Ashley G. - well a couple of my girls do, but for the most part they don't know anything but that I do it, so they are a little embarrassed about it but that's it. what about your girls?

No name

First Post

Hi guys! I'm new here and figured I'd share a story that just happened. I chose not to use a name for personal reasons, but I'm a 21 y/o female, blonde hair, lean, wear glasses, American,and I've been told I'm attractive. I'm not in college, however, as I work for the family business that my dad owns, so I was basically handed the job. So anyway, to the story:

I was coming back from a vacation with my family. It was me, my parents, and 8 siblings. (6 bros, 2 sisters)(I know, we're a big family)While in the car, I felt the urge to pee. My brother asked if we were almost home, and my mom said in 10 minutes. I am not open with my bathroom habits, especially in front of my brothers, otherwise I would've asked to pull over. So I tried to hold it. As time went on, it got harder and harder to hold in. It started to hurt down there. But I kept fighting it.

Finally we got home, but I had to help unpack. So I had to hold it even longer. It was hard going through the pain, but I did it. As soon as I finished unpacking, I went as fast I can to the toilet. We made it a double bathroom because our family is so big. There are 2 toilets right next to each other with 2 sinks, but only 1 shower. I went into the bathroom and pulled my black leggings down to just below my knees and immediately started peeing. It felt so good to let it out. I pee with a lot of force, so I assume it sounds loud from outside the bathroom. I peed for 2-3 minutes straight. It felt like the best 2-3 minutes of my life.

I hope to post more in the future!



Hi everyone. My name is Tristan; I'm 18, I just started college last year.

I've always sort of been interested in bathroom functions, but never had anyone to talk to about it. I've been reading this site for a little while and finally decided to post.

I live in a small dorm building with one guy's bathroom. There are two stalls in it. I've had a few opportunities to poop and pee next to other guys and it's pretty cool. At first I was kind of embarrassed because I always fart so much every time I poop. When I sit down on the toilet, it's always a few minutes of farting before anything actually comes out. And I've noticed that compared to the other guys who've pooped next to me, I always fart more lol. Anybody else do that?

I'm not really embarrassed of the smell I leave behind, because I've smelled some worse ones there lol. But one time right after I left the stall, another guy came in immediately and there was a strong smell and skidmarks on the toilet bowl, so that was a bit embarrassing.

Anyway, just wanted to share those dorm-bathroom experiences and introduce myself. I hope to post more and hear a response or two :)


regarding bladder bullies

I don't think I remember a teacher ever letting a kid go to the restroom when I was in school during the mid 90's. I vividly remember watching a poor kid in the fifth grade vomiting repeatedly into the class trash can because the teacher denied him the bathroom. In sixth grade I saw another boy totally pee his pants in last period for the same reason. I always had a strong bladder, but I suffered more than one kidney infection due to being denied the bathroom from 4-8th grade.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mina- Glad you like my stories about the cafe! I enjoy yours as well, it is interesting to see the differences between going to the toilet in Japan and doing it here in the UK. Your friend Kazuko is right, the more toilets, the better! I would imagine in the evening when it is used as a bar instead of a cafe, there would be queues for the loo, although most visitors then would probably only be doing a wee, rather than a poo, which is more common at lunch.

Today I went to the open loos with Lis! We only worked until lunch today, during which time we both went to the loo at the library to wee, so we went into town to eat together. I suggested the cafe with the open loos as we passed it, and we went in and got our food. After we ate, I needed my customary number two. I didn't want to force Lis into using the loos there, so I didn't say anything, but once we paid she told me she needed to visit the loo before we left. I guessed it was probably for a poo since she usually goes after lunch and hadn't been so far today. I told her I needed to go too, and we headed to the loos.

When we walked in, there was one woman on the loo opposite the door, who looked a bit embarrassed at being walked in on as she wiped herself. I looked at Lis and pretended to be surprised. It was clear that she was! She looked around the room, looking at the woman sitting on the loo and then at me. The woman flushed the loo and started pulling up her trousers. Lis whispered to me, 'Oh, this is unusual! It's a bit awkward too, don't you think?' I agreed with her. She asked me if I was ok with doing my business on these toilets. I sensed that she wasn't too keen on the idea, but that she definitely needed to do whatever it was she needed quite urgently. I did too, so I told her I wanted to go soon and that if she was ok with going here, then I was too.

She said she wanted to go soon as well, so we headed to the loos furthest from the door as the other woman went to wash her hands. I moved to the loo opposite the door and farthest from it. Lis moved to the toilet opposite me, evidently not wanting to be near the door and being ok with me seeing her on the loo. I pulled my skirt and blue knickers to my knees as I sat down, before lowering them to my feet. I watched Lis. She looked reluctant, but when she saw me sit on the loo she pulled her skirt and black knickers down to just below her knees and sat down with her thighs together. She rested her hands in her lap, but I could see her thighs, hips and bush. She could see mine, too, but I didn't mind. Once the other woman left Lis didn't seem too bothered either.

She pulled her knickers down to mid-calf, and looked at me and smiled, blushing a bit. I smiled back. 'This isn't so bad I suppose,' she said. 'As long as nobody else comes in anyway.' I nodded and agreed with her. She didn't seem to mind me seeing her with her pants down on the loo, I suppose because we mention to each other when we need to go while at work etc.

