey to finish shitting. Eventually she wiped her ass and flushed. She told me she felt so much better after. She came over to my house that night and had diarrhea again in my toilet. I don't know if she'll be having Indian food again any time soon!

Brandon T

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To: Erin great story did she like doing it and I look forward to reading more from you thanks.

To: Chloe B it sounds like you just made it t the bathroom with just milliseconds to spare.

To: Kiki first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to reading anymore you may have thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

2 Ways

One Time In High School...............

This is my first time posting a story here. "2 ways" was my unfortunate nickname in high school and how I got it is kind of a funny story. At least I think it's a funny name now. I hated the name in high school.

I was in Social Studies class my freshman year and I had to go to the bathroom. I raised my hand and asked for permission to go, but the teacher said "no." He was a first-year teacher and I think he was eager to prove how tough and strict he was. Well, I really did have to go, so I asked him again, explaining that I really did need a girls' room pass. He told me to just wait until class was over. But as the class wore on, my situation became more urgent and I wasn't sure I could actually wait until class was over. So I asked again and he said "no" again.

But by now I really, REALLY needed to go and I wasn't going to take "no" for an answer. I continued to ask and as I became more and more desperate, I just blurted out, "Please Mr. B_____, I have to go 2 ways." The whole class just burst out laughing with the comment. But not only didn't Mr. B____ let me go, it only made him more angry. He threatened to give me detention if I didn't be quiet. At that point, I figured that as long as I was going to get in trouble anyway, I might as well go for it. I then just got up and went to the girls' room on my own. I took care of my business - going "2 ways" as I needed to - and headed back to class. When I got back, Mr. B____ did have a pass waiting for me. But this was a pass to the principal's office along with a disciplinary write-up.

I got a 2-period detention (2:45 - 4:15 after school that day) and I had to write, "I will not leave class without permission again." 100 times. I guess that wasn't so bad - it was more just an annoyance rather than any serious punishment - but I was still kind of angry that I ended up getting punished at all just for going to the bathroom. I later found out that this was actually considered a pretty lenient punishment for what I'd done. Apparently, leaving class without permission amounted to "insubordination" for which multiple detentions and a much longer writing assignment was the norm. I guess I got leniency because it was my first ever disciplinary incident in high school and he (the principal) probably understood that I had a legitimate reason for leaving class. I didn't fare so well in some other disciplinary incidents in my later high school years.

It's hard to describe how it actually happened, but somehow my urgent description of having to go "2 ways" struck a chord with people. I guess most people refer to it as having to go "both ways" (I'm really not sure why I didn't say it that way), so "2 ways" was unusual enough that the phrase became associated with me. People were talking about it and pointing me out as the girl that said "2 ways" and pretty soon, that phrase was sticking to me like glue. It quickly became my nickname and it stuck to me all through high school. By my senior year, people were calling me that without even knowing where the name came from. A lot of people thought it had some sort of sexual connotation.

I really hated that name in high school, but now (coming up on 10 years later), I guess I can laugh about it.

Hey guys, first time post here. I'm very shy, but I have a story. I went out drinking last night, and passed out as soon as I got back to my friends house. All
morning I felt uneasy, as many people would after having free bourbon samples. I work nights, and I am in a situation where I am obligated to sit for long periods of time. I had my meal before starting work(coca cola & a turkey breast sandwich), and about 5 mins before I started, I had the worst pain hit me right in my ????. I tried to push a little to let some gas out, because I thought maybe it was the coca cola or something. As soon as I did I knew that it wasn't just gas. Knowing that i had less than 5 mins, and that that wasn't enough time to go relieve myself, I decided to tough it out for the next hour. So there I sat while the band played their first set. Crossing my legs hard, and putting my hands between my legs at the same time thinking that it would help. It seemed to come in waves of pressure/pain. I knew, or at least thought that I could tough it out. Having done that many times in the past, I knew that I could at least hold it for a while. So then the band finally ended their first set, exactly one hour after they started. I slowy made my way out of the mixing booth, and up to the stage area to check with them, just in case they needed anything. The keyboardist decided to start a long conversation while I stood there with a blank expression on my face, knowing that at any moment my life would come to an end in front of the whole lounge. Finally I made my way towards the ladies room. Got to the large stall that way open, and began "my process". Took one seat protector wiped the seat down, then laid two on top of each other one regular one reverse. All while pressing my hand hard between my legs and crossing them. Idk why, it just seemed to help. Pulled down my jeans any undies and complete exploded everywhere. It was such a relief, but my ???? hurt super bad all the same. I down mean to be explicit or dirty, but it was mushy then completely watery after. It never fails, every time I go back into work, and I see other people, I feel like they noticed poor little Christy has been in the ladies room for way too long, and I feel shamed or embarrassed:(. So horrible, but super glad I made it this time!

Thank you guys for listening to my stupid silly ordeal. I found this website and I needed to confess. Two questions tho:

1. Does anyone have the same pet peeve like me when it comes to seat protectors?

2. Ladies or gentlemen, does anybody find putting your hands in between your legs and or pushing hard to help you not have an accident or etc helpful? Or am I just a weirdo?:(

Thanx guys!:)

I am always constipated. ALWAYS. I have to push, push PUSH to get poop out and sometimes I can't at all.

Many years ago I was working in an old building with long corridors
which echo any sound loudly.I saw this woman go into the toilet
opposite me then a few seconds latter I heard her have a long heavy
pee,the corridors echo the sound of it louder as she peed for a long
time.Finally she stopped peeing then there was the sound of a loud
plop as she dropped a large turd in the bowl.She came out of the toilet
and back down the corridor,I was thinking what a relief it must have
been for her.and how good she must feel when she finished as she must
have been busting to go in the first place.

Sonya Sue

New Survey

Here's a new survey:

When you're away from home and using a public bathroom, how are you impacted by:

1. When the flush cycle sticks and you seat yourself and water and the noise of the flush is swirling in the bowl under you?

