I im a brunette 5'5 and I'm telling u the worst time I ever have diaherra.

I had a huge breakfast with my family. I had pancakes,waffles,bacon,eggs and a lot of coffee.when I was eating it I knew I was going to get the mad shits. One hour later, I had this urge to use the bathroom quickly. During that time I was at work. I got scared the workers will hear me. Then I decided to hold it in until I got home. But in five minutes the urge got bigger and bigger every minute. Then I decided to go. I make sure nobody was in the bathroom. The I sat at the last stall. The toilet felt really cold. Then I had waves of the shits. I felt like everything was cuming out my stomach. It took me half an hour to finish. My boss was wondering were I was. I told I did some work in the bathroom he felt for it.

Abby C

My Christmas Poop

Hi everybody, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, even if its over. For Christmas we were staying at my grandmother's for 4 days. I had shared a room with my cousin Evan, and there was a bathroom and two beds. We had a big feast at 8'o clock and finished at 9'o clock. I went upstairs to the bedroom and Evan was taking a shower, but I really had to take a poop. I changed into my pj's and knocked on the and asked if i could use the toilet. He said it was fine so i came in. The toilet was right next to the shower, so he could probably see me. I pulled down my pj pants and undies to my ankles. I peed for ten seconds and then stopped. Evan was getting dressed outside, he thought that i was peeing. I pushed a little, and a big log splashed in the toilet. It was about 20" long and then 3 more poops about the same size. I was about to wipe but i noticed that there was no tp. I would have to call Evan, but he's never seen me take a poop before. But i called his name, and asked him if he could get some tp. He came in with a roll of tp and asked if i was taking a poop. I told him i was so i wiped and flushed. Thanks everybody, byebye, Abby C

Donnie C.
Thomas: just imagine how uncomfortable those diapers got after the people wearing them stood for hours in low temperatures...especially if they got messy.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C great story about your big Christmas poop I bet you felt pretty great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tiffany first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day at least you made it to the toilet in time and didn't have an accident and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Sam first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a good poop and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Tank great story about seeing your girlfriend poop.

To: Blueboy great story.

To: Optional Person great story it sounds like she had a really good poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Sheena B

Into the woods 2.

Hello all. I am going to number my "Into the woods" adventures and this is, no pun intended, number 2. Recently there was snow all around where I live. I live in the suburbs surrounded by woods, which has Black Bear, Fox,Raccoon and Deer. Like I have said before when I go into my woods I mainly see deer but I have seen the other animals as well from time to time. And this time Walking by a big frozen lake I saw three young deer which were brown in color I guess teenagers. It was dusk and this is the time deer often come out to feed. Sometimes I take photos but I did not bring my camera with me this time. But when I was watching these deer a need to have a massive bowel movement started to hit me hard. SO I picked out a good spot near some trees and bushes and yanked down my pants and panties. I then ripped a booming fart as a huge, solid log started to come out of my ass. The young deer moved on more into the woods, as my log grew bigger and bigger in size ! I then squeezed very hard as I felt my anus open up real wide from my massive log. "OOOHH!" I moaned. The pleasure was incredible having my anus stretched from a gigantic log. I Then gave one last mighty squeeze as I exploded my gigantic, thick log onto the forest floor. My log was enormous and very fat. I then hitched up my pants and panties, as I looked at the frozen lake, which houses frogs, salemanders,snakes, fish and other creatures, as I walked home. Walking in my forest is very beautiful. I enjoy doing it and enjoy dumping there sometimes as well. Hoped you enjoyed my story.Bye now.

To Steve A- Hello.Thanks for answering my question on what instrument you play in the high school band. Plus only My brother, boyfriend and girlfriend Donna Know I post on

To Brandon T- Hello. As always thanks for your sweet comments on my story,I appreciate it.

To listening ear- Hello. I enjoyed your past posts so much. Please post more.

To Robby- Hello. Thanks for enjoying my "Into the woods" story. The first one was one of My best written stories I think.