Lis looked a little embarrassed as she said, 'Um, I actually want to do a poo Meg, I hope you don't mind.' I guess she assumed i just needed to wee, and thought she did too. I said, 'I'm glad you need a poo actually, I need to do one too.' She chuckled a bit and smiled. 'Well, that's a relief, I'd hate to be the only one!' I agreed with her and we both started to wee, I could hear her urine tinkling into the bowl as mine did the same. We made some small talk since we were alone in the loos for now. I knew her poo must be at her anus ready to come out. Mine was also waiting for release, but I wanted her to start going first!

While we were both weeing another woman came in, and sat down next to Lis by the door, her trousers at her knees. We both finished weeing and Lis looked at me a little nervously, clearly not wanting to start letting out her turds just yet while someone else was in the room. The other woman began to wee as we sat quietly, looking at each other and waiting for her to finish. Another woman entered a minute later and sat next to me. She began to wee as the other woman finished and left. Lis shifted on the toilet seat and looked at me with an, 'I need to poo!' expression, letting me know she was having trouble holding in her bowel movement while waiting for some relative privacy with just me present. I could imagine she was clenching her ample, shapely bum as she waited. I gave her a knowing look and we waited a couple of minutes for the other woman to finish and leave. Lucky for Lis she only needed a wee.

Once she left, Lis tensed up and I knew her poo was starting to leave her anus. I heard it crackling quietly as it slid out. It was clearly audible but she didn't seem to mind too much since we were alone. I started to push mine out as well. We both made a plop at about the same time, hers falling a little before mine did. She relaxed a bit as we both started to poo. I heard a couple more quick plops from her as she pushed out some more. I started to smell hers, a fairly strong poo smell. I knew mine was hardly better! I did a fart, which made me blush and Lis chuckle a little. A minute later as I pushed out another turd she passed some gas too, so I laughed in return! She rested her hands on her thighs like I was doing, which gave me a clearer view of her bush and between her legs.

Another woman came in and sat down next to me, starting to wee. I noticed Lis stopped the rest of her poo coming out and looked a bit embarrassed again, presumably at the smell! The other woman made a couple of quick plops, signalling she was going for a poo as well, and I waited to see if Lis would start going again. She did, making another plop as she pushed out another log. The other woman finished fairly quickly, and we both pushed out a couple more turds and then we were done. We both wiped, pulled up our skirts, and flushed, before going to wash our hands. We left the cafe and both went home after, feeling much better!


Do you ever...

Do you ever have one of those desperate poos where
it starts of slow (though u know more is coming) & gets faster as it goes on?
Well yesterday the hubby & i went shopping & not long after lunch i felt the urge for a poo...
we shopped for another hour when my urge became more strong so i knew i had to find a loo. We found a cafe & hubby got us a much needed cuppa each whilst i went to their loo...
& it literally went like this...
slow then fast then slow at the end!! And boy did i feel better after ridding of those 14 plops!! & boy did i enjoy that refreshing cuppa tea waiting for me on my return!!

Abby C

An old story

Hi everybody, today i just wanted to share an old story that happened in 4th grade. So that day in 4th grade i felt a stomach bug coming on when i got to school. I had waited about 3 hours until lunch time. I had a turkey and cheese sandwich, some grapes, an apple, some cheeze-its, and a juice box. After we had about 10 minutes, so i asked the teacher if i could go use the bathroom. I walked down the hall, and while i walked, my stomach growled in pain. I wrapped my arms around my stomach and walked into the bathroom. There were 3 stalls open and i took the 2nd stall and the person next to me was clearly having diarrhea. I pulled down my pants and sat down on the stool. I pushed and mushy poo started coming out rapidly. Poops started coming out like plip,ploop,plop,plang,plong,plong,ploon forever. I was finished and wiped and left. Byebye, Abby C


Accidents & Punishments

A few pages back someone asked the question whether anyone was ever spanked for having an accident. While I certainly had more than my fair share of soiling accidents growing up (even into my early teen years) but I can safely say, I was never spanked for any of them. I guess my parents just didn't believe in spanking because I don't remember ever being spanked for anything I did and neither did. But that's not to say I didn't get punished for stuff because my parents were very strict. And one of the things I was often punished for growing up with indeed pooping my pants.

Probably the biggest issue I had with this is that I would refuse to poop at school. I didn't really like to pee at school, either, but at least I did that when I really needed to. Pooping was a different story, though. I remember how I hated that the stall doors had these really big gaps in them between the door itself and the stall. Girls really could look in and get a good look at what a girl was doing in the stall. And a lot of girls - especially around junior high age - would delight in looking through that gap and tease any girl who was unfortunate enough to be pooping in there. A lot of girls, I guess, wouldn't mind it so much - at least to the point where they did poop at school - but I was kind of shy and awkward in those days and the idea of being seen pooping on the toilet just totally repulsed me. Being seen peeing on the toilet repulsed me, too, but like I said previously, I cold manage to do that at school when I really needed to. Besides, girls really didn't tease you that much for peeing at school (pretty much everybody pee at school) like they did for those unfortunate enough to have to poop at school.

So, most of my panty-soiling issues had to do with school. The thing was that I usually could hold it in while actually in school (I think sitting in a chair is probably the easiest way to hold it in when you have to poop) and rarely would I actually poop my pants at school. And even when I did, it would only be a little bit in my panties that was easily concealable by the long, loose fitting skirts that I always wore in those days. It was the walk home from school that always created the problem for me. It was usually then that I'd actually be pooping in my panties. I think it was the combination of now having to stand up and walk (rather than just sitting on a hard chair in class), and the fact that by now, I had already been holding it in quite a while at school, that made it so difficult to hold in on my way home from school. It was just such a dreadful feeling to be walking home from school while you could feel yourself pooping in your panties.

