Ashley G
Brian W- Yes we live in the Midwest. And no none of us are vegetarian. However, even though they eat their share of chocolate, they they eat plenty of ???? and fruit too. I always cook dinner 4-5 times a week.

Hi all. I'm new here. I'm 17 years old, about 5'6", with shoulder-length brown hair. I eat a ton and poop every day, sometimes twice in one day. I have a story from Friday to share with you. I first felt the urge on the bus coming home from school. I was sitting next to my friend and we were going to her house. I could feel a fart coming on just a minute or so before our stop. I held it back even though it hurt a lot as we got off the bus and as soon as the bus pulled away, I let it rip. It was loud and a few seconds long. My friend just laughed and we walked from the stop to her house. I farted a few more times, but none like that first one.

We got to her house, and she said she needed to pee before I pooped. I said okay, I can hold it for a bit. We went to the bathroom, and since there was no one else home we didn't bother closing the door. She sat down, lowered her jeans and panties and peed forcefully for about a minute. She said she'd been holding it all day. Then she wiped her front and we swapped places. I also lowered my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. We talked while I pooped.

It took a while before my first turd was ready to come out, but I farted a bunch. The turd was thick but soft and it crackled as it came out. It was a few inches long and fell in the toilet with a big splash. Almost immediately after, another slightly thicker turd emerged. It came slowly and didn't make any noise. It grew to be long but finally broke off. I farted a few more times. I still felt a bit more in me so I continued sitting and we talked some more. A minute or two went by before I had another turd. It was skinnier than the other two, but still pretty thick. And it was even longer. I finished with two more short turds that plopped into the bowl.

By that point, I had really stunk up the bathroom and I was glad we had left the door open. I had to look at my creations, so I got up. My friend came over and looked too. We saw one turd, about an inch and a half thick that curled around forming almost a complete circle. Laying across it was a turd maybe an inch thick that looked like a sideways U. It crossed the circular turd in two places, then doubled back and crossed it again twice more. There were also two shorter turds floating in the center. I flushed then sat back down to wipe, before flushing again. I had left some skidmarks in the toilet which I cleaned with the brush before washing my hands. My friend and I then left the bathroom, still stinking quite badly, to go hang out in her room.


Summer Poop

Although it is winter, here is my story from last summer :)

I am in 3rd grade now, so you can probably guess my age.

I was playing capture the flag with my friends and a couple of boys when I had the urge to poop. This urge was really bad since it hit me really hard. I asked one of the boys if I can borrow his shirt real quick because it was warm and I needed something to wipe my sweat. Although I was wearing shorts and a sleeveless top, sweat was dripping from my forehead and all over the place. I got Anthony's shirt and I ran away with it, leaving the other kids behind.

I ran into the forest beside the playground. I kept running until I reached a bridge with a river running beneath it. I hopped onto the bridge, pulled my shorts to my knees and squatted down. This was my first time pooping without sitting on a toilet, so I didn't know how to aim. First, pee came out and some of it hit my sandals and on the bridge. It felt disgusting because the pee was warm and it smelled horrible. I opened my legs and put my feet further apart, then the poop came out. It first came out with its head, hard and painful, then it slowly made its way out of my butt. It was so painful that I had tears in my eyes, but I kept fighting against the poop. I pushed, pushed and pushed until all of the poop came out. It fell from my butt, hit the side of the bridge and into the river. I was relieved and felt good afterwards. I looked for something to wipe my butt and there in my hand was Andrew's shirt. I used the shirt to wipe my butt and i wiped it a couple of times. I looked at the shirt. I was shocked that the shirt was white and there were many poop streaks as well as a few yellow ones all over the shirt. I threw the shirt into the river and felt bad about taking Andrew's shirt and using it to wipe my butt. But whatever, I'll just tell him that I lost it while running in the forest while I am planting a few "flags" :D

I started to walk back to the playground. My feet, partially covered in pee, felt disgusting and sticky at the same time. I really hate it that I did not aim my butt directly at the river :(

Back at the playground, the other kids asked where I went, so I told them about my story :)

I went back home and washed my smelly and sticky feet on the lawn with a hose.

To this day nobody knows about where Andrew's shirt went and we have went to the forest many times to try to find it but cannot find it.

That is it! It is long but hopefully you will find it to be interesting XD

Grocery store pee

Menopause is weird. One of the symptoms is bladder control issues. I had a coffee awhile earlier and thought I had gotten rid of it via the other end peeing. I had to get some groceries and put on a tena active brief. I went to the bathroom just before leaving then began my 15 minute walk to the grocery store. It was cold outside and I had my long down coat on. I knew there was no bathroom there and since it was getting dark I thought if desperate I could use a group of wide coniferous trees to hide behind. I was in the grocery store at the pharmacy section when I really had to go. I knew I could not get out so I just stood there and peed in the absorbent brief. A few seconds later another trickle. I continued my shopping went to the cash and left the store. A block into my walk home I stood still and let out a few more ounces. I was glad that I wore an absorbent brief and not just a moderate or even ultimate pad since it would have flooded.

Danish student

Biking in Sweden

Last summer I went biking with some friends in southern part of Sweden. We camped in tents in the woods. Mostly there were no toilets where we stayed. Therefore we had to go to toilet in the bushes. We did not talk about it but I think all of us went to toilet outdoor several times, not only to pee but also to poop. I did not see any of my friends squatting but at one site there were also some German tourists camping. In the morning I saw one of them squatting with her shorts down. I also saw used toilet paper and fresh poop several times. To me it was a reminder that we all have the same needs.

