My sister

Hi this is my first time posting,
I'm 14, I thought I'd post about something that happened with my twin sister Jeni, I was in the bath, when she comes running in, and runs over to the toilet, then she notices me and she's like "oh! sorry I have to take a dump really bad, sorry!" and she pulls up her skirt and then as she's pulling down her panties a turd falls to the floor behind her, and she gasps and another log start coming out she quickly puts her butt over the toilet and I see it fall into the toilet and then she sits down and I hear another plop, then a lot of farting then I could this crackling noise and then about 10 mins later I've got out of the bath and I see she gets up and she starts wiping herself I look in the toilet and see 4 logs and 3 of them are around 4 or 5 inches long and 1 is really long it close to 2 foot for sure floating all curled around. she picked her turd off the floor with tp and flushed and took her clothes for her turd at the bath, I sat down on the toilet to pee,
then she had squatted down and was cleaning the floor where her poo had landed, and all of a sudden she looks at me on the toilet and then I hear a fart and another poo starts out her getting longer and longer , and she just starts crying and then her poo falls out and then I and she rushes over to the tub and she sits on the edge and just explodes diarrhea in to the tub. I help her clean up and cheer her up and stuff. she had told me she had been blocked up for a while and had taken some stuff to help her go.

Victoria B.

When irregularity goes too far


I finished an annoying battle with constipation yesterday. It was a struggle to the very end but I'm here to tell the tale!

My bowels have never moved according to any schedule. Sometimes I'll poop two days in a row, sometimes a day or two passes between number twos, and sometimes I'll go even longer. This was one of those times. I went on Sunday morning and everything seemed normal: three medium-sized logs that slid out with minimal encouragement and a quick pee. Nothing out of the ordinary. But then I didn't go on Monday or Tuesday, or Wednesday for that matter. Something that needed to come out had gotten stuck and was refusing to exit. On Thursday I decided to get to the bottom (no pun intended) of the problem, vowing that I would go on that very day, even if it meant an enema or a suppository.

I felt like crap that day. Stress, lack of fluid intake, and sporadic eating had combined forces to bite me in the bum and jam up the works, leaving me feeling lethargic, irritable, and sore in the belly. I shambled my way through class and work, an annoying procession made worse by several unfulfilling sits on various toilets. My attempt at forcing the turds of the last few days out in the library bathroom only resulted in a few farts and a concerned knock on my stall from someone who had overheard my groaning. I lied and said that everything was okay; I just wasn't in the mood for other people that day. The seeds of victory had already been planted though: I was making sure to drink a ton of water and eat some fiber. Gradually, things began moving again and I was confident that my postponed poop would finally be placed in watery deposit. By the time I finished grading I was just about ready to go. In order to avoid attracting unwanted attention again I decided to wait until I got home, a short walk away from campus.

Arriving at home, I took off the various baggage (gloves, scarf, hat, jacket, hoodie, and boots) that winter in a cold climate forces on people. I finally reached critical mass as I was knocking snow off of my boots. The time was finally right to get my butt on the pot and get rid of this dump! I headed straight for the bathroom and pulled my jeans and red panties down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. Show time! All the water I had drank that day gushed out of me as my anus began opening for the first piece. It was hard and required several firm pushes to move it out of the exit. At last, it firmly thudded into the bowl below, splashing me in the process. The second log was even harder to get out-I was audibly moaning while both struggling with the turd and feeling a strange sense of pleasure from the fullness in my bum. It hurt, yet it felt good. Finally, it splashed down, followed by a much smaller turdlet that fell out while my anus was still open from the second piece. I was done: constipation had been defeated! I decided to get up and look at the fruits of my labor before wiping. Two hard, round pieces and a smaller, normal shaped one. Instead of sitting back down to wipe, I remained standing and reached for the toilet paper. Megan, you're absolutely right. Wiping after a number two is much easier when you're standing-you can get the paper where it needs to go much less awkwardly than reaching behind while sitting down. I wiped my front and threw that paper into the toilet before flushing and getting dressed again. Everything went down and I was off on my way!

Hi again. This morning I woke up and had to poop very badly. But my younger sister was in the upstairs bathroom, and our downstairs toilet has a weak flush, so I don't ever poop in that bathroom - I'd clog it for sure! I waited outside the door for a few minutes, and my turd was poking out. I had to keep sucking it back in. Finally, I heard her flush and she opened the door to let me in before washing her hands. I ran by her and almost threw myself on the toilet.

A thin, long rope of poop rushed out of me. It felt so good. After it broke off, I pushed out three more shorter but still fairly long turds. I looked in the bowl when I finished and I saw my long rope-like turd, shaped almost like the letter S. It was surrounded by the three turds and they looked kind of like fingers. I wiped and flushed everything down the drain, then washed my hands and went to have breakfast.

Accident in front of my kid

I wet my pants in class twice, in 2nd grade and again in 9th grade. I wet my pants at the airport when i was 27 because I was late for a connecting flight and tried to make it without stopping at the bathroom. I pooped my pants at a friends house when I was 15, I was trying not to go number two in her bathroom and was holding it for a long time, but eventually it got to the point where I couldn't hold it in and as soon as I stood up to go to the bathroom it just pushed right out into my pants beyond my control and made a loud crackle and made a huge bulge in my shorts, and my friend laughed so hard. It actually happened not too long before wetting my pants at school in 9th grade. And at 21, I gambled on a decision not to poop in a grocery store bathroom and decided to hold it until I got home, then suffered the same fate as at my friends house- standing in the checkout line I realized to my horror that I couldn't hold it in any longer, and there were people in line behind me and one person still checking out in front of me and all my stuff was on the counter, so I was basically trapped. I stood there in line and messed in my panties, it was warm and soft and I had leggings on so it spread up my butt all the way to my back. I just remember feeling like I had a heated cushion in the back of my pants. It came out quietly so no one noticed at first, but of course it started smelling awful after a few seconds...I just tried to stay casual and paid for my stuff and left, but by the looks I was getting it was obvious people knew I had shit my pants. Finally, I wet my pants at work like a year ago because I was on my boss's boss's conference call and was too scared to excuse myself.