2. Noise, movement and activity in adjacent stalls?

3. Conversations and things being done by those at the sinks?

4. Those with their eyes against the cubicle door and where it opens as you sit and do your thing?

5. A growing number of people who are entering the bathroom and waiting for a stall to open?

6. An auto-flush?

7. A unisex toilet?

OK, I'll start

1. This has happened to me twice recently. Once in a single-stall gas station bathroom and the other time at school. At school it freaked me out so much that I was unable to pee, but at the gas station I was still able to take my crap.

2. When I'm just sitting bored I will watch the feet and noises in the stalls on either side of me. Sometimes, it takes me a while to figure out what's happening. An example was last week when a mother and daughter were buddy peeing.

3. I'm surprised by how graphic some of the conversations are. It's obvious that people are seated right behind them and hearing what's being said.

4. I just find the eyeballs looking in on me to be rude. Also, some of the girls waiting have a really snotty tone to their voices. With parents though with the little kids, I understand their child's in pain and they fear an accident coming on.

5. The lines are frustrating to me as I sit. And at school with the bells ringing, I know how it sucks not to get onto the toilet between classes. But I've had to wait for my 2 to 3 minutes on the toilet, too and I'm doing the best I can.

6. I don't move. Sliding back on the seat or quickly standing to see how much of a crap I've done quickly sets the flush off. And I know not to stand until I'm completely done.

7. If they are single stall and have a privacy door they are not as bad as I use to think. But I don't like it when girls allow their boyfriends to come into the bathrooms with them to keep them company when they are crapping. It also upsets me when moms or babysitters bring children of the opposite sex who are obviously over 5 into the bathroom with them and then leave them unsupervised when using the facilities. This has happened a couple of times in really large ladies rooms at places such as stadiums and malls.

Mr. Clogs

Took the biggest hard dump so far

This morning I took this humongous dump so far. After drinking some hot green tea with lemon juice and sugar this morning. It helps with bowel movements. So I could feel the poop moving and it was time to go. I took of my pajama pants and boxers off and sat down on the toilet. I had to push to get things going and started filling up the toilet with nice fresh, smelly poop. It was quite a bit filling the bowl past the water mark! A few minutes while sitting over the pot, I had more poop, so I squeezed hard to poop out the rest. I was able to take a long hard dump which is what I needed. It felt good and I felt great! I wiped and washed my hands and went back to my room.

--Mr. Clogs

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Today I was out doing a bit of shopping. After I ate lunch, I was walking around when I started to feel the need to go for a poo. I could feel that I was needing a big one, too! I had to do a wee as well, and so I decided to pop into a shop that I knew had customer toilets so I could take care of my business, which was already getting quite urgent. I headed inside and to the ladies room, which was at the back.

There were two cubicles, the one furthest from the door being already occupied. I could see the legs of the user under the door as I went into the other one and locked it. I pulled down my skirt and pink knickers and sat down, noticing that the other woman had her blue knickers down at her feet, but that was all. I figured she was wearing a skirt which she had hitched up as she sat on the loo. I heard nothing from her as I sat down. I like these particular toilets because there is a small gap at the back of the wall dividing the cubicles that lets you look through and see who is in the other one. I did so and saw that the other occupant was a woman of about 40, who did indeed have her skirt pulled up around her waist. I could see her bum and thighs and I noticed she was sitting on a layer of toilet paper so I figured she was probably going for a poo like me, especially since there was a faint smell of poo in the air.

I did a wee first and still heard nothing from my neighbour. As I was weeing the door opened and another woman came in and walked over to the cubicles. She tried the door of mine first, and then the other one, which made the other woman cough. When she realised both loos were occupied, she stood waiting. I could see her shadow outside my door, moving around a bit. Since she tried the cubicle doors I figured she might be quite desperate to get on a loo, but if it was due to her having a full bladder or wanting a big poo, I didn't know yet!

I finished doing my wee a few seconds later, and then there was silence again in the loos. There was no sound from the other cubicle and I guessed the woman was embarrassed about suddenly having an audience to her poo! The woman waiting her turn kept moving around a bit- I could see her shadow moving and I guessed her need was getting urgent. A log started to slowly push out of my anus. After a few more seconds it dropped with an embarrassingly loud plop, letting both of them know I was doing a poo. After a minute I heard a small splash from my neighbour as she released some more poo.

I could still see the shadow of the woman waiting, and she was clearly fidgeting a bit. I guessed whatever she needed to do was getting urgent, but I knew I would be on the loo for some time yet. I wondered how long the other woman would take, since she had already started her poo when I came in. I started to slowly push out another turd which came out after a minute. A couple of quiet minutea passed with neither of us releasing anything, and I could tell the woman waiting was getting impatient. I could see her moving around more. Soon enough, she knocked on my door quietly.

'Excuse me. I'm sorry, but will you be much longer in there?' she asked. I felt bad because I could tell she was in quite urgent need of a toilet, but I wasn't done yet, as I still had quite a lot of poo to release. I had to tell her, 'I'll be a while, yes. Sorry.' She said, 'Alright...' She knocked on the other cubicle and asked the same queation. The woman replied, 'Just a couple of minutes.' She said ok and kept waiting outside. I wondered if it was an urgent wee or an urgent poo that was causing her distress.

I pushed out another piece and so did the other woman, and then she wiped herself and flushed. She walked out and the woman waiting quickly went in. I Saw her trousers and pink knickers appear around her feet and I looked through the gap at the back as she sat on the loo. I could see her bum, hips and thighs as she did so. She was in her mid 30s with black hair. Within a few seconds of her sitting down, I found out what she needed to do, as I heard some poo crackling out of her anus and into the bowl, making two quick plops as she released her first two logs. I saw her sit back a bit and relax as her urgent poo came out. I looked back down at my own legs then as I pushed out another one of my own and heard her do the same. After one more I was done, so I wiped as I heard her fart and then do a wee. I wiped and flushed and headed out to wash my hands, leaving her to finish her urgent number two!

