Best Poop Ever!

Hey I'm new here, I found this site a few months back and I love reading the posts! Finally I decided to post something, so here's a bit about me, I'm a 14 year old girl, I'm about 5"2 in height, skinny, brown hair and hazel eyes. I've always been interesting in pooping since I was a little kid. My favourite kind of stories to read are about teen boys pooping, it turns me on.

Onto my story:
This morning I woke up, and needed to take a shit really badly! I couldn't fall back asleep because the need to poop was so urgent. Begrudgingly, I got up, nobody was home so I didn't bother to close the door. When I got to the toilet I was squirming trying to hold the monster shit in. I pulled my pj bottoms down and sat on the pot. Immediately, I started farting, I farted at least 20 times! (I usually only fart on the toilet, not during the day so I always fart a lot on the toilet). I hadn't had a good poop for a couple days now. So I continued letting out gas as I felt my large poop moving toward my anus ready for exit. I got in my pooping position. I leaned forward, resting my elbows on my knees and began to push. My monster turd began to turtlehead as I leaned forward even father! My stomach was cramping, as I was pushing really hard, scrunching my face up and grunting and straining. I looked down, waiting to see the tip emerge, my hole was stretching so wide! I decided it was at a point where I no longer needed to push so I stopped and let it stay in my anus hanging out my ass. I loved the feeling! I was aroused. I waited with the shit hanging out my ass, my hole still insanely stretched as it hung. I was still watching the poop. Finally after minutes of shit stuck in my ass I gave a small push (I wish I left it there longer!), it was a bit stuck. The poop was so wide, I didn't push as it moved slowly out. This was my favourite part, it was sliding out so slowly. I watched it fall and splash in the water below, the water splashed my bare butt because of the force. I didn't really need to go after that monster turd but I wanted to try and shit more so I waited there on the toilet. I tried hard to push but my hole already hurt so I decided to look at my creation. It was wider than it was long. It was a bunch of hard poop squeezed together. It was huge though! I don't know exactly how big (sorry). I wiped up and washed up then left the bathroom.

Later that morning, around two hours after my first trip to the bathroom I felt the urge for another one. I got excited and ran up to the bathroom. I sat down and peed. I only got out a bunch of farts, sadly. But I will post later if I have another good shit.

Hopefully you liked my first post!

I have a question for teenage guys:
Best poop at school? (In high school)


My response to Matt, Steve A.

Matt - I try not to use suppositories, because I just don't believe in using them. I use enemas however, I did one a few months ago because I had some issues with not emptying completely, but before that I hadn't done one since I was 7. I take Metamucil and fiber supplements, and it seems to help, I get plenty of exercise (and stress) everyday, and I drink quite a bit of water. I've been trying to add more fruit to my diet as more water inside the fruit is what counts. So far I've been pretty regular. I've used a suppository when I was 7 and it was when I was constipated for about 4 days, which was a long time for them (parents), but not me. I pooped out the suppository, so they put an enema inside me, and I finally went, and it wouldn't go down the toilet it was so big and thick. I ran inside my room crying, and my dad told me about the (above) aftermath.

Steve A - Have you ever considered waiting to poop until afterschool? You are in band and you probably have afterschool practice, so you could poop in the meantime. By the way, what are your bowel movements like, have they changed?
My Responses:

What do you think of this behavior by the teachers? Eh, life is life, they are just trying to stop people from spending the whole class in the bathroom (skipping). In college, from where I live I hear if you leave class, you can't come back in, so think of yourself lucky.

Would you have treated me differently if you were a teacher? I would have let you gone at the end of the class, if I wasn't in the middle of notes or something. Sometimes people leaving can be a big distraction to the kids around.

Would it be wrong to tell someone about this problem (Ex. guidance counselor, vice or main principal) if I got health problems from holding it in too much overtime or having an unintentional accident because I held it in too long? They probably wouldn't do anything, and would just make your life miserable. Once again I'd try to tell you to hold it until afterschool because then you don't have to worry about being late to class or whatnot. Of course you could pinch it off fast in the middle of two classes with passing periods. How are your bowel movements like? How long does it take you?