All this is to say I'm no stranger to having accidents, it's not as frequent an occurence as it is for some people here but it's enough lol. And they've all been in front of people too, well except a time I randomly wet the bed that I forgot to mention. I think I was 19 or 20. Anyway, as embarrassing as all those accidents were in front of all those people, it's the accident i had yesterday that has made me feel the most humiliated...I don't know why, the only witness was my 6 year old daughter. She was home from school because it snowed a little in the morning so they canceled the AM kindergarten. I took her with me to run errands and it was a hassle because she's into everything and is very curious and inquisitive so I really need to keep an eye on her. This makes using public bathrooms difficult because its hard to get her to stay put while I'm going and so I would usually make her come in the stall, but that's getting awkward as she gets bigger. So despite my history of accidents I usually avoid the public bathrooms when with my daughter unless she's going. If she doesn't have to go its impossible for me to make her go into her own stall just so I can go and no where she is. Anyway, this dilemma came up big time yesterday. I was going through the drive thru at the bank when I first realized that I needed to poop sort of badly. My stomach was cramping and I felt pressure between my cheeks...I snuck in a few quiet farts when my window was down to try and relieve the pressure but it wasn't helping.

I still needed to stop at the drug store before heading home and while we were in there I was really worried about not being able to make it home in time to use the bathroom. I asked my daughter if she needed to go potty and she very firmly said "NO." I groaned because I could tell by her tone that she was going to be extremely difficult if I tried to get her to stay put when I used the bathroom. I took a deep breath and held on, quickly got what I needed and rushed to the car to go home. But I could tell right after we left the parking lot that it was already too late....the pressure got really strong and I knew I was gonna have an accident. I just gripped the steering wheel really hard and cringed as I lost control of myself and noisily messed my panties and jeans in the car. To add insult to injury I wet myself too, which I didn't even realize I needed to pee that bad, it just felt really wet and I looked down and my jeans were wet in my lap. Of course my daughter was giggling her head off in the back seat because she thought "mommy's farting!" I just felt so embarrassed in front of her! My face was so hot and red and I was like shaking. After a couple minutes the smell was so bad in the car that she complained about it then straight up called me out for pooping my pants....i felt like a rock star....nothing like having your 6 year old ask you "did you poop in your pants?" With that 'you better tell me the truth' tone that parents use. So yeah, I had to admit it, and I just felt mortified. It's the worst I've felt about an accident...wetting myself in class in 9th grade was pretty bad, and my checkout lane poop accident was rough too, but this took the cake. I can't explain it...just having an accident in front of the person who you've spent years making sure they use the toilet when they need to and avoid accidents is what made it so upsetting to me I think.

It felt really weird when I got out of the car walking into the house. I think it was a combination of the fact that I both pooped and peed, and it was the first time I ever pooped in jeans so that was new too. I can't even think of a good way to describe was just a unique sensation lol. It felt like I pooped and peed in my jeans, how bout that? It was a pretty soft and loose load too, or maybe the wetness made it feel that way, but that plus the fact that I was sitting when I went made it spread all over my butt. My daughter giggled at me because of how I was waddling into the house, then sternly told me to go clean myself up like she was the parent. I could tell she was really enjoying having the tables turned...

Anyway, that's my story. Any other parents ever lose it in front of your kids?


Another accident

Since I posted about the time I had the accident after the golf match in high school I guess I'll post some more. Anyway, this one took place a couple of years later. I think I was 19 because I was in college. Anyway my friend/roomate "Jessica" and I were out shopping at Target by campus for some things we needed. We had stopped for sodas at the concession stand thing at the front and had been walking around a while just shopping, killing time, trying on clothes we had no money for, and that sort of thing. We were getting ready to leave and stopped by the greeting cards to buy a birthday card for a friend. We started reading all the funny cards and laughing at them, and I guess we were a little punchy or something, because they kept getting funnier and we kept laughing harder making jokes and stuff. This went on for a few minutes when Jessica stared saying between laughs "I'm gonna pee. I'm gonna pee." and holding herself but kept laughing. We joked some more and had another laughing fit when suddenly Jessica squealed and covered her face. I looked down and a dark wet spot was spreading down her jeans. She just laughed and totally flooded herself, like completely 100% pissed her pants. It was all down her legs, across her crotch and almost covered her butt to her belt and both sides. EXTREMELY obvious. I just laughed as it happened but then laughed so hard at her that I suddenly felt my crotch turn warm and damp as i leaked. I shrieked, "I'm doing it, too!" I grabbed myself and stopped the flow and grabbed her arm and ran, half dragging her, up to the bathrooms which were thankfully close. We got a lot of stares, of course. We were both laughing as we ran and I couldn't help but leak a little bit more, but made it to the bathroom without too much damage and peed in the toilet as Jessica just stood there soaked. The crotch of my panties were pretty wet and I had small egg-sized spot on the crotch of my jeans but it wasn't visible when standing, so I left Jessica in the bathroom and I went out and bought us both a clean pair of panties and a pair of cheap sweat pants and took them into the bathroom so we could change and carry the wet clothes home in the plastic bag. We had to go back out to get our shopping cart from the card aisle to pay for the other stuff, which was pretty embarrassing. We still laugh about it today when we get together.

