Post Title (optional)Baby sitting

A long time ago, I used to baby sit a 4 year old boy who had the most weird toilet habits I've seen in my life . every dew days he'd want to do a dump and I'd have to lay a few sheets of old newspaper on the toilet floor and he's squat and start pushing.
When the log started to come out he'd waddle forward like a duck groaning loud and end up dumping a single log about feet long and about one and a half inches wide.
and I'd have to break it to pieces and flush a few at a time.I've heard of girls clogging up toilets but this is ridiculous


Babysitting Tanner Rae

Over Christmas vacation I was really busy with babysitting. Tanner Rae, who is almost 6, I've had several times since last summer. When her mom dropped her off at my house she said she thought Tanner Rae had to do a Number 2, but since she was late for work, there wasn't time for her to go at home. My mom collects coupons that help me save money on activities for my babysitting kids and the one I selected was for bumper bowling because the bowling alley is within walking distance of my house and no one was available to drive us anywhere farther. So I immediately had Tanner Rae go into our bathroom. She was on the stool for about five minutes and had peed, but said her poo wasn't coming. So I told her to wipe and flush and we'd start our walk to the entertainment center.

When we got to the place I paid for our shoes and our lane was turned on, and she loved the bowling, no doubt because the bumpers kept her ball on the lane. About three frames into our second game, I could tell her bowels had activated because I could smell it. So I took her to the closest bathroom in the 50 lane place. All 50 stalls were full and additional mothers were waiting with their daughters. So I walked Tanner Rae down to the other end of the large place and that bathroom was also crowded, but I noticed one door open and I directed Tanner Rae in. I reminded her to latch the door (something she hasn't been good about in the past). I saw her sweats and underwear drop and to her shoes and her feet were swinging after she took her seat. What was surprising to me as I stood outside the door, was that every 10 or 15 seconds, she would jump down, look into the toilet, and then get back up--only to repeat the process like 5 or 6 times. I peeked in and just as she jumped down to wipe herself. When she opened the door for me as I asked her about her off and on the toilet habit, and she said its something her mother taught her so she can see how she's doing.

Tanner Rae said he does it at school too when she has a privacy stall, but that she doesn't stop when she has an open stall because she wants to keep some of her privacy and get it over with as soon as possible. While she washed her hands, I took over the toilet and weed. While I was sitting I noticed she had used the last of the toilet paper, but that didn't matter much to me. Then we went out and finished our last game of bowling.

Post Title (optional)contents upward spray

I read an article sometime that warned that the wet contents of a stool sprays somewhat upward and onto adjoining surfaces. Had no luck finding an article on a google search. Help?



Skinny rope-like poop

Hi everyone. Haven't posted here in a while because I've been kinda constipated. Been bloated and gassy (which REEKS like rotten eggs!). Well finally a few nights ago I made a cup of hot chocolate and mixed the powdered laxative in it. The next day I felt the need to poop (finally). I pulled down my undies (I am on my period right now) and pj pants, sat on the toilet and relaxed. All I had to do was give a gentle push and a bunch of crap came out. It didn't hurt or anything since I've been drinking lots of water (been so thirsty plus I'm trying to get healthy and cut back on the coffee and pop). It wasn't solid but it wasn't mushy crap either. It was soft but not diarrhea-soft. I was done within a couple of minutes.

I saw a really, really long skinny coiled turd curled into itself. About 3 feet long, which is understandable considering how long I've gone without a good poop.

Hopefully everyone is doing OK on here. Happy peeing and pooping (hopefully)!

Michael W.

Shoeless in public restroom

First of all, I would like to tell everyone that this website is awesome bcz it is the only one where we can share our pooping stories. Reading everyone's stories gives me something to do when I'm bored and have to wait for someone or something. I even read your stories while I poop. I thought I would like to share one of my own.