To Blueboy-Hello. Yes, sometimes my brother and I fart in front of each other and laugh about it. Plus my parents have their own bathroom in their bedroom and my brother and I share a bathroom near our rooms. My parents are busy downstairs a lot so it's pretty easy to sneak my brother Jeffrey, girlfriend Donna and sometimes boyfriend Mike to see my enormous logs. I don't show them my huge logs everyday but pretty often. Godbless.

To Crossfit girl

My favorite place to pee that is not a bathroom is a tie - the shower, outside on grass, in water while swimming, behind dumpsters. The shower is easy and automatic, the grass is good as it absorbs it, behind dumpsters is very private but I have to watch my shoes as the terrain is usually asphalt and I love to pee in water. I was in Florida in the warm waters during July and was peeing in the ocean all afternoon - it was great. After several sodas I was doing it every 20 minutes it was great. I swim for exercise and try to guess who is peeing in the pool. I do have a weak bladder and wear pads and sometimes briefs (for travel). I have peed several times for convenience -- I am not walking half a mile for a bathroom and if a bathroom is in a secluded area I am not going to risk going to it - at the mall I choose department store bathrooms where possible but have peed myself for convenience. I have peed in the sand when it was too cold to go into the water.

Multicultural peeing customs

I am not Chinese but I know several Chinese people and I have read the news - people in Hong Kong are mortified to see Chinese toddlers/children and even adults peeing outside. I believe that this is part of elimination communication whereby toddlers don't wear diapers and the parent uses a 'sssshhh' type sound to encourage urination. If everyone wore disposable diapers there would be more garbage; if everyone went on the street clean up would be a problem. What is a city planner to do to encourage healthy elimination, cleanliness and recognise people's needs for somewhere to relieve themselves. I would install on every street corner, urinals for both men and women and young children, that link to the sewer system. There could be several types with different levels of modesty. I am thinking of something that France used to have 'pissoirs' or that Amsterdam has with the bar crowd. I don't see anything wrong with peeing your child, yourself or your other relatives and friends, but not in the store or restaurant - what about a gutter installation at the corner of the street with a drain? Fewer used diapers and less human waste everywhere. Often a compromise is the best solution. Why ban outside peeing when there are different degrees of urgency. Make it as clean as possible, while accommodating bursting bladders; of course females must also be given this option.

Thank you Listening Ear and Sheena B for say nice things about me and my friends. I told them, they are very happy. They are not so confident themselves and me too. In our little circle we are very open but outside it we are shy. Maybe many Asian girls are such people.

Sheena B, I am happy you said such thing to Thunderbutt. In this forum we are anonymous, and I don't want change, better like this I think. I love people on this site but if we contact direct, very big chaos, I think. and relationship not as good as before. So Ms or Mr Moderator is right very much.

Of course OK to say he plays trumpet! Kazuko plays flute. She says she is bad player, but I think very good.

We had lovely time at Maho's birthday party in November. Old story now, I'm sorry I couldn't post earlier, bad Mina. But you know I was not well and then very busy. By the way I'm fine now but still I drink one medicine.

Anyway we met at my flat and cooked daikon salad and other salad and ordered pizza from take-away and Kazuko made cake, and her mother helped her. Kazuko's mother not so bad, I think I said bad things about her on this site and she is very strict about ladylike but make cake is ladylike things so Kazuko's mother said, I help you Kazu. But sad thing, maybe Kazuko can't make cake for me next month, because her mother doesn't like me because I lived abroad. It's OK I think. If I see my friends on my birthday I am happy, I love them more than cake.

We ate and ate and drank beer and wine and got drunk little bit and put candles on cake and sang Happy Birthday dear lovely lovely lovely Maho. And then drank bit more and started cushion fight, we laughed and laughed but lucky thing, neighbor was out, so OK to make noise but not too much. And suddenly Maho collapsed on sofa with laughing and said, I laugh too much, I have stomach ache. So she said, I go to loo and do birthday motion. And who come with me? So we played janken and Hisae was winner so she went in loo, but Kazuko and I sat on floor outside and open door little bit.

