My Most Memorable And Embarrassing Story

Hey everyone, my name is Kaylyn. I'm 16 years old and I've been lurking on here for awhile. I finally decided to post my most memorable and embarrassing story from last summer. It happened a couple of days before I started 10th grade.

So, it all started when me and my 2 friends decided to take a walk on a biking and walking trail near my house. I've developed an urge to poop when we were walking back home. I thought that I could hold it until I got back home. When we were about a mile or 2 away from my house, it was getting harder to hold it in. About 5 minutes later, I knew I couldn't make it in time. So, I told my friends and I said that I'm going into the woods to poop since I can't make it back to my house in time. They said that they didn't mind at all and they gave me privacy as they waited for me on the trail. I found a good spot behind a tree and I started going and it was a such a great relief for me. I brought my backpack with toilet paper just in case if I had to go poop while walking on the trail and it was a good thing that I did. Just as I was finishing up, I was about to wipe and then I saw a couple a guys in the woods just walking by and they noticed me and their faces were in shock. I bet they never saw a girl pooping outside in the woods before. They did recognize me, though. I finished wiping and used hand sanitizer. I was embarrassed because I knew them from school and I was afraid that they would say something about me pooping in the woods. I told my friends what happened and I hoped that this wouldn't spread. It did for awhile, but then it calmed down. Some people still remember what happened. It was an experience that I will never forget.

I hope you enjoyed my story.

- Kaylyn

I have question for my toiletstool friends. Have you ever fainted after doing a big diarrhoea? It was happened to me few days ago. I sat on the loo, and my bottom opened, and never close. Where all those motions came from? Hisae also bit shocked, she was with me. "Medicine didn't work?" she said.

I said, "no, it's period." That was true. I don't tell you colour of my production. Finally I was empty, after long time, and felt weak. Hisae gone to kitchen to make weak tea because I dehydrated maybe, she said. So I washed my bottom and dried and wiped and stood up , and next thing, I was on the floor! And my head going round and round and all darkness.

Hisae said I was unconscious only few seconds. She helped me to my bed. I didn't go work that day, and went to doctor again. My doctor knows me quite well so didn't worry, she changed medicine.

Now I am better and I'm not doing a diarrhoea, my motions back to normal. Doctor said, OK to stay on loo until empty, but if I'm period, get up carefully! And my depression is better too. I can lead normal life! Please don't to worry about me, I am OK.

I hope you all well and happy.

Love, Mina


) no where to go

My friend works as a disrict nurse she's in her mid forties ,she had to visit an elderly lady in a remote area ,and had taken a mild laxitive the night before After a 20minute drive she felt the need to get to a toilet but was reassured that she would use the loo at the ladies house . However by the time she got there she was desperate and clenching for all she was worth ,she rang the doorbell and then saw a note pinned to the door the old lady had been taken to hospital ,
Panic set in she frantically looked around for a hidden spot to go , walking back to her car she dropped the keys bent over and in her words bang a huge load filled her panties ,waddling to the car she managed to get her pants off put them in a bag clean herself up and put her trousers on and make her way home .She was glad no one saw her as her face was beetroot red

Sunday, March 22, 2015


poo in tescos today

after 3 days of constipation i had a proper big poo today at tescos so back to normal at last!!
Day off work today & i was shopping. Needed a poo whilst shopping but thought i'd wait till i got home
bought my stuff and got really desperate so i waddled over to the loos.
sat my bags down locked door pulled my clothes down & sat on the loo spreading my legs whilst my knickers fell to my ankles.
immediately i crackled out 1 huge log slimy and wet follwed by a wet fart then a little push and i crackled out plop after plop - like 1 long log but breaking off i had 5 plops then another wet fart followed by another 6 plops falling in quick succession. I was done - i wiped 8 times and flushed spraying and leaving to wash my hands and drive home. May normal bowel functioning commence!



Hey guys, I am a 21 year old female.

For the past few days I have been suffering from severe pain in my abdomen, including needing to open my bowels more often. The stools have been normal, until today. (Thursday 19th march)

I suffered from quite violent loose stools and im still in a lot of pain, I just never feel relieved. I have a doctors appointment but really panicking about it, I have been stressed lately but it didn't affect my symptoms until a few days ago. I usually suffer from constipation. I hope I am not ill or have cancer. im so worried.

My mum suffers from IBS and I wondered if it runs in the family and if anyone here suffers from it and the symptoms. Its so draining I have felt terrible the past few days.