The worst dread, though, was actually getting home when I knew I had a mess in my panties. Sometimes I could manage to get past my mom undetected and hide the mess from her - I would quickly get to the bathroom, clean myself up and then stash the soiled panties until I could clean them later - but more often than not, I'd get caught.

Then I'd get screamed and yelled at that this was disgusting and that I should be ashamed of myself and that I was too old to be "disgracing myself" like this. Then I'd have to clean myself in the bathroom and scrub my messy panties out in the sink all the while with mom constantly berating me, repeating the same stuff over and over again about being disgusting, shameful, and her favorite "disgracing myself." That would usually be followed with being grounded or losing some privileges or, most often as I got older, a combination of the two. Then, when dad got home from work, I'd get the verbal humiliation all over again, although his favorite was the rhetorical "When are you going to learn." Dad would usually then add some extra chores to my punishment. And as he got more practice at it - that is, as I continued to have more accidents into my early teens - dad got really good at coming up with "chore day" punishments for me to do.

Well, the shit (so to speak) really hit the fan one time a few weeks after my 14th birthday. I have a sister 4 years younger than me (who never had any such bathroom issues) and one Friday afternoon, the whole family attended one of her soccer games. I was in a good mood not only because I hadn't had to go at school that day but I hadn't had an accident in over a month. Consequently, that weekend I was now off being grounded and off all my other punishments. But no sooner had I sat down in the stands with my mom and dad to watch my sister's game, that I started feeling the need to have a bowel movement. I looked around to see what bathroom facilities were available at the game, but all they had were port-o-pottys. As far as I was concerned, those were even worse than the bathrooms at my school.

Well, suffice to say, I messed my panties at the game and I messed them pretty bad. Miraculously, I managed to conceal that fact from my parents at the game - I guess the open-air atmosphere of the bleachers helped to dissipate the smell and I suppose my parents were too focused on the game to notice what I was doing. But once in the car on the way home, the smell was just impossible to hide. To say that my parents were mad doesn't quite do it justice. Now, with both of them, I was being berated and shamed in stereo. And my little sister - who usually just stayed out of the whole thing when I had these accidents - was looking at me in disgust and making comments of "that's just gross" and just "ewwwww."

I thought the fact that I hadn't done it for a while might buy me a little sympathy, but ironically enough, I think it only made it worse. Having recently turned 14 and not having done it for a while now, I think my parents were thinking that I had FINALLY outgrown this. Obviously now, they had been proven wrong and this was a particularly bad accident to boot. This time, my panties had not been able to fully contain the load and the inside seat of the jeans I was wearing were noticeably soiled as well. Even I had to admit that this one was considerably more gross than usual.

Of course, I had to do the usual clean-up in the bathroom with mom standing over me and shaming me the whole time. At least, dad afforded me the dignity of not coming into the bathroom with me, but he was still yelling at me from the other room. "That's it," he kept saying, "This has got to stop NOW." When I was finally done cleaning it up - and this was a particularly bad one to have to clean up - mom made me just sit on the toilet and told me not to get up until she told me to. She often made me sit on the toilet for further punishment after cleaning up the mess, so this was nothing new. But this time I could hear my parents talking for a little while and then I could hear them leaving the house together. I suppose I could have then gotten up off the toilet without them knowing, but my parents were so mad that I didn't want to press my luck.

Shortly thereafter, mom and dad returned and I could hear mom immediately heading for the bathroom were I was still sitting on the toilet. Looking up, I just couldn't believe what she had with her. She then told me that if I was going to act like I wasn't toilet trained, I was going to be treated like I wasn't toilet trained. She had with her a small box of those pull-ups toilet training pants and she handed me one. She ordered me to put it on. I wouldn't have thought they made them in my size, but I was skinny enough that they did fit. I wanted to argue, but mom's demeanor at the time signaled to me that that wasn't a good idea. Instead, I just cried. It was so humiliating when I had to put that stupid thing on. Here I was - 14 years old - and I was having to wear what essentially amounted to a diaper.

So I had to spend that entire weekend wearing a pull-up. I also spent the entire weekend cleaning the house as part of my punishment. I was in tears practically the whole time not only from the humiliation of having to wear the pull-up at home but my first fear was of the even worse humiliation of having to wear it to school. Sunday night, mom finally relented and gave me my regular underwear back. She and dad warned me, though, that this was my last chance. They warned me that one more accident would mean having to wear the pull-ups "full-time" and that meant having to wear them to school.

I don't want to say that it was the fear of having to wear pull-ups to school that cured me of my soiling problems - I'm sure I would eventually have outgrown the problem without the threat of that humiliation hanging over me. Let's just say that it served as a sort-of wake-up call for me. Looking back, I wonder if my parents really would have made me wear pull-ups to school and suffer that humiliation. But what I do know is that no matter how much I dreaded going poop at school, if I had to do it to avoid messing in my panties then I simply had to do it. I just didn't dare risk having any more accidents.

Desperate as I was, I somehow came up with the idea of using the faculty ladies' rooms. As one would have expected, they were a lot more hospitable to use than the student ones. I knew I was risking punishment at school for doing that but it was better than either pooping in the regular girls' rooms or getting punished for going in my pants. The thing was that most of the time I was able to get in and out of there without getting caught at all and most of the time when I did get caught, the teachers would just tell me not to come in there again. I was a good student who never got in any trouble at school and teachers were never eager to write me up and get me in trouble. And even when I did get punished for going in the faculty ladies' rooms, the detentions and the lines that I'd sometimes get were certainly better than the notion of having to wear pull-ups to school. In fact, even without the threat of that, it was certainly better to use those toilets - even when I'd get punished for doing it - than to go in my panties. I was mad at myself for not thinking of this sooner.

