1st post (answers)

My name Lily, im 14 years old. Im thin, have blonde hair, blue eyes, and white. I want to tell you about how i use the toilet and where i use it.

1. I usually have my poops at school. I pull my jeans and undies/panties to my ankles.

2. My poops are runny/mushy, i havent had a solid poop in 5 years! I fart a lot too!

3. I dont mind using public washrooms at school. If theyre dirty, then i just lift up the toilet seat and squat over the bowl.

4. Im usually on the toilet pooping for about 5-10 minutes.

5. I pee about 6 times a day. And poop about 7 times a day.

Thanks for listening. Bye everyone!

Sophie W.
I woke up in the middle of the night because I needed to pee. I woke up with the shok I peed in my pyjama pants but every thing was dry, but not for a long time if I would stay in bed. I went out of my room and to the bathroom. I closed the door and put the light on. It was cold. I sat down on the toilet and started to pee. It was strong and with a loud hissing. In the end I farted loud. I was round about one and a half minutes straight peeing. I was very tired and fell asleep when I hit the bed. In the morning I noticed that I forgot to flush but, it did not smell strong

Steve A

To Sheena: About My Band Plus A Quick Question

I play the trumpet and in regards to my band post, next year we might have some long game trips, especially the last game (if the schedule doesn't change) in which I might bring a big empty water container or 2 if I have to pee really bad on the way back, but I hope I don't have to use it on the bus. But, I will if it's absolutely necessary. I could post some bathroom desperation stories between the some of the students in my band and me on the bus on the way back to the high school next year. There's over 200 members in my band including the auxiliaries (cheerleaders, majorettes, flags). But this year and last year, there really wasn't memorable experiences with many people having to use the bathroom after long trips. Sometimes, I had to hold it on the bus during those long trips, and I never had an accident. There was only 1 memorable experience I had during my freshman year, (I'm a junior now), that I will share with you and everyone and it was also my 1st story on Toilet Stool:

"We were going back to the school after a football game and the trip back was maybe 45 minutes to an 1 hour. Right before we left, a band student used the bathroom and we were on the bus waiting for him to return. Once he returned, we left. I had to pee really bad but I said nothing. So, I had to hold it for the entire trip back. Once we made it back, I went to the restrooms and there were some band members and some auxiliaries waiting to use the restrooms. I think about 10 people or more were waiting in line. Eventually, it was my turn to go and I made it. The only restrooms that were open in the school were 2 single restrooms, one for the boys and one for the girls. I think one of the restrooms was locked so we might have had to take turns using one single restroom".

When we come back from a game, sometimes the hallways are blocked off with a gate and the nearest restrooms are just past the gate since we enter in the band room outdoor entrance after games, so we use these 2 single bathrooms, 1 guys' and 1 girls' with only a toilet and a sink. Sometimes their locked and sometimes not. I don't think most people know about these bathrooms or people just don't use them since they're locked most the time. During Band Camp this year, I'd use those bathrooms and usually 1 bathroom was unlocked. I'd go during our break and I had complete privacy since no one ever used those bathrooms. I normally had to poop during that break time, so I would go poop and leave it in the toilet just in case someone would use the bathroom and sometimes, some people did use them. I just wonder what they thought of it...

Well, that's all about my experiences about band so far...

P.S. Does your family or friends know that you post on Toilet Stool?

Mine don't and I'm not really willing to tell them that I post on here. Except for my one cousin in which were both open about this stuff.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Fireworks Pee Outside great story.

To: Sheena B great story about your big poop outside I bet you felt amazing after getting that beast out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Katie first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop at your boyfriends it sounds like it was a good one and it sounds like you felt great afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Jemma great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

hi there, im a 17 year old girl and was wondering... can someone please post about a time where you had food poisoning? incluing diarrhea and or vomiting? perhaps at the same time?

Lady P

A business pee outdoors

I peed just before leaving the office and was at the bus stop in an industrial area with no sidewalks or traffic lights to cross the street, waiting to catch the bus to go home; one person checked her iphone and our regular bus was cancelled. I had to pee and it was very cold out so I just said to a European man that I had to go to the bathroom and was going to go in the bushes. I went over for modesty and peed in the snow. Nobody (about 12 people) at the bus stop said anything. I am glad that I peed in the snow since I had to go again when I got home - it is so cold out. We waited for 45 minutes in the cold with no bus shelter. Thank God for those bushes.