Speaking of poop, my last one yesterday was quite nice. I had a nice shit the day before and when I got home, I made a beeline to the pot. I sat down and it came out very smooth. When I stood up it was one big log that curled up onto itself in the drain then the other half stretched to the bottom half of the bowl. I wiped with a very small bit of toilet paper, and flushed. It didn't go down with the first flush so I flushed again. :D

Saturday, January 24, 2015

John H


Hi all, some comments.
@Megan, thanks for sharing you and your friends experience of the open toilets.
@Tristan, welcome and thanks for posting.
@Home Pooper, hi and glad to read about your progress, keep us updated.
@Speedy, hi and hope you post some new stories. I bet you will have lots to share.
@Sarah, hi and thanks for posting. It's good you can laugh about your accident as it could have happened anyone in the situation you described. Hope you continue to post now you have shared one experience.
@Kelly M, sorry to hear about your accident but at least it was only your friend that seen it.
@Beth, welcome and I hope you keep posting. Sounds like a very enjoyable poo. Did you not mind that your friend listened to you on the toilet?
@Tori, hi and thanks for sharing. You sure managed the situation well so that nobody noticed that you had a full accident.
@Catherine, hi hope all is good and I sometimes have a hot dump like you did. I think I have them after eating a lot of spicy food. They sure are enjoyable dumps aren't they?
@Savannah?, hi and welcom. Savannah is a really nice name by the way. I have not heard it before. Anyway I enjoyed your description of your sisters poop. It sounds like a enjoyable one. I have peed in the bath and shower many times. Do you pee in the bath often? Hope you post more and good luck with the tests.

I wasn't planning on sharing a story in this post but while I was writing I was blasting out lots of long loud smelly farts. I was then hit with a feeling of building pressure and I knew that I had a dump on the way. I decided to finish the post before going to the toilet.
As I wrote I was hit by several strong urdges that grew stronger and hard to hold back.
The pressure was so strong that I couldnt focus on what I was writing and it felt that I was loosing control.
I went to the toilet and as soon as I sat down a river of soft poo rushed out.
What really surprised me was the speed the poop came out and it just kept coming. It lasted over 30 seconds before it stopped and I pushed out a little more.
I was expecting a messy wipe up but I think the poo came out so fast it didn't make things to messy.
That's all for now. Take care all,
John H


desperate poo at motorway services

Yesterday i had to drive up to the forest of dean for work
& along the M4 i needed a poo.
this urge became desperate.
i'd not been for a good day or 2 properly
due to being constipated so this was needed!
I pulled up in a services about 20 mins later & parked up.
waddled in to the building & saw the signs for the ladies.
entering there were lots of loos but it was busy with mums & children
taking a loo i locked the door pulled down my trousers & underwear & plonked my arse on the seat.
immediately with no effort required my plops fell in to the loo. Trying to be as quiet as possible the loo soon began to smell awful! 8 plops initially, then a further 8 on top of that. Loose thin light brown mustard colour logs all sunk to the bottom snd piled on top of each other. I wiped 6 times & flushed. Sprayed my perfume & exitted to wash my hands, & back to my car on the way to the F of D.
My next poo was actually at my clients house.
(I'm sure he was outside listening i sensed a presence whilst doing my business)