Gradually, I started making the transition from the faculty bathrooms to the student ones. I'd mostly go when I thought I could be alone in there and I eventually grew more accustomed to having bowel movements in there when other girls were around. By the time I got to college and its dormitory bathrooms, thankfully, this problem was long past me.

Ashley G.
Happy New Year everyone! I have a few stories from over Xmas break involving the girls and I'll share one now involved Natalie my 14 year old.

I was cleaning the bathroom one afternoon doing the bathtub/shower when Natalie came in "can I go poop, i really need to go". "Sure I haven't done the toilet yet". So she lowers her pants and panties. I continue cleaning as we make small talk. She farts loudly and I hear a couple loud plops and she sighs. "Feel better?" She nods and giggles. "But there's more I think" A few minutes go by and shes pushing again, several farts and another plop. She pulls off some toilet paper and wipes herself. She stands up and we look into the bowl. There's an upside down U floating about 8 inches. Another long poo sticking up from the hole and a thick poo at the bottom. I flush and proceed to clean the toilet as Nat walks away playing on her phone.

Jessi- Good story about Misty. My girls talk about "prairie dogging" all the time, especially if they have been holding it at school waiting to come

Jessi- Do your girls know you come in here and write about them? If so how do they feel about it?

Just Another One

Another Story

I've got a story for you all much like the last one!
MasterBlaster-I honestly can't remember the relief was just so great that I didn't even think about looking for to long Thank you, I don't don't have many of stories but I'm glad someone enjoyed it
Recently I've been having this runny, almost "slop" like poops and I'm not sure why but it feels amazing, anyway onto the story. A few days ago during school I felt extremely bloated again during gym class (I guess that's just around the time I have to go), so I went to the third floor bathrooms because I wanted to go for a little walk and I knew that they were the cleanest ones in the school, so I got there picked the stall closest to the door since most of the stalls doors don't lock or even have a door. I lowered my shorts to about my knees again and sat down leaning forward, hands together as I always do when starting a poop, I began to push and at first only got a few light farts so I rubbed my stomach and surely enough my poop began as a quick small amount of turds fell from me alone with more "rope", while this was going on I kept having to quietly grunt at some parts to keep it moving, I counted at least 7 or so plops. I leaned forward and wiped about four or so times, flushed then washed my hands. Well on the way home from school I felt my stomach gurgle and I knew I had to get home to the toilet ASAP, so I ran home for about 4 blocks, through the front door, threw my stuff and jacket off, ran up the stairs to the bathroom , unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my feet and sat on the toilet JUST in time as a HUGE log came out probably about 9 Cm's long and 4 Cm's wide (sorry don't know what that is in inch's), I groaned as more "slop" like the stuff this morning fell out of me and into the toilet bowl, I kept this going for almost 5 minutes then thought I was down and flushed and while I started wiping I suddenly felt a rush again and sat down only to have another barrage of loose turds (about 10 or so) blast from me into the bowl, but there was an issue...the toiler barley had time to fill back up with I had a nasty clean up job, but god did my colon feel cleansed, so I wiped as I always do, then flushed again and did a long clean up for that poor toilet, anyway sorry this seems so rushed I actually have to start studying for my finals!
Feel free to comment on how you think about my stories as MasterbLaster did!
Best of luck with your bathroom adventures,
-Just Another One

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessi great story about Misty's big poop in that bucket it sounds like she really had to go and I bet she felt pretty great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie great story about big long poop I bet you felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie great story it sounds like you and Katie had good poops I bet you both felt good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Maddie great story about your big desperate poop it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sheena B as always another great pooping story it sounds like you had a really good one and I bet you felt great after getting that beast out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenny great story about your big poop.

To: Optional Person great set of stories.

To: Shay it sounds like had a rough night hope it didn't last to long.

To: Jemma as always another great desperate poop story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Chloe B

First school poop of the semester

Hey guys! Sorry it's been a long time since my last post but today I'm gonna talk about my first poop at school of the year!
So today All through the morning I had little urges to poo and it kept on getting worse and worse! I had a big breakfast so I think that's what made me need to go. So as I'm in lunch I tell my friend maggie that my stomach hurts and that I'm gonna go to the bathroom she then replies that she also needs to go and we make our way to the girls room. Maggie is about 5'6 and is pretty skinny but good figure like me and she Is wearing jeans and converse while I'm wearing jeans and tension shoes. As we walk in there are about 10 girls in there 7 looked to be peeing while 3 were definitely pooping. Me and Maggie find 2 open stalls and sit right next to each other as we pull our pants down the girl next to me was pooping and let out a fart followed by a plop with a sigh. I began to pee and let out a long log! It felt so good to get out and was followed by a big PLOP. Maggie peed and then let out 5 short little plops and then signed. Meanwhile I could hear the other noises in the bathroom that were pee streams and farts. One girl was having diareaha and the bathroom did not smell good! I let out a fart with a big turd and Maggie just kept on pushing out little small turds like plopplopplop. As I felt done the girls next to me started wiping I also did and pulled up my pink VS panties and flushes. It left a few skid marks. By now I was washing up and Maggie started to wipe. We both were in there for about 10 minutes. After that I felt so much better and went on with the day without any issues! Happy popping! Bye!