@Canadian Guy, it depends how shy you really are. Personally, I couldn't stand using the toilet when I was at University. I lived in a house with two toilets and five other people. I've always been very shy about it myself, and I didn't deal with it very well. There were times that I would be sitting in my room with my guts cramping up because I hadn't used the toilet for days.

I did try and go there once or twice, but I was always too nervous to relax. I would never pull my pants all the way down, and I would try to hurry so they wouldn't know what I was doing. But I don't like public toilets that much either, mainly due to the lack of privacy. But I decided I would rather risk being heard by a stranger than someone I lived with.

Luckily, the University had a lot of public toilets scattered around, so I normally used those. I would sit through hours of lessons with the urge, and hang around until everyone I studied with had left before rushing to the toilets so I could finally have a poo. I even had an accident once. I would highly suggest getting your own bathroom if you don't like people being around when you're trying to do your business.


How My Girlfriend Caught On

So in my last post I said I was going to tell you all how my GF realized that I liked her bodily functions. We've been together for 3 months now. She's black like I am, 5"6 and about 190. Thick and a lil' chunky but with a thick booty. Back on Halloween, I hung out with her at her place while she gave out candy. I always heard her fart every blue moon. That night we were watching TV and she fell asleep on the couch in her pajamas. For some reason, she has some gas while sleep. She let out two small farts that were like finger snaps in a row. So I like leaned in took a whiff. Then like a half an hour later, she let out a louder fart that was like a horn. So I leaned in, and sniffed that one too and out of nowhere she started talking, asking me how was work today? Oh my entire body froze in shock as she laughed at me. I so got caught as she laughed and said I was like a bloodhound on her farts. The next morning we discussed my interest and she was cool with it. She actually took a dump that morning but it came out broken up in chunks. She openly does it around me now and I have a more stories about us.

Great load you dropped, Katie! Sheena B. - Oh ok. I guess you have read the Kim & Scott stories from the old days. Definitely interested in your stories now. Young age and you're crashing out logs like that. So your brother likes your huge logs? Funny. How do you pull it off for him without anyone else catching you both? That's always the fun part of sneak it in while no one catches on. Also, do you fart around him or each other?


After a nice night on the strip in Las Vegas

So me and my girlfriend are vacationing here in Las Vegas staying at Caesars for a few days. Last Saturday night we went down to Caesars Palace for dinner at Carmine's and go to a sports shop to get some boxing apparel to wear to the boxing matches over at Mandalay Bay. We go to the fights had a great time. We both are farting and our stomach's are achy after all the nice Italian food and drinks after the fights are over. We get out of the arena and take the bus to Caesars I tell her "I gotta take a dump badly". We're open about talking about pissing and taking a dump. I hold it in and by the time we get to our hotel room. My hole was open with logs about to come out. We close the door and head into the bathroom didn't even close the bathroom door that's how bad I had to go. Never have I ever not closed the door to go to the bathroom. I take my shorts off it was warm in Vegas. And plop down on the toilet and out comes several logs and a whole lotta pee. She's like "Goodness Baby, you had to go." In a flirty way I'm like 'I'm not done yet got a few more in me'. Out comes 3 more medium sized logs. She can see my pecker and all that because my legs were spread apart always take a dump that way. After that I wiped my butt and pulled my shorts up and flushed. I was headed out of the bathroom until I heard her stay "Honey, stay in here I need to go too." I didn't even expect that to come out of her mouth. I've never seen a lady go to the bathroom before ever. She was very turned on I guess she asked me to pull her skin tight capri's off that made her butt look so nice and her thong as well. She sits her nice butt on the throne and spreads her legs to where her vagina is showing. She pees for a little bit and then starts grunting and a couple farts come out. Out comes 3 medium sized logs and some pee as well. I'm like "you really had to go didn't you" she's like "there's more where that came from" and out comes 2 more large logs and 3 small ones just like that. She's about 5-6 125lbs didn't expect a lady to have that big of a dump ever. She then asks me to wipe her butt and vajay. I never expected that from her. I did that and pulled up her thong, capri's. She was so relieved and flushed the toilet. After that we'll let's just say this "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas".



