Chloe B

Wedding poop

So this weekend my family was invited to a wedding! The wedding didn't start till 6 so I could still sleep late! As I woke up that morning I felt a lot of pressure in my stomach. As I got out of bed I went immediately to the bathroom. I pulled down my undies and sat. I let out a HUGE log with a plop and a airy fart. I let out a couple turds and then wiped front and back and flushed. I showered and put on a t shirt and shorts. I really just relaxed all day but for most of the day my stomach still hurt. At about 4 I got ready and changed into a thong so I wouldn't have panty lines on my nice dress. As we arrived to the wedding my stomach felt really bloated and full! The wedding was really tough on my stomach! For about an hour it kept on churning but I didn't want to get up and interrupt the service to go to the bathroom. So at the reception I got my food and immediately rushed to the ladies room. The bathroom had sinks on the right with stalls also on that side. There were 5 stalls and 3 were being used. One woman was definitely pooping while 2 others were peeing. I went in the stall right next to the person pooping but they started wiping as I was entering the stall. As I sat down I was the only person in the bathroom at this point as I pulled my thong to my ankles. I just sat pushing for about 2 minutes as I saw a woman rush over to the stall next to me. She pulled down her blue panties to her ankles and just sat there. I figured she was poop shy so I pushed out a 2 turds. After that she let out a fart with a couple plops. I grunted and pushed out 2 LONG logs and sighed. As me and the woman beside me continued to let out plops, A girl with her mom came in she was about 4 and they took the stall on the other side of me. The girl said "mommy I need to pee!" The mom said they she knows and placed her on the toilet. I let out a "brp" of a fart and the girl while peing laughed. The woman beside me let out one more turd and started to wipe. My stomach just felt full and I still didn't feel better! After the girl finished peeing her mother said "ok mommy needs to poop so stay quiet!" The girl responded "EW MOMMY HAS TO POO". I'm pretty sure she was Embarassed after that. So I let out some more little turds as my stomach just wouldn't stop hurting! The mom then let out a fart with some mushy poop and a sigh. Her daughter reacted "EW MOMMY YOUR BOTTOM STINKS". The mom the told her to be quiet. After she let out 2 more plops she wiped and then washed. I was again alone and had been in the bathroom for quite a while as the door opened and my sister called for my name. She asked if I was ok and I told her that I just couldn't get my poo out. She then takes the stall next to me and begins to pee. She pulled down her panties and I could see some skid marks. As she let out some turds she said mom was worried about me. I said I was fine again and she finished up and I just decided to wipe and get it over with. For the rest of the evening my stomach hurt and my mom suggested I take a laxative. That night I took one and I have never pooped so much in my life. A couple minutes after I took it I rushed to the bathroom and erupted in liquid poop! I say for about 30 minutes just having waves of diareaha. After all the waves my stomach felt so much better and I rralized I had become constipated. I haven't had any pain this week so it worked!!

The LIstening Ear

A lesson learned

The other night, after my wife had gone to bed, I took a chance and farted in the living room. I can often tell whether a fart is going to be smelly or not by the feeling inside, but on this occasion I got it wrong. The smell reminded me that we had been eating chicken korma earlier on, and I made a mental note that any further emanations should be confined to the proper place.

This reminded me of the time I learned the hard way that there is a limit to the amount of human air pollution that can be trusted to disperse by itself. I had been out drinking on a Friday night with a work colleague. The drink in question was, I remember, a real ale called Dogbolter. Any Brits here remember that one? It must have been about 1985. It was very enjoyable at the time, but there were consequences. When I got home, my wife had gone to bed. I started farting and didn't stop. The stench was unbelievable. Not entirely unpleasant actually, but very strong. In my innocence I just assumed it would be gone by morning. Big mistake!

The next day my wife was working and I wasn't, so she was up first. I heard her go downstairs, and then come bouncing right back up again, straight into the bedroom with "There's a horrible smell in the dining room, as if some fruit has got stuck behind something and gone bad. Will you sort it out?" Well all I had to do was to open the windows for a few hours, and by the time she came home she had forgotten about it. But ever since then I have operated a strict one-fart-per-room policy!


to Caroline / park at night

Great story but I can only imagine the reaction of people hitting the park in daylight. You should do it again and go back in the morning to observe the reaction. I am thinking it would be hilarious.


Question for Natalie x

Natalie x,

To avoid the embarrassing pooping episode while at the Italian restaurant, do you think that you would have been able to hold it in and waited to go until after the date?

Do you wish you had waited to poop until you got home that night or in hindsight, are you glad that you pooped at the restaurant?

How much longer would you have been able to hold it in for?


poop with bf at mall

Hi im mary. This is my story about me and my bfs poops. Me and my bf Alex were at the mall Tuesday and we were in aero shopping and I suddenly felt the urge to poop. Alex could tell by my facial expressions but I denied it. 15 mins later the urge got really bad and I needed to go. Alex said "you need to poop don't you?" I said 'yeah..." He said "its ok I do too." And so we headed to the bathroom.

We got to the bathroom and the men's was being cleaned and the women's was open. So alex and I went into the women's. There were 8 stalls and 3 were open. There were 2 beside each other right at the end. He went in the last stall and I went beside him. As soon as I sat down I let out a huge fart. Both of us laughed and he said good one. Then I waited a big to see what he as gonna do and I heard 3 bigs plops from him and a quiet moan. So I figured ok my turn and let loose I let out a massive turd it was 14 in long and 4 in wide and it only took 2 pushes but it was a relief. I let out some farts and 3 more 6 in logs. Then more gas. Alex had 2 more plops and lots of gas. I was so happy he was comfortable with us pooping together. I had a couple more small turds and 1 more big fart. He started wipeing and I leaned back and watched him wipe through the crack. He wiped 5 times standing up. Which I think is weird because I always wipe sitting down. But anyway I looked over at the other stall and there was a lady who's was probably mid 30s and she has bad gas and some big plops... I farted once more and began pee.I wiped slowly. 6 nice wipes and I decided to leave my poo and not flush because of that one huge turd. My bf exited about 4 mins before me and he waited for me outside of the stall. I showed him my poop and he was amazed so I was proud of that poo.

