a smelly ride home

When I was in college and in grad school I did a lot of volunteer work. One thing I did for a year in grad school was I carpooled with a disabled girl who lived close to me. We both lived about an hour from campus and the university set us up to drive together because she had limited transportation capabilites. She had a wheelchair lift van, and I would drive to her house and we'd go to campus in the van. She was a very intelligent, well spoken girl; long brown hair and pale skin, dressed sharply. She had no use of her legs and her arms were very weak too and she used a power wheelchair. She was unable to use the restroom by herself and as a result she had a tendency to hold in her urges for extremely long periods of time, and once or twice she bragged that she had a "bladder of steel" and that what she lacked in strength in her extremities she made up for with her strong bladder. She had a funny sense of humor. Anyway, one evening there was an awkward incident after we left campus...i learned that while her bladder holding abilities were other-worldly, the case with holding in a BM was different. I met with her after her last class, and we headed to the van to go home; we had been on campus for over 4 hours and had an hour drive ahead of us. She was unusually quiet and seemed irritable and uncomfortable on the way to the van. I didn't say anything, but at one point i heard her kind of groan to herself and mumble "ohhh noo." I said what's the matter and she looked at me with a sheepish grin and started to breathe kind of heavy like she was nervous. She said "well, this is really embarrassing. But I have to go to the bathroom...badly. so I'm fairly worried about not making it home in time. Just to warn you." I said "well hey I can give you a hand in the bathroom if you want." She closed her eyes and sighed and said "...I appreciate it it but it's not that simple. Plus I barely even like that my own mom helps me. I don't know if I can do it. let's just please get going." We got into thE van and I made a comment like "I thought you had a bladder of steel?" She shut her eyes tight and sighed again and said "uuuhhh yeeaahhh... if the issue was a full bladder right now I wouldn't be know what I'm saying?" then I knew she was really needing to poop, and I just nodded and said I'd hurry home.

She didn't even last 5 minutes... we were barely off campus when I could hear her breathing anxiously in the back and she started going "ohhh god...oh my god. Oh no." to herself. looked in the mirror and said "are you ok???" And she stayed quiet a second and I could hear the crackling and squishing sounds of her going to the bathroom in her pants. she sighed heavily and said "nope..I'm not. I'm really sorry, but i accidentally pooped in my pants. I'm so sorry..."

I was pretty taken aback, as I had never been around an adult who had an accident like that, and I didn't know what to say. The smell filled the van and obviously was pretty bad.... I still didn't know what to say, I just felt bad and embarrassed for her. I didn't want to remain silent and make it more awkward for her so I just said "you don't have to be sorry, I'M sorry I couldn't be of more help..." She had a shakiness in her voice that revealed her humiliation and sounded like she was trying not to cry, and she said "don't feel's just bad luck. I usually don't need to go this time of day I'm not sure what happened...I guess I'm just really glad I didn't have an accident while I was still in one point I was really scared I was going to." I just said "well that's good at least" and tried to ignore the smell and focus on my driving. She mumbled things to herself in the back that I couldn't hear, then she said to me "ugh I can't believe I have to ride all the way home like can open the windows if you want, I am sorry about the smell." I had been hesitating to do so because I didn't want to make her feel more embarrassed, but once she gave me permission I did open the windows and it helped with the smell. We didn't talk at all for a while because we were on the highway so the noise of the wind coming in through the windows was loud. But eventually when we got off the highway it quieted down, and also made it so I could smell her accident again.

