Ashley G.
This morning the girls were running late getting ready for school because both girls had to poo. Nat was on the toilet as Kayla says "hurry up I gotta GO, I feel it coming!" I was getting cleaning up in the kitchen so I wasn't in the bathroom to actually see. I heard the toilet flush and Kayla yells I'll be done in a few minutes. So Nat and I go out to the car, Kayla soon followed. "I didn't have time to make my poop go down the hole, so you'll have to plunge it probably" Natalie giggles and says "Big one huh". "Ya, made my butt hurt, was fricken huge! " Kayla said which made me laugh.

I come home and go into the bathroom and look into the toilet and saw a 2 thick 6-8 inch poos on top and a thinner one sticking up out of the water over a foot long. I broke it up with the toilet brush and flushed.


Second Babysitting Job With Jade

Last month on Page 2432 I told about the first time I took Jade, who is 5, out to the mall to see Santa. Recently, her mom called me a second time and because she need to work an extra shift, wanted me to take Jade to Sesame Street Live, its a stage show where the characters sing and perform and it was held at our city's event center. Its a huge arena. When Jade's mom was in her bedroom pulling the money out of her wallet, she dug deeper into her bag and pulled out a package of something called potty toppers, which she explained were toilet seat paper covers but with colorful animals and cartoon characters on them. I was surprised as she tore the top one off and handed it to me to put in my bag, because I didn't know that such a thing existed. She said Jade had been constipated and because she was given a laxative, would probably need to poo. While we were talking she had Jade in the bathroom weeing.

Both of us enjoyed the show and at the end Jade had to both wee and poo. I took her to the nearest bathroom which was so huge that it had four doors into it because there was a separate enter and exit doorway on each side of the room. There must have been about 40 toilets and most of them were busy. Some moms were dragging three or four kids in and there was a lot of chaos. But as we waited a door opened and this little girl about 4 or 5 came out crying and calling for her mother. She was spooked at first because she couldn't find her mother, but she walked in the wrong direction, only to find her mom was following behind her. I quickly shoved Jade into the stall. I took the topper out, unfolded it and Jade dropped her sweats and underwear all the way to the floor as I flushed the wee the little girl had left and put the topper over the seat for Jade. I lifted Jade up and placed her on top of it and I moved her legs a little wider since I knew she was going to poo.

She sat in place pretty well and I could tell by her face and how she rocked her body forward that she was pushing. At first, there were two small splats and then I heard a louder one. Jade stepped down and turned around to see what she had done, but the topper partially stuck to her butt. I pulled it off for a moment while we both looked at what she had done in the bowl. Then she said she had to wee some, so I put the topper back down, lifted her up and onto it, and she weed for like 15 seconds. SDhe reached over and pulled off some toilet tissues and wiped herself as she stood, again with the topper like glued to her butt. I heard the toilet next to us flush and the door open so I told Jade to stay put while I went next door and weed. I flushed and then went back to Jade and I showed her how she could just toss the topper into the bowl before she flushed.

My mom just let me sit right down on the seat when I was toilet training and obviously I don't think anything of sitting bare-butt to wee or poo in public places. Using the topper seems kind of strange to me, but it isn't going to hurt anything and I know its important to follow the directions of my customers.

Ashley G.
Jessi- My girls don't know. While they are both very open with me (and each other) about their pooing habits, they are pretty self conscious about it when it comes to strangers and public places, especially my oldest Kayla. She gets embarrassed from her farting and the smell and will only poo where there's a one person restroom ir family restroom, therefore I think they might be super embarrassed.

Monday, January 19, 2015

John H

Nice thick log

Hi all.
Enjoying all the posts as always.

Yesterday I had one of the mor enjoyable dumps of recent times so I will share the experience.
I hadn't pood the previous day and I had some beers and lots of food including pizza and pasta so I knew there would be a large load making its way out sooner rather than later.