Thats my story... Hoped u liked it.

Mystery Poster

To Bella Jean Plus A Question

I never heard of a bathroom etiquette for women like that before. I think you should go to the bathroom however you like. Your friend might be overreacting about this or has she been taught by her parents to act ladylike?

My question for all:

How far do you pull your pants down when sitting on the toilet?

These answers might help you to know if there really is a rule against this.


To Brianna and Sonya Sue's Survey

Brianna, It's great to hear from you! I agree - if all bathrooms became unisex it would be a slow change from one to the other. I almost think that stalls would need more privacy and I could also see no more urinals for men. It's interesting, because like you, we've been raised to use the women's bathroom and it never occurred to me that others might be uncomfortable using a restroom for their biologically assigned gender.

It's always good to hear from you and I enjoy your stories as well!

Gender: Female
Age: 34

1. [Department store]: Yes, both
2. [School]: I am not in school but when I was I would pee and poop at school. Bowel movements were rare at school though.
3. [Movie Theater]: Peeing, I've never had to doodie at a movie theater, but would if it was an emergency.
4) [Airport]: Yes, to pee
5. [Public stadium/arena]: Yes, to pee.
6. [Highway rest stops]: Yes, to pee.
7. [Gas stations]: Yes, to pee.
8. [On a bus or train]: No
9. [Parks]: Yes, to pee.
10. [Convenience stores]: Yes, but most of the time it's peeing.
11. [Church]: Yes, and I've posted a couple of embarrassing poop stories from church.
12. [Doctor/Dentist office]: To pee only
13. [Portable potty]: Only to pee and only if its an emergency.
14. [In a public mall]: Yes, and I've done both. I've posted a couple of diarrhea at the mall stories.
15. [Fast food restaurant]: Only if it is an emergency.

I will take a dump in a public restroom if it is an emergency to avoid an accident. It is my preference not to.

I hope everyone is doing well! I feel my evening bowel movement coming on!

Love to all!



To Megan, Natalie and Bella Jean

Several of you have expressed embarrassment when pooping in public because of the sounds or smells you make, or even because someone criticized the position you took on the toilet while pooping. Now, all of these poops sounded pretty desperate to me. So Winnie's Rule is, When you gotta go, you gotta GO! To heck with what anyone else thinks, let it fly, ladies, and enjoy the relief. Everybody does it, after all.


to Angela / Steve A's survey


Sorry that you get constipated often--I get constipated sometimes and it sucks lol. You ever clog the toilet at home or anywhere else? I've clogged it at home a few times when I was constipated and didn't go for a few days. It was pretty embarrassing even then, since my parents knew about it lol. In regard to your survey, did you ever poop in front of your BF, if you've had one? Because I've pooped at my gf's house, but I tried to be really secretive about it lol.

Steve A's Survey:

1) I don't think unisex bathrooms would be good in high school. Too much room for problems with horny teenagers and stuff. Bad idea.

2) I guess the laxative that I use is usually Senokot or Miralax, but my constipation isn't so bad. For worse constipation, maybe Dulcolax?

3) I don't mind pooping at my friend's house and I have no shame about it. They've pooped at my house too. But at my GF's...I did it once but I tried to be all secretive about it. I was honestly sort of embarrassed lol. I always stink up the bathroom kinda badly, so I was worried about that.

4) Dirtiest: public transportation station bathrooms, gas station, etc. Cleanest: Library (in my experience)

5) Lots of stalls, lots of room, loud fans...but often pretty stinky and I often came across out-of-order toilets, so I hated that.

accident sighting

I didn't witness an accident in action but observed a person dealing with the aftermath of an accident which is the closest I've come to seeing one happen. I was on my way home from work and stopped at the drug store for some cold medicine because I'm sick. When I went to check out there was a girl in line in front of me, mid to late 20s brown hair in a pony tail, she had a puffy jacket on that went down almost to her knees. As I was standing in line i could literally smell shit. Like a strong odor of poop in the air. It had to be because I was so stuffy and could still smell it very easily. it was so much to the point that I even checked my shoes to see if I stepped in dog crap outside or something. I was looking around and then I noticed something....the girl in line in front of me was buying a travel pack of baby wipes, a pair of leggings and and a 3 pack of cheap panties. So yeah, it was pretty obvious that her big jacket was concealing a pretty serious accident.

She was obviously self concscious at the register because she knew it would be just as obvious to the cashier...she chuckled nervously and said "yeah, didn't make the exit in time should stopped sooner!" And the cashier, and older woman, showed sympathy and just said "oh you poor dear!" And quickly rang her stuff up and said "good luck feel better" and the girl nervously said "thanks" and turned to head back towards the bathrooms with an obvious waddle. She glanced at me when she turned around and I quickly broke eye contact, and naturally her face was pretty red.

So yeah, pretty interesting sighting and I was happy to have something to share. I just left and kept wondering if she was still in the car when she pooped her pants or if she made it out but had an accident on her way to the bathroom in a store.


to Jessy / valentines poop

How fortunate your bf is and how sweet of you to accommodate him. Nice gift!


My responses to Steven A's unisex bathroom survey

1.Do you think unisex bathrooms should be in high school? How would students react? Would they be used?

Yes. At my school there's too much bullying and things like that going on in the guys rooms. Not one stall in each of the main restrooms at each level of the building has a door on it. And the panels or partitions separating each toilet do very little to offer privacy. If each toilet was to be unisex, having girls using the toilets would demand that the administration put doors on it. For those of us that get bullied at the urinals because we don't like to have others standing next to us and looking over our junk, the doored toilets would be great.