Please help. :(

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So this story happened last summer when me and my friend went to a campground that had only one bathroom, that was across the property from our site. And a little about me, I'm a boy in eighth grade now so this happened when I was 13. So our families are staying in the site next to us, and we where in our own big tent. At this time I hadn't pooped in almost a week, so I was backed up. My friend also said he hadn't went in four days either, so on the second day I woke up and it felt like a rock was inside of me. I woke up my friend and he said he feels like his dump is coming too, and we didn't want to walk all the way to the bathrooms. So I suggested that we just go in the forest since it's still early. So we walked a ways into the forest and found a fallen skinny tree, which we pulled down our shorts and briefs and sat on. I instantly heard my friends start coming out and asked if I could look. He said yes and I saw a log about 5 inches long sticking out of his bum, and an inch and a half in diameter still getting longer. He kept pushing non stop to see how long he could make it, and It kept crackling out until at about 9 inches when it broke. He said he was empty and he peed on his pile and pulled up his shorts. Now it was my turn. At first I tried pushing, but only the head would poke out. I knew this would be a fat one. I started rubbing my butthole as I kept pushing, and my friend said its huge! I felt it starting to slide out, as its gritty surface hurt my bum. I kept pushing untill it finally broke off. I looked down and saw a log about 2 and a half inches wide, and eight inches long. I squeezed out one more skinnier one, about 5 inches. The pile was steaming becuase it was a bit chilly in the morning. I pulled up my shorts and we both hiked back to camp. That was my favorite pooping story, but I got more

Brandon T

tales from the bookstore

About 2 hours ago while I was at the bookstore a girl went into the bathroom and farted then began to pee then I heard a plop then a sigh then plop plop sigh plop sigh plop plop plop heavy sigh small plop so a good catch.


Embarrassing Poop Story

This is my first post. This happened last year when I was 15.

I was on a school trip to Washington DC and stuck on a charter bus. There was a bathroom in the back of the bus. I was sitting there reading when I suddenly, desperately had to shit. It didn't feel like diarrhea, but it was urgent. I got up and headed back to the bathroom. Not surprisingly, my journey back to the bathroom was met with a few chuckles. I made it to the bathroom and closed and locked the door. I pulled my pants and underwear down and sat. My bowels emptied into the blue water. It wasn't diarrhea, but it also wasn't solid. It was that super-sticky sludge that you wind up having to use half a roll of TP afterward. Well, when the last bit oozed out, I reached over only to discover that there WAS NO TOILET PAPER. I sat there in anguish for a few moments, knowing that every second I stayed in the bathroom I was making it more obvious to everyone on the bus that I was taking a shit. I finally decided to swallow my pride and ask if there was any TP. I stood up and felt like I had spackle smeared between my cheeks. I opened the door slightly and asked one of the chaperones seated in the back if she had any tissues, there wasn't any TP. She said no, then proceeded to walk up the aisle asking anyone if they had any napkins or tissues. Finally, the bus driver gave her a box of tissues and she walked all the way back with it. She handed it to me and I closed the door. I must have emptied half the box out wiping the shit-paste off of my ass. I had to fluch the toilet two or three times to keep it from clogging. When I was finished, I had been in the bathroom for at least fifteen minutes. That, plus my request for tissues, left little to the imagination. I left the tissues in the bathroom for the next person and gulped as I left the bathroom. My journey back to my seat was accompanied by several more chuckles and a few fart noises.

Does anyone else have a story like this that happened in their teens? If so please share.


the pee accident

Hi everyone so there was this bad accident today while I was at the grocery store. A girl was with her friend, the girl needed to pee very,very bad. The friend of the girl ran looking for the bathroom. They looked everywhere, literally everywhereThere was no more time to look anymore. The girl starting pissing, she held her crotch while doing so, she cried too. The group below her had a puddle that was yellow. Her friend took her home while she was crying


Finally pooped and almost peed myself during a blackout

Hi all. After days of healthy eating (and trying to avoid starches and drink enough water) I FINALLY felt the urge to go earlier. It didn't really hurt to go, but it was really dark brown, almost black. About a foot long. That wasn't everything in there but at least it's a start. It was really messy, almost like tar so I wiped the best I could. The result? Skidmarks in my underwear that I had to scrub out -_- I'm trying to get back into the habit of drinking mainly water again and eating only whole grain breads instead of white bread and avoiding starches like white rice which constipate me. And of course eating enough vegetables. I wish I could turn my body inside out and give it a good scrubbing lol. Thanks for the suggestion about the suppositories, but they basically never work for me. It always ends up coming out with what little poop comes out.

On Saturday the 14th we had a blackout where the power randomly went out in our area and the power was out in a lot of areas. Was a royal pain in the ass as we had to sit in the dark with only a candle on and no entertainment other than music on a tablet. I had to pee at one point to the point I was bursting so I was struggling to hold my phone (which has a flashlight on it) and get my pants and underwear down and sit on the toilet where I could relieve myself. I was seconds away from peeing myself while trying to multi task. I made it right on time (luckily). Would have been embarrassing to pee my pants in my own house at 28 years old in front of my husband. It was a relief to say the least. The power was out from about 2 to 8 pm. We had to walk blocks to find someplace with power to eat dinner since we obviously couldn't cook without power. We managed to find a Pizza Nova and had dinner there. Soon after we got home the power came back (hallelujah!)