To Chubbly Girl.
If you have haemorrhoids do see a doctor. There is a simple and painless procedure that takes just a few minutes called 'banding'. In most people this immediately solves the problem in an instant, in others a second treatment may be necessary. It involves putting a tight band around the offending item and starving it of blood; after a couple of weeks the band and haemorrhoid drop off - no more bleeding, no more itching or pain. Don't be embarrassed get it sorted now.

John H


Hi all,
Hope everyone had a great Christmas and I am looking forward to reading lots of stories here in 2015
I enjoyed reading everyone's post Christmas dumps and enjoyed several nice poos over the Christmas period myself.
I noticed several new and first time posters and I wanted to say welcome to all new posters and I hope that you all continue to post.
Also welcome back to some names who I hav not seen here for some time.
@John B, thanks for the mention And keep them posts coming.
@Jade, good to see you back and looking forward to your next post. I was one of the people that was wondering where you got to, and I hope you have time to look at the questions I asked you on page 2425.
@Sheena B, hi thanks for your comment on my spicy dump story. Glad you enjoyed it.
@Jemma, hi enjoy all your posts. Thanks for sharing the open stal stories. We as interesting to see where different people move their clothes to when on the toilet. I like to drop my pants down to my feet when on the toilet. Hope you use these toilets again and share the experience with us.
As for beeing walked in on at your friends house, don't feel bad as it was a simple mistake that you forgot to lock the door. It has happened everyone and that man should have been more understanding.
@Abbie glad you and Lucy had nice poos. I know there was no name on the post but there is no mistaking your writing style. Sounds like you just made it in time. Was this the nearest you ever came to having an accident?
Back soon with a story.
Take care all,
John H

Brandon T

tales from the bookstore

About 2 hours while I was at the bookstore a girl went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet and began to pee then she farted loudly then again but more muffled then she wiped and came out without flushing then I went in and saw a small poop along with another couple tiny pea sized pices im guesing she pooped more earlier so a good catch.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Optional person.

the poo that hooked me.

Julia was the most beautiful girl on my block. she had light shoulder length brown hair and was tall and skinny. she was bossy and rude at 11 years old but young little me loved her.

One day she babysat me at her house and needed to use the toilet. she brought me in and I sat on the floor while she pulled her pants down and sat on the toilet. I was nervous to look at her. I remember playing tic tac toe on the rug to avoid looking at the side of her butt. At one point Julia said in a happy sincere chuckle " you can look at me."

she just sat quietly on the toilet, I remember no sounds or smells. her business just quietly had slipped out of her gorgeous figure. she started to wash her hands as I stared at her log sticking out of the toilet bowl hole. it was a typical log, that had cracks all over it. no smell. She said " I forgot to flush!" I then said " yeah" and she then said " Shut up!" and flushed the toilet.

From that moment on I was infatuated with girls using the restroom. I have read stories on this site for as long as I can remember.


To Jasmin K

You can buy magnesium in any drugstore or wherever they sell supplements. It should get you unclogged in no time, guaranteed.

The Listening Ear

Lesbian Vampire Killers . . .

. . . (known in the US as Vampire Killers) is a 2009 British spoof horror B movie featuring a bevy of young hot babes. 27 minutes into the film, one of them goes into an outside toilet (in the dark with a flashlight), sits down, farts and starts peeing before the action cuts to the girl waiting for her outside. It must have been done by over-dubbing in post-production, but it's very realistic, so someone must have had a lot of fun doing the sound effects!

TLE (still listening, but not hearing much these days)

P.S. Mina, I love you and your friends.

I have overactive bladder and a few times I have bolted out of bed and rushed to put a container under me so that I woulnt P On the floor. I take aqua fitness and P in the pool during class. I P in bushes as needed. Not on someones property but public bushes. 1 lady at work had to wear diapers since she dripped like a faucet and even surgery did not help that much. I wear incontinence prods on land.