Claire N

Changed attitudes to public toilets

It is many, many years since I last posted, but I still visit the site fairly often. A post that really caught my attention was one by Tlana on page 2446 about changing attitudes to pooping in public toilets.

I would concur that toilet habits seem to have changed from the first half of the 20th century. I am also of the opinion that in past decades it was considered "not proper", and certainly not ladylike, to have a need to poo in public facilities. A person who used a public loo for anything but a wee obviously had a slip shod attitude towards everything, not just going to the toilet. It was a poor reflection on personality and character as a whole. Of course the correct and proper thing to do was to empty your bowls before venturing out. The situation is not like this now and thankfully so. Where I work the loos are constantly used for pooping, stalls are occupied for long periods with noises and odours. I believe that many prefer to leave a smell behind at work, where it is masked by the odours of others, than in a family home. The improvement in the cleanliness of most public loos over the years might be a contributory factor in people pooping outside home, but I think it is far from the main one.

I used to have a real phobia about pooping in public toilets and went over ten years without doing so. I posted on page 1634 (without the N) about my first poo in a public loo and overcoming the phobia. In those days I would sit on the toilet, either after getting out of bed, or before leaving the house and drop as much as I could, even if the urge was small. This would hopefully negate a need the urge for a poo before returning.

I am far from like that now. I nearly always have an urge to poo first thing in the morning but unless it is really strong I hold it, as I know a better urge will return. My usual time to poo is around mid morning and I will go at this time, when I have a strong urge to wee and have to use a toilet. I find that I will have a more relaxed and satisfying bowl movement at this time of the day, depositng a lot more than if I had gone earlier. This will nearly always mean that I am not at home, but I am not bothered in the least. There would always have to be paper, preferably soap and a lock on the door. The later is not essential though. On most occasions my poo is in work, where there is usually pooping company in the stalls. If I am in town I like to use the restored Victorian public convenience, which I posted about using on page 1809. I will also go in supermarkets, cafés pubs and in public transport where loos are provided. I have pooped in trains (quite regularly), buses and planes.

For me the criteria for doing my business depends upon the need (usually mid morning), it does not matter where I am. I would be interested to read the thoughts of others on this.


Did it!

Last Saturday I finally had a chance to let Riley my daughter pee in the car. It actually went really well and it was a good experience for both of us. If anyone is interested I will do my best to discribe it but I'm not the greatest story teller. She did it in the backseat and of course I didnt put a towel down or anything, I just let her pee right into the seat, which worked out wonderfully. It was also first thing in the morning so she went a lot which was better. The seat will never be the same!

Chloe B

my most memorable poop experience

So today I'm gonna post about my most memorable poop experience. This happened when I was in fourth grade. For some reason what I had eaten that day really wasn't agreeing with me. I was wearing this black and pink shirt with jeans and tennis shoes. So my urge wasn't there in the morning I had my usually pee and really didn't expect my stomach to hurt. An interesting thing is that really through my elementary years I was really poop shy and hated pooping around others. So after lunch when I got back to class my stomach kept on making these noises. I didn't think really anything of it until I felt the end of the load hit my butt and almost come out! I Just had to hold it in! Soon after we all went to the library across campus in the fifth grade wing. I was really trying hard to hold it in and even my friend asked me if I was ok. We all sat down while the librarian gave a 20 minute presentation on a book. During that time I nearly lost it by releasing a "silent but deadly fart". It smelled really bad and some kids blames the kid next to me when he was not the culprit. After the presenation finally ended I immediately asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom. I ran to the bathroom across the hall holding my butt. As I got in I was greeted by the most awful of smells. Not of poop but of VOMIT! There were sinks on your right with one small stall facing the left wall with a big stall that took up the back space next to it. Some fifth grade girl had thrown up while she was on the toilet!! I heard her grown and saw the vomit all over the floor! There was no way I was pooping in that stall! I ran out and told a teacher what happened while frantically asking if I could go use the bathroom in the first grade wing! She agreed and I booked it! I ran in and took a middle stall out of 3. There was someone in the last one but I didn't care who heard me poop! I sat down and ler out some extreme diareaha!! With plops and buzzy farts! For a good 2 minutes I was just letting out liquid poop! My white panties had a skid mark on them but I cpuldnt worry about that now. I took a moment to catch my breathe when I heard s voice ask me if I was ok...I replied yes but my stomach hurts at the same time letting out a buzz of a fart with loose poop. I had more diareahha and by this time i was alone. All of a sudden I hear a familiar voice call my name. It was a girl from my class that my teacher had sent to check on me. She immediately commented about how bad it smelled and asked if I was ok. I was on the toilet still shitting and replied the same thing I told the other girl. I had been in the bathroom for 20 minutes!! I finally felt ok and wiped while the other girl waited on me. It took 12 wipes with 2 flushes to get me clean! I went back to class and it was obvious that everyone knew I'd pooped because some boys asked me if I had diarreaha. My answer was truthful. For the rest of that year I didn't care anymore about being poop shy. I became more comfortable with pooping infront of other girls and made it a regular habit. To this day I'm still open to pooping infront other people and even if they judge me for not being "ladylike" I really don't care. Everyone does it and it all has to come out sometime!

Brandon T

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To: Jessi it sounds like Mika had a pretty good poop.

To: Christa great story.

To: Shay it sounds like you had the cleanout of all cleanouts and I bet when you were finally done you felt great and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sophia great revenge story I look forward to reading about her reaction.

To: Hawaiian Girl first welcome to the site and great peeing story I look forward to reading more of them thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


to Jason: poop upon return home

I had noticed years ago that, regardless of how much or how little I had pooped while away from home for a few days, I would often feel the urge while driving the last few miles back and then, upon arrival, head straight for the bathroom and have a large bowel movement. This did not happen every trip, but a fair percentage of the time. For many years now, I have not been poop-shy while away from home; I go whenever I feel the urge; but still, I find sometimes I have to unload as soon as I get back here.