Sophia W.


I had an accident at home because my sister was in the bathroom and the other was used by my parents. I woke up at Sunday and i needet very urgently to pee. The Bathroomdor was closed and locked and I heard my sister was under the shower.I knoked at the door, but there was no response. I went to the other bathroom but it was also locked.When I was again at our bathroom I could not hold it anymore and peed my pyjama pants. They were soaked and there was also a bit of pee on the floor. I newer thought I could have a accident at home in front of the bathroom. It felt so good, but I also was in tears. My sister was so sorry, if she could notice me she would have let me in.

Yesterday I had a good poop in school in the break. I excused myself from my friends and went to the toilets. only 3 cubics were available. I took one in the middle. The seat was clean so I just sat down and pushed my first log out. I was a bit dry. I just concentrated on myself and did not listen to the other girls. my second log was way more mushier. I needed very much toilet paper. After I flushed and I washed my hands,my sister entered and ran to the cubic I was prevosly using. Later i home I asked her and she told me she had bad cramps and very mushy poop


The Finger Massage

I've been babysitting for several years and have many customers. My newest is Hailey. We've had two days out of school this week because of snow, and the day before that the teachers citywide were at a meeting so classes were out at noon. Hailey, who is in 4th grade, was to be ready at her grade school at noon that day and I went over to pick her up. Plans were that I would take her over to the big mall about two blocks away for lunch and then we would spent the rest of the day at my house. So when I got to Hailey's school to sign her out at the office, they had to page her out of the bathroom. She said her bowels were jammed up and despite stopping three times to sit down that morning at schoool, she still couldn't get her poo started. It was ready to come out, but wouldn't. I was hopeful that her having a large food court lunch would help. However, an hour and a half later at the mall, she got up on the toilet again, but could not get her poo started. She said she had last done a poo three days earlier at school.

Her mom was out of town for work, but was happy to take my call. What she suggested though was surpising to me. She told me to take Haley back into a stall (she suggested a smaller bathroom with less toilets and traffic). Hailey would go into a stall, lean over the front of the seat with her hands on it, and I would run warm water over my forefinger and then immediately stick it in Hailey's rectum and up her hole. I would massage her for about 30 seconds, then pull my finger out, and if it was necessary, repeat the massage a second time. At first, I saw it as too hard to do and almost gross, but her mom said it worked before and would this time, too. And it did. I finished the first time and Hailey turned around and seated herself on the toilet. I don't know if she pushed harder than before, but within a couple of minutes of pushing, and with her hands alternating from pushing on her thighs and the edges of the seat, she started moving her butt a little and said it was coming through. Within about 5 seconds it splashed into the water. I could tell her butt as in pain and you could see blotches on the top of her thighs
that were causes by her hands and elbows.

She stood up and turned around to inspect it. It wasn't that long or wide but it looked hard like dark brown concrete and like it had been in her for some time. I had her text her mom about her success. Mom texted her back immediately saying it will work every time. Later we went to my house to play games and she pooed a second time. This time it was pretty normal.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Angela I bet you felt pretty good after a big poop like that even though it was embarrassing and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emilie C first welcome to the site and great story about your desperate poop outside please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Tough Cookie great story about your big poop in that bucket it sounds like it was a really good one to and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kevin E great story about your girlfriend pooping in the lake it sounds like she was pretty desperate.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Steve A

Angela's Survey Plus A Survey For You

1) At school do guys usually try to hide the fact they are pooping? Because girls do, I never hear anything. I wonder if it's the same for guys.

Guys tend not to hide it in my experiences. Most girls tend to hide it more because they want guys to think that they're ladylike. For me personally, it wouldn't gross me out if a girl was open to talk about bathroom stuff with me.

2) Do most guys poop at school or wait till they get home?

It all depends on the guy. I normally don't pay much attention to that. I think guys use the bathroom at school more than girls. Some girls don't use the school bathroom since they think it's disgusting to go at school but our bathrooms are in good condition. For me personally, I use the school bathrooms to do both pee and poop.

3) Most embarrassing school pooping story? I really don't have one. But, there were a few times when people asked if I was in the bathroom from the outside of the bathroom.

Here's My Survey To You:

1) Are you open about your "bathroom stuff" with your family, friends, or relatives?

2) Do you go to the bathroom at school? If so, do you have any strict teachers that don't allow you to go to the bathroom or give you a time limit?

3) Did you ever have an accident in public or when no one was around?

4) Do any foods cause trouble for your stomach?

5) How regular are you? How often do you get constipated?

Hi everyone. Here are my responses to Sonya's survey:

Gender: F
Age: 24

1) department store-- yes, lots of times
2) school-- I would wee at school quite happily, but I wasn't so keen on going for a poo there, although I did quite a few times
3) movie theatre--I always go before going in to watch the movie
4) airport--Yes, whenever I'm at an airport I'll usually go once or twice
5) public stadium/arena-- I'd rather not, they're always filthy!
6) highway reststop--Yes, they're usually kept fairly clean here
7) gas station--Once or twice but they're usually dirty
8) on buses or trains--Preferably not, although if I just have to wee it's not too bad
9) parks--Yes, if I need to go
10) convenience stores--Small stores don't usually have customer toilets here, but I will use the loo in a supermarket or similar
11) church--Don't go
12) doctor/dentist office--Can't remember ever needing to
13) portable potty--Yes, but I'd prefer not to. Trouble is if they're around, they're usually the only kind of toilet in the area!
14) in public mall--Yes, pretty much every time I go
15) fast food restaurant--I have, they vary in cleanliness and acceptability, some are fine and some are gross!

