Wilmina's Strange Ways

Several months ago I wrote about a girl I babysit. Her name is Wilmina and unlike all the others I babysit, when we're away from home she goes to the bathroom differently. Last weekend she was with me again for two days when her parents were out of town and she hasn't changed her ways.

Several grade schools sponsored a roller skating party at this huge indoor skate park. She went in and went to the bathroom at my house before we left. I had to interrupt her once to get something from the medicine cabinet. She was seated like a normal person and weeing away. Since she hadn't skated before, she asked me a couple of questions. I heard her flush and was happy I didn't have to remind her as I had when she was with me last year. Then we walked about four blocks over to the rink. I took her into the bathroom as soon as we got there. The whole rink was pretty full at 11 a.m. in the morning with several hundred kids and parents. So Wilmina and I had to wait about 10 minutes for a stall. The crowd, bumping and pushing in the bathroom made her restless. Finally we got a stall that had been pretty much pood out, but I took her in, apologized for the smell, had her turn toward the door, and I ripped my jeans and undees down and took the seat. My poo quickly dropped within probably 10 seconds, and as I reached for the toilet paper to wipe, I also weed a little. Wilmina turned around twice to grab a look and snickered a bit. I asked her what was funny, but she never did tell me.

We skated for a couple of hours, then took off our skates, then got in the line for the snack bar. After we ate, Wilmina said she had to have a "BM". None of my other kids use that term, so it somewhat took me by surprise. So we went back into the crowded bathroom, had another wait, and finally, a little girl about 5, got down off the seat and came running out. She hadn't flushed and only had pulled her sweats partially up so I was glad to see that her mother was right there to grab her. Wilmina then hurried in and latched the door, although the door gave only about half privacy. I was curious if Wilmina had changed her ways since last time she was out with me. She hadn't. She stood in front of the toilet, dropped her undees and jeans to the floor, spread her legs wide and was hovering over the stool. Her butt was probably about a half inch off the seat and it was swaying a bit until I heard a stream of wee go for about a half minute, then there was a couple of grunts, some more movement of her butt, and then three loud splashes into the bowl. Wilmina didn't waste any time pulling off toilet paper and wiping twice. She missed the toilet when she dropped the last piece and it landed on the seat.

Wilmina opened the door, but I blocked her path and told her she was old enough to pick up after herself and flush. She flicked the toilet paper into the bowl and I noticed she had a few urine splashes on the seat. I made her pull off some more toilet paper and wipe the seat off. Then I told her to flush. She seemed really surprised by how I held my ground. She pulled off more toilet paper, made kind of a mitt with it around her hand, and then pushed on the flusher lever. It took her three or four tries to put the necessary amount of weight on it. The woman standing behind me thanked me for making Wilmina clean up after herself and think of the next user.

Midwestern student

Drunk wetting

Hi all. I currently go to school at a mid sized university in the midwest United States. I drank a lot when I was in high school but never pissed the bed from drinking too much. I have seen girls in high school piss themselves while sleeping but never did it myself. When I got to college I continued to drink heavily but it didn't seem anymore than what I did in high school, I now will piss the bed if I drink way too much. I usually end up passing out and then waking up wet. Certain drinks such as really strong craft beers seem to increase my chances of pissing the bed or a lot of light beer such as bud light or miller light.
My girlfriend at the time would get drunk but never as drunk as me so she would never pee the bed. She never cared if I pissed the bed with her in it she just never understood how someone could do that until her 21st bday when she pissed my bed two nights in a row. She also pissed her shorts in the bathroom while she was awake. I'm not currently with her but know for a fact she pisses the bed when she drinks too much and often times will leak on her way to the bathroom.
I know quit a few students who to some people's standards would be considered alcoholics including myself I guess, and they all have pissed the bed before not to mention I know quit a few girls who admit to either pissing the bed drunk, pissing their pants drunk while awake and often times both.
So my question is does anybody else have drunk bed wetting or drunk awake pants pissing stories?

Olivia A

Pooping at Work

Last night, me and my friend Justina were eating all you can eat seafood.
When i woke up this morning, my stomach hurts and it looks bloated. I decided to hold it in because I have work very soon and I don't want to be late. After a few hours of working in the coffee shop. My stomach starts acting up again. I told my friend Justina, who works with me to take over the counter because I needed to use the restroom.
She nodded and told me to hurry up. When I arrive to the restroom, I was bliss that no one is in the stalls. I took the last stall and pull down my leggings and underwear and sat on the toilet.
My stomach gurgles first and then a fart came out slowly. The first log was kinda hard, but later the second came out wet. Most of the time, I only could hear the echo of my poop dropping in the bowl. When 2 minutes past, Justina came in and ask, "Are you almost done? Because I also really need to go..." Her voice sounded like she was desperate. I hurried up and wipe my bums and flush the toilet. I wash my hands and Justina go in the 1st stall. She farted loudly at first and then a few plops drops in the toilet bowl and created an Echo in the restroom. I left the restroom and went back to work in the counter. After 5 minutes past, Justina came out and said, "I feel much better." She then walk behind the kitchen and prepare coffees for the customer. After almost 3 hours past, my stomach hurts again, and I ask Justina if she can cover for me.
I went in the restroom once again, but a woman already took one of the stall in the back. I went to the 1st stall and pull down my leggings and underwear. I let out a ripe, and the followed by a bunch of plopping. I felt embarrassed since the woman is still there, I don't know what she was doing, but I'm pretty sure she can hear my poop splash in the bowl while it echo in the restroom. After 4 minutes past, I wipe my bum 6 times and flush the toilet. I wash my hands and noticed the woman isn't there anymore... I guess she left quietly or I wasn't paying attention when I was doing my business.
I left and took over the counter again and did my work for the whole day.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anonymous Mom first welcome to the site and great story about your daughter peeing in your car and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great desperate poop story I bet your husband really enjoyed the show and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Double J

Today at school

Hi! Today i'm going to share one of my many pooping experiences at school.
BTW i'm in seventh grade, boy.

