Hello...this is my first post here and my name is Amanda. I am a single mom with a 12 year old girl. We have always been open about going poop in our house and often leave the bathroom door open. One day, when my daughter came home from school with her friend they both went right to the bathroom. My daughter pulled her pants down and right away I heard a loud splash followed by smaller but loud plops. She finished going poop and wipe herself and flushed. After she stood up, her friend sat down and peed for a few seconds then farted. They talked for a little while then I heard her frien start breathing funny and grunting and then the loudest SPLASh of poop hit the water I ever heard...louder than any of my poops hehehe. She did a few more splashes and then wiped and left the bathroom. Does anyone else hear their daughter and her friend that age poop? I hope you enjoyed the story...will have more later

My family has always been long time campers. Finally my wife and I bought a "pop-up camper" for this year's adventures. Having my wife and two teen-aged girls, I am outnumbered in all bathroom decisions. The first thing my wife asked was if we could get some sort of portable toilet so she and the girls didn't have to go to the campground public toilet in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning for a pee. I said sure, but now I look and see there are two kinds: a seat that goes on top of 5-gallon (20L) bucket or a more expensive, flushable, and less portable plastic toilet with holding tank. I am leaning towards the seat on a bucket since it is only for pee, but my wife and oldest daughter are (how to put this tastefully..."robust") urinators and get a lot of splatter at home under the rim and seat. This bucket/seat looks like there is very short distance between the front of the seat and front wall of the bucket. I am afraid this will be a problem? Any women used either of these types of toilets sitting (not hovering). Is there a big difference in utility or comfort?

Anatomy Student

Re: VeeTwo

I have a few things to answer your question regarding men vs. women holding poop in and women having larger bms. Women are usually taught to be ladylike and they hold in their poop in public places. It's more of a stigma. Women's bms change depending on what phase of the menstral cycle too. Physiologically, women have a larger pelvic cavity and can hold more mass. Women usually eat more greens than men. And that is also a factor.

But she was in the bathroom for awhile, then a little while another girl went in and I didnt hear much just one plop as I was walking back there and finaly about 30 mins ago I heard a girl pee then let out a loud burst of diarrhea followed by a couple plops and the reasons its in 2 parts is cause im typing this on my psp so in conclusion a great set of catches.

Hi all. I haven't posted for a while, but I thought I would share a quick story from today. I'm Anna from western Canada. I'm a university student and a short and chubby blonde.
This morning I was walking to university sipping my coffee and by the time I got there I needed the toilet quite urgently. I knew I would need to do both before my first lecture and headed straight to the washroom. This one is small, with only three cubicles. It was super clean this morning when I got there and only the stall on the right was taken. Someone was having a noisy pee in that one. I took the cubicle on the left. I locked the door behind me, put my purse on the floor and then started to unbutton my winter coat. It's way to big to sit on the toilet with, so I put it on the hook on the stall door. Meanwhile the girl in the other stall had wiped and was now washing her hands. I pulled my jeans and pink thong down to my feet and plopped my bum on the seat. I started my pee just as the other girl left the bathroom. I peed for about half a minute. Then I put my arms on my thighs, leaned forward and started to push. My bumhole opened and a big turd started to crackle out. It came out pretty quickly, plopped into the toilet and I let out a little sigh. Then I pushed some more, let out some farts and dropped two more turds. By now the cubicle smelled like poop. I relaxed a bit, played with my hair and managed to push out two more small pieces of poo. Then I felt empty. I pulled some paper and started to wipe, front and back. It took about 5 or 6 wipes to get my bum clean. I pulled up my jeans and flushed the toilet. When I was washing my hands, another girl from my class came in. She smiled at me and I smiled back, but I was embarrassed and blushed a bit. There was a really strong poop smell in the room now and she definitely knew that I had just done a big number two. But, oh well, at least I left the washroom really relieved and ready for the day.


High school bathroom peeing for guys

My freshman year didn't get off to a good start back in September. Although I enjoy the accelerated classes, clubs, activities and other freedoms, the bathrooms are the worst. They are so large. Like 15 stalls in each, none of them with a door. By 11 a.m. most of the seats are dripping from pee because the guys are in a hurry and don't lift the seats before starting their stream. Even the there's lines 3 or 4 deep for each of the 15 urinals. These are old-style urinals (someone told me they are the originals from 1924 when the school was built) with bowls and drains built into the floor and they have no sides to give users privacy from the guys standing next to them because they are built into the wall just like the hallway lockers are. There's also a lot of splashing and draining from the old flushers. There is nothing worse than standing there trying to get your pee stream going and getting your junk wet from the splashing. While I was still in line it looked like two guys in front of me were going to get into a fight because once they got to adjacent urinals, one quickly reached over and flushed the other guy's urinal and you could tell his junk really got drenched because he was leaning onto the front of it. Some guys also take pads of toilet paper and throw them onto the drain. So I might be standing there and water is building out and reaching around my shoes. It is hard to start and maintain your stream under such conditions. So when I get into my homeroom a girl in front of me nudges her friend and says she feels much better after just having peed. And my bladder is burning for 15 minutes before I go in and try again.


Answer to VeeTwo

There might be something to your observation about women being better at holding back BM's. I've read somewhere that a woman's colon has one more kink in it (around their uterus) than men do. If that's the case it MIGHT make it harder to push out hard BM's and thus inherently easier to hold back BM's. I've also read that because a woman's abdomen can expand to hold a whole child it has more room to hold larger BM's.-- JW


my huge dump

hi guys i am a first time poster long time lurker now as a title my huge dump it began in sports performance and i had to shit really bad so i did a 10 in round and 5 inch long and it clogged my toilet

Brandon T

part 2

But she was in the bathroom for awhile, then a little while another girl went in and I didnt hear much just one plop as I was walking back there and finaly about 30 mins ago I heard a girl pee then let out a loud burst of diarrhea followed by a couple plops and the reasons its in 2 parts is cause im typing this on my psp so in conclusion a great set of catches.

