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Answer to Mystery Poster's Question

For Mystery Poster:

You've asked a good question about me sitting on the toilet for 10 minutes at the civic and that not being enough time for me to get my pee going.

No I wasn't that relaxed because I had realized that Shannon was right and that I should have gone in with her across the street and peed when we got out coffee. It would have been easier for me there, despite the fact that I don't worry much about sitting on public seats as much as she does. Also the seat and entire bathroom was cold and almost half dark. And the seat was just so uncomfortable for me. I'm 6'1" and 150 pounds and the seat just didn't help me relax and feel confident. Then Jackie crapped so efficiently in the cubicle next to mine, that my hurting bladder wasn't going to be emptied frustrated me. And, I know that having watched videos the night before on my computer of famous singers such as Dionne Warwick and Jackie DeShannon doing the solo I was about to do for a large public audience was scary to me because I wanted to get the song right for me and my school.

Hi guys this is my first post on this. i love your guys stories by the way i'm 13 a brunette and love reading and posting stories here's my story,
i have a weak stomach so i get the runs a lot. a week ago me my 16 year old cousin Haille and my 5 year old cousin Tori Haille took me to justice to get me these really cute jeans i want and after we got the jeans we went to McDonalds tori had a happy meal i had large fries and an Oreo mcflurrie
after i ate i needed to pee so i went to the bathroom. there was 1 stall open it was in the middle i pulled my pants and panties down and started to pee i felt like i had to fart so i farted, and a little bit of diarrhea came out. i was kinda embarrassed because the bathroom was quiet so i quickly wiped and washed my hands when i came out haille gave me the rest of her mcchicken. after we ate we went to toys r us to get tori something after she picked out what she wanted i felt a strong urge to poop. i told haille theres no bathrooms in the toys r us because its in an outlet so haille payed for tori's toy then we drove to the outlet center because there's big bathrooms there. we rushed in and tori said i need to poo me and tori went in i took her in my stall i pulled my pants down made it just in time. tori pulled her pants down we were going to share the toilet but a log came out of her butt on the floor. i was on the toilet for 20 minutes haille checked on us i said were fine. after i finished, i wiped grabbed a piece of toilet paper and picked up her log threw it in the toilet and flushed we washed our hands and left

Young Professional
I've been reading this site for about 6 or 7 years now, but have only posted once or twice, usually under different names. I'm a male, 6 ft. 1, average build (a little above 200 lbs) and am in my mid 20s. For my entire life I have always loved reading about/seeing/hearing women pooping. For whatever reason it just does it for me. I've saved some of my favorite posts, and I also have a few favorite all time posters - AmyLee was one of my favorites, but she has not posted in some time. More recently, I've really enjoyed Megan's posts (especially about the cafe bathroom!) and Victoria B.'s posts. Thank you both (and everyone, for that matter) for sharing - please keep posting!

I have a very brief note that I thought may interest this forum. I'm currently living in a small, 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment that I share with a friend. It's a great location and it is very affordable, so I'm very happy here. We've been living here for over a year now. Our bathroom is actually a bit small though - when you enter the doorway you have about two steps before you reach the other side. The sink and toilet are on the left side, and the shower is on the right. Whenever I sit on the toilet to poop, my knees end up almost touching the side of our bath tub (I have pretty long legs).

I can't recall when this all started, but I actually discovered something interesting some time last summer. One day, I really needed to poop but was a bit constipated. I had once read about how toilets that allow you to squat actually allow you to poop much easier than a conventional toilet. So I had an idea. With the tub so close to my toilet, I picked my feet up and placed them on the side of the tub, which put me in the same angle as if I was squatting. The results were almost immediate - my poop started moving much faster and without having to strain I was able to finish my business. I enjoyed it so much that to this day, every time I need to poop and I'm in my apartment, I prop my feet up on the side of the tub.

I wonder if anyone else has tried something similar? Hope you all enjoy the post.

Brian W
Ashley G- I love reading your stories. Please keep putting more on here lol I check everyday for new ones from your girls go poop at school or any public restroom if they have to?