What come in will come out

Hey everyone been a little while . Today I like to share a story that happen with me on yesterday. I went to the grocery store leaving the baby with big baby lol , so anyway before I start shopping I felt the need to stop in the ladies had a good meal last night and nice breakfast , so I get in there 3 out of stalls are in use and I decide to take very end stall, open up the door lock it behind me. Unbutton my shorts and pull them down to ankles and pull down my panties to my ankles and turn around and sit on the toilet after few moments I begin farting and I feel my hole open up and plop plop plop feeling great I sit up straight place my hands on my thighs silent gas comes out and more plops like 4 then I feeling my hole open up little bit more and feeling so wonderful all this coming up out of me, then felt like a banana was coming out of me came out at the end feeling so relieved I sat few more seconds before I started wiping and I flush the toilet and all went down , and afterwards I start wiping about time I was done I was the only left and I looked at my cell see the time like whoops was on toilet for almost 20 mins . I got done wiping pulled up everything and went wash my hands and went onto my grocery shopping took a hour to get all what we needed for the food items that we didn't have, and this nice boy maybe like 15 help me out putting the groceries in the car , and gave him a thank you tip cause he didn't have to help and he said oh anything else you want me to do I said you okay , as he was walking away I saw the bulge , but me happyliy married with family. But that's all right now cause I have to go pee right now bye

Ashley G
This morning I went into the bathroom to pee and Natalie is in there, "Ill be done in a minute, im pooping." I say "ok sweetie, tell me when you're finished" At this point she's leaning forward and I can see a big poo coming out between her legs. I hear a loud plop as I leave the room. Within 5 minutes "im done mom" comes from the bathroom. By now im pretty desperate. She says "you can go while I wipe" and gets up I look down in the bowl and she what's she's done 3 poos, a thick long one sticking up from the hole probably a foot long or more, and two on top around 5 inches. As I peed she giggles and says she feels much better now.

Savannah-welcome to the site and I enjoyed your story about your sister

Jessi- Hope you have another story soon!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Savannah first welcome to the site and great story about your sisters big poop it sounds like she really had to go and I bet she felt pretty good afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Sheena B as always another great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ashley G great story it sounds like they both had good poops.

To: Tlana great story.

To: Beth first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt great afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kelly M first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

To: Sarah great story.

To: Blueboy great story.

To: Megan great story it sounds like you and Lis both had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Steve A

To Sheena B, Bowel Bullies At School Story, Questions

To Sheena B: That was an interesting experience. Maybe the 9 year old girl will find Toilet Stool and post about her experience at the breakfast place in where you took your massive dump at.

To Bladder Bullies: I can understand being a Bladder Bully victim, but what about Bowel Bullies? Some Background Info First:

So, last week during study hall, I asked a teacher in the back of the classroom instead of asking the main teacher in the front of the classroom to use the restroom. The main teacher in the front would give me a time limit of about 3 minutes to use the restroom. She sometimes forgot to say "3 minutes" when I asked to use the restroom to go poop, which made me happy and less stressed about a time limit, but it was on and off for her saying, "3 minutes" when I asked her to go sometimes. A few times, it took awhile to go poop during that period. Add those few times that I took more than normal to use the restroom to poop to the times when I asked to go poop in which I took my normal time to go, which lead to the 3 minute time limit. She thought I was going too much, but that's a period of the day when I sometimes need to go.

So, back to last week: I had to poop at that time. So, I asked the teacher in the back instead of asking the main teacher in the front to avoid her "time limit" answer. The teacher in the back said, "No". I was stunned, upset, angry, confused, etc. I decided to hold it in to avoid getting the "time limit" answer from the main teacher in the front. My next period was Spanish in which I hoped to get a chance to go poop. I had to wait until the end of Spanish class with like 7-10 minutes left when I had some free time left in the period to go poop. I actually asked to go halfway through the class period and the teacher said I had to wait since a couple of guys asked to go before me. I eventually made it and I finished with like a minute before the period ended. I wasn't late for my next class, but imagine the explaining I would have had to do if I was late for my next class.

I have some questions for everyone to answer about my story:

What do you think of this behavior by the teachers?

Would you have treated me differently if you were a teacher?

Would it be wrong to tell someone about this problem (Ex. guidance consoler, vice or main principal) if I got health problems from holding it in too much overtime or having an unintentional accident because I held it in too long?

I personally wouldn't tell anyone about my problem unless something embarrassing or serious happens to me, which is very unlikely to occur with me.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks for reading my story and have a good day everyone.