Here it goes.
When I was in Fourth Grade right around December of '97 or it might have been January of '98, I can't remember but it was around that time period. Anyways, I was 9 years old. Me, my Dad, and my older Brother went to Burger King to get something to eat. I didn't know what was up with me. It seemed like I haven't eaten in years. I had a Burger King Kids Club meal with a Hamburger with Ketchup and fries and I was still hungry so I wanted two more hamburgers. While I was eating, I was playing in the play area with other kids. My shoes were off and I was wearing socks. Five minutes after I ate my third Kids club burger I felt the need to poop so I went down the slide and straight to the bathroom. There was one urinal and one toilet. Three turds came out of my butt. They were 3 to 4 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. I wiped, flushed, pulled up my jeans, and left the stall to wash my hands. And then suddenly I felt the need to poop some more. So I went back into the bathroom stall and sat on the toilet once again. This time I had to push and strain to get this one out. I was going "Uuuuuggggggghhhhhhhh" and "Mmmmmmmm" and "Errrrrggghhhh." Nothing was coming so I stopped and relaxed for a minute. I cupped my hand with my face. I was so bored, I wished that I had something with me in the bathroom to amuse me like a book, a Game Boy, or something to draw. I stretched my feet bcz I had been on the toilet for quite a while pushing and pooping. I forgot that I had my shoes off but I didn't care. I didn't want to get up off the toilet until I was done. It was so quiet in the bathroom all I could hear was ppl coming in and out of and the echo of my voice pushing and straining going "Uuuugggggggghhhhhh!" Whenever somebody came into the bathroom I stopped pushing for a minute and relaxed bcz I didn't want to be heard. When the person left the bathroom I continued pushing. I guess you can say that I was having a healthy pooping session. The kind of poop that I was trying to push out was stringy. So I rubbed my ???? to help the poop come out of my butt. My mom told me about that trick when I was a lil kid bcz I got constipated every once in a while. Anyways, it helped but I was not done yet, I still had a lil bit more to go so I pushed and grabbed hold of the toilet to see if that would help and it worked. I couldn't put my feet up on something to put myself in the squatting position bcz they were dangling from the toilet where I was sitting. I peaked into the toilet for a second and the poop was sticking out of my butt and it was not wanting to break off. I didn't want to put my socked feet on the toilet seat either so I just wanted to keep pushing. "Uuuuuggggghhhhhhh" "Uggggghhhhhhhh" "Errrrrrgggggghhhhhhh" "Hhhhhhhhuuuuuuunnnnnggggggg" "Puuuuuuuuussssssshhhhhhhh" "Ummmmmmmmmmmhnnnnnnnn." The stringy poop came out of me. I had to stop and take a breath. I wiped and pulled my jeans up. I looked in the toilet and the stringy-like poop that I pushed out was over 10 to 15 feet long and the diameter was about as big around as my pointer finger. I was in the bathroom for about 45 minutes to an hour. When I made my way back to the play area, me, my older brother, and my dad were ready to leave Burger King so I put my shoes back on and we left. I fell asleep in the van on the way home bcz all that pushing and pooping made me tired. I felt good to be emptied.

Has anybody ever used the public restroom while they were shoeless?

If so, were you wearing socks or were you in your bare feet? And if the answer is "Yes," What is your story?

If not, I recommend this. Pooping in a public bathroom while wearing socks is very relaxing. I have done this more than once and I have some more stories to share, however, I wanted to share this one. I look forward to reading all your stories and I enjoyed sharing mine as well as living it and Happy Pooping...