Soft messy dumps

Hi all. So I've ditched the laxatives etc and instead opted to eat healthier. Whole grain breads instead of white bread, trying not to eat much rice, vegetables, lots of water, etc and it's helped a lot in the bowel department. I've been having BMs almost every day and it's usually URGENT.

The other morning I got woken up and I had literally seconds to get to the bathroom because I had to go so bad. Almost lost it in my underwear which would have been a huge mess because it was a HUGE load. One end of the toilet to the other was covered in crap. About 3 feet long. It was a soft load but giant.

The next day or the day after I had another really urgent need for the toilet-right in the middle of lunch! Again another giant soft crap. I had to go again later but this time a bunch of small soft logs.

Last Saturday I did two giant craps. Once when I got up then again about an hour later before I went to the grocery store.

And since then I've been going every day to every two days with lots of gas and having soft diarrhea like poop (one day had a skidmark in my underwear. Oops.) or several small logs. It feels good to poop so frequently. I've cut back on my coffee and Coke intake to avoid the horrible diarrhea. Instead I've cut down to 2 cups of coffee a day as opposed to 4-5, one pop a day and lots of water instead. Been so thirsty so water has helped me. Haven't been eating as much as before either so I think I'm losing weight. I've had tons of gas in the morning but I still have to be careful when I fart because I don't want a mess in the seat of my pants. Especially when I haven't had my morning poop yet. My bowels have kind of developed a habit of when I poop. Usually around lunch time and sometimes in late afternoon.

I've abandoned the stool softeners and laxatives and instead developed healthier eating habits so it's worked for me. If you can help it, please don't use laxatives or enemas unless you really need one. Try these changes first and if they don't work for you then use a laxative as a last resort. I'm trying to not make my bowels lazy or to become dependent on laxatives. I've done this for years and I don't like spending $25 on a container of Lax a Day. These diet changes are cheaper and better for me. And drinking tons of water has helped me a lot too. Remember: STAY HYDRATED! Water is your friend!

Happy pooping all! :)

Need to go

Desperate at the gym and chat

I went to the gym the the other morning to take a spinning class before work! I had drank a large amount water earlier in the morning. I felt the need to pee before leaving. When I got there the need grew and the need to take a dump as well! I went to the locker room and stripped the need to pee quickly grew to urgent I abandoned the dressing thing and started my way nude to the toilets. On my way there a friend of mine said hi and began to talk to me. I stopped and chatted but the need grew ever stronger I was shifting foot to foot and leakage was imminent I grabbed my dick and sprinted the last 15 feet or so to the stalls. I sat down and began peeing before I even closed the door. My buddy continued talking to me as he finished dressing and he then proceeded to the urinals to pee! By that time I was still peeing and shitting at the same time! He finished proceeded to his work out while finished up and got dressed and headed to the class. What a relief!



I love the feeling of being constipated very much! Therefore, i always make myself constipated on purpose by eating dry food, esspecially try to hold shit inside my asshole as long as possible. sometimes i push my rock hard poop back into my anus.


To Kelly M, Leslie and Claire

I can relate totally and I'm so sorry for what all of you went through with the accidents. I've noticed that it seems like you hold it FOREVER and then just as salvation is near, the accident happens.

I'm with all of you - if we're going to poop our pants then why do we suffer so long only to embarrass ourselves anyway?

Too, I've been thinking about this for a while. I wonder if it is that when we get so close to being able to relieve ourselves that we get a false sense of security and subconsciously relax (even slightly) and it just happens.

Please hang in there!

Love to all!


