Chloe B

Theater dump

Hey guys last weekend I went to the movies with a few friends. It was me, my friends Sarah, and lauren. Sarah has blond hair and a pretty normal build she was wearing capriz and converse shoes. Lauren was in jeans sandals while was in jeans and a pair of converse as well. When we got to the movies all of us had to use the restroom. We went in and found 3 stalls all right next to each other. The bathroon had about 15 stalls and 5 were taken by mostly people peeing. As I went in to my stall I saw sarah lower her capriz and heard her pee stream begin. Lauren pulled down her jeans also began to pee. I sat and pulled down my Victoria secret bikini panties down to my knees and peed for about 20 seconds. I looked behind the stall in the crack behind the toilet and saw Sarah's butt on the toilet. As I looked behind I heard her grunt followed by a plop. She then got toilet paper and wiped. I wiped as well and Lauren had already finished up. We all washed our hands and then got popcorn and went in to the theater. About when the movie began I felt an urge to dump but ignored it. But half way through the movie I felt the tip of the turd in my butt and knew I needed to poop. I went to the bathroom and went into a stall. As I lowered my jeans and panties I saw a skid mark where the turd touched but it didn't look too bad. I grunted the felt my hole open as a long log slid out with a plop. It stank pretty bad;). I let out a few farts with 3 turds. After that I let out one more log and then felt my urge go away. I wiped about 5 times then flushed, washed my hands and returned. Well that's all for now hope you guys enjoyed it!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jenny great story about your giant poop at college and I bet he did know you pooped and probably understood that it takes time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tlana it sounds like your friend had a good poop and that teacher shouldn't have been so rude to you.

To: Karen C it sounds like you had a pretty rough time and im glad your feeling better.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


For Dude in Distress

I would love to see a video of some of your constipated dumps. I can totally relate, although mine haven't been quite that bad lately...I have discovered adding some castille soap to my enema helps me to not have to strain, and helps me get sometimes five or six days of constipation out in the space of 15 minutes :D


Post lunch massive poo interesting company

Ok today I had lunch of Chinese food it was delicious, had quite a lot nearly 3 plates, as my previous post I mentioned im small build with a bit of a belly but I can eat a lot and can poo a massive load. Anyway after my lunch I could feel a big poo coming so I went towards then ladies room. There were 2 stalls there one was taken there was a lady im there sounded about mature age I could hear here grunting, she said to me she much have heard me enter, she said sorry this is a tough one, I just said it's ok do what you got to do im about to unload a beast myself. So I dropped my jeans sat down farted a bunch, then a crackling Riley poo came it kept growing for a few seconds then splashed, the other lady said bet that felt good. I said it did but I'm not done i then heard a load plop from her she then said there it is I could hear her wiping, I pushed more and more poo came still soft, even more kept coming started to feel not ending. She flushed next to me washed and said enjoy the rest of your poo, I said thanks. Moments later past I kept pooping, I realised I'd been in there 10 minutes for me that's not unusual tho I kept pushing more and more soft poo came, til I was done wiped a lot flushed then washes, left the ladies room wearing my post poop smile

Little Mandi
Hi all.
I haven't been on here in forever. I have two things to talk about.
The first one is about automatic flushing toilets. I kinda don't like them only because I'm afraid they won't work all the time like last weekend. I was out at a hockey game and before we left I stopped to go pee and the toilet wouldn't flush. I never leave the toilet unflushed. I know some toilets have buttons to press but this one had nothing. I felt bad but I had no choice but to leave it. I was a little embarrassed cause i was on my period and I know I would be a little grossed out if I found well ya know. I hated to do it but what was I going to do? I'm sorry to the janitor that had to clean that up.

The second thing I wanna talk about is sugar free gummy bears.
A shit ton of people say that if you eat a lot of them they cause diarrhea. I would love to try this for myself. I know its weird but I'm curious to see if I ate them if I would get an upset stomach. I've never saw them in stores before. I'm trying to go on a diet so I eat sugar free candy now and I heard that maritol is the sugar substitute that causes diarrhea. I just remembered that I bought sugar free peanuts so I'm gonna eat them and see what happens. There are about two servings in one bag so lets see what happens. I may order sugar free gummy bears just out of curiosity. I have an iron stomach. I can eat any combo of food,drink prune juice anything and not get diarrhea. Prune juice makes me fart but never upsets my stomach. I'm just curious to see if the gummy bears would do anything to me. lol


Desperate Girlfriend

So I've been a lurker for quite a while but I think I finally have a story worth sharing. I was with my girlfriend a couple weeks ago and witnessed some excellent pee desperation. She was wearing black leggings with a tight blue top, and I have to say she looked really hot. We were taking a cab to the train station (about a half hour ride), and I noticed she looked a little uncomfortable before we even got in, but I figured she was just tired since we were at the end of a long trip. In the cab she was squirming a lot, and I started to wonder if maybe she had to pee. Sure enough, about halfway there she whispered to me that she really had to go, which made me instantly hard. For the rest of the ride she had her hand in her crotch with her legs crossed, trying her hardest not to let the cab driver see. By the time we pulled up to the train station, she was bouncing in her seat to get out. I quickly paid the driver and we got out, and I noticed there was a slight damp spot on the carseat, although you couldn't tell if her pants were wet. She hobbled into the train station (which was almost empty, it was pretty late) and quickly made a beeline for the bathroom. Incredibly turned on, I followed to take a seat right beside. The bathroom didn't have a door, just an entry way behind a wall, so I could hear quite clearly everything that happened. I heard the stall door bang open and her muttering "come on, come on", which by this point had me so turned on I could barely believe it. Then she yelled "oh shit" and I heard the loud sound of her hot piss splashing on the bathroom floor, and then finally into the toilet. When she came out her face was red and she told me she didn't quite make it, and that she'd had to get rid of her panties, which were soaked. It was one of the hottest experiences of my life, and when we had sex later I definitely was running that over in my mind the whole time.