But Maho said, if you laugh too much I can't do motion so please be quiet, I love you. So we quiet. Talk little bit in small voice. Suddenly Hisae said, shush. Maho's face vey red. We were very quiet and listen. Suddenly PLOP very loud. So we sang Happy Birthday again. Just when we stop, PLOP again so we sang again and Maho began to cry. "Why you cry Maho?" "Because I'm happy, happy, I love you, all you!" and Maho cry and cry and suddenly stop but tears still flowing down her face, and then Plop three times very fast. So we sang Happy Birthday three times. Then Maho switch on washlet and wash and dry and wipe with left hand, she is left-handed and Hisae too, and I use both hands, so only Kazuko right-handed. And then Maho wiped her bottom and pull up panties and jeans and Hisae flushed and we went back to main room. And Maho jumped at us and hug us and gave little kiss all of us. And then suddenly kazuko said, "Shush" so we quite and hear sound, I went outside and check, neighbor come back home so no more noise I said. In any case time for bath so we played gupa game, we use hands to say "paper" or "stone" and Maho and me were paper and others stone so Maho and me had bath together, and Hisae and Kazuko together.

We had very excited time so sleepy, so finally we decided bed. Maho and I in my bed and Kazuko and Hisae on futon in next room. Hisae couldn't walk so easily after bath, she was too too sleepy!

Of course next morning we all did motion after breakfast, except Maho, but I tell you that part another day because it take me long long time to write story in English. Not good English, but you on forum are so sweet, so I don't be worry and don't ask native speaker to check like I did before. Sorry my bad English. And I must explain to you some things about Asian culture because maybe you surprise very often when I write things about bath or kiss or like that.

But I also surprise very often. Angry girl in Japan never do a diarrhoea on driving seat of ex-boyfriend's car, like I read on post! Sometimes amazing thing, I never do, but we are all different and there is no way to say good person or bad person, except if someone hurt someone, I never want to hurt person.

Happy happy time to all you, in loo and shower and woods and beach and all other place.

Love from Mina and friends

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Dude in distress

To Linda

Wow! I really felt for you while reading your last post! 4 inches of poo sticking out sounds terrible. Did you try to just pull it out? When my constipation is at it's worst- I get stuck with about a half inch of rock HARD poo poking out. It won't go back in- but no amount of straining gets it out. Usually once I get an inch or two sticking out- I am able to manually help things along.. Does that work for you?

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

John B- glad you enjoyed my stories! Like you I found it interesting to see how the other occupants positioned their knickers and skirts/trousers when on the loo. You can certainly guess if a woman needs to wee or poo depending on how she positions them- you might not always be right but quite often you will be!

At the weekend I went to my new favourite cafe again (the food is good, as well as the interesting toilets)! After my lunch I had a couple of bodily functions that needed taking care of- namely, I needed to go for a wee, and also a poo! I paid and headed to the ladies loos, but I found they had a 'closed' sign on them. I stopped a passing waitress and told her I needed to use the toilet, and she said that they were only closed for cleaning and would be open in a few minutes, so I stood nearby waiting. Another woman in her 30s approached the toilets and saw the sign too. She looked around and saw me standing there and said she needed to go to the toilet and asked me if they were just closed for cleaning. I told her yes and she waited nearby too. After a couple of minutes the cleaner exited and went along to clean the mens loos, so we both went in.

I went in first, so I took the nice clean toilet opposite the door and furthest from it, in the far corner, with my skirt and red knickers near my feet. The woman took the one to my right. We both began to wee after we sat. I finished my wee and listened to her continue for a little bit longer. I could feel my poo waiting to come out but I didn't want to be the only one going number two and making a smell in there! I held it, waiting to see if she would be pooing or if someone else would come in.

Someone did come in, a girl of about my age, and she took the toilet opposite me and began to wee, with her jeans and blue knickers down just far enough to go. She ignored both of us as she did so, evidently trying to get in and out as fast as possible! The other woman finished her wee and stayed seated, as the girl peed quite strongly. She wiped and flushed and quickly left. As she did another woman in her 30s came in, looking surprised at the toileting arrangements! She took the toilet the girl had just vacated, opposite me. She pulled her skirt down to her feet, and her black underwear to just below her knees as she sat. The woman next to me finished up and left, so she didn't need a poo after all!