So usually, I take a crap everyday at school. Normally its 3 smooth logs, about 6 inches long and an inch in diameter. But this week, its been different.

So the last good dump I took was on sunday, and im writing this on thursday. This is one of the longest times i'd had to wait. Anyway, all i could let out from then was a couple small pebbles, until today. My school day is divided into 9 periods. Lunch is my 4th. So about 3rd period I started hearing my stomach, an then a litle pressure was added to my butt. I got excited because i wanted to get it all out!

So after I ate my lunch, the pressure was almost killing me. I felt it poking out by the time I got to my hall locker. Since my next period is social studies, and my teacher is a young nice guy, I thought he would understand. I quickly made my way to my favorite set of restrooms which consisited of 5 stalls, and 4 urinals. All the stalls where taken, so I pretended to go pee. After about 5 minutes of hearing plops and farts, someone finally came out. He was a year older than me, and I knew he played football. After he walked out without washing his hands, I dashed into the stall, ripped down my pants and boxers, and sat on e warm seat. Thats when the first one started coming out.

At first, it didn't need any pushing,but after about 10 seconds, it stopped. I stood up and look at what was sticking out of my butt. It was 2 inches in diameter, lumpy, green, and about 8 inches. I was surprised it didn't break off. My butthole was stretched soo far, that it hurt, but felt pleasing too. I sat back down and pushed, as another kid in the stall ripped a loud watery fart. I could feel it sliding, until it finally broke off into the toilet and the water splashed me. That's also when I let a dry fart go. After the fart, it losenned another 10 seconds passed, the second log was out. I felt so empty, it was great. I stood and looked what I had produced. All the lumpy crap was at the bottom of the bowl, completely covering the drain hole.

I tried to wipe, but since it was all lumpy and hard, nothing really came off. I pullled up my boxers and pants and tried to flush, but it didn't budge. By then the whole bathroom was cleared out, and it smelt terrible. I looked in the rest of the stalls, and 3 still had crap in them. One was a huge log, one was mushy and filled the whole bowl, and the last was all toilet paper and brown water. With my fresh pile, and everyone else's combined, it smelled like a stink bomb went off.

I was in there for about 12 minutes, and my teacher was cool about it. When I went in that same bathroom after my band practice, the smell was even worse. One kid who looked like an 8th grader was in the only stall that didn't have crap in it. By the sound of it, he wasn't in my stall, and saw someone had ADDED to mine, with a wet and mushy pile. Now it was up to the seat in crap.

Steve A

Sonya Sue's Questions

1. Department store: Yes
2. School: Yes
3. Movie theatre: Yes
4) Airport: Yes
5. Public stadium/arena: Yes
6. Highway rest stops: Yes
7. Gas stations: Yes
8. Buses or Trains: Yes
9. Parks: Yes, only if it has TP.
10. Convenience stores: Yes
11. Church: Yes
12. Doctor/Dentist office: Yes, only once I remember having to go.
13. Portable potty: Yes, only if it has paper to clean the seat and me.
14. In a public mall: Yes
15. Fast food restaurant: Yes

For any of the toilets that are dirty, I would wipe them with toilet paper or a paper towel. If the portable potty or if any other toilets listed on here doesn't have any paper in it, I'll go try to find another bathroom.

Hi again. Today my friend Riley (same friend from my first story by the way) and I went out to lunch. After eating, I had to poop. I told Riley and she said she had go to as well. We went to the bathroom and it was just three toilets out in the open, no doors or stalls. We've both seen each other on the toilet many many times, so it was no big deal for us.

Anyway, I sat on the far right toilet and Riley sat next to me on the middle toilet. We both peed and then Riley let out a big fart. I laughed and said "Good one" and responded with one almost as loud, but a little longer than hers had been. I continued farting a bunch of times (I'm always very gassy on the toilet) while Riley sat in silence. I had farted at least ten times before I finally felt a turd moving out.

Riley said she knew she had to go, but it just wasn't coming out. My turd dropped with a loud splash just as the door opened and a young teenage girl game in. She saw us and gasped, but then sat on the toilet. She did a long but quiet fart while peeing. I let out a few more turds and Riley farted again. The other girl finished peeing, wiped and left.

I farted several more times before a thick turd crowned. Riley said she finally felt her turd moving. She grunted slightly while letting it out. My turd kept coming and finally fell in the toilet making a plop. I farted and then let out one last turd before I felt empty and began to wipe. Riley was still lightly grunting and pushing her turd out. She stood up just a bit to help the turd come out easier. I saw it hanging out of her butt, and it was really thick. I don't think I'd ever seen a turd that thick. No wonder she was having trouble getting it out.

I finished wiping and flushed, then went to wash my hands. I told Riley I'd wait outside for her to finish. She came out about ten minutes later, and whispered to me that she'd finally gotten out the turd, but it wouldn't flush and so she'd just left it. As we were leaving the restaurant we saw a woman entering the bathroom and we laughed, wondering what she would think when she saw Riley's massive beast of a turd.

Chloe B

Comments then my story

Hey guys glad yall enjoyed my last story! I'm gonna start off with some comments then get to my story.
To John H: I definitly feel like we can at least be more open about our bowel movements! But I don't know if he enjoyed it...I was in a a lot of pain and he just comforted me! If he wants to watch me go I'll probably let him but I think he just was there to comfort me.

To Brandon T: you're always so sweet! Thanks for the encouragement!