Fireworks Pee outside

I went with some neighbours to see the fireworks and during the celebration I had to pee. This was an area off a parkway so there were many bushes plus a parking lot. After the celebration I knew I really had to go so as we were walking to the parking lot I told them that I had to pee and was going to just do it. One of them thought nothing of it and the other one said 'here'. I said 'I really have to go and it is dark and I am wearing a skirt' - (good choice of clothing for outdoor ladies). It was pitch dark outside and I squatted in the grass and peed in it. The skirt formed a tent and I just pushed the crotch aside. It was a very modest pee and I choose skirts of a medium length for this if needed. Black skirts are great in case they get wet you cannot tell. Several other people were doing the same. Squatting on the ground makes it easier to empty the bladder. In the shower I always pee and often squat over the drain to fully empty.


Bladder bullies

A type of bully that does not get discussed in society is the bladder bully . Those teachers who dont let kids or students use the bathroom, parents who yell at their kids fro peeing their pants or having to stop somewhere on a road trip, coworkers who laugh at people who have to wear incontinenc pads, spouse who does not want to stop somewhere for persons bladder needs.

Donnie C.

To Litttle Mandi

PLEASE see a doctor ASAP. Blood in the stools can be an indication of a serious problem.

Brandon T

tales from the bookstore

About 15 minutes ago while I was at the bookstore a woman went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet I then heard a burst of diarrhea it sounded like it had some pressure behind it so another good catch.

Chubby Girl


I am so inflamed. They are external and make it painful to sit. I waddle like a duck and am so embarrassed. They itch to the point I cannot avoid scratching back there. I squirm in my chair because it feels like ants are biting inside my anus and rectum. Any bowel movement leaves me holding my cheeks apart and crying.

Random Question
Is it ok to take a laxative if youre not constipated just one time for a quick clean out?

Sheena B

Into the woods

Hello all. I have been reading and enjoying all of your stories.I am an active girl. I am on the gymnastics team with my friend Donna. I swim and weight train at my local gym and enjoy jogging on the beach. All of this activity works up an enormous ,healthy appetite. Along with my fiber intake and metabolism produces in me gigantic,thick solid bowel movements. It's so pleasurable squeezing them out. I live in the suburbs surrounded by pretty deep woods and sometimes I have an enormous log there. Not long ago I was walking through my woods when it was getting dark When I had to take an enormous dump. In my woods there are some Black Bear, Fox and Deer but I mostly see Deer. I had no fear. The Owl going who who in the night was a little spooky though. So I quickly yanked down my pants and panties and squatted down like a catcher in baseball to take my dump. I then ripped a booming long fart as a huge, solid log started to come out of my ass. I pushed harder as my log grew larger and larger and anus expanded wider. "OOOOH! I moaned pushing really hard as my monster sausage grew even larger. I then gave one last mighty squeeze "Whammo!" I cried as I exploded my enormous, solid torpedo onto the forest floor. My log was huge,fat and very long. The night chill took away much of the stink. I was pretty deep in the woods as I left my log there,hitched up my pants and panties and went home and took a shower. Wow! did that log feel fantastic coming out of my ass.My poor butt was still buzzing for a bit afterwards. Hoped you enjoyed my story. Bye now.


Big poop at my boyfriend's house

Hi. I'm 16 years old. Today I was hanging out with my boyfriend and I felt an urge to poop coming on, but ignored it for a while. After about an hour I knew I had to poop really bad and couldn't hold it much longer. I went into the bathroom across the hall from his room, closed and locked the door, then turned on the fan for noise and smell protection. I knew this was going to be a big poop, because mine always are.

I pushed out a very long, and thick log. When the log was at its widest, it felt so good, I almost began to moan with pleasure. I had to look at my creation before wiping. It was quite a beast - an inch and a half thick at either end and gradually thicker until the middle. Plus, it must have been over two feet long. The log started in the hole, went a bit around the bend but doubled back on itself in a 'u' shape before continuing on towards the front of the bowl, where it came out of the water. Several inches of it were out of the water until it went back down and curled around the edge of the bowl for a bit before it finally turned back towards the middle of the bowl where it ended.

I sat back down and wiped, but hardly needed to because it was really clean. Then I flushed the toilet. I was afraid I'd clogged my boyfriend's toilet - how embarrassing would that have been? But, luckily, I didn't, a second flush worked and my turd got flushed down the drain.