Sonya Sue

Partial Answer to Long Craps & Gas Lines problem

I worked a double shift on Saturday at the gas station convenience store because they were desperate for help and the extra money will get me closer to the money I need for summer drama camp. About 10:30 a.m. we weren't that busy, which was unusual and this guy who was overweight and probably in his 50s came in, said Hi and joked about "his favorite bathroom being ready for him." I'm new and don't think I've seen him before. His gas pump clicked off a couple of minutes after he went into the bathroom and I got to thinking here comes the problem again of the obnoxious beep we get when he pump kicks off but the hose remains on and in the vehicle. Sometimes, the beep from several pumps gives is so bad that it gives me a headache.

Surprisingly, the guy came out of the toilet after no more than two minutes. He walked up to the counter and told me he'd been holding his dump for more than 300 miles but he likes our selection of beef jerky and some other items, our prices on cigarettes, and most importantly, our well-lit toilets with the butt-gaskets you put over the toilet seat. When I tried to elevate the conversation because we weren't that busy and I was bored and I explained the beeping computer to him, while I was making his change, he said we are one of the few businesses on his route that have the butt-gaskets. I found that interesting and told Violet about it when she came back from the supply room a two-wheeler and dozens of bottles of windshield de-icer. She slightly laughed about it, but said she's heard it from other customers, too. She said she doesn't use the butt-gaskets and I told her I don't either. She said she fills the holder three times in the mens bathroom for every time the one in the womens bathroom runs out.

I told my friend Jayson about this and he wasn't surprised. He said the guys more frequently find the toilet seats splashed and sprayed with pee. Overall, to the community: Do you agree or disagree with what Jayson says?


Thick as my forearm.

So before I begin, my name is Michael, I'm 18, I run quite a bit, and I try to eat as balanced as I can. These past few weeks I've really been trying to get more fiber into my diet. So I have a question for you people, and there's no right or wrong answer.

Do you think pooping habits become concentrated in a certain ethnic group or a reigon of a place?

I live in the U.S and everyone seems to be either constipated or having diarrhea from the looks of things around here. Nobody passes much stool, when a toilet is unflushed at work, school, or the park, it's just tiny little poops, pebbles, or maybe it's the chance and I see a small turd. Well, small for me. Maybe once in a blue moon I see fragments of full blown out diarrhea but other than that, that's it.
I have to say I live in a upper-middle class area, and so people should have no problem acessing good and nutritious food for their bodies.

It's just weird to me how I seem to be the big dog around this place, with pooping at least.

So I had been constipated for 3 days because of work and such and things like that so the last time I pooped was friday, it was a solid brown log, about 2 inches fat, 9 inches long. It was easy to come out, it burned a little at the end, and it was a little stinky. When I flushed and left my bathroom, I could smell it on the outside! I had eaten a lot of fiber and oatmeal over the weekend as well as raisin bran. By Sunday I was dying to go, but the only reason I held it in is because I wanted a natural shitting time. By Monday my belly was aching and I was dying to go and it had only been 3 days since my last poop. I had to dreadfully wait throughout the whole day and when I finally got to the fieldhouse afterschool, I knew I had to poop and badly.
My stomach was cramping and my bum was making noises. I went into the locker room, changed, and then went into the bathroom. I saw this younger guy, white, and about 16 heading to the stalls. He was tall and had brown hair, had a nice body too. As he was heading the loo, he let out a really loud and later stinky fart. He cursed to himself. There were two stalls, and someone else was in the other one. I don't know who it was. When the guy finally sat down in the stall, I heard his butt hit the seat but nothing else, he bent over and clasped his hands together, and I heard some hissing and some popping like sounds. Then about a minute later he rolled up some toilet paper and wiped up as well as a sigh of relief. He flushed the toilet, and then unlocked the door.
When he flushed I got by the door,, and when he opened it, I went straight in. It smelled really bad and there were a ton of skidmarks on the bowl. Apparently he had a very greasy shit, because I could smell the odour. I rolled off some toilet paper and wiped the seat down because he had gotten shit on the seat (Ew.). I then sat down and began to feel this very big and massive turd at the tip of my bum, yet it felt very big and soft. I began to whimper, then grunt softly. The guy next to me was finishing up and then flushed the toilet. I grabbed the top of the toilet paper holder and pushed myself up to give me some leverage as well as put my feet against the door, as I'm a tall guy 5'10. I then, one push at a time, dislodge the turd and had a feeling like never before. It felt like my butt was being stretched to the max, but not by a rock, but by this sludge. PLOOOP! A piece of the log broke and splashed into the toilet, but it wasn't loud enough for the others to hear. I then grunted harder, and soon loud crackling sounds were followed, it was a big relief, as it was shooting out of me, it came out so fast it burned like hell. I finally pushed until I ended with semi-soft diarrhea making a bunch of squirting and farty sounds. I looked between my legs and I could see a massive pile of shit with a giant log. I eat a lot, but I didn't know I could produce that much. Although it doesn't suprise me, sometimes I overeat on purpose so I can have poops like these. With my very sore hole, I got up and saw the crap. The turd was very thick, about as thick as my forearm about 3-4 inches thick. It was about a footlong and at the end and near the side there was a medium sized pile of soft turd. It smelled really bad, and it was beginning to stink me out. I knew this would never go down, but I wanted to be polite and give a flush. I hit the flush. None of it went down, and instead made even a bigger mess, the log was intact but the diarrhea slush painted the back of the bowl.
Unable to accept my defeat, I just walked out of the stall, practice had already started so I just left. I left feeling much lighter and healthier.
However when I came back it was much different. I opened the door to the locker room and the whole big room stunk. It was as big as 2 classrooms too! When I say it stunk, it really smelled. I walked to the stall I used, and I had a suprise, my poop was still there, it grew a little bit because of the water, and the soft poop was dissolved, making the water very brown. I felt bad for the janitor that would have to fix this toilet.