Using the loo at my friends

Hi everyone, hope you've all had a good Christmas and all the best for 2015!! I have a story from earlier today which I'll get to after some comments.
Megan- I've been loving your stories about the cafe with the weird loos! Glad that each time you used the toilet you weren't the only one who needed a poo, as that would have been really embarassing. Its bad enough if you're using a public toilet and your the only one pooing, but in the loos you described it would be even worse. Like you I find it interesting to see what other girls do with their clothes when they're on the toilet, personally I pull my trousers and pants down to my knees no matter whether I'm having a wee or a poo, but I remember from being at school that some girls seemed to prefer to have their clothes at their feet, especially if they were having a poo. The gaps between the cubicle partitions and the floor in my favourite loos were really big so it was easy to see into the cubicle next to you and quite often I saw other girls trousers and pants if they'd pulled them down to the floor. I hope you have more stories soon!
Today I spent the day round my friend Katie's house, it was great to see her as we haven't met up in ages. We had lunch and then Katie and I went up to her room to look at some of her Christmas presents. Katies room was a real mess, there were books and bags everywhere and clothes all over the floor. She said "Sorry its such a mess in here, I haven't got round to tidying up," I saw her blush slightly as she kicked a few pairs of dirty pants under her bed. I said "Don't worry, my room at uni is a total pigsty too,!" As we were sitting around I felt a tightness in my belly and realised I would probably want a poo before too long, the last time I went was three days ago. As I mentioned in my last post I've been quite constipated lately so I hoped it wouldn't be too much of a struggle. I'd noticed Katie squirming around, just then she said "I need to have a poo, you can come in with me if you want so we can keep chatting," and she went into her ensuite, I followed her in and sat on the floor. Katie pulled down her black leggings and white pants and sat down, she weed for a bit and then her belly started to tense and I could tell she was concentrating on her poo. She started to pant a bit and could only talk in between pushes so I knew she was having to strain quite hard. "Sorry about this, I'm a bit constipated," she admitted after about 10 minutes of trying with no result. "I've got a massive log stuck half way out of my bum and I'm really gonna have to push hard to get it out!!" She reached behind herself and pulled her bum cheeks apart, as she did so I could see she was bearing down, she must have been pushing pretty hard as she went really red and made a loud grunt when she relaxed. After another few pushes like that she gasped, "Its nearly out!" Sure enough soon after she moaned and I heard a splash as the log dropped. I started to squirm around, my poo was starting to press against my clenched bum and I knew I'd need to get on the toilet soon. "Are you nearly done, only I need a poo as well!" I said, as Katie started to push again. "Yeah, I just need to do a bit more, nearly there," she panted, shortly after I heard a couple of plops as some smaller pieces came out and then a sigh of relief. She took some toilet paper and said "I'll wipe standing up if you're desperate." I could feel I was in danger of loosing it, I knew if I had to wait much longer my poo would start to poke out and I'd get skidmarks in my pants which I wanted to avoid if possible. Katie stood up, her leggings and pants at her knees, and shuffled over towards the basin, she took some toilet paper and started wiping her bottom. I pulled down my jeans and pink spotty pants and sat on the warm seat. Luckily I'd managed to sit before my poo started poking out, so my pants were clean! I relaxed and felt the log starting to come out, as usual it was a big fat one and I moaned slightly as I felt it stretching my bum. By now Katie has finished wiping and I scooted forward on the seat so she could throw the paper away. She pulled up her pants and leggings, washed her hands and then sat on the floor to wait for me. The tip of the log was out by now but it had stopped moving on its own so I knew I'd need to start pushing. I took a deep breath and bore down, as I pushed I felt the log slide out a bit more but when I relaxed it got sucked back up so I knew I'd have to strain for as long and as hard as I could with each push. "I think I must be constipated too, whenever I stop pushing it gets sucked back up my bum," I said. "Yeah, I just had that as well, I hate it when that happens," Katie replied. I gave four massive pushes and made really loud grunts, luckily Katie had had a difficult poo as well so at least I wasn't the only one who was constipated. Luckily that did the trick and the massive log plopped down into the loo, splashing my bum! I did another few pieces and then I was finished. I tore off some loo paper as I had a wee, and then wiped my bum before pulling up my pants and jeans and washing my hands. Katie and I went back into her room and watched telly for a bit. I hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!

Earlier this evening, I took a great dump I wanted to tell you guys all about. I first felt the urge shortly after dinner, but on the way to the bathroom the phone rang. I didn't have to go that badly, so I decided to answer it. It turned out to be one of my friends who moved away several years ago. We talk very infrequently, but when we do talk our calls can easily last an hour or sometimes two.

Well, I'm sure you can see where this is going. I ignored my urge, which was easy at first. Time went on, and I got more and more desperate, but I didn't want to hang up, but I also wasn't comfortable taking the phone with me into the bathroom. So I continued to hold. By an hour, and we were still gabbing away, I was starting to need to go quite badly. Twenty minutes later, I was very very desperate. Finally, we ran out of things to talk about and said our goodbyes, and I went to the bathroom, as fast as I thought I could move without going in my panties.

I got my pants and panties out of the way just in time and a bunch of turds exploded into the toilet. I waited to see if anything else was going to come, but it had all came out right away. I looked into the toilet and saw a messy pile of turds, one giant mess, impossible to tell one turd from another. And it really stank too! I sat back down and wiped my butt thoroughly before flushing it down. Then I washed my hands and left the bathroom feeling very relieved.