Re: SpeedyBK

Hi Speedy !

Glad to see that you're back. I always liked reading your stories.

I have cerebral palsy (CP) and I post here throughout the year.
I use a wheelchair away from home so I always seem to have misadventures using it when I need to go to the bathroom. I also have a bashful bladder that leads to other problems, too.

I went to a special public school for handicapped children and knew a lot of kids who had spina bifida and needed to wear diapers. In college I knew many quads and paras (in fact one of my roommates was a quad), so I became familiar with catheters, legs bags, bowel management and the like, so I guess my fascination with bathroom stuff came rather naturally.

I remember your last story about the nurse you met in the parking lot. Did you ever meet up with her again. I thought you exchanged phone numbers.

Anyhow, glad to see you're still around. Post when you can.

Brian W
This is to Ashley G....your daughters sound extremely open and comfortable about pooping around you lol that's good. Do they poop everyday? Have they heard you go poop?


Hello Everybody!

I hope that everyone is having a great New Year! I'm sorry for not posting. I've been super busy!

I had a great bowel movement last night. After dinner with my parents I went to my suite upstairs and picked up a book I had been reading. I knew I was due for my evening bowel movement. About 30 minutes later after letting the sensation build I knew that it was time to take a dump (I love that phrase!).

When I got situated on the toilet, nature began to take its course. What made the doodie so memorable is that it was hot! I mean, it felt much warmer than usual. Overall, the poop was solid-soft, formed and came out in 4 plops, with a fifth that I had to push out. If you put the plops together, I guess that it would have been about 14-15 inches long and close to 1 & 1/2 inches thick.

But why was it so warm feeling? That was awesome!

Love to all!



Response to Michael

Hey Michael,
Matt here. I don't know about your post of black people pooping more than white. I think we all go a lot, just sometimes better than other times.
Also, have you tried Fleet glycerin suppositories? They work great for mild constipation. Plus, when you use it, you can time your bm and get back on track like you said. It works in about 15-30 min. Just make sure to insert it deep and don't go at the first urge or it wont work. Let me know if you have tried them before? ttys

Sonya Sue

Horrible Near Pee Accident

On Martin Luther King Day, my high school was one of many that had the day off. However, our 24-member vocal ensemble, had to meet a our school at 7 a.m. to board a bus that took the 12 girls and 12 guys downtown to the civic arena where our group was part of a much larger show for city and state leaders, the media and general public. We were in our performance outfits that include heels so we didn't want to do too much walking. But when we got to the arena my friend Shannon said the bumpy ride and the fact that the driver hit a couple of curbs in pulling into the parking lot, had her bladder upset and she wanted me to go with her across the street to a coffee shop so she could pee there. (Shannon doesn't like to pee or crap for that matter in large public bathrooms which she says are too dirty). So we walked across the street and while Shannon was in the bathroom, I bought us two coffees. We took our coffees across to the civic and were just in time for a rehearsal for our set that included a sound and light check. I don't know what it was, but after I finished my coffee, I felt a pee coming on. It was a half hour or so before we had a break and our director suggested we go to the bathroom and gave us like 10 minutes.

So Shannon walked out into the hallway with me as we sought the toilets. When we found the bathroom, it had like 15 or 16 stalls and was quite chilly. The first stall was open so I went into, hiked up my dress, yanked my underwear down, and threw myself onto one very cold seat. A cold seat is nothing that usual, but at school the stools are so heavily used that it doesn't happen much. Although my bladder was in pain, the longer I sat the more frustrated it became because I couldn't get my stream to start. It was more frustrating because Jackie, who was in the stall next to me, sat right down, crapped with like six or seven plops into the toilet, and was washing her hands, when our director yelled into the room that we were late in getting back. So I pulled my underwear up and made a run for the stage. My bladder pain was only getting worse once I got back onto my feet. And it didn't help that I had the closing solo of "What the World Needs Now.." for our set. As we were lining up on the risers I whispered to Shannon that my bladder was bashful. She said I should have gone at the coffee shop. I started to cry a bit, but caught myself and was able to restrain it.