I must have caught the lunch rush since another woman entered and took the toilet opposite me nearest the door. She sat with her trousers and white knickers at her knees and started to wee. The door opened again, and a girl who looked about 12 came in. I had seen her eating with her mother, and I assumed she needed to visit the loo before they left. She looked really surprised to see the toilets, and three women on them! She looked very hesitant to come in and use the last toilet, next to me and opposite the door. I gave her a quick smile as she looked at me. She saw there was only the one free loo, and I guess she either decided that if we were all using them it couldn't be that bad, or that she needed to go too badly to wait until she got somewhere else! She moved next to me and pulled down her jeans and underwear to her knees and sat. She did a wee first as the woman opposite her finished and left.

The woman opposite me looked to be concentrating, so I suspected she was working on a poo. Since the girl had finished her wee but still remained seated, I guessed her lunch had filled her up and she wanted to do a number two as well. By now there was a log poking out of my anus, and since they were both still sitting I decided to make the first move. I pushed it out and it fell into the bowl, but the plop wasn't very loud and there was still a bit of noise from the other toilet's flush, so I don't know if they heard it. If they were looking they probably noticed me tense up and then relax as it came out, though! After a minute I saw the woman opposite tense up too, and then I heard a plop from her toilet as her poo started to exit her anus.

The girl looked over at her as she heard it, and I pushed one out too a few seconds later, making her look at me as well! I pushed out another, and then after we had broken the ice I heard a crackle and plop from her, too, as she began to release her poo. Another woman entered and took the toilet nearest the door, her skirt and knickers pulled down to just above her knees as she weed. I think she was quite surprised when she heard another plop from the woman, then from the girl, then from me! She did a quick wee and flushed, during which I released a fart and another turd. I was finished but I kept seated for another couple of minutes, during which I heard two more plops from each of the other occupants. I then wiped, pulled up my skirt, flushed, and went to wash my hands, leaving them both still on the toilet, though I think they were both all but done as well. I left feeling relieved and after an enjoyable toilet visit!


Dorm Pooping

This is in response to Canadian Guy's concerns about going to University and sharing a dorm bathroom and his fear of pooping in the bathroom. This is quite common. I remember my first few months at college. I couldn't bring myself to poop in the dorm bathroom around all the other guys I lived with. So I would hold it and seek out private places on campus where I could poop comfortably. This proved to be difficult and probably unhealthy.

After living with the guys on my floor for a few months, we all got to know each other and the fears disappeared. We'd all be in the bathroom showering, shaving, peeing or whatever and one of the bros would come in and say, "Man I gotta drop a big smelly deuce." Everyone would laugh as he entered a stall. As he unloaded, one of the other bros might say, "Dude, you got a serious case of the beer shits. Can you give us a courtesy flush?" Everyone would explode in laughter. It was a locker room kind of bonding. Eventually, as we all got to be more comfortable with each other, my embarrassment went away and I'd be as uninhibited as the rest of the guys.

I worked one summer during college at a national park. In the dorm, they had a bathroom with two wooden stalls with shower curtains that were supposed to provide privacy. The first few weeks, the guys would very carefully arrange the curtains so not an inch of space was available to reveal what was going on as you took your dump. After a few weeks, most guys would just randomly arrange the curtains, not really caring who saw you. By the end of the summer, most guys didn't even bother to close the curtains. We'd be in there shitting and talking and grunting and farting without giving it a second thought. It was really very liberating and it was quite a nice bonding experience. I think of it often, remembering how certain guys would wipe or how they'd hold their dick as they sat on the throne, how they'd talk to you as they grunted and pushed out a big log etc.

So don't worry about this. Embrace it as a great experience in male bonding.


To Cheyenne

There's an archive of a offshoot of this forum that is no longer active. It should give you plenty of stories to last a while. Look in the address bar, and replace the "toilet" between the slashes with "coughedup".


Post Title (optional) Lisa's survey questions

Does anyone else ever feel like after they eat more they have a much larger than normal poop? like after holiday meals?

Does the size of the bottom affect the size of the poop? I have a larger bottom and have some decently sized poops! so does a petite girl have small poops?