2. What is the best laxative to use when you are constipated?

My mom has used milk of magnesia and has given it to me and my sister Simone. I don't know if it works on schedule that well, however, because Simone's best friend Dara has been tardy to school about 15 times so far this school year because her laxative hasn't worked by 7 a.m. Sometimes Dara doesn't come to school until about 10 a.m. because her mom forces her to stay home until the laxative works.

3. Are you comfortable pooping at your BF/GFs house?

Jocelyn has been my study partner and friend since 5th grade. She lives within close walking distance of both our middle school and high school so we do our homework at her house for an hour or two after school. I don't like to admit it, but I will sometimes hold my poo because the guys bathrooms are so horrible and then I go at her house. A couple of years ago, when I didn't know any better, I would do my dump all at once. Bad idea because it clogged the toilet. Jocelyn taught me what her mom requires her dad to do. That's drop some of it, stand and flush it down, then resit and drop more, then flush. Then after the crap is flushed, I wipe in the final stage and then flush that. Usually when I get back to the family room downstairs where we're working, Jocelyn will give me the flush count she's heard and ask if I feel better. I think she's pretty sympathetic to my situation because she was bullied a bit when we started 5th grade at the middle school.

4. What are the dirtiest and cleanest bathrooms in public?

My high school is the worst. Often (after about 9 a.m) 14 of the 15 doorless toilet will have pee dripping from the seat. The cleanest bathrooms are on the top floor of our main public library. And Jocelyn agrees with me on this because they have a lot less use and the people using the materials up there tend to be adults.

5. What were school bathrooms like for you and everyone else?

Bad, and getting worse as the year goes on. That's why I'm for giving unisex bathrooms a try. Jocelyn, however, is against them. As she puts it, dirty bathrooms (the guys') will as unisex ones cause more girls to hold it until they get home. When I told her I've seen some guys just hurry up and sit on someone else's pee on the seat rather than take a classroom tardy, she said no-way would most of her friends do it. So I guess more of them would be serving detention time or holding it and risking an accident.


poop at home

Hi I'm jenna... I'm 14 and I'm pooping!!.
I just sat on the toilet and I'm trying to push a big one out..... I love the relief.. I just farted after I spread my cheeks....oh so good.... Ha ha... Oh the big log is coming out now and it really stinks...I just pushed out a small was one 14 in long 3 in wide log and 3 5 in long 3 in wide logs. And 4 smaller ones... IT took 4 wipes.oh the relief.. It took some work to. Oh the thirds are nice and firm but some are a little mushy and I just peed so yeah

Brandon T

comments & Stuff

To: Sasha great story about your big poop in the mens room it sounds like it was a pretty good one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great pooping story it sounds like you and that other girl both had good poops.

To: Sara first welcome back and it sounds like you had a pretty rough time but at least your boyfriend was there to help you out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natalie X it sounds like you had a pretty major and desperate poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Elosie hopefully you have a good poop soon.

To: Bella Jean great story about your massive desperate poop.

To: Victoria B great story about your big poop I bet you felt amzing afterwards to.

To: Jemma great desperate poop story as always.

To: Jessie great story it sounds like you had a really good poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Hello folks!

I've been constipated a little bit, and having some infrequent BM's. But luckily it's nothing a little water can't clear out. Today I had a very nice BM, I was off of school because of Mardi Gras, and at noon I felt the urge to poop. If I hold back my urge I won't get another one forr a few days, so I decided to poop whilist I could. I headed to my bathroom and sat down, I didn't think it was going to be big, but when I started to push and it stung a little bit. The most amazing part it splashed in the toilet very quickly. As soon as I started, it ended. Then I began to have quite a bit of gas that nosily escaped. I leaned back up and it really smelled bad. I don't know what I ate. When I got up I stood to see a large formed turd, which was quite thick and went across the bowl. I had to wipe myself many times, and when I flushed, it swirled and went down, but not without skidmarks.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Latest news