I had lunch in a Burger King today, actually, and so I had to use the loo there because after eating I wanted to do a poo. One of the two cubicles was taken and I could hear the occupant weeing loudly. I went into the other cubicle next to her and sat down with my skirt and knickers at my feet. Through a bit of a gap at the back of the cubicle wall I could see her bum and I could see that she was hovering over the toilet, which was why her wee was so loud. I did a wee too, and finished as she left. I farted and released a fairly long turd with a plop. I was left alone while I released two more logs before finishing with another fart and then wiping.


to Angela

Your story was great. I know what it’s like to clog someone else’s toilet. It can be really embarrassing, but it’s good that you two are still friends. I can't believe you had to put it in the garbage! I've never clogged that bad luckily. Do you always do big ones like that? Sounds like maybe you get constipated a lot.

1) Maybe some guys try to hide it, but from what I’ve heard in school bathrooms, a lot of them don’t. I’ve heard farting and plopping and everything. I’m not like a really noisy pooper but I definitely make some noise (it’s mostly the farting with me) and I don’t care at all who hears it. The guys at my school at least seemed to not be afraid of people knowing they were pooping lol.

2) Some guys I knew said they thought the school bathrooms were really gross and never wanted to take a crap in them, but others just didn’t care. I remember my friend Andrew telling me about a huge poop he did in the school toilet and how it clogged and backed up and he just quickly left the bathroom before anyone could find out about it haha. So I knew a few who waited and few who didn’t care. I of course am one of the latter, but it also happened that I often just didn’t have to go until after I got home.

3) I guess my most embarrassing story is kinda like yours and like my friend Andrew’s: It was a time when I hadn’t gone for a few days and all day my stomach was cramping and I knew I’d have to go eventually. It was embarrassing in class because my stomach was making so much noise. Finally during math I had a strong urge and I figured if I didn’t go then, who knows when I’d go. I don’t like going during class (I don’t like missing class), but I went anyway. I was surprised that when I started pushing, it wasn’t rock hard, but it was big and it really stretched me; and I felt like it was coming out forever…when I looked in the toilet it was over a foot long and pretty thick and smelled terrible. And that’s when a couple other guys came in, and one of them said “it smells so bad in here. put up a warning sign next time!” I was so embarrassed, but I didn’t make a sound because I didn’t want them to know it was me. Either way, I sat there and waited for them to leave, then I wiped and flushed. And it wouldn’t go down! It didn’t overflow, but it got stuck and started breaking apart, and then I flushed again, and it almost overflowed. I just ignored it and left. When I got back to class, I had been gone for like 20 minutes, which is extra embarrassing :(

But luckily that experience didn’t discourage me from using the school bathrooms lol.

Big J

Pooping at school

Hi, I recently found out about this site, and love reading the posts. In the future I will post about my many school pooping experiences. BTW I am a boy in my first year of high school, and poop every day at school, usually while talking with a buddy. Happy Pooping!

Saturday, February 07, 2015


shopping today &. female issues!!

today Stacey & i were shopping & i am ovulating currently.
i am anaemic which means i get very heavy periods and i tend to wear maxi pads.
today i was very heavy but i wouldn't let that ruin our day.

During shopping a poo came on which became more & more urgent.
I needed to find a loo but none were close.
I clenched my buttocks and told Stacey i wanted to do a poo. So did she! "Not feeling too great" she said clutching her ????.
We walked towards the public loos & went in.
there was a queue of 6 women.
Still clenching my buttocks we patiently waited. I desperately needed to change my pad too!!

Eventually it was our turn, Stacey went first and by the sound of it she had diarrhea!
I went in just a minute later & pulled my Red mini skirt & black tights and underwear down, & plonked my bum down.
I started changing my maxi pad, & with no effort required my plops just fell out.
meanwhile Stacey was clearly having diarrhea, & i had finished. 8 loose mustard colour plops initially then a further 6 on top of that. The bowl was light brown mushy logs. I wiped 11 times (due to being on as well!!) & flushed leaving a load of skid marks all over the porcelain.
i sprayed and left to wash my hands waiting for Stacey who i didn't want to interrupt as she was still making awful toilet noises!!
A few mins later she flushed and came out
"You ok?" I asked
"Must've been something i ate, i'm going to go home i feel awful!" She said.
"Ok babe i'll ring you soon" i replied & she got a taxi home.
I went home too & hoped my lovely Stacey would be much better soon. Nothing more irritating than having diarrhea in a public loo!!

Hi everyone, thank you Kathleen for your words. Kazuko did same thing with you last week. And I try too after reading your post, but in winter I feel bit cold, so I do again in summer. We don't have central heating in houses in Japan. Only heat one or two rooms with stove, or air-con, so loo is cold.

But I go back to Kazuko. Kazuko stayed my house last Friday. Her mother says, she is adult, so she can stay in house of woman friend, but of course not man. Well I am woman, and Hisae too, so OK!

We talked about this site with drinking beer. Beer tastes so good after hot bath! (We were talking about this site little bit in bathtub too.) Mr/Ms Moderator said, you must convey idea. I looked up "convey" in dictionary because I forgot, but after looked, I remember in Wales English teacher often used this word!! Silly forgetful Mina.

I and Kazuko wonder, I often use word "bururururu" to write about soft motion which is not liquid, not solid, but I often do and Kazuko is specialist of such kind of motion. We thought, if English or American or other readers read this word they feel bad because that they don't understand. In Japanese we have lot of onomatopoeia, but this word is rare, I only hear few times, but I think it is a very good word to explain this type of motion.

