Eloise's Bloating (hoping for relief!)


I'm Eloise, a 5 ' 7" blondish girl. I've looked at this site for a while before daring to post. My mother gave me a rather old-fashioned name, so I can't complete for name class with these trendy new names like Madison, Kaitlin, or Brianna. Too bad my name isn't the worst old-fashioned legacy from my mother, though (more on that late later). Doctors repeatedly tell me there's nothing particularly pathological or treatable about my condition. But if I had to make my own diagnosis, I'd say I suffer substantially from chronic constipation.

Right now I'm sitting here a bit more comfortably typing this message. A short nap seems to have relaxed me some. About an hour ago before the nap I felt quite uncomfortably bloated. No sharp pain anywhere, but just a markedly discomfortable bloating from about my lowest ribs down to my anus. The latter could be eager to see more action. Although I'm American, from reading this site, I've gotten into some of the terminology I've seen from British posters. Like the word "jobbie" is an attractive terminology for me. so I'll use that. If for no other reason, my search for terminology novel to me probably means I'm looking for alternatives to the terminology that my mother used to torment me with. So, all the being said, the last decent jobbie I did was two nights ago. Deferring for once to my mother's terminology that still holds a fright for me, I'll say it was a more decent than average "bowel movement" by my standards. I dropped three quite decent sized stools into the bowl, rather easily and all three pretty quickly in a row. It was decently relieving. The wiping job afterwards was a cake walk by my standards - just about three pieces of tissue and the paper was coming back clean. I was thinking good jobbie, Eloise, and feeling good about my all to often temperamental lower hind excretory system. But yesterday couldn't make it two in a row. I had almost no "bowel movement" yesterday - to use my mother's terminology one last time and hopefully get it out of my system - albeit how terribly little got out of my system yesterday through that hole in question. At most my beleaguered rectal cavity unleashed two little wispy turds all day, one at most the size of my thumb and the other at most the size of my little finger. And the wiping job after that was relatively excruciating for such a puny shit production. I got to where I realized I was in danger of stopping the commode with paper while the tissues were still coming back about as brown as at first, telling my my anus and its environs were stubborning staying dirty. By the time I'd probably begun to wipe myself raw I decided I was reasonably clean down there, so I flushed and luckily averted a potty stop-up. These darn difficult wiping jobs are all too typical of my all too frequent constipated dumps. There have been times when it seemed the more I wiped my anus, the MORE shit just kept coming and dirtying the tissue. Natural a sore ass is a well-known experience for me, and when it happens I usually can only guess whether the soreness came from not getting the dooky off well enough or from wiping my poor poohole raw.

Naturally yesterday's experience left me hoping for a better jobbie today, but so far none has happened at all. As for any ideas you all might have about possible remedies for my constipational tendencies, let me mention what I've tried before. When I was in college the one possibly helpful health care professional in regard to my doody habits was a nurse-practitioner who first convinced me to take fiber supplements. The kind she first got me to try was psillium. That helped for a while but I think I might have something of an allergy to psillium. It did bring me some better poops, but also some considerable discomfort. At first it was the kind of psillium that you dissolve in water but it leaves the water sticky and cloudy. For a while that gave me mixed results: some discomfort but bigger jobbies. Then they came out with a kind of psillium that dissolves and leaves the water clear, looking for all the world like pure water. That really gave me a fright. One day I was afraid it might have been killing me. I'd taken it but had no poo coming for two days. I started having such discomfort throughout my abdominal region that people were asking me if anything was wrong. I ended up just going home and getting in bed and wondering if I'd ever feel any better. I didn't use that highly dissolvable kind again. Does anyone else know of it having that effect? For awhile that turned me off to all psillium and I've not used much more. Then when constipation got bad again, I tried a different fiber supplement called calcium polycarbophyll. That is what I intend to try again soon with my present sluggishness of my doody. It never seems to stimulate jobbies quite as much as psillium did when it worked best, but so far I've never gotten any discomfort that would seem to trace to calcium polycarbophyll, either. I tend to follow all the usual advice against "stimulant laxatives". I've also sworn off stool softeners, as I've had considerable uncomfortable cramping when I tried them.