Steve A

To Matt

I'm not constipated. It was just in my survey. But, thanks and I will try it in the future when I really am constipated.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ashley G as always another great story about your daughters it sounds like they both had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen (Redheads Best Friend) great story it sounds like that enema really helped her out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lauren first welcome to the site and great story about your poop at school it sounds like it was a good one and I bet you felt good afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Laura W first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop I bet you felt amazing afterwards and yeah stomach viruses can be very rough its could that it didn't last to long and it was lucky you didn't get diarrhea as well it was also good you kept yourself hydrated the best you could and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mina as always another great story it sounds like you and your friends all had to poops and helped each other with them as well and I bet you all felt amazing afterwards.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


wee & poo whilst in town today

During shopping today i needed a wee
soon after i needed a poo too.
Tesco loos i entered & pulled my purple skirt black tights & white knicks down & immediately started weeing. Then came my plops, 5 loose soft logs.
i wiped 4 times & flushed, pulling my gear up and washing my hands ready to carry on with my shopping.


Truth or dare.

Hey everyone.

Well it's been a while. Wats the best way to get big huge rock hard turds?

Do I eat lots of bananas, bread, yoghurt, cheese and take Imodium (twice a day)for a week or two. Then wait for another week and see the results?

I'm doing this for a dare for my boy friend. The dare is whoever poops the Biggest turd wins $100 and keeps it.

Has anyone ever had big rock hard poops just by eating bananas and Imodium?

Please tell what should I expect.

Michael W.

My mom and second public bathroom story.

To Eloise. Sorry to hear about your constipation problem and I hope all goes well for you. I remember when my mom gave me an enema when I was a kid. I never pooped in school bcz if you did other kids would start kicking and punching the stall walls while you were doing your business. The more I held in my poop, the more it resulted in me being constipated. One day when I was 8 years old, I held my load in for 4 days. I had a ???? ache from hell. So I went to the bathroom and I tried pushing and straining for a good 45 minutes to an hour. Nothing happened. My mom knocked on the bathroom door and said. "Michael, you've been in there for a while, are you doing okay?" I jumped and said "I'll be right out." I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. I opened up the bathroom door and my mom was standing outside the door. She asked me "Are you having trouble pooping?" I said "No." And then she said "Tell me the truth, you've been in the bathroom for nearly an hour and I heard you pushing really hard." I was a bit ashamed to tell her what was really going on so I admitted that I was constipated. And she said "Ok, stay in the bathroom and take off your pants and underwear." I did as I was told. My jeans and underwear were laying on the floor and I only had a T-shirt on with a pair of socks. My mom comes back in the bathroom with the enema bag and hose. She said "I'll see if this will help you." I was kind of scared and I said "Please don't give me an enema." My mom said "But your having trouble pooping." Having that plastic nozzle in your bum is no fun, however, I find the pooping part relaxing bcz all I did was sit and let it drain. As I sat on the toilet, sometimes that nasty stuff pouring out of me would stop and my mom would say "Rub your ????." And when I did more and more poop exploded out of my behind. I spent a good half hour on the toilet and when I was done my mom said I won't need another enema until I had trouble pooping again. Having trouble pooping is nothing to be ashamed of. It took me a long time to get used to talking about my bathroom habits to other people. I will only talk about my bathroom habits to others if I feel comfortable and that is what this website is for.

Onto my second public bathroom story. My first post, which was "Shoeless in public bathroom," is on page 2435. Here goes my second story. This is going to be a short one. This was a few months after my shoeless pooping session at Burger King. This was around April or May of '98. Me and my dad went to the dollar theater to go see "Home Alone 3." I had to pee so I got up and went straight to the Men's room. When I got there I walked straight to the urinal and did my thing. There was a guy in the stall taking a crap and pushing and straining. As I was relieving myself, I heard this guy going "Errrrrrgggggghhhhhh" "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" "Errrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh"
PLOP! "Uggghh, that feels better." I laughed but I was quiet. I couldn't help it. You know sometimes when you hear somebody pushing to poop and it makes you laugh even though its not funny. When I was a kid, I used to be afraid to push while pooping in a public bathroom. Since I grew out of that, I push regardless whether someone is laughing or not. Anyways, this guy in the bathroom stall continued "Errrrrrrrrggggghhhhh" "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm" "Errrrrrrrgggggghhhh." Another Plop. I finished peeing so I washed my hands and left the Men's room to head back into the theater. It sounded like this guy was having a hard time, I felt bad about laughing while he was pushing. Anyways, that's my story. More stories will come when I get around to it bcz I am busy working and I'm in college. Happy Pooping.


Answer to Sophia W. (from a man's perspective though)

It depends on how you sit on the bowl. Perhaps your sister seats up front and your toilet is of an elongated bowl design that makes sitting up front relatively comfortably, even if it's still not so easy to use the toilet that way if you're not a woman (common design among US toilets, not so diffused in my country, where newer toilets are getting more and more smaller each year, making it a real pain if your old toilet breaks, you're tall and pear shaped and you can't find a comfort height one), not to mention that your BM becomes louder (perhaps not so louder with US toilets, where most of the bowl is covered in water and the bowl is not so deep).

Karen C.

Had a bad flu w/ diarrhea, etc.

A few weeks ago I had a really bad cold that morphed into the flu during my sleep. Ate a hotdog with pickle relish then went to bed feeling okay, woke up a few times with diarrhea; sorry if this is tmi but a couple of times I farted in bed and ended up having to shower and change my panties and pajama pants. When it was time to get up for work I felt really rotten--dizzy, headache, drowsy, sore joints, upset stomach, etc; had my usual coffee then a coughing fit made me throw up in the kitchen trash can. Had a couple more bouts of diarrhea before it was time to go to work. Driving to work I felt really sleepy/dizzy/out of it, almost turned around to go home because I felt another bout of diarrhea coming on. Before I clocked in at work started feeling nauseous again so I got a coke and went outside for some fresh air, but it didn't help, the more I drank the fuller my stomach felt; it felt like a big round tight globe of liquid in my stomach that refused to get absorbed into my bloodstream or go down further. Went outside around the building and started throwing up in front of one of the trucks, I just couldn't keep it down; a couple of the guys in the maintenance shop saw me and one of them stayed with me a while to make sure I was okay, he's such a sweet young man, he brought me a stool to sit on, then walked me back inside when I was ready.