So now onto my story. So yesterday I was with my neighbor Danielle. Now Danielle is a pretty big girl she weighs around 190 and has blonde hair with a ???? figure. So she has 2 other siblings Jamie and Sarah. Jamie is in sixth grade while Sarah is in 2nd. So as we got to her house from the bus Danielle told me that she really needed to use the bathroom. I pooped in the morning before school and needed to pee and poo. So when we got up to her room Danielle farts and begins to unbutton her jeans. We're really close so she left the door open and she pulls down her pants and polka dot pink panties to her ankles and sits down. I heard some crackles then a PLOP with a sigh of relief. She then lets out more turds with little airy farts. We were talking about how day went and other school stuff all while this was happening. She let one more big PLOP then wiped 5 times and pulled up her pants. So after that jamie and Sarah got home. Sarah played with some toys while Jamie wanted to be with us "high schoolers". As we were just watching tv Jamie gets up to go the bathroom. It was right after that, that I felt a bad urge to poo. I got up and locked on the door. Jamie was obviously pooping. "I'm pooping!" She replied. I said " ok just be quick I need to go too!" I waited for about another 5 minutes listening to little plops then I hear a flush then the door opens. She said "sorry about the smell...I really needed to poop!" I walk in and it smelled awful! she must've taken a huge dump! As I lowered my pants and panties and sat down on the toilet I let out a strong hiss of pee then a quick fart with 3 turds like "plopplopplop". Then I let out a long log with a big PLOP. I let out a few more turds and I felt better. I wiped 6 times, pulled up my pants. And flushed. As I got back Danielle asks "drop deuces?" I replied "oh yeah!" I told her about how I didn't get to poop at school today and then tells me that she is embarrassed whenever she has to poop at school! I tried to convince her that it's ok if you poop! A lot of girls go in school! Jamie then says that she poops at school a lot and that a lot of girls in her grade do it at school to! I have really never been "afraid" to poop in public bathrooms. I used to be afraid up until 3rd grade when I was out with my mom and almost pooped my pant because I was afraid to use the bathrooms. My mom encouraged both me and my sister to poop in public on road trips and whenever we were just out somewhere. Now I get that if the bathroom isnt clean then that is actually a reason not to go in public. But otherwise in my opinion "if you gotta go, go!"


Survey Answers

I found this survey many pages back and decided to answer it. Feel free to answer the questions too, I would love to read them! (:

Background info you might want to know first.

Age: 14
Gender: Female
Weight: 100lbs
Height: 5"2

Now the survey:

1. Do you ever pee or poop naked?

2. Are your legs spread apart, or kept together when you poop?
When I poop, my legs are usually together.

3. Where are your panties when you sit?
Around my thighs.

4. Do you ever put both hands on the side of the toilet when you poop?
Yes, I get constipated a lot, so if the poo is having a hard time coming out I will do this.

5. Girls, do you wipe your butt from the back, or underneath your vagina?
Butt to vagina.

6. Do you lean forward when you poop?
Yeah, usually when the poo is having a hard time coming out.

7. Are your hands on your knees?
Yes or my elbows on my knees. Or I will cross my arms over my lap.

1. Do you pee before, during, or after you poop? I prefer going before unless I have a really bad urge and the turds just start coming out with the pee.

2. Do you read while pooping? Never, I don't take a long enough time to read. I'm a quick pooper.

3. What is the color of your poop? Brown
4. Are your poops long or thick, or both? Mixture of both.

5. Do your poops smell bad? Depends on what I eat or how many days worth of shit I have saved up.

6. Have you ever pooped outside, if so, can you please tell the story of when you did?
When I was younger I went camping with my dad, sister, and my friend Peyton along with her brother and dad. Peyton and I hated using the porta Pottys there so we used to poop and pee in the woods.

7. About how many wipes do you do after you poop? Around 3

8. Have you ever got the toilet paper caught in your butt crack? Idk

9. Have you ever only needed to wipe once? Yes, I'm often constipated.

10. What was the most amount of wipes you ever had to go?
When I have softer bowel movements I could use up to 10 or more.

11. Do you wipe after you pee?
Of course, unless there is no more toilet paper.

12. If you were in the woods pooping, and you had nothing to wipe with, what would you use?

13. Do you ever wet the paper before wiping?
Yes if I can't get clean.

Olivia A.

Pooping in the Woods

A little information about myself is that I love listening and watching female pooping. It's weird, I know... But I'm a 19 year old girl and I prefer dating male... But for some reason... When I was little I start getting turn on whatever I heard a female is pooping. i guess it's because girls always pretend they don't poop and fart when they actually do.

Anyways... Here's my story for the day.
During winter, me and my friends were going to a ski trip. We got a private cottage that has 2 rooms and 1 bathroom. We planned to stay there for 3 days. The friends I mention was Ace, Ethan, and Sarah. During the 1st day, I noticed that Sarah looks nervous and unsettle the entire day. She refused to ski, eat a little, and doesn't bother helping us unpack. When we were in the cottage, I saw Sarah went to one of the room me and her were sharing since we have 2 room in the cottage... so the boys sleep in one room and the girls sleep in the other.
When I went in, the room smells horrible like farts and some perfume. Sarah was sitting on her bed looking surprise and ask, "Wha-What are you doing here?" I look at her and saw her blush, so I didn't said anything. She than told me a lie by saying she open one of her expired lunchbox from her bag. I just nodded and try to be nice and pretend I didn't know anything.

When it was 5 pm, we finished dinner. Ethan was washing the dish, I was picking up the dishes on the table, and Ace was watching a movie with Sarah. Ethan told Ace to gather wood for the cottage until Sarah interrupt and offer to do it herself. She said, "I wasn't doing anything today, so I thought this might be my chance to be useful." She left the cottage and I decided to follow her without her knowing. I told the guys I was making sure she was safe. Outside was snowing and kinda getting dark.