I felt bad thinking about how long she had to sit there with a mess in her pants. I casually asked how she was holding up and she said "ok I guess... sorta getting used to the feeling. I think it all stayed in my underwear so at least there is that- I really like these pants...not that anyone would see if there was a stain on my butt" she joked. They were nice navy blue stretchy slacks. I laughed awkwardly and said "well that's good." after another moment of silence I couldn't contain my curiosity and I said "does this happen to you often?" She didn't say anything at first and I was about to tell her nevermind, and apologize for asking. Then she said "well, it depends on your definition of 'often'. On one hand I wanna say no because it's not like a regular thing, but on the other hand it HAS happened to me more than once and I guess that's not common for someone my age so I don't know if that qualifies as often...." I said "If it doesn't happen regularly I wouldn't say it's often... how many times has it happened?" She chuckled kind of softly to herself and I said "just out of curiosity!" she said "it's ok I understand...oh I don't know if I can put a definite number on it. Maybe like, 8 or 10 times I can remember since I was a young kid..." I inadvertently gasped out loud, and then I said "sorry, that's gotta be tough for you, and really embarrassing." She said "yeah it is, but it's not as bad as it's mostly happened to me when no one is sometimes when I'm laying in bed in the morning and I don't want to wake anyone up early so I try to wait, but then I wind up going in my underwear in bed. That's been the reason mostly." I said that made sense. Then she continued "there have been times it's happened in public...once after school when I was in 9th grade I was in the hallway near the front of the school waiting for my mom to come pick me up, and I had to go really bad...well, like tonight I couldn't hold it long and I wound up pooping my pants in the hallway at school. I just sat there frozen, mortified, praying no one walking by would smell my accident. I think I got away with it..."
I said "oh man that sucks!" And kept listening. Then she said "there was another time was a couple years ago, I had finished classes for the day and my mom picked me up... we went food shopping on the way home and I had to go, and I was struggling to hold it. I told my mom we had to hurry up a couple times, and finally I gave her a look and she finally got the picture that I had to go to the bathroom. But it was too late, and I pooped in my pants when we were checking out. I think the cashier and some other customers knew what happened and that was pretty embarassing. Oh, and the one other time i can think of, my younger brother and me were watching TV and I was waiting for my mom to get home from work so I could go, but again, I lost it and pooped my pants. My brother ran from the room and didn't come back until after my mom got home and helped me change my underwear." I chuckled and so did she, and it seemed like talking about it helped her kind of feel better, and she had a bit of a sense of humor about it and made fun of herself. She commented "they should just invent a wheelchair for me with a built in toilet in the seat!" And I laughed. Anyway, after she was done telling me about her unfortunate accident history she asked me "so, has this ever happened to you?" I told her I could honestly say I'd never pooped my pants before. The closest I ever came to doing that was a time when I was a teen and went on vacation with my family. by the time we got to the hotel I had to poop so bad I wanted to cry. We went in and I was in agony as my parents checked in, but I didn't want to say anything and look like a baby in front of my sisters. When we finally got checked in and headed to our rooms I was legit prairie dogging it on the way down the hall. As soon as my sister unlocked our door with the card, I rushed in and went straight to the bathroom, and started to poop. I squeezed my cheeks as tight as possible to stop it...a little came out but it squished between my cheeks as I clenched. I got my pants down and onto the toilet and went, and when I looked down there was only a really small amount of poop in my panties, like the size of my thumb. That's the only time it ever almost happened to me.

After I told her the story she said "...did happen to you." I said "huh?" And she said "you said it almost happened to you. But there was poop in your underwear. You pooped your pants. It DID happen to you." I gave her a look in the mirror then said "yeah yeah, whatever. Just barely though." We finally got back to her house and she let out a big sigh of relief and said "I cannot wait to change my underwear! By the way thanks for being cool about this and talking with me about it rather than acting weird...made me feel a lot less embarassed." I said "hey no problem. I didn't want you to feel weird, accidents happen..." and she said "thanks. Well anyway I'll try not to do it while we're in the car together for an hour again...sorry about that" I laughed and told her to have a good night.

Jason the shaymin (sky form)

I want some of you theories

Hi I want some of your theories on this. I literally never do #2 in public just don't need to is that the same for some of you? I want some awnsers if that's normal or not? 1 more thing I when I go to summer camp (yes it's a stay over night camp) but like 2 or 3 of the 6 or something years I've been there I literally went the whole 5 days straight without pooping thats a problem isn't it? I mean it I never need to go # 2 outside of home please give me some of your the theories on that. Ty Joson the Shaymin (sky form)


Poop at home

Hello, my name is Timothy. I am 11 years old and this is my first time posting. When I came back from school, I had a sharp pain in my stomach. I quickly rushed to the toilet, pulled down my pants and blue briefs and sat on the toilet. My poop was taking too long to come out of my bum, so I push and pushed with all my might. I moaned as my bumhole opened and my poop fell into the water. When I was done, I wiped my bum and peed a little into the toilet bowl. After that I wiped my willy and flushed. I felt so relieved. :)