Went back inside, washed out my mouth and then drank some more coke but still felt like I could throw everything up if I coughed too hard. I took some Pepto but it didn't help. Asked to go home sick but they wouldn't let me, they said they were short handed and threatened to fire me if I left. I was feeling so rotten that I told them okay, fine, fire me then, and I went home because I was too sick to care about money at the time (they called me a few days later to come in to work because they'd hired me back). When I was leaving I entertained thoughts of puking in the parking lot before leaving so I wouldn't take the chance of messing up my truck and clothes while driving home but there were people around so I decided to just hold it and wait till I got home.

Got home, changed out of my boots and jeans and into a comfy gown and slippers then laid back on the couch and dozed off to old reruns--I had a 105F temperature and headache; got up about twenty minutes later feeling like I was about to have diarrhea and also feeling nauseated. Went to the bathroom and as soon as I got there I coughed and started puking violently in the sink uncontrollably three times, mostly liquid, brown from the coke I'd been drinking to try to settle my stomach. The first one was a relief, then after the first my stomach knotted up and contracted uncontrollably so I threw up a total of three times in the sink also the chunks of what was left of my lunch before I sat on the toilet to have diarrhea.

After I finished with the diarrhea I washed my hands and face in the sink and washed out my mouth thus rinsing down the vomit I'd done there earlier except for some of the larger chunks that wouldn't go down; they were rinsed clean but upon digging them away from the drain I saw that they were pieces of cucumber and I couldn't help but to give a sniff and they smelled of, believe it or not, raw fish--maybe this was food poisoning and not the flu after all. They were no doubt cucumber chunks from the pickle relish on the hotdog I'd eaten more than twelve hours earlier except instead of green the chunks were now white almost transluscent. I don't think I can eat cucumbers or pickles for a long time now. Now cucumbers smell like raw fish to me, yecch!

Took Sominex, Nyquil, and forced myself to eat a small bowl of hot chili with as much raw crushed garlic and cayenne pepper as I could stand, with a few slices of velveeta melted on top to help subdue the hotness--last thing on my mind was food/eating but I knew I HAD to get some garlic and hot peppers into my system to kill the virus, then I went to bed and tuned into a radio talk station and slept off the sickness for the most part. Woke up several hours later and after one bout of diarrhea, took Pepto while fighting down the urge to throw up and sat outide while having my coffee while watching the sun rise and felt much better after a while. Still felt a little nauseous so I didn't eat anything just yet, just sipped iced tea and gingerale. By noon I was able to eat a little so I fixed myself an elegant cracker assortment consisting of whole wheat sesame crackers with an assortment of white cheddar, sharp parmesan, and swiss cheeses to help stop the diarrhea==cheese is the best thing I've found to stop diarrhea and add back probiotics to the digestive system to get it back in working order sooner, plus it's got calcium, yay!. Yogurt is good too, which I snacked on during the day along with gingerale, tea, and more crackers and cheese. Late afternoon/early evening I ate some ramen noodles with crushed red pepper, garlic, and parmesan in front of the tv with ginger tea, then went for a short walk around the neighborhood, bought a vanilla milkshake and drank half of it. Also took frequent naps all around the clock in front of the TV. Oh, and I also took Vitamin C and Zinc tablets. Hope this helps anyone who's reading this, it worked great for me. I got over it by day 3.

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum so I'll start off by talking a little about myself. I am a 20 year old college student. I am a brunnette and I'm 5'5" tall and weigh 119 lbs. I stay in shape by doing yoga and dancing, my butt is just big enough to twerk! I am a fan of anime which is why I picked this name. But, most importantly, I like to watch men while they poop. It doesn't seem like there are too many other women here who share my interest or at least they are not vocal about it. I also like it when guys fart but I don't care for the smell. I like it when a guy has a big firm bubble butt, but not when it's hairy. Penis size doesn't really matter much but a big penis is more interesting than a small one. Now back on topic about myself. I don't fart too much. But I must be kind of lactose intolerant because I fart ALOT if I drink too much milk. My farts never seem to smell too bad unless I really have to poop. I don't fart while I poop. Maybe just once when I sit down to get started but never after that. I try to poop every day but it usually turns into every other day. I poop a lot on the weekends. Sometimes up to 3 or 4 times each day on Saturday and on Sunday. I guess it's because I'm more relaxed with no classes. If I force myself to go I usually just do those poop balls, but if I really have to go that's when I poop bigger and make logs. If I drink a lot, not that I'm supposed to lol, I get bad hangover shits and diarrhea. But I don't think I have any pooping stories about myself that are too exciting. When I get a chance I will start posting about the times I've seen guys poop. I think that is more interesting. Bye and nice to meet you all!

Natalie x

To Alex

To be honest I don't think I would of made it back to my house. I was so hungover and it was a horrible poop that didn't give me much chance at all. I reckon the sloppy mess had to of been in the posh bathroom at the Italian place or my jeans. (Like Amanda with her college story) Sometimes you just have to suck it up and go in the places you don't want to. Or it'll go by itself on yourself haha and yes that has happened to me before on a few occasions so I knew what had to be done...

Thanks for asking

Nat x

To Tristan

For the questions you asked:

I've clogged the toilet tons of times at school, I let my parents take care of it, haha. My family and I are really open about our bodily functions and such so it's not really a big deal. As for pooping in front of boyfriends, my last bf who I dated for a few months, I never pooped in front of him. I actually never went to his house because his mom hated me so I never had to worry about pooping there, he never pooped at my house, but durning school and while on dates I think he's pooped a few times. I've heard him mention it to his friends, he knew I heard but didn't say anything. I don't think he cared but he never directly told me. I hope my next bf will be open at that stuff :)


To Laura W

Laura W,

Welcome to the forum! I am so sorry that you had a stomach virus. Those are no fun and I don't wish them on anyone. Good to know that you are feeling better!