I'm a curvy girl with a large bottom and big thighs. I'm not really obese or anything but my weight fluctuates quite a bit. I've lost a bit of weight recently but I tend to be on the solid side. I have massive poos because I'm always constipated.

When you are pooping do you sit straight up or lean forward?

I sit in all sorts of positions on the toilet, to try everything to get the poos out because I have so much trouble pooping. I'm always constipated so I have to push and strain a lot. I find that leaning backwards helps me more but I also lean forward sometimes too.

Does anyone else's butt hand over the sides of the toilet when sitting down?

Yes mine does because I've got a big butt.

How do you know that you have to poop?

I feel pressure in my rectum and anus. But a lot of the time, I don't even get any urges to poop because I'm constipated all the time.


NY celebrations

I have just read a story posted by my colleague. Apparently, in NY you have to come to Times Square in the early afternoon if you want to see the celebration. But there are no restrooms available, and you are not allowed to come back if you leave, so people frequently wear diapers. Would it be worth it to you, just so you can say you were there?


Re: Insight

While your comments are to some degree true, you have to realize a few things. So far as teachers not letting kids leave class to go to the bathroom, there's a real cunundrum. One of the main reasons that teachers do that is that there are some kids who abuse the privilege by using it as an excuse to cut class. Parents yelling at their kids because they wet their pants or having to stop on a trip for a "pit stop", it depends on the circumstances. It's one thing if they're getting yelled at for wetting their pants when it was a totally preventable accident, but it's another if it's for reasons beyond their control like getting stuck in a traffic jam. I saw a post somewhere else, where a parent was asking if it was okay to force their kids to wear diapers on a trip to an amusement park as they wanted to go non stop. No, it's not okay to force them, just so you can make better time with no stops. Giving them the choice and explaining the situation is a different matter. So far as the rest goes, there are some things to remember. While this is a public forum, everything is still pretty much anonymous. There's a big difference between posting here, and talking to people face to face about bodily functions. Remember that talking about this subject is still very much considered a "dirty" subject (no pun intended). Sometimes, the reason some people tease others, is because often times they are embarrassed or uncomfortable with the situation. On the other hand, sometimes it's just a matter of being immature jerks. LOL

Abby C

My Christmas Poop

Hi everybody, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, even if its over. For Christmas we were staying at my grandmother's for 4 days. I had shared a room with my cousin Evan, and there was a bathroom and two beds. We had a big feast at 8'o clock and finished at 9'o clock. I went upstairs to the bedroom and Evan was taking a shower, but I really had to take a poop. I changed into my pj's and knocked on the and asked if i could use the toilet. He said it was fine so i came in. The toilet was right next to the shower, so he could probably see me. I pulled down my pj pants and undies to my ankles. I peed for ten seconds and then stopped. Evan was getting dressed outside, he thought that i was peeing. I pushed a little, and a big log splashed in the toilet. It was about 20" long and then 3 more poops about the same size. I was about to wipe but i noticed that there was no tp. I would have to call Evan, but he's never seen me take a poop before. But i called his name, and asked him if he could get some tp. He came in with a roll of tp and asked if i was taking a poop. I told him i was so i wiped and flushed. Thanks everybody, byebye, Abby C


Reply to Canadian Guy (Alex)

Hi everyone! Long time no see. I've kept reading this site, but I haven't had the time to post with all the university coursework, and when I have vacations I usually just hibernate =P.

Hope you are doing well, and I'm glad to see some posters from my time are still here.

This is mostly a reply to Canadian Guy, because I believe some of my experiences can be of help to him. So, Canadian Guy (do you prefer Alex?), I used to be shy also about pooping in public restrooms, at school or in a friend's house. I got over it for the most part, although on certain occasions I still feel a little uncomfortable (for example, explosive diarrhea). You could take a look at my story on page 2353 to see how it is in my dorm room. I want to ask you certain questions, which would help me give you more useful comments on how to handle it:

1) Why do you hate going to the bathroom around others? By this I mean, what makes it especially undesirable?

2) Can you recall any occasion in which you were forced to use the bathroom around others? Either an emergency or something? How did you react to it?