I would love to hear what happens


Peeing with my cousin

Hey there, me and my cousin, both 13 and 10, respectively, where camping during the summer. One day, me and my cousin had to go to the bathroom. He really had to pee and I had to poo. The campsite had a bathroom, so both of us went there. At the bathroom, there were two stalls perfect for the both of us. I tool the left and he took the right. While I was pooping, I heard him peeing into the toilet bowl, sitting down. After a sometime, he pulled up his pants and waited outside for me. I finished pooping, and I asked my cousin why he did not use the urinals. He told he that he was taught by his other friends to sit down and pee. He said it does not make a mess and it is very convenient. To this day, I take my cousins advice and when I pee anywhere, I sit down and pee.


To Michelle and Brandon

Thank you both for the support! So far we havent done anything but we are probably going to eventually becasue peeing in the car is something that Riley is interested in trying, and also I'm not gonna lie, I too like the idea so I'm looking forward to letting her do it. I'm sure it will be in the backseat when it happens. I will keep you both posted, as well as anyone else who is interested. Take care!



I am a male 6 ft 250lbs so i am not small by any means. I picked up stomach virus from my kids and have been haveing diarrhea for a week. Well i decieded to go to dollar General and get some medicine but by time i got there i had to poop desperately, i went to the unisex toilet, no toilet paper so i had to wait on clerk to check out a customer and being embarrassed ask for toilet paper, i told her what was going on she said no problem happens ti everybody. Well any way i am in the toilet having watery diarrhea and out of no where the door opens, the toilet is right beside the door facing away so the lady saw all and not enough the door stop fell down , i couldnt stop i told her sorry i was sick it kept coming out , she laughed i asked her to pull up stop and close the door please she did, but it was so embrassing, not only did she see me on the toilet but diarrhea was coming out, i finished got my medicine, she was there in the isle she apologized should of knocked instead of getting key, i told her more embrassing for me, she went to the bathroom as i was checking out i had to go again and went to the bathroom knocked heard her voice waited few minutes about to shitmyself same woman came out and admitted she not feeling well also, i went in for 20 minutes finally done left and went home debating weather to tell the wife what happened


My Next Story

This is my next story, which took place about four years ago (when I was still in high school - that's as far as I'm prepared to go with regards to revealing my age). One night, after dinner, I began to feel unwell, but I dismissed it, thinking that it was just because I had eaten a bit too much. However, an hour passed, and it had grown much worse; I could feel everything in my stomach being churned and sloshed, and I knew that something horrible was going to happen. I quickly ran upstairs to the bathroom and knelt next to the bath, just in time, because a few seconds later *bleurgh* up came dinner. I was sick four times, and it was a big relief because the nausea and uneasiness disappeared instantly...or so I thought.

After rinsing my mouth out, I was having a lie down on my bed when my stomach began to feel unsettled again - but this time it wasn't a feeling of wanting to vomit or throw up but rather a sensation of fullness and bloating a bit lower down. I thought that it was probably wind, but decided that since I had an upset stomach I should be very careful and go to the bathroom instead, just in case. That was the right thing to do; I spent the next half an hour, and in fact a good portion of the rest of the night, there, with the worst diarrhea attack I have ever been unfortunate enough to suffer. It was truly nasty and disgusting and I hope that it never happens to me again...yuck.


Constipated poop

I use Fleet glycerin suppositories. They are very mild and provide the stimulation to have bm without such a harsh laxative. Try those. Might not plug the toilet since you can use it right away instead of waiting days to be able to go. The only reason you might still clog it is that they do make you have a really good dump tho :) Let me know if it helps

Saturday, March 07, 2015


The flushing survey from Tlana

1. When you are away from home and out in a public bathroom, do you flush each and everytime? At the urinals at my school No because they are so gross. Urinals at the mall or sports center, Yes, but sometimes I worry when my hand gets wet. Am I getting a sample of their drip and as they get their junk out and fight to aim it? In toilet booths I do, but I still worry about the guys who splash the seat, flusher and back of the stool too.

2. If you don't flush what's the reason? See above.

3.Will you sit on a public toilet jammed with others' crap, pee or disposables? Why or why not? I try not to at school because they are so open and obviously gross. At the sports center, I try and put toilet paper as liner on the seat. At the theater a few times I've looked into several vacant stalls in order to find the best one.