I think at least one explanation is that pooping is a mental as well as a physical act. People may at least slightly suppress the urge to go into a strange toilet, and then mentally let go when they return to their familiar surroundings at home. I don't think this is unusual or harmful, though going for more than three days with no bowel movement is not wonderful. Drink plenty of water, eat good vegetables and high-fiber foods, and get adequate exercise, and your system should produce something solid every day or two, as long as you pay attention and at least try to sit on the toilet and go whenever you feel the urge.


The Fart

Hi im new hair but i would like to share a story that actually just happened right now.

I came home from school and from not going to the bathroom at school today i felt like i had to go(and i just farted while i typed that) so i decided to pass a couple of farts(oh yeah and i looove fart, the smell, the noise i even do it in public but nobody suspects its me) in front of my little sister and she said ew. Then i went into the bathroom and pooped two skinny piece of poops and farted while i peed. I love farts can someone please put MORE FART STORIES ON THIS SITE?? because i love hearing about people farting

Goodbye for now! Kiki



Thanks everyone who responded to me, I went to the doctor and they diagnosed it as stress related IBS so im on some tablets which is calming it down and I feel back to normal now. It was pretty scary though!

Brandon T

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To: Abby great story about your massive poop I bet you must have felt amazing after a poop like that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenn great peeing story.

To: Chloe B as always another great story it sounds like you and your mom and sister all had good poops at that gas station and then it sounds you and Sara had a pretty rough time later on and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lizzie great poop story it sounds like you had a really good poop at school and I bet you felt great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kaylyn first welcome to the site and great story about your poop outside and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mina it kind of sounds like you were a little dehydrated and that may have part of the reason you passed out and hopefully it wont happen again and also lucky Hisae was there with you to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great desperate pooping story it sounds like you had a major cleanout after not going for a few days and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Beth hopefully the doctor will be able to figure out whats wrong and hopefully its nothing serious.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

That was a great story! I like how you said your "anus was doomed" at the end lol. It's great that you two shared such an experience before even dating especially with your crush! Your relationship will be really open and maybe you might even get to be with him next time he goes!

I tried posting about my first time watching a guy but it wouldn't go :( Maybe I will try again some other time. Keep up the good stories!


To Beth

Hi Beth

Owing to your young age I very much doubt your symptoms are due to cancer - I hope that's reassuring. It might be IBS. You mentioned you normally get constipated. Constipation can cause severe stomach pains and "overflow diarrhoea"; this is not true diarrhoea but is caused by liquid poo seeping around large hard stools in your rectum. I'm not stating that you have this but it is a possibility. A more likely possibility is that you have a stomach bug - either bacterial or viral. Wait and see what your doctor says. Let us know how you get on - if you want to..

Thursday, March 26, 2015

hey, I haven't posted in a while,

so a couple weeks ago Mika had used toilet after coming home from spending the weekend at a friend but we had lost power and that meant we had no water cause we use a water well. and she hadn't realized that the toilet wouldn't flush, leaving 3 long logs and 4 or 5 floaters, needless to say she was a bit embarrassed about it.

Mr. Clogs

Response to Jenn

Hi Jenn, great post by the way. Good way to make use of that ice cream bucket. Yeah 10 hours is a long time, I wouldn't be able to hold it either. I did post something years ago when I was having the bathroom where I live at redone with new tub, sink, and toilet. We couldn't use the bathroom, so if I had to poop, I would have the use the bathroom downstairs or use the bathrooms to poop in at school. If I had to pee, I used the tub or pee into various containers and pouring them into the sink. It worked until the toilet was in service. I still pee and occasionally poop into containers to this day. It becomes practice in times when toilets are not available or working.


--Mr. Clogs

Jason the shaymin (sky form)

No answers but I have 1 more question

Ok so no one answered me but I still have 1 more question remember how I said I never need to shit in public. We'll almost a couple years ago I had to. It was a blood bath (without the blood) but still very enjoyable. But I find it kinda weird how I needed to only that 1 time because I was out for over 12 hours yesterday but I never took a dump once but 30 mins after I got home I had to go. Can anyone answer this? Please I need to know why I never shit outside of home. I'll tell you 1 more thing every year I go to a stay over night summer camp. And like 3 or 4 of the 5 or 6 years I've been there I went the whole 5 days straight with out pooping that's a problem isn't it? Please give me some answers.


Thank you Winnie The Poo

I also think any way to poo or pee is OK. I don't like that someone criticise. And also smell is normal. We are all good people and our motions are all good motions (except painful one) so no criticise!! Kazuko my friend has very special smell. I never smell from any other person. It's OK! She has panties at knees usually, but not always. I have at ankles. Noises are also different. When I am in workplace loo or library I try to not make too much of noise but at home, I and my friends don't care. Any noise is OK! Please everyone, there is no WRONG way to go to loo. Each person has own way. Every way is good!


This is a story I have from when I was about 9 years old. I remember waking up because I needed to pee. So I go to open the door only to find my dad forgot to unlock it! a few minutes later I hear my mom go into the bathroom. Much to my disappointment she didn't unlock the door. Sadly, I went back to bed. In the morning my bladder was aching from holding it all night. I was happy to find that the bathroom was finally unlocked but it hurt so bad since I held it all night.