Post Title (optional)Childhood illness

I rarely got sick when I was a child but I remember one time that was a real dozier. It all started one day when I was in school...maybe 9 or 10 years old. I had not been feeling real well the last hour or so of school but it was not all that bad. So I started walking home about a 7 block walk 2 or 3 of my friends normally walked with me but today I was walking alone...thank goodness. When I had walked about 2 blocks I started to have stomach cramps and then felt the runs coming on. I should have turned around and went back to school to use the bathroom and I thought I could have made it home to go.. But I didn't and 2 or 3 blocks further on the feeling in my anus was getting very strong. I knew that I would not be able to hold it very much longer. I looked around and saw no place to go. Then it happened my anus opened up and the liquid poo started spewing out. I froze in my spot and could feel the back of my pants getting soaked and running down by leg. When it was done I walked on feeling miserable. Then I realized that my stomach was starting to turn over and that I was very likely going to be sick to my stomach. After walking only a little ways further I stopped by a tree and waited. I did not have to wait very long before the first vomit. The first and second vomit really did not amount to much but the third one was a big one. It looked like everything I had eaten in the last week came up. Then after waiting a few moments I walked the last block home. Went directly to to the bathroom and pealed off all of my clothes, leaving them in a pile and took a shower. While in the shower I had another stomach cramp and let loose with another round of liquid poo that went down the drain. After the shower I laid down on by bed as I felt really tired and weak. My Mother came home within the hour, saw the pile of dirty clothes and saw me in bed. I told her the whole story, had a very light supper and went to bed early. When I woke in the morning I felt fine and went to school with only the memories the problems the day before.


Bathroom cleaning at school

One evening last week I stayed even later at school because I had a club meeting plus a tutoring assignment. So at about 5 I went into the main bathroom of the downstairs floor and decided to take one of the middle stalls that didn't have a door because it was the only one that didn't have a bowl with lots of others' wee in it and paper and crap clogging it from well above the water level. One stall even had a notebook floating on top of the water. So I took my jeans and undees down to my knees and seated myself for a guaranteed wee and possibly a little poo since I had been having some gas since lunch. I was just messing with the toilet paper I had pulled off the roll when I heard something smash against the side of the main bathroom doorway. The wheels squeaked and I knew it was Margie, the matron who services the main bathroom. She began with the first toilet, by lifting the seat and then looking at how bad it was clogged. She has this large glove that goes up to her elbow and some kind of wire tool that she uses to pull things out that won't flush. Then she flushes, and goes on to the next toilet. I was using stall #12 I think and she was moving pretty fast until she came up to me. I'm there regularly after school so she knows me by name and she joked that she knew I was taking good care of the toilet. When she looked at the metal panel next to me, she pointed to some scribling in ink and said that was probably gang-related. So she pulled this small camera off the clip on the side of her cart, put it right up to the markings, and shot a picture of it. I told her I didn't know anything about gangs, and she said to keep it that way. Then she moved to the next toilet, lifted the seat, and with the help of a plunger from her cart, she flushed it. She did about three more toilets before I wiped, stood, and flushed, and then went and washed my hands. She's like retirement age, but said she doesn't intend to retire. Because her family came over here from Germany at the end of World War II, she likes her job and being around us. If she doesn't know a student's name, she calls her "sweet child."


A question

A lot of people recently have been posting about their inhibitions regarding public toilets. I personally have never used public toilets because I wouldn't want to damage my reputation (oh, the peculiarities of youth) and most of my friends agree with me in that they would never use a public toilet. Since this is a forum to discuss bodily functions sans inhibitions, I want to ask you guys a question. How desperate do you guys have to be to use a public toilet? If there was a risk that you might not be able to hold it, would you still rather go home than use a public toilet?
At my school, I can think of many instances where students (most of them female) have had an accident because they were trying to hold off until they got home. I was just curious about the habits of this site's users.

Olivia A.

Diarrhea in a Plane

Hi everyone, I'm new here.
Information about me: I am 5'4, 19 years old, has IBS, blonde, and green eyes.

When I was 18, I was going home to London from my trip in New York. I had some airplane food and let just say it didn't go well with my stomach... When the plane was about to land in 1 hour and 30 minutes, I had a massive stomach cramp and decided to hold it in since the line was long. But I couldn't hold in anymore so I decided to go used the restroom, I wait in line for 15 seconds until it was my turn. I quickly took off my shirt and underwear and tried to gently shit out a little because people are waiting outside to use the restroom. But when I let loose, it ended up being a huge wet loud fart. I still tried to keep it quiet as possible, but whatever I tried, I just needed to go badly. I hold my breath and believe it would help, but only air sounded wet farts came out. I sigh in embarrassment thinking what those people are thinking and then a sharp pain hit me in the stomach. I suddenly lean forward because of the cramp in my stomach and let all the brown liquid out of my hole. It took about 15 minutes of shitting all that brown liquid and most of the time it was just empty wet air farts. After I was done, I look at the mess I made and it was just brown water. I flush the toilet and grab the perfume next to the sink and spray it around the mini restroom, in the toilet, and around my butt. I then wash my hands and quickly left the restroom while covering my embarrassment face. When I came back to my seat, I saw the next person who went in that mini restroom covering his nose. I pretend nothing happened and waited until the plane was ready to land.

Monday, February 02, 2015

dude in distress

To Linda and everyone else who is constipated

Linda- how awful for you to have the poo half way out and then get stuck. My constipation has been rough lately as well. Yesterday I spent two hours trying to get this turd out. It would poke out a bit and go back in when I stopped straining. I leaned forward while pushing as hard as possible, and I looked down below to check the progress- I had a half an inch of this HUGE turd poking out- and my bottom was bulging down as I strained. I gritted my teeth and really bore down as hard as possible. Again- as soon as I stopped to catch my breath- it went back in a little. I was miserable. I gave up for a bit, but is was very hard trying to go about my day with a huge turd stretching my anus apart. I had to get it out. I stood in the bathroom and leaned against the counter while I strained like a mad man. I'd finally gotten an inch of this beast out! I sat on the toilet to catch my breath and then I balled up my fists and pushed and grunted loudly. I pressed against the sides of my anus and my perineum- and finally got the whole thing out. It was over 2 inches wide!


Maho hit me

Please don't be shocked everybody, this is very old story. I have back log of stories but it takes long time in English and lot of energy, so I can't post so often, I'm very sorry. Thank you to Mr/Ms Moderator, you have very hard work every day to process stories and other posts, I'm not good at punctuate just like you say, especially I am bad at inverted commas. I try not to forget as possible as I can. But I never say gimme, my mother taught me to be polite always, but actually I am not always polite girl, and that is why Maho hit me... it's some years ago now, I was 18.