I've been lucky enough to very seldom go several days without any poo production at all, and I've thought that would make me really really sick. When it is going on two days since my last substantive jobbie at all, like tonight, I think that occasional relieve of more acute constipation might be satisfactorily found through something like enemas, which I'd thought I'd try the next time seemingly acute constipation has been bloating me like today (a bloating that still hasn't completely subsided). I have limited experience with enemas but can't say I've found any problematic side effects to compare with any oral remedies I've tried other than the calcium polycarbophyll. So far in my adult life I've been enema-phobic, though, because my mother used to punish me with enemas, often on frivolous accusations, ofter because of something I hadn't done at all, and sometimes when I'd quite recently had one of my better jobbies.
Other times I might have been actually constipated and the enema even did me good despite my mother's tormenting motives. I did promise to tell you more about my mother's tormenting. Oh she was after me about all things poo-related. I remember being at least eight years old the last time I remember her insisting on checking my bottom to see if I'd wiped it well enough. But her tormenting talk went on well after that. I remember during my first year in college I was once in mall food court with her and she struck up a conversation with a perfect stranger. She ended up telling this stranger everything about my "bowel problems" from getting cramps to poor hygiene in that area, to "passing gas" a lot, to wanting to use the toilet too much. She summarized her spiel by telling the stranger "Eloise was always difficult about her bowels."

Anyhow, I've decided a couple of things. Tomorrow I'll start trying the calcium polycarbophyll more often again. But that won't cause immediate relief enough to keep me from feeling really lousy on my third day without a decent doody. So tonight, if nothing happens to preclude it, I think I'll brave my mother's legacy of angst and try an enema. I bought one a few days ago but kept thinking doodoo might happen well without it. But tonight, I've resolved to try it, provided no natural forces suddenly cause me to doodoo before bedtime.

So thank you in advance for reading my post and for any caring thought you might have. Guess you can wish me luck for tonight with my enema or any sudden natural urge that might preclude it by bringing a decent jobbie my way unaided.

Bella Jean

Ladylike Pooping Position?

I recently had a poo while my friend was in the stall next to mine. We had been shopping when I felt a sudden urge but I didn't want to interrupt her as she tried on the last few pieces of clothing. As she was finishing about 10 minutes later, I tried to escape to the public restroom but she insisted on joining me because she had to go as well. When I finally got to sit down in my stall, I didn't even care that she was right next to me because my stomach was really hurting. So, I just pushed my pants and underwear down to my ankles, got comfortable on the toilet, and proceeded to release several loud farts and small pieces of mushy poop. I then flushed the toilet but I knew more was on the way. And sure enough, as soon as I let out a fart, my bum erupted uncontrollably with more loose poop. After that, I decided to rest for a minute. Suddenly, though, I was hit with another desperate urge to poop and my stomach started really hurting again. I leaned forward and started to rub my stomach when suddenly I had a very wet fart and began to spray the back of the toilet bowl with watery poop. Unfortunately, I couldn't help but quietly moan in relief as this was happening. Afterwards, my stomach finally stopped aching and cramping, so I wiped several times and then had to flush the toilet twice in order to get rid of all of the messy toilet paper.

When I emerged from my stall, my friend was waiting for me by the sinks. While I was washing my hands, she told me that she noticed that while I was sitting down, my pants and underwear were at my ankles and that I should really keep them above my knees when in public. According to her, it is very unladylike to have my pants at my ankles and my knees spread wide while having a poo.

I couldn't believe that she was criticizing how I sat on the toilet. Besides, no matter how I sit, I think that it will be obvious that I am having a poop. If anyone had sat in the stall next to mine today, they would have heard all of my loose poop, farting and watery poop at the end and would have definitely smelled it as well. How I sit is not going to hide that I'm having a smelly, loud, and messy poop. But, with that being said, do people think that it is wrong to poop with my knees spread and my pants at my ankles? Is there some bathroom etiquette that I have not been following?

Victoria B.

Huge post-shower poop

Sometimes, you just can't tell when you'll need to go. You're zero-to-crowning in the span of thirty seconds and running to the nearest toilet. This can and did happen to me a couple of days ago. The need surfaced at a rather inopportune time: shortly after a shower.

I, and most people in all likelihood, prefer to go before showering. The logic is simple-you get your going done and then hop in the shower to get cleaner than you would after a normal wiping session with toilet paper. This is not to say that I haven't periodically indulged myself with an occasional shower pee, among other things. There have even been instances when the urge has overtaken me mid-shower, obliging me to turn butt to drain and squat. This time, though, I was out of the shower and getting dressed.

I peed before getting in and then my shower proceeded without any hint of impending bowel activity. I dried off and went about choosing my bra and underwear for the day, white and black respectively. It was as I was putting on my undershirt that the need to go sharply announced itself. This promised to be no ordinary number two. It felt closer to a number three or four. I quickly got my thong-clad bum into the bathroom and onto the pot!