This is all for now, bye! -Christa

Anatomy Student

To Beth

Hello, sorry to hear about your predicament. IBS is usually triggered by a certain food. Chicken makes me have to poop (specifically chic-fil-a), milk gives me the shits if I go a long time without dairy in my diet, and Nutella gets to me bad. I think you might have a blockage and softer fresh poop is squeezing past the older, harder poop blockage. You could also be expiriencing trapped gas. Any sudden change in bowel habits that persists for over a week or two without a major dietary change should be brought up with your doctor. Cancer or anything serious will often cause black stool (internal bleeding), and tears on the anus (anal fissures) will result in red blood. I wouldn't panic though. More stress will only make things worse. Try massaging your abdomen. Do not use an oral laxative. Suppositories and enemas will be your best bet if it is constipation. Purgatives like mirilax, senna, and pretty much any "detox" is just an intestinal stimulant that will only increase your risk for fecal impaction. If you aren't better by the time you read this you should consult a physician. But it's probably just constipation.


to Angela

I'll try to answer these, but sometimes hard to think of answers! I've pooped so many times... ;)

Can you describe your best pooping experience ever? - My best pooping experience might have been pooping outdoors when I went hiking with my friend. I like pooping outside and it was cool that he was there with me and didn't mind that I sorta did it in front of him. Pooping out in the woods feels so freeing and natural. There's just something about it.

Buddy dump story too? - Well one time at school I told my close friend that I had to go to the bathroom and he said he did too. I figured he probably thought I was going to pee, but I didn't say anything--I just went into the stall and sat down to poop, but surprisingly, he did the same thing. So we sat in adjacent stalls and both pooped at the same time. It was loud in there so I don't think he could really hear me much, but I definitely farted on the toilet like I usually do. It was really cool--we said a few things to each other, but didn't mind at all that the other was so close haha. We were just doing our business.

Embarrassing poop story? - Any time when someone commented on how bad I was stinking up the bathroom--happened at school sometimes and made me feel so embarrassed even though these random couldn't tell who I was. I also always felt embarrassed if I was constipated and ended up grunting a lot while in the bathroom. I know people heard me even if they didn't comment.


To Jenn: when the water was off

I can remember a couple of times during my schooling when the water was turned off. The first time, when I was perhaps a junior in high school, I was attending a small-town school with no buses, so school simply continued (the water had gone off in the middle of the morning). We just went ahead and used the toilets as needed but could not flush them. Yes, some of them got a pretty fair load of both pee and poop, but they would simply be flushed--and plunged, if necessary--the next time the water came back on. Some of us visited the bathrooms before leaving for the day. I got to see some huge bowel movements. The water came back on late that evening, and by morning the toilets were empty and clean. Not a problem. Certainly no trying to find alternate receptacles--we just let go into the toilets, as usual, but did not flush. An interesting job for the janitors later on, I suspect.

The other episode was at an auction when I was in grad school. My late wife and I were attending the event, when the lights went out. It was at a large elementary school, in the gym, and the side windows let in plenty of sunlight to continue the auction; however, the toilets were operated by electricity, and it happened that the door to the men's room was locked and couldn't be opened except by electricity, so the ladies' room was the only available bathroom--and it was in total darkness. I had to poop. Both women and men were using that bathroom. I had to feel my way to the toilets, and soon I found an open one. I felt my way to the toilet stool, locked the stall door, pulled down my pants, and let go a decent bowel movement, which made a small splash or two. Next to me, a woman entered the neighboring stall, sat down, and also had a b.m. with a couple of audible turds. It was sort of companionable, in an odd way. None of us could flush, so the school authorities had to wait until restoration of power to flush the toilets.


Milk of Magnesia

Hey all! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I just had a really great experience with Milk of Magnesia and diarrhea the other day, though, so I thought I'd swing in and tell you all about it.

So all week I had been backed up. Like REALLY backed up. I passed a bowel movement on Sunday, but I couldn't poo Monday through Thursday bar a small pellet poo that I did Thursday morning. So Friday after work, I decided to go to an out of the way supermarket and pick up a gallon of prune juice. I get to this market and they didn't have prune juice! Normally, I'd get sugar free candy, but I doubted they could help me with how backed up I was, so I went to the medicine isle because I was pretty sure I needed a laxative to help unbind me. I hate Ex-Lax, so I knew that wasn't the option. I saw stool softeners and magnesium citrate, but what caught my eye was Milk of Magnesia. I had heard that MOM was very gentle and effective and relatively quick. I saw a blue bottle of Phillips, and figured I might as well give it a shot, so I bought two small bottles--for future incidents--and made my way home.

I read the directions and it said to take 2-4 spoonfuls of the stuff using the provided measuring cup. I, however, didn't look at the labels clearly. Instead of taking 2-4 teaspoons of medicine, or about 1/2 to an entire cup of medicine, I ended up taking 3 cup fulls of the medicine--which is 12 teaspoons. I drank two HUGE glasses of water and went to bed.

About three hours later I woke up with rolling stomach cramps, which I assumed was just the medicine working--but then they started to get more tight over time. I was up clutching my stomach in pain for nearly two hours when suddenly I felt the urge to fart. I pushed gently and felt mush settle at the backdoor. I clenched my bum and walked to the toilet to let out my bowel movement. The first one was soft and mushy--not diarrhea, but not a solid poo. I was done rather quickly, but I still felt really full and my stomach was bloated, slightly crampy, and gassy. I laid back down and thirty minutes I got a very urgent need to have diarrhea. I scuttled to my bathroom, pulled my pajama pants down, sat on the toilet, and mushy diarrhea ran out of my stomach and into the pot. My ???? gurgled as this diarrhea poured out of me for two minutes straight. When I felt done, I wiped and my poor butt was soaking wet. It took four rounds of toilet paper to get it clean. I looked into the pot and saw brown mush. I knew that as the night went on, each poo I take would have less and less form to it. I washed my hands and laid back down--still feeling like I wasn't quite done yet.

Thirty minutes later, my stomach lurched again and I was back in the bathroom with more mushy diarrhea oozing out of me. I wasn't in pain, but my poo was very loose and very urgent. I thought I was done after a few minutes and pulled up my panties only to sit right back down and explode with more diarrhea. After this fourth wave of loose poo, I went to bed again, but this time I changed into a gown with no panties underneath so that when I felt the urge to have diarrhea again--which would be very soon--I could just lift up my gown.