To Sonya Sue

Hey Sonya Sue, I don't know what it is with guys spending a long time on the toilet. Being a guy myself, I have seen it first hand. I have had to take a dump in the past and there was only one toilet, and there was a guy on it. I waited outside in the store 15 minutes or more, nothing. I go back in and he is still there. I can't understand it, when there is a public men's room with only one toilet, common sense should tell you to be considerate of others. I would be extremely PISSED in a situation like that if I had explosive diarrhea. It would be great if there was such a thing as a launching toilet seat that timed out at 15 minutes!! That might tell these guys to speed it up.

Bob Henry

My first post

I was at my friends house leaving walking home when suddenly a wild crap appears. I went behind a dumpster twice and crapped. I almost didn't make it as I stopped cuz my stomach hurt SOOO much.

Just Another One- wow, I enjoyed your story. It seems like its mostly gals around here, so it's nice to hear from another dude once in a while. Sounds like you really had to go; how long was that 4 minutes of "ropes"?

I had a pretty good one myself the other day at work. Had the urge and went to let loose; ended up with a good 2 feet worth of dump down in the bowl before I was done. Felt amazing afterwards, prolly 5 lbs lighter, lol

Just Another One

Comments on my first post

Did you guys like my post? I'm really just curious because if so I'll try and post more stories then!
-Happy bathroom trips, Just Another One

Monday, January 12, 2015

John H

Mix up in last post

Hi all.
Just realised that I mixed up Gemma and Megan's posts in my last comments.
Sorry ladies.
@Megan, I look forward to more posts from the open toilet.
@Gemma, really enjoyed your latest post. Glad you still had a good night despite your period coming earlier than expected. My girlfriends poos are sometimes affected by her periods to.
Your husband is a lucky man, he reminds me of myself lol.
Take care all,
John H

Sheena B
Hello everyone. I am enjoying all of your stories. Recently one weekend my family and I went for breakfast at a place called IHOP. (For my British friends, Mina, and people from other countries here on Toiletstool, IHOP is a breakfast place in America where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner there. Plus they serve breakfast all day. So you can have breakfast food at dinnertime. Pretty cool huh friends? ) Well anyway after I finished my monster breakfast of waffles,scrambled eggs,sausage ,toast and orange juice I had to take a monster Dump. But I waited till we got back home so I could show my brother Jeffrey my massive bowel movement. Things could not of worked out better. Once we got back home my parents dropped us off because they wanted to shop awhile for furniture. This left my brother and I alone in the house at least for A couple of hours. When we were ALONE I went to the bathroom with my brother, put newspaper on the floor. I wanted to squeeze out my monster log right towards my brother and have it land on the newspapered bathroom floor below. I then peeled off my clothes,sat on the bowl and lifted my knees up to my chin as I started to push. I then ripped a very long booming fart as a big solid log started to come out of my butt. I pushed harder as my log grew larger and larger in size. I then squeezed very hard as my log grew really gigantic, stretching my anus very wide. "OOOOHH!" I moaned in pleasure as my brother said "WOW! Sheena look at that monster log your pushing from your ass!" As My log jumped greater in size shooting right out towards him. My log was so enormous and powerful. I then gave one last hard squeeze "Bam !" I cried as I rocketed my log onto the newspapered bathroom floor below. I then got out my measuring tape and measured my log at 22 inches long, 3 inches thick. I then wiped myself,threw the used paper in the bowl, as my brother took the newspaper with my log in it and dumped it in the bowl and flushed. Wow ! did that log feel fantastic coming out of my ass. What an enormous beast that was ! My brother and I laughed on how humongous my log was afterwards! Hoped you enjoyed my story. Bye now.