So Saturday morning, after big breakfast with huge salad because we love vegetables, Kazuko and I both need loo, our bottoms felt heavy so much. Kazuko said in bright voice, "I go long time! My mother not here!" and we laughed. Poor woman Kazuko's mother, she is not bad person, just so crazy about ladylike. Of course we went into loo together, we can talk with doing motions. Few years ago, when I went into loo when my friends were in my flat or in hotel room, I felt lonely, wanted to come out quickly but I stayed long time because I really need to have empty bottom, so I was lonely all alone in loo with door closed. Then I read this site and many people go into loo together or one is in shower or bathtub while other doing motions, so thought, we can do same thing, but when Kazuko had big pain in bottom was first time we went together. That was few months ago and I told you story. Now we go together usually.

I said, Kazuko you go first, Kazuko said, OK. So she bared bottom and sat down. She did wee first and then looked at me with little smile and her face became to be red a little. Then plop, plop, plop, plop. Four and quite big. I said "deta" it means "it came out". De is pronounce like de in desk. Kazuko gave little nod and smile. We didn't talk then, we talk only when we want to. I put my hand on her knee and she gave little smile again. Then her face tense and red, and plop, rather small one and only one. I flushed.

She said, I want to relax a bit. Of course OK. We talked a bit but not much. Suddenly she said, "I think soft one is coming. If you see, you can write on site and then people understand what it means bururururu." I said, OK and "thank you, people on site will love you!" Kazuko decided to take off panties, and put them on shelf just like you Kathleen. Then she said, "It's coming," and she moved forward. I looked . Her bottom domed out and suddenly stream of brown puree came out very fast, about two cm. wide I think and I don't know how long but about 5 or 6 seconds. Not liquid. really puree. One second later, another stream, but only about 2 seconds. Noise in loo water was exactly same bururururu as I often write. I said "Kazu!" and tears in my eyes, how kind girl she is.

She didn't move, so I said, "not yet finished?" and she said, "Little bit more". Then she moved forward again and more puree, same speed but shorter, maybe 3 seconds. I said "shall I flush?" She said no, nearly finish, waste of water, because this would be second flush. She did a bit more, plip, plip, then pushed washlet button. "feel good. feel empty! If my mother see this, maybe very angry! Mina, you don't have stomach ache?" I said, a bit, I am ready to go to loo, but not kurushii, kurushii means very painful.

So I took Kazuko's place on loo. Very very warm loo seat! I said it to Kazuko. She gave me little kiss on top of head. Then sat down on floor near me. I finished a wee and then stopped, Kazuko knew I need to wait a bit. Then started to push but not hard. The motion decided to come, it moved slowly but didn't stop, Kazuko held my hand.

Suddenly I had pain in bottom. "aaaah" "motion hurts!" So Kazuko said, lean forward! so I did, still pain, but motion was slowly coming, not stopping. Finally broke, plop, big sound, and I pushed more, plop again, and pain began to go away, because motion became softer. Finally all came out.

"Woooh, that hurt."

"I put cream," said Kazuko.

"not yet", I said. "Motion coming ." But for a few minutes it didn't come so I relaxed and we talked a bit. Then suddenly I stop talking, and Kazuko took my hand, I felt pain again but not so bad, maybe my bottom domed out just like Kazuko's bottom, but this time the motion was quite soft, but not puree, it was solid and made five plop sounds. Kazuko said, "do you painful?" I said, "not so bad this time and I do little bit more and then finish." So I did little bit more and then finished! After my bottom was clean, Kazuko put cream, her finger is so so soft, I shouted "aaah, feels so so good!" Then we washed our hands well.

We went back to main room and drank tea. I said to Kazuko, "thank you demonstrator!" She hit me on shoulder, just little one, and said "shut up Mima". She sometimes calls me that because Shelby, you wrote MiMa instead of MiNa on post. Kazuko is a tease, she sometimes calls me Mima after that, Hisae too, so I hit them on shoulder and sometimes bottom, and then we laugh, we are always laughing, though when I was depressed I didn't laugh so much. Now I am better and Doctor says stop my medicine next week.

Hisae and Maho came later. We told them what we did and they laughed, Maho said "useful for site readers." I hope so! Because I can't think of better word for puree motion. I think you can understand because some of you say you like my stories, but my English got worse because my time in Wales now become ancient history. I give you another story soon. I'm sorry my stories very long, I don't plan.

Love from Mina and friends

PS "dome out" and "stream" are words I learn on this site. It is very good for my English vocabulary!!


poo after cinema and messy knickers

so the actimel worked for a few days but now i'm back to my normal routine.
my mate Georgia & I went to the cinema & after the film i needed a poo.
i pulled down my grey pencil skirt & tights & purple knickers & plonked my arse down
Immediately i started plopping, 6 initially then a further 5 on top of that.. i wiped only 2 times because there was only a few bits of paper. I needed much more though.
i sprayed and flushed pulling up my gear.
leaving to wash my hands and heading out to return to Georgia.
i had such a messy bum still i felt it touching my knickers.
soon i was desperate for another poo & i had one in Georgia's flat. 8 loose light brown sloppy logs and wiped clean noticing all the brown staining in my light purple knickers.


Junior School Memories

Hello from Middle England.