At that time I didn't know Kazuko and Hisae and my friendship with Maho quite new one, we were together in college and same class. One day in my room (not same flat as now, much smaller one, we call one-room mansion in Japan) I said careless thing and did careless thing. After, I noticed it was wrong, but too late, Maho's face became to be red and she raised left hand and hit me hard on face with loud angry words. I just stood there (Maho said; I was so shocked I don't remember well even now) about ten seconds I didn't move. But I didn't angry because I know I was wrong one and did bad thing.

Then I collapsed on bed with loud crying and said sorry sorry Maho in big voice. Maho immediately stopped her angry, and knelt down next to me and said "Mina sorry I hit you, I am bad too." But I cried and cried, so Maho also cried, and her crying voice louder and louder. Sorry sorry sorry, we both said so many times. And Maho put her hand on my shoulder, later she said my shoulder moving very much up and down.

Very very big shock to me, why is Mina so bad girl? I thought, but after long crying my stomach hurt. Not only crying, also double shock (bad Mina and slap from Maho) bash my stomach and I knew I must go into loo and do a big diarrhoea. I was shy, because I never do a motion before with Maho knowing. But I didn't want mess my pants, so I said to Maho, "sorry but I have to go into loo and long time. You want to go home?" Maho said, "No I stay here. I want to stay with you, I can't settle down if I go home now. Go into loo and take your time, I wait, I'm OK." Sweet lovely Maho. That was first time I said to myself, I love Maho.

I went into loo and my bottom burst with big noise. Then many plops very quickly, then long soft motion, big burururururu sound. I decided to stay on loo because I knew more motions coming and maybe many times, I wanted to go to loo just once and empty my angry bottom. After about 8 minutes and many bururururu noises, I heard Maho's voice outside door, "Mina are you OK?" "After 5 minutes maybe OK, sorry" I said, Maho said "take your time". So I stayed on loo and many motions and flushed many times because of smell. I was a bit shy, but Maho is woman, so not so big problem really. Finally, I thought, it's all out, my bottom is empty, so I washed it and dried it and flushed and sprayed medicine and went out of loo and Maho was sitting on my bed crying and crying but without voice, just tears down her face very fast and many many. So I started to cry again and sat down beside Maho and put my hand round her shoulders, very softly because I thought, maybe she still angry. But Maho took my other hand and said in small voice, Mina I want to be your best friend. So I said to her, ii yo, it is Japanese for yes it's OK. And put my head on her shoulder.

Finally we stop crying and I said to Maho, "I want you to stay her tonight, and eat dinner with me, we will cook together." Maho said, "I ask my parents." They said OK so we went Maho's house and she picked up change of clothes, and then we went shopping and cooked dinner and watched TV and talked and finally went to bed, I asked Maho "is same bed OK?" She said "Of course OK, because you are woman."

I didn't think then about if Maho go to loo or not. She went but only for wee I think. Since that day we are best friends and Maho never hit me again, I am careful what I say but we get closer and Maho said to me one day "Mina you can do or say anything you like because I really know you now and I never never hit you again." About two years later Kazuko and Hisae became to be our friends and we got very very close, now I can't live without them.

I sometimes get depressed, but I'm OK because I know my friends never leave me. I am lucky woman because I have lovely friends and also lovely family. I don't know why I get depressed, maybe my desire in life too high?

I told my friends about story of Sam and Rachel. They all said, "Kind Rachel's mother, because she said "I understand" ". How beautiful this word, "understand". I write this, I want to cry again… Silly crying baby Mina!

Love to all you on toiletstool site, from silly crying baby Mina, and Maho with angry left hand.

hey i have a story from yesterday at school im still pretty embarrassed

after lunch were in Mrs rogers class so once she gave us our pieces of paper to write our story on i felt cramping in my stomach,it hit me so fast i knew i needed to go to the bathroom fast,kaitlyn my best friend was next to me she asked me if i was ok i told her i need to poop bad. she said she kinda has to too so she said to mrs rogers that miley is sick to her stomach can i take her to the bathroom she said yes so we hurried to the bathroom. once we got in the bathroom was empty i went into the handicap stall she went in with me so i would feel better she told me she could hold it shes such a good friend. i pulled my shorts and panties down and made it just in time i had runny diarrhea bad for 20 and a half minutes i started finishing up. one of the popular girls came in she was giggling then i heard her take the first stall. i finished and kaitlyn sat down and began to poop she farted and i heard 5 plops then she was done. we went out and washed our hands as i was washing my hands i farted and diarrhea came out into my panties down my legs kaitlyn grabbed paper towels and help me clean up she went to her locker and got me her extra yoga pants the popular girl anna heard and was laughing so we hurried out of the bathroom fast bye bye


to Angela

Nice story :) That's so cool that you fart a lot on the toilet--I do the same thing.

And well sophomore year of high school I had to poop during lunch time; I told my friends I was going to go to the bathroom. I was in there for a while because, similar to you, I just sat there and farted for a while before anything came out. I guess it was longer than I thought because one of my friends came in and asked if I was in there and right after he came in, I pushed a pretty big turd out and it made a loud splash and he definitely heard it; I didn't even have to tell him my answer because I think he was just like "I heard that!" and then he started talking to me while I was on the toilet, not minding the grunting, plopping, and farting, which I thought was kinda cool because I don't mind if someone is there when I'm doing that lol. After I finally flushed, he commented on the smell, saying it was really bad, which kinda made me feel proud, oddly enough -_-

Anyway, hope you liked my story, I have a lot more than that.

I'm 5'9", 145 lbs, and I'm a lacrosse player.


Best poop in school

I have had quite a few great poops great in school (every one is), at least 3. One on the list actually happened today. As you know, I can get constipated a little easy, and I like to eat my heart out somedays, so both of those didn't equal to a good situation.