I was hit with a strong urge in the early evening that grew stronger by the minute to the point of no return.
I let out some farts but they did little to ease the pressure.
My girlfriend was using the bathroom so I had to hold on.
When she came out I went in and dropped my trousers and boxers to my feet and sat on the toilet in one quick motion.
I relaxed my cuivering hole and felt the pressure building.
I expected a load to blast out quickly but instead there was some crackling as the tip of what felt like a large log slowly moved out.
I stayed relaxed and let my body do its own work.
The pressure was stronger but the log had stopped moving.
I waited and sat for a minute like this.
This never happens me so I made the most of it.
My hole was open wide but the log wasn't moving.
I gave a small push and my hole opened more. I could feel the heaviness of the log as I continued to give pushes and the log moved out slowly.
It wasn't very hard but it was very wide and my hole was getting wider all the time.
After a while it moved quicker as the widest part was out. It got much softer and the rest of the load rushed out.
it felt fantastic though the smell was not pleasant.
I pushed out some small amounts of poo but there was very little to follow up the main load.
I wwiped up, flushed and washed my hands and fixed my clothes
I left the bathroom feeling much lighter.
Take care all,
John H

massive poo at my friends house

My name is Beth and I am 21. I have brown hair, petite and I am skinny. This is my first post but I have been reading for a few months.

I was at a friends house watching movies and we shared a pizza between us. About an hour after finishing the pizza I started to feel pressure in my bum, I knew a huge load was coming especially since I hadn't gone in two days. Eventually, I let out a few farts, some silent and some really loud. It was about 1am at this point and I excused myself to the bathroom and locked the door.

Im pretty sure I heard him creep upstairs to listen. Anyway, I had business to take care of.

I let out a long, deep fart and I barely had to push when this massive turd crackled out of my bum. For what seemed like an eternity it eventually made a loud splash into the bowl. I knew there was a lot more yet. A minute or two later I feel another urge and a very long skinny turd crackled out,must have been at least a foot long. I continued to let out big logs *crackle* *splash* *crackle* *splash*

it felt good letting that out. Looked in the bowl and saw a thick long piece at about 10 inches the long skinny log over a foot long and stuck out of the water, and another thick 3 logs at around 10 inches. Took about 10 mins in total. I wiped about 6 times, flushed 3 times and went back downstairs to my friend. He later admitted he was outside and was impressed with my dump. Lol.

Hope you enjoyed.

Kelly M


Hi I'm Kelly, 23 yr old who's been reading this site for years. Today I have something to post because I had an accident this evening. I got off work and kinda had to go but not too bad so I figured I'd wait til I got home. Of course I got stuck in traffic. After an hour it was getting hard to hold it but I was almost at my exit. I finally got there and rushed to get to my condo. I parked and ran inside. I got through the door when I just couldn't hold it anymore. My roommate was sitting there watching tv and saw the whole thing. I got two steps inside when I had to stop. I just said "dammit" and she asked what was wrong. I couldn't even say anything at first. I just started to cry as I stood there both peeing and pooping in my pants like a toddler. She was very sympathetic. I didn't want to move. My jeans looked like I had a softball in the back and they were also soaked. I waddled to the bathroom and spent an hour cleaning up. My jeans were a mess but the panties I had on were ruined. After I came out my roommate told me about a time a couple weeks ago when she peed herself in her car in traffic. She wasn't going to tell me but she thought I'd feel better if I knew I wasn't the only one having accidents at our age. I have more stories and I'll post some later.

So I did something pretty dumb this morning. I kept bursting out laughing at myself every time I remember it but then also cringing and groaning in shame.

Full disclosure: i usually wear nothing to bed but a long t shirt. No undies at all. It's easy if I have to get up to pee in the night to just walk into me en suite and lift my shirt a little to go, and return to her with as little disruption to my sleep as possible.

Last night I kept my undies on. I don't know why- didn't think about it. I just did. Probably because I got to bed so late and was just too tired to care. I slept for maybe four hours then woke up around 7:30, groggy as hell, full bladder and morning poop knocking at the back door. I lazily slid out of bed and dragged my exhausted body into the bathroom lifted my shirt and plopped down on the toilet....I knew almost right away that something didn't feel right. I could tell that my skin wasn't directly making contact with the seat, that a thin layer of white cotton fabric was between my butt and the seat...but the thing about my morning dump is that it is very impatient. When I poop in the morning it pretty much just comes right out the second I sit and is over in 20-30 seconds at the most. So despite knowing immediately that I forgot to pull my undies down before I sat on the toilet, it was still too late. I sat, so out came the poop. Thick, soft, and warm, out it came into my underwear squishing all over my butt. I panicked and jumped up from the toilet. I was about to tear them down but as I stood I knew the damage was done. I had already dumped the full load into my undies. I could feel the weight of the bulge. I looked at my shocked face in the mirror and laughed, and thought to myself "i just pooped my underwear...while on the toilet..."