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in ages.
Megan- great story about when you went to the cafe with the weird loos. I don't blame you for holding in your poo while there were others using the toilet, it would have been really embarasing to be having a poo if everyone else was just weeing! It was good that the last lady needed a poo as well so you were able to finish off too. I've noticed the same as you about where girls position their clothes when they're on the toilet, when I was at school my favourite set of loos were in the English block as they were the cleanest so whenever I needed to have a poo I always went there, as did a lot of other girls. The cubicle partitions were quite high off the ground though so it was easy to see into the cubicles on either side, and usually if the girls next to me were having a poo I saw their trousers/ skirts and pants at their feet, whereas if they were just weeing I mostly couldn't see them at all.
Anyway I'm back from uni this weekend and wanted to share my most recent story! My friend Beth (who's still at school) has a friend called Danni, and I was invited to a party round Danni's house last night. Everyone apart from Beth, me, Danni and their friend Eve had left by about 11, we were sleeping over so we tidied up a bit and took some empty cans and bottles to the recycling bins outside. Just before going off upstairs to Danni's room I realised I was absolutely bursting to have a wee, I hadn't been all afternoon and I knew I'd start letting spurts go into my pants soon which would be really embarasing!! When we got upstairs, although I was really desperate for the loo I wanted to wait and see what the others did, I noticed Danni had an ensuite so I guessed we'd all be sharing it but I wasn't sure if she and Eve would be relaxed about us all seeing each other on the toilet. Danni said suddenly, "I'm dying for a wee, does anyone mind if I go?" With that she took off her leggings, and went into the bathroom in her blue stripy pants, when she got to the toilet she dropped her knickers and sat on the loo, and almost immediately I heard a loud jet of wee splash furiously into the bowl and she moaned with relief. Eve and Beth said "Lets get ready for bed," so we started to take off our tops as Danni was finishing her wee and wiping. "I really need a wee too!!" I said, and walked over to the bathroom. I pulled down my grey leggings and yellow pants, sat on the toilet and started to wee a strong stream just like Danni had. Back in the bedroom Beth was standing with her back to me, she had just taken off her bra and her white pants were wedged up her bum, she put her nightie on and then came into the bathroom to talk to me as I kept on weeing, it was lasting ages! Eve had been rummaging in her bag and then she pulled down her leggings, she was wearing pink flowery pants which were too small for her so the top of her bum was on show!! I was finally done and started to wipe as Eve came in just wearing her bra and pants, she said to Danni "Can I borrow a tee-shirt or something to wear to bed, I've forgotten my pyjamas!!" I kicked off my leggings, pulled my pants up and flushed just as Danni said "Yeah, no problem," she went back into the bedroom, opened a drawer and took out a white tee-shirt which she passed over to Eve, who'd swapped with me on the loo. As she was weeing she took off her bra and put the tee-shirt on, back in the bedroom Danni and I took our bras off too and put our nighties on. Finally it was Beths turn for a wee, she lifted her nightie and eased down her pants and started to wee heavily as she sat down. We went to bed and woke up late the next morning, we had the house to ourselves so didn't bother getting dressed before going downstairs to have breakfast. After we'd had something to eat we went back up to Dannis room and chilled out, I was starting to get a familiar feeling in my belly telling me a poo was on its way but I was hoping I wouldn't be the only one who'd need to go. A few minutes later I noticed Danni squirming about a bit, she said, "Right if anyone needs a wee you'd better go now, I want a poo so I might be a while!" Eve said "Yeah, I'll go first if thats OK, you always take ages to have a poo!" Beth and I were sitting on my airbed which was right opposite the bathroom door, so we had a perfect view of the toilet. Eve went into the bathroom, lifted her tee-shirt, dropped her pants and shortly after I heard a loud stream splashing into the bowl, she sighed with relief as her wee continued to flood out of her. As her stream dribbled to an end she wiped, pulled up her pants and flushed, Danni was already standing next to her with her pants at her knees saying "Its poking out, I need to get on the loo NOW!" Eve said "Woah, too much information!" Danni sat down and said, "The other day when we were queuing for the loo at school you said exactly the same thing!!" and Eve poked her tongue out at her. I guessed her log was starting to slide out as nothing happened for a couple of minutes, and then I could tell from her face that she'd started pushing. She strained for about 5 minutes with no obvious result, which made me feel a lot better as I knew I was probably going to have to do the same when it was my turn!! Meanwhile Beth and Eve had started up a conversation about how hard it was to find the time to use the loo at school, Eve said, "On Thursday I started to want a poo just before morning break but theres no point going then, I never have enough time to finish before the bell goes so I don't even try any more. Anyway I was getting pretty desperate by lunchtime but I had so much to do there just wasn't time to use the loo so I ended up holding it in until I got home." She paused and continued "The only trouble was I got marks in my knickers because my poo had been poking out for most of the afternoon!!" Beth said, "Don't worry, I get marks in my pants too whenever I have to hold on for too long, you're not the only one! I know what you mean about morning break, I quite often go for a wee then and sometimes I already need a poo but like you say there just isn't enough time to finish before lessons start up again, its really annoying being on the toilet and wanting a poo but knowing you don't have time to go!"Just then Danni gave a particularly hard push and made a slight grunt, I heard a plop and she moaned with relief, but shortly after I could tell she'd started to bear down again. Talking about getting marks in your knickers made me realise I wasn't far off from having that exact problem, I was having to clench my bum and could feel the tip of large log doing its best to force its way out. Fortunately at that moment Danni made a few more plops and then took some toilet paper so it was clear she'd finished, she stood up to wipe her bottom and when she was done she flushed the loo and pulled up her pants. I stood up, went over to the toilet and said to Eve and Beth"I need to have a poo as well, so if either of you need a wee go ahead!" They said they were OK so I lifted my nightie, pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. I relaxed my tightly clenched muscles and felt the tip of a massive log slowly poke out of my bum, I couldn't help moaning slightly as it was such a relief! I looked down at my knickers and they were clean apart from a few slight skidmarks. The log continued to slide out slowly, so far I wasn't having to push too hard which was good. Typically more or less as soon as that thought came into my mind I could feel my log had stopped moving so I had to start bearing down, I was doing my best not to strain too hard and end up grunting. Despite all that the log stubbornly refused to move, so I did a few harder pushes and couldn't help letting out some grunts, luckily that did the job and I could feel the widest part was now out so I knew it wouldn't be long before my log dropped. Sure enough shortly after I felt the log drop and there was a splash, I knew I wasn't finished so I stayed sitting as I felt another poo on its way out. I was expecting this one to be smaller but as I felt it stretch my bumhole I realised it was another fat log, I started to push again and hoped I hadn't gone pink. After a few hard pushes I felt a piece break off which made a loud plop as it dropped, which not only was embarasing but also splashed my bum! A few seconds later another piece dropped and shortly after another, again they both plopped loudly into the bowl which made Beth and the others giggle. I could feel I was going red, from embarasement more than exertion. After three more plops in close succession I was finally done, I figured that was probably one of the noisiest poos I could ever remember having!! I wiped my bottom and pulled up my pants before flushing and washing my hands. Beth said "Thank god you're done, I'm literally just about to poo my pants!" She hitched up her nightie, dropped her knickers and sat down. Not long after there was a plop, I was surprised as I know Beth is often a bit constipated like me. She made a few more plops and then weed for a bit before wiping, pulling up her knickers and flushing. We all went back into Dannis room and got dressed. Hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!!

Mr. Clogs

I'm back with something to tell.