First of all, before I begin, I want to say that I am not in any way squeamish about bodily functions; they happen to everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, or any other factor, on a daily basis, and over time I have come to accept that they are completely natural. There was one incident, however, that shocked me a little (although, even though it seemed horrible then, I can actually laugh about it now) and I just thought I'd like to share it here.

A few years ago, I had gone shopping with one of my friends (who was the same age as me). We were looking at shoes and, after finding a few pairs that we liked, decided to try them on in the fitting room. I put on a pair of boots and, as I stood up to look in the mirror, I heard a small "pop" sound. At first I was slightly confused, but was left in no doubt about what it was when I was suddenly confronted by an absolutely horrid smell. Not wanting to upset my friend, I kept quiet, but I discreetly held my breath as I didn't want to breathe in the nasty smell. I think she knew that I knew what happened, though, because I noticed her face turning a tad pink as she caught my eye a few moments later.

It's hard to believe that something so seemingly insignificant can be so awful - as I said before, it was just a slight little "pop" noise - but it had the most overwhelming smell of rotten eggs (I know that's a bit nasty...sorry). I don't know if it was caused by something that she had eaten, or from needing to go to the bathroom, and I probably won't ever know, but nonetheless it was still quite shocking to me because I thought, "How can something that is supposed to be natural be so unpleasant?"

Quite a few years have passed since then; my friend and I are grown up now, and my views have changed radically; I have come to accept that bodily functions are a part of life that we can't change, but that incident still stands out very vividly in my mind for some reason.


Shower peeing adventures

It's so cold here lately that the warmest place in the house is the shower. So sometimes, instead of sitting on a cold toilet seat to pee, I'll hold it in until I can get in the nice warm shower, and pee there instead. It's so pleasantly warm inside the shower, and I also enjoy pissing standing up for a change.
A couple of days ago, I tried standing under the warm shower water, facing the front of the shower, setting my legs apart a bit, and letting loose with a piss stream, trying to aim as best as I could for the drain. I did get pee down the drain, but some of it also ran onto my legs instead. Oh well. The water cleaned it all up anyway.
Today I decided to try something a bit different. I'd read online about how to pee standing up as a female, and how to aim your stream in front of you. While taking a shower today, I faced the shower's side wall, put my fingers on the side of my genitals the way I'd read about online, put my hips forward, and started whizzing on the wall. I'd really had to go, so I was pissing with great relief! I'd say my aim wasn't bad for a beginner, though I did spray a bit where I hadn't intended to. I've read that with practice, you can improve. Maybe I should practice more. (And of course, I did clean the wall afterwards - the shower sprays there naturally anyway.)

Jessa K.
Hey, this is my first time posting!! So excited and kinda embarrassed!! So this is a crazy story about my mishap at a football game. I was walking around my high school's football stadium one day work my friends during a home game. My friend Cally and I decided to split from the massive group of girls to use the portable toilets near the gate of the stadium. We would've used the school restroomsbecause they were nicer and cleaner, but we would've gotten in trouble because only players and cheerleaders could use those during games. So we headed for the potties. Most of them were open so weagreed top use the ones next to each other for two reasons. 1. Because we're friends. 2. So we could tap messes to each other in fake Morse code on the walls. According to Cally, she only needed to tinkle and mybe "take a few tiny poos". So as weet were about to go into the two open potties on the far left, some random girl from the opposing school rushes between Cally and I!! I didn't know about Cally, but I was shocked!!! so the takes the potty Cally was about to go into so we ended up having top split. I was forced to use the potty on the farthest left and the other girl was on my right. Unlike Cally, I really needed to take a dump, so I reluctantly went into the potty. It was absolutely horrible, but I was practically bursting with the days worth if constipated crap. I pulled down my jeans shorts and say down. Just as the train was about to leave the station,I hear this really loss grunt and then a huge fart!! It was the girl on my !! I heard a huge clunk as her super big dump hit the inside of the can. I was horrified.I banned on the wall and shouted, "Keep it down you scat slit!" But just add I yelled it, my but exploded, and the largest poop flew out!! I kids you not, it could have been the size of my arm and just as thick!! What's wise is that I had a gigantic fart while my turd flew out, and it was even louder than the girl's... When I poured and finishes,I meet with Cally and she told me that everyone heard everything.. I was the laughing stick of the school for about month! They even called me Jesshit!! DX

Hey all
Lately I been eating really unhealthy and it's taking a toll on my body
I was just wondering will an enema cleanse the colon a little bit. I wanted
I do a colon cleanse but I'm what kind to do. I don't trust pills
Thank you

Sunday, March 01, 2015


Steve A

hey Steve A.

try a Fleet glycerin suppository. they are very safe and the timing is the best part. I always makes me go in 15-25 min. so no surprises. Just an idea. Let me know if you try it ok.

Ashley G.
Hi,I haven't posted in awhile, but I'm back with a couple stories one each of my daughters. So last week we were all home because it had snowed and schools closed and I took a day off work. We were talking and watching a movie together and Kayla says she wants to talk to me about something (friend drama) and would I go into the bathroom with her. So I followed her. She said she had to poop pretty bad. As she was unzipping her jeans she let out a fart. She quickly pulled her panties down to her knees and sat and said "I barely made it". We continue our conversation as she starts pooping. I hear a couple soft plops, then she opens her knees a bit. I could see her poo coming out. About 3 long logs come out, with several farts in between. She says she's almost done and one more poo hits the water. She loo "I think I'd letter flush before wiping." Kayla stands up and we look into the bowl. 2 thick pieces are down in the bottom sticking up probably 7-8 inches long with a foot long piece circled around the bowl on top. 3-4 other smaller poos floated in the water. She flushed, wiped, then flushed again.

Over the weekend I went into the bathroom to clean it and saw 4 poos in the bowl 2 floaters about 5-6 inches and 2 thick poos bending upward out of the hole at least 8 inches long each. Natalie comes running in says "whoops sorry, I was playing on my phone". We both just giggled

Ashley G

Jessi- Haven't seen you lately, you still here?