Monday, January 26, 2015

So this was 3 years ago. I went Black Friday shopping with 2 of my cousins, who are both girls. They're both very pretty, and we were really close, even though they were both older than me. I was only half awake when we left for the mall so I had decided to...well..."go commando" the mall. While we were in a toy store buying christmas gifts, all the food I ate for thanksgiving started coming out. I was panicking but all I could do was stand there as it came out. Because I wasn't wearing underwear, a piece slid down my pants leg and landed next to my feet, right there in the toy store. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone saw, but I still had to "go" when I was done, there was a pretty big mess in my pants. My cousins found me standing there in shock. They took me to a family bathroom that was luckily next to the store. They put some napkins on the ground and told me to stand on it. They unzipped my pants and pulled it down. I was still crying and frozen in embarrassment so one of them started wiping the insides of my bum. When I was clean, one of my cousins offered to run to a nearby store to by me new pants. I sat on the toilet half naked in awkward silence with my other cousin, waiting for her to come back. It was super embarassing to be changed and cleaned by two pretty girls, even if they were my cousins. Plus it was the first time anyone had seen me naked. We were closer than ever after that tho. i have a lot more stories from my childhood btw

Mystery Poster

To Sonya Sue

You probably felt rushed and couldn't relax to just go pee. But, you had 10 minutes to go. Did you feel rushed/stressed about the 10 minutes you had to use the bathroom?


Thanks for the posts

Tori, that is a great story, I can see how in a competitive situation you are so focused on the game that your body suppresses some urges. Then remove the focus and it's like waking up late on Sunday morning with your in-laws knocking on the door for the brunch you invited them to and totally forgot about.

Catherine, that sounds like a totally satisfying dump. I am wondering if the warmth may have been due to some spice in the food.

Ashley G- Well the couple of girls that I said knew, don't actually know where, just that I've mentioned them going before online, my girls are are actually really about shy about it around others, pretty much only open about it to me and their sisters. and very rarely go in public stalls.

the other night one of the twins Mika, was in the shower and I was helping her wash her hair, it takes some time for her to wash it since it's pretty long, so I was helping her. then Milly comes and asks if she can use the toilet, I tell her sure, so she comes over to the toilet, as I'm helping Mika I can hear Milly peeing for a bit near me and she farts a few times, then after a bit more I notice Mika is fidgeting some, I ask her if anything is a matter and she shakes her head no, and said "No, I just need to poop, I'm just trying to wait until I'm done with the shower, but it's getting hard to hold it" I tell her "oh ok, well just hold on, I'm sure Milly will be done soon" I then I look to Milly and say "Right Milly?" and I see her leaning forward a bit and bit of a pained expression and see a big poo between her legs then hear a loud plop and Milly says "yeah, I'll be done in a minute, sorry" and so Mika fidgets while I help wash her hair and Milly tries to hurry up and Mika is farting every now and then, then Milly get done just as we are rinsing her hair out and stands and say you can go while I wipe" and starts wiping I tell her ok just she has to rinse her hair real quick and I look in the down in the bowl and see 4 poos, one pretty thick one over the hole and then 2 more not as thick around it, then a really long one floating above them probably over a foot long or more, I push the flush on it as Mika turns off the shower and luckily it all goes down, and then Mika gets on the toilet and I see a long poo coming out between her legs as soon as she sits down and then I notice she is crying as she she starts to sniff and I ask her whats wrong and she says "I couldn't completely hold it" I tell her "oh don't worry about it, it's not your fault" she cheered up a little bit, and said "but it's still really embarrassing" when she got up the was just this one really long poo in the bowl over a foot for sure, maybe close to 2. then while she was wiping I looked in the shower and saw a poo it was a sorter one about 3 or 4 inches long but it was a good deal thicker then what she did in the toilet. I clean it up,(it was pretty solid btw) and Milly is telling Mika "I am so sorry, Mika,..." and talk more and stuff but yeah.

Ashley G
Brian W.- Yes they are pretty open about pooping in front of me. Ive always raised my daughters to be comfortable with their bodies and themselves. We've always been casual and normal around each other, which has helped us maintain a good relationships. Yes they've seen me poop a number of times. And to my knowledge they poop most days although I dont always see first-hand. Hope that answers your questions.

Jessi- couple of questions for you. You had mentioned previously that your girls had big appetites, what do you feed them? Do they participate in sports? Have they seen you poop?

I'll post more later,
Ashley G


Replies to Megan & Jemma

Hi everyone it's John B.