I follow her in the woods and notice she farted along the way when she was walking. I saw her pull down her skinny jeans and underwear and couch down next to a tree. I hide myself and heard a fart, I peek and saw a long poop dangling from her bums. Her face looks concentrated and look around to see if anyone is there. She grunts and the long poop fell off on top of the snow. She placed her right hand on the tree for balance. I heard a crackle coming in and I notice that another poop was coming out and I could see Sarah was shaking pretty badly. The poop fell off on top of the 1st poop. Sarah looks relief. I watch her, and then I heard another fart. She farted 3 times, and another poop came out super fast. She squat down for a few seconds and later start getting tissue paper from her jeans pocket. She wipe her bums and dump it on top of her poop. She pulls up her underwear and skinny jeans and start walking again and begin looking for wood. When she was gone, I went towards her mess and notice 2 big long poop that is probably 7-8 inches. And a few chunky poop and some urine on the snow.

Basically, for the whole 3 days. Sarah would always make an excuse or a lie and leave the cottage to do her business. I guessed she's too embarrassed to poop in front of people or something. The bathroom in the cottage is between the 2 rooms, so I can see why she doesn't want people to know she's pooping. So everyday, Sarah would go in the woods and poop. To this day, I never told her that I knew she was pooping in the woods on the Ski trip.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mr. Jr. post from last week didn't go through for some reason. Anyhow, I will start over. I work for a restaurant company, and we have a woman named Pamela who is over our department. She is in her 30s, I believe, and is really smart, petite and gorgeous. Her husband and brother are executives, and her mother owns the company. Anyhow, we have three bathrooms in our area -- men, women and unisex. I have started to notice a pattern. Pamela seems to go to the unisex bathroom almost every morning not long after she comes in. Last week, I had to take a quick phone call from my wife, and on my way to the break room, I saw Pamela come out of the unisex bathroom. I walked by her, and when I did, there was a distinct Lysol smell coming out of the bathroom. After I made my call, which was very brief, I had to pee anyway. So I go into the unisex bathroom and the Lysol smell is there along with a small poop smell. The toilet lid was closed, and I lifted it up and there were quite a few brown skidmarks at the bottom. Obviously, Pamela took a nice, healthy dump! On Wednesday, I went into the unisex bathroom again at the same time. There wasn't a poop smell but a perfumey smell like a woman had been in there. The lid was closed and I looked again and there were some similar skidmarks at the bottom. Pamela and her mom were in a co-worker's office nearby for a meeting, so I'm thinking it was her again dropping another load. However, today was very mesmerizing. I was in the unisex bathroom earlier to pee, but the toilet was very clean. Pamela came in a short time later, settled in her office and then stepped out for about 10 minutes. She then returned to her office and got down to her business. I got a little curious a few minutes later, and so I went back into the bathroom, and it was that same perfumey smell. I lifted up the toilet lid, and wow! There were MAJOR skidmarks in the bowl, and it looked like someone took a paint brush and painted a brown streak right down the middle! What in the world did she eat, as she obviously dropped a gargantuan load! Later in the day, she was carrying her lunch while talking to my boss, and it looked like she had some sort of brown rice dish and some peas or something. It looked like a lot of food, too! I'm wondering if she just eats a lot of fiber, and it causes her to have such huge loads. I know everyone poops, but to see that this beautiful, petite woman can take some big ol' country miler truck driver dumps is stimulating and makes it hard to concentrate! I'm thinking one of these days she will forget to flush because she is late for a meeting, and will leave a whopper of a turd in the toilet for everyone to see!

Anonymous Mom

In the Car

This is my first time posting on this site. I was actually surprised when i came across it and found that other people have had similar experiences as me. I have actually let my daughter pee in the car once. She did it one time and she hasnt done it since and most likely she wont because it was quite a few years ago and she hasnt mentioned it since. She was 13 or 14 at the time and so i'm thinking it was just one of those crazy ideas that teenagers get. It was just a phase. One day she came up to me and told me she had gotten an idea and that she wanted to pee in the car. She said she heard about it from someone at school and she decided she wanted to try it once. I dont know if she was telling the truth about hearing it from someone at school but i do know that somehow she had come up with the idea. And so i figured it was just something she wanted to try once. And so i decided to allow it as long as she cleaned up when she was done. And she did. She peed in the car once and she hasnt done it since. That was about 10 years ago. I dont regret letting her have that experience. It was probably a relatively harmless thing for a teenage girl to do so i figured i'd let her try it. It was better than some things girls do thats for sure. And so she peed in the car. I told her she could pee in the backseat so she did. She told me she wanted to do it in the morning because it would take longer so I said that would be fine. She also asked if she should use a towel or something so that it wouldnt go into the seat as much but i told her not to worry about it and that she could just let it go into the seat. And so thats what she did. She had a pee in the car right in the seat. I guess its not much of a story but anyway thats my post! Take care!


Reply and a Story

To "Accident in front of my kid" - it's not odd that you're more embarrassed pooping and peeing your pants in front of your daughter than any of your other accidents. (Though wetting your pants at work or in class in 9th grade probably come close.) But it can be a good learning experience for her to remember when she needs to go. And if she does have an accident, it's embarrassing but it happens.

I don't have a story about myself, but do have one about my friend Lori, when her daughter was about the same age, six or seven. I've known Lori since 1st grade - the year she peed her pants in class - but that's another story. Anyway, Lori and I attended a show at her daughter's school. During the performance, Lori said she really had to pee but we weren't sure when her daughter was going on. Of course, her daughter's class was the very last one. After the show, we all headed toward the bathrooms, but there was a long line. By this time Lori was about to pee her pants. Then her daughter said there were other bathrooms in another part of the school. But on our way there, Lori couldn't hold it anymore and peed her pants - tan capris, so it was very noticeable. We then left the school by another exit, so I don't think anyone else saw us. Funny thing was that her daughter was embarrassed for a while to be seen with her mom who had peed her pants!