Sonya Sue

Long Craps and Gas Lines

Recently I had to take a part-time job because I have to pay my own way to summer drama camp. Although I do some babysitting, I don't make enough so I've taken a cashiering job at a large gas station and convenience store located right off the interstate. We have like 30 pumps including truck fuel so we're always busy. In my training Violet taught me to move fast and not allow our lines to get too long for either checkout our gas, but some of our items do not scan easily and newspapers and magazine can be a nightmare. Because there's not always a second cashier available when a van or bus full of people stop and we get extra busy, I have to handle things myself. And here's the problem. Each shift, especially during the 6-10 a.m. time on Saturday and Sunday has a lot of guys with small trucks, which they park, electronically start the pump, and while their gas is pumping, they walk in and head off into the side hallway that lead to the restrooms. While they are on the toilet crapping, their tank fills, the pump shuts off, and others are waiting for their space at the pump. People get out of their cars, come in and yell and curse at me because they've been waiting for sometimes 15 or 20 minutes while some constipated guy is working on his crap. I've told Violet about this and she said "they're not the crappers they think they are" and that they misjudge the time. She says when she has a chance she has gone and tapped on the door and ask if they are OK, but she doesn't want to tell them to hurry up because they are good customers who buy smokes and other large profit items from us. So I know I probably shouldn't mention it to them when I'm ringing up their tobacco and coffee. Violet, who has been working there since 1993, jokes that she never spends more than two minutes on the stool and she can't understand why the guys need so much time. She says you shouldn't sit until you're ready to shit. I've peed there several times, but have not needed to crap.


Ugh finally...

Last night, I was heading home with the worst aching urge to poop because I haven't been able to go since the night before. As I had gotten to my front dork I hastily burst through it, and jolted to my bathroom. When my butt sat on the seat, I started relaxing my bowel. A very loud fart rips out of me as this urge overtakes me. This thick solid poop started sticking out slowly, and I started to think "oh god here... It feels so good". It started to come out smoothly and thick and by the time it finally came out with one long, it felt like such a relief. Despite that though, it really reaks in there lol it took almost the entire night for the smell to be aired out.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessica first welcome to the site and it sounds like you just made it to the toilet in time and avoided a major accident and it sounds like you had a really good cleanout to and post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Sheena B great story as always I bet that was a really refreshing poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina great story it sounds like you and your friends all had good poops and a lot of fun as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan great pooping story as always.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Optional Person

my own poop and the final two juila poop experiances.

I may become as regular a poster as I can to this site. first will be a poop from me just at 10:13 this morning.

all I will say of my identity is that I am a guy. I broke my glasses, last night. so I put on my replacement that is missing an arm and slowly walked to the bathroom. This poop was boring. my pee quietly hit the front rim of the toilet, and my turd crackled out. Afterwards I looked in and was proud. I had made an S shaped poop. probably 7 inches long and the back end was thicker then the rest. it had a wonderful rotten cabbage smell to it. I even stuck my face close to the poo in the toilet bowl to take in the smell a bit closer and feel the warmth of the poo from the poo being near my face. I then wiped my butt two times and flushed the toilet and left.

now for the other Julia installments, this one also from about the same time period as the last one was. One other time when I was at Julia's house we had just been hanging out as friends playing and having fun. Then she needed to go to the bathroom. I deliberately followed her into the family room bathroom. I stood up this time and got close to the back of the toilet, staring at her butt as I could see pee trickling down from the other side. Julia snapped " Get away." She didn't like me being so close to her. I was young and didn't care, and watched her little butt squeeze out a short round crack filled turd. I should note that this bathroom had a window. one time while playing outside I saw her mom through the window with her pants down and asked her what she was doing . she calmly replied " going to the bathroom." fun times for sure.

One final Julia bathroom story again from around the same time. Julia was over at my house. we were playing and everything and she had to go to the bathroom. She asked me to stand outside as she closed my bathroom door. what happened next is the best thing that has ever happened ever. she lets out this constant barrage of short toots. she is peeing constantly and dropping turds also. at one point my mom called me from the kitchen and asked what was going on. I just shrugged and went back. then Julia was flushing the toilet. when she came out she asked me " why did you go away?" I told her my mom called me. That has to be the single best poop experience I have ever had and possibly ever will. it was sad when we had to replace the toilet that her butt had farted all over.... also her time on the toilet was probably 2 to 3 minutes at best.

I hope you have enjoyed these stories.

I've now witnessed two accidents in my life... Maybe I'm bad luck to be around if you gotta go really bad haha. Anyway I'll start with the one I just witnessed then share the one from the past. The older one I'm pretty sure I posted here several years ago- I remember writing it anyway- but I couldn't find it. Either way i'll included it here.