I sprayed a bit of air freshener and washed my hands before returning to my boyfriend's room with renewed energy to fool around some more.

Canadian Guy

Hello everyone

Hello fellow Poopers! My name is Alex and I'm a huge fan of this forum, having been lurking sense 2012 and I've always wanted to post, I just rarely have anything interesting happen to me. I'll give you guys and girls and quick description of myself,in case your wondering. I'm 16 years old, have short brown hair, and I love to work out, and as a result I have a six pack and big mucles, which I am quite proud of. Don't worry, i'm not some meat head jerk, i'm a nice guy (at least I think so). I have long been interested in pooping and farting, and I love doing both.
One of the reasons I love this place so much is the community, all of you are awesome. The reason I'm posting is because I have a bathroom problem, and I want to know how you guys and girls feel. I hate going to the bathroom around others, and I'm worried about University! I really don't want to poop in a community bathroom, but I also don't want to pay extra money for a room with a washroom. Do any other poopshy users have this problem? Is it something you just get used too? Any story's about University bathrooms would also be apreciated, as I love hearing story's from y'all. Anyway,nice to finally post here, sorry I didn't have a story, but hopefully next time I will.

Good luck and happy pooping,

Canadian Guy

Sonya Sue

1st Grade Bathroom Rules

This is a continuation to what I wrote about on page 2428 dealing with my helping with the daughter of my drama teacher, Mrs. M. who because of a divorce, has me look after Sunshine pretty much every night we have drama practice/work after school and usually at least one day each weekend.

Sunshine is very shy and underdeveloped for her age. She regularly has to use the toilets at our high school and she's somewhat afraid and has difficulty in doing it. For example, one night she got latched into her stall because the latch stuck (there are no latches on the doors at her grade school) and I know that's true because that's where I went to elementary school. Also, either myself or Shannon (my best friend) have to boost Sunshine up and onto the stool because she's so small. Once when Shannon took Sunshine in she forgot to check and although Sunshine pooed with actually good results, there was no toilet paper (not even an empty roll)for her. When she told Shannon after coming back into the auditorium, she already had soft poo in her underwear. But Shannon took her into another stall and helped clean her. Last week on one evening, Sunshine was up on the toilet but uncomfortable because her legs don't touch the floor so she moved forward and did part of her pee over the front of the bowl and onto the floor. I cleaned it up and had Shannon help her about three hours later when she had to go again.

Sunshine complains about her grade school bathrooms much more than just because there are no latches on the doors. She wants more privacy and the lights are very bright and there's about an inch between the cubicle and the door which might help with supervision, but here's the thing: all the 1st grade teachers are male, so there's less supervision. I don't remember this from my years in that school, but each individual classroom is given a strict bathroom time and they go down as a class and they get some sort of reward if they all get back early. And here's what's different: they are required to go into a stall and at least TRY to go. This scares Sunshine for some reason. She says she would just as soon stay in the classroom and go after lunch or sign-out if she has to later. They still have this fountain that like 6 or 7 girls can stand around to wash their hands, but its so close to the stalls that privacy is lost. A couple of times Sunshine has been told by a couple of her classmates to go back in and flush, even though she has just sat and not gone to the bathroom. I don't know that its teasing exactly, but it doesn't give Sunshine anything positive. So I've taught Sunshine to pretend she's gone and to flush each time.

All of us on the drama team like Sunshine, but because of her mom's divorce we know that there's no money to keep Sunshine at home with a babysitter. So we're trying to help her the best we can.


Middle Aged Bladder

As a serious shopper who was shopping at an outlet mall with literally hundreds of stores, a weak bladder, urgency and a coffee drinker let's just say that I came prepared -- I wear Adult absorbent briefs for this. I had been trying clothes on in the changing room when the urge hit me. The bathrooms were quite a ways away in the mall and I still had stores to shop at. I had to pee so I did it in the changing room and ensured that it went into the absorbent brief. I then took it off and put on a new one. I chose the clothes I wanted and paid for them. I had put the used brief in a plastic bag and since there were no garbage cans in the changing room and I may be questioned as to what is in the bag I told the sales clerk that I really had to pee while in the changing room and would she please put the trash bag in the garbage can at the cash. A brief look of horror was on her face until I told her that it was a used absorbent brief - I guess she worried about the changing room. I told her that the changing room is clean and it was all aborbed in the brief. She said 'no problem'. I continued shopping - the second time I had to go it was not as urgent and I was able to get to the ladies' room. I recommend these products for shoppers, middle aged women, etc. The third time I was too caught up in shopping and just stood and peed in the brief.