A re post

I know I posted these stories before, but I noticed there are new people on here.

Well Story one: When I was around five years old Me and my Family was at a State Park. And they had these outhouse like port a potties. Me my brother and father and another boy and his Grandpa was standing out side of one waiting to go pee. There was a Man in there. He started talking( he thought someone he was with was waiting for him to come out of there)He was telling that person to go one and he'll meet with them in a minute. 5 minutes later he came out of there. He gave us a weird look he was a big guy around the age of 47-53, wasn't a friendly looking man in camelflouge pants and a white tee shirt. He walked off to a group of people. Later after we hiked we walked past that toilet and my Mother says BOY THAT BATHROOM STINKS!

Story two: When I was around 7 One Sunday night my Grandpa would go to church and bring my Grandmother over and she would stay while he was at church. My Grandmother drank coffee the time she was there. Then When my Grandpa came back they where fixing to leave and my Grandmother needed to use the bathroom. She gone in there to pee, She closed the door and I stuck my ear to the door, and I heard her let out a fart like BEEEEWWWWW! I ran through the house laughing going GRANDMA FARTED GRANDMA FARTED! My Father and Mother and Grandpa was talking to each other, but they ignored me. She was only in there for 2 minutes.

Sophia W.

This week

On Monday I had finaly my for me constipated poop of three days. It was in a short break and I had only 10 minutes. I was lucky and got a clean toilet. I pulled my jeans an green panties down and pushed my first log out. I had four logs and a bit of pee. The logs were long, nearly all 20 cm. The girl in the cubic beside me did fart very often and I think she made a very big poop, because she flushed two times.
On my way back home today I felt the urge to poop and the last five minutes back to our hous were very anyoing. I nearly had an accident in my pants. I rushed up to our bathroom and I did not have time to close the door. I did not need to push and very mushy loogs went out of me. It smelled very cracteristicly for my poop I always get after I ate pepper the day before. When I was wiping my sister complained about the smell said i should hurry because she nearly pee her pants. So I stood up and she could sit down and start her pee. She peed straiht for maybe 30 or 40 seconds and I saw now how urgent it was for her.


Birthday Poo

Hi its John B.

Haven't posted in a while but you've been in my thoughts especially my two favourite English Roses, Jemma and Megan.

Today being my birthday I had a lovely surprise pressie, a buddy dump with my dear wife! Totally unexpected and all the better for that. She got up and called me into the bathroom and said you may enjoy this. She lifted her nightie sat down and lifted up slightly as she always does and repositioned herself to her satisfaction (any other women o here do this?).

A brief wee wee followed by a squeaky fart and then silence. She took my hand and she started to push squeezing my hand at the same time, I heard the tel tale crackling noise then plop, followed by a Niagara Falls of a pee a brief silence then a fusillade of turds plopping into the pan, about six or seven in addition to the first one. Without wiping she stood up to let me admire her output and by which time I got the urge too! I sat down peed and let out two substantial logs I too got up without wiping and compared "notes". Hers were of a light brown colour, initially smooth but towards the end becoming slightly ragged I appearance and mine contrasted by being dark brown and more solid!

We both then wiped and then enjoyed some "quality time" if you get my drift!

Jemma and Megan I'll reply to your posts separately.

Thanks for listening to my story and take care all.

John B x


It was asked some time ago, but someone was worried if the way they pooped was "ladylike." If it hasn't been said yet - and I'm sure it has - the idea that being female means being held to a superhuman standard of refinement, to the degree that your body working the way all human bodies work is a crime you're guilty of, is simply wrong. Don't worry about it, and ask anyone who gives you flack over it why they are so concerned about how you poop, and tell them that they're more than welcome to leave you to your privacy when you do so instead of being *near* enough to judge your technique. ...And say it as snarkily as you can; don't quote me, I'm the kinda guy who always thinks of the perfect comeback about three days later. (Also, I guarantee you that they do it too, and it doesn't sound or smell any better. Nature just ain't always neat and clean.)

To Bradley: It's good that you can talk to the people here and feel comfortable about it, but medical problems are best left to doctors. Yes, it's embarrassing to talk about, but doctors have heard *everything.* Imagine if there was a fix for it that was simple enough but you spent years not benefiting from it because you didn't want to ask? 40 years is a long time to suffer from something like this (well, for the first few, you're kinda expected to go in your pants, but you know what I mean.) and doing so if it turns out you didn't have to would be even worse. What would be even worse than that? Dealing with it even *longer* if you don't have to. There are people who suffer and even die because they couldn't bite the bullet and ask an uncomfortable question that it turned out there was an answer for.

You might not have to live like this. I'm begging ya, GO FIND OUT from the people who know. You'll live, I promise.