A question

So unlike my last post, I am actually going to ask the question and a story that goes along with it.
So I'm black, and I feel that black people in general do bigger shits than other ethnic groups. Don't think I'm asking this as a racist question, but as just pure curiosity.
For example, whenever I'm at school and I see somebody white in a stall, if they don't flush, it's usually pebbles or just a tiny log or two. However if I see someone like me who is black, and they don't flush, when I go in there is a ton of shit. A ton of shit meaning volume, and most of the time it's soft shit as well.
A story, I was at work and one of my fellow coworkers, let's call him Mark. He's black and arab, he's about 6', and around 180, pretty fit. Anyways, we were cleaning up around the place when he says he has to use the restroom. I think nothing of it, until he was gone for more than 3 minutes. I personally don't like it when people crap on the clock because that's work you could be doing and you could crap on your break, but I understand if you have to go, you have to go. Anyways, my curiosity got the best to me, so I went into the bathroom. I saw Mark in the last of 3 stalls as I saw his keys jangling by his pants by his ankles. Just as I was about to reach for the stall door, I heard a fart and hissing. I was then hit with a strong poop smell. Yep. He was shitting alright. I continued to go into the stall and sit, I locked the door and pretended like I had to crap. I didn't hear much from him, aside from the crackling fest I had heard earlier. I heard a sigh from relief, and then he began wiping. I got up as it would be awkward if he saw me and flushed and went to the sinks. He didnt wipe for too long, which means bad news for his underwear, and then flushed. I turned on the faucet to wash my hands, when I heard another flush, but it didn't sound like it was going to flush anything down. He unlocked the stall, and looked at me and smiled as he walked towards me. He whispered "I feel sorry for the person who has to unclog that mess." He told me also that he hadn't been for a day. I didn't think someone who skipped a day could have pooped that much, but boy later, I would be wrong. We finished talking about work and life, and he told me about college. Pretty interesting. When he left, I went back to the stall. It was disgusting. I had to hold my shirt on my nose, I usually don't get grossed out easily but the smell was very overpowering. He had completely overwhelmed the toilet. There was a massive huge pile of several long thin turds.The toilet was about to overflow as he'd probably flushed before I came in to try to get rid of the smell. They were thin but there were so many of these things. I tried the flush again, and the water poured on the floor, the smell got much worse, as now the shit was out of the water. I walked out of there, and went back to work before I was forced to clean up the mess.

He's a nice guy though don't get me wrong.

Jane The Poop

Poop with the object of affection...

I have a crush on my good friend. Recently a bunch of us took a road trip and we stopped at a department store on the way down. I had to pee incredibly badly, so I went straight for the bathrooms. I realized my friend I'm digging was walking alongside me, and we are both ladies so would be going into the same restroom. I'm much more turned on by pooping than peeing, and I'm much more poop shy than pee shy, but I sometimes have major pee shyness issues, especially around someone I'm crushing on. Maybe the "can't pee with an erection" applies to gals too? ;) Then on top of that, it makes me horrendously uncomfortable when someone I know poops near me, as though they might somehow know that it turns me on or that I have some naughty secret. Anyways, we walked into the restroom, her in front, and I saw she continued past the first stalls so I stopped at the first one in a huge long row, hoping she wouldn't sit right next to me and make me even less able to pee comfortably. Luckily, she didn't, but as both of us finished making all the sounds of removing clothing and sitting down, I realized there was no background music, no water, no nothing. Not another soul in the bathroom. Silence. I wouldn't be able to pee. I had to pee so bad. I tried to relax. All I could think about was the quiet. And as soon as our butts were comfortably settled, what sounded like a very big poop blasted out of her with a fart. I recoiled from the shock. Wow, she must have had to poop bad. She didn't say a word. She pooped again, and again. But behind the poop dropping out of her butt was silence, and I was writhing from the discomfort of having to suffer through hearing her poop while secretly enjoying it, so nervous I was stifling back laughter that bubbled up my throat so quickly, and then nervous again because I wanted to end the discomfort and just leave but I still had to pee and I knew she'd think it was weird if I had come in, sat down, done nothing, and then left. She might wonder if it was her pooping. She would be right. But what if she ever said anything? That discomfort would be purely unbearable so I suffered through the waves of the need for nervous laughter and grunts to get my now-very-difficult pee started, and waited for my pee to come. I counted the tiles on the floor, one, two, three, four. I tried not to count the pieces of poop she pushed out... one, two, three, fourfivesixseven, tiny sigh, giant plop. She was making a big number two. She is a big girl. Now her pee hosed out and I finally joined. My muscles were so tense still I could hardly keep the stream going which is unusual. Once I get it going it usually stays strong. But it drizzled slowly through the whole thing, allotting me the pure uncomfortable turn-on of hearing chunk after chunk of poop dropping out of her butt. I wondered if she even thought twice about me hearing this. I had never heard her poop before. Soon enough, I finished and left as quickly as humanly possible despite my innate desire to bend her forward and watch it come out of her butthole. I walked the opposite way when I left and moved briskly, energized by the whole thing, rounding the aisle that headed toward the bathroom when she came out. We found our friends and neither of us ever said anything about it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Abbie- I liked your last post and the one that was missing your name, too! Yes, it is far more embarrassing if you're the only one needing to do a poo as you said. Luckily when I have been to the cafe so far I haven't been alone in that. When I wee I pull my trousers and knickers to my knees usually, but when I poo I always pull them down to my feet because I find it more comfortable when I'm sitting on the loo for more than a few minutes.