Some time ago, I told you about my earliest toilet situation memories from Infant School..well, moving on, I have a few memories from when I moved to the Junior School next door. Like the Infant School, the Junior School was an old Victorian building, both being built in the 1890s. The Juniors differed from the Infants, in that it had separate entrances for boys and girls, both accessed from different streets that ran parallel to each other. Even the playgrounds were separate, with a high wall between the two. In the late 1960s, this school unbelievably had no inside toilets....the separate girls and boys toilet blocks being outside in each playground. Just inside each entrance was a cloakroom, with long rows of coat pegs, and a row of wash basins in each. Through a doorway from each cloakroom, was the big assembly hall, just like the infant school, with the classrooms built around the hall. By each of the hall/cloakroom doorways was a toilet roll paper in the outside loo's, anyone needing paper had to tear a length off and take it with them....and then wash their hands when they came back inside the building. The facilities were pretty primitive to say ythe least, and I know for sure that I never went for a poo in those outside loo's, and rarely went for a advantage of living near the school, and being able to walk home at lunchtime.
The same year that I started at the school, came the news that new indoor toilet facilities were to be built. The boys lost half of their cloakroom area, and were provided with slab urinals around two walls, and 4 toilet cubicles, with an island of wash basins between. The flush toilets, although all modern, were unusually fitted with high level cisterns, where you needed to pull the chain to flush....I think these are still by far the best for flushing a big or messy poo away. The girls facility was built in a disused classroom, with a very high, lofty ceiling....although modern, it had something of Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, from the Harry Potter stories about it, and I have subsequently found out that many girls found it very creepy, and didn't like staying in there for long. The girls had about 8 cubicles along one wall, and 6 along the facing wall where the entrance doorway was....and an island of washbasins between the two rows of loo's...I know, because me and a class mate went in there one day to find some hot water when we had to clean all the art brushes...there was no hot water in the classroom.
Toilet looked better in the new loo's but it wasn't....individual squares of pink, shiny, slippery paper, in bright chrome dispensers...smelt slightly medicated, but completely useless for it's intended job. That's the background on the facilities, now, a memory of a toilet incident involving another boy....something that has stayed in my mind, as it's something that shouldn't happen to anyone.
I think I was probably about halfway through my 4 years at the school, and remember one day being in the playground, when two of my classmates came in to the playground, leading a boy called John, a very slightly built, quiet, shy boy from another class, who was distressed and in tears, and they took him to the teacher on duty in the playground. They left him there, and came over to me...I asked them what had happened, and at the same time, they asked me to 'come and look at this' ..... It transpired that the two Ian's...there were three Ian's in my class, but two were really good mates....had gone in the toilets for a wee, and were aware of a small gang of boys climbing up a toilet cubicle partition, and taunting whoever was calling etc.....they sent these kids packing,John came out in tears.. apparently run out without flushing...Seemed that both Ians were curious to see what had been left behind, and wanted to show me as well. I wouldn't have thought that John, being the sort of boy that he was, would want to use a school toilet for a poo, but on reaching his cubicle,it was obvious that he probably had no choice. The water trap in the pan was full of very small, soft looking fluffy banana shaped poo's, and almost banana coloured as well....very light yellow/ step away from diarrhoea...there was only a couple of squares of toilet paper, so poor John was so upset that he hadn't managed to clean himself properly... I think this must have been the first time that I had seen another boy's poo, and remember thinking it was so different to my hard constipated lumps....something I suffered with at the time...One of the Ian's flushed, and we went back outside. I don't know what happened to the bullies, but I certainly hope they got their come-uppance....everyone should be allowed to have their toilet moments in privacy,unless they are happy to have someone else with them, and they certainly should never be taunted during the act..that's a big no-no in my books. I have just a few more memories, and will tell of those later.

Best Wishes


hi im Sasha 29 years old, 5'5 slim but perky.
I enjoy pooping and for a small girl I can poop a big load.

Anyway my story here I was out shopping was walking around and started to need a poo. I should clarify I go when I need to whether im in public, work, friends houses, home when you gotta go you gotta go right? My mum hated it when my sister and I had to poop in public, anyway I was walking around and my need got worse so before I bought what I needed I made way for the ladies room one stall was taken 3 were empty the lady in the stall was obviously popping coz I heard farts and grunting, anyway I sat down bare butt I don't use seat protecters. Instantly i let out 3 big logs they felt really good, I let out 1 more farted a bit and 1 more and I was done, wiped up and left with a big smile. A lady was walking in as I did so I think she knew what I just did. Enjoying the stories hopefully will post more


Toilet disaster at friends house!

I've never liked pooping at my friends houses. But one time I did and this is disaster story!

This takes place when I had just turned 13 back in 2013. I had made a good friendship with this girl named Jessica. We were best friends and had been for a few months and we did everything together. But neither one of us had discussed bathroom related stuff other than asking each other for period supplies or telling each other about needing to pee. So one day we went to the mall and she invited me to her house to sleepover. I had said yes and I went over for the night. It was really awesome till I woke up the next morning. I hadn't popped for 3 or 4 days, and I had a turtle head poking out, my friend went to the bathroom, I almost shit my pants on her bed. But I managed to hold it tll my friend got back a minute later. I rushed into the bathroom, which was right beside her bedroom by the way. I had never pooped at any one of my friends house ever! But I knew if I don't I would ahit my pants which would be much worse. When I got to the toilet, As soon as my bare butt hit the seat I began pushing. It was huge and took a couple minutes of pushing. It was extremely hard and hurt. It was so wide and long! The biggest turd I have ever pooped in my entire life! No joke. It dropped into the bowl and it stuck straight out of the water because it was so huge! I was afraid of plugging the toilet so I didn't use too much paper for wiping. So I pulled up my pants and pushed down the flusher. The worst thing that could have happened had happened. Instead of the toilet plugging , the turd was so massive it wouldn't go through the hole of the pipe so it just stayed in the bowl. I tried flushing like 3 times. I was so nervous, panicking. So I thought fast. I saw an empty bag on the counter so I grabbed it and used it to pick up the shit from the toilet and put it in the bag. I didn't use my hands though I used the bag. The poop was rock solid. I didn't know what to do with it so I tied the bag as best as I could and put the bag in the garbage! I washed my hands and nervously went back to Jessica's room. I had been in the bathroom for well over 10 minutes so Jessica probably knew what I was doing. A couple hours later, I went back to the bathroom for a pee and it smelled like shit still. It smelled terrible because it was like 4 days worth of poop. I tried to shut the lid but it smelled even worse in the garbage. No doubt someone would find it and that would be a terrible first impression. Considering this was the first time I had been to her house. Later I went home and told my mom and burst into tears. She had to call Jessica's mom and explain what happened so the mom could go change the garbage. The mom was understanding but it was so embarrassing going over to her house after. It it got worse! My friend heard the entire conversation and what my mom said to her mom. I only explained the entire thing to my friend Jessica last month. She told me an embarrassing poop Story too and we are atill best friends to this day.