The mayor and a senator were getting ready to open the program and since we were still behind curtain, I told Shannon and our director that I was going to need to use the restroom. Our director said something sarcastic, that drew a couple of laughs, but I didn't care, I just needed to get back on the toilet and relieve myself. The seat of the stall I selected was warmer and I knew I only had like two or three minutes. I was encouraged to feel some activity and hear a few trickles hit the water, but that's as far as it went. I got myself presentable and ran back, without even stopping to wash my hands. Now I was getting both hot and scared as I took my placed on the risers. The curtain rose and I tried to smile like a trooper, but I was in a lot of pain and almost confident that I was going to pee during our set. Luckily, my mind was diverted, but as soon as we took our bow, and the curtain closed I halfway jumped down, forgetting that I had heels on and could have broken one or even my leg, and made my third trip to the toilet. Now most of the toilets were in use from the other acts waiting to perform. I staked out several of the first stalls, and when a door opened and a girl came out (it was obvious that she had crapped but I didn't care) I placed my butt on her very warm seat. This time my trickle started almost immediately and accelerated to a point where those near me could hear what I was doing. I was so thankful, and as I placed my face down on my lap, I started to cry a little as my stream continued heavily for more than a minute. I washed my hands, went to the auditorium, and luckily Shannon was holding a seat for me. It's amazing how you can enjoy a two hour show once you're no longer in pain or in fear of having an accident in a very public situation.

Shannon couldn't believe it, but at intermission I got back up and went back in where I had no trouble draining my body for another minute or so. She went in with me and was a witness. The bus ride back to school was OK but as soon as we got to the school parking lot, I told Shannon I had to go in and crap. I had no problem, and as soon as I placed my butt on the seat, a soft banana-size piece slid out of me. I had forgotten to check for toilet paper first, and as you can guess, there was none. But I asked Shannon to bring me some and she did. Only she had to go back and get me another couple of pieces I was still not fully clean.

Later when Shannon and I were talking, I got to thinking is she might be right about using smaller bathrooms. I've never had a tough time peeing a large bathrooms, nor have I worried about sitting right down on the toilet seat. But I just don't understand what happend this time.


Question for Savannah

I never had any siblings and have always been interested in what that relationship must be like. Do that two of you poop in front of each other often? Do you ever feel uncomfortable being watched while you push to poop? Have you ever seen each other really constipated?? My Mom and Dad were both REALLY private about pooping and I can't imagine "going" in front of anyone!!!

Today I had been needing a poo since late evening. I try to poop afterschool, but my body recently has taken up a new path. I get constipated sometimes, but for the most part I poop everyday to every other day. I don't poop that much, but when I do it's pretty nice. Today after I got home from school, I played around and watched some TV, then I had to fart, so I did, and it smelled quite fowl besides being silent. It smelled like it was going to be diarrhea, but I wanted to hold it in before I bathed. In the evening I finally went to the loo, my belly was aching and I really needed to poo. I sat on the toilet with my legs spread apart and my bum raised off the seat. I pushed and very quickly a long thick log of poo fell in the toilet. When it splashed it smelled bad around me, so I knew it was big. I got up and saw a big turd the shape of an L. It was pretty thick and long. It was reddish brownish at the end as I had a lot of beans and chili the day before yesterday. I was scared it would clog the toilet, so I hopped into the tub, washed off, and then got out, dried off, and then flushed the toilet. It didn't go down, it didn't budge. I flushed again and it partially went into the hole. I waited, and then flushed and it all went down the drain but it was stuck there. So I went and drank some water then came back and flushed and it went all the way down. Man, I love pooping.