Dude in distress

To Matt

I have tried those suppositories. Sometimes the turd pokes out and- and gets stuck. Last week I was terribly constipated. My last BM was so stuck!. I stood and used my hands to pull apart my cheeks while I pushed and grunted. Then I sat back down for a try. It came out about an inch and stopped. I pushed and grunted like crazy. My face was red and I began to sweat while I strained.. I was finally able to get it out- and it was exhausting. I don't like people to know about my constipation but sometimes I wish there was someone who could help me get it out when I get so stuck.

Post Title (optional) a question

I wonder are there many blind or visually impaired readers on this site? I know there are some people with other disabilities and at least one blind female poster. If there any blind readers I would like to know your gender, age and how and why you have an interest in going to the toilet? Thanks.


to kmd & optional person.

no stories as been constipated for a good 3 days only managing little rabbit droppings if that!
Kmd - ah my old friend, thank you i'm pleased :-)
Optional person - hi, i know right, i am the one producing such massive loads but then end up constipated - it's called bad IBS i have bad anxiety too which doesn't help matters.
I am starting a diet as of next monday so hope that will help matters!! As for beinh impressed, i impress myself! :-)
Bye for now, J xx

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Re: A Smelly Ride Home

The recent story concerning the young lady who transported the disabled woman to and from college brought to mind something that happened on a few occasions in my own childhood.

I'm disabled by cerebral palsy and as a youngster I attended a public school exclusively
for physically handicapped children. This school was in a large eastern city and it had
an enrollment of about 400 children in any given year. The school covered grades K through 12.
About half of the children had cerebral palsy, another quarter had polio, and the remainder
had various disabilities including spina bifida.

My earliest childhood and school friend had spina bifida. We became acquainted at a very young age as we both lived in the same neighborhood. Spina bifida is an incomplete closure of the
spinal cord before birth and my friend was paralyzed from his waist down and he was totally
incontinent as he had no sensory awareness of the need to urinate or have a bowel movement.
Because of his incontinence, he needed to wear diapers.

We were both about five when we started school together and he brought extra diapers to school
with him every day so that he could be changed. Until about age nine, he was changed by a personal care giver throughout the school day, but by the time he was about nine he began
changing himself. Our school made no special provision for bathroom privacy for the spina bifida kids and so they were changed in the same boys' and girls' rooms that everyone else used.
So, upon going to the bathroom, it was a common occurrence to encounter someone either being changed by a care giver or changing their own diaper.

Because we lived in the same neighborhood our mothers were friends for a number of years
and of course we were a frequent topic of conversation between them. As a result of these
conversations, I probably knew a lot more about his bathroom issues than I should have known.
In particular, I learned at an early age that he had to have a nightly suppository to enable him to do his daily BM in the toilet and avoid having a BM accident in his diaper at school.

However, by the time he began changing himself at school, his nightly suppository routine seemed to be less effective as he become more prone to soiling accidents while at school. I don't want to go into all the details, but it was never pleasant to encounter my friend in the boys' room
when he was changing his diaper in the aftermath of a bowel movement.

With all of this in mind, the story about the "smelly ride" brought back the following memory.
Because we were friends, we were seated together on the school bus for a number of years.
The two of us sat in the back of the bus. My friend was fairly short and we sat on the seat
over the wheel well as the enclosure provided support for my friend's legs. Our dismissal time
was about 2:30 and he would typically go to the boys' room around 2:00 to change himself one last time before the end of the school day. Unfortunately, for reasons I never understood (perhaps it was related to lunch), this was the time he seemed most likely to have pooped himself. In many respects this was the worst time to have a poop accident as there wasn't much time for him get everything cleaned-up, finish changing his diaper, and get out to the school bus in time to leave.

On days when he was soiled before dismissal, he'd often be the last person to get out to the
school bus. He wore full length leg braces and walked on crutches and often he wouldn't have enough time to deal with everything in the boys' room. So, he would come out to the bus with his shirt and undershirt outside his pants, his belt would still be undone and sometimes his pants' zipper would still be opened. Upon getting on board the bus, he would make his way back to our seat in the back. Within a minute or so it become all too obvious why he was delayed and why his clothes were in such disarray. Despite having changed his diaper, he still had a very
noticeable and sometimes strong BM odor Often the school bus driver or bus monitor would
open the window next to our seat because the smell was so bad.

After getting situated in our seat, I'd ask him why he was so late coming out to the bus. Of course, I knew why but I wanted to get him to talk about what happened. In a lowered voice
he'd say, "I had a BM," but wouldn't say much else about it. Once in a while he might add that he didn't know why it happened because he had a suppository the night before. And obviously, it was a smelly ride home.