John B- Maybe I should take Lis there! We have been out for lunch a few times so I might consider it and see what happens. Not sure how she would react to it though, especially if she needs to do a bowel movement! As for the smell, it hasn't really been smelling that much stronger than any other bathroom would with a couple of women pooing. I certainly did smell the leavings of the other girls who were going poo, but no more than I would have in a normal ladies room, really.


What come in will come out

Hey happy new year everyone been super busy with the whole new motherhood stuff while being a wife but it's been a very exciting times for me, so I have a story I like to share, yesterday morning I woke up like 5ish to check on the baby and my big baby was snoring so I decide to hit the bathrooms so I get in there go over the toilet pull down my pj shorts to my ankles and sit on the cold seat rubbing my legs cause the cold air after few moments I break wind and feel the poop opening up my hole it darts out and splashes in and splashes me yuck I hate that I have few more splashy turds come out , feeling great took some tp wiped front to back then I realized I had to pee so I stop wiping and peed for a sec or two afterwards I flush then start wiping again so after 15 mins I was done got up washed my hands pulled my pj shorts up got to the kitchen start making milk for the baby sense he wasn't up yet so after few moments I was done and put the bottle up and went back to bed for little bit , I hope all is well with rest of you all and shout out to Brandon T my friend hope you had a nice new year


New Year Story

Hi everyone. How are you? Thank you Brandon T for nice words. I have New Year story, I hope you like. For me very happy story.

I went back to hometown for New Year, it is custom in Japan when family live in countryside. My family not really living in countryside, it's city, but not big city like Tokyo.

On 2nd January Maho came from city to my house in countryside. My family were very happy to see her. They never see her before. Maho spent New Year's Day with her own family, then came to my house next day. I met her at station and my father drove her to my house. My mother said, Wow, how beautiful girl she is! Looks like princess Kako! But Maho looked at me with serious face, she wonder maybe I don't like my mother say Maho more beautiful than me. I don't mind. My mother often say I have cute face and nice body, I say to Maho later, when we were just two of us, in my bedroom. Maho said, yes Mina, you are very very very cute, no you are beautiful. I said, I don't think I'm beautiful, but Maho said, yes you are, I have pleasure to look at you, my eyes feel good. I gave Maho big big hug long time, and little kiss.

We laughed bit, because when I depressed in December, I said to Kazuko when she stayed at my house, and I was on loo and doing motions, I said poor poor toilet (like China Girl sometimes says), toilet has to receive horrible motions from horrible bottom of horrible Mina, but then Kazuko said in big voice, happy happy toilet, receive beautiful lovely motions from beautiful lovely bottom of beautiful lovely Mina. Kazuko is so sweet girl, I love her. Maho knows this story, we talked about it and laughed. I'm still depressed little bit, sometimes want to cry, but not so bad, I can laugh now quite easily especially I laugh when I am with family or best friends. (But when Maho arrived at the station of my hometown, I cried, but it was happy crying. )

We went back downstairs after Maho settled her luggage little bit, and had lunch with my family, we talked a lot, Maho not shy with my family at all and we had good time. She is sometimes shy girl, but with my family not shy at all. My family know she is Korean like us.

Maho slept in my bedroom, my mother put futon on floor next to my bed, but in the midnight we both awake at same time and Maho climbed into my bed next to me. Much warmer! We hugged for little while and then back to sleep. Then in the morning after we awake we went into futon together to make it warm just in case my mother wonder why it so cold. But we folded up the futon ourselves so no problem. And put drying machine in it.

Next day 3rd my brother came to my house with his wife, she also Korean. Maho was happy to meet them and we had very good time. And of course we ate lot. When Maho was in my hometown we were always eating!

Morning of 4th, Maho said, my stomach feels bit full. I said, when you last did motions? She said, New Year's Day in morning. I said, I did on 2nd, just before you arrive. And I said to her, can you eat breakfast? She said, of course. I can always eat! So we went downstairs and had big breakfast with my parents and grandparents.

After breakfast we went back upstairs and Maho said, time for loo, is it OK if I stay long time, I want to do lot of motions. Do you want to go first Mina? I said, Maho you go first and stay long time. In my family everyone take long time in the loo, so you don't need be shy. And I'm not hurry, I can wait. So she said arigato that is thank you, and hug me and went into loo, and close door. Of course I didn't go with her because it is my family's house. I stayed in my room which is very near the loo, and looked at my computer. After about five minutes I began hear noise, fuu fuu and plop some times, I didn't count but maybe three or four. Then bit later some more, and smell came through the door. Then flush. Then some more noise, fuu fuu, plop, plop. And smell again. I thought, Maho is relax. Maybe my family guess what Maho is doing, they stay downstairs to respect privacy. I think downstairs can't hear plop noise, but in my room, I can hear little bit, and Maho giving many plops. More than ten minutes, Maho still there. I don't worry because Maho is like me, she likes to stay until her bottom is completely empty. My family understand I think because they are same. Finally I hear washlet sound. And then Maho flushed twice and came out. She came into my bedroom and said, "Mina I'm sorry, you are waiting long time. But I was relax very much, I feel really good!" I said, I'm happy you relax. And my turn, so you want to use computer? Maho said, yes. And Mina, don't hurry. I said, I won't, it's my revenge. Maho gave me little slap on shoulder, and I went into loo. It smelt of Maho, but I love Maho, so I like her smell.