I went to the supermarket yesterday after work, got a pretty decent amount of stuff. The store was pretty busy with it being the after work rush on a Friday. The line I waited in was fairly long and when I got to the cashier, a pretty cute girl with fair skin and long brown hair, maybe 18 or so, she was looking around anxiously and seemed hesitant to begin scanning my stuff. She eventually started but was clearly distracted the whole time and as a result was moving kind of slow. I felt a little impatient and I began to look at my phone to pass the time. After another minute or two, it smelled like someone nearby farted. I held my breath for a moment to allow the offensive odor to pass, but it didn't go away, if anything it became more pungent. I began to think that it smelled like someone actually pooped rather than farted... That's when I noticed the girl scanning my groceries was now moving in an even slower and unfocused manner and she was hanging her head low as if to hide her face and avoid eye contact. She picked it up briefly for a second to look at her screen but avoided looking at me, and I noticed her once fair skin was now bright pink all over, her neck all the way to her forehead, even the exposed part of her chest. Her ears were redder than her face too. That's when I realized why she was probably so distracted.... She finished scanning my things and again without making eye contact she very quickly mumbled my total. I slid my card then shifted to the end of the lane to start putting the bags in my cart, and from there I could see her behind when she turned toward the receipt printer, and my suspicions were confirmed. She had a bulge in the back of her khakis about the size and shape of a partially flattened avocado, centered on her butt with the narrower part of the bulge going up toward her back, and a little bit of wetness and a brown mark on the bottom part of the bulge. The poor girl was so distracted the whole time because she badly needed to use the toilet, but she must have been too shy or embarrassed to call a manager to relieve her and ended up pooping in her pants at the register. I felt really bad for her but pretended I had no idea that she had an accident and I just said thanks and left with my stuff. To my surprise, she started scanning the next person's order still with a mess in her pants, and so on my way out I stopped at the courtesy desk and asked for a supervisor or manager. I told the woman who came to speak to me that the girl who rang me up needed to be relieved from her register. The woman seemed concerned that I was filing a complaint about the girl and apologized to me and asked for more info and I basically said "no, this is kind of awkward but I believe she may have soiled herself." The woman was taken aback and just "oh my. Well thank you" and then I left. I hope the supervisor was at least discrete about going to relieve her from the register. The poor girl must have been mortified.

When I was around her age actually, a girl who I hung out with all the time had an accident in front of me too. Back then I was kind of a rambunctious, rebellious "down with the man" angsty kind of teen- it was the 90s after all- and I used to "toke up" on the regular. They say it affects your memory but i still remember this story like it was yesterday. I started hanging out with this girl Jessica a lot, and she became my main smoking buddy. We did other things too but I wouldn't say she was my girlfriend. But anyway, one afternoon we were in my car. I was parked behind the brush in this little field behind my house, it was a nice discrete spot to "hot box" my car and hang out in there with Jessica. As we were smoking Jess must have taken in more than she could handle and went into a really bad, prolonged coughing fit. I kept giving her sips of my water and after she seemed alright she looked at me with this half amused, half freaked out look and said "I might have pooped my pants a little.." Naturally I started laughing due to the state I was in. Then her face turned to complete panic and she said "I did, and now I'm about to go a lot more!" She scrambled out of the car to head for the brush, and as she was climbing out she ripped a loud squelching fart which sent me into hysterical laughter. When I came to I looked outside to check on her and she was just standing by the car leaning forward with her hands on her knees and her pants still on. I said "did you go??" And she just looked at me with a goofy face and said "yeah but I never got my pants down. I think I'm still going" then started giggling. Another round of laughter for me, and when I was done she seemed to be getting to the point where she was upset/overwhelmed rather than amused. She said "I need to go change. This is really bad." I told her I would drive her back around to the house and she shook her head and said "I can't sit down in the car" and so instead I locked it up and started to walk back around to my house with her. She was waddling delicately and had her hands kind of out to the sides like she was trying to keep her balance. She had probably the worst pants on that you could poop in, too. They were these really crazy pants she used to wear a lot that looked like the comic section of the newspaper. Just tight, stretchy off white pants with comics all over them. Needless to say the mess on her butt and legs was not a pretty site. She showered at my house and borrowed a long skirt from my sister and took her messy pants and underwear home with her in a plastic shopping bag, but not before we smoked a little more and laughed about how she blew up her pants. I hadn't thought about it for years until I saw it happen to that cashier yesterday.