Camping Poop

Went camping over the weekend with my girlfriend of six months, we were concerned about it being to cold but it turned out okay. We are not shy about going to the toilet in front of each other, she has left the door open since the beginning, but you never know about these first time outdoor experiences. So we get there and get the camp sight set up and she quickly says she has to pee, so she gets the toilet paper and walks to the edge of woods, unsnaps her pants pulls them down squats and pees. No big deal I guess, she does it in plain sight. So we fix our hotdogs, snores, chips and all the good camping stuff, we finally go to sleep about midnight and I know I'm going to have to take a big dump in the morning. So we get up, it's chilly but not bad, I told her I need to take a dump so I got the paper and went to the edge of the woods, dug a hole and did I my business. She was drinking coffee and stood there talking to me while I did it,no big deal. So she said she needed to go and I was hoping she needed to poop but all she did was pee. So we eat breakfast and went for a three Mile hike, I was hoping this would make her need to go and it did. About half way through the walk she said she hope she didn't need to poop because she didn't bring toilet paper. So we are headed back to the camp site and she says I'm going to have to poop when we get back. So we get back to the camp she said I need to shit and piss really bad will you dig me a hole, so I asked her where she wanted to do it she said down in the woods a bit. So we walked down into the woods, I asked her if by this tree is ok she said yes, so dug the hole and before I could walk away she pulled her pants down, squatted and started pooping, I asked her if she wanted me to leave and she said she didn't care if I saw her. It came out in one long piece with a blast of soft and she let out a grunt sound and then several more little pieces to make a big pile, then a pee, and about five wipes she said it was a little soft. She pulled her pants back up and said I feel much better. We went back had some lunch, picked up and head home. Without a doubt the best camping trip of my life, going to do it again in about a month, I will post if anything good happens.


To Tristan

Yes, that was me who posted that last comment anonymously, I forgot to type my name haha.

Anyway I have a question. Feel free to answer anytime.


Can you describe your best pooping experience ever?

Buddy dump story too?

Embarrassing poop story?


Huge poop this morning

Hi all. I'm a 17 year old girl, 5 foot 7. I'm a brunette with hazel eyes. Anyway, I woke up this morning and really had to poop BAD., because I didn't poop yesterday. I got out of bed and walked over to my ensuite bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and started peeing. When I was finished peeing, my first turd emerged. The turd was fairly thick but soft. It was also really long, touching the toilet bowl and curling up.

I farted five short zipper like farts and then another turd started coming out. It was a bit thicker than the first and even softer. It was another long one, but not quite as long as the first. Right after that turd broke off, a new turd was already on its way out. It was a thin one and grew to a medium length.

I let off a long fart that sounded kind of like a tuba before passing two more medium length skinny turds back to back. I finished up with three silent farts and one last short turd.

I got up to look at my turds. There was a bunch of turds in the toilet and they all curled up in to one big pile. I could see where a few turds began and ended because some of them were different colors. But, it was quite a large dump, even for me. But as I said earlier, that was because I didn't poop yesterday and I almost always poop every day.

I closed the toilet lid and took off my bra and panties and got in the shower, without wiping. After my shower, I flushed the toilet. When I came back later this afternoon to pee, not all of my poop had gone down. Some more of it went down when I flushed after peeing, and a third flushed cleared all of it. Though there was bad skid marks all over.

Well, hope you all enjoyed my story. I'm a big pooper, so there should be no shortage of stories. Bye for now.


Pooping With My Crush

This is my first post, I've been a lurker for a while but I finally decided to post this experience from the summer. I'm a 15 year old girl, 5"2 in height, and around 100 lbs. I have wavy brown hair that goes to my chest, a skinny body, green eyes.

I have used to really like this guy named Ryan from my English class. He was super good looking and had a great personality. So with summer break approaching my dad wanted to take me camping. He invited his friend who works with him to join us and my dad's friend decided to bring his son. Turns out his son was my crush Ryan.

So the first day we got there, I had made a bit of small talk with Ryan that day. In the afternoon we left camp to go to the beach swimming. It was a 3-4 minute drive from our camp. Once we got there we had fun swimming for an hour when Ryan announced he was going to head to the bathroom. The bathrooms were a 15 minute walk from the beach. I volunteered to come with him because I needed to pee and I wanted to spend some time with him.

He looked unsure but said okay and we walked together in the direction of the bathrooms. I made more small talk, but he seemed very uncomfortable, tense and strained the entire walk. I asked him if he was alright and he said he was fine but I wasn't convinced. Though I dropped the subject. At one point he stopped mid walk for a second, but I didn't say anything because I knew he was uncomfortable.

We got to the bathrooms and I told him he could go first. It was a single room bathroom facility. He obliged, and rushed inside fairly quickly. I settled on the bench, waiting for my turn. Minutes past and I still hadn't heard a toilet flush or anything. I knew he was pooping, which really turned me on because I already liked him to begin with!