3) What's a normal poop session like for you?

Some preliminary advice I can give you would be this:

Make sure you know the layout of the bathroom you are going to be using the most, and try for the first few days to see the times at which the bathroom is being used the most. My personal experience would be that it is used around 3 main times: At morning (usually before 10, depending on the classes), shortly after lunch, and after dinner. Morning is because most guys shower, go for their morning piss, and a few also need to poop at that time. After lunch it's because they feel the need coming, same for the after dinner time. So I would suggest you adjust your schedule to the times when it isn't that crowded. Then again, the bathroom being crowded is also good, as there is usually much noise from the showers, urinals, and everything else that any noise you make gets covered up. Of course, I wouldn't suggest you to hold it in 3 or 4 hours until you find the bathroom completely empty.

Another thing would be that, if you need to go poop, try finding the bathroom that has the most stalls. If in your dorms there are only 2 stalls in a single bathroom, and there are more in the campus restrooms, you could instead go when you're on campus, instead of in your dorm.

A final suggestion for now would be that you get along well with the other people in your dorm room. If you have the chance, also talk to them about how they feel using the communal bathroom and how you feel about using it. Getting along well with the other guys is a good advice because if you need to poop and go into the bathroom and you see others there and you know them, you can just say hi, they say hi, and then you go into the stall causally. They will continue whatever they're doing without paying attention to you, and you'll be comfortable around them or at least less self-conscious. The guys in my dorm are quite cool with it, and nobody has ever made fun of the others' poop noises. In fact, it may happen that you poop alongside a friend of yours one day, and you could keep talking throughout. But treat it casually and naturally. There is also a sociological element in it: if you give it too much importance, it becomes noticeable, and the others may also give it too much importance (they won't make fun of you, but they would feel awkward about being there doing their business while you do yours). So as long as you keep cool, or fake being cool with it, it should be fine.

If you want me to tell you a particular story or describe something in particular, do let me know. But also please answer those questions, as I could give more useful comments to you once I know those answers.

Best wishes, and to all others, do keep posting! Glad to see you're doing well!


Shitting in my bfs bathroom

hey im Tiffany i have blonde hair im 21 and im about 5'2 i hate shitting when others are around so 2 weeks ago my biggest fear happened i was at my bfs apartment he was making us some popcorn then i felt like i had diarrhea but i didnt want him to hear me so i just had to hold it he came back with the popcorn we were sitting on the couch my stomach was gurgling and i had a weird look on my face so he heard my stomach gurgling and saw my face and asked me if i needed to go to the bathroom i told him no 1 hour later i went into the the bathroom and pulled my pants down sat on the toilet and fart to make me feel better a little bit of shit came out so i flushed and went out 15 minutes later i couldnt hold it much longer so i said tyler i have diarrhea and i need to use the bathroom will u please put on ur headphones and listen to music on ur iphone he said sure babe so i ran into the bathroom ripped my pants down and streams of diarrhea plopped in the toilet i felt so much better this went on for 20 minutes then i was done i wiped 7 times and flushed it smelled horrible in there i washed my hands and went out he had his headphones on he took them off and asked me if i felt better i told him i feel so much better then i told him it smells bad in there he said its fine


To Chubby Girl

Hi Chubby Girl, it sounds like you should see a proctologist for your severe hemmorhoids. Have you ever tried Preparation H? It has worked for me in the past. The only thing is you have to follow the directions closely, you have to reapply it every time after you poop, you also have to try not to fart too hard or you blow it out. You can feel it bubbling when you fart very gently. It will also leave stains on your underwear. The above is worth it though, if it helps you. I wish you the best. Good luck.


Insight's Post on Bladder Bullies

I agree with Insight's posting on Bladder Bullies. As a babysitter and high school student, however, I feel there's more to it.

1) There's also parents and classmates who do dumb things beyond what Insight said. For example, my friend Lorenz has a problem not so much peeing, but pooing. You see his parents have have gotten on him for holding his poos until he gets home from school. There often very large and have a hard time clearing the toilet bowl when he flushes at home. His parents get POed at having to use the plunger pretty often when he stops up the toilet so he tries real hard to poo at school, but often all the seats are splashed up bad (all the users have to do is lift the seat before peeing) and sometimes there's bottles and other debris that have been dumped into those bowls. Despite my encouragement, sometimes he just feels defeated.