This turd wasted no time in getting acquainted with the porcelain, starting its downward slide out of me right after a long, loud fart that echoed in the toilet bowl. It seemed to take ages to get it completely submerged but I didn't mind. The log felt wide, but not uncomfortably so, and smooth. I felt very relaxed as I pooped it, wanting it to last longer, but it eventually broke off, receiving another fart as a send-off. I did a few smaller pieces and then I was done. It felt amazing!

I stood up to check and see what I'd produced and it was impressive. My huge log was at least ten inches long and about an inch in diameter. I hit the flush before even thinking about wiping. Some of it went down... and some of it didn't. A second flush forced the remnants down and I remained standing to wipe. Once that was done and the paper had been flushed I was ready. I secured my thong between my cheeks and returned to my room to finish getting dressed and start my day!

Will post soon, bye for now!

Brandon T

tales from the bookstore

About 30 minutes ago while I was at the bookstore a woman went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet and let out a long and kind of muffled fart im not exactly sure if she pooped or not but from the sound of the fart it kinda had a slight crackling sound to it and then 10 minutes ago another woman went in and did quick fart and began to pee and then I think she pooped but I couldn't tell cause turned on video on her phone try and drown out any sounds but I think I heard a few plops so 2 good catches today maybe more to come when I go back there this evening.


my first ever poo at school

memory from years back:-
My first poo at school was in high school year 7 (age 11) in 1998! (Whoa! That's a bloody long time ago now!)
This is when my bh's started to change from 1 poo before school every morning to going more often and every day in mushy consistency.

I was in cookery & had the urge first thing (like 9am) i held it but all the while getting more & more desperate.
PE was next & i was now really desperate... so after PE when all the girls were getting changed, i nipped to the PE toilet cubicle, little did i know my plops would be as loud as they were.
obviously i can't remember how many there were but there were a lot & it stank!!
Leaving to join the other girls getting changed, they stared at me. I ignored them, & just thought to myself everybody poos! :-)


Valentines holding

I just had to post about my valentines day poo.

Long story short, my bf loves it when Im desperate for the toilet around him especially if its for a number 2!

As it was valentines day I thought I would treat him to something special!
The last poo I had was last Wednesday at work, usually I go every morning so having to hold it till Saturday was to be a challenge.

However, I made it to Saturday and I was okay in fact so much so I agreed to go out for breakfast with my BF to a cafe only 10 mins away.
(Of course you can see where this is going)
As I was sipping coffee waiting for the breakfast to arrive I could feel the effects of this morning drink start to take hold.
I couldn't help but release a silent fart, but the smell was intense my BF looked at me but didn't say anything there were enough people in the cafe to argue over who did it fortunately.

By the time the breakfast came my poo was pushing at my back door to be released, It was at this point I let my BF know just how desperate I was to get a toilet underneath me.
He thought I only needed a wee, to which I told him I was in dire need of a huge shit. Rather than let him know I was doing this for him, I made out I didn't believe the toilets here were clean and needed to go at home.
We finished breakfast asap, ahead of the most agonising walk home. As we were walking back I kept filling my BF's head with how desperate I was, which was true and how I doubted whether we would make it back in time.....also true!

My bum was aching from holding back this huge load but we made it back only...I've never been so desperate to relieve myself on the toilet in a long, long time. I rushed to the bathroom and dropped my jeans to my ankles with my thong...then the relief was amazing a long smelly turd started its journey to the toilet dropping with a massive plop! My BF was rather excited watching me get the relief I had been sooo desperately craving, the smell in the bathroom was beyond raunchy, I just had to get a toilet underneath my big arse. The feeling was orgasmic as turd after turd plopped into the loo.

Needless to say we were both very happy after this and had a fantastic valentines day!!!!

Was I alone in putting on a show for their BF this valentines? X


Park at night

My best friend, Stacy, and I are in our late teens and we live in a small city in the US. In our neighborhood, there's this small park that we normally hang out at night when there's no one around. Last night we were there and I suddenly had a big urge to poop. I haven't had to poop since the night before, so I knew it was gonna be a lot.

Since it'll take several minutes to walk home, Stacy said I should do it here since no one else would be watching me. I agreed, so then I pulled my jeans, panties and shoes off because that's how I usually preferred to go at home. Then I quickly climbed onto the top monkey bars, sat on one of the bars until my legs is in one rectangular hole while my butt is dangling in the other. I balanced my position there and started to relax a little bit. I've never did this before, so I was a little uneasy while I did this, but after a few minutes chatting with Stacy, my bowels started to build a really big urge that I wasn't able to deal with, then a small fart, then it starts to happen.