Karen (Redhead's best friend)


Hello, it's been a while since I've posted on this site as Redhead usually does that. But this time, I felt I should probably take a turn writing the story for the both of us.

Last night, redhead decided to do another enema because she hasn't been able to go for the past couple days now. This time, she decided that instead of sitting on the toilet, she's gonna use that toilet chair we had gotten a while ago from the pharmacy (we've mentioned how she used it in the previous stories we've posted a while ago) on the balcony for the fresh air. After helping her with her enema (she took in 2L this time), she carefully moved around to let the water do it's magic inside of her bowels. I tried keeping her mind off of it, and after spending about 20 or so minutes, she felt she couldn't hold it in much longer, so she quickly sat on the toilet chair and in an instant, she let loose a huge wave of the enema water out and out came a bunch of chunky loose stools. This lasted for several minutes, and after she left, we just dumped it all into the toilet and she cleaned herself up. She always looks happier after she relieves herself like that.

Victoria B.
Just a few quick comments this time.

To Sophia W.: I also tend to leave my skidmarks toward the back of the bowl. They tend to accumulate in front of or around the drain. I think it has to do with how you sit on the toilet; I'm tall and leggy so I tend to sit as far back on the seat as I can. This puts my anus (and the logs that come out of it) closer to the drain. Your sister must sit closer to the front of the seat. Do you sit further back as well?

To Megan: I was familiar with covers that go over the lid but I hadn't heard of one that lays on the seat itself until I read your post! I'm all too familiar with cold seats and the stiffness that results from sitting on them for longer than five minutes. I might have to get one myself!

Hi everyone, i'm Lauren and this is my first post here and I have a medium sized story to share with you guys today. I hope all of you guys enjoy the story.

1. My school poop

I usually poop at school with my friend after school. Today I met my friend outside and played on the playground. After a few minutes we both needed to have a poop. So we both headed for the girls room. We both took a stall. I had the last one which didn't have a door. I took the stall and pulled my yoga pants and undies to my ankles and sat down. I didn't have a wall either so the girl next to me could see my bum in full site. I pushed a little and farted quietly but the girl next to me could here me. I pushed hard this time and finally a hard long log fell in the toilet with a plop. I wiped a lot and redressed myself and me and my friend left. Thank you guys and see you on my next post. Byby everyone

Laura W.

Laura's Tumultuous Weekend

Hello, I'm Laura W. I'm new to the site. Hopefully my last initial will distinguish me from any other Lauras who might have posted here. Thought I'd tell about my tumultuous weekend and its aftermath so far. Today I went back to eating my usual full meal at dinnertime. I hope I didn't do it too soon, as my stomach seems a little rumbling and sluggish right now. On the way home from that dinner I stopped at the food store for a few items. While shopping I got a full feeling with some acid indigestion. Then I'd just about made it all the way through the checkout when I pretty much involuntarily let out a substantial fart. I could tell it was a nasty and smelly one, though hardly audible. But I guess the two people still behind me in line and also the cashier noticed the smell. I shuddered to think what they might be thinking. It wouldn't be hard to deduce that the heinie that stank was mine. I escaped any comments as I rushed out of there. The fart did prove to be relieving and I felt better on the way home and while reading for a while at home. But on laying down in bed I started to feel some sluggishness and pressure in my guts and maybe a little more acid indigestion, certainly not the best of stomach feelings. So I've gotten up and decided I might as well work on this message while I'm up hoping my stomach settles.

Yesterday at church someone sitting beside me told me she'd heard from Sunday school teachers about a "stomach virus" going around. Well, that just might explain my Friday night misadventure. On Friday I'd attended a meeting, which I'd left feeling hungry and otherwise good. I stopped for a somewhat larger than average meal for me on the way home. That night I'd gotten in bed and experienced a "funny" stomach feeling. It didn't seem too bad, something I thought would alleviate soon and let me sleep. When it stayed "funny" but never was among my worst ever stomach feelings, I took some acid reducer and simethicone, thinking that would do the trick, as it usually does with a feeling anything like that. I sat up to read for a while. But the funny feeling remained and got more taxing. Suddenly I got up to go kneel in front of the potty, just in case I was going to barf. I thought it just a precaution. But, suddenly, too late! I was already barfing on the living room floor as I was getting up. Great, I thought! Barfing on the floor, home alone, no one to help me clean it up. I ran to the bathroom, thinking the moderate amount of barfing might be just what I needed to feel better. But just getting to the potty, my barfing became forceful and some went on the floor. Just what i needed - two floors to clean, and I might be too sick to feel like doing anything. I kept there by the potty for a while and thought I might get to feeling better. Seems I did for a while. I ventured to go back to bed. On occasions when I'd barfed in the past, lots worse stomach feeling had resulted in less barfing before I got okay. So I had some optimism. But it wasn't to last. Soon I had to get up an head for the potty again. The sudden need to barf was a little easier to contain this time but some got out on the floor before I could leave the bedside. Oh no, a third messed floor and this one beside my bed. At least it was the least messed of the floors (so far?). I got on to the potty without any more coming out. But when it did come out, it was really voluminous! So much for what I thought had been a good dinner that night. My poor meal was now a total loss. At least I by then felt empty enough that I surely must get better feeling. But I couldn't imagine EVER wanting to eat again. Finally I ventured to lay down again. My prospects of sleep would have felt better but for the fact that now I was feeling in risk of dehydration. So I ventured to get up and get some water, thinking at least water would do okay on my now empty-seeming stomach. WRONG! I drank about half a glass of bottled water but soon realized it wasn't setting too well in my belly. I ran to the bathroom again where I started barfing again, mostly water mixed with more barf. Seemed like whatever amount of water I drank, I'd barf out that much with a little barf in it each time. I went through two or three bottles of water that way. I was getting worried - how could I avoid dehydration if seemingly ALL the water was getting barfed out again? Finally I tried just a few sips at a time with rest in between. Finally that worked better. When at last I got enough water in without barfing again and without feeling dehydration was an immediate threat, I lay down and finally slept. I trashed any Saturday plans and didn't set any alarm. When I finally woke up Saturday afternoon, I was sore all over, not being able to guess what parts of the soreness might be from infection, what parts from the strain of barfing, and / or what parts from sleeping too long. I spent the rest of the day sore, but even worse, demoralized. A good Friday night had so quickly turned into a bummer weekend. The dread of the dirty floors made me just go back to bed several times, hoping to feel better before doing anything about them. I slept erratically, sulked erratically, and finally by 2 AM Sunday started the dreaded job of cleaning the floors. All day Saturday I'd eaten nothing by tiny snacks, which luckily set oaky with my stomach. I didn't want to miss church Sunday, fearing that might be just further demoralizing. That's where my friend told me of the "stomach virus". My first reaction was a bit of relief, hoping it meant my illness was nothing WORSE than that. Other than soreness, I did okay Sunday, even venturing to eat a light lunch, which sat okay. Was I well on the mend? I hoped so.