Ten minutes later he emerged, he spotted me looking extremely embarrassed, almost blushing. He avoided my gaze and I still remember what he said, "It's all yours."

I went into the bathroom, a strong odor of poop in the air. I used the bathroom quickly and went back out to Ryan. He still looked very embarrassed, he looked like he wanted to say something.

Finally he did, he mumbled, apologizing for the smell. I laughed and said, "It's okay, everyone poops, I do, you do!"

He looked relieved, and laughed along with me. We opened up a bit and he told me he had been constipated for a few days and he finally went today. We became really close after that and had a great day.

Then the next day came, I hadn't pooped in three days. I knew I was in for a trip to the bathroom soon. So we all ate breakfast and took a drive to the beach for another swimming day.

Not long after we had started swimming I felt an immense urge to poop. I knew it wasn't long before it was going to come out. So I announced I was taking a trip to the washroom and Ryan volunteered to come with me.

I knew the 15 minute walk was going to be a long one. Minutes into the walk I had to stop because I needed to go so badly. I groaned and Ryan asked what was wrong. To my embarrassment I told him I needed to do a #2. He understood completely since the same thing happened to him yesterday. We continued walking down the path to the bathroom.

Minutes later the tip had started to emerge, I knew I couldn't make it to the bathroom. I remember sinking to the ground, straining to keep it inside and a very worried Ryan came over asking me what was wrong.

I told him I couldn't hold it and I needed to go RIGHT AWAY. He looked concerned and helped me off the path and into a patch of trees. I decided to just squat while Ryan looked around for some leaves.

Though the tip was sticking out my butt since I hadn't gone in three days it was very wide, solid and very hard to push out. My anus was doomed and I pushed as hard as I could, grunting in the process. I was glad Ryan was still looking for leaves and didn't hear me. Minutes later I finally got the huge turd out along with several smaller ones. Ryan came back with the leaves and left me to clean up.

On our way back to camp, we shared our first kiss and we have been dating ever since. :)


to Little Mandi: autoslugh & Haribo gummy bears

First--I dislike auto-flush toilets, both because they sometimes don't work and because they sometimes work before I'm ready. Sometimes all I have to do is lean forward a bit and the thing flushes, usually splashing me. When I'm leaning forward, it usually means I have a turd hanging out, so the flush sometimes sends water droplets forcibly upward and scatters them on my emerging poop and from there on me! Not good.

As for Haribo gummy bears: Go ahead and try them, if you feel you must; but be prepared to sit on the toilet for a long time. Maybe they won't give you anal leakage and diarrhea. Let us know. But if they do give you these problems, please don't be out in public when it happens, because it can be a real mess. Those candies don't affect everyone alike, but anything you eat affects you in some way. Have fun, but be careful, and take precautions.

Little Mandi

Sugar free candy

So yeah, I decided to challenge my iron stomach to the sugar free candy challenge out of boredom and curiosity. I know its not healthy but I won't eat this much ever again. I'm trying to go on a diet. Anyway,as I've mentioned before I never ever get diarrhea. I can eat or drink anything and be fine. Since I was extremely bored and had nothing to do I decided to eat a shit ton of sugar free candy and what happens.
I remembered I had a bag of sugar free chocolate covered peanuts so around 4:00 I ate them. The bag was small so I went and ate the whole thing. Around 6:00 my stomach started rumbling like crazy and I started to get really gassy. Once I start farting a lot thats usually a sign that I'm gonna have to poop soon. I didn't have cramps tho. A few minutes later sure enough I had to go poop. I sat down and a bunch of soft poop came out followed by a big wet fart. I was done within 5 minutes. Around 7 I decided to go food shopping. Still no cramps just a lot of stomach rumbles and bad gas. I was farting like crazy. Luckily they wern't smelly and loud so people didn't know who it was. As I was searching the aisles I saw the same sugar free peanuts I had eaten along with sugar free gummy bears. I decided to be more daring since I felt so normal. I bought them and ate half the bag of peanuts and 5 of the gummy bears. Its 8:30 right now and I still have stomach rumbles and gas but other than that I feel completely normal. I will leave this up till I go to bed an add anything else that happens.
So its now 10:00 and nothing else happened I'm gonna go to bed now.
See told you all I had an iron stomach. lol

Hi everyone, I hope you are fine. I'm not fine. I had a terrible diarrhoea. And depression again. maybe not so bad as last time. But diarrhoea was very bad. Because it never stopped, it went on and on and on! I was little bit scared. Hisae took me to doctors, one for diarrhoea and one for depression, but diarrhoea was because of depression, doctor said.