Sheena B
Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone's dreams come true in 2015 !

To Bria- Hello. Yes, I do have enormous,thick bowel movements. I think one of my most embarrassing Dumping stories happened when I was 9 years old playing outside when all of a sudden I felt a monster log coming on strong inside of me. I started to walk towards my house clenching my buttcheeks to keep the mega load inside but to no avail. I lost total control and had a huge,solid sausage in my pants that made my pink panties sag considerably. My mom was great though she cleaned me up without complaint. I also live in the suburbs surrounded by woods and sometimes I drop my pants and panties and have my log there, even with company sometimes. I tell you Bria my logs are becoming so unbelievable in size and thickness I fear the toilet bowl is not big enough to swallow my logs and I will have to dump in the woods. HA HA.I tell you I love pushing my gigantic logs out. It's sooo pleasurable.

To Adventurous- Hello. I really enjoyed your story titled " What are the odds"

To Thunderbutt- Hello. Sorry but you need to read the toiletstool faq about security and private policy were there are no exchanges of e-mail,links, or directions to other peoples profiles. Thanks

To Steve A- Hello. That's great your in a high school band. What instrument do you play?

To Mina-Hello. I enjoy your stories. You sound like a really sweet young lady.

To Blueboy-Hello. Yes I am similar to the past poster you mentioned but I am only 15 and maybe have even bigger dumps. Haha. bye now.

Saturday, January 03, 2015


Lisa's Survey Questions + LINDA response

Does anyone else ever feel like after they eat more they have a much larger than normal poop? like after holiday meals?
-Yep, I always have even bigger poops than normal during the holidays. LINDA you asked if I get more constipated during the holidays and I definitely do! I've been quite constipated this holiday season. Not going much and spending a lot of time straining--especially after Christmas dinner. Went three days and took like over an hour just getting out small hard pieces. Very disappointed--I'd much rather have a big log lol.

Does the size of the bottom affect the size of the poop? I have a larger bottom and have some decently sized poops! so does a petite girl have small poops?
-I'm very skinny and have a small flat butt, but I have giant poops, so it doesn't seem to matter for me.

When you are pooping do you sit straight up or lean forward?
-I tend to lean forward. Sitting up straight isn't really a good positition to poop in.

Does anyone else's butt hand over the sides of the toilet when sitting down?
-Not really--mine's not big enough for that lol!

How do you know that you have to poop?
-I just feel a pressure down there and I often start to have gas. Those are good signs that a poop is coming.
Thanks and hope to hear from you all!

Tim's Survey

How many times a day do you pee?
-at least 5 or so
How long do you take to pee?
-not long. can be longer if i haven't gone in a while.
Longest you have peed for?
-almost a minute. In that case I hadn't gone in a long time.
How long can you hold your pee in for?
-Several hours--I can hold it longer than my brother.
Do you pee dance?
-Nah I never really have done that.
Worse you have ever needed to pee?
-On a car ride I hadn't gone in like 4 or more hours despite having a lot of water. Had to go so bad I was considering just peeing right in the car.
How often do you poop?
-Every other day, sometimes less.
Do you fart alot when you poop?
-I always fart a lot when I poop.
How long can you hold your poop in for?
-Over a week, but I get constipated so I don't purposefully hold it much lol
Worse you have ever needed to poop?
-Had to go really bad one morning when my brother was in the shower. So bad that I had really bad cramps.
Do you hate friend or family seeing you on the toilet? - Don't mind at all.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: McCatrney great story it sounds like she really had to poop and had a really good one to.

To: Bria great story about your big Christmas poop I bet you felt great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sabrina great story it sounds like you and Ashley had a lot of fun in the bathroom and I bet you both felt great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan great set of stories it sounds like you and those other girls had some great poops.

To: European Defecation great story about your major desperate poop it sounds like you just made in time to let that load out and I bet you felt amazing afterwards.