*Oooh, here comes* I said to Stacy, a thick hard turd started to slowly emerge and it felt so good. She said that I seemed to rather enjoy this a little bit too much and we immediately burst into laughter. I told her that I couldn't help it because of how bad I had to go. This lasted for several minutes before the long turd finally dropped out. I farted a little bit before I was finished. I also had to pee, so I went for it and peed on my pile of poop.

Stacy said she kinda had to go, so she decided to lower her skirt down and let out a few pieces of smaller pieces of poop and a moderately long stream of pee. After we were both finished, I put my clothes back on and left those piles alone. We have yet to figure out what happened to it.

hi, I'm new here and I have a story from a while ago that I would like to share. last summer I shared an apartment with my friend Anna. Anna is really pretty with long black hair that she usually wears in a ponytail. one day I was sitting at home watching TV while she was out meeting a friend and she had other plans later that night. she came into the apartment for a little bit in between and watched some TV with me for about an hour. during that time she decided to use the toilet before she left again. she went in to the bathroom which is right next to the TV room without closing the door. I saw from the corner of my eye her undoing her belt and then dropping her khaki shorts and panties down to her ankles at her tennis shoes. she farted two times and then I heard a few plops. she cleared her throat and farted loudly. she pooped a little bit more, then wiped her butt and flushed. I was surprised that she pooped with the door open, but she's usually pretty open with me. thats all for today though, thanks!

Incontinent Jane

Diaper usage

How many of you use often diapers?

I use diapers all the time, because my bladder and bowels empty themselves.

Hi again. Today my friend Riley (same friend from my first story by the way) and I went out to lunch. After eating, I had to poop. I told Riley and she said she had go to as well. We went to the bathroom and it was just three toilets out in the open, no doors or stalls. We've both seen each other on the toilet many many times, so it was no big deal for us.

Anyway, I sat on the far right toilet and Riley sat next to me on the middle toilet. We both peed and then Riley let out a big fart. I laughed and said "Good one" and responded with one almost as loud, but a little longer than hers had been. I continued farting a bunch of times (I'm always very gassy on the toilet) while Riley sat in silence. I had farted at least ten times before I finally felt a turd moving out.

Riley said she knew she had to go, but it just wasn't coming out. My turd dropped with a loud splash just as the door opened and a young teenage girl game in. She saw us and gasped, but then sat on the toilet. She did a long but quiet fart while peeing. I let out a few more turds and Riley farted again. The other girl finished peeing, wiped and left.

I farted several more times before a thick turd crowned. Riley said she finally felt her turd moving. She grunted slightly while letting it out. My turd kept coming and finally fell in the toilet making a plop. I farted and then let out one last turd before I felt empty and began to wipe. Riley was still lightly grunting and pushing her turd out. She stood up just a bit to help the turd come out easier. I saw it hanging out of her butt, and it was really thick. I don't think I'd ever seen a turd that thick. No wonder she was having trouble getting it out.

I finished wiping and flushed, then went to wash my hands. I told Riley I'd wait outside for her to finish. She came out about ten minutes later, and whispered to me that she'd finally gotten out the turd, but it wouldn't flush and so she'd just left it. As we were leaving the restaurant we saw a woman entering the bathroom and we laughed, wondering what she would think when she saw Riley's massive beast of a turd.


Stomach Bug

Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and I love to read people's post knowing I'm not the only who has their embarrassing moment or accident on the toilet,

Here's my story I decided to share.
2 months ago, I had an horrible stomach bug. I can't help myself but vomit or have diarrhea in the toilet. My mom tries to make me feel better and told me to be careful on what I eat. During night time, my boyfriend called me and ask me if I was okay since I wasn't in school today on Friday. I lied and told him that I was just busy. He then start talking about the movie we planned to watch on Saturday. He ask if I have time to watch it with him in the movie theater. I decided to go since I don't want to hurt his feelings since we dated for almost 6 months.

I wear a pink casual dress with my long reddish brown hair hang wavy on my back. I take one of the pills and ate it. Then I put it in my black purse. I put some plastic bag just in case if I want to vomit and an extra pair of panties. I didn't tell my mom about this because I know she's worries about my condition. When my bf came and pick me up, we went to a movie theater and decided to pick a random movie that is about romance. My bf brought a medium size popcorn and a large drink with 2 straws in them. We went in and watch the movie. It past 30 minutes and I was eating popcorn while smiling at my bf.