Question about Unisex Bathrooms

I hope that everyone is doing well!

Does anyone have experience using unisex public bathrooms?

Being raised in the south, I can say that I have been pretty close-minded about some things in my teenage years but have come to understand many sides of certain issues, including Gender Identity and Sexuality.

Recently, I had a conversation with some friends about the possibility of more and more establishments offering unisex public bathrooms. Owning my own pharmacy, obviously I am interested, especially if it could affect my business in the future. However, our only restrooms are one-seat, though the men's room has a urinal.

If you have used one, did you urinate only or did you have to defecate? Were you comfortable doing so?

Do unisex bathrooms offer more privacy?

Also, if you are attracted to the same sex or transgendered, what are some of the issues that you deal with using the restroom with people you experience sexual attraction to? I wonder if heterosexuals could relate as they got used to going to the bathroom together.

I hope that it is OK to ask this on this forum, as I feel like it is an honest question, and not meant to be hurtful.

As for me, I keep thinking that unisex bathrooms might be fair to everyone involved.

And then I think about getting explosive diarrhea and using the same bathroom with men that I know! LOL!



AshleyG where are you? I miss your stories

Brandon T

comments & stuff

First glad this site working again im guesing net gremlins were causing trouble lol well onto my regular stuff.

To: Chloe B it sounds like you had a really rough time but at least your boyfriend was there to help you out and it brought you both closer as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tough Cookie great story about your big poop.

To: Eli first welcome to the site and it sounds like your sister had a pretty rough time but at least you were there to help her out and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Victoria B great poop story.

To: Lucy great story about your big desperate poop it sounds like it was a good one.

To: Accident In Front Of My Kid great story.

To: Tori great story.

To: Sophia W great set of stories.

To: Jemma great desperate poop story and it sounds like your friend Lacey was having a pretty rough time hopefully she felt better soon.

To: Mina as always another great story it sounds like you and Kazuko both had pretty good poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sasha first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to reading more of them thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Sonya Sue

Lurker's question: my response

How desperate do I have to be to use a public toilet?

Not that desperate. An example yesterday at school, I arrived for activities at 6:30 a.m. and got done with work on the drama set at 10 p.m. My visits to the bathroom (during the day I used five different ones) due to my class schedule and activities were pees at 7:45, 11, 2:30, 6 & 9. I crapped during 2nd hour at 9:30 a.m. and again at 10 p.m. when I stopped for take-out coffee that would keep me awake while I did my 2 hours of homework. Using bathrooms away from home has become a necessity for me, I guess, and I don't fight it.


My answers to Sonya Sue's questions

Gender M:
Age: 13

1. Department store: yes, but many of the big stores have taken the stall doors off and there's less privacy.
2. School: yes. I crap once a day, pee twice a day.
3. Movie theatre: yes, but only once or twice in my life. Dad joked once that a sci-fi film scared the #### out of me.
4) Airport: never crapped; only peed, but the crowd made it difficult for me to use the urinal.
5.Public stadium/arena: Dad and me use them frequently because he has season tickets to pro games.
6.Highway rest stops: I was traveling alone with mom once last year when I had to use one. She hates them and tried to talk me out of it, but it was better than me crapping my shorts in the car.
7. Gas stations: Only once. I was 6 and had a bad experience. Never again.
8. Once on a Metroliner when I was traveling with grandma. My pee stream was flopping around like a garden hose due to bad tracks. I got more on the seat than in the bowl.
9. Parks. Sometimes, but mom wouldn't get me go in on my own until I was at least 8 and my friends made fun of me for it.
10. Convenience stores: yes, frequently--especially right after school.
11. Church: not that I can remember.
12. Doctor/Dentist office: no.
13. Portable potty: my dad lets me, my mom doesn't.
14. In a public mall: my worst experience ever because when I was alone with my mom for fireworks, she insisted on taking me into the ladies bathroom. I had just turned 7!
15. Fast food restaurant: Frequently. Often to crap after a full lunch.


What comes in will come out

1) department store-- yes Sonya Sue survey
2) school--daily, often 2 or 3 times
3) movie theatre-- when I go to one yes
4) airport--a couple of times, yes
5) public stadium/arena--yes
6) highway reststop--yes
7) gas station--yes
8) on buses or trains--never been on one
9) parks-- yes
10) convenience stores I rarely go to those stores but I if I did yes
11) church-- many times
12) doctor/dentist office--yes
13) portable potty--yes
14) in public mall-- yes
15) fast food restaurant yes pee poop .

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Giving the hubby a treat after shopping x

Hi to my mate John B!
Hope you are well fella?!! :)

Saturday just gone my hubby & i were in town,
When we arrived i was desperate for a big poo.
so we went to BHS loos &
in i went pulled my black tights & purple mini skirt down & sat and immediately started plopping 8 plops of mush & wiped 4 times flushed sprayed washed hands and continued shopping.
Now, we had a lot to get and about an hour in to it i needed another poo desperately.
i told my husband.
"Darling, can you wait?" He said
"I can hold it in yes do you want to join me in the loo when we get home?!" I asked
"I'd love that" he said
"Well i am really desperate now baby but i will hold it in for you & do that for you when we get home!!" I said.
he smiled.
Walking around the shops my hubby touched my bum and massaged it wherever possible feeling me clenching tightly pretty often, giving it light slaps every so often. Me holding in a desperate poo really turns him on.
Stood in a queue i was fidgeting and clenching lots & my lovely hubby continued holding my big peachy bum as i let out a few silent farts which he felt on his hand & massaged it as he kept reminding me how much how loved me slapping my bum lightly in a beat he created, haha. I was getting so so desperate for this poo but i wanted to grant my boy his wish.
3 hours later (believe me, my bowel muscles are incredibly good) we finished and hubby drove us home.
20 minutes later we were home & he ran up the stairs to the loo with me. Doing the usual routine, i sat my bum down, hubby sitting on the bath, immediately - perrrrrrrlop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop.... (i relaxed) perrrrrrrlop-plop.... perrrrrrlop!!! 15 light brown loose mushy plops filled our toilet my hubby loved it his face lit up.
That was brilliant, you were very desperate weren't you?!! Can i wipe your bum baby?" He asked
"Yes" i said as i turned round & bent over for him to wipe me, so gentle he was and he wiped me 7 times. It felt lovely as his cold thumb pushed my bum in to wipe it further, so comforting and gentle,
flushing was required twice, & after that it still left plenty of skidmarks, spraying our oust, my hubby kissed me and slapped my bum to say thank you.
i love it when we share loo time together too :) my next poo was after dinner that night, & he joined me for that one too! ;)