Today: I had a good poop on the 24th (today's the 28th) but didn't poop since then. I had eaten a lot from the fast food place down the street (12 pack tacos), and some chili, and on the 25th all I could manage out was a sort of thick short log about 8 inches. I was sure that couldn't have been all the food I was eating.

Well today that changed, I had been farting really bad for the last couple of days, and today when I sat on the toilet in the morning I felt a piece, I usually felt the urge to poop in the afternoon so I held it till then. In the afternoon at school, I went straight to the bathroom, I checked out the three stalls that were there. When I went in further in, a younger, smaller guy walked out of the biggest stall. I walked in there, and smelled what he had done. I looked into the toilet and saw 2 thin turds the size of highlighters, I didn't know why he didn't flush, but when I pulled the lever nothing happened. The water was dead because it was clogged. Sighing, and in urgent need of a shit I went to the next stall.
There were some people at the sinks talking but I didn't care. I went in the stall and my stomach began to cramp, I quickly sat down at the edge and started letting some loose airy farts. Very quickly I started to push out what felt like a big thick turd, I kept pushing and pushing until it was all out, which took about 30 seconds. Right then and there the smell hit me. It was pretty bad. I then farted again, and two thuds came out. I felt semi relieved.
When I stood up I could now see why it smelled so bad. There was a massive pile of several very big logs that had mushed up when I was unloading them. This would never make it down the toilet if it was more solid. It would also was at the front of the bowl. I looked at it closer, and took a picture, it was just so much waste in one big pile in the front of the toilet.
After that I began to wipe and I hit the flush lever. It didn't budge. It began to stink really bad in my stall, and looking at the pile it ranged from charcoal black to a very light tan brown. I left the stall, hoping the janitor would take care of it.
I came back after practice to see if it had been taken care of, when I opened the bathroom door, a stink hit me in the face. I laughed to myself when I knew it was still there. I went to the stall I used and it was still sitting there and the water was brown. I flushed it again, and nothing budged, so I just laughed and walked away..

Toodles and good shits to all~


Last Week With My Aunt

Well my last story didn't go through for some reason. My aunt had did some shopping last week on her off day and had went to a buffet with her girlfriends early in the day. She didn't feel like going all the way home and she wanted to watch one of her TV shows at my place. She and I always trip out and take dumps in front of each other. So she was lying on the couch on her stomach and called me over towards her. She released a huge, but short fart out that smelled a little. She wanted to wait until her show went off before dropping a load. She finally went to the bathroom and released a 10 inch log that was banana shaped and curved and some smaller pebbles. The next morning she had the runs. Didn't care to see that. LOL!

Any ladies with funny/embarrassing fart stories?

Ashley G- do you and your girls live in the US? Are any of you vegetarian?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Chloe B great story it sounds like Jade was desperate and just made it to the toilet in time and I bet she felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ashley G great story.

To: Bill F as always another great story it sounds like both Sam and Rachel were pretty desperate and luckily neither had full blown accidents and I bet they both felt good afterwards to.

To: Tough Cookie first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop at work it sounds like it was a really good one and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Jenni great set of accident stories.

To: Shelly great story about watching your girlfriend Nicole poop it sounds like she had a really good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan great pooping story as always.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


my weird poo

so saturday last week i had to poop, and i was with my friends outside, and we went behind some trees witch was by a cliff to smoke some doobies, as we did so i realized pressure in my bum and being too lazy to hold it in i had to let it out, so i found my own spot, where there was a big hole, i pulled down my skinny jeans and squatted, steadily, a long stinky and quite soft turd merged from my ass, and fell in the hole with a muddy plunk on the ground, it was followed by two more soft clumps of poo, then i pulled up my pants and kicked it deeper in the hole, then after about a minute along comes my friends dog who has followed us, and it looked like it was franticly looking for something and im like no it cant be! and then the dog runs in the hole, finds my pile of shit, and picks it up and chews it and swallows all of it. shocked by what it did i just walked away, and that night the dog had poohy breath and burps, it was so cute :3


GIANT, firm log!

Hi all. I've been going every day to every couple of days depending on my exercise and diet habits. I missed a day yesterday so this morning I woke up with a very sore stomach and was passing a lot of gas in bed. Went downstairs to the bathroom, pulled down my clothes and sat on the toilet to try and poop but all that came out was more gas. Then about 20-30 mins ago I was finishing off my first cup of coffee of the day and was getting major cramps and an urge for an urgent BM. My stomach really hurt and I knew there was no holding this one in. So I headed to the bathroom, pulled down my clothes, grabbed the Garfield comic and sat on the toilet. It took one gentle push and this MASSIVE log came out slowly and then a bit of mush on top. It kind of hurt which I'm not used to since my poops are usually really soft. But for some reason this one felt hard. Strange. Anyway, I was done within a few minutes. I made sure I was finished before I stood up to wipe.

Oh my gosh! The log was about 3-3 1/2 feet long and firm (only the end piece was hard)and then a pile of mush on top. Insane. Each time I poop it's 2-3 feet worth of stuff. And I go almost every day instead of once a week like last year. My husband doesn't understand how I poop so much lol. Neither do I, but I've always been able to do giant poops like that. Even as a little girl. Luckily though when I flushed it didn't clog the toilet. It just kind of dissolved and went down.

Happy pooping!

I found the recent string of stories by girls who feared using the school bathrooms to poop interesting, only because I had the opposite fear kind of. When I was in school, in 4th grade another girl in my class pooped her pants one day. She had these stretchy light blue stirrup pants on and it was really obvious, plus the whole room stunk when it happened. Needless to say it was a major occurrence for a room full of 9-10 year olds. Everyone talked about it...the girl was super humiliated obviously... But what I took away from it was a crazy intense fear of pooping my pants at school...or anywhere for that matter. I was convinced that nothing more embarrassing could happen. As a result i was a dedicated school bathroom pooper. In high school i usually pooped at school either right when I got to school before home room (I was never ready to go yet before I left for school, it was frustrating) or I would go to the bathroom during lunch. Whenever there was a day when I still didn't need to go by lunch time I remember feeling anxious that in one of my later classes I was gonna need to go and worried about the possibility of having an accident. It was a really paranoid fear all stemming from seeing what happened to that classmate in 4th grade- which by the way, that incident still came up once in a while in conversation where people from that class were present. This girl couldn't live it down!