I then took a sip on the soda until my stomach starts to hurt pretty badly. My stomach growls and starts getting bubbling. My bf look at me and ask if I were okay. I lied and told him, I should refill the popcorn. I grab the popcorn and my purse and made my way out. When I made out my body felt shaky and I could barely walk. I drop the popcorn and grab onto my stomach. I walk slowly towards the restroom until I accidently farted and I could feel some warm substance in my panties. I grab onto the hold onto the hold of my butt while my other hand on my stomach. I went in the restroom and notice a girl talking in her cellphone by the sink. I took the nearest stall and pull down my panties and dump it inside the bin. I tried not making it loud since a girl is there. So I hold my breath and gently let some waste pass out of my butthole... But it ended up being a airly wet fart and it made many plopping noises against the toilet bowl. My face started to blush because the girl starts saying in her cellphone, " Eww, someone is taking a dump in the restroom. It smells pretty bad that I can barf from death." My butt felt painful when more loose liquid pour out of my butthole. The girl is still here, and I wish that she would just leave and stop making fun of me in her phone. All there was is her talking and my fart and waste dropping in the bowl making loud echo in the restroom. Then I felt like puking, I felt horrible. I quickly grab the plastic bag from my purse and puke in the bag. The girl continue to gossip and make fun of me to her friend in her phone while I was shitting myself to death while puking my guts out. I never been so embarrassed in my life! I wish that she would just go away. I know that she is probably waiting for me to come out so she can take a look on my face and remember me as the person who let loose. She even had a phone so she might take a photo of me and sent it to her friend! I stop puking after a few seconds but I was still pooping my life out. I violently shit for over 20 minutes and most of the time it's just loud wet farts. The girl is still there! Waiting for me... When I start to feel better, I wipe my butt and look at the toilet bowl. It looks disgusting filled with brown water and clunky poop crumbs. I grab the extra pair of panties from my purse and wear it. Then I flush the toilet. The girl is still there, so I decided to ignored her. I open the stall door and make my way to wash my hands. I know she is staring at me... But I wouldn't dare look at her.

Before I left, she said, "You're Priscilla in my high school aren't you?" I froze and heard her giggled.

I make my way out of the restroom door and walk out of the movie theater and call my mom to pick me up. I waited in the parking lot and she came in a few minutes later and yelled at me from leaving the house. But then she stop when she saw me crying. She then got off her car and went towards me and hug me while her hand is petting my hair. After we went home, my mom and I start saying the positive about that girl making fun of me in the restroom. I said, "I hope my poop was strong enough to make her faint!"

When night time came, my bf called and he ask, "Priscil, where were you? I was worried when you didn't came back. I ask the workers if they saw you and they told me that you left! Are you really okay? Tell me, I'll help you no matter how badly it sounds because I'm your boyfriend." I blush and decided to tell him what really happen. After that, he told me he'll come to my house to make me feel better. When he came, he got a bowl of soup and hand it to me to drink. He then rub my stomach and made jokes to make me smile, ever since of that, we became closer than ever without hiding any secrets.

Hey all, it's been a little bit since I've had time to post. I think my last post was a couple months back, after I caused myself to have an accident by going back to sleep instead of getting up when I first felt the need.. Anyway, I just wanted to post a reply!

Hi Catherine! I always enjoy your posts and I found your question very interesting because i've had a couple experiences about the question of using a men's bathroom.

I had a job in an office in my early 20s that was kind of an old building with an awkward design. The bathrooms were in this little offshoot right in the same area where all the cubicles were, which was convenient because the bathroom was really close if you had to go bad, but not so convenient because they were REALLY CLOSE lol, like, a couple people's cubicles were a few feet outside the bathroom doors, so it was a little embarrassing if you made any noise... The other thing about the bathrooms was that it was just two single toilet unisex bathrooms. There were two doors and neither were marked for men or women and neither had a urinal, and both had a sanitary pad dispenser for women. But what was really interesting regarding your question was that there was basically an unspoken understanding in the office that one was the women's room and the other the men's room. Men pretty much only used the one on the left and the women the one on the right. I always found it really interesting but no one ever really talked about it, except when a new person started (which happened a lot, there was a lot of turnover) and they used "the wrong" bathroom someone would probably politely let them know which one they should use instead, which was a little embarrassing...I know because I used the "men's" bathroom on my first day, and a sweet older lady from the desk closest to the bathrooms politely told me that the ladies room was on the right. I was confused because it was just a single person bathroom with no urinal and a sanitary pad dispenser so it seemed like a ladies room to me, but even so, i stuck to the one on the right after that lol.

I guess that was really the only time I ever used a mens bathroom, technically. And I wasn't uncomfortable about it because I didn't know at the time!