An old accident

I've been kind of reading here off and on for a while but decided I'd finally post something. My name isn't really Tori, but I'll go with it here. I'm 35 now, married, one child, normal working mom. But this story I'll go back to high school for. I played golf on my high school golf team. One late afternoon we were playing and I had kinda needed the bathroom when we started but didn't have a chance to go. We only played 9 holes in high school, so I figured I could hold it for two hours. As the round went on I was playing really well and didn't want to stop to go to the bathroom and honestly sometimes forgot I even had to go when I was really focused. Anyway, we got to the 7th hole and I started to feel it more. By the 8th hole I was pretty desperate and had to sneak a hold between my legs when lining up a putt on the green. When I wasn't hitting I had to stand cross legged and squeeze everything in. (I had to do both pee and poop.) Carrying our clubs didn't help, either. We were on the 9th hole and I was really getting worried. I knew I was running out of time. We got to around the green and I was literally prarie dogging, as they say, and had to really fight to keep from losing it right then. When I went to putt I squatted down and sat on my heel to help hold it in. We finally finished the round, shook hands, and I told my coach I was headed to the bathroom. I walked inside as fast as I could while holding everything in but the closer I got the worse it got. I felt some pee leak out into my panties in the pro shop and felt myself blush hard and I grabbed my crotch and kept going. I made it to the women's locker room and headed for the toilets but halfway there I started leaking and could feel wetness on my fingers through my shorts, which were a dark navy blue. It kept leaking and then turned into a stream and then I couldn't stop it and just stood there and totally peed down my legs onto the tile floor, standing there like a deer in headlights. And then the poop came out, of course, and I felt like I had a giant, hot, smelly grapefruit in my panties. I was in shock. A 17 year old shouldn't do this. I waddled into a stall and locked it behind me and slowly took everything down and cleaned up. The shorts barely showed any wetness at all, you had to look really close. The panties were ruined so I threw them away and had to go commando in my clammy shorts and try to not flash anyone on the bus ride home. I don't think anyone noticed. Nobody said anything, anyway. So there you go, the story of how I embarrassed myself in high school playing golf.



2 Gas Attacks

Hi again! Today at work, I had a couple of gas attacks. These weren't urges to fart, but verry mild pain in the stomach. I didn't need to poop during the first episode, but did however, during the second. The first gas attack happened after drinking soda. My second gas attack felt mostly the same, but I also thought my face was flushed. This occurred later in the day (some time after lunch). The feeling eased off a bit as I made my way to the 3rd stall of our bathroom. After peeing, I pushed out soft turdes that came from my butt in quick succession. The first round of escaping turds was a little large, and I had a second pooping episode that was smaller. I sure stunk up the loo from all that! Later when I came in for a pee only, I noticed that it smelled like someone sprayed the bathroom with air freshener.