Thankfully I never had an accident at school. Never came close to one. My bathroom routine worked out well...only maybe one time did I ever hear another girl snicker and make a comment to a friend when I was pooping in the bathroom and I just rolled my eyes and ignored them.

As an adult, i have failed to make it to the bathroom in time on two occasions. As you can imagine it was a pretty devastating occurrence for me given my childhood fear of it happening...the first time there were no witnesses, but I still felt humiliated. It was an odd feeling to be embarrassed even though there was no one to be embarrassed by. It was pretty random, I was at my then-boyfriend's house. I was 24 at the time and had been living there sort of unofficially and I was home alone. I was in the living room studying for an exam in one of my grad classes. I knew I needed to poop but I wasn't concerned, I held it and kept studying. Eventually I got to the point where I realized "ok, I've really gotta go, time for a bathroom break" and when I stood up, I felt my bowels rumble. I clenched my cheeks as hard as I could and made a bee line for the stairs, and started running up to the bathroom, but it was too late. It started coming out when I was halfway up the stairs. I panicked and started skipping steps, which made it worse because it caused my leggings to stretch against my butt, squishing the mess and making it spread. By the time I reached the toilet I had pretty much already completely crapped my pants. I couldn't believe it...I felt so ashamed and embarrassed, and I was just could this happen while I'm at home when there is a bathroom readily available at all times? Either way, I cleaned up and made sure there was no way my boyfriend could tell what happened and tried my hardest to forget it happened.

The other accident was kind of unavoidable given the circumstances, I was stuck in the car. It just happened this week (i'm 29 now). It was blizzard traffic- everyone trying to get home from work early because a blizzard was starting. The heavy traffic and worsening road conditions made it a long, long drive. by hour 3 of the drive (normally 50 minutes) I was desperate to both pee and poop. I began to face the fact that I was unlikely to make it home clean and dry... At one point I was bargaining with myself, thinking maybe I could just pee and at least relieve that pressure then maybe I could hold my poop in- that's how bad I had to go, that I was thinking things like that.

Here is the thing that made this 100 times more awful though... I don't drive in the snow. I can't handle it. My boyfriend has a truck with 4 wheel he had picked me up at work to drive me home. Yeah, I was about to have a major accident while sitting 10 inches away from the man who I most wish to find me attractive.

I stayed quiet and held out as long as possible. But when I reached the point where I could feel little bits of pee leaking into my panties and I was also "prairie dogging", I knew the polite thing to do would be to warn him. I said "babe..." He looked at me and I said, while breathing heavily and trying not to cry, "I have to go to the bathroom SO bad that I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go in my pants." He seemed like he wanted to spring into action and somehow rescue me but what could he have done? He said "hold on one more second" and I impatiently said "yes I'm trying!" And he reached into the back seat and was feeling around for something. He pulled the windshield cover up from the back, one of those things you put on the dash in the summer to cover the windshield and keep the sunlight out. He told me he thought it was waterproof so I could sit on it to protect the seat. In hind sight I don't know why, but at the time it annoyed me and I kind of reluctantly agreed. I carefully sat up for a second and slide it under me as best I could and he helped pull it up around the sides and my back so it was kind of like a shell around me. He snickered and made some joke about it being like a car seat diaper or something which I was not in the mood for at the time but at least he was making light of the situation. I managed to hold on for a little while longer after that. I think getting nervous by him knowing what was going on actually worked to kind of tense things up down there and help me hold on longer. But soon enough I was leaking and prairie dogging again....the leaks started happening closer together and lasting longer and I could feel wetness between my legs. Meanwhile, the poop started to finally come all the way out. I prairie dogged again but it came out past the point of no return, and I couldn't help but grunt a little as it pushed all the way out with a crackle and squished into my panties between my butt and the car seat. It felt really warm and soft. Once that had happened my pee stream became a steady, constant flow. I felt this hot wet tingling sensation completely cover my crotch and inner thighs, then start going back and spreading underneath my butt. It was such an intense feeling of relief that as I was going it was like I forgot for a second that I was sitting in the car next to my boyfriend wetting my pants, it just felt so good to let it go. Once it was done though, sitting there feeling how soaked I was and that there was a little bit of poop in my pants and I still really needed to poop more, it got real and I just started freaking out! My boyfriend just kept rubbing my back and shushing me and telling me to relax and that it wasn't a big deal. after another minute or so, the poop got going again and it came out softer and more consistently, spreading up my butt towards my back. It made little popping like noises as it came out. Once I was done messing my pants the smell really hit... I could tell by the look on my boyfriend's face that he wasn't expecting me to poop my pants too...thought I was just gonna pee myself. I just cried quietly and wished I could disappear as he continued to rub my back but not really say anything. I think he was just trying not to breathe through his nose's not like we could open the windows because of the weather. It was so awful and I was so embarrassed!

I had to sit there in my wet, messy pants and underwear for 45 more minutes before we got home. By then all the wetness had become cold. It did not feel nice, especially with all the mush caked all over my butt too. I waddled so slowly and delicately into the house, it felt so boyfriend snickered and I shot daggers at him with my eyes and he said "I'm sorry babe it just looks funny how you're walking! you!" I was still annoyed but it did make me feel a little better that he found it funny rather than being disgusted by me...

After a long hot shower and putting on fresh pants and underwear I threw my dirty ones into the tub and rinsed them off with the shower panties where white and gray stripes, my pants were charcoal gray leggings. So yeah, they were pretty messy. The shower head pre-rinse worked great though, when I got them out of the washing machine you could barely tell by looking at the panties the terrible thing that happened in would have to know it happened and specifically look close enough to see the very faint stain. I was impressed because I was fully expecting to have to throw them out. Keep that in mind girls, those of you who think your panties are a lost cause after an accident. This was a major mess in white, got them like 98% clean. That was at least one victory for me lol.