I will say that there have been times where I've been out somewhere and got so desperate that I almost used a men's room. Like I wrote in my debut post, I really don't like having to stop and poop so I tend to put it off, especially when I'm working...well, I've actually eased up about that some after the habit caused me to have that embarrassing accident in front of clients...but back when I was still a habitual poop-procrastinator, I remember pulling over at a McDonalds off the highway once when I was on my way home from a meeting because I was on the verge of pooping my pants. I hustled into the restaurant and went straight for the bathrooms, and opened the first one I got to. I went in like a couple of feet and saw two urinals on the wall. I instinctively stopped, but then I had a flash moment of decision in my head- just run into the stall and go, or double back and go to the ladies room? I was about to just go into the stall because i seriously had SECONDS to spare, but a little boy came into the bathroom right behind me. He looked at me funny and I just said "oops sorry!" And dashed back out, scrambled to the ladies room and got my slacks and panties down just in the nick of time. Funny side story to that, I remember thinking while on the toilet about how I just almost pooped my pants in front of a little kid in the men's room of a McDonalds and I actually giggled out loud by mistake imaging the absurdity of that situation, and some other lady in the bathroom said "sounds like you're having fun in there..." Just as she was on her way out the door. That was a little embarrassing

There was another moment of debate about using a men's bathroom, actually quite recently, when I was at my office and was pretty deeply entrenched in some Internet searches for one of my clients. I had drank an obscenely huge cup of coffee and so obviously my bladder had to pay the price. I had already been up to pee two times in the span of about 40 minutes, and a little while later I had to pee again. I decided to just hold it in because I didn't want any of my colleagues to see me going into the bathroom for a third time in a short while and think I had a problem lol. So my plan was to just wait a little while then stop somewhere and go when I was on my way to go meet another client. But at one point I stood up from my chair, and I guess since I was no longer pressing my legs together I felt just how badly I had to pee. I realized that worrying about being seen going to the bathroom for a 3rd time was silly, because the alternative was about to be wetting my pants in my office, then my colleagues would probably be more likely to think something was wrong with me! I headed to the ladies room and both of the stalls were in use. I literally felt like I couldn't wait another second and wanted SO BAD to run over to the men's room, but I felt the instinctive hesitation to do that. Like it would be the "wrong" thing to do. Either way, one of the ladies finished up just a second later, and I got into the stall after having maybe just a little trickle or two....ok, like 4 my panties. It wasn't a big deal, just a damp spot that didn't even go through my pants.

So I guess to me if just feels like society has trained us to only use bathrooms as the same sex, so much to the point where in my experiences I just shared that I always had that instinctive feeling that it would be "wrong" to use the men's room. I think it would be a very slow change if unisex bathrooms started to appear more, and I think a lot of people would have a hard time adapting. Not so much because its weird or anything but more because of trying to change something that your whole life has been normal, you know what I mean?

Anyway, just wanted to share what I felt were some relevant experiences pertaining to your question, hope all is well!



To Catherine - Unisex Public Restrooms

I was once afraid to poop in a public restroom of my own gender let alone use a woman's restroom to do my buisness. I have long since overcome that fear and use public restrooms on a regular basis. On two occasions i have had to go in the woman restroom to avoid messing myself. On both occasions, it was not awkward at all for both me and her. Check out my story on page 2394' I personally do not mind using a unisex restroom especially the times we are in now. Bottom line, we are all human and have the same bodily functions and should not be so uptight about gender segregation. I say Build them everywhere.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hi everyone, I have a nice little story for all of you!
I was in between classes at college the other day when I had to take a poop. I made my way to the restroom. There were four stalls and they were all empty. I took the second one. I pulled my jeans and white undies to my ankles and sat on the toilet. As I peed I heard another girl walk in. She took the stall to my left. I watched as her exercise shorts and light green undies fell down to her sneakers. As soon as she sat down she farted a really long one. Then I heard her sigh as I crapped out my first turd. She farted again and then I heard two plops in her bowl. Just then another girl entered the room. She took the stall to my right and dropped her yoga pants and pink undies to her feet as the girl to my left farted again. The yoga pants girl immediately let out an airy fart that she probably thought was silent but I heard it! The girl to my left pooped out three more turds and ended with one last fart. As she began to wipe her butt the girl on my right started making crackling noises, farted softly, then released two loud plops. The girl to my left flushed, washed her hands and left. I was done too so I began to wipe. A shy voice from the yoga pants girl quietly asked me if she could have some toilet paper. I handed her a generous bunch of it under the stall. She thanked me and wiped her butt. Then we both flushed, washed our hands and left.


To Tristan

I usually don't poop like that, I do get constipated a lot but never the way I did when I had sleepover at my friends house. It sucks plugging toilets, I never go at my friends houses because I'm afraid of clogging the toilet again.