But my ease became clouded with apprehensions. The big question was what would it be like the next time the proper end of my alimentary canal evacuated itself. That is after all, the end that much more has had frequent inconvenient issues over quite some years. Let me tell you, I'n NOT one of those that can hold in poopy for days and be okay. No! On realizing I'd gone from early Thursday evening to Sunday night without the least thing coming out in the right direction, I thought, geez, I'd surely be feeling atrocious ordinarily on going 40+ hours without doodooing. The only thing that had me not feeling awful could only be the copious amount of would-be doodoo that got wayward and exited the wrong way Friday night. Nonetheless, after such days of inactivity in my valley of chocolate's putrid twin, anything and everything could be possible when my cavity down there finally decided it was time to open up again. Could be constipation that took incredible straining go get even dainty little turdlets out. Or could be monstrously explosive diarrhea. So I spent half the night and morning as Sunday turned to Monday, apprehensive and loath to venture far from the tiolet. By 4 AM I suddenly decided nothing was soon forthcoming in that department. I decided to try taking a bath, hoping I wasn't too sore to comfortably get in and out of the bathtub. Well, I made it with some soreness. As I was getting out after the bath, suddenly it was - look out! A sudden onset of pressure in my poop chute suddenly came. Could I get on the potty quickly enough? I sat down and started trying to push the stool out. Pleasant surprise! That turned out to be the most comfortable thing in all theses days mentioned. No uncomfortable stool at all! What my anus told me was a substantial turd was slithering out with ease. It plopped on into the bowl with exemplary comfort. Somehow ONE part of me had escaped the soreness that otherwise gripped me all over through the weekend! How remarkably ironic! My wiping jobs aren't always easy, so I cautiously thought, here goes! But easily with three wads of paper, my hole quickly came clean. When I looked in the bowl, I found it was one of those turds that slithered directly to the bottom and its leading end had disappeared down the drain. So I'don't know how long it was. But guessing from how the consistency changed along the part I could see, I'd guess it was eight inches, minimum. And it had a nice diameter probably close to an inch. The visible trailing end tapered to a point. If the past is any indication, I'll be lucky if I can often report such exemplary stools.

Naturally, I guess that uncommonly satisfying dump contributed to my feeling ready to eat a more full sized meal today. Hope I didn't assume too much too soon. In the process of typing this, I seem to have gotten my stomach okay for now.

Happy pooing, everyone!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sophia W great story.

To: Megan as always another great pooping story.

To: Chloe B as always another great story it sounds like that bathroom was pretty busy and it sounds like you had a major cleanout later luckily you made it to the toilet in time and avoided a major accident and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mary great story.

To: Jenna first welcome to the site and great live coverage of your poop it sounds like it was a really good one and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Sophia W: Skidmarks

Though I do not often leave skidmarks, when I doo (haha! Love the Most Interesting Man in the World!)...

Seriously, when I do leave skidmarks, it's usually because the head of the poop did not go down the toilet hole. They can be anywhere for me, and usually a second flush will remove them.

It probably depends on the consistency, size, texture and location of the stool in the toilet.




What is ladylike pooping in public?

This question was asked by Bella Jean. She was criticized for dropping her pants and underwear while pooping in a public toilet. She was also told her knees were spread too wide.

I agree with Mystery Pooper because people poop differently and no one should be jealous of other poopers' bowel habits. For example, I'm only 3'6" so because of my relatively small size my feet are an inch or so off the floor when I'm seated on one of the toilets at my high school. Luckily, I've been able to soft poo fast pretty much every day so I'm not having to remain seated for more than 2 minutes so I do pull my clothing down to my ankles (when I'm in a stall with a door). Probably about a 3rd of the time the bathrooms are full and with the doored stalls taken, I will take a vacant doorless stall. Then I keep my clothing up at mid-thigh level.

Last year I was criticized by my grandma for not being ladylike in using public toilets. When she found skidmarks in my underwear, she was critical of me even having to poop at school. Let alone my not being patient enough to wipe more thoroughly. Grams, who went to high school in the 1950s, said she never pooped at school because she regulated herself to go at home each morning before she left for school. And she was critical of me for being so desperate that I would use doorless stalls. Her generation was taught that "real ladies" used the ass-gaskets or put toilet paper liner on the seat before sitting on it. She said she never sat butt-down on a public seat. Etiquette taught to her by her mother was very strict and something I would have a hard time believing--that you could get pregnant from sitting on a public toilet seat. LOL

I guess peoples' bowel habits have changed with time. I'm interested in hearing from you others on this. Thanks.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Natalie x

To Alex

To be honest I don't think I would of made it back to my house. I was so hungover and it was a horrible poop that didn't give me much chance at all. I reckon the sloppy mess had to of been in the posh bathroom at the Italian place or my jeans. (Like Amanda with her college story) Sometimes you just have to suck it up and go in the places you don't want to. Or it'll go by itself on yourself haha and yes that has happened to me before on a few occasions so I knew what had to be done...

Thanks for asking

Nat x



Hi everybody, I hope you are all fine. Latest news here is that Hisae doesn't have a boyfriend now. They had final fight about two weeks before and Hisae said, this is end, get out of my life, to her boyfriend. I don't give you reason, Hisae says OK to tell you but I think not need. I said that to Hisae, she looked at me with eyes full with tears.

Hisae said, "it's good riddance, but I need time to get used to it, because it hurt". I can understand that because I had similar heartbreak twice. She was on phone so I said her, "come to my flat, tomorrow is public holiday so we can relax". So she came.

She seemed relieved that she doesn't have boyfriend any more and said she doesn't want any more boyfriend. But she also said, it was shock, and she began to cry. I said her, "cry lots. It will be good for you". And sat next to her and put arm on her shoulder. So she cried and cried long time. In bathtub she cried again. I scrubbed her back and bottom well, she said "feels good" but still crying. And she cried in the bed. So I hugged her well and gave her kisses on head. She squeezed my hand well, and suddenly she was sleeping, so I stopped to hug.

Next morning she said, I don't know why but slept very well and feel good. I said, because you are relief. She said, "maybe I think so. Time will help me". I said, "that's true." But suddenly she said, "ow, I have stomachache!" and she jumped out from the bed and ran to the loo and sat down. I went after her. "Hurts, hurts," she said. And her bottom gave very very big long fart. In Japanese fart is o-nara, so I said, wow, sugoi o-nara. Sugoi means fantastic. But she said, "not o-nara!" and at same time big smell in loo room. I asked, "was it motion?" but before she answer, her bottom gave same big noise again, also very long. After, she moved her bottom forward and I looked and the loo was all brown, wet motion everywhere.

"You feel better? I said. She said, "a bit". I said, "stay on loo. Sometimes it's better to stay long time even you don't usually. I stay with you." Hisae doesn't like to stay on loo long time. But she stayed, and looked at me with warm face. I gave her smile, but didn't talk, sometimes not talk is better. But after a while she said, "when I'm with you Mina, or Maho or Kazuko, I can relax on loo long time. But when I'm alone, I don't want." I said, I'm with you so relax." Hisae nodded her head, and suddenly stiff, and little fart and suddenly long burururururu noise. Very huge motion! I flushed loo.

Hisae said, almost empty. I said, stay on loo until perfectly empty. She said, OK. During about 5 minutes she gave farts and little motions, then she said "finished." I said, "feel better?" She said "yes" and pushed washlet button, then dried and used paper and flushed and all over. "Mina I love you" she said in English. Well I love her too. I said to her, love of 3 girls is better than love of bad boy. Hisae gave me beautiful smile.

We made breakfast and ate it and then I said, my turn. I bared my bottom and sat on the loo. And I gave little farts and Hisae said, better than my big o-nara which was not o-nara! But I said, now coming is not o-nara, and I domed out my bottom and motion came out slowly, not so big one, made only two plop sounds, but my body was still stiff because next one already coming, and made two more plops. Again not so big but only one minute later my bottom domed out again, one plop, and then again, and again, motions coming out one by one with only little gap. so Hisae flushed. After flush I had same thing, with smaller motions but still come out one by one with only little gap between. Hisae said, "Mina, when you stop?" I said, I don't know…. but now, the gap getting bigger with maybe one minute between two motions. Finally finished. Hisae said, wow, twenty minutes! But she knows I sometimes stay so long time, so not so surprised. I said, "I'm sorry I bore you, do motions for so long time and so slowly". Hisae said, "I'm never bored. Because I am with you. And I feel better now!" I kissed her again on top of her head.

In Japan and Korea friends don't kiss, it's only lovers. But in Wales, my host mother kissed me every day and many times a day. When I left house to go school, when I come home from school, when I go to bed. And she kissed host father when he comes home. and host sister same with me. Host brother not so much, boy don't like mother's kiss when he grows up. So I got used to kissing. Later when I was best friend with Maho and then other two, I told them about host mother's kiss. Maho had very warm face. Hisae seemed interested, but Kazuko had boot face. Some time later I kissed Maho, just little one, I think I told you in story. It was test, I wondered Maho get angry and hit me again. But she gave me kiss few minutes after. Next was Hisae. She didn't angry, too. Finally I tried kiss Kazuko when she gave me very very warm hug, Just little one on top of head. And she said, "Mina I'm not used to kiss, but your kiss so sweet, please give me again". So now I can kiss all my friends , but I don't want to kiss like lover, better to kiss like host mother in Wales. But funny thing is, my friends kiss to me, but they don't kiss to each other. Only to Mina!

Kazuko and Maho knew about Hisae break up with boyfriend so they came in morning. They hugged Hisae and said like I said, Hisae you haven't lost love because we love you, time will help you and we are always here. So Hisae cried a bit and then smiled. And we made lunch and drank beer and Kazuko said, we four are best people in whole world and friends forever! Kazuko is joker and Hisae began to smile lots. And Kazuko went to loo after lunch, left door open, shouted "my mother not here!" and talk to us in big voice with loo door open and made Hisae laugh. And she stayed long time and did lots of motions and enjoyed. After about 8 minutes Maho sat down on floor next to loo, Kazuko said "Maho" in sweet voice and then did more motions like burururururu. She said to Maho, "do you want to do?" and Maho said "yes, looking at you do so many motions makes me want to do! But stay on loo until you quite finished." So Kazuko said OK, but soon finished and Maho went on loo. She had harder time. We asked, "Maho are you OK?" She said, it's very hard motion like rock, so Hisae said, "I can't massage boyfriend now so I massage your ????!" and she massaged Maho while Maho was on loo and finally Maho gave noise "aaaah" and enormous PLOP! So Kazuko clapped and me too, and Maho said , shut up. We were so happy, because Hisae was already begin to recover from shock. She massaged Maho more and Maho gave many plops, smaller than big first one, she said "aaah, feels good now." After Maho finished we decided to go out and enjoy. (But Hisae went to loo quickly again and did small motion. Then we went to town centre.)

The loo in my flat is very busy loo! But it's also place where we really feel good. Some months before, we always did motions alone, feel lonely and not fun, just necessary. But thanks to this site, we are more open, doing motion is fun activity and we enjoy together, we really relax and feel good! We don't need feel ashamed because we are all doing same thing and every human does motion. Many smells, but we put medicine, so smells go away soon.

Sorry very long story. But I don't shorten, because if you don't want read all, you don't read. I'm not depressed now and Hisae recovered, she is same cheerful girl like before. She sends her love to all you, and Kazuko and Maho too, and of course me too.

Love to all you, and I hope you have happy time on loo always, and other place and time too.

Love from Mina and friends


A question for the anatomy geeks among you

Do you find it true that mens have a harder time holding back a bowel movement for long periods of time (i.e. days, maybe a full week) than women? Why does that happen? Is there any anatomy reason?

I've come up with these questions because after reading a lot of older posts i've come up to the conclusion that women apparently have an easier time than men at holding back BM's for long times. There are a lot more stories of women getting constipated and then breaking the constipation barrier with spectacular and historical movements that often result in clogged toilets than there are about men. Some of them (women of course) even managed holding it for 15 days, mostly after painkiller usage though (i've never got to use them anyways).
I don't know if it's a difference in diets too.

Personally, i'm a young and very fit (though somewhat pear shaped) man, i eat a lot, i'm European and i find it nearly impossible to get constipated and hold back BM's. Even after 3 days (actually 2 and half), the urge is still strong and the movement is fast and i feel the heaviness and urge in my lower region all the time. And it often comes out in more than one movement.

Another thing i found is that going #1 becomes increasingly hard when doing this, even after 2 days and half. I've never seen this mentioned by women in all the stories i've read.

Sophia W.

A question for the girls

I have a questions for the girls here. Where are the skidmarks in the toilet when you leave them? I ask because, when I have them they are always in the back of the toilet, but my sister leave them nearly every time in the in the front of the toilet bowle.

@ Megan: I liked your story very much, but the bathroom sound a bit strange for me and I don't know if I would have the courage to use them.

After my accident at home I told you about, both my sister and me talked about it and we came to the conclusion that we will not lock the door of our bathroom, only when friends are over.

So Saturday in the morning after I woke, I went to our bathroom. I started to took shower whenn my siter came in and sat on the toilet. I had my morning pee as usual under the shower. My sister does it too but not that often. As far as I know all my friends do it. When my sis was done, she closed the lid because I still was showering and the water would be to hot. When I dryed myself I felt also a need and sat on the toilet. I pooped on the dry long log of my sis. I only pooped a little and I only need to wipe twice. Flushing was no problem.

Yesterday I went to my friend Charlotte's place for the day. We planned to go out to a club in the evening, too. Charlotte cooked us both some lunch, and naturally enough after eating it I needed to go use her loo to move my bowels. I told her I wanted to use it and she said of course. I went up to her bathroom and shut the door behind me. As usual her bathroom was nice and clean, and I saw that since my last visit she had fitted one of those nice warm fleecy seat covers on her loo! I pulled my skirt and pink knickers to my feet and sat down. It was lovely and soft and warm and my thighs and bum certainly appreciated it! I did a wee first and then a quiet fart before relaxing and preparing for my poo. I was in no hurry, as although I didn't say what I had to do, Charlotte knows I take more than just a couple of minutes to do a poo, and she does too. I slowly pushed out my first turd and it dropped with a splash. I farted again before my second log crackled out and dropped. After a couple of minutes I released a third one. With my next push a couple of smaller pieces came out. I dropped off one more medium-sized piece and then I was done. I was enjoying the luxuriant seat, and I noticed that Charlotte had a pack of wet wipes open next to the toilet paper, and I decided I'd treat my bum even more! I cleaned most of the poo from around my anus with a couple of wipes, and finished the job with some paper, before pulling up my knickers and skirt and flushing.

When I returned to Charlotte I told her I loved her seat cover, and she told me she was fed up of having her bum get cold every morning when she sat on the cold seat. I might have to buy myself one, because it was pretty nice to sit on, especially for a poo since it kind of cushions the hard seat which normally results in an achy bum.

We ordered pizza for dinner, and after we finished eating we started to get ready to go out to the club. I went to the kitchen to pour us both some wine. I needed to have a wee, so after I did that I went up to the bathroom. I opened the door to see Charlotte just getting settled on the loo, with her skirt, leggings and blue knickers at her feet. 'Oh, hey! Sorry, I didn't know you came in here,' I said. We've both been in the room with each other multiple times when we've been on the loo, so neither of us was embarrassed by me walking in. 'Mind if I stay? I need a wee after.' She said, 'Sure, as long as you don't mind the smell, I'm just about to start having a poo.' I sat on the edge of the bath and watched her, as we talked. She did a short wee, and then I heard some crackling and a few quick plops as she released what sounded like some fairly soft poo. We kept talking as she pushed out a log, and another one a couple of minutes later. I could tell she was having to push quite hard to get the last bit of her poo out, and after another minute or two there was another plop, and then she wiped. She grabbed a wet wipe and I told her I had used them earlier, too. She stood up and flushed, pulling up her clothes and moving away. I went and sat down and began to wee as she washed her hands. After I emptied my bladder I thought I should give a quick push to see if there was anything else, and sure enough, I released a fart and a couple of small nuggets of poo! Charlotte said, 'I thought you just needed a wee?' and laughed, and I said, 'I thought I did!' We went out to the club after, and had a good time, both of us having to go wee in the loos there a few times, but we managed to avoid needing to poo there!

average dude
Hi. this is my first time posting and i have been reading this site scince october. i dont exactly have anything to share but ill write about something everyone seems to be talking about lately. i thimk that unisex bathrooms are a good idea and i dont see them enough. most of my pees have been normal and its the same thing with craps. that's all fir this post and goodbye


To Shelbi

Sorry Shelbi, I mis-spell your name. I will be more careful next time. I hope you are still eating lot of vegetables!

Love, Mina


to Sasha / men's room

You destroyed the myth for some of the guys in there.

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