I am still mortified that it happened but my boyfriend was very consoling and understanding and kept telling me it wasn't my fault. It made me feel a little better...I made him promise to never bring it up though!


Back after a long time

to Mikeypee no that nurse never did get back to me.

If you don't remember me I'm paralyzed from neck down and need help to go to the poop and have a bag for pee. i had a gf for almost the last two years so this first story involves C. We were at the mall and kissing and just having fun when C whispers in my ear babe i need to pee. So she feels, my leg and says looks like you could use a pee too. So i tell my nurse we're going to the bathroom. We get in C pulls out my bottle and pulls down my pants and empties my bag, she begins, to fidget and squirm i ask baby you ook and C says yes i really need to piss. C don't ever say piss or shit only when she's really really desperate, she dumped my pee and put my bottle on the floor and quickly un zipped and pushed her jeans and light pink panties straight down to her ankles. I could see her hairy privates already wet as she was already dribbling as she sat, she spread her legs and gushed pee for almost a, minute she grabs some tp and begins to wipe. And all of a sudden C gets super quiet. I ask hun you ok she looks at me very pained and says babe lunch didn't sit well, she paused and without warning farts really loud. She turns bright red and says to me i can't even get up to let you out of here. I said honey it's ook just poop i know you need to just go i don't mind. She said thanks and with a loud UUNNNGGGHHHH grunt floommp a 8" log drops out of my pretty gf. I watch and i said bet that felt good, C shakes her head and not wanting to look at me says i bought spicey at lunch because i haven't gone in almost a week. She looks up tears in her eyes and says my name. She said don't be grossed out but i need to fill the toilet can you sit here while i do it? I said sure baby but why didn't you go before and she says almost angry I've tried every day i just couldn't. i said ook pulled up very close she grabbed my hand and leaned forward and with another long loud UUNNNGGGHHHH grunt was now pushing out her long awaited poop i could couldn't see much from whenever she was sitting forward but heard loud floommps as she was letting out big poops. After 10 minute s and alot of smell she farts and says uh baby it's getting worse. she began to have mush and liquid it sounded like her butt was exploding about every minute for 3-4,minutes. She leaned over and wiped alot. Her butt was very messy and i saw the toilet am she wasn't kidding the hole wasn't visible, most of the water was now thick brown poop almost filling the toilet. She pulled everything up, and said when i get up it's going to try and flush i know that since I'm empty now it's not going to flush so let's run out the door. she jumped up zipped and the toilet flushed i saw a huge brown mess start to go down and come back up C pushed the flush again it went down again and it sounded awful trying to take all the poop down but just too much to flush we ran out the door as the brown water started over the sides. We washed up in the other bathroom and had a good day.


Sonya Sue

Tiff the reporter

We had a reporter from our community weekly newspaper come to our school and interview those of us working on our drama set. She called down to our music & drama department and Mrs. M sent me to the office to meet Tiff and bring her down to the auditorium where we work 3 to 4 hours a night. Mrs. M. also thought her 6-year-old daughter Sunshine would enjoy getting to stretch her legs. Tiff was very nice and said she had done two years worth of drama in college so we bonded well from the beginning. She also took an interest in Sunshine, who as usual, was very shy and tried to hide in back of me while we talked. As we started our walk to the auditorium, Tiff asked to detour to a restroom and said her bladder was bursting. As we got to the staircase and the smaller restroom, I pointed Tiff into the entryway. Sunshine started to follow Tiff in, but I grabbed her hand to slow her down and I told her Tiff needed privacy. I heard a stall door swing and quickly a thud onto the seat. Her storm of pee started immediately and as it was going she told us that she had been holding it for more than an hour while she covered the opening ceremony for a new lumberyard. Then Sunshine went into the other stall and peed some too. As she was coming out, I had to send her back in to flush. Then I pointed her to the sink, but she knew what she had to do. Luckily Tiff flushed and came out fast, not wanting to hold us up any longer so she didn't wash her hands. Sunshine whispered this to me at least three times as we started walking again, but she finally got the meaning of the zip-the-mouth gesture I made to her.

Tiff spent about an hour interviewing Mrs. M and about 12 of us. She also shot some pictures. For one, she got up on the scaffolding and shot down on our group. Sunshine covered her eyes at first and said Tiff was going to fall. But then Tiff got down and showed us all the fantastic pictures she got. However, as Sunshine and I were walking Tiff back to the main entrance, Tiff asked where the nearest bathroom was and I told her it was just ahead of us on the right. She apologized, but started walking much faster and again we heard a door opening, her butt connecting with the seat, and then a second later their was bodily noise. This time it was a loud gas blast, followed by four, then five plops into the bowl. There were a couple more splashes. Sunshine was snickering and again trying to tell me something. Finally we heard Tiff call out "F***!" and I immediately realized what happened. We had entered the bathroom from the back doorway and it is at the front entrance where the several rolls of toilet paper are mounted to the wall and you have to pull your TP off because the rolls have been removed. (I've written about this before). So I told Tiff I was sending Sunshine down to get her some toilet paper. I heard the rolls being turned and Sunshine had a long piece she was dragging aside her as she ran to Tiff's stall. Tiff opened the door and thanked Sunshine for the paper. She was still adjusting her black slacks when she flushed and nicely apologized to us for her use of the f-bomb. She said her boyfriend teases her when he does the laundry and he finds skidmarks in her underwear. I walked her down to the other end of the huge bathroom where the toilet paper rolls were located and she couldn't believe it. I told her about the vandalism and fires set last year, but she said she thought it was an overreacton on the part of the administration. She also said something about the UN and basic human rights being violated, but I didn't follow the whole thing as Sunshine and I walked Tiff down to the main entrance. As I walked Sunshine back to the auditorium, she seemed very amused by what had happened and she reminded me that Tiff had for the second time not washed her hands. The only thing I could think of was to tell her that that's why her mom and I are trying to teach her right. I just didn't know what else to say.

Saturday, January 31, 2015


To Jemma

I read and enjoyed your recent posts - as always. In relation to your story about your slow then fast then slow poo in the cafe I thought I'd offer a possible explanation which might match your experience.