Emilie C

Closed Store

Hi... I'm new to this site. I am 16 years old, 5'3, 108 pounds, and long light brown curly hair. One thing about me is that I am EMBARRASS to poop and fart in public, including doing that in front of my family... So I learned how to hold on to my poop for a long time, even though it's a bad thing.

During Winter Break, my family was driving home from California in night time... I've been holding in my diarrhea during the whole car trip. But then suddenly, there was a long line of cars and I realize it was a traffic because of the snow making the floor kinda slippery. I decided to sleep and woke up later in 3 hours in stomach pain. I couldn't sleep then since the pain is killing me. Then 30 minutes past and we saw a gas station and decided to drop off there to use the restroom. I was happy... until... the store manager closed the shop because there was so many people coming in the to use the restroom. I didn't blame them because it's the traffic and this was the ONE of the shop in the middle of nowhere. There were ONLY two shop next to each other like the gas station and McDonald.

Me and my mom saw other people going to the back of the shop... So my mom decided to pee behind the gas station and I follow her. She and my baby sister pee somewhere of the side shop and I went as far away from her as possible to unload the poison.

So I found a perfect corner in the back of the shop where no one was there. There was thick snow EVERYWHERE. So I lay my bums in the corner wall and let loose of my diarrhea I've been holding. The snow felt cold until my poop warmed it up. The people from the other shop in McDonald could see me and I didn't care less because it was during midnight. I tried to hurry up so my family don't have weird thoughts. I farted a lot and the cold air really made me let go of everything instead me. The cold wet air suddenly smell really bad but it felt like Heaven at the same time. Then I heard someone was coming and it was a guy who looks like he's somewhere in the 20s. He saw me and smell my diarrhea. He asked me, "Are you shitting?" And I said, "Yeah... And would you mind?" and he said, "Can I watch?" And I was creeped out because I don't know this dude and I'm pooping so I told him, "No, and go away." but he insist on staying so I couldn't do anything about it so I let him watch. Each time I fart, he just cling tightly to his hand. And every time liquid squirts out of my bum, he stared in amazed. My diarrhea suddenly slide downwards because of how the shop has a hillside and because of the ice and made a mess on my boots and that guy's shoes.
I said, "I'm so sorry." And I let out another wave of diarrhea and wet gassy farts. He told me, "That's human nature. Nothing to be embarrassed about." After I was done. I totally forgot to bring paper or anything to wipe with. My eyes search something to wipe until the guy took off his jacket and shirt and gave me his shirt. I stared at him and ask, "What's this?" And he said, "For you to wipe your ass." Since I have no choice, I used his shirt and wipe my bums and boots. Then I pull up my leggings and said, "Thank you." and left.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lucy first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop at your friends house it sounds like it was a really good one and I bet you felt amazing afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Katelyn great poop story.

To: Olivia A first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a really rough time on that plane hope you felt better after that and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mina great story its good that you and Maho became friends and it sounds like you had a pretty nasty poop at least you had friends with you and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Miley it sounds like you had a pretty rough day but at you had a really good friend it Katelyn there to help you out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Blueboy great story.

To: Annie great story about your massive poop I bet you felt amazing after getting that massive beast of a poop out of you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great stories.

To: Tough Cookie another great story.

To: George great story it sounds like you got a good show and I bet she felt amazing after a poop like that and great story about her major desperate poop it sounds like she just made it without having an accident and I look forward to anymore that you happen to remember.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