John H


Hi all.
Some comments for this post.
@Jemma, hi I really enjoyed all the details included in your latest post. It sure sounds like you and Stacey were desperate to use the bathroom.
@Chloe B, it was nice that your boyfriend didn't mind you pooping and I am glad that you feel closer to him now. We all do it and in future you won't have to worry or be afraid to use the toilet in front of him again. Do you think he enjoyed it? Do you think you will let him in with you again?
@George, thanks for your response as I don't get many here and I am enjoying all your posts.
It is an interesting situation that Sandra knows you like to listen.
Your memories from long ago are very clear and detailed.
I would like to hear any stories you have about Debra to if you can remember any.
That's all for now,
Take care all,
John H


To: Twins Eli & Jeni

Do you guys happen to know if you are "mirror image" twins? Mirror image twins have all organs on opposite sides from one another. I always wondered if it would make pooping harder (in general) for one of you than than the other. Are either of you more prone to constipation?


Post Mexican Restaurant Crap

It's been awhile since I last posted on here, maybe a year or more since I posted last, nothing of real interest until tonight. So I went out to go eat and wound up at a local Mexican restaurant, which has really good food. I get seated and get complimentary chips and salsa, which I don't really care for but I eat two or three along with some salsa, finally my food comes, I ate a burrito called a Wrap Fat Burrito, which has chicken,black beans,guacamole,tomatoes,peppers of some sort,cheese and sour cream and the burrito is at least 7-9 inches long plus I had sweet tea with lemon. I ate the burrito and drink most of the sweet tea and pay and leave. I get two seconds out of the parking lot and my stomach starts to cramp and I knew I would need a toilet soon. I end up pulling into an Arby's parking lot, park the car and get out and head inside for the toilets. I get into the bathroom and go in the stall, unbutton and unzip my jeans, lower my boxer briefs and pull both to my ankles, sit on the toilet and let loose with semi soft crap then wait a few minutes then let loose again with watery shit that turns the toilet water brown and it smells awful in there, after a few minutes to make sure I'm done I wipe seven times just to get my hole clean, pull my boxer briefs up then pull up my jeans and zip and button the jeans, flush the toilet, and wash my hands and dry my hands and go back to my car and leave to enjoy the rest of my night.

Chloe B

Pooping on a date

Hey guys today I'm gonna tell about something that happened Saturday while I was on a date with my boyfriend Austin. Before I get to my story I've been reading a lot on here about where you will and will not go to the bathroom. For me I've always been taught that if you need to go, go! If I have to poo or pee I'll go! I also feel no shame in pooping in public. Everyone poops. Even if I have to blow up the bathroom i am not gonna risk having an accident. Now as long as the bathroom is clean I will go but if it is dirty I may hold it.

So on to the story. Saturday my boyfriend and I went out to lunch at this cafe. Before we left I peed and felt a slight urge to poop but it wasn't really anything. So when we got there my stomach really started to hurt. He saw me kinda in pain and asked if I was ok. I replied "yeah...I think I just need to go the bathroom.." After I ordered I made my way to the bathroom which was a single private bathroom. I tried to open it but someone was in there. I heard a flush and then a woman in her 30s comes out and she obviously pooped from the smell. I quickly lowered my Nike shorts and panties and a wave of mushy diareaha came out with a loud fart! I continued to let out little farts as another wave hit me. The toilet water had watery chunks of poo. I been in for about 5 minutes when someone knocked and told me to hurry up. I replied that my stomach was upset and that I was sorry. For the next 5 minutes I kept on release watery farts. As I felt done I reached for toilet paper I wiped 7 times and changed my pad. I washed my hands and left. As I got back to the table Austin asked if I was ok and I just told him that my stomach was upset. So everything went well after dinner until we got back at his house. As we were watching a movie my stomach cramped up and I immediately went to the bathroom. The bathroom was right in his room so he could hear everything!!! I had the same loud, watery diareaha! I kept on farting and more poo just kept coming! As I began to kinda regain bowel control he knocks and asks if I'm ok. I tell him again that my stomach is just upset. As I was farting he asks if he can come in...which I intially thought no..but seeing that he really wanted to be with me I agreed. I open the door and he looks at me on the toilet and he didn't laugh or complain about the smell he just really just comforted me. He lightened the mood by complimenting me on how stylish my panties were!:) (PINK, bikini panties) as I felt better I wiped my butt like 11 times and after that we just snugglex together and finished the movie.
Now havin experienced pooping around him I feel so much more comfortable with him and am glad that my stomach just happened to act up that day!

tough cookie
Hello guys :) I'm glad you're enjoying my posts :)