My first motion came out quite soon and broke up some pieces, like always, but second one took long time. Always it said to my bottom, I'm going to come out, but never come out. But finally, it started to come. very big. I ate too much I think. It went into water with three very heavy plops, and I heard sound from my bedroom, maybe Maho surprised. I flushed, then my phone vibrate, text from Maho, are you OK, she said. I texted her, yes. And then my bottom went fuu, fuu, fuuuuuuu. And third motion came out, felt really good! I gave gasp noise, because so good feeling. Of course broke into pieces. Text from Maho. I sent back text, I do some little ones then finish. Mo chotto dake de owari in Japanese. Maho texted, yukkuri shite, it means take your time. But I finished, so used washlet and went out of loo. And said to Maho, I feel very very good too! And we hugged again and Maho said, loo in your house really relax place Mina. But in your flat is nice too. I hug her again and said, I think so too, I'm glad you like my loos.

Actually loo in Maho's family's house is also very nice. I like a lot.

After that we went out with my parents and grandparents in two cars to see my city little bit more. And in the evening Maho and I went back to big city together. Very crowded train, but we booked tickets very early, so we got seats, and slept lot, my head was on Maho's shoulder.

My parents said, next time, bring Hisae and Kazuko with you too. I said OK. We can do like in my flat, two girls in the bed and two in the futon. So in summer, maybe we will go my hometown all four of us.

Sorry long story. How many times you yawn? I like to write story, but it takes long time in English. Time goes fast, I look at clock, it took more than 30 minutes! But Maho and I combined time in loo was also more than 30 minutes I think. When we go my hometown together, I hope we don't all do motions on same morning, because the loo will be very busy for one hour, like in the hot spring hotel.

To Megan: I like your stories about four loos in cafe. Kazuko said, maybe better to have six loos, because if it's us, we stay there and talk long time with doing motions and other ladies have to wait, then Hisae said it's OK, I get off quickly, "I" was in big voice, then we all hit her on shoulder at same time and she collapsed on bed with laughing. And laugh too much so stomach ache and she went to loo and did motions.

Love from Mina


desperate to poo whilst shopping

Sunday, in asda
hubby & i doing the fortnightly shop.
I was bursting for a poo when we started shopping & hubby could soon tell from the way i stood apparently. In the pasta aisle he rubbed my bum & he could feel i was clenching my buttocks. Massaging it i picked up a jar of dolmio & we carried on. I thought a fart might help but nope it was definite poo there no gas.
20 odd minutes later we were done, me of course so very desperate for a huge poo, we joined the queue of 3 people ahead of us with trolleys full of shopping & meanwhile i tried my best not to poo myself hubby on the other hand, not shy of PDA's started kissing my neck & stroking my butt.
"You desperate for a poo poo baby girl?" He said.
i would have pooed in asda but a new years res of mine is to TRY not to poo in public as often & generate a more ladylike Jemma!!
So we paid packed and drove home. I told hubby i'd be going for a poo straight away & he joined me.
perching on the bath he watched as i hurriedly pulled my grey trackies down & red knickers with my pad that needed changing, & he looked on as i immediately unleashed my plops. 12 loose light brown logs fell at rapid speed leaving a stench that can only be described as NASTY.
"Ah you were desperate weren't you baby girl? Feel better now?" He said
i bent over & he wiped my peachy butt 8 times. (Not overly messy but i was on at the time aswell you see) anyway he loved it, he pulled my gear up for me whilst tapping my bum lightly a few times then we got the stuff out the car & unpacked.

hey I've really been meaning to post this but been busy with holidays and other stuff.

so anyways I have a story about Misty some time back(couple years)

so it was when our toilet's plumbing had gotten clogged because of our youngest, she had dropped a good sized rag in the toilet and had flushed it, I don't what gave her the idea to do that be she did, so we had to wait for

one of our friends to bring over some plumbing tools, Misty had told me she was starting to need to poop pretty bad, I had asked and she told me she could hold it for now but wish they would get here and fix it already, I

told her to try taking her mind off it and watch tv or play a game or something. that worked for the most part, after a some hours they had got here, but that just reminded her that she had to go, but after 30 minutes of them

working on it they still hadn't fixed it apparently she has flushed more than just a rag. Misty was whispering to me "I can't hold it any longer, I'm prairie dogging" then I embarrassed her cause she had to explain to me what

that meant, lol, anyways since the toilet was being worked on, we soon came up with an idea, we had an old toilet seat from when had replaced it, and put it on a big bucket and took it in to my room away from everyone else,

she had removed her pj bottoms and as I helped her on to the makeshift toilet I noticed she had a poo poking out of her bottom and as soon as her bottom was on the seat I heard her sigh of relief and heard a loud thud of her

poo hitting the bottom of bucket, I had to hold on to her so she didn't fall, and a loud fart and crackling, and she was telling me "I didn't think I was going to make it", but I still heard crackling off and on for a few mins

when she said she was done I helped her off and gave her a roll of tp and as she wiped her self I looked in the bucket there was a big poo and then there was a really long poo over a foot long, while she was wiping her self

she stopped and ask me to help her back on, as I helped back on I ask her if she had to poo some more, and she told me "no I just have to pee now" and giggle and she peed for a bit, then I helped her back down, and she

finished wiping, I did notice she actually had to wipe her behind more, so pretty sure she did poo a little more.

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