Hello everybody! Yeah it's been a while but I some stories to share. I was dating this woman who was 6 years older than me, we use to listen to each other using the bathroom while talking on the phone. We both enjoyed it until the relationship ended. I'm dealing with us breaking up and still remain as friends. Any ways, I had a dream about peeing and pooping into a coffee mug. It was weird I was lying down and I had to use bathroom. I peed first into the mug with a nice golden yet bronze in color into the mug filling it about a 3/4 full. Then I had to take a dump, so I put piss filled the mug up to my butt and starting pooping into it making a nice soft serve look. What's weird there was no mess and it was all good. After I had that dream, I got up and used the bathroom doing a satisfying #1 and delightful #2. It felt wonderful relieving myself of all of that pee and poop inside of me and got turned on by it while thinking that dream.

Next story happed this past Saturday where I lived out that dream but with messy consequences. I had to go the bathroom early that morning. I had some piss in a cup when I got up in the middle of the night to pee in that I would dump out in the morning. Since I had to do a #2, why not do it in the cup. Okay, so I took off my pajama pants off, placed the cup on the bathroom floor, squatted over the cup and started pooping into it. Okay here's when things get messy, as I was filling up this cup with poop, I must had a lot of poop inside me that it sunk to the bottom of the cup, pushing the urine up and spilling it on the floor. I stopped pooping and ran to my room to grab some paper towels to soak up the urine that had spilled out! luckily it just that and not poop. So I poured the piss and poop filled cup in the toilet and finished the rest of my poop into the toilet. I wiped, washed the cup out and my hands and went back to my room like nothing happened. I was fun doing it since I haven't done it in a while, next time I'll pour some of that urine out.

Well I hope you enjoyed my post and thanks in advance.

--Mr. Clogs

Sonya Sue

Cold Winter Bathrooms

We've had record cold so far this winter in the part of the country I live in. It's taking its toll on me in the bathrooms I use when I'm at school and at other places away from home. The problem is that most of the bathrooms at schoolhave very large ceilings and at the very top there are windows to the outside. Janitors come in early in the morning when the smell of poo is evident as well as the inevitable smoke from the smokers and they use a long pole with a chain and latch on it to hook the windows so that they are open into the bathroom by about a foot each. In additon to the cold air, the winds whip through the space and lower the temperature by probably 20 degrees of so. I'm luckier I guess when I come in to pee between classes because I have to wait for a toilet to open and the seat isn't so cold. However, when I got in at about 9:30 for my crap or my pee last hour at about 2:30 there's often no one else in there and the cold seat doesn't agree with my butt. I find I have to wait longer for my crap to come, but due to my discomfort my pee stream is sometimes even more difficult to get started. Once last week I must have sat for 10 minutes and I probably emptied 1/3 of my bladder. One of our drama bums Jodie walked in just as I was leaving my stall and she seemed relieved that she was going to be getting a warm seat. When I got back to class and turned my hall pass into my study hall teacher, she looked at it twice and made a really mean comment about me abusing the bathroom privileges. Seth, another drama bum sits at my table, and noticed I was upset. I told him what she had said and he said they are doing the same window opening in the guys' bathrooms too because they don't want us to hang out in there any longer than necessary. I have to admit, it's working!


Poop in a men's room

hi im back got a quick story, I was shopping yesterday. And I started to feel a poo coming so I put my stuff in the car then headed back to the ladies. Only to find it was closed and the cleaners said it may be a while. My poo was pushing quite hard so I just went in the men's there were a couple of guys washing up, I just said sorry guys dire emergency the ladies is closed. There was 1 stall given it was a men's room I guess it was quite clean so I sat down, ripped a massive fart, then my poo started it crackled out it was quite a long one was about 20inches long when it made a loud plop. I wasn't done I pushed and another came out it was also quite long. I peed a bit but still felt I had more Poo so I pushed again and another came quite long and thin, I then felt done wiped up washed and ran out quick. Got a few funny looks but I didn't care

John B- Glad you still enjoy my posts! Yes, if there's a gap in the cubicle I will usually try to take a quick peek through to see who is on the loo next to me! I always take a look under the cubicles too, to see what they do with their trousers/skirt and their knickers. I think it's interesting to compare, both between people and between what they do for a wee and for a poo! I've noticed, for instance, that in regular cubicles, most women will drop both to their feet, or just above, when they are there for a poo, but only a few will lower them that far if they only need to wee. It's usually a good indicator of what they need to do!

Yesterday I was in town, and I went to my new favourite cafe again. After eating, I was in need of a visit to their interesting loos again! I had to do both a wee and a poo. I headed over to the loos after paying, and walked in. The two toilets opposite the door were both taken, with a woman sat on each one. They were chatting quietly as they weed so I assumed they were there together. I went to the toilet in the corner, on the same side as the door, and pulled my jeans and knickers down to just below my knees at first, which was where they both had theirs.

I began to wee too, and they both soon finished. They wiped and left together, leaving me alone as my wee died away. I pulled my jeans and knickers to my feet to get more comfy. My poo was waiting to come out and I was about to start going when another woman of about my age walked in. She looked surprised to see the layout and more surprised when she saw me with my knickers down! She looked embarrassed as she pulled her trousers and undies down just far enough to go and sat on the toilet opposite the door. I heard her wee coming out but I held my poo in, figuring that would embarrass both of us if I let it go. She quickly finished and left, and I released two soft turds. Being the only person in the loos now, I was kind of hoping nobody else would come in since it would be obvious where the smell was coming from!

After a couple of minutes a teenage girl came in. She didn't pay me too much attention at first as she pulled her jeans to her knees and sat on the loo the other woman had just vacated, but as she was weeing she did look at me a little surprised, and I guessed she didn't think anyone would go for a poo in those loos! I held the rest in but she could obviously smell what had already come out. She did a quick wee and left, and I released two more logs into the toilet. After a couple more minutes another woman of about 30 came in. She looked around and then sat on the toilet to my left, with her trousers and knickers halfway to her feet. After a few seconds there was a fairly loud fart from her, and she blushed and glanced over at me. 'Sorry!' she said. I told her it was fine, and after a minute I heard a plop from her as she started to do her poo. I pushed out one final piece, letting her know I was doing the same, and then I wiped myself front and back and stood up. She let out a couple of fairly soft sounding logs as I flushed. I washed my hands and left her to it, feeling better but feeling a little bad for her, since if anyone else went in they would assume that she was responsible for all the smell, rather than just half of it!