It is not really likely that I suffer from constipation, but unfortunately it happened two days ago. In the morning I had my coffee as usual, but by noon, despite my hoping against hope that nature would call, there was no sign of it. At around 10 I had taken a bowl of bran flakes with milk, which I hoped would get things moving, yet nothing happened. At noon I had a bowl of broccoli soup and two slices of brown bread with cheese spread, yet it all proved useless. I had my yoga session at 3, yet the far I got at were three loud farts, with nothing to follow. As for dinner my husband suggested we have lasagne, and I slept hoping for an early bowel movement the next day. I know I had a lot of gas all night long - something which my husband enjoyed, and suggested also that I take off my undies so that he could feel the farts coming out better, and that's what I did. The next morning, however, there was absolutely no sign of poop. After coffee and another bowl of bran flakes with milk, I felt very uncomfortable, and my husband could notice that. He therefore suggested that we go on the sofa and try something out. He sat down and asked me to lie on my stomach, with my ???? on his lap, and that's what I did. He started gently rubbing my lower back in circular movements, and said I should feel better. After about three minutes I released my first fart, which was long and smelly, and I did feel a bit better. Then he asked me to unbutton my jeans and take it off so that I feel comfier. That's what I did. Farting got a lot easier and more frequent, but there was no sign of poop. My husband had another idea. He fetched the vasilene tube, spread some on the tip of his middle finger, and inserted it in my bum, moving his finger in and out. This made me fart more, this time against his finger. He asked me to take deep breaths in and out, and that's what I did. He said he could feel poop inside me, and kept trying with his finger for some 10 minutes until I could really feel the need to poop. We walked towards the bathroom, and I was hoping to relieve myself. He said he would support me in this. I sat deep on the toilet and started giving gentle pushes. My husband was holding my back and ???? at the same time. Out started coming a log, I pushed and grunted. It kept coming out for quite a time, until I felt totally empty. We looked into the toilet and found out that I had produced nothing short of a 30cm snake!

Big J

Angela's survey

In response to Angela's survey, because I take my daily poop after lunch everyday at school...

And I thought I would quickly tell you about my daily poop. It daily consists of 4, 8 inch logs, about an inch and a quarter in diameter. I'm also really gassy while pooping too, since I hold in all my farts from the first half of the day.

1) At school do guys usually try to hide the fact they are pooping? Because girls do, I never hear anything. I wonder if it's the same for guys. For my friends and the people who i poop next too, they don't care. Like id walk into the bathroom and get into a stall, and he guy next to me would just let it rip. My friends also talk openly about school poops. And I could care less about hiding that im pooping. Most people know that I take a daily dump anyway.

2) do most guys poop at school or wait till they get home? I think that most guys at my school poop at school, because almost everyday when I go into the bathroom for my daily school poop, there is always someone in there, and there is always some presents left behind in the toilets

3) Most embarrassing school pooping story? Well I didnt always poop at school. When i entered middle school in 6th grade, I have never pooped in a school bathroom. But one day I had the squirts and I knew it was coming. I manned up and went into the bathroom. I took a clean stall, and exploded. Then an 8th grader comes in and kicks my stall open and says TIMES UP SQUIRT! I flush and ran out of the bathroom. But after many poops, in about midway through 7th grade, i became comfortable with craping at school. Its sooo uncomfortable practicing football and being in PE with a full tank.


Answers to Angela's three questions

At school, do guys try to hide the fact they are pooping?

When I started high school back in August I made several dumb mistakes. OK? You see all the 15 stalls in each of the guys rooms at my school have no doors. There are partitions between the toilets, but they are only half high. Meaning the older and taller guys once they get off the toilet and wipe, can see into the other stalls. If I was lucky enough to get a pass to poop during class and I was sitting on the toilet, I would immediately get up and pull up my jeans as fast as I could and walk out of the stall and leave the room. I guess I didn't have a lot of confidence and I had streaks in my underwear that my mom asked about. And it didn't help when my sister overheard one of our conversations. She's so immature!

Do most guys poop at school or wait until they get home?

The older guys, with their junk more developed, seem more confident about crapping at school. Often they take the last stall at the far end of the room. Sometimes these guys will get more privacy because they will have a friend stand in the doorway and talk to them as they poop. I remember hearing one guy doing that telling his friend to hurry up and drop the big one because he was going to mess his pants waiting for him. Then they exchanged obscenities. I had to hold my laughter in because I didn't want to draw attention to myself in my stall farther down the line. I do know guys who hold it until they get home or to a friend's house after school. Our toilet at home has been the victim of several of those cirumstances. By both guys and girls.

Most embarrassing school pooping story?

I had signed out from 6th hour science. I had been seated on the toilet (the only one of 15 that wasn't splashed with urine from during the lunch hour) for about 3 minutes and was just getting my crap to turtlehead when the lights flickered, and the fire alarm went off. Within a few seconds two firefighters in full gear came trudging into the bathroom and ordered me off the stool. They took my name from my student ID card and were quite rude to me. I ended up getting 2 DTs.