I laid down for about fifteen minutes when more diarrhea came knocking at my hole and I rushed back to the pot. This time, my entire belly quivered and I released a stream of straight water for a minute and a half. Again, the diarrhea wasn't painful--I just was very bloated and having the need to poo urgently. Wave five ended, I stayed seated, and wave six began about thirty seconds later. After wave six, I had about two more waves of diarrhea on the toilet before I went back to sleep.

I woke up two hours later and tried to run back to the toilet, but my stomach was so loose that this time I wasn't going to make it, so I squatted over my bedroom trash can and lost my bowels into it. My poor ???? groaned as it pushed diarrhea through my colon and into my metal trash can. I was squatted over the can for about four minutes--by far the longest wave. After this wave, I ran to the toilet just in time to get seated for wave ten. My butt was a little tired, but not really in pain because I didn't have to force my poos out. I was feeling a little thirsty, so I went to get some water. It was a great idea--but also a big mistake since I ran back to the pot with more diarrhea five minutes after finishing this water. This wave was the most explosive and wet wave, but after I was done I finally felt less bloated and was feeling like this diarrhea was beginning to subside. I cleaned up, laid down, and was able to go back to sleep for more than a few hours.

I woke up in the morning, showered, put on some sweatpants and a t-shirt, and went to eat some cereal. As I was reaching up to get a bowl, I discovered my diarrhea wasn't exactly over. I sharted into my panties (thank god these were black panties) and had to rush to the toilet to have mushy--but thankfully not watery--diarrhea. This day, the diarrhea only came every hour or too, but what I will say is this: if you're looking for a clean out, some watery diarrhea, and very minimal stomach pain, milk of magnesia is what you should go to for help. I would love to see how different it is when I don't take 3 times the maximum adult dose (lol), but I must say that the diarrhea I experienced from MOM--though urgent and runny--may have been the best diarrhea I've ever had.

I have another story too for later! Ciao for now!


Crapping at the Mall

Last week our school district had spring break. My sister, who is 16, and our brother 8 went along. My sister drives us about 20 miles to this really huge mall where there are a couple hundred stores, plus two large movie theaters, and several interesting game places. This was my sister's turn to babysit my brother and since she needed to buy him some clothing, we agreed to meet up in the food court at 4 p.m. So I had six hours to go off by myself and do some things which is fine with me, because next time I'll have the babysitting responsibilities. The problem, however, is that I didn't get my needed crap in before my sister wanted to leave home. In the past I've had problems using the mall bathrooms. They are so big and right after the movies or a concert gets out, they are so busy. Most of the doors are broken or completely off the stalls, too. So I went into the nearest department store, rode the escalator up to the top floor, asked where I could find the bathroom (I'm shy and don't like to ask girls about that although they are always very polite and nice about giving me directions), and I pushed in the door. The bathroom had 3 urinals on the wall and in use, plus 3 stalls with no doors. Each toilet had a guy seated on it. One guy was on his phone and almost dropped it as he reached for the toilet paper and started to wipe. I never quite know where to move to and what to look at in such situations so I just turned and walked out. I went down two floors and found the other set of restrooms was not as busy. All 3 stalls were open and I took the end one. There were some splashes over the back of the seat, but since I don't sit back that far, I wasn't concerned. I dropped my jeans and white briefs, and seated myself. Like usual, I pee a little until I start pinching out my crap. There were 4 pieces, then 5. I reached for the toilet paper and found only the empty roll. So I quickly moved to the middle stall where luckily I had what I thought was needed to do the job. I used the rest of the TP available and got in about 5 wipes. A salesman in a suit and employee name tag came in fast, took my old toilet, and dropped himself onto it before his flush was done. He coughed a lot and moved his feet a bit as he sat. So I got up, washed my hands, and tried not to look into the mirror at the guy who was crapping. I didn't want to tell him about the TP problem, but I did stop and flush the paper in my toilet as I walked out. A couple days later, my sister did the laundry and told me that 3 of my briefs had skidmarks in them. I just told her I probably wasn't that good of a wiper and left it at that.


Revenge #2

Hello. Some of you guys might remember me about a week ago. I've posted a story about me attempting to get back at my friend Nina for going after my then boyfriend (Ex now). As many of you might remember that I failed.... miserably. About a couple days ago, I finally had a chance to make another attempt again. By the way, in case if any of you want to know a little about me, well here it is, I'm 19, brunette, 5'4, slim.

Anyways, here's what happened:

About a couple days ago, Nina went to a concert about a couple neighboring states away from where we are and luckily she wasn't gonna be back until the end of this week. Anyways, my revenge is pretty much the same as last time but this time I decided to just hold it all in until I get to her car instead of using a pharmaceuticals. I started holding it the night before doing it. After going to sleep, waking up in the morning, did most of my typical morning routines, and by the time late evening had arrived, I decided that it was probably time to do it. Throughout the entire time I've made sure I didn't drink a lot of water, so I didn't really had to pee much.

I went off to get her spare key, then started driving over there as fast as I could. At this point, the urge was so bad that I could barely hold it. By the time I got there, I quickly parked the car near by, then bolted to unlock her car door. I went into the driver's side seat, pulled my panties off, then lifted my butt up after holding onto the steering wheel. Without much pushing, a crackling noise came along, then that's when it happened. A really thick turd started to emerge slowly. It felt so good finally letting it out. After a few minutes, it finally dropped out. A couple of much shorter turd came out as well before I was finished.

Sadly at this point, I still had to pee because despite how I didn't have much to drink, I haven't had much of a piss break for hours. I decided to take full advantage of this by going to the back seat, placed one foot on the back seat of the car and the other on the other side so I could spread my legs apart as comfortable as I could. Then I relaxed my bladder and a long stream of pee started to come out. I ended up peeing a lot more than I originally expected. After I emptied my bladder, everything in the car was getting really bad and wet, I slid my panties back up and drove away asap.