Hisae was with me when I did the diarrhoea. She didn't ask "when you stop?" like once before. Just hold my hand. And I opened my bottom, again and again and again. Hisae said in very small voice, "I don't ask you where that come from." Because day after my birthday she filled my loo with her motion, big brown chunky. And we asked her, "where that came from?" and she said, "from my bottom of course. stupid." It was joke then and we laughed. So when Hisae said "I don't ask…." I smiled little bit, even motions were still coming out from my bottom and bit painful.

Actually I wrote post about my birthday for this forum, but I can't find, so maybe I pressed wrong button. Or maybe I broke rule? If I broke rule, sorry to everyone. Mina is very very very bad girl. Everyone had better to hate her. (But Kazuko and Hisae and Maho love Mina very much… I am very very lucky bad girl, so I take medicine and try to cure depression quickly and give you nice story. )

Happy time to all you.

Love from lucky bad Mina

Optional Person

Question for Jemma

Girl, how on earth do you have room in your butt for 36 turds plus loose pellets?!?! :) my god what causes you to poop so much? If I sound impressed it is because I am.

John (not Jihad)

Mystery Poster's Question for All (page 2445) :
How far do you pull your pants down when sitting on the toilet?

This may be different for the 2 sexes, but as a male, here is my reply (as men usually sit down for one purpose).

I went through a phase in public toilets of keeping them up as high as I could, but this didn't give me enough freedom of movement. I have found that if I have to leave the house very early, and have to stop for public toilets, if I don't sit with my trousers and underpants right down to my ankles, I sometimes don't empty my bowel completely, and have to stop for another 'session' during the day.

I allow myself fidget quite a lot, lifting one cheek (buttock) and the the other, and this is very effective.

It also enables me to wipe my bottom efficiently (I do use a lot of paper).


Night Peeing

Hi everyone! I sometimes pee at night, but rarely poop. Last night was one of those nights when I had to pee. The urge was small, and I had to go around midnight. I got up to go to the bathroom, peed a medium speed sstream that lasted about 30 seconds, washed hands, and went back to bed with Minnie mouse. Bunk beds aren't hard for me to climb, so needing a bathroom break while sleeping on the top bunk at Lion's Camp, and Peaceable Kingdom were no problem! At the school for the blind in Austin, I once shared a small area of the downstairs part of dorm A. This small area (which was a tiny apartment in the rear of the building) had one bathroom for everyone. It had a bathtub beside the sink, and one toilet next to that. I lived in this small apartment when I attended the school as a child. One morning, I wet the bed. I think I wore my Rugrat PJ's to bed that night. The ends of the legs of the shorts, and sleeves had what felt like it might've been a ruffle design. Anyway, that night I was sleeping on the top row of bunk beds that were in the apartment. I probably slept in my wet clothes for awhile before I got changed. Another area of campus consisted of dorms 1, 2, and 3. Dorm 3 was for high functioning children while dorms 1, and 2 (if I recall right) were for the ones with lower functioning. As I'm sure you all know, some lower-functioning children have to wear diapers, and the staff working with the children in the low numbered dorms probably had kids who wore them. I once stayed in dorm 3 a couple of times. I think it had 2 bathrooms. One of them was small with maybe around 2 stalls while the other might've had 3. As far as I recall, the dorms looked alike. I do remember however, there was a big play room attached to the building the dorms were in.

Sophia W.
When I used the toilets befor the lessons started, the bathroom was very busy. I stand in line behind a girl from my class and she had a very concentrated look and did not like to talk. Two cubics side by side got free and we each took one. She was on my left. I pulled my pants down and waited for my pee to start when I heard from her a loud fart.On my other side the cubic got free and a other girl took the place for a pee. I peed strongly and long. The girl from my class did two or three logs befor wiping and flushing. When I was done and flushed, there was no other girl waiting.

Yesterday, sunday, I needed to poop after our breakfast and took a book with me to read. Just after i sat down my sister went into our bathroom and it was obviusly she needed to pee and a shower. I said I would need my time, but she could use the shower. She took off her clothes and went into the shower. The pee was urgently because the started befor she turned on the water. I left the toilet unflushed, so the shower would not get to hot, but I closed the lid. Later I wen t for a pee and saw the closed lid, strage because we leave them normaly open. When I opned it I saw my own poop and that my sister forhot to flush it. It did stink now, but i could flush it.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To; Chazz great story about your girlfriend pooping it sounds like you got a good show and it sounds like she really to go to and I bet she felt great afterwards to.

To: Lizzie first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Ellie first welcome to the site and great poop story please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Little Mandi great poop story but be careful the diarrhea may still heat you.

To: Mina it sounds like you had a pretty rough time at least you had your friends there with you and its possible your birthday post just got lost in cyberspace it sometimes happens maybe you can try posting it again and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bianca great peeing story and great story about you farting at night.

To: Sophia W great pee and poop stories.