Megan great story about you and Lis in the open toilets, it made good reading! Without wishing to be presumptuous was it me who sowed the seed about taking Lis there or was it on your own volition? Either way great!

Jemma x great stories recently about your close encounters! Years ago when my wife used to menstruate she similarly got caught out and from then on always made sure she had a spare pad or tampon in her handbag (US = purse). Hope you're keeping well and I look forward to your next memorable visit to ceramicsville! x

Take care everyone!

John B x

Kelly M
Hey everyone, I'm back. I thought I'd post another story. I don't want to give the impression that I'm always having accidents but hey, they happen. If you figure you go to the bathroom 5-6 times a day for 365 days a year well, obviously you might not always make it. One time I was drunk and my bf was giving me a ride to my apartment but I wanted to stop and get something to eat. So he stopped at a grocery store and I ran in. I was wearing a nice top and jeans. I had to pee but figured I could wait until I got home. I started to lose it in line to pay. I stood really close to the checkout counter so the lady ringing me up wouldn't see. I ran out and got right next to the car and peed my pants bad. Like soaked. I apologized to my bf but he was like "Well, it's not the first time" and took me home.


Really had to poop at the mall

I was at the mall the other day. I'd had a coffee in the morning elsewhere, and when I was in the mall, I really had to poop. I didn't know where the bathrooms were, so I wandered around, trying to find a map - and I just happened to arrive at the bathrooms. I'd made it in time!

I went into the bathroom, which had two stalls. I went into one of the stalls, took my coat off, pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. I pushed down and immediately started unloading. It felt so good to be taking a dump after all that urgency! I also peed quite a bit while I was crapping. When I was finished, I wiped, and, since someone else had come into the bathroom in the meantime and I was a bit embarrassed to go out of my stall, I waited until she'd left. I then washed my hands.

I felt SO MUCH better after that!


Steve A's bullying questions--my answers

1. What do you think of the behavior by the teacher?

Its not fair that the back room teacher doesn't give you a time limit, but tells you personally that you can't go and the front teacher sometimes has the 3 minute time limit. I don't know how far the toilets are from your classroom, but in some schools the walk down and back could take 3 minutes, and that's not providing on-stool time and washing your hands. Going to the bathroom at school should not have to be a sprint event.

2. Would you have treated me differently if you were a teacher?

Definitely. If you hadn't abused the privilege in the past, I wouldn't have said No and I would never want to put a time limit on it. I personally use doorless stalls between classes because its such a hassle to leave class anymore. Teachers shouldn't make assumptions that 3 minutes is enough time to pee or crap. For me, I can do a crap within 3 minutes and get back in time, but because of my smaller size (3'7") weeing is more uncomfortable, especially in the larger toilets we have at my school. 5 minutes would work better for me.

3. Would it be wrong to tell someone about your problem?

I don't know. Last year I wrote about my friend Lorenz and how he hates to sit in someone else's pee which is the case in about every boys bathroom if you want to take a poo. He went to his counselor (a man), who was somewhat sympathetic, but said there aren't a lot of answers to the way students mess up and outright vandalize the bathrooms.

I'm on the Student Council and these topics are coming up. By doing exchanges with students at other schools in our city, we know that the bullying and vandalism is an even bigger issue elsewhere. I've read several of the posts on this board and going back a few years, there's definitely a problem. Me, personally, I've had detentions for class tardies due to the bathrooms. Among the Old Posts, there's an End Stall Em who gets punished for not using the closest bathroom to her classroom but instead going to the new wing of the school where the lighting is much better and the toilets are cleaner. Jaded Jarrod goes into the bathroom after lunch and some prankster has coated the seat with a type of super glue and he gets stuck and an ambulance is called. And its sad that others such as Frantic Francine and Caryl Marie are practically terrorized by school toilets, classmates who are mean and mess up the toilets, and the bullying teachers and administrators who control them.


To Claire

I'm glad your parents didn't actually make you wear those pull-ups to school. That would have been really embarrassing and hard to explain to your classmates. I'm also glad you were able to overcome your issues with pooping at school. You should know that your problem isn't all that uncommon. I know a lot of women who admit now that they had problems pooping at school. I don't mean to say that they had problems to the point of having accidents, but problems that caused considerable worry and anxiety growing up.