4. If waiting for a toilet and it becomes available, do you say anything to he person not flushing as they come out? No. At school that could result in a shove or a fight. Once last summer at the baseball stadium a little boy about 6 or 7 told me to "Make him". Then his dad walked over from the urinals, took his hand and told him he didn't have to. Neither of the two washed their hands.

5. Are automatic flush toilets really the answer? What has been your experience with them? They can be OK, but if you're having a crap and move around on the seat you can set them off rather easily.

6.If your school or another bathroom you use has only those pre-cut squares of toilet paper, is this the answer to toilet clogging? Sometimes for some people it might. But for others it contributes to the problem. An example: I've seen men take out 12 or 13 of those and carelly place them over the seat before they sit to crap. I just saw this at the sports center last month. If you have a bowl that hasn't been flushed after two or three guys crap into it, and you pile such paper into it, then you can have a clogging problem. Also, in one of the big bathrooms at my school, guys will grab a handful of the squares and then toss them into the urinals and clog them up.

7. When you were very young and your parents were encouraging you to use public bathrooms, how much was flushing each time emphasized? When I was really young and mom would wait at the doorway of the mens room for me, and there was no one else in there, if I came out without flushing she would know it. Then she would send me back in. Once at Sears, I had told her I had to do a Number 1 but she heard me go into a cubicle, latch the door and drop the seat. So when she came out she asked about my poo. Luckily it had been an auto-flush and she praised me for making such progress.


Survey Answers

1. When you are away from home and out in a public bathroom, do you flush each and every time?
* If the flush works I'll use it. It only takes a second and it's much nicer for anyone else using it afterwards.

2. If you don't flush, what's the reason?
* The only reason I wouldn't flush is if either it didn't work, or the toilet was clearly clogged.

3. Will you sit on a public toilet with a bowl jammed with other's crap, pee and disposables? Why? Why not?
* I'm very picky about the toilets I use, they have to be clean. I don't mind pee but if there is anything solid I refuse to use it. I don't know why because I'm not sitting in it, I just really dislike it.

4. If you are waiting for a toilet and it becomes available, do you say anything to the person coming out if they haven't flushed?
* I don't bother, often it causes more trouble than it's worth and it just takes me longer to finally sit down.

5. Are the automatic flush toilets really the answer? What has been your experience with them?
* I've only used an automatic flush toilet once so I'm not sure if it was me or the toilet but it seemed so sensitive! I'd sit down and it would flush, I'd lean across to get some toilet paper and it would flush, I'd stand up all done wouldn't!

6. If your school or another bathroom you use has only those pre-cut squares of toilet paper, is this an answer to toilet clogging?
* I rarely use the bathrooms with pre-cut squares but they really annoy me because they seem too small. It's fine for a wee but if I'm wiping my behind I'd like something a little larger. I think it's to stop people using more than they need so the roll lasts longer.

7. When you were very young and your parents were encouraging you to use public toilets for the first time, how much was flushing everytime emphasized?
* When I was young I used to have a routine. Sit, do my business, wipe, dress and flush. My mother used to always remind me if I forgot any one of them.


Pooping with my sister

Yesterday my identical twin sister and I went to an event that lasted most of the day and we didn't get much of a toilet break, only enough time for a quick wee. When we got home at night we both needed a poo so we went to the bathroom together. Taylor is usually pretty quick so I let her go first and sat on the edge of the bath while waiting. She lifted her dress to her waist and lowered her knickers to her knees while sitting on the toilet. Moments later she started a strong stream straight into the water, clearly quite desperate! Once she finished peeing she pushed her knickers down to her feet and leaned forward, her elbows resting on her thighs. She always sits like this when pooping, I guess it's comfortable for her. After about a minute I heard a large splash quickly followed by three smaller ones. Taylor gathered some toilet roll and wiped her behind twice and her front once before flushing, standing up and redressing. We swapped places and it was my turn for relief.

I hitched my pencil skirt up over my bum to my hips and pulled down my thong to my knees as I sat. After a few seconds I softly farted and my poo began to slide out. It was great being able to go so easily. It slowly slid out of me before breaking off and I had a long, much needed wee. I pushed again and a second piece came out, quickly breaking off. Sweet relief. I trickled a little more wee while getting some toilet roll and wiped my behind five times, my front twice. I stood up, flushed and redressed, then we both washed our hands. The sink is right in front of the toilet so someone can't wash while the toilet is occupied.