To: Kristen first welcome to the site and it sounds like had a pretty rough time but at least your boyfriend was there to help you out and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Chloe B great story about you and your friends pooping at the theater it sounds like you all had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sasha great poop story it sounds like you and that other woman both had really good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Blair great story.

Well that's all for now.

sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Embarrassing Poop Story

This is my first post. This happened last year when I was 15.

I was on a school trip to Washington DC and stuck on a charter bus. There was a bathroom in the back of the bus. I was sitting there reading when I suddenly, desperately had to shit. It didn't feel like diarrhea, but it was urgent. I got up and headed back to the bathroom. Not surprisingly, my journey back to the bathroom was met with a few chuckles. I made it to the bathroom and closed and locked the door. I pulled my pants and underwear down and sat. My bowels emptied into the blue water. It wasn't diarrhea, but it also wasn't solid. It was that super-sticky sludge that you wind up having to use half a roll of TP afterward. Well, when the last bit oozed out, I reached over only to discover that there WAS NO TOILET PAPER. I sat there in anguish for a few moments, knowing that every second I stayed in the bathroom I was making it more obvious to everyone on the bus that I was taking a shit. I finally decided to swallow my pride and ask if there was any TP. I stood up and felt like I had spackle smeared between my cheeks. I opened the door slightly and asked one of the chaperones seated in the back if she had any tissues, there wasn't any TP. She said no, then proceeded to walk up the aisle asking anyone if they had any napkins or tissues. Finally, the bus driver gave her a box of tissues and she walked all the way back with it. She handed it to me and I closed the door. I must have emptied half the box out wiping the shit-paste off of my ass. I had to fluch the toilet two or three times to keep it from clogging. When I was finished, I had been in the bathroom for at least fifteen minutes. That, plus my request for tissues, left little to the imagination. I left the tissues in the bathroom for the next person and gulped as I left the bathroom. My journey back to my seat was accompanied by several more chuckles and a few fart noises.

Does anyone else have a story like this that happened in their teens? If so please share.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Just back from Sainsburys. When I arrived, I decided I needed a poo, so headed to the toilets. there was a youngish girl waiting outside for someone
I went in, and of the 3 cubicles the left hand one was taken. I took the middle, took my coat off and hung it up, then unfastened my pants, pulled them down, and then my tight underpants, making a sound of twanging elastic.

I sound down, and dropped my first one. It landed with a quietish but distinct PLOP which would have been heard by my neighbour.
I dropped another one with a similar PLOP, then sat further forward for my third. This dropped with a louder PLOP.

I heard the occupant net to me pulling his pants up, and then he left without flushing.

I looked on my way out, but there was no shit there - I wondered what he'd been doing

Later, while going round the supermarket, I saw the girl who had been waiting with a lad of about 16 - he must have been my neighbour.

I hope he enjoyed listening to my plops


To Jemma

Hey Jemma - loved your recent posts about using the loo at the GP surgery (hope your belly settled down after your second poo at the surgery) and your loo diary. Always look forward to your posts. :-)

John (not jihad)

Two of the toilet-sittings I remember from school were as follows:

1 We were in church hall next door to the main school buildings which we used for school assembly and some lessons. There were some toilets in that building which we used, and the boys' toilets were also used by the men teachers. We didn't like it when the men were standing at the urinals when we were. (It wouldn't be allowed now in British schools.)

It was the beginning of afternoon break (which we called playtime), and I told one of my best friends that I wanted to sit on the toilet (a slightly cruder expression than that.) They went for a wee, hung around so that nobody would burst in on me. There was no lock on the door, and I went in. I was only aged 9, and not very tall, undid my belt, pulled down my short trousers, and sat on the seat, my legs dangling above the ground, my trousers and underpants above my shoes. Things started to move in my nether regions, and there was a succession of plops in the water. I wiped my bottom properly, and got down, and while I was pulling my trousers up, the door opened. It was the caretaker. He said 'Pull the chain sonny'. My pals had told him that there was 'somebody in there', but he took no notice.

The other occasion was when one of my friends wanted to go at the end of the school day, and didn't think he could last out until be got home. In the main toilets, there was no toilet paper. It was embarrassing, because you had to say to the teacher: 'Please may I go to the lavatory with some paper', in front of the class. I went with him, and held his jacket while he went into a cubicle. He hadn't got enough paper, and I had to go back to the classroom, but the teacher had gone. I managed to get some from another teacher, and returned to my pal, which meant I had to see him sitting on the toilet.