Dude in distress

Hey man, I get constipated a lot too. You have to try the Fleet glycerin suppository. the solid ones in the jar. they work in about 15-20 min. while it's in melting you could push around your hole, but they are great. You can use them when you try to go and the turd comes part way out than goes back in. You insert one than as far as you can. Than let it work. Let me know how you make out.


Peeing with underwear on backwards

For the 3rd time this year I've made the mistake of putting my briefs on backwards. I know its stupid of me, but I'm in a hurry in the mornings when I'm dressing for school, and I often have my lights off beause there is enough light from my bedroom window. The problem is that at the end of 2nd hour, I wait in the line for a floor level urinal, and when one opens I line up to it as close as I can, unsip my jeans, and I can't find the opening for my organ to start my pee. First I start trying to find it with my right hand, then I add my left hand and yesterday a much older guy next to my right laughed at me, deliberately bumped me as he left his urinal, and said something to his buddy who took over his space. The new guy tried to stare me down too. So I zipped up, turned and quickly went to the other side of the room where there is a long line of toilet stalls with no doors. So I want into an open one. Was going to sit on the seat to piss, but the seat was literally water logged with pee. One of my shoes was in it too, because some guys don't even try to aim. So I did the only thing I knew I could. I dropped my jeans and briefs as fast as I could. I aimed my organ at the toilet but without lifting the wet black seat, I let my pee fly into the bowl. But just before the first of my pee hit the bowl, the 3rd hour bell rang and I got scared about being tardy again. I already have 2 violations. But I decided not to care because it hurts me too much to stop and hold up my stream once its started. I went for about a minute and a half, and finally I pulled my jeans and underwear up and hurried to class. I was hoping my teacher wasn't in there yet. But she was and she had me sign for being tardy. Later I got Saturday detention. There were so many girls and guys around the teacher when I came in that I didn't want to give her my excuse in front of them. So I just think I will serve my time.

What do you others out there think? Am I doing the right thing?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

John (not Jihad)

I was brought up to 'drop trou' after breakfast, along with cleaning my teeth. Later on, my younger brother had a code for the pre-school routine - TTD 'teeth and trousers down'. The school toilets in my English grammar school were not very inviting, and from the age of 5 to 18, I can't have sat with a bare bottom at school more than 10 times. These occasions were when we had an early morning class, or I was on prefect duty.

Someone else wrote some time ago about bonding between siblings. That was certainly the case with me. My mum had 4 miscarriages before she had my brother - as he got older he developed a good sense of humour and said he was a 'miscarriage of justice.'

As we had a bathroom which we could share, and our parents had their own, we didn't mind being in the bathroom together, showering together before breakfast, and after breakfast one cleaning his teeth, and the other one sitting with his trousers and underpants round his ankles.

Actually, I helped our parents by helping to train my brother, and on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays, I would take him in with me, and sit him on his potty, while he saw how I used the toilet. It became 'us time', when we chatted about what we had been doing at school. And we have done the same with our own children, and my own little boy has taken his younger boy cousin in with him.

We think that if you get that routine out of the day, EVERY DAY, early in the morning, we haven't got to worry about it. Although it's one of the necessities of life, it's also enjoyable.

There are occasions when others have seen me on the toilet, or I have seen them. I'll write about that sometime.

Sophia W Re:skidmarks

I've known of girls that seemed to poop on front of the porcelain. I think they only pull their pants down to their thighs, or just far enough to poop. As a result they sit forward so exposed skin is on the seat. If they were sitting normally, their pants would be on the seat.

I was at my college working on a project for my computer class. I had gone to the tutorial room to get help. The tutorial room consisted of 3 computers and 6 other seats where people could get help, and 2 guys that were walking around helping them. As usual, I had waited until the last minute to begin my project and was planning to finish it all in one day.
I had been working for about 3 hours when I felt the need to poop. I decided to hold it and keep working; hopefully I could wait until I got home. To relieve some of the growing pressure, I let out a few silent, but not unsmellable, farts. One of the guys that had been helping me stopped by to see if I needed any help again, and I did. I was embarrassed because I knew he had to smell it, and I secretly hoped he would think it was the girl next to me. He passed by again about 30 minutes later, right after I had let out yet another fart. At this point I could feel the tip of my turd starting to crown, and I sat on my foot to keep it in. I continued working on my project, clenching and farting, for another hour or so.
By this point I was having trouble focusing and realized I needed to stop and poop. I didn't want to give up my spot in the computer lab/tutorial area as there was usually a wait, and I wasn't sure if it would be safe to leave my things there. The next time the guy came by to see if I needed help, I asked him if it would be okay to leave my things there for a few minutes and he would keep an eye on them. He smiled and said he would keep an eye on them, and mused that I "probably needed a bathroom break since I had been there for several hours." I was pretty sure he was aware of my impending dump at this point, though maybe he thought I just had to pee.
I went to the ladies' room and upon walking in, noticed I wouldn't be the only one taking an afternoon dump. The first stall was occupied and it really stunk. I went to one of the middle stalls and sat down. Someone else sat next to me a minute later. I began to push, and even though I had been prairie dogging, it was still going to be a hard one to get out. It was very wide, and when I pushed, my hole wouldn't open wide enough to accomadate the turd, so my butthole was domed out but the turd wouldn't come out. I grunted as I pushed, trying to be quiet. Several minutes of this annoying scenario went by, with me pushing harder and harder. By now the girl next to me (who was also pooping) had to be aware of the trouble I was having. When she flushed, I took that opportunity to push loudly (so my pushing would not be able to be heard over the flush.) Even this didn't get my turd to budge. I put my fingers on each side of my hole and when I pushed this time, I pushed with my fingers too and this pressure forced the turd out. It was very wide and was sticking out several inches at this point. I stopped pushing and left it hanging to catch my breath. I then began to push again. It felt good coming out, and I moaned softly. Then it got stuck again so I took a deep breath and pushed hard. It came out with a loud plop and I sighed loudly with relief. I pushed again and farted loudly 3 times, to my embarrassment. Another turd started out. I took my time with this one, relaxing when it was about halfway out (I normally have very long, thick turds). I was enjoying this break from my project. I looked at my phone and realized about 20 minutes had passed so I pushed it out quickly and wiped, washing my hands and returning quickly to the project room.
I was very embarrassed as I had not anticipated being gone so long, and I knew that the tutor guy had to have known I pooped. Indeed, when I sat down, he came over to see if I needed help, and winked and said "bet you feel better!" I blushed but said yes, that I did. I finished my project a couple hours later with no more incidents. I still have 2 left for the semester so will have to return there again. Do you guys think he knew I pooped? Maybe he just thought I peed and got a drink or went to the café or something...