Hello all, I got another story to share. Yesterday after lunch I went to the bookstore to buy some reading material for an upcoming beach vacation with two of my girlfriends. The girl at the checkout was a brunette around my age wearing glasses and a very cute pink, black and white argyle sweater. She was very nice and we briefly chatted about where she got the sweater from. Her nametag said "Trish".
After I paid, I headed to the Starbucks in the bookstore to get a coffee and do some quick reading. I had only had a few sips before my stomach started to cramp up a bit, and by the time I finished my cup I definitly needed the toilet for a number two. The washroom at the bookstore only has two stalls, but also really heigh ceilings that amplify every sound. A lady was just walking out when I entered. I took one of the empty cubicles, hung up my coat and purse, put my bag with books on the floor and pulled down my jeans and pink panties. I sat down and started to pee. While my pee splashed into the toilet, I let a really big fart slip out that sounded super loud in the room. Upps. Just a moment after that, the door opened and someone else entered the room. Through the crack in the door I could see that it was the girl from the checkout. I was still peeing as she entered the other cubicle pulled down her pants and sat on the toilet. There is quite a big gap under the walls and I noticed that she was wearing a white thong under her slacks. I bet she could see my undies really well also. I finished peeing and could feel my poo starting to slide out. Just then Trish blasted a big wet fart into her toilet and it was even louder than mine before. She said "Oh, excuse me" and sounded quite embarrassed. Her poo started to crackle out and plopped into her toilet about the same moment as my first turd splashed into mine. I then did another poo with a much quiter fart and she dropped a couple smaller turds quickly. I felt I was done and pulled off some toilet paper to wipe my front and my bum. Trish had a couple more wet sounding poops and the smell from her cubicle was pretty bad. It really stank. I flushed, pulled up my pants and grabbed my stuff. As I was washing my hands, Trish was still not done and I felt kinda bad for her that she had to do such a big poo at work and stunk out the bathroom. So I quickly finished up and left to let her finish her business in peace. Leaving the store, I really felt quite relieved.


To Erin

Definitely i'm interrested to hear what happend :)


Constipated poop

Hi all. Haven't posted here in a while since I've been constipated (kind of fell off the wagon a bit and lost my once a day or once every 2 day pooping habit because my diet changed back to my old one (which I'm trying to change). So I've had trouble pooping while at the same time trying to avoid using laxatives. I went sometime last week and completely clogged the toilet. It wasn't too big but it was really fat (ouch by the way)so it clogged the toilet and my husband had to use the plunger to unclog it. Oops. First time in a long time that I've clogged the toilet.

Then yesterday (Wednesday) I had an urge to go sometime after lunch. Pulled down my pj pants and underwear and sat on the toilet, grabbing the book on the counter. Gave a gentle push and a big poop came out. It was medium brown and about 3 feet long. Surprisingly it didn't clog the toilet but there is still more in my stomach that is not ready to come out yet. Need to increase the vegetable, whole grain and water intake to get it out of me.

Happy pooping (hopefully)


to Angela

You were anonymous, but I'm assuming that was you :P

Your family's open about bodily functions? That's pretty cool. Do you ever talk to them about pooping or anything like that? lol

My family's pretty open too. Like, I've definitely clogged the toilet at home and my parents have unclogged it for me, didn't seem to think it was a big deal. And like, I've told them when I've gotten constipated and I didn't feel embarrassed that they knew.

Yeah I kinda wish my girlfriend were more open about this stuff, but she's pretty secretive. I get the feeling that if I ever talked about pooping in front of her, she'd find it pretty gross. But that's just how it goes :P