The first part of the poo that emerges can be firmer and wider so it can take longer to emerge and start to snap into pieces. Hence the plop.... plop... plop. Then softer poo starts to emerge which falls to pieces more easily, hence for example plop plop plop plop plopplopplop. Then as the persons rectum begins to empty there is less poo remaining so the pressure reduces and although soft it emerges more slowly again.

Anyway, that's my suggested explanation based on my experiences overhearing people pooping whilst doing cleaning duties at the voluntary work. Interestingly, the women seem to poop much more often than men when they visit the loo.

tough cookie
Hi all :) hope you've enjoyed my other post. I have something interesting for you today. It was a day off for both me and my husband. When we yawned up, he asked me whether I was farty like him and I replied yes. So he offered to place his finger against my anus hole to feel the fart coming out. I accepted. I was naked so I just pushed my bum against him and he searched for my hole with his finger, running my ????. With the heat if the rubs out came a hissing fart which dragged on a bit. My husband loved it! I then offered to do the same. He pushed a bit and out came a series of loud farts. He heaved a sigh of relief at each one of them. We both enjoyed it. After some 15 minutes of such naked enjoyment I felt a dire need to poop, and told my husband so. He suggested we try something new since he needed to poop too. We walked into our ensuite and he sat on the toilet, pulling me to sit in front of him. He said I could start relieving myself since I'm a quicker pooper. And so I did. A thick log came sliding out, feeling quite knobbly. The smell was strong and the sound cracky. I grunted a bit as j know my husband loves it. He told me his movement was starting too, and started grunting heavily. He normally produces one long jobbie, around 15 inches in length. I had let down some 3 logs and was pushing out a fourth one. My husband was running my ???? all the time. He informed me that his log was still hanging out of his butt and I could feel him pushing. By that time it was time for my couple of final farts and pee, and that's what I did. My husband asked to wipe me and of course I let him. I got off the toilet and protruded my butt, he grabbed the cheeks and pushed them apart and swept me clean, concluding it with a playful smack.


Another sister in law happening.

Hello folks. I am sure Brandon T. will really like this one...

Back in the 1990s, I was very involved in the running of a large country show/ steam engine rally. I provided on site electrics and sound system. My wife always came along to help, and stay for the weekend...we bought an old, tow-able caravan....trailer for those of you in The States, so we could stay in relative comfort. The caravan had a large close-able awning which was handy to keep all the odds and ends under cover. My wife has always had an intense dislike of using the familiar blue 'Portaloo's' that are always used at these events, so we bought ourselves one of those neat camping toilets called the 'Portapotti'. This of course was able to be used inside the awning, rather than in one of those tiny tents that can be used with them.
One particular year, Sandra, then in her late 20s had been staying with us, after breaking out of a short, unpleasant marriage, and accompanied us to this event. We had just had an early evening meal on the first day, when Sandra said she really needed the toilet....she paused before asking if it was ok to use the potty, as we called it to go No.2 on.....this surprised me, as she'd normally just say she had to poo, but my wife is a bit prissy about the subject, so guess she was being polite :) My wife answered, telling her to go ahead, as that's what we'd got it for :)
Sandra went out in to the awning, and zipped it up.....I had also realised that where I would be standing, doing the watching up, that I would be able to see her....She folded back the lid on the was positioned so anyone sitting on it would have their back to the caravan, and undid her belt, and pulled her jeans and panties right down to her ankles, and lifted her tee shirt really high. She sat down....I remember thinking how her slim build and small rounded bottom just fitted nicely on the potty....I always felt a bit top heavy on it myself......I could see her rocking backwards and forwards very slightly, and sort of looking between her legs...after a couple of minutes, she raised herself a few inches above the potty, then sat down again....I know from experience, that the distance between the bottom of the potty, and a persons own bottom is not very great, and a long poo would touch the bottom before being fully released, which is both uncomfortable and messy, so I guessed Sandra had passed a long one....she sat there for a couple more minutes, before raising herself, and wiping, which she did front to back, about 5 or 6 times. She pulled up her panties and jeans, and came back inside to wash her the same time, she very apologetically said that she didn't know how the flush worked on the potty. I told her not to worry, and I would deal with it.....This is the closest I have ever seen Sandra's output....she had obviously done a wee, and this surrounded a few hard pebble poo's, pride of place going to a log just over a foot long and a bit over an inch in diameter, all was an orange/brown had a knobbly end, merging in to a smooth, soft log, with a pointed end, and had formed in to a horseshoe shape. On top of the poo curve, was a small pile of sloppy poo.....Nothing has changed.....when I hear her now on the toilet, it nearly always sounds like a poo like this......she was economical with the paper...carefully using 2 sheets folded double each time....I opened the trap in the bottom of the potty, and pushed the flush pump a few times, and watched everything slide in to the holding tank underneath...I used a little more paper to clean the potty bowl so it was clean for the next user.
The next user just happened to be my wife....funny thing, but both my wife, and her two younger sisters always seem to go for a poo after their evening meal....I'm a morning person.
I didn't think Sandra would need to poo again, but during the night, I heard movement....Sandra was just coming back in to the wife was snoring and fast asleep....Sandra whispered ever so sorry...I've just had really messy diarrhoea on the potty....I'll clean it in the morning....I told her not to worry, and hope she didn't have to go again....
Round about 7, I was awake, and had severe rumbling down below, I wanted both a pee, and a poo, and both felt urgent...well I went outside in to the awning...the ladies were both still asleep. I lifted the lid of the potty to be confronted by Sandra's sloppy mess and used toilet paper....poor girl really had been desperate. I was too uncomfortable to clean it first, so just sat down and rapidly and effortlessly released a very soft, sloppy, gassy poo...I also did a 'sit down' wee. I wiped several times, and set about cleaning the potty....most of the contents slipped down ok, but a bit more finishing off cleaning was needed compared to last time. We don't do the camping on show sights anymore, but we still have the potty, boxed up in the loft....I always remember that weekend when I see it...