2) On page #2380 I wrote about the twins Trenton and Turner who I babysit. They are seven and they have been victimized by the overflowing toilets in public places, especially outdoors in parks. By the way,I personally saw Trenton terrorized by his toilet overflowing while he as trying to take poo. In the toilet a previous user had left a crap with one piece that was as large as a flashlight.

I agree with Insight that bathroom needs must be met. But at home in public places, I know there are problems that frustrate users.

A cleaner butt (sanitation), a healthier planet

I have to remember that there are some young people on this site so what I am saying is to do with toilet hygiene and conserving resources. Some cultures use water instead of toilet paper. What I do is pee in the shower squatting, with the shower running, then get the hand held shower to rinse of the areas of urination/defecation. This ensures the cleanest butt possible. If I had a daughter I would tell her this is good for when she has her period, cleaner laundry for the family (no skidmarks), cleaner for sweaty athletes and their sweaty butts, etc. This saves water by not flushing a toilet and it all goes down the drain. For a BM of course use the toilet then step into the tub for a quick rinse. It also saves trees as few are used for toilet paper and puts less stress on sewage/septic systems. If I had kids I would let them pee in the backyard and mom would tell daughter how to do it discreetly and dad would tell son how to do it discreetly. Urine can be used for plants and the phosporus, collected, is a source of nutrients for plants. This would save on artificial fertiliser. Some elements of elimination communication may be of interest to people especially outside and urine only (sterile). Some families collect urine in a bucket for plants (learn the chemistry) and some natural outhouses separate the feces from the urine and re-use the urine. For the family laundry I would wash all underwear, towels and socks together in hot water but use cold water for the tops, pants, skirts. Kids like to pee in unusual places so I would advise my family members of the pee in the shower and rinse butt to avoid those dreadful stained undergarmens. In some cultures the toilet (for urine) and the shower are the same - people just pee on the shower floor and rinse. Urine is a natural resource and the world's supply of phosporus has been reduced - plus it disrupts the environment creating it. Peeing in the shower and rinsing it take less water than flushing a toilet; cities are having a difficult time upgrading aging sewer systems. In the UK and in Brazil there were pee in the shower public education to save water. This is not gross and so many people do it already. Some families toilet train their sons by letting them pee in the shower since clean up is much easier. A girl can hang her butt over the bath tub and I did this when my bathroom was being renovated and I had no toilet for a week. Number 2 had to be double bagged and put down the garbage chute, but number 1 was easy, peesy (no pun intended). When I used to sit in the backyard in my bathing suit I would just pee on the grass; it could be done discreetly through a webbed lounger - pull the crotch aside and pee into the grass even if the houses next door were 2 storey (with windows).

Fight for P land

bus tour dictator

I wear incontinence products and have no problem purchasing them. Even if I were younger say 20s or 30s (I am middle aged) I would not be embarassed especially if I were pregnant or had given birth. My generation and younger talks about these issues but I find that senior citizens often do not. I have seen 70 year old women purchasing sanitary pads instead of incontinence pads and I doubt they are buying for their daughter or granddaughter. In school I had a friend who had the giggle pees. This was before I knew what stress incontinence was. What I cannot understand is how some older women (older than me) are cruel when it comes to bathrooms. A few years ago I was in my mid-40s and was on a bus tour and another middle aged passenger and myself were told that we used the onboard washroom too much and to wait until we were at a rest stop; I marched up to her and the driver and told them all about perimenopause and that I use the bathroom at the rest stop but had to do so on the bus since I have to go now and cannot line up (vertical with a bursting bladder is an issue) and that seat rotation would not be pretty if we were not allowed to use the bus bathroom. I also complained to the company when I got home. That tour guide was about age 70 and most of the people on the bus were seniors. Sheesh! The other middle aged woman and I shared peeing in your pants/popping a squat stories. If some of the old people were mortified - too bad.