I am a new member to this site and was just wondering if anybody has any pants messing accident stories from childhood. I was a HUGE pants pooper from about 1-15 years old, so I have many stories!
One I remember was from picture day in school. I was like 10 and in 4th grade. I was wearing this blue suit, that my mom had dressed me in. Well, I had to take a huge dump all morning and I was one of those stubborn kids who tries to hold it till the cows go home. So all throughout class, i'm holding this big log in and farting and making slight skids in my drawers. I kept holding my legs together and squeezing my bum cheeks, trying to hold my poop in. Than it comes time for us to go to the gym to get are picture taken. So the photographer is snapping pictures and all of a sudden, my 10 year old bowels let go a huge dump which filled up my underwear and made the back of my pants bulge out like a balloon being blown up! The poop made a crackling sound as it slid out and i'm pretty sure everyone heard. I remember feeling a sense of relief combined with terror and humiliation. Then came the smell. WOOO! That's all I can say. Everyone in my class immediately smelled what I did and made fun of me. I had to go to the nurse and get cleaned and have new underwear put on. I remember being humiliated but also enjoying the feeling of relief and the warm, squishy feeling in my pants. Anyone have any cool accident stories from childhood or teens?

Olivia A.

My answers to Sonya Sue's survey

Gender: Female
Age: 19

1. [Department store]: Yes, peeing most of the time but pooping not so much.
2. [School]: Yes, I pee and poop every day in college when I had free time or when I'm eating lunch.
3. [Movie Theater]: Yes, I love the movie theater toilets because they flush everything down. Good for when I have hard poop or poop a lot.
4) [Airport]: Yes, but embarrassing when you're pooping and people are waiting for you to come out.
5. [Public stadium/arena]: No.
6. [Highway rest stops]: Yes, most of the time, I'll tell my friends or boyfriend to stop the car because I really need to use it.
7. [Gas stations]: Yes, but only during traveling.
8. [On a bus or train]: Yes, both bus and train. I once had some bad breakfast and have diarrhea in the bus/train.
9. [Parks]: Yes, sometimes when I'm with my friends. Although I rarely use it because there's no door in the stalls. So people can see me pee or poop.
10. [Convenience stores]: Yes, but most of the time it's peeing.
11. [Church]: No, I don't go to church.
12. [Doctor/Dentist office]: No.
13. [Portable potty]: Yes, only traveling though. I would usually poop and leave my "gift" there for people to smell.
14. [In a public mall]: Yes, I used the restroom most of the time when I go to the mall. The worse case I ever had is when I had explosive diarrhea in the toilet because of the food stand I ate.
15. [Fast food restaurant]: Yes, fast food never agrees with me. So most of the time when I eat at a fast food restaurant, I would immediately use the restroom. Most of the time, it causes bad gas and painful diarrhea. So I limit myself when eating fast food.

I haven't been to this site for a long time as long as what I can remember. But I'm back after a long time and decided to post a story today. It's nice to see new people though.

Today, I was in my room while pretty gassy. My boyfriend came over and rub my belly to make me feel better. My room smells horrible, like strong heated rotten eggs farts, but my boyfriend was sweet enough to stay with me. I was kinda sick and I needed to use my bathroom. My boyfriend came with me and stay with me. I took off my undies and shorts and sat on the toilet. My boyfriend was holding my hand and look concern. I exploded in my toilet. Hot liquid pour out of my ass and toilet water splash back on my ass. My poor boyfriend asked me if it was okay if he opened the window. I didn't blame him since it did smell really bad. Each time I farted it made a horrible sound in the toilet. I was still holding my boyfriend's hand and I was shaking pretty badly. I heard my boyfriend cough a little, and I knew it's probably the smell. I hold my breath the entire time, so each time I exhale, I would sigh. And when I hold my breath again, I would grunt and liquid would pour out of my ass super quick followed by some horrible fart sounds. I was in the toilet for almost 15 minutes then I felt a lot better and wipe my ass a couple of times and flush the toilet. I wash my hands and went back to my room. My boyfriend left my house and I went to sleep. When night came, I woke up and take a shower. When I was taking a shower, I had the urge to shit again. I didn't make it so I ended up shitting in the shower. I quickly got off the shower and accidently got shit all over the floor. I hurried and sat on the toilet and cringe while my farts and hot liquid came out again. The shower was still on so the bathroom smells even horrible. This was worse than my last diarrhea. After painful melted liquid came out of my ass, I felt a lot better. I was in the bathroom for over 20 minutes. I wipe my ass and flush the toilet. I clean up the mess on the floor and flush it. Then I got back on the shower and clean myself. After I was done, I decided to go to the doctor for a checkup. The doctor gave me some medicine and told me to eat gentle food for my stomach. He told me I'll get better in probably a week.

Guys (who want to confess) have you ever wanted to either shit in bed (on purpose) or have gone a head in done it, if yes how did it feel and what was the expericance like ?


What "Great" Friends I Have

I'll start my introduction in a simple way.
I'm new to this site. I found this not too long ago, probably 2 weeks ago.
I'm 5'6, dirty blonde hair, 17, and 129 pounds.