Chloe B

Poopin at McDonald's

So the other day me and my best friend who I am just now posting about took a dump in a McDonald's bathroom. My best friends name is Lauren. Lauren and I have know each other for most of our lives. We're very close we can say anything around each other do anything around each other! Even borrow underwear! Over the years we've gotten to know each other's bathroom habits too. We often poop or pee with the door open around each other and have conversations while we're pooping XD. Lauren is about 5'7 skinny and has black hair. So the other day we went shopping around the outlet mall and just tried on clothes, bought stuff, the normal shopping stuff. After we ate hotdogs for lunch we were walking around the stores and Lauren says she needs to "go potty" which is code for "I gotta poop". We didn't want to use the mall bathrooms as they were dirty and crowded so we walked across the street to McDonald's. We were both wearing jean shorts and had sandals on. We went inside the bathroon to find a clean and new McDonald's bathroom with new toilets, sinks and stalls. There were only two stalls and one was already in use by some girl. She wasn't moving or making any noise so I assumed she was pooping. Lauren and I entered the big stall together. She wanted to go first so she pulled down her shorts and thong and sat her butt on the toilet. She said "I've been needing to let this out all day!" Then let out one long "brrrrrrpppp" with some plops at the end. We started laughing and she let out 4 turds in a row. Once the girl next to us heard Lauren fart I heard a grunt with a plop. She was probably poop shy. Lauren let out 2 logs the started to wipe. As she flushed I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled down my pink aerie thong. Lauren stunk up the stall and the girl next to us wiped and left. I let out a nice long log with a "PLOP". I grunted and then let out another turd. I then heard the door open and some woman came in and started to poop. I let out a nice airy fart with a couples turds falling out. The person next to me just started to let out a plop after plop then a big BRRRP. Lauren and I couldn't help but laugh. I wiped then flushed. Me and Lauren washed out hands and left. Me and Lauren have ALOT of stories between us and I'll gladly post more! Hope you guys liked the story! Bye!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sophia W great story I bet those toilets can get really stinky after awhile and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Erin first welcome to the site and it sounds like that could be an interesting experience for your daughter to pee in the car and it might be for you as well if you peed in it as well and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Sonya Sue great story it sounds like Maisa really had to poop pretty badly and I look forward to your next post thanks.

About 30 minutes ago while I was at the bookstore a woman went into the bathroom and began to pee and then I heard a bunch of plops then she wiped and flushed and when I went in there were skidmarks in the bowl so it must have been a kinda soft poop so a good catch today.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Survey on toilets being flushed

1. When you are away from home and out in a public bathroom, do you flush each and every time?

2. If you don't flush, what's the reason?

3. Will you sit on a public toilet with a bowl jammed with other's crap, pee and disposables? Why? Why not?

4. If you are waiting for a toilet and it becomes available, do you say anything to the person coming out if they haven't flushed?

5. Are the automatic flush toilets really the answer? What has been your experience with them?

6. If your school or another bathroom you use has only those pre-cut squares of toilet paper, is this an answer to toilet clogging?

7. When you were very young and your parents were encouraging you to use public toilets for the first time, how much was flushing everytime emphasized?

OK--I'll start.

1. Much of the time I flush. But often at my school the toilet is jammed before I sit on it. Me flushing it would be futile and just piss off the person waiting for it because it would run over real bad.

2. Most of the time I don't its because of #1. Sometimes the 1-minute warning bell as just rung and I have to get off the toilet real fast and make the run to class.

3. Yes, if I'm desperate. It just happened to me yesterday when I had like 2 minutes to poo and get to class without taking a tardy. I made it!

4. Not often. Because it's just going to make me later in sitting down, weeing or pooing, and then getting on with my day without getting more detention time. Also I've seen a couple of b****** give attitude to such a simple request.

5. I don't know for sure. If a little kid, like the ones I babysit, moves around a lot on the toilet, the flush goes off and it can be terrifying for them. Back when I was like 4, my dad had to comfort me quite a bit when that happened to me in the mens room.

6. That was the way our junior high was. Most of us hated it. I would see a couple of my classmates go to the sink area, pull of the large brown hand towels, and to use them as seat covers. Of course, they would clog the toilets for the other users later in the day.

7. Mom required it of me, dad didn't really care, and my grandma was always almost totally negative about me using public bathrooms. What she always said was that females need to learn to "regulate" themselves so they don't have to use public bathrooms as much.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Brandon T

tales from the bookstore

About an hour ago I was at the bookstore when a woman went into the bathroom and began to pee and while peeing she grunted twice so she may have pooped or tried to then a little while later my friend Elizabeth went in and began to pee then stopped then she grunted quietly and I think I heard a few plops and some farts and a few more grunts so a good catch.