Steve A's survey

1. I do drink coffee sometimes, but not regularly. I don't know if it helps me go, but I've heard people say that. I often poop in the morning anyway, with or without coffee, so not sure if it's really making a difference.

2. I would only use hand sanitizer if soap with water wasn't available. Otherwise, always soap with water. Hand sanitizer isn't good enough in my opinion.

3. My bladder/bowel control is usually pretty good. One time I went at least 6 hours without peeing and in the end, it was a car ride and I accidentally "leaked" a little bit. It was pretty embarrassing .We were in traffic on an urban freeway so it's not like I could've pulled over and went behind a tree or something.

4. I only remember seeing someone have an accident when I was really young, saw my friend wet his pants. He was really embarrassed and I did offer to help, but he was too embarrassed to let me help.

5. I have a pretty resilient stomach, so I can't think of a restaurant that really caused me problems.

6. I haven't really counted for #1, but it has to be at least 5 times or so. For #2, it's once or 0 (in which case I go every other day).

7. I'm not sure about most embarrassing...I guess one time when I was going #2 in the school bathroom and a group of guys came in and started commenting on how bad it smelled and I was so incredibly embarrassed I tried not to make a sound and vowed I woudln't come out until they were gone. It doesn't haunt me, but it really doesn't get more embarrassing than that.

Famine Question - I've never done that, but I'm Catholic and I've done some fasting before. I've noticed that when I eat less like that, it causes me to poop less and it might make me a little constipated at first.


Slow Ones

Hi everyone. Today, I took a slow dump at work, and at home. The poo I did a short while ago felt great as it came out. I had to push a bit, but it was a smooth sensation with some crackle sounds. I got splashed once one of the peices hit the water. The poo at work wasn't as smooth feeling as that one, but still was nice. Another of the poos sounded like it hit the wall of the toilet. My toilet at home is a low-water one. Most of the toilets at Harker Heights High School have a strong flush. At the school for the blind in Austin, I used toilets with long pipes with the flush handle at the top on one side. These toilets also had a long flushing sound, too. I believe in the old elementary building there was a small toilet along with a bigger one in the handicapped stall. Btw, when I mentioned going to Lion's World as a child, and told about sleeping with my stuffed doll, I meant to say she was the one from the flea market that had lace on her socks. I typed shoes by mistake. Anyway, I ordered a large Minnie Mouse with lace on her bloomers as a replacement for that doll. I can't wait til Minnie gets here!


Shy bladder in doorless stall

We had a 10 minute passing period before a pep rally and pretty much everyone who had to use the bathroom knew they had to go before entering the gym because once the pep band starts the doors are closed and no one is allowed to leave. There were two bathroom fires set during pep rallies last year and everyone is required to pay for it this year; no one is trusted.

So I hurried over to the largest of the bathrooms. All 15 stalls were occupied (even the doorless ones) and there must have been 50 to 60 girls milling around waiting for a stall to open. Because I'm smaller than others my age I like to find a stall and then wait right in front of it, rather than standing in a larger group and then getting bumped around as I try to get into a stall that others are running for. I took my position right in front of this girl they call MC who was already on the stool and had her jeans and undees pulled down to mid-thigh. She had her hands on her thighs and was moving them like a car windshield wiper and because she was squinting a lot, I knew she was pooing. The big wad of toilet paper she had pulled off was beneath her feet. She also had beeds of sweat on her forehead. She looked up at me and said she had a few more pieces to drop. I told her I thought we were about half way through the passing period. She apologized and said if she was on her toilet at home, she would have been done in three minutes or less. She just didn't want to risk a mess by trying to hold it until she got home. I heard a couple of more splashes and MC stood, did about 5 or 6 wipes, flushed and then stepped aside while I ripped my jeans down and got up on the seat.