Parking lot P before bus tour

I had gathered at the mall in front of a department store to pick up a bus tour - we were all there with our luggage. I had to pee really urgently, the bus had not arrived (bathroom on board even if they don't like you using it - too bad), and the mall had not opened. I weighed my options. I left my luggage with the group, took my purse with me and walked over from the sidewalk to the parking lot. There were concrete barriers, flowers, and curbs. I sat on the curb, spread my long skirt out to form a tent, pulled the crotch of my panties aside, and peed onto the asphalt that was about 4 inches below the curb - the curb formed a toilet seat. The urine spread around on the asphalt and my shoes were OK. The group with the luggage had a clear view but nothing private was exposed thanks to the skirt. After P-ing I got up and walked back and joined the group. I select my clothing specifically for outdoor peeing since I have urgency and frequency. Nobody said anything and even if they did I would not have cared. Most young people to middle aged people are quite OK with this - some seniors are hung up but if a senior chastised me for it I would just give them the statistics on urgency, urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, etc. and say that at their age they should be more understanding.

Research into public peeing

I have done research into public peeing - mostly how to do it discreetly and clothing options for modesty. I check out camping, hiking, and running sites since people mention this. Being female makes it more difficult but those female urinary devices (used by campers, backpackers, etc.) are helpful as is the old fashioned pioneer woman aspect of wearing a full skirt to form a tent. In addition to peeing through my swimsuit in the water I have peed in the sand at beaches, peed while sitting on grass next to a pool, etc. I love dumpsters since they provide modesty for people. I have peed in line ups outside museums waiting for them to open especially in the morning after coffee(wearing absorbant brief) and on public local transit (again absorbant brief or thick pad). I like parkas with double zips, medium length skirts to the knees, sandals that one can slip on and off, black or navy bottoms (helps if you get a bit of urine on it - not noticable). I also wear elastic athletic pants (in black) and fleece parkas with double zips or long cardigans that cover the butt.

CrossFit Girl

Where do you like to pee/poop

Hey im new to this site! First time posting on here...ive noticed something interesting on here. Which is that lots of you ladies dont like to go pee or poo in the toilet all the time! So i have a couple of questions for you ladies

1) where is your favorite place to pee or poo that isnt a toilet or washroom and why?

2) how often do you relieve yourself
like that?

3) do you ever purposefully wet or mess yourself to avoid public washrooms or for function and or pleasure? Please explain.

4)what is the funniest/most enjoyable bathroom experience for you outside of the bathroom?

My favorite place to pee is at the beach! I like to wade out in the the water, a little below knee deep and just start peeing through my bikini while im standing there and then slowly wade into the water to wash off.


to Sheena B

I really enjoyed your post about pooping in the woods. There is nothing like going in nature and would love to hear more stories like this.

Hello everyone~ I've been reading stuff from this website for a couple years now and I come back every once in a while to check out the new posts. I think I posted like once or twice a while back about nothing particularly special. But yeah, I go by Sam, I'm a girl and I'm 18 and I graduated high school last year.

I'm sitting on the toilet right now on my new laptop I got for x-mas and I just had a really nasty poo. It was probably the aftermath of eating so much while hanging at a friends house yesterday. She and I made chicken wings and put hot sauce and barbecue sauce on them, then we went out and bought ice cream, had milkshakes, and after a while she made dinner which was chicken and some vegetables. She's a pretty good cook I love hanging out with her haha.

Anyway I didn't come in the bathroom thinking I had to poo either. I just peed and chilled on the internet for a bit but then the urge came. It was a soft poo. You know the kind that comes out and doesn't even plop in the toilet. It just slithers and slides with that kind of moist sound and then lands all gentle like in the water. Well it was like that. Didn't even have to really push. Not the most satisfying of movements but whatever, I'll take what I can get. The smell wasn't too bad to me but it did stink so I turned on the fan for a little. I didn't wanna smell up the upstairs hall.

The funny thing is is that before I even sat to pee I checked under the sink to see if there was any toilet paper, which there wasn't, but at the time I wasn't that concerned because I thought I only had to pee and I knew I had a little paper in my room... Now I know I'm gonna need some more :/

Thanks for reading~

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