Some acknowledgements, and my sister in law Sandra....

Hello Folks. It's George from Middle England.

Brandon T. So pleased you enjoy my stories about Sandra....there are a few more.....little memories get triggered now and then, and memories of different occasions surface....

John H. I'm absolutely sure Sandra knows I listen....I'm pretty sure she doesn't listen to me though. I've also heard my other younger sister in law Debra having a poo....she is a vegetarian, and by the loud 'KERPLOPS', drops very big, firm logs. They must start off quite lumpy, as occasionally I have been lucky enough to go in after her, to find a couple of unflushed, dark, floating 'pebbles'. She leaves a lovely heavy, fruity aroma as well. I have heard my wife on countless occasions....grunting and straining to pass a really difficult bowel movement, right through to having explosive diarrhoea. She has occasionally let me watch, and wipe her bottom.

Gary......That's a lovely story about Mara....she reminds me of Karen at work.....I've mentioned Karen in a previous post....she's the very athletic girl....similar age and build to Mara, who often used the unisex near my old department, at 8.30-9.00 in the morning after her morning run around the site. I often wondered why she used the unisex, and not the nearby Ladies loo....but she is very stinky, and may be embarrassed to poo in a more public area. Whatever the reason, I was pleased it was like that. Sadly Karen and I no longer work in the same area.....

John B.......Lovely to hear you have the same experience with your sister in law as I do with mine. Sandra is 48, and I too have been enjoying her toilet visits for about 30 years. I can remember the very first time I heard her on the toilet...I will tell that one now.
Sandra was still in 6th Form at school, must have been 17 or 18, when I was first going out with her older, and still my wife. They still lived at home with their parents. Early one evening I went to their house to pick up my girlfriend. She was still upstairs getting ready....the rest of the family were still having their evening meal in their living room. I sat on the bottom of the stairs in the hallway to wait. Sandra suddenly appeared from the living room, giving me a slightly embarrassed smile, and went in to the downstairs loo opposite the bottom of the stairs.
I can remember she was wearing the knee length pleated skirt, and white blouse of her 6th form uniform.
Of course, curiosity got the better of me, and I went and stood outside the door. I heard a slight rustle of clothes, then the sound of her sitting down heavily. Immediately, she released what sounded like a very urgent wee, accompanied by a loud, bubbly fart.....As her stream stopped....I heard mmmmmmmnnnnnnfffff!!!!!!!...plop.....plop.......plop..................MMMMMNNNNNNFFFFFF!!!!!!!! PLOP...PLOP....PLOP......a few seconds silence, then plopplupploploppluplupluplup......followed by a contented sigh of relief....she pulled off some paper and started wiping...about 5 or 6 times from memory. I heard her flush and wash her hands.....she came out, by then I was sitting at the bottom of the stairs again. She shut the door very quickly, giving me a shy smile as she went back in the living room. The whole procedure only took her about 2 minutes....I was amazed how quick she was....guess the evening meal hit her poo switch pretty hard...she didn't shut the door quick enough though to stop her aroma creeping the few feet across the hallway to where I was sitting. Of course, I had to investigate...I entered the loo, and locked the door....Sandra's aroma was very strong...a meaty smell....she had put the toilet lid down....before she flushed it seems, otherwise she would have seen it hadn't all gone down....her unflushed poo, a mid orange/brown, smooth log, about 8" long and just over 1" diameter,lay in the bottom of the pan, and some small soft tiny fluffy 'banana' shaped floaters had been left behind......This was obviously just part of her bowel movement, and I was surprised that such a small, slim girl could produce such a big, stinky load. Didn't realise at the time, but this would be the first of many times that I would use a loo after Sandra....


To Bloated Butt

I'm new to this site. Im 5'2 110lbs and a blonde. I love your stories and Im hoping you can give me some more lol

Chloe B

Taking a dump at church

Hey guys it's chloe! I'm gonna tell a story that happened on Sunday night!
So on sunday night right before class started I was talking to jade ice written about her here before (brown hair curvy figure big boobs) anyway as were were talking jade rubs her stomach and says she needs to go to the bathroom I tell her I'll go with her! She was wearing a t shirt with short Nike shorts with Chaco sandals, while I was wearing tennis shoes and Nike shorts as well. As we entered no one was in the bathroom. And jade was pretty happy as she doesn't like pooping in public. There were 5 stalls on the left with sinks on the right. As we took stalls right next to each other she pulled shown her shorts and Victoria secret panties to her ankles I did the same. As she began to pee I heard some mushy poop with a long fart fall in the toilet. She kept on grunting and sighing as she continued to let out liquid poo. I just had to pee and only peed for about 30 seconds then wiped and flushed. I was just waiting on her and we started talking about girl things then she complained that what she ate really didn't agree with her! The bathroom was really stinky by this point. She let out a couple more farts then started to wipe. As she was wiping a girl of about 9 with her friend came in and immediately said: "EWW IT SMELLS LIKE POOPOO!" Jade steps out of the stall and tells the girls to shut up. Both of them just pee and we left. Jade said she felt so much better and that she would've pooped her pants if she wouldn't have gotten to a bathroom! Anyways thanks for all the good comments! More stories to come!

Steve A

To Angela

In regards to your question, "Best Poop At School (Teen Guys)", I'm 17, but this story happened when I was 16.

Here it is:

I had to go poop before gym class. So, I went before I went swimming for gym. It was a single log that was a little over a foot long, and maybe 2-4 inches in diameter. Well, I decided to leave it there for someone to notice after swimming. So, when we all went to the locker room to change after swimming, someone went into my stall and they said something like, "Someone SH*TED in here and it's huge!" Then, people went to see it and they asked if it was me who did that. I tried to deny it, but they all found out it was me because I was late for attendance and they were all sitting and waiting to swim while the teacher was talking to them when I came up to swim. Some people said that it was funny and awesome what I did. Some people were surprised and asked, "Did that come out of you?!?" One person took a picture of it and said, "I'm instagramming this SH*T!" (no pun intended). I also got a few high fives. It's still funny to this day...

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