Your story was good too, I don't usually poop at school by if I did, and I was gone for like 20 minutes that would be so embarrassing!



This is a survey for all the girls out their with boyfriends!

1) have you ever pooped in front of your boyfriend/ ex boyfriend

2) has your bf every pooped in front of you?

3) have you ever gotten diarrhoea at your boyfriends house?

4) best pooping story with boyfriend?

Double J

Sonya sue's questions

Im a boy, 7th grade.

1. Department store: Almost every time, I pee. Not really into pooping there
2. School: Everyday I take a dump there, and usually a couple trips to pee.
3. Movie theater: The theater by my house have like 25 stalls with automatic flushers, and a really powerful flush, so I try to hold in my poop for like three days, and then let it out. I usually pee every time because I drink so much while watching.
4) Airport: Pooped once:too crowded and I didn't like it. I pee there every time I fly
5.Public stadium/arena: I have a minor league team's stadium fairly close to my house, so after eating a hot dog or a burger I usually take a crap.
6.Highway rest stops: I live in Illinois, and their tollway rest stops are nicely cleaned, so If I gotta take a crap, i'll do it. I also never have a problem with peeing.
7. Gas stations: Usually pee, pooped a couple times in emergencies.
8. On a bus or train: I usually pee. I took a dump once due to a bad breakfast while on vacation.
9. Parks: Got no problem. The one by me has flush toilets and short wooden dividers, so after playing baseball, usually gotta drop one.
10. Convenience stores: Never crapped, but pee all the time on bike rides
11. Church: In the mornings on weekends, usually gotta poop pretty bad. And my church has nice restrooms, so i do it if I got to.
12. Doctor/Dentist office: no.
13. Portable potty: All the time. I run cross country, so usually I take a dump before my race, and that's the only thing available. I've gotten used to it.
14. In a public mall: Pee and poop every time, I like pooping there, because the bathrooms are huge and you can hear other people crapping.
15. Fast food restaurant: Usually get the urge to drop a log,so I take a dump most of the times like at McDonalds or Burger king.


Worst mess ever

I'm 26 and I've had a couple accidents. For one thing I have a small bladder I guess if that's a real thing; I was a chronic bed wetter well into my teens, other than that I had a couple peeing accidents in the day time growing up. I did it two times at school, oddly enough both times were in 3rd grade. I think that was because that was the first year of school where there wasn't a bathroom right in the classroom. Kindergarten-second grade all the classrooms had an individual bathroom right in the class, I guess because they figured it would help young kids avoid accidents. But in 3rd grade a twice peed my pants in the hallway while we were on our way to lunch because I had been holding it all morning.

Other than that, I recall peeing myself in the car a couple times growing up, if we went on long trips. The last time I remember doing that I was 14 so I felt really embarrassed about t by my parents and sister, but they were understanding. As far as pooping accidents go, I've had the pleasure of that lovely experience 3 times.

When I was 12 we went to visit my aunt and uncle for a few days in the summer. I am pretty sure that was one of the long trips where I peed myself in the car too. Anyway, my aunt's house had two bathrooms, one was a powder room right off the den on the ground floor then there was a full bath on the upstairs hallway. Me and my sister and our two cousins were in the backyard playing with a slip and slide. I remember the urge to poop coming on very strong very quickly. After trying to hold it for a couple minutes I knew I needed to go in. I started heading for the back door that leads to the den and I was moving quick, I really had to go. I was about at the door when my aunt yelled out "Amanda, dry off befor you go in DO NOT drip water all over my floor!" I about panicked because I had to double back across the yard to get my towel. I dried off as fast as I could, then rushed back to the door- but before I could even make it into the house disaster struck. With one big, uncontrollable push, a huge blob of soft poop filled the back of my wet bathing suit. I instantly started crying which made everyone aware of what happened...I had a one piece bathing suit on that was white with a sky blue floral pattern and it made a big egg shaped bulge on my butt that stained completely through since my bathing suit was wet. My mom ran over to me to help and quickly wrapped my towel around me to cover up my accident and she escorted me to the upstairs bathroom to take a shower and she washed my bathing suit for me while I did that. She had me lay down in bed for the rest of the afternoon and told my family I was sick to my stomach. My sister and cousins never gave me a hard time.