tough cookie
Hi all, I hope you like my posts as much as I like all of yours. Today's post takes us back to last Saturday. I was off work, and like I like doing on Saturdays I went to the local library. It was around 9.30 in the morning, and by that time I still hadn't pooped that day. I had however taken my morning coffee, which I do find helps a lot my bowel movement. I returned by old books, and started browsing among the shelves, when the first signals of a poop approach could be felt. I started feeling the urge to let out some relieving farts, yet 2 ladies were close by, and I knew these ones would be smelly. Hence, I moved on to another section and as I was pretending to read a book review I released my gas. It was one silent fart, quite long, and very relieving. It let out one hell of a smell too, yet I felt so much better. I went back to were I was before and started looking for the books I had in mind. Yet the need for a poop was earnest, and I had no other way but to head to the bathroom, which is at the back of the library. I walked to the ladies' restroom, and realised it was occupied. Yet, after a minute I could hear the flushing sound and a middle-aged woman came out. I realised immediately what the problem was - there wasn't ample water in the flushing, and I knew my dump was going to be big, thus it was by no means going to be swept away. Then an idea hit. There, in the very corner, was a tissue bin - round, uncovered, and with a wide diameter. That had to be my day's salvation. I removed my coat, unbuttoned my tight jeans, and placed some sheets of toilet paper in the bin so that my poop wouldn't soil the bottom. I lowered my jeans, and prepared myself for the much needed relief. I squatted, without touching the bin, and eased out my usual initial fart. It had barely ended when the first turd made its way to the exit. I didn't even have to push or grunt, because it slid out very gently, and heard it drop on the tissues. I farted softly again, and out came the second turd, longer than the first one but equally smooth. It felt so good to be emptying my bowels! Then there came five shorty turds. I felt satisfied, and hence took out some tissues and wiped. I didn't soil much. I stood up and looked at my creation, and found a very nice-looking poop mole, all piled up and healthy-looking. I covered it with toilet paper sheets and walked proudly out of the bathroom. When I told my husband what I had done he really enjoyed it and said that he wanted to see me pooping in a bucket the day after.

Kevin E

My Girlfriend Poops in the Lake

Last week, me and my girlfriend, Jennifer decided to ride in a motorboat in the lake. When we were far away from seeing any lands. I saw my girlfriend holding on to her stomach while sweating pretty badly. I ask her, "Are you okay?" and she said, "My stomach hurts... can you drive the motorboat back to shore???" And I ask, "Why." And she said, "Just do it."

When I was driving back, Jennifer was leaning forward having a strange worry look on her face. She said, "Hurry Kev. It hurts." And she groans in pain. We were pretty far from the shore and we couldn't see land. Then Jennifer told me to stop the boat. I stop the boat and ask her, "What's wrong." She only said this, "You love me Kev? Right? Well... I'm about to do something girls shouldn't do... ughhnn... it hurts..." Then she pulled down her shorts and underwear which has brown stains and place her butt near the water. I'm like, "Are you-" and before I said anything, she let a huge ripe in the water. I was utterly shocked to see Jennifer doing this in front of me because she is a type of girl who would never fart or shit when people are around. She farted so much I wonder how much of that is in her since she is a skinny girl... but she does has a huge ass. She started crying and blushing red while shitting loudly and said, "I'm so sorry! I couldn't make it and... ahhhnnn..." She groans and brown chunk came out of her hole. The air suddenly smells really bad and I can see brown stuff floating on top of the water that turned brown. I just sit there amazed, shocked, gross-out, and speechless. But at the same time... it was kinda turning me on. It went on for over 10 minutes and then she said, "I-I think it's over." Then she grab a paper and wipe her ass and dump it on the motorboat. She throws away her stained underwear and pulls up her shorts and told me, "I'm so... so VERY, VERY SORRY." Then I start up the motorboat and drove for 5 minutes without talking and we reach the shore.

Then when we left the shore, I told her, "Let's buy you new underwear." And she said, "I'm sorry..." But then I said, "I don't really mind... really... I don't. You can poop in front of me from now on and I don't mine..." And for some reason... I don't know why watching my girlfriend pooping in front of me turns me on so much.


To Tristan

Good story! I just posted another one.

If you have more please let me know :)

I also have a couple questions I have never got to ask a guy before. Feel free to answer them if you have time. Thanks!

1) At school do guys usually try to hide the fact they are pooping? Because girls do, I never hear anything. I wonder if it's the same for guys.

2) do most guys poop at school or wait till they get home?

3) Most embarrassing school pooping story?

Sonya Sue

Survey on Public Toilet Use

There seems to be more talk about people, especially us students, "holding it", instead of using a public bathroom. So here's a list of common places about which we have to make the "decision." Please show if its the type of bathroom you have used, would use or would not use. This should be interesting. I'll start:

Gender: F
Age: 16

1) department store--on occasion
2) school--daily, often 2 or 3 times
3) movie theatre--often I will go in before if its a long movie
4) airport--a couple of times, too large, I hated it!
5) public stadium/arena--yes, hate outdoor cold seats in fall.
6) highway reststop--on occasion, mom hates them when we travel
7) gas station--yes because they are convenient after hours
8) on buses or trains--no
9) parks--use frequently
10) convenience stores--work in one, use each shift
11) church--sometimes
12) doctor/dentist office--never have had to
13) portable potty--only a couple of times
14) in public mall--frequently, especially when I would be there allday
15) fast food restaurant--among the filthiest I've had to sit on.

If you have other places you would like to add, that would be great.
Thank you.


To Mina

I love your posts Mina!

Whenever I sit down for a poop, I completely take off my pants and put them on the counter.


PS to Maho Hit Me story

Sorry that was very very long story, maybe you all yawn many many times. But I forgot one thing, which was when I came out of loo, Maho was on my bed with crying, but my electric kettle very warm because Maho heated water. And after we stop crying Maho went to kettle and poured hot water into teapot, she gave me tea, she said "Mina you are weak after so big diarrhoea, stay on bed, don't get up, drink this tea, I made it not so strong because that is better." She was worried that I dehydrate, she said. And it was true, I felt not so steady on my legs when I got off the loo, I worried maybe I faint! After drinking tea I felt better and no problem to stand up, if you have a big diarrhea like that it is good to drink something because your body dehydrate.

I think Maho never did motions in my flat until last year, first time I was aware that Maho doing motions was when we went to hot spring hotel first time. She sat on loo very long time, she said to me "sorry Mina, I am very slow on loo" but I said "I am same, even I don't have a diarrhoea."

I tell you another story soon, this one is new one and about Kazuko.

Love, Mina and friends

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