Two very different sets of circumstances, but I'm sure each girl was just as embarrassed. And I'm sure they both wished I wasn't there to see it happen!

Just Another One

Hello fellow posters!!

Hello everyone this is my first post, Ive lurked in the shadows for a number of years. I do have a few good and descent stories like today when I had to take a major dump at school today during gym class. I was a bit backed up and I knew a dump would be coming but I would hate the idea to go at school (bathrooms are filthy and rarely have to) so I tried holding on until I basically had to speed walk down the hall to the bathroom only to find out it was locked, so I had to clench my butt muscle and start running to the staircase to get to the second floor bathrooms. Thankfully when I got in,no one was around so I grabbed the stall farthest from the door, though the stall smelled I had bigger issues. I pulled down my gym shorts and got settled with them pulled just below my ankles and processed to have extremely wet farts for a good 3 minutes until my hole started to release a hard small turd followed by a lot of small semisolid turds, I flushed once and knew more was on the way and god more was, I slightly strained as lose rope like poop came out of my hole and god was I loving it, I contained to poop "rope" for a good 4 minutes then flushed a second time and finally my butt had one more surprise, I had been sitting for a minute to relax when I dropped a few more turd (roughly about 9Cm's or so long) and then had a wet fart and began to spray loose poop all over the back of the toilet bowl in couldn't help but quietly moan in agony even some pleasure. After that my stomach settled down and I wiped 3 or so times, flushed twice and washed my hands twice and went back to gym class, my friend asked me where I went, I told him I went for a long walk, lol
Anyway hope you enjoyed my story for today, hope you all read this and enjoy a good bathroom trip!
-Just Another One


Just Followed Through

Hey all! My stomach had been very today tonight. I've had major gas and cramps all night. I haven't been to the bathroom yet, but I know I'll need one soon--I just tried to fart and followed through into my sweatpants. I can already tell I'll be up with the runs tonight.

Speaking of which, I have a story. A few years ago I had just finished my undergraduate degree and was living in St. Louis, MO with my then boyfriend. One night, he had come home from work early and I asked him if everything was okay.
"I asked to go home early. I've had diarrhea all morning." "I'm sorry about that. Do you need anything?" I asked as I gently rubbed his ????. "I just want to sleep. I think I've got the stomach flu or something like that, so I should just rest." "Have you thrown up baby?" "No. I haven't been nauseous, I've only got the shits." "Okay. Well let me know if you need anything." He went to bed and I stayed up to watch TV. My ex and I both enjoy iced tea, and always kept a giant pitcher in the fridge, so I grabbed a large glass and some cheese puffs, and began watching my show. I usually make the tea, but this time Barrett bought and made it. It was REALLY good--really strong and tasty, and sweet. I had 3 glasses in 20 minutes. About half an hour later, I felt some gas in my belly and thought nothing of it--I had been constipated, bloated, and gassy all week. Another hour and a half passed, and I got even more gassy and crampy until I was clutching my belly and curling up in pain on the couch. Barrett had been to the toilet several times, but he hadn't needed help, so I let him be as I struggled to cope with my abdominal pain. I was in fetal position for ten minutes when I felt a rush of liquid move to my colon. "Damn, I've got Barrett's flu." I ran to the toilet while clenching my ass. I opened the door to find him moaning in pain there. "Baby, can you open your legs? I've gotta shit and I think it's diarrhea so I can't hold it!" Barrett parted his legs and I hopped on the toilet and EXPLODED with diarrhea. We both moaned as brown, watery poo ran through us and into the pot below. His wave ended five minutes after I came, and mine ended five after that. "Sorry I gave you my bug, Shay." "That's okay, I'll be okay." Of course, right as I said that, my stomach let out a huge grumble that was audible to myself and Barrett, and I had to run right back to the toilet and have more explosive diarrhea. For the next four hours, we both ran to and from the bathroom with mushy diarrhea. I would get on the toilet, he would come in right after I finished and vice versa. Several times one of us would part our legs to let the other one sit between them and explode. When the diarrhea began dwindling, we both went to sleep. We called off work the next day, but were both done with the diarrhea--until we drank more tea. I made the connection and asked him "What the hell is in that tea?" "It's just tea baby." "He showed me the bags he used and I saw--in smallish print I may add--that it was laxative tea. "Barrett, this is laxative tea, honey." "What? I didn't see that on the box." "Don't feel bad baby, anyone couldn't made that mistake." "I'm sorry Shay." We both laughed. We had pretty bad diarrhea that whole day, too. When it finally subsided, we left the tea in the fridge--just in case--but made sure to label it!