To: Jasmin K great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Hi its John B.

First of all Happy New Year to one and all here.

Well Megan what can I say, not one but three excellent posts from you and, from my point of view,enjoyable too. You're a marvellous wordsmith and long may you keep posting to this forum.

What I found interesting was your description of the positioning of the other occupants clothing! When I poo my trousers/pants are at my ankles for comfort too. My wife pulls her undies to her knees for a pee but mid calf for her number two session!

Despite the extra quantity and richness of the food lately my number twos have been rather same old same old so not worth posting alas!

Anyway Megan have a great 2015 and eagerly await your further stories x

Take care

John B x


really desperate, then embarrassment... NYE

Hey everyone & a very happy new year
hope 2015 is good to you all.

this has got to be my best story ever
because it was embarrassing & it was new years eve!!

It all began @ about 7.30pm when my hubby & i
went to our friend Louisa's house for a party,
I needed a poo when we arrived but i couldn't just walk in her house & say sorry i really need to poo, so i held it.
i was wearing a satin red dress, & black heels.
underwear was red.
I had been holding it for about an hour when i became really desperate so decided to go. I excused
myself, but in my drunken state i forgot to lock her bathroom door!!!!! I hadn't even realised, & just pulled my dress up pulled my knickers down & sat down & started plopping very smelly plops. I was mid flow when suddenly, a husband of Louisa's friend walked in, and stared at me in shock, met with me sat on the loo looking in a drunk state the smell hit him & he turned around and left. I was mortified!! How silly of me to not lock the door, anyway this poo was loose and sloppy mustard colour & i had 10 plops that all curled round each other in the loo leaving skidmarks. I wiped 6 times & flushed spraying my perfume & washing my hands, leaving, he was standing in the hall, "try locking the door next time love" he said sarcastically... i just smiled awkwardly... anyway what an end to 2014!!


Post Title (optional) To Jasmin K

It sounds like you were extremely constipated over the Christmas break and even now too. How big was your load, the one that took nearly 2 hours to get out?? How many days did you go without doing a poo?? Did you manage to get that Christmas log out, that you mentioned at the end of your last post?? Please let us know how that went for you.

I also had mega constipation like you, for a few weeks leading up to Christmas. Then I was majorly constipated for 7 days, including on Christmas day and I didn't do a poo until Dec 26th. I don't like being backed up for more than 4 days but it was really bad this time!! I just couldn't get anything out! I will post about that today because I didn't have time over the last few days.

You mentioned that other people in your family suffer with bad constipation, just as bad as yours. My Dad gets badly constipated all the time too. He was also very, very constipated over the Christmas period. I stayed with my parents for 6 days and my Dad was already backed up when I got there. He stayed like that until Christmas morning. I'm guessing he must have gone at least 7 days without doing a poo. I accidently walked in on him (on Christmas eve) when he was sitting on the toilet. I thought nobody was in there so I opened the door and there he was, pushing and straining hard. He was having a really hard time too. He didn't get any poo out that time and he needed to use a suppository to help him go (he always needs to use something to help). Early on Christmas morning, he told me that his poo was coming out in bits. Then around 11 am, the suppository kicked in and he was able to go - it took him over an hour to get it all out.

Post Title (optional) Very constipated again!!!!!!!

I mentioned at the end of my last post that I managed to get backed up again, after that terrible Christmas bout of extreme constipation. This time of the year is always particularly bad for me so its not surprise to me, that I'm very constipated again.

I just spent over an hour on the toilet, pushing and straining like no tomorrow because today its been 4 days since I last did a poo. I didn't want to stay constipated any longer, especially since my last bout was for 7 days. I was able to get 4 inches of poo out but it got stuck in my anus. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it to come out any further. I decided not to break it off and I just laid down for an hour, on top of a towel on my bed, with the poo poking out of my anus. Now I'm standing up, typing this on my laptop. The poo has stretched my anus apart to its limits and my hemarrhoids are sticking out. My anus is puckering out too and it feels like the turd has thorns in it. It hurts and burns like fire. I'm terribly constipated again!!!!

I just felt my progress and the poo is rock hard, thick and as dry as sandpaper. I really need to stop getting so constipated but I know that is easier said than done. I pushed down on my anus with my fingers and strained at the same time. It really hurt!!! It didn't help it to come out any further.