Wouldn't you know it! Once I had seated myself after carrying my bladder pretty full during lunch (the toilets are full then too and there would have been no way that I could have weed without taking a detention). So here I was my bladder burning, but after sitting for more than a minute I wasn't able to even get a drop. Girls in front of me were hopefully asking "Bout done?" and all I could say was that I was working on it. Just about that time, a couple of the female teachers came in yelling at us to finish up and get into the gym. One said she was going to lock the room. I don't know why, but I jumped down, then placed myself back on the toilet, and by doing that, my stream started and had been going for about 1 minute when this one teacher walked right up to me, looked between my legs, and then said something about wasted time on the toilet being rewarded with detentions. I started to cry as I sat and she didn't seem to care. A few seconds later, I jumped off the toilet, reached back and flushed, and made a run for it as I was frantically trying to button the top of my jeans.

When I got to the gym and found Miranda, she could see I had been crying. She was surprised that the teacher had said what she had said and been so mean.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sophia great story it sucks that your revenge plan didn't go the way you wanted and great story about you and your friend Maria.

To: Megan as always another great pooping story.

To: Jemma great story about all your poops throughout the day it sounds like you had to go a lot that day and great story about your 2 poops at the doctor and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: A Smelly Ride Home you handled that situation really well.

To: May it sounds like you had a really rough time hopefully it didn't last to long.

To: Shelbi great story about you and your sister pooping it sounds like you both had really good poops.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Possible differences in toilet training due to toilet design

Another thing, not directly related to constipation.

After reading a lot of older pages i also noticed that, in case of a large BM, people (both women and men) either go #2 with a single silent large log or with a loud and giveaway "plop-plop-plop".

I wonder if it has to do with early toilet training. In that case, i wonder if it has to do with being taught to pinch larger than normal movements off to avoid toilet clogging and overflowing, due to different local toilet designs (American ones, with the majority of posters seemingly American, often come with a small waterway so it's possible that pinching off could avoid clogging these waterways and it became second nature to them, almost involuntarily, so reflexes are modified; this doesn't happen so often with European or Australian toilets).

Personally, i get the second BM type only if i start pinching off large movements.

Dude In Distress

To H bird

I can imagine how much pain you were in! That's how most of my bms are- I am sooo constipated!. They require at least an hour of pushing. Often times- I am stuck with a massive turd that pokes out about an inch- and gets stuck. What helps me the most is pressing around my hole and especially against my perineum.

Karen C.

Dried Apricot Stomach Clean-out

Okay, so with warmer weather approaching and spring just around the corner, not only did I give my house a good scrubbing down but also the inside of me; my stomach needed a good cleaning out after a long winter of eating lots of junk and being sick most of the time. Felt great after it was done though. Lost two inches from my waist and about seven pounds after getting rid of all the junk stuck to my intestinal walls. My old pants and jeans fit slightly loose now, at least in the waist haha. Good news is that my thigh and hip measurements didn't change, and my breast cup measurement is still holding steady, yay! Guess the exercise is working. I had a really bad stomach virus a few weeks ago and lost a lot of weight, but managed to build it up in all the right places, and it stayed off where I wanted it to. Wouldn't mind gaining a few nice lean pounds in my hips and rear and thighs to fill out my pants better.

On my off day I ate a salad mix kit with bleu cheese dressing, a Boston Market salisbury steak dinner, and an El Monterey XXL beef and bean burrito with lots of picante sauce and raw garlic, a couple of vanilla milkshakes, then later a big piece of swiss cheese with saltines for a snack and a couple of correctol, then I ate a bag of dried apricots, the whole thing. I took a nice long bath, washed and conditioned my hair, rolled it up in curlers, then took a long nap. Woke up at around 4 in the afternoon and then the diarrhea started. Felt a little nauseous on the verge of puking so I slipped into a t-shirt and sweatpants and sneakers and went outside and walked around the block to get a little fresh air then I felt better. Spent the rest of the night blowing watery diarrhea into the toilet every twenty or thirty minutes. It was so bad that I ditched my pajama pants and panties; I wore nothing but my slippers, a bra and a long nightgown that I could pull up each time I'd have to rush to the bathroom for another explosive diarrhea episode. Spent the night watching METV.

It finally stopped at around 10 the next morning and I had some coffee then ate some cream of chicken soup with lots of bread and lots of parmesan cheese to stop the urge to keep running to the bathroom for the runs. Late midmorning I went to Burger King and got a whopper with extra ???? and fries and a strawberrry milkshake for lunch, then spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. Got a couple of cute blouses and a couple new pairs of khaki work slacks and a new pair of steel toe boots. My diarrhea was over with and now my stomach feels really cleaned out, I feel like a new woman ready to conquer spring/summer 2015!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015



Are you going to pee into the seat or on the floor/doors/back of the front seats? Also are you guys going to poop in the car?


Revenge gone wrong

A few weeks ago back in college, I found out that my best friend (Nina) had slept with my boyfriend (he's my ex now), so I decided to plot a revenge on them.

I work at the pharmacy department at my local superstore, and while I was putting things in stock, I was randomly looking at their stocks of these suppositories. As I had already dealt with my ex, I suddenly gotten the idea to use the suppository and leave a little surprise in Nina's car, considering that I know where she kept her spare car key. Luckily I remembered that before the ex-bf incident, she had already booked a flight to go visit her family and wasn't gonna be back for some time, so it was a window of opportunity.

The day after she left, I started inserting the suppository. I'd figure it'd take a while, but after a few minutes, I could feel it already working. The problem was that I actually did this in my bathroom, and it was gonna take a little bit to get there. I quickly grabbed her keys on my way out, and started driving as fast as I could over to hers. Sadly, there was a lot of traffic preventing me from going much faster than 10km/hr and stopping several times. As the urge started to build up, the more I began questioning about doing this. As I was getting closer to her car, my abdomen was aching, the urge was bad, my body was sweating because of the desperation.