The mess could have been a lot worse if the flow of my bladder had begun. I don't know how i managed to not pee, but I managed. I was able to carefully lower the poop-caked undies before sitting back down to pee and get the toilet seat all messy...when I was done I took the longest hot shower I've probably ever taken, hand washed my underwear in the sink and scrubbed the toilet. I left my underwear draped over the side of the sink to dry, and went back to sleep for a couple hours. When i woke up again my husband said "why are your wet panties in the sink?" And so I had to tell him the story. He was thoroughly amused.


quick question

Hi all i haven't posted here in forever just wondering if there are still disabled people here or in wheelchairs? Would you still like me to post my stories little gross but fun to share.

Let me know!

Lucas A
Hi, my name is Lucas im 17 years old , Im in 11th grade. I'm very fit beacuse I play a lot of sports also im what you would consider hot I have dark skin and just a shaved head ( I have some hair but I guess that's why you can call it ) anyways I have read hear on a few occasions but I never had anything to post but now I do so here it gose

Last night I was playing basketball , I play on varsity for my school, and I pooped my pants. I was running down the court after getting a rebound and my stomach started cramping , I had been sick all week with some kind of stomach flu which I will post about if you want it was brutal , then as i was going up for the lay up I let out a little fart and felt diarrhea just flood my boxers and my compression shorts I had on under my basketball shorts. My face must have said it all beacuse my coach subbed me out and asked what was wrong and I wasn't about to lie beacuse at this point it was starting to seep through into my shorts and on my legs so I wishperd as quiet as possible that i had shit my pants. My coach gave me a half grossed out half concernd look and told me to go in the locker room. So I did and I went into the stall and pulled everything off and it was a mess. I wiped my self off as best as I could. Unfortunately I had to dispose of my underwear and compression shorts but thankfully my basketball uniform was fine poop free. I slipped my shorts back on and went to get my bag and got out a pair of sweat pants and some new underwear slipped those on beacuse even though my shorts where fine they still had the poop smell. I than went back out to watch the bed of the game we ended up winning and only a few people found out about me shitting my pants. So yah that's my story I was fine after I just think I need some time till my poop is completely normal again. Also if you would like to hear about the stomach or any other request just let me know ??

Home Pooper

Learning to Poop in Public Restrooms, Part 3

Hi everyone! Another story/update here about my continuing journey learning to poop in public restrooms. The first two parts are on pages 2406 and 2430. To sum those up really quickly, I rarely feel any need or urge to have a bowel movement when I'm in public and can go several days without pooping if I'm away from home (such as on vacations), so I've been trying to "potty train" myself with public restrooms to keep myself more regular.

I wanted to share with you the poop I had at work yesterday. Admittedly, I've been pretty busy at work and haven't had any urges to need to poop while working, so I haven't tried to use the restroom much since my last post. Since that time, I've mostly had to go poop before I left for work and since I hadn't had any urges to go during work, I'd only stop by the restroom if I needed to pee (in which case I'd just use a urinal).

However, yesterday I ate quite a bit of pizza before work, and later in my shift I started to feel a bit of pressure in my ????. I wasn't sure if that feeling was just a little bit of gas or if I actually needed to poop. I kept working for the next while at my desk and eventually needed to pee pretty badly so I took a trip to the men's room. Still feeling the pressure, I was definitely going to try for a number 2, so I walked to the stalls. I picked the handicapped stall this time (since I've mostly been using the regular stall), and after checking to make sure the seat was clean and the stall had toilet paper, I shut and locked the door, lowered my pants to my ankles, planted my butt on the seat and relaxed. I then peed for what felt like forever (it just kept flowing and flowing and flowing and flowing; I really had to pee!). I finally finished peeing, and after relaxing for a bit, I then started to push. Turns out I did have poop waiting. I could feel the log as it was sliding out so I could tell it was going to be a decent size, and not just a tiny forced nugget like some of my previous tries at work. I pushed all the poop I had out, and then bent forward/squatted a bit above the seat so that I could grab some toilet paper and also turn around to see what I produced (if I stand up all the way, the automatic flusher would engage).

It was just under an average sized load for me, which made my pretty happy. I think this was the largest quantity of poop I've released in a single sitting at work. And unlike most of my previous poop attempts at work which often didn't have much of a smell to them, this load was rather stinky and stunk up the stall. It was also a tad messier than my average poop and I had to rip off toilet paper and wipe about five to six times to get myself clean. (Speaking of toilet paper, I have to agree that the toilet paper that they use in any public restroom absolutely stinks. It's super thin and my finger kept busting through it while trying to wipe myself, even if I tried to layer it a bit. If I was a woman, I'd probably carry my own toilet paper in my purse, but alas I'm a guy and I'm not willing to carry a bag just for TP, so I'll deal).