Big J

Cabin poop

So about 5 weeks ago, me and my Boy Scout troop went out to a forest preserve to go camping, becuase it is obviously too cold for tents. It was on a three day weekend, so it was three nights. I usually poop every day at school, and once on the weekend. So we get there on Friday, and for some odd reason, I didnt poop at school that day. So I had the urge once we got set up. It was dark, and the outhouse was far away, so I had to take a "buddy". He was my close friend so it didn't really bother me pooping in front of him. We get there and there's one toilet. My friend farted all the car ride so he went first. So I heard him but the seat down and then I hear grunting followed by a very long crackling sound. I figured the outhouse whole was deep and I was right. After about 3 seconds after the crackle, I finally here a wet flap, his poop hitting the bottom of the pit with hundreds of others. The outhouse was kinda big so he let out a major wet fart and it echoed real loud. He said "must've been the school nachos" I luaghed. After that I hear toilet paper being ripped, and then he came out and said "it's all yours Jeff". I walk in and the stench hit me hard. There was only a single lightbulb hanging down, and the toilet was white, with brown splatters all over it. I take out my flashlight and shine it in the pit. I see my friends fresh creation: 5 logs about 4 inches long each. I don't think he'd pooped Ina couple days. I also see a dump truck load of other people's crap. At that time I could feel a terd sticking out, so I got down to business. I'm not a germ freak, so I just sat down. I think the nachos got to me too, becuase after the first 7 inch terd was out, I blasted a nasty wet fart. My friend said "I'm not the only >one" I laughed. After that another snake felt like it was coming. It oozed out slowly and wet. It landed on my friends toilet paper, so I ohla see it was about 10 inches long, all curled up. I pushed out another wet log, about the same as the first one except a whole lot thicker. I grunted and then it fell, after about 2 seconds I heard it mash with all the rest. After that I wiped with a whole lot of paper, feeling empty and hungry. I felt another fart coming, but it wasn't wet, so when I opened the door, I let it rip on my friend. He said "???? Jeff!" The whole procedure with the both of us took about 45 minutes. On our way back to the cabin my friend blasted a fart at me back. After that, the rest of the weekend went fabulous, with two more poo breaks with my buddy.


Dude in distress

Hey man, that is the worst feeling when it goes back up. You can totally feel it and it sucks.
Try Fleet Glycerin suppository, for real. Just push it up in as far as you can. I you are too full, sometimes you have to push it up along side the turd that is in there.
Retain it as long as possible which will probably be about 10-25 min.
You go super easy but not like the runs.
They are the best. Plus no after effects like with a pill laxative.
Let me know how you make out man


Answers to Sonya Sue's questions & a question for Sasha

Gender: F
Age: 15

1. Department store: yes, although sometimes the line is crowded.
2. School: yes, and multiple time each day. It seems like I live there!
3. Movie theater: yes, especially when I'm babysitting and that's a lot.
4. Airport: yes. I've gone as many as 3 times when a plane is late.
5. Public stadium/arena: neither me nor the children I sit for could
survive with out them. The do scare the little kids though.
6. Highway rest stops: yes, but the toilets seem to be a bit higher than
at other places and harder for young kids and those of us who are
smaller to comfortably sit on.
7. Gas Stations: many times especially in summer when my friends and I are biking.
8. On buses or trains: No. I would think the movement and being thrown
around would suck.
9. Parks: sometimes every day when I'm babysitting or biking.
10 Convenience Stores: yes, but sometimes the lines are long and there
isn't enough toilet paper to wipe myself with. Sometimes the smell
is horrid in the morning after several poos in such a small room.
11. Church: only once.
12. Doctor/Dentist Office: my pediatrician had those paper seat gaskets
in a holder on the wall. When I was really young I remember it took
me a couple of times to figure out what they were for.
13. Portable Potty: Yes, several times. Sometimes with those I babysit.
Often I melt in them while I'm seated because the vents don't work.
Over the past 5 or 6 years I've become better at latching the door
tight so that its not being thrown open open by some clod that
doesn't want to wait.
14. In Public Mall: Very regularly. Sometimes the filth of the over-
flowing toilet or the gang grafitti stresses me as I sit.
15. Fast Food Restaurant: Yes, I use them but a few of the toilets have
been unusable because some puker beat me in there.

Finally, for Sasha:

1) Why was your mom upset when you and your sister had to poop in public?
2) You said you sit right down on the seat without covering it first? Why is this? When you were little did your mother cover it for you?

Thanks for your story.

Victoria B.

Sonya Sue's Survey


I decided to check Sonya Sue's recent survey out and these are my answers.

Gender: female
Age: 24
I) department store: Yes, the toilets are generally well-maintained in these.
2) school: Yes, due to lack of other options. A friend's accident in junior high (grades 6-8, at least where I grew up) me get past my insecurities and learn to go whenever needed.
3) movie theater: Sure, when I went to them regularly. Prices have gotten a bit out of control since and I don't often see a movie in a theater nowadays.
4) airport: In several different countries.
5) public stadium or arena: A reluctant yes.
6) highway reststop: Most state Departments of Transportation in the Midwest do a good job with these.
7) gas station: I have to be genuinely desperate, but yes.
8) buses or trains: Yes, while visiting the UK. Public transportation is pretty sparse in a lot of the United States and this may explain why reststops along interstates have such nice bathrooms!
9) parks: It doesn't really bother me, toilet or not.
10) convenience stores: see #7. Convenience stores that don't also sell gas are uncommon around here.
11) church: I'm not very religious.
12) doctor's/dentist's office: I've had to give urine (but never stool!) samples at the doctor's office.
13) the dreaded portable toilet: I almost prefer going in open air to these. Scratch that. I do prefer it!
14) shopping mall: Many times, for both.
15) fast food restaurant: On occasion. These bathrooms tend to be the kind that don't invite sitting down. A few have been okay but most are pretty dreadful.

Hope these answers are helpful!

Monday, February 09, 2015



Hi its John B.

Just a few comments on recent posts.

George keep posting fella it's good to get another perspective from a UK male point of view especially so as being an almost contemporary of mine!

Megan, your posts never disappoint, so much attention to detail. I especially enjoyed your sneaking a peek at the woman in the adjoining cubicle. Do you try and do that often if the opportunity arises? Keep up the good work hun, thanks.

Jemma sweetie. Not having enough loo paper, not nice. I was in that predicament once in a public toilet, there only being one sheet left. A desperate search through my pockets produced a couple of supermarket receipts, not ideal but when needs must..... Anyway thereafter I've since made sure I carry tissue, in the form of several sheets of kitchen roll to be safe should such an emergency arise again! Best of luck in future poppet x

Take care all and best wishes

John B

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