When I was not too far from her car, I'd figure I was gonna make it, but sadly that wasn't going to be the case. I suddenly drove through a few speed bumps, which caused me to lose enough control to let out this wet fart. It felt warm and sticky in my panties. I knew I was in trouble, so I quickly clinched my butt cheeks together to try and regain control. The urge grew several times more stronger and had gotten so uncomfortable that I knew I wasn't gonna hold on much longer. I quickly parked the car somewhere nearby and try to settle my stomach but it was hopeless. Right after my failed attempt to regain control, I lifted my butt up a little, pressed onto my abdomen, then I started crapping uncontrollably all over my panties.

This lasted for several minutes before I even stopped completely. By then, the car smelt of soiled crap and my butt felt disgusting. After spending some time trying to drive back to my place with a soiled panties, I managed to make it up to my apartment in disgust and cleaned myself off from the mess. Obviously this didn't go according to plan. That's karma, I guess.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little "experience".

Sonya Sue

Flushing Survey Answers

There are my answers to the current flushing survey:

1. When you are out and away from home, do you flush each and every time in a public bathroom? Mostly yes. However, I don't if the toilet is full of lots of others' waste because its just going to overlow and I'm going to get blamed for it as the last user. I also know that at the truck stop I work at part-time we have cameras focused on the entrances to the bathrooms with a computerized clock for use in a vandalism or robbery case.

2. If you don't flush what's the reason? In addition to #1, it might be that I just peed a little or some chick's constantly peeking on me or trying to rude otherwise. That doesn't happen that much though.

3. Will you sit on a public toilet with its bowl jammed with others' pee, crap or other disponables? Only as a last resort. And I will look into each vacant cubicle to try to find something better. Once at a concert last year I sat over the side of the toilet to avoid directly peeing and crapping onto a large McDonald's shake container because I didn't want any splashback.

4. If you ware waiting for a toilet and it becomes available, will you say something to the previous user if they haven't flushed? I did once to a much younger girl at the mall and she just starred me down as she walked by.

5. Are the automatic flush toilets really the answer? What has been your experience with the? Yes, but not in every case. Just last week at the movies the bathroom was quite crowded (between shows) and I was sitting ready for my pee stream to start when I looked on the front of the seat between my legs and found a couple of pubic hairs. I took my thumb and flicked them toward me and into the toilet. I guess I moved to much and that set the sensor off. I had to stand up fast you as not to get my back end splashed by the flush cycle that seemed really wicked. By the time I got my pee started, I had already missed the opening 10 minutes of "Spare Parts".

6.If your school or other bathroom has those pre-cut toilet paper squares, is this an answer to clogging? It probably could be because it keeps those that like to sit on those toilet paper nests instead of the seats from doing so. But it also can result in a lot of toilet paper being strown about and not used properly. I remember a couple months ago when a choral group I'm a member of performed in a renovated theatre. Of course, I had my high heels on so when I started to get up of the seat, one of those slips of paper almost caused me slip backwards and into/onto the toilet.

7. When you were very young and growing up and your parents were teaching you and encouraging you about using public bathrooms, how much was flushing emphasized? Some but not always. Some children don't have the arm/elbow power to successfully push a flush button or lever until they're older.

Steve A

Survey For Everyone Plus 30 Hour Famine Question

Hey, I have a survey for everyone:

1. Do you drink coffee? If so, does it help you "go"?

2. What do you think is better for cleaning your hands after you use the bathroom:

Water With Soap or Hand Sanitizer?

3. How good is your bladder/bowel control? What was the longest time you went without using the bathroom?

4. Did you ever witness someone having an accident? Did you or someone else help them? What would you do in a situation like that?

5. What restaurants caused problems for your stomach?

6. How many times a day do you go to the bathroom? (#1 and #2)

7. What's your most embarrassing bathroom story? Did you ever get over it or does it still haunt you?

30 Hour Famine Question:

I'm doing a 30 Hour Famine for my Church Youth Group in April. For those of you who don't know what that is: It's where me and a bunch of my Youth Group peers go without food for 30 hours. We're only allowed to drink water, juice, etc. I've done it last year and it really wasn't hard for me even though it was my first time doing it. It really didn't affect my bathroom habits much.

So, my question for everyone: If any of you participated in the 30 Hour Famine, do you think it would affect your bathroom habits?

So anyway, I hope you enjoy my survey and I hope to have a bathroom experience/story during the 30 Hour Famine. I will post again soon.


Hi everyone, thought I'd fill out the flushing survey.

1. When you are away from home and out in a public bathroom, do you flush each and every time? Yes, I will always flush.

2. If you don't flush, what's the reason? Only if the handle is broken or some other problem!

3. Will you sit on a public toilet with a bowl jammed with other's crap, pee and disposables? Why? Why not? I'd rather not, but I've done it when there has been wee in the bowl quite often. If someone else's poo is in the bowl then I'll flush it away if it will go down, or find another toilet if I can.

4. If you are waiting for a toilet and it becomes available, do you say anything to the person coming out if they haven't flushed? No, for all I know it was like that when they got there, after all. Or the flush was broken.