Chloe B

New orleans trip

So today I'm gonna talk about my trip to New Orleans that our school had last year! So to begin I roomed with my three friends Alexa (white brown hair always braided skinny) Katherine (Asian good figure about 5'6) and Juliette (skinny, Mexican about 5'8) so we all had to wear jeans and a school shirt as code. So when we got to new orleans the guides all let us go out and each lunch. Alexa saw a po boy place so we are that. After lunch when we were all walking around the French quarter Alexa as Katherine both needed to pee and then I realized I did too. We found a restaurant with a bathroom that had 4 stalls. Juliette didn't need to go so she waited on us. I took the middle stall while Alexa took the first and Katherine to my left. As I sat down and pulled down my jeans and Hanes panties I saw Alexa pull her panties down to her ankles and start to pee. I peed for about 30 second then wiped and flushed. Alexa was wiping and Katherine was still peeing. After we were all done we basically messed around till dinner time when the whole group had to meet up at bubba gumps shrimp restaurant. At dinner I needed to poop as I hadn't gone all day!so I went to the ladies room all the stalls were full so I deiced to wait till we got back to the hotel. So when we got in our hotel room Juliette called the bathroom so I had to wait even more!! I could hear her pooping as she let out 4 turds and a fart. I heard her wipe then I ran in after she flushed! She was washing her hands while I pulled everything down and farted! 5 turds just shot out of me with crackles and farts! Juliette was laughing at me! I was laughing too and told her I hadn't gone all day! As I finished my poo I got my pjs ready and took s shower. As I was in the shower Alexa asks if she can use the bathroom. I was showering and We're all girls so we didn't care if we saw each other. So I can kinda see her through the curtain and she's pulls down her pants and begins to poop. I hear her butt crackle as a turd hits the water. She lets out a fart then 2 more turds. As I'm done showering I step out and dry off she was gonna shower after me and so after she wiped I was putting on my pjs and I see her take her undies and shirt off. She has a cute butt that I wish I had. So after everyone showered we all went to bed. I slept with Katherine and Alexa slept with Juliette. I slept in a t shirt and panties as did Katherine. We had to be up early and be down for breakfast at 7:30 so I rushed and didn't get to brush my hair good. So after breakfast I told Alexa that Im going back up to the room. When I get there Katherine is in there pooping up a storm. I ask if I can come in to brush my hair and she said yes. As I come in Katherine has her jeans and Hanes pink panties with a white waistband at her knees and tells me thT her stomach is upset. She let out a wet fart and then some liquid poop. I told her it was probably the shrimp from last night! She let out more liquid poo and I ask if I can poo next. She wipes her vagina and butt and pulls up her pants. I start to pull down my undies and take seat. The bathroom smelled awful by this point and I thought I'd add to it. I let out a fart with a solid log and then 3 turds. I was done after that and I wiped. I'll tell the second half next time hope you enjoyed!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl in the 10th grade. I'm about 5'3" and 130 lbs. I have brown hair and eyes.

The other night, I had a lot of tests the next day and a lot of studying to do. I was getting stressed out and decided to take a hot bath to help me relax. I pulled up a chair next to the bathtub so I could study. After about 10 minutes, my sister Jazlyn (who is 14) knocked on the door and said "Can I come in and use the toilet." I said "Come on in, I don't care if you see me." She came in, took off her pants and panties, sat on the toilet, and said "Thanks for letting me in." Jazlyn relaxed and began to pee forcefully. The pee hissed as it sprayed out. After about 15 seconds, her stream stopped. She said "I have to poop." I said ok. Then she closed her eyes and started to push. A turd crackled out of Jazlyn's butt and splashed into the water. I noticed the strong smell the moment the poop came out of her butt. Then she pushed out another one and was done. Her turds were both about 12 inches long and 2 inches wide. Jazlyn flushed, wiped her butt and vagina, flushed again, and left. After 30 minutes, I started getting the urge to pee. After 10 more minutes, I really had to go, but I didn't want to sit on the cold toilet seat. Since I was about to get out anyway, I decided to let it out in the bath. I let go as a strong, yellow stream jetted out from between my legs. It was making a yellow cloud in the water. I peed for nearly 30 seconds before my jet came to a stop. The entire tub was yellow. I got out, drained the tub, and put on my bathrobe. Bye!


Just Another One

Reply for Sonya Sue.

1) Why do you think the first bathroom was locked? Does that happen often in your school? Usually on certain days of the week it is locked, in don't know why but it usually is

2) You didn't say whether there was a privacy door on your stall. If there was one does it give you the privacy you guys really need when crapping? Most of them have a door, but there are ones without them that no one uses for anything.

3) Does your school have the butt-gaskets to put on the seat? If not, do you guys spread toilet paper over the seat before sitting? I honestly just check first and sit down, I usually don't worry about germs and such because I always shower then I get home.

4) Under what conditions do you guys not pull your shorts all the way down to your ankles? When I have a lack of privacy or know someone else is in the bathroom.

5) Is it common to flush twice and and wash your hands twice? I usually flush once depending what happens in the toilet.

6) Why didn't you just tell your classmate you had gone to the bathroom?
A: I don't usually like telling my less closer friends about that sort of stuff

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