I consider myself very lucky in that I never really had any such problems. In elementary school, each classroom had its own bathroom attached and the privacy that it provided made it very easy to do whatever I needed to do in there. In junior high, I attended a brand new school with very modern and immaculately clean bathroom facilities that were a pleasure to use. And I was fortunate to have teachers who never gave you a problem about going during class time. So when I did need to go #2, I could just get a pass from the teacher and go when there would unlikely be any other girls in the girls' room. Come my high school years, they had just built a major addition to the high school with several modern and very well-maintained girls' room facilities. Sure, there were some crummy bathrooms in the old section of the building, but it was very easy to simply avoid using those particular girls' rooms. And I had very nice teachers in high school as well and I could get a pass to go during class times when I had a good chance of being alone in there. Everything was fine except for one little issue that I'm going to write about now.

One time during my sophomore year of high school, I got saddled with a Saturday detention for cheating on a Geometry test. That was 5 hours Saturday morning stuck in this dank, dusty room in the basement of the old section of the building. And we were given extra homework assignments in all our classes to keep us busy during the detention. This was my first (AND LAST!) time in Saturday detention. The only reprieve we got during those 5 hours was a 15 minute break in the middle to go to the bathroom, get a drink of water or whatever.

I was happy when the break time arrived that morning because by then I had to pee kind of bad and I also had to poop. But I was definitely NOT happy when I saw the bathroom facilities we were expected to use. Like I said, this was the old section of the building where I avoided using the bathrooms. But here during Saturday detention the rest of the school was blocked off and this was the bathroom we were expected to use. I was absolutely horrified. Not only was this girls' room dirty and rundown, but there were no doors on the individual toilet stalls. I think I could have dealt with dirty and rundown, but the lack of privacy doors on the front of the stalls was just too much to deal with. A few of the girls in there with me that day (there were 8 other girls besides me) must have known what to expect because they went right into stalls and peed. The rest of us seemed to hang back not really knowing what to do. I think we all eventually peed but I don't think anyone pooped. I did manage to pee - I pooped a squat rather than sitting down on one of those filthy toilets - but no way was going to poop out in the open like that. I really didn't have to poop that bad at the time, so I figured I could probably hold it in until I got home. I figured worst case scenario would be that I'd have to poop in there later that morning. Even with the open stalls, at least then I'd have the chance to be alone in the girls' room and wouldn't have to poop with an audience of 8 other girls.

But what do they say about the best laid plans. Of course, my need to go only got worse and with about an hour left in the detention, I realized that I wasn't going to be able to make it home. I raised my hand and asked for permission to go to the girls' room. The teacher then just gave me a surprised look and said "You've already had your bathroom break." She asked me "Why did you go before when you had the chance?" I told her that I didn't have to go then but that I did have to go now. She then explained that at my age I should be able to hold it in for awhile - the implication being that if I didn't have to go at break time, then the need to go is only recent and that I should be able to hold it in for the time remaining in detention. Now, I was stuck in a really awkward spot. I couldn't very well tell her that I actually did have to go at the break but I just decided not to. All I could do was just insist that I really did have to go bad, but she just kept denying me permission. She then threatened me with another Saturday detention if I didn't keep quiet and get back to work. She also pointed out that should I decide to leave that room without permission what would "void" the Saturday detention. That is, I'd be considered not to have served my punishment and I'd now have to serve the next 2 Saturdays in its place.

I actually did make it to the end of the detention session. I was in agony for pretty much the last 45 minutes or so, but somehow I was able to hang on and hold it in. Unfortunately, that had apparently pushed my bowels to the absolute limit. No sooner did I stand up to leave, when I just completely lost control and my bowels completely erupted into my panties. At first, it seemed like my bowels were taunting me. It was like why did they let me suffer holding it in so long, only for me to have an accident when I was like 30 seconds away from being on the toilet. But in hindsight, I realized that that was really a good thing. Had it happened only a minute or so earlier, it would have been impossible to hide it from everyone else in detention and I'd surely be the laughingstock of the whole school. As it was now, I was able to tie my jacket around my waist and waddled out of there undetected.