My family has always been long time campers. Finally my wife and I bought a "pop-up camper" for this year's adventures. Having my wife and two teen-aged girls, I am outnumbered in all bathroom decisions. The first thing my wife asked was if we could get some sort of portable toilet so she and the girls didn't have to go to the campground public toilet in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning for a pee. I said sure, but now I look and see there are two kinds: a seat that goes on top of 5-gallon (20L) bucket or a more expensive, flushable, and less portable plastic toilet with holding tank. I am leaning towards the seat on a bucket since it is only for pee, but my wife and oldest daughter are (how to put this tastefully..."robust") urinators and get a lot of splatter at home under the rim and seat. This bucket/seat looks like there is very short distance between the front of the seat and front wall of the bucket. I am afraid this will be a problem? Any women used either of these types of toilets sitting (not hovering). Is there a big difference in utility or comfort?


TO Asuna

hi honey it's nice to meet you like you I love when a guy farts and poop too..tell us some stories about watching guys farting and pooping.. take care

Sophia W.

filled toilets at school again

First at all thanks for your answers. Yes, I sit at the back of a toilet and if I do compare, my sister does not.
I liked the stories of Ashley G. Lauren, Amanda and Jessa K.

I think it is more and more commen that some girls don't flush at my school. Yesterday at a break in school, I was standing in queue with a very full bladder. Before me were four other girls. All stalls were taken or closed, a bit embarresing the second girl in the line did a noticeable fart. I waited five minutes before I was in turn for a stall. It was a stall direct in front of me. the girl that came out is as far as I know in my sisters class. Her face turned red and she said " Sorry, but it was so before me". When I entered In saw what she meant. The toilet was full of different poops and pee. The seat was clean so I just sat down after I put my jeans and black panties down. The pee was so releafing. I heard the bell and left very quick to the sinks and washed my hands. After my last lesson, I waiteted a other lesson for my sister and our bus home. I was alone and I did some homework. In the middle of the lesson i felt a need to poop and went to the toilets. Now they were complet empty and I saw that I was not in the only stall that had a toilet filled with poop. I looked for a clean one and checked for the toiletpaper first, it was a good decision because there was no toiletpaper. I took some from a other stall and sat down. I took my phone out and read a bit in the internet when I was waiting for my poop to just slide out, I like that. After a few minutes I had two logs in the toilet and I started to whipe. Whe I left the I did flush. Later then I met with my sister and she did also complain about our toilet situation.



My name is Erin and this is my first time posting. I've been reading for a long time and it seems like people like me come and go but I will post anyway and see what happens. I have a daughter whose name is Riley and she has never peed in a car before but Now Riley is alomost 8 and lately I keep thinking that she would really like it if she peed in the car. I discovered this site when I was looking for potty training advice years ago and I found out that there are people who do this and other people have posted about it so if anyone is interested I will let you know what happens. Take care!


To Amy: Imodium and stool-hardening foods

I am not a physician, so I can't give medical advice; however, as a layman, I think you may be letting yourself in for a hard time. Imodium is supposed to be a one-time or very temporary measure to alleviate diarrhea. Taking it when you are not having diarrhea could constipate you so much that you will have difficulty passing bowel movements for some time, especially if you take it twice a day for two weeks. I can see how interesting it might be to try for the largest, longest, lumpiest turd you can achieve; but be careful! Imodium is a medicine and shouldn't be taken without at least consulting your doctor, especially if you aren't taking it for its intended purpose.

Having said that, I look forward to hearing about your results.

Sonya Sue

After School Mixup

There's this 9th grade girl Maisa, who moved to our city at the start of the second semester after her parents divorced. She's underdeveloped physically and super shy and my counselor brought her in for us to meet in the office because the administration is trying to help her make friends and Maisa was just starting in drama in her old school.

Well Friday after school I got to see another side of Maisa. Before heading over to the theatre and our practice, I stopped into the main first floor restroom to pee. I had intended to go the last part of my math class but I needed more time for my test. So I was really rushing, and my the time I hiked my skirt, ripped my undees down to my knees, and placed my bum on the seat I was ready for my bladder pain to end. First there was the trickle, and then the deluge I had been holding since lunch. Other than the flood I was creating in the bowl, it was uncommonly quiet in the big bathroom until I heard a girl come running in (unusual for this time of day because it wasn't between classes) throw her book bag off and against the partial panel that separates the cubicles. I saw her torn jeans and underwear fall against her shoes and I saw her spread her legs just before there was the thump of her butt onto the toilet seat. There was an immediate big blast of gas so loud that I knew I couldn't have topped it. Then he mobile phone rang just as a bunch of splashes were hitting the bowl so hard that I figured her butt was getting drenched with the splashback. She answered the phone real snotty, swore real bad a couple of times, and was cursing to the caller about being late to pick her up and that she had just sat down to take her shit. I looked under the stall and saw the phone being used to I guess prove where she was taking a "f***ing big and painful shit" that she was yelling about that she would have been able to save for home if she had been picked up on time.