After that successful attempt, I wonder what her reaction will be when she comes back from her concert. I'll keep you guys in the loop. Happy reading, guys.:)

Hawaiian Girl

Accidental Public Pee

Posting here pretty much begins like anyone else, I'm a long time lurker who was never brave enough to post before. I finally have something worthy. Last night I went out for a few drinks with some pals and headed home I was having a crazy craving for frozen yogurt. When I got there I had a major urge to pee but I figured I could hold it, I couldn't. While putting on the belgian waffle flavored yogurt into my cup the urge hit in a big way. I didn't even realize I was peeing until a little splashed on my boot. I was super embarrassed, stopped the stream, and hoped that the other patrons or the cashier didn't notice. I'm pretty sure I was safe. I managed to make it home and finish off my pee in the toilet. Thanks for reading, it's nice to be able to tell someone in a manner of speaking. This was not the first and I doubt my last post drinkie uncontrollable pee, hope to share more in the future.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby great story about your massive poop I bet you must have felt amazing after a poop like that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenn great peeing story.

To: Chloe B as always another great story it sounds like you and your mom and sister all had good poops at that gas station and then it sounds you and Sara had a pretty rough time later on and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lizzie great poop story it sounds like you had a really good poop at school and I bet you felt great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kaylyn first welcome to the site and great story about your poop outside and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mina it kind of sounds like you were a little dehydrated and that may have part of the reason you passed out and hopefully it wont happen again and also lucky Hisae was there with you to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great desperate pooping story it sounds like you had a major cleanout after not going for a few days and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Beth hopefully the doctor will be able to figure out whats wrong and hopefully its nothing serious.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hey I'm back well I had no water since last night I Called the water company well that didn't do no good so I use the bathroom outside so I haven't pooped over 5or6 days and I know I would have to go sometime so the urge hit me I grab a roll of tp and went behind the huge rock I got up there look around nothing for miles so I drop my jeans and squadded down then I let a loud and nasty off then the first turd poke out butt and I grunted and push a little bit more it was on the ground I look on the ground at log I had push out it was 14"long 5"wide but I wasn't done yet I had one more log to push out finally I drop the last log it 10"long 8"wide then I wipe and pull-up my jeans


No toilets

I get home from classes (graduate school) today with a totally full bladder looking forward to one of those relieving pees. I walk in, and started walking to the bathroom. My roommate stops me and shows me a note saying the sewer is being replaced for our street and to not put anything down the sewer for 12 hours (of which like 10 hours was left). I start to freak and say I need to pee. My roommate says she is holding too and doesn't think she can last 10 hours. I reply that I can't last 10 minutes. I go into our recycle bin and find a nice oval-shaped, empty ice cream container (1.5L). I put it on the tile bathroom floor and peed loudly into it, but I was so intent on peeing that I realized I hadn't closed the door. My roommate was waiting from outside the doorway with the top button of her jeans undone. She walked in as I left and did an equal sized pee remarking she wouldn't have made it 10 hours. We emptied the really full container next to the patio and both ended using it once more (not together) before the 10 hours was up.

A quick survey:
What containers have other people on here used when the toilets were clogged or out of service and you had to use someting else? Did it work well?

Chloe B

Visiting family

Last week my mom and my sister and my brother went out of town on a road trip to visit some family. On the drive there after lunch I began to get the urge to to poop. I told my mom and my sister said she had to as well. We stopped at a gas station. It was surprisingly clean! There were 5 stalls. I took the 2nd while my mom and brother took the 3rd while my sis took the second. My sis is 13 and was wearing jeans and tennis shoes as was I. I pulled down my panties to my knees and let out a really long log with a plop. My brother had finished peeing so my mom ( 44, tall blonde) sat on the toilet. My sis farted and my brother laughed. She pooped out 4 loose turds as my mom began to pee. She suddenly stopped then sighed. She let out 2 little plops. I farted and let out a turd. I felt I was done and began to wipe. I wiped 3 times as my sis wiped and flushed. My mom was still on the toilet and was grunting. As me and my siblings waiting by the sinks she finally wiped and washed her hands.

As we arrived to my aunt and uncles house i had to share a room with my cousin Sara who is also 15 and has dark hair and is very skinny. My other cousin is 9 and he is very immature and is always bugging us. That night after dinner my cousin Sara and I got ready for bed. I just slept in a tee shirt and panties as Sara did the same. The bathroom was also right next to my bed. At about 2 in the morning I woke up to hear Sara shut the bathroom door. She pulled sat down and began to pee. I heard a big dart with some loose poop shoot out. What she ate at dinner really wasn't agreeing with her! She had more diarreaha and I could smell it from outside the door! After more loose poop and 2 waves of diarreaha she finally wiped and flushed. I pretended to be asleep and I went back to sleep after a while.

When I woke up I heard Sara in the shower. As I was looking on my phone my stomach really started to hurt! I needed to get to a bathroom fast. As I was just in my tee shirt and panties I actually ran into the bathroom across the hall. As I sat down on the toilet and had diarreaha! I was letting out loud farts and loose turds guess who decides to brush his teeth! That's right my little cousin!! He opens the door and acts like nothing is wrong! And let's not forget I'm in my panties! He just laughs and says I stink! This is why I really don't like him! I was still having diarreaha after he left! I was in there for about 15 minutes until my aunt heard my farts. She asked if I was ok and I replied yes I just had an awful stomahc ache. I felt better a while after and wiped 6 times to clean my butt. I went back to my room and got dressed.

I'll have more about what happened next post! But I have to ask has anybody ever had an experience similar to mine? Sometimes kids can really be so immature

In my final year of high school, I was a witness to a very strange incident. It was the week before the start of year end exams, and, just like on any other Monday morning, we were having assembly. About 10 minutes in, I caught a whiff of a distinctive smell which told me that - to put it politely - someone in the room was evidently feeling a little windy. I didn't pay much attention to it because I knew that it happens to everyone (and also, as the saying goes, "better out than in"). It grew steadily worse as the time passed, and I began to feel a little disgusted in spite of myself. I knew nothing of what was to come...