I just spent another hour struggling with the massive turd. It was extremely difficult and I had such a hard time! I gave up in the end and very reluctantly broke the 4 inch poo off. So I'm still very constipated because it was only about a quarter of the entire load!!

Post Title (optional) Marathon pooping session on Dec 26th!!

So I said that I would post about my marathon pooping session that I had on Dec 26th. As I mentioned in my last post, I was VERY badly constipated for 7 days - it was worse than ever!! I was even constipated on Christmas day and it was awful. I don't normally go for more than 4 days (sometimes 5 days) without doing a poo but I had eaten so much chocolate, it constipated me badly.

I was staying with my parents and my Mum knew I was constipated. I told her on Christmas eve that it had been a few days since I did poo. She told me to sit on the toilet and stay there until something came out. I really, really didn't want to be constipated on Christmas day so I tried several times on the toilet that day. It was hopeless and I just couldn't push anything out. I was bloated and my stomach was rock hard. I was full of poo and feeling miserable. Just before bed, I gave it one last go. It HAD to come out!!!!! I was desperate and I sat on the toilet, pushing and straining with all my might. After an hour of struggling, I had the tip of a poo sticking out of my anus. It was about half an inch long. But when I felt it with my fingers, it was rock hard and extremely wide. And my anus decided to suck it back in. I didn't give up and pushed again for another 20 minutes. It was then that I realised it wasn't coming out that night, so I gave up. I felt defeated and it meant I would have to spend Christmas day being severely constipated. And it would mean day 5 of not doing a poo.

I went to bed feeling terrible, my anus was sore and I had lots of gas. I farted a lot that night. The next day was Christmas day. I was SO constipated!! My stomach was even more bloated that day too. Despite all that, I ate like an absolute pig all day. Plus I ate heaps of chocolate. I didn't have time to sit on the toilet all day so I just didn't bother trying for a poo.

The next day was Dec 26th and I came back home. It was a 2 hour flight. I had a strong urge to poop during the flight but I didn't dare try on the plane. I got home around 10am as it was an early morning flight. My house mate had gone away for Christmas. I had the entire house to myself. I decided it was now or never - this monster poo had to come out!! I took my pants off and walked around my lounge room. I did lots of pushing and straining. Then I turned the TV on and stood in front of it. There was a movie on, I can't remember now what it was called. I bore down, pushing and straining with all my might. After 45 minutes, the tip of a monsterous turd started poking out. I wanted to have a rest but I kept on pushing. I felt my anus being stretched apart by the demon turd. An hour easily passed by and by then I had 2 inches sticking out.

I needed a rest so I got on all fours and relaxed. My anus was burning like fire and it hurt like hell. Then I got up and waddled around the house for 20 minutes. I got on the toilet and bore down again. I really had to push and strain like there was no tomorrow - it was extremely difficult!!!!!! I was doing lots of heavy breathing and grunting too "Uuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!! I got very loud too. It helped slightly and the poo slid out a tiny bit more. After 30 minutes of grunting, it was time for another rest. I reached down to feel my progress. I had 5 inches out now. I had been at this for over 2 hours by then!!!!!!!!! I had to lay down so I went into my room, by then I had taken all my clothes off, apart from my bra. I laid on my bed, with 5 inches of poo sticking out of me. I stayed there for 45 minutes because I was exhausted. Then I decided I really had to get this poo out - I was desperate to get it out!! I was EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY CONSTIPATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I waddled back to the toilet, my big bear white butt in full view. I looked a terrible sight with my jiggling big thighs and a massive wide, rock hard, dry turd sticking out. I got on the toilet and bore down as hard as hell!! After 20 minutes, the turd was almost out, it felt gigantic and my anus was so sore!! It was killing me with pain and my hemarrhoids were bleeding and bulging out. My pore anus puckered out as I kept bearing down with all my might. Finally, after another 30 minutes, the log came out. I had a look at it and it was 20 inches long!! And as wide as a coke can!! I was SO glad to get that demon out!!!

The next day, I didn't do a poo but I did go the day after. But I'm constipated again, its been 3 days since I last did a poo.

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