Last week, one of my friends gave me a drink full of laxative. I didn't know they put lax in them, so I pretty much drink all of it during football practice after school. I was playing football for a while with my teammates and friends until my stomach growls and I had the urge to crap all over my shorts. I actually did when I sharted my pants. I made my way out and went to the loo. There was 6 stalls and I took the 1st stall because there's no one here. I pulled down my boxer and shorts then sat on the toilet. Squirts came out of my bum and splash in the toilet water. I push hold of my stomach when more watery farts came out of my hole. It felt like a lava was pouring out of a volcano. I was probably in the loo for 4 minutes of painful gass. After a few seconds, my friends came and ask, "Have are you feeling? Are you filling the bowl?" I was angry and replied, "Like bloody hell spitting mud all over the place." I let more loose watery farts until my colon got tired. When I started to feel a lot better, I wipe my bums and look at the toilet bowl. All there was is brown water and a few crummy short logs. I look at my phone and it been almost 10 minutes! I flush the toilet and dump my boxer in the bin then came out seeing my friends snickering at me. I wash my hands and ask, "What's the big idea? Did you put laxative in my drink?" One of my friends responded that they wanted to see the weak side of me and have a good laugh about it. Well I'm not happy at all for what they did. I decided to pack my things and change in the locker room. When I went home, my friends sent an apogizing video saying they were sorry. That is when I decided not to take revenge and take my mind off from buying laxatives and feed it to my friends.


Poop in a men's room

hi im back got a quick story, I was shopping yesterday. And I started to feel a poo coming so I put my stuff in the car then headed back to the ladies. Only to find it was closed and the cleaners said it may be a while. My poo was pushing quite hard so I just went in the men's there were a couple of guys washing up, I just said sorry guys dire emergency the ladies is closed. There was 1 stall given it was a men's room I guess it was quite clean so I sat down, ripped a massive fart, then my poo started it crackled out it was quite a long one was about 20inches long when it made a loud plop. I wasn't done I pushed and another came out it was also quite long. I peed a bit but still felt I had more Poo so I pushed again and another came quite long and thin, I then felt done wiped up washed and ran out quick. Got a few funny looks but I didn't care

Olivia A.

Angela's Survey Questions

1) have you ever pooped in front of your boyfriend/ ex boyfriend
[Answer] Yes. One time when my boyfriend was taking a shower with the door unlock, I really needed to go, but the other toilet was taken by his mom so I went to my bf's bathroom and poop while he was showering. I apologize for the smell I was making.

2) has your bf every pooped in front of you?
[Answer] Yes. One time in the woods when we were camping, he was pooping and told me not to leave until he was done.

3) have you ever gotten diarrhoea at your boyfriends house?
[Answer] Yes. Last time, when I ate thanksgiving with my bf's family... My stomach hurts and I ended up using my bf's toilet upstairs. I had horrible diarrhea because my stomach is sensitive certain type of food.

4) best pooping story with boyfriend?
[Answer] A few months ago, when me and my bf was going out for dinner. We ate something that didn't go well for our stomach. My bf was driving home until his stomach starts hurting and he made a stop at a gas station nearby. The convenience store only had one toilet that is for both female and male. He made his way to the toilet and I waited for him until my stomach starts to hurt. I knock on the door and told him to hurry up. I heard him flush and he open the door. He told me he still needed to go so I decided to poop while sitting on him. The whole time I was blushing because it's something new I never tried before. I farted and a long poop came out and drop in the toilet. I could hear his poop drop and my poop drop in the toilet. My second poop was kinda watery. After a few more farts and some logs came out, I got off of his lap and wipe my bum. My bf told me that I accidently got my poop on his lap. I apologize to him and tried to clean it up. After that he wipe his bum and flush the toilet. But the toilet ended up clogging. We both wash our hands and left feeling sorry for whoever had to unclog me and my bf's huge logs.


(The Original IBS)

I know its been a while since I have posted. Always busy with work! But anyways, I feel like I have been a "pooping machine". I have been going a lot more than I used to. I have taken more craps in public bathrooms since March of 2014 than I did in all of 2012 and 2013 together. Nothing out of the ordinary, but do have a couple of stories for later on. Today's story is from childhood that my cousin reminded me of recently.

A couple of years back, I posted about pooping in swim trunks when I was around 12, but there were a couple of other times I pooped while in swim trunks and this one time I was swimming in regular clothes.

I was about 10 when this happened. I was at a cousin's house (I think a step-cousin). We were going back and forth between the pool and slip-n-slider. I had on regular shorts, shirt and briefs that day. After a while of playing in the pool, we decided to play in the slip-n-slider. About 5 minutes, I got the sudden urge to poop and it was bad. I told my cousin, who suggested that we go behind the shop, which was a the end of the property line and had woods behind it. Well, I lost control in the two minutes it took to walk from the back yard to the woods behind the shop. I had what is best described as a blow-out" (yep, just like a baby has in a diaper) and a big one to boot. The briefs I had on were full of crap from the seat all the way to the waistband and from front to back. I had poop all over my scrotum, in my foreskin, partially up my waist and almost falling out into my shorts. So, my cousin dragged the hose from the shop to the woods for me to wash off. I carefully took off the shorts and peeled off the briefs, which were disgusting. It took about 15 minutes to clean myself and my briefs out completely. I felt a lot better afterwards and my cousin assured me that nothing was wrong with what happened. I honestly don't think I have ever pooped that much before or after in my life.

I still have plenty of stories, but this post is long enough. And, I wanted to do this survey as well. I'll share more stories later.

Gender: Male
Age: 27

1. Department store: Done both many times
2. School: Of course, I peed daily and pooped more times than I can count. I work in a school and there are times I poop at school.

3. Movie theatre: Yes. I pooped in a theatre 2-3 times. Always pee.
4) Airport: Been to an airport once. Never set foot in the bathroom.
5.Public stadium/arena: N/A
6.Highway rest stops: N/A
7. Gas stations: I've peed a few times, never pooped.
8. Bus/train: bus only--I've peed, but been scared to poop.
9. Parks: I have a park I frequently stop at to poop at. Done it many times in my life.