Tales from the toilet
My name is kristen. I am thirty years old. Please be nice as this is my first time listing a feel free to respond

Ok so I'm sitting on the toilet. I start to push lightly "uuuuuurrrrgggghhh" nope nothing. I haven't pooped for about 1 month. "Uuuurggh" I think I'm going to have to grunt this one out. "Grrrgggghhhh" it's no use. "You ok in there" my boyfriend is knocking on the door "no , my poop won't come out". Were very open with our bathroom habits so he just walks straight in "oh my poor baby". He sits next to me aandre I continue to grunt and groan. I have been here for about an hour now and nothing is happening "come here" my boyfriend leads me into our bedroom and tells me to get on my hands and knees "the poop is just about crowning. On the count of three i need you to bear down and push" i position my self and push with all my might "brrrffff" i let out the biggest , loudest, smelliest , wettest fart ever. "My stomach hurts" i gran farting multiple times "push again" we continue for about half an hour and I once again position my self on the toilet. "I'm going to press on your stomach , each time in do your going to push harder than you ever have before" we continue and each time I push I let out a wet fart. By this time im hot sweaty and my stomach is hurting so much Im trying not to cry. "I can't do it" i groan , I have been on the toilet for almost 3 hours. "Yes you can now push!!!" I fart and fart and push and push "I can see the head" "ggggrrrrgh aaaaargggh urrrrgh" I am literally screaming in pain when 'ker plunk' a massive poo falls into the toilet. "Well done honey , you did really well" he passes me some toilet paper to wipe with when my stomach starts making odd mouses again "it' still really hurts" "shall we call a doctor" "no just hold my hand" he grabs my hand tightly , rubbing my back my stomach my but cheeks. He gets me a wet flannel for my forehead and runs me a bath which I get into. "Come on baby it's nearly over you can do this" he presses so hard on my stomach I let out the wettest fart of my life , he realises what about to happen and quickly sits me back on the toilet, "ooooh" a wave of sloppy poo falls into the toilet "it feels so good" green mush is just falling out of me for what seems like forever "it's okay honey just let it out" he helps met clean up and puts me back in the bath.

Tales from the toilet
Hi Kristen again with another toilet story. I have been feeling the urge to go for a while now but am feeling a little constipated so this could be quite long.

Ok I'm seated on the toilet , it seems nothing ready to come out "uuurrrgghh' seems im gonna have to push this one "grrggh" I can't help but grunt. Nothing's happening even though I'm pushing hard. My boyfriend is in again and knows that I have troubles. He says he has to go aswell "sorry Hun im a bit blocked up" i grunt out followed by a loud fart "aw I didn't know do you want some help" he walks in and sits down on the side of the bath "if you lean over and place your hands on the floor it might help" so I do and bear down "I can see a head" I am physically shaking by this point "what about squatting" "uuurrghh" I begin to feel something come out "there you go reach out and feel it" and what do you know a turd head - but it's stuck. I get back on my bed. "Here we go , a big glass of water and a bag of prunes" I drink it and eat them all up "ooof" I release some wet farts and begin to feel some pressure "it's coming" I run over to the toilet and sit down - nope. "Uuurrrggghh" I continue to push and grunt when my midwife sister walks in. "I brought your sister round since I thought she could help you" I fake a smile. "Ok , so does anything hurt" I point to my stomach and butt hole "and how long have you been pushing" I can't talk and groan in response "about a couple of hours" my boyfriend answere taking hold of my hand. "Kristen you're going to squat while I pull your butt cheeks apart , matts going to hold your hand and rub your stomach. I'll instruct you the whole way through" i position myself "one big push for me Kris" one push leads to twn and minutes to hours until finally "plonk" and I guve birth to a poo. "Well done sweetie" my sister says still rubbing my bumcheecks. This isn't the first time this has happened and probarbly won't be the last


My Accidents

Hi everyone, I'd like to share some of my stories with you and maybe get some advice. I have always had problems holding on when I need to go to the toilet, resulting in several accidents over the years. It is getting to the stage now when I really think I need to do something about it (I'm now 40) but I don't really know where to turn.

A few weeks ago I wet myself coming home from work, I stupidly didn't go before I left, and literally as I got home and ran upstairs I couldn't stop myself from weeing. More embarrassing was the time I found myself needing to go badly, and had to run into a McDonalds, not quite making it in time.

The worst thing though is pooing yourself, and it happens to me fairly often. Last time it happened was just as I was leaving a friend's house, luckily I was outside on the doorstep and able to walk off without them knowing.

It's hard to talk about, and I've never really dealt with it. This has always been a problem I've lived with, but aside from this I'm totally healthy. I think the problem is I don't always go as soon as I need to, and sometimes get caught short as a result.

Anyway it's good to chat openly about it, so thanks for reading, and any advice gratefully received.


Night Farting

Hi guys. Sometimes at night I have the farts. I think at one time I was told that I farted in my sleep when I was in the living room. At times, my farts are so stinky, that they smell up my room! On a happier note, my big minnie mouse came today from Amazon! One of our dogs was trying to play with her while I pooped, but luckily Minnie was still in her box. The poop I did today was quiet, somewhat stinky, and didn't take long. I had to get up in the middle of wiping to get more toilet paper. My poo was messy, so I wet the paper using the sink.

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