5. Are the automatic flush toilets really the answer? What has been your experience with them? They probably help, because they go off every few seconds with no provocation anyway and therefore flush down a lot of your poo before you finish!

6. If your school or another bathroom you use has only those pre-cut squares of toilet paper, is this an answer to toilet clogging? I hate those tiny squares! A lot of the toilets at the university I went to had them, which as Shelbi pointed out are very annoying if you're trying to clean up from a poo. You still need to use a whole bunch of them to wipe yourself so there's probably still just as much paper going into the bowl, if not more, because you're trying to make sure you don't get anything on your hand!

Today I stopped into a new coffee shop near me for a sandwich and a cup of coffee for lunch. After eating and drinking, I had to check out their toilet facilities since I needed to do both things. I looked around and saw the loo was at the back- one of those single-occupancy ones that seem to be standard in most coffee places. It was occupied and a woman was waiting by the door. I noticed a man of about my age sitting at another table glancing over at it a few times, and guessed he needed to pay it a visit too. After a few minutes a woman came out and the woman waiting went in. Of course, the problem with only having a single customer toilet is that sometimes you have to hold on for quite a while if several other people need to go, especially if any of them are going for a poo.

After a few minutes the woman was still on the loo. I saw the man who was waiting get up and go to stand by the door, beating me to it. A few more minutes passed and I assumed she was doing a number two. I had to take care of mine soon but I wasn't desperate yet. After a couple more minutes she came out and the man went in. I waited a couple of minutes and then went to stand by the door. After a few more minutes waiting he was still in there so I knew he too was sitting down and doing his 'second one!' He came out a minute later and I went in. There was a moderate smell of poo from the previous occupants.

I pulled my skirt and green knickers to my feet and sat. I started with a wee, and then I released two decent sized logs in quick succession. I wondered if anyone else was waiting for me to finish because they needed to use the loo. It took me a few more minutes to release the next two turds, and after a fart I pushed out a few small pieces. I wiped, flushed, washed my hands and walked out. Sure enough, a woman was waiting for her turn. Certainly a busy period for that toilet!


Huge but weightless dump after 3 days?

Somebody here mentioned feeling like loosing about 10 or 12 pounds after massive BMs, the ones that usually follow several days of constipation.

Last Friday i started holding it in, eating a lot as always. On Saturday i even did one hour of intense boxing training and not a single fart escaped. I went this morning (Monday) after a nearly sleepless night due to a building up and repeated urge. A huge and desperate, not to the point of turtleheading however, (i never experienced it, must be due to exercise) BM, made of a single giant, not too hard and long log (can't estimate it's lenght due to the European toilet design (not the old German one or American, the ones that allow you to see how much you dumped, but the British one), but it had to be very long) that surprisingly didn't clog the toilet.

I weighed myself right after and before it and, amazingly enough, i didn't loose a single couple of pounds.

I still felt lighter (perhaps no longer bloated), but apparently this is only a feeling, at least in my case.

Have you ever had the chance to weight yourself before and after a large and satisfying dump?

Monday, March 09, 2015


loo diary


thought i'd share with you guys my days loo visits. I made a diary today on paper to keep track for a personal record of my bodily functions, I have IBS - a type which means i do poo a lot, a sensitive nervous system probably doesn't help, so anyway,
it's now 10pm monday night, here goes:-

6.30am - alarm goes off i go for a wee
6.45am - first morning poo consisting of 8 plops
before i jump in shower.
7.25am - second poo before i leave for work after breakfast consisting of an explosion of millions of tiny rabbit droppings/bullets.
I leave for work. Drive takes 25 mins.
09.20 - get a need for a wee followed by need for a poo i am with a client for 20 mins at least.
09.50 i go for my wee and poo having fidgeted and clenched my way through that half hour.
Wee first then relax and plop away. 10 plops.
11.15 go for a wee.
12.00 - develop need for poo.
13.05 on lunch break, go for my much needed poo,
Another explosion one, millions of tiny bullet size and shape furry plops, discover i have started my period quite & do what a women does to sort that out.
14.30 develop need for another urgent poo (???? ache due to starting period) whilst with client. Shifting around in my office chair lifting my butt very obviously to clench whilst trying not to poo my knickers!
14.50 time with client over dash off to have my poo.
14.55 - 12 loose mustard colour logs all curling around each other in the bowl.
16.45 45 mins till my shift is over need a wee, go have 1.
17.20 - develop need for a poo.
17.35 in car on way home bursting for a poo. Should've gone at work but the girls at work were talking to me.
1815 home having been sat in traffic for 15 mins. Run up to the loo for my desperate 10 plops and a wee.
2030 after dinner have a wee.
21.35 need a poo
21.45 have final poo consisting of 6 plops.
get in to my pjs and get in to bed, type this.
Going to do another one in a few days.


Shoutout to Emma B

Hi Emma B

I don't know if you still visit this forum but I really liked your stories about you and your friend Claire. Please post some more - if you want to.


H bird

This thing nearly killed me

Friday 6th March 2014 - eat all you like restaurant. Had a lovely meal and made sure I got my money's worth.

Sat 7th March - bit rushed in the morning and made the mistake of showering before my usual daily poo. Thought I would just delay until later and really enjoy a big satisfying shite later. Indian take away in the evening....... Big mistake..... Went to bed without dealing with the back log.

Sun 8th March - wake up desperate. Get on toilet and realize there is a big problem. This thing is enormous, hard and trying to come fast. Panic and pain set in. Nothing is moving but pressure is building. I'm in trouble.