For some reason I was truly amazed by this situation so I continued to sit largely motionless as it played out. Then the girl was yelling about where she was and it turned out that she was at the wrong end of the building because one of the parking lots was closed off to be resurfaced. I stood up, flushed and went directly across to the sink. While washing my hands, I glanced in the mirror and saw some movement, followed by some more cursing in the stall. The door opened and I recognized it was Maisa. She was hopping with her torn jeans and underwear at her feet when she saw me and I knew exactly what her problem was. She is new, and didn't know that she had to pull her toilet paper off the rolls against the wall at the other side of the room. I told her I would run down and get some for her. I came back with toilet paper wound around both my hands which I gave her. She started to cry and I sympathized with her and the bad day she was having. Maisa reseated herself, and with the door open, was cleaning herself when her phone rang again and the conflict started up.

While Maisa was finishing cleaning herself, I told her it was probably best for her to stand and flush, and then to go back to the cleaning. When she stood, though, I could see it was too late and that there was no way it was all going to clear the drain. While she was up at the sink and washing her hands, she showed me her phone where her mom was angrily texting her and threatening her for causing her to be running late. I walked Maisa across the building to the door her mother wanted her at. Later Maisa texted me and apologized and thanked me for helping her. She got grounded for a week.


Anatomical issues, answers

To Anantomy Student: i eat a lot of greens too and i tend to hold it in when in public. I've never gone to a public bathroom for a #2 in my whole life, except only one time as a child, then i stopped it due to embarassment.

To JW: maybe the reason a man has a harder time holding it in is because the bladder is right next to the rectum. Women have the uterus between the bladder and the rectum, so a larger than normal BM may exert some pressure on the men's bladder, causing major discomfort and perhaps stopping from doing #1's, which are always harder to do for a man for anatomical reasons. I've never read this kind of discomfort mentioned by women anyways, so that might be the correct explanation to women holding back BM's to the point of impaction so easily. PT (physical training) levels may also be an issue for both sexes, so one's 5 days holding it in worth BM may be another one's 2 days of holding it in worth one.

It's always best to avoid holding BM's in as much as you can, but work issues (i know that nurses, for example, tend to get constipated a lot, and a lot of nurses wrote here about their massive movements) may require doing so from time to time, so it's better to be prepared.

Anyway, i'll keep experimenting and keep you posted. I had a lot of work to do and couldn't afford to reliably keep it in these days, but now it's all done.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Amanda first welcome to the site and great story about your daughter and her friend it sounds like they had really good poops and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Anna first welcome back and great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great poop story.

To: Karen C im glad your feeling better now.

To: Asuna first welcome to the site and great story please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: May great story it sounds like your friends butt packs a major toxic punch lol and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pooperlady great shower pee story.

To: Jessa K first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you and that other girl both had good poop and I bet she found it funny that after you told her be quiet you made your own loud poop sound and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

About 30 minutes ago while I was at the bookstore a woman went into the bathroom and began to pee then started having diarrhea it sounded like a good amount to and it sounded like she just made it in time so another good catch.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Amy

Better never play around with Imodium and similar drugs. It can stop you pretty bad if you're not suffering from diarrhea. If you want what you're looking for, try simply eating a lot and holding it in for some days. It works on me.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Brandon T

tales from the bookstore part 1

Today I got lucky I witnessed in one way or the other 4 women or girls pooping some were better then others first in the morning my friend Emily went into the bathroom I didnt here anything really but she did use alot of toilet paper so she flushed then wiped one last time then flushed again then when I went in there was a good size wad of paper in the bowl along with some skidmarks it mustve been a pretty soft poop, then this afternoon a woman went in but I wasnt close enough to hear anything but she was

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