As we were leaving the hall, I overheard a girl from one of the lower grades telling someone that a classmate had "had an accident and gotten sick" during the assembly. I immediately realized what had happened: they probably had an upset stomach and hadn't been able to get to the bathroom in time to deal with it. I felt sorry for them because it must have been very humiliating to lose control in front of so many people.

From what I heard later, that poor boy or girl (I don't actually know who it was) was taken short again not long afterwards when they started throwing up in class. That must have made them feel absolutely miserable - having diarrhea is bad enough, but vomiting is much worse as far as I'm concerned.

That incident stayed with me because it made me realize that we are all human and that everybody has bad days, and also because up until then I'd never actually seen it happening to anybody before. I can still remember it as clearly as though it was yesterday...


Imodium experience

On Monday morning i went to the bathroom with some mushy sludge. That's definitely out of the norm for me, especially after having eaten a big soy burger on Saturday evening in between two long city walks (i've been to a museum with my family) and not feeling the urge to go on Sunday. In fact since the first days of March i've been experiencing a strange kind of flu, which now obviously started affecting my bowels.

So i went to the drugstore and bought a box of Imodium. I took one pill the same day to no noticeable effect, but my stool already got a little more formed on the next day.

Yesterday, instead, i took two pills. This time it really gave noticeable effects. I ate a huge serving of pizza as dinner the evening (this usually bloats me, but this time it didn't, strangely enough) before and today i had a really hard but big and satisfying BM. It still didn't hurt on the way out, but it was definitely noisier than usual and, unusually, i also repeatedly farted during it.

The Imodium somewhat suppressed my urge (which was still there, somewhat duller than the usual one though) and made me pass a lot less gas than usual during the day. I also farted a very long drawn out one after getting up. It definitely made my bowels work slower than usual.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Grace it sounds like that girl had a rough day.

To: Annie great poop story it sounds like it was a good one and great desperate pee story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Poop at school

Hi again. I had to poop today at school. I first had to go during 5th period. Most of the teachers here don't let you go to the bathroom unless it's an emergency and I didn't have to go that bad, so I decided to just hold it. Well, by the middle of 6th period, that decision didn't seem so smart. I was beginning to have to go a lot worse. And I couldn't really let off a fart to relieve pressure, not in the middle of class. When 6th period ended, our last of the day, I quickly gathered my things and rushed to the nearest bathroom. By some miracle there was one stall still available so I took it before anyone else could.

I started with a long, loud fart, and then began peeing and pushing out a thick log at the same time. The log grew quite long before breaking off. After, I pushed out another almost identical log, though that one came much slower than the first. I finished up with two airy farts and a few small turds that plopped in the toilet.

I got up to look at my turds. There was one in the middle of the bowl, shaped like the letter U, and the other curling around the outside of the bowl, plus a few short floaters. I sat back down and wiped a bunch and then flushed. All my poop went down with the first flush. I left the stall and another girl rushed right in after me. I washed my hands and left for home, feeling much better.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed it. Bye.


After School Wee

Me and my best friend Miranda have started walking home after school because the weather has gotten a lot better. A couple of weeks ago we stopped in the bathrooms of a park we regularly walk through, but the doors are still padlocked. So Miranda reminded me that we should wee before we left school. We were lucky in that we were the only students in the bathroom so we took toilets next to one another. Is it ironic or what that both of us had problems. First, Miranda's seat had been raised and she dropped it. Thud! Then when she seated herself there was a type of screech. I could see her stand up and she said the seat was so loose that it shifted too far to the side and the pad thing under it had slipped off the bowl. As Miranda finally got settled, she was asking me about the noise from my door. Well the problem was the lock was so loose that I was having a hard time getting the lever thing into the slot so that the door would remain closed. I finally got it, dropped my jeans and undees, and got myself up on the toilet. Miranda said she wasn't comfortable on the seat because she was afraid of it coming off, but I finally got me wee stream going. But after I finished and got up off the seat, and got my undees and jeans up, I flushed but then got a big surprise. I tried like three different ways to get the door latch to work but the more I tried, it wouldn't slide. Finally, Miranda was outside my door and pounding on it to get it unstuck. Then she said I should lay on the floor and slide myself out under. So I laid down on my back, briefly hiting my head on the toilet and Miranda I should change direction. So with me laying on my back with my arms extended outside the stall, Miranda grabbed my hands and pulled me out. As we went downstairs and were leaving, we stopped at the security desk and told the guard what happened. He wrote it down and said he'd give it to the custodians.

clogged her up...

well the other day I was at my girlfriends house b/c my parents made me upset. so I hit the gym and after went over to her house. I got there thankfully she wasnt home so i went for a poop. it was kinda hard coming out but it was pretty huge. so when i went to flush it, it wouldnt go down without a fight. so i tried one of my "life hacks" to no avail. I had to go to the tool store after looking through another store just to buy a plunger b/c my girlfriends house is well ill equipped. the guy was nice and gave me a discount and i went back to plunge away the hoard. if you like my post, if it even gets POSTED, let me know and ill let you know more abt me, and my "life hack" mentioned above.

Dude in distress

I wish I was able to help you out when you have problems going. You sound like you struggle a great deal you poor man :(

Dude In Distress....I totally relate to you wishing you had someone to help you get it out when it's so stuck that straining and pushing won't work! not too long ago I had to take another enema after about six or seven days being backed up and I was so backed up that even the enema solution got stuck in me!! I was all bloated and full of shit and two quarts of hot soapy enema and neither one would move!! I had to drink three bottles of magnesium citrate and even then it waas still hard to go! normally I can dig it out when I need to but this time it was so miserable. I know I was in the bathroom in the knee chest position trying to go for well over two and a half hours

I wouldn't mind helping you if I lived near you!

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