When I was 16 I experience what seems to be the type of accident a lot of people had growing up. Held it all day at school because I didn't want to go there, then on the bus ride home I was really struggling to hold it in. As we approached my stop I pretty much knew I was gonna go in my pants before I got to my house, I was just holding on for dear life praying I made it off the bus. We got to my stop and I got off as quick as I could. I was heading down the steps when it started. It was a firm, large load and was coming out slowly and I rushed to get off the bus then turned my back away from the bus and the other kids who got off and I knelt down and pretended to be looking through my back pack but really I was filling my pants... I had a pretty tight pair of beige Capri pants on, and since it was a solid load it made a really big bulge. I stood up slowly and carefully walked home making sure everyone else was far ahead of me before I started walking, so luckily no one saw what happened...until I got to my house. I walked in the front door and my sister had just gotten home because her friend drove her. She was standing right by the stairs and I tried to quickly and casually slip past her and head up to the bathroom. I was like halfway up when I just hear her squeal "OMG AMANDA did you poop your pants!??!" My face turned hot bright red and I just told her to shut up and ran into the bathroom and locked the door. I could see in the mirror that the bulge on my butt really showed. It was the size and shape of a big pear. It was an easy clean up though, since it was solid I was able to dump it out of panties all at once into the toilet, and they weren't stained too badly. I avoided my sister the rest of the day. When I next saw her she just smirked at me and shook her head.

Finally, I arrive at the story of the biggest mess ever. I had an epic poop accident in college... I was in my second semester, 19 at the time. I went to a party at my friend's dorm and of course drank a pretty significant amount. I didn't get TOO wasted because I still remember the night pretty well, but the next day I was really feeling it. I threw up in the morning and had a headache, but I couldn't miss my classes because it was a couple day before midterms and we were doing reviews. I took Advil and drank a cup of tea and took a long hot shower trying to make myself feel better, then I got dressed and started walking to class. I was about a block from my dorm when I got a horrible feeling in my stomach. It cramped up suddenly and a violent rumbling gurgle coursed through my bowels. I suddenly had to poop so badly that I got goosebumps. I was immediately in panic mode and started looking up and down the street for the closest familiar building were I knew where the bathroom was, because I knew I didn't have much time. I walked like another 20 feet before it happened...I'm talking about a bona fide diarrhea EXPLOSION in my pants. It was SO noisy. I just felt hot wet poop erupting out of me at a rapid pace... The thing is, I was wearing a skin tight pair of jeans. As those who have messed themselves in really right pants probably know, the poop really has no where to go but up... So yeah, it went straight up the back of my jeans and came out the top, got all over my shirt and was like halfway up my lower back. Needless to say I turned around and headed back towards my dorm, looking down at the ground as I walked because I didn't even want to see who was around that might have seen or (ugh) heard what I just did in my pants. As I walked I had another couple bursts of diarrhea making the mess even worse. I finally got back to my dorm and felt safe, and felt validated for making my parents spend so much extra money on getting me a dorm with an en suite bathroom (which I mainly wanted because of my past bed wetting problems). I quickly grabbed a change of panties and some other jeans and rushed into the bathroom to survey the damage. It was pretty bad...on my jeans it just looked wet...there was a large wet stain right on the bottom of my cheeks and the tops of my thighs and then It turned into a wet streak like 3 inches wide going up the back of my jeans...then of course some poop all over the top edge of my jeans and a brown wet stain on the back of my shirt that wet up like 5 inches up my back. It was a disaster...I literally had to peel my jeans down, and they were of course a disaster area inside, but nothing compared to my panties. They were of course white, and has a small pink flower pattern. They were clinging to my skin from the wetness and just completely brown on my butt... The only visible parts of my panties that were still white were the front and the narrow parts on the sides of my hips. I wound up just getting in the shower with them on, and then I wound up bringing my jeans into the shower too to rinse them out in there, and then my shirt. It took me a long time to get cleaned up... My god what a mess that was! I missed my midterm reviews because obviously I stayed in the rest of the day for fear of another explosive diarrhea attack. I don't even want to imagine if it had happened in class...

Well that's all for now, hope you enjoyed.


Unisex bathrooms

Catherine, the issue of unisex bathrooms with regard to "gender identity" is far more political than health-related; it has basically nothing to do with the real world. As a man, I have (during my over 70 years on earth) had two experiences using a ladies' bathroom with ladies present; in both cases the men's room was closed and the ladies' room the only place available to move my bowels, which was a necessary thing to do. I wasn't happy about it, but it had to be done. In both cases (more than forty years ago now and some years apart), some ladies knew I was there, and it was obvious what I was doing; but everyone accepted the necessity (I wasn't the only man in there, either). Nonetheless, it was not a situation chosen voluntarily, and I doubt anyone present--man or woman--would willingly adopt the experience as an every-day occurrence. The current craze for letting boys use girls' bathrooms and vice versa in schools is based on false premises and will lead to bad results.

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