10. Convenience stores: Peed twice, pooped twice.
11. Church: Peed in plenty, pooped a few times when I was younger.
12. Doctor/Dentist office: pee in, pooped maybe twice.
13. Portable potty: I think I've pooped in one once or twice. Peed on occasion.

14. In a public mall: Yep... peed and pooped plenty of times.
15. Fast food restaurant: Pee, yes. I try not to poop in a restaurant but have quite a few times.


Experience with unisex restrooms

I'd like to address a serious issue facing a small segment of the population. I am transgender, I am a man. I transitioned nearly a decade ago. I am a married heterosexual. Sexual orientation and gender identity are in no way related. I use the men's restroom everywhere I go, because I AM a man. Period. I am legally male, and I pass as a male 100% of the time. During my year of transition, I had to use unisex bathrooms as I was androgynous in appearance. I was glad to be able to assimilate and use the mens restroom as soon as I was able. I bring this up because I want people to understand that transgender people are only trying to live comfortably and be a part of society, nobody is going to pretend to be one of us just to enter the restroom of the opposite sex. Our lives are hell, our average age of death is 34 due to incredible rates of suicide and homicide. We just want to use the restroom like everyone else. We are not predators or boogeymen. We are people.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Natalie x

Awkward valentines day dinner

So on valentines day this year, I had one of the most awkward dates I've ever been on. A few weeks ago my friend Claire set me up with one of her old school friends, Matthew. Valentines day was our third date and we both get along well. He took me to quite a nice Italian place. The food there wasn't the problem though...

The night before I had drunk myself silly, eaten several, yes several kebabs and to top it off, I had a lot of beans with bacon and eggs for my valentines breakfast. At lunchtime I knew something big was brewing. I was so hungover and groggy, remember being quite gassy too. But nothing really made it's move until later on, when we went out for dinner. Something about eating a big meal pushes your bowels harder and believe me it really did. I got mad at myself at not pushing it out before the date but I was stuck there now with Matt, him expecting to go back to his after too. Before long after I had eaten my main the urge was just too much. I had been holding back so many farts throughout the day when I met him, but now they breaking through whether I liked it or not, my god did they reek too. Was to be expected, a raunchy hangover poo is the norm for me when I drink. Did whatever I could to keep clamped but my stomach was hurting. I was in a predicament and decided to swallow my pride and take a huge shit in the posh Italian restaurant. When I got up to excuse myself the urge hit me like a ton of bricks falling, so hard not to fart then I remember holding so badly. I said I needed to freshen up whilst intensely clenching my butt with a cold sweat. Dashed my way to the ladies room and relief. I yanked my skinny jeans along with my thong and my butt immediately exploded loudly, felt a little embarrassed. Opened my legs and saw there was already skid marks around the bowl just from that first blast. Phewwww, did it stink! Stomach growled and another series of farts spewed out followed quickly by what felt like a mushy chain of poo being pulled out of me. By the time I was done, I must of looked a state, I was exhausted and felt shocked about how aggressive that dump was. Sat there in silence for a while thinking of how disgusted I was at myself for doing this. I had made a mountain in that toilet. As in the poo was surfacing above the water. Which also made the whole bathroom stink to high heavens. The cleanup was messy, took a few flushes too. Which is embarrassing by itself. I came out after what seemed like an eternity but was still a whole 20 mins. Sat back at the table with Matt and I was just speechless and gobsmacked at myself. Matt asked if I was okay and I just made up a lie about how I had to call my dad. He was convinced at my cover story until we both over heard a woman saying LOUDLY to another that 'some girl just took the foulest number 2' Matt just looked at me and raised an eyebrow, I was mortified. The awkwardness eventually subsided and we carried on like normal. But I really wish I didn't go out the previous night. When I have hangovers I always seem take the biggest poos

Dunno about any of you lot with alcohol?

Thanks Nat x

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Caroline great story about your big poop it sounds like it was a good and it sounds like your friend Stacy had good poop to and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jacklyn first welcome to the site and great story about hearing your friend poop it sounds like she had a good one and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Lucy great story it sounds like you and riley both had good poops and I bet you both felt amazing afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Priscilla first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day and that girl should've minded her own business she better be careful karma may get her later on in the form of a stomach bug and possibly someone being rude to her like she was to you and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Brianna great story.

To: jenny great story it sounds like the 3 of you all had pretty good poops and I bet you all felt good afterward to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amanda great set of accident stories it sounds like you had some rough times.

To: Tlana great story.

To: Olivia A great set of stories it sounds like you had a pretty good poop at work and so did Justina and great story about you and your friends pooping in the woods.

To: Chloe b great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Mystery Poster

A Question And Saying I Made Up

Do any of you get jealous when people poop more than you or have better poops than you do?

An example is when you're a guy and you know a girl or some girls than poop more/better than you.

Better poops would be like logs instead of pieces.

I made up a saying for you guys. Here it is:

"No matter if your poop or load is big or small, be happy that you got some out at all."

My saying reminds us that we shouldn't be jealous of how much people poop. People poop differently and no one should be jealous of other peoples' bowel habits.

Steve A

Unisex Bathrooms And A Survey

Unisex Bathrooms: I think it would make more guys and girls more comfortable with their bathroom habits when they use the same bathrooms together. It could also gradually get rid of the fear of bathroom privacy between people. We could also install them in new buildings and restaurants that will get built in the future. Overall, it's a good idea in my opinion.

Tell me what you think of my ideas.

My Survey:

1) Do you think unisex bathrooms should be in high school? I wonder how the students would react to them and if they would use them.

2) What is the best and safe laxative to use when your constipated?

3) Are you comfortable pooping at your friends or BF/GF's house?

4) What are the dirtiest and cleanest bathrooms in public?

5) What were you school bathrooms like for you and everyone else?

I hope you like my survey and I will post again.

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