The mess was a pretty bad one, though. It was a solid bowel movement and it felt like it had really stayed in my panties, but I could tell it was a really big load and I could tell that I hadn't been able to hold any of it in. Mom was picking me up after the detention and in this condition, there was no way I could keep this a secret on the drive home. I gave a thought to going to the girls' room and trying to clean myself up before facing my mom, but there was the risk of someone seeing me in the girls' room. The idea of pooping in the toilet in an open stall was bad enough - although I'd have certainly preferred that to what I was facing now. But the idea of having to clean up a mess in a stall like that was even worse. I'd just have to face my mom like this. Better to be humiliated in front of my mom like this than being humiliated in front of my friends at school.

But I caught a break on that one, too. Rather than my mom, it was my older sister who picked me up. No sooner did I step into the car, when she smelled what I'd done. "My god, what is that smell?" she asked. Of course, a moment later she realized what is was and just stared at me with a stunned look on her face. Finally, she just asked me straight out, "Did you just poop in your pants?" I just burst into tears. I was too embarrassed to actually say "yes" but obviously, she knew it was true.

When she finally got over her initial shock, she apologized for reacting like she did. I explained to her how it happened and she said she understood. She tried to be sympathetic and comforting but I was still mortally embarrassed having messed in my panties at my age. She was happy to hear that no one at school knew that I'd done and promised that this would just be a secret between sisters. She suggested that she NOT take me home to face mom and dad like this. Instead, she took me to her health club and had me check in as her guest. I had to pay a $5 guest fee but it was well worth it. She took me to the bathroom in the women's locker room and helped me clean myself up in there. She flushed my soiled panties down the toilet. I didn't think that panties could just be flushed down the toilet like that, but she told me that the industrial flush type toilets in public bathrooms could handle it. I was able to clean up pretty well with toilet paper in the stall - At least enough so I could step into the shower and fully clean myself in there. I never had a shower that felt so good in my entire life. While I was doing all that, my sister was able to blot out the little bit of mess that was in the seat of my jeans. I had to go commando, of course, but at least she got the jeans clean enough so that I could wear them home.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ashley G great story it sounds like Natalie had a good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Catherine great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sonya Sue great story.

To: Tori great story.

To: Bianca great story it sounds like you were pretty desperate to poop and just made it without having an accident and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Chloe B great pooping story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Becky M.


Hi I'm 16 years old and from Scotland, I'm in 6th year at high school.

This happened yesterday... I was looking after my little cousin - Megan - who is about to turn 6.

We had been in all day and I had a shopping list from my mum so we walked down to Tesco (supermarket for you americans ;P).

On the walk there I started to need the toilet so when we got there I headed there taking Megan with me. We went into the girls toilets and I took her into the stall with me. I needed a poo and had not gone in almost 2 days so I knew it would take me about 20 minutes to clear my bum out.
I pulled my jeans down to mid thighs and my panties just past my bum and sat myself down. I had a nice long wee for a good 2 minutes then I just relaxed and quickly heard my poo starting to crackle out of my bum. "I need toilet too" Megan looked at me. "A wee wee?" I asked her. "Yea... poo poo too" She told me.
"Are you desperate or can you wait for me?"
"Desperate... It's almost coming out." She said in a panicked voice.
I got the poo that was hanging out of my bum finished with and then paused. I got up and helped her get her jeans and pants down to her ankles - noticing a rather large mark on the back of her pants and a poo poking out of her bum. I took mine off completely and lifted her up and then I sat down and opened my legs wide enough so she could sit between them then helped her sit down between them.
I had another poo and wee again after sitting down and was finished within 5 minutes. She was still pushing her poo out and passed about 4 or 5 large pieces that were medium in length but large in diameter.
After she finished and had a wee I gave myself a quick wipe - not worrying too much as I would clean fully at home - then cleaned her up and we re-dressed and did some shopping.

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