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Friday night desperate poos & womens things...

Last night (Friday) my hubby & 3 other couples went out to a restaurant.
we had an Italian meal.
Afterwards, i was desperate for a massive poo.
i held it for as long as i could but it gave me a ???? ache holding it.
i excused myself & headed off to the ladies.
entering i took the middle of 3 loos & locked the door.
i pulled up my black & red dress & pulled down my red thong.
then a nightmare happened, i discovered the reason i had this ???? ache, i had started my period 4 days early... & badly...& i didn't have anything...
i'll think of something i thought to myself. So i sat down & immediately let out plop after plop.
I initially let out my very desperate 12 small thin mushy logs, let out a sigh of relief, then continued with another 8 mushy small thin light brown logs.
i was messy & wiped 8 times.
i used loo roll as protection for the irritance of ovulating earlier than scheduled, & pulled my red thong back up & pulled my dress down.
smothering myself in perfume, i flushed leaving a load of skidmarks covering the porcelain at the bottom.
washing my hands & returning to the group.
returning to the table hubby reached his arm out to my butt giving it a nice rub & pat.
i told him i'd started so we made plans to get home so i could change my underwear & get my maxi pads etc, so we did that, i changed etc, & we made further plans with the group to meet them in town at a bar.
We got a taxi & walked in to the bar.
Hubby caressing my butt all over continuously & patting my maxi pad that i then discovered was visible through my dress (especially as this dress really hugged my big peachy toned butt), i loved it though.
Suddenly i felt another desperate urge to poo. I normally poo more when i start my period.
hubby still caressing my butt whilst we were talking and laughing with our friends, he felt me clench my butt cheeks & start fidgeting "need a poo baby girl?"he said "yeah, desperately" i whispered.
"Go and have one then i wont go anywhere" he replied as he kissed my forehead & rubbed & slapped my butt hard.
Walking to the loos it was busy, as you can imagine @ 10.30 in a bar. Taking a stall i quickly got on with my business & discovered i needed to change my maxi pad.
so i did & had my desperate poo.
10 loose mushy plops.. and the stench, eww!!
i wiped 8 times sprayed my perfume & washed my hands leaving.
back with hubby and the group he fixed his hand back on my butt caressing it & patting my maxi pad once again, he loves doing that. He was sad he couldn't wipe my bum for me, if it was unisex loos he would've come with me & waited for me to finish plopping so he could gently wipe my butt for me.
Anyway we all had a great night,
We danced laughed & left about 1am.


Post Title (optional) To Dude in Distress

Yes it was awful having 4 inches of poo sticking out. I did try to pull it out but it was too hard, dry and thick. So I had to struggle and strain on the toilet to get it out. It took 2 hours to squeeze it out and it was horrendous! I've been SO constipated lately and it's been terrible, probably the worst its been for a while. I'm constipated again now and I haven't done a poo for 4 days. Tomorrow it will be 5 days without a poo.


Response to Megan /Jemma

Hi its John B.

Thankyou Megan for not only you acknowledgement but your recent post to from your new found favourite cafe and I've got a strong suspicion it's going to be a source of supply for many postings yet. You may wish to take your colleague Lis there so you can give us all an account of her "activities" lol

One thing that does intrigue me Megan is does it smell particularly strong in there with all you lovely women pushing out I'm some cases a prodigious amount of poo?

I await your reply with interest and once again thanks for sharing x.

Jemma, how are you? Well I hope! That guy who burst in on you, what a total bell end! As you can imagine my reaction would have been far more conciliatory and sympathetic. In fact I may have cherished the moment so to speak, lol. Thanks for sharing that post too hun x

John H. Promise I will post as soon as I get any worthwhile material but alsd nothing of any consequence to report of late I'm sorry to say!

Anyway ladies 🚺 and lads 🚹 will love you and leave you and happy toileting to you all!

John B x

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