After I finished wiping, I pulled up my pants, tucked my shirt back in, and left the stall. I headed over to the sinks to wash my hands. After washing my hands, I thought I might have felt some more pressure from my ????, and with a minor push I unexpectedly farted twice. I finally felt emptied and went back to my desk to work.

That's it for my story today. I still have yet to have any signals of needing to poop out in public places such as stores or gas stations, but I'm hoping that my continued practice at work will translate into other places and teach my body that it's okay to need to poop at any time, any place. I noticed I'm getting comfortable sitting on the thrones at work. At first I would feel really nervous; I'd feel cold, my heart rate would increase, and my legs would constantly shake. I know that may seem silly to most of you, but I truly was inexperienced sitting on public toilets because I never (well, extremely rarely) used them and I think my body was trying to "reject" them. However, lately I can be seated in a stall at work and feel completely at ease and relaxed. I will say, every single time I've sat in the restroom at work, I'm alone, so I'm not sure if I'd still feel as eased if someone else were in the restroom. But, this must be a sign of progress!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C great story it sounds like you and that other woman both had pretty desperate poops and I bet you both felt good afterwards.

To: Claire great story.

To: Ashley G great story it sounds Natalie had a really good poop and I bet she felt good afterwards.

To: Chloe B great story it sounds like you all had good poops and it sounds like the bathroom was pretty busy to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jane The Poop great story it sounds like you both had great poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Maria great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina as always another great story it sounds like you and your friends had good poops and I bet you both felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

TO: Jemma great desperate poop story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Twice On Sunday

Back again! Happy New Year. This past weekend, I hung out with my GF at my place. We had dinner Saturday night at an Italian restaurant. She had chicken marsala and I have salmon. We both had ice cream for dessert. That Sunday morning, we were lying in bed as I ripped 3 loud farts. She pretty much shunned me and talked about me in a joking manner. She told me that she had to fart. So I leaned over on her back as she did it, but it was only silent, whistling one. I was hoping that she had to take a dump. She tried to before she started getting ready for church, but nothing but a small rock came out. Basically, she said it was too early. So then I sat down and dropped a load. Two pieces came out. One was about 8 inches, the other like 2 inches. Not much smell. However...

When she got back from church, it was on. I was lying on the couch watching the Packers handle business. She immediately came in and stood in front of me with her back towards me. I'm like, I can't see babe. She goes, "Surprise!" and rips a small pop and a louder one that was about 3 seconds. The smell was little foul. We went in the bathroom and she released a family of 5. Five pieces that about 2 to 4 inches a piece. Smell wasn't too bad. From there she went to work on some homework.

Wow Jenny, it took overnight to air out? Hilarious! How many inches you think it was? Sheena B. - Interesting story. Why is your story so similar to Kim's story on page 723 when she ate the same exact foods? I always remember her stories and the use of measuring tape. I'm a long time reader...:-)

Sonya Sue

Questons for Just Another One

To: Just Another One

I enjoyed your first story. Hope you will post more. I have some questions for you:

1) Why do you think the first bathroom was locked? Does that happen often in your school?

2) You didn't say whether there was a privacy door on your stall. If there was one does it give you the privacy you guys really need when crapping?

3) Does your school have the butt-gaskets to put on the seat? If not, do you guys spread toilet paper over the seat before sitting?

4) Under what conditions do you guys not pull your shorts all the way down to your ankles?

5) Is it common to flush twice and and wash your hands twice?

6) Why didn't you just tell your classmate you had gone to the bathroom?

Thank you for your story and this follow-up information. I hope you have more stories for us.

Sheena B

Responses & Comments

Hello Everyone. First of all about my last story when I ate at a place called IHOP. IHOP- stands for International House of Pancakes. Sorry I forgot to put that in for the people here that may not know. It's a breakfast place that serves lunch and dinner too and you can have breakfast food anytime in the day if you wish. I just wanted to make that clear.I love eating there and having a gigantic,fat bowel movement afterwards !!

To Just another one- Hello. I enjoy your stories.

To Mina- Hello. I always enjoy your stories between you and your friends. Your all so loveable.

To Sonya Sue- Hello. I enjoy your gas station adventures. They are very entertaining. It seems like you meet many interesting people there.

To Brandon T- Hello. thanks for the sweet comments on my stories. I really appreciate nice feedback from people. Bye now.

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