I'm 10 minutes in and I'm sweating and started to get seriously worried. I have a 4 inch wide turd poking out my hole but not moving. This is getting serious. After 20 minutes I have resorted to attempting to pull this beast out my hole. This has limited success but at least gets some of this monster out.

I am now feeling really trapped by this beast. I'm now 40 minutes in and feeling exhausted and emotional...... When will is nightmare end..... How will it end?

I start to massage around my hole. This is really scary now. For the first time I get a true sense of the size of this thing. It's like a baseball bat and as hard as one.

The hour mark is approaching and I'm feeling tearful. I decide to squat on the toilet. I get my feet up on the toilet seat and dip my bottom low and breath heavily. The urge to push comes and I give it the last of my energy. Suddenly I witness king Kong's finger crash into the bottom of the toilet followed by a couple of pounds of standard poo.

I'm crying with relief. The memory of this will never leave me and I can honestly say I am mentally scarred by the experience.

Jason the shaymin (sky form)

I want some if your theories

I want to ask a question and this is a lot out of me I'm very shy to be doing this in a place like here this is a lot out of me and you want toilet stories not going to happen. Anyway I literally never shit in public just never need to. Another thing is I never really go outside of home just never need to. But some years at summer camp (t's a stay over night camp) but like 2 or 3 of the years there I went the whole 5 days straight without shitting. I don't think that's normal can y'all give me some of your theories.


2 dodgy poos at doctors yesterday

Hope you are all good & hi to John B & Brandon T.
yesterday i was at my docs about an ear infection i have.
i arrived and was bursting for a huge desperate poo that i'd been holding in at work for a good hour whilst dealing with customers on the phone.
entering the docs in my mini black skirt just about covering my fat peachy buttocks, my butt felt heavy and uncomfortable. I didn't really want to but it was nearly in my g-string, sitting down i began fidgeting and raising my butt to clench. The guy next to me asked if i was uncomfortable to which i replied yes,
So i went to their loo.

entering i pulled my skirt down to my ankles and g-string.
sitting down I immediately let out my plops:-
Perrrrlop-plop-plop-plop-plop (i began weeing at this point but carried on with these loose plops) plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop...plop...plop.......plop.....plop!! I was done. I wiped 5 times & flushed leaving skids everywhere, all along the bottom up the back near the water but no loo brush so i couldn't leave it.
i sprayed washed hands and left.
back in waiting room i waited a further 10 mins and i was called.
in the docs room i needed another poo.
on my way out i decided i'd wait till i got back to work but suddenly my ???? started to cramp.
i needed to go there!
Back in the loo i had a further 12 looser plops than before. Leaving to drive back to work i felt rubbish.but i was ok my next poo was needed half hour before i left so i had my poo at home.
more stories soon

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and Trish both had really good poops and it sounds like you both were pretty desperate to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie as always another great poop story.

To: Chloe B it sounds like you and your friend both had good poops in that mcdonalds bathroom and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

Sophia W.

Tlanas survey and some stories

1. When you are away from home and out in a public bathroom, do you flush each and every time? Yes if I can I do allways flush

2. If you don't flush, what's the reason? I don't flush if must use a already glogged toilet

3. Will you sit on a public toilet with a bowl jammed with other's crap, pee and disposables? Why? Why not? Yes, if there are no other toilets. If I need to use them, I don't find it good, but the other option would be going in my pants and that is worse.

4. If you are waiting for a toilet and it becomes available, do you say anything to the person coming out if they haven't flushed? No

5. Are the automatic flush toilets really the answer? What has been your experience with them? Maybe they are. I only saw them in a train station and they were very clean, but i needed to pay for the so I expect them to be clean

6. If your school or another bathroom you use has only those pre-cut squares of toilet paper, is this an answer to toilet clogging? I don't think so. If some one wants to clogg a toilet they can.

I was today with Maria, a friend of me, in our local mall. We searched for new shoes and we tried the new arivals of the upcomming beachwear. After that we had some ice cream and some coffee because it is already very warm outside. The we went into a bookstore and looked around and read in some books. After that Maria metioned to go to the toilet. They are clean but sometimes very crowded. We had no luck and there was a long line. We waited and as we did i felt that I also need to pee, strangely not to poop although I drank coffee. We nearly waited 15 minutes befor it was our turn and only one cubic openend. I was use from a woman who was maybe 30. I asked if I can come in too, because there were others behind us. Maria didn't mind. She wiped the seat with toilet paper and sat down after she pulled her jeans and pink panties down. She started to pee and farted. The she pooped one long log and started to wipe. Whe changed the spot after she flushed and so did I pull my jeans and red and black striped panties down. I peed forcfuly but quick. After I flushed I wanted to look for some games in a gamestop. I'm at home now and don't need to poop either, maybe at night.
Yesterday my siter was nearly 40 minutes on the toilet. She was constipated what is very uncommen for her. She didn't poop for four days and she send me a message to join her because she wanted to talk. So I went from my room to our bathroom. I sat on the floor and heard her fart often but she was straining hard. But after th first log was out of her erything went very fast. The toilet was very full and with a lot of skidmarks in the front. she flushe befor she wiped. After she was done had a short pee.

On tuesday I had very satisfying poop, it felt even three hours later